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220604000 One-piece side and end wall 46
220628000 Support structure 39
220610000 Joint or seam between sidewall and end wall 32
220601000 Having an outlet or inlet opening (e.g., bunghole, etc.) 24
220626000 Multi-layer end wall structure 9
220602000 Transparent 4
20130082065STACKABLE GLASS CONTAINER - A glass container system comprises a glass container comprising a base defining a bottom of the container and a sidewall formed integrally with the base to define an interior space. A protuberance is formed integrally with the base where the protuberance extending beyond a side wall of the base. A lid is dimensioned such that the protuberance engages the lid such that the lid may be releasably secured to the base. A glass container prepared by a process comprising the steps of providing a mold defining a container having a base at a bottom of the mold cavity where the mold cavity comprises an undercut portion that defines a recess in the mold cavity; introducing molten glass to the mold; cooling the glass to cause the glass to shrink a sufficient amount that the protuberance recedes from the recess; and removing the container from the mold in a linear direction.04-04-2013
20110095033Portable Multi-Media Communication Device Protective Carrier and Method of Manufacture Therefor - Some embodiments disclose a mobile media device case configured to receive and hold a mobile media device. The mobile media device case can include: (a) a back wall; and (b) one or more sidewalls coupled to the back wall. The mobile media device case can translucent. The back wall and the one or more sidewalls can define an interior of the mobile media device case and an interior surface. The mobile media device case can be configured to receive and hold the mobile media device within the interior of the mobile media device case and at least a first portion of the interior surface comprises texturing. Other embodiments and related methods are also disclosed herein.04-28-2011
20120000919PACKAGE OF STACKED PAPER PRODUCTS BEARING COORDINATED IMAGES - A package of two or more stacks of paper sheet products, such as paper napkins or paper towels is disclosed. Each of the paper sheet products is printed with at least a first motif image and a second motif image. An uppermost paper sheet product of one of the stacks displays the first motif image and an uppermost paper sheet product of another of the stacks displays the second motif image. The napkins may be folded in each stack such that the exposed image of each napkin in a given stack alternates between the first motif image and the second motif image. The first and second images may be motif images that are thematically related to one another, in that both the motif images are primarily associated with the same event, holiday, season or special occasion.01-05-2012
20110290809LIGHTWEIGHT FRUIT AND PRODUCE PACKAGING CONTAINER - A lightweight fruit and produce packaging container made from a die cut blank of thin, flexible, waterproof, food quality, transparent sheet material and including a plurality of fold lines defining wall portions, top and bottom closure portions, a latching portion and a handle forming portion12-01-2011
220625000 Removable bottom wall (i.e., not a closure) 2
20100282765Trash can with removable bottom portion for the purpose of cleaning - The invention being filed is a trash can with a removable bottom portion for the purpose of cleaning. As most trash cans on the market do not have features to facilitate ease of cleaning, a removable bottom portion would allow a person cleaning the trash can to get to leaks from the trash bag and missed trash more easily. The intent is to render the cleaner less exposed to the interior of the trash can. A person would not have to reach their entire arm into the can, but rather only have to clean the portion which is dirtied. As such, a trash can with a removable bottom portion facilitates ease of use and cleaning.11-11-2010
20130180999PRE-FILLED FLUID CARTRIDGE AND FILLING METHODS - Disclosed are cartridge filling systems and methods that can include providing a vial body defining a vial lumen, providing a floating stopper positioned within the vial lumen, providing an end cap, where the proximal end of the end cap can abut the distal end of the floating stopper such that the floating stopper is prevented from moving distally within the vial lumen, filling at least a portion of the vial lumen with a fluid, and removing the end cap from the vial body after filling at least a portion of the vial lumen with a fluid.07-18-2013
220603000 With weight or counterweight 2
20110204066SELF RIGHTING CONTAINER - A self righting fluid container having a flanged neck portion, a weighted base portion and an intermediate tapered section connecting the neck portion to the base portion. The center of gravity of the container, whether filled or empty, is along the centerline of the container on the positive side of a critical line which line extends normal to the horizontal plane of the support surface on which the container rests from a point where the container contacts the support surface and where the base portion intersects the tapered section.08-25-2011
20120305574Self-Righting Container - An open self-righting container comprising a convex shell with an outer truncated non-spherical Gomboc-like surface, an interior cavity, a rest surface at a stable equilibrium point of the shell, and an opening opposite the rest surface where the interior cavity may include a meltable fuel fitted with a wick.12-06-2012
20100072212CONTAINER, CHIME AND ASSEMBLY OF BOTH - Container assembly comprising a container and a top chime fixed to each other, the container having a top part and a peripheral side wall, characterized in that the fixation between the chime and the container is situated at the top part of the container and at a distance from said peripheral side wall.03-25-2010
20130082064Polyoxymethylene Compositions For Producing Containment Devices - Polyoxymethylene polymer compositions are disclosed that contain an impact modifier. In accordance with the present disclosure, the impact modifier is attached to the polyoxymethylene polymer and comprises a thermoplastic elastomer containing carbonate groups, such as polycarbonate groups. In one embodiment, a coupling agent bonds the impact modifier to the polyoxymethylene polymer. Incorporation of an impact modifier containing carbonate groups has been found to produce articles having good impact resistance properties while also preserving the permeability of the material. The polymer composition is well suited to producing containment devices, especially fuel tanks.04-04-2013
20120261428Blow Mold Tool with Retractable Base Portion - Blow molding tools and a method of blow molding which provide that the tool have a retractable push up section in the base which allows for the article molded by the tool to have a recessed base internal to an otherwise hollow structure. As the push up is moveable, adjustment of the push up portion can be performed during an automated blow molding operation so as to allow release of the blow molded article.10-18-2012
20130087568LIGHTWEIGHT CONTAINER HAVING A REINFORCED BASE - A container made of thermoplastic material, including a body that extends between a neck and a base that is able to withstand, without significantly deforming, a hydrostatic pressure caused by the column of a liquid contained in the container, the column of liquid being increased by a pressure not exceeding 2×1004-11-2013
20090272750Container bottom - For years, can bottoms have been formed to provide structural integrity for cans, which include many different configurations. A novel profile for a container bottom is shown herein. The bottom structure includes a multi-radial domed central panel extending from its outside edge to a downwardly projecting substantially cylindrical inner leg portion. The inner leg portion extends to a generally semi-toroidal nose portion. The outside of the nose portion extends to an upwardly and outwardly inclined outer leg portion. The outer leg portion is connected to an outwardly inclined peripheral portion. The peripheral portion is connected to the lower end of the generally cylindrical sidewall portion.11-05-2009
20090266824CAN END - A beverage can end is described. The beverage can end has a curl defining a perimeter of the can end, a chuckwall extending downwardly and radially inwardly from the curl, and a transition wall joining the chuckwall to an outer peripheral edge of a center panel. The transition wall is formed in compression such that a portion of the transition wall exhibits a compressed segment having a thickness which is 1% to 20% thicker than a thickness of the center panel.10-29-2009
20090250475Container coaxial engagement system - A container which provides coaxial engagement means which can be disposed in coaxial relation to a vertical elongate member to fix the location of the container.10-08-2009
20130213980PLASTIC CONTAINER WITH FLEXIBLE BASE - A plastic container is disclosed that includes a sidewall portion and a base portion. In embodiments, the base portion includes a flexible base portion configured for a first position, a second position, and a third position in response to internal forces associated with filling and cooling of container contents. The first position is a position following formation or molding, and prior to filling; the second position is a position during or following filling of contents at an elevated temperature, but before cooling or significant cooling of the contents, the second position is vertically lower than the first position; and the third position is a position after cooling of contents and vacuum forces associated with the contents have been substantially addressed, the third position is vertically higher than the first position.08-22-2013
20110278308CONTAINER WITH FOLDED-BACK BOTTOM WALL - A container with a folded-back bottom wall, which is very stable in a rest position, has a strong bottom wall, and makes it possible to minimize the amount of remaining liquid while allowing costs to be reduced is provided. The container with a folded-back bottom wall has a bottom wall and a body part and transforms into a first mode in which the bottom wall is made to project downwards from the lower surface of the body part, and into a second mode in which the bottom wall is folded back inside the body part. The boundary portion between the bottom wall and the body part is folded to have an outwardly-convex shape so that a folding groove is circumferentially formed, and the bottom wall is folded back inside the body part at the folding groove.11-17-2011
20090001087Bottom Structure of Container - A bottom structure of a container comprises a bottom frame including two parallel bottom side rails and two bottom end rails transversally connected to the ends of the two bottom side rails, and one or more wood floors and one or more steel floors extending along the length direction of the bottom side rails, which are alternately arranged in parallel with the bottom side rails and fixed between the two bottom end rails, in which an upper surface of the steel floor is flush with an upper surface of the wood floor. The bottom structure in the present invention has the advantages of saving wood materials and having excellent rigidity.01-01-2009
20100294780Method for packaging thermal interface materials - A package for delivery of a tacky product includes a carrier tape with a plurality of cavities separately disposed along a length thereof. Each of the cavities in the carrier tape includes a base that is sized to operably receive and support the product. The base of each cavity includes a surface profile which defines a contact surface area that is sufficiently low so as to facilitate removal of the product from the cavity without damage to the product. In some cases, the contact surface area is less than about 50% of a base surface area of the base. The carrier tape may be configured for use in tape and reel packaging systems.11-25-2010
20120097687HOUSING AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A housing includes a bottom housing and a top housing. The bottom housing includes a connecting surface. The top housing includes a bottom surface. The connecting surface is fixed to the bottom surface by welding. A receiving groove is defined in the bottom surface, for receiving the molten slag generated and collected during a welding process.04-26-2012
20120292328Transport and Presentation Box - A box includes a floor and at least two pairs of respectively opposing side walls, wherein a first one of the side walls extends from the floor towards the top in a vertical direction at least partly by only a removal height, that is lower than the height of one or several of the other side walls in order to define a lateral opening having a dimension allowing access to and removal of products contained in the box through the lateral opening.11-22-2012
20090321457Devise Holder Apparatus - In one aspect, a medical device holder apparatus may include a housing molded into a predetermined shape and size that accommodates the medical device. Also included is a flange attached to the housing. The flange has a surface attachment side in which an adhesive is disposed on and aids in attaching the flange to a surface. The flange is made from a pliable material capable of conforming to a surface and adapting to surface movement and flexing. In another aspect, the housing is comprised of a stretchable substrate conformable to the shape of the medical device. In another aspect, a medical device holder kit may include a medical device holder, similar to those described earlier. Also included is at least one coupling medium held between a surface and the device by the device holder.12-31-2009
20130213979PLASTIC CONTAINER WITH FLEXIBLE BASE AND RIGID SIDEWALL PORTION - A plastic container is disclosed that includes a sidewall portion and a base portion. In embodiments, the sidewall portion is configured to be rigid and substantially resist internal vacuum forces associated with the container, and the base is configured to flex in response to such internal vacuum forces.08-22-2013
20120104003Horizontal Extraction and Return Extensions in liquid storage tanks - This invention is an improvement to the shape of liquid storage tanks, in particular to unpressurized molded polymer tanks used for thermal storage in solar systems. All aspects of this invention are well suited to solar storage tanks, and individual aspects are suited to other liquid tank applications.05-03-2012
20100140277PRE-LOADING - Computer apparatus for use with a database management system and database, the apparatus comprising a CPU and a memory, the apparatus configured to provide at least two task processes each process being apportioned a section of the memory when is use, wherein in response to the database management system or apparatus being instructed to carry out a first task, such as reading, and a second task, such as decryption, on a section of data in series, a first task process is configured to begin the first task on a first part of the section of data in the database and (after a the first process on the first part of the section of the data is complete); a second task process is instructed to carry out the first task on a second part of the section of data which begins where the first part ends, and when the first task is complete and the first task process switched to carry out the second task on data on which the first task has already been carried out, or the second process is instructed to carry out the second task on the first part whilst the first process switches to carry out the first task on the second part of the data, or the second task process is instructed to carry out the first task on a second part of the section of data the first task process is switched to pipeline the second task to a third task process.06-10-2010
20110024434Sample Cup Container - A novel shipping and inspection container for multiple XRF sample cups.02-03-2011
20090065513Fuel Tank - Functional components which are stationarily mounted in a fuel tank (03-12-2009
20100038370Garbage container and holder therefore - A garbage container and a garbage container holder assembly therefore is provided with holder assembly including a base plate which is anchored to the ground and which has a rib receiving portion formed thereon and a pedal which is spring-loaded from thereon. The garbage container has an outwardly projected rib at its lower end which may be positioned below the rib receiver and which may be positioned below the projecting portion of the spring-loaded pedal. The cooperation of the holder with the container maintains the container on the holder in windy conditions.02-18-2010
20120118899HOT-FILL JAR BASE - A container base comprising recessed ribs. The curved recessed ribs permit lighter base weights than traditional bases. The base further permits a larger process window and improved product evacuation. Hot-fill performance of a container is also maintained and/or improved when using the base.05-17-2012
20110186586Method for Packaging Thermal Interface Materials - A package for delivery of a tacky product includes a carrier with a plurality of cavities separately disposed along a length and width thereof. Each of the cavities in the carrier tape includes a base that is sized to operably receive and support the product within the cavity. The base of each cavity includes a surface profile which defines a contact surface area that is sufficiently low so as to facilitate removal of the product from the cavity without damage to the product. In some cases, the contact surface area is less than about 50% of a base surface area of the base. The carrier may be configured to stack with other carriers without risk of damage to the tacky product.08-04-2011
20120037645CONTAINER IN WHICH THE BASE IS PROVIDED WITH A DOUBLE-SEATED FLEXIBLE ARCH - Container of plastic material, comprising a body and a bottom extending from a lower end of the container, the body having a diameter C at the junction with the bottom, in which container the bottom has: 02-16-2012
20120305573Self-Righting Containers - An open self-righting container comprising a shell with a bottom truncated non-spherical Gomboc-like surface and a wall projecting upwardly therefrom, an interior cavity, a bottom rest surface at a stable equilibrium point of the shell, and a top opening opposite the rest surface where the interior of the shell may include a meltable solid fuel fitted with a wick.12-06-2012
20090050637Beverage Container with Secondary Opening - Embodiments are described of a beverage container having a secondary opening. The secondary opening is provided in addition to a primary opening on the top beverage container and allows the contents of the beverage container to be consumed quickly. The use of this secondary opening allows air to freely flow into the container through one of the openings while the beverage flows out of the other opening. In one embodiment, the secondary opening is placed near the bottom of the container on its siding directly below the primary opening on the top of the container. This allows the user to safely open the secondary opening on the beverage container with ease.02-26-2009
20120205385MOLDED PLASTIC CONTAINER - A container is disclosed having a top rim, a sidewall, and a bottom panel, wherein the sidewall extends at least from the top rim to the bottom panel, the top rim is generally circular, the bottom panel is generally rectangular, and the sidewall transitions from a circular portion adjacent to the top rim to a generally rectangular portion adjacent to the bottom panel.08-16-2012
20110049165TANK CONTAINER - The present invention relates to a tank container (03-03-2011
20120006831MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR FOAM MOLDED ARTICLE AND PACKAGING MATERIAL - An object of the present invention is to provide a method of manufacturing a foam molded article in which upstanding portions are formed on a peripheral edge of a main body portion inexpensively by greatly increasing a yield of a mold. To achieve this object, in a manufacturing method for a foam molded article, a plate surface of the main body portion on a side where the upstanding portions is molded by side surfaces 01-12-2012
20120175376Can End - A can end having a countersink bead, an inclined chuck wall and a strong seam, resists distortion from its circular profile when subjected to thermal processing or when packaging carbonated beverages. This high hoop strength affects the manner in which the can end ultimately fails when placed under extreme abuse conditions, even if buckle pressure performance is within industry specified standards. The can end of the invention has control features introduced which control the failure mode whilst maintaining specified buckle pressure performance. In one embodiment, the can end has a two part wall and a control feature that comprises expansion of the countersink bead to act as a trigger for local peaking, together with a groove in the chuck wall which prevents the peaking force from being concentrated at a single point which could result in leaking by the production of a pin hole.07-12-2012
20120312823PACKAGES FOR CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS AND METHODS OF USING SAME - Packages for housing consumable products and methods of using same are provided. Methods for teaching children to self-feed are also provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a package including a body defining side walls (12-13-2012
20090321456OBJECT STORAGE DEVICE - An object storage device that includes a base and a deformable body having a bottom surface fixed to the base is provided. The body also includes body end surfaces, a longitudinal axis, a transverse axis extending between the body end surfaces, and a plurality of fingers. Each of the fingers includes an upper portion opposite the bottom surface, the upper portion including at least one planar diagonally extending surface configured to guide an object. Each of the fingers also includes finger side surfaces, and the finger side surfaces of adjacent fingers are frictionally engaged. With this construction, the object storage device may hold an object in place by friction forces due to contact between the sides of the object and the finger side surfaces. As such, the possibility of piercing the device with a sharp part of an object may be reduced.12-31-2009
20120091148Threaded container configured to be placed on a rail that is secured to a store shelf display unit, to assure correct placement and orientation of the container on the shelf and to facilitate untightening the closure on the container using a common household item - A moldable threaded container and placement rail system which includes a moldable container formed with an annular sidewall forming a cylindrical member, threaded on the open end and a closed bottom surface on the opposite end. A receptacle such as a recessed notch or slot is formed so as not to extend beyond the plane of the bottom surface. The receptacle is configured to allow placement of the container on a rail secured to a store shelf display unit for ideal positioning of the product content label while reducing the labor content required for stocking and restocking products for display on store shelving. The receptacle configuration will also allow using a common household item, such as a pencil, to act as a lever to assist in untightening or retightening the closure on the container. The container is easily moldable and allows containers to be stacked one on top of another when placed in a cardboard box for shipment.04-19-2012
20120325828Container And Method Of Manufacture Thereof - A container including a sidewall having a top and bottom ends, a base attached to or proximate the bottom end defining a cavity bounded by the sidewall and by the base, and the base including at least a first portion having a first thickness and a second portion having a second thickness, such that the second thickness is less than the first thickness. A method for controlling deformation in a container including the steps of manufacturing the container as described above, filling the container with a substance, sealing the container at a top end thereof, inverting the container such that the container rests on its top end, allowing the substance to undergo a volume reduction resulting in a vacuum pressure within the container, wherein when subjected to the vacuum pressure, the base deforms at the second portion due to the second thickness being less than the first thickness.12-27-2012
20100314399TWIST TUMBLER - A container having an inner liner configured to store a liquid. A non-rotatable outer sleeve is non-rotatably coupled about the inner liner. At least one rotatable outer sleeve is disposed about the inner liner and configured to rotate relative to both the inner liner and the non-rotatable outer sleeve. The non-rotatable and rotatable outer sleeves each include a graphic viewable from outside the container. These graphics combine to form a composite graphic viewable from outside the container. The composite graphic may be modified by rotating the rotatable outer sleeve about the inner liner relative to the non-rotatable outer sleeve. The container includes a removable base cap upon which the rotatable outer sleeve is stacked. The base cap is removably coupled to a bottom portion of the inner liner by a locking assembly.12-16-2010
20110272417CONTAINER WITH INTERNAL STRAINER - A container is provided including a sidewall and a strainer. The strainer is fastened to the sidewall between the first and second ends of the sidewall and located within the interior cavity of the sidewall. The strainer may be comprised of a planar sheet of material that includes a plurality of holes sized to separate liquid from solid container contents.11-10-2011
20110272416Portable waste receptacle/dustpan - Disclosed herein is a waste collection device. The device has a top side, a bottom side, a left side, a right side, and a back side. The bottom side has a first front ridge and a second back ridge. The back side has a plurality of holes. In one aspect, at least one of the top, bottom, left, and right sides extends beyond the back, and at least one of the top, bottom, left, and right sides has a slot into which a scraper can be inserted behind the back side to block at least a portion of the plurality of holes. The back side can connect to the bottom side horizontally closer to the second back ridge than where the back side connects to the top. Also disclosed is a base which interfaces with the waste collection device. Other desirable variations are also disclosed herein.11-10-2011
20130186905USED BEVERAGE CONTAINER ALUMINUM COMPOSITION AND METHOD - An aluminum alloy and recycle method are provided in which the recycled used beverage containers form an alloy composition useful with relatively minor compositional adjustments for body stock.07-25-2013
20120085770SLEEVE FOR CONTAINERS - A sleeve is disclosed that wraps around containers to retain the containers therein, while also being configured to stably rest on a pair of horizontally extending bars with constrained horizontal movement. The sleeve includes slots or grooves on a bottom portion thereof that are configured to receive the bars therethrough. The slots are sized so that lateral movement of the sleeve is restricted while positioned on the bars. The slots can further be sized to provide sufficient clearance above and/or below the sleeve for convenient storage, display, and removal thereof. Further, the sleeve can be incorporated into a display configuration having an array of vertically stacked rows of multiple sleeves arranged to maximize display space utilization.04-12-2012

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