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239 - Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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239012000 Involving drinking or ornamental fountains 7
20090039173Method and apparatus for exemplary irrigation system - An automated irrigation system having a computer to monitor and regulate the water flow to the various destinations. The computer is user programmable. The water flow is regulated by solenoids which are open and close based upon the instructions received from the computer. Moisture sensors at the destination locations transmit information to the computer by a PC board to prevent water overflow or flooding.02-12-2009
20120168528Spray Drift Systems and Methods - Systems and methods for adjusting or providing instructions to spraying systems are provided. In an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, a method of adjusting a spraying system is provided. The method comprising: electronically determining a current location of a spraying system; electronically determining a proximity to one or more sensitive areas relative to the current location; and adjusting the spraying system in response to a first one of the one or more sensitive areas being within a first distance from the current location.07-05-2012
20130037623DISCHARGE DEVICE FOR LIQUID MATERIAL INCLUDING PARTICLE-LIKE BODIES - A discharge device includes a discharge head that discharges a liquid material from a nozzle opening connected to the cavity by varying the internal pressure of a cavity using an actuator. The discharge head includes a monitoring portion provided between the cavity and the nozzle opening and the discharge device further includes a detection apparatus that detects the number and/or form of the particle-like bodies included in the liquid material in the monitoring portion of the discharge head and a control unit that drives the actuator according to the detection result of the detection unit to change the state of the particle-like bodies included in the liquid material of the monitoring portion.02-14-2013
20100044457Tilt Nozzle for Coal-Fired Burner - An improved end housing for nozzle assemblies used to project a stream of particulate coal into a burner housing. The improvement includes the addition of vertically-oriented, spaced parallel aiming plates. A four nozzle burner assembly has two sets of diagonally opposite nozzles in which all nozzles are aimed directly at the fireball center.02-25-2010
20100102139METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SOIL EXCAVATION USING SUPERSONIC PNEUMATIC NOZZLE WITH WEAR TIP AND SUPERSONIC NOZZLE FOR USE THEREIN - A tool suitable for soil excavation that can be used in a number of distinct applications is disclosed, wherein the tool includes a sonic or supersonic pneumatic nozzle assembly comprising a converging-diverging cylindrical nozzle body having an internal through passage with inlet on the converging side and an outlet on the diverging side of the nozzle body; and a replaceable cylindrical wear tip removably coupled to the nozzle body and with an internal through passage aligning with the outlet of the nozzle body, and wherein an outside form of the wear tip is configured to direct reverse sand blasting particles away from the external surfaces of the nozzle body.04-29-2010
20090159719CONTROL METHOD OF A DEVICE FOR NEBULIZING LIQUIDS INTO THE AIR - A control method for one or several devices for nebulizing liquids into the air (DF06-25-2009
20130048750Dual Fuel Injector With Hydraulic Lock Seal - A dual fuel injector includes a liquid needle valve member guided to move in and out of contact with a first valve seat positioned between a liquid nozzle chamber and a liquid nozzle outlet set. A gas needle valve member is guided to move in and out of contact with a second valve seat positioned between a gas nozzle chamber and a gas nozzle outlet set. A hydraulic lock seal for inhibiting migration of gas fuel from the gas nozzle chamber into the first fuel includes an annular volume surrounding a guide segment of the gas needle valve member. The annular volume is fluidly connected to the liquid nozzle volume by a seal passage. A check valve positioned in the seal passage may close when a gas fuel supply is exhausted and an engine utilizing the dual fuel injector operates in a limp home single fueling mode.02-28-2013
20130048749FLAP SEAL FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE MOVABLE NOZZLE FLAP - A gas turbine engine nozzle includes a flap movable relative to a structure. A seal assembly is supported by one of the structure and the flap and includes a seal hinged about an axis. The seal has a sealing profile engaging a seal land of the other of the structure and the flap. A biasing member is configured to urge the hinged seal toward the seal land. A method of sealing a nozzle flap includes supporting a seal relative to a structure along an axis. The seal is urged toward a nozzle flap. The seal rotates about the axis to maintain engagement between the seal and the nozzle flap in response to the urging step.02-28-2013
20100006666BROADCAST SPREADER WITH RATE CONTROL SYSTEM - A control mechanism for a spreader incorporating a movable material control gate comprises a first limit switch having a fixed position, a linear actuator having a positional member which moves in response to operation of the linear actuator. Movement of the positional member in a first direction causes the positional member to contact the first limit switch to define a closed position of the control gate. The control mechanism also includes a second limit switch mounted to the positional member and an adjustment system comprising a user adjustment device engaged with a linear adjustment member adjustable through a positional linear range. Movement of the adjustment device by a user causes the adjustment member to move within the linear range. Additionally, movement of the positional member in a second direction causes the second limit switch to contact the adjustment member to define an adjustably open position of the control gate.01-14-2010
20090302127DRIP EMITTER WITH AN INDEPENDENT NON-DRAIN VALVE - An elastomer membrane based, regulated drip emitter unit, equipped with a non-drip valve, wherein the drip emitter is characterized by that it includes an opening that is exposable to an approximate atmospheric pressure that prevails on the water outlet from the drip emitter; and an additional elastomer membrane portion that is strained and biased against the water inlet opening of the drip emitter for creating a seal with its one side for a non-drain valve and on its other (second) side it is connected to that atmospheric pressure prevailing opening, and wherein the elastomer membrane portion is movable towards that opening in order to open the water inlet opening for enabling a water flow passage from a water supply conduit to the drip emitter, and this from the specific instant that the force exerted by the water pressure prevailing in the water supply conduit on one side of that elastomer portion, overcomes the strain at which that portion was strained and biased against the water inlet opening, as well as the approximate atmospheric pressure that prevails on the other side of that elastomer portion.12-10-2009
20110248094ADJUSTABLE ARC IRRIGATION SPRINKLER NOZZLE CONFIGURED FOR POSITIVE INDEXING - An adjustable arc spray nozzle for an irrigation sprinkler is provided, where positive indexing is provided at a plurality of present locations between relatively rotatable components of the nozzle for defining predetermined arcuate extents of the spray pattern.10-13-2011
20100096470DROP VOLUME REDUCTION - Droplet volume on a substrate may be controlled using a capillary liquid bridge. Generally, droplets may be dispensed in a drop pattern on the substrate. A DV-substrate may be positioned in contact with the droplets and at a distance from the substrate forming a capillary liquid bridge. Separation of the DV-substrate disrupts the capillary liquid bridge with at least a portion of the droplet volume being transferred to the DV-substrate.04-22-2010
20100096469SPREADER APPARATUS FOR VEHICLES - A vehicle including a dump body and spreader for selectively dumping and spreading materials. The vehicle includes, at least, a chassis, a body, and a spreader apparatus with a belt mechanism. A hoist is provided which extends between the body and the chassis for pivoting the body about a hinge. A tailgate is located at the rear of the body wherein the tailgate is pivotably mounted to the body. The tailgate has an opening therein to permit material to flow therethrough from the dump body to an auger assembly. The auger assembly includes an auger, which directs material to an opening through which the material will fall into the spreader apparatus. The spreader apparatus includes a body with an inlet and outlet, a belt mechanism driven by a motor, a mounting mechanism to attach it to the vehicle. The belt is driven by a motor that is controlled by a control system located in the vehicle. The control system monitors vehicle speed and then runs the belt at a speed such that all materials dispensed from the spreader outlet will have a velocity equal an opposite to that of the vehicle, or zero speed relative to the ground.04-22-2010
20130062428LAWN SPRINKLER - A flow regulator for use with a lawn sprinkler. The apparatus includes an impeller, a regulator portion and a nozzle regulator portion. The sprinkler is configured to regulate the delivery of water according to the shape of the area to be irrigated, so that water is not wasted on adjacent areas which do not require irrigation.03-14-2013
20110011944SPRAY TANNING DELIVERY DEVICE - An apparatus for delivering liquid utilizing a wand with a nozzle, a toggle switch, and a supply canister for delivering self-tanning and sun-tanning solutions to a human body is disclosed. Projections on the wand facilitate a direct connection to a supply canister containing the chosen liquid to be delivered without the necessity of an exposed external tube suspended between the wand and the supply canister. The wand may be detached and reattached to the supply canister for storage or use.01-20-2011
20090065603VARIABLE RATE SPRAY NOZZLE CONTROL - The present invention provides an advanced spray control system for controlling a sprayer, which comprises a plurality of scrolling means operatively connected to the sprayer, where the spray system offers added controllability and operability. Also provided is a method of controlling a sprayer using the spray control system of the present invention.03-12-2009
20130068853Programmable Spray Device and Spray Method Thereof - A programmable spray device that is portable and its spray method. The programmable spray device includes a plurality of spray modules and a control module. Each spray module is used to contain different fluids. The control module is used to receive a control signal outputted from a processing device, and to control each spray module to spray according to the control signal. The processing device includes a multimedia play module generating the control signal while playing a multimedia content, and the control module controls each spray module to execute variations of spraying coordinated to the multimedia content.03-21-2013
20100038444Oscillating Sprinkler that Automatically Produces a Rectangular Water Distribution Pattern - Many areas watered by prior art oscillating sprinklers are substantially rectangular. However, prior art oscillating sprinklers typically produce generally or substantially elliptical water distribution patterns. This geometric incompatibility causes problems and inefficiencies. Embodiments of the current invention include an oscillating sprinkler that automatically produces a substantially rectangular water distribution pattern. The substantially rectangular water distribution pattern may be produced by automatically controlling the distance from the sprinkler that streams of water travel before impacting the ground. This is accomplished by automatically and sequentially opening and closing and/or restricting flow to select nozzles at select points and within select portions of the oscillation cycle. A current invention oscillating sprinkler may reduce waste water, may reduce run-off waste water, and may automatically provide water to the corner areas of typical substantially rectangular areas to be watered.02-18-2010
20100044456Rolling herbicide applicator with an adjustable shield - A rolling liquid herbicide applicator with an adjustable shield is attached to a hollow pole having an adjustable width protective shield mounted to one end weighted, textured wheels for rolling over most terrains are attached to the adjustable width protective shield. On the opposite end of the hollow pole handle is a trigger. When the trigger is activated, an internal trigger stick is moved down through the hollow pole, thereby causing a “C” shaped piece to move upward. This upward movement pushes on a hard flat disk. The movement of the hard flat disk causes pliable cap center to move. The gravity flow of liquid herbicide from a liquid herbicide container causes the liquid herbicide to move through a tube and nozzle assembly. The adjustable width protective shield over the nozzle prevents overspray and accidental contact of the liquid herbicide on healthy desired vegetation.02-25-2010
20080296400Quantitative aerosol generator (QAG) method and apparatus - An apparatus and method for generating an aerosol wherein the aerosol has a known concentration of metals or other chemical components, and wherein the aerosol concentration remains constant over a long period of time, rendering the apparatus and method suitable for application as a reference standard12-04-2008
20130161409Power Trigger Sprayer - A power trigger sprayer comprising an integrated nozzle and pump assembly. The pump may comprise one or more pistons. Each piston feeds an input port of a swirl chamber spray nozzle. The nozzle is pulsed at a high rate, producing a predetermined spray pattern. In a further embodiment, the sprayer may be configured for handheld application of liquids and may comprise a tank for holding the liquid, a power source and control actuator together with the spray pump and nozzle in a hand operable unit. The sprayer may comprise a drip guard for directing drip flow away from the trigger and hand grip portion of the sprayer. The sprayer may include a battery within the hand grip portion. The battery may be in a battery module with grip/latch tabs allowing easy removal and replacement of the battery.06-27-2013
20110024517Swirl spraying nozzle for sprayng liquid fuel, and method of producing same, and a nozzle assembly for a burner with the swirl spraying nozzle - A swirl spraying nozzle for spraying liquid fuel is provided. The swirl spraying nozzle includes a nozzle body including a hollow cylinder with a base terminating the hollow cylinder on one side and with a head terminating the hollow cylinder on the other side such that a swirl chamber is formed in the nozzle body. An admission hole is provided in the hollow cylinder in the vicinity of the base and is arranged in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the hollow cylinder. The admission hole is positioned at an angle in the circumferential direction of the hollow cylinder. An outlet hole is provided in the head on the longitudinal axis of the hollow cylinder such that a liquid can flow tangentially through the admission hole with a swirling action into the swirl chamber and can flow out axially from the swirl chamber through the outlet opening.02-03-2011
20120085835Needle Valve Member With Frustoconical Guide Segment And Fuel Injector Using Same - A fuel injector includes an injector body with a tip component that defines at least one nozzle outlet. A needle valve member is positioned in the injector body and includes a frustoconical segment positioned in a frustoconical bore to separate a needle control chamber from a nozzle chamber. The needle valve member includes an opening hydraulic surface exposed to fluid pressure in the nozzle chamber, and a closing hydraulic surface exposed to fluid pressure in the needle control chamber. The frustoconical bore and the frustoconical segment have a narrowing taper in the direction of an injector tip. The frustoconical features tend to slow the initial opening of the nozzle outlets, and hasten their closure relative to a counterpart injector with cylindrical needle guide features.04-12-2012
20090206172MICRO-SPRAY SYSTEM RESONANCE FREQUENCY MODULATION METHOD AND DEVICE - A micro-spray system resonance frequency modulation method and device designed to minimize resonance frequency drift during atomization involves using a resonance frequency modulation unit for modulating resonance frequency and nodes, controlling and calibrating resonance frequency, and performing real-time measurement and correction to prevent operating frequency from drifting beyond a preferred operating frequency range, with a view to increasing spray flow and spray area, minimizing effects of ambient factors, and overcoming drawbacks of prior art.08-20-2009
20120104112FLUID INJECTOR AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OPERATING THE FLUID INJECTOR - A fluid injector has a longitudinal axis (L) and a valve needle (05-03-2012
20090145974IRRIGATION FIELD MODULE MATRIX CONFIGURED FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION WITH A CENTRAL CONTROL SERVER - The invention is an irrigation field module matrix configured for wireless communication with a central control server. The central control server contains a database with relevant information regarding features, parameters, and characteristics of a particular irrigation system. This system utilizes proprietary irrigation software to control a plurality of field modules, at one or more remote locations, via a network bridge adapter. An irrigation system may comprise a single server, or multiple servers that may be configured so that control of the entire system is centralized, and control of one or multiple irrigation locations may be accomplished remotely by wirelessly accessing, monitoring and controlling a location's field module matrix.06-11-2009
20090152373SMOOTH BORE NOZZLE WITH ADJUSTABLE BORE - A firefighting nozzle of the present invention includes a nozzle body with an inlet and an outlet, a passageway having a smooth bore extending between the inlet and the outlet of the nozzle body, and a compressible member defining at least a portion of the passageway. The compressible member has an inner dimension transverse to the longitudinal central axis. The nozzle also includes an adjuster mounted about the compressible member for selectively compressing the compressible member, wherein the pressure of the fluid flowing into the nozzle applies an outwardly directed pressure on the compressible member to thereby increase the inner dimension of the compressible member, and with at least a portion of the pressure being diverted from the passageway for applying an inwardly directed pressure on the compressible member to thereby at least reduce the force needed to be applied by the adjuster to counter-act the outwardly directed pressure when adjusting the flow rate of the nozzle.06-18-2009
20100276507APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR VARYING THE PROPERTIES OF A MULTIPLE-PHASE JET - The invention relates to an apparatus and a method for injecting a multiple-phase jet with a variable direction and/or opening, by the fluidic interaction between the multiple-phase jet and one or more actuation jets.11-04-2010
20110266360METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR EXECUTING FLUID DELIVERY MISSION - Systems and methods for executing a fluid delivery mission are disclosed. In one embodiment a mobile fluid delivery machine for delivering fluid to a site has a tank storing fluid, and at least one spray head configured to spray the stored fluid onto the site. In addition, the mobile fluid delivery machine has a communication device configured to receive fluid delivery mission instructions from a site computing system, the mission instructions identifying a sequence of path segments on the site and corresponding fluid delivery amounts allocated to the path segments, and a location device configured to determine the location of the mobile fluid delivery machine on the site. The mobile fluid delivery machine may also have a fluid delivery system configured to determine whether the location of the fluid delivery machine corresponds to a path segment of the sequence, and when it is determined that the location of the fluid delivery machine corresponds to a path segment in the sequence, to identify the fluid delivery amount allocated to that path segment based on the mission instructions.11-03-2011
20080277491Powder Barrier Coupling for Powder Spray Systems - A powder barrier coupling for a pneumatic line of a powder spray system which is air passable but powder impassable. An exterior shell forms a passage. Disposed sealingly within the passage is a porous filter media having an average pore size and thickness which are predetermined to permit passage therethrough of air, but prevent the passage therethrough of powder of a selected average cross-sectional size.11-13-2008
20080283625Spraying Apparatus and Method of Using the Same - An outlet head (11-20-2008
20090050707ADJUSTABLE SOLID-FLOW NOZZLE AND METHOD - Adjustable nozzles for directing a solid-stream of fluid and associated methods for using the same are provided. According to one embodiment, the adjustable nozzle includes a base member having an aperture therethrough defining a nozzle inlet. The nozzle includes a plurality of elongate vanes each having first and second ends. The first ends of the vanes extend from the base member in a circumferential configuration so as to form an interior region. The second ends of the vanes are operable to define an expandable nozzle outlet. The nozzle includes a liner extending from the nozzle inlet to the nozzle outlet within the interior region. The liner is structured to direct the fluid from the nozzle inlet to the nozzle outlet. Each of the plurality of vanes is biased towards the liner to thereby support the liner and control the flow of the fluid therethrough.02-26-2009
20090078785METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ATOMIZING A LIQUID - A method for atomizing at least one liquid (03-26-2009
20120267446PUMP FOR DELIVERING A FLUID - A pump, e.g., for delivering fluid, such as a metering pump for metering a coating agent in a coating system, is disclosed. An exemplary pump may include a pump inlet for feeding the fluid, a pump outlet for discharging the fluid, a rotatably supported drive shaft for mechanically driving the pump, and a coupling. The coupling may be structurally integrated in the pump, for mechanically connecting the drive shaft of the pump to an output shaft of a drive motor.10-25-2012
20100032493Precision variable rate irrigation system - A method is described for automatically adjusting the water application rate of an irrigation system which is movable over an agricultural field, comprising the steps of: (a) processing one or more main field layers of geospatial data; (b) generating variable irrigation management zones dependent on the irrigation system in the field; and (c) adjusting water application from the irrigation system dependent on the spatial location of the irrigation system in the field and the underlying processed geospatial field data previously determined. The method may also use the step of utilizing one or more of the field layers to identify at least one optional crop sensor location within the field. The water application rate is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the speed of the irrigation system or by turning the irrigation system on or by turning the irrigation system off.02-11-2010
20110139886SHOWER HAVING A SHOWER AREA CHANGED WITH VARIATION OF WATER PRESSURE - A shower having a shower area changed with variation of water pressure includes: a holding unit, in which a water channel is designed and a feed-water valve is added on the top of the water channel; a spraying water unit, which is sealed with the holding unit, comprising at least two spraying water groups that are a main spraying water group and at least one branch spraying water group; and at least one movable unit, whose number is equal with the number of branch spraying water groups, assembled with the branch spraying water groups in one to one correspondence. In order to change the shower area, we could regulate the opening and closing of the feed-water valve to control water pressure.06-16-2011
20090108091ADJUSTABLE SPRAY PATTERN ATOMIZER - An atomizer delivery manifold or spray head with an adjustable spray pattern tip is provided. The adjustable spray pattern atomizer is especially useful for delivery of fibrin glues, and enables a fluid admixture to be applied precisely to a specific site in a wide range of spray patterns.04-30-2009
20090242657Systems And Methods For Automatically Varying Droplet Size In Spray Released From A Nozzle - Systems and methods are provided for spraying chemicals and automatically adjusting, in substantially real-time, the drop size of the liquid in the spray. The drop size may be adjusted to control (either minimize or maximize) the amount of drift associated with the sprayed liquid.10-01-2009
20100012744MULTI-ZONE SPRINKLER SYSTEM WITH MOISTURE SENSORS AND ADJUSTABLE SPRAY PATTERN - An irrigation system comprises sprinkler heads with an electrically adjustable spray pattern, moisture sensors, and a controller. Based upon input signals from the moisture sensors, the controller dynamically configures the spray pattern of the sprinkler head to allow more water to fall on areas that need to be watered and less water to fall on areas that do not require additional water.01-21-2010
20100276506NOZZLES FOR A FLUID JET DECOKING TOOL - A fluid jet nozzle for a decoking tool, a decoking tool and method of operating same. The nozzle includes a nozzle assembly for use in a fluid jet decoking tool. The assembly includes a housing to hold one or more nozzles that are used to spray or otherwise distribute decoking fluid. An internal flowpath that extends from an inlet of the nozzle to an outlet of the nozzle defines a tapered shape such that when the decoking fluid passes through the nozzle, the flowpath produces a predominantly coherent flow pattern in the fluid.11-04-2010
20100237165GENERATION OF A PULSED JET BY JET VECTORING THROUGH A NOZZLE WITH MULTIPLE OUTLETS - A method of producing a pulsatile jet flow from a substantially constant flow primary jet in a way that is mechanically efficient, easy to implement, and allows direct control over pulse duration and pulsing frequency is disclosed herein. The invention includes at least two components: (a) a constant flow fluid jet produced by any normal method (e.g., propeller) that can be directionally vectored fluidically, mechanically, or electromagnetically and (b) a nozzle with multiple outlets (orifices) through which the vectored jet may be directed. By alternately vectoring the jet through different outlets, a transient (pulsatile) flow at an outlet is obtained even with a substantially constant primary jet flow. Additionally, the nozzle outlets may be oriented in different directions to provide thrust vectoring, making the invention useful for maneuvering, directional control, etc.09-23-2010
20100237164Sprinkler and Method for Controlling the Same - A sprinkler and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. The sprinkler and the method can uniformly supply water on a variety of topographies without any waste of water. The sprinkler includes a fluid supply pipe to supply fluid; a nozzle to spray the fluid supplied from the fluid supply pipe; a flux regulator to control an amount of the fluid supplied to the nozzle; and a controller to control operation of the flux regulator.09-23-2010
20120138702Pressure compensated fuel injector - A method of operating a pressure compensated fuel injector includes: filling a fuel chamber with a charge of fuel by closing an injector valve and circulating a fuel from a fuel source through a plurality of recirculating valves and a cap valve; then isolating the fuel chamber and the charge of fuel from the fuel source; then equalizing a pressure within the fuel chamber to a rising pressure outside the fuel chamber by reducing a volume of the isolated fuel chamber; and then activating a solenoid that is coupled to the injector valve, opening the injector valve; and then further reducing the volume of the isolated fuel chamber to apply an over pressure within the chamber, pumping fuel from the fuel chamber through the injection orifice.06-07-2012
20120193441Aircraft Engine Nozzle - An apparatus and method comprising a fan nozzle sleeve, a plurality of slider mechanisms, and a fan nozzle actuator system. A flow of gases generated by an engine moves through and exits the engine at an aft end of the fan nozzle sleeve. The plurality of slider mechanisms is configured to connect the fan nozzle sleeve to a translating sleeve for a thrust reverser for the engine. The fan nozzle actuator system is configured to activate the plurality of slider mechanisms to move the fan nozzle sleeve in an aft direction to change a direction of the flow of gases exiting the engine at the aft end of the fan nozzle sleeve.08-02-2012
20100243753Gas Dynamic Virtual Nozzle for Generation of Microscopic Droplet Streams - A nozzle for producing a single-file stream of droplets of a fluid, methods using the nozzle, and an injector, comprising the nozzle of the invention, for providing the single-file stream of droplets of a fluid to a high-vacuum system are described. The nozzle comprises two concentric tubes wherein the outer tube comprises a smoothly converging-diverging exit channel and the outlet end of the first tube is positioned within the converging section of the exit channel.09-30-2010
20130126632Dispenser for Aerosol Systems - An aerosol system for dispensing liquid material, comprising a container assembly and an actuator assembly comprising an outlet member defining an outlet opening, a collar member, an actuator member, and a selector member. The actuator member supports the collar member and the outlet member such that movement of the collar member relative to the actuator member causes the collar member to deform the outlet member. Movement of the selector member relative to the collar member moves the collar member relative to the actuator member. Deformation of the outlet member alters a cross-sectional area of the outlet opening. When the actuator assembly is in a first position, the liquid material is prevented from flowing out of the container. When the actuator assembly is in a second position, the liquid material is allowed to flow out of the container assembly through the outlet opening.05-23-2013
20090072043NOZZLE FOR GENERATING HIGH-ENERGY CAVITATION - A cavitation nozzle includes a hydro-acoustic oscillator, an orifice, and a conical diffuser. The conical diffuser includes a first zone for diffusing a liquid jet, a second zone comprising two or more shear chambers for creating additional cavitation bubbles by creating rotational flow in the chamber, and a third zone which has a diameter larger than the shear chambers or the first zone.03-19-2009
20110101123OSCILLATING SPRINKLER AUTOMATICALLY PRODUCING EVENLY-SPACED RECTILINEAR WATERING AND A RECTANGULAR WATERING PATTERN - A sprinkler includes an oscillating tube that receives water from a supply, and the tube oscillates about a longitudinal axis through a range of radial angles. A plurality of nozzles spaced along the oscillating tube distribute water generally upward and outward from the oscillating tube to create a water distribution pattern on the ground. The longitudinal angles of at least some of the nozzles are automatically selectively regulated as a function of the radial angle of the oscillating tube, controlling the impact locations on the ground of the water emanating from the respective nozzles. The longitudinal angles may be automatically regulated such that the water emanating from the respective nozzles reaches parallel, rectilinear, evenly-spaced impact locations on the ground. The ranges of radial angles traversed by at least some of the nozzles may be automatically regulated such that the ends of the water distribution pattern are rectilinear. A rectangular or square water distribution pattern may be thereby automatically produced.05-05-2011
20080230623Portable remote control valve actuator apparatus - A remote control actuator apparatus comprising a recharger, a battery pack, a valve actuator, and connecting couplers. The valve actuator comprises an RF receiver and a 12 VDC/24VAC inverter. A hand held battery operated remote controller transmits a given signal for a given water valve control to an RF receiver in the valve actuator, which then sends 24 volts AC signal through a coupler to either a cable with magnetic connectors or a remote control module connected to wiring between the valve control and the valve.09-25-2008
20100301130Automatic nozzle changer - A sprinkler assembly includes a housing having an open side; a sprinkler body supported at one end of the housing and adapted to receive a nozzle. A nozzle magazine is attached to the housing along the open side and holds plural nozzles selectively alignable with said sprinkler body. An actuator is arranged to move a selected one of the plural nozzles from the nozzle magazine into the sprinkler body.12-02-2010
20100301131METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR THE APPLICATION OF LIQUID PESTICIDES - A system and method for applying an aqueous pesticide solution comprising a motor and a pump combination wherein the pump is operable in the 1000-3000 pounds per square inch range; a reservoir for holding the solution to be dispersed; a regulator and pressure monitoring gauge; a hose and nozzle system configured to disperse the pesticide solution at a rate of about 1.5 to about 2.5 gallons per minute and to atomize the solution being dispersed into droplets of between 1 to 30 microns, wherein an adhesion property of the dispersed aqueous pesticide solution is significantly enhanced by such configuration, and wherein the solution is hydro-kinetically charged when released from its hydrostatic state as the solution flows through the dispersion nozzle assembly.12-02-2010
20110000976Drip And Bubbler Irrigation Fertilizing System - An irrigation fertilizing system employing a water porous mesh pouch containing a slow dissolving fertilizing medium and attaching directly to a drip type emitter device via a tube fitting or indirectly below a standard irrigation bubbler emitter or drip adjustable flow emitter by means of a flexible fitted pouch design, which allows it to be held in place under the emitter output.01-06-2011
20110024516HAND HELD SHOWER WITH A BUTTON SWITCHING MECHANISM FOR SWITCHING SPRAY PATTERNS - A hand held shower with a button switching mechanism for switching spray patterns disclosed in the present invention comprises a body, a button switching mechanism and a cover unit. The button switching mechanism comprises a seat, a disc, a lever, a button, a lower ratchet wheel sleeve and an upper wheel bar. Each time the button pressed, the disc will be rotated to a certain angle so that the outlet hole of the disc will align with the different inlets of seat. The inlets of the seat and the channels with different functions of the cover unit cooperate to switch the spray pattern. The spray pattern can be conveniently and accurately switched by pressing the button with one hand and with little effort.02-03-2011
20090032610Anti-Drip fluid delivery device - A power sprayer or spray device for use with a faucet. The spray device diminishes the tendency of water to emanate therefrom when not activated.02-05-2009
20110079657POWER SPRAYER - A spray head for a power sprayer configured to generate a continuous sheet-like water shield around a center stream of water is disclosed. A water delivery device for use with a sink is disclosed, the water delivery device may produce a stream of water surrounded by a continuous shield of water.04-07-2011
20110147477Fluid diversifying apparatus and method - A fluid diversifying apparatus includes a fluid passage member having a fluid passage therewithin, and a fluid diversifying unit communicatively connected to the fluid passage for dispensing fluid with predetermined spray pattern. The fluid diversifying unit has a plurality of fluid selection inlets and a plurality of fluid dispensing portions communicatively connected to each of respective the fluid selection inlets for dispensing a spray pattern of the fluid through each of the dispensing portions, such that when one of the fluid selection inlet is selectively aligning with the fluid passage outlet, the fluid flow is guided to enter selected the fluid selection inlet to dispense fluid from respective the fluid dispensing portion, so as to selectively control the spray pattern from one of the fluid dispensing portions.06-23-2011
20110248095VARIABLE ORIFICE BLACK LIQUOR NOZZLE METHOD AND APPARATUS - A nozzle for the spraying of black liquor in a recovery boiler has discharge orifice inserts that can be removed and replaced with other inserts, to provide variable spray patterns, by changing the size and/or shape of the orifice of the nozzle, without requiring replacement of the entire nozzle body, to enable fine tuning of the atomization of the spray. Adjustment of the orifice height provides adjustment of the atomization and the spray angle of the discharge.10-13-2011
20110248093IRRIGATION SPRINKLER NOZZLE HAVING DEFLECTOR WITH MICRO-RAMPS - A spray nozzle for an irrigation sprinkler is provided, where the nozzle has a deflector that is configured with depending ribs. Each of the ribs has micro-structures that cooperate with other geometry of the rib and deflector to define a plurality of different micro-ramps for dividing the discharged water into different sprays having different characteristics that can be combined to achieve a spray pattern.10-13-2011
20110042478METHOD FOR APPLYING LIQUID MATERIAL, DEVICE THEREFOR, AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - Object: Provided are a method for applying a liquid material wherein there is no need to compute complex parameters and there is no influence on the speed of movement of an ejection unit, a device for the same, and a program for the same.02-24-2011
20090001189FLUID DISCHARGING APPARATUS AND FLUID DISCHARGING METHOD - A fluid discharging apparatus comprising a head including nozzles for discharging fluid, a storage for storing the fluid to be supplied to the head, a pressurizing unit that pressurizes the fluid so that the fluid flows from the storage toward the head, and a receiving unit for receiving the fluid discharged from the nozzles when being positioned at a position opposing the nozzles wherein the receiving unit does not contact the nozzles.01-01-2009
20110210186MOBILE SPRAYER SYSTEM FOR SPRAYING AQUATIC ENVIRONMENTS - A mobile sprayer is provided for spraying through difficult terrain found in aquatic environments. The sprayer includes an amphibious vehicle equipped with a spray tank, a pump assembly connected to the spray tank, a plurality of spray nozzles, and a controller for selectively supplying fluid from the pump assembly to the spray nozzles. The sprayer has a rugged frame and boom assembly that allows multiple configurations of the sprayer to match the terrain in the environment to be sprayed. The controller is operable to individually operate multiple spray zones in each configuration of the sprayer so that any one spray zone or combination of spray zones can be covered during a spraying operation. The controller also includes a GPS receiver for providing path guidance to the sprayer, mapping of the area sprayed, and automatic adjustment of pressure at the spray nozzles based on speed for maintaining precise chemical application rates.09-01-2011
20110174894SHOWERHEAD WITH MULTIPLE AERATING ORIFICE PLATES - A device for use in a shower head that discharges a fluid, such as water, has a plurality of nozzles, each nozzle having an opening for discharging the fluid and a plurality of apertures spaced away from the opening having a bore through which the fluid flows, and a face through which the opening extends. The nozzles each create droplets that are large enough to retain heat and moving slowly enough to minimize irritation to a user.07-21-2011
20100282859WATERING MAT FOR THE LARGE-AREA DISTRIBUTION OF WATER - The disclosure relates to a watering mat for the large-area distribution of water, particularly in horticulture and landscaping as well as agriculture, comprising a first and a second carrier layer to accommodate elements of the watering mat, one or more connections for connecting the first and the second carrier layers, one or more water-feeding elements arranged between the first and the second carrier layers for feeding water into the watering mat and distributing water through the watering mat, an absorption layer for water storage arranged between the first and the second carrier layers and means for detecting the moisture level in the watering mat.11-11-2010
20110089253Fluid Spray Device and Methods of Use - A fluid spray device adapted to use compressed gas to discharge a fluid is described. Embodiments of the device comprise a tank containing a fluid under positive pressure, and a wand through which the pressurized fluid is discharged. The device is typically operationally coupled to a truck pneumatic system to pressurize the fluid.04-21-2011
20110168801STEPPED SWIRLER FOR DYNAMIC CONTROL - A swirling device for injecting a medium into a turbine is provided. The swirling device includes a central axis, a central passage in an axial direction along the central axis and an outer perimeter. The swirling device further includes a first duct and a second duct. The first duct and the second duct are adapted for guiding the medium from a region surrounding the outer perimeter to the central passage. The first duct includes a first depth in the axial direction and the second duct includes a second depth in the axial direction. The first depth and the second depth are different.07-14-2011
20100237166Magnetic Coupling for Sprayheads - A faucet including a faucet head, a body and a magnetic coupling releasably coupling the faucet head to the faucet body.09-23-2010
20080217423Single-Dose Spray Container, Spray Tip and Single-Dose Spray Kit - The invention relates to a single-dose container fitted with a spray tip comprising a generally cylindrical nozzle, the upper end of which comprises a spray opening and the opposite end of which is extended by a plunger of smaller diameter, the free end of which is mechanically reinforced, the nozzle and the plunger being crossed along their longitudinal axis by a traversing cavity, said traversing cavity having at the nozzle a means of creating droplets; it also relates to the actual tip and to a spray kit comprising said nozzle and a pre-filled single-dose bottle.09-11-2008
20120056005SHAPE MEMORY MATERIAL ACTUATION - A shape memory material inductive heating arrangement comprising an array of coils capable of carrying an alternating electrical current and generating a magnetic field, a shape memory element having a first modulus and a second modulus, the second modulus greater than the first, characterised in that the array of coils and shape memory element are in effective range so that when an alternating current is passed through the coils the shape memory element is subject to the magnetic field and heated thereby, the induced heat sufficient to change the modulus of the shape memory material from the first to the second modulus.03-08-2012
20110036920SPRAY NOZZLE - A spray nozzle includes an orifice disposed on a substantially planar discharge surface. An impingement surface is disposed opposite the orifice, the impingement surface forming an angle with a centerline of the orifice. The angle between the orifice centerline and the surface is less than 90 degrees. A deflection ridge bridges a gap between the impingement surface and the discharge surface. The deflection ridge encompasses a partial circumference of the nozzle. The nozzle includes a fluid fitting adapted for providing a pressurized fluid to the orifice.02-17-2011
20120160926DRIP EMITTER WITH AN INDEPENDENT NON-DRAIN VALVE - A flat type pressure regulated drip emitter with a non-drain valve capabilities that is installable inside a water supply conduit during the conduit manufacturing process and characterized by that the emitter's non-drain valve function is executed independently and separately from its pressure regulation function, through a portion of the emitter's elastomer component that is strained and biased against the emitter's water inlet opening and is moveable towards and away from an additional opening (additional to the emitter's water outlet opening), exposed to the pressure prevailing in the emitter's water exit pool and therefore, at any given time, this portion of the elastomer component is exposed to the maximum differential pressure that prevails in the system—on its one side to the water pressure prevailing in the water supply conduit and on its other (second) side—to the approximate atmospheric pressure.06-28-2012
20120211574SYSTEM AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING OPERATION OF A LIQUID DIFFUSION APPLIANCE - A method of controlling operation of a diffusion appliance to treat the atmosphere within an enclosed space. The method may include programming the operation of the appliance according to a control scheme specifying a flow rate of liquid to a diffusion means and a periodic operation of the diffusion means. Control schemes may be associated with different volumes of spaces to be treated by the appliance, the rate of decay of the liquid within the space to be treated and the level of concentration of the liquid desired within the space.08-23-2012
20120175430SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENHANCING FLOW IN A NOZZLE - A nozzle includes a center body that defines an axial centerline and a shroud circumferentially surrounding at least a portion of the center body to define an annular passage between the center body and the shroud. A plurality of vanes between the center body and the shroud comprise a radially outward portion separated from the shroud. A method for enhancing flow through a nozzle includes flowing a fuel through a center body and flowing a fluid stream across a vane located between the center body and a shroud surrounding at least a portion of the center body. The method further includes flowing the fluid stream between a radially outward portion of the vane and the shroud, wherein the radially outward portion of the vane is separated from the shroud.07-12-2012
20120261486Evapotranspiration and Soil Moisture Based Irrigation Control - In an irrigation system and method, a controller acquires data regarding soil moisture from one or more soil moisture sensors disposed in an irrigation area and determines whether to irrigate or withhold irrigation from the irrigation area based on a combination of evapotranspiration (ET) data and the acquired soil moisture data. An irrigation means is responsive to the controller determining whether to apply or withhold irrigation from the irrigation area for respectively applying or withholding irrigation from the irrigation area.10-18-2012
20120228396System and Method for Optimizing the Dissolution of a Gas in a Liquid - Systems and methods for optimizing and controlling the dissolution of ozone or other gas in a liquid within a pressure vessel by regulating vessel pressure, flow rate of a liquid into the vessel, retention time of the gas and liquid in the vessel, gas flow rate, liquid spray pattern, and internal mixing within the vessel are disclosed. The optimal operating vessel pressure, flow rate of the liquid, retention time of the gas and liquid in the vessel, gas flow rate, liquid spray pattern, and internal mixing within the vessel may be determined based on the operating characteristics of an ozone generator.09-13-2012
20120228395ELECTRICALLY ACTUATED VALVE FOR CONTROL OF INSTANTANEOUS PRESSURE DROP AND CYCLIC DURATIONS OF FLOW - An electric solenoid valve, methods for operating and/or actuating the solenoid valve, valve system diagnostics, and applications for use are described. The valve may be designed to actuate in a manner so as to control liquid flow into and/or through a device, such as a spray nozzle. By altering the characteristics of the electrical signal transmitted to the solenoid valve, the instantaneous pressure across the valve and duration of fluid flow through the valve can be controlled with a single actuator. Controlled cyclic durations of flow may be implemented to regulate the exact timing of flow through the valve. Alternatively, cyclic durations may occur with a pulse-width modulation technique in which the duty cycle regulates average flow rate through the valve.09-13-2012
20110121092SMOKE GENERATING ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM - An entertainment system (05-26-2011
20100327075AEROSOL GENERATION - An aerosol generation mechanism where a liquid mass is arranged to impinge a liquid-phobic surface (12-30-2010
20120318886MICRO-NOZZLE THRUSTER - A micro-nozzle thruster comprising a micro-nozzle having an inlet at a first end perpendicularly aligned gas supply channel at a first end, and a thruster outlet at a second opposed end; said inlet in fluid communication with a gas supply channel, said gas supply channel perpendicularly aligned with a longitudinal axis of the micro-nozzle; a cathode within the gas supply channel and an anode external to the gas supply channel and proximate to the inlet, so as to create a plasma flow from said gas.12-20-2012
20110226865ADJUSTABLE SMOOTH BORE NOZZLE - An adjustable nozzle comprising a nozzle body with an inlet, an outlet, and a passageway having a smooth bore extending between the inlet and the outlet. The passageway has an inner dimension transverse to the central axis of the nozzle and a compressible wall wherein the inner dimension is adjustable to adjust the flow rate through the nozzle.09-22-2011
20120286058Air deodorizing misting apparatus and methods - An misting apparatus disperses odor-removing mist and comprises a reservoir assembly, misting pack(s), and a fan assembly. The reservoir assembly includes a reservoir and a baffle assembly. A reservoir receives and contains a deodorizing solution. The reservoir comprises an air flow inlet and a mist flow outlet. The baffle assembly is received in the reservoir and forms first and second chambers therewithin. The baffle assembly comprises air flow apertures for enabling air to flow from the first to the second chambers. The packs generate mist within the second chamber. The fan assembly generates air flow at the air flow inlet through the first chamber into the second chamber via the air flow apertures. The air flow into the second chamber thereby forms a mist flow which mist flow is directed through the mist flow outlet into the air surrounding the reservoir assembly for removing odors therefrom.11-15-2012
20130015259METHOD FOR CHANGING THE RESISTANCE OF A LIQUID AND VESSEL FOR A LIQUIDAANM Kurasov; Alexandr NikolayevichAACI PenzaAACO RUAAGP Kurasov; Alexandr Nikolayevich Penza RU - A method and a device relate to the area of high-pressure vessels and to the construction of a vessel for a liquid which is under pressure in the process of operation of this vessel, and also a method of changing the hydraulic resistance of the liquid at the outlet from the vessel. This vessel can be for example a system of delivering fuel into a combustion chamber, various presses, including screw extruders in which the material which is being extruded is in the form of a non-Newtonian, i.e. viscoelastic liquid. The method consists in that at the outlet from the vessel (01-17-2013
20090230209DIRECTIONAL JET FLOW CONTROL - A device is disclosed that uses a flow-control methodology to control sprays at very high precision and frequency. The device is based on an enhanced Coanda effect. The control flow is selectively applied to the region in which we desire the jet to vector and control the profile (width) of the jet. The control flow is introduced through multiple control flow ports surrounding the primary nozzle and adjacent to the Coanda surface. By selectively opening and closing different control flow ports the motion and profile of the jet can be controlled.09-17-2009
20130112768TANKER TRUCK WITH SOFT START/STOP SYSTEM - A tanker vehicle for distributing liquid on a surface includes a chassis that supports a tank for holding the liquid. A fluid pump discharges the liquid from the tank and is driven by a hydraulic motor. A hydraulic system delivers hydraulic fluid to the motor through a supply line and returns the fluid to a tank through a return line. A bypass circuit is disposed between the supply line and the return line, bypassing the motor. The bypass circuit includes a system for providing a combination soft start and soft stop of the hydraulic motor that is configured to enable hydraulic fluid to flow from the supply line through the bypass circuit to the return line at a start of the hydraulic system and to flow from the return line through the bypass circuit to the supply line at a shutdown of the hydraulic system.05-09-2013
20130112767Fuel Injector With Needle Control System That Includes F, A, Z and E Orifices - A common rail fuel injector includes a needle valve member that moves to open and close nozzle outlets for a fuel injection event responsive to pressure in a needle control chamber. Between injection events, the needle control chamber is fluidly connected to the fuel inlet by a first pathway that includes a Z orifice, and fluidly connected to the fuel inlet by a second pathway that includes an F orifice, an intermediate chamber and an A orifice. During an injection event, the needle control chamber is fluidly connected to a drain outlet by a third pathway that includes the A orifice, the intermediate chamber an E orifice and a buffer chamber, which may assist in avoiding cavitation erosion in a sensitive area associated with a flat control valve seat. Different performance characteristics are achieved by adjusting the sizes of the respective of F, A, Z and E orifices.05-09-2013
20130119148Spray Nozzle Attachment and Methods Therefor - A spray nozzle comprising a fitting that includes a connector, an elongate cylindrical portion extending from the connector, and a bore formed longitudinally through the fitting. A flexible tube is disposed in the bore. The nozzle includes a sleeve that includes an inlet opening configured to slideably receive the cylindrical portion. The sleeve includes a converging outlet operative to selectively deform an end portion of the tube when the sleeve is urged longitudinally toward the connector.05-16-2013
20130153676DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DISPENSING A LIQUID PRODUCT THAT IS TO BE SPRAYED ONTO A SURFACE - The device according to the invention comprises a bar that includes several consecutive ducts with at least one inlet connected to a source of the liquid product and outlets communicating with nozzles. The device further comprises several sensors for measuring a physical property making it possible to determine a pressure difference between ducts or a pressure in one respective duct, several members designed to vary the pressures inside respective ducts, as well as at least one control unit estimating the pressure differences between ducts and driving the members to reduce those pressure differences or equalize those pressures. This device thus limits the pressure differences, and therefore flow differences, of the liquid product between the nozzles, in particular between the ends of very long bars moving over significant bankings.06-20-2013
20130186972ADJUSTABLE TRAJECTORY SPRAY NOZZLES - Disclosed is a method and device to control a spray pattern produced from a spraying device consisting of a plurality of individual jets that form the resulting spray pattern. The trajectory of each individual jet is controlled by orienting the nozzle-like feature that produces each individual jet, thereby producing a variety of spray patterns. This is accomplished utilizing the flexible properties of elastomeric or rubber-like materials. In addition to allowing for deformation or movement to remove possible obstructions to the fluid flow, this flexibility property also permits for specific, controlled movements, whereby it is possible to control the trajectory of the fluid issuing from the device. These rubber-like materials can include specific features that allow the material to be deformed in a controlled fashion so as to predictably control the trajectory of the streams issuing from the individual nozzles.07-25-2013
20130186973REMOTELY CONTROLLED FERTILIZER SPRAYER, AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING SAME - The present invention relates to a remotely controlled fertilizer sprayer and to a method for controlling the sprayer, and more particularly, to a remotely controlled fertilizer sprayer and to a method for controlling the sprayer which involve using a wireless remote controller to precisely adjust and control a sprayed amount and a spraying speed of the sprayer, thereby optimally spraying fertilizer or seeds. To this end, provided are a remotely controlled fertilizer sprayer and a method for controlling the sprayer, wherein the sprayer includes: a main receiving controller fixed on a frame of a fertilizer sprayer installed on a carrier such as a vehicle or tractor; and a wireless transmitting remote controller operated by a driver or a third party. Thus, the sprayed amount and spraying speed of the sprayer are remotely and precisely adjusted and controlled, thereby enabling the optimal and precise spraying of fertilizer or seeds in a certain area.07-25-2013
20120018531 IMPROVED MIST GENERATING APPARATUS - A mist generating apparatus (01-26-2012
20130200173FLUID SPRAYER ATTACHMENT - An attachment for a fluid sprayer comprises a main flow passage, a quick disconnect portion that facilitates connection of the attachment to a first flow constrictor providing flow at a first pressure and a second flow constrictor between the main flow passage and the quick disconnect portion. The second flow constrictor provides flow at a second pressure less than the first pressure.08-08-2013
20130099019ADJUSTABLE SMOOTH BORE NOZZLE - An adjustable nozzle comprising a nozzle body with an inlet, an outlet, and a passageway having a smooth bore extending between the inlet and the outlet. The passageway has an inner dimension transverse to the central axis of the nozzle and a compressible wall wherein the inner dimension is adjustable to adjust the flow rate through the nozzle.04-25-2013
20130206858VARIABLE AREA MECHANISM WITH ANGULAR TRAILING EDGES - A variable area mechanism and methods are disclosed. A movable surface comprising a contoured interface surface is operable to rotate about an off-body axis-of-rotation such that the movable surface expands from and retracts into an angle notched surface.08-15-2013

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