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239 - Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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239008000 Including mixing or combining with air, gas or steam 100
239011000 Of discharge modification of flow varying 99
239006000 Involving slow diffusion 58
239004000 Vibratory or magneto-strictive projecting 45
239200100 Of weather control or modification 39
239005000 Of fuel injection 37
239013000 Including heating or cooling 34
239003000 Including electrostatic charging 33
239010000 Including dissolving or entraining in liquid stream 23
239007000 Including centrifugal force or spattering 18
20130043321MULTIPLE DISCHARGE AIR INDUCTION SPRAY NOZZLE ASSEMBLY - A liquid spraying system comprising a plurality of spray nozzles mounted in dependent fashion a liquid supply boom that travels in a field in a direction of movement. The liquid spray nozzle each have a first liquid discharge orifice and deflector flange for directing discharging liquid at a first angle to the vertical in a leading direction, and a second discharge orifice and deflector flange for simultaneously directing liquid in a trailing direction from a different elevation and at a second angle to the vertical different from the first angle for complete coverage of plant foliage.02-21-2013
20090194604Pulsed spray system of reduced power consumption - A system for spraying fluids at variable flow rate using pulse width modulation utilizing a circuit including a reservoir, pump, spray nozzle, pulse width modulated valve. While no spray issues from a nozzle, the fluid circuit is closed with the reservoir as the initial and end point of the circuit. While no spray issues from a nozzle, the fluid flow through a heated nozzle functions as a heat sink. While spray issues from a nozzle, the circuit contains a means to maintain a specific fluid pressure. While no spray issues from a nozzle, the circuit pressure is much lower than the spray pressure allowing reduced energy consumption and lessening wear on the pump and motor. This system may be incorporated into a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for controlling NOX emissions from diesel engines using a urea-water solution as a fluid.08-06-2009
20120168527SLURRY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A slurry distributor for use in a continuous manufacturing process includes an inlet opening and a shaped duct adapted to receive a flow of slurry provided at the inlet opening. The shaped duct has a parabolic guide surface adapted to redirect the flow of slurry. An outlet opening in fluid communication with the shaped duct is adapted to discharge the flow of slurry from the slurry distributor.07-05-2012
20100140370Mobile Irrigation Machine With Underground Water Application - An irrigation assembly has a main pipeline supported at intervals by mobile towers, a plurality of drop tube assemblies at spaced intervals along the pipeline and a collector positioned to receive water from the drop tube assembly. A plurality of targets are positioned on the ground in the paths of motion defined by the movement of the collectors. The targets may be dishes. Each dish preferably has a perforated drain that penetrates beneath the surface of the ground. Interaction between the collector and the target causes the water stored within the collector to be released into the target. The irrigation assembly may provide for underground irrigation without a collector where a dish or trough receives water from the drop tube assembly and underground drains allow for water to be dispersed below the ground.06-10-2010
20130037621COMPOSITIONS AND PROCESSES FOR DUST SUPPRESSION - Compositions for dust suppression, methods for forming the compositions, and methods for using the compositions are provided. In one embodiment, the composition includes at least a binding agent. The composition may be in the form of an emulsion. The compositions may be applied to an exposed surface of a substrate to suppress or mitigate fugitive dust therefrom.02-14-2013
20100032492Method and System to Control Flow From Individual Nozzles While Controlling Overall System Flow And Pressure - A method and system has been developed to individually control the flow of liquid products from any nozzle within a plurality of nozzles using pulse width modulated solenoid actuated valves residing on a CAN communication network. The CAN communication network has been further developed to manage the high current requirements of the solenoid actuated valves, the large physical length and high number of nozzles used on modern agricultural application equipment and integration and retrofit requirements when used in conjunction with commercially available application rate control devices. The method and system simultaneously controls multiple flow and shutoff related inputs including but not limited to turn radius, nozzle overlap, swath reduction, nozzle spacing, fence row rates, wheel track rates, etc. The method and system will also simultaneously accept one or more external inputs from commercially available application rate control devices where other rate and shutoff inputs may be used, for example, variable rates per boom section based on GIS maps or multiple in-field sensors along the boom. The method and system further incorporates the artificial manipulation of commercial rate controller inputs and outputs to facilitate these individual nozzle control features and benefits without compromising the overall system flow control performed by the commercial rate controller.02-11-2010
20100072295APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SPREADING PARTICULATE MATERIAL - A truck mounted particulate material ground spreading apparatus mixes substantially dry particulate material with from 7-20% of water w/w immediately before supplying the wetted particles to a spreader disc to spread the wetted particles onto the ground. The apparatus (03-25-2010
20100072294SET ACCELERATOR AND TECHNIQUE FOR SPRAYING WITH THE SAME - To provide a quick-setting admixture for spraying and a spraying method, which are effective to prevent solidification of a quick-setting admixture slurried in a quick-setting admixture-adding tool.03-25-2010
20100102138PIEZOELECTRIC COMPONENT COMPRISING A SECURITY LAYER AND AN INFILTRATION BARRIER AND A METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - A piezoelectric component with a monolithic stack, has electrode layers and piezoceramic layers arranged alternately one on top of the other, the piezoceramic layers have a piezoceramic, and having at least one porous security layer arranged in the stack for the formation of a crack if mechanical overload of the stack should occur. The piezoelectric component has an infiltration barrier arranged between the security layer and a lateral surface section of the stack for suppressing the penetration of a foreign substance into the security layer. The piezoelectric component can be as a piezoactuator for controlling a valve, particularly a valve of an internal combustion engine.04-29-2010
20100108774APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR TREATING MULCH IN SITU - Methods for applying a treatment, such as colorant, to an installed landscaping material (such as wood chips or mulch), reducing the need to replace worn or weathered material. The methods include applying a pre-treatment to protect elements proximate the landscape material that are not to be treated, applying a treatment liquid to the landscaping material by spraying, and then rinsing any elements proximate the landscape material that may have be inadvertently and undesirably treated. Also described is a sprayer apparatus for applying treatment liquid to a landscaping material. The sprayer apparatus includes first and second spray outlets and an agitator therebetween. In use, the landscape material to be treated is first sprayed, the material is agitated (e.g., turned), and a second spray of treatment liquid is applied to the landscape material.05-06-2010
20130099016METHOD AND SYSTEM TO WHITEN A GOLF HOLE - An apparatus includes a container holding a whitening material, and a dispenser to release the whitening material from the container, wherein the dispenser is configured to simultaneously dispense the whitening material in a spray pattern 360 degrees around the dispenser.04-25-2013
20130026247MULTI-NOZZLE SPRAY GUN - A spray apparatus includes a body having an outer surface and an interior portion, and a first nozzle arranged in the interior portion of the body. The first nozzle includes a first material inlet, a first convergent region, a first throat region, a first divergent region, and a first outlet. The first throat region and first outlet establish a first expansion ratio. A second nozzle is arranged in the interior portion of the body adjacent the first nozzle. The second nozzle includes a second material inlet, a second convergent region, a second throat region, a second divergent region, and a second outlet. The second throat region and the second outlet establish a second expansion ratio that is distinct from the first expansion ratio.01-31-2013
20130026248ORAL HYDRATING MIST APPARATUS - A hydrating system including a pressurized reservoir configured to hold a volume of liquid; and a hydration delivery attachment that is operably coupled to the pressurized reservoir. The hydrating system also may include a base for supporting the pressurized reservoir. The base is configured to releasably secure to an appendage.01-31-2013
20120261483Mixed Fluid Delivery System - An apparatus and method for operating and calibrating a paint mixture delivery system includes a positive displacement fluid cylinder and a linear transducer that monitors operation of the positive displacement fluid cylinder. A controller is connected to a servo drive whose operation manipulates the performance of the positive displacement fluid cylinder. Operation of the fluid delivery system is controlled such that the ratio of paint or resin to catalyst or hardener can be accurately controlled and calibration of the discrete fluid flow sensors can be quickly and conveniently calibrated to assure delivery of the respective fluids are the desired mixture ratio.10-18-2012
20130048747METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR ALIGNING IRRIGATION SYSTEMS - An irrigation system includes a central pivot and a series of mobile towers connected to the central pivot and to one another by support structure. Each mobile tower has wheels and a motor for driving at least one of the wheels. A control system for maintaining alignment of the mobile towers includes a location-determining component for determining a position or orientation of each of the mobile towers and a computing device operable to detect mis-alignment of the mobile towers based on the position or orientation of each of the mobile towers, determine a control sequence to re-align the mobile towers, and send commands to at least one of the motors for implementing the control sequence.02-28-2013
20130087632GAS TURBINE ENGINE EXHAUST EJECTOR NOZZLE WITH DE-SWIRL CASCADE - The exhaust ejector nozzle has a tubular wall defining an exhaust flow passage leading to an outlet plane, and a de-swirl cascade including a plurality of circumferentially interspaced fins each having a first end connected to the wall adjacent the outlet plane and a second end extending into the exhaust flow passage. The de-swirl cascade can maintain the pumping action of the ejector in high swirl exhaust conditions.04-11-2013
20130087631METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR POSITIONING AN EXTENSION ARM OF A CENTER PIVOT IRRIGATION SYSTEM - A system and method for controlling the positioning of an extension arm of a center pivot irrigation system. The method determines at least some boundaries of a field to be irrigated; determines positions for the end tower along a path in the field; determines a desired angular orientation of the extension arm relative to the end tower for each of the positions of the end tower along the path based at least partially on the boundaries; and stores in memory desired angular orientations of the extension arm associated with positions of the end tower along the path. The method determines an actual position of the end tower while the irrigation system is in operation; determines an actual angular orientation of the extension arm relative to the end tower; accesses the memory and determines the desired angular orientation of the extension arm; and compares the actual angular orientation to the desired angular orientation.04-11-2013
20120181346NANOTEXTURED SURFACES AND RELATED METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND USES - A method of controlling wetting characteristics is described. Such method includes forming and configuring nanostructures on a surface where controlling of the wetting characteristics is desired. Surfaces and methods of fabricating such surfaces are also described.07-19-2012
20120181345Particle Spraying - A particle sprayer includes a source of discrete particles, a spray outlet coupled to the particle source, and a conduit extending from a pressurized fluid inlet to the spray outlet and configured to constrain a flow of carrier fluid to flow along the conduit toward the spray outlet to propel particles from the particle source away from the spray outlet. The particles including discrete fastening bits having one or more projections, with each projection having an overhanging head for snagging fibers. The particle sprayer may be used to spray fastening bits onto a surface, to turn the surface into a touch fastener.07-19-2012
20120217317Seed Mixture and Method of Application - A novel groundcover seed mixture and method of application comprising mixing visual powdered indicator with small groundcover plant seeds thus allowing a more even and visible application of the groundcover plant seeds over the desired ground surface area.08-30-2012
20120111962SOLID CHEMICAL DISSOLVER AND METHODS - A solid chemical feed unit dissolver has an upper feed unit chamber with an inwardly tapering sealing surface at its lower end and against which a lowermost feed unit seals, retaining the upper chamber in a dry condition, preventing wetting and caking of solid chemical feed units behind the dissolving and sealed off face of the solid chemical feed unit. A solid chemical feed unit magazine is slotted to permit gentle feeding of a plurality of solid chemical feed units therein and a cover-defined sight slot permits guiding and visual observation of remaining solid chemical feed units in the magazine. The magazine preferably, but not necessarily, defines the tapering sealing surface. Distinctly shaped solid chemical feed units are disclosed. The dissolver can handle large solid chemical feed unit loads up to one hundred pounds or more and in a small footprint stable configuration. Methods are disclosed.05-10-2012
20120111961Grove sprayer - A fogging grove sprayer has a nozzle enclosing housing having at least one outlet therefrom and encloses a plurality of air sheer nozzles using compressed air to atomize a spray solution which is dispensed into the housing. Each air sheer nozzle has a liquid under pressure and high pressure air to generate a fog in the housing. A high velocity, high volume fan forces air into the housing and disperses the spray from the nozzles in the housing out the housing outlets. A method of spraying a grove with fogging spray uses the apparatus to spray a chemical fog onto tree foliage05-10-2012
20090266907Volatile Liquid Emission Apparatus - An apparatus adapted to disseminate a volatile liquid, for example, a fragrance, into an atmosphere, the apparatus comprising a reservoir containing the liquid and a porous liquid transfer member through which the liquid is conveyed from the reservoir to the atmosphere and from which part extending into the atmosphere it is disseminated, the reservoir consisting of a collapsible bladder that reduces in volume responsive to atmospheric pressure and the loss of liquid, the porous transfer member being encased in an impermeable sleeve that is open to the liquid at that end of the member remote from the that part in the atmosphere, the transfer member additionally comprising at or adjacent to the open end means that interact with the collapsing bladder to maintain liquid contact with the transfer member.10-29-2009
20090266906Jetting Apparatus and Method of Improving the Performance of a Jetting Apparatus - A jetting apparatus (10-29-2009
20130062426Wear Detection System for a Cutting Nozzle on a Cutting Torch for Cutting Steel Workpieces - The invention concerns a method for detecting the wear of a cutting nozzle (03-14-2013
20130062424LOW SHOCK STRENGTH PROPULSION SYSTEM - Examples of the invention relate to a supersonic nacelle design employing a bypass flow path internal to the nacelle and around the engine. A set of aerodynamic vanes may be used to shape a supersonic airflow within a bypass around an engine. The vanes may be capable of compressing the supersonic airflow into a subsonic airflow, direct the subsonic airflow around the engine, and then expand the subsonic airflow into a supersonic exhaust. The vanes may shape the airflow by reducing sonic boom strength, cowl drag, and airframe interference drag.03-14-2013
20130062425SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DAMPING COMBUSTOR NOZZLE VIBRATIONS - A system for damping combustor nozzle vibrations includes an end cover and a combustion chamber downstream from the end cover. First and second sets of nozzles extend axially between the end cover and the combustion chamber. The second set of nozzles is adjacent to the first set of nozzles. The system includes means for damping vibrations between the nozzles with a gap between the means for damping vibrations. A method for damping combustor nozzle vibrations includes flowing a working fluid through first and second sets of nozzles, wherein the first set of nozzles includes a damping member attached to and circumferentially surrounding at least a portion of the first set of nozzles, and contacting at least one nozzle in the second set of nozzles with the damping member on at least one nozzle in the first set of nozzles.03-14-2013
20120223152Method for dispensing liquid live release formula into boat livewell - Abstract: A method for dispensing a liquid live release formula from a pre-filled tank and pump “(09-06-2012
20090026283THRUST VECTORING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method and system for thrust vectoring a primary fluid flow from an exhaust nozzle of a jet engine that significantly increases the non-axial force able to be generated by a flight control surface associated with the nozzle. In one implementation the method involves placing a flight control element having a movable portion adjacent a downstream edge of the nozzle. A secondary fluid flow is created adjacent a surface of the flight control element that influences a boundary layer of the primary fluid flow over the flight control element. This causes the primary fluid flow to generate a force that is directed non-parallel (i.e., non-axial) to a longitudinal axis of the nozzle. In one specific implementation a plurality of slots are formed in the flight control surface, and the flight control surface is formed by an airfoil. In another implementation the flight control surface is formed on an interior wall of the nozzle at a downstream edge of the nozzle. In various implementations either a pressurized secondary fluid flow can be directed out through the slot, or a vacuum force can be generated through the slot to either promote attachment or separation of the primary fluid flow passing over the flight control surface.01-29-2009
20130068849Aerosol Hairspray Product for Styling and/or Shaping Hair - An aerosol hairspray product for styling and/or shaping hair wherein the product comprises: a container; a spraying device; a propellant; a hairstyling formulation comprising: (a) at least about 50% water; and (b) from about 0.01% to about 20% of a hairstyling polymer, wherein the hairstyling polymer is selected from the group consisting of: acrylates copolymers of two or more monomers of (meth)acrylic acid or one of their simple esters; acrylates/hydroxyesters acrylates copolymers of butyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, methacrylic acid, ethyl acrylate and hydroxyethyl methacrylate; polyurethane-14/AMP-acrylates polymer blend; and mixtures thereof. The product comprises about 2% or less alcohol, or is substantially free of alcohol, and the product comprises 54% or less VOC.03-21-2013
20130068848SPRINKLER WITH VERTICAL OSCILLATION - Improved sprinkler apparatus for distributing water from a pressurized water supply line via a sprinkler case connected to the pressurized water supply line, the apparatus includes a spray head and nozzle pivotably mounted in the sprinkler case for distributing water in a vertical plane, and a hydraulic motor disposed within the sprinkler case for causing the spray head to oscillate in the vertical plane.03-21-2013
20080257974SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DEGASSING ONE OR MORE FLUIDS - Systems and methods to degas fluids are described herein. A fluid degassing treatment system may include a reservoir and/or one or more fluid treatment systems.10-23-2008
20120234933PAINT SPRAYING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR APPLYING SUCH A DEVICE - The disclosure relates to a paint spraying device including a body forming a support. According to the disclosure, the spraying device comprises at least two nozzles provided with paint spraying means and mounted on said body and at least two paint reservoirs, each nozzle being connected through supply means to a distinct paint reservoir.09-20-2012
20120138699Spray Dispensing Cup - A spray apparatus has a container and a nozzle assembly. The nozzle assembly includes a cup member and a retention ring. The cup member has a central concave surface and a hole open to the central concave surface. A conduit extends downward below the hole and cooperates with the container to allow depression of the cup member from a first condition to a second condition to, in turn, pass product from the container out the hole. The retention ring has an inner portion secured to the container and an outer portion cooperating with the sidewall to resist upward movement of the sidewall of the cup member beyond the first condition.06-07-2012
20110278367SPRAYING METHOD AND DEVICE FOR A ROLLING PLANT - A spraying method and device for a plant for rolling a strip, the plant having at least one rolling stand. The device includes: a pair of working rolls between which the strip runs; a plane perpendicular to the running direction of the strip; at least one pair of supporting rolls for the working rolls; two pairs of bearing rolls, each of the pairs having the rolls thereof substantially symmetrically arranged on either side of the working rolls in a plane substantially parallel to the strip so as to transfer, to the working rolls, a force for maintaining the working rolls in a predetermined position relative to the supporting roll; a support for the bearing rolls in the form of two rows including a plurality of bearing rollers mounted side by side; one or more nozzle systems for spraying at least a portion of the strip and at least a portion of the rolls. At least one of the nozzle systems is capable of directly spraying at least a portion of the working rolls on either side of the plane that is perpendicular to the running direction of the strip.11-17-2011
20080283623WATER EVAPORATION SYSTEM USING NOZZLES ATTACHED TO A SUSPENDED CABLE - A water evaporation system and method for disposing of excess water left over from oil or gas drilling, fracturing, and production operations and from other wastewater producing operations. The system comprises a pumping system for pumping the wastewater from a pond through a filtration system and then to one or more nozzle arrays attached to cables suspended over the pond.11-20-2008
20100170957MONODISPERSE DROPLET GENERATION - A method of creating substantially monodisperse droplets comprising supplying a first fluid (07-08-2010
20110315785Mixing device for flowable materials - A device for mixing fluid, and powdered, flowable materials, particularly for mixing automotive refinish coatings for use with spray guns, having a first component (12-29-2011
20110284648METHOD TO GENERATE MICRO SCALE GAS FILLED LIQUID BUBBLES AS TRACER PARTICLES OR INHALER MIST FOR DRUG DELIVERY - A method and apparatus that enables the production of micron-scale free-standing bubbles made of liquids containing surfactants are provided. The method and apparatus of the invention overcomes the limitations of conventional bubble forming techniques by using a controlled cavitation process in a liquid media.11-24-2011
20120153032Dynamic De-Icing Distance - A method for at least partially de-icing an aircraft by applying a de-icing fluid through a nozzle (06-21-2012
20110139883VOLATILE MATERIAL DISPENSER AND METHOD OF RETAINING REFILLS IN SAME - A volatile material dispenser includes a housing, a retention mechanism coupled to the housing, a first refill having a wick extending therefrom, and a first adapter removably attached to a portion of the first refill. The retention mechanism non-removably retains the first adapter to the housing when the first refill and the first adapter combination are inserted therein. When the first refill is removed from the dispenser, the first adapter remains in the dispenser such that a second refill with a second adapter removably attached thereto can be inserted into and retained by the first adapter.06-16-2011
20110108630Bonded Fiber Wick - A hydrophilic fiber wick is provided, the wick made up of a self-sustaining fluid transmissive body having a plurality of bicomponent fibers bonded to each other at spaced apart contact points. The bicomponent fibers have at least one biodegradable material and collectively define tortuous fluid flow paths through the fluid transmissive body.05-12-2011
20120097752GENERATING METHOD AND GENERATOR FOR GENERATING MIST OR FINE-BUBBLE BY USING SURFACE ACOUSTIC WAVE - In a generating method and a generator of mist or fine-bubble, with a simple and small configuration, application into a wide range kind of liquid is enabled, and generating stably the mist or the fine-bubbles or both is enabled. The generator is provided with a piezoelectric substrate which equips two or more comb-like electrodes on a surface and arranged so that the surface may intersect the mutual interface of the gas and the liquid and a part of piezoelectric substrate is put in a liquid, and a surface acoustic wave excited on the surface with the electrode is made to propagate along the surface so that may exist in the upper and lower sides of an interface. The surface acoustic wave generates mist in the gas side which is above the interface, and generates fine-bubbles in the liquid side which is below the interface. Since the mist and the fine-bubbles are generated with the surface acoustic wave, without being based on mechanical operation for generating a turning stream, the mist and the fine-bubbles can be stably generated in the simple and small configuration.04-26-2012
20120097751CARBON DIOXIDE COATING METHOD AND DEVICE THEREFOR - The present invention provides a low environmental burden type coating method using carbon dioxide and a coating device therefor that carry out carbon dioxide coating in which carbon dioxide is substituted for all or a portion of a diluent solvent (thinner) used in organic solvent-based spray coating, the coating method being configured to prevent deposition of a polymer of a paint component that has entered as a result of backflow by preliminarily adding, to carbon dioxide, a true solvent component of the paint in at least an amount required for saturated solubility (20% to 50% per weight of carbon dioxide) to lower the dissolving power of carbon dioxide with respect to the true solvent component. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a coating method and a device therefor capable of considerably reducing VOC generation, and a coating method and a device therefor capable of performing stable carbon dioxide coating of a one-liquid curing type or two-liquid curing type paint.04-26-2012
20100032491FIRE FIGHTING NOZZLE - A fire fighting nozzle includes a nozzle body with an inlet, an outlet, and a passageway extending from the inlet to the outlet. A stem is located in the passageway about which fluid flows when fluid is flowing through the passageway. And, a projecting body projects outwardly from the nozzle body away from the stem, which at least partially fills the space beyond the nozzle outlet where water exits the nozzle assembly.02-11-2010
20100078495FLUID EJECTION DEVICE, DRIVING METHOD OF FLUID EJECTION DEVICE, AND OPERATING INSTRUMENT - A fluid ejection device includes: a fluid chamber whose capacity is variable; an inlet flow path and an outlet flow path communicating with the fluid chamber; a capacity changing unit which changes the capacity of the fluid chamber; a fluid supplying unit which supplies fluid to the inlet flow path; a fluid ejection opening disposed at an end of the outlet flow path opposite to an end communicating with the fluid chamber; a vibrating unit which vibrates a component in the vicinity of the fluid ejection opening; a vibration detecting unit which detects the level of vibration of the component in the vicinity of the fluid ejection opening; and an operation control unit which controls operation of the capacity changing unit based on the level of the vibration detected by the vibration detecting unit.04-01-2010
20090090792Device for discharging a stream of fluid in a pattern and method of using same - A nozzle discharge assembly includes a housing having a connection for receiving a pressurized supply of liquid and a nozzle having a discharge orifice movable relative to the housing. A mechanism controls a movement of the discharge orifice so that the discharge orifice moves in a pattern relative to the housing for creating a substantially helical stream of liquid when the pressurized supply of liquid flows through the discharge orifice.04-09-2009
20090090791OVER-SPRAY CAPTURING DEVICE AND ITS USE - An over-spray blocking device for use to capture the over-spray of a sprayed liquid, such as a garden solution, made by manipulating a formed planar sheet into a funnel-shape, including a manipulable, substantially planar sidewall including an outer periphery, an inner rim defining an inner opening, and side edges defining a slot joining the inner rim to the outer periphery, and a pair of handles extending from side edges of the outer periphery, as a means for temporarily holding the side edges in overlapping position when the planar sidewall is manipulated into the funnel shape.04-09-2009
20080210770DEVICE FOR MITIGATING ODOR IN AN ARTICLE OF CLOTHING OR FOOTWEAR - A deodorizer in particular, a deodorizer substrate with a porous carrier material formed in a monolithic form, and an odor neutralizing composition in the porous carrier material.09-04-2008
20130099015MIST FORMING METHOD USING FLUID INJECTION VALVE, FLUID INJECTION VALVE, AND MIST FORMING APPARATUS - A mist forming method using a fluid injection valve formed of a valve seat, a valve body, and a nozzle portion or an injection hole plate having injection holes, and configured to turn in-hole flows and flows immediately below the injection holes into substantially liquid film flows. Directions of jets from the injection holes are not necessarily brought into coincidence with a center axis direction of the injection holes and are not necessarily crossed with one another in a downstream part, and after the jets turned into mists at a position downstream of a break length position, the mists are allowed to come close or gather by the Coanda effect so as to appear substantially as one solid mist, and allowed to keep gathering until catching of ambient air and a resulting air flow along a downstream flow direction in a predetermined in-mist portion attenuate.04-25-2013
20100276504REMOTELY-OPERATED MODE SHIFTING APPARATUS FOR A COMBINATION FLUID JET DECOKING TOOL, AND A TOOL INCORPORATING SAME - A mode shifting apparatus for a decoking tool, a decoking tool and method of operating same. The apparatus includes features to make it rotatably and translationally responsive to changes in pressure of a decoking fluid such that the apparatus is cooperative with the tool and the decoking fluid in a first operating condition to establish a drilling mode with one or more of the tool's drilling nozzles, and in a second operating condition to establish a cutting mode with one or more of the tool's cutting nozzles. In one form, the apparatus includes one or more sets of tandem seals disposed along a component interface within the apparatus or between the apparatus and the tool to help redundantly isolate seizure-sensitive components within the apparatus from the pressurized decoking fluid. In another form, the apparatus includes a gas spring to counteract the forces imposed by the pressurized decoking fluid. In another form, the apparatus includes a manual override connection.11-04-2010
20090289126Fluid activated nozzle - A nozzle assembly for use in spraying a fluid. The nozzle assembly includes a nozzle portion, a base portion, and a plurality of elastic bellows disposed between the nozzle portion and the base portion. The bellows are coupled to both the nozzle portion and the base portion. Movement of the nozzle is achieved by activation of the bellows.11-26-2009
20110204157Variable orifice nozzle - A spray nozzle assembly includes a pressure dependent variable spray orifice and an internal chamber which is at least partially bound by a flexibly deformable sidewall. At its distal end, the sidewall terminates at a distal face defining the spray orifice extending therethrough. A metering member extends distally from the internal chamber and through at least a portion of the spray orifice. As the pressure of a liquid supplied to the internal chamber by a liquid supply pathway varies, the flexibly deformable sidewall expands or contracts in response thereto. As the sidewall expands and contracts, the distal face moves relative to the metering member to change the effective size of the spray orifice.08-25-2011
20080283624MULTIPLE NOZZLE DIFFERENTIAL FLUID DELIVERY HEAD - A multiple nozzle differential fluid delivery head is disclosed. The fluid delivery head includes a body that defines a fluid chamber having a longitudinal axis. The body includes an inlet for connection to a fluid source, and the inlet is in fluid communication with the fluid chamber. The fluid delivery head includes a plurality of outlet ports connected to and extending away from the body. Each outlet port has an interior space in fluid communication with the fluid chamber. The fluid delivery head includes a nozzle insert removably secured in an outer end of each outlet port. At least one nozzle insert has a fluid delivery aperture in fluid communication with the interior space of its associated outlet port for delivering fluid out of the interior space of its associated outlet port. One or more of the outlet ports is angled away from a plane normal to the axis of the fluid delivery head.11-20-2008
20080302882Apparatus and Method for Draining Irrigation Systems - An irrigation system draining apparatus adapted for use with an irrigation system having a conduit with a fluid source connection, an air inlet, and at least one output port, the apparatus includes a suction device. The suction device has an input port that is adapted to access an interior of the conduit, and to drain fluid from the conduit by suction when the fluid source connection is closed and the air inlet is open. A method of draining an irrigation system includes closing a fluid source connection for the irrigation system, opening an air inlet of the irrigation system, and using a suction device to drain fluid from the irrigation system conduit through the one output port.12-11-2008
20080237364Flux air cap and spray nozzle designs - Methods and apparatus to improve flux air cap and/or spray nozzle designs are described. In one embodiment, a flux nozzle may include a cylindrical portion and a conical portion. Other embodiments are also described.10-02-2008
20110266358APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR A SOLID CATALYST AND FLUID DYNAMIC ERUPTION REACTION - An apparatus and method for use in conducting an eruption reaction are disclosed. The apparatus includes a catalytic solids container with a mouth and fluid egress opening and a trigger device or mechanism that allows for the controlled release of a catalytic solid into an eruptible fluid. The catalytic solids container may be adapted to be coupled to a container for an eruptible fluid.11-03-2011
20100270387INTRINSICALLY SAFE VALVE FOR A COMBUSTION SPRAY GUN AND A METHOD OF OPERATION - A valve for a combustion spray gun. An apparatus includes a torsion element rotatable relative to a housing of the combustion spray gun to a charged position. The apparatus also includes a biasing element applying a force to the torsion element, which force urges the torsion element to move a valve core to an off position. The apparatus further includes an engagement mechanism configured to selectively engage and hold the torsion element in the charged position.10-28-2010
20110006127PULSATING FLOW GENERATING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING PULSATING FLOW GENERATING APPARATUS - Pulsating flow generating apparatus that changes the volume of a fluid chamber and injects fluid from a fluid injection opening in a pulsed manner, includes: an inlet flow channel for supplying fluid from a fluid supplying unit to the fluid chamber; a volume changing unit that changes the volume of the fluid chamber; an outlet flow channel that delivers the fluid from the fluid chamber to the fluid injection opening; a discharge flow channel that discharges the fluid from the fluid chamber; and an opening and closing valve that opens and closes the discharge flow channel, wherein the synthetic inertance of the discharge flow channel is set smaller than the synthetic inertance of the outlet flow channel, an operation of the volume changing unit is started while closing the opening and closing valve, and the operation of the volume changing unit is stopped while opening the opening and closing valve.01-13-2011
20100140368NON-HAZARDOUS FOAMING ANT SPRAY BASED ON NATURAL OILS, CARBOXYLATE SALTS AND OPTIONAL SYNERGISTS - A foaming insecticidal ant spray is described that minimally comprises an essential oil, an emulsifier, a carboxylate salt and water, which has maximum mortality on ants. A method for killing and controlling ants is described wherein the composition is foamed directly onto the ants whereby the ants become entangled within the foam, increase their contact time with the compositions, and perish.06-10-2010
20110204156IRRIGATION AND SPRAYING METHOD - An irrigation machine is selectively converted into a sprayer for applying chemicals that have been approved for use only by spraying equipment. A method is disclosed for irrigating and spraying crops using the same conduit connected to either an irrigation ground water source or a sprayer-approved chemical source, but at no time is the conduit connected to both sources simultaneously. The method includes connecting the input of a conduit to a ground water source, irrigating the crops with water from the ground water source, disconnecting the input of the conduit from the ground water source, connecting the input of the same conduit to a sprayer-approved chemical source, and spraying the crops with chemical from the chemical source.08-25-2011
20090184173ASSEMBLY COMPRISING A REFILL AND AN ASSOCIATED DETECTOR SYSTEM - An assembly includes a refill containing at least one composition, and an appliance that is configured to receive the refill so as to extract the composition from the refill. The appliance also includes a detector system for detecting at least one portion in relief of the refill. The at least one portion in relief may be associated with at least one item of information, in particular information that is associated with the composition. The detector system may further include at least one switch having a membrane that can be actuated by at least one portion in relief of the refill.07-23-2009
20090050704Apparatus and method for controlling a material flow using a simulated vehicle speed - A method includes identifying a number of actuators used to release a material, where the identified number of actuators is less than a total number of actuators. The method also includes identifying a simulated speed of a vehicle based on the identified number of actuators. The method further includes controlling an amount of material provided to the actuators based on the simulated speed of the vehicle. The method could also include identifying an extent to which the identified number of actuators are opened. Here, identifying the simulated speed of the vehicle could include identifying the simulated speed of the vehicle based on the extent to which the identified number of actuators are opened.02-26-2009
20090050706DEVICE AND METHODS FOR DISPERSING MULTIPHASIC MATERIALS - A spraying device for multiphase material, comprising: a cylinder, a pair of liquid-conveying pipes, a pair of material-conveying pipes, a nozzle, a pair of switches, at least one pair of storage chambers, a pair of valves, a mixing chamber, and a conveying pump; wherein the conveying pump is connected to the storage chambers via the liquid-conveying pipes, the conveying pump, the switches and the valves control material transmission of the material-conveying pipes, the conveying pump is connected to the mixing chamber via the material-conveying pipes, and the mixing chamber is disposed in front of the nozzle.02-26-2009
20090050705System and method for controlling the release of material - A system includes one or more actuators (such as valve assemblies) that are configured to release a material. The system also includes a wireless receiver configured to receive wireless positioning signals. The system further includes a processing device configured to determine a position associated with the one or more actuators based on the wireless positioning signals and to determine whether to open or close the one or more actuators based on the determined position. In addition, the system includes a controller configured to control the opening and closing of the one or more actuators based on signals from the processing device. The processing device may be configured to determine whether to open or close the one or more actuators by determining whether the material has already been released at the determined position.02-26-2009
20100200669METHOD FOR SELECTIVE-REGULATING SPRAYING LIQUID AND A DEVICE FOR CARRYING OUT SAID METHOD - The invention relates to methods and devices for atomising liquid during production processes using an uniform dispersion mixture, in particular in internal combustion engines requiring a fine fuel-air mixture, in the chemical industry for devices for rinsing gas with liquid which use an uniform coarse-dispersion mixture for reducing the drop entrainment of a rinsing liquid. The inventive method consists in collecting, during the liquid atomisation which is carried out by supplying a liquid jet at an angle to a gas flow, particles from the areas of spray flair which corresponds to the specified particle sizes. The particle atomisation and collecting processes are carried out at one section of a laminar unidirectional gas flow. The collected particles form, when accumulated, a liquid which is returned to re-atomisation. The inventive device comprises a body (08-12-2010
20100200668AGRICULTURAL FIELD SPRAYER AND PROCESS FOR ITS OPERATION - An agricultural field sprayer (08-12-2010
20100200667CIRCULATING PAINT SYSTEMS - A painting system for painting a plurality of colours comprises a plurality of paint supply networks and a plurality of paint return networks, each network for a corresponding paint colour. A number of paint delivery stations are also provided, each including a plurality of drop lines. Each drop line is in communication with a corresponding paint supply network. Each drop line includes a downstream end coupling. Each paint delivery station includes a plurality of paint return nodes, each in communication with a corresponding paint return network. A paint gun unit is provided with a paint gun supply coupling. The paint gun supply coupling is complementary with each of the downstream end couplings of a corresponding drop line. The downstream end coupling of each drop line is uniquely shaped to engage only with the correct paint return node.08-12-2010
20090108087Device for applying cooling mist to individuals without water accumulation - An apparatus and method of use are disclosed for cooling one or more exercising or resting individuals with a water mist while automatically preventing the undesirable accumulation of excess water. In some embodiments, a sensor detects accumulated water on or near an individual, while other embodiments use measured climate parameters to predict water accumulation. The apparatus can be free standing, fixed to the walls or ceiling, or attached to an object on which an individual is resting or exercising. In some preferred embodiments, the apparatus is controlled according to the passing of time and/or one or more measured physiological parameters measured by sensors directed toward or attached to an individual, or embedded in an object on which an individual is resting or exercising. In some embodiments dry air is also applied either simultaneously or alternately with the mist to enhance cooling and further discourage water accumulation.04-30-2009
20090108088LAWN SPRINKLER - A lawn sprinkler providing water distribution over an irregular or unique shaped water receiving area. The apparatus includes a water impeller, a first water regulator, a second water regulator, and a bypass channel. The sprinkler regulates the delivery of water according to the shape of the area to be irrigated, so that water is not wasted on adjacent areas which do not require irrigation.04-30-2009
20090261178SUBMINIATURE THERMOELECTRIC FRAGRANCE DISPENSER - A dispenser for dispensing a liquid includes a chamber holding a supply of liquid, an annular conduit substantially filled with liquid from the chamber, and a thermoelectric transducer near one end of the annular conduit. Upon application of electrical current to the thermoelectric transducer, the transducer operates to cause boiling of a quantity of liquid in the annular conduit. Expansion of a resulting bubble forces liquid out the end of the annular conduit. The dispenser may include battery powered electronic control circuit that includes a supercapacitor. The liquid may be dispensed in periodic bursts. In one application, the dispenser is especially suited to automatically and unobtrusively dispense a fragrance, perfume, or other personal care liquid worn by a person. In some applications, the dispenser may be worn on or under an article of clothing, or attached to an article of jewelry.10-22-2009
20100193599Spraying Device and Method of Using Same - A spraying device is described, the device comprising a housing adapted to receive a refill of fluid therein and having an aperture suitable for permitting, in use, the spraying of a fluid therethrough, the device further comprising actuation means configured for periodic actuation of the refill, wherein the device is provided with detection means configured to distinguish between at least one area of lower magnetism and at least one area of relatively higher magnetism on a spray head of said refill or within the area normally occupied by said spray head. Methods of operation of such a spraying device is also described.08-05-2010
20090314849AEROSOL DISPENSING APPARATUS - An apparatus adapted to spray into an atmosphere a volatile liquid, the apparatus comprising an aerosol container (12-24-2009
20100224692NOVELTY MONSTER REPELLANT - The present invention relates to a repellant spray device and a method for using the same. The repellent spray device may be used to assist children in sleeping. The repellent spray device includes: an aerosol spray can; a spray nozzle engaged upon the aerosol spray can; a scented spray within the spray can, wherein the spray is released through the spray nozzle upon depression thereof; and a graphic image depicted on the spray can. The graphic image may be a fictional character where the fictional character includes a ghost, monster, hideous creature, animated character or alien character. A bold stripe crosses diagonally across the graphic image. The present invention also includes a particular scent associated with each fictional character.09-09-2010
20100237160SHOWER DEVICE WITH INDEPENDENTLY OPERATING VALVES - A shower device includes spray outlets and valves configured to control flow of a fluid to the spray outlets. At least one of the valves is configured to control, independently of other valves, flow of the fluid to at least one of the spray outlets.09-23-2010
20100237159Nozzle assembly for liquid dispenser - A nozzle assembly for a liquid dispenser includes an outlet member that defines a liquid supply conduit and a nozzle that includes an exit orifice, wherein the nozzle is disposed over an end of the outlet member. A liquid compression path is defined by the nozzle and the outlet member, wherein the liquid compression path includes a liquid compression chamber that supplies liquid from the liquid supply conduit to the exit orifice. The nozzle is adjustable between a first spray position for projecting a liquid spray having a first average droplet size and a second spray position for projecting a liquid spray having a first average droplet size. In the first spray position the liquid compression chamber has a first volume and in the second spray position the liquid compression chamber has a second volume. Preferably, the liquid spray is formed without a swirl chamber.09-23-2010
20120138698Nozzle for Use in Fluidized Catalytic Cracking - Disclosed herein is a nozzle tip that atomizes a liquid entering a vessel or reaction zone that contains circulating fluidized particulates where the nozzle tip comprises a first elongated slot that intersects with a second elongated slot to define a single orifice. The first elongated slot may have members protruding into it and the slots may intersect substantially orthogonally and bisect each other. The length of the minor axis of the first slot ranges form about 5% to about 50% of the length of the major axis of the first slot and the length of the minor axis of the second slot ranges form about 1% to about 10% or the major axis of the second slot. This nozzle tip affords erosion reduction caused by the circulating fluidized particulates and therefore provides longer operational lifetimes for the nozzle tip.06-07-2012
20120241531Non-Pneumatic Irrigation System Tower Support Wheel - The present invention comprises a wheel assembly for use on a tower of an irrigation system. The wheel assembly comprises a generally cylindrical wheel having a hub, one or more spokes and a rim to which a plurality of non-pneumatic tire sections are mounted to encircle and effectively cover the circumferential outwardly facing surface of the rim. The tire segments are typically solid and comprised of a resilient polymeric material such as polyurethane.09-27-2012
20120241530INTERACTIVE JOINTS FOR FIRE-FIGHTING WATER TURRET - Disclosed are a turret or monitor apparatus and methods for directing the direction of a fluid stream, such as water or fire retardant foam, from a turret or monitor mounted in a fixed position, such as for example a vehicle, a platform or a building, where the fluid stream direction from the device is controlled through changes in the rotation of one or more conduit sections of the turret or monitor in multiple axes and the amount of rotational change in each conduit section is determined by detecting rotational units.09-27-2012
20120241534IRRIGATION LINE GUIDE AND METHOD OF IRRIGATING - An irrigation hose guide is provided, including a ground engaging portion; and a revolvable device rotatably mounted on the ground engaging portion about a vertical rotation axis, wherein the revolvable device is configured to accommodate irrigation nodes on an irrigation hose line.09-27-2012
20110057048IRRIGATION DEVICE - An irrigation sprinkler is provided having a housing and a riser assembly for the distribution of irrigation water that includes a wiper seal to prevent bypass flow. The sprinkler includes a first flow path that delivers water to a nozzle for irrigation and a second flow path that delivers water to a cavity between the riser assembly and the housing. The water in the cavity is substantially prevented from exiting the cavity because of an annular wiper blade and a secondary sealing blade that substantially contact the riser assembly through the riser assembly's reciprocal movement between retracted and elevated positions. The water in the cavity is additionally prevented from exiting the cavity due to a primary sealing blade that substantially contacts the riser assembly for a limited period of time when the riser assembly is in the elevated position. By limiting the period of time in which the primary sealing blade contacts the riser assembly, the primary sealing blade experiences less friction and seal degradation during reciprocation.03-10-2011
20090212122APPLICATION ELEMENT FOR A ROTARY SPRAYER AND ASSOCIATED OPERATING METHOD - The invention relates to an application element (08-27-2009
20080308644Nozzle Assembly - The invention relates to a nozzle assembly (12-18-2008
20100219258HVAC DISINFECTION AND AROMATIZATION SYSTEM - A system for automatic disinfection and/or aromatization of an HVAC system having a reservoir for holding disinfection or aromatization fluid, an airflow sensor, a pump, an injection apparatus and control module. The airflow sensor and injection apparatus are configured to be coupled to an HVAC duct. The control module is configured to compute the mass of air flowing through such a duct, deliver fluid from the reservoir to the injection apparatus, and to control the injection apparatus so as to inject a quantity of fluid into the duct that is a function of the computed mass of air flowing through the duct.09-02-2010
20090039172SPRAYER DOCKING STATION AND MONITORING SYSTEM - The improved sprayer system of the present invention utilizes a docking drogue and probe assembly to quickly and easily allow refilling of the sprayer tanks with a material from an enlarged nurse tank. The coupling of the drogue and probe allows for fluid communication, as well as electronic transmission of material data to a processor in the prime mover. This processor software also receives input regarding field data and crop data, as well as feedback data from the sprayer regarding the material application. A GPS system on the prime mover allows for tracking the spraying operation, while a time stamp in the processor software tracks the timing of the spraying operation. This system thus allows for accurate accountability and traceability for the use of materials during the spraying operation.02-12-2009
20100219259HVAC DISINFECTION AND AROMATIZATION SYSTEM - A system for automatic disinfection and/or aromatization of an HVAC system having a reservoir for holding disinfection or aromatization fluid, an airflow sensor, a pump, an injection apparatus and control module. The airflow sensor and injection apparatus are configured to be coupled to an HVAC duct. The control module is configured to compute the mass of air flowing through such a duct, deliver fluid from the reservoir to the injection apparatus, and to control the injection apparatus so as to inject a quantity of fluid into the duct that is a function of the computed mass of air flowing through the duct.09-02-2010
20100301127MOBILE FLUID DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A fluid distribution system and method for mobile applications. The system includes a power source, a pump driven by the power source, and a motor driven by the pump. The system also includes a spray head with a fluid inlet passage, a fluid outlet passage, a fluid piston disposed in a chamber for controlled access between the inlet and outlet passages and defining a variable orifice, and a hydraulic cylinder controllably engaged to the orifice. The fluid piston and the hydraulic cylinder are aligned with a common longitudinal axis, and the inlet passage is offset from the axis in a direction opposed to the location of the outlet passage.12-02-2010
20110127344IRRIGATION SYSTEM FOR SMALL FIELDS - An irrigation system and method for irrigating a field including a plurality of towers linked together by at least one rotatable torque tube. Each of the towers may comprise a frame, one or more wheels on which the frame may travel, a rotatable reel, and a line configured to be spooled onto the reel. A motor may be configured to rotate the torque tube, which may in turn actuate each of the reels to rotate simultaneously. One end of each of the lines may be anchored at a first location and the towers may be located at a second location. Rotation of the reels spools the lines onto the reels and thereby actuates the towers to travel from the second location to the first location. The irrigation system also comprises hoses to link one or more fluid-emitting devices positioned on each of the towers with a water source.06-02-2011
20110127345SPRAYER FOR AT LEAST ONE FLUID - One exemplary embodiment can be a sprayer for distributing at least one fluid in a vessel. The sprayer can include a first member having a first surface and a second surface forming at least one aperture there-through. Generally, the at least one aperture is skewed with respect to a substantially vertical axis passing through a center of the first member for distributing the at least one fluid in the vessel.06-02-2011
20100133353UNIVERSAL ATOMIZER AND ASSOCIATED OPERATING METHOD - An atomiser, painting machine, paint cabin, and method of operating an atomizer are disclosed. The atomizer includes a first paint inlet for a first paint system, and at least one additional second paint inlet for a second paint system. Each of the paint inlets are separated from each other, so that the atomiser may optionally apply one of the two different paint systems.06-03-2010
20110024514REINFORCED EROSION CONTROL MATRIX AND ITS APPLICATION - A dry mixture for use with water has been developed to be used as an erosion control spray matrix for reducing erosion of sandy soils while awaiting development of a root system of plants to hold the soil in place. The dry erosion control mixture includes alpha-calcined calcium sulfate hemihydrate, a non-gypsum binder polymer; biodegradable fibers; and wood fiber mulch. An erosion control slurry is applied to an area of soil in need of erosion-control. After obtaining the dry erosion control mixture, it is mixed with water to form erosion control slurry. The ratio of the composition to the water is preferably from about 1:8 to about 1:12. Seed is distributed over the soil and the erosion control slurry is applied over the distributed seed.02-03-2011
20110024515METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LINING A CONDUIT - An apparatus is disclosed for locating an instrument within a pipe. The apparatus may include body portion defining a cavity therein, a pipe engagement region for slideable engagement with a pipe, and an instrument retention portion for receiving at least a portion of an instrument therein and retaining the instrument in position relative to the body. A method is also disclosed including the use of the apparatus to locate an instrument within a pipe.02-03-2011
20110031326SUBSTRATE CLEANING METHOD AND SUBSTRATE CLEANING APPARATUS - A valve is closed while a cleaning liquid is fed into a tubular body of a cleaning nozzle, and a piezoelectric element applies vibrations to the cleaning liquid. This causes droplets of the cleaning liquid to be produced and discharged from a plurality of discharge holes. The droplet diameter of the discharged droplets is in the range from 15 to 200 μm, and the distribution of the droplet diameter is such that the value of where a value of 3σ does not exceed 10% of the average droplet diameter. The droplet speed is in the range from 20 to 100 meters per second, and the distribution of the droplet speed is such that the value of where a value of 3σ does not exceed 10% of the average droplet speed. The droplet flow rate is not less than 10 milliliters per minute. Discharging the droplets of the cleaning liquid from the cleaning nozzle toward a substrate while satisfying these discharge conditions improves cleaning efficiency without damages to the substrate.02-10-2011
20110031325DRIPLESS ROTARY SPRINKLER AND RELATED METHOD - A rotary sprinkler includes a housing supporting a nozzle and a nozzle tube, the nozzle tube located axially adjacent an orifice of the nozzle with an axial gap therebetween. A water-deflection plate assembly is carried by the nozzle tube for rotation relative to the nozzle tube. The housing is formed with an exterior substantially annular funnel surrounding the nozzle and forming a collection trough for collection of excess water, and the housing formed with one or more apertures directing excess water in the collection trough to an internal area surrounding the orifice to be aspirated through the gap into a stream of water emitted from the nozzle orifice and through the nozzle tube such that the excess water is distributed by the water-deflection plate along with water emitted from the nozzle orifice.02-10-2011
20110121090Polygonal Wheel with Radial Projections - Embodiments of the present invention provide a wheel for an agricultural irrigation system that permits movement of the irrigation system through muddy, slippery fields without leaving significant wheel ruts in the field and without requiring regular tire maintenance. In a first aspect, the present invention provides a regular polygonal wheel for use in an agricultural irrigation system. The wheel can include a central hub defining a central bore that is configured to mate with a wheel stud of the agricultural irrigation system. The wheel can include an outer circumferential portion that is configured to contact a surface on which the wheel is rolling. The circumferential portion can include a plurality of flat rectangular plates connected together to form a regular polygon. Each plate can have inner and outer opposed major surfaces, along with first and second opposed edges and third and fourth opposed edges. Each plate can be oriented such that its inner and outer major surfaces are perpendicular to the wheel's radius. Each plate can have its first edge connected to the second edge of another of the plurality of plates to form an interior angle. Each plate can have the first edge of yet another of the plurality of plates connected to its second edge to form the interior angle. The interior angle multiplied by the number of plates equals 360 degrees. The wheel can include a plurality of spokes connecting the central hub and the outer circumferential portion.05-26-2011
20100224693FLUID EJECTING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE FLUID EJECTING APPARATUS - A fluid ejecting apparatus includes a nozzle that ejects fluid; a transporting section that transports in a direction of transportation a medium on which the fluid lands; and a mist sucking section that sucks air including a mist portion when the nozzle ejects the fluid, so as to move the mist portion from a route that extends from the nozzle to the spot on the medium where the fluid lands. The mist portion is a portion of mist, which is part of the fluid ejected by the nozzle that does not land on the medium and is floating.09-09-2010
20090084865Dispensing method and system of a capillary aerosol generator - A method of dispensing a liquid or aerosol to maintain a clog free capillary system, which includes supplying a liquid formulation from a pumping unit to a capillary of an aerosol generation unit at a flow rate, and periodically increasing the flow rate from a first flow rate to a second flow rate.04-02-2009
20090218411WATER SHEET SHOWERHEAD - A showerhead produces a wide, sheet-like flow when connected to a water source. Overflow slots guide water from a reservoir and over a spillway guarded by side-dams. A small drainage hole in the reservoir allows drainage and prevents growth of mold within the reservoir. A removable cap on the reservoir allows for insertion of aroma generating material and other water additives for dissolution in the water issuing from the showerhead. A ball swivel connector aerator restrict the flow of water into the reservoir and allow the showerhead to be attached to any compatible water output pipe.09-03-2009
20090218412NON-CONTACT DISPENSING OF LIQUID DROPLETS - Apparatus and method for dispensing droplets of a liquid includes structure providing a passage along which the liquid may be delivered to form a droplet at an orifice. The structure is configured to propagate a shockwave to impact the droplet and thereby to displace it from the orifice, whereby the droplet is dispensed. The structure may provide an elongate passage to longitudinally receive a syringe needle positionable with its tip, and the orifice at the tip, at or adjacent on open end of the passage, one or more needle guides to locate the needle in the passage, which is of greater cross-section than the needle at the open end, and a seal arrangement to substantially seal the passage about the needle at a position displaced from the open end of the passage whereby to define a chamber between the position and the open end. A syringe drive device may have a head adapted to be coupled to a syringe and means to operate the syringe to dispense droplets by free-fall from the syringe tip orifice, and structure adapted to be selectively coupled to the head and/or to a syringe carried thereby.09-03-2009
20110079654Irrigation evacuation system - An improved irrigation evacuation system and method, to use in conjunction with an existing automatic irrigation system for controlling the sequence and duration of purging water from each irrigation zone. The system comprises an air source of adequate volume and pressure having an air outlet, a purge controller, a plurality of existing solenoid valves having corresponding irrigation zones, the air source being of adequate volume and pressure to evacuate the water from at least one irrigation zone, the air outlet being in fluid communication with the existing solenoid valves, the purge controller being in signal communication with the existing solenoid valves whereby upon purge initiation, the purge controller opens one existing solenoid valve thereby putting the corresponding irrigation zone in flow communication with the air source until purged, the purge controller then closing the solenoid valve, sequencing to the next solenoid valve, and repeating until all irrigation zones are purged. Embodiments include a temperature sensor in signal communication with the purge controller thereby allowing for purge initiation upon the temperature reaching a set point. Further embodiments include a pressure sensor in signal communication with the purge controller thereby providing for the purge controller to sense when purging of an irrigation zone is complete allowing for the sequencing to the next irrigation zone. The purge time for each irrigation zone may be set by the user, come preset as programmed within the purge controller, or be set during the first purge.04-07-2011
20110068186Broadcast\widecast pattern lawn watering implement - A handheld, lightweight method of transferring the water column from a standard garden hose into a time saving and water saving broadcast and/or spray pattern.03-24-2011
20100294851SPRAY NOZZLE FOR LOW CLEARANCE SPRAYING - A spray nozzle includes an orifice disposed on a substantially planar discharge surface. An impingement surface is disposed opposite the orifice, the impingement surface forming an angle with a centerline of the orifice. A deflection ridge bridges a gap between the impingement surface and the discharge surface. Adjacent the deflection ridge is a further trough which extends into the impingement surface. The nozzle includes a fluid fitting adapted for providing a pressurized fluid to the orifice.11-25-2010
20100294849Air Control And Aromatherapy Module - An air control and aromatherapy module for a jetted tub comprising an air control member having a body portion defining an intake opening, a scent container defining a scent opening, and a housing having a body portion. The scent container is positioned within the body portion of the air control member. The air control member and the scent container are at least partially disposed within the body portion of the housing. The air control member and the housing define a central passageway and the scent opening of the scent container is in fluid communication with the central passageway. A method of providing aromatherapy to a jetted tub is also disclosed.11-25-2010
20100294850DISPENSING APPARATUS - Dispensing apparatus (11-25-2010
20080315004Method of Delivering a Dispersion - A dispersion of a hydrophobic silicic acid in water is delivered by means of the dispersion being conveyed onwards by means of a squeezing motion.12-25-2008
20090127349METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAINTAINING GUTTERS - A method and apparatus for maintaining roof gutters from ground level is provided. The assembly includes an air supply coupled with a first pipe section. A receptacle for holding material to be delivered to the gutter is in communication with the first pipe section. A second pipe section extends from the first pipe section and has a dispensing nozzle on the end thereof. The dispensing nozzle is disposed proximate to the gutter or roof. The first pipe section can be manipulated from the ground so that a user standing on the ground can deliver material through the assembly to the gutter or roof.05-21-2009
20120273583LIQUID SUPPLY ASSEMBLY WITH AN IMPROVED LINER - An improved liner is provided for use with a liquid container system for a spray gun. The liquid container system includes a cup, a ring disposed on a lip of the cup, the liner which is supported within the cup by the ring, and a lid which closes the open end of the liner and connects to the spray gun. The liner includes an open end, a closed end opposed to the open end, and one or more longitudinally-extending stiffening ribs that extend across an apex of the liner closed end.11-01-2012
20080203182Fluid supply nozzle, substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method - A fluid supply nozzle includes a fluid flow-in section into which a fluid flows in, a reservoir section for storing the fluid, a flow velocity control wall provided between the fluid flow-in section and the reservoir section and including an orifice for making the fluid flow in the reservoir section while reducing a flow velocity, and a discharging section including a slit for discharging the fluid with pressure of the fluid applied to the reservoir section. A substrate processing apparatus is formed so as to include the fluid supply nozzle. Moreover, a substrate processing method includes the step of discharging a fluid in a single-layered, continuous film to supply the fluid onto a substrate. Thus, the substrate is processed. To perform this method, the fluid supply nozzle of the present invention can be used.08-28-2008
20110163174CIRCULATING PAINT SYSTEMS AND ARTICLE COATING METHODS - A painting system for painting a plurality of colors and a method of using the system to coat articles. The painting system comprises a plurality of paint supply networks and a plurality of paint return networks, each network for a corresponding paint color. A number of paint delivery stations are also provided, each including a plurality of drop lines. Each drop line is in communication with a corresponding paint supply network. Each drop line includes a downstream end coupling. Each paint delivery station includes a plurality of paint return nodes, each in communication with a corresponding paint return network. A paint gun unit is provided with a paint gun supply coupling. The paint gun supply coupling is complementary with each of the downstream end couplings of a corresponding drop line. The downstream end coupling of each drop line is uniquely shaped to engage only with the correct paint return node.07-07-2011
20110163173ROTARY ATOMISER FOR ATOMISING MOLTEN MATERIAL - A rotary atomiser for receiving molten material and projecting droplets of the molten material there from; the rotary atomiser having a rotating well for receiving molten material. The well comprising a base and a peripheral wall extending from a peripheral rim around the base, the top of the peripheral wall having an inner top edge and a lip region extending away from the inner top edge at an angle of 0-60 degrees below the horizontal. Preferably the upper region of the peripheral side wall extending to the inner top edge is substantially vertical.07-07-2011
20110163172METHOD OF INJECTING SOLUTION INTO A MISTING LINE - A method and system of providing a mist in a grocery display that injects biocidal solution into a misting line of water during a phase of the misting cycle.07-07-2011
20130193225IN-GROUND, POPUP WATER SPRINKLER SYSTEM FOR CUSTOM LAYOUTS - A sprinkler system for lawns and landscaping is custom-fitted to each particular lot or area to be irrigated. Each in-ground, pop-up, rotating sprinkler head has a pattern defining plate fitted therein having a central opening made therein, as by laser cutting, solid particle deposition, or the like, the opening being congruent with the area to be watered, as adjusted for any sloped portions of the area. A pattern sampling aperture aligned with spray nozzles of the sprinkler rotates about the opening in the defining plate, feeding an amount of water to each radial line of the area about the sprinkler sufficient to reach from the sprinkler position out to the periphery. A speed control comprising a spring-biased cam and an opposing turbine wheel in the water flow slows spray head rotation at arc portions of longer water throw and speeds rotation where the throw is shorter, thus to obtain substantially uniform water coverage over all parts of the area served by each sprinkler head.08-01-2013
20120199662FLAIR SPRAYERS AND ISOLATION OF PRODUCT AND VENTING/PROPELLANT IN DISPENSING DEVICES - A “Flair® Sprayer” can be provided with no dip tube, and can be capable of being used in any orientation, including upside down. Using a unique valving system, where the product delivery circuit is a closed system, a Flair Sprayer can pump out any gas in a bottle's headspace and the product/liquid always reaches the pump intake, even with no dip tube. A dispensing device can have separate product and re-venting/propellant circuits, isolated one from the other, allowing for longer life and freshness of the product. Air or other displacement media can be used for various ancillary functions, all the while remaining isolated from the product, and the dispensing of the product can be adeptly controlled by pressure differentials (under-pressures and overpressures).08-09-2012
20110095094METHOD, SYSTEM OR APPARATUS FOR APPLYING A FLUID TO AT LEAST A PORTION OF A FLOOR SURFACE OF A COVERED AREA VIA A MOVEABLE FLUID APPLICATION STRUCTURE - Embodiments of methods, systems, or apparatuses relating to applying a fluid to at least a portion of a floor surface of a covered area via a moveable fluid application structure.04-28-2011
20110095095FOCUSING PARTICLE CONCENTRATOR WITH APPLICATION TO ULTRAFINE PARTICLES - Technology is presented for the high efficiency concentration of fine and ultrafine airborne particles into a small fraction of the sampled airflow by condensational enlargement, aerodynamic focusing and flow separation. A nozzle concentrator structure including an acceleration nozzle with a flow extraction structure may be coupled to a containment vessel. The containment vessel may include a water condensation growth tube to facilitate the concentration of ultrafine particles. The containment vessel may further include a separate carrier flow introduced at the center of the sampled flow, upstream of the acceleration nozzle of the nozzle concentrator to facilitate the separation of particle and vapor constituents.04-28-2011
20120205460SCENT DELIVERY METHOD AND APPARATUS USING AN EXISTING AIR MOVING DEVICE - A scent-releasing mechanism that is usable with an existing air moving device. The scent-releasing mechanism includes a chamber configured to enclose a scent source such as a scent cartridge, scent pad or the like, an air inlet, and an air outlet to release scent into a stream of air moved by the air moving device, so that the scent is dispersed throughout the room. At least one of the air inlet or air outlet is an adjustable port. The adjustable port may be adjusted to control the amount of scent released through the air outlet.08-16-2012
20110259969 APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR OPERATING PRESSURE-COMPENSATED DRIPPERS AT LOW FLOW RATES - Apparatus for operating a group of normally closed, pressure compensated drippers at relatively low liquid flow rates includes a pulsating device having an inlet and an outlet that converts a low continuous liquid flow rate entering its inlet, through a flow control unit, to a high intermittent and pulsating flow rate ejected through its outlet. A manifold has an inlet connected to the outlet of the pulsating device, a group of normally-closed, pressure-compensated drippers being connected to the manifold. The pulsating device converts a low continuous flow rate of liquid entering its inlet, through the flow control unit, to a high intermittent and pulsating flow rate that ejects from its outlet and flows from its outlet through the manifold inlet and through the normally-closed, pressure-compensated group of drippers connected to the manifold, out from the drippers, at a pressure-compensated low flow rate.10-27-2011
20110147475APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR IMPINGING FLUIDS ON SUBSTRATES - Herein are disclosed apparatus and methods for impinging fluids, e.g. heated fluids, onto the surface of substrates and then locally removing the impinged fluid. The apparatus may comprise at least first and second fluid delivery outlets that are in diverging relation to each other. The apparatus may comprise at least first and second fluid capture inlets that are locally positioned relative to the first and second fluid delivery outlets, respectively. The apparatus and method may be used e.g. to impinge fluids onto two converging substrates and may be used to heat the surfaces of the substrates so as to facilitate melt-bonding the substrates to each other.06-23-2011
20100019057DISPENSER OR DIFFUSER ASSEMBLY FOR DISPENSING OR DIFFUSING AT LEAST ONE COMPOSITION - The present invention relates to an assembly comprising: at least two independent refills, each comprising a reservoir containing a composition to be diffused or dispensed, and an electronic memory containing an audio and/or video file or a link that makes it possible to download such a file; and a dispenser or diffuser appliance for dispensing or diffusing a composition, said appliance being arranged to receive both refills simultaneously, to read the content of the electronic memory of at least one of the refills, and to diffuse or dispense the composition contained in said refill.01-28-2010
20090230207Hybrid Irrigation System - An improved method and system is described for applying a leach solution to ore in the process of heap leaching. The Hybrid Irrigation System (HIS) relies on both surface solution delivery techniques as well as sub-surface solution application to improve the solution uniformity and metallurgical performance of a leaching process. The methods and systems allow for controlled application of leach solution with a hydraulic head applied that can be adjusted or varied depending on the conditions of the ore from negative, atmospheric or positive pressure, while distributing leaching solution in a uniform manner independent of surface variability with respect to elevation and infiltration capacity of the ore surface. The systems and methods have particular application to low permeability ores like high clay content copper, silver, uranium, and gold ores and nickel/cobalt laterite, but can be used in any heap leach application where control must be maintained with respect to surface ponding, stability and accessibility, and uniform reagent distribution, resulting in improved leaching performance.09-17-2009
20090308944Combination air deodorizer and sanitizer method - A method of simultaneously sanitizing and deodorizing an area from a single container which includes the steps of selecting a spray dispenser and a fluid sanitizing agent. Thereafter, placing a predetermined amount, by volume, of the fluid sanitizing agent selected into the spray dispenser selected. Further, the method includes selecting a fluid deodorizing agent placing a predetermined amount, by volume, of the fluid deodorizing agent selected into such spray dispenser, thereby forming a mixture of such fluid sanitizing agent and the fluid deodorizing agent and finally dispensing the mixture of such fluid sanitizing agent and such fluid deodorizing agent formed into an area to be both sanitized and deodorized at the same time.12-17-2009
20120031993CLEAN OUT SPRAY NOZZLE - A spray nozzle includes a nozzle body, the body having an inner wall and an outer wall, a first opening, a second opening, wherein the diameter of the second opening is less than the diameter of the first opening, wherein the first and second openings have threaded portions, a spray opening, the spray opening at an end of the second opening, and an inner vane, wherein the inner vane comprises threads corresponding to the threads of the second opening, a vane face, a vane protrusion, the protrusion being perpendicular to the face, wherein the face and the protrusion are on opposite sides of the vane, vane grooves emanating outwardly from the center of the vane face, wherein the vane grooves extend down a side of the vane at substantially a 45 degree angle.02-09-2012
20100090019TEXTURE SPRAYER - A hand-held apparatus for spraying texture material includes a body having a handle, a texture material hopper mounted on the body, and a nozzle extending from the body for spraying texture material. The apparatus also includes an air source connection component operable to connect and disconnect a source of air to and from the body. The air source connection component comprises a first connection structure on the body that is configured to receive a corresponding second connection structure associated with the air source and secure the second connection structure to the body by rotating the second connection structure with respect to the body.04-15-2010
20120037718DISPENSING DEVICE, STORAGE DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DISPENSING A FORMULATION - A dispensing device, a storage device and a method for dispensing a formulation as a spray using a gas stream. Doses of the formulation are contained in storage members, which comprise individual atomizing device. The storage members are received in cavities, which are sealed by a common outlet seal. The outlet seal is peeled individually for each cavity to open the respective storage member and its atomizing device before the respective dose is dispensed by a gas stream flowing through the storage member.02-16-2012
20120037716PAINT DELIVERY AND APPLICATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A paint delivery and application apparatus, wherein the apparatus includes a source of paint, a paint applicator, a supply line interconnecting the source of paint and the applicator and at least one pig in the supply line, wherein the paint pushes the pig from adjacent the source of paint to the paint applicator and a source of purging solvent delivering a small volume of purging solvent to the supply line when the pig is adjacent the source of paint adjacent to and upstream of the pig acting as a lubricant, reducing chattering and skipping of the pig and extending the life of the pig. Where the apparatus includes two pigs, purging solvent is delivered between the pigs adjacent the applicator, the pigs are delivered to adjacent the source of paint and a small volume of solvent is then delivered from between the pigs upstream of the pigs.02-16-2012
20100140369PRECISION LIQUID APPLICATOR - An applicator for providing a cost effective and simple method of edging lawns and precisely applying liquids to narrow areas. The applicator includes a frame having at one end a handle adapted to be pushed by the hand of a user, and at opposite end a wheel rotatably attached to the frame. A reservoir is attached to the frame intermediate the handle and the wheel, for storing a volume of fluid therein. The reservoir having an orifice therein positioned in juxtaposition to the wheel from which the liquid stored in the reservoir is allowed to flow toward a nozzle or to land the outer surface of the wheel. The reservoir preferably comprises a user replaceable sealed container having a self-piercing end for allowing a safe refill of the applicator with chemicals that may be hazardous. In an alternative embodiment, a commercially available tank/pump and spray wand is adaptable to the rolling applicator of the invention.06-10-2010
20100252646SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MAGNETIZING AGRICULTURAL SPRAY - Vegetation spray is performed with a magnetized material in a spray liquid. The magnetized material can be liquid iron. The magnetized material can be magnetized before or after introduction to the spray liquid, and before or after the spray liquid is introduced to spray equipment. Spray drift can be reduced and spray adhesion increased by the addition of the magnetized material to the spray liquid. Liquid with magnetized materials can also be used in other, non-spray applications.10-07-2010
20120043391SPRAY DEVICE - A spray device for connection to a reservoir of fluid for spraying, the spray device includes a dosing chamber for holding fluid; a connector for fluidly connecting the dosing chamber to the reservoir; a piston moveable from a first end of the dosing chamber to a second end of the dosing chamber so as to draw into the dosing chamber fluid from the reservoir; a spring biasing the piston towards said first end; a plunger, actuable by a user, to move the piston towards said second end against the bias of the spring; a nozzle for spraying fluid; and a user-actuable valve for selectively fluidly connecting the dosing chamber to the nozzle.02-23-2012
20120043392Injection Valve - An injection valve for injecting fluid has a housing with an injection valve cavity. The injection valve has a needle being axially moveable within the cavity. The needle has a needle body with a valve needle cavity and a separation element being fixedly arranged within the needle cavity and being adopted to divide the valve needle cavity into a first and second fluid volume. The separation element has at least one fluid passage with a predetermined passage opening to hydraulically connect the first fluid volume with the second fluid volume. The valve needle has a sealing element being arranged to predetermine the first fluid volume and preventing a fluid injection in a closing position and permitting the fluid injection in further positions. In addition, the valve needle has at least one spring element being preloaded and acting on the sealing element towards a maximum axial expansion of the valve needle.02-23-2012
20120205458NOZZLE FOR NEEDLE-FREE INJECTORS - A nozzle is disclosed which includes a container member and a nozzle head. The container member has an internal space and a first end with an attachment mechanism adapted to attach to a needle free injector. The nozzle head has a first end and a second end in which the first end has an attachment part adapted to attach to the attachment mechanism of the container member. The second end of the nozzle head has a wall with at least one injection orifice. The container member and the nozzle head are separate parts but connectable to each other. A method of loading an injectable into a nozzle for needle-free injector is also disclosed.08-16-2012
20120205459ROAD SPRAY SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of operating a road spray system for distributing a liquid is provided. The method involves determining a degraded status of a road based on road condition information received from a road condition sensor. In response to determining the degraded status, a spray command is transmitted to valve control modules. The spray command is addressed to a selected one of the valve control modules and transmitted over electrical conductors which supply power to the valve control modules. The method also includes determining, at one of the valve control modules, that the one valve control module is the selected valve control module and activating a valve associated with the selected valve control module permitting flow of the liquid through the valve to a spray nozzle. Finally, the method also includes the step of receiving status information from the selected valve control module over the electrical conductors.08-16-2012
20110049256METHOD AND DEVICE FOR TREATING CHARGED HOT GAS - The invention relates to a process and a device for the treatment of charged hot gas, in particular hot pressure gasification gases from fly stream gasifiers during the partial oxidation of dust-type and/or liquid ash-containing feed in the fly stream.03-03-2011
20110089250Irrigation Spray Nozzles for Rectangular Patterns - An inexpensive, durable and efficient irrigation nozzle assembly is adapted to generate a specialized rectangular spray in a 3-jet fluidic circuit which generates a substantially planar rectangular spray from a confluence of three jets. The 3-jet geometry circuit has selected floor & taper features configured to create a customizable rectangular or triangular spray pattern. Depending on the throw desired, the nozzle assembly of the present invention can be configured with a second fluidic circuit to generate a flat fan to obtain various aspect ratios in a rectangular spray.04-21-2011
20090134234NOZZLE FOR USE WITH A TOTE - A nozzle includes a nozzle connector and nozzle filter engaged together. The nozzle connector is engaged with a tote connector of a tote which contains a paint component. A hose connector can be sealingly engaged with the tote connector if they are matched. The hose connector is restricted from being sealingly engaged with the nozzle connector if they do not match. Matching hose and nozzle connectors have the same color to indicate that they match each other.05-28-2009
20120118990Personal defense spray gun and method - A reusable personal defense spray gun and method which is easy to hold, aim, and actuate, and which includes an alarm for attracting assistance and/or stunning, disorienting, or disabling an attacker, especially in an emergency, includes a replaceable canister which is capable of dispensing fluid independent of its orientation.05-17-2012
20120118992FLUID SHAPING APPARATUS - A fluid shaping apparatus includes a nozzle and one or more armature bars. The nozzle includes a first end and a second end and has an inlet port positioned at the first end of the nozzle and an outlet port positioned at the second end of the nozzle. The nozzle also includes one or more armature bar guides that are used to retain the armature bars. During use, the nozzle accepts a water flow through the inlet port and delivers that water flow through the outlet port. In the preferred embodiment, the water flow is directed through the outlet port to a deflection plate. The shape of the water flow is then formed and extended by constraining the edges of its shape with the plurality of armature bars, which are connected to the nozzle via a plurality of armature bar attachment guides.05-17-2012
20120118991CONCENTRATED MAST CELL STABILIZING PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATIONS - Liquid aqueous pharmaceutical solutions, containing a mast cell stabilizing active agent for application to the upper and lower respiratory tract or in the eye are provided. The solutions comprise both a non-ionic and an ionic tonicity-adjusting excipient. They are particularly useful for the aerosol treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma. Furthermore, methods for nebulization of these solutions and methods of packaging the solutions are provided.05-17-2012
20100123018Device and method for the thermal fogging of a liquid - Device for the thermal fogging of a liquid, said device comprising: 05-20-2010
20100288846CONTINUOUS-FEED LINEAR IRRIGATOR WITH SEPARATE OR INTEGRATED DOCKING DEVICES AND RELATED METHOD - A linear irrigation system includes a linear irrigator movable in a first direction along a path of travel and including plural towers supporting a truss assembly extending laterally in a direction substantially perpendicular to the path of travel. The truss assembly carries a plurality of sprinklers connected to a water supply pipe. A plurality of hydrants are spaced along the water supply pipe, each hydrant having a valve, and a pair of laterally adjacent trolleys are mounted on an elongated frame for movement in two opposite directions, each trolley having a docking station and hydrant valve actuator, the docking stations resiliently suspended from said trolleys for movement in at least three mutually perpendicular directions and adapted to engage and disengage, successively, the plurality of hydrants on the supply pipe extending below and between the pair of trolleys. The trolleys and docking stations may be carried on a mobile cart or incorporated into the linear irrigator11-18-2010
20100288845Generation of Neutrally Buoyant Foam in a Gas - Generation of neutrally-buoyant foam utilizing a lighter-than-air gas. A handheld apparatus for generating and dispensing neutrally-buoyant foam, by mixing together a surfactant solution with a lighter-than-air gas. Methods of generating neutrally-buoyant foam, as well as foam that can solidify and eventually drift to the ground. Alternate embodiments provide a number of means for generating neutrally-buoyant foam, and for digitally recording shapes drawn.11-18-2010
20120160925FLUID RECIRCULATION IN DROPLET EJECTION DEVICES - A fluid ejection apparatus includes a fluid distribution layer between a fluid manifold and a substrate. The fluid distribution layer includes fluid supply channels and fluid return channels. Each fluid supply channel receives fluid from the fluid supply chamber and circulates a fraction of the received fluid back to the fluid return chamber through a return-side bypass. The substrate include a plurality of flow paths, each flow path includes a nozzle for ejecting fluid droplets. Each flow path receives fluid from a respective fluid supply channel, and channel un-ejected fluid into a respective fluid return channel. Each fluid return channel can collect the un-ejected fluid from one or more flow paths and a supply-side bypass, and return the collected fluid back to the fluid supply chamber.06-28-2012
20110180619FOAMING HYPOCHLORITE CLEANING SYSTEM - A foaming hypochlorite cleaning system is described that allows for easier cleaning of all hard-to-reach surfaces from all angles, especially underneath a range hood and up underneath the rim of a toilet bowl, and which comprises an alkaline hypochlorite and anionic surfactant composition contained in and dispensable from a package comprising an angled-neck sprayer bottle fitted with an invertible trigger sprayer assembly, wherein the cleaning system may be used in an entirely upside-down orientation to spray upwards at an acute angle.07-28-2011
20120211572Strainer System for Agricultural Sprayer - A spray system detects the pressure differential across a plurality of spray section filters and determines whether the resulting values meet predetermined criteria. A sensor may be provided at each boom spray section to determine a differential pressure across an associated filter. A pressure evaluator module may receive the pressure values and determine whether to trigger an alarm.08-23-2012
20120168526SUPERSONIC NOZZLE - A method of conversion of a single-phase stream into a supersonic homogenous two phase medium includes flowing the stream into an inlet section of a nozzle at an initial pressure, boiling a portion of the liquid medium by accelerating a velocity of the stream through a multistage draw-down of an inner diameter of the inlet of the nozzle to form a mixture of liquid and boiled fluid; and accelerating the mixture to a second velocity by flowing the mixture through an outlet section that diverges along the flow direction. The outlet section includes a concave portion, a convex portion, and a transition between the concave portion and the convex portion in which the concave profile smoothly transitions to the convex profile. A velocity of the stream is equal to a velocity of sound in the stream at a critical section located in the outlet section.07-05-2012
20120175426SPRINKLER - According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a sprinkler comprising a base, a connector coupled to the base and configured for coupling to an external water supply, and a body rotatably mounted on the base and in fluid communication with the water supply through the connector and the base, the body including one or more orifices configured to spray, in a defined pattern, water received from the external water supply, and further including at least one hole configured to spray, in a substantially horizontal direction, water received from the external water supply, wherein the spray exiting from the at least one hole causes said body to rotate, and wherein the defined pattern of the spray exiting the one or more orifices is a spiral or helical-shaped spray.07-12-2012
20120256010APPARATUS FOR SPRAYING LIQUIDS, AND ADAPTERS AND LIQUID RESERVOIRS SUITABLE FOR USE THEREWITH - A spray gun is disclosed, including components and kits of components thereof, comprising a body comprising an attachment point for a compatible liquid reservoir and an adapter. The adapter comprises, at a first end, a non-threaded connection for attachment to a connector of a compatible liquid reservoir, the adapter being attached at a second end to the attachment point on the body such that the adapter remains attached to the body upon removal of a compatible liquid reservoir from the non-threaded connection.10-11-2012
20120312888THIN INVERT COMPOSITIONS FOR SPRAY APPLICATION - An improved thin invert composition and method for applying agricultural products to a target area with minimal drift or evaporation is disclosed, based on a water and oil mixture which is emulsified by minimal agitation so as to provide a low viscosity emulsion. The emulsion, when sprayed through small spray orifices (e.g., 0.020 inch internal diameter) forms a thin invert wherein the water phase is enclosed in the oil phase and the droplet size is small (e.g., 1000 microns mean diameter) and uniform. The water phase carries a hydrophilic active agricultural product.12-13-2012
20100270388ATMOSPHERE SIMULATION METHOD AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS HAVING A FUNCTION OF SIMULATING AN ATMOSPHERE - The invention discloses an atmosphere simulation method and an electronic apparatus having a function of simulating atmosphere. The atmosphere simulation method is applicable to an electronic apparatus capable of using multimedia to produce an atmosphere, the electronic apparatus comprising an odor module, the atmosphere simulation method comprising the following steps of (a) determining information of the atmosphere, and generating a signal for releasing an odor correspondingly, (b) transmitting the odor releasing signal to the odor module, and (c) causing the odor module to release the odor for simulating an atmosphere according to the odor releasing signal.10-28-2010
20120074240COMBINATION MATERIAL DEFLECTOR AND DOOR SEAL FOR A MATERIAL SPREADER - A spreading apparatus for spreading material onto a target area is disclosed. The spreading apparatus includes a container for the material, a discharge unit which discharges the material, a deflector door disposed on a discharge port of the discharge unit, a positioning device which positions the deflector door and a controller configured to control the deflector door so that the deflector door is positioned between a first closed position and a second open position. The material is substantially prevented from exiting through the discharge port when the deflector door is in the first position. The deflector door may further be positioned at a position between the first closed position and second open position to control a distance of the material discharged from the discharge port.03-29-2012
20100264229FLUID INJECTOR - A fluid injector has a valve body with a recess in which a valve needle is arranged axially movable preventing a fluid flow and being mechanically coupled to an axial end of a first spring preloaded to exert a force on the valve needle. A first armature is mechanically coupled to the valve needle. A second armature is arranged in the recess axially movable away and towards a protrusion of the valve body mechanically coupled to an axial end of a second spring preloaded exerting a force on the second armature which is arranged and designed such that from a closing to a first given position, the first and second armature are mechanically decoupled, and from the first given position further away from the closing position, the first and second armature are mechanically coupled. A solenoid drive magnetically actuates the first and second armature to move axially.10-21-2010
20120223153WATER FLOW METERING DEVICE - A water flow metering device for use as a handheld or ground-based sprinkler includes a device body having a water inlet, a water distribution head in fluid communication with the device body, and a flow pattern selector. The flow pattern selector is coupled to the water distribution head and meters the amount of water sprayed onto the surrounding area. The flow pattern selector includes indicia that provide flow rate information to an operator. A pressure control valve regulates the flow rate in accordance with the information provided by the flow pattern selector. The water flow metering device may also include a timing mechanism having a timer which closes the water supply after a set period of time. A pressure transducer or other flow rate measuring device may allow the timer to operate the device for a predetermined amount of water distribution in inches per hour.09-06-2012
20100327071SYSTEM FOR SURFACTANT-BASED WATER TREATMENT FOR IRRIGATED SOILS - The disclosure is directed to methods of making and using a water treatment composition for improved water infiltration during irrigation of agriculture. These methods include combining additives with an aqueous fluid to create a treated irrigation water, wherein the additives comprise a preselected amount of a surfactant and a preselected amount of a displacement ion. The improved infiltration is obtained through a constant, or substantially constant, application of the treated irrigation water to the soil during the irrigation.12-30-2010
20120318883Fuel Injection Device - A method of controlling a fuel injection device that can control a small amount of injection is provided. A fuel injection device for use in an internal combustion engine, includes: a valve body that can open and close a fuel passage, a needle that transfers a force with the valve body, and executes valve opening/closing operation, and an electromagnet that includes a coil and a magnetic core provided as a driver for driving the needle, and a cylindrical nozzle holder disposed on an outer periphery of the magnetic core and the needle, in which a current is supplied to the coil to exert a magnetic attractive force between the magnetic core and the needle to open the valve body.12-20-2012
20120298767Methods and Apparatus for Applying Product - An apparatus applies product and includes a pivotal platform solely supported through bushings formed of compressible material. The ground speed can be locked by stepping on a step pivoting a composite block to engage with an engagement of the transmission proportioner arm. A gate is opened utilizing a control lever pivotally mounted to a pivotably mounted control block to either engage or avoid a tang of an adjustment guide. A drive belt system includes a variator having first and second sheaves having variable effective diameters when their pivot pin is moved by pivoting a lever. A spray tip sprays a fan style spray at a small acute angle to the application area. A flip shield is pivoted about an axis parallel to the movement direction and includes a linear straight portion parallel to the axis in a redirection position.11-29-2012
20120298766Fuel Injector Tip Seal And Method Of Assembly - A method of installing a seal on a fuel injector includes installing a seal in a groove in an outer surface of the fuel injector. The seal is then clamped in a heated clamp portion at a temperature sufficient to soften a material of the seal to allow the material to flow into the seal groove. The seal is then cooled while being maintained in the clamped state to allow the heated material to set to a desired outer diameter size. The seal groove in the fuel injector may be provided with an extrusion zone into which the softened material of the seal is allowed to flow as the seal outer diameter is reduced to the desired diameter during the heating and clamping process.11-29-2012
20120318882VAPOR DELIVERY DEVICES - A vapor delivery device comprises a housing having a fluid inlet in fluid communication with a fluid outlet along a fluid flow path, and an energy storage unit, an atomizer, and a sensor within the housing. The energy storage unit is disposed in a chamber that fluidically isolates the energy storage unit from the fluid flow path.12-20-2012
20110210180ROTARY SPRAY DEVICE AND METHOD OF SPRAYING COATING PRODUCT USING SUCH A ROTARY SPRAY DEVICE - Rotary device for spraying coating product comprises: —a spray member having an edge and able to form a jet of coating product, —means of driving the rotation of the spray member and—a body which is fixed and comprises: primary orifices arranged on a primary outline surrounding the axis of rotation and intended to eject a primary air jet in a primary direction, secondary orifices arranged on a secondary outline surrounding the axis of rotation and intended to eject a secondary air jet in a secondary direction. The respective orientations of each primary direction and of each secondary direction and the respective positions of each primary orifice and of each secondary orifice cause combined jets to be formed, each resulting from the intersection between a primary air jet and a secondary air jet that are associated with one another, the region of intersection lying upstream of the edge.09-01-2011
20120126023SPREADER ASSEMBLY FOR VEHICLES AND METHOD FOR SPREADING GRANULAR MATERIALS - A spreader assembly comprising: a frame having a longitudinal axis; at least two bins mounted to the frame, two of the at least two bins being disposed sequentially along the longitudinal axis and each including a movement imparting assembly oriented substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the frame and being configured to advance material lengthwise in opposed directions toward adjacent ends of the two bins; and at least one discharge movement imparting assembly mounted to the frame, oriented substantially perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of the frame and being configured to receive material conveyed by at least one of the two bin movement imparting assemblies and advance the material towards a lateral end of the frame.05-24-2012
20100230507Lawn Spreader Hopper Flow Control Apparatus - A control mechanism for a lawn spreader controls output flow of granular material out of the spreader hopper by adjusting the position of a control cable anchor point. The control mechanism includes a clamping portion for clamping to a tubular handle of the spreader. A top surface of the clamp portion, adjacent to the handle, provides a slide for a slideable cable anchor shuttle, which internally provides the anchor point for a control cable. The shuttle may be made from a plastic material. A dial housed within a dial housing, adjacent to the slide portion of the clamp, may be rotated to various indicated positions which in turn controls the position of the shuttle on the metal slide portion of the clamp, thereby adjusting the position of the control cable anchor point. The control cable extends from the end of the shuttle anchor mechanism to a hopper spring-loaded aperture cover.09-16-2010
20120325924APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR APPLYING A FLUID TO A SURFACE - A fluid application apparatus, a spray head system, and a method of applying a fluid to a surface are disclosed. The fluid application apparatus, the spray head system, and the method involve applying a fluid to a surface and adjusting the spray header system between a transport configuration and an application configuration, wherein the adjusting modifies a distance between the spray header system and the surface.12-27-2012
20120280053METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING A FRAGRANCED AIR STREAM - A method and device for producing a fragranced air stream for fragrancing rooms, objects or the like, wherein fragrance is applied to a strip-like fragrance carrier (11-08-2012
20120280054Method and Devices for Manmade Precipitations - This invention relates to the means that allows helicopters and Transport Aircrafts to carry or lift liquid compounds to fumigate, spray or a single massive drop for the purposes such as irrigation, chemical treatment and fire control with no modification to the aircrafts thus preserving the original integrity and applications of the aircraft.11-08-2012
20130020399APPARATUS AND A SYSTEM ENABLING A USER TO DRINK MULTIPLE LIQUIDS THROUGH A SINGLE STRAW - A system includes a portable liquid container having at least two chambers for containing at least two liquids separate and an apparatus having at least two separate input tubes configured for drawing liquid from the chambers. At least two separate output tubes are configured for passing at least two separate liquids to a user's mouth. A valve assembly includes a lower portion having at least two input connectors each joined to a one of the input tubes. An upper portion has at least two output connectors each joined to a one of the output tubes. An adjustable valve portion determines proportions of liquids in the separate chambers that are passed to the user's mouth where the liquids remain separate until reaching the user's mouth, and where liquids drawn back down the input tubes and the output tubes into the chambers remain substantially separated.01-24-2013
20120325922METHOD OF GENERATING SPRAY BY FLUID INJECTION VALVE, FLUID INJECTION VALVE, AND SPRAY GENERATION APPARATUS - A method of generating a spray by a fluid injection valve is provided. The fluid injection valve includes a valve seat (12-27-2012
20120325923SUMP SPRINKLER CONTROL SYSTEM - A sump sprinkler system for use with residential and commercial buildings. The sump sprinkler system comprises a system controller and a sprinkler pump in communication with the system controller. The sump sprinkler system also comprises an intake tube connected to the sprinkler pump, wherein the intake having an end arranged in a sump of a building. The sump sprinkler system also comprises at least one sprinkler connected to the output of the sprinkler pump, wherein the sprinkler is in communication with the system controller. The sump sprinkler system also comprises a water level member in communication with the system controller, wherein the water level member is arranged in the sump.12-27-2012
20120286057ISOLATION OF PRODUCT AND PROPELLANT IN VARIOUS DISPENSING DEVICES AND PLATFORMS ("FLAIRFRESH") - Dispensing platforms, both manually operated and motion sensor based, are presented. Such devices incorporate two components: (i) “Flair” “bag within a bag” technology, and (ii) a OnePak™ dispensing head (normally closed outlet valve). Such platforms can be overpressure or underpressure based, and can interface with various Flair™ bottles. In exemplary systems (i) the fluid or other dispensate, and (ii) the propellant, whether a fluid, a gas, air or other, are provided in completely separated circuits, controlled separately, and only optionally mixed at final dispensing, downstream of the outlet valve. A propellant can be used for other ancillary functions, such as cleaning a spout or output channel, making foam or spray, controlling valves, pistons, pumps, making noise, etc.11-15-2012
20120091217Texture Material for Covering a Repaired Portion of a Textured Surface - A texture material formulated substantially to match a pre-existing texture pattern. The texture material comprises a carrier, a binder, a filler, and a pH change material. The texture material changes from a wet form to a solidified form when exposed to air. A pH of the texture material changes as the texture material changes from the wet form to the solidified form. An appearance of at least one appearance characteristic of the at least one material forming the pH change material changes as the pH of the texture material changes. An appearance characteristic of the texture material associated with the at least one material forming the pH change material in at least one of the wet form and the solidified form differs from a similar appearance characteristic of the pre-existing texture pattern.04-19-2012
20130008974SPRAY NOZZLE AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF AT LEAST ONE ROTATING SPRAY JET - A spray nozzle for the production of at least one rotating spray jet, comprising a housing comprising a fluid inlet and a rotor mounted for rotation on the housing and comprising at least one discharge orifice for the fluid to be sprayed, wherein a swirl chamber is provided between the housing and the rotor and wherein the fluid to be sprayed is fed to the swirl chamber by way of at least one inlet duct inclined in the required direction of rotation of the rotor, in which the inlet duct has, at its end opening into the swirl chamber, a widened portion, which widened portion of the end of the inlet duct is disposed on the counter-rotative side of that end of the inlet duct which opens into the swirl chamber.01-10-2013
20120241533AGRICULTURAL SPRAYER AND METHOD - A system for agricultural spraying including a solution reservoir and primary pump for delivering fluid to a plurality of laterally spaced nozzles interconnected by supply conduits. A chemical reservoir and chemical injection pump are interconnected to the output of the primary pump through a mixer. Controllers for the primary pump and chemical injection pump are coordinated to run the pumps a predetermined time to fill each of the supply conduits from the chemical injection pump and primary pump so as to automatically prime the injection system.09-27-2012
20120241532Pyrethrin Based Repellant - Disclosed herein are insect repellant formulations and dispensing systems which avoid the need for synergists while still using highly effective pyrethrin repellant compounds. The formulations preferably are presented in aerosol form.09-27-2012
20130168462DELIVERY DEVICE FOR DEPOSITION - A delivery device for thin-film material deposition has at least first, second, and third inlet ports for receiving a common supply for a first, a second and a third gaseous material, respectively. Each of the first, second, and third elongated emissive channels allow gaseous fluid communication with one of corresponding first, second, and third inlet ports. The delivery device can be formed from apertured plates, superposed to define a network of interconnecting supply chambers and directing channels for routing each of the gaseous materials from its corresponding inlet port to a corresponding plurality of elongated emissive channels. The delivery device comprises a diffusing channel formed by a relief pattern between facing plates. Also disclosed is a process for thin film deposition. Finally, more generally, a flow diffuser and a corresponding method of diffusing flow is disclosed.07-04-2013
20110253797SYSTEM AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING OPERATION OF A LIQUID DIFFUSION APPLIANCE - A method and system of controlling operation of a diffusion appliance to treat the atmosphere within an enclosed space. The appliance may be programmed to operate according to a control scheme specifying a flow rate of liquid to a diffusion means and a periodic operation of the diffusion means. Control schemes may be associated with different volumes of spaces to be treated by the appliance. Anti-fatigue schemes may provide variation of the flow rate or periodic operation of the appliance. Initiation controls schemes may be used to start treatment of the space before the appliance is programmed to operate according to one of the control schemes.10-20-2011
20130181061MITIGATION OF ORBITING SPACE DEBRIS BY MOMENTUM EXCHANGE WITH DRAG-INDUCING PARTICLES - A cloud of small to medium-sized space debris is mitigated by releasing drag-reducing particles into the cloud from a dispenser vehicle, causing the particles to collide or otherwise interact with, and thereby exchange momentum with, the debris particles, reducing the orbiting velocity of the debris to a degree sufficient to cause the debris to de-orbit, or to accelerate the de-orbiting of the debris, to Earth. Certain embodiments also include a shepherd vehicle containing systems for identifying and tracking the debris cloud and for coalescing the debris cloud to increase the particles density in the cloud.07-18-2013
20130099017Methods and Systems for Executing Fluid Delivery Mission - A mobile fluid delivery machine has a communication device configured to receive fluid delivery mission instructions that identify a sequence of path segments on a site and corresponding fluid delivery allocation information for the path segments, and a location device determining the location of the mobile fluid delivery machine. It also has a fluid delivery system including a display device and at least one processor that is configured to identify the fluid delivery allocation information for the path segment that corresponds to the location of the mobile machine on the site, and to determine, based on the fluid delivery allocation information for the path segment that corresponds to the location of the mobile machine on the site, a fluid delivery rate for the path segment. The processor is also configured to cause the display device to display an indication of the determined fluid delivery rate for the path segment.04-25-2013
20130112765SNOW-LUTIONS - A method and system for distributing a fluid onto a selected surface having a sprinkler system with a sprinkler head; pumps and piping for distributing the fluid through the sprinkler system; where the sprinkler system has a first and second aperture and where the dispensing fluid for winter application includes calcium acetate or potassium acetate.05-09-2013
20130112766METERED AND ACTIVE SPRAYER DEVICES WITH AEROSOL FUNCTIONALITY ("FLAIROSOL II") - “Flairosol” dispensing devices are presented. They utilize a combination of Flair® technology, precompression valves and aerosol like pressurization of the dispensed liquid. An exemplary device has a main body comprising a pressure chamber, the latter being provided with a pressure piston and a pressure spring, a piston and a piston chamber which draws liquid from a container, and fills the pressure chamber with that liquid as a user operates a trigger in various compression and release strokes. The piston chamber has both an inlet valve and an outlet valve, which serve to prevent backflow. A dome valve can be provided near the outlet channel at the top of the dispensing head, such that once its pressure is exceeded by the liquid, it opens and allows for a spray. Alternatively, in an activated embodiment, the dome valve is locked unless opened by a user.05-09-2013
20110266357SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LAND APPLICATION OF WASTE FLUIDS - A system and method are provided for automated control of application of fluid to a surface. A surface map is annotated with shapes designating zones for spraying, and excluding others. A control system in a vehicle uses the annotated map and GPS to assist the operator of the vehicle avoid spraying on excluded zones, and provides a record of the spraying operation including locations sprayed and fluid spray rates. The control system operates valves to control spraying from a container on the vehicle, based on several parameters, so as to avoid spraying excluded zones and steep slopes, to avoid overlaps, and to limit fluid spray rates below pre-determined maximums. The system further assists the operator by providing a visual guide on a display. A kit can be provided to retrofit a vehicle for landspraying.11-03-2011
20130146673INTEGRATED VALVING ROD LUBRICATION CARTRIDGE - A dispensing gun having a mix head for combining at least two fluid components, with a purge rod slidably positioned within the mix head. The purge rod has a forward position for preventing flow from the component inlets, and a rearward position allowing flow from the component inlets with an actuator for moving the purge rod. The dispensing gun further a lubrication chamber that provides lubricant to the purge rod with the lubricant originating from a lubricant cartridge.06-13-2013
20130146674Method and apparatus for a clean cut with a laser - A method for preventing a plume from contaminating a surface of material that has been cut by a laser or focusing optic wherein the laser produces the plume, the method comprises providing a first airflow beneath the plume with the airflow redirecting the plume away from the surface of the material. A second airflow is provided to further lift the plume to an exhaust. Apparatus is configured to direct first and second air flows such that the plume is not deposited on the material being cut by the laser or on the focusing optic.06-13-2013
20130146675THRUST VECTOR CONTROL - Thrust vector control for a vehicle having a fluid drive, vehicle having thrust vector control and method of controlling thrust vector. Thrust vector control includes a thrust current region for a thrust current of a propulsion stream having a flow direction; a steering mechanism for the thrust current including at least one steering device arranged at least in a peripheral region of the thrust current region, and the at least one steering device includes a rotational body with a lateral surface and a rotational axis arranged transverse to the flow direction, and the rotational body being rotatable so that a first part of the lateral surface exposed to the thrust current rotates in a first rotational direction, whereby a Magnus effect is produced to deflect the thrust current. The first rotational direction is in a direction of the thrust current.06-13-2013
20130146676Recapture Sprayer Shell - The present disclosure relates to a system and method for spraying a target object. A recapture shell may partially contain the target object and mitigate dispersal of overspray. A leading front of higher-than ambient air pressure and a trailing front of lower-than ambient air pressure are created to partially isolate recirculating air within a target space in the recapture shell to enhance spray coverage and mitigate spray loss. Embodiments of the present disclosure may be used for agricultural, automotive, aerospace, and other applications to emit, contain, and/or recapture a spray.06-13-2013
20080197207SELF-PRIMING FAST FILL SPRAYER PUMP SYSTEM - A fast fill pump system for a self-propelled field sprayer includes high capacity centrifugal pump for tank filling. The centrifugal pump is connected in parallel with the fill connection and primed by a lower capacity diaphragm spraying pump. Two check valves and a pressure sensor allow the sprayer control to automatically control the pump priming and tank filling with the activation of one switch. The two-pump system preserves tank filling speed, even during operation of eductor or tank agitation functions. The centrifugal pump can be removed and the spraying pump operated to fill the tank without substantial base machine modification.08-21-2008
20090230206VERTICAL RISING SPRINKLER APPARATUS WITH STABILIZED BASE UNIT - A watering device for watering bushes, grass, etc., which has a base unit connected to a substantially vertical riser which is connected to a sprinkler head, wherein the base unit can also have a receiving unit which holds a substantially vertical riser and a plurality stabilizing units, wherein the plurality of stabilizing units are adapted to be inserted in the ground, and wherein the stabilizing units are removable from the receiving unit.09-17-2009
20130153673REMOTELY SENSING AND ADAPTING IRRIGATION SYSTEM - An irrigation system continuously monitors status of lawns or plants under its care and directs water to where it is needed when it is needed to maintain lawn or plant health. The system can significantly reduce water usage, unnecessary seepage, and runoff. A water nozzle with a pan and tilt capability can direct water where it is needed. An image sensor can continually take and analyze images of the lawns or plants to determine watering needs. The image sensor can also monitor where the water is landing while the irrigation system is delivering water to the lawns or plants. This information can be used to adjust the water delivery aim to ensure that the intended spots are accurately irrigated. A laminar flow nozzle with minimal flow dispersion can improve water deliver accuracy and detection of where the water lands.06-20-2013
20130153674Aerosol Spray Texture Apparatus for a Particulate Containing Material - An outlet assembly for an aerosol assembly comprises a valve assembly and a metering member. The valve assembly comprises a valve housing, a valve stem defining a stem inlet and a stem outlet, a valve spring, and a valve seal. Movement of the valve stem from a first stem position to an intermediate stem position disengages the valve stem from the valve seal such that fluid is allowed to flow into the stem inlet and out of the stem outlet. The valve stem displaces the metering member from a first metering position to a second metering position as the valve stem moves from the first stem position to the intermediate stem position. Movement of the valve stem causes the valve stem to move relative to the metering member such that the metering member covers the stem inlet to prevent flow of fluid into the stem inlet and out of the stem outlet. The spring member displaces the valve stem such that the valve stem carries the metering member while the metering member covers the stem inlet to prevent flow of fluid into the stem inlet and out of the stem outlet.06-20-2013
20130153675Method and Device for Setting an Idle Stroke of an Actuating Drive of an Injection Valve, and Injector Assembly - A method and a device are disclosed for setting an idle stroke of an actuating drive of an injection valve with respect to an actuating element actuated by the actuating drive. The actuating drive is arranged in an injector body and the actuating element is arranged in an actuating-element housing such that it is movable in an axial. An axial stressing force is applied to the injector body and the actuating-element housing such that part of the injector body or actuating-element housing arranged in a force flow path defined the axial stressing force is deformed permanently, until a value of a representative electric variable determined directly or indirectly for the idle stroke of the actuating drive lies in a predefined value range. Further, an injector assembly for an injection valve may include an injector body and/or an actuating-element housing having a contact section elevated in the axial direction.06-20-2013
20130153672APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR CONVEYING A FLOW OF OIL-CONTAINING LIQUID INTO AN OIL SEPARATION SKIM TANK, AND SKIM TANKS INCLUDING THE SAME - Apparatus and methods for conveying a flow of oil-containing liquid into an oil separation skim tank, and a skim tank incorporating such apparatus and methods, are disclosed. One such apparatus includes at least one diffuser, the diffuser defining an intake opening configured to receive the flow of oil-containing liquid and an exhaust opening configured to convey the flow of oil-containing liquid into the skim tank. The diffuser is configured to cause the flow of oil-containing liquid to have a greater horizontal width at the exhaust opening than at the intake opening, while minimizing vertical divergence of the flow at the exhaust opening.06-20-2013
20110233295WATER DISCHARGE DEVICE - There is disclosed a water discharge device that has a water flow path that extends from an inlet through an outlet chamber to an outlet spout; a valve assembly for opening and closing the water flow path; a heating element for heating the outlet chamber and spout to evaporate moisture on internal surfaces of the outlet chamber and spout when the flow path is closed by the valve assembly, the heating element being remote from the flow path; and a controller for controlling operation of the valve assembly and the heating element, the controller including a switch that is operated directly or indirectly by a user to control the opening of the water flow path.09-29-2011
20110233294LIQUID INJECTOR FOR A COMBUSTION ENGINE - A liquid injector has an injector body provided with an injection passage which is formed by the cavity between the inner wall of the injector body and a needle and the cavity in a hole located in the wall of the injector body. The liquid injector has a spherical, hollow porous element which extends beyond the injector body and is formed by a semi-sphere which is fixed to the injector body and closes off the injection passage. The wall thickness of the porous element is not the same throughout. In the middle the wall is thinner than near the edge, so that during the injection action the fuel vapour has the shape of a semi-ellipse.09-29-2011
20110272486METHOD FOR SPRAYING A MEDIUM AND SPRAYING NOZZLE - A method for spraying a medium mist, particularly a medium mist used in firefighting, over a large area. In the method, at least two sprays of medium mist are formed, of which a first spray is within a second medium mist spray at least at or near the spraying point. During the formation of the sprays, the medium is set into a swirling motion at least before the discharge opening of the nozzle used to form each spray and/or at least before the sprays are mixed with each other. The swirling directions of the medium in different sprays are opposite to each other, whereby a preferably homogeneous mist spray spread over a large area is achieved.11-10-2011
20120018525AEROSOL GENERATING AND DELIVERY DEVICE - Particular aspects provide novel atomizers for generating particles over a broad range of MMAD size distributions, the eliminating the requirement for an impaction baffle in generating the desired particle sizes. In particular aspects, the atomization means communicates with a remote particle filter member configured and positioned to provide for particle size filtering. In additional aspects, the atomization means communicates with a particle dispersion chamber suitable to impart a desired particle flow pattern to particles within and exiting the dispersion chamber. In further aspects, the atomization means communicates with a nasal, ocular, oral or ‘vicinity’ adapter. The novel devices provide for targeted (e.g., nasal, ocular, oral, local vicinity), systemic, and/or topical delivery of an atomized liquid (e.g., via the nasal cavity, olfactory region, and mouth). Further exemplary aspects relate to aerosolization and delivery of perfume, fragrance, essential oil or cosmeceutical agents and the like.01-26-2012
20130193224NACELLE - A nacelle is configured to be coupled to an underside of a wing and forms a clearance space between the nacelle and a leading edge slat of the wing. A portion of an outlet cowling moves longitudinally aft when a reverse thrust configuration is activated and the leading edge slat is deployed toward the nacelle. The outlet cowling also includes another portion located adjacent to the leading edge slat that does not move when the reverse thrust configuration is activated and thus maintains its clearance space from the leading edge slat.08-01-2013
20120056004WINDSHIELD CLEANER - The present invention discloses a windshield wiper system that affords for deicing of a windshield for a motor vehicle. The system includes a first container having a first liquid, a second container having a second liquid along with a spray nozzle or jet proximate to the windshield and in fluid communication with the first container and the second container. A pump operable to pump or force the second liquid through the spray nozzle and onto the windshield is also included. In addition, a time delay switch activates the windshield wiper only after the second liquid has been on the windshield a preset time.03-08-2012
20130200169BARRIER COMPOSITION - A method of producing droplets from a nozzle provided on a material layer, the method comprising the steps of supplying liquid to an inner end of an array of nozzles, the nozzles being split into M groups of one or more nozzles, generating one or more firing signals, each firing signal causing sufficient movement of a group of nozzles relative to the liquid such that liquid is projected as droplets from the outer face of the respective nozzles, generating one or more sub-firing signals associated with each group of nozzles, the one or more sub-firing signals causing movement of the group of nozzles which is insufficient to project liquid from the nozzles, the sub-firing signals of adjacent groups having a non-zero phase relationship, wherein the sub-firing signal(s) of at least one group of nozzles is independent of the firing signal(s) associated with that group.08-08-2013
20130200171SUMP SPRINKLER CONTROL SYSTEM - A sump sprinkler system for use with residential and commercial buildings. The sump sprinkler system comprises a system controller and a sprinkler pump in communication with the system controller. The sump sprinkler system also comprises an intake tube connected to the sprinkler pump, wherein the intake having an end arranged in a sump of a building. The sump sprinkler system also comprises a water level member in communication with the system controller, wherein the water level member is arranged in the sump. The sump sprinkler system may be modified to provide a sump water supply system or a sump geothermal field system.08-08-2013
20130200170Gas Dispersion Plate for Plasma Reactor Having Extended Lifetime - The invention includes a gas dispersion plate to provide reactant gases to a reaction chamber comprising: a plate body having a first surface and a second surface, the plate body having at least one injection passage that spans the plate from the first surface to the second surface, the distance along the passage from the first surface to the second surface defining the length of the passage, wherein the injection passage includes an ion trap chamber, through which gas flows from the first surface of the plate to the second surface of the plate. In an embodiment, the passage includes an inlet portion interposed between the first surface and the chamber and an outlet portion that is interposed between the ion trap chamber and the second surface.08-08-2013
20120080535Cotton-gentle hypochlorite bleach - Household-strength bleach contains just two essential components, hypochlorite and hydroxide, and the hypochlorite is well-known to damage soft fabrics. In this invention is discovered a third component, the concentration ratio which is the concentration of hypochlorite over the concentration of hydroxide in the bleach solution. Although considered impossible, hypochlorite bleach can be made fabric gentle by elegantly balancing the concentrations of hypochlorite and hydroxide, requiring no ingredients commonly added to mitigate the damaging effect of hypochlorite. It's all in the ratio (or the reciprocal). By adding hydroxide to a solution of given hypochlorite salt concentration, the bleach fabric protection progressively improves for ratio values below 12.5:1, reaching maximum protection at a ratio value about 2:1. By comparison, the ratio value is >30:1 for fabric-damaging common regular bleach. Regular hypochlorite bleach that eats up cotton can be converted to cotton-gentle hypochlorite bleach having the same cleaning properties.04-05-2012
20130206856PORTABLE AIRLESS SPRAYER - A portable airless sprayer comprises a housing, a motor, a pump, a spray tip and a trigger. The motor is mounted to the housing. The pump is mounted to the housing and is driven by the motor. The spray tip assembly receives pressurized fluid from the pump. The trigger is configured to actuate the spray tip assembly and activate the motor. A method of operating a portable airless sprayer comprises moving a lever over a stroke, displacing a valve pin, and activating a motor. The valve pin is displaced with the lever to actuate a spray valve. The motor is activated with the lever to drive a pump that provides fluid to the spray valve.08-15-2013

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