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225 - Severing by tearing or breaking

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225002000 With preliminary weakening 61
225004000 Transversely of continuously fed work 4
20120152999FRAGILE PREMIUM SEPARATOR - A packaged premium is separated from a bandolier of packaged premiums along a weakened separation line. An upstream gripper actuates to clamp to a selected seal zone, a downstream gripper actuates to clamp to a selected seal zone in an area which is across from a separation line, and the upstream and downstream grippers move in a downstream direction along a path of the bandolier. The downstream gripper is displaced relative to the upstream gripper causing a packaged premium to tear off of the bandolier along the separation line. The downstream and upstream grippers are released and moved in an upstream direction, and the process is repeated for a desired plurality of packaged premiums.06-21-2012
20100327035Trim removal system - A system for removing chips from a web is disclosed, the system having a rotationally variable speed shoe for receiving a chip, a rotationally constant speed transfer roll for receiving a portion of a web from a die and anvil system, with the shoe initially rotating at a constant speed, slowing to allow a portion of the web to rip away from the chip at a leading rotational edge of the chip, next increasing in rotational speed to allow the chip to rip away from the web at a trailing rotational edge of the chip.12-30-2010
20130015228Method and Apparatus for Breaking a Web Using a Cut-off AssemblyAANM Hada; Frank StephenAACI AppletonAAST WIAACO USAAGP Hada; Frank Stephen Appleton WI USAANM Baggot; James LeoAACI MenashaAAST WIAACO USAAGP Baggot; James Leo Menasha WI USAANM Wilson; Matthew RobertAACI OshkoshAAST WIAACO USAAGP Wilson; Matthew Robert Oshkosh WI USAANM Krautkramer; Robert EugeneAACI Combined LocksAAST WIAACO USAAGP Krautkramer; Robert Eugene Combined Locks WI USAANM Krautkramer; Kyle AndrewAACI KaukaunaAAST WIAACO USAAGP Krautkramer; Kyle Andrew Kaukauna WI US - A cut-off method and apparatus capable of breaking a moving web is disclosed herein. The cut-off method and apparatus include a conveying surface over which a moving web is conveyed and a web cut-off assembly opposing the conveying surface. The web cut-off assembly includes a first arm with a first web gripping surface and a second arm with a second web gripping surface, the first and second web gripping surfaces being movable relative to one another. To complete a breaking event, the first and second web gripping surfaces contact the moving web at a first contact point and second contact point. The contact points move from a first spaced apart relationship to a second spaced apart relationship causing a break in the web between the first and second web gripping surfaces.01-17-2013
20130186925Method of Patterning Electrically-Conductive Film on Flexible Substrates - A method of patterning an electrically-conductive film is performed by providing a flexible substrate that carries the electrically-conductive film thereon to form a combined layer. The combined layer is then bent about a radius of curvature, so as to impart a stress on the brittle conductive film along the axis of curvature of the curved surface. The application of the stress to the conductive film results in the formation of crack lines that are substantially perpendicular to the direction to which the substrate and conductive film are bent. The crack lines serve to define and electrically isolate conductive sections therebetween that can be utilized as electrodes and address lines in electronic devices.07-25-2013
225003000 Longitudinally of direction of feed 1
20120125967MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR A GLASS FILM - The manufacturing method for a glass film includes, in this order: a cleaving step of dividing a glass film (G) having a band shape into a product glass portion (Ga) and an unnecessary glass portion (Gb); and a collecting step of sequentially shattering the unnecessary glass portion (Gb), and collecting the shattered unnecessary glass portion. The cleaving step is followed by vibration regulating processing of regulating vibrations of the unnecessary glass portion (Gb) in a thickness direction thereof, the vibration regulating processing being executed in at least one location in the longitudinal direction of the unnecessary glass portion (Gb) together with the collecting step executed on a downstream side of the at least one location of the vibration regulating processing.05-24-2012
20130075439SEPARATABLE LABEL ASSEMBLY - A label assembly including a face sheet, a back sheet, and a layer of an adhesive positioned between the face sheet and the back sheet. A separation line divides the label assembly into at least two portions. The separation line is formed by a first tearable line of separation extending across the back sheet and a second tearable line of separation extending across the face sheet. The first tearable line of separation is offset with respect to the second tearable line of separation, and at least one of the first and second tearable lines of separation includes a non-linear portion directed toward and/or an angled portion extending at an angle to an other of the at least one of the first and second tearable lines of separation.03-28-2013
20100108732BUNDLE BREAKER - The present disclosure relates to a bundle separator for separating bundles from a log traveling along a conveyor, the log having a plurality of stacked sheets with a weakened separation path, and the weakened separation path of each sheet being substantially aligned in the stack. The separator includes a first platen mounted for vertical reciprocating movement generally on a first side of the separation path and a second platen mounted for vertical reciprocating movement generally on a second side of the separation path, each platen having a plurality of moveable guided rails. The second platen is also mounted for movement away from the first platen. The moveable guided rails on each of the first and second platens are each independently moveable in the upstream or downstream direction of travel of the log.05-06-2010
20120234888Method and Device for Machining a Workpiece - A method and related device for machining a workpiece is provided, wherein material of the workpiece is removed in a machining region by a non-contact removal process. The workpiece is excited by means of an excitation oscillation having a natural resonant frequency of the workpiece, or a composite comprising the workpiece and a coupling element that is rigidly coupled to the workpiece is excited by means of an excitation oscillation having a joint natural resonant frequency of the workpiece and the coupling element. The natural resonant frequency is selected such that in the machining region an oscillation occurs that has a maximum oscillation amplitude in relation to the excitation amplitude of the excitation oscillation.09-20-2012
20120234887SUBSTRATE CLEAVING UNDER CONTROLLED STRESS CONDITIONS - A thickness of material may be detached from a substrate along a cleave plane, utilizing a cleaving process controlled by a releasable constraint plate. In some embodiments this constraint plate may comprise a plate that can couple side forces (the “P-plate”) and a thin, softer compliant layer (the “S-layer”) situated between the P-plate and the substrate. In certain embodiments a porous surface within the releasable constraint plate and in contact to the substrate, allows the constraint plate to be secured to the substrate via a first pressure differential. Application of a combination of a second pressure differential within a pre-existing cleaved portion, and a linear force to a side of the releasable constraint plate bound to the substrate, generates loading that results in controlled cleaving along the cleave plane.09-20-2012
20130020369FRANGIBLE HINGE MECHANISM FOR A PLATFORM PARTITION, ASSOCIATED PARTITION, ASSEMBLY AND METHOD - A mechanism including a hinge and movement assembly having a first fastening region, a second fastening region, and a hinge defining an axis of rotation of the second fastening region relative to the first fastening region is provided. The mechanism further comprises an assembly for maintaining a releasable portion of the partition relative to a stationary portion of the partition, the maintenance assembly having at least one frangible connection that can be broken to rotationally free the second fastening region relative to the first fastening region. The hinge and movement assembly includes relative movement means for the second fastening region relative to the first fastening region at least in a direction parallel to the axis of rotation.01-24-2013
20090014491Packet structure, such as for a film strip - The packet structure includes an envelope structure and a tear structure therein. The tear structure provides for tearing of a specific section of the envelope structure to gain access to a film strip which is stored within an internal cavity in the envelope structure. The tear structure has a reduced resistance to tearing relative to an adjoining portion of the envelope structure. The reduced resistance to tearing directs the tearing of the envelope structure to a specific section thereof. The tear structure may alternatively have a pull-string attached within the envelope structure and extending through an aperture therein to a location outside of the envelope structure. The location of the aperture and attachment of the pull-string within the envelope structure directs the tearing of the envelope structure to a specific section thereof.01-15-2009
20080210731METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR SPLITTING TABLETS - A method for splitting tablets includes positioning a plurality of tablets onto a supporting structure. Each of the plurality of tablets are then substantially simultaneously split into at least two parts. Finally, if desired, the at least two parts of each tablet are dispensed into a compartment of a corresponding one of a plurality of first capsule portions.09-04-2008
20090294501Apparatus For And Method Of Producing And/Or Separating A String Of Interconnected Packing Cushions - Apparatus for producing and separating a string of interconnected packing cushions comprises a packing cushion production machine which produces a string of interconnected packing cushions, the string of interconnected packing cushions exiting an output end of the machine at a first velocity, and a separation device associated with the output end of the machine, the separation device adapted to selectively engage the string of interconnected packing cushions and to drive the string at a second velocity, greater than the first velocity, and in doing so to cause the string of interconnected packing cushions to separate. The method comprises producing a string of interconnected packing cushions, or supplying a pre-produced string of interconnected packing cushions, the string of interconnected packing cushions traveling at a first velocity, and selectively engaging the string of interconnected packing cushions at a second velocity, greater than the first velocity, and in doing so causing the string of interconnected packing cushions to separate.12-03-2009
20120292364MEAT TRUSSING SYSTEM - A meat trussing system incorporates the use of an elastomeric net to receive and restrain meats and other food components. At least one flexible wrapper encases the food products forming a cylindrical mass having a low coefficient of friction with respect to the elastomeric net. The wrapper is preferably provided with at least one perforation adapted to be circumferentially disposed near the midpoint of the food products within the elastomeric net. The wrapping sheets are formed in a continuous roll containing a longitudinal perforation. The roll may be disposed within a dispensing device having a cutting tool to allow for the detachment of any number of sheets of a predetermined length.11-22-2012
20090277941APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR OPENING AMPOULES - An ampoule opener (11-12-2009
20120104064MAGNET SPLITTING DEVICE AND MAGNET SPLITTING METHOD - A magnet splitting device includes a one-side holder for holding a plurality of pre-split magnets on one sides of respective splitting grooves, an other-side holder for holding the magnets on the other sides, and an actuating unit for causing relative movement of the other-side holder to split the magnets all at once. The other-side holder includes a plurality of other-side independent holding parts for holding the magnets independently. The actuating unit includes a plurality of independent actuating parts for moving the other-side independent holding parts independently and a simultaneous operating part for simultaneously operating the holding parts.05-03-2012
20120138652APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SEPARATING DUNNAGE FROM A PALLET - The present invention provides an apparatus for separating dunnage from a pallet which generally comprises a base plate for placement on a floor, a shearing surface positioned at a predetermined distance above the base plate, and means for securing the shearing surface to the base plate. The shearing surface includes a bottom edge which is substantially planar with the base plate. The base plate, bottom edge of the shearing surface, and the means for securing define an opening for passing a pallet therethrough. In a second aspect, the present invention includes a method for separating dunnage from a pallet which generally comprises providing the apparatus, and forcing the pallet through the opening, whereby the shearing surface separates the dunnage from the pallet when the pallet passes through the opening.06-07-2012
20090071994Apparatus and method for separating a stack of sheets from a pile of sheets - Apparatus for separating a stack of sheets from a pile of sheet material that is arranged so that tear paths of a plurality of sheets form a tear surface includes a first clamp for clamping the pile at a first side of the tear surface and a second clamp for clamping the pile at a second side of the tear surface. At least the first clamp includes a sustaining member having at least one sustaining point for supporting the pile, and an upper member having at least one contact point for contacting the pile. Rotation of the first clamp relative to the second clamp brings about the separation of a stack of sheets from the pile of sheet material by breaking the tear paths present in the tear surface.03-19-2009
20100320249METHOD FOR PRODUCING A COMPONENT USING ASYMMETRICAL ENERGY INPUT ALONG THE PARTING OR PREDETERMINED BREAKING LINE - A method for producing a component, wherein according to the method on at least one surface side of the component at least one parting or predetermined breaking line is produced in that first, in a thermal treatment or procedural step, the parting or predetermined braking line is locally heated by energy input, and then is abruptly cooled by means of a cooling medium such that in the component this temperature fluctuation brings about a targeted crack formation or material weakening along the parting or predetermined breaking line.12-23-2010
20120012631Methods for exposing and using a swab - A method for remotely applying a force to a tether affixed to a sterilizing swab package to open the package for use of a swab disposed therein. The method may be applied to sterilizing a septum of a vial disposed within a bag.01-19-2012
20120132686INSIDE DRAWER MOUNTED FOOD WRAP CUTTER - Devices and methods for cutting sheet material using at least one wall of a general purpose storage container. The devices having a mounting portion which is removably attachable to the wall of the general purpose storage container and a cutting portion for severing selected pieces of sheet material stored in the general purpose storage container.05-31-2012
20120261453LASER SCRIBE PROCESSING METHOD - A laser scribe processing method of forming a crack that runs along a scribe direction of a processing target substance uses a light source that emits a laser beam, and an optical system for irradiation that leads the laser beam onto the processing target substance, the method including: an emission step of emitting a laser beam from the light source; a splitting step of splitting the laser beam into an ordinary light component and an extraordinary light component having different travel directions; a light converging step of converging the ordinary light component and the extraordinary light component to form multiple pairs of beam spots; and an irradiation step of intermittently irradiating with the laser beam having multiple pairs of beam spots in a scribe direction of the processing target substance. For splitting the ordinary light component and the extraordinary light component in the splitting step, a birefringent prism disposed in the optical system for irradiation may be used.10-18-2012
20110215128ADAPTER FOR A BIN - An adapter for a support enclosure bin for a roll of thermoplastic bags is described. The bin has a half round cylindrical wall, first and second vertical side walls attached to a supporting rim. The rim has spaced apertures for mounting the bin to a surface that has an opening that permits passage of outer surfaces of the walls but not the rim. The side walls have integral channels that provide support for a rod for a wide roll of bags. The adapter includes first and second bag dispensers for vertically folded coreless roll mounted bags. Each of the dispensers has first and second side panels that are attached together with a connecting link that aligns the front edges and bottom edges of the dispensers. First and second axles are mounted adjacent the outer side panels of the dispensers with positioning wheels that engage the integral channels of the bin.09-08-2011
20110259936METHOD FOR PRODUCING THIN, FREE-STANDING LAYERS OF SOLID STATE MATERIALS WITH STRUCTURED SURFACES - A method of printing comprises the steps of: providing a solid state material having an exposed surface; applying an auxiliary layer to the exposed surface to form a composite structure, the auxiliary layer having a stress pattern; subjecting the composite structure to conditions facilitating fracture of the solid state material along a plane at a depth therein; and removing the auxiliary layer and, therewith, a layer of the solid state material terminating at the fracture depth, wherein an exposed surface of the removed layer of solid state material has a surface topology corresponding to the stress pattern.10-27-2011
20120325883CONNECTING ROD FRACTURE SPLITTING METHOD AND APPARATUS THEREFOR - The connecting rod as a vehicle engine component is manufactured by a connecting rod fracture splitting method. The connecting rod is provided with a large end portion, a small end portion and a rod portion connecting the large and small end portions, the large end portion being provided with a connecting rod body and a cap which are split from each other along a fracture-split surface formed thereto. The connecting rod is subjected to fracture splitting by inserting a large end-side shaft into a through hole formed in the large end portion, fixing the large end-side shaft to a large end-side support, inserting a small end-side shaft into a through hole formed in the small end portion, fixing the small end-side shaft to a small end-side support, and pulling at least one of the large end-side support and small end-side support away from another one of both the supports.12-27-2012
20130134197Tear removal aid for improving the removal, more particularly manual removal, of a length of adhesive tape - A tear removal aid and method improve the removal, more particularly manual removal, of a length of adhesive tape which has a textile carrier. The textile carrier has a two-dimensionally extended body having a flexural strength which corresponds at least to the flexural strength of a steel sheet having a thickness of 0.25 mm, preferably 0.50 mm, more preferably of 1.00 mm.05-30-2013
20130140338SPLITTING APPARATUS OF LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY (LCD) AND SPLITTING METHOD THEREOF - A splitting apparatus of an LCD panel and splitting method thereof are described. The LCD panel has a first substrate and a second substrate. The splitting apparatus includes a first splitting device and a second splitting device disposed correspondingly to the first splitting device, and the second splitting device includes protrusion adjustment devices. The protrusion adjustment device extrudes the second substrate for forming a protrusion corresponding to a split line to separate a split plate from the first substrate by a deformation portion of the protrusion and to remove the split plate by the first splitting device. The splitting apparatus makes a rapid separation of the split plate.06-06-2013
20100314429SENSING RETRACTING LEADING EDGE IN AUTOMATIC TOWEL DISPENSER - Dispensing towels includes, using a motor assembly configured to cause a leading edge of the toweling to be extended from a housing of the dispenser and to cause the toweling to be subsequently retracted back into the housing, (a) the step of extending the toweling exterior of the housing for grasping by a user; and (b) subsequent thereto, the steps of (1) retracting the toweling into the housing the motor assembly; (2) sensing a leading edge of the toweling, using a sensor, while retracting the toweling; and (3) ceasing retracting of the toweling into the housing the motor assembly as a function of sensing the leading edge of the toweling using the sensor. The toweling is advanced by the motor assembly such that a line of perforations in the toweling, along which the user tears the toweling, is located downstream of the sensor.12-16-2010
20130193180AMPOULE BREAKAGE DEVICE AND METHODS OF OPERATION - An apparatus for removing a tip of an ampoule including a hollow cylindrical body including an outer cylindrical wall and an inner cylindrical wall. A plurality of longitudinal ridges project radially inward from the inner cylindrical wall of the hollow cylindrical body.08-01-2013

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