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Pivotable, (e.g., hinged)

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220 - Receptacles

220200000 - CLOSURES

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220833000 Including integrally formed structure to retain closure in closed position 37
220836000 Hinge members formed integrally with closure and closure support 19
220827000 Biased by distinct member 11
220849000 With gasket or packing 9
220811000 Pivotable and slidable 8
220831000 Including abutment or retaining means to hold closure in open position 8
220826000 Plural pivotable closure sections 8
220848000 Separately formed hinge members with pintle 3
20080245807Closure For Refuse Container - A hinged closure for a refuse container, the closure including a main panel portion (10-09-2008
20130134176CONTAINER LID - One container lid embodiment includes a body and a cap pivotably attached to the body via a hinge assembly. The body has internal threads configured to engage external threads on a fluid port of the container. The body has an opening corresponding to less than all of an area of the fluid port. The opening, configured as a modified teardrop opening through the body, includes an arc portion adjacent a circumference of the body opposite the hinge in fluid cooperation with an elongate vent extending perpendicularly from the arc portion towards the hinge. The body has a lip adjacent to the arc portion of the opening, extending radially away from the opening. The cap is configured to seal the body when articulated in proximity with the body.05-30-2013
220817000 About multiple axes 3
20110095040THEFT PROOF LID FOR GREASE BIN WITH DUAL LOCKING FEATURE AND METHOD FOR INSTALLING - The theft proof lid according to the invention provides a lockable lid for a container, in particular, a standard 200-300 gallon grease bin used by most rendering and bio-fuel companies. The theft proof lid keeps thieves from stealing the bin contents. The lid is permanently installed onto the bin. A dual locking feature of the lid allows for easy pumping or dumping of the bin. First, locking pins for locking and unlocking the front corners of the lid are provided. A front half of the lid is foldable relative to a rear half of the lid, so that the front half may be unlocked and opened for pumping out the contents of the bin. A center locking bar is provided to lock the rear half of the lid from being opened. The locking bar is removed when the bin is to be lifted and dumped, allowing the lid to swing open on a back lid hinge, particularly when the lid is in a folded position.04-28-2011
20100224645BALL AND SOCKET CLOSING LID - A cover assembly for a beverage container includes a ball and socket assembly having a ball member and a corresponding socket member. The socket member includes extendable arms that engage the ball member. The ball and socket assembly permits the cover to be polyaxially rotated with respect to the beverage container. The cover is rotatable from a closed position, where the cover is seated against the beverage container, to a variety of open positions, where the cover can be rotated out of view from a user drinking from the beverage container. The ball and socket assembly, in addition, may be configured to maintain the cover in a variety of open positions relative to the beverage container without auxiliary support or assistance.09-09-2010
20090218361Mechanism For Opening A Cover From Two Opposite Sides - An opening mechanism for opening a cover element located on a console alternatively about a first cover swivel pin or about a second cover swivel pin, each of which is formed by a front and a rear swivel pin element that can be moved relative to one another between a retracted and a deployed position, comprising a first actuating device with a first actuating element and a second actuating device with a second actuating element, each of said actuating devices being mechanically coupled to the front and the rear swivel pin element of the associated first swivel pin or the second swivel pin via a first or second displacing member in such a manner that the front and the rear swivel pin element of the associated swivel pin can be moved, by actuating one of the actuating elements, from a closed position in which pin elements of the swivel pin elements are connected to a locking device of the console, into an open position in which the pin elements of the same locking device of the console are deployed such that the first swivel pin or the second swivel pin can act as a swivel pin so as to open the cover, wherein: the first actuating element is connected to a displaceable first transmitting element having a transmitting section and the second actuating element is connected to a second transmitting element having a transmitting section, wherein the transmitting section of the first transmitting element cooperates positively with a corresponding transmitting section of the first displacing member associated therewith and the transmitting section of the second transmitting element cooperates positively with a corresponding transmitting section of the second displacing member associated therewith in order to move the swivel pin elements between their closed and open positions; the first and the second transmitting elements of the actuating device can be moved towards one another and each of the transmitting elements is provided with at least two catch recesses that are placed one behind the other in the direction of displacement, wherein the transmitting elements can be locked in a closed position and an open position of each transmitting element by inserting the blocking element into one respective catch recess of the first and the second transmitting element.09-03-2009
220845000 Separately formed hinge including particular mounting means 2
20120285975Portable manway cover hinge device - A method of handling the removal and installation of a manway cover to a manway flange includes removing a plurality of manway cover bolts, assembling a portable manway cover hinge device having a pair of hinge plates having a hinge aperture alignable with an existing bolt opening or a user formed bolt opening, forming one or more bolt openings in a peripheral portion of one of the manway cover and the manway flange, aligning a hinge aperture of the support member of each of the pair of hinge plates with the one or more bolt openings formed in the peripheral portion of the one of the manway cover and the manway flange or the plurality of existing bolt openings, inserting a pin into each hinge aperture of the hinge plates, and removing the remaining manway cover bolts from the manway cover.11-15-2012
20100219197Container seal, container lid and container - The invention relates to a container seal, in particular for a milk container (09-02-2010
220825000 Into container 2
20100252565ACCESS PORT COVER - An access port cover is described. The access sport cover may seal an aperture located in a vehicle body whereby the access port cover may also provide access to a terminal located within the body. The access port cover may include a cover, a hinge mechanism and a linkage mechanism. The cover may include an outer portion and an inner portion, wherein the inner portion may include a first and a second end. The hinge mechanism may be located on each end of the inner portion. The linkage mechanism may be connected to the hinge mechanism, wherein the linkage mechanism may the said cover towards and away from the aperture. The cover and the linkage mechanism may be rotated into and stored within the body when the cover is not sealing the aperture in a closed position.10-07-2010
220820000 About axis at right angle to plane of closure 2
20100140285AIRTIGHT CONTAINER AND MOLD FOR PRESS-FORMING THE AIRTIGHT CONTAINER - Disclosed is an airtight container comprising: a container body having an opening portion and a flange formed along an outer circumference of the opening portion; and a lockable lid that is disposed to cover the opening portion of the container body and that has a locking wing at an edge, wherein the locking wing further comprises upper and lower supporting protrusions disposed on an inner surface of the locking wing at an interval that permits engagement of the flange between the upper and lower supporting protrusions.06-10-2010
20100133286HORIZONTAL OPEN INDUCTING GARBAGE BIN - A horizontal open inducting garbage bin includes a bin body, a bin head, an inducting window, a garbage inlet disposed on the bin head, a bin cover disposed on the garbage inlet, an upright shaft and a drive arrangement for making the upright shaft rotate. The upright shaft is connected to the drive arrangement, and the bin cover is connected to the upright shaft, the connecting point is not at the center of the bin cover. The advantages of the invention are: the rotating shaft of the bin cover is the upright shaft on the bin head, so when the bin cover rotates about the upright shaft, the bin cover opens horizontally about the upright shaft, the drive force is small, low energy is needed, and the user's hand cannot be touched by the bin cover.06-03-2010
20100147865STEP TRASH CAN HAVING INTEGRATED BASE AND BASE LINER - A step trash can assembly includes a base assembly having an integrated base and base liner. The base includes several parts, including a base, a pedal bar with a foot pedal end and a linkage end for coupling to a link rod for operating the lid, and a pivot axle supported by the base, which pivotally supports the pedal bar. In addition, a separate base liner is provided above the base, concealing the components in the base after installation in the canister body. The foregoing components are pre-assembled to form the base assembly prior to attachment to the inside bottom trash can body.06-17-2010
20130048661Lid Swiveling Mechanism - A detachable lid swiveling mechanism is a joint for a pot lid and has a base on a body and a connecting piece arranged on a pot lid. The base has a blocking slot having an insertion inlet, and the connecting piece has a rotating shaft movably passing in and out the blocking slot through the insertion inlet and matching with the blocking slot to enable the pot lid to rotate around the blocking slot. The blocking slot of the lid swiveling mechanism of the present invention has an insertion inlet through which the pot lid can be easily connected with or detached from the pot body.02-28-2013
20130048660WASTE CONTAINER ASSEMBLY - A container for disposing of waste includes a receptacle and a first pivoting member functionally associated with the receptacle. The first pivoting member includes a first disposal surface. A second pivoting member functionally associated with the receptacle includes a second disposal surface. The second pivoting member is operatively coupled to the first pivoting member such that waste deposited on either the first disposal surface or the second disposal surface causes concurrent counter rotation of both the first pivoting member and the second pivoting member to dispose of the waste into the receptacle.02-28-2013
20130048659Placemat for a container - The present invention relates generally to a placemat. More particularly, the invention encompasses a placemat for a container. The present invention is also directed to a novel placemat that can be placed inside a lunch box or a similar container. The present invention is also directed to a novel placemat that can be removably secured to the inside surface of a lid or an inside surface of a container. The novel placemat could also have either discrete magnets or at least one magnetic layer secured thereto. The present invention is also directed to a combination placemat and lunch box.02-28-2013
20100326999CONTAINER HAVING MEANS FOR HOLDING LITERATURE THEREIN - A container includes a base portion (12-30-2010
20130056485SUBSTRATE TRANSPORT CARRIER - A transport container for substrates such as semiconductor wafers and solar cell substrates includes a cover and a base having a plurality of side walls including movable wall portions with vertically extending hinges or hinges that provide a pivot about a vertical axis. The hinges can be resilient movable polymer portions such as living hinges and can have an unconnected upper edge and an unconnected lower edge to allow the movable wall portions to move inwardly relative to a floor of the base. The cover can include a base engagement portion configured as a cam portion that engages a cover engagement portion on the movable wall portions as the cover is inserted onto the base. As the cam portions of the cover engage the cover engagement portions, the cam portions move the wall inwardly relative to the base to align the substrates.03-07-2013
20090266836Trash Container - A trash collection device having a body for containing trash, a cover hingeable to the body. The body has an opening for receiving a connector that is connectable to an external structure. The body has a flat surface for mounting against an external structure.10-29-2009
20120234849WASTE CONTAINER WITH ODOR CONTROL - Waste containers which include a vessel body with an opening for receiving waste materials, a removable cover for operably enclosing said opening, and an odor control dispenser are disclosed. The odor control dispenser selectively dispenses an odor control agent into the vessel body when activated.09-20-2012
20130161344RING FLIP-TOP TUBE CONTAINER - The invention relates to a ring flip-top tube container, comprising a tube body (06-27-2013
20130015195PROTECTIVE BAGAANM Hsu; Fu-YiAACI New Taipei CityAACO TWAAGP Hsu; Fu-Yi New Taipei City TW - A protective bag for a portable electronic device with a first body and a second body is provided. The first body may be carried on a carrying surface. The second body may be folded relative to the first body to cover the first body or unfolded relative to the first body to stand on the carrying surface. The protective bag comprises a first covering plate for covering a bottom surface of the first body, a second covering plate for covering a rear surface of the second body and at least a connecting component connected between the first covering plate and the second covering plate. When the bottom surface is carried on the carrying surface via the first covering plate and the second body is unfolded relative to the first body, the second covering plate stands on the carrying surface with a support provided by the connecting component.01-17-2013
20100270323HINGED LID FOR A FOOD CONTAINER - A hinged lid for a food container is provided. The lid structure includes a rim with an attached cover member. The lid structure also includes a mounting structure for mounting the lid structure to a food container. A tamper evidence latch is provided to releasably secure the rim in a closed configuration overlying the open end of the food container. The rim engages an upper rolled lip of the food container sidewall when the lid structure is in a closed configuration.10-28-2010
20120000925LID PART FOR A CONTAINER - A lid part for a container, the lid part is substantially made from a thermoplastic material and includes a connection portion for connection to a rim of a container part and a lid which is pivotably connected to the connection portion. The connection portion includes an access opening and a circumferential first flange surrounding the access opening, the lid including a circumferential lid flange extending towards the connection portion, perimeters of the lid flange and of first flange mutually adapted to allow the lid to close in a sealing manner on the first flange of the connection portion, and an area of the access opening is at least about 50 cm01-05-2012
20100170910HINGED CLOSURE - A hinged closure for a container, particularly a drinking bottle, includes a lower part and an upper part, a hinge section, with which the upper part can be pivoted from a first position to a second position, in which the upper part is pivoted away from the lower part by an opening angle, and a retaining device, having a first retaining section and a second retaining section, both being detachably connected when the upper part is moved into the second position.07-08-2010
20120024878LIDS FOR SECURING ITEMS IN CONTAINERS - Various embodiments for a lid for a container are provided. In one embodiment, a lid has a rectangular top with a circular opening, as well as a plurality of protruding flaps extending outward from a side of the rectangular top. The plurality of protruding flaps are sized to be received by corresponding connectors on a container. The lid also has a tubular receptacle affixed to the circular opening, which has a curvature and extends upward and outward from the rectangular top.02-02-2012
20120024877Container with an integral lid retained onto the top of the sidewall of the container by a living hinge, the container used to retain liquids - A container used to retain liquids in manner which enables the liquid within the container to be consumed by a person holding the container in the person's hand and drinking the liquid when the lid is in either the open or closed condition. In the closed condition, a straw is inserted through an opening in the lid. The container has the unique features of having a self-sealing lid which is retained on the container through a living hinge.02-02-2012
20090314792CLOSURE DEVICE FOR CLOSING A CONTAINER, AND METHOD OF PRODUCING SUCH A CLOSURE DEVICE - The invention relates to a closure device having a two-part base element and a swing-action lid, wherein the swing-action lid is fastened on the base element by means of a hinge device which provides at least two independent pivot axes which are spaced apart from one another. The invention also relates to a method of producing such a closure device.12-24-2009
20080264961CONTAINER CLOSURE INCLUDING FLIP-TOP CAP - A container closure adapted to be used with a container to allow for the selected removal of the contents of the container. The container closure includes a body adapted to be mounted to the container, a flip-top cap, and a hinge used to couple the flip-top cap to the body. The flip-top cap is adapted to move from a closed position on the body to an open position away from the body.10-30-2008
20080237251PLASTIC REFUSE CONTAINER - A rotational molded plastic refuse container having side walls defining downwardly facing shoulders. A pair of metal side fork pockets each having outwardly extending flanges abutting one of said shoulders and being affixed thereto. The shoulders and the flanges functioning to bear the weight of the container and its contents when the container is being manipulated to empty its contents. A lid pivotally attached to the open upper end of the container and casters removably attached to the bottom of the container. ARFID tag disposed internally of at least one of the side walls.10-02-2008
20110204073Push and Flip Container - A push and flip lid for a container is provided. The lid includes a lid body, an opening, a door, and first and second pivot supports. The lid body has a top and a skirt. The skirt depends downwardly from the top and extends around a periphery of the top. The opening is formed through the lid body. The door is arranged over the opening and connected to the lid body. The door has a push section and a flip section connected by a hinge. First and second pivot supports on the lid body are separated by the opening. The opening extends between the first and second pivot supports and engages the door at first and second discrete locations, respectively. As such, the flip section pivots about the hinge in response to downward pressure applied to the push section to uncover the opening.08-25-2011
20090272754Fastening Device for a Logistic Container and Logistic Container Implementing Such Device - A device to fasten a logistic container (11-05-2009
20090266835TANK FLAP MODULE HOUSING WITH INTEGRATED WATER DRAIN VALVE - A tank flap module housing is provided for a vehicle, more preferably a passenger car, with a trough body and an opening for the liquid drainage of liquids, such as water or fuel, present in the trough body. Here, a flexible means for covering the opening is provided, which is arranged in such a manner that it opens the opening upon reaching of an adequately high liquid level (h) in the tank flap module housing.10-29-2009
20100102074TAMPER EVIDENT CONTAINER WITH FRANGIBLE HINGE - A container includes a base having a base peripheral portion and a lid having a lid peripheral portion. The lid peripheral portion is mountable to the base peripheral portion to mount the lid to the base for closing the container. A frangible hinge member pivotably joins the base to the lid. The hinge member includes a base hinge panel joined to the base peripheral portion, and a lid hinge panel joined to the lid peripheral portion. The base and lid hinge panels are pivotally joined together at a pivot region. One of the base hinge panel and the lid hinge panel has a line of weakness extending at least partially thereacross. At least a portion of the line of weakness is spaced from and positioned inwardly of the pivot region. The one of the base hinge panel and the lid hinge panel is separable along the line of weakness into a grasping portion connected to one of the base and the lid, and a flap portion connected to the pivot region.04-29-2010
20100127012WATERPROOF BOX - The present invention provides a waterproof box which has small size, high workability in its assembling, and high waterproof character. The waterproof box includes a body including a peripheral body wall which has an annular convex rim defining an opening, and a first fulcrum portion which is provided on the peripheral body wall; and a cover covering the opening and including a peripheral cover wall which has an annular chase defined by a inner wall and an outer wall and engaged with the annular convex rim, and a second fulcrum portion which is provided on the peripheral cover wall and engaged with the first fulcrum portion so that the cover rotates about the fulcrum portions. A height of a first edge of the inner wall corresponding to the second fulcrum portion is lower than that of a second edge of the inner wall adjacent to the first edge.05-27-2010
20080308568CARRYING CASE WITH LOCKING LATCH MECHANISM - A carrying case includes a top case shell hinged to a bottom case shell which may be maintained in a closed position by a double throw, triple action latch mechanism comprising a latch body pivotally mounted to the bottom case shell, a latch locking element pivotally mounted to the latch body and a latch release coupled to the latch body. With the case in the closed position, the latch locking element engages a seat formed in the top case shell and clamps the two shells together. After moving the latch release to a release position, the latch body may be pivoted relative to the bottom case shell to permit disengagement of the latch locking mechanism from the top shell allowing the case to be opened.12-18-2008
20130119079CLOSURE - In various embodiments, a closure may include a base attachable to a container. The closure may further include an engagement insert receivable in the base. The engagement insert may include screw thread formations for engaging corresponding formations on a container neck. The base and insert may together form a co-operating uni-directional rotation arrangement which prevents rotation in a direction of screwing onto a container neck but allows relative rotation in a direction of unscrewing, whereby to prevent unscrewing of the closure. In various embodiments, a closure for a container may include a top deck, an outer skirt and an inner skirt. The inner skirt may be engagable with a container neck. The inner skirt and/or top deck may comprise one or more regions of weakness arranged to break and/or deform if an attempt is made to remove the closure from a neck following first application, whereby to prevent re-application.05-16-2013
20080302808BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING SYSTEM - Disclosed herein is a biodegradable container designed for holding produce items. Specifically exemplified is a biodegradable container that includes a top portion and a bottom portion. The top portion has an image of produce provided thereon. The bottom portion has an image of a basket provided thereon. The top portion also defines a window for the customer to view the produce product disposed within the container. The window has a biodegradable film which covers the window.12-11-2008
20100140284BASKET FOR REFRIGERATOR - Provided is a basket for a refrigerator. The basket includes a case, a cover, and a rotation guide. The case defines a storage space. The cover is rotatably coupled to the case to selectively open and close the storage space. The rotation guide contacts the cover at one side of the case and increases a contact area in a rotation direction of the cover when the cover rotates.06-10-2010
20110204072HINGE APPARATUS AND CONTAINER APPARATUS - A container apparatus is provided in which a large space is not required in front of a housing for a door to be moved between a closed position and an open position.08-25-2011
20100012671MANHOLE COVER HINGE ASSEMBLY - A manhole cover assembly includes a frame defining an access opening, first and second mounting posts extending from the frame, and a cover for covering the access opening. The cover includes first and second mounting recesses that pivotally receive the first and second mounting posts respectively, such that said cover is movable between an open position and a closed position by rotating the recesses about the posts. At least one of the recesses includes a locking groove that aligns with the post when the cover is moved to an open position to lock the cover in the open position.01-21-2010
20090026219SPLASH-INHIBITING BEVERAGE CONTAINER LID - A lid for a beverage container. The lid is changeable from a closed to an open position by depressing a drink opening portion.01-29-2009
20090200325Crate for Holding and Displaying Products - A crate includes a floor, a ceiling, a left wall, a right wall and a rear wall. Each of the walls includes a first end coupled to the floor and each of the walls includes a second end coupled to the ceiling. A front wall is hinged to one of the left wall and the right wall so as to swing. A product is hinged to and provided within the front wall.08-13-2009
20090050643Swinging device for increasing capacity of trash bin - A swinging device for increasing the capacity of a trash bin includes a pushing assembly penetrating through the shredder body, a stirring board disposed at the bottom of the shredder body, and a shaft connecting the pushing assembly and the stirring board. The shaft converts the vertical displacement motion of the pushing assembly into a swinging motion of the stirring board. The shredded paper chips which typically form in a mound are thus pushed to the side and flattened. This helps reduce the space occupied by paper chips and increases the capacity of the trash bin, thus leading to less frequent emptying of the bin.02-26-2009
20110139806HINGE ARRANGEMENT - A hinge on a cover for a container, has a pivot axis and includes at least one first member fixed against rotation and at least one second member rotatable about the axis, which first and second members are arranged coaxially along the axis. A third member is arranged coaxial with the first and second members. A damper element is provided between the first and the third members in order to dampen the relative rate of rotation between the members. A first spring is arranged between the second and the third tubular members, which first spring is connected to the respective second and third members so that relative rotation between the tubular members is permitted in a first direction, when the cover is pivoted towards a first position, and prevented in a second direction, when the cover is pivoted towards a second position. A container provided with such a hinge is described.06-16-2011
20100193535HINGE LID AROMA PACK - A hinge lid pack has a lower pack outerframe and an upper lid hingedly attached to the lower pack outerframe for movement between opened and closed positions. The lid includes front, top, back and opposite sidewall portions. An innerframe is within and upwardly extends from the outerframe, and the innerframe has front and opposite sidewall portions. Microencapsulated aroma surfaces on the pack move across roughened perforations on the pack upon opening of the pack to thereby release flavor by rupturing the microcapsules.08-05-2010
20100219196Portable Pet Water Bowl Tote - A Portable Pet Water Bowl Tote. The bowl and assembly provides a pet owner with a portable source for water that also functions as the pet's drinking bowl. The tote has a carrying strap that will allow the device to be comfortably carried over the owner's shoulder or alternatively strapped around their waist. The container has a hinged lid that can be closed to seal against the rim of the bowl portion of the container in order to provide a water-tight water reservoir. The lid has a fill throat and cap so that the reservoir can be filled (or emptied) without opening the lid. Finally, a variety of pouches or pockets may be dispersed on the outer face of the lid so that the user has convenient storage locations for snacks, bags or other items.09-02-2010
20100224643Dispensing closure - A dual action living hinge is disclosed. The dual action living hinge includes two hinge members flexibly interconnected by a connecting element. The hinge members are adapted to be folded about a geometric axis of the connecting element. The connecting element further contains a recession at each axial end along the geometric axis and a reinforced area in a center section along the geometric axis.09-09-2010
20100243665Dispensing container device - A dispensing container device for dispensing small solids such as pills, tablets, or candy, or liquids such as emulsions, gels, solvents, or aqueous solutions, comprising a base, a cover, and an insert. The base has a bottom wall and a curvilinear side wall having an upper edge, the side wall having an aperture. The cover has an upper wall and a curvilinear side wall having a lower edge. The insert has an upper wall and a curvilinear side wall and has an aperture which corresponds with at least some portion of the aperture in the base side wall when the insert is placed within the base. When the cover, base, and insert are assembled, placement of pressure on the cover upper wall or on the base bottom wall reveals the aperture in the base side wall and in the corresponding insert side wall, permitting the dispensing of the device's contents.09-30-2010
20130126543SHEET WITH MULTIPLE THICKNESS AND METHODS FOR FORMING SAME - A method of forming thermoforming sheets includes providing a molten polymer source. The method further includes providing a first and second roller, the second roller having a first and second section, the first section having a first diameter and the second section having a second diameter. The method further includes feeding molten polymer from the molten polymer source into a nip between the first and second roller. The method further includes forming the thermoforming sheets having a first and second portion, the first portion corresponding to the first and second section of the second roller respectively, the first portion have a first thickness corresponding to the first diameter and the second portion having a second thickness corresponding to the second diameter.05-23-2013
20130126544HINGES FORMED WITH THERMOPLASTIC MATERIAL - Disclosed is a lid structure that includes an attachment tab connected to the lid by a living hinge. The attachment tab is configured to be attached to an external structure and the lid defines a ridge and a groove that surrounds the periphery of the lid structure except along the living hinge. Also discloses is a method of manufacturing the lid structure.05-23-2013
20100140283BOTTOM-FILL CONTAINER WITH AN INTEGRAL CHILD-RESISTANT LID - A child-resistant container of one-piece integrally molded construction for storing and dispensing products. A body includes an open bottom through which product is introduced into the container, and a top wall with a dispensing opening through which product is dispensed out of the container. A lid is pivotably coupled to the body and is closeable with respect to the body in a child-resistant configuration.06-10-2010
20100127011LID HAVING A FLIP TOP COVER - A lid for a container. The lid includes a planar surface, a wall surrounding the planar surface, and a recess. The recess is formed on a portion of the planar surface and has a defined perimeter. The recess has a gradually sloping surface from a middle portion of the planar surface to the wall and an opening formed therein. The lid also includes a cover pivotably connected with the recess and is configured to pivot between a first position and a second position. The cover has a perimeter configured to rest within the recess when in one of the first position and the second position. The cover also has a cavity sized to engage the opening in the recess.05-27-2010
20110114658UNIVERSAL LID FOR LARGE SOLID WASTE CONTAINERS - A universal lid for industrial or commercial large size solid waste containers, has a ribbed single layer central portion and a peripheral edge having a hollow double wall boxed configuration. The boxed perimeter may have a predetermined height such as approximately one inch, and the lid is provided with hinge lugs having a vertical extent substantially more but not more than twice than said predetermined height. In addition, the lids have substantial symmetry so that the lids may be stacked and nested with alternate lids oriented in opposite front-to-back directions. With this type of lid, the advantages of both single layer and double layer lid constructions may be realized.05-19-2011
20110056975COLLAPSIBLE HOUSING FOR ARTICLES - A collapsible housing for articles having an open top container having a closure member connected thereto. The closure member and/or open top container having a sealing arrangement to allow the open top container to be opened and closed by the closure member. The open top container and closure member have a first storage position in which the container and closure member adopts a flat pack configuration and a second operational position in which the container is extended with an internal volume for receiving articles. The sealing arrangement has one or more sealing members located on the closure member and/or open top container.03-10-2011
20110108563NECK END FOR A FILLER NECK - The invention relates to an in particular capless neck end for a container, in particular a fuel container, with a double-flap closure which is formed by an upper pivoting flap (05-12-2011
20120228320PACKAGING ASSEMBLY - A packaging system is configured to package a product to form a packaged product assembly. The packaging system includes a lid including a major panel, side panels, and a tab extending from one of the side panels. The packaging system also includes a box hingedly coupled to the lid that includes side walls and a bottom wall with a slot defined therein. The product may be retained by the lid against the major panel by first and second end flaps. As the lid and box are folded toward one another, the product may be loaded into the box and the tab and an adhesive member coupled thereto may extend through the slot in the bottom wall of the box. The adhesive member may then be adhered to a back surface of the box to retain the product in the packaging system. Related methods are also provided.09-13-2012
20110000929THERMOFORMED CONTAINER HAVING A TAMPER EVIDENT CLOSURE - A tamper evident container is disclosed. The container includes a body portion having a mating formation extending therefrom. A closure having a reciprocal mating formation configured and arranged for engagement with the mating formation extending from the body portion is further included. At least one tab extends from the closure. The tab is configured and arranged to break away from the closure. Further provided is at least one tab seat projecting from the body portion that is configured and arranged to capture the at least tab when the closure is engaged with the body portion. Disengaging the closure form the body portion breaks away the at least one tab01-06-2011
20110017759Portable manway cover hinge device and methods - A manway cover-manway flange separating kit and method for use with a manway cover handling device includes at least one extended length cover supporting rod having end stops at each end of the cover supporting rod wherein at least one of the end stops is removable and wherein the cover supporting rod is adapted for positioning within one of a plurality of manway cover bolt openings exposed by the removal of a plurality of manway cover bolts and for maintaining alignment of the manway cover and the manway flange when the manway cover is a predefined distance away from the manway flange, and a flange separator including a separator component having a threaded rod and a pair of elongated flange plates, the pair of elongated flange plates rotatably connectable on a first flange plate end to the threaded rod wherein at least one of the pair of elongated flange plates has a threaded opening at the first flange plate end transverse to the flange plate that receives the threaded rod to provide translational movement of the flange plate along the threaded rod.01-27-2011
20110036854DUMPSTER - A dumpster includes a plurality of walls that cooperate to define a dumpster interior. A lip is formed about an upper periphery of the walls. A lid is attached to the dumpster to close access to the dumpster interior. The lid rests on the lip when in the closed position. An access feature is formed within the lip to allow access for a hand to easily raise the lid to access the dumpster interior.02-17-2011
20090230142Tubular Container - A tubular container (09-17-2009
20110062176CLOSURE CAP FOR A CONTAINER - The present invention pertains to a closure cap for a container, the closure cap including a top part connectable to a container body via a hinge, the top part being pivotable about the hinge. The top part further includes a sealing skirt to sealingly engage with an opening of the container body, and the top part includes a desiccant chamber for accommodating a desiccant. A spring element for pre-tensioning products received in the container body, the spring element extending from the top part in a single loop, is also an element of the container.03-17-2011
20110062174Bathroom Caddy - A bathroom caddy having a housing, a front access door and a top access door. The front access door is hinged to the housing and the top access door is hinged to the housing. When opened, a cavity is exposed which cavity can house a spare roll of toilet paper, cleaning products, a plunger and a scrub brush.03-17-2011
20090242581CONTAINER - An example embodiment provides a container having generally cuboid frame defining a volume. The container has a lid and an end door which may be closed to form a watertight enclosure. The lid spans substantially the entire upper surface of the container. The lid may be opened and closed by an actuation system located within the volume defined by the frame and outside of the watertight enclosure. The actuation system may comprise a single hydraulic cylinder attached to the lid near hinges thereof. A hydraulic locking system may be provided to selectively lock the end door in its closed position.10-01-2009
20110101014DIAPER DISPOSAL CONTAINER - A waste disposal container for soiled items includes a container body, a lid over a top opening of the container body, and one or more diaphragms and a retaining ring installed inside the container body. A step feature is formed on the interior surface of the container body below the top opening. The diaphragms and the retaining ring rest on the step feature. Each diaphragm is a disk shaped member made of a flexible and resilient material such as rubber, and is partitioned into a plurality of wedge shaped sections by a plurality of radial cuts. Two or more diaphragms may be overlapped and their cuts are offset with respect to each other. The retaining ring is disposed above the diaphragms. In use, a disposable bag is placed inside the container and is held at its top between the container body and the diaphragms and the retaining ring.05-05-2011
20120067914SELF CENTERING HINGE DESIGN FOR CONCENTRIC SEALING OF AN ENCLOSURE - A waterproof, clam-shell style enclosure including a first cover, a second cover that is hingedly coupled to the first cover to pivot about an axis of rotation between an open state and a closed state defining an enclosed interior region of the enclosure, a seal positioned to limit or prevent the passage of fluid into the enclosed interior region of the enclosure, and a hinge that is configured to accommodate translation of the second cover with respect to the first cover in two different, perpendicular directions upon pivoting the second cover to a closed state to achieve uniform compression of the seal along its circumference.03-22-2012
20120267386Method for Making A Flexible Packaging Structure With A Built-In Opening and Reclose Feature - A flexible packaging laminate is formed to have a built-in opening and reclose feature by forming the laminate as a two-part structure having an outer structure joined in face-to-face relation with an inner structure. Score lines are formed in both structures to enable an opening to be formed through the laminate by lifting an opening portion (e.g., a flap or the like) of the two structures out of the plane of the laminate. The score line through the outer structure defines a larger opening than the score line through the inner structure, such that a marginal region of the outer structure extends beyond the edge of the opening portion of the inner structure. A pressure-sensitive adhesive is used to re-adhere the marginal region to an underlying surface of the inner structure adjacent the opening through the laminate.10-25-2012
20110163109SECURITY BOX - A security box inter alia for tools has a metal box and a lid of the swing and slide type utilising a pair of box hinges fixed to the box and a pair of lid hinges fixed to the lid, and a pair of intermediate hinges connected to both sets of hinges by links which make all the hinges parallel and enabling the door hinge to lie outside the plane of the door opening. In a variant, there is no intermediate hinge and the lid opening angle is less. The lid and box have interengaging profiled edges which in the closed position mutually obstruct but, when the lid slides to the open position, the profiles separate and the lid is free to swing open.07-07-2011
20120199600Wood And Resin Deck Box - The present invention relates to a storage box or container which is formed from a combination of wood and resin or plastic components. The front, back, and sides of the storage box are preferably set into a channel on a base of the container. A circumferential member is secured to the top portions of the front, back, and sides of the storage box to retain these members in alignment. A top member is hingedly secured to the circumferential member, which enables ready access into the storage box. The storage box is formed from components which are capable of being packaged and shipped in a knocked-down state and constructed into a storage box on site, thereby saving shipping space and costs.08-09-2012
20100320221COVER ASSEMBLY - A cover assembly can open a first cover and a second cover via a first elastic element, and close the first cover and the second cover via a second elastic element. The cover assembly can conveniently cover the first cover and the second cover on a base.12-23-2010
20100193534COMPOST COLLECTION BIN - A sealable bin for collecting waste biomass in a household kitchen comprising a container for receiving biomass, a sealable lid for placement over the container, venting means for circulating air within the waste biomass, and a handle. Venting means is contained in the lid. The inside surfaces of the container have a series of parallel features comprising either channels or projections in order create pathways into and out of the container for aeration of the biomass and dehumidifying of the biomass so as to deter anaerobic decomposition and odours.08-05-2010
20100181331Cookie support system - A cookie support system has a lower component, an upper component, and a coupling component. The lower component includes an elongated first section having a hollow cylindrical portion configured for sipping a liquid by a user and a second section coupled to the first section and having parallel side walls with an open top portion and a bottom portion configured for receiving a cookie. The bottom portion is formed of an arcuate face coupling the side walls. The upper component includes a first section formed of parallel side walls with an open bottom portion and a top portion formed of an arcuate face coupling the side walls. An elongated second section is coupled to and protruding from the first section. A coupling component between the lower and upper components is configured to thereby open and separate the lower and upper components for positioning a cookie there between.07-22-2010
20110089186FUEL MODULE WITH PIVOTING COVER - A fuel module for a vehicle has a fuel tank opening cover pivotably coupled to a module housing that holds multiple components including a fuel pump, filter, etc. The housing can be advanced lengthwise through the opening of a shallow fuel tank then turned horizontally to rest on the bottom of the tank, with the cover remaining parallel to the opening such that when the housing is in place in the tank the cover blocks the opening.04-21-2011
20110062175SLIDE ACTION TYPE HINGED-LID PACKAGE - A slide action type hinged-lid package (03-17-2011
20100224644ROUNDED PACKAGING FOR COMESTIBLES - The present invention includes a package for holding comestible products and blanks for forming the same. The packages can have opposing side walls with generally rounded contoured bottom and top ends and bottom and top walls that conform to the round bottom and top end so that the bottom and top walls have a curved surface that follows the curvature of the bottom and top ends.09-09-2010
20100059537HINGED OVERCAP FROM A CONTAINER - An overcap (03-11-2010
20110147399CASE FOR COSMETIC OR BODY HYGIENE PRODUCT HAVING A RETRACTABLE HINGE - A case for a cosmetic or body hygiene product comprises a body having a bottom and a free edge 06-23-2011
20110147398ELECTRONIC DEVICE CASE AND METHOD OF USE - The present invention relates to improved protective cases for hand-held electronic devices. More specifically, the present invention relates to cases that protect and modify the functionality of an electronic device.06-23-2011
20090145917Tamper-Proof Irrigation Box - A tamper-proof irrigation box is formed in a truncated four-sided pyramid shape with the sides tapering outwardly from the top to the bottom. A horizontal flange extends outwardly around the base. A metal lid has a sliding pin type lock operated by a key having a metal horizontal pin or bolt that extends perpendicularly into a horizontal hole in the side of the box. The metal lid also has a tamper-proof hinge.06-11-2009
20090152286DRAINABLE CAP FOR INVERTIBLE CONTAINERS - A system is described for storing liquids. The system comprises a cap configured to couple to a container. The cap comprises a base surface configured to provide a base for a coupled container; a flip-open lid positioned to enable access to an interior of a coupled container; a first cavity having a floor defined by a portion of the cap and a sidewall defined by a portion of the cap; and a drainage port sized to enable water to drain from the first cavity. By providing one or more drainage ports for the hollow portions of invertible container caps, the tendency of water to pool and stagnate within the caps can be reduced. This can reduces the growth of harmful mold in showers.06-18-2009
20120104011CUP HOLDER - When a lid body (05-03-2012
20120097693WATERPROOF BOX04-26-2012
20110155754BOX BODY - A container that is capable of loading articles onto a cassette for containing articles and the like with high reproducibility and is suitably applicable to a paper-made refill, is provided with, as shown in FIG. 06-30-2011
20120043343CONTAINER FOR DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENTS - Container for dangerous environments, which comprises a base (02-23-2012
20120006841Flexible Packaging Material - A flexible packaging material includes a first layer comprising low density polyethylene, a second layer comprising high density polyethylene, and a third layer comprising low density polyethylene. The material has a moisture vapor transmission rate of less than about 0.5 g/100 sq. in./day and an oxygen transmission rate of less than about 10 cc/100 sq. in./day.01-12-2012
20120006842CONTAINER FOR PRODUCE STORAGE, PACKING & TRANSPORT - Embodiments are directed to containers for storage and transportation of items such as produce harvested with its roots intact. The containers include a base and lid hingedly connected together on at least one edge, and may be stacked to maximize density for storage so that a shipping receptacle can hold more produce while taking up the same place, allowing for more efficient transportation saving on transportation costs and storage. In addition to saving costs on transportation and storage, the containers maintain the freshness of the produce harvested with its roots intact by keeping away soil, soil debris and moisture from the remaining portions of the produce. When containers are stacked together, a substantially circular recessed center portion on a top surface of the lid of a first container is adapted to receive a substantially circular male protruding center portion one the base of a second, identical container.01-12-2012
20120012602CONTAINER HAVING A PRE-CURVED LID - A plastic container having a container body and a permanently attached container lid is provided. The container lid is attached to the container body by a living hinge such that the entire plastic container is a one-piece construction. The container lid is pre-curved such that in an open state the container lid is curved. However, when the container lid mates with the container body in a closed state, at least a portion of the container lid that was previously curved becomes substantially planar such that portions of the lid remain biased into the container body. The container can also incorporate a carrying feature for receiving and positioning articles therein, as well as a sealing chamfer for reducing the likelihood of the ingress of foreign matter into an interior cavity of the container.01-19-2012
20090134178FLAT CONTAINER - A flat container (05-28-2009
20120125944POWDER CONTAINER, POWDER PROCESSING APPARATUS USING THE SAME, AND POWDER CONTAINER CONTROLLING METHOD - A powder container includes a container body having an opening corresponding to a powder opening of a container receiver; an open/close lid that closes the opening; a first restricting portion inclined to face a contact surface, which is located upstream of the powder opening and inclined with respect to an open/close operation direction of the open/close lid, when the container body is attached to the container receiver, the first restricting portion contacting the contact surface to restrict a position of the open/close lid in the open/close operation direction; and a second restricting portion restricting a posture of the open/close lid with respect to the container receiver in a direction in which the first restricting portion is tilted down toward the contact surface, when the container body is attached to or detached from the container receiver and a press member restricts movement of the open/close lid.05-24-2012
20120211504FLIP TOP CONTAINER - A container body has a closed bottom and a peripheral wall defining a hollow interior for receipt of desired contents. A cap for the container has a depression constructed and arranged to fit tightly over a top rim of the container body to seal the contents within the hollow interior. The cap can be pried upward to an open position to allow access to the hollow interior. An opening tab hinged to the cap normally extends downward alongside the container body when the cap is closed, but is swingable upward to a horizontal orientation. The tab and cap have cooperating abutments that limit further upward swinging of the tab relative to the cap such that the tab can be used to pry the cap open.08-23-2012
20090095766Hands-free lid removal - A container having a lid that opens when inverted by the weight and pressure of the contained liquid and if included the dissolving of liquid-soluble adhesive.04-16-2009
20120074158UTILITY BIN - Wall mountable, portable and stackable bins, formed by a bottom wall supporting lateral walls, a back wall, and a front wall, with the back wall comprising a first tab, extending generally lengthwise along at least part of an upper edge of the back wall and projecting generally upward relative to the bottom wall, and comprising at least one aperture; and at least one of: i) pegs extending generally lengthwise along at least part of an upper edge of the back wall and projecting generally upward relative to the bottom wall; and ii) a second tab extending generally parallel and spaced apart from the surface of the back wall, and comprising at least one aperture. The first tab is adapted to be inserted inside a slot of a slot wall mounting panel for mounting the bin to the slot wall mounting panel and its at least one aperture is adapted to receive a hook for mounting the bin to a peg wall panel and a screw or a nail for mounting the bin to a flat wall. The first tab is removable, and, when it is removed, the at least one of: i) pegs and ii) second tab is available for hanging the bin to a mounting surface.03-29-2012
20120080441DRINKING CONTAIER WITH COOLING RESERVOIR - A drinking container includes a main reservoir for containing a quantity of beverage; a cooling reservoir releasably sealingly secured to the main reservoir and including a passage on an inner surface, the passage having one end open to bottom and the other end open to interior of the cooling reservoir, and a spill opening defined by the passage; and a releasable enclosure releasably sealingly secured to the cooling reservoir and including at least one lid; wherein the quantity of beverage in the main reservoir can transfer to the cooling reservoir through the passage by tipping the main reservoir; and wherein each of the at least one lid can be opened by pressing.04-05-2012
20120325838PROTECTIVE COVER CAPABLE OF FASTENING PIVOT SHAFT OF SCREEN COVER OF TABLET PC - The present invention is to provide a protective cover capable of fastening a pivot shaft of a screen cover of a tablet PC, wherein the pivot shaft is connectable to a connecting portion between front and back covers of the tablet PC, so that the screen cover can be turned about the pivot shaft to cover the front cover. The protective cover includes a cover body having one side concavely provided with a receiving space for receiving and protecting the back cover, at least one gripping portion having a hook-shaped configuration formed by the periphery of the cover body for hooking to the peripheral edge of the tablet PC after the back cover is received in the receiving space, and a fastening portion formed by an extension of the periphery of the cover body for fastening the pivot shaft while the screen cover is being turned about the pivot shaft.12-27-2012
20120279979 FLUID SWIVEL FOR ALLOWING FLUID TRANSFER ACROSS A ROTARY INTERFACE - A fluid swivel for allowing fluid transfer across a rotary interface between the end of a fluid line connected to the seabed and product piping on a vessel for gas and oil production, wherein the swivel comprises an first annular wall and an second annular which are located with their adjacent cylindrical surfaces in close proximity, the first wall and the second wall defining a chamber, between their peripheral opposing faces, for receiving a fluid, wherein the first wall is adapted to be connected to the end of the fluid line, which extends through the first wall towards the chamber, in order to allow fluid supply towards the chamber and wherein the second annular wall of the swivel is adapted to be connected to the product piping and is provided with a duct to transport the fluid from the chamber towards the product piping, wherein at least part of the swivel comprises a fibre reinforced polymer.11-08-2012
20110278318BIN LID - A lid for a grain bin or other storage bin is provided. The lid can be provided on top of an opening to the bin and positionable between a closed position and an open position. The lid can include a panel having a first section and a second section, the first section having a first side and a second side and the second section having a first side and a second side, the second side of the first section pivotally connected to the first side of the second section and the first side of the first section pivotally connected proximate one side of the opening. The lid can be placed in an open position by pivoting the first section around its first side, substantially exposing the opening, and wherein the lid can be placed in a closed position with the panel substantially covering the opening.11-17-2011
20120138623INSTANT SNAP CLOSURE MECHANISM - Embodiments of the invention relate to a system and method for providing a reclosable snap closure. One embodiment relates to a closure device, including at least one pivot member, a first member and a second member. The first member has a predefined length L06-07-2012
20130008917INDOOR OPEN TYPE DOOR PANEL MOUNTING STRUCTURE - An indoor open type door panel mounting structure includes a construction having an access hole, a door panel hinged to the construction at the top side of the access hole and adapted for closing the access hole, and a driving mechanism formed of an actuator and pivotally connected between the construction adjacent to the access hole and an inner surface of the door panel and operable to bias the associating door panel outwardly toward the outside of the construction and inwardly toward the inside of the construction in opening/closing the associating access hole.01-10-2013
20130098933FOOD CONTAINER ASSEMBLY - A container assembly provides for a receptacle having and opened end and a collar that is releasably secured to the opened end and that permits access to contents in the receptacle. The container assemble further provides for a lid that is securable to the receptacle and to the collar. The container assembly provides for a receptacle having an opened end and a collar that is releasably connected to the opened end and lid. The container assembly also provides for a hinged connection between the collar and the lid that permits the lid to rotate and pivot relative to the collar and to attach to the receptacle or the collar.04-25-2013
20110266296Automated Cover - The disclosure describes a novel collection bin for a waste collection vehicle. The collection bin includes an automated cover system.11-03-2011
20090108010Hinged-lid feminine hygiene product dispenser - A hinged-lid feminine hygiene product dispenser comprising an open box shaped container being of adequate height, depth, and width so as to accommodate a plurality of feminine hygiene products within said open box shaped container, further having a lid being slightly longitudinally longer than the bottom of the container and hingedly connected so as to fittingly swing over the top of the container closing the box, while still having an overhang to easily open and close the lid.04-30-2009
20110240667MODULAR DISPLAY RACK - A modular display rack and, more specifically, a display rack having a plurality of cylindrical bins oriented horizontally and stacked vertically. The cylindrical bins consist of a transparent half-pipe bottom with vertical dividers attached to two circular end caps. The circular end caps provide a hinge for a rotatable door and snap-to-fit features that allow the stacking of the bins vertically.10-06-2011
20100294790SNAP HINGE COMPACT - A snap hinge compact is provided. The snap hinge compact includes an upper cover and a box body. The upper cover includes a hinge slot configured at one side of the upper cover. The box body includes a recessive slot adapted for correspondingly matching with the hinge slot. The box body includes a hinge shaft disposed in the recessive slot for engaging with the hinge slot. The hinge shaft is rotatably coupled with the hinge slot. The hinge shaft has two ends secured to two sides of an inner wall of the recessive slot, respectively. Comparing with the conventional snap hinge compact, the hinge shaft of the snap hinge compact of the present invention achieves an improved strength. Therefore, when the hinge slot is engaged with the hinge shaft or the upper cover is turned to rotate around the hinge shaft, the hinge shaft is not likely to be broken.11-25-2010
20100308068PIVOT LID WASTE BASKET - The subject invention is a lid assembly (12-09-2010
20100308067WARDROBE BOX - The wardrobe box comprises a lid (12-09-2010
20100308066CONTAINER - A container (12-09-2010
20120273511SOCKET CONNECTOR PACKAGING - A socket connector packaging includes a main body and a cover. The main body includes a first sidewall and a pivot positioned on the first sidewall. The cover includes a second sidewall, a coupling portion and a stop portion. The coupling portion and the stop portion are positioned on the second sidewall and opposite to each other. The pivot is placed over the coupling portion, thereby making the cover to be rotatable relative to the main body through the pivot. The stop portion is configured for preventing the cover from further rotating when the pivot contacts with the stop portion.11-01-2012
20110233227RESEALABLE CLOSURE - A plastic resealable closure includes a base plate affixed to a can, a middle plate having a plug, and a top plate having a support ring. The support ring expands or supports the plug to enhance sealing. The top plate includes prongs that are insertable into recesses on the base plate to enhance closing. The closure is applied without heating of the tool or the closure.09-29-2011
20130181002Packaging Container - A packaging container includes a base, a cover including a resilient unit and defining a deformable slot at the resilient unit, and a positioning hinge member provided at the base and rotatably received at the deformable slot to pivotally couple the cover with the base so as to enable the cover being pivotally folded between an opened position and a closed position, wherein the positioning hinge member has a non-circular cross section and is arranged in such a manner that when the positioning hinge member is rotated within the deformable slot, the resilient unit generates a resilient restoring force to assist the cover being folded between the opened and closed positions.07-18-2013
20130126542CASE SYSTEM - A container system is disclosed, and which includes a container bottom part, defining an interior; a container top part which is hingedly affixed to the container bottom part; and at least one additional container having a connecting structure which joins the additional container to the container bottom part.05-23-2013
20120018444CLOSURE - A closure configured to be engaged with a container, wherein the closure includes a cap and a twist ring. According to aspects of the disclosure, the cap may include: a generally cylindrical main body, a lid, a sidewall extending substantially perpendicularly from the lid, a hinge which allows the lid to pivot between a closed position and an open position, and a lift tab configured to protrude outwardly from the cap. According to aspects of the disclosure, the twist ring may be configured to extend around the cap. Further the twist ring may include: a generally cylindrical main body, a rim extending in a substantially horizontal plane and a sidewall extending substantially vertically from the rim. According to aspects of the disclosure, the twist ring may be configured to be rotated in order to be positioned to selectively prevent the lid of the cap from being pivoted from the closed position to the open position.01-26-2012
20120024879HOUSING ASSEMBLY - A housing assembly includes a receptacle having a bottom, a front wall, a rear wall, and two side walls. The rear wall has a larger height than the front wall and the side walls decrease in height from the rear wall toward the front wall. The receptacle is configured to receive at least one connection element for connecting at least one electrical cable and has at least one opening for the at least one electrical cable. A lid is configured to close the receptacle. The lid is pivotably disposable on the receptacle with a pivot axis adjoining the rear wall of the receptacle.02-02-2012
20120031920LID ASSEMBLY FOR SHIPPING CONTAINER - A container for storage and shipping of objects includes a lid assembly having two configurations and an open-top box. In the first configuration the container can be loaded with objects for storage or collection while limiting physical and visual access to the contents of the box and in the second configuration, the container is sealed for shipping. The lid assembly contains side flaps which may be used to stabilize the lid assembly in the first configuration, and in the second configuration, secure the lid assembly to the open-top box. Preferably, the container is formed from one contiguous blank. The blank is preferably made of corrugated cardboard but may be formed from any substantially rigid material.02-09-2012
20120061412Versatile Tamper-Evident Food Container - A tamper-evident rigid plastic food container system wherein the outer periphery of the mating surfaces of the lid and tray are permanently bonded together after the food product has been placed in the tray, a set of perforated rows at an inner periphery, the interconnect of which needs to be torn in order to open the lid. Intentional, inadvertent, or malicious ingress into the container can only be made by tearing at the perforations and thereby evidencing the potential tampering and contamination of the packaging contents. The lid and tray edges may further include mechanical interference fits, including snap-fit grips that may be of the releasably lockable kind to permit sealing, release, and re-sealing multiple times without deterioration in reliability, and which can further prevent or minimize leakage of liquid food product.03-15-2012

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