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220260000 With closure opening arrangements for means (e.g., opening devices) 357
220810000 Pivotable, (e.g., hinged) 216
220315000 Having means for securing or retaining closure in its closed position (e.g., fastening devices) 215
220212000 Combined or convertible 155
220254100 Secondary closure within parameter of primary closure 137
220780000 Removable closure situated by resilient distortion and retained by preformed configuration (e.g., detent) 96
220288000 Removable closure guided in rotary movement (e.g., screw) 93
220202000 With condition responsive vent or valve 79
220367100 Vent in closure 57
220256100 Superposed closures for common opening 54
220378000 Having gasket or packing 39
220359100 Removable closure retained by adhesive or fusion means 36
220796000 Removable closure retained by friction 27
220211000 Motor driven 26
220361000 Sealing or closing means for vent or filling opening 25
220345100 Closure guided in reciprocating movement 24
220233000 Externally adjustable plug or gasket 18
220253000 Closure members having alignable openings 17
220216000 Floating closure 14
220230000 Magnetic 10
220240000 With seal means biased by internal pressure 9
220375000 Tethered closure 9
220231000 With vacuum breaker or manually operable vent 8
220287000 Closure adaptable for various sizes or openings 8
220255000 Closures interconnected for common opening movement 7
220214000 With separately applied sealing means for indicating unauthorized closure movement 7
220241000 Face plate type 7
220379000 With disparate support for displaced closure 7
220210000 Key controlled 6
220213000 Convex or concave closure conforms to curvature of opening to be closed 6
220309100 Removable closure retained by ductile in situ deformation (e.g., crimp) 6
220376000 Ornamental 5
20110042379CONTAINER LID WITH PRINTABLE RIM - A canister includes a closure coupled to a container to close a mouth opening into an interior region formed in the container. The closure includes a lid having a plate and a rim extending around the plate.02-24-2011
20100170903TRASH RECEPTACLE INCLUDING AN ORNAMENTAL COVER - An apparatus for receiving refuse therein may include a body portion; a first cover portion coupled to the body portion, the first cover portion has a substantially cylindrical shape; and a second cover portion hingedly coupled to the body portion using a hinge, the second cover portion has a substantially hemispherical shape, wherein the first cover portion and the second cover portion substantially resemble a helmet.07-08-2010
20080264947FOOD PACKAGE WITH LID - A food package has a container and a lid. The lid includes a planar surface and a convex dome that is above the planar surface. A transparent window in the convex dome attracts the attention of consumers since it is raised relative to the remainder of the lid. The lid also includes a concave dome that frames a raised logo or raised text within the dome. By framing the logo, the concave dome helps to direct a consumer's attention to the logo or text and helps to protect the logo or text from wear.10-30-2008
20110000917COVER AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - In a cover made of a carrier material and a sealing layer which faces inwardly in relation to a container on which the cover is used and is made of a sealing lacquer printed on the carrier material to close the container having a shoulder, the inwardly facing side of the carrier material has the sealing layer in the form of a print image corresponding to the shoulder of the container, and a print pattern made of a sealing lacquer or polymer-containing lacquer is printed on the carrier material inside the region limited by the sealing layer The thickness (b) of the print pattern printed onto the carrier material is greater than the thickness (a) of the sealing layer.01-06-2011
20120061395BEVERAGE CONTAINER COVER - A cover mountable over a rim of a beverage container has a closed body having an interior cavity extending from an open end at one end of the body to an opposite second end. An inner surface of the sidewall of the body defines a plurality of contact locations with the rim of a beverage container to enable a single shape and size cover to be disposed on any of a number of beverage containers having different diameter rims. The inner surface of the wall of the body may have a smooth conical shape extending from a larger diameter at the first end of the body to a smaller diameter toward the second end of the body, a plurality of incremental, concentric steps of decreasing diameter between the first and second ends of the body or a plurality of ribs, each having an inner surface which tapers from a large diameter spacing at the first end of the body from adjacent ribs to a smaller diameter spacing toward the second end of the body.03-15-2012
220201000 Thermal releaser or actuator 4
20100270302METHOD FOR CLOSING A WASTE BIN FILLING HOLE AND A WASTE BIN - A method for closing a filling hole of a waste bin (10-28-2010
20110240642CLOSURE FOR A CONTAINER FOR PHARMACEUTICALS - A closure (10-06-2011
20110006060Container with Automatic Opening Lid - A lid assembly for a container includes a lid engaging device, a transmission assembly mounted on the lid engaging device, and a lid including a first pivotal section and a second pivotal section disposed opposed to each other. The first and second pivotal sections define an imaginary axis “A” extended therebetween, and the first and second pivotal sections are mounted on the lid engaging device. The first pivotal section is engaged with the transmission assembly. The lid is pivoted automatically by the transmission assembly. The lid is pivotal about the imaginary axis “A” and is moveable between an open position that enables items to be put in the container and a closed position in which the lid prevents items to be put in the container.01-13-2011
20130020321Method for Molding and Assembling Containers with Stoppers and Filling Same - A stopper and container body are molded in the same molding machine. An assembly device, such as a pick and place robot, transfers the stopper from one mold cavity into the opening in the container body located within another mold cavity, or vice versa, to assemble the stopper and container body. Then, the assembled container body and stopper are removed from the molding machine and transported to a needle filling and laser resealing station for filling and laser resealing. A laminar flow source directs a substantially laminar flow of air or sterile gas over the mold surfaces, stoppers and container bodies, and assembly device, to prevent contamination during assembly.01-24-2013
220305000 Warped cover flexed into operative position 4
20080245797Push/pop closure - A closure device and methods for manufacturing closure a device having a lid that is capable of alternating convex-to-concave movement and concave-to-convex movement. The lid may be mounted to a closure body, which may, for example, contain substances for attracting and exterminating pests, such as ants, other insects, snakes, and rodents. In other embodiments, the closure body may contain other substances, for example, a vaporizable air freshener. Certain embodiments may include a stake for affixing the closure body to the ground.10-09-2008
20100163561CONTAINER WITH DISPENSER - A dispensing container (07-01-2010
20120261419STRUCTURE FOR A STORAGE UNIT - A structure for substantially sealing a storage unit, wherein the structure includes an elastically stretchable flange cooperable with a lip provided on a rim of the storage unit, wherein the flange is elastically urged to seal against the lip of the storage unit.10-18-2012
20120318800Infrared thermometer - A hygienic device for use with a container opening is provided. The hygienic device includes a base and at least two guard elements which are integrally formed as a unitary structure. The guard elements, which are made of a soft resilient material and positioned on the base, are readily bendable downward to change shape and thus facilitate the opening/closing thereof, and can get closer together to form a protective layer for enclosing the container opening. The hygienic device requires lesser constituent elements and dispenses with the need to remove a hygienic lid from the container before using the container. The guard elements are capable of rebounding and adjusting shape and thickness, effective in balancing a resilient force and a binding force generated as a result of the bending and opening of the guard elements, and effective in attaching to the container; hence, the guard elements open without increasing occupied space.12-20-2012
220366100 Vent at closure, closure support juncture 3
20090188919PLUG STRUCTURE - A plug structure is provided that can be installed on a container in which the thread of a container inlet for installing a cap is an outer thread, and furthermore, bubbles are not produced at the fluid surface inside the container even during fluid circulation. In a plug structure that is used in a container in which the thread of the container inlet for attaching the cap is an external thread, that is installed on the container inlet, that is capable of removing a fluid inside the container by using the siphon hose method, and that is capable of circulating the fluid that is inside the container, a fluid circulation path is provided that causes a fluid that is returning into the container during fluid circulation to fall along an external wall of a siphon hose during fluid removal.07-30-2009
20110068105CONTAINER WITH SELF-VENTING FEATURES - A container includes a lid adapted to seal with a base. The lid and base rims each have vertical segments that mate upon sealing the container. The mating segments form a vertical seal zone. The vertical seal zone has a width extending across the rim surfaces. One or more vent channels are disposed on either or both rims. Each vent channel extends partially into the vertical seal zone. When pressure inside the container reaches a critical level, the lid rises and reduces the width of the seal zone, creating a vent point. Pressurized vapors traveling through the vent channel overcome rim-engaging forces at the vent point and pass through the engaged rims. Once pressure is purged, the lid descends and resumes its sealed arrangement with the base. The rims may respectively include horizontally oriented segments that engage each other to from a horizontal seal zone.03-24-2011
20120298670CLOSURE WITH LINER SEAL VENTS - A plastic closure includes a shell having a base wall with a skirt for securement to a container finish and a lip that extends radially inwardly from the skirt at a position adjacent to and spaced from the base wall. A liner is compression molded in situ against the base wall, and between the base wall and the lip. The lip has a plurality of circumferentially spaced passages that extend through the lip for venting air during compression molding of the liner.11-29-2012
220380000 Having structure to stack or nest when not in use 3
20090008393NESTABLE STERILITY-PROTECTING CAPS WITH FLUID RESERVOIR FOR SEPARATED CONNECTORS - A pair of nestable caps are disclosed, each of the caps being sized and shaped to provide a protective union about a separated medical connector. The pair comprises a male cap and a female cap, each of which is configured to be adjoined to a complimentary cap to form a nested pair. The nested pair is sealed until separated for use, thereby maintaining sterility of the internal surfaces of the nested pair. One of the caps may have a fluid chamber joined thereto filled with medicine or antiseptic. The cap can have a channel extending therethrough to provide fluid communication between the fluid chamber and a fluid pathway. The fluid chamber can be adapted to diffuse the fluid into the fluid pathway over time, or the fluid chamber can be adapted to evacuate the fluid out of the fluid chamber without reflux.01-08-2009
20090095754STACKABLE COVER FOR CONTAINER - A stackable cover for a container includes a central portion, a peripheral portion, at two recesses, and an opening. The peripheral portion is formed on a peripheral of the central portion. Each of the recess is formed on a top surface of the central portion with a corresponding protruding part formed on a bottom surface of the central portion. At least one protrusion is formed on a side wall of the recess. The opening is formed on a side edge of the peripheral portion and the central portion. The bottom surface of a stackable cover matches the top surface of another stackable cover, wherein the protruding part of the former stackable cover is engaged into the recess of the later the stackable cover, two or more stackable are capable of being stacked and conveniently stored.04-16-2009
20090020531Cooking Appliance Lid - A lid includes a grip member (01-22-2009
220377000 Transparent 2
20110108554Transparent sterilization, storage, display and transportaion system - In an exemplary embodiment, a transparent sterilization, storage, display and transportation (SSDT) system and device for sterilizing medical instrument trays with instruments is provided. The system includes a plurality of SSDT devices that are selectively vertically and horizontally stackable. Each SSDT device comprises a transparent filtered lid (TFL) assembly configured to provide a transparent interior chamber within which the medical instrument trays and the instruments are sterilized, stored, displayed and transported. The TFL includes a plurality of exterior lid interconnectors. Each SSDT device also includes a configurable filtered base carriage (CFBC) assembly configured to latch and seal a bottom edge of the TFL assembly. The CFBC assembly includes a base carriage platform having a plurality of base interconnectors configured to, in a first mode, have a plurality of wheels selectively attached thereto and, in a second mode, interconnect to a plurality of exterior lid interconnectors of another TFL assembly.05-12-2011
20110186576Reusable dish/bowl food covers - Reusable dish/bowl food covers have light, thin shell structures are invented. The covers' configurations are generally like up-side-down dishes or bowls. They have top wall(s) for user easy to handle, and leveled top surface(s) for user easy to stack the covered dishes/bowls. They are transparent such that users can see the food being covered.08-04-2011
220232000 Having inflatable gasket or packing 2
20110278297DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PREVENTING THE DEGRADATION OF A CONSUMABLE LIQUID - A sealing device for reducing the degradation of a consumer liquid within a container. The sealing device includes an inflation source, a bladder, and a flexible tubing connecting the inflation source to the bladder. The bladder is configured to reside on a surface of the consumable liquid and has a first state and a second state. In the first state, the bladder is configured to enter the container. In the second state, the bladder forms a seal with the container at the search of the consumable liquid.11-17-2011
20120125930FLUID PRESERVATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USE - A fluid preservation system for use with a container containing both fluid and gas where there exists a transition between the fluid and the gas and where the container has an opening with a first inside diameter and a first inner surface and a body with a second inside diameter and a second inner surface. The fluid preservation system comprises an elongated member with a proximal end and a distal end, an expandable sealing member near the distal end of the elongated member, where the expandable sealing member has an expanded state and a compressed state. Means to change the expanded sealing member between the expanded state and the compressed state is located near the proximal end of the elongated member. The expandable sealing member in the expanded state is in contract with the second inner surface of the container near the transition between the fluid and the gas. The expandable sealing member in the compressed state is able to pass through the first inside diameter of the opening of the container. The means to change the state of the expandable sealing member remains outside of the container and the expandable sealing member in the expanded state displaces less than substantially all of the gas in the container.05-24-2012
220243000 External and internal bar or closure 2
20120285959CLOSURE FOR USE IN HOT-FILL CONTAINERS - An open top closure for use in conjunction with a liner. The closure has sidewalls and the upper portion of the closure is open, with at least one rib positioned a spaced distance above the plane of the liner. When in place on a container, the rib serves to limit the travel of the liner upward as it expands after the hot-fill of a product. The open upper portion of the closure permits any accumulated moisture to be blown off after the hot-fill is cooled.11-15-2012
20080257885Access port clamp cover - An access port clamp cover is disclosed, such as for access ports in housings of motor vehicle driveline components. An access port clamp cover includes a first cover having a centrally disposed cylindrical member defining at least one locking slot in its outer surface and a handle extending from the cylindrical member. The access port clamp cover also includes a second cover defining a centrally disposed retaining member having an opening for receiving the handle and an annulus concentrically disposed about the opening. The annulus defines an inside diameter larger than an outside diameter of the cylindrical member and has at least one protrusion extending radially inwardly from the inside surface. Also, the protrusion is engageable in the slot, and the covers may be rotated relative to one another.10-23-2008
220252000 Pivotally or slidably mounted semispherical hood-type closure 2
20110084071Collapsible food guard, display and server - The present invention is directed to a collapsible food guard for displaying and serving food comprising a resilient transparent cover assembly for a substantially planar base. The cover assembly is substantially semi-cylindrical of a predetermined radius and has closed opposing ends. The cover assembly is reversibly pivotably attached to a base and has downward facing edges to seal the cover to the base when the cover is pivoted in the down (closed) position. The semi-cylindrical portion of the cover assembly is a resilient transparent shield that reversibly detachable from the arched surfaces of the closed opposing ends (side walls) and is sufficiently resilient such that when detached form the arched surfaces of the opposing side walls, it assumes the substantially planar shape in which it was initially molded. This resiliency allows the collapsible food guard to collapse into planar elements (side walls, shield and optional base) requiring minimal storage space and providing easy cleaning.04-14-2011
20110226768Lid Assembly for a Storage Container - A lid assembly for a storage container base with an interior storage space and an open top end. The lid assembly has a closure section positionable over the open top end of the base. The closure section has a top panel, an access opening through the top panel or formed by the top panel with the closure section installed on the storage container, and a perimeter extending around at least a portion of the closure section and being removably attachable to the base. The lid assembly also has a hub and a cover section mounted to the closure section and rotatable about the hub between a closed position covering the access opening and an open position uncovering the access opening. A transparent part of the cover section can be positioned over the access opening in the closed position.09-22-2011
220360000 Closure controls vent in receptacle 2
20120160851DRINKING CONTAINER WITH SUCTION PIPE - A drink container with suction pipe is provided. The container comprises a container body, a cap assembly and a flexible straw; the cap assembly comprises an inner cap and a valve assembly which can open and close the passage between inside and outside of the container body by respectively extending and bending the flexible straw; and the cap assembly also comprises a venting switch assembly which comprises a venting valve hole mounted on the inner cap, a float venting valve, protrusions mounted respectively on both ends of the inner side of the slide sheet, and hollow portion mounted between two the protrusions. The float venting valve is movably mounted to the venting valve hole and comprises one or a plurality of elastic protrusions on its contact surface. When the slide sheet is in its completely open or closed position, one of the protrusions mounted on both ends of the inner side of the slide sheet is pressed against the float venting valve to press the elastic protrusion of the float venting valve to cling to the surface of the venting valve hole for waterproof sealing. Therefore, the requirement to the process dimension of assembling of the venting switch assembly in accordance with this invention is lower, and the float venting valve is easy to be replaced.06-28-2012
20100314393VALVE STOPPER - A valve stopper for sealing a vessel opening with a valve body which may be applied to the vessel opening made from a first rigid plastic material and a valve element integrally connected to the valve body made from a second elastic plastic material is disclosed. The valve element has a sealing surface section which may be brought into contact with a support edge and a connector piece, running from the sealing surface section which may be brought into contact with a support edge and a connector piece, running from the sealing surface section to support surface of the valve body facing the vessel opening and at a distance from the interposed valve element. The sealing surface section extends over the connector piece over the whole circumference thereof, the connector piece having at least one defining recess n a given valve opening region of the sealing surface section, such that in the region of the recess the radial separation of the connector piece to the adjacent outer edge of the sealing surface section is greater than in the remaining region and the connector piece does not from a contact surface for the sealing surface section in the region of the recess and the sealing surface section has a circumferential bead on the surface thereof provided for contact with the contact edge.12-16-2010
220215000 With heat insulating insert or captive air space 1
20110303669Insulating Plug For Air Conditioning Sleeves - A novel device and method to thermally seal openings such as air conditioner sleeves, ducts and chimney is disclosed and claimed. The device includes insulating layer and gasket layers sandwiched in between outer shells.12-15-2011
220229000 Closure penetrated through intersecting slits 1
20100193516Dual sealing system for use with a probe - A dual sealing system (08-05-2010
20130043245Scented Attachment for Containers - Aspects of the disclosure include an attachment for providing a scent to a container. The scented attachment may be configured for being associated with a container, such as a drink or a food storage container. In one instance, the attachment is of a size or shape so as to fit around a circumference of the container. In another instance, the attachment may be configured for being associated to the container with a suitable attachment mechanism. For instance, the attachment may include a substrate having a first surface comprising an attachment mechanism for associating the scented attachment to the container; and a second surface comprising a scent. Systems including a scented attachment and a container, including their methods of use, are also provided.02-21-2013
20090145900FOOD CONTAINER SYSTEM WITH HANDLE STRAP - The food container system can comprise a lid, tray, and strap. The strap can comprise signage, a handle, and two attachment ends on the sides of the handle. The signage can convey information to a user concerning certain product information and/or other information.06-11-2009
20100163558BEVERAGE CONTAINER CLOSURE - There is provided a beverage container closure which comprises a circumferentially disposed cup engagement means configured for releasable engagement about a beverage container opening. The closure further comprises an upper closure surface disposed intermediate the cup engagement means and a beverage container support extending from the closure surface a pre-determined height thereabove. The container support is surrounded at a bottom end by a gutter being disposed a pre-determined depth below the upper closure surface and the gutter is configured to support a bottom end of the beverage container. The beverage container support is configured to support and releasably engage the base of the beverage container.07-01-2010
20100072201Hermetically Sealed Drink Cover for Cans or Bottles - A hermetically sealed drink cover for cans or bottles that prevents the spread of disease associated with drinking directly from cans or bottles contaminated by pathogens. The hermetic seal drink cover for cans or bottles, comprises of a material having properties similar to latex and a removable tamper evident ring attached to the material.03-25-2010
20130082053METALLIC FLANGE PLATE WITH LINING - A flange plate closure for accessing a containment vessel has a metal base plate, having an interior and an exterior surface, at least one vertical metal tube having an open end, a metal flange ring at said open end defining an upper planar surface, and a lining made of non-corrosive material. The lining is disposed in overlying relation to the interior surface of the base plate, the interior of the tube and the upper planar surface of the flange ring. The lining is rigid, and is mechanically affixed to the metal components. The lining is made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.04-04-2013
20120181276STORING CONTAINER07-19-2012
20100006571LID FOR BEVERAGE CAN EXCELLENT IN PRESSURE RESISTANT STRENGTH - A lid for a beverage can excellent in pressure resistant strength in which a predetermined pressure requirement is ensured by a simple gauging down. An annular groove portion 01-14-2010
20120217243Shroud and Dispensing System for a Handheld Container - A closure member for a shroud includes an annular wall and no more than one raised surface, interior of the annular wall, which extends upwardly beyond any other component of the closure member. The raised surface is configured to inhibit movement of a container both longitudinally and laterally when the annular wall is attached to a shroud with a container disposed therein.08-30-2012
20120217241CUP LID FOR ADDITIVE TO BE CONVENIENTLY ADDED THEREIN - A cup lid is composed of a lid body. The lid body includes a fastening portion extending downward from a peripheral edge thereof for fastening the cup lid onto a cup body. The lid body includes a drinking hole and a vent hole. The drinking hole protrudes upward from a top side of the lid body to form a drinking portion. The drinking portion is provided with an opening formed on a top side thereof and with a through hole formed at an internal lower side thereof. The opening is bigger than the through hole in diameter. A guiding portion is mounted between the opening and the through hole. Additionally, a plug can pluggably jam the drinking hole.08-30-2012
20130056466CO-INJECTION MOULDING - The present invention relates to advancements in injection moulding and in particular to a method and apparatus for co-injection moulding articles of complex non symmetrical geometry. The method forms a multilayer injection moulded article comprising an outer skin of a first material and a central core of a second material which is encapsulated by the outer skin. The first and second materials are injected in a single stream into a cavity of an injection mould, with the second material encased within the first material. The flow of the stream is controlled by means of flow paths within the mould cavity such that both the first and second materials are present in at least one first area of the mould cavity and that only the first material is present in at least one second area of the mould cavity. The flow paths include at least one primary flow path in the first mould cavity area which divides into at least two secondary flow paths. The resistance of a first of the secondary flow paths in the at least one first mould cavity area is reduced relative to that of a second of the two secondary flow paths, which is in the at least the second mould cavity area.03-07-2013
20130062345Cake Pan Lid - A baking pan lid which can be used with any cake pan and that keeps the cake batter from forming a domed top resulting in a flat even top cake.03-14-2013
20110011861Method, Device, Material Layer and Kit of Parts for Sealing a Drain - The invention relates to a method and device for sealing a drain of any dimension, form and depth in a floor of a sanitary space or other spaces. By making use of a firm or flexible material layer dimensioned for the purpose of sealing a drain and a preprocessed firm or flexible material layer dimensioned for the purpose of sealing a drain it is readily possible to obtain a reliable seal.01-20-2011
20090001079Product Container Strainer - A single use packing and dispensing technique includes a filter element as part of the packaging to permit a user to drain the packing fluid while retaining the primary package contents such as pickles, olives, canned vegetables, fruit, canned meats, poultry and fish. A strainer may be incorporated into any suitable aspect of the packaging along with a removable sealing element.01-01-2009
20080230541Lid for a Container and a Process for Making the Same09-25-2008
20090321442Utility cover having a bowl cavity and a removable lid - There is provided a utility access opening cover. The cover includes a bowl element having bowl upper and lower faces and a bowl wall disposed about a bowl axis. The bowl wall extends between the bowl upper and lower faces. The bowl wall defining a bowl cavity configured to receive a filling material. A support sleeve is disposable within the utility access opening. The support sleeve defines a sleeve axis and includes a sleeve inner wall and sleeve upper and lower faces. The sleeve inner wall extends between the sleeve upper and lower faces to define a sleeve opening. The sleeve inner wall is sized and configured to engage with the bowl wall with the bowl element being received within the support sleeve opening to align the bowl axis with the sleeve axis. A lid is disposable in contact with the bowl element to substantially cover the bowl cavity.12-31-2009
20100237069MULTI-LAYER CONTAINER - One embodiment of the present invention provides a partly-biodegradable system, which comprises a non-biodegradable portion and a biodegradable portion wherein the non-biodegradable portion is easily separated from the biodegradable portion for disposal of the system. In certain embodiments, the system further comprises a cover layer of non-biodegradable film which adheres to the first non-biodegradable portion to form a sealed compartment for food or drink reservation.09-23-2010
20120085760Simultaneously Blow Molded Container and Closure - A method of producing a container and a closure comprises blow molding a body comprising a container portion and a closure portion joined together, and separating the closure portion from the container portion. A container and/or a closure produced according to the method are also disclosed, as well as an intermediate product for producing a container and a closure.04-12-2012
20120285957MOLD FOR CUP LIDS, CUP LIDS MANUFACTURING METHOD USING THE SAME, AND CUP LID - The present invention provides a mold for cup lids including a male mold and a female mold, wherein the male mold has a convex member, an annular member, and a first air channel. The annular member is annularly disposed at outside of a periphery of the convex member, and a gap is formed between the convex member and the annular member. The first channel communicates the gap and an external space. When mold closing, a mold cavity is formed between the male and the female molds, and a second air channel communicating the mold cavity and the external space is also formed therebetween. The gap communicates with the mold cavity. Thereby, the mold of the present invention can be injected with plastic material, and original air inside can be discharged from the air channels. Hence, the yield rate of injection is improved.11-15-2012
20090127258POUCH CONTAINER AND METHOD - Pouches are provided to the user of an automated pouch handling apparatus in a pouch container. The pouches are oriented the same way in the box. The box may be sealed to prevent pouch contamination. A door on the box is opened or removed to define a door opening. A portion of the pouch stack is accessible through the opening. These pouch containers may be stacked near a pouch handling apparatus where the operator may open the door and load the pouch containers directly into the pouch handling apparatus. The pouch handling apparatus removes the pouches directly from the pouch container through the door opening. The apparatus may include a pouch separator that bends the edge of the pouch out through the door and slides the first pouch away from the second pouch.05-21-2009
20120292318TANK FACILITY WITH SIDE ACCESS - A side access tank facility including an enclosure for containing water therein. The enclosure has an opening disposed in a side wall thereof. A cover covers the opening in a water sealing engagement with the enclosure. The side access tank facility further comprises an in-tank equipment holding structure for holding in-tank equipment at a predetermined position inside the enclosure. A moving mechanism is provided for moving the in-tank equipment holding structure between a position inside the enclosure and a position outside the enclosure.11-22-2012
20110284535CONTAINER - A container has a cylindrical body and a cover attached to an end thereof. The end has an annular thicker portion. The cover has a substantially circular plate portion with a substantially cylindrical portion and a circumferential projecting edge surrounding the plate portion forming an annular space. The end is inserted into the annular space. The cylindrical portion is provided on the outer surface with an annular step portion corresponding to an inner end of the annular thicker portion. An end portion of the cylindrical portion is widened so that the outer diameter of the end portion is larger than the inner diameter of the cylindrical body. The cover is attached to the end of the cylindrical body by using an inserting means having a tapered inner surface. The cover cannot be reattached once it is detached from the container.11-24-2011
20090120931Flexible Tube Package And Method Of Forming - The present invention is an improved flexible tube package and a method for manufacturing the pouch. The package includes a panel having a wall with reinforcing tape that forms a tube. A fitment is sealed around the open edges of the tube. The fitment may be an end cap that includes an absorbent layer that absorbs liquid, moisture, and/or oxygen, a flavor additive and/or a radio frequency identification label. The method includes the steps of forming a pouch by positioning a panel of material, and securing a reinforcing tape on the panel, and sealing the edges to form a tube. An end cap is preloaded into a base of a holder, the formed panel is loaded into the holder, and the base is sealed to an outer surface of the tube. The pouch is opened and filled. An upper end cap is sealed to the upper end of the tube over the reinforcing tape. The pouch is removed from the machine.05-14-2009
20110290799Method Of Cleaning And Covering An Access Site - A syringe assembly including: (1) a syringe barrel defining a chamber; (2) a plunger mounted in the chamber and moveable with respect to the barrel; and (3) a cap assembly containing a cap and an absorbent material is removably attached to the plunger.12-01-2011
20100078433CONTAINER FOR HOUSING A MASK BLANK, METHOD OF HOUSING A MASK BLANK, AND A MASK BLANK PACKAGE - A mask blank container is adapted to house a mask blank with a resist film. The container comprises a container body 04-01-2010
20120097674Solid Product Packaging - A product packaging for a solid product comprises a base, a lid, and a seal. The base has a top, sides, and a bottom forming a cavity configured and arranged to receive a solid product, and the base has an exterior surface. A texture is on the exterior surface of the base, whereby the texture enhances a user's ability to grip the base when the base is inverted. The seal interconnects the top of the base and the lid and allows the lid to be peeled away from the top of the base.04-26-2012
20100264139MOLDED RUBBER ARTICLE - A molded rubber article for sealing a container for storing medicinal chemicals comprising a fluorine resin film solidly covering the surface of the molded article which may contact with the chemicals. At least the surface of the bare rubber surface 10-21-2010
20110168706Material feed container for a thick-matter pump - The invention relates to a material feed receptacle for a thick matter pump comprising a receptacle lower part and a receptacle top that is detachably connected to the receptacle lower part, a two-part front wall, a rear wall, two two-part lateral walls, an upwardly pointing material feed opening delimited by a peripheral edge, and a pipe junction, which is situated inside the receptacle, can, on the entry side, swivel in an alternating manner in front of the delivery cylinder openings and which, on the output side, leads to a pressure pipe. The invention provides that the receptacle top has an upper lateral wall part and upper lateral wall parts, which have free ends and which extend away from the front wall part. The invention also provides that the peripheral edge has a first edge part, which forms an upper edge of the receptacle top, and ha a second edge part on the receptacle lower part, which is situated on the rear wall and is joined to the first edge part.07-14-2011
20100294763DRINKWARE HOLDER - A holder for drinkware, the drinkware having at least a bowl and a foot, is described. In a first embodiment, the holder comprises a wall, the wall having a top end and a bottom end, a cap on the bottom end, and a cap on the top end, the wall and the caps each having at least one perforation. In another embodiment, the holder comprises a frame forming a wall, the frame comprising a plurality of fingers, the wall forming a space, the fingers each having a top end and a bottom end, a base component comprising a base wall forming an opening and a plurality of spokes extending radially into the opening, the base component configured to hold the bottom ends of the fingers; and a top component comprising a plurality of arms extending radially outward from an axial element, an aperture in the axial element, and a slit through the axial element to the aperture, the arms comprising bores at their distal tips opposite the axial element, each of the bores configured to hold the top end of a one of the fingers.11-25-2010
20090308868Flow limiter production process - The invention refers to a production process for producing a container for loosely stored products, characterized in that a flow-limiting device (12-17-2009
20100126991PAPER SEAL, SEALING METHOD, AND SEALED ARTICLE - A paper seal comprising a stretched thermoplastic resin film that comprises (a) a surface layer, (b) a substrate layer, and (c) a water-based adhesive-receiving layer having a water absorption level of from 2 to 25 ml/m05-27-2010
20090283523Connectable cupcake holder - A connectable cupcake holder is disclosed. The device comprises a base portion defining a recess for holding a pastry, a lid portion at least partially detachably attachable with the base portion for enclosing the pastry in the recess of the base, and at least one connector portion on an outer perimeter of the base, the connector portion detachably attachable with a connector portion of another cupcake holder, whereby a cupcake can be placed in the recess of the base and enclosed by the lid, and where a plurality of cupcake holders can be connected together and carried as a unit. The device further comprises a handle portion detachable attachable with the lid via a handle clip.11-19-2009
20090039082Pouring device - A pouring device for a liquid container (02-12-2009
20080245791Reusable Container with Radio Frequency Identification Seal - A container enclosing an interior and having at least one door that can be displaced from a closed position preventing access to the interior, and an open position providing access to the interior; the container including: a first recess, the recess being in the door; an insert projecting into the recess so as to extend outwardly therefrom to provide an insert portion outside the slot; a second recess, the second recess being in a part of the container other than the door; a second insert, the second insert projecting inwardly of the second recess so as to extend outwardly therefrom to provide an insert portion outside the second recess; and wherein when the door is in the closed position the portions are adjacently located so that when secured together movement of the door toward the open position is inhibited.10-09-2008
20120168439WET FRICTION MATERIAL FOR CLOSURES FOR PRODUCT CONTAINERS - A product container comprising a housing defining a hollow interior and a closure coupled to the housing such that the closure covers the hollow interior. The closure comprises a thermoplastic elastomer on at least a portion of the closure. The thermoplastic elastomer is polar and hydrophilic.07-05-2012
20120292317REUSABLE CUP WITH REMOVABLE SEALING LID - A container assembly includes a cup having an open end surrounded by a peripheral lip. and a lid that is configured to be removably seated on the open end of the cup so as to engage the lip. The lip is elongated in the longitudinal dimension from a first or upper periphery at the open end of the cup to a second or lower periphery longitudinally spaced from the first or upper periphery, whereby the lip tapers from a first outside diameter at the first or upper periphery to a second outside diameter greater than the first outside diameter at the second or lower periphery, thereby defining a radially outward tapered lip surface. The lid has a peripheral rim with an inner surface that is configured to seat against the tapered lip surface so as to provide a seal between the rim and the lip.11-22-2012
20100264140PLASTIC BEER KEG - A beer keg includes a container having a base and a wall extending upward from a periphery of the base. A liner within the container includes a base, sidewalls and a mouth. The base of the liner interlocks with the base of the container to prevent relative rotation therebetween. A valve is disposed over the mouth of the liner.10-21-2010
20100270301PLASTIC SPICE CONTAINER AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING SAME - A spice container and method of making same is provided. The spice container includes a plastic container body and a plastic lid ultrasonically welded to an open end of the container body. The method of making the spice container includes molding the container body from plastic as a one-piece construction. However, during molding, prior to cooling, the container body has a rectangular outer periphery proximate a closed end and an outer periphery at an opposite end having at least one side that bows radially outward. After molding and after cooling, the outer periphery proximate the opposite end has a generally rectangular shape as the bowed side cools and shrinks to a generally straight side.10-28-2010
20120067885PLASTIC CONTAINER AND PRODUCTION METHOD - The invention relates to a method for producing a plastic container having a container wall provided with a barrier foil, comprising the following steps: forming a foil body from a barrier foil, the shape of which corresponds to at least part of the container wall of the plastic container to be produced, arranging the foil body in an injection mold, applying a first plastic layer onto a first side of the foil body that corresponds to an inner side or outer side of the plastic container, and applying a second plastic layer onto a second side of the foil body that corresponds to an outside or inside of the plastic container, and to a plastic container comprising a container wall having a barrier foil, wherein the barrier foil is arranged centrally between an inner side and an outer side of the plastic layer.03-22-2012
20120067884UNIT LOAD DEVICE AND CONTAINER FOR TRANSPORTING CARGO - A unit load device includes a base having a top surface and a bottom surface spaced apart from the top surface to define a thickness of the base, a plurality of openings disposed within the thickness of the base in a plane generally parallel to the each of the top and bottom surfaces, plurality of corner posts and plurality of cross braces, and arrangement on the top surface of the base for positioning the at least one of plurality of corner posts and plurality of cross braces on the top surface in a plane being generally parallel to a plane of the top surface.03-22-2012
20120067883PRE-SLIT DONUT BREAK SEAL - A break seal is provided which comprises a foam sheet and a film layer. The foam sheet comprises a center hole. The film layer is partially scored through the thickness.03-22-2012
20090242558Receptacle cover device - A waste receptacle cover is configured for placing above an open top waste container. The cover has a main body that received objects therein and a central opening for disposal of the waste into the waste container. A tubular guard surrounds the central opening and prevents the objects from dropping into the waste container, while allowing the user to dispose of the waste directly into the waste container.10-01-2009
20090242557PLUGGING DEVICE FOR A FUEL TANK FILLER PIPE - A device for plugging a top of a fuel tank filler pipe situated under a fuel filler flap, movement of which is controlled by an actuator. The device includes a stopper secured to the fuel filler flap and configured to plug the top of the pipe and a locking mechanism for locking the stopper. The actuator is configured to activate the locking mechanism that locks the stopper independently of the movement of the filler flap10-01-2009
20120193357Particulate material storage and delivery system - A bulk storage and delivery system for agricultural feed. Curved plates are secured to the interior and exterior of a bulk feed storage container. The curved plates are secured to one another and a vibrator is secured to the curved plates. Horizontal and vertical vibration bars are secured to the curved plates on the interior of the bulk feed storage container. The vibrator transmits vibration through the curved plates and into the horizontal and vertical vibration bars to facilitate flow and reduce bridging and rat holing of the material provided within the bulk feed storage container.08-02-2012
20100155400MAILBOX STYLE SHARPS CONTAINER - A closure (06-24-2010
20090294442LID OPENING/CLOSING SYSTEM FOR CLOSED CONTAINER, CONTAINED OBJECT INSERTION/TAKEOUT SYSTEM HAVING SAME LID OPENING/CLOSING SYSTEM, AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD USING SAME LID OPENING/CLOSING SYSTEM - A tunnel is provided between a portion on a support mechanism on which a pod is loaded and a mini environment that is in communication with a FIMS. The pod is located in the tunnel when a lid of the pod is detached from the pod after the lid is held by a door. The pod is also located in the tunnel when it is at a position that allows transfer of wafers and to which the pod is moved after detachment of the lid. The lid and the door that have been separated from the pod can also be housed in a housing space annexed to the tunnel. A light emitting portion and a light receiving portion of an optical sensor are provided respectively on opposed walls of the tunnel. A pod is provided with a detection window that can transmit detection light.12-03-2009
20100213193PACKAGING MATERIAL - The invention relates to a composite for packaging material with a symmetrical structure that consists of plastic/aluminum/plastic. The invention also relates to a container covering with a symmetrical composite structure that consists of polyester/aluminum/polyester, whereby polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is advantageously used as polyester.08-26-2010
20090107996FREEZER TO CONVENTIONAL OVEN CONTAINER WITH MATCHING LID - A food storage container manufactured from silicone rubber is disclosed. The container can take the shape of a bowl and lid mounted thereto and is able to withstand a wide temperature range extending from below the freezing point of water to above the boiling point of water. In certain embodiments, the silicone rubber can be stiffened in desirable locations such as the side walls and bottom wall of the base of the container. The base can be so reinforced by fully encapsulating reinforcement members therein. The reinforcement members may be made of thermoset resins such as phenolic and melamine the reinforcement members may also be made of such materials as ceramics, glass, metal, and wood. The base may be alternatively reinforced by forming an external cage made of one of the aforementioned materials and fused to an external skin of the silicone rubber.04-30-2009
20110024416GASKETLESS LOW TEMPERATURE HERMETIC SEALING WITH SOLDER - In accordance with the invention, containers or interfaces having two surfaces 02-03-2011
20110042376CONTAINER - A container body 02-24-2011
20090321443Method for filling a vessel with a gas entrained beverage and a consumable consumer product including the beverage - A method for filling a vessel with a gas entrained beverage includes providing a vessel and a cap assembly, wherein the cap assembly includes a closure including a beverage outlet opening, a hollow dip tube connected with the closure and in fluid communication with the beverage outlet opening via a beverage outlet path, and a valve connected to the closure and disposed along the beverage outlet path. The method further includes filling the vessel with a gas entrained beverage. The method further includes filling the dip tube at least up to the valve with (1) a flushing liquid, (2) the beverage, or (3) the flushing liquid and the beverage, wherein the flushing liquid has less entrained gas than the beverage. The method further includes connecting the cap assembly to the vessel to seal the vessel, wherein the dip tube extends into the gas entrained beverage within the vessel. A consumable consumer product that includes the beverage is also disclosed.12-31-2009
20090261098Multiple sided food container - A container for enclosing food products includes a main body with a wall defining an inner space, a first aperture and a second aperture for accessing the inner space. The container also includes a first cap operable to engage the main body and enclose one of the first aperture and second aperture, and a second cap operable to engage the main body and enclose the other of the first aperture and second aperture. Engagement of the first cap and the second cap with the main body encloses a food product within the inner space.10-22-2009
20110084070Container for Rain - A container system (04-14-2011
20110100987Container - A plastic container used to hold a dispersion-based paint colorant and capable of dispensing the colorant into paint dispensing machines, comprising an open top capable of holding and securing a cap, and having a wide mouth with a diameter of at least 50 mm. The plastic container has a cylindrical body extending below the open top, and a plurality of vertical ribs spaced around the body to strengthen the container.05-05-2011
20110100986LIDDING SYSTEM AND LIDS FOR PLASTIC OR METAL CONTAINERS - The present invention relates to a row of lids (05-05-2011
20110017733KIT FOR COLLECTING BLOOD, PREFERABLY PERIPHERAL BLOOD, FOR THE PRODUCTION OF STEM CELLS - A kit for collecting blood, preferably peripheral blood, for the production of pluripotent stem cells comprises at least a first container, able to contain the blood taken, which contains an anticoagulant and the substance MCSF (Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor).01-27-2011
20120267368DISPOSABLE LID HAVING POLYMER COMPOSITE OF POLYOLEFIN AND MINERAL FILLER - Disposable lid comprises a thermoformed sheet in the shape of a lid for a hot beverage container. The sheet comprises a polymer composite of a polyolefin and at least one mineral filler. The sheet has a thickness less than about 0.035 inches and a heat deflection temperature at least comparable to that of high impact polystyrene.10-25-2012
20110259886Cap for a Fluid Container Outlet - In one embodiment a fluid container includes a housing having a chamber therein for holding a fluid and an outlet from the chamber; and a cap capping the outlet. The cap includes a contact surface thereon contacting an interior surface of the outlet and a void therein adjacent to the contact surface such that a portion of the cap underlying the contact surface may flex into the void.10-27-2011
20110147380STERILE CONTAINER - A sterile container is provided which may be used for receiving and storing surgical instruments or surgical material. The sterile container comprises a receiving space formed by a container bottom and container walls, a lid for closing the receiving space, and a sterile barrier comprising a first carrier and a second carrier facing the first carrier. The first carrier and the second carrier define a sterile flow path therebetween in the form of a Pasteurian loop which establishes a fluid connection between the receiving space and an environment outside the sterile container. One of the first carrier and the second carrier are movable relative to the other of the first carrier and second carrier from a sterile position defining the sterile flow path to a overpressure position defining an overpressure flow path in which the one carrier has moved away from the other carrier. In the overpressure position, a pressure difference between pressures prevailing in the receiving space and in the environment outside of the sterile container exceeds a minimum pressure difference.06-23-2011
20120031901FOOD COVER - A food cover (02-09-2012
20120037625COUPLING DEVICE - A coupling device which is provided at a mouth 02-16-2012
20120305557CAN MANUFACTURE - A method and apparatus are disclosed which are suitable for use in the manufacture of two-piece metal containers. In particular, the method and apparatus disclose a way of making cups from metal sheet using a combination of stretching and (re-)drawing operations. The resulting cups have the advantage of reducing the thickness of the base of the cup relative to the ingoing gauge of material.12-06-2012
20120305556Cosmetic applicator, precursor and related manufacturing method - A cosmetic applicator, such as a gel puff, includes a body enclosing a gel. The body lacks any gate mark as the result of being manufactured by a process including providing a base layer in a mold to form a cavity, providing the gel material in the cavity, and providing a removable cover for covering an exposed surface of the gel material so as to fully enclose it and form a precursor. The precursor is then removed from the mold, the cover removed, and a surface layer is applied to the exposed surface of the gel material to complete the applicator and process.12-06-2012
20110089173Biodegradable material and container for fluids - A resin includes: an acrylate; and a curing agent to cure the acrylate. The resin is adapted to adhere to a degradable material selected from the group consisting of polylactic polymer (PLA), polyhydroxyalkonate (PHA), poly 3 hydroxybutrate co 3 hydroxyhexanote (PHBH), and paper. The curing agent includes a photoinitiator or a sensitizer that, when cured, form a hard coat when the resin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation or an electron beam.04-21-2011
20120006819WATERPROOF CASE - There is provided a waterproof case which prevents ingress of water into the waterproof case through a protection piece, including a case body formed into a rectangular tube-like shape with a peripheral wall thereof and a lower cover having a bottom wall covering a lower opening of the case body and a peripheral wall extending from the bottom wall. The peripheral wall of the body case is placed so as to cover the peripheral wall of the lower cover. The protection piece is provided at the peripheral wall of the lower cover so as to sandwich the peripheral wall of the case body with the peripheral wall of the lower cover to prevent the deformation of the peripheral wall of the lower cover. There is also provided a protrusion protruding from a surface of the peripheral wall of the case body on which the protection piece is placed.01-12-2012
20120006820Working Fluid Unit Containing A Temperature-Sensitive Vehicle Working Fluid - A working fluid unit, comprising a container having a temperature-sensitive vehicle working fluid contained therein, in particular for exhaust gas after-treatment, a container mantle which is open at least on one side and in which the vehicle working fluid is introduced and the opening of which is closed by a container lid, wherein the container lid is connected to the container mantle by friction stir welding, magnetic pulse welding, or magnetic pulse crimping, wherein the connecting seam is spaced a distance from the vehicle working fluid that is present.01-12-2012
20120055923ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR CABINET - An electrical switchgear cabinet is provided for building and/or industrial installations, for example. The switchgear cabinet includes installed parts which are arranged therein and which have standardized dimensions. The installation area which is provided in the switchgear cabinet for the installed parts is larger than the required dimensions of the installed parts, as a result of which a gap in each case results between the switchgear cabinet and the respective installed part. A cover is provided for each gap. The cover fills the relevant gap and provides direct-contact protection.03-08-2012
20120055924ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR CABINET - An electrical switchgear cabinet is includes two side wall parts and a respective cover and base wall part. The wall parts are in each case integrally connected to one another, and form a rectangular frame which can be connected to a rear face and to a front face. Each side wall part and each cover or base wall part is angled along its outer edges so as to form a box-like shape. The angled edges are integrally connected to one another at the abutment points with adjacent angled outer edges and form a corner profile at each frame corner. As a result, it is possible for a connecting profile to be connected to the corner profile in each case. A switchgear cabinet connecting profile of the abovementioned type for connecting at least two switchgear cabinets (e.g., in a force-fitting manner) is also provided.03-08-2012
20120205373Sound-dampening container - There is provided a rigid container, comprising: a vessel having an inner surface; a cap having an underside; a first film substantially covering the inner surface of said vessel; and a second film on the underside of said cap, wherein said first and second coatings are substantially non-porous and have a Shore A durometer measurement of 10-90. There is also provided a method for making sound-dampened container, comprising: forming by blow molding a vessel having an inner surface comprising at least one polymer; coating the inner surface of said vessel form a film with a thickness of at least one silicone rubber; and curing said film at a temperature for a period of time to form a cured film with a Shore A durometer measurement of 10-90.08-16-2012
20090242559Skin for member with skin, member with skin and process for manufacturing the same - A member with skin includes a substrate, and a skin. The skin includes a covering portion for covering the substrate on the front surface's side, and an anchoring portion for engaging with the substrate's rear-surface periphery. The skin has a covering surface being formed as a concaved planar shape, and an exposed surface being formed as a convexed planar shape. The anchoring portion is disposed successively to the covering portion's periphery, and extends inward toward the covering portion. The skin is made of soft material, and is molded independently of the substrate. Before being assembled with the substrate, the skin includes the covering portion whose covering surface is formed as a convexed planar shape, and whose exposed surface is formed as a concaved planar shape, and the anchoring portion is placed more outward than the covering portion's periphery lies.10-01-2009
20090134160CLOSURE ARRANGEMENT FOR A CAN - A closure arrangement for a can of the type presenting a tubular body (05-28-2009
20120118886MULTILAYER BODY AND CONTAINER - The present invention provides a multilayer body, a packaging material and a container, each of which can maintain excellent water repellent properties and non-adhesive properties. Specifically, the present invention describes a non-adhesive multilayer body wherein hydrophobic oxide fine particles having an average primary particle diameter of 3-100 nm adhere to at least a part of the outermost layer.05-17-2012
20120125928GRINDER CONTAINER - A grinder container (05-24-2012
20100288764PACKAGING MEMBRANE WITH BUILT-IN OPENING FEATURE - A packaging membrane comprising a laminate of at least first and second layers, having a removable portion formed by substantially coincident first and second score lines, the first score line being formed in the first layer but not breaching the second layer, and the second score line being formed in the second layer but not breaching the first layer. Optionally, a third layer is disposed between the first and second layers, and the third layer is not breached by either score line. In the removable portion, an adhesive-free region is provided within which the first layer is not adhered to the underlying layer(s). An integral tab is defined in the first layer within the adhesive-free region, the tab being formed by a cut line in the first layer. The tab is located entirely inside the first and second score lines and does not project beyond any edge of the membrane.11-18-2010
20120312814COMPOSTABLE CONTAINER FOR STORING FLUIDS - A fully compostable container is provided having an enclosed body with an opening through an interior surface and an exterior surface. The enclosed body having a plant fiber structural layer configured to biodegrade in ambient conditions into nontoxic residue and a fluid barrier layer formed on a first side of the structural layer to form the interior surface of the enclosed body, the fluid barrier layer configured to biodegrade in ambient conditions into nontoxic residue. The container is gradually biodegradable when exposed to a set of factors in a natural environment and has a shelf life of six months when stored under standard commercial conditions.12-13-2012
20120175367Reusable Pizza Pan Set - A reusable and stackable pizza pan set for holding, transporting, reheating and serving pizza. The set has a bottom, lid and removable Vapor Transport Mechansim. A domed lid facilitates convection heat flow and the flow of condensation. The lid has perforated radial raised ribs that allow heat escape and enables stacking. The lid nests securely into the bottom to prevent dislodging during transport. The bottom has raised circular domes to elevate the pizza above the surface. Raised radial raised ribs enable the bottoms to be stacked. A removable Vapor Transport Mechanism (VTM), a mesh screen that fits within the domed lid, collects and prevents excessive condensation from dripping onto pizza. The reusable pizza pan set retains pizza quality by keeping the pizza hot while reducing sogginess, thereby maintaining a fresh-from-the-oven, cardboard-free taste with a crispy crust.07-12-2012
20120217242VENTED TRASH RECEPTACLE - The vented trash receptacle has walls encompassing an inner space. The receptacle has a closed bottom and an open top. A removable lid is provided to close the open top. Handles are disposed on the outer surface of the receptacle. Hollow vent tubes are attached to the outer surface of the receptacle. Each tube has a lower end that opens into the inner space of the receptacle adjacent the closed bottom. The upper end of each tube opens into a respective chamber formed beneath a respective handle and open to ambient air, thereby preventing foreign objects and substances from clogging the tube passageways.08-30-2012
20120074140DECORATIVE LIQUID SOAP CONTAINER - The Decorative Liquid Soap Container (DLSC) is a storage enclosure for disposable liquid soap units and hand sanitizer units. The disposable liquid soap or hand sanitizer unit fits in inside of the Decorative Liquid Soap Container (DLSC) and a hole in the lid of the DLSC will fit over the pumping device of the disposable liquid soap or hand sanitizer unit. The DLSC could be designed to match items in any bathroom accessory set, such as a tissue box holder, cotton ball jar, and trash can. Storing the disposable liquid soap unit inside the DLSC eliminates the need to manually pour soap into a dispenser. The DLSC also provides decorative storage for dish soap units.03-29-2012
20120074139FUEL TANK STRUCTURE - A fuel tank structure including a fuel tank, a fuel filler port device formed in a cylindrical shape and arranged in the fuel tank, and a flame arrester arranged in the fuel filler port device and disposed inside the fuel tank. A fuel bleeding opening is formed in a peripheral wall part of the fuel filler port device and an arrester peripheral wall part. A cylindrical ring disposed so as to urge itself against the peripheral wall part and block the fuel bleeding opening.03-29-2012
20090078702TRACKABLE CART - An example trackable cart includes a body having an upper body portion defining an opening for loading and unloading items from the body and a lid for closing the opening of the body. The lid pivotably attaches to the body along a hinge axis. The trackable cart includes an identifier contained adjacent the hinge axis.03-26-2009
20120255949MOUNTING DEVICE FOR DRIVING MEMBER - A mounting device for driving member with low noise is disclosed. The mounting device for driving member includes a mounting case including a first side plate, and a second side plate opposite to the first side plate. A first resilient member is secured to the first side plate, and a second resilient member is secured to the second side plate. A cover is mounted to the mounting case. The cover and the mounting case together define a receiving space for receiving a driving member. The first resilient member is adapted to receive a first portion of the driving member, and the second resilient member is adapted to receive a third portion of the driving member opposite to the first portion. The first resilient member and the second resilient member suspend the driving member within the receiving space.10-11-2012
20120187120Stackable baking cup container - A baking cup container is disclosed which has a bottom and either a cylindrical body member extending upwardly therefrom or an inverted truncated conical-shaped body member extending upwardly therefrom. The bottom of the container has structure thereon as does the upper end of the container so that the containers may be secured together and stored in a stacked position.07-26-2012
20120228293HANGING STORAGE CONTAINER - A hanging storage container (09-13-2012
20120298660Self-Sealing Liquid Containment System and Method of Installing Same - A system. The system includes one or more self-sealing panels and a cap member. The one or more self-sealing panels substantially cover an exterior surface of a liquid container. The cap member covers at least one of the following: one or more portions of the exterior surface of the liquid container; and an exterior surface of at least one of the one or more self-sealing panels.11-29-2012
20120298659Fluid Transfer Device having Modular Connection - A universal fluid transfer device is disclosed for transferring fluid from a first container to another utilizing gravity feed. The device comprises a first and second container-connecting cap adapted to securely connect to a receiving and emptying container opening, respectively. The caps preferably threadably engage each container opening, while a central transfer channel threadably connects to each cap to effectuate a path for fluid transfer therebetween. A plurality of cap sizes can be utilized in conjunction with the fluid transfer channel to accommodate various container opening sizes, providing transfer of fluid between identical or dissimilar container openings using a single device that can modularly adapt to different dimensions.11-29-2012
20110220645Packaging Articles and Lamination Films - The present application relates to films and packaging articles having films bonded thereto. Also provided are methods of making and applying multilayered films. Exemplary polymeric films include a first layer adjacent the metal sheet having one or more polyester materials and a plurality of metal flakes disposed therein, and a second layer having a majority by weight of one or more crystallizable polyester-based polymers. Other exemplary films include a first layer adjacent the metal sheet having one or more amorphous polyester materials, and a second layer having a majority by weight of one or more crystallizable polyester-based polymers and an opacifying amount of titanium dioxide filler. Yet other exemplary films comprise an oxygen-scavenging material and include a first layer adjacent the metal sheet having one or more amorphous polyester materials, and a second layer having a majority by weight of one or more crystallizable polyester-based polymers.09-15-2011
20110226767Refuse container - An improved apparatus and method is disclosed to deter animals from foraging for food in refuse containers.09-22-2011
20120080429Fluid dispensing vessel - A fluid dispensing vessel is described and which includes a container body which has a top dispensing opening, and a longitudinal axis; and a removable lid for selectively occluding the top dispensing opening of the container body. The removable lid has a first aperture which allows fluid to flow from the container body out through the removable lid, and a fluid flowing regulating valve which is slideably borne by the removable lid, and which may be moved by a user from a first position which prohibits fluid flow from the container body, to a second position which allows fluid flow from the container body and through the removable lid.04-05-2012
20120080428METHOD OF COVERING, PREVENTING DEBRIS AND INSECTS FROM ENTERING, MINIMIZING HEAT TRANSFER, AND STABILIZING A CUP OR CAN FILLED WITH A LIQUID BEVERAGE MATERIAL, AND DEVICE THEREFOR - A method of covering, preventing debris and insects from entering, minimizing heat transfer, and stabilizing a cup or can filled with a liquid beverage material, and device therefor. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims. Therefore, any statements made relating to the abstract are not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.04-05-2012
20120279963CONVERTIBLE STORAGE CONTAINER AND METHODS FOR THE REMEDIATION OF ENVIRONMENTALLY DAMAGED ARTICLES - A convertible storage container and methods are provided for the remediation of environmentally damaged articles. The container defines an interior chamber for receiving the environmentally damaged articles therein and has at least one container door for closing an access opening into the container. A conversion door is removably positionable with respect to the access opening so as to close the access opening with the container door in an opened condition. The conversion door includes a conversion door panel and a plurality of access ports through the door panel for connection of ducts to permit remediation of the environmentally damaged articles within the interior chamber. The conversion door may include a header assembly to permit vertical height adjustment of the conversion door to fit the conversion door to be fitted with respect to a vertical dimension of the access opening.11-08-2012
20110278290Container Arrangement - A container and a lid are connected together in a sealing arrangement. Opposed sides of the lid and container are connected together by side catches. Opposed ends of the container are connected together by end catches different from the side catches. Use of either of the catches effects the seal around the periphery of the container.11-17-2011
20130008900MULTI-PURPOSE FLOATABLE CONTAINER HAVING A LINKAGE DISC FOR LATERALLY SECURING AN ADDITIONAL CONTAINER - A multi-purpose floatable container includes a casing, a cap, at least one linkage disc, and at least one buckling bolt. The casing has four corners and each corner has a linking groove, an upper hole, an upper enlarged hole, and a lower hole. The at least one linkage disc is partially and respectively inserted into at least one of the linking grooves. Each one of the at least one linkage disc has four connecting orifices longitudinally defined through the linkage disc. Each one of the at least one buckling bolt is inserted into the top hole of one of the corners, the upper hole, the connecting orifice, and the lower hole for fixing the cap on the casing. The container can be utilized as a single unit for storing objects in the casing. Multiple containers can also be assembled to form a floating platform for diversified purposes.01-10-2013
20120241450ANTI-SKINNING CONTAINER INTERIOR PORTION - An interior portion of a container (e.g., a lid portion, a base portion, etc.) includes one or more walls of a body of material (e.g., in a hexagonal configuration, a spiral configuration, a concentric circular configuration, etc.) that define one or more reservoirs. The one or more reservoirs are open to receive fluid composition therein (e.g., when the lid is positioned to close the container).09-27-2012
20120241449TEAR-RESISTANT PACKAGING COMPOSITE FILM AND PACKAGING - The packaging composite film has an outside and an inside. It also includes a cover layer facing the outside, an inner layer, which faces the inside and has a lower puncture and tear resistance than the cover layer, and a liquid-soluble intermediate layer arranged between the cover layer and the inner layer. To transport liquid from the outside to the liquid-soluble intermediate layer, liquid-transporting openings are provided, which completely penetrate the cover layer and extend in the direction of the inside at least to the intermediate layer, without including the inner layer. A childproof packaging, which is nevertheless easy to open and therefore senior-friendly, can be realized by means of the packaging composite film.09-27-2012
20130175269RECTANGULAR FOOD CONTAINER WITH DOUBLE SEALING STRUCTURE - The invention relates to a rectangular food container with double sealing structure comprises: a rectangular container body having an upward opening, a periphery of the upward opening outward folded to from a lower U-shaped body and the lower U-shaped body having an inner side surface forming a first sealing groove and an outer side surface forming a second sealing groove; and a rectangular cover having a downward opening, a periphery of the downward opening having an upper U-shaped body for fitting to each other, the upper U-shaped body having an inner side surface forming a third sealing groove and an outer side surface forming a fourth sealing groove for forming a double sealing structure of the inner side and outer side surfaces of the upper U-shaped body and lower U-shaped body.07-11-2013
20130168393METHOD FOR PRODUCING SURFACE-MODIFIED FLUORORESIN FILM/THERMOPLASTIC RESIN COMPOSITE - The present invention aims at providing a composite of a surface-modified fluororesin film and a thermoplastic resin bonded to each other, and medical equipment containing the composite. A method for producing a fluororesin/thermoplastic resin composite includes roughening a surface of a fluororesin film by ion beam irradiation from an ion source, and pressure-bonding the surface-modified fluororesin film obtained in the surface roughening step and a thermoplastic resin while maintaining the thermoplastic resin in a fluid state.07-04-2013
20090308869Recycled tire trash can - A recycled tire trash can, which includes: (a) a main member having an open top, a bottom and at least one sidewall, the main member being composed at least of a binder and rubber, the rubber being shredded rubber from recycled tires; (b) at least one handle; and (c) a lid adapted to close the open top of the main member. There are optional wheels attached to the bottom.12-17-2009
20130134162Container with Easily-Detached Lid - The disclosure relates to a container with an easily-detached lid, wherein the container has a main body and a lid. The main body has an opening, and a main body engaging element is disposed around the edge of the opening. The lid has a lid engaging element corresponding to the main body engaging element for allowing the lid to engage with the main body via the main body engaging element and the lid engaging element. The container with an easily-detached lid is characterized in that a wall is disposed at the outer boundary of the lid and the wall has at least one tilting portion.05-30-2013
20110240641Heat Sealing Thru Food Contaminants - A container is provided with a flange defining a container opening that may help expunge food product as the film and seal head comes down on the container flange. The flange of the container opening has a predetermined angle. The container flange with its sealing surface generally deflects or angularly pivots when sealed with the film during the sealing process. The container flange and film may push product contamination from the sealing surfaces inwardly into the container. The flange may be continuous about the periphery of the container opening.10-06-2011
20100308044STRENGTH CONTAINER - A sealable container (12-09-2010
20130180985CONFORMABLE WIPES CONTAINER WITH ENHANCED MOISTURE RETENTION - A wipes container with side walls including pleats so that the wipes container is collapsible. A collapse force is required to collapse the container body. A cover is sealed to the container body. The seal has a seal thickness and a seal strength. The wipes container has a combination index of 200,000 or less, where the combination index is calculated based on the following equation: combination index=(collapse index) (recovery index) (moisture loss index), where collapse index=((collapse force)/(side wall thickness))(1,000), recovery index=((1−% recovery of original height)/(side wall thickness))(1,000), and moisture loss index=[((% moisture loss of wipes container over 20 day period)/(seal strength))+((% moisture loss of wipes container over 20 day period)/seal thickness))](10).07-18-2013
20110272403Hydration System - Disclosed is a hydration system that generally includes a tank and a bracket. The hydration system may include a two-part bracket comprising a conveyance bracket portion and a tank bracket portion. The tank may be provided with an elongate sleeve disposed in the tank proximal a fill opening and defining a fluid conduit, the sleeve being provided with a plurality of apertures, the tank further being provided with a float sized to fit within the fluid conduit and cooperating with the sleeve to occlude the fill opening in response to the tank being filled with fluid. In many embodiments, the hydration system described herein permits ready and rapid filling of the tank through the fill opening while inhibiting splashing of the fluid out of the tank.11-10-2011
20110303666SECURE CONTAINERS HAVING UNIDIRECTIONAL APPARATUSES FOR USED OR UNUSED MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR MAKING AND USING SAME - Secure containers are disclosed for disposal of unused, experimental, and/or expired pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, veterinary medicines, and/or similar materials, where the containers include at least one unidirectional apparatus for depositing materials into an interior of the container, while resisting normal attempts at retrieval of deposited materials. Methods are also disclosed for making and using the secure containers including a unidirectional member supporting deposition of materials into an interior of the container, while resisting withdrawal of deposited materials.12-15-2011
20120018429Durable Container - A durable one-piece plastic container having a bottom, upwardly extending cylindrical sidewalls and a rim extending circumferentially around the top of the cylindrical side wall. The side wall is interspersed with gussets and flutes providing support for the side wall. The flutes run over the edge of the bottom of the container forming handles. On the top of the container there are primary and secondary rims forming a 360 degree continuous handle surrounding the entire container perimeter for easy lifting of the container.01-26-2012
20130193141LID FOR PACKAGING CONTAINER AND METHOD OF FABRICATION - Lid for a packaging container comprising an annular member of plastic material, having an opening, engagement means adapted to cooperate with complementary engagement means provided on a container. An inner face is adapted to be oriented toward the container, and an outer face opposite the inner face, and an annular support surface is on one of the inner face and outer face. A panel of plastic material and molded separately from the annular member and comprises an inner face adapted to be oriented toward the container, and an outer face opposite the inner face, one of the inner face and outer face of the panel being positioned on the annular support surface so as to form an overlapping portion and so as to close at least partially the opening of the annular member. A welding joint is formed in the overlapping portion between the panel and the annular support surface to integrally fix the panel to the annular support surface.08-01-2013
20120024850Zipper configuration and embodiments thereof - A zipper traverses five (5) or seven (7) edges of a container (bag, box, or case), forming a two-sided “lid”, providing visibility and access through two (2) sides simultaneously. Zipper is applied to the edges of the storage area and the “lid” of any container (bag, box, or case) with gusseted corners forming a storage area of any depth or dimension. The zipper extends from the rear corner of one side to the rear corner of the alternate side by traversing along the edges of the first side, and turning perpendicularly or diagonally at the gusseted corners, or near the corners, continuing across the bottom of the second side, forming the second side of the lid.02-02-2012
20130206761CLOSURE - A container closure (08-15-2013

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