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239 - Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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239562000 And flow regulation or control of outlets 19
239553000 Having interior filter or guide 12
239556000 Arranged in plural groups or rows 12
239549000 Plural outlets each supplied by different fluid 5
20110192917SPRAY APPARATUS AND COATING SYSTEM USING SAME - An exemplary spray apparatus includes a first nozzle assembly and a second nozzle assembly, which are parallel to each other. The first nozzle assembly includes a plurality of feed inlets and a feed outlet in communication with the feed inlets. The first nozzle assembly configured for spraying a liquid coating material on a substrate. The feed inlets are aligned along a first imaginary straight line. The second nozzle assembly includes a plurality of air inlets and an air outlet in communication with the air inlets. The second nozzle assembly is configured for spraying air with uniform air toward the liquid coating material applied on the substrate. The air inlets are aligned along a second imaginary straight line parallel with the first imaginary straight line.08-11-2011
20130082125MULTIPHASE CONTACT AND DISTRIBUTION APPARATUS FOR HYDROPROCESSING - Systems and apparatus for mixing, cooling, and distributing multiphase fluid mixtures within a reactor, wherein reactor internal apparatus of the present invention provides not only improved fluid mixing and distribution to each underlying catalyst bed surface, but also offers other advantages including: decreased mixing tray height; easier maintenance, assembly and disassembly; and decreased amounts of fabrication material. In an embodiment, fluid may be evenly distributed to a catalyst bed from a fluid distribution unit comprising a nozzle tray including a plurality of nozzles, wherein the nozzles include at least one liquid inlet disposed tangentially to an inner surface of the nozzle.04-04-2013
20090302134Double Valve Set - A double valve set includes a housing, a first nozzle and a second nozzle. The housing includes an outlet tube formed thereon. The first nozzle is disposed in the outlet tube. When used alone, the first nozzle is adapted to transfer the natural gas. The second nozzle is detachably connected to the outlet tube. The second nozzle can be used to transfer the tanked gas without having to remove the first nozzle from the outlet tube.12-10-2009
20100001102Nozzle Assembly for Injector - The present invention relates to a nozzle assembly for an injector that enables production of high quality injection products by effectively exhausting gas in a molten plastic flowing at a high speed. The present invention may include a body having a molten plastic pathway through which the molten plastic passes; a head, one end thereof being connected to the body and the other end thereof being provided with an injecting hole for injecting the molten plastic; a poppet mounted in the body, first and second plastic moving groves being formed in a length direction thereof at an exterior circumference thereof such that the molten plastic passes through the first and second plastic moving groves and gas in the molten plastic is extracted; and a first vent ring exhausting the extracted gas to the exterior of the body, the poppet being inserted in the first vent ring, wherein the molten plastic pathway is only communicated with the second plastic moving groove.01-07-2010
20100019067SHOWER HEAD - A shower head (01-28-2010
239567000 All in a concavo-convex face 4
20080203197Shower Head - Disclosed is a shower head comprising a housing-type first part (T08-28-2008
20110000983Shower Head - A shower head comprises an upper body including a tubular portion having a passage formed therein, a connection including an arcuately-curved wall extending radially and having multiple spaced impellers extending downward, each impeller including an arc-shaped biasing end mounted on an inner side thereof and extending downward to define a fixing space, a disc portion including an upper surface fixed on a bottom end thereof; a lower body including a concave lower wall having a conical guiding member extending upward and having an arcuate peripheral side extending downward, wherein the peripheral side is received in the fixing space to abut against the biasing ends so that the peripheral side defines an arc-shaped offset passage extending downward between the arcuately-curved wall and any two abutting impellers; the lower wall engaging with the upper body to define multiple radially extending channels and including multiple outlets to spray water arranged along the channels.01-06-2011
20120043400ATOMIZER FOR LIQUIDS, METHOD FOR THE MANUFACTURE THEREOF, AND USE THEREOF - An atomizer is described for liquids, in particular for delivering water in a shower, having an outlet on a liquid supply line for spraying liquids at a low flow rate, the outlet having at least two nozzles for generating liquid jets and for atomizing. The present atomizer is based on the object of optimizing a washing device for delivering water, in particular in a shower, and providing a cost-effective embodiment of a shower head. The atomizer is characterized in that at least one atomizer attachment is provided, which includes at least one atomizer plate, which is convexly curved in the jet direction, and is inserted into the outlet, and at least one slot or multiple slots positioned in parallel directions to one another are introduced into the atomizer plate. The atomizer plate, which is convexly curved in the jet direction, is bent in a shell shape and/or channel shape.02-23-2012
20130119165COATING NOZZLE FOR HIGH-VISCOSITY PAINT - A coating nozzle for a high-viscosity paint is equipped with an introduction passage, an inner space, and a nozzle slit, which communicate with one another, and sprays a coating body with the high-viscosity paint from the nozzle slit in a radial direction. The nozzle slit is constructed in a sectional shape having a predetermined angle in a plan view. When the nozzle slit is regarded as having the sectional shape, an arc of the sectional shaped nozzle slit serves as a nozzle slit outlet. The nozzle slit outlet has a nozzle slit outlet width equal to or larger than 35 mm and a flattening equal to or smaller than 0.01 where a slit height represents a clearance of the nozzle slit outlet, the nozzle slit outlet width represents a chord of the arc, and the flattening represents a ratio of the slit height to the nozzle slit outlet width.05-16-2013
239566000 All in a single straight line 3
20120199674Shifting Mechanisms For Fluid Jet Decoking Tools - A mode shifting apparatus for a decoking tool is described herein. A diversion plate can be used to provide selective delivery of a pressurized decoking fluid to one or the other of nozzles in the tool. The mode shifting apparatus can be used to switch between a cutting mode of operation and a drilling mode of operation by rotation of the diversion plate, where a biasing force causes the diversion plate to unseat itself from an adjacent surface of the tool in order to reduce friction forces between them.08-09-2012
20100294861Water Delivery Apparatus with Multi-Channel Hose - A hot and cold water delivery apparatus comprising a multi-channel hose (11-25-2010
20110079666MANIFOLD SPRAYING SYSTEM WITH IMPROVED MOUNTING ASSEMBLY - A mounting system for a spray manifold having a plurality of spray modules arranged in a lateral array with support assemblies between adjacent modules. The mounting arrangement includes one or more mounting assemblies which each have a hub that is securable about one of the manifold support assemblies and a clamp comprising a pair of clamping arms that is securable about the hub by means of an appropriate fastener. The hub and clamping arms define complementary circular surfaces which permit the selected pivotal positioning of the hub and the spray manifold to which it is secured relative to the clamp and a machine mounting structure.04-07-2011
239554000 Axial or superposed members arranged to form axially spaced outlets 2
20120037728DUAL NOZZLE CAP FOR THERMAL SPRAY COATING - Disclosed is a dual nozzle cap for thermal spray coating to which both a thermal spray coating method and a kinetic spray coating method are applied. The dual nozzle cap includes a nozzle unit including inner and outer nozzles, a gun insertion hole, into which the front end of a spray gun is inserted, and a gas connection hole, into which a gas connector to supply the gas is inserted, formed through one surface of the nozzle unit. In a space between the inner and outer nozzles, a gas collection part to uniformly distribute the high-pressure subsidiary gas injected through the connection hole, a neck part to apply pressure to the high-pressure subsidiary gas to accelerate the subsidiary gas, and a gas spray hole to spray the subsidiary gas supplied from the neck part together with a material sprayed from the spray gun are sequentially formed.02-16-2012
20090184181Lobe Nozzles for Fuel and Air Injection - An injection system for fuel and air that includes a number of lobes positioned adjacent to each other. Each of the lobes has a trailing end. A number of jets may be positioned adjacent to the trailing end.07-23-2009
239550000 Plural separable nozzles on spray pipe 2
20090283614Metering Intake Manifold Plate Adapter - A nitrous oxide plate system is provided. The system may include a plate adapted to fit in an intake pathway of an internal combustion engine, and having a central passage therethrough that forms a portion of the intake pathway when the plate is installed in the internal combustion engine. The system may also include a first nitrous spray bar port passing into the central passage, and nitrous spray bars. Each of the nitrous spray bars may include distribution orifices of selected dimensions calibrated to meter a selected volume of nitrous oxide. The metering may be based on the selected dimensions of the distribution orifices and a pressure of the nitrous oxide provided to each of the nitrous spray bars. Each of the nitrous oxide bars may also be adapted to be interchangeably installed into the first nitrous spray bar port and project into the central passage when installed.11-19-2009
20090289129PARENT-CHILD SHOWERHEAD - A parent-child showerhead includes a wall-mounted showerhead, a hand-held showerhead, and a showerhead bracket. The wall-mounted showerhead is fixed on a conduit extending from a wall and connects to the hand-held showerhead via a hose. The showerhead bracket is provided for the hand-held showerhead to hang thereon. The wall-mounted showerhead has a water diverter disposed therein for controlling the spray water from the wall-mounted showerhead or the hand-held showerhead or from both of them. The water diverter has an adjusting knob for changing a direction of the water flow, and the adjusting knob is located on the wall-mounted showerhead at side close to a user, which is convenient for users to operate. The showerhead bracket is disposed at a lower position of the wall-mounted showerhead, and has a receptacle. The receptacle is in a pivoted state to adjust an angle and provide the hand-held showerhead to be engaged therein.11-26-2009
239565000 Branched flow line type 1
20120248227MULTI PORT NOZZLE POINT INJECTION SYSTEM - A multi port nozzle may be provided. The multi port nozzle may include a main inlet. In addition, the multi port nozzle may include a first chamber branching off from the main inlet. The first chamber may have a first port. Moreover, the multi port nozzle may include a second chamber branching off from the main inlet. The second chamber may be separated from the first chamber by a partition and may have a second port. The first chamber may include a first plurality of mixing elements and the second chamber may include a second plurality of mixing elements.10-04-2012
239568000 Slit or slot-like apertures 1
20100078506CIRCUMFERENTIAL FUEL CIRCUIT DIVIDER - A fuel nozzle includes a hub with a plurality of output fuel holes arranged perimetrically around the hub. At least two plates located inside the hub define fuel flow passages between an input fuel flow and the output fuel holes. A plurality of enclosures is located between an inner surface of the hub and an outer one of the plates. Each enclosure is in fuel flow communication with first ones of the output fuel holes and the input fuel flow to define a first one of the passages. The two plates define a second one of the fuel flow passages which is in fuel flow communication with the input fuel flow and with second ones of the output fuel holes.04-01-2010
20100163652JOINT CONNECTOR - A ball joint connector is provided for linking a showerhead to a water supply pipe. The connector has an internal venturi that draws air into the connector to aerate water being provided to the showerhead. A flow control member is disposed in a fluid pathway connected to the venturi, preventing spraying or leaking out the air inlet, while reducing noise associated with the air induction.07-01-2010
20100072305JET FORMER - A jet former (03-25-2010
20130082124IRRIGATION - A sprinkler apparatus includes a sprinkler head, a riser which is in fluid communication with a fluid inlet and the sprinkler head, a base for supporting and maintaining the sprinkler head in an upright position when the base is in contact with the ground or other surface; and wherein, the riser extends substantially vertically from the base a distance at least twice the width of the base and the base is configured to allow the apparatus to be pulled over the ground.04-04-2013
20100006677Device for injecting mono-propellant at a flow rate that can be modulated with an injection speed that is stable - The injector device for injecting a liquid mono-propellant with a large degree of flow rate modulation and an injection speed that is stable, and that is closable for extinction and re-ignition purposes, is disposed at an upstream end of the wall of a combustion chamber of a rocket engine. The device includes at least one feed channel for feeding mono-propellant from a tank, and first and second concentric annular speed-up channels connected to the feed channels and having outlets opening out respectively via first and second annular injection sections situated in a plane that is substantially perpendicular to the axis of the chamber. The first and second concentric annular channels are oriented to converge on each other with a resultant that lies substantially along the axis of the chamber, forming an angle that is predefined in such a manner as to output two sheets of injected liquid mono-propellant that mutually in an atomization ring at a predetermined distance from the upstream end forming the end wall of the combustion chamber and in the vicinity of the axis of the combustion chamber.01-14-2010
20130062438LIQUID DISTRIBUTOR - The invention relates to a device for distributing liquids comprising a distribution chamber (03-14-2013
20090236447METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING GAS INJECTION IN PROCESS CHAMBER - Methods and apparatus for processing substrates are provided herein. In some embodiments, a gas distribution apparatus may include a plurality of gas inlets configured to deliver a process gas to a process chamber; and a plurality of flow controllers having outlets coupled to the plurality of gas inlets for independently controlling the flow rate through each of the plurality of gas inlets. The gas distribution apparatus may be coupled to a process chamber for controlling the delivery of one or more process gases thereto.09-24-2009
20130119163TELESCOPING WATER JET DEVICE AND DRIVE ASSEMBLY - The invention provides a drive assembly for a telescoping wand of water jet device. The drive assembly includes an internally engaged rotary disk. With rotation of the internally engaged rotary disk, the telescoping wand of the water jet device is caused to retract or expand.05-16-2013
20120286073FOLDING CLAMSHELL SHOWER - A folding clamshell shower has a body containing a water passage, a water diversion unit and an outlet unit. The outlet unit is rotationally and pivotally connected with the body to form the folding clamshell structure. The outlet unit is provided with at least two outlet functions; the water diversion unit is mounted at the rotary pivot joint site of the outlet unit and the body, and comprises a water diversion body; the rotation of the water diversion body relative to the body can be driven by the rotation between the outlet unit and the body, the relative rotation between the water diversion body and the body controls outlet functions of the shower to pause or switch.11-15-2012
20110284669LANCE OF A GAS TURBINE BURNER - A lance of a gas turbine burner includes an inner duct having inner nozzles; an annular outer duct encircling the inner duct and having outer nozzles; and a spacer disposed between a terminal portion of the inner duct and a terminal portion of the outer duct, the spacer being fixed to both the inner duct and the outer duct.11-24-2011
20110139904SHOWER HEAD - A shower head comprises an upper watering set including a tube having a channel formed therein, a first disc including a bottom wall, and a connection defined between the tube and the first disc and including an arcuate internal wall formed therein, between the internal wall and the bottom wall being defined plural radial passages; a lower watering set connected to the upper watering set and including a top surface disposed on a top end thereof and having a conical guiding peg inserted to the receiving chamber, the guiding peg including an arcuate periphery extending downward and outward to correspond to the internal wall; plural distances between the top surface and peripheral fences of the passages being equivalent to form a number of gaps so as to adjust flowing amounts in the passages individually; the top surface including a plurality of spouts relative to the passages to spray water flowers.06-16-2011
20110266372NOZZLE ARRANGEMENT - A nozzle arrangement (11-03-2011
20120292410NOZZLE ASSEMBLY FOR SPRAY APPARATUS - A nozzle assembly includes a first tube, a second tube and a number of nozzles. The second tube communicates with the first tube. The nozzles are positioned on the second tube, and communicate with the second tube. The nozzles are positioned in staggered rows.11-22-2012
20080245903Method and apparatus for online flow control over the span of a high aspect ratio slot jet - A method and apparatus for controlling local flow along a slot jet with applications to airknives is disclosed. The airknife provides improved options for on-line control over coating thickness and edge build-up prevention. The gap of the slot nozzle of the airknife can remain constant while the outflow pattern is controlled by a series of preset throttle valves in combination with a single moving component, the multi-port aero-valve. This valve can be actuated locally or remotely, in rotation or translation, thereby changing gradually from a conventional uniform outflow to one which increases in velocity and mass flow rate along the airknife span to produce a bow effect. The valve can also change gradually from a conventional uniform outflow to one which increases in velocity, mass flow rate and outflow angle along the span to simulate bow effect in combination with fan-like outflow.10-09-2008
20080203195Energy autonomous hand shower interface - A fluid delivery apparatus including an energy harvesting device to generate energy for communicating with a fluid control device.08-28-2008
20090321540Fuel Injector - A fuel injector has an orifice plate including a plurality of spray-discharge orifices, which orifice plate is situated downstream from a valve seat member having a fixed valve seat. An inflow opening, which is provided directly upstream from the spray-discharge orifices as incident-flow cavity, is designed in such a way that an incident flow to the spray-discharge orifices takes place largely at a right angle to the longitudinal extension of the spray-discharge orifices. The spray-discharge orifices are placed and oriented in such a way that at least one fuel spray in the form of a hollow cone lamella or full cone lamella is able to be spray-discharged, in which a radially outer region is made up of larger droplets than a radially inner region of the spray.12-31-2009
20120193456GAS DISTRIBUTION PLATE WITH DISCRETE PROTECTIVE ELEMENTS - Embodiments of the present invention provide a gas distribution plate assembly having protective elements for plasma processing. The gas distribution plate assembly includes a base plate having a front side and a backside, and a plurality of protective elements in direct contact with the base plate. The protective elements cover the front side of the base plate to protect the base plate from a plasma processing environment during use.08-02-2012
20090314859SPRAY DEVICE - The invention provides an improved miniature spray device (12-24-2009
20100224703Pneumatic Atomization Nozzle for Web Moistening - A system, in certain embodiments, includes a pneumatic web moistening nozzle. The pneumatic web moistening nozzle includes a liquid orifice, and a first pneumatic orifice and a second pneumatic orifice disposed on opposite sides of the liquid orifice. The first and second pneumatic orifices are sized longer than the liquid orifice to overlap the liquid orifice.09-09-2010
20130126642SHOWERHEAD AND SHOWERHEAD MANUFACTURING METHOD - The present invention has the object of providing a metal showerhead lighter than previous, at a low cost. A showerhead 05-23-2013
20110101132Showerhead - A showerhead is disclosed that has a housing with an inlet and an outlet. There is a ball joint at the inlet of the housing adapted to be connected to a source of water and a spacer within the housing channels water from the inlet towards the outlet. Within the spacer is a flow control disc having one or more apertures. Each aperture is surrounded by a chamber within the disc, and the depth of each chamber partially controls the spray dispersion of the water flowing through the spacer. There is also an outlet cap removeably retained in the outlet of the housing. The outlet cap has a plurality of nozzle chambers each being fed by an aperture of the disc. The depth of each nozzle chamber is such as to also partially control the spray dispersion of the water discharged from the showerhead.05-05-2011
20100294860Flexible Shower Head with Temperature Sensors - A flexible shower head includes a water flowing means comprising an end coupling having inner threads; and a flexible, hollow head comprising an outer threaded annular extension adapted to threadedly secure to the inner threads for connecting the head and the water flowing means together, a plurality of holes, and at least one temperature sensor disposed on an outer surface. The extension is formed of metal. The head is spherical. The holes are arranged concentrically. The water flowing means may be replaced with a shower hose. The water flowing means may be replaced with a faucet. The water flowing means implemented as a fixed overhead shower water flowing means. The invention has benefits including durable, easy cleaning of mineral deposit, uniform spray, and water saving.11-25-2010
20110000982Connection Structure for Handheld Showerhead - A handheld showerhead has a showerhead portion and a handle portion. The showerhead portion may include at least two fluid channels. The handle portion may be operatively associated with the shower portion. The handle portion may include at least one fluid inlet or fluid passage. A rigid internal shaft is used to reinforce the connection between a fluid conveyance structure in the showerhead portion, the handle portion, or both, and a water supply connector at least partially in the handle portion The handle portion may further include a movable mode selector. Movement of the mode selector may selectively place the fluid inlet or fluid passage in fluid communication with at least one of the two fluid channels in the showerhead portion.01-06-2011
20100133362Manifold For Automated Sprayer - Disclosed are manifold assemblies for use in automated sprayers. The manifold assemblies provide passageways for cleaning fluid, venting air if venting is needed, and drainage fluid. They also provide a mount for a motor and a pump chamber. There are also check valves retained in the manifold assemblies to ensure that the flows are in the proper direction.06-03-2010
20110031333MULTI-POINT INJECTOR RING - A multi-point injector includes an annular body defining an interior annular flow passage. The annular body includes a fluid inlet and a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart fluid outlets in fluid communication with the interior flow passage. Each of the outlets has a swirl chamber formed within the annular body associated therewith for imparting swirl to fluid delivered thereto.02-10-2011
20090218420Shower head and nozzles for the same - There is described a shower spray device including a lower plate with a plurality of nozzles and an upper plate with an inlet for the water supply. An elastic sealing element is interposed between the two plates to delimit therewith a chamber for distributing water to the nozzles. To maintain the correct pressure of the two plates, clamping screws are used also having the function of delivery nozzles, i.e. screws formed by threaded pins having an axial duct, with an outlet open towards the outside to allow water delivery, and at least one transverse duct to place the distribution chamber in fluid communication with the axial duct for water delivery.09-03-2009
20130193237SPRAY HEAD - A spray head assembly comprising a body configured to receive a supply of fluid and a face in fluid communication with the body, the face having a plurality of nozzles arranged in a non-linear pattern for directing the fluid from the spray head, wherein the plurality of nozzles are configured to direct the fluid flow to form a wedge-shaped spray pattern between the face and a focal region at a focal length from the spray head, and wherein the spray pattern forms a linear spray arrangement in the focal region.08-01-2013
20110073683FUEL INJECTION VALVE - In a fuel injection valve having a valve plug for opening and closing a valve seat in which fuel is injected from a plurality of orifices provided in an orifice plate mounted at the downstream side of the valve seat by operating the valve plug in response to an operation signal from a controller, a thin wall part is provided by concaving a center portion of an upstream-side end face of the orifice plate to the downstream side by press working, and the orifice plate is disposed so that a virtual circular conical surface extending to the downstream side of the valve seat surface and an upstream-side end face of the orifice plate of the outer peripheral side of the thin wall part intersect to each other to form one virtual circle.03-31-2011
20110108640SHOWER HEAD FOR A SANITARY SHOWER FITTING - A shower head for a hand-held shower attachment, an overhead shower attachment or a side shower attachment contains, in its shower-head housing, a vortex chamber which is of funnel shape with the side wall curved. The funnel begins, at the location of the largest diameter, in a radial plane and then decreases in diameter along a curved contour to an exit, where the walls of the funnel run in the axial direction. At the location of the largest diameter of the vortex chamber, upstream of this tapering region, the water is let in tangentially in the circumferential direction and in the axial direction. The vortex which is generated by virtue of the water being let in tangentially accelerates its speed of rotation in the direction of the spray disc. Arranged at the end of the tapering region is a jet-outlet chamber which is very flat, but is of large diameter in relation to the vortex chamber. The vortex travels into this jet-outlet chamber, and therefore, even in the outer region, water jets exit with a massage action out of the jet-outlet openings which are present there.05-12-2011
20110186653SWAYABLE AND RETRACTABLE SHOWER - The present invention discloses a swayable and retractable shower, which comprises a retractable assembly and a shower head. Said retractable assembly comprises a fixed portion, a retractable portion and a reset portion, said fixed portion has a through sliding hole, said retractable portion with a through water entry is hermetically and slidably connected in the through sliding hole, said reset portion is disposed between the fixed portion and the retractable portion, said water entry communicates with the through sliding hole. Said shower head is swayably connected to the lower end of the retractable portion and can communicate with the water entry, so the shower head can swing left or right in optional directions when it is stretched out, the user can adjust the direction of the shower head according to practical condition and requirements.08-04-2011
20120305677SYSTEM FOR CONDITIONING FLOW THROUGH A NOZZLE - A system for conditioning flow through a plurality of nozzles arranged in a combustor includes a shield circumferentially surrounding at least a portion of the plurality of nozzles and a plurality of baffles disposed circumferentially around the shield. Each baffle is circumferentially disposed between adjacent nozzles.12-06-2012
20120097770WATER SPRAY PLATE - There is disclosed a water spray plate having micro-shower-holes formed therein to expand a passage area of liquid. The plurality of the shower hole arrays formed to unit sprayed liquids may be arranged and there may be an effect of enabling the user to feel that sufficient liquid is supplied even if a small amount of liquid is supplied. As a result, the substantial amount of the liquid used by the user may be reduced and there may be a water-saving effect.04-26-2012
20120061492WATER SPRAY STRUCTURE - A water spray structure includes an outer housing, an inner sleeve, a mesh member, a spray member and an end cap. The inner sleeve is located in the outer housing. A gap is defined between an outer wall of the inner sleeve and an inner wall of the outer housing. The inner sleeve has apertures thereon. The spray member is located in the inner sleeve and has a plurality of through holes around a circumferential portion thereof. Each of the through holes has a large upper part and a small lower part. The spray member has stop pieces under the through holes. The stop pieces are disposed in a tangent direction. A mixing chamber is defined between a lower end of the spray member and a lower portion of the inner sleeve. The spray member has the plurality of through holes disposed around the circumferential portion of the spray member, the inlets and the transversal inlets to separate water to flow in the through holes. The stop pieces are disposed under the through holes to disperse the water in a spiral form. The tapered through holes form a negative pressure in the spray member for mixing with the air so as to form oxygenated mist. The water stream becomes comfortable.03-15-2012
20110155825Actuator Systems and Methods for Aerosol Wall Texturing - A dispensing system for texture material includes a main container, a secondary container, and a conduit. The main container stores texture material. The secondary container stores pressurized propellant material. The conduit is operatively connected between the main container and the secondary container. The conduit allows pressurized propellant material to flow from the secondary container to the main container, thereby forcing texture material out of the main container.06-30-2011
20120205468NOZZLE PLATE AND ATOMIZING MODULE USING THE SAME - A nozzle plate and an atomizing module using the nozzle plate are disclosed. The atomizing module is installed at a cavity and includes a piezoelectric circular plate, a braking circular plate and a nozzle plate. The braking circular plate is installed on a side of the piezoelectric circular plate. The nozzle plate is a circular disc clamped between the piezoelectric circular plate and the braking circular plate, and the nozzle plate includes firing holes and first protrusions. Each first protrusion is non-circular and protruded in a direction towards the piezoelectric circular plate or the braking circular plate to form a multi-curved surface structure radially or circularly arranged into a specific geometric pattern. The nozzle plate can increase the atomizing area, atomizing quantity and liquid-gas exchange rate to prevent excessive stresses from concentrating at the center of the nozzle plate or vibrations from cracking or breaking the nozzle plate.08-16-2012
20120012683WATERING DEVICE FOR AN INDIVIDUAL PLANT CONTAINER - A watering device includes a cover, support members, and a water nozzle secured to the underneath side of cover. The water nozzle directs water outward along the first side of the cover to distribute water across the top surface of the plant growth medium in a nursery plant container. A desired water deflection pattern may optionally be achieved using one or more water deflectors secured to the underneath side of the cover in a position within a water distribution pattern of the water nozzle. The cover may include an open slot allowing the cover to be placed about the stem of a plant growing in the container and set on the top surface of the plant growth medium.01-19-2012
20100288855SHOWERHEAD WITH MULTIMODAL OPERATION - A showerhead for personal hygiene is provided that includes a spray face in fluid communication with a cavity by way of a plurality of nozzle apertures. The cavity receives water from a water supply. A spray selector controls fluid flow between the cavity and the nozzle apertures. A battery-electric motor or a kinetic energy storing spring is provided as a power supply for an actuator that provides mechanical communication between the power supply and the selector to move the selector and thereby alter the fluid spray pattern from the spray face. A user interface provides a user with selective control over movement of the actuator and the movement of the selector to sequentially provide multiple spray patterns from the spray face without intermediate manual intervention between the multiple spray patterns emitted from the spray face.11-18-2010
20100051727Multihole Injector - Each of the injection holes has an inclined angle with respect to a center line of an injection valve main body as well as the inclined angle of each of the injection holes is provided with a predetermined offset amount with respect to a target inclination angle of a center of gravity position of each of the injected fuel sprays. The predetermined offset amount is set based on a correction amount for correcting positional drift with respect to the target direction of the center of gravity position of the fuel spray.03-04-2010
20100051726Multi Passage Fuel Manifold and Methods of Construction - Integrally formed, multi zone fuel manifolds for gas turbine engines and methods of construction are provided. The fuel manifold includes a plurality of annular channel members positioned adjacent each other, aligned and coupled together at the inner and outer peripheral sides thereof, with each pair of channel members defining a separate fluid conduit or passage within the manifold assembly. The fuel manifold can be constructed of any number of stacked and secured channel members to provide a compact multi zone fuel manifold having the desired number of fluid conduits or passages with a minimum number of sealed joints.03-04-2010
20120248226LIQUID EJECTING HEAD AND LIQUID EJECTING APPARATUS - The portions at the circumferential edges of a flow channel formation plate in which the corner portions of a dummy flow channel portion are formed are weaker than other portions, and thus when thermal stress has occurred due to temperature changes when the constituent elements of a flow channel unit are affixed to each other, cracks can be induced preferentially in the weak portion, rather than the other portions, starting from the ends of the corner portions. In particular, although similar corner portions are formed in a common liquid chamber, the intersection angle of the corner portions in the dummy flow channel portion is smaller than the intersection angle of the corner portions in the common liquid chamber, and thus it is easier for stress to concentrate in the corner portions of the dummy flow channel portion.10-04-2012
20120181356SHOWERHEAD ASSEMBLY - A shower head has a nozzle, a shell, a water inlet, and an assembly for holding the nozzle. The assembly has an upper plate made of a first plastic material and has a first opening having a first diameter through which the nozzle extends, a lower plate made of a second plastic material and has a second opening through which the nozzle extends, and an elastomeric middle plate has a third opening having a third diameter that is smaller than the first or second diameter through which the nozzle extends and is in contact therewith. The first material and the second material are ultrasonically welded together to trap the middle plate therebetween and the first opening, the second opening and the third opening are roughly coaxial with each other.07-19-2012
20120312901Extendible or expandable shower device - A shower device includes a housing having a number of radially extended outlet tubes, and having an inlet mouth for coupling to a water supply pipe, and a number of casings each having a coupling pipe slidably engaged onto the outlet tubes and each having a compartment communicative with the coupling pipe for receiving the water from the outlet tubes, and the casings are movable toward and away from the housing for adjusting or increasing the showering area and for facilitating the showering operation for the user. An actuating device is engaged between the casings and the housing for moving the casings toward and away from the housing.12-13-2012
20110121106WIND-COLLECTING NOZZLE MOUNTED ON OUTLET OF HAIRDRYER - A wind-collecting nozzle mounted on outlet of hairdryer includes a wind-collecting nozzle body (05-26-2011
20100327085Gas injection system for plasma processing - A plasma processing system for plasma processing of substrates such as semiconductor wafers. The system includes a plasma processing chamber, a substrate support for supporting a substrate within the processing chamber, a dielectric member having an interior surface facing the substrate support, the dielectric member forming a wall of the processing chamber, a gas injector fixed to, part of or removably mounted in an opening in the dielectric window, the gas injector including a plurality of gas outlets supplying process gas into the chamber, and an RF energy source such as a planar or non-planar spiral coil which inductively couples RF energy through the dielectric member and into the chamber to energize the process gas into a plasma state. The arrangement permits modification of gas delivery arrangements to meet the needs of a particular processing regime. In addition, compared to consumable showerhead arrangements, the use of a removably mounted gas injector can be replaced more easily and economically.12-30-2010
20110006134ADAPTABLE SHOWER SYSTEM AND METHOD - A shower head unit having at least one preferably rain like shower head, where the rain like shower head is connect to a support member for an overhead shower. The support member is adapted to be positioned between opposing walls of a bath tub, stall enclosure or outdoor shower having preferably a wall water pipe and a wall shower head attached to the wall water pipe. The support member is a pipe that has first and second ends and a nipple adapted to be coupled to the wall water pipe near the first end for carrying shower water to the rain like shower head and is located above the wall shower head.01-13-2011
20130015272SHOWER HEADAANM Raab; StefanAACI KoelnAACO DEAAGP Raab; Stefan Koeln DEAANM Bruckmann; StefanAACI DortmundAACO DEAAGP Bruckmann; Stefan Dortmund DE - The invention relates to a shower head having a rigid housing (01-17-2013
20130175368Waste Water Diffuser - This application claims a system for the distribution of waste water. The invention allows water to drain from a source into the invention, where the water is distributed and diffused through a collection of outlets. Thus a large amount of water can be distributed over a large area so that the environment can more easily absorb the water and the flow of water does not cause erosion. The preferred embodiment of the invention includes one or more filters to remove substances from the water before distribution.07-11-2013
20100294859Gardening Sprinkler Having Angle Adjustable Function - A gardening sprinkler includes a water inlet member having a water inlet channel, a water outlet member pivotally mounted on the water inlet member and having a water outlet channel connected to the water inlet channel of the water inlet member and a spraying head pivotally mounted on the water outlet member and having a plurality of spraying holes each connected to the water outlet channel of the water outlet member. Thus, the water outlet member is rotated relative to the water inlet member, and the spraying head is swiveled relative to the water outlet member so that the spraying head is pivoted relative to the water inlet member in a two-dimensional manner.11-25-2010
20100314471STACKABLE SPRINKLER - A sprinkler is designed to be stacked upon a like sprinkler. The sprinkler includes a spray tube, a sled, a projection extending from either a top or bottom surface of the sled, and a recess formed at the top or bottom surface of the sled. The recess accommodates the projection extending from the sled of the like sprinkler so that the sprinkler can be stacked with the like sprinkler.12-16-2010
20110272496Shower Head Having A Larger Flushing Angle - A shower head includes a nozzle unit, a quick connector mounted on the nozzle unit, and a bushing mounted in the quick connector. Thus, when the water flows through the shower head, the ambient air is introduced through the air conducting holes of the quick connector and the air conducting apertures of the bushing into the flow conduit of the bushing to break the vacuum state in the shower head and to perturb the water flow in the shower head so as to produce a turbulent flow in the shower head so that the water flow injected from the nozzle unit is divided into multiple straight water beams and multiple irregular water bubbles so as to increase the flushing angle and area of the shower head.11-10-2011
20110272497Shower Head Having A Larger Flushing Angle - A shower head includes a nozzle, a connector mounted on an open top of the nozzle, a fastening member secured on the open top of the nozzle and abutting the connector to limit the connector on the nozzle, and a bushing mounted in the connector. Thus, when the water flows through the shower head, the ambient air is introduced through the connector and the bushing to break the vacuum state in the shower head and to perturb the water flow in the shower head so as to produce a turbulent flow in the shower head so that the water flow injected from the nozzle is broken and divided into multiple straight water beams and multiple irregular water bubbles so as to increase the flushing angle and area of the shower head.11-10-2011

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