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220230870 Receptacle having rigid, removable inner container 52
220230860 At least one combined or convertible 9
20110174815STORAGE DEVICE AND STORAGE SYSTEM INCLUDING STORAGE DEVICE - A storage device for storing units includes, a housing, wherein selective insertion of one of a first unit and a second unit that respectively have different shapes is possible, a stopper positioned such that movement is possible between an initial position, a first position wherein insertion of the first unit is allowed and insertion of the second unit is prevented, and a second position wherein insertion of the second unit is allowed and insertion of the first unit is prevented, wherein insertion of the first unit moves the stopper from the initial position to the first position and insertion of the second unit moves the stopper from the initial position to the second position, and a lock capable of locking the stopper into one of the first position and the second position.07-21-2011
20090194531WASHING-FACILITATING CONTAINER - A container is disclosed comprising a lower container that is open at a top end thereof, the top end terminating with a first attachment means. An upper container is open at a bottom end thereof and at a top end thereof. The bottom end of the upper container terminates with a second attachment means that is adapted to cooperate with the first attachment means of the lower container. The top end of the upper container terminates with a third attachment means. A closure is adapted to selectively seal the open top end of the upper container, the closure means further including a fourth attachment means adapted to cooperate with the third attachment means of the top end of the upper container. In use, the upper and lower containers may be selectively mutually attached to form the container. The upper and lower containers may be mutually detached at the first and second attachment means to facilitate washing thereof.08-06-2009
20130037539HYDROCARBON FORMATION CORE PROTECTION AND TRANSPORTATION APPARATUS - An apparatus for transporting core samples includes an outer tube having an open end and a cover removably mounted to the open end; a core tube slidable into and out of the outer tube when the cover is removed from the outer tube; and a stabilizing structure between the core tube and the outer tube, the stabilizing structure supporting the core tube within the outer tube with the core tube spaced from contact with an inner wall of the outer tube.02-14-2013
20130082051Retrofittable Double Lid For Storage Container - A double lid retrofittable to a storage container, the double lid includes a top lid and a bottom lid. The top lid and bottom lid each includes a plurality of interior spaces. The double lid further includes an attachment mechanism for removably attaching a plurality of implements to the top lid thereof.04-04-2013
20120181272Array of Products - The present invention relates to an array of products comprising a plurality of different containers having a similar container to closure interface across at least one brand and different volumetric sizes wherein at least one of said containers comprises more than one undercut and comprising a plurality of different closures comprising at least one common component.07-19-2012
20130087560BIODEGRADABLE SHEET AND AN ARRAY OF SEPARABLE POUCHES FOR LIQUIDS - Disclosed is a biodegradable sheet prepared from biodegradable material, a process for preparing the biodegradable sheet and uses thereof. One of the disclosed uses of the biodegradable sheet is in the preparation of a flexible liquid receptacle. Disclosed also is a flexible liquid receptacle arranged as an array of several receptacle units that are attached to one another and that may be detached from one another by tearing along a perforated line created between each two receptacle units. The disclosed array may also include a hanger, thus allowing the array to be hung from any appropriate means.04-11-2013
20110309075FOOD STORAGE SYSTEM - Multiple food storage systems are disclosed herein. One food storage system includes a main bowl that defines a first food receiving cavity. A secondary bowl is positioned in the first food receiving cavity and defines a second food receiving cavity. The secondary bowl includes a sidewall containing thermal energy storage material therein. A separate food storage system includes a main lid configured for use with a main bowl that defines a first food receiving cavity. A secondary bowl is positioned at least partially on and/or in the main lid. The secondary bowl includes a sidewall containing thermal energy storage material therein.12-22-2011
20130056463LID WITH INTEGRATED CONTAINER - Lid with integrated container(s) that couples with the top of a cup/can. The lid and cup/can form at least two containment volumes, Embodiments enable easy containment, inclusion of fresh food, transportation and access of solid or liquid in the container and cup/can without disengagement of the lid from the cup/can. Contents of the lid container may be accessed, partially consumed, replaced in the container and resealed at any time as desired by the user. Additionally, an independent drop-in container within the lid cavity may be resealed and removed from the lid cavity and taken to other locations such as home, work, or car. Simplifies eating and drinking from one unified container and cup in a theater or stadium having seats for example that provide one cup-holder per seat. Provides one free hand to hold a child's hand for safety while in stadiums and amusement parks.03-07-2013
20130062343STRAINER DISPENSER AND METHOD OF USE - A method of loading stacked strainers in a dispenser while minimizing strainer contamination is disclosed. The method includes providing a stack of strainers that is enclosed in a protective material to form a pod, placing the pod within a dispenser, and removing the protective material from the pod of strainers while the strainers are in the dispenser. The strainers dispensed from the thus loaded dispenser avoid being contamination during loading. The protective material may be perforated to facilitate removal from the stack, and include an extended portion to be grasped during removal from the dispenser.03-14-2013
20110011857PACKAGING - A packaging (01-20-2011
20090236338BIOCONTAINER - The present invention relates to a flexible, closed container with a bottom wall, a top wall and four side walls of a substantial rectangular configuration and made of a flexible plastic sheet material, said container comprising at least a first port, said bottom, top and side walls being provided by four separate sheets which are joined together at their edges, wherein a first sheet forms said bottom wall, a second sheet forms said top wall and a third and a fourth sheet form a first and a second side wall at two opposite sides of the container, said four sheets each comprising in addition to the portions forming the bottom, top and first and second side walls integrally formed triangular or trapezoid shaped wall portions at opposite ends thereof, said triangular or trapezoid shaped wall portions form when joined together a third and a fourth side wall, respectively, wherein said bottom wall accommodates said first port in an off-centre position.09-24-2009
20130068764ECONOMICALLY IMPROVED PLASTIC BOTTLE AND PACKAGE SYSTEM - A packing that includes a bottle and/or a bottle and box combination wherein the container has a handle portion and the box has a bottom opening utilized as a grip portion. The handle is pivotally mounted to the top of the container. In addition, the box includes an opening to permit access to the handle and the neck of the container.03-21-2013
20110284534NAKED COLLATION PACKAGE - A naked collation package comprising a plurality of individual units laid end-to-end or side-by-side to form a unit row comprising at least one interface between a neighbouring pair of individual units in the unit row; the unit row being overwrapped with a sheet of polymeric film having a length and a width; the length of the sheet being sufficient to envelop the unit row with sufficient overlap between the ends of the sheet to provide an overlap region for providing a girth seal along at least part of the length of the unit row, the sheet being sealed to itself in that region to provide the girth seal; the width of the sheet being: longer than the unit row to provide an envelope seal region in at least one end of the unit row so that the wrapped and girth-sealed sheet is able to fold over and seal to itself at the at least one end of the unit row to provide an envelope seal, the sheet being folded and sealed to itself in that region to provide the envelope seal; or not substantially longer than the unit row so that the wrapped and girth-sealed sheet forms an open-ended sleeve around the unit row; the sheet being provided along its length, or part or parts of it, with a line of weakness positioned in substantial register with the interface.11-24-2011
20110290797High Residence Time Mixing Tank System - A water purification system for continuously disinfecting water in a holding tank that provides uniform mixing and increased residence time. The system comprises a double disinfectant tank for potable water, comprising an inner tank and an outer tank. The inner tank being located wholly within and in the lower portion of the outer tank. The water and disinfectant inlet feeds water directly into the inner tank through a tube extending into the inner tank. The inner tank is sealed off from the outer tank except for limited openings located primarily in the lower half of the inner tank wall. The inlet tube preferably extends at least about 50% of the height of the inner tank, to a point above the location of the limited openings in the lower half of the inner tank. This results in better mixing, especially when the flow through the limited openings is high enough to create turbulent flow, and greater residence time compared to baffled tanks.12-01-2011
20120097673MODULAR CONTAINER ASSEMBLY - A modular container assembly is provided for packaging a plurality of products. The modular container assembly includes a frame and a portable container. The frame includes a plurality of edge portions that define a plurality of openings. The container includes a sidewall that defines a cavity. The container is sealable at a rim portion of the sidewall to retain a product within the cavity. The container is configured to fit within a first opening of the plurality of openings such that the rim portion is removably coupled to a first edge portion of the plurality of edge portions.04-26-2012
20120097672Wire Containment Structure Including Container And Bag - A wire containment structure includes a container and a bag. The container includes a sidewall that at least partially defines a container receptacle. The sidewall defines a first handle aperture and a second handle aperture. The bag is configured to entirely support a wire stack. The bag is disposed at least partially within the container receptacle and comprises a body, a first handle, and a second handle. The body defines a wire receptacle. The first handle is coupled with the body and is routed through the first handle aperture. The second handle is coupled with the body and is routed through the second handle aperture.04-26-2012
20110215097DUAL COMPARTMENT SANDWICH CONTAINER AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A flexible divider for separating a lower compartment of a container from an upper compartment of the container includes a transverse member and a rim defining an outer perimeter of the divider. The flexible divider also includes a flexible wall connecting the transverse member to the rim. The flexible wall is configured to facilitate movement of the transverse member from an upper stable position to a lower stable position.09-08-2011
20090095750REMOVABLE TANK FOR LAUNDRY BULK DISPENSER SYSTEM - Systems and methods for providing removable storage tanks in an appliance having a pedestal are disclosed. The systems include a storage container located in the pedestal and configured to house an additive. In addition, a cover may be positioned within the pedestal to secure the container within the pedestal. The methods include manufacturing the pedestal such that when a storage container is placed in the pedestal, the storage container will fit in a predetermined orientation. The storage container may be manufactured such that when the storage container is placed in the pedestal the storage container can be secured in the pedestal with a cover.04-16-2009
20080264940Fluid container with detachable utensil holder - The present invention provides an apparatus that allows a cleaning utensil to be stored and transported with a cleaning container and to be easily removed to clean desired surfaces as needed. In one embodiment of the invention, the apparatus has a ring assembly that can be attached to a cleaning container and a receptacle for the cleaning utensil. The ring assembly can be a solid ring constructed of the same material as the receptacle for the cleaning utensil. The ring assembly can also be a strap, a clip, or any other material that allows the receptacle to be attached to the fluid container. In some embodiments of the present invention, the receptacle can be a box, a clip, a clamp, or any other holder to attach the cleaning utensil to the fluid container. Other embodiments of the present invention do not require a ring assembly. In such embodiments, the cleaning utensil can be detachably connected to the fluid container with a hook and loop fastener. Some embodiments of the present invention utilize a hanging arm to connect the ring assembly and the receptacle.10-30-2008
20090039080CREAM POT - The invention relates to a cream pot (02-12-2009
20110198348PACKING UNIT, SHIPPING UNIT AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A PACKING UNIT - A packing unit having a group of packages filled with a liquid product which have a bottom wall and two opposite side walls. The packages in their upright position have an upwardly tapering shape, and are so arranged that each package has a side wall facing a bottom of the packing unit. The packages are stacked one over another in a plurality of layers with a plurality of packages in each layer, have an alternative orientation in a first direction and a second direction opposite to the first direction of the packages of an individual layer having a uniform orientation in the first or the second direction, and have a plastic film cover made of a web of plastic film material which has been joined together along four or fewer elongate sealing portions for forming the plastic film cover. A shipping unit and a method of manufacturing are also provided.08-18-2011
20120292315BEVERAGE GLASS AND BEVERAGE GLASS ASSEMBLY - A beverage container assembly including a first beverage container having a first vessel body that has a first base having a first perimeter and a first side wall connected to the first base, wherein the first side wall includes a connecting member. The first beverage container including a first rim defined on the first side wall distal to the first base. The assembly further including a second beverage container that includes a second vessel body that has a second base having a second perimeter and a second side wall connected to the second base. The second side wall includes an engagement member that engages with the connecting member so that the first beverage container is attached to the second beverage container.11-22-2012
20120292314CONTAINERS FOR STORING MATERIALS THAT CAN BE SELECTIVELY MIXED OR DISPENSED - A composite container includes two containers that are axially aligned in movable toward each other to close a hole between the containers or away from each other to open the hole. When the hole is opened liquids, powder or other appropriate material in the containers can be mixed or intermingled ending up in either container or in both containers.11-22-2012
20110204051INTERLOCKING CONTAINERS - A storage container system including a plurality of containers of various sizes and having interlocking features for minimizing shipping and storage space for the containers. Each container has an open interior, a top surface, a bottom surface, a front surface, a rear surface, and two side surfaces. A closure device is disposed on the top surface of the container for allowing access to the open interior of the container, and the bottom surface defines a bottom indent pocket for interlocking with the closure device of another container. A handle is disposed on the front surface of the container, and the rear surface defines a rear indent pocket for interlocking with the handle of another container.08-25-2011
20090152267Container Assembly - A container assembly has a first container that operably houses a second container. The first container is configured to hold a first flowable substance, and the second container is configured to hold a second flowable substance. The second container is rupturable, preferably by manipulation through the first container, wherein the second flowable substance can mix with the first flowable substance to form a mixture. The first container is also rupturable to dispense the mixture therefrom.06-18-2009
20090321438HOUSINGS - The invention relates generally to housings such as storage containers and to containers for sets of items that are likely to be selected either singly or in groups. In particular, but not necessarily so restricted, the present invention relates to a housing for receiving items for recording/recorded media such as floppy diskettes, computer/audio/video data tapes on reels or cartridges, dvd/ cd/ computer discs/ game discs and the like which should be stored in a clean and secure environment. Prior storage elements for computer disks, including floppy disks and diskettes, generally do not provide adequate simultaneous dispersement of the disks for ease of viewing and access. Storage containers for computer disks generally do not provide means for storing the containers themselves in an efficient manner, but users must rely on conventional bookshelves or other filing means which are not always appropriate or convenient. CDs/DVDs are generally stored in cases which are generally rectangular. Cases for the purpose of holding, protecting and identifying compact discs, digital video discs, and mini-discs have been in existence in various designs since the “disc” format came into the public domain. The present invention seeks to provide a light weight, inexpensive storage case for the above items, which can conveniently provide. The present invention seeks to provide a modular system for storage of dvd/ cd/ computer discs/ game discs and the like. The present invention also seeks to provide a storage means which can provide a secure means of storage whilst providing simple retrieval of stored items. The present invention also seeks to provide an organizing capability for stored items since each container may be connected to a plurality of identical containers to form a self-contained storage unit.12-31-2009
20100200585ERGONOMIC PLASTIC CONTAINER AND PACKAGE SYSTEM - A packing that includes a bottle and/or a bottle and box combination wherein the container may have a first handle portion, a second handle portion, and a bottom grip portion. The first handle portion can extend in a front to back direction and the second handle portion can extend in a transverse direction to the first handle portion. The bottom grip may include a protrusion and recess on the bottom of the container. The box can be configured to have openings to provide access to the first and second handle portions such that the container need not be removed from the box to utilize the contents contained therein. The box may also include a bottom opening and a push-up portion to provide access to the bottom grip portion.08-12-2010
20100200584PACKAGING UNIT - The packaging unit comprising a receiving chamber for popcorn or the like and a pocket which is arranged on the receiving chamber on the outside and is square in ground plan and is dimensioned such that a beverage cup can be inserted in a clamp seat into the pocket is characterized in that on the lower end portion of the pocket at least one strip-shaped wall section, preferably two strip-shaped wall sections are cut free laterally from the side walls of the pocket, the incisions extending in parallel with the lower edge of the pocket each time at both sides of the corners of the pocket, which are spaced apart from the receiving chamber, the incisions extending at the same height of the pocket, and that at the two ends of the strip-shaped wall sections fold lines are respectively formed extending in a direction perpendicular to said sections, so that the strip-shaped wall sections can be bent around the fold lines into the interior of the pocket.08-12-2010
20090212051Rainwater Collection and Storage System - A rainwater collection and storage system includes at least one rainwater collector and a rainwater storage unit. The rainwater collector includes a bucket, a rainwater collector plate, and a decorative item. The decorative item camouflages the rainwater collector and makes it more pleasant to see. The rainwater collector also includes one or more filtering elements, filtering out leaves and debris and preventing intrusion of insects into the bucket. The rainwater collected is pumped to the rainwater storage unit. The rainwater storage unit has a support structure and a flexible rainwater container attached to the support structure. Because of the flexible rainwater container, the rainwater storage unit can be placed in a terrain that is not flat. The rainwater storage unit is also camouflaged to resemble a tree.08-27-2009
20090242555Water cooler display apparatus for positioning, storing and displaying items thereon - A water cooler display apparatus for positioning, storing and/or displaying items thereon is disclosed. The apparatus is positioned on and around a water cooler bottle on a water dispensing device thereby enabling use of typically unusable space around the water dispensing device. The apparatus includes a first housing member, a positioning member adjacent to and/or on an interior surface of the first housing member for positioning the apparatus on and around the water cooler bottle, and one or more securing members which hold or secure any suitable number of items on the apparatus. The apparatus may also include a second housing member on the first housing member.10-01-2009
20110226765PACKAGE FOR SECURING A MULTI-PACK TRAVELER COMPONENT - There is disclosed a packaging apparatus designed to accommodate a plurality of primary packages in a secure child-resistant manner. A plurality of primary packages for storing packaging contents each include at least one aperture. A secondary package houses the plurality of primary packages. A traveler mechanism is coupled with the plurality of primary packages and adapted to fit within the secondary package in a lockable slidable fashion. The traveler mechanism securely retains the plurality of primary packages.09-22-2011
20110139777CONTAINER - A container storage system having a plurality of containers to be connected together. The system includes at least a first container and a second container. The first container and the second container each has a cover and a container portion with an opening into an interior space in which articles to be transported can be stored. The latch member is movable between a latched and an unlatched position, or a first position and a second position. The latch member of the first container, when in the latched position, is positioned to a) secure the cover in the closed position and b) connect the container to the second container. Each container has a retaining member in the first position, the latch member engages the retaining member to inhibit movement of the latch member. The latch member, in the second position, is positioned to be able to engage with the least one other container to connect the containers.06-16-2011
20120193355Water Knock Out Bottle and process for Making the Same - Apparatus for stopping fluid flow when liquid is present in the fluid flow. The apparatus generally includes two parts, an internal structure with a float valve, and an external tank. The internal structure includes a plurality of fluid entry holes positioned, sized, and numbered relative to a drain hole. The design is generally thread less, and the preferred process used for making the apparatus includes welding and promotes the conservation of materials.08-02-2012
20100155398COMBINABLE CONTAINER - A container comprising, in one embodiment, a side wall and a base, wherein the side wall is perforated to form at least a first flap movable relative to the side wall by a hinge, the first flap being moveable from a first position flush with the side wall to a second position extending away from the side wall, a second flap extending in the direction of the base, and a first opening defined in the side wall when the first flap is in the second position, the first opening adapted to receive a second container inserted into the first opening of the side wall of the first container such that the downwardly extending flap of the first container extends into the second container and the second container rests on the side wall of the first container.06-24-2010
20110056936TONGUE-LID PACKAGE - A package (03-10-2011
20110024415Fluid vessel combinable with cups - There's disclosed a combination of a vessel for containing fluid with a cup and a fastening device. The fastening device attaches outer sidewalls of the vessel to inner sidewalls of the cup. In embodiments, the vessel is combined with a plurality of cups having an external cup containing a number of internal cups that includes an innermost internal cup placeable onto the lower outer sidewalls of the vessel. The fastening device can be represented in the form of a peripheral collar on the vessel's sidewalls and a counterpart cutoff on the cup's sidewalls, or of peripheral cutoffs made on the vessel's and cup's sidewalls with a resilient tightening element placed therebetween, or screw threadings on the vessel's and cup's sidewalls. The sidewalls can be circular or ribbed. The vessel and cup can be made of glass, metal, or plastic. The vessel-cup combination is convenient to use, and easy to transport.02-03-2011
20100038361DISPOSABLE CUP WHICH MAY BE USED AS PACKING MATERIAL AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - A disposable cup which may be used as a packing material and a manufacturing method of the same are disclosed, in which a disposable cup includes an outer cup made of a relatively thick material like a paper used for manufacturing a common paper cup and having a circular or oval shaped press part at one side or both sides of the same and being used as a packing material keeping a flat shape at usual time, and a cylindrical inner cup which has a waterproof function and is formed in an envelope shape made of a PVC film material which is non-harmful to a human body, so that the disposable cup can be used as a packing material containing a certain stuff such as a mixed coffee bag, a red tea bag (and/or straw) or something in an inner side of the inner cup.02-18-2010
20120118885Mixing Vessel Alignment Systems, Devices, and Related Methods - Various alignment systems, devices, and related methods are for use in associated with mixing of fluid in a vessel, such as a flexible bag, using an internal fluid-agitating element driven by an external motive device.05-17-2012
20110174814COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER - A collapsible container includes an outer cup, an inner cup located inside the outer cup, and a seal covering the container. The inner cup includes a base and a plurality of concentric sections that are configured to collapse toward an opening in the container, when a force is exerted toward the opening on the base. The plurality of concentric sections may include three concentric sections: a base section, a middle section, and a top section, wherein the base section perimeter is smaller than the middle section perimeter, and the middle section perimeter is smaller than the top section perimeter.07-21-2011
20090114649FOOD AND CONDIMENT CONTAINER - A food container comprising an inter-engaged first receptacle (intended for receiving a primary food product) and receptacle holder, wherein when the receptacle holder is engaged with the first receptacle, the receptacle holder and the first receptacle define an aperture for receiving and retaining a second receptacle (intended for receiving a condiment). The means for inter-engagement are preferably but not necessarily corresponding slots in each of the first receptacle and receptacle holder.05-07-2009
20120267367TIGHT CONNECTION AND TIGHT TRANSFER BETWEEN TWO HOUSINGS IN VIEW OF AN ASEPTIC TRANSFER THEREBETWEEN - A device for a tight connection between a first housing (10-25-2012
20080203091Flipping Trash Can - The present invention relates to a new design for a trash can designed to be used in fast food restaurants, in particular. Most trash cans have lids that need to be opened manually, whereas the current invention has a pedal that when stepped on, is used to open the lid. A tray loaded with rubbish will be laid on a board that is placed at a certain angle. When the foot pedal, which is attached to the lid by a spring, is released the board moves and touches the tray at the tip, which flips the tray over and causes all the rubbish to fall in the hole designed for the trash bag.08-28-2008
20120145711Container for Handheld Device for Dispensing Fluids - A container for use with a handheld fluid dispenser is provided. The container may include a front wall facing a first direction, a back wall facing in a second, opposite, direction, and at least one side wall interconnecting the front and back walls. A lower wall may be arranged above a lower portion of a handheld fluid dispenser in which the container is mounted. An upper wall may be arranged below an upper portion of the handheld fluid dispenser. The upper wall may interconnect the front wall, back wall, and at least one side wall of the container. An opening extends through the upper wall and permitting access to contents that are held in the container. The opening extends through the upper wall at a location that is nearer the back wall than the front wall of the container.06-14-2012
20120037622ADAPTER PLATE FOR A CONTAINER ASSEMBLY - An adapter plate for a container unit that can be coupled to at an additional container unit to form an intermodal container having the approximate dimensions of a standard ISO container. The intermodal container can be handled by a medium tactical vehicle with a load handling system. The container unit has first and second substantially parallel corner posts, an upper frame support extending between first ends of the corner posts, a lower frame support extending between second ends of the corner posts, and a connection block disposed adjacent the second ends of the corner posts. The adapter plate is disposed adjacent the connection block. A proximal end of the adapter plate is connected to the connection block and positioned generally flush with an outer facing surface of the connection block. A distal end of the adapter is angled to connect to an outer surface of the lower frame support.02-16-2012
20120305552PACKAGING CONTAINER - A packaging container includes an outer container having a containing space and a passage opening, and a packaging bag for containing an object. The packaging bag includes a containing portion, an opening portion, and a handle portion. The handle portion includes strip-like members each connected to the containing portion at two connection portions. The handle portion has a length equal to or larger than half a length of the object along the passage opening when the handle portion is extended in a direction along the passage opening. When the handle portion is extended in a direction through the passage opening, the handle portion has a length with which the handle portion is allowed to protrude away from a surface of the object adjacent to the passage opening toward the passage opening and the connection portions are located at positions separated away from the surface toward the passage opening.12-06-2012
20120305551PACKAGING CONTAINER - A packaging container includes an outer container, a packaging bag, and an inner packing member. The outer container has a box-like shape and has a containing space and a passage opening. The packaging bag is contained in the outer container in a state in which the packaging bag contains an object. The packaging bag includes a containing portion, an opening portion formed in the containing portion and allowing the object to pass therethrough, and a handle portion graspable by a user. The inner packing member is disposed between the object and the passage opening and contained in the containing space. At least part of the handle portion is disposed on the passage opening side of the inner packing member, and the handle portion moves toward the passage opening together with the inner packing member when the inner packing member is being removed from the outer container.12-06-2012
20120305553STACKABLE FLUID STORAGE SYSTEM - A stackable fluid storage tank and a sealing system for attaching to a pair of fluid containers to provide a stackable fluid storage tank. The stackable fluid storage tank includes first and second fluid containers. When the containers are mated, a first aperture on the first fluid container is in fluid communication with a second aperture on the second fluid container for providing fluid communication between the first and second fluid containers. When the containers are mated, a rigid seal tongue extending from the first fluid container is received within a seal groove defined by the second fluid container for providing a fluid-tight seal between the first and second fluid containers around the first and second apertures.12-06-2012
20110049146GAS BARRIER COATINGS - The use of a colloidal silica having a specific surface area greater than 300 m03-03-2011
20110095021Discreet Dual Packaging - A package includes a first compartment joined to a second compartment by a hinge. A handle bridges the hinge and is connected with the first compartment and the second compartment. The package has a display condition wherein the brand faces are exposed and a transport condition wherein the brand faces are concealed. The handle and hinge are configured such that the package is transformed from the display condition to the transport condition by applying force to the handle.04-28-2011
20120012582SHIPPING AND STORAGE CONTAINERS - A containment system includes a vapor resistant container for a material, and a seal for the vapor resistant container.01-19-2012
20120061392CLOSURE, CONTAINING APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF USING SAME - A closure for a container has a closure body having a first cylindrical portion and a second cylindrical portion opposite the first portion. The closure also has a connector disposed in at least one of the first and second portions. The connector is adapted to connect one of a sample collection device and an applicator to the closure. A containing apparatus including the closure, a container, and optionally one of a sample collection device and an applicator is also disclosed. A method of using the containing apparatus is also disclosed.03-15-2012
20100187229Dipping cup for foods and sauces - A stackable, multi compartmented food service container capable of simultaneously holding food items especially snack foods as well as sauces and other condiments.07-29-2010
20100288760ENVELOPE PACKAGE CONTAINER FOR CONFECTIONS - A package is disclosed that contains at least a pair of receptacles or compartments configured and oriented in a common manner when the package is in both the open and closed positions. Moreover, the receptacles or satellite packs may be arranged in a variety of configurations utilizing a releasable adhesive that allows for both separation and reattachment of the packs. For example, a pair of satellite packs may be arranged in a back-to-back configuration and may provide different consumable products in each receptacle. Alternatively, a pair of satellite packs may be arranged in a front-to-back configuration and enclosed with a single flap or cover portion of one of the releasably joined packs.11-18-2010
20100288759Reusable Containers with Clean-Seam Interface - A container assembly for storing foodstuffs or liquids has an annular upper body including a fist end adapted to receive a cap, and a second open end culminating in a flange, an annular lower body including a first open end culminating in a flange and a second closed end, the lower body disposed in vertical alignment beneath the upper body, an annular seal disposed between the flanges of the upper and lower bodies for sealing the upper and lower bodies together, a first threaded collar affixed to or slidable over the upper body, and a second threaded collar affixed to or slidable over the lower body, the first and second collars threaded together at opposite sides of the seal, compressing the seal between the flanges and securing the upper and lower bodies together.11-18-2010
20100288758MULTI-LAYERED DRINK-CONTAINERS AND METHODS OF ASSEMBLING MULTI-LAYERED DRINK-CONTAINERS - Multi-layered drink-containers including an inner liquid-container and an outer shell in an at least partially overlapping, telescopic relation relative to the inner-liquid-container and methods of assembling the same. In some examples of multi-layered drink-containers, the inner liquid-container includes a lower portion having an outer cross-sectional area, an orthogonal projection of which at least partially overlaps an orthogonal projection of an inner cross-sectional area of an upper portion of the outer shell. Some examples of methods of assembling multi-layered drink-containers include reducing a resiliently deformable restrictive-portion of an inner liquid-container, positioning an outer shell in an at least partially overlapping, telescopic relation relative to the inner liquid-container, and returning the resiliently deformable restrictive-portion to a neutral, un-deformed and un-reduced state. In some methods, the reducing includes applying a vacuum to the internal volume of the inner liquid-container.11-18-2010
20120312811Lid - A lid configured to substantially seal the opening of a container when engaged with the container. The container may be configured to house a consumable substance. The lid may have a circumferential lip and a continuous surface extending from the inner surface of the lid in an amount that is greater than the height of the lip. The continuous surface may be non-collapsible. The lid and continuous surface may be used as a dipping vessel for the consumable substance when disengaged with the container.12-13-2012
20120211488BRACKET SET OF CNG FILLING RECEPTACLES FOR MOTOR VEHICLES - The invention is to search for and create the specific jigs and fixtures for CNG filling receptacles connected to the fuel filler tanks for motor vehicles, by emphasizing on the convenience of refueling.08-23-2012
20120312812CONTAINER - A container assembly that includes a first container, a second container and a latch arrangement movable between a latched position and an unlatched position is provided. The first container has a first container portion having a first opening into a first interior space in which articles to be transported can be stored and a first cover for closing the first opening. The second container has a second container portion having a second opening into a second interior space in which articles to be transported can be stored and a second cover for closing the second opening. The latch arrangement, when in the latched position, is constructed and arranged to connect the first container portion to the second container portion. The latch arrangement is positioned and configured such that when it connects the first container portion to the second container portion, the first opening and the second opening face opposite directions.12-13-2012
20120181273LIQUID COLLECTION SYSTEM AND RELATED METHODS - Various embodiments of a fluid collection system having multiple storage chambers are disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, the system may include a first chamber in fluid communication with a suction source and a second chamber in fluid communication with the first chamber. The second chamber may have a volume less than a volume of the first chamber. The second chamber may also comprise an inlet port for connecting to an external tube. The system may be configured to selectively drain liquid from the second chamber into the first chamber.07-19-2012
20120261410COMBINABLE CONTAINER - A container comprising a side wall, an upper edge and a base defining a first interior at least one opening in the side wall for receiving at least one additional container therein, the opening configured for seating the at least one additional container.10-18-2012
20110226764MOBILE UNIT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF ELONGATED TUBULAR BODIES - The invention concerns a mobile unit for the construction of an elongated tubular body comprising an elongated, tubular inner hollow core, an elongated, tubular inner casing and an elongated, tubular outer casing, the inner casing surrounding the hollow core, the outer casing surrounding the inner casing, the outer casing comprising one or more layers, each layer consisting of one or more helically wound metal strips, the inner casing and the outer casing as well as any layers in the outer casing being bound to each other by an adhesive, which elongated body has been made by a process comprising constructing the elongated inner casing, providing one or more metal strips, winding the one or more metal strips helically around the inner casing, providing adhesive or a curable adhesive precursor and applying it between the casings and the layers, followed by curing the adhesive precursor when present, the mobile unit comprising a multitude of detachably connected containers (09-22-2011
20120279961DISPENSING CONTAINER - A dispensing system (11-08-2012
20080217330Produce containers and interchangeable, high-density packing system using same - A system for shipping produce including a shipping tray adapted to house a variety of different sized produce shipping containers. The produce shipping containers are sized such that when the tray is stocked with each size container only it can be filled and all of its space utilized. A produce shipping container which minimizes interior edges. A produce shipping container which enhances visibility through the top of the container through to the produce contained therein.09-11-2008
20130134161Dual compartment package for dispensing fluids - The invention relates to a dual compartment package for dispensing of fluids, the package having oppositely disposed end portions, and a central portion, the package having a first compartment in one end portion, and a second compartment in the other end portion, each compartment having a proximal and distal end relative to the central portion of the package, with an aperture positioned at the distal end of each compartment, and one or more partitions separating the compartments at their proximal ends. The package permits convenient storage and dispensing of two fluid components intended for use together, for example, condiments, or cosmetic products.05-30-2013
20130134159STORAGE CONTAINER FOR BIOSENSOR TEST ELEMENTS - A component for a storage container configured to receive vertically oriented articles. The component includes a tubular sidewall extending longitudinally from a base, and at least one spacer portion extending from an underside of the base and configured for engagement with an interior surface of a corresponding storage container. The component also includes at least one pair of retainer elements extending laterally from an inner surface of the tubular sidewall and inwardly into an interior region of the component, and with the retainer elements being oppositely oriented and configured to retain a vertically oriented article therebetween by frictional engagement with opposite longitudinal edges of the article, and wherein an insertion force for resilient deflection of the retainer elements during insertion of the article is less than a removal force for resilient deflection of the retainer elements during removal of the article.05-30-2013
20130134160CASE FOR CARRYING ARTICLES - A carrying case and pouches for articles is described. The case includes a plurality of panels joined at the spine of the case, and may include a fastener to keep the case closed. The case may be opened to expose the panels. The pouches may be removably attached to the panels, with several pouches per panel, using a hook-and-loop fastening system.05-30-2013
20110210120APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DELIVERING A PRODUCT INTO A RECEPTACLE - An apparatus for delivering a product into a receptacle having a feeding aperture. The apparatus comprises a mixing chamber having a plurality of inlets each configured for separately receiving at least one of a plurality of component materials and at least one outlet, the mixing chamber being configured for forming the product by mixing the plurality of component materials and injecting the product to the feeding aperture via the at least one outlet and a feeding element configured for being secured in a feeding channel for allowing the injecting.09-01-2011
20130146592SUPPLEMENTAL LIQUID STORAGE DEVICE ATTACHABLE TO A PRIMARY BEVERAGE CONTAINER - A secondary container assembly includes a skirt configured to securely and removably engage the rim of a beverage can. The secondary container includes a secondary compartment holding a secondary liquid. A primary flow channel extends through the secondary container to provide a fluid flow path from the open beverage can to an outlet of the secondary container. A plurality of mixing apertures provide fluid communication ports between the secondary compartment and the primary flow channel, allowing the secondary liquid to mix with beverage from the can in the primary flow channel. A vent tube prevents a vacuum from forming that would otherwise impede flow of the secondary liquid into the primary flow channel. A removable seal covers the outlet and mixing ports. A threaded lid holds the seal in place.06-13-2013
20080197131Vertical Tool Storage Device With a Curved Handle - A vertical tool storage device with a partially curved handle is disclosed. It comprises a hollow upright pivot shaft having two ends. The bottom end is attached to a base, the top end is end capped and protruding from the end cap is a handle. The pivot shaft is pivoted with a plurality of tool container.08-21-2008
20100294760PACKAGE ARRAY OF HOLISTIC PACKAGES - A package for storing and/or displaying products. The array has a first and second package. The first and second package has a top and bottom portion. The top portion has foliage which is in a foliage area. The bottom portion has a first fruit and a second fruit. The first fruit is stacked upon the second fruit. The second fruit from the first and second package come together to make a whole fruit.11-25-2010
20120273486Convenience trash bag - A trash bag affixed to a container, whereby trash is generated as consumer or industrial goods are removed from the container and consumed or used, the trash bag then providing a convenient storage means for the trash. The trash bag is part of the container or, in another embodiment, is removable from the container.11-01-2012
20130180983Container for Liquids - A container for liquids comprises a hollow body (07-18-2013
20110303660WATER STORAGE TANK FOR WATER PURIFYING SYSTEM - A water storage tank for water purifying system is disclosed. It mainly includes a solid housing and at least one air bag. The solid housing has a liquid storing space for storing liquid. The air bag being positioned in the liquid storing space and the air bag is movable inside. This air bag will expand or shrink depending upon the pressure in the liquid storing space. So, this invention can be modified from an existing storage tank. There is no water leakage problem causing by the membrane of the storage tank. In addition, it is easy to replace the air bag. In addition, the overall cost is extremely low.12-15-2011
20130186891MARKETING DEVICE - A marketing device that can protect merchandise from damage, debris, and theft, conveys size information of the merchandise, reusable, and provides an aesthetically pleasing way for display in retail stores comprising a cap, enclosure, and extension in one embodiment, or can be used separately. The cap may further comprise bands, other catching devices, or the like. The enclosure may further include a cavity capable of storing a plurality of trailer hitch balls.07-25-2013
20120285954DISPLAY DEVICE - There is a display device configured to couple to a structure, such as a wall. The display device includes a display module having a base plate. The display module includes an array of containers extending from the base plate. The display module includes a plurality of supports disposed between each of the containers of the array of containers. The display module includes a pair of end tabs coupled to each end of the array of containers. The display device includes a pair of brackets configured to couple to the pair of end tabs of the display module. The pair of brackets include a support plate and a channel disposed on the support plate about a 45 degree angle. The pair of brackets include an attachment surface disposed on the support plate and a vertical slit aperture disposed adjacent the channel.11-15-2012


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