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20130043307SELF-CHECHOUT APPARATUS - In accordance with one embodiment, a self-checkout apparatus comprises a structural body including a first photographing unit which is provided with a first photographing window at the front part thereof. The first photographing unit has a photographing area in front of the first photographing window through which the first photographing unit photographs a computer readable symbol located within the photographing area. The apparatus also comprises a portable second photographing unit configured to photograph the computer readable symbol and a cradle, arranged at a position adjacent to one side of the structural body, on which the second photographing unit is placed.02-21-2013
20110192900READING APPARATUS - A reading apparatus according to an embodiment includes a placing part, a scanner, and a scanner holding part. The placing part has a placing surface on which an article is placed at the upper surface thereof. The scanner has a front wall provided with a reading window. The scanner reads article identification information positioned at a reading region in front of the reading window. The scanner holding part disposes the scanner above the placing surface. The reading apparatus has a space between the scanner and the placing part. The reading apparatus allows the article to be displaced on the placing part corresponding to a part below the scanner.08-11-2011
20100140351METHOD FOR PREVENTING ARTICLE THEFT AND SELF-CHECKOUT SYSTEM CARRYING OUT THE METHOD - A method of inhibiting article theft at a location employing at least one-self checkout station and an antitheft security system, each article carrying at least one antitheft label, comprises reading information from an article, sensing at least one physical parameter of the article, retrieving article parameter information from a database based on the read identification information, comparing the sensed the at least one physical parameter with the retrieved article parameter information and deactivating each antitheft security label carried by the article if the sensed at least one physical parameter generally corresponds with the article parameter information.06-10-2010
20100163620Apparatus and Method for Identifying Purchase Items and Storing Target Identifiers - An apparatus comprising an input device and a storage element, the input device being operable to identify one or more items for purchase, the apparatus being operable to store one or more target identifiers, the or each target identifier corresponding to a target item and, when at least one of the one or more items matches one or more of the stored identifiers, generate an output accordingly.07-01-2010
20100006646HOME GROCERY INVENTORY SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a system and method for maintaining household inventories of items. The invention relates to placing RFID tags to items with a shopper possessing a personal RFID reader. The reader can synchronize with a computer such as a store computer, a personal computer or the computer can be part of the reader. An internet site capable of analyzing information on the computer then can provide a wide range of products and services based on the item inventory analysis back to the computer.01-14-2010
20090261164MOBILE TERMINAL, REGISTER DEVICE, AND COMMODITY SALE PROCESSING SYSTEM - A mobile terminal is provided. A scanner unit reads code information attached to a commodity. A RAM stores the code information read by the scanner unit as commodity-for-purchase information. The scanner unit, to confirm whether the commodity-for-purchase information stored in the RAM is correct, the scanner unit reads the code information of one part of the commodity-for-purchase. A CPU switches from reading for storage to reading for confirmation. It is determined whether information contained in the code information read by the scanner unit is stored in the RAM. A display displays a result of the determination.10-22-2009
20090159675METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING INTERACTIVE CARDHOLDER REWARDS IMAGE REPLACEMENT - A system for facilitating image management for portable devices is disclosed. The system includes a host configured to maintain information relating to a first portable device and a second portable device and an interface device configured to communicate with the host and the first and second portable devices. The interface device includes control logic configured to: determine whether the first portable device is valid for image synchronization using information provided by the host; and if it is determined that the first portable device is valid for image synchronization, record an image of the first portable device, determine whether the second portable device is valid for image synchronization, and download an image of the first portable device to the second portable device if it is determined that the second portable device is valid for image synchronization. The interface device further includes control logic configured to: determine whether the second portable device is valid for image replacement using information provided by the host, and if it is determined that the second portable device is valid for image replacement, retrieve an image of the first portable device and download the retrieved image to the second portable device. The interface device also includes control logic configured to: determine whether the second portable device includes additional information that is not included in the image of the first portable device, and if it is determined that the second portable device includes the additional information, concatenate the additional information with the image of the first portable device, and download the concatenated additional information and image of the first portable device onto the second portable device. The interface device concatenates the additional information and the image of the first portable device based on a set of conflict resolution rules.06-25-2009
20130082104METHOD OF AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING PRODUCT RELATED INFORMATION AT POS-BASED RETAIL CHECKOUT SYSTEMS - A bi-optical code symbol reading system including a system housing having a vertical housing section with a vertical window and a horizontal housing section with a horizontal window adjacent the vertical scanning window; and a digital video display subsystem, disposed within the vertical section of the system housing, and supporting the display of digital images in substantially the same plane as the vertical window during system operation. The digital images displayed by digital video display subsystem can be video images captured by an integrated digital imaging code symbol reading subsystem, to assist the operator in aligning code symbols during scanning operations. The digital images can also be product and price information captured during product scanning operations.04-04-2013
20130048722METHODS AND ARRANGEMENTS FOR SENSING IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION FROM OBJECTS - In one arrangement, retail product packaging is digitally watermarked over most of its extent to allow machine identification by one or more inexpensive cameras at retail checkouts. Such a system also considers image fingerprints, product configuration, barcodes and other available information in identifying products. Imagery captured by conventional or plenoptic cameras is processed to derive several perspective-transformed views, which are provided to the identification system—increasing throughput by minimizing the need to manually reposition items for identification. Crinkles and other deformations in product packaging are optically sensed, allowing the surface to be virtually flattened to aid identification. A marked conveyor belt at the checkout station increases speed and accuracy, and provides other benefits to both shoppers and sellers. A great variety of other features are also detailed.02-28-2013
20130048721PRODUCT INFORMATION SYSTEM AND METHOD USING A TAG AND MOBILE DEVICE - A product information system including a server having an item database that stores at least one item identifier and corresponding item data for at least one item. Also, the item database is associated with a predetermined vendor. The server also includes a receiver that receives a message including tag data captured from a tag by a portable wireless device. The tag data includes an item identifier. Also, the server includes a processor that operates, in response to the received message, to select item data from the item database that corresponds to the received item identifier. The server also includes a transmitter that transmits the selected item data to the portable wireless device.02-28-2013
20090302107Method For Online Purchasing Using Printed Form - A method of effecting a purchasing transaction includes providing a printed form having printed thereon coded data distributed over an area; capturing an image of the form using a sensing device, the captured image showing a portion of the coded data; decoding at least some of the coded data within the captured image; determining from the coded data an identity of the form, a position of the coded data on the form, and a parameter of the purchasing transaction; determining a position of the sensing device relative to the form from a distortion of the captured image and the determined position of the coded data; compiling the identify of the form, the position of the sensing device, and the parameter of the purchasing transaction as indicating data; receiving in a computer system the indicating data; and identifying, in the computer system and from the indicating data, at least one parameter relating to a purchasing transaction.12-10-2009
20090302106COMMERCIAL ARTICLE INFORMATION PRESENTING SYSTEM - A commercial article information presenting system includes a shopping basket device and a shopping server communicating with the shopping basket device. The shopping basket device acquires a tag ID from an electronic tag attached to a commercial article put in a shopping basket and transmits the tag ID to a shop server. The shop server stores the tag ID received from the shopping basket device, generates screen data for an itemization screen for indicating a commercial article identifier and a unit price corresponding to the stored tag ID, a total of unit prices. The shop server transmits the screen data for the itemization screen to the shopping basket device.12-10-2009
20090090775Printer and issuing apparatus - Provided are a printer and an issuing apparatus in which there is no risk of causing a jam even when a user blocks a discharge port of a printed sheet, and in which occurrence of sheet jam can be effectively prevented. In a printer or an issuing apparatus having the printer built-in, a send-out means (04-09-2009
20090090773ELECTRONIC PRICE TAG - Information to identify a single operation is stored in the nonvolatile memory of a storage in response to a predetermined operation at an operating part, and price data stored in the nonvolatile memory of the storage is read in response to the predetermined operation at the operating part and a price based on the read price data is displayed on a display for a predetermined time.04-09-2009
20110011932COMMODITY INFORMATION READING AND DISPLAYING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a commodity information reading and displaying apparatus includes a housing, a reading window, a display device, and a light blocking sheet. The reading window is provided on one surface of the housing and configured to read predetermined information from a commodity held over the reading window. The display device is provided on a surface opposite to the surface of the housing, on which the reading window is provided, and configured to display information concerning the commodity held over the reading window. The light blocking sheet is attached to the display device and configured to limit an angle of field of a display surface of the display device to a direction deviating from the front of the display surface.01-20-2011
20090236419CONTROLLING SHOPPER CHECKOUT THROUGHPUT - The present invention provides a solution for controlling checkout throughput. Specifically, under the present invention a set of attributes of an item will be obtained. An analysis of the set of attributes will then be performed to determine whether an inconsistency exists based on a tolerance threshold. Such analysis can include, for example, comparing the weight of the item to its expected weight. This can help determine if a mistake has been made or fraud has been committed. Whether an inconsistency is observed is based on a tolerance threshold. For example, a certain deviation (i.e., the tolerance threshold) from an expected value could be allowed to could be allowed to reduce errors during the checkout process and thereby increase checkout throughput. As such, the present invention allows the tolerance threshold to be tuned based on a desired checkout throughput.09-24-2009
20090134221Tunnel-type digital imaging-based system for use in automated self-checkout and cashier-assisted checkout operations in retail store environments - A tunnel-type digital imaging-based system capable of generating and projecting coplanar and/or coextensive illumination and imaging planes or zones into a 3D imaging volume within a tunnel structure. The system includes a tunnel housing structure which is supported above a package conveyor in a retail environment, and employs automatic package detection, identification, profiling/dimensioning, weighing, tracking and correlating techniques during self-checkout and/or cashier-assisted operations for achieving increased levels of efficiency and productivity.05-28-2009
20130214044PROXIMITY TRANSACTION APPARATUS AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - A transaction terminal may be configured to perform a financial transaction intermediated by an RFID bearing payment token. The financial transaction may be of a general type.08-22-2013
20100282841VISUAL SECURITY FOR POINT OF SALE TERMINALS - Under the present invention, item verification is automated and expedited. Specifically, items to be purchased can be scanned by the shopper using a barcode reader (e.g., a scanner), attached to or positioned near the checkout station. As items are scanned, they are identified based on their barcode, and added to an item list. Item verification can then be performed at checkout using imaging technology. Specifically, as items are scanned, an item verification unit will capture an appearance thereof (via a camera). Item verification software within the item verification unit will access a database that associates items with their images/appearances. The appearance will be compared for consistency to the identity as determined based on the scan. In general, the item verification unit is a separate unit from the cash register, but adapted to work in conjunction therewith (e.g., as a pluggable system, via wireless communication, etc.).11-11-2010
20100090002MERCHANDISE REGISTRATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - When obtaining an ID code from a user who holds out an arm to a corresponding merchandise in a noncontact manner, respective information terminal devices accept a registration input of the corresponding merchandise. When accepting the registration input of the corresponding merchandise, registration merchandise information including obtained user identification information and merchandise identification information for identifying the merchandise corresponding to the information terminal device is transmitted to a server device. The server device stores and manages merchandise sales information for the respective ID codes from the registration merchandise information received from the respective information terminal devices. When the ID code is input from a settlement device, the merchandise sales information corresponding to the ID code is transmitted to the settlement device. The settlement device performs the settlement processing based on the merchandise sales information received from the server device.04-15-2010
20100032482PROVIDING DIRECTED CONTENT TO ANONYMOUS CUSTOMERS - A method includes electronically identifying a first item that a customer intends to purchase while the customer is shopping and electronically providing content to the customer in response to the identifying to entice the customer to purchase a second, different item.02-11-2010
20100032481SCANNER WITH EMBEDDED AUDIO/DATA COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - The invention relates to a scanner with an embedded voice/data communication system. The embedded communication system enables data to obtained remotely, and transferred to the scanner. The scanner includes a multiplexing component that can enables data received via the communication component to be handled as though it were obtained with the scanner. In addition, the communication system enables paging/calling of remote devices.02-11-2010
20090145965Radio Frequency Identification System for Inventory Handling, Tracking, and Checkout - One embodiment provides a method of handling for-sale items while shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, including inventorying, tracking, and scanning the for-sale items at checkout. Customers select and bag items while they shop. Each item includes an RFID tag uniquely identifying the item or category of item. The customer brings the shopping cart to an unloading zone of a checkout station. Another, empty shopping cart is positioned in an unloading zone. The customer may receive electronic guidance in positioning the shopping carts. As the customer moves the bags from the shopping cart in the unloading zone to the shopping cart in the loading zone, the bags are scanned by the RFID scanner without removing the items from the bags. Redundant RFID scanners may be provided to increase reliability, and a UPC scanner may be provided as a backup. The shopping carts at the loading zone and unloading zone may be weighed and the weights compared, to guard against possible theft of goods.06-11-2009
20090152349FAMILY ORGANIZER COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK SYSTEM - The following describes a system and methods that provide integrated web-based graphic user interface to manage communications for a variety of WEB-accessible mobile devices, computers, and other consumer electronic devices. The user interface provided in conjunction with a server architecture simplifies all of a family daily communications and information. The system logic is based on utilizing networked, online, or web-based processing devices, such as servers, as the central processing and database engine for content management and communications. As the system is device and source agnostic, the system is designed to work with any web-accessible device. As a result, the user devices may provide a communications portal to collect information from and present content to the family. The system also facilitates organization and communication between family members by providing a centralized depository of all family data including calendars, shopping lists, and messages. In addition, an automated barcode, shopping, and advertising feature is provided.06-18-2009
20090145966SHOPPING RECEPTACLE FOR RECEIVING INTERACTIVE PRODUCT ITEMS - A shopping receptacle for receiving a product item. The product item comprises an interface surface a position-coding pattern containing coded data is printed on the interface surface. The coded data identifies a plurality of position coordinates on the interface surface and an identity of the product item. The receptacle comprises: a receptacle body and an opening through which the product item is placed within the receptacle body. A sensing device is positioned for scanning product items as they are placed through the opening. The sensing device emits a scanning beam across the opening of the receptacle body and generates, using sensed coded data, indicating data indicative of a position coordinate on the interface surface and the identity of the product item.06-11-2009
20110147454SELF-CHECKOUT TERMINAL AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - According to one embodiment, a self-checkout terminal includes a reading unit and a light emitting unit. The reading unit reads commodity information from a commodity held over a reading position. The light emitting unit emits light in a first color to illuminate the reading position and emits light in a second color in response to the reading of the commodity information by the reading unit.06-23-2011
20100123005METHOD OF PREVENTING MULTIPLE READS WHEN SCANNING GROUPS OF OPTICAL CODES - State-of-the-art optical scanning systems feature digital imaging of multiple symbolic labels such as optical bar codes. An imaging scanner reads a label 05-20-2010
20090272801DETERRING CHECKOUT FRAUD - Aspects of the present invention provide an approach for deterring checkout fraud comprising a camera (e.g., still, video, etc.) that is located near (overhead) a scanner used to scan a barcode of an item being purchased. Specifically, the barcode of the item is scanned and an image of the item is recorded. It is then determined whether the identity of the item as determined based on the barcode is consistent with its appearance as determined from the image. If not, a discrepancy is registered. It is then determined whether the discrepancy is due to fraud (e.g., theft) or device error. In the case of the latter, the system can be updated to prevent a repeat of the error. In either event, the scan, the image and a shopping event corresponding to the scan and image can be logged for future analysis and/or learning.11-05-2009
20090294530METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LABELING AND MANAGING THE SALE OF MANUFACTURED CONCRETE BLOCKS - In a method for identifying manufactured concrete or masonry blocks and managing the sale thereof to a customer in a retail establishment, the retail establishment having a computer system configured to monitor inventory, a database operatively coupled to the computer system, and a plurality of point of sale (POS) terminals operatively coupled to the computer system. The method includes a) applying a releasably secured label to the concrete block or a layer of concrete blocks contained on a pallet, where the label has UPC information affixed thereon and is releasable from the concrete block or layer of concrete blocks on the pallet, b) selecting for purchase by the customer, a number of concrete blocks from a selected pallet, c) removing the label from the concrete block or the layer of concrete blocks on the pallet, d) presenting the label at the POS terminal, e) scanning the label via the POS terminal to process the UPC information, and entering the number of concrete blocks intended for purchase, f) transmitting data encoded in the UPC information to the computer system along with an indication of the number of concrete blocks purchased to effect maintenance of the inventory of concrete blocks, and g) issuing a receipt to the purchaser evidencing purchase of the concrete blocks.12-03-2009
20090283594METHOD OF BUNDLING ACTIVATION AND SALES OF GIFT CARDS - A method for bundling the activation and sale of gift cards is provided whereby a plurality of gift cards is packaged together into a multi-pack that is then purchased and activated in a single transaction. In this manner, electronic transaction cards are bundled such that there is more than one card in a single package. The customer is then presented with a variety of the electronic transaction card multi-packs for consideration and purchase. Upon making their selection, the customer takes the multi-pack to a cashier to complete a traditional checkout and purchase operation. The cards are then bulk activated at an activation terminal. This allows a person purchasing a multi-pack, for example to purchase three $25.00 gift cards for their face value plus one activation fee and then distribute each of those cards to a different individual as a gift.11-19-2009
20090283593MERCHANDISE SALES DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS - A merchandise sales data processing apparatus has a scanning section, a facing section and a settlement section laterally arrayed in an X-direction. A shop assistant stands a position that is side by side to the merchandise sales data processing apparatus in a Y-direction. A customer comes to a position that is side by side to the merchandise sales data processing apparatus in the Y-direction on the opposite side. The customer places a shopping basket with an article in it, on the top surface of the facing section. The shop assistant takes the article out of the shopping basket. The shop assistant moves the article in the Y-direction through the space above the facing section. The shop assistant causes the scanning section to optically scan an article code formed as a code symbol attached to the article. The shop assistant carries out settlement based on the article code scanned by the scanning section, by using the settlement section.11-19-2009
20090283592COMMODITY SALES DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS - A checkout counter is used for checkout transactions performed by a store clerk and a customer face to face. The checkout counter is set between a waiting position of the store clerk and a waiting position of the customer. A commodity-code input apparatus is arranged on a downstream side of a flow of commodities on which the store clerk takes a commodity planned to be purchased by the customer and moves the commodity. A commodity code input by the commodity-code input apparatus is used for settlement by a POS terminal. An information display is arranged further on an upstream side of the flow of commodities than the commodity-code input apparatus. Information for customers lining up to wait for their turns for checkout transactions is displayed on the information display.11-19-2009
20090289114PRICE GUARANTEE TRACKING SERVICE - Price guarantee tracking services are an automated method for acquiring price guarantee terms and conditions from retailers and subsequently viewing them. A system for tracking a price guarantee includes a processor; memory operably connected to the processor; a find price guarantee program loaded into the memory and operable by the processor; a parse price guarantee program loaded into the memory and operable by the processor; and a list of price guarantee terms loaded into the memory and operable by the processor.11-26-2009
20080245862SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTERACTIVE MARKETING TO CONSUMERS - A system and method for interactive marketing to consumers and, more particularly, to a system and method for marketing merchandise to consumers in an interactive retail environment. The method includes detecting a disturbance in an area and sending information related to the disturbance to a back end merchandising system. The method further includes retrieving relevant information related to the detected disturbance from the back end merchandising system and displaying the relevant information on a display surface.10-09-2008
20080230604System for optimizing on-premises advertisements - A system for optimizing on-premises advertising, for example, at retail food and/or beverage establishments, such as bars, restaurants, night clubs, sports stadiums and other on-premise retail sites. The optimization is based upon on-premise sales data which includes point-of-sale (POS) data and may also take into account waste, spoilage, theft etc (“collectively “native sales data”). In one embodiment of the invention, the system is able to optimize which products are advertised based upon native sales data. In other embodiments of the invention, the system is able to determine the effectiveness of impulse advertisements for the selected products as well as the timing of the impulse advertisements in order to increase sales of selected products and increase the profitability of the retail establishment and improve the return on impulse ad costs.09-25-2008
20090166414COMMODITY SALES PROCESSING SYSTEM - A commodity sales processing system in which when a handy terminal receives membership number data that is sent from a membership card reader in the case of a valid membership card, the handy terminal transmits an optical signal (lock release signal), and a customer cradle receives the lock release signal from the handy terminal and releases the lock of the handy terminal.07-02-2009
20100127077COMMODITY SALES DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - A commodity sales data processing apparatus including a display unit configured to display various kinds of information includes an angle-of-field setting unit configured to set an angle of field of a display screen of the display unit to a first angle of field or a second angle of field narrower than the first angle of field. When checkout processing is started, an angle-of-field control section of the commodity sales data processing apparatus causes the angle-of-field setting unit to operate and set the angle of field of the display screen of the display unit to the second angle of field.05-27-2010
20110006114SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING A MOBILE DEVICE TO FOLLOW A PRICE FOR AN ITEM - A mobile device, such as a cellular telephone, is used to obtain information that is indicative of an item, such as a photograph of the item or a scan of an information carrying indicia associated with the item. The information obtained is then used to present on the mobile device a page by which a user can establish parameters for following the price of the item.01-13-2011
20090026262Article sales data processing apparatus - An article sales data processing apparatus comprises a first reading unit configured to read an article identification code from a first medium attached to an article, a second reading unit configured to read the article identification code from a second medium attached to the article, a determination unit configured to determine whether the article identification code is the code read by the first reading unit or the code read by the second reading unit, and a control unit configured to separately display, on a display unit, article sales data obtained from the article identification code determined to have been read by the first reading unit and article sales data obtained from the article identification code determined to have been read by the second reading unit.01-29-2009
20090050698Sales Tool - Disclosed is a computer system for use in a retail store. The store employees are provided with wireless devices. The wireless devices are able to interface with a local area network associated with the store and are able to receive product availability information, e.g., inventory; product detail information; and pricing information anywhere in the store. This enables the salespersons to give a customer inventory and other details regarding a displayed product while remaining by the side of the customer, as well as provide the customer with a printed quote that can be used to generate the embodiment of a ticket at the point of sale02-26-2009
20100200657DISPLAY FIXTURE BUILD AND MAPPING SYSTEM AND METHOD AND RELATED PRODUCT SALES INFORMATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of building and mapping a product display, the method involves the steps of: (a) utilizing a product display unit having multiple product holding locations, each product holding location for receiving multiple products for display; (b) assigning a parent identification data to the product display unit; (c) for each product holding location, utilizing unique item identification data for at least one product loaded into the product holding location, and linking the unique item identification data to data identifying product type; and (d) storing each unique item identification data and its associated data identifying product type in association with the parent identification data and data identifying the product holding location into which the product is loaded to create a data map of the product display unit and products loaded into the product holding locations of the product display unit.08-12-2010
20100200656Full-or self-service, point-of-sale, checkout terminal - A checkout terminal includes a housing having opposite end regions and a central region between the end regions, a main window supported at the central region, and a pair of side windows supported at the end regions and mutually facing each other. All of the windows bound a zone in which a product to be checked out at the terminal is located. A data capture system captures through at least one of the windows data associated with the product. A customer interface at one of the end regions enables a customer to interact with the terminal in a self-service mode of operation. A clerk interface at the other of the end regions enables a clerk to interact with the terminal in a full-service mode of operation.08-12-2010
20090101712RFID PROMOTIONAL COMPLIANCE - A method using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for managing a promotional merchandise display at locational spots in a store includes providing a locational spot in the store with a locational RFID tag uniquely identifying the locational spot, providing the locational spot with the promotional merchandise display associated with merchandise RFID tags, wherein each of the merchandise RFID tags uniquely identifies one or more products in the promotional merchandise display, scanning for radio frequency signals from the locational RFID tag and the merchandise RFID tags at or near the locational spot, transmitting information obtained from the scanning to a server, analyzing the information at the server for a determination of whether the promotional merchandise display is in compliance with a promotional display plan; and if not, generating a notice to the store, the notice including information relating to the locational spot and the promotional merchandise display.04-23-2009
20080245863SHOPPER AND ITEM AWARE STOREFRONT THAT PROVIDES AN ENHANCED SHOPPING EXPERIENCE THROUGH AUTOMATED STOREFRONT INTERACTIONS - The present invention discloses a storefront shopping technique that enhances shopping by presenting information to a shopper about proximate for-sale items. Both the shopper and the for-sale items can be associated with location beacons. The presented information can be specific to the shopper, which requires that an identity of the shopper be determined. In the technique, shopper specific information can be obtained from a data store to determine at least one of the for-sale items likely to be of interest to the shopper. A shopper proximity to the for-sale items can be detected based upon a location of the item location beacon associated with the determined for-sale item and based upon a location of the shopper location beacon. When the shopper is proximate to the for-sale item, information can automatically be presented to the shopper via an electronic device about the determined for-sale item.10-09-2008
20090194586COMMODITY INFORMATION ACQUISITION AND DISPLAY APPARATUS - A commodity information acquisition and display apparatus includes a commodity information input unit that has a reading window to read commodity information, and reads a commodity code attached to a commodity through the reading window so that the commodity information is inputted, a display unit that has a screen made of a transparent or semitransparent member and to display specified settlement information based on the commodity information, and is provided to be adjacent to the reading window to enable a customer to simultaneously and visually confirm the commodity and the settlement information through the screen, and a display control unit to control the display of the settlement information.08-06-2009
20090250516COMMODITY REGISTRATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - A commodity registration processing apparatus detects, with a commodity sensor, whether a commodity is present in an imaging area of an imaging device and, when the commodity sensor detects that the commodity is present in the imaging area, decodes a commodity code barcode or the commodity code barcode and a discount barcode on the basis of image data acquired by imaging by the imaging device, and performs registration and price adjustment processing for the commodity on the basis of a decoding result of the commodity code barcode or the decoding result of the commodity code barcode and a decoding result of the discount barcode.10-08-2009
20090250515SYSTEM, METHOD, AND APPARATUS OF A CUSTOMER INTERFACE DEVICE - A customer interface device for interfacing with a customer at a store may include a touch screen for displaying information and receiving customer instructions, a keypad, a wireless sensor for scanning tags attached to merchandise of the store, and at least one user input component to accept customer payment for items to be purchased, wherein the touch screen, the keypad, the wireless sensor and the at least one user input component are detachable modular components.10-08-2009
20090314834SHOPPING SYSTEM COMPRISING PRODUCT ITEM AND READING DEVICE - A shopping system comprises a product item having an interface surface and a reading device for reading coded data disposed on the interface surface. The reading device includes: (a) a radiation source for emitting radiation which exposes a coded data portion on the interface surface; (b) an image sensor for sensing the exposed coded data portion; (c) a force sensor coupled to a nib of the reading device; and (d) a processor for determining product identity data and/or position data. The reading device is adapted to sense the coded data in response to contact between the nib and the interface surface.12-24-2009
20110057036RECEIVING AND DISPENSING UNIT AND SELF-CHECKOUT SYSTEM - A receiving and dispensing unit and a self-checkout system of an embodiment includes a coin receiving and dispensing device which holds received coins in accordance with the denomination and dispenses the held coins, and a bill receiving and dispensing device which holds received bills in accordance with the denomination and dispenses the held bills. The bill receiving and dispensing device is arranged to overlap the coin receiving and dispensing device in the height direction of the coin receiving and dispensing device.03-10-2011
20110057035SELF CHECKOUT TERMINAL AND CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME - According to one embodiment, a self checkout terminal includes a reading section, a main display, a ticker display and a controller. The reading section reads identification information of a commodity from the commodity. The main display displays information relating to the commodity whose identification information is read by the reading section to an operator. The ticker display displays information in the same direction as the main display and is provided at a position closer to the reading section than the main display. The controller controls the ticker display and causes arbitrary information to be selectively displayed.03-10-2011
20090321518ITEM CHECKOUT DEVICE AND WEIGH PLATE WITH IMPROVED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD PERFORMANCE - A item checkout device and weigh plate with improved electromagnetic field performance. The item checkout device includes a housing, an electromagnetic field generator in the housing, a barcode reader in the housing, a scale assembly in the housing, and the weigh plate. The weigh plate is supported by the scale assembly and includes a non-metallic planar section located over the electromagnetic field generator and having a top surface resistant to damage and substantially transparent to an electromagnetic field from the electromagnetic field generator, and a window coplanar with the non-metallic planar section and located over the barcode reader.12-31-2009
20090072028COMMODITY-VENDING SYSTEM AND WEIGHT-SCALE APPARATUS - When a customer picks up a commodity at a store aisles and operates a tag device, a PLU code of the commodity is transmitted from the tag device to a weight-scale apparatus. The terminal device is provided corresponding to each commodity. The weight-scale apparatus upon receiving the PLU code increments a counter value (prepared per commodity) in only one step, and displays a commodity icon corresponding to the PLU code on a liquid-crystal touch panel. The counter value increments every time the PLU code is received. The weight-scale apparatus subsequent to weighing issues a label and decrement only a step of the counter value. The icon corresponding to the counter value continues to be displayed unless the counter value does not indicate “0 (zero)”. The icon is erased when the counter value indicates “0 (zero)”. This results in providing superior operations in weighing and selecting various types of commodities, displayed at the store aisles, that are objects to be weighed.03-19-2009
20080230603MEDIA ENABLED SHOPPING SYSTEM USER INTERFACE - A media enhanced shopping cart system comprises a shopping cart comprising a frame, a basket, a handle, a base tray, a plurality of wheels, a read component for performing a proximity scan of the shopping cart, a locationing component for determining a location of the shopping cart within a store based on the scan, and a display component for displaying at least one advertisement for a product based on the location of the shopping cart within the store, wherein the locationing component is further operable to determine a location of the product within the store relative to the shopping cart based on the scan, and wherein the display component is further operable to display an indication of the location of the advertised product relative to the location of the shopping cart.09-25-2008
20090152348Systems and methods for merchandise automatic checkout - Systems and methods for automatically checking out items located on a moving conveyor belt for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of a checkout process and revenue at a point-of-sale. The system includes a conveyor subsystem for moving the items, a housing that enclosed a portion of the conveyor subsystem, a lighting subsystem that illuminates an area within the housing, visual sensors that can take images of the items including UPCs, and a checkout system that receives the images from the visual sensors and automatically identifies the items. The system may include a scale subsystem located under the conveyor subsystem to measure the weights of the items, where the weight of each item is used to check if the corresponding item is identified correctly. The system relies on matching visual features from images stored in a database to match against features extracted from images taken by the visual sensors.06-18-2009
20110000963Methods and Apparatus for Product Price Verification and Information Display - Systems and techniques for automated customer display of product information. A price verification and product information station broadcasts a radiofrequency identification (RFID) interrogation signal and receives an RFID return message from an RFID tag affixed to a product in the immediate vicinity of the station. The station relays the return message to a server, which generates information responsive to the return message, for example, by decoding the RFID return message to extract product information included in the RFID return message. The server organizes and formats the product information extracted from the return message, and the retrieved information, and transmits it to the station, which displays the information.01-06-2011
20110031311KEYFOB AND IN STORE DEVICE BASED PROMOTION GENERATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system, method and computer program product for promotion generation and processing, including a keyfob device; a store device associated with a promotion and configured to communicate with the keyfob device, wherein based on a communication with the keyfob device the store device is configured to associate the promotion with the keyfob device; and a point-of-sale (POS) system, wherein the promotion associated with the keyfob device is communicated to the POS system for processing the promotion and for generating a corresponding sales slip including the promotion.02-10-2011
20090090774Printer and issuing apparatus - In order to provide a printer and an issuing apparatus for effectively preventing a user from mistakenly inserting a card into a discharge port of tickets or the like without increasing the number of components, in the printer or the issuing apparatus having the printer built-in, an outlet of a discharge port (04-09-2009
20090090776SYSTEM FOR SELF CHECKOUT - The present invention relates to a self check-out system which uses contact free tags embedded in a receptacle, e.g., a plate, glass, etc. The system relates the tag to a service area and uses that relationship to associate the receptacle with a charge to be made to a customer.04-09-2009
20090032589METHOD AND SYSTEM TO IMPROVE PRODUCT RECALLS - A method and system is provided to deter purchases of recalled products. An inventory control system is provided with an identification code corresponding to a recalled product. The identification code of the recalled product is identified when it is scanned or otherwise determined to be part of a sale at a retail establishment. The purchase of the recalled product corresponding to the identification code identified is automatically denied.02-05-2009
20100065631MERCHANDISE CHECKOUT TERMINAL - A merchandise checkout terminal is equipped with an article scanning device. The article scanning device comprises a bar code reader and a quality sensor interrogator for interrogating a quality sensor integrated into a packaged perishable article and retrieving quality information concerning the packaged perishable article.03-18-2010
20110073646Game Presentation In A Retail Establishment - According to one embodiment, a game presentation such as a virtual slot machine may be displayed by a display device associated with a point of sale (POS) terminal.03-31-2011
20080277467RETURN STATION FOR REFUNDABLE OR BORROWED OBJECTS - An arrangement for return of an object for which a deposit has been paid or to a lending system has an acceptance zone for intake or positioning of the object to be accepted, a reading device for ascertaining an association of the object with a specific deposit or lending system, and a transporting device connected to the reading device so that after the object's association has been ascertained, the object is accepted and transported further in the arrangement. An identification sensor identifies the accepted object and, in the case of a redeemable object, acquires an appropriate amount of redemption or, in the case of a lending system, registers the acceptance of the object. Two blocking members are operationally connected to each other to form a lock for the object, one of the blocking members always being closed.11-13-2008
20110073645ARTICLE SALES DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND TRANSACTION DISPLAY METHOD - According to one embodiment, a search unit searches a data file storing article information, and acquires article information corresponding to the article code inputted by a input unit. A storage unit stores a first transaction number indicating a first transaction and article information about the first transaction, a second transaction number indicating a second transaction after the first transaction and article information about the second transaction, and a third transaction number indicating a third transaction after the second transaction and article information about the third transaction. A display unit displays the transaction number of and a total amount for the first transaction, the transaction number of and a total amount for the second transaction, and the transaction number of and a total amount for the third transaction that are stored in the storage unit at the same time, in one display area.03-31-2011
20100059589SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREVENTING CASHIER AND CUSTOMER FRAUD AT RETAIL CHECKOUT - Systems and methods for preventing fraud during retail checkout are described. A system includes: item identifier acquisition devices to acquire identifiers (e.g., barcodes) of items to be transacted; cameras or imagers to acquire images of the items to be transacted; an object recognition component to perform visual recognition of the acquired items through comparison of the acquired images of the items with a database and obtain identifiers of items represented in the database that correspond to an acquired image according to a correspondence criterion; a comparison component to compare a set of identifiers acquired through the item identifier acquisition devices with a set of identifiers obtained through the object recognition component; and an alerting component to provide an alert in case of discrepancies between the two sets.03-11-2010
20110259959CHECKOUT CONTAINER AND CHECKOUT OPERATION THEREFOR - A container for sale as a bulk item container, wherein the container presented for sale includes at least one scannable code affixed thereto indicating the empty weight of the container. The container is received at a checkout counter, where the at least one code is scanned to register the empty weight of the container, which is communicated to a checkout register system. The container is weighed along with the product therein to determine a total weight of the container and product, which is also communicated to the checkout register system. The checkout register system automatically subtracts the empty weight of the container from the total weight of the container and product to determine a weight of the product contained in the container. The checkout register system receives a product code and computes a price responsive to the determined weight and a product price per weight indicated by the product code.10-27-2011
20110215146MULTI-BARCODE SCAN PROCESS - Scanning multiple barcodes, storing different code types, in a single scanning operation and automatically recording the data derived from the barcodes. The data can be stored in a form or database having designated locations for each different code type. In some embodiments, the present technology is useful in conducting a retail transaction and facilitates a simplified transaction when the product for purchase has multiple barcodes printed thereon.09-08-2011
20120037699CODE READING APPARATUS AND CODE READING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a code reading apparatus includes an image pickup section, a reading section, and a storage control section. The image pickup section picks up an image including an image of a commodity to be subjected to sales registration. The reading section reads commodity information indicating the commodity to be subjected to the sales registration from the picked-up image. The storage control section causes a commodity master file, which stores commodity information indicating a commodity and a commodity image of the commodity indicated by the commodity information in association with each other, to store the picked-up image as the commodity image in association with the read commodity information.02-16-2012
20090101713SYSTEM, METHOD, AND APPARATUS OF RFID POINT OF SALE - An RFID Point-of-Sale system for completing a sale transaction to a customer of a plurality of items associated with a plurality of unique RFID tags at a store includes an arrangement of a plurality of RFID tag scanners for detecting the plurality of unique RFID tags associated with the plurality of items, and a checkout platform including a transaction panel, wherein a list of the plurality of items is displayed on the transaction panel based on a matching of the detected plurality of unique RFID tags with information stored in an inventory database.04-23-2009
20110315764CODE READING APPARATUS AND CODE READING METHOD - A code reading apparatus includes: a photographing section configured to photograph an image; a capturing section configured to capture the photographed image; a reading section configured to detect, out of the captured image, a code symbol that represents commodity information indicating a purchase target commodity and benefit indication that represents benefit information indicating a benefit for the purchase of the commodity and read, from the detected code symbol and benefit indication, the commodity information represented by the detected code symbol and the benefit information represented by the detected benefit indication; a determining section configured to determine, if plural kinds of the benefit information are read, from benefits indicated by the plural kinds of the benefit information, a benefit granted for the purchase of the commodity indicated by the read commodity information; and an output section configured to output the read commodity information and benefit information representing the determined benefit.12-29-2011
20120000978SELF-SERVICE CHECKOUT PAY STATION LOCATED REMOTE FROM A PRODUCE WEIGHING SCALE AND METHODS OF OPERATING SUCH A SELF-SERVICE CHECKOUT PAY STATION - A self-service checkout pay station is located at a store exit section of a retail grocery store and is located remote from a produce weighing scale located in a produce section of the retail grocery store. The self-service checkout pay station comprises a communications circuit arranged to (i) communicate with a communications circuit associated with the produce weighing scale, and (ii) communicate with a communications circuit associated with a barcode gun server which is located remote from the produce weighing scale. The self-service checkout pay station further comprises an electronic processor arranged to (i) receive from the barcode gun server a barcode list in response to receiving an end of transaction signal, (ii) recognize from the barcode list at least one barcode chit which is associated with a produce item, (iii) request produce item information from the produce weighing scale based upon at least some barcode information obtained from the at least one barcode chit, and (iv) receive from the produce weighing scale an image of the produce item which was previously captured at the produce weighing scale when a retail customer placed the produce item on the produce weighing scale.01-05-2012
20110155805Coupon device - A device includes first, second, and third components. The first component scans a coupon. The coupon is moved from the first component to the second component after the first component scans the coupon and the coupon has been validated. The second component holds the coupon and other coupons associated with just the current checkout session until the current session has been successfully completed, at which time the coupons are moved in unison from the second component to the third component. The third component stores these coupons, together with additional coupons associated with other checkout sessions. The first component returns the coupon where validation of the coupon has failed. The second coupon permits a user to retrieve the coupons associated with just the current checkout session where the current checkout session has been unsuccessfully completed, without the user having to look through the coupons associated with the other checkout sessions.06-30-2011
20120205445ELECTRONIC PAYMENT USING OPTICALLY READABLE SYMBOLS - A method, using a computer and visual scanning device attached to the computer is disclosed. A visual invoice from a provider is scanned with the visual scanning device, and the visual invoice includes an optically readable symbol. The request is sent to a trusted agent using the optically readable symbol. An electronic invoice is received from the trusted agent based upon the request. The electronic invoice is then approved.08-16-2012
20130153655SELF SERVICE RETAIL CHECK OUT USING SMART PHONE - A method of operating a retail check-out station. A customer selects items to be purchased, and scans bar codes attached to the items, using a cell phone camera. The bar codes identify the items. The cell phone extracts data from multiple bar codes and assembles the data into a different type of code, such as a 2-D bar code. The cell phone prints out the 2-D bar code, either on paper or on its display. The check-out station scans the 2-D bar code to obtain the identities of the items, and completes the transaction.06-20-2013
20110049236COMMODITY INFORMATION ACQUISITION AND DISPLAY APPARATUS - A commodity information acquisition and display apparatus includes a commodity information input unit that has a reading window to read commodity information, and reads a commodity code attached to a commodity through the reading window so that the commodity information is inputted, a display unit that has a screen made of a transparent or semitransparent member and to display specified settlement information based on the commodity information, and is provided to be adjacent to the reading window to enable a customer to simultaneously and visually confirm the commodity and the settlement information through the screen, and a display control unit to control the display of the settlement information.03-03-2011
20100096453SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING PRICING AND INVENTORY INFORMATION - A sales management system may include a pricing data store operable to store a manufacturer price for a sales item; a retail input device adapted to receive a margin applicable to the sales item from a retailer and operable to store the margin; a retail display device residing at a retail location and configured to display a retail price for the sales item; and a product information provider located remotely from the retail display device and in communication with the manufacturer pricing data store, the product information provider configured to receive a request for product information from the retail display device and operable to compute the retail price for the sales item based in part on the manufacturer price for the sales item and the margin associated with the retailer and to provide the retail price to the retail display device for display in relation to the sales item.04-22-2010
20110089234PURCHASED ARTICLE REGISTRATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - According to one embodiment, a purchased article registration apparatus includes a declaration unit, an input unit, a determination unit, and a notification unit. The declaration unit accepts a declaration input indicating that a customer carries a reusable shopping bag with which the customer takes a purchased article home. The input unit accepts input of article identification data that can identify the article purchased by the customer. The determination unit determines whether the article specified by the article identification data having its input accepted by the input unit is an article to be separately packaged or not. The notification unit notifies that separate packaging should be provided, when the declaration that the customer carries the reusable shopping bag is accepted and it is determined that the article is an article to be separately packaged.04-21-2011
20090134220ARTICLE DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS - An article data processing apparatus is provided with a first read instructing section which instructs a wireless system reading apparatus for reading identification information items stored in RFID tags attached to articles for sale to read the identification information items, a first receiving section which receives the identification information items from the wireless system reading apparatus corresponding to the first read instructing section, and a first storing section which stores the identification information items received by the first receiving section in a predetermined storage region, where, even in an arrangement that RFID tags of a plurality of articles for sale are hidden behind other articles for sale, the RFID tags can be read.05-28-2009
20100288837RFID TAG READING/PROCESSING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a RFID tag reading/processing apparatus includes a reading device which reads data of the RFID tag, and transmits a radio wave from the antenna to the front to rear side of the container of the moving object, while the opening/closing door is being closed, and a checkout device which checks out for the merchandise based on the RFID tag data read by the reading device.11-18-2010
20110180600INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, COMMODITY INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMMODITY INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes: a readout unit configured to read out, from a storing unit, operation unit information including pieces of allocated information respectively allocated to plural operation units configured to receive selection operation; a data generating unit configured to generate print data of a code symbol display medium on which code symbols obtained by respectively symbolizing the pieces of allocated information are displayed; and a data output unit configured to output the print data to an output unit.07-28-2011
20120211561SYSTEMS METHODS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR ENCODING AND DECODING TRANSACTION DATA - Tax data, e.g., Form W2 data, is encoded as a two-dimensional machine readable representation, such as a QR CODE. Certain tax data is encoded as segments of a QR CODE, and a tax form generated by an employer or payroll processing service and provided to an employee or user includes the QR CODE representing certain W-2 or other tax data. An image of the QR CODE is acquired using a camera of a mobile communication device or computer or other image capture device. When using a Smartphone, a tax preparation application executing on the Smartphone decodes the QR CODE image to determine the tax data, and populates fields of an electronic tax return with decoded data, thus allowing a consumer to prepare an electronic tax return using a mobile communication device.08-23-2012
20120248184CODE READER, SALES DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - According to an embodiment, a code reader, comprising: an imaging pickup unit; a light source configured to irradiate light onto an imaging pickup area by the imaging pickup unit; a switching unit configured to switch between a code reading mode applicable for the imaging pickup unit to image pickup a code symbol in the imaging pickup area and a second mode which is carried out the control which is different from the control carried out in the code reading mode; and a light source control unit configured to enable the light source to illuminate light by changing light illuminating patterns when the switching unit switches between the code reading mode and the second mode.10-04-2012
20120312873SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR OBTAINING HEALTH AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION WITH A HANDHELD DEVICE - One embodiment of the present invention relates to a system for obtaining real time financial information utilizing a bar code or RF ID reader on a handheld device. A bar code or RF ID reader is used to obtain the product identity of a particular product in a retail environment. The product identity is correlated with the particular retailer's product price. This information can then be analyzed versus current financial budgets or recorded as part of a financial plan. In addition, real time financial advice and information can be given on the product including whether a competitor offers a lower price on a similar product, consumer reviews of the product, value rating, etc. The bar code or RF ID reader may be incorporated into any existing handheld device including a PDA, media player, cell phone, calculator, watch, or shopping device.12-13-2012
20090020605Electronic admission pass system employing a plurality of updateable electronic-ink admission passes and one or more activator modules - An electronic admission pass system for installation in a controlled environment in which a plurality of persons are permitted admission. The system includes at least one activator modules installed within the controlled environment, and a plurality of updateable electronic-ink labels issued to a plurality of individuals who may be admitted within the controlled environment. The activator module sends and transmits electromagnetic signals within the environment. Each electronic-ink pass employs an addressable display assembly including a layer of electronic ink including a bi-stable non-volatile imaging material. The electronic-ink pass includes an integrated circuit structure having a storage element for storing instructions, programs and data, and a programmed processor in communication with storage element. A signal transmitting structure transmits signals from the antenna structure to the activator module. A signal receiving structure receives electromagnetic signals from the activator module, using the antenna structure. An on-board battery power structure, operably connected to the integrated circuit structure, supplies electrical power to the integrated circuit structure. The electronic-ink pass displays graphical indicia, representing information related to the occurrence of events within the controlled environment, and which is updated by the remote activator module installed within the controlled environment.01-22-2009
20100327058METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING MESSAGES PRINTED BY AN IN-STORE LABEL PRINTER AND RELATED LABEL STRUCTURE - A method for selectively printing different messages on labels printed by an in-store scale involves providing an in-store scale including a label printing mechanism with a supply of labels and a communications link for receiving information from a site external to the store. The scale label printing mechanism is configured in a first state and, during the first state, simultaneous printing of two types of information on a first label takes place. In particular, both (i) product information for a specified product to which the first label will be applied and (ii) a first message pertaining to a product which is different than the specified product to which the first label will be applied, are printed on the first label. The in-store scale receives a message control signal via the communications link which configures the scale label printing mechanism in a second state. During the second state, simultaneous printing of two types of information on a second label takes place. In particular, both (i) product information for a specified product to which the second label will be applied and (ii) a second message, different than the first message, and also pertaining to a product which is different than the specified product to which the second label will be applied, are printed on the second label.12-30-2010
20080308630USER-REQUIREMENT DRIVEN SHOPPING ASSISTANT - Device, method and system for providing shopping assistance information to customers using RFID tagged items in a store equipped with on-board or hand-held shopping cart RFID readers and display devices modified to have a personal product specification criteria data input interface.12-18-2008
20110036907Shopping Cart - A shopping cart is disclosed. The shopping cart comprises a frame, a receptacle for holding items and a scanning apparatus for scanning items to be placed within the receptacle. The shopping cart further comprising weighing means for monitoring the weight of the receptacle.02-17-2011
20120280040WIRELESS-BASED CHECKOUT AND LOSS PREVENTION - A method may include reading tags associated with items that are leaving a store with a person and receiving an electronic receipt associated with the person. The method may also include comparing the items that are leaving the store with information included in the electronic receipt and determining whether a discrepancy exists based on the comparing.11-08-2012
20120286040SEPERABLE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM - A separable point of sale system includes a mainframe and a base. The mainframe has one or more base connecting sockets, a case, a touch screen and a power receiving socket, and the case has a mainframe tenon; the base has an inputting module, one or more mainframe connecting plugs, a base tenon, a power supply plug and a trough used to accommodate the mainframe. The base tenon operatively connects with the mainframe tenon, and the amount of the mainframe connecting plugs and that of the base connecting sockets are the same. When the mainframe tenon connects with the base tenon, the mainframe is vertically placed in the trough. Because the disposition of the power supply plug and the mainframe connection plugs corresponds to that of power receiving socket and the base connection sockets, therefore, as the mainframe tenon connects with the base tenon, the power receiving socket has electrical connection with the power supply plug, and the base connecting sockets have electrical connection with the mainframe connecting plugs, too.11-15-2012
20090032588SELF-SERVICE CHECKOUT SYSTEM WITH CASH NOT AVAILABLE MODE - A self-service checkout system which continues operation when cash transaction options are not available. The self-service checkout system includes a cash dispenser, a display for displaying payment options, an input device for recording selection of payment options, including cash and non-cash transaction options, and a processor for disabling the cash transaction options when an amount of cash in the cash dispenser falls below a predetermined limit, but for otherwise continuing operation by allowing the non-cash transaction options.02-05-2009
20130008959APPARATUS, METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AN OPTICAL CODE SCANNER - An apparatus, system and method are presented for inputting operator requests for an optical code scanner. The optical code scanner includes a weigh scale device and a scanner device. The optical code scanner uses data from each device to determine if an operator is making a request by touching a weigh plate on the weigh scale device at a predetermined location.01-10-2013
20130015242Tri-Optic ScannerAANM White; K. LeeAACI BentonvilleAAST AKAACO USAAGP White; K. Lee Bentonville AK US - A tri-optic scanner for checking out merchandise at stores includes first and second barcode scanners, and a third barcode scanner placed back-to-back to the second barcode scanner to face an opposite direction of the second barcode scanner. The tri-optic scanner is designed to allow the third barcode scanner to conveniently capture barcodes presented by a customer without a cashier touching barcode carriers that belong to the customer.01-17-2013
20120241518SELF CHECKOUT KIOSK AND RETAIL SECURITY SYSTEM - A self-checkout kiosk enables a patron to purchase product displayed in a vending area and carrying a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag. The customer exits the vending area through a security portal. The kiosk, a bill acceptor, and a computer monitor, either adjacent the portal or separated there from, enables the patron to complete a purchase transaction prior to exiting the vending area through the portal. The portal includes RFID reading antennas for detecting product being transferred through the portal. A security system responds to transfer of product through the portal without a patron completing a purchase transaction using the self-checkout station. The security system itself is also usable in conventional retail environments when an attendant is present.09-27-2012
20080237340SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING SELF SERVICE CHECKOUT AND PRODUCT DELIVERY USING A MOBILE DEVICE - A mobile device, such as a cellular telephone, is used to extract information from an information carrying indicia, such as a barcode. The information extracted from the information carrying indicia is then used to redirect a browser of the mobile device to a first web/WAP page having information related to a product, the first web/WAP page having a link that is activatable to allow for the purchase of the product. In response to activation of the link, the mobile device is caused to display a second web/WAP page that provides a means for the user to specify a method for paying for the product, such as by using an e-commerce like wallet, via a customer-service representative, etc., and a third web/WAP page that provides a means for the user to specify a method by which the product is to be delivered to the user, such as at home, in-store, at an in-car pickup facility etc.10-02-2008
20080237339INTEGRATION OF CUSTOMER-STORED INFORMATION WITH MEDIA ENABLED SHOPPING SYSTEMS - A media enhanced shopping cart system comprises a shopping cart comprising a frame, a basket, a handle, a base tray, a plurality of wheels, a read component for performing a proximity scan of the shopping cart, a locationing component for determining a location of the shopping cart within a store based on the scan, and a display component for displaying at least one advertisement for a product based on the location of the shopping cart within the store, wherein the locationing component is further operable to determine a location of the product within the store relative to the shopping cart based on the scan, and wherein the display component is further operable to display an indication of the location of the advertised product relative to the location of the shopping cart.10-02-2008
20080223928NETWORKED DISPOSAL AND SAMPLE PROVISIONING APPARATUS - A waste disposal system comprises a waste disposal unit, including a processor, a scanner, a network interface coupled to a network, and a remote processing system coupled to the waste disposal unit via the network. The remote processing system includes a database storing user sample preferences, wherein the sample preferences are used to select samples to be provided to the user, and instructions configured to receive scanned information from the waste disposal unit for a first item, determine from the received scanned information that the first item is a sample, receive an indication via the waste disposal unit whether the user wants to order a replacement for the sample, locate replacement options for the sample, transmit the replacement options to the waste disposal unit, and receive from the waste disposal unit an option selection by the user.09-18-2008
20130181045System and Method For Providing A Personalized Shopping Experience and Personalized Pricing of Products and Services With A Portable Computing Device - A system and method for providing a personalized shopping experience with a portable computing device (“PCD”) are described. The system and method may include checking-in PCD consumers upon entering an establishment of a merchant. The checking-in of the PCD consumer may include verifying credentials for gaining access to a central mobile payment controller and receiving a merchant identifier corresponding to a merchant from a computer communications network. Next, a scan of a machine-readable code associated with at least one of a good and a service may be received. Information associated with the machine-readable code may be retrieved from a database. Subsequently, a personalized price for the at least one good or service may be determined by applying one or more rules. The personalized price may be transmitted over a computer communications network to the portable computing device for display to the PCD consumer.07-18-2013
20130175339USING A MOBILE DEVICE TO ASSIST IN EXCEPTION HANDLING IN SELF-CHECKOUT AND AUTOMATED DATA CAPTURE SYSTEMS - Self checkout and automated checkout systems and methods for multiple lane checkout stations, the automated checkout lane having a conveyor system that automatically transport objects through a portal data reader, wherein an operator (such as a checkout clerk) is provided with a portable/handheld data input and display device that allows the operator to move between multiple checkout stations for handling reading exceptions at the checkout station by employing the portable device.07-11-2013
20130126610PAYMENT USING BOOKMARK IN MOBILE SHOPPING - System and method implementing functionality in physical stores that enables customers to bookmark an item which they will possibly purchase in the future, and to purchase the bookmarked item under the same condition as when the item was bookmarked if they decide to purchase the item later. A customer can purchase the item by bookmarking the item in advance. If a customer once misses a chance to purchase an item at a physical store, the customer needs to re-visit the store to purchase the item. In this system, a mobile device creates, as a bookmark, shopping information of an item that may be purchased in the future. Accordingly, the customer can make payment later under the condition that was offered when the shopping information was created, by loading this bookmark without visiting the store.05-23-2013
20110215147SELF CHECKOUT WITH VISUAL RECOGNITION - A system and method is disclosed for using object recognition/verification and weight information to confirm the accuracy of a UPC scan, or to provide an affirmative recognition where no UPC scan was made. In the preferred embodiment, the checkout system comprises: a universal product code (UPC) scanner configured to generate a product identifier; at least one camera for capturing one or more image of an item; a database of features and images of known objects; an image processor configured to: extract a plurality of geometric point features from the one or more images; identify matches between the extracted geometric point features and the features of known objects; generate a geometric transform between the extracted geometric point features and the features of known objects for a subset of known objects corresponding to matches; and identify one of the known objects based on a best match of the geometric transform; and a transaction processor configured to execute one of a predetermined set of actions if the identified object is different than the product identifier.09-08-2011
20080197193Advertising Compliance Monitoring System - An advertising compliance monitoring system is provided that includes a backscatter tag affixed to a sign or marketing material or shopper ID card, the tag communicating with a backscatter reader. The tag includes a memory for storing tag data and a transmitter. The tag transmits tag data to a reader automatically on a periodic basis or when interrogated. The tag data includes an identification number used to identify the tag associated with a particular sign, price, marketing material or shopper. This data is processed by a computer to determine compliance with and/or exposure to a particular advertising program.08-21-2008
20080197192Barcodes with Graphical Elements - Barcodes are provided that convey images to help consumers and/or to help identify information about the origin of an article. The images conveyed by the barcodes may be associated with a merchant, a department, an event, a season, a theme or a product, for example. The barcodes may be placed on any number of articles including purchaser receipts, gift receipts, marketing receipt coupons, paper coupons, electronic coupons, rewards cards, gift cards, registry printouts, and products/packaging, for example. Under some embodiments, the barcodes help consumers to associate articles with a particular merchant or department. Under other embodiments, the barcodes help consumers to distinguish purchaser receipts from gift receipts. In some embodiments, the barcodes are generated dynamically by altering font-based barcodes to convey the image.08-21-2008
20130153656Checkout Station - A checkout station includes a turntable that is rotatable between a first position and a second position and a barcode scanner that is attached to the turntable and is directed in a first direction in the first position and in a second direction in the second position.06-20-2013

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