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235454000 Optical 952
235449000 Magnetic 119
235440000 Multiple sensor 61
235441000 Electrical contact 48
235451000 Capacitive 13
235444000 Electromechanical 2
20110108625CONTACT CARD RECOGNITION SYSTEM AND RECOGNITION METHOD USING A TOUCH SCREEN - The present invention relates to a contact card recognition system and a recognition method using a touch screen, and to a contact card used in a contact card recognition system. More particularly, a contact card recognition system using a contact card includes: a contact card having a rear surface with at least one protrusion for representing characteristics of the contact card related to the information printed on a front surface of the contact card and identifying characteristics of the contact card; a touch screen for sensing the protrusion of the contact card, and generating position information for the zone corresponding to the protrusion; a reading unit for searching a code database on the basis of the position information, and generating code information in accordance with the position information; and a control unit for searching a characteristic database of the contact card in accordance with the code information, and extracting characteristic information in accordance with the code information. The characteristic information is output to the touch screen.05-12-2011
20100252631HIGH SPEED CONTACTLESS COMMUNICATION - A contactless reader including a crystal oscillator configured to generate a first signal having a first frequency, a phase-locked loop configured to generate a crystal-accurate second frequency derived from the first frequency of the first signal, and a signal generator configured to generate a carrier signal having the crystal-accurate second frequency.10-07-2010
20090321519SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SENSING BIOMETRIC AND NON-BIOMETRIC SMART CARD DEVICES - A system of detecting biometric and non-biometric, standard smart card devices includes a smart card host and smart card device reader, which is operable for receiving an Answer to Reset signal and determining whether the smart card device comprises a biometric or non-biometric, standard smart card device. If a biometric smart card device is detected, the smart card reader is operable for applying power used for standard smart card device operation to a first contact and applying power used by a biometric circuit to a second contact, and if a non-biometric, standard smart card device is detected, applying power only to the first contact.12-31-2009
20100140353INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, COMMUNICATION CONTROL METHOD AND PROGRAM - There is provided an information processing device comprising: a light emitting unit to supply light to a power generating means mounted on an IC card with a display function and generating a power by photoelectric conversion; a communication unit to transmit and receive data to and from the IC card; and a control unit to stop supply of light by the light emitting unit during communication with the IC card by the communication unit and stop communication by the communication unit during supply of light by the light emitting unit.06-10-2010
20100072277TAG DEVICE, READER DEVICE, AND RFID SYSTEM - Embodiments relate to a tag device, a reader device, and a radio frequency identification (RFID) system. The Q embodiment provides a tag device comprising: a reception module converting a received high frequency signal into a scale level, and Q converting the converted scale level into a digital signal to output the same; a transmission module modulating a transmission signal M to output the same; and a controller controlling the reception module and the transmission module. The tag device communicates o with the reader device through wireless short distance communication.03-25-2010
20100096455EDGE MOUNTED RFID TAG - An RFID system including an RFID tag configured for installation into the edge of an object is provided. The RFID tag is configured to be installed into a tag pocket formed in the object, such that two surfaces of the RFID tag are left exposed after installation. The geometry of the RFID tag is such that the entire outline of the RFID tag is contained within the geometry of the object to provide structural protection of the RFID tag.04-22-2010
20090159678Token and reader06-25-2009
20090159677CONTACTLESS POWER AND DATA TRANSFER SYSTEM AND METHOD - A contactless power and data transfer system is disclosed. The system includes an encapsulated optoelectronic semiconductor device at least partly disposed within a barrier encapsulation, and a contactless power transfer system configured to transfer at least one of power and data across the barrier encapsulation. A method for manufacturing a contactless power and data transfer system is also disclosed.06-25-2009
20130043308RFID TAG SENSORS AND METHODS - Radio frequency identification (RFID) devices for use in RFID-based sensors and related methods are described herein. In one implementation, an RFID sensor system includes an RFID device having a near field only RFID tag and a conductive element which functions as a far field antenna. The near field only RFID tag and the conductive element are located in at least a first position and a second position relative to each other; wherein in the first position, the RFID device only operates in a near field, and in the second position, the RFID device operates in both the near field and a far field. The system may also include an RFID reader and controller located within the far field to read the RFID device only when the components are located in the second position.02-21-2013
20100025467STRUCTURE FOR READING THE INFORMATION OF THE RFID TAGS - A table is disclosed which incorporates one or more antenna for reading RFID tags attached to articles which are on the table. The table has legs which enables its height to be adjusted either to bring it level with other components such as conveyor belts in a materials handling line. The table itself can include a conveyor belt. In one form the table has top and bottom panels with a gap therebetween in which the antenna are located. In another form the antenna are embedded in a resin plate which constitutes the table's top.02-04-2010
20130087613IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION ACCESS DEVICE - The present invention provides an identification information access device configured to read identification information stored in an RFID tag even if the RFID tag is located at a position at which identification information of the RFID tag has been difficult to read. An identification information access device includes: a first antenna unit configured to read identification information stored in an RFID IC tag included in a storage medium; a control device configured to be electrically connected to the first antenna unit and to drive the first antenna unit so as to acquire the identification information in accordance with an electromagnetic wave transmitted from the first antenna unit; and a second antenna unit configured to be independent from the first antenna unit, to be disposed at a position separated from the first antenna unit, and not to be electrically connected to the first antenna unit and to the control device.04-11-2013
20090302109Protection Against Manipulation and Through-Drilling for an Apparatus to be Connected to an Electrical Circuit - A smart card reader having a housing in which contact elements are arranged which are adapted to contact a smart card, and adapted to be electrically connected to termination means wherein a protective grid is provided which encases the housing at least in an area where undesired manipulations are expected and wherein preferably also the termination means are encased.12-10-2009
20100096456INTRODUCED IN MAGNETIC CARD READER WITH PROTECTION AGAINST THERMAL AND EXOTHERMIC CHEMICAL ATTACK, AND ASSEMBLY PROCESS - Improvements introduced in magnetic card reader with protection against thermal and exothermic chemic attack and in the assembly process. The improvements are specifically developed with a view to reducing the final cost of the product while protecting against thermal and exothermic chemical attack with the use of sensor circuits. The improved magnetic card reader and assembly process are designed in a way to protect information and secret processes, stored by electronic means, against unauthorized access.04-22-2010
20090065582Card holder and communication method - A card holder is provided, which includes a holding section holding, in an attachable/detachable manner, a plurality of non-contact type IC cards capable of non-contact communication with an external unit, an antenna for external communication communicating contactlessly with the external unit, an antenna for card communication communicating contactlessly with each of the plurality of the non-contact type IC cards held in the holding section, and an amplification section amplifying each of a carrier signal received by the antenna for external communication and transmitted from the external unit and a response signal, to the carrier signal, transmitted from each of the plurality of the non-contact type IC cards and received by the antenna for card communication.03-12-2009
20130062409SCANNER WITH WAKE-UP MODE - An indicia reader system includes an indicia reader provided at a point of transaction; a controller for controlling power to the indicia reader; a detector for detecting a customer, item or shopping cart at the point of transaction and providing an indication signal to the controller of the presence of customer, item or shopping cart at the point of transaction; wherein the controller interrupts power to the indicia reader during a power save mode and resumes power to the indicia reader upon receiving the indication signal.03-14-2013
20110011935LIGHT GUIDING DEVICE, READER/WRITER DEVICE FOR NONCONTACT COMMUNICATION MEDIUM, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A light guiding device can be used for a reader/writer device (01-20-2011
20130119132INTERMODULATION MITIGATION TECHNIQUE IN AN RFID SYSTEM - When multiple readers for RF transponders have to be placed in close proximity, such as in adjacent lanes of a highway toll barrier, they can be set to operate at different frequencies. When signals from two adjacent ones of the readers interfere, the resulting signal includes interference terms whose frequencies equal the sum of the reader frequencies and the difference between the reader frequencies. To remove such interference terms while passing the desired terms, a reader includes a low-pass or other frequency-selective filter.05-16-2013
20130214046READER ANTENNA AND RFID ELECTRONIC SHELF INCLUDING THE SAME - A reader antenna includes dipole antennas, the dipole antennas including: a horizontal dipole antenna having the characteristic of horizontal polarization; and a dipole antenna perpendicular to the horizontal dipole antenna and including a vertical dipole antenna having the characteristic of vertical polarization, wherein the horizontal dipole antenna and the vertical dipole antenna may both have the characteristic of circular polarization. The reader antenna can be easily stored in an electronic shelf because it is realized in an ultrathin structure using a single-layered dielectric substrate.08-22-2013
20130161389RFID-Reader sowie Vorrichtung mit einem RFID-Reader - An RFID reader that is situated in a recess of an apparatus housing, such that the apparatus housing is constituted of an electrically conductive material, and such that the RFID reader is configured as an RFID reader operating according to the “EMV Contactless Protocol Specification, Version 2.1, March 2011,” such that the RFID antenna is situated in or on a plane constituted by the apparatus housing or inside the apparatus housing, such that the RFID reader has a transmitting power of more than 400 milliwatts, and that a quality factor (Q) of the RFID antenna is in a range between Q=12 and Q=20. In addition, the invention relates to an apparatus with an RFID reader of this type.06-27-2013
20090078763Contact-less smart card reader - An improved contact-less smart card reader is disclosed that includes at least one separate transmit antenna and at least one separate receive antenna for transmitting and receiving respectively, wherein the antenna geometry of said reader is adapted to capture a maximum number of flux lines that pass through the corresponding smartcard and a minimum number of flux lines that do not pass though the corresponding smartcard, thereby increasing the signal to noise ratio in the reader and consequently, increasing the strength of the signal qualities received from the smart card, particularly in the event of operation of the smart card from a substantial operating distance. A method is also provided for assembling an improved contact-less smartcard reader as described above.03-26-2009
20110163161RECONFIGURABLE RADIO-FREQUENCY FRONT-END - A reconfigurable radio-frequency front-end 07-07-2011
20100084465CONTACTLESS MANAGEMENT BETWEEN A SMART CARD AND MOBILE TERMINAL - Certain existing commands, such as USAT/SAT/CAT commands, are modified to allow management of various types of contactless applications to be performed. Such commands are exchanged via a communication bus between a secure element and a contactless function (CLF) module to support a contactless service. The secure element may be a type of smart card and the external device may be an access gateway for transportation, a point-of-sale (PoS) terminal, or some other application for the user.04-08-2010
20100170949CARD READER AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - A card reader may include a card insertion port, a card feeding passage along which a card is carried, a card surface abutting member such as a shutter member capable of abutting with a surface of the card, an abutting member sensor for detecting a position of the shutter member, a card insertion detection mechanism, and a control section for discriminating whether the card is a special shaped card or not on a basis of detection results of the abutting member sensor and the card insertion detection mechanism. A control method may include a shutter opening step, a feeding and stop step in which the card is carried by a first feeding distance in a taking-in direction and stopped, a shutter closing step in which the shutter member is moved in a direction for closing the card feeding passage, and a discrimination step in which the card is discriminated whether the card is a special shaped card or not on the basis of a detection result by the open-and-close sensor after the shutter closing step.07-08-2010
20090255990TAG READER - A hand held electronic detector is provided for detecting the presence/absence and/or nature of a mark on an article (not shown) such as a security mark. The article may comprise a product, such as for example a pack of cigarettes. The detector comprises a case or body of strong rigid plastics material. The case comprises front and rear parts and which are connected together by concealed hinges, at their lower edges, so that the parts and can move hingedly between a closed configuration and a fully open configuration, in which the front and rear parts are angularly spaced by approximately 180°. There is a further defined intermediate open configuration in which the front and rear parts and are angularly spaced by approximately 90°. . . When opening the case from the closed position the hinges ‘lock’ when the front and rear parts reach this intermediate position. The hinges will only ‘unlock’, so that the case can be opened further or closed, if sufficient force is applied. Relative movement of the case parts and to the fully open configuration shown in FIG. 10-15-2009
20090188977OPTIMIZED SMART CARD DRIVER PERFORMANCE - By splitting a smart card driver into multiple components, with one component residing on the mobile communication device and another component residing on the smart card reader, the smart card reader driver component is enabled to do more than merely relay communication between the mobile communication device and the smart card. By transferring part of the communication handling of the smart card driver to the smart card reader, a reduction in communication over the connection between the smart card reader and mobile communication device advantageously results in a more efficient transaction.07-30-2009
20090152352CREDENTIAL READER HAVING A MICRO POWER PROXIMITY DETECTOR AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE CREDENTIAL READER - An improved battery-powered credential reader, which may be used in security and other applications, includes include a micro-power proximity detector. The micro-power proximity detector is configured to lengthen battery life by reducing power consumption requirements of the credential reader during periods when no credential is present. An antenna formed about a perimeter of a printed circuit board is configured to propagate an electrostatic sense field adjacent to and through the credential reader using only microamps of electrical current. A control circuit of the micro-power proximity detector is configured to activate the credential reader from a “sleep” state when a disturbance in the electrostatic sense field caused by a credential is detected and/or registered.06-18-2009
20090121021Encoded information reading terminal with wireless path selection capability - A portable encoded information reading (EIR) terminal for incorporation in a data collection system can comprise a terminal module communicatively coupled to a wireless interface module via a wired interface. The terminal module can include a central processing unit (CPU), a memory, and an encoded information reading (EIR) device. The wireless interface module can include a microcontroller, a memory, and at least one wireless communication interface. The wireless interface module can establish one or more wireless links with one or more peer EIR terminals, to join a wireless network which is collectively formed by the peer EIR terminals. The wireless interface module can receive or transmit beacons containing at least an identifier of a path selection protocol which is used for unicast, multicast and broadcast frame transmission within the wireless network. The wireless interface module, responsive to receiving a MAC frame from the terminal module, can forward the MAC frame, according to the path selection protocol, to a peer EIR terminal or to a portal which is capable of routing MAC frames between the wireless network and one or more OSI layer 2 networks.05-14-2009
20090152353RFID NEAR-FIELD ANTENNA AND ASSOCIATED SYSTEMS - A near-field antenna based on a coplanar waveguide is provided. The antenna is configured to communicate with a targeted transponder from among a group of multiple adjacent transponders. The antenna may include a first ground plane, a second ground plane, a dielectric substrate, and a conductive strip. The first ground plane and the second ground plane extend along the dielectric substrate and the conductive strip extends between the first ground plane and the second ground plane such that first ground plane and the conductive strip define a first slot extending between the first ground plane and the conductive strip and the second ground plane define a second slot extending between the second conductive strip and the conductive strip. The first ground plane, the second ground plane, and the conductive strip are substantially coplanar. In other embodiments, a novel assembly of a ribbon guide and a near-field antenna is provided.06-18-2009
20100038423RFID TERMINAL HAVING A PERSONAL AUTHENTIFICATION DEVICE - The present invention relates to a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) terminal equipped with personal authentication means, in which authentication means for performing personal authentication is further provided on the rear end of the body of the RFID terminal for performing customer authentication and payment, thereby enabling user authentication to be conveniently performing and preventing authentication information from being exposed to the outside. For this, the present invention provides an RFID terminal that includes a body, and a display unit and key input unit provided on the back of the outside of the body, and that reads information embedded in tags. The body is provided, at the rear end thereof, with personal authentication means for authenticating unique customer information.02-18-2010
20090166419SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR MITIGATING SIGNAL NOISE AT A WIRELESS SMART DEVICE READER - Systems, methods, and computer program products for mitigating signal noise at a wireless smart device reader are disclosed. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a method (performed at a wireless smart device reader) that includes receiving a signal from a wireless smart device and checking for an error in a portion of the signal. In response to detecting the error, an error flag is set in an error register to indicate the presence of noise in the signal portion. The error register is repeatedly polled in order to detect the setting of the error flag. In response to detecting the setting of the error flag, a command to eliminate the signal portion is issued.07-02-2009
20110198398MULTIPLE ANTENNA READING SYSTEM SUITABLE FOR USE WITH CONTACTLESS TRANSACTION DEVICES - A multiple antenna reading system suitable for use with contactless transaction devices, the system including at least one reader, at least first and second antennas having at least some inductive coupling therebetween and being coupled to the at least one reader and antenna function disabling circuitry automatically operative upon activation of at least a first one of the at least first and second antennas to disable antenna function of at least a second one of the at least first and second antennas.08-18-2011
20090283599FABRICATION METHOD OF IC INLET, ID TAG, ID TAG READER AND METHOD OF READING DATA THEREOF - A method accurately inspects whether an IC inlet to be inspected is non-defective or defective in a state in which a large number of IC inlets are formed over an insulating film. The inspection of IC inlets formed over an insulating film is performed by transmitting microwaves to the IC inlets from antennas. To selectively irradiate the microwaves to only one IC inlet to be inspected out of a large number of IC inlets that are formed over the insulating film, a radio-wave absorbing plate is inserted between the insulating film and the antennas, and the microwaves are irradiated to the IC inlet through a slit formed in the radio-wave absorbing plate. The radio-wave absorbing plate is configured such that the slit, which is substantially equal to the IC inlet in size, is formed in a portion of a planar plate that is formed of a radio-wave absorber.11-19-2009
20090294535DATA CARRIER WITH A CHIP AND A PLURALITY OF SENSORS - The invention relates to a data carrier (12-03-2009
20110204146SHEET SWITCH, SENSING MECHANISM, AND CARD READER - Provided is a sheet switch suitable as a sensing mechanism to sense the removal of a subordinate device from a host device. Specifically, the sheet switch is provided with a contact electrode formed in a dome shape with a conductive metal, a counter electrode disposed facing the contact electrode, and a metal sheet made of metal that is disposed on the opposite side of the counter electrode from the side facing the contact electrode with insulating members interposed therebetween. The sheet switch becomes conductive when the contact electrode and the counter electrode touch.08-25-2011
20090008450Context-Aware and Real-Time Item Tracking System Architecture and Scenarios - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for real-time and context-aware tracking of items. Tags bound to items are read and information read from the tags and location information about the tags is provided by at least two enterprises and used to maintain disposition information about the items, which is made visible to enterprises in the supply chain. The disposition information can be mapped to a world model that tracks the items and circumstances affecting the items, for example, geo-spatial events and traffic delays. Visibility of the disposition information can be controlled through authorization. Visible information can include relationships between particular items and business documents such as order and shipping documents.01-08-2009
20120292393METHOD, SYSTEM AND SMART CARD READER FOR MANAGEMENT OF ACCESS TO A SMART CARD - The described embodiments relate generally to devices, methods and systems for managing access to a memory card, such as a smart card, by a plurality of accessing devices. Certain embodiments relate to a smart card reader (SCR) for managing concurrent access to a smart card by a plurality of accessing devices, the SCR comprising: a processor; a channel manager responsive to the processor for interfacing with the smart card; a communication interface responsive to the channel manager for communicating with the plurality of accessing devices; and wherein, when a session is open on a first channel between a first accessing device and the smart card and the channel manager is configured to issue an open channel command to the smart card to cause the smart card to open a second channel between the smart card and the second accessing device in response to the session request.11-22-2012
20100102127Device for Protecting an Electronic Component - An electronic system comprising a printed circuit having first and second opposite surfaces, an electronic component attached to the second surface and a first device of protection against access attempts on the first surface side. The system comprises a second protection device at least partially covering, on the second surface side, the electronic component, and comprising at least one tab. The printed circuit comprises at least one through opening, the tab extending in the opening and being attached to the printed circuit. The tab comprises at least one conductive portion electrically contacting at least one first conductive track of the first surface.04-29-2010
20080230608DETECTING COMPONENTS OF A MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM RELATED DOCUMENTS - A method for detecting installed or associated components that are each identified by at least one unique identifier is provided. The identifiers may be read out by at least one reader device. The identifiers, for detecting the respective components, are read out automatically by the reader device. All the serialized components of the system are identified and detected.09-25-2008
20120168503SUPER-CASING FOR CONTACTLESS READER - A contactless reader includes a housing with a front wall oriented to face users of contactless identification tokens. The front wall has an outer surface that bears a first indicia indicating a location at which the contactless identification tokens are to be presented. The contactless reader also includes an antenna and electronic components within the housing for wirelessly sending data to and receiving data from contactless identification tokens. In addition, a casing is provided that attaches to the housing to cover the front wall of the housing and to cover the first indicia, wherein the casing has an outer surface bearing a second indicia that indicates the location at which the contactless identification tokens are to be presented.07-05-2012
20080283601MECHANISM FOR ATTACHING RFID TAG, TRANSFER DEVICE AND TRANSFER SYSTEM USING RFID TAG - In a mechanism for attaching to a cart an RFID tag used for transmitting and receiving data to and from an RFID reader/writer, a holding pocket retains the RFID tag. The orientation of the pocket is kept constant in such a manner that a surface of the RFID tag from which data can be read highly accurately faces an antenna for the RFID reader/writer while keeping the distance between the RFID tag and the antenna within a certain range regardless of the transfer direction of the cart.11-20-2008
20080283599Systems for and Methods of Assigning Priority to Reader Antennae - Methods, storage media, and systems for assigning priority to reader antennae are disclosed. In accordance with a preferred embodiment of the invention, reader antennae identify the location of an object by detecting a tag or other identifier associated with each object. Sensors can be provided to provide additional information regarding the environment of the objects or their surroundings. A priority order is assigned to the reader antennae based on the location and other characteristics of the objects and/or their environment. A polling sequence for reading the reader antennae is determined according to the priority order.11-20-2008
20100032484Card Identification Device, Card Identification Method, Program, and Information Recording Medium - Aimed is easy locating of a card placed on a touch panel, when identifying card type by sliding a touch pen, etc. along card slits. When a reference slit determining unit (02-11-2010
20090032592SPHERICAL ENCODED BEADS - The present application discloses a composition comprising a plurality of spherical beads, wherein a radiofrequency chip operating at a frequency of in the range of 2.2-2.7 GHz is embedded within each of said beads and wherein essentially each of said beads is individually identifiable on the basis of radiofrequency identification. Alternatives utilizing a ultrasonic identification chip are also disclosed. The beads are preferably made of polymeric material and can for example be used for the synthesis of e.g. solid-phase chemical libraries. Preferred materials include some that minimise interference in biochemical assays (fouling). The invention also relates to batch and continuous methods of producing such compositions, including emulsion-polymerisation methods. In a further aspect, the present invention relates to an apparatus for analysing radiofrequency-encoded beads. Also provided are methods for detecting and/or analysing and/or sorting beads, as well as methods for processing beads once they have been analysed and/or sorted.02-05-2009
20130119133METHOD AND DEVICE FOR IDENTIFYING OBJECTS AND TRIGGERING INTERACTIONS BY MEANS OF CLOSE-RANGE COUPLING OF ACOUSTICALLY MODULATED DATA SIGNALS - The method for identifying objects and triggering interactions functions by means of an acoustically modulated data signal, which is associated with an object, and based on the identification of the line by means of which said signal is sent from a receiving unit to a processing point. The content that is associated with said object is sent by means of said line from the processing point to the receiving unit, and thus an interaction between one of many subscribers by means of the receiving unit thereof and one of many objects is enabled. For this purpose, a station produces an acoustically modulated data signal, which is captured by the sound transducer of a receiving unit located within close range of the sound source of said station and forwarded by the receiving unit to the processing point. The processing point determines that the acoustic pattern has arrived and detects the number of the line on which this occurred. The processing point, based on the knowledge thereof of the station and of the line, provides information to the receiving unit on said line. The device for identifying objects and triggering desired interactions as described above according to said method comprises stations having a tone generator and a sound source, receiving units having a sound transducer, and a processing point. The stations are equipped with an input device, for example keys, a touchscreen, a trackball, a mouse, sensors, or a microphone for voice input.05-16-2013
20130119134PROTECTION OF A RADIO FREQUENCY TRANSMIT-RECEIVE TERMINAL AGAINST ELECTROMAGNETIC DISTURBANCES - An antenna circuit for a device of transmission/reception by inductive coupling, including a first inductive element in parallel with a capacitive element and, between each node of the parallel association and two terminals of a switch, a second inductive element.05-16-2013
20130119135BI-DIRECTIONAL AND MULTI-FREQUENCY RF SIGNALING SYSTEM - There is described herein an active bidirectional tag for use in an RF signaling system for real-time and non-real time localization. The tag has a first antenna that operates at a first frequency and a second antenna that operates at a second frequency. The two antennas allow the tag to perform more than one function concurrently, and to provide different ranges of communication between the two antennas. The tag is low cost, low power, and multi-use.05-16-2013
20090026266COIL PAIR WITH CARRIER SUPPRESSION - A coil pair having a transmission coil and a reception coil. The transmission coil is configured to transmit a transmission signal having a carrier. The reception coil is configured to receive from a source a reception signal having the carrier and data, and to significantly suppress the carrier while maintaining coupling with the source at any position along and any position proximate to the reception coil.01-29-2009
20100155475METHOD OF AUTHENTICATING RFID TAG FOR REDUCING LOAD OF SERVER AND RFID READER USING THE SAME - As a method of authenticating an RFID tag in order to reduce a load of a server and improve security, an RFID reader connects an RFID DB server through a network and communicate with a plurality of tags, requests tag information to the tag, and receives an identifier of an array having an index, an index of the array having the index, and an encrypted tag ID from the tag. The array having the index is created by using a master key corresponding to the identifier of the array having the index, which is received from the RFID DB server, an encryption key is created by extracting an array value corresponding to the index, and an tag ID is acquired by decrypting the encrypted tag ID by using the created encryption key.06-24-2010
20100187308CARD READER - A card reader system, method, apparatus, and computer program product are disclosed. The card reader can include a transmitter that modulates a radio frequency carrier with a transmit data signal and a receiver that detects a modulation of the radio frequency carrier by a contactless smartcard. A processor can be coupled to the transmitter and the receiver. The processor can generate the transmit data signal so as to simulate a data exchange according to a protocol of the contactless smartcard. The processor can determine a timing for reading data from or writing data to the contactless smartcard and can discontinue the simulated data exchange based on the timing.07-29-2010
20100213254Smartcard Interface System - A smartcard interface system is described. The interface system supports a plurality of different smartcard types. By providing a plurality interface modules and selecting an appropriate one of the available modules for effecting communication with a presented smart card, the system provides for interaction with the presented smart card in a manner specific to that smart card.08-26-2010
20100252629Smart Card Communication Routing - A computerized device has an open communication session with a smart card via a smart card reader. The smart card reader and the computerized device cooperate to enable another computerized device to communicate with the smart card over the open communication session. Communication between the other computerized device and the smart card is routed via the computerized device that has the open communication session.10-07-2010
20100243738PROCESSING APPARATUS OF PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES, PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE, AND PROCESSING SYSTEM OF PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A processing apparatus of portable electronic devices, a portable electronic device, and a processing system of portable electronic devices are provided, each of which can process data at high speed. The processing apparatus has a transmitting/receiving unit configured to transmit and receive data to and from the portable electronic device. In the processing, the transmitting/receiving unit generates a first command and adds a second command to the first command.09-30-2010
20100243737CONTACTLESS DATA RECEPTION - A contactless device including a transmission antenna configured to transmit a transmission signal; a pickup antenna configured to detect a field generated by a pickup signal, which comprises a response signal transmitted from another contactless device and the transmission signal; and a cancellation circuit configured to subtract a voltage of the transmission antenna from a voltage of the pickup antenna.09-30-2010
20110127330CARD PROCESSING UNIT AND CARD ISSUING DEVICE - A card processing unit that enables increasing a degree of freedom of a location of a communication antenna between pad rollers and simplifying a structure of the card processing unit itself. Specifically, a card processing unit equipped with a communication antenna for communicating with a non-contact IC card. The processing unit includes: two transfer rollers for transferring the non-contact IC card through contacting a surface of the non-contact IC card; pad rollers so placed as to face and bias themselves to the transfer rollers; fixed shafts protruding at both sides of each of the pad rollers in the axial direction for supporting the pad roller so as to be rotatable; and coil springs for biasing the fixed shafts at both the sides of the pad roller 06-02-2011
20100133342SECURE USE OF EXTERNALLY STORED DATA - A smart card reader is adapted to extract and store authentication data from a response APDU received from a smart card before generating a filtered response APDU, wherein the filtered response APDU does not include the authentication data. Beneficially, when the smart card reader transmits the filtered response APDU toward a destination, the biometric template data is less susceptible to interception, thereby providing a more secure solution.06-03-2010
20110240737ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND PROTECTION MECHANISM THEREOF - An electronic device includes a protection mechanism, a first circuit board having a first electronic loop, and a second circuit board having a second electronic loop. The protection mechanism is disposed between the first circuit board and the second circuit board, and includes a frame and a first flexible board. The first flexible board includes a first connector, and a first wire mesh used for forming a third electronic loop. When trace breaking occurs to any one, any two, or all of the electronic loops, the first, the second, and the third electronic loops are forced to break, thereby protecting data saved in the electronic device from being read inappropriately, so as to avoid data to be stolen.10-06-2011
20100012723INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM AND MEDIUM PROCESSING SYSTEM - An information storage medium includes storage unit for storing first, second, and third data composed of a data structure including identification information which identifies process target data, length information indicating data length of the process target data, and the process target data, communication unit for communicating with a medium processing device, and data processing unit for accessing the process target data included in the second data on the basis of a first command received via the communication unit, the first command specifying the identification information included in the second data and ordering processing of the process target data included in the second data, and subsequently accessing the process target data included in the first data on the basis of a second command including a preceding data specification and ordering processing of the process target data.01-21-2010
20100038425COMMUNICATION DEVICE, COMMUNICATION METHOD, PROGRAM, AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A communication device is provided and includes: receiving means for receiving a transmitted command; command processing means for performing command processing in response to the received command and generates a response containing a result of the command processing; updating means for updating information held in one area currently disabled, out of a first area and a second area, using the result of the command processing, the first area and the second area forming a memory for holding information indicating a current status; transmitting means for transmitting the generated response; and switching means for switching, out of the first area and the second area of the memory, the one area currently disabled and holding the information that was updated using the result of the command processing into the enabled state and the other area currently enabled into the disabled state immediately after transmission of the response is completed.02-18-2010
20100059590READER/WRITER DEVICE FOR NONCONTACT IC CARD, COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND NONCONTACT COMMUNICATION METHOD - A reader/writer device performs noncontact communication with a noncontact IC card section (03-11-2010
20110174878PLANAR SENSOR STRUCTURE - The sensor structure according to the invention comprises sensor elements for the detection of objects occurring by measuring an electrical connection and also one or more antenna loops for activating an escort memory tag in connection with reading it. With the loop antennas in the structure of the sensor field according to the invention the reading of an escort memory tag can be activated e.g. in a situation in which an object is detected using a sensor field, in which object an escort memory tag that can be activated with an excitation sent with a loop antenna can be disposed. An advantage of the structure according to the invention is the simplicity of the technical arrangement achieved, and lower costs and better physical durability than prior-art solutions.07-21-2011
20110073648READER/WRITER AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A reader/writer comprises a circuit board, a communication control portion mounted on the circuit board and configured to perform communication with IC tags, sealing resin for sealing the communication control portion; and an antenna electrically connected to the communication control portion, in which a resin layer is disposed on the sealing resin, the resin layer having a higher adhesiveness to a conductive film used as the antenna than that of the sealing resin, and the antenna is disposed on the resin layer.03-31-2011
20110062234ANTENNA DEVICE AND RFID TAG READER HAVING THE SAME - An antenna device includes a first conductive plate, a second conductive plate, arranged in parallel with the first conductive plate, which has at least one slot formed thereon, a power feeding element located between the first and second conductive plates to feed power to the first conductive plate, and a shutter configured to be movable to close/open the slot of the second conductive plate.03-17-2011
20090014520Radio Frequency Identification System and Data Reading Method - A system and method for reading an RFID data tag comprising a plurality of diffractive elements being indicative of machine-readable data carried by the tag are provided. The diffractive elements have such shape that the dimension of the diffractive elements along one axis is substantially different than the dimension of the elements along the perpendicular axis. Each diffractive element is oriented in a direction other than the direction of its neighboring elements. The system comprises a transmitting antenna configured for emitting an RF radiation signal at a predetermined polarization towards the tag; and a receiving antenna configured for collecting re-radiated RF radiation produced by the tag in response to the RF radiation signal at a polarization orthogonal to the polarization of the transmitting antenna and generating electromagnetic signals indicative of the data carried by the tag. The system also includes an interrogator unit configured for generating the transmitted RF radiation signal and processing the electromagnetic signals produced by the receiving antenna for determining the data carried by the tag.01-15-2009
20110253785Multi-Pass Biometric Scanner - A biometric scanner comprising a fingerprint module, a first plurality of fingerprint sensors, and a sensor circuit within the fingerprint module. The first plurality of fingerprint sensors is ergonomically positioned on the fingerprint module to accommodate a second plurality of fingertips of a human hand. The sensor circuit is coupled to the first plurality of fingerprint sensors wherein fingerprints of the second plurality are captured simultaneously by the sensor circuit. A biometric scanner system and a method of manufacturing a biometric scanner are also provided.10-20-2011
20090166420METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PERSONALIZING MERCHANT DEVICE FOR RECEIVING CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS - A method includes receiving a contactless smart card. The method further includes bringing the contactless smart card into proximity with a merchant device so as to transfer information from the contactless smart card to the merchant device. The transferred information enables the merchant device to receive contactless payments.07-02-2009
20080314982Card data storage device with detector plate - A card data storage device with detector plate is described.12-25-2008
20100301118ANTENNA FOR RFID READER - An antenna for using within an allocated bandwidth having a nominal center frequency includes a support member, a first antenna structure, and a second antenna structure. The first antenna structure has a return loss maximized at a first optimal frequency. The second antenna structure has a return loss maximized at a second optimal. The difference between the first optimal frequency and the second optimal frequency is more than 10% of the allocated bandwidth but less than 100% of the allocated bandwidth.12-02-2010
20080203161MULTI-USE WIRELESS DISPLAY TAG INFRASTRUCTURE AND METHODS - A multiuse system for use with Wireless Display Tags (WDTs) includes, in one or more exemplary arrangements, techniques for automatically maintaining synchronicity between pricing data for a product and advertising, marketing or promotional data associated with that product, and for detecting the proximity and location of a customer within a category of goods displayed within a managed environment. A messaging format suitable for such low power operation among a large number of peers is also disclosed, as is a technique for integrating a plurality of smaller displays to yield a single large display. An access point capable of serving as a communications hub within such a network, while at the same time offering visual and audio surveillance capabilities, is also disclosed.08-28-2008
20100320271PORTABLE DATA COLLECTION APPARATUS - A portable data collection apparatus includes an apparatus body and a retaining element arranged for connecting said apparatus body to a hand of a user, the retaining element being so shaped as to enable said apparatus body to rotate between a position in which the apparatus body is in contact with the palm of the hand and a further position in which the palm is free of the apparatus body, in the further position the apparatus body being supported by the hand by means of the retaining element.12-23-2010
20100282849TRANSPONDER DETECTION BY RESONANCE FREQUENCY REDUCTION - A reader device for detecting the presence of a transponder within an operating distance of the reader device, the reader device comprising a resonant circuit adapted for generating an electromagnetic field having a frequency distribution around a resonance frequency, and a transponder detection unit adapted for detecting the presence of the transponder within the operating distance of the reader device by a shift of the resonance frequency of the resonant circuit in the presence of the transponder within the operating distance of the reader device.11-11-2010
20120132710APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SUPPLYING AN RFID COMPONENT WITH ENERGY - An apparatus for supplying an RFID component with energy includes an antenna and an energy store. The energy store stores energy induced into the antenna by an alternating electromagnetic field during a first time interval. In addition, the energy store supplies the RFID component with stored energy in order to maintain its functionality during a later, second time interval if an energy induced by an alternating electromagnetic field during the later, second time interval is not sufficient for supplying the RFID component.05-31-2012
20110253786USE OF A WIDEBAND RADIO RECEIVER WITHIN THE DEVICE TO DETECT TRANSMISSIONS FROM A PARASITIC SHIM OR OTHER UNOFFICIAL CIRCUITRY IMPLANTED WITHIN THE TERMINAL - A card reader terminal is provided with circuitry to detect wireless transmission of data from the card terminal from illicit transmitting equipment within the terminal in the form of a “shim” or otherwise. The detector circuit is connected to an A/D input of a microprocessor. Voltage level at the input may be measured rather than just treating it as digital input where the voltage level would be taken by the processor as either ON (signal present) or OFF (signal not present). Where the microprocessor (or other processing electronics) used does not have an analog to digital converter input, an external analog to digital circuit may be used. The terminal can determine the level of radio signal activity in its vicinity before a card is entered into the card slot, the level after the card is inserted and the level during the time the terminal is exchanging data with the card. If there is an abrupt increase in signal level when the card is inserted or when data exchange commences, the processor can ensure that the PIN is not sent to the card and can prevent all further transactions until the radio signal is no longer present.10-20-2011
20120145787DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device is provided. The display device comprises a screen body and two swipe card readers. The screen body has a front surface and a rear surface and comprises at least one display screen unit. The two swipe card readers are separately disposed on the front and the rear surface of the screen body and electrically connected to the at least one display screen unit.06-14-2012
20080217408Device for Identification of a Gas Cartridge for a Gas-Powered Fastening Device Where the Apparatus Comprises the Device and the Cartridge for the Apparatus - The device comprises a combustion chamber, a device for transmitting gas from the cartridge in said chamber comprising a valve controlled by a solenoid. The device comprises a means of reading an electronic label for identifying cartridge, with an antenna for emitting data from label, where the means of reading comprise a receiving antenna for the said constituent data from the said solenoid. It is cartridge that is equipped with label.09-11-2008
20110186633ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL SYSTEM, COMMODITY PRICE MANAGEMENT DEVICE, PORTABLE TERMINAL DEVICE, ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL DEVICE, COMMODITY PRICE MANAGEMENT METHOD, COMMODITY PRICE UPDATE METHOD, COMMODITY PRICE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, AND COMMODITY PRICE UPDATE PROGRAM - Provided are an electronic shelf label system, a product price management device, a portable terminal device, an electronic shelf label device, a product price management method, a product price update method, a product price management program, and a product price update program, which are capable of changing display of an electronic shelf label in a place where the electronic shelf label is installed. A handy terminal (08-04-2011
20100025468DEVICE AND METHOD FOR OPERATING A READ/WRITE DEVICE - In an apparatus for operating a read/writer, including an antenna and a read/write unit, for communication with an identification medium via a communication link, a read/writer supply and a read/writer have a breakable connection arranged between them. When there is a contactless (operative) interconnection between the external power supply and the read/writer, the connection between the read/writer supply and the read/writer is open and the read/writer can be operated with the identification medium.02-04-2010
20110215150Biometric Sensor With Delay Layer - A biometric scanner is described and claimed. The scanner has a platen, an ultrasonic plane wave generator, an ultrasonic detector, and a delay layer residing between the generator and the detector.09-08-2011
20100019039RFID Transponder Transmitting Concatenation of Pages - Disclosed is a transponder of a radio frequency identification system. Connected to a controller is a memory storing r-pages of k-bits of data. A first page includes an ID code relating to an integrated chip forming part of the transponder. The controller is configured, after the transponder has been interrogated by a reader, automatically and on a transponder talk only basis, to transmit transponder ID data including a concatenation of pages. Each page is led by a respective m-bit header. The header includes: (a) a first part having a random number, (b) a second part having for the first page in the ID data, a total number of pages in the ID data and for any subsequent page, a page number of the page in the memory and; (c) a third part having a sequential number for the page in the ID data.01-28-2010
20100019038Chip module, sim card, wireless device and wireless communication method - The Invention refers to a chip module comprising at least one memory and/or microprocessor chip and at least one antenna element connected to said chip. Further the invention relates to a SIM card comprising a dielectric substrate, eight or more contact pads provided on one side of said dielectric substrate, at least one memory and/or mictoprocessor chip provided on the other side of the substrate and connected to said contact pads, a first antenna element provided on the same side of the dielectric substrate as the chip, wherein the first antenna element has at least one driving point and at least one termination point, a second antenna element provided on the same side of the dielectric substrate as the first antenna element, wherein the first antenna element is given in an area different from the area where the contact pads are arranged, and the chip can be accessed by a wireless communication link with help of the antenna operating at a frequency of more than 01-28-2010
20090166421RFID READER / CARD COMBINATION TO CONVERT A CONTACT SMARTCARD READER TO CONTACTLESS - An interface conversion reader (ICR) to convert a contact smartcard reader to a contactless smartcard reader. The ICR may have a rectangular card body format for insertion into a slot provided in a conventional contact smartcard reader, with a portion of said card body protruding out of the reader after insertion; wherein the protruding portion of said card body incorporates a contactless interface with an antenna to inductively couple and communicate with a contactless smartcard. The ICR may comprise an ISO 7816 contact interface to communicate with the contact smartcard reader and to draw power from said reader to activate the conversion of ISO 7816 data to ISO 14443 data.07-02-2009
20100187309Answer To Reset (ATR) Pushing - A wireless-enabled smart card reader receives an Answer to Reset (ATR) from a smart card and transmits the ATR using a wireless communication link to a computing device without waiting for an ATR request from the computing device. The computing device may cache the ATR and use it for subsequent communication sessions with the smart card.07-29-2010
20090008449Multi-Loop Antenna for Radio Frequency Identification Applications - An antenna for radio frequency identification is disclosed. The antenna comprises a first radiating element having at least one loop element and a second radiating element spatially displaced from the first radiating element and having at least two interconnected loop elements. The antenna further comprises a coupler for electrically coupling the first and second radiating elements. Specifically, when a first current flows in the first radiating element for generating a first magnetic field and a second current flows in the second radiating element for generating a second magnetic field, one of the first and second magnetic fields superimposes the other of the first and second magnetic fields for generating an interrogation region in the near field of the first and second radiating elements.01-08-2009
20080283600Tag Anti-Collision Rfid System and Method for Tag Identification - The present invention relates to a tag anti-collision Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system and a method for tag identification. The method for tag identification consists of a first step of initializing a queue (Q) field and storing a prefix of a candidate queue (CQ) field in the queue field; a second step of transmitting a query including the prefix stored in the queue field to the RFID tags, and deleting the transmitted prefix from the queue field; a third step of inserting a prefix, in which prefixes 0 and 1 are inserted into a rear portion of a prefix of a previously transmitted query, into the queue field if two or more tags respond to the previously transmitted prefix and, therefore, the tags cannot be identified, and inserting the prefix of the previously transmitted query into the candidate queue field and deleting an unnecessary prefix stored in the candidate queue if there is no response or only one tag responds with respect to the previously transmitted prefix; and a fourth step of determining whether a prefix stored in the queue field exists, and returning to the second step if there is a prefix stored in the queue field.11-20-2008
20090039158MICROWAVE READABLE DIELECTRIC BARCODE - Presented is a system and method for reading a microwave readable barcode formed from a pattern of dielectric material. The dielectric pattern creates a strong microwave contrast with the surrounding media selectively resonating with or scattering an interrogating microwave signal. Dielectric bars can be fabricated by inkjet printing, injection, spraying, drawing or any other technique. Barcode information is encoded using different lengths, angles, or positions of dielectric bars. A microwave readable dielectric barcode system includes a barcode fabricated from a dielectric material, a transmitter with an antenna, and a sensor that senses the effect produced by the dielectric barcode on the microwave signal. The dielectric barcode system can use multiple microwave signals that differ in one or more respects, such as polarization or frequency.02-12-2009
20120118957Multi-Mode Ring Scannner - A multi-mode ring scanner (MMRS) has a ring unit for wearing on a finger. The MMRS optionally has a wrist unit coupled to the ring unit, such as via a cable. The MMRS optionally communicates wirelessly with a computing device. The ring unit has one or more scanners (such as an optical scanner or an RFID tag reader). The ring unit optionally has two paddle switches for activation by inward pressure from fingers adjacent to the finger. The two switches enable specifying operation of the MMRS in a plurality of modes and/or to communicate a plurality of information codes to the computing device. The computing device is optionally enabled to assign a function to each combination of activation of the two switches. A scanning system including the MMRS optionally provides feedback to a user based on feedback from a host processor.05-17-2012
20100006650HIGH SPEED PERSONALIZATION MACHINE - The present invention concerns a high speed machine for personalizing portable objects, incorporating an integrated circuit comprising at least one memory, the machine comprising a transfer device (01-14-2010
20110155807PRINTER AND IC CHIP COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - By rotating an antenna movable screw, an antenna fixing plate is vertically moved through the screw action, whereby the position of the antenna is changed. With this mechanism, the distance between the antenna and a transported label sheet can be adjusted according to a type of a label sheet (RF tag), whereby information can correctly be written to a tag corresponding to the type of various label sheets (RF tags).06-30-2011
20120205446METHOD AND DEVICE FOR RECOGNIZING OPTICAL SPLITTER AND OPTICAL SPLITTER PORTS - An optical splitter is provided according to the embodiments of the present invention, which includes an optical splitter module and an outlet port connected to the optical splitter module, the outlet port includes a port connector and an electronic label set on the port connector, identification information is set in the electronic label, and the identification information includes identity information of the optical splitter and the outlet port of the optical splitter. A method and a device for recognizing an optical splitter and optical splitter ports are also provided according to the embodiments of the present invention. In this way, the optical splitter and the optical splitter ports are rapidly determined and distinguished, thereby improving the efficiency of recognizing the optical splitter and the optical splitter ports.08-16-2012
20090294534Structure including an electronic device for making a security document - The present invention provides a method of making a structure for making a security document and/or a document of value, or for making an article secure, the structure comprising at least one electronic device and at least one at least partially fibrous layer having a window arranged to receive the electronic device, at least in part, the method comprising the following steps: 12-03-2009
20100038426Ruggedized RFID Tag and Reader - A radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder tag is contained in and electrically connected to a mechanically rugged metallic tag housing slotted to define a radio frequency antenna, such as a half turn antenna, and sealed with an epoxy filling.02-18-2010
20120055992NON-CONTACT READING DEVICE WITH REDUCED LOADING EFFECT - An non-contact reading device for reducing a loading effect connects with a host to sense a non-contact card. The non-contact reading device includes an antenna carrier board and an electromagnetic-wave absorption barrier. The antenna carrier board includes an antenna to receive a first analog signal from the non-contact card and send a second analog signal to the non-contact card. The electromagnetic-wave absorption barrier includes an electromagnetic-wave absorption material and an insulation board. The electromagnetic-wave absorption material is adapted to attach onto the antenna carrier board and absorbs the electromagnetic wave. The insulation board is attached to the electromagnetic-wave absorption material to cover on the antenna carrier board and maintain a magnetic-field interference at a fixed value.03-08-2012
20120055993METHOD FOR CODING/INDIVIDUALIZING A CONTAINER USED TO RECEIVE NUTRIENT SOLUTIONS OR CULTURE MEDIA - A method for coding/individualizing a container used to receive nutrient solutions or culture media, in particular for cultivating microorganisms, cell cultures, bacteria and the like, the container being assigned a code, characterized in that the code is designed to be machine-readable, issued by the manufacturer and assigned to the container and that on the user side the code is assigned to a process as a data record.03-08-2012
20120012655ANTENNA DEVICE AND RFID SYSTEM - There is provided an antenna device for transmitting a radio wave to a tag capable of receiving the radio wave includes a first layer, a second layer, and a first plate which is disposed on or above the second layer. These are electrically conductive. The second layer is disposed apart from the first layer and includes a plurality of non-electrically conductive portions to generate an electromagnetic wave travelling along a first axis above the second layer. Further, the first plate is disposed on or above the second layer to allow the tag to receive the radio wave transmitted from the antenna.01-19-2012
20120305647DEVICE HAVING REDUCED OVERALL DIMENSIONS FOR IDENTIFYING A METAL SUBSTRATE IN A DUSTY AND METALLIC ENVIRONMENT, AND APPLICATION FOR IDENTIFYING CONTAINERS CONTAINING NUCLEAR FUEL ELEMENTS IN THE PRODUCTION PLANT THEREOF - A device for identifying a metal substrate present in a strongly metallic environment that may also be dusty. The device includes a passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) label, a label carrier suitable for being attached to the metal substrate and to position the label at a distance therefrom, and a RFID reader having an antenna that includes, as an induction loop, two sections of a coaxial cable having a substantially identical length and each including a metal core and a metal pleat surrounding the core, the two sections being linked together, on the one hand, at one end thereof by connecting the core of one to the pleat of the other and conversely and, on the other hand, at the other end thereof by connecting only the pleats together, the cores thereof being separated at said other end.12-06-2012
20110089239Radio Frequency Absorption - Apparatus for interrogating a defined read space, including RFID reader antenna (04-21-2011
20120118958IC TAG COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - An IC (Integrated Circuit) tag communication apparatus is capable of transporting a medium with an IC tag along a transportation path and communicating with the IC tag. The IC tag communication apparatus includes an antenna portion for communicating with the IC tag. Further, the transportation path includes a low dielectric region arranged to face the antenna portion.05-17-2012
20120126008THIN MOUNT RFID TAGGING SYSTEMS - A tag, such as an RFID tag, a system including the RFID tag and techniques for installing the RFID tag onto the surface of a tool. The RFID tag is coupled to an outer surface of a tool via an adhesive and/or coating that acts to retain the tag. The RFID tag is coated with a thin protective coating or casing material that may be disposed about a circumference of the RFID tag.05-24-2012
20120160916READ HEAD - A read head with a sensor unit is provided, whereby the sensor unit has a first RFID transponder reader unit and an induction detector unit, and the read head has a longitudinal axis and can be moved along the longitudinal axis of a track, and an evaluation unit connected to the RFID transponder reader unit and to the induction detector unit is provided. The RFID transponder reader unit is set up for absolute position determination and outputs a first position value, and the induction detector unit is set up for absolute position determination and outputs a second position value, and whereby the evaluation unit is set up to determine an absolute position from the first position value and the second position value.06-28-2012
20100206951PRODUCE DATA COLLECTER WHICH COLLECTS INTERNAL PRODUCE INFORMATION - A produce data collector which collects internal produce information. The produce data collector includes a sonograph for directing acoustic energy in the form of sound waves into a produce item, for receiving return sound waves from the produce item, for converting the return sound waves into electrical signals, and for sending the electrical signals to a computer that identifies the produce item.08-19-2010
20120168504TWO-PART READER FOR CONTACTLESS CARDS - Pursuant to some embodiments, systems, methods, apparatus and means for operating two-part contactless card readers are provided. In some embodiments, the two-part contactless card reader is installed in association with a transaction counter, where the transaction counter has a first surface and a second surface. Pursuant to some embodiments, the device includes a customer-facing unit installed on a first surface of the transaction counter, a base unit installed on a second surface of the transaction counter, the second surface apart from the first surface, where the first surface and the second surface are separated by a substantially solid material with no aperture formed therethrough. The base unit includes electronic components for generating interrogation signals for interrogating contactless cards, the electronic components also for receiving card data signals from the contactless cards, the card data signals indicative of card data stored in the contactless cards. The customer-facing unit includes at least one indicia for indicating, to a user of a contactless card, a location at which the contactless card is to be presented to the contactless card reader.07-05-2012
20100051692DETECTION AND TRACKING OF ENVIRONMENTAL PARAMETERS - A system includes a plurality of carriers for storing articles sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), wherein each of the plurality of carriers includes a device having a sensor to sense one or more environmental parameters. At least one of the environmental parameters comprises an ESD parameter. The system also includes a plurality of radio frequency (RF) receiving devices and a coordinator unit to which the RF receiving devices communicate according to a wireless networking standard. The RF receiving devices are configured to obtain data associated with the sensed environmental parameters from the devices of the plurality of carriers via wireless communications according to the wireless networking standard. The plurality of RF receiving devices route the data obtained from the devices of the plurality of carriers to the coordinator unit.03-04-2010
20120248187RECONFIGURABLE ANTENNA SYSTEM FOR RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) - An antenna system that allows increasing the reading reliability of RFId systems by dynamically changing the shape or the polarization of the electromagnetic field radiated by the RPId reader. The system includes at least one reconfigurable antenna, a variable DC bias unit and a methodology to efficiently use the system in RFId applications. The system allows changing the direction in which the energy is radiated or the polarization of the radiated field in order to “move” the electromagnetic field and to also read RFid tags that receive faint signals with standard RFid systems. Polarization alignment between the reader's antenna and the transponder allows for maximum power transfer, while changing the direction of radiation allows concentrating the electromagnetic field towards the transponder.10-04-2012
20120248186SELF-PARAMETERISING RFID ANTENNA EXTENDER - An antenna extender configured to be coupled electromagnetically to an RFID read/write station. The extender includes a first circuit oscillating at variable frequency and a second oscillating circuit coupled to the first oscillating circuit, and a processing unit which is powered by energy supplied by the second oscillating circuit when the extender is placed close to the read/write station. The processing unit includes a mechanism to measure voltage at terminals of the second oscillating circuit and a controller that can be used to vary resonance frequency of the first oscillating circuit as a function of the value of the measured voltage to optimize frequency tuning between the extender and the read/write station.10-04-2012
20090152354Card reader device - A card reader device has a card entrance for receiving a card, such as an ATM card, a card enclosure in registration with the card entrance and defining an area in which the card is read, and a shutter for controlling access to the card enclosure from the card entrance. The card reader device also has a read head located in the card entrance for reading data from the card, and a controller for controlling the operation of the card reader device. The controller is operable to: (i) open the shutter in response to reading data from the card, and (ii) disable the read head when the shutter is opened.06-18-2009
20100038424METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BULK TESTING OF SMART CARD DEVICES - Method and apparatus for simultaneously communicating with multiple smart card devices (02-18-2010
20120255999GOLF BALL WITH ENCAPSULATED RFID CHIP - A spherical compressible ball having an RFID tag is described. The ball comprises an RFID integrated circuit, an encapsulating material, a first antenna contact, a first conductive wire, a molded compressible core, and a molded shell. The RFID integrated circuit includes a memory that stores a unique identifier. The encapsulating material encapsulates the RFID integrated circuit. The first antenna contact is electrically coupled to the encapsulated RFID integrated circuit. The first conductive wire is electrically coupled to the first antenna contact. The molded compressible core includes a molded impression that receives the encapsulated RFID integrated circuit and the conductive wire. The molded shell further encapsulates the molded compressible core that receives the encapsulated RFID integrated circuit and antenna.10-11-2012
20120255998GOLF BALL WITH RFID INLAY BETWEEN A SPLIT CORE - A compressible core with an RFID tag is described. The compressible core comprises an RFID integrated circuit, and an inlay material sandwiched between a top hemisphere and a bottom hemisphere. The RFID integrated circuit includes a memory that stores a unique identifier. The inlay material includes an RFID antenna electrically coupled to the RFID integrated circuit. The top hemisphere of the compressible core is separated from the bottom hemisphere of the compressible core. The inlay with the RFID antenna and the RFID integrated circuit placed between the top and bottom hemispheres. The top hemisphere, the inlay and the bottom hemisphere are joined together forming a compressible core. Additionally, the molded shell encapsulates the compressible core.10-11-2012
20130200151SWITCHABLE RFID CARD READER ANTENNA - An antenna includes a plurality of loops and a plurality of double pole double throw (DPDT) switches. The plurality of DPDT switches is coupled to the plurality of loops. The DPDT switches are configured to cause a change in direction of current in one or more of the plurality of loops, thereby altering a direction of a magnetic field in one or more of the plurality of loops, such that a device positioned at a plurality of positions in relation to the antenna is electromagnetically coupled to the antenna at the plurality of positions.08-08-2013
20120080524METHOD, SYSTEM AND SMART CARD READER FOR MANAGEMENT OF ACCESS TO A SMART CARD - The described embodiments relate generally to devices, methods and systems for managing access to a memory card, such as a smart card, by a plurality of accessing devices. Certain embodiments relate to a smart card reader for managing concurrent access to a smart card, wherein when a channel manager receives a close session request from a first accessing device, and a first session is open on a first channel for the first accessing device and a second session is open on a second channel for a second accessing device, the channel manager is configured to: issue a close channel command to the smart card to close the second channel; issue the close session request from the first accessing device to the smart card; and issue a further session request to the smart card to re-open the first channel, and continue the second session on the re-opened first channel.04-05-2012
20120280041FRAUD PREVENTION - An electromagnetic signal transmitter for fraud prevention in a self-service terminal is described. The electromagnetic signal transmitter comprises a plurality of coil drives. The plurality of coil drives may include a first inductive coil drive comprising a first pair of opposing poles; and a second inductive coil drive comprising a second pair of opposing poles, where the second pair of opposing poles are offset from the first pair of opposing poles in at least two dimensions.11-08-2012
20120138682ITEM IDENTIFICATION DEVICE ANTENNA - An item identification device antenna which provides better field coverage for reading item identification tags. The item identification device antenna includes a first portion coupled to a tag reader for reading a tag on an item, wherein the first portion is for radiating an electromagnetic field at a predetermined frequency, and a second portion in the electromagnetic field for resonating at the predetermined frequency to radiate another electromagnetic field for reading the tag. The tags may include radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.06-07-2012
20130168449RFID READER FOR USE IN CASINOCHIP TRAY - The present invention relates to the RFID reader for use in casinochip tray containing: a casinochip tray where RFID tag-embedded casino chips can be accommodated; a housing of which an upper side is opened in order for the casinochip tray to be located; a RFID antenna line which is arranged on the circumference and on the bottom side of the housing; and a RFID reader which is connected to the RFID antenna line.07-04-2013
20110253787ULTRASONIC IMAGING APPARATUS FOR READING AND DECODING MACHINE-READABLE MATRIX SYMBOLS - There is provided an apparatus and method for reading matrix codes comprising an ultrasound transducer 10-20-2011
20080223931Electronic Circuit for a Contactless Reader Device - An electronic circuit (09-18-2008
20130181048METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STORING AND TRACKING INFORMATION RELATING TO A MEDICAL IMPLANT DEVICE - A system for storing information relating to a medical implant device implanted in a patient includes a credit card sized card device structured to be carried by the patient external to the patient's body. The card device includes a wireless transponder device securely storing information relating to at least one of the medical implant and the patient. The system also includes a reader device structured to selectively and securely read the information from the wireless transponder device. In one implementation, the reader device is able to selectively and securely read the information from the wireless transponder device using a direct electrical connection (e.g., using transcutaneous contact) without an air interface.07-18-2013
20130181049STAND SUITABLE FOR SECURING A BAG - A bag stand (07-18-2013
20130140362ELECTRICAL PRODUCT - A wireless IC device processing a high-frequency signal is arranged in an electrical product main body, and an input-output terminal of the wireless IC device is coupled to at least a portion of a power cable externally extending from the electrical product main body06-06-2013
20080217407Host Apparatus and Method Providing Calibration and Reagent Information to a Measurement Apparatus with Makes Use of a Consumable Reagent in a Measuring Process - Apparatuses and methods providing data such as, for example, calibration and reagent information (09-11-2008
20130112747NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATIONS READER - The present application relates to a near field communications (NFC) reader which includes an amplifier that drives an antenna. Capacitors of fixed value are connected in series between differential outputs of the amplifier and inputs of the antenna and form a series resonant circuit with the impedance of the antenna. Variable capacitances are provided in series with the fixed value capacitors, and the capacitance of these variable capacitances can be adjusted to compensate for manufacturing tolerances in the fixed value capacitors which cause a frequency offset between a desired resonant frequency of the series resonant circuit its actual resonant frequency, and to compensate for changes in the input impedance of the antenna that occur as the distance between the antenna of the reader and an antenna of an NFC tag changes.05-09-2013
20110266345RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION OF LIGHTING FIXTURES - A lighting system is disclosed wherein each fixture in the lighting system includes a permanently attached radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. Each fixture also includes either a matching hardwired identification chip or an RFID reader capable of reading the RFID tag. The tags can be used for commissioning the lighting system by reading the tags with a portable reader and assigning or removing fixtures from groups. The tags can also be used for other tasks requiring identification and tracking of specific fixtures.11-03-2011
20130146663SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONVERGING RFID BUILDING SECURITY WITH PKI TECHNIQUES - A system and method for dynamically retrieving and storing local building/facility access card information on an access card is provided. An access card is provided to a local facility access card reader and is authenticated for the local facility by providing local facility access card information from the reader to be stored inside a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate relating to the access card.06-13-2013
20130146662CARD READER PROTECTION SYSTEM - Devices, systems and methods for detecting skimming devices are provided. The present disclosure provides for a card reader assembly including a face plate having a slot for receiving a card in a direction of entry into the slot; an array of infrared proximity detectors disposed on the face plate; and a controller configured to selectively activate the array of infrared proximity detectors to determine if an object, for example, a skimming device, is placed over the slot of the face plate.06-13-2013
20110233276READING UNIT FOR READING INFORMATION OF CARDS - A reading unit includes an entry slot for receiving a card and an exit slot for dispensing the card. Arranged between the entry slot and the exit slot is a reader for reading information on the card. A disinfector to disinfect the card is arranged in the interior of the reading unit as the card enters into the entry slot and/or as the card is discharged from the exit slot. As a result, a user of the card is protected against risk of infection.09-29-2011
20100314445CONTACTLESS COMMUNICATION VIA A PLURALITY OF INTERFACES - A contactless communication device including an energy interface configured to activate the contactless communication device or a contactless communication partner based on a first carrier signal; and a contactless high speed data interface configured to enable data communication between the contactless communication device and the contactless communication partner based on a second carrier signal having a frequency greater than a high frequency (HF).12-16-2010
20100314444ANTENNA INTERFACE HAVING A PAUSE DETECTOR - An antenna interface of a contactless device including a current source configured to provide a current signal which is dependent on a radio frequency field; and a pause detector coupled to the current source and configured to detect a field pause from the current signal and output a field pause signal.12-16-2010
20130193207LATERAL DISCRIMINATION METHOD AND DEVICE - The present invention relates to the field of radio frequency identification (RFID). In one form, the invention relates to a method and/or device adapted to provide at least some level of providing lateral discrimination within a given area. The invention has been developed primarily for interrogating multiple passive transponders which are attached to objects to be identified by those respective transponders and will be described hereinafter with reference to that application. A typical application is the identification of RFID transponders or other RFID devices, such as those embedded in plastic tokens or cards within a selected area and which may be provided near each other or stacked on each other.08-01-2013
20130200152LOW-POWER PULSE WIDTH ENCODING SCHEME AND COUNTER-LESS SHIFT REGISTER THAT MAY BE EMPLOYED THEREWITH - A method of decoding an encoded signal includes steps of receiving the encoded signal, creating a decoding signal by delaying the encoded signal by a predetermined amount of time Δ, sampling the encoded signal using the decoding signal, and determining a value of each of a plurality of decoded bits represented by the encoded signal based on the sampling. Also, a method of operating a shift register wherein the shift register has an initialization state wherein a first binary symbol is stored in a first position and a second binary symbol different than the first binary symbol is stored in each of one or more intermediate positions and a last position. The method includes determining that the shift register is full responsive to detecting that the first binary symbol has been stored in either one of the intermediate positions or the last position.08-08-2013
20120085822FINGER SENSING DEVICE INCLUDING DIFFERENTIAL MEASUREMENT CIRCUITRY AND RELATED METHODS - A finger sensing device may include an array of finger sensing pixels to receive a user's finger adjacent thereto. Each finger sensing pixel may include a finger sensing electrode. The finger sensing device may include a finger drive electrode configured to couple a drive signal through the user's finger to the array of finger sensing pixels. The finger sensing device may also include differential pixel measurement circuitry coupled to the array of finger sensing pixels and configured to generate a plurality of interpixel difference measurements for adjacent pairs of the finger sensing pixels.04-12-2012

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