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220739000 Insulated 44
220738000 Disposable cup holder 15
220740000 Holder has lid for closing container 5
20090194550Personal Lubricant Bottle Sheath and Method of Use Thereof - A personal lubricant bottle sheath comprises a body portion and a cap portion. The body portion may have at least a partially closed distal end, a substantially open proximal end having an open end cavity, and at least one sidewall extending between the partially closed distal end and the substantially open end. The cap portion may have a substantially open distal end integrated to the body portion, at least a partially closed proximal end, and a cap portion cavity adapted to receive at least a lubricant bottle lid, the cap portion being adapted to foldingly uncover the open end cavity.08-06-2009
20110011875CONTAINER FOR HOUSING A TRAY OR BLISTER PACK - A container is disclosed for housing a tray or blister pack. The container comprises a shell (01-20-2011
20100084415Storage Container Holder - A holder for to hold storage container(s) therein is disclosed. Each storage container has a lid with locking tabs or locking extension that hook underneath a protrusion around and near the top edge of the container to lock the lid to the container. The holder has a top with two downwardly extending sides with L-shaped extensions furthest from the top that create a ledge. The holder is attached to a surface. One or more containers with a lid locked thereto using the locking tabs or locking extensions are inserted into the holder and the underside of the locking tabs or locking extensions sit on the L-shaped extensions to support the container within the holder. There may be an interference fit between the container(s) with locked lid and the two downwardly extending sides that helps retain the container(s) within the holder and guarantees that two of the locking tabs are held in their locked position. A holder may have a rear overhang which only permits container(s) to be inserted into and removed from one end of the holder, otherwise they can be inserted into and removed from both ends. In alternative embodiments of the container(s) and holder there is a locking means that will not permit container(s) to be inserted into or removed from the holder until the locking means is deactivated; and a holder may hold one, two or more storage containers.04-08-2010
20090084801CHILD-RESISTANT COMPLIANCE PILL BOTTLE - A pill bottle for housing a blister card that includes a top section, a bottom section, and a center section connected by a pair of hinges. The top section and bottom section each include one half of a child-resistant neck. One half of the neck including a member that can be rotated while being connected to a knob having a hook on a bottom surface. The other half of the neck has two stacked platforms with one of the platforms having a slot and an opening. The hook lines up with and enters the opening to lock the pill bottle closed unless the knob is pressed so the hook drops too low for the opening and then rotated so the hook can slide out of the slot. This allows the top and bottom sections to open and reveal a blister card attached to the center section of the pill bottle.04-02-2009
20110272423COASTERS FOR BEVERAGE CONTAINERS - A coaster for a beverage container includes a napkin, a drawstring and a retainer. The napkin may comprise an absorbent material, and may include a bottom side and a top side. The napkin may be configured for draping over a rim of the beverage container such that a portion of the napkin covers the rim when the napkin is draped over the rim. The drawstring may include a first end and a second end, and the first end and the second may extend out from the napkin through at least one opening in the napkin. The retainer may be configured for receiving the first end and the second end of the drawstring, manually tightening the drawstring around an outer surface of the beverage container, and manually loosening the drawstring from around the outer surface of the beverage container.11-10-2011
220741000 Spaced upper and lower elements connected by a handle structure 2
20090008399HANDLE FOR BEVERAGE CAN - Handle for beverage can comprises an upper portion, a middle portion and a lower portion, where the shape of said upper portion and lower portion is matched to that of the top and bottom edge of said beverage can, as to the upper portion and lower portion could grip the beverage can. And said middle portion connects said upper portion and lower portion. Drinker could attach the middle portion to his belt and let the upper and lower portion grip to the edge of the beverage can. It is convenient for user to attach and detach the can handle from the beverage can. While using the handle clipped to the beverage the user's hand is not in contact with the can directly. The means also avoid the direct contact between hand and cool drink.01-08-2009
20090101663Ice cream cone holding device - An ice cream cone holder includes a surface plate and fixes to the upper edge of a cup. The surface plate has a center section that holds an ice cream cone, an outer perimeter to secure the holder to the cup and openings within the surface plate to allow melted ice cream to flow to the bottom of the cup.04-23-2009
220743000 Wire 1
20100108704GLASS HOLDER - A blank capable of being formed into a drinking glass holder and a drinking glass holder itself are provided, in which a sheet of generally flexible material is provided with access holes for receiving a string or cord threaded therethrough, with ends of string or cord being adapted to be engaged with each other and with the string or cord being carried around the neck of a user, for hands-free carrying of a drinking glass via the holder.05-06-2010
20090101662MULTIPACK FOR CUPS AND POTS - This invention relates to a multipack that includes multiple containers positioned within two adjacent rows of apertures formed in a sheet having an integral handle, resulting in a package of two or more containers and a flexible handle extending therefrom.04-23-2009
20130043262ONE-PIECE CONTAINER SLEEVE - A container sleeve designed to be fitted about a beverage container and formed of a single piece of material. The container sleeve includes a first body portion, a second body portion, a first connector and a second connector. The top edges of the body portions facing one another prior to the container sleeve being formed for fitting about the beverage container. The top edges defining a top opening of the container sleeve when the container sleeve is formed for fitting about the beverage container. The first connector is integrally connected to the first side edges of the first and second body portions and the second connector is integrally connected to the second side edges of the first and second body portions.02-21-2013
20100051632Beverage Determination Indicator - A beverage indicator is provided. More particularly, a dual-sided indicator with a distinct pattern on each side is provided. The distinct pattern indicates the beverage served to a patron so an appropriate refill can be provided by the server.03-04-2010
20100072216SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FREEZING, STORING AND THAWING BIOPHARMACEUTICAL MATERIALS - A system for use in storing biopharmaceutical materials includes a holder and a container for holding biopharmaceutical materials therein. The container includes a storage portion and a sampling portion connected to each other by a connecting portion. The holder has a storage cavity receiving the storage portion and a sampling cavity receiving the sampling portion. The holder includes a first portion and second portion. The container is received between the first portion and the second portion to connect the container to the holder. The holder includes an interior storage cradle bounding the storage cavity of the holder. The holder includes an interior sampling cradle bounding the sampling cavity. The sampling cradle is separated from the storage cradle and connected to the storage cradle by a passage receiving the connecting portion connecting the storage portion to the sampling portion. An outer rim of the holder is connected to the cradle and separated from the cavity.03-25-2010
20100044388CONTAINER FOR USE IN A VEHICLE - A container for storing items in a vehicle. The container includes a base and a plurality of planar surfaces affixed to the base and extending up toward an open upper end. The planar surfaces taper inwardly with the base having a width greater than a width of the upper end. The plurality of planar surfaces and base surround an interior area for storing items. The container is prevented from tipping over when positioned on a horizontal surface because of the wide base. The container may also have curved walls and a circular base. In addition, the container may include a device for retaining a beverage container in the interior area. The container may also include a plurality of divider walls for dividing the interior area into separate storage areas.02-25-2010
20100102073Mug minder - A device for use on any flat surface. A mug minder It is four sides, only. Its shape is square with angled sides. It is placed with the larger open bottom resting upon a flat surface and the opening of the slot for a mug handle is up. The open top is smaller than the open bottom so as to be the best fit for a typical mug. A mug handle fits into the slot. A mug minder reduces the potential for serious spills by the hundreds of millions of people who drink coffee, tea, etc. at their work place. The stability necessary for a mug minder to slide when nudged is achieved by the bottom of a mug minder and the mug inside of it sliding simultaneously because the top of the angled side pushes the mug placed in the mug minder.04-29-2010
20090159605Collapsible receptacle for flexible beverage container - In combination, a liquid holding container having flexible walls is contained within a collapsible receptacle having rigid walls to prevent liquid from exiting the container when unwanted pressure is exerted on the container walls. The collapsible receptacle has an interior space to receive the liquid holding container when in an extended position, and is substantially flat in the collapsed position. The panels and bottom of the collapsible receptacle may be joined together with reversible hinges, or reversible biasing hinges to bias the receptacle to either an extended or collapsed position.06-25-2009
20100108703REMOVABLY ATTACHABLE HOLDING DEVICE FOR BEVERAGE CONTAINERS - A removably attachable holding device (05-06-2010
20090127273Circumferential Sleeve for Holding a Food Container Upright - One aspect of the present invention discloses a circumferential sleeve made from a single pre-cut blank with no additional material (other than adhesive) added to the blank. The circumferential sleeve has a strip that protrudes from the sleeve and one end of the strip is contiguous to a first portion sleeve such as the bottom edge and the other end of the strip is attached to a portion of the sleeve, such as the rear panel. The strip can be arcuate or L-shaped and permits a food container to stand upright.05-21-2009
20130087572BEVERAGE CONTAINER HOLDER HAVING A THREE-DIMENSIONAL FIGURE - An insulated beverage container holder that incorporates a three-dimensional stuffed figure. Certain disclosed embodiments comprise three-dimensional stuffed figures of animals and, in some embodiments, of cartoon characters. Any three-dimensional object may be portrayed, such as scenes (e.g. a city), buildings (e.g. a castle), toys (e.g. an alphabet block or blocks), sporting equipment (e.g. a baseball and bats, or ballet slippers), etc.04-11-2013
20100006582CONTAINER ASSEMBLY - A container assembly includes a first container, a second container, and a connecting unit. The first container has an opening and a rim that defines the opening. The second container has a wall formed with a slit unit. The connecting unit includes an upper hook section hooked removably onto the rim of the first container, a lower hook section extended removably through the slit unit for hooking the wall of the second container onto the lower hook section, and an intermediate section interconnecting the upper hook section and the lower hook section.01-14-2010
20100025413HIGH PRESSURE TANK HOLDER AUTOMATIC LOCKING MECHANISM - A high pressure tank holder automatic locking mechanism comprising a casing mounted to a outside portion of a rim of a high pressure tank bottle rack, a lever brace having at its upper end a lever extending downwardly from the casing into an interior opening of the rim of the bottle rack, and the lever is configured and made from a spring formed flat material. The lever extends downwardly at an angle of 30-60 degrees from said brace.02-04-2010
20090008398LIQUID SUBSTANCE SUPPLYING DEVICE - It is an object of the invention to provide a liquid substance supplying device exhibiting high operability in handling a container having a large capacity. A liquid substance supplying device for supplying a liquid substance reserved in a vertically elongated container 01-08-2009
20130213986BEVERAGE CONTAINER HOLDER AND INSULATOR - A beverage container holder for use in releasably securing a beverage container to a generally vertical member, such as an umbrella tube. The holder is flexible, and may be made from multiple layers of material or from a single layer (for example leather). The holder includes a friction sheet for providing augmented frictional engagement with the vertical member.08-22-2013
20130206783HOLDER FOR CYLINDRICAL OR CONICAL CONTAINERS - A holder for cylindrical or conical containers includes holding fingers distributed around a vertical central axis. Each finger has a base attached in a connecting region to a base area and includes a first finger segment extending from the base to an area at maximum distance from the base area. The outer area of the finger is tiltable away from the axis away from a base position about a first hinge in the connecting region. A second finger segment extends outwardly from the first finger segment and from a second hinge formed in the outer area to a free end. In the base position, these second finger segments extend at an angle relative to the axis so that the free ends are closer to the axis than the outer areas. The free ends of the second finger segments are displaced outward, away from the axis via the second hinges.08-15-2013
20130206782Disposable Sleeve For Vehicle Cup Holder - One example embodiment is directed to a disposable sleeve for a vehicle cup holder. The sleeve includes a rigid ring portion that includes a horizontal lip or flange, and a flexible, cup-shaped portion that is attached to the ring. Preferably, the bottom surface of the lip and the cup-shaped portion include non-residual adhesive for removably-securing the sleeve to a vehicle's cup holder. In this respect, if I user spills liquid, food, or other dirt inside the sleeve, the sleeve can be easily removed and replaced.08-15-2013
20120091155Freestanding Cup Holder - The present invention provides a system and method for holding more than one beverage using a single permanent cup holder. The system includes one or more freestanding cup holders connected to a base cup holder, which in turn is capable of being attached to the permanent cup holder.04-19-2012
20120292334GLOVEBOX COVER FOR A MOTORCYCLE - A lockable glovebox cover unit is configured for mating engagement with a frame mounted on a motorcycle. The unit includes a rigid cover element presenting a front and back. Portions of the back extend outward. A locking apparatus is received through the cover and includes a rotatable latch on the back of the cover element. When the latch is placed in the locked position access to the interior of the glovebox is not possible. A keyhole is formed on the front of the cover element for access to the interior of the glovebox. Additionally, the cover unit may also be removed from the frame when unlocked. The cover element is preferably made of a synthetic resin. In particularly preferred embodiments the cover unit includes a metal flange affixed to lower portions on the back of the cover. The flange is adapted for mating, gripping engagement to the frame.11-22-2012
20120292333Beverage Carrier - Several embodiments of a beverage carrier are disclosed. In one embodiment, four side walls and a bottom are joined together to form an open box-type structure. The open box-type structure comprises an opening sized and shaped to allow a disposable drink carrier to be placed inside. The beverage carrier additionally comprises an insert for placing and retrieving the disposable drink carrier inside the box-type structure, the insert comprising a frame for receiving the disposable drink carrier and placement handles connected to the frame for raising and lowering the disposable drink carrier into and out of the box-type structure. Further, the beverage carrier comprises means for removably securing the box-type structure to a portion of a vehicle interior.11-22-2012
20120097692Support Device that will not Produce Holes in a Wall - A support device includes at least one fixture and at least one support member connected with the fixture. The fixture includes an intermediate layer, an adhesive layer mounted on a first surface of the intermediate layer, a printing layer mounted on the adhesive layer, an outer layer mounted on the printing layer, a bonding layer mounted on a second surface of the intermediate layer, and a releasing layer mounted on the bonding layer. Thus, the bonding layer of the fixture is directly bonded onto a smooth surface to attach the fixture to the smooth surface without having to nail or drill the smooth surface so as to prevent from producing holes on the smooth surface.04-26-2012
20120097691Arrangeable husbandry system and method - Arrangeable systems and methods that provide capabilities of utilizing a single husbandry container in multiple dispositions. The systems and methods are practiced in varying combinations by differing embodiments, with many of the embodiments' husbandry containers, for example, being well suited for both alterable suspension on a repositionable member as well as stable placement as tableware. Among the parts utilized in many of embodiments are base, arrangeable member, and container portions.04-26-2012
20100032439RECYCLING SYSTEM AND CARRYING APPARATUS - A recycling system and carrying apparatus to allow individuals to carry recycling containers and the like. The carrying apparatus includes at least one support arm adapted to engage a support such that the carrying apparatus hangs therefrom, and at least one carrying arm operably connected to the at least one support arm. The carrying arm is adapted to secure an item to be carried by the carrying apparatus. The at least one carrying arm is adapted to pivot relative to the at least one support arm.02-11-2010
20090152285TAB STRUCTURE FOR CONTROLLING CUPS IN VEHICLES - A cup holder with a securing mechanism for use in a vehicular cup holder for receiving and securing different sized cups. The cup holder includes a cylindrical opening defined by a cylindrical wall and bottom wall, tab openings formed in the cylindrical wall, tabs projecting through the openings, and a biasing device for biasing the tabs. The tabs are attached to the cup holder so as to be movable in a horizontal direction and to be rotatable in a vertical direction about a central pivot point. The tabs are biased so as to project fully into the cylindrical opening and to be in a non-pivoted position.06-18-2009
20080290103MULTI WALLED CONTAINER AND METHOD - A container and method of manufacture are provided. The container includes a cup with a permanently attached sleeve overlying an exterior portion of the cup sidewall. The sleeve includes a plurality of inwardly directed protuberances providing a gap between a substantial portion of the cup sidewall and the sleeve.11-27-2008
20090095764HOLDER FOR A BEVERAGE CONTAINER - A holder in a motor vehicle, for holding a beverage container such as, for example, a beverage can so that it does not tip over, has an upwardly and downwardly movable holding ring which is moved upwards and downwards by a dead-center spring element after a dead center has been overcome, and covers which are opened when the holding ring is raised and closed when the holding ring is lowered.04-16-2009
20090120948BEVERAGE CUP HOLDER HAVING MEANS FOR ATTACHING TO A PLATE - A beverage cup holder is generally cylindrical having an upper open end and a lower closed end. Near the lower closed end is a diametrical slot which is configured to engage the periphery of a paper or plastic plate. Preferably, the slot is configured to match or somewhat match the curvature of the periphery of a paper or plastic plate. The presently preferred embodiment of the invention is made of plastic. However, it is possible that the invention could be made of paper (cardboard). The invention is easily attachable to the many existing paper and plastic plates in the market.05-14-2009
20090255945Beverage Can Holder - A beverage can holder that can be used with a conventional beverage can includes an elongate, generally cylindrical body portion, an upper end portion, and a lower end portion. The upper and lower end portions are adapted to engage the upper and lower ends of the can, respectively. The lower end portion has a bottom surface that is configured to stabilize the holder-can combination on a flat surface. The body portion is configured to be securely grasped. A first alternative embodiment has a lower end portion with multiple legs that increases the stability of the holder-can combination. A second alternative embodiment has a lower end portion with a large ring that supports the holder-can combination.10-15-2009
20080210699Container Applied In Medical Drugs And Cosmetic Items Packaging - Constructive disposition applied in medical drugs and cosmetic items packaging, or more particularly, the present Utility Model presents constructive and functional enhancements, specially developed for the utilization of the whole medical drugs or cosmetic items content, and for such, it is formed by two pieces, being one container (09-04-2008
20090272753Self Forming Beverage Container Sleeve - A sleeve is provided for a beverage container, configured to be self formed on the beverage container and adapted to fit beverage containers having various diameters.11-05-2009
20090283537Protective Sleeve - A sleeve is disclosed having a unique wave-like shape that facilitates manufacturing material efficiency and therefore reduces material costs and environmental waste. A blank for a sleeve and a method of making a sleeve are also disclosed. The sleeve, when unassembled and laid flat, has a top and bottom edge. The top and bottom edges have a wave-like formation created by peaks and troughs.11-19-2009
20120292332SERVING ASSEMBLY - A serving assembly comprises a plurality of serving bowls, and an associated bowl holder for releasably retaining the serving bowls, so that the serving bowls and bowl holder can be conveniently handled as an integrated unit. The bowl holder includes a central handle portion, and a plurality of support portions extending outwardly from the handle portion, with the support portions configured to respectively receive the plurality of serving bowls. The bowl holder is provided with a plurality of retention elements which respectively engage the serving bowls so that each bowl is securely, yet releasably, retained by the bowl holder. Convenient, simultaneous serving of different food items or the like is thus facilitated.11-22-2012
20110006072Retail Fragrance Sampling Display - A fragrance sampling display for retail environments is disclosed. The sampling display may include a dock having a removable faceplate and sidewalls. The dock may include one or more receptacles and one or more scent modules, wherein each scent module is associated with and partially inserted into only one of the receptacles. The scent modules may be removably disposed in the corresponding receptacles by retractable cords. Each of the scent modules may include a different volatile active corresponding to a different fragrance product and vent holes to facilitate passive emission of the associated fragrance. The vent holes may be configured so as to be substantially sealed while the associated scent module is in its respective receptacle.01-13-2011
20090108009Silicone Baby Products - The invention relates to silicone baby products such as bottles, feeding bottles, bottle holders, and pacifiers. The silicone baby products may optionally comprise a temperature indicator.04-30-2009
20120104010Systems, Methods, and Apparatuses for Cooling Hot-Filled Containers - The disclosed subject matter relates to container holders configured to provide a stable support for containers held therein in order to efficiently cool the containers after a hot-fill or elevated temperature operation. The container holders can allow a fluid to pass from an inner volume of the container holder to outside the container holder through side apertures and/or an open bottom end of the container holder. Groups of containers and container holders also may be cooled. Groups of containers in container holders can be processed through the cooling operation at a speed different from a speed for holderless containers.05-03-2012
20120091157Drinking Vessel Holder Having A Lifting Device - A drinking vessel holder includes a drinking vessel receptacle arranged in a housing and a height-adjustable bottom element. The bottom element is arranged in the drinking vessel receptacle and can be displaced between an upper rest position and a lower set-down position, wherein a drinking vessel can be set down on the bottom element in the drinking vessel receptacle. A positionally adjustable supporting element prevents the drinking vessel from toppling over, and wherein the bottom element in the drinking vessel receptacle forms a first piston or else is connected to a first piston and the supporting element forms an annular piston between the housing and the drinking vessel receptacle or else is connected to at least one second piston, wherein movement of at least one of the first piston, the second piston, and the annular piston causes fluid overpressure and fluid underpressure.04-19-2012
20100258576Dual-use lunch box - A dual-use lunch box comprises of an outer rectangular housing unit with one opening supported by five side walls in bond with each other. Herein container railing affixed to two parallel sidewalls serves to support removable food and beverage storage containers. An outer fabric cover with a zippered front flap encloses the rectangular box and is encased with insulation to maintain constant temperature. The outside of said fabric cover includes side pockets or pouches. Two sets of connectors are flanked 90 degrees apart on the outer sidewalls of said fabric cover to fasten a carrying strap in two different positions. The dual-use lunch box is distinctive in that it has a dual function. It allows food and beverage items to be stored in an organized manner in removable storage containers. The other function allows the storage containers to be removed to accommodate larger food items.10-14-2010
20100176138SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOUNTING ELECTRICAL DEVICES - There is a commercial wiring system and method for wiring, which is designed to increase the speed of installation of wiring devices. In one embodiment of the invention there is a bracket which is designed to receive an adapted wiring box. This bracket has tabs for fixing to a wiring box to form an electrical box. The bracket can be coupled to another bracket that is adjustable in length and includes at least two legs, with a first leg being slidable in position in relation to a second track. A first set of tracks in the first assembly is designed to receive the second set of tracks in the second assembly in a telescoping or nested manner. The adjustable electrical box assembly can include a box section, a mounting plate and a mud ring or plaster ring.07-15-2010
20100224641Heat flap cup sleeve - A cup holder sleeve is formed in pre-assembled, flat-folded form by die cutting a long, flat band from paperboard material. The flat sleeve has fold lines scored into the band at spaced apart positions tapering toward each other, and side edges at opposite ends of the band. The opposite ends are folded flat at the fold lines so that the side edges overlap each other and are glued together at their overlapping surfaces. Within the flat sleeve are two “D” shaped flaps that when folded back 180 degrees upon the sleeve itself produce a double paperboard layer of heat protection for the fingers when placed on the cup.09-09-2010
20100224642SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ROTATABLE DISPLAY AND SERVER ENSEMBLE HAVING RECONFIGURABLE AND INTERCHANGEABLE COMPONENTS - A rotatable centerpiece provides a decorative element for displaying and serving food items on a dining table with reconfigurable and interchangeable components. The centerpiece provides connectable containers for food, condiments, nuts and the like, and decorative items such as flowers, arrangements or fish in water. A base assembly includes a turntable and a platter or bowl. The platter or bowl is removably engaged with the turntable. The base assembly supports other upper components, such as a bud stem or vase, a globe, a brandy snifter, a pillow disk and/or a dip bowl, which may be arrayed in numerous interlocking configurations.09-09-2010
20100213205BEVERAGE CUP SLEEVE WITH INTEGRATED FOLD-OUT HANDLES - A beverage cup sleeve configured to provide multiple grip handles and additional layering for thermal buffering through reconfigurable handles. The sleeve includes a first and a second web portion corresponding to a first and a second cavity portion provided at the outer side, respectively, and a first and a second notch provided next the first and the second cavity portions, respectively, thereby providing the additional layering when either the first or the second notch fastens the corresponding web portion selected to fold out. Additionally, the strip includes a third and a fourth web portion corresponding to a third and a fourth cavity portion provided at the outer side, respectively, and a third and a fourth notch provided next to the third and the fourth cavity portions, respectively, thereby providing additional layering when either the third or the fourth notch fastens the corresponding web portion selected to fold out.08-26-2010
20130126540APPARATUS FOR CARRYING ONE OR MORE ITEMS - An apparatus for carrying one or more items is provided. In an implementation, an example carrying device includes a flexible band and adjustable fasteners that may be attached to a variety of articles, such as the handle of a piece of rolling luggage, to secure drinks from spilling and to manage other personal articles. The example carrying device is adjustable to attach to articles of various sizes, for example to a narrow handle or to a large cooler, while securing containers in an upright position.05-23-2013
20100001012Container Wrap - A container wrap absorbs and/or collects condensation from the outside of a beverage container carrying a cold beverage, thereby reducing the inconvenience of the condensation. The wrap may include a sleeve and a base and may be foldable into a flat configuration such that it is easily stored yet easily opened for placement on a container. When opened, the base may be secured in a use configuration with an interference engagement between the base and an interior surface of the sleeve. The sleeve may have a frusto-conical shape so that a similarly shaped container is insertable into the wrap. An upper end of the sleeve may be configured to fit closely to the container around substantially the entire perimeter of the beverage container. A lower end of the sleeve may be configured to be separated from the perimeter of the beverage container.01-07-2010
20090114661Holder - Disclosed is a holder including: a holder body within which a hollow portion for receiving and supporting an object is formed; and at least one protrusion protruding from an outer circumferential surface of the holder body and thereby preventing a hand holding the holder body from slipping upward.05-07-2009
20120228317METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LIQUID DOSING SYSTEM - A system and method for delivering liquid medicine from a bulk storage supply into an integral array of single dosage liquid medicine containers with control of the relative position of a dispensing point and a platform supporting the array of single dosages containers, and racking the array of containers in a storage device.09-13-2012
20130140320Containers and Overwraps Comprising Thermoplastic Polymer Material, and Related Methods for Making the Same - A container comprises a wall and a bottom. The wall includes a thermoplastic polymer material, and forms a cylindrical shape. The thermoplastic polymer material has a microstructure that includes a plurality of closed cells, each cell containing a void and each cell having a maximum dimension extending across the void within the cell that ranges between 1 micrometer and 200 micrometers long. The bottom is joined to an end of the cylindrical shape to close the end such that the beverage and/or other items disposed inside the cylindrical shape don't escape through the end of the shape.06-06-2013
20110240665Support structure for stabilizing a container - A structure for stabilizing a container includes a base having at least one dimension greater than a horizontal dimension of the container. A generally vertical member extends from the base in contact with the container. An adjustable securing member engages the generally vertical member and the container, and maintains contact between the container and the generally vertical member to secure the container above the base, such that the base retains the container in a generally upright orientation. The container is thereby prevented from spilling and/or falling when unintentionally provided with a lateral force or placed at an angle with respect to a generally horizontal surface.10-06-2011
20090206098PORTABLE HOLDER FOR BEVERAGE CONTAINERS - A portable holder for beverage containers includes a basket suspended from a first movable position piece. The first movable position piece is rotatably connected to a first plate. The first plate is connected to a second plate. The second plate may be attached to a hanging member for suspending the portable holder for beverage containers. The second plate may be attached to a strap for securing the second plate to a stationary object or a moving vehicle. The portable holder for beverage containers may be configured to fold into a smaller size for storage when not in use.08-20-2009
20090039095Cup holder - A cup holder includes a base, a cylindrical member, an urging device, a locking device, an unlocking device, a lid member, a reversing device, a non-service position, and a service position. At the non-service position, the cylindrical member descends fully, the lid member closes the cylindrical member's top opposite opening, and the lid member's top decorative surface is exposed. At the service position,the cylindrical member, which the urging device urges upward, ascends fully, and the reversing device reverses the lid member so that the lid member's bottom supporter surface is exposed, thereby supporting a bottom of container, which is inserted into the cylindrical member, with the lid member's bottom supporter surface. The cup holder can not only hold a container with a taller height securely but also prevent the lid member's top decorative surface from being damaged by the inserted container.02-12-2009
20120118902Keg cup holder - A keg cup holder has a plurality of cup holder openings, each encircling a recessed cup support, for securely holding cups in place on top of a beer keg. A through opening in the center is provided to allow the keg pump and dispenser tube/handle to extend vertically above the keg cup holder, so as to allow for its free operation. A side wall is sized to allow the keg cup holder to fit atop standard barrel kegs. Support members extend downward from the side wall to prevent the keg cup holder from shifting and to provide added stability. To facilitate portability, the keg cup holder is preferably constructed of an inexpensive and lightweight yet robust material. In one embodiment, it may be folded into a compact position for moving and storage. A handle may be attached to the center support member.05-17-2012
20100264153BOOK-LIKE PACKAGING STRUCTURE FOR RECEIVING A BLISTER PACK - A book-like packaging structure for receiving at least one blister pack having at least one receptacle. The book-like packaging structure includes at least one inner blister pack retainer for receiving the at least one blister pack, the at least one inner blister pack retainer having an inner edge, an outer edge, a first retainer portion and a second retainer portion, said second retainer portion adjacent an inner spine panel having a width equal to or greater than the depth of the at least one receptacle; and a cover for enclosing the at least one inner blister pack retainer, the cover having a first cover portion having an inner edge, a second cover portion having an inner edge and a spine, the spine joined to the inner edge of the first cover portion and the inner edge of the second cover portion, wherein the inner spine panel rests against the spine such that the inner edge of the at least one inner blister pack retainer is positioned adjacent to the spine of the cover. A method of making a book-like packaging structure is also provided.10-21-2010
20110259906Cup holder - A cup holder includes a tray, a lid rotatably supported at the tray and rotating the lid between a lid housed position which covers the tray and a lid deployed position which opens the tray, an urging device for rotating the lid toward the lid deployed position from the housed position, a holder base rotatably supported at the tray and rotating between a holder housed position which is housed in the tray and a holder deployed position which protrudes from the tray, and a holder main body slidably attached to the holder base. A holder moving device allows the holder main body to rotate with the holder base by moving the lid from the lid housed position to the lid deployed position by the urging device, and allows the holder main body to slide in a direction separating from the holder base when the lid reaches a predetermined rotational angle.10-27-2011
20110068114Cup Sleeve - This document describes fixable cup sleeves. One of these cup sleeves is selectively fixable to a cup using a temperature-dependent adhesive that is effective to fix the cup sleeve to a disposable beverage cup when the cup is holding a warm or hot beverage. Another of these cups sleeves includes a fixing element capable of holding the cup sleeve in a closed position and fixing the cup sleeve to a disposable beverage cup when opened.03-24-2011
20120145731THERMAL PROTECTIVE SLEEVE FOR A DRINKING CUP - An improved thermal protective sleeve is disclosed. The inventive sleeve is for use with drink cups including disposable drink cups for holding hot liquids. The inventive sleeve may be used in the conventional manner of thermal sleeves or it may be manipulated into a handle. The handle allows a user to hold a cup containing hot liquid in a manner that protects the user's hand in a situation where the liquid is so hot that holding the cup normally would be uncomfortable or dangerous.06-14-2012
20110174831Holder for a container - The article of manufacture is a container holder for use primarily in a vehicle. The holder has a base with a ridge that almost completely encircles the base. The ridge almost completely encircles a container shaped cavity in the base. Along the sides of the cavity, C shaped clamping devices are attached. The C shaped clamping devices are of sufficient strength so that when a container is placed within the cavity the container will be held securely within the cavity by the C shaped clamping devices. The base is attached to a vehicle by screws passing through openings in the bottom of the base.07-21-2011
20110132918DELIVERY VERIFICATION SYSTEM - A system for providing correct delivery of pharmaceuticals or the like to a patient location has a mounting body, a matching plate, a storage box and elements for associating a particular matching plate, affixed to a surface of the mounting body, with a particular storage box. The mounting body should be adapted to be fixed in place at the patient location, thereby fixing in place a storage body engaged in it. The storage box has a unitarily-formed storage body, with an open face hingedly fitted with a door for closing the open face. Proper association of the matching plate with the particular occurs when the associating elements of the storage box and the matching plate register with each other, allowing an element of the mounting body to engage the storage box. Disengagement of the element can be effected only through access to the interior of the storage body.06-09-2011
20110073608CASE - A holder for a device may have a receiver that captures an end of the device, and an engagement mechanism that may latch or secure the device into the holder. The holder may permit the device to be held in two or more different positions, and may secure the device in the holder when the holder may be oriented in several different orientations. The holder may operate in conjunction with a removable protective cover that may include features that interact with the engagement mechanism.03-31-2011
20100096396Holder for Beverage Containers - Holders for beverage containers are provided that can hold a beverage container in place and also seal or cover the beverage container, making it more difficult for foreign matter to enter the beverage container. The holder includes a base in which an actuator is mounted. Upper and lower rails are connected to and biased toward each other by the actuator. Upper and lower arms and upper and lower plates are, respectively, connected to the upper and lower rails. The upper and lower plates axially restrain the beverage container from above and below. A locking arm selectively engages at least one of the actuator and the upper and lower arms in a manner that supplements the biasing force provided by the actuator, clamping the upper and lower plates more tightly against the beverage container, and fixing the upper and lower plates in that condition, so that the beverage container is securely and tightly held between the upper and lower plates.04-22-2010
20120061411Beverage container holder for above-ground swimming pools - A cup holder for use with an above-ground swimming pool of the type having a rigid side wall. The cup holder is formed rigid plastic and includes a beverage container retainer and a pool attachment element. The beverage container retainer includes a top wall with a cup-holding aperture. Extending downward from the front of the top wall is a connecting member which connects the top wall to a horizontal cup supporting member located underneath and parallel to the horizontal top member. Extending upward from the back of the beverage container member is another vertical member connecting to the pool attachment element. The pool attachment member comprises a horizontal shelf which rests on the ledge of the side wall of the pool. At the back of the pool attachment member and extending down is a hook for attaching the cup holder to a lip of the pool's side wall's ledge.03-15-2012
20120111880CONTAINER-SUPPORTING APPARATUS - A container-supporting apparatus includes a housing, a holder, a cup-supporting body, a flap, an elastic member for urging the flap in a direction of an insertion hole, a shaft part provided on either (for example, the flap) of the holder or the flap, and a shaft-bearing part provided on the other (for example, the holder) and provided with a shaft-bearing part capable of receiving the shaft part. When the holder is stored in the housing, the cup-supporting body contacts the flap whereby the shaft part moves inside the shaft-bearing hole of the shaft-bearing part.05-10-2012
20090294462Tub-its - Tub-its decorative covers for plastic grocery store food tubs and/or plastic bottles are designed to transform the use and appearance of the food tubs. They are light-weight, and fit snugly over the tubs/bottles so that tubs/bottles can now creatively match décor for home, picnic, camping, sandbox, and other fun areas. This means they can hold fruit, soap bars, plants, dinner rolls, flowers and so much more. The lip on the top rim allows for use of the tub/bottle lid if desired.12-03-2009
20120160859Cup Holder and Cup with Handle - A cup holder comprises a collar (06-28-2012
20110180558Outer box connector and method therof - An outer box connector (OBC) (07-28-2011
20100176139STEMWARE HOLDER - A stemware holder maintains a piece of stemware in an upright position even during turbulent conditions. An embodiment has a base extending downward from a cap. The cap has a lower portion with a flat surface and an upper portion with two prongs that define a slot. A wall extends around part of the perimeters of the upper and lower portions and has a front opening. The upper and lower portions, partial perimeter wall, and front opening define a groove. The groove narrows slightly from the front to the rear. The stemware holder base is insertable into the recess of a standard cup holder. The base of a piece of stemware can be slid into the groove through the front opening with the stem extending through the slot. The prongs and groove collectively assist in maintaining the stemware upright. Another embodiment employs a similar cap that is fixable directly to a surface without insertion into a cup holder recess.07-15-2010
20120168452CUP WRAP - A cup wrap made of plastics in a conical tubular shape by injection molding, having a corrugated light transmissive body wall and a bottom rim radially inwardly protruded from the bottom edge of the body wall.07-05-2012
20100051633Cup holder for Wheeled Luggage - Beverage holders adapted to attach to the upwardly extending arms of the handle assembly of a wheeled piece of luggage are described herein. The holders are adapted to twist and pivot when holding a cup with a beverage contained therein to maintain the axis of the beverage cup in a position generally orthogonal with a flat ground surface. The mechanism permitting the pivoting typically comprises a pair of opposing suspension arms that are fabricated of an elastomeric polymer that has sufficient tensile strength to support a beverage cup filled with a beverage but also has a sufficiently low flexural modulus to permit the cup to pivot when the angle of the handle assembly relative to the ground is changed.03-04-2010
20120312829FUEL CONTAINER HOLDING STRUCTURE - A fuel container holding structure for detachably holding a fuel container 12-13-2012
20080203105PACKAGING - A packaging sleeve for a beverage pouch having a spout through which the pouch can be filled and a removable cap for closing the spout until it is desired to consume the beverage. The sleeve is configured to define a cavity arranged to receive the pouch so that the spout projects from the sleeve at one end and the sleeve is capable of standing unsupported on a surface at the other end while the pouch is supported in the sleeve. The sleeve is flexible to allow the pouch to be squeezed while consuming the beverage.08-28-2008
20120074156ACCESSORY FOR BEVERAGE CONTAINERS AND METHOD - An accessory for use with a container has a body defining a generally circular upper opening and a base. The body may also have at least one expansion slot extending downwardly from the upper opening through the body towards the base. The body may also have at least one tab or nub extending inward near the upper opening. The body may also have feet at the base.03-29-2012
20120074155Integral handle and holder for removable cups - A holder for removable cups provides critical advantages for safe evacuation and efficient transport of removable cups. The holder securely carries a single removable cup by providing an interference fit that increases with the weight of the contents carried. The holder allows for safe evacuation of the contents of a single cup through provision of an integral handle extending down from the ring holder. When the invention is loaded with a removable cup, multiples of this Invention can be stacked in an offset fashion by inserting the handle of one unit into the vertical hollow in the handle of the next unit. The security of the cluster increases with the weight of the contents yet jamming is avoided through the provision of flat features in the handle. The offset pattern of stacking is also determined by the provision of flats in the vertical hollow in the handle. The Invention, when empty, can be nested stacked.03-29-2012
20120312830BOTTLE HOLDER - One aspect of the invention provides a cardboard bottle holder able to be supplied flat and easily configured into a secure shape able to hold a variety of different bottles and cans. The bottle holder comprises a single piece of cardboard shaped to form a generally rectangular body part having: a first slot in a first side adjacent a first end, to define a tab extending along part of the first end; and a second slot in a second side opposite the first side, adjacent a second end opposite the first end, to define a tab extending along part of the second end in the opposite direction to the first tab. The lengths of the first and second slots are designed so that they can be engaged with each other to hold the generally rectangular part in a generally cylindrical form with the ends brought together to overlap each other.12-13-2012
20120234845Inverted Bottle Holder - An inverted bottle holder is described for holding a bottle with a neck upside down inside a container having an exterior wall. The bottle holder includes a clip having an inner wall and an outer wall spaced to accept the exterior wall of the container in between, wherein the clip is formed having a diameter corresponding to the diameter of the container, and a deck connected to the clip and extending into the container, the deck including an aperture sized to accept the neck of the bottle, such that the bottle is held upside down in the container when inserted into the aperture.09-20-2012
20120091156Reusable Beverage Sleeve and Methods of Use Thereof - Reusable beverage sleeves and methods of use are disclosed herein. The inventive reusable beverage sleeves can be removably coupled or operatively engaged with a beverage container. The reusable beverage sleeve typically comprises a first section and a second section. The first section includes a pocket with which to store and secure various items. The second section and the first section form a generally tubular sleeve having an upper edge and a lower edge which creates an opening to receive the beverage container of a user's appendage (e.g., a wrist, forearm, ankle, or calf). The first and second sections are typically substantially comprised of a flexible fabric, such as elastic or similar elastomer material.04-19-2012
20130020339WINE TRANSPORT AND STORAGE BOX - This invention is related to a wine transport and storage box which transports and stores wine in a favorable state while putrefaction thereof is suppressed. The wine transport and storage box comprises a housing for accommodating one or a plurality of wine bottles, sealing means for accommodating and sealing the wine bottle therein while suppressing intrusion of putrefactive bacteria, a buffer material for protecting the wine bottle accommodated in the housing, and a cave environment enclosed space enclosing an environment in a cave in which the wine is stored. The buffer material creates an environment in which yeasts and microorganisms specific to a cave where the wine to be transported is stored can easily live and more faithfully reproduces the environment in the cave in the cave environment enclosed space.01-24-2013
20080251522Receptacle, reservoir, and drainage system for vehicles that allows for the collection and disposal of unwanted beverage liquids whereby they are discarded within a vehicle, but escape through the exterior - A reservoir for discarded beverage liquids is affixed onto a vehicle, and accessed via a receptacle inside a vehicle. A vehicle's occupant discards beverage liquids into the receptacle which collects the liquid in a reservoir, and then a drainage tube allows those liquids to run out the undercarriage of the vehicle. Without stopping the vehicle, or opening the door or window, an occupant may conveniently and safely pour out and dispose of unwanted beverage liquids within the interior of a vehicle.10-16-2008
20090050642Bottle holder - The described bottle holder is a simple flexible plastic design that secures a disposable drink bottle by pressure on the outside diameter of the bottle with similar clamping forces applied by the holder design as would be applied by your hand if holding the bottle. The described bottle holder incorporates a contoured base section running lengthwise to maintain a fixed position on any device constructed of box tubing such as a tree stand/blind or all terrain vehicle. Said bottle holder is intended to simplify the transport and use of disposable drink bottles such as plastic soda bottles or bottled water for use while hunting or related outdoor activities. Said bottle holder may be molded, extruded or fabricated with minor visual differences but identical functionality.02-26-2009
20090200322BEVERAGE CONTAINER HOLDER - A beverage container holder for holding a beverage can or bottle comprising: a mug and a beverage container securing system. The mug includes: an inner cylindrical cavity sized to receive a beverage container; and a cylindrical shell. The cylindrical shell is composed of: an inner layer; a middle layer composed of a substantially liquid impermeable material and substantially enclosing the inner layer; and an outer layer substantially enclosing the middle layer. The mug also includes: a base member and a handle member. The beverage container securing system includes: a hole disposed through the cylindrical shell; and a tab coupled to the cylindrical shell, substantially covering the hole, including an adhesive material on the tab's inner side. The beverage holder also includes a first and second split along the cylindrical shell and a folding system. The folding system includes a first, second, and third crease which allow users store multiple holders.08-13-2009
20120255963Extension Device - A extension device is a long flexible rod that is attached to a plastic cup holder and is designed to assist a disabled users who is able to drink a cold beverage from a small cup without using their hands.10-11-2012
20120273509CUP SLEEVE WITH A CONTAINER - A cup sleeve with a container has a sleeve body and a container. The container is attached securely to an outside wall of the sleeve body, and the container has an inner cavity and a top opening. With the container attached to the sleeve body, the customers can put the packed seasonings like sugar, coffee cream or even cookies in the container.11-01-2012
20110233222VEHICLE FRAME WITH ACCESSORY HOLDER - A vehicle frame has an accessory holder. The vehicle frame includes a seat support member, a head frame member for supporting vehicle handlebars, and a top frame member extending between the seat support member and the head frame member. The top frame member is shaped to accommodate an accessory holder, and an accessory holder is disposed at least partially within the top frame member. The accessory holder may be integrally formed with the frame or fastened into the vehicle frame.09-29-2011
20110309096FOOD AND CONDIMENT CONTAINER - A combination food and condiment container comprising: a food container with an open top; a condiment container designed so that manual pressure will expel condiment from it; a condiment delivery tube; and a sanitary seal. One end of the tube is attached through a wall of the condiment container. The other end of the tube is positioned for delivery of the condiment to the food inside the food container. The sanitary seal is removably attached to the other end of the tube. The tube is bendable and rotatable. The food and condiment containers are attached together a flange on the condiment container and a mating slide on the food container; contact adhesive; a strip of hook and loop fastener; etc. The condiment container may be a flexible pouch or a syringe. Alternatively, the flexible pouch could be surrounded by an enclosure and a linkage provided so that pressure can be applied from outside of the enclosure to the pouch inside the enclosure. A hole may also be provided through a wall of the food container so that the tube may be passed through the hole.12-22-2011
20120018441LARGE CONTAINER - A large container (01-26-2012
20120085772Thermally Insulating Beverage Container Sleeve Which Doubles as a Throwable Toy - A beverage container sleeve (04-12-2012

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