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Article held by receiver

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224 - Package and article carriers


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224600000 Flaccid attaching means looped around neck or crossing shoulder 153
224660000 Receiver mounted on, or formed as part of, means at least partially encircling the torso for attaching carrier to bearer 83
224242000 Retainer or positioner for article held by receiver 49
224250000 Flaccid strap-type holding means extending across or about article 24
224222000 Attaching means extending circumferentially of limb 22
224197000 Receiver rotatably or swingably mounted on attaching means 19
224219000 Attaching means extending circumferentially of wrist 15
224587000 Holding article in concealment (e.g., money belt worn under clothing or having hidden pocket, etc.) 13
224251000 Article held in ring or tube 9
224218000 Attaching means engaged with hand 8
224217000 Attaching means engaged with finger 8
224235000 Receiver closing means 7
224195000 Receiver supported for movement around torso by rigid means fixed on belt 7
224196000 Means for ejecting article or moving it to accessible position 5
20090014484Holster for Small Arms - A holster for retaining a pistol has a frame configured to receive a pistol, with a first pistol retention facility on the frame. The first pistol retention facility has a secure condition and a release condition, and operates operable to prevent extraction of a pistol from the holster when in the secure condition, and to enable extraction of the pistol when in the release condition. The first pistol retention facility includes a first actuator operable in response to deliberate user force to set the first pistol retention facility in the release condition. The holster has a second pistol retention facility on the frame, and having a secure condition and a release condition, and operable to prevent extraction of a pistol from the holster when in the secure condition, and to enable extraction of the pistol when in the release condition. The second pistol retention facility includes a second actuator operable in response to deliberate user force to set the second pistol retention facility in the release condition. The actuators may be adjacent to each other to enable simultaneous actuation, and operation of one actuator may operate the other.01-15-2009
20120024915GOLF BALL CARRIER WITH GOLF BALL RELEASE TAB - A ball carrier having a hollow tubular support member for holding a plurality of balls stacked axially therein and a ball release tab configured to release one ball at a time from an open end of the hollow tubular support member. The ball release tab may have a first stopper portion, a second stopper portion, and a manipulation portion. The ball release tab may be biased in a first position in which the first stopper portion impedes exit of the balls and may be actuated via the manipulation portion to a second position in which the first portion is rotated away from the balls and the second stopper portion impedes exit of the balls. When the ball release tab moves from the second position to the first position, the second stopper portion rotates away from the balls, allowing the ball resting on the second stopper portion to drop out of the ball carrier, while the first stopper portion rotates back toward the balls, impeding the next ball from dropping out of the ball carrier.02-02-2012
20110226824Footbag Transport and Launch Apparatus - A footbag transport and launch apparatus has a box with a lid for transporting a footbag. The apparatus has a clip for attaching the box to a player's clothing or belt. The box has a spring-loaded moveable launch plate that latches in the loaded position. A spring release trigger unlatches the launch plate and launches the footbag.09-22-2011
20100187271SPRING-LOADED AMMUNITION MAGAZINE CARRIER - A system for dispensing ammunition magazines. The system includes a housing for holding the magazines with an open region defined in the housing; a spring-loaded follower imparting a force against the magazines to move a first magazine into a dispensing position for removal from the housing through the open region. A user can access the first magazine through the open region, exerting a force on the first magazine and withdrawing the first magazine through the open region.07-29-2010
20120091173Ammunition Magazine Carrying Device - A device for carrying an ammunition magazine has a band which encircles a conventional magazine and which has two downwardly extending plastic tabs. The two plastic tabs are spaced sidewardly to define an downwardly opening, downwardly extending gap, which permits the tabs to be received within openings in two adjacent loops presented by a standard MOLLE webbing on a Pouch Attachment Ladder System or PALS grid on a vest or other clothing item. The tabs are shaped to slide behind standard MOLLE webbing and engage the webbing to hold the magazine securely until the user grabs the magazine and pulls it away from the MOLLE webbing. The tabs are biased towards the magazine, and have a lower protrusion which engages beneath a belt, allowing the same device to be attached to a belt.04-19-2012
224193000 Handgun receiver having vertically extending side edges spaced apart or separable for withdrawal of handgun therebetween 5
20120223110Lockable Holster Retention System - A holster having a lever with a finger button portion and an engagement portion, wherein the engagement portion of the lever includes a locking projection extending from a second side of the engagement portion; wherein the lever is pivotally attached to the holster, approximately between the finger button portion and the engagement portion, such that the finger button portion is positioned above the frame/slide portion of the cavity and the engagement portion is positioned above the trigger guard portion of the cavity; one or more ridge segments positioned around at least a portion of the lever; and a lockout lever pivotably attached to the first side wall such that the lockout lever is able to be rotated between a locked position and an unlocked position, and wherein the lockout lever is positioned beneath the finger button portion of the lever when the lockout lever is in the locked position.09-06-2012
20100181353Concealable Leather and Plastic Holster With Metal Attachment Clips - A concealable hybrid holster is disclosed that includes metal attachment clips for enhanced strength and flexibility, thereby providing increased attachment durability during long term use. The holster includes a leather sheet to which is attached a rigid plastic encasement, preferably made of Kydex®, thereby forming a compartment suitable for carrying a concealed handgun. The metal clips are preferably made of steel, more preferably of spring steel, and can be attached to the leather sheet of the hybrid holster by rivets, screws, or any other suitable fastening means. Due to the inherent strength of steel, the steel attachment clips are thinner and/or smaller than prior art attachment clips made from plastic, and so provide better concealment of the holster as compared to the prior art.07-22-2010
20120097718Holster - A firearm holster system is described that includes a body configured to receive a firearm mounted with a firearm accessory. The holster includes an engagement member including two rail interfaces: one for detachably mounting the engagement member to the firearm, and another for detachably mounting a firearm accessory to the engagement member. The body of the holster is adapted to receive and detachably secure the engagement member. The holster can accommodate most standard firearms, and most firearm accessories. The holster includes a lockable lever to secure the engagement member to the body of the holster.04-26-2012
20100320242HOLSTER - The invention concerns a holster which has a weapon part (12-23-2010
20130181018Height and Rotation Adjuster for Competition Holster - A height and rotation adjuster for a competition holster includes an adjuster connected between a holster body and a drop arm. The adjuster includes a ball and socket joint for adjustably supporting the holster body on the drop arm.07-18-2013
224201000 Rigid support or attaching means looped around neck or crossing shoulder 2
20100051660Shoulder-mounted equipment carrier - A shoulder-mounted equipment carrying device is disclosed. The device comprises at least one shoulder hook for mounting over a user's shoulder connected with an equipment-attachment portion positioned proximal to the user's back or front. The device allows for quick access to attached equipment, and is of particular use to users such as photographers who may need fast and repeated access to equipment such as a tripod. The device further comprises tension pads and ventilation holes for comfort, and a grip pad for better frictional attachment to the shoulder.03-04-2010
20130134192BACKPACK HAVING A TUBE-TYPE SHOULDER BELT - The present invention relates to a backpack comprising a shoulder belt having two ring-shaped tubes provided with respective air-injection portions so as to enable a user to inject air into the tubes to inflate the shoulder belt and to thus enable the backpack to tightly contact a shoulder of a wearer. Thus, the backpack is prevented from slipping down from the shoulder of the wearer or from moving sideways, thereby protecting the waist of the wearer from being burdened to thus prevent spondylopathy and fatigue, and rendering user activity convenient. The shoulder belt of the backpack of the present invention has the ring-shaped tubes provided with respective air injection portions. In addition, two tubes of the shoulder belt are interconnected via a pipe, the length of each tube is extended toward the body of the backpack such that the length of each tube is the same as that of the body of the backpack, and the tubes are coupled to a back of the backpack. Preferably, the shoulder belt may be wrapped in fabric or the like so as to be protected and connected to the body of the backpack, or the shoulder belt may be made of fabric or the like, and the upper portions thereof may have spaces for accommodating said tubes, respectively.05-30-2013
224194000 Receiver attached to clothing by opposed means gripping gathered material 2
20120223111ACCESSORY HOLDER - A holder for a portable item example mobile phone, comprising an attachment device and a holding device linked by a resilient member. The holder comprises non-slip material and is shaped to securely retain the portable item in the holder whilst allowing the item to remain operable.09-06-2012
20100019008STORAGE DEVICE - An accessory holder for securing an accessory to a user, the holder comprising a first generally rigid portion; an interface; and a second generally rigid portion adjustably coupled to the first portion via the interface, the first and second portions defining an interior, the second portion being moveable relative to the first portion between at least a first position and a second position to vary a length of the interior by manipulation of the interface; wherein at least one of the first portion and the second portion is configured to be coupled to an item of apparel of a user.01-28-2010
224249000 Article held in perforation in receiver wall 2
20130020360CARRYING CASE FOR FISHING RODS AND REELS - A carrying case for recreational equipment including fishing rods and reels includes four sections, each of which are constructed and arranged for storage of some article of equipment, preferably fishing rods and reels and related or associated fishing tackle. Each of the four sections are zippered together with the adjacent section and a plurality of foam inserts are inserted into at least two of the sections for the receipt and storage of specific items of equipment. The plurality of foam inserts define corresponding compartments sized and shaped for the selected equipment. The fourth section is completely separable from the third section for use independently of the other three sections.01-24-2013
20110024468CARRIER APPARATUS FOR FASTENER - A carrier apparatus for carrying at least one fastener includes a back plate, at least one inserting hole defined on the base plate, a restricting hole defined on the base plate communicating with the at least one inserting hole, at least two elastic flanges, and a fixing flange adjacent to the restricting hole. The at least one inserting hole is configured for inserting a body of the at least one fastener therein. The restricting hole is configured for receiving the body of the at least one fastener therein. The body of the at least one fastener inserts in the at least one inserting hole and is moved in to the restricting hole. The body presses the at least two elastic flanges when entering the restricting hole. The fixing flange abuts a head portion of at least one fastener to fix the at least one fastener on the base plate.02-03-2011
224192000 Handgun receiver usable on either side of torso 2
20120292354Carrying Case For Concealed Firearms - The present invention relates to a concealed firearm carrying device that is configured in such a manner as to alleviate the inherent disadvantages of other concealed carrying devices; it incorporates safety features that good practice dictates without interfering with practical use. The device is made in such a fashion so as to cover the firearm's upper assembly to help retain the shape of the holster and secure the firearm, and to cover the trigger and trigger guard thus reducing the possibility of an accidental discharge when drawing the firearm.11-22-2012
20110114681Apron gun holster - The Apron Gun Holster, is for use by either right- or left-handed wearers. It is comprised of an inside panel that has two hidden pockets for one or two pistols and a front panel that provides concealment, useful for gun magazines, bullets, and/or items such as a cell phone, pens, or whatever the need may be. This invention will be especially beneficial for those running convenience stores which are often targeted for crime and for women in business settings wishing a comfortable gun holster. In accordance with the above objectives the gun(s) sits in left or right pockets inwardly from a panel generally conforming to the curve of the body at the thigh, providing comfort over a prolonged period of time, concealment and accessibility to facilitate quick-draw. The Apron Gun Holster can be made economically utilizing a variety of fabrics, plastics and a variety of alternative materials (leather etc.).05-19-2011
224232000 Receiver holding knife, bayonet, sword, or ice pick 1
20100270343Apparatus for knife sheath lock - This is knife sheath combination lock assembly configured to minimize foreign elements from interfering with the operation of the lock assembly. The lock assembly can be used for both fixed blade knives and foldable knives. The locking mechanism for securing the knife to the sheath, the locking mechanism including; a lock assembly, and a spring attached to the lock assembly, wherein when the knife is inserted into the sheath, the lock assembly secures the knife; and wherein the spring has a first spring area distal a second spring area, the second spring area adjacent the lock assembly, and the first spring area adjacent the sheath.10-28-2010
224230000 Receiver held in clothing pocket 1
20110233242Ergonomic load bearing garments and garment systems - A load bearing wearable garment comprising a garment configured to cover at least a portion of a user's upper torso, the garment having at least one rear pocket adapted to receive at least one article therein, and an integral load bearing system adapted to support weighted articles contained in said pocket and redistribute forces resulting therefrom.09-29-2011
224231000 Receiver shaping means 1
20090145939VACUUM STABILIZED CARRY BAG - A carry bag (06-11-2009
224223000 Plural receiver pockets formed by strip attached to backing at spaced points 1
20130126566Attachment System Substructure and Cummerbund of the Same - The attachment lattice provides an attachment substructure for support articles, such as vests, carriers and packs and allows molle compatible modular pockets, pouches and other accessories to be readily attached to the support article, but eliminates the need for a backing material, thereby reducing the weight and bulk of the support article, while still maintaining the ability to attach MOLLE compatible accessories to the lattice. In one embodiment, the attachment lattice is formed by vertical rows of thin webbing or edge binding sewn to the horizontal rows of evenly spaced nylon webbing. In another embodiment, the attachment lattice is formed by the array openings being die cut directly in the fabric material. The attachment lattice of this invention also allows MOLLE compatible accessories to be mounted on either side of the lattice, which effectively increases the capacity and modularity of the support article.05-23-2013
20130043286INTERCHANGEABLE COMPARTMENTAL ACCESSORIES - A portable personal carrier is provided. The carrier broadly includes a detachable compartmental accessory and a coupling mechanism. The coupling mechanism comprises a retention member and a receiving member and is configured to slidably couple the detachable compartmental accessory to the carrier.02-21-2013
20080257921Cleaner case - A cleaner case includes a textile in the form of a pouch with an open end, where the textile includes an elastic outer layer and a soft fabric inner layer attached or chemically bonded to the elastic outer layer. The inside circumference of the cleaner case at its open end is smaller than the circumference of a portable electronics device that the cleaner case is constructed to hold.10-23-2008
20130032617CANTILEVERED SNAP FIT CASE - A case for holding an electronic device includes a body having a void for holding the electronic device. The void approximately replicates the shape of the electronic device such that a face of the electronic device is not substantially surrounded by the body. The body has tabs configured to contact a portion of the face of the electronic device and hold the electronic device in the void such that it is held in place. The body has a flexible body portion, the flexible body portion defined by a cut in the body, dividing the body into a hinge portion and a main body. The hinge portion is configured to be flexed away from the main body to provide a direction that the electronic device is slidably removed.02-07-2013
20130032616Article Tray and Carrier - The article tray and carrier is adapted for the single-handed carriage of a case of goods, e.g., bottled water, canned goods, bottled or canned soda or beer, etc. The carrier has a rigid plastic floor with a low peripheral retaining wall, with the floor and wall covered by a heavy gauge fabric. A series of soft plastic or rubber strips having a high coefficient of friction are molded to the fabric covering the floor, to reduce slippage of an article carried thereon. An elongate handle loop extends from each side of the device, with the loops having sufficient length to meet above the carrier to allow the carrier and any goods therein to be carried from one hand. A handle connecting flap extends from the center of one handle loop, and may be wrapped and secured about the center of the opposite handle loop to secure the two loops together.02-07-2013
20130048686FOLDABLE BAG DEVICE - The present invention provides methods and systems for a foldable bag that includes a rear wall part having a front side, a back side, and an interior side; a front wall part having a front side, a back side, and an interior side; a middle part having a front side, a back side, and an interior side. The front wall part is engaged to the middle part along a fold line, and the rear wall part is engaged to the middle part along a fold line. The foldable bag is moveable between a first position and a second position.02-28-2013
20120111906Plywood Carrier - The present invention relates to the construction industry; more specifically to the homebuilding industry and the carpenter trade. The invention is an apparatus which allows one skilled in the art an easier and more ergonomically-correct method to lift and carry traditional plywood sheets (also traditionally referred to as plywood panels) and traditional sheets of plaster board (also traditionally referred to as drywall or sheet rock or gypsum board) and similar sheets of other materials.05-10-2012
20130062374Cutter and Safety Holster System - A holster for a cutter apparatus includes a body sized to receive a cutter apparatus therein and configured to provide a cutter-holster interface that causes a component of the cutter apparatus to reposition in relation to a housing of the cutter apparatus as the cutter apparatus is pushed into the holster. The component (e.g., a blade depth selector) is automatically repositioned to a safe (or other predetermined) position in response to the cutter apparatus being pushed into the holster.03-14-2013
20110011903Backpack comprising a frame structure for stretching a netting member concave across the back wall - The invention relates to a backpack comprising a frame structure stretching the back wall (01-20-2011
20130068806FOOD CADDY - A food caddy device that allows the user to easily carry multiple sets of plates, bowls, and glassware with one hand, with no risk of spillage or alteration in appearance. The food caddy includes a support bracket, a plurality of trays vertically spaced on the support bracket, and a handle having a first section mounted on each one of the trays and a second section connected to the support bracket. The second section of the handle is connected at an angle with respect to the first section of the handle.03-21-2013
20100133304TOOL BAG WITH SECURE-POCKET CONFIGURATION - A tool bag including a tool bag body having a surface with a high-density, secure-storage pocket is disclosed. The high-density, secure-storage pocket is formed from a reinforcing sheet, a base fabric sheet over the reinforcing sheet, a primary pocket layer over the base fabric sheet, a primary elastic retention strip over the primary pocket layer, and a plurality of vertically-oriented attachment regions. The base fabric sheet, the primary pocket layer and the primary retention strip are attached together by the vertically-oriented attachment regions. The base fabric material and said primary pocket layer are attached along the lower edges of each. The vertically-oriented attachment regions can be separated such that a space between the base fabric sheet and primary pocket layer between adjacent vertically-oriented attachment regions defines a primary high-density, secure-storage pocket. The primary elastic retention strip can extend horizontally and proximate to an upper edge of the primary pocket layer.06-03-2010
20130020358Foodservice Container Caddy - A Foodservice Container Caddy (“Caddy”) allows foodservice staff to handle foodservice containers without potentially hot, cold, wet, greasy, or otherwise contaminated surfaces of the foodservice containers coming into contact with dining-room surfaces and potentially damaging them or items of consumers that might interact with such surfaces. A sleeve, which can be made from multiple layers of various types of material, removably fits over a lower portion of a foodservice container, and handles enable foodservice staff to carry the Caddy and place it on dining-room or kitchen surfaces. Various embodiments of the Caddy can receive various types of foodservice containers and can be used to protect foodservice staff and dining-room surfaces from various types of contamination or hazards.01-24-2013
20110284600Polymer plastic body worn case - The spread of wireless communication is growing. A handy holder provides an innovative cost-effective support for communication devices when controlling movements of people inside or outside of a building. The idea is to use a plastic case capable of repelling bacteria, a case with perpendicular walls adapted to support a small rectangular radio communication such as walkie-talkie radios. In preparing plastic walls, it is important to drill holes for the unobstructed passage of broadcast waves and to provide openings for communication ON/OFF. Perpendicular corners are obtained by carving a width of plastic until there remains a thin wall which may be folded either internally or externally, thereby creating a link to a flared normal direction.11-24-2011
20110284599Method and Apparatus for Securing Personal Electronic Device - The invention relates to an apparatus for securing personal electronic devices to the human body. In the preferred embodiment, the apparatus includes a suction cup member to securely and removably attach the apparatus to the personal electronic device, a ring member threadably inserted through a pilot hole in the non-cup end of the suction cup, and a lanyard or tether threadably inserted through the key ring.11-24-2011
20110290832Device and Method for Carrying and Stabilizing a Helmet - An aspect of the present disclosure relates to a device for securing a helmet, such as a helmet holster. The device may include a pocket defined by a base and a pocket portion, wherein the pocket portion exhibits a width and a height. The width of the pocket portion may be equal to or greater than said height of the pocket portion. The device may also include an adjustable restraint, wherein the restraint includes a first portion affixed to the base, configured to at least partially retain at least a portion of the helmet in the pocket. The device may further include an adjustable strap affixed to the pocket.12-01-2011
20090134190Cellular phone carrying case - A carrying case adapted for organizing and transporting cellular phone items is disclosed. The cellular phone case includes a generally rectangular main body having a plurality of flat rectangular panels attached to the peripheral side edges thereof. The rectangular panels are foldably positionable between a compact closed configuration, wherein the panels are disposed in adjacent overlapping relation within the main body to an open configuration wherein the rectangular panels are outwardly deployed. One of the rectangular panels may be rolled into a closed configuration to permit the user to take selected cellular phone items while traveling. The main body and each rectangular panel are configured with pockets, and pouches, for organizing and storing a wide variety of cellular phone items including chargers, batteries, GPS, cords, and adaptors, and other cellular phone items.05-28-2009
20090120978BAG WITH ATTACHED FOLDABLE MAT - A bag for carrying items such as food items, the bag having an attached foldable mat that may be selectively opened or closed by the user. When in the open position the mat provides a surface usable by the user for eating or the like. When in the closed position the mat is secured against the enclosure and out of the way of the user.05-14-2009
20090277936Attachment mount and receiver system for removably attaching articles to garments - An attachment mount and receiver system for attaching articles to a garment. A receiver has openings for affixing the receiver to a support that is then attached to a compatible garment. The mount has openings for affixing an article thereto. A pair of flexible springs permit connected tines to be compressed inwardly, allowing the mount to be slidingly inserted into the receiver. A barb at the end of each tine engages an end wall of the receiver when the mount is fully seated. Tines are compressed inwardly and the mount is withdrawable. Selective locks can inhibit the tines from being compressed. Resistance to prying the mount away from the receiver is also provided.11-12-2009
20080302841STRAP ORGANIZER - A strap organizer is provided and configured to attach to a strap, rod or elongated member, comprising a main body of material configured with a fastener, a storage pocket and a non slip member to selectively position the organizer onto an object at a desired position. The organizer conveniently positions the device for the consumer and helps prevent vertical displacement during travel or transport.12-11-2008
20110220696CARRY BAG FOR PERSONAL ITEMS SUCH AS KEYS OR VALUABLES - The present invention relates to a carry bag for carrying personal items and a method of manufacturing a carry bag for carrying personal items. The carry bag comprising an inner pouch within which one or more personal items can be received, the inner pouch being made of a water impervious material such that in use the inner pouch resists water entry and thereby protects the personal items within the inner pouch from water. An outer pouch within which the inner pouch is completely received, the outer pouch having an opening through which the inner pouch is passed and a flap extending across the opening to completely conceal the inner pouch; and a strap on the outer pouch for strapping the outer pouch to the body of a user.09-15-2011
20100187270TRANSPORTABLE, SURFACE-MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR AN AUTO-INJECTION CASE - A transportable, surface-mounting system for an auto-injection case. The storage system includes a mounting device for attaching to the auto-injection case. A first side of the mounting device conforms to a shape of the auto-injection case, and a second side of the mounting device is substantially flat, thereby enabling the mounting device to mount on a flat surface. The second side of the mounting device includes, preferably, a reusable attaching mechanism such as a magnet, adhesive strip, or suction device that attaches the mounting device including the attached auto-injection case to the flat surface.07-29-2010
20100176164Polymer plastic body worn case - The spread of wireless communication is growing. A handy holder provides an innovative cost-effective support for communication devices when controlling movements of people inside or outside of a building. The idea is to use a plastic case capable of repelling bacteria, a case with perpendicular walls adapted to support a rectangular radio. In preparing plastic walls, it is important to drill holes for broadcast waves and to provide openings for communication ON/OFF. Perpendicular corners are obtained by carving a width of plastic until there remains a thin wall which may be folded either internally or externally, thereby creating a link to a flared normal direction.07-15-2010
20090140015ACCESSORY HOLDER - An accessory holder including a housing for holding an accessory and a switching mechanism operable independently from at least two locations on the holder for actuating an accessory in the housing. In particular, the accessory holder can be mounted on a T-grip.06-04-2009
20080308589Personal Holding Device ("P.H.D.") - The Personal Holding Device, “P.H.D.” is a collapsible holder with three parts joined by a single hinge and a clip to attach to the user's clothing or other convenient location to help facilitate a hands-free option for other activities. When open, an O-shaped ring or similar variation of this shape is held in horizontal position by a supporting lip. The ring keeps any beverage or similarly shaped container in place. The top stationary piece serves as a splash guard and as a means for attachment. It has a clip with a “key-hole” opening located on the back side. The bottom piece has a semi-circular aperture with a non-slip material covered lip at the mouth of the aperture for securing the bottom of any container placed through the ring. A latch in the form of magnets or a clip holds the device closed and out of the way until needed again.12-18-2008
20080210723DOGGIE WALLET - The present invention is directed to a multi-compartment portable container with separated openings, including one specifically designed for dispensing rolled or folded materials such as plastic bags. The present invention is useful for carrying multiple items related to walking and clean up after a domesticated animal, and is designed for one-handed access to such items.09-04-2008
20100282791STRUCTURAL SUPPORT MEMBER FOR A HARNESS FOR BREATHING APPARATUS - A structural support member 11-11-2010
20100252590Surface profile reduction and applications thereof - Equipment carried on a person increases the surface profile of that person, particularly surface profiles which includes: an increased number of impingement points that can deleteriously interact with the physical environment of the person and thereby hinder movement; an increased level of fluidic drag thereby increasing the level of effort required by the person to move through the environment; and, a heightened acoustic signature as such equipment interfaces with the atmospheric environment. The present invention is directed to methods and means for reducing the exposed surface profile of equipment carried on an anatomical region of a person by introducing a cover assembly, which acts directly upon the equipment being carried.10-07-2010
20110089208Apparatus and Method for Myriad Uses Such as Display of Lapel Pins - The invention is a fabric pouch device, and is the first device created specifically to facilitate the storing, transporting, presenting and displaying of lapel pins (also sometimes known as pins, trading pins, collectible pins, souvenir pins, hat pins, and by other names) in collecting and trading environments such as conventions, conferences, sporting venues (commercial and recreational), amusement parks, and other public and private places. The invention incorporates a variety of features making it desirable for these purposes, including convenience, expandability, and protection from loss and theft of pins.04-21-2011
20100116857ANIMAL LEAD HANDLE DEVICE - An animal lead handle device having a handle with a hand grip portion connected to a lead attachment portion. The hand grip portion has a first compartment to accommodate a sanitiser dispensing means and the lead attachment portion has a lead attachment means and a second compartment to accommodate a roll of plastics bags. The plastic bags are dispensed individually one at a time from the second compartment and the sanitiser dispensing means situated in the first compartment allows sanitiser to be dispensed to sanitise a user hands.05-13-2010
20100147911Flying Disc Caddy - An apparatus for carrying flying discs in such a way that the apparatus does not interfere with the selection and throwing of the flying discs. In one embodiment, a flying disc caddy includes a holster, a belt, and a strap. The holster includes a pouch and dividers. The dividers are spaced apart inside the pouch to form pockets or slots. The pockets receive individual flying discs. The holster is slideably attached to a belt. The belt is configured to wrap around the waist of a disc golf player. The belt secures the holster such that the opening of the holster is aligned to the waist. The holster is also attached to a strap. The strap is configured to wrap around the thigh of a disc golf player. The strap secures the lower end of the pouch to the thigh such that the pouch does not flail during play.06-17-2010
20110180574Handheld Lightweight Carrier for a Laptop Computer or Similar Item - A lightweight carrier is provided for an item such as a laptop computer. The lightweight carrier is substantially open to the elements and while desirable in many intended usages, benefits from a rain jacket stowed in a cavity of the lightweight carrier. Adjusters provide a means for a user to selectively determine a dimension of the lightweight carrier. The lightweight carrier also facilitates the attachment of accessory carriers.07-28-2011
20100264176Remote control locator - A remote control locator kit for use by a user to locate a remote control includes the following: an association element adapted to physically associate with the remote control; and a connection element adapted to physically connect to the association element and to physically associate with at least one of the user and a physical object. Reference to the at least one of the user and a physical object allows the user to locate the remote control.10-21-2010
20120037673CLIP-ON PORTABLE CASE FOR CARRYING A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A clip-on portable case, which can be clipped on an item of apparel to enable a user to easily and conveniently carry a portable electronic device with him, includes a clip-on mounting frame adapted to be clipped onto the item, and a holding frame having a gate member hinged to a backboard which is turnable relative to the mounting frame between unloading and loaded positions and which defines a receptacle area for the electronic device. A transmitting mechanism is disposed between the gate member and the mounting frame such that, when the backboard is turned from the loaded position to the unloading position, the gate member is swung from a closed position to an open position.02-16-2012
20120055962User Wearable Line Holder - A fishing line holder that can be either removably or permanently attached to a piece of clothing, such as a shirt is described. In one preferred use, the holder, which includes a slit, permits a fisherman wearing a piece of clothing having the holder attached thereto to temporarily store a monofilament fishing line in the slit while he/she is making changes to his/her fishing rig.03-08-2012
20120006867Carrier for a Collapsible Chair - A device for fastening and carrying a collapsible chair comprising two straps and a detachable carrying piece that releasably connects to a connecting member of each strap. Each strap comprises a releasable fastening means for adjustably fastening each strap around the collapsed chair. Each strap has an adhesive backing to attach the strap to a support column of the chair.01-12-2012
20120152989Concealable Pouch - A pouch includes a front and back panel and a strap. The back panel includes an upper portion and a lower portion. The upper portion has a trapezoidal shape and the lower portion has a substantially rectangular shape. The front panel has a substantially rectangular shape and being sized to match the lower portion of the back panel. The front panel includes a top edge, a bottom edge and two side edges. The front panel is attached to the lower portion of the back panel at the bottom and two side edges to form a compartment. The top edge defines an opening for access to the compartment. The elongate strap has a first end and a second end. The first end is attached to the upper portion of the back panel. The second end is configured to be attached to the first end to form a loop.06-21-2012
20120118923Vision hooks - A jewelry eyeglass and ink pen vision hooks metal base holder. Having a loop that is moveable from the two split jump ring, attached in the rear inside the two cast connected to the base metal, to secure the eyeglass and the ink pen that hangs downwardly. The eyeglasses are attached in front with a secure eyeglass holder loop lock. The rear has a lapel pin back clutche attached to the garment.05-17-2012
20100206923Carrying Cases Having Sound Enhancing Capability, For Portable Communication Devices - Carrying cases are disclosed for portable communication devices such as iPhones and cell phones. There is a case housing for receiving a portable communication device therein, and a sound reflector linked to the housing so as to be movable between an extended position and a recessed position. The carrying case enables the device to be used as a speaker phone with enhanced sound quality, while still in the case.08-19-2010
20120132681Ski boot carrier - A reusable, hand-held carrier for transporting and storing a pair of ski boots includes: (a) a handle portion; (b) a shank including two opposite longitudinal first sides, an upper shank end being attached to a base handle section of the handle portion; (c) a hanger portion extending from a lower shank end and including at least two elongate hook elements, each of the hook elements including an open topped channel and a set of corresponding shoulder portions on opposite walls of the channel that form a pinched zone at the top of the channel. The boot carrier preferably also includes at least one carrier pin for holding a sole guard ski boot accessory within a recess in the carrier shank. A carrier wall mount and boot carrier set is also contemplated. This simplified abstract is not intended to limit, and should not be interpreted as limiting, the scope of the claims.05-31-2012
20100176165HOLSTER ENHANCEMENTS - A security holster for handguns which utilizes a U-shaped rod as part of the locking and releasing mechanism. The user presses a handgun against a portion of the U-shaped rod, which pushes the U-shaped rod forward, and causes the locking tab to seat against the ejection port or another feature of the handgun.07-15-2010
20120211533Child portable potty seat caddy - My invention is a caddy to enable a child to discreetly and sanitarily store, retrieve for use, and conveniently carry a child's potty seat, comprising a rectangular receptacle, with interior angled ledges to keep the seat out of the drip tray and to secure the seat when not in use, a detachable bottom portion for ease of cleaning, a snugly fitted, removable top for access to the seat, a handle for carrying and at least one fastening device on the back for attachment to walls, toilet flush tank or bathtub surfaces.08-23-2012
20120312846Underarm pouch for personal electronic devices - The invention claimed herein and depicted in FIGS. 12-13-2012
20090090752CARRIER FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A carrier for an electronic device comprising a belt, a pouch for containing the electronic device formed on the belt at a point between its ends, fastener means on the inner face of the belt at one end thereof, fastener engaging means on the outer face of the belt and on the outer surface of the pouch for allowing the size of the belt to be adjusted by attaching the one end thereof to the outer face of the belt or to the outer surface of the pouch, and means for retaining the electronic device in the pouch.04-09-2009
20120255977HOLDER FOR A HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A holder for a handheld electronic device, the holder including a container defining a space for receiving the handheld electronic device and an inner surface facing inwardly towards the space. At least a portion of the inner surface includes an infrared-neutral material or coating operative for interacting with infrared light emitted from the handheld electronic device and received by the infrared-neutral material. The interaction is such that, while the handheld electronic device is being received by the container, any reflected infrared signal effected by the interaction is inoperative for effecting activation of a functionality of the handheld electronic device when the reflected infrared signal is sensed by the handheld electronic device.10-11-2012
20110121043ADJUSTABLE, DETACHABLE ACCESSORY ATTACHMENT SYSTEM - An accessory attachment system having a platform body with a platform recess, an accessory mounting plate having a plurality of mounting plate projections extending therefrom and a plurality of mounting plate apertures formed therethrough, wherein at least some of the mounting plate projections correspond to at least some of the slots so that when the mounting plate projections are aligned with the corresponding slots, the accessory mounting plate can pass the locking ledge into the platform recess, at least one release lever that is pivotable between a locking position and an unlocking position, and a plurality of internal stops formed within the platform recess, wherein the accessory mounting plate can be secured within a portion of the platform recess such that the mounting plate projections are secured between the internal stops and the accessory plate engagement portion when the release lever is in the locking position.05-26-2011
20080314941DUAL FUNCTION CLIP DEVICE FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING A SCREEN - A dual function clip device for use with an electronic device having a screen has a mount for receiving the electronic device; a clip mechanism constructed and arranged to clip onto a peripheral edge of a clothing article of a user; and an arm movable relative to the mount between a closed position and at least one open position. A securement device is also provided for locking the arm in the at least one open position. When the arm is in an open position, the clip device is positioned to engage an upwardly facing flat surface, and the mount is oriented to support the electronic device in a viewing position to display the screen on the electronic device.12-25-2008
20110036876PROTECTIVE CASES FOR MOBILE DEVICES - The disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for protecting a mobile device. In one embodiment, a protection device for a mobile device is disclosed which induces a combination of a flexible inner sleeve and a rigid shell. The flexible inner sleeve conforms to, and encapsulates, the mobile device. The rigid shell receives and engages the inner sleeve. The flexible inner sleeve and the rigid shell can be used separately with the mobile device or can encase the mobile device as an integrated protective unit.02-17-2011
20110266315Portable Gum Container - There is disclosed a portable gum container, comprising a body. The body has a chewing gum holder, a sheet material dispenser, and a waste receptacle. The chewing gum holder is for holding chewing gum. The sheet material dispenser is for dispensing sheet material sized and shaped for wrapping about a piece of spent chewing gum. The waste receptacle is sized and shaped to contain the wrapped spent piece of chewing gum. Also disclosed is a portable gum container, comprising a body having a chewing gum holder, a waste receptacle and at least one piece of sheet material associated with the body for wrapping about a piece of spent chewing gum.11-03-2011
20120286004MODULE RETAINER - The module retainer (11-15-2012
20120286003Pet Waste Disposal Apparatus - According to one embodiment a pet waste disposal apparatus is formed by panels of flexible material to define a primary pouch to receive waste and a secondary pouch for a roll of pet waste bags. A cover panel encloses both pouches when closed while a dispensing aperture of the secondary pouch remains accessible for dispensing individual waste bags from the roll even when the cover panel is closed. In a second embodiment of the apparatus a container defines a first receptacle for storing waste. A flexible sheet partially surrounds the receptacle to define a pocket area receiving the roll of pet waste bags therein. A dispensing aperture in the flexible sheet again permits individual waste bags to be dispensed while the receptacle remains closed.11-15-2012
20130126565DEVICE HOLDER APPARATUS WITH CLIP AND METHOD OF FORMING APPARATUS - Embodiments of a device holder apparatus with clip and methods of forming same where the device holder apparatus may include a device conforming body rotatably and ratchetly coupled to a clip assembly via a locking washer assembly. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.05-23-2013
20110272442Waste bag dispenser - A waste bag dispenser includes a pouch body and a bag dispenser. The pouch body has a surrounding wall defining a bag cavity therein, an opening for receiving a roll of waste bags. The bag dispenser has a dispensing slit transversely provided at the surrounding wall of the pouch body for dispensing the waste bags out of the bag cavity. The dispensing slit defines an upper edge and a lower edge extending edge-to-edge, wherein the upper and lower edges of the dispensing slit are arranged for holding a pulling portion of the first waste bag therebetween to allow the first waste bag being pulled out of the bag cavity through the dispensing slit. The upper and lower edges are extended close enough for holding a pulling portion of the next waste bag when the first waste bag is pulled out of the pouch body through the dispensing slit.11-10-2011
20120018468HOT POT TRANSPORT - A transport strap for transporting a pot or casserole comprising: a lid attachment, where said lid attachment securing fits over a lid handle. A slit opening may be provided in the center of the lid attachment to secure the lid attachment to the lid handle. At least one strap extends from opposite sides of the lid attachment and may include a first buckle and a second buckle where the first buckle and second buckle join to secure the at least one strap around the perimeter of the pot or casserole dish. Further, a handle may be provide to lift the pot or casserole where the handle extends from the at least one strap.01-26-2012
20130193172Mold and method of using the same in the manufacture of holsters - A forming mold and method using the forming mold to form thermoplastic sheets into a more comfortable and concealable weapon holster. The two piece forming mold includes an upper section and a lower section having mating concave and convex surfaces. The upper section includes a deformable foam pad mounted to its concave inner surface and the lower section includes a deformable foam pad mounted atop its convex upper surface. The curvature of the mating concave and convex surfaces approximates the curvature of the average human hip. The foam pad mounted to the concave inner surface of the upper mold section is thicker than the foam pad mounted to the convex outer surface of the lower mold section.08-01-2013
20120074183Doggie-Be-Cool and People-Be-Cool - The disclosure describes a pouch assembly attachable to an animal or a person, The pouch assembly has a containment pouch having an openable and closable opening to allow a material to be placed inside the pouch. The pouch assembly has an adjustable strap attachable to the pouch and to a body part or an accessory of an animal or a person. The pouch assembly has a first fastener on one end of the strap and a second fastener on another end of the strap, the pair of fasteners releasably coupled to securely attach the pouch assembly to the animal or the person and to keep the material from falling out. The material held in the pouch can be any one of cooling elements, warming elements and elements to repel insects. The pouch is easily opened and closed and unhooks easily.03-29-2012

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