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20090194564BEVERAGE DISPENSING APPARATUS - A beverage dispenser includes beverage temperature measurement means for measuring a temperature of beverage stored in a closed beverage container; pressure measurement means disposed in a gas supply conduit supplying gas into the beverage container from a source of pressurized gas for measuring a gas pressure in the beverage container; a pressure regulator valve disposed in the gas supply conduit for regulating a pressure of gas supplied to the beverage container; discharge means for discharging an amount of beverage supplied thereto from a beverage supply conduit connected to the beverage container; wherein the pressure regulator valve is opened and closed in such a manner that the gas pressure in the container becomes a proper pressure calculated in accordance with a temperature of the beverage measured by the temperature measurement means, wherein the beverage dispenser further comprises gas flow measurement means disposed in the gas supply conduit at a downstream of the pressure regulator valve for measuring a flow amount of gas supplied to the beverage container calculation means for calculating an amount of beverage remained in the container or discharged from the container on a basis of the flow amount of gas measured by the gas flow rate measurement means; and display means for indicating the calculated amount of beverage remained in the container or discharged from the container.08-06-2009
20130062364METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IDENTIFYING PRODUCT - A method and system for identifying product is disclosed. A product identifier having product identifying information for one of a plurality of consumable products is provided. The product identifier is selected for a consumable product. The product identifier is displayed at or near a location on a dispensing system, or where access to the consumable product is provided. The system uses a product identifier having product and/or brand information for one or more consumable products. A window is provided in a body of a dispenser or dispensing system for viewing the product identifier associated with the consumable product therein.03-14-2013
20110011887MACHINE FOR PRODUCING AND DISPENSING LIQUID OR SEMILIQUID FOOD PRODUCTS - A machine for producing and dispensing liquid or semiliquid food products, comprising: a holding vat (01-20-2011
20100078447FLUID PRODUCT DISPENSING DEVICE - A fluid dispenser device including a fluid dispenser member (04-01-2010
20120104039Medicament/Dosimeter Combination Packaging - A system for individual dosing of a medicament, in accordance with the individual pathological properties (“fingerprint”) of a patient—corresponding physiologically or genetically to the disease status is based on two components: the medicament that is to be taken or administered in a variable individual dosage and a miniaturized indicator system that obtains information from blood, saliva or other bodily fluids and tissues of the patient and displays the information in a readable form so that the patient or the treating physician can immediately read the optimal active substance to be taken or dosage to be administered.05-03-2012
20110095049Dosing Device - Device for dosing liquid detergents or rinsing agents in dishwashers and/or washing machines. The device includes at least one chamber for storing the detergents or rinsing agents and a replaceable unit. At least two units of quantity are stored in the respective chamber, one unit of quantity representing the quantity of detergent or rinsing agent required for one washing cycle and stored in the respective chamber. In order to be able to easily recycle the replaceable unit of the dosing device, a control unit is provided for emptying the rest of detergent or rinsing agent from at least one chamber.04-28-2011
20110284577CHEMICAL LIQUID INJECTION SYSTEM - RFID chip (11-24-2011
20130020351DISPENSER WITH OPTICAL KEYING SYSTEM - A dispenser with an optical keying system includes a housing that is configured to carry a removable refill container that contains an amount of material, such as soap, for example. The removable refill container includes microscopic indicia that is visually-imperceptible to a human, which includes an authorization code, as well as a reference code that identifies various attributes associated with the refill container, such as its size, material type, and date of manufacture. Finally, the dispenser includes an optical sensor that is configured to read the authorization code defined by the microscopic or visually-imperceptible indicia to determine whether the refill container is authorized for use with the dispenser.01-24-2013
20100038378INVENTORY SYSTEM FOR LIQUIDS DISPENSED FROM A CONTANIER - The present invention pertains to a pourer spout, a use of the pourer spout, a method for measuring liquid outflow from a container, and an inventory system for liquids. The invention aims at solving the problem to keep track of the volume of liquids that has been dispensed from one or several containers. Basically, this problem is solved by providing each container with a pourer spout that determines the volume of the poured fluid. This is achieved by measuring the inflow of air into the container. The invention can e.g. be used for registering the dispensed liquor in a restaurant or a bar.02-18-2010
20090255954Identifying devices for the visually handicapped - Devices which contain tactile and visually readable identifying indicia to assist the visually handicapped in identifying room numbers and the contents of items such as condiment shakers and liquid containers. The visually readable indicia allow a sighted person to correctly associate the device with the proper item to be identified. The devices take the form of bands which fit around the condiment holders, tags which may be attached to items by tying or adhering, and sleeves which may partially or fully surround the item. The identifying devices for room numbers may be clip-on sleeves for doorknobs or plates which attach to peep-hole tubes.10-15-2009
20090101671PUMPING DISPENSER - A device for dispensing a flowable material is disclosed. The device includes a container holding the flowable material therein and a pumping assembly attached to the container. The pumping assembly includes a pump and a placard portion configured for displaying viewable information thereon associated with the flowable material.04-23-2009
20090230146LUBRICANT STORAGE AND DISPENSING SYSTEM - A lubricant storage and dispensing system includes at least one vessel having a mouth with a threaded surface, at least one lid with a threaded surface adapted to sealingly engage the threaded surface of at least one vessel, at least two color-coded cards, each card being a different color than the other cards, and a plurality of color-coded band corresponding in number and respective color to the color-coded cards. A color-coded card can be associated with each of the vessels of the system. The corresponding color-coded band can be placed on the lid sealingly mounted to the vessel.09-17-2009
20100147878A FLUID DISPENSER DEVICE - A fluid dispenser device (06-17-2010
20090314798LINER-BASED LIQUID STORAGE AND DISPENSING SYSTEMS WITH EMPTY DETECTION CAPABILITY - Fluid supply systems for storage and dispensing of chemical reagents and compositions, e.g., high purity liquid reagents and chemical mechanical polishing compositions used to manufacture microelectronic device products, having capability for detection of an empty or near-empty condition when the contained liquid is at or approaching depletion during dispensing operation. Fluid delivery systems employing empty detect arrangements are described, including pressure transducer monitoring of dispensed material intermediate the supply package and a servo-hydraulic dispense pump, or monitoring of dispenser chamber replenishment times in a dispenser being replenished on a cyclic schedule to flow material from the dispenser to a downstream tool utilizing the dispensed material.12-24-2009
20100219201SYSTEMS USEFUL FOR BEVERAGE MAKING MACHINES - Various systems are provided which may be used in a beverage machine for dispensing one or more, (in particular a plurality of) beverage types. A beverage machine may thus comprise one or more systems selected from the group consisting of i) a conveyance system for the dispensing of particulate material; ii) a beverage selection system providing for the possibility of selecting from among a class of beverages; and iii) a hot water dispensing system which may have a system for detecting the absence of water in the fluid conduit component thereof.09-02-2010
20100294799DISPENSING DEVICE - Disclosed is a dispensing device for dispensing liquid from a container having a top, a side wall and a bottom, comprising a sleeve which can be inserted into the top in a sealing manner and into which a rising pipe opens via an inflow opening, a piston which is movable in the sleeve and can be moved between a closed position, in which the inflow opening is closed off by the piston, and an opened position, in which the inflow opening is connected to an outlet opening via a cavity of the piston. The outlet opening opens into an outlet channel of an extension arm which protrudes laterally from the sleeve and the output of which is coupled to a dispensing valve which can be activated by means of an actuating member in order to allow, in the opened position, liquid to be dispensed. The extension arm with the dispensing valve is, in the closed position, completely recessed within an outwardly open recess between the top and an outer edge of the container and can be transferred by way of a movement of the piston into a dispensing position in which a dispensing opening protrudes outwards beyond the outer edge of the container.11-25-2010
20110000935LIQUID CONTAINER - A liquid container, which is operable to supply a liquid to a liquid ejecting apparatus, includes: a liquid containing portion capable of containing the liquid; and a liquid supply portion one end of which is connected to the liquid containing portion and the other end of which includes an opening which opens outwardly, the liquid supply portion that allows the liquid to flow from the liquid containing portion to the ejecting apparatus, the liquid supply portion that includes a liquid detecting portion which is operable to detect an amount of the liquid in the liquid container and which includes; a liquid detection chamber that contains the liquid supplied from the liquid containing portion; and a sensor that is disposed in the liquid detection chamber and that outputs a detection signal which is used to detect the amount of the liquid in the liquid container.01-06-2011
20110108570LIQUID FOOD OR BEVERAGE MACHINE WITH MONITORING OF INGREDIENT CHARACTERISTICS - A container that includes a cavity for storing a dispensable substance, such as a food or beverage ingredient, and a device for measuring one or more characteristics of the dispensable substance and for transmitting such characteristic(s) outside the cavity. The device includes a transmitter arranged for wireless communication of a signal representative of the measured characteristic(s) outside the cavity, and in particular, a sound or electromagnetic wave signal or both.05-12-2011
20110031272CHEMICAL DISPENSING SYSTEMS AND POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT FLOW METERS THEREFOR - A volume-based, rather than time-based, system for dispensing fluid incorporates a microprocessor-based controller, software, pump, and positive displacement flow meter. The volume being pumped and the time it takes to pump that volume is calculated and tracked by the software, giving a flow rate. This rate is then tracked by the software for any changes. Any conditional changes that occur, affecting this rate, are tracked, and if the rate becomes too excessive outside of the normal rate established at initial calibration, then an alarm or other indication is provided to the operator.02-10-2011
20090230145Cosmetic Applicator - The invention relates to a cosmetic applicator comprising a preferably cylindrical sealed container (09-17-2009
20110042408RESETTABLE COUNT-UP TIMER FOR BEVERAGE DISPENSE - A beverage dispensing system which includes a server, a sensing system coupled to the server for detecting a quantity of beverage retained in the server, a display coupled to the sensing system, and a count-up timer coupled to the system. The display may provide indicia as to the time and/or freshness of the beverage in the server. A method for sensing and displaying a quantity of beverage in a beverage server which can also include a freshness indicator. A resettable timer is incorporated which cannot be reset until at least the sensing system has been physically or operatively uncoupled from the server. The resetting may also require the sensing system to detect an empty server upon recoupling the sensing system with the server. Further, the resetting may also require monitoring a refill function for refill occurring within a predetermined rate parameter or time.02-24-2011
20110147413DEVICE FOR INJECTING MIXED GAS TO WHICH LIQUID IS ADDED - A device for intermittently ejecting a fixed quantity of a mixed gas, to which a liquid is added, to a target object. A device comprises a gas supply means (06-23-2011
20090314799ELECTRONICALLY KEYED DISPENSING SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS UTILIZING NEAR FIELD FREQUENCY RESPONSE - A refill container is disclosed which utilizes an enclosure with at least one orientational tab and a neck that carries a pump mechanism with a nozzle. The refill container provides a collar with a notch that receives the orientational tab and axially receives the neck. The refill container is axially received by a release mechanism of a dispenser housing.12-24-2009
20090127282ELECTRONICALLY KEYED DISPENSING SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS UTILIZING NEAR FIELD FREQUENCY RESPONSE - A dispensing system is disclosed which utilizes an electronically powered key device and/or identification code associated with a refill container to preclude the need for mechanical keys. The system utilizes a near field frequency response to determine whether a refill container is compatible with a dispensing system. In particular, the refill container is provided with a coil terminated by one of a number of capacitors. The container is received in a housing that provides a pair of coils that are in a spatial relationship with the installed refill container's coil. By energizing one of the housing's coils, the other coil detects a unique electronic signature generated by the container's coil. If the signature is acceptable, the dispensing system is allowed to dispense a quantity of material. The system also provides a unique latching mechanism to retain the container and ensure positioning of all the coils.05-21-2009
20120031922Power Over Ethernet Powered Soap or Disinfectant Dispenser - A system for providing power to a plurality of soap or disinfectant dispensers through a power over ethernet (PoE) network and for sensing various operational parameters of the dispensers and communicating those parameters through the network connection to a central computing device. The system includes a Data/Power controller associated with the dispensers for providing power to the dispenser and for sending and receiving data between one or more sensors in the dispensers and a central computer device.02-09-2012
20120305593Pipe-Passivating Alkali-Injecting Device for a Nuclear Plant - A nuclear plant is provided with a pipe-passivating alkali-injecting device including an alkali-injecting tank, an actuator, a counter-balance valve, a pressure gauge, exhaust valves and switching valves. The actuator is connected to the alkali-injecting tank via a first pipe. The counter-balance valve is connected to the actuator via a second pipe and connected to the alkali-injecting tank via a third pipe. The pressure gauge is provided between the actuator and the counter-balance valve and connected to the second pipe. The exhaust valves are connected to the first and second pipes, and so are the switching valves. The alkali-injecting tank, the actuator and the counter-balance valve are used together to expel gases from the pipes while injecting alkali, thus effectively avoiding feedback of liquid in the nuclear plant, transmitting pure alkali in the pipes, and reducing damage to the pipes.12-06-2012
20130221025SYSTEM FOR IDENTIFYING FLUID PATHWAYS THROUGH A FLUID CARRYING DEVICE - A beverage dispensing system is disclosed, typical of prior art beverage dispensing systems, in that it is designed to dispense fluids, such as syrup and/or soda and water, from a bar gun. The bar gun is connected by a multiplicity of lines to a manifold and flow control assembly. The manifold and flow control assembly, in turn, receives a number of different fluids, typically syrup, water and soda, under pressure from a number of different pressurized containers. Applicants' novel system includes schematics, typically in the form of adhesive labels, applied to the dispensing system, typically on the manifold and flow control assembly, which schematics illustrate the button arrangement on the handle, and the inlet port layout on the handle, and relate the same, using words, symbols or a combination, to indicia identified ports on the manifold and flow control assembly.08-29-2013
20110121023Packaging Locking & Indication System - For use in dispensing a material that has a limited period of utility, a novel device comprises a first part (05-26-2011
20110121022Product Dispenser With Low Product Indicator - A product dispenser including a frame configured to support a plurality of products and flag element connected to the frame, the flag element being moveable relative to the frame from a first, un-deployed configuration when the flag element is engaged with at least one of the products, to a second, deployed configuration when the flag element is not engaged with the products.05-26-2011
20110114667System for Heating Pressurized Liquefied Gas Stores - The invention relates to a device for storing and distributing a high-purity pressurized liquefied gas at a rate which is higher than or equal to 1 kg/h, said device having: a container comprising a liquefied phase of said gas in its lower part, and a gaseous phase of said gas in its upper part, a system for bleeding the gaseous phase of said gas, and a heating system used to maintain a constant pressure of the gas at the moment of use. The invention is characterized in that the heating system involves the circulation of a hot fluid in a circuit built into the surface of the container.05-19-2011
20120024889Polypharmacy Co-Packaged Medication Dosing Unit Including Communication System Therefor - A custom medication dosing unit is disclosed. The custom medication dosing unit includes a housing having a shell element provided with a bottom surface and a circumferential edge extending from the bottom surface and a portion defining an opening for accommodating a medication. A first closure element provided with a circumferential edge is placed on the circumferential edge of the shell element in an adhering and closing manner. A medication is disposed within the opening defined between the shell element and the first closure element. A circuit module is associated within the first closure element. A system includes the custom medication dosing unit operative to communicate with a local node. Also disclosed is a method of manufacturing the custom medication dosing unit.02-02-2012
20120298690LIQUID NITROGEN COOLED BEVERAGE DISPENSER - Liquids to be dispensed as “frozen” or “slush” beverages are rapidly cooled to a suitable target viscosity or percentage of frozen, by maintaining a flow of liquid nitrogen through one or more heat exchangers, counterflowing the beverage to be cooled from a reservoir to a dispenser, and controlling the flow of liquid nitrogen to achieve the target viscosity or percentage of frozen of the beverage to be dispensed.11-29-2012
20120279987Fluid Level Gauge - A fluid level gauging mechanism external of a reservoir bottle in a dispenser which mechanism emits electromagnetic radiation and senses the electromagnetic radiation emitted which passes through the bottle or is reflected from the bottle through a wall of the bottle into the bottle at a first height and senses reflected radiation passing outwardly from the bottle at a second different height.11-08-2012
20130008919APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR DISPENSING FLUID - Apparatus for dispensing a flowable substance, e.g., a fluid, has a housing with an indicating chamber, an outlet and two fluid paths from a container, one of the fluid paths to the indicating chamber and the other fluid path to the outlet. The indicating chamber may have indicia identifying, in real time, an amount of fluid that has flowed through the outlet. A shroud-cap may close the outlet and obscure the indicating chamber. Each fluid path includes a respective metered inlet. All the metered inlets are substantially identical in size and shape. Some disclosed shapes reduce surface tension for more accurate readings. A snorkel tube may extend into a container to supply makeup air into the container as fluid is dispensed. An indicating spout for flexible containers is vented to only the exterior of the flexible container.01-10-2013
20080290112Soap dispenser and method for helping assure clean hands - A method and apparatus for helping to assure cleaner hands using a soap dispenser are disclosed. The method includes marking a hand of a user with a slight indentation on their hand when they activate the dispenser, wherein the indentation lasts during the desired period of hand washing.11-27-2008
20110253743Apparatus and System for Dispensing Liquids - An apparatus for pumping fluids comprises a suction pump and an inlet tube extendible into a container containing the fluid. A sealing plate is provided over the liquid surface to form a circumferential seal with the inner wall of the container and the outer wall of the inlet tube. The sealing plate prevents air from entering the lower part of the container and thereby prevents the pump from cavitating once the container is emptied. A pumping system is also provided wherein a plurality of pumping apparatuses is provided on a frame. A dispensing system is also provided wherein a plurality of computer controlled nozzles are each connected to a respective pumping apparatus whereby specific volumes of desired fluids can be dispensed.10-20-2011
20110253742ENCLOSURE FOR USE WITH A GRAVITY FED FLUID DISPENSING SYSTEM - An enclosure for use with a gravity fed fluid dispensing system includes a housing comprising a base member and a cover member, and an actuator movably connected with the housing and arranged to rotate the bottle within the housing.10-20-2011
20130175291KEYED DISPENSING SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS - A dispensing system includes a housing and a refill container carrying a dispensable material and received in the housing. A pump mechanism is coupled to the refill container and movable from a first position to a second position and back to the first position. An identifier is carried by either the refill container or the pump mechanism, and a detection device is carried by the housing. The detection device monitors a status of the identifier and allows operation of the pump mechanism based on a status change of the identifier.07-11-2013
20130175292System for dispensing substances into a washing machine - A system for dispensing substances into a washing machine is disclosed. A plurality of preferably different sized or shaped cartridges are located within removable drawers. Each cartridge contains a particular substance, such as laundry detergent, bleach, or fabric softener, that is released into the washing machine. The system also includes a means to identify the substance contained within the cartridge as well as when and how much of the substance should be released into the washing machine. At the appropriate time, the system dispenses an appropriate amount of substance into the washing machine. A pump pulls the substance out of the container and into the washing basin of a washing machine. Alternatively, a valve is opened and the substance pours into the washing basin due to gravitational forces.07-11-2013
20130175293Cartridge system for dispensing substances into a washing machine - A cartridge system for dispensing substances into a washing machine is disclosed. One or more preferably different sized or shaped cartridges are located within removable drawers contained in a washing machine. Each cartridge contains a particular substance, such as laundry detergent, bleach, or fabric softener, that is released into the washing machine. The cartridge system also includes a means to identify the substance contained within the cartridge as well as when and how much of the substance should be released into the washing machine. At the appropriate time, the system dispenses an appropriate amount of substance into the washing machine. A pump pulls the substance out of the container and into the washing basin of a washing machine. Alternatively, a valve is opened and the substance pours into the washing basin due to gravitational forces.07-11-2013
20130233883MARKER DETECTION MECHANISMS FOR USE IN MARKING DEVICES AND METHODS OF USING SAME - Marking devices for dispensing a marking substance on the ground and marking methods are provided. The marking devices and marking methods use one or more detection mechanisms to detect one or more characteristics of the marking substance. In some embodiments, the detection mechanism may be, but is not limited to, an optical sensor, an olfactory sensor, a weight sensor, a switch device, and any combination thereof. The one or more detection mechanisms may provide, for example, the capability to: (1) determine the type of marking substance that is installed in the marking device; (2) determine in advance of or during a marking operation the amount of marking substance within the marking dispenser; and (3) determine when the marking dispenser is becoming empty.09-12-2013
20130098941PROPRIETARY DISPENSING CONTAINER SYSTEM - A proprietary dispensing container system provides a base configured for use with compatible dispensing containers having a dispensing nozzle that when actuated dispenses liquid material, such as soap, therefrom. The dispensing containers include concentric alignment ribs configured to be received within corresponding concentric base channels disposed in a support platform to prevent unauthorized dispensers from being inserted therein. The dispensing containers also include indicators that are placed in an arrangement to identify attribute data relating to the dispensing containers and their contents, which is read by sensors in the support platform for presentation on a display. The support platform is suspended from the base by springs and moves as the dispensing nozzle is actuated to dispense material therefrom. A switch monitors the movement of the support platform and updates a count value that identifies the number of uses of the dispensing containers, which is presented on the display.04-25-2013
20100155416System for Monitoring Hand Cleaning Compliance - A system to allow employers to monitor employee handwashing or hand sanitization compliance in a facility with a plurality of touchless dispensers for metering a cleanser, disinfectant or lotion on the hands of a user. A detector associated with each dispenser triggers operation of the dispensing mechanism and sends a signal to a local controller which date and time stamps the dispensing act. The controller sends a report to a central computer which identifies the dispenser and the date and time of each dispensing act. The reports from the several dispensers is stored in a database for management review. On receipt of a signal from the detector, the controller may also trigger operation of a preferably touchless input device to identify the user. Data collected by the input device is relayed to the central computer through the controller. The central computer is programmed with an algorithm for matching the data collected by the input device with data previously collected and identified with the user. During the dispensing processes, the controller may signal an output device that indicates to the user that the system is working.06-24-2010
20110155759Sample dispensing display system - A sample dispensing display system includes a dispensing assembly having top and front portions, and defining an interior cavity, wherein the top portion of the dispensing assembly defines a product area for holding and displaying products, at least one fluid delivery mechanism being disposed within the interior cavity of the dispensing assembly, wherein the at least one fluid delivery mechanism each has a tubular shaft extending from the front portion of the dispensing assembly with an outlet disposed at the distal end of the tubular shaft, and at least one sample dispenser source for storing a flowable material corresponding to a product displayed in the product area, wherein the sample dispenser source is fluidly connected to a respective fluid delivery mechanism for supplying the flowable material.06-30-2011
20090314800ELECTRONICALLY KEYED DISPENSING SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS UTILIZING NEAR FIELD FREQUENCY RESPONSE - A refill container is disclosed which utilizes an enclosure with at least one orientational tab and a neck that carries a pump mechanism with a nozzle. The refill container provides a collar with a notch that receives the orientational tab and axially receives the neck. The refill container is axially received by a release mechanism of a dispenser housing.12-24-2009
20130026180METHODS OF SEPARATING, IDENTIFYING AND DISPENSING SPECIMEN AND DEVICE THEREFOR, AND ANALYZING DEVICE METHOD - A specimen sorter includes a separating device to remove a specimen from a container, a detection device to identify the specimen as a target specimen or a non-target specimen, and a dispensing device to dispense the specimen. The dispensing device includes a dispensing nozzle to contact a vibration member to form liquid droplets at a front end of the dispensing nozzle and to dispense the liquid droplets, a first container to collect the liquid droplets dispensed from the dispensing nozzle that contain the target specimen, and a second container to collect the liquid droplets dispensed from the dispensing nozzle that contain the non-target specimen.01-31-2013
222025000 Plural 8
20090039108Apparatus for Delivering Sealant at a Predetermined Pressure to a Stuffing Box of a Shaft - A delivery unit (02-12-2009
20110204086Refillable Container with a Graduated Neck Extension - The invention is a container with a neck extension having a sight glass and containing indicia to enable a user to verify the liquid content of the container with a graduated level indicator. The container enables a user to verify whether when a gasoline pump indicator reflects the dispensing of one gallon of gasoline into the container. A liquid level indicator allows the user to verify whether the pump has accurately dispensed a gallon or whether the amount of gasoline received is less than one gallon.08-25-2011
20090127283SMART SELF DEFENSE APPARATUS - The invention relates to a self-defense apparatus configured to release a substance when activated and further configured to transmit control signals to remote device. Such remote device may be a cell phone configured to transmit emergency data to a remote location. Such emergency data may include GPS coordinates, image data, sound data, vehicle control signals, alarm system control signals, lighting control signals, and other signals.05-21-2009
20110095050DISPENSER - An electrically operated dispenser for sanitary or hygienic products, for example soap, paper, cleaning or care products or the like, contains a housing and respective displays which are visible from the exterior and which indicate operability and a required service intervention. At least one third display is provided in the interior of the dispenser and indicates the type of service intervention required once the housing has been opened.04-28-2011
20120018446Fuel Nozzle Breakaway Prevention Safety System - A breakaway separation prevention safety device that provides warning indicators reminding users to replace a fuel nozzle after dispensing fuel. The safety warning system reminds users of a fuel pump to replace the nozzle into the nozzle mount. The system is activated as the user removes the nozzle from the nozzle mount. An audio and visual warning is emitted as a reminder for the user.01-26-2012
222026000 Two or more volume devices 1
20110248044MULTI-STATION LIQUID DISPENSING APPARATUS WITH AUTOMATIC SELECTION OF PROPER FLOW RATE - A multi-station liquid mixing and dispensing apparatus. The apparatus includes a housing that defines a first pocket for supporting a first container and a second pocket for supporting a second container, a first door pivotably coupled to the housing and enclosing the first pocket, and a second door pivotably coupled to the housing opposite the first door. The first door includes a first window through which the first container can be identified. The second door encloses the second pocket and includes a second window through which the second container can be identified. The apparatus also includes a valve coupled to the housing to control flow of chemical concentrate to at least one of the first container and the second container.10-13-2011
222028000 With common operating means 2
20090090742DISPENSING SYSTEM WITH INTERACTIVE MEDIA MODULE FOR DISPENSING CONCENTRATED MATERIALS - A dispensing system has a source container for dispensing fluid concentrate into receiving containers, and a control module connected to the source container to control dispensing of the fluid concentrate from the source container. An interactive media module is configured to provide communication between the dispensing system and a user. The interactive media module has a menu of options and being capable of responding to commands by the user. The interactive media module is connected to the control module to provide input to the control module.04-09-2009
20130146612SINGLE PADDLE ICE AND WATER DISPENSER - A dispensing unit is operatively associated with a refrigeration appliance for selectively dispensing water and ice at a dispensing station. The dispensing unit includes an actuator that is movable to selected positions in order to support the dispensing of the water and ice. The dispensing unit can include a passageway through which ice is dispensed, and an ice door can be provided for selectively opening and closing the passageway to the dispensing of ice. In one aspect, the ice door can be opened and closed mechanically and in another aspect, the ice door can be opened and closed electromechanically. The dispensing unit also can provide for the position of a water-dispensing nozzle to be adjusted for the purpose of dispensing water to receptacles outside a recessed area at which the nozzle is located and to provide for the activation of illuminating devices to indicate operating conditions at the refrigeration appliance.06-13-2013
222030000 Recorder 1
20090134183METHOD AND DEVICE FOR INVENTORY CONTROL OF A DISPENSED LIQUID - A method and device are provided for controlling and reconciling a liquid inventory, such as a volume of liquid dispensed from a container. The device secures a pour spout for dispensing a predetermined amount of liquid to a container opening, such that the spout may not be removed without detection. The device includes a counting mechanism to count and indicate the total number of pours from the container for use in sales and inventory reconciliation.05-28-2009
222036000 Totalizer for successive dispenser cycles 5
20090294471PROGRAMMABLE AEROSOL DISPENSER - Disclosed is an aerosol dispensing for dispensing a metered amount of an aerosol for dispersion in an area of use unit having a main body. The aerosol dispensing unit according to the present invention includes a reservoir within the main body for holding an aerosol, an outlet in fluid communication with the reservoir and arranged to dispense a metered amount of the aerosol upon activation of a trigger device, and an audio output system adapted to play a sound in response to the activation of said trigger device. The aerosol is preferably one of a deodorizing agent and a disinfectant. The trigger device is adapted to be activated either by a sensor used to detect a person within a given area, and activate the trigger device upon detection of the person, or alternatively, a timer is operatively connected to the trigger device to dispense the metered amount of aerosol and play the sound at timed intervals.12-03-2009
20120012612COUNTER FOR A DEVICE FOR DISPENSING A FLUID OR POWDER PRODUCT - A dose counter for a fluid dispenser device, said counter including a first rotary counter element (01-19-2012
20110266305METER FOR A DEVICE FOR DISTRIBUTING A FLUID OR POWDER PRODUCT - A dose counter for counting the number of doses of fluid or powder that have been dispensed or that remain to be dispensed from a fluid dispenser device, said counter including a first rotary counter element (11-03-2011
20120018447INDICATING DEVICE - A dispenser for dispensing metered dosages of a substance from a container includes a dispenser housing having a top, a bottom, and a wall defining an elongated cavity open at the top and extending along a longitudinal axis. An indicating device includes a face member defining a viewing window. The face member is snap-fitted to the dispenser housing wall. The indicating device further includes an indicator member having a surface visible through the viewing window. The surface includes dosage indicia. The indicator member is rotatable about an axis substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. An indicator actuator has at least a portion disposed in the cavity. The actuator is adapted to be moved by an actuation of the container, with the actuator adapted to rotate the indicator member upon a predetermined number of actuations of the container.01-26-2012
222039000 Audible 12
20120181302Closure For a Container - The present invention is directed to a closure for a container comprising a first component which assembles onto an outlet opening of a container and provides a seal; said first component containing a snap component to engage to a second component to form a closure; a second component combined with first component forms a dispensing orifice wherein the dispensing orifice is positioned directly adjacent to the open portion of container outlet; a motion of second component pivots about an axis to open a dispensing orifice; wherein second component engages with first component when second component is moved relative to first component to enable operation of orifice; first component comprising one or more elements being in a specific juxtaposition enabling a small height and a low profile for one or more elements of first component; said element(s) being in the plane or below the plane of the outlet of the container.07-19-2012
20090045217Musical soap dispenser - An apparatus for dispensing soap and encouraging washing hands long enough to kill germs and bacteria. The apparatus comprises a container having a predetermined size and a predetermined shape for holding a predetermined volume of a liquid soap mixture. A dispensing means is engageable with the container for delivering a predetermined quantity of the liquid soap mixture, the dispensing means includes a pump member. There is a chip member disposed in such dispensing means and connected for activation by the pump member for providing a musical reminder on the importance of cleanliness.02-19-2009
20090261123PUMP ASSEMBLY WITH SOUND EMITTING DEVICE - A sound emitting fluid dispenser includes an actuation mechanism with a lever arm. The dispenser includes a pliable cap arranged to enable a user to apply localized force that causes movement of the lever arm in a direction that establishes an electrical connection. When the electrical connection is established, a sound emitting circuit is created and sound is generated. At the same time, the fluid is dispensed from the container.10-22-2009
20090032549Pump assembly with sound emitting device - A container for a liquid is provided with a pressurizing pump sprayer that includes a sound emitting device. The sound emitting device emits a sound in response to pressure on a plate of the pressurizing pump sprayer.02-05-2009
20090166378Lighted product dispenser - A container for dispensing liquids or gels, where the container includes a light module, a sound module, or both. When the contents of the container are dispensed by the user, light is automatically dispersed inside the container and into the contents to provide a desired visual effect for attraction of consumers to the product.07-02-2009
20110108571DISPENSER FOR A FLOWABLE MEDIUM - A dispenser for a flowable medium, such as soap, foam soap or the like, has an outlet opening on the underside, a sensor in the region of the outlet opening, which sensor emits an electrical signal upon sensing a person, and an electrical pump which is caused to dispense a portion of the medium through the outlet opening as a result of the electrical signal from the sensor. A switch is also provided on the dispenser, the operation of which switch causes the next signal from the sensor to emit an optical or acoustic signal instead of dispensing a portion of the medium.05-12-2011
20100282774DISCHARGE APPARATUS COMPRISING ROTATING DEVICE - A discharge apparatus comprising at least one container (11-11-2010
20090321474DISPENSER HAVING AUDIO FUNCTIONALITY - Systems and methods concerned with design advancements with respect to the dispenser technical art. Some of these design advancements have led to increased water shedding effectiveness, minimization of dispensing head size, and higher quality resonance from the dispenser.12-31-2009
20120037659DISPENSER FOR A FLOWABLE MEDIUM - A dispenser for a flowable medium has a container with an outlet on the bottom. A pump is connected to the outlet. A replaceable reservoir is placed on top of the receptacle. The container is removably disposed within the dispenser base and includes a valve inside the outlet. The valve closes the outlet when the container is removed.02-16-2012
20090032550DEVICE FOR EMITTING SOUND FROM A PERFUME SPRAY PACKAGE - Device for emitting sound from a perfume spray package. This package is shaped so as to contain various microcomponents of a sound-emitting device, such as a microloudpeaker, electronic micorcomponents and microbatteries, operated by pressing on the push button of the spray bottle, the diffusion of the sound and the diffusion of a perfume having the same direction.02-05-2009
20080197146Audio, visual, and/or data collection device for tap - The device includes a housing, a detector configured to detect activation of the liquid dispensing assembly; and control circuitry configured to cause at least one of transmission of information and recording of data in response to detected activation of the liquid dispensing assembly. Upon activation of the liquid dispensing assembly, the device can transmit information and/or record and collect data. Preferably the transmitted information is an auditory advertising message.08-21-2008
20100288790DISPENSING APPLIANCE FOR A MULTIPLE CARTRIDGE - A dispensing appliance for a double cartridge comprises a housing for receiving multiple components and a rotatable portion having a thread, the two parts cooperating in such a manner that by rotating the rotatable portion, a multiple plunger acting upon the pistons in the housing is continuously displaceable relative to the housing in the dispensing direction. To this end, the housing is configured to comprise at least two adjacent storage containers, and the thrust force of the rotatable portion is directly transmitted to a multiple plunger. The rotatable portion may have an internal thread and the double plunger a feed flange with a corresponding external thread, in order to actuate the latter in the axial direction upon rotation of the rotatable portion. This arrangement allows dispensing even highly viscous materials with little manual force under high pressure in a precisely metered manner.11-18-2010
222040000 Flow and/or overflow type 4
20090114676Fuel dispensing apparatus having internal surface corrosion protection arrangement - A fuel dispensing apparatus comprises a flow conduit defining a fluid flow path. A plurality of fuel handling components are connected along the flow conduit. The fuel handling components include a fluid meter to measure quantity of fuel being dispensed and at least one valve to vary flow of fuel through the flow conduit. In some embodiments, the fuel handling components to be protected may further include a shear valve. A corrosion protection arrangement is in electrical communication with at least one of the fuel handling components. The corrosion protection arrangement is operative to inhibit formation of corrosion at an internal protected portion of the fuel handling component due to electrical current passing through liquid therein. The corrosion protection arrangement may include a reference circuit providing a selected DC potential to the protected portion.05-07-2009
20110284578OIL AND FLAVORING POT - An oil and flavoring pot includes a pot body having a measuring cup and a handle. A liquid squeezing structure is disposed on a pot lid, and capacity value and a residue recycling structure is formed on a cup wall. The liquid squeezing structure could press the flavoring into the measuring cup by one time or sequence times, and the operation could stop at any time. The amount of the flavoring could be read at any time. When the amount reaches to target, the operation of the liquid squeezing structure could be stopped and the target amount of flavoring is obtained, therefore facilitating to control and know the feeding amount. After use, the residue liquid flows to the groove along wall of the spout, and flows into the measuring cup through the cup slot, therefore keep the pot body clean. Furthermore, the pot is conveniently operated by a single hand.11-24-2011
20090114675Dispenser apparatus and a dispensing system for dispensing a liquid from a bottle - A dispenser apparatus and a dispenser system for dispensing a liquid from a bottle having a neck portion consisting of a housing formed with a flow conduit therethrough in fluid communication with the liquid within the bottle, the flow conduit having an inlet conduit, an outlet conduit and a substantially cylindrical cavity positioned between the inlet conduit and the outlet conduit, a flow wheel positioned in the cavity, the flow wheel having a central axis and a plurality of blade elements extending outwardly relative to the central axis, a flow sensor positioned adjacent to the flow wheel and the cavity for detecting movement of the plurality of blade elements of flow wheel, an electromagnetic valve positioned proximate to the outlet conduit, the electromagnetic valve having an actuation unit outside of the outlet conduit, a valve member inside the outlet conduit, and a spring member biased against the valve member within the outlet conduit, the valve member rotatable between a closed position and an open position upon the actuation of the actuation unit, and a microprocessor operatively connected to the flow sensor, the microprocessor programmed for actuating the actuation unit between the closed position and the open position and for measuring the volume of liquid flowing through the flow conduit via the flow wheel. The dispenser system further consisting of a remote computer unit for communicating a control signal to each of the plurality of dispenser apparatuses, the control signal controlling the volume of liquid to be dispensed from one or more of the plurality of bottles.05-07-2009
20110132925PROCESS FOR DETECTING SCALE FORMATION IN A BEVERAGE PREPARATION MACHINE - The invention concerns a process for detecting scale deposit in the liquid supply means of a water pump driven machine comprising at least a water tank, a pump and a heating means, where water is pumped from the water tank and fed to the heating means, and where the pump is energized by a controller by providing the pump with an energizing signal to provide an intended water flow rate F, wherein the actual water flow rate f is measured and the discrepancy Δ between the actual water flow rate f and the intended water flow rate F is directly and/or indirectly compared to an operating instruction related to scale deposit.06-09-2011
222041000 Position or extent of motion indicator 9
20100006597APPARATUS FOR HANDS-FREE DISPENSING OF A MEASURED QUANTITY OF MATERIAL - An apparatus for automatically dispensing a fluid includes a container adapted to carry a supply of fluid, and a valve connected to said container, wherein actuation of said valve dispenses the fluid. Also included is an apparatus position indicator proximally associated with the container and an object sensor positioned near the valve. The object sensor monitors an area below where the valve dispenses when open and upon detection of an object opens said valve. Initial positioning of the apparatus triggers the apparatus position indicator to generate an appropriate signal until said object sensor is properly positioned. Once positioned the device may be permanently secured. A control circuit within the apparatus also allows programming of lighting indicators, dispense cycle size, and dispense quantities. The control circuit also provides for overload protection, motor braking and RF shielding.01-14-2010
20090302056Spray Device - A spray device comprises spray container receiving means and spray container actuation means (12-10-2009
20120267391COSMETIC CONTAINER HAVING AN AIRLESS PUMP AND ENABLING THE QUANTITY OF CONTENT REMAINING IN THE CONTAINER TO BE CHECKED - The invention relates to a cosmetic container with an airless discharge pump, and, more specifically, relates to a cosmetic container with an airless discharge pump in which content amount remaining in the container or content exhaustion level can be confirmed without a separate operation before the content in the container has been completely exhausted and further the state when the content in the container has been completely exhausted can be clearly indicated. To this end, with this cosmetic container, the content exhaustion level is indicated based on changes in projection definition with which the indicator is projected to the transparent window when the transparent compression disk approaches the indicator.10-25-2012
20110114668Dispensing Device - The invention relates to a dispensing device (05-19-2011
20110168737RODLESS DISPENSER FOR EXTRUDABLE MATERIALS AND HAVING A CONTENTS INDICATOR - A push chain is used to drive a piston into a canister of extrudable material. The push chain is stored in an elongated chain magazine, withdrawn from the magazine and into the canister by actuation of a trigger connected to a sprocket for the chain. The push chain exerts a compressive force on a piston rod connected to a piston at a point offset from the center line of the piston, causing the piston to rotate to lock the push chain. The amount of material remaining in a tube of extrudable material is enunciated by way of a contents indicator driven by the push chain.07-14-2011
20120267390COSMETICS CONTAINER - The invention relates to a cosmetic container including a piston in which content contained in the container always reaches a content inlet of an airless discharge pump as the piston rises upward along and on an inner wall of the container with operation of the airless discharge pump. More specifically, the invention relates to such a cosmetic container in which content amount remaining in the container is indicated in association with the rising movement of the piston.10-25-2012
20110303694FOAM DISPENSER - The present disclosure relates generally to a standing foam dispenser, and more particularly, to a foam dispenser with a nozzle assembly having a disposable nozzle adapted for easy removal and replacement.12-15-2011
222047000 Indicating element rigidly carried by movable dispenser element 2
20110132926CLOSURE FOR A CONTAINER - The present invention relates to a closure for a container, in particular for a fluid product, with a first part having an outlet opening, and with a second part having a carrier section, which carries a closing surface, wherein said first part and said second part are arranged movably against each other at least between a first position and a second position, and wherein, in said first position, said outlet opening is closed by said closing surface, while, in said second position, the outlet opening is open, wherein the first part confines a first cavity, through which the product can be transferred out of the container to the outlet opening and said carrier section, in said second position, is arranged at least partially within said first cavity. The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing said closure.06-09-2011
222048000 Pivoted or rotary dispensing part 1
20120205393VISUAL, BI-AUDIBLE, AND BI-TACTILE METERED-DOSE TRANSDERMAL MEDICAMENT APPLICATOR - A bi-audible, bi-tactile, and visual transdermal delivery apparatus for delivering specific desired quantities of cream-base medicament or any flowable composition; comprising: a revolving platform with equispaced side tabs stemming from an outer and inner base rim responsible for yielding said bi-audible and bi-tactile sensations upon interaction with ticker tabs projecting form the bottom exterior wall of the house; a threaded screw-complex that interacts with an elevator to transport the medicament upwards; a house that confines an inner chamber to store the medicament; an applicator pad with a center outlet where the composition exits the chamber; and a safety cap. Equispaced digit tabs on the outer side wall of the rotatable platform indicate the amount to be delivered. The platform rotates 18° clockwise per actuation against equispaced line demarcations on the house delivering roughly a 1/2008-16-2012
222051000 Float-level indicators 2
20130037566MONITOR FOR PARTICULATE MATTER IN DISPENSING CONTAINER - An apparatus and method for monitoring the level of particulate material in a container and providing a human perceivable signal when the material reaches a predetermined reduced level as it is dispensed from the container.02-14-2013
20090127284Airpot and dispenser liquid level float - An airpot or dispenser liquid level float, provided for vertically shifting upon the air tubes of an airpot or other dispenser, the float incorporate a pivotally mounted indicator, for viewing through a view window of the dispenser, for furnishing and indication as to the level and amount of liquid remaining within the dispenser, during its usage and application.05-21-2009