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220007000 Fastening members 33
20130043242Folding Basket - A collapsible storage device made of plastic comprised of four side pieces and a base is presented. The base comprises six hinged pieces including two identical trapezoid pieces and four identical right triangle pieces. The shorter of the parallel sides of the two trapezoid pieces are hinged together and the right triangle pieces are hinged together at their right angles forming two isosceles triangle pieces. Further, the isosceles triangle pieces are hinged to the joined trapezoids fitting in the triangle formed therein and the four side pieces are hinged to the outer sides of the base as well as to each other where they meet.02-21-2013
20100089917FOLDABLE MOBILE STORAGE CONTAINER - A foldable mobile storage container includes a floor assembly, first and second sidewall assemblies, a rear frame assembly, a front end assembly, and a roof assembly. The first and second sidewall assemblies, the rear end assembly, and the front end assembly are each pivotally coupled to the floor assembly to allow the mobile storage container to be moved between a use configuration for storing items therein and a stowed configuration.04-15-2010
20090194530"FISH CRATE" COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER FOR TRANSPORTING FRESH FISH - The invention is a collapsible container for transporting fresh fish or the like, in particular ice-cooled goods or foodstuffs. This “fish crate” is essentially manufactured by means of plastic injection molding, i.e. by injection-molding the side walls and the base of the collapsible container using an injection-molding tool. In particular the four side walls are implemented to be double-walled, a closed air cushion being created by welding on a footing after the injection molding process. In the area of the slightly tray-shaped base, openings for the passage of liquid are provided; in particular, the melt water of the ice-cooled fresh fish is to be drained off to the outside. Besides these base openings, further additional openings which join the base and the side walls in a foldable manner may be provided in the area of the hinges.08-06-2009
20080314896FOLDABLE PART HOLDER - A preferred embodiment of the foldable part holder is comprised of a front flap, a bottom flap, a back flap, a top flap, a prong flap, a plurality of folds, a plurality of slots, and a plurality of apertures all of which are formed from a flat sheet of polymeric material. The front flap, the bottom flap, the back flap, the top flap, the prong flap, the plurality of folds, the plurality of slots, and the plurality of apertures are all arranged on the flat sheet such that when the flat sheet is folded along the plurality of folds, the embodiment forms a three-dimensional part holder. The plurality of folds are formed by the polymeric sheet such that when folded the flaps engage each other in the appropriate manner. All of the elements formed onto the flat sheet of polymeric material through any fabrication process common for polymeric materials.12-25-2008
20130075393COLLAPSIBLE BOTTLE - A collapsible fluid container having an expanded and a collapsed configuration, including a rigid top portion having an open mouth with structure onto which a closure member may be disposed, a rigid base portion bottom, and a resilient medial portion disposed between the upper portion and base portion. When in the expanded configuration the container is substantially cylindrical. It is placed into a collapsed configuration by twisting the upper portion and base portion in relation to one another or pushing the upper portion toward the base portion until they approximate one another. Retention structure is employed to hold the container in the collapsed configuration. When the retention structure is disengaged, the resilient material of the medial portion urges the container back into a fully expanded configuration.03-28-2013
20130075392CONTAINER HAVING A FOLDABLE SUPPORT AND LID - Food container is provided having a first body portion and a second body portion. The first body portion and the second body portion are joined together to define an interior of the container and a mouth to the interior. The first body portion has a first flap moveable between an open position and a closed position, and the first flap includes a foldable support formed therein to hold a receptacle when in the open position. The second body portion has a second flap moveable between an open position and a closed position, and the second flap includes a tab to engage the first flap in the closed position to form a lid across the mouth of the interior. A blank for forming the food container from a sheet of blank material is also provided.03-28-2013
20110192841Folding trash can - A folding trash can is disclosed. Comprised of seven plastic panels, six metal track hinges, and seventy-two self-tapping stainless steel flange-head screws used for securely holding waste. The folding trash can may be fabricated in a variety of sizes, colors or other decor that is weather resistant, durable and economical to manufacture, thereby providing a compact folding trash can to keep your environment clean. A folding trash can comes assembled and ready for use.08-11-2011
20130037538INFLATABLE SHIPPING CONTAINER - An inflatable, reusable cargo containing and protecting device suitable for use in shipping, inflatable by compressed air. A plurality of air chambers forms the exterior frame of the container. The air chambers may comprise material that is formable, pliable, foldable, abrasion resistant, and which can be used to form airtight structures. A high strength, foldable, pliable material in a webbed or solid format forms the interior. The non-rigid material may be stitched, epoxied, chemically welded, or otherwise attached to the air chambers. A user may store a large number of the devices in a deflated and folded state, requiring only minimal space. When required, the devices are inflated, packed and shipped. At the receiving end, the devices may be deflated and folded for storage or return, either way taking advantage of the low weight and small volume required.02-14-2013
20130043241COLLAPSIBLE SEMI-BULK CONTAINER - A flexible, collapsible semi-bulk container for storing and transporting content is provided. The container has the strength to hold up to two tons of contents while being stacked up to five high. The container is also collapsible for ease of storage and transport. In some embodiments, the container includes swing walls that provide support to the side walls when positioned substantially adjacent to them. In another embodiment, the container includes partial swing walls that support cassettes for dividing the container into smaller compartments. In a still further embodiment, the container includes an interior baffle for dividing the container into smaller compartments.02-21-2013
20100133267COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER - A collapsible container is provided which includes a base, a pair of opposed side walls, and a pair of opposed end walls which are transverse to the side walls. The side and end walls are pivotably connected to the base between an upright position generally perpendicular to the base and a collapsed position on the base. A support is pivotably and slidably mounted to each of the end walls. The support is configured to extend into the container and to fully retract within the end wall. The support extends far enough into the container to reliably support another container thereon.06-03-2010
20110056935Folding Container - A folding container having integrally formed hinge elements. The container including a base portion, first and second lower side wall portions having a snap-fitted hinge connection to a first side and second side of the base portion respectively, first and second upper side wall portions having a hinge connection to the lower side wall portions, and a rim portion having a snap-fitted hinge connection to the first and second upper side wall portions, and end walls having a hinged connection to the rim portion. The hinge elements including hook-shaped snaps having a first ramp segment and a second ramp segment on the outer surface of the hook portion to facilitate connection of a hinge axel to the hook-shaped snaps. A tongue and groove combination in the lower and upper side wall portions to provide structural support for loads placed on the container. The folding container including locking tabs in the base portion for engaging notches in the lower side wall portions when the container is in a folded configuration. A plurality of stanchion ribs extending upward from the rim portion to supports loads on the container. A locking tab having a window for providing visible evidence the end wall is properly positioned in an unfolded configuration. A stamping tab extending downward from the rim to facilitation hot stamping of the tab when the container is assembled.03-10-2011
20090057307Foldable storage container - A foldable storage container can be used as a suitcase or to hold and transport sports balls and has a rear panel, two side panels, a base, a front panel and a cover. The rear panel has a top, a bottom and two side edges. The side panels are respectively formed perpendicularly on the side edges of the rear panel and are foldable. The base is mounted pivotally on the rear panel. The front panel is mounted slidably between the side panels and has a top. The cover is mounted pivotally and detachably on the top of the rear panel and is selectively locked on the top of the front panel. Therefore, the foldable storage container can be folded to occupy a smaller space for convenient storage.03-05-2009
20120111861FOLDABLE STORAGE BOX - To obtain a foldable storage box in which an open state can be easily held.05-10-2012
20120111860SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPOSABLE RECEPTACLE FOR REFUSE - A receptacle assembly has an outer member having an open top, an interior and an exterior. The outer member may be formed from biodegradable material. An inner member may be mounted in the interior of the outer member with adhesive between exterior surfaces of the inner member and the interior of the outer member. The inner member has an open top and is formed from biodegradable material.05-10-2012
20090008388MULTI-USE CARRIER - A single unit cardboard carrier is transformed from a collapsed state into an expanded multi-use carrier with a minimum of assembly actions. A preferred embodiment of the multi-use carrier has a central chamber, a plurality of vessel apertures located around the centered chamber, and has a handle spanning across the chamber.01-08-2009
20120267365COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER WITH POCKETS - A collapsible container having four tension-loop panels covered by flexible material with each panel joined to two other panels to form an enclosure with opposing top and bottom panels and two opposing side panels, the container having two flexible ends each located on opposing ends of the frames and attached to a plurality of the frames, the container comprises an opening in the one of the panels and at least one interior pocket having two opposing sides with each side fastened to a flexible side panel or flexible end, the interior pocket having an open top.10-25-2012
20120103980PACKAGING CONTAINER WITH ANTI-COUNTERFEIT EFFECT - A packaging container with anti-counterfeit effect is a hexagonal packaging box, wherein, an insertion tongue (05-03-2012
20110278289STORAGE BOX - A storage box, comprising a vacuum bag (11-17-2011
20090084783PALLET - A pallet includes a plurality of supports supporting a floor. The supports each include a plurality of columns integrally-molded with at least one runner and snap-fit to the floor. At least one wall is moveable between an upright position and a collapsed position on the floor. A hinge connecting the wall to the base includes a first axis and a second axis offset by the first axis. The hinge is locked when the wall is in the upright position to prevent rotation about the second axis but permit rotation about the first axis. A hinge assembly connects a door to the wall and includes a first hinge pin and a second hinge pin. The hinge assembly permits the door to open completely relative to the wall to a position at least substantially parallel to and adjacent the wall.04-02-2009
20110284532SINGLE PIECE RE-CLOSABLE UNIT PACK - The present invention relates to a one piece re-closable unit pack comprising a first layered structure (11-24-2011
20110284533STACKABLE AND COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER - Structures, methods, and systems associated with a stackable and collapsible container are provided. One structure includes a stackable and collapsible container having at least four non-collapsible, load bearing vertical support members attached to vertical walls of the container and capable of supporting the weight of other containers. A top surface is included having a number of sections which include a pivotal connection to one another and which are collapsible about the pivotal connection to an interior of the container. A bottom surface is included having a number of sections which include a pivotal connection to one another and which are collapsible about the pivotal connection to an interior of the container. The top and the bottom surfaces of the container can be fixedly positioned in a number of collapsed states.11-24-2011
20110297674PRODUCT PACKAGING - A product packaging device includes side portions. Each of the side portions includes a first end portion, a second end portion and a loading portion. The side portions fold together for closing the product packaging device.12-08-2011
20110139775Fork Tine Notch - The present invention provides a stackable bin having a collapsed position and an erected position. The bin includes a base having an upper surface, a pair of opposing ends, and a pair of opposing sides. In an embodiment of the present invention, the base has raised upper edges along at least one of the pair of opposing sides or opposing ends. The bin also includes a pair of opposing side walls, each side wall attached at a lower edge to a respective base side, each side wall also including an upper edge. The bin further includes a pair of opposing end walls, each end wall attached at a lower edge to a respective base end, each end wall also including an upper edge. The bin includes at least one base notch in at least one raised upper edge of the base to provide forklift fork tine access when the bin is in the collapsed position, and at least one wall notch in the upper edge of at least one of the pair of side walls or end walls to provide forklift fork tine access when the bin is in the erected position.06-16-2011
20110006057COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER - A container includes a plurality of walls extending upwardly from a base. The walls are movable between an upright position and a collapsed position on the base. Interlocking portions, such as hooks, extend outwardly from upper edges of the end walls, above the supports. The hooks interlock with edges of the side walls to prevent the upper ends of the end walls from deflecting outwardly01-13-2011
20090242554REUSABLE CONTAINER - A reusable container to transport groceries and the like from the point of purchase which can be closed to a condition for storage in which the container utilizes minimum space to an open position to receive the groceries and the like.10-01-2009
20120024846FOLDING BOX - The invention relates to a folding box (02-02-2012
20090152265ARTICULATED HINGE APPARATUS AND RELATED METHODS - Apparatus and methods for hinging or otherwise easily engaging and disengaging various members to each other include a spring-actuated pin element to selectively extend and retract a pin from one hinge leaf to engage an adjacent structure. A variety of spring elements may be used, and the hinge may be combined with other hinge elements in a variety of ways, including an articulated hinge. Methods of fabrication and assembly are disclosed.06-18-2009
20090308866Bulk Container - The present invention relates to a foldable bulk container (12-17-2009
20090090709ASSEMBLY OF PANELS FOLDABLE TO FORM A CONTAINER - A box is collapsible in such a manner that it can form a flat stack of panels, each of which corresponds to one side of the box. When the box is configured as a flat stack of panels, it is relatively compact and, therefore, easy to store. When the collapsible box is configured as a box, it is sturdy and strong. The collapsible box has latching elements that can temporarily connect adjacent sides of the box to one another. Typically, a person can latch and unlatch the latching elements with his or her hand. The box is typically transparent and, therefore, well suited for displaying ornamental items, such as ornate hats.04-09-2009
20110198347CARRIER FOR CONTAINERS - A carrier for holding a plurality of containers. The carrier comprises a plurality of panels that extend at least partially around an interior of the carrier. The plurality of panels comprises at least one bottom panel, a front panel, a back panel, and at least two side panels. The interior of the carrier is divided into a front portion and a back portion. The carrier comprises a reinforced handle comprising a handle panel, a handle reinforcement panel at least partially overlapping the handle panel, and a handle reinforcement flap at least partially in face-to-face contact with the handle reinforcement panel.08-18-2011
20090266814Collapsible debris container and method of use - A container according to the present invention provides a collapsible debris container including a receptacle having a plurality of framed side panels, a bottom panel, and an open side. A chute may be coupled to the receptacle, or a portion of the container may be decoupled from the remainder, to form a chute. The container may include a handle to ease transportation of debris along the ground.10-29-2009
20100102056Collapasible Storage Container - A collapsible cargo container is disclosed wherein end walls are pivoted into the container when empty and locked against the roof, and then side walls buckle via hinges into a folded configuration. The folded configuration is achieved easily with a modified spreader without the need to otherwise disassemble or deconstruct the container, leaving no loose parts or tools. The cargo container preferably constructed with an improved light weight panel that facilitates loading of the container while improving strength and reducing weight.04-29-2010
20080302790Foldable Box Structure - A foldable box structure comprises two main bodies and at least four actuation bodies. Each of the main bodies has a first lateral and a second lateral. Each of the actuation bodies has a first pivotal edge and a second pivotal edge. The first pivotal edges of the actuation bodies are pivotally coupled to the first laterals and second laterals of the main bodies to form rotation axes. The actuation bodies, which are coupled to the main bodies and at the same side of the main body, are pivotally coupled to each other in the second pivotal edges to form other rotation axes. The actuation bodies are pivotally rotated with respect to the rotation axes and stacked between the main bodies to have a close state. The actuation bodies are pivotally rotated with respect to the rotation axes to expand together with the main bodies and have an open state.12-11-2008
20080272117FOLDABLE MULTIPURPOSE CONTAINER - A foldable multipurpose container. The foldable multipurpose container may include a plurality of wall components, including a top; and a plurality of unfolded container shape retention rod assemblies. At least one of the plurality of wall components may be formed of a soft sheet material. At least one of the unfolded container shape retention rod assemblies may be bendable and resilient. The foldable multipurpose container may be capable of an unfolded state and a folded state.11-06-2008
20110220642FOLDABLE CART PLATFORM AND BASKET COMBINATION - An apparatus (09-15-2011
20120067880CRATE - A crate includes a bottom having two projections arranged at opposite length sides of the bottom and extending upward from the bottom, opposing end walls extending along width sides of the bottom, and two opposing side walls extending along length sides of the bottom. The end walls and the side walls are configured to be foldable with respect to the bottom. The side walls have a height such that the side walls at least partially overlap when being folded. Each side wall is coupled to the bottom via at least one hinge. Each hinge is provided slidably in the projection such that the hinge is movable between a lower position and an upper position, the lower position being closer to the bottom than the upper position.03-22-2012
20120067879CRATE - A crate includes a bottom, two end walls, and two side walls. At least one of the end and side walls comprises an inlet having a dimension allowing to introduce a predefined amount of cooling liquid into the interior of the crate.03-22-2012
20120067878CRATE - A crate includes a bottom, two end walls, and two side walls. The end walls and the side walls are configured to be foldable with respect to the bottom. The end walls and the side walls comprise respective latch elements engaging with each other to form a latch when the end walls and the side walls are in the unfolded state. A latch release mechanism is provided at the respective end walls or at the respective side walls, wherein the latch release mechanism and/or the latch elements on the respective walls are configured to be movable so as to extend at least partly above an upper edge of the crate for releasing the latch.03-22-2012
20090321434MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE DEVICE AND METHOD - A convertible device that converts between an activity mat and a storage container to capture and store numerous articles. Upon reclosing the activity mat, the articles are recaptured into the storage container. The device includes walls and a base, webbing connected between each adjacent wall pair, and a joint connected between the base and walls so that they are foldable into a third configuration wherein the footprint of the folded device is roughly the size of the base. In the third configuration, the walls are stacked relative to the base. The convertible device may further include attachment means for releasably holding the walls in a rigid and upright position in the first configuration. The webbing can be inwardly biased such that when the walls are urged from the second to the first configuration, the webbing folds toward the interior of the convertible device.12-31-2009
20090242553CONSTRUCTION WASTE REMOVAL CONTAINER - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to waste removal and provide a system, method and apparatus for receiving and containing waste. In one embodiment of the invention, a waste removal container system can be provided. The system can include a plurality of detachable walls and a detachable base wall that can include a locking mechanism to interlock with the plurality of detachable walls. The locking mechanism can include a plurality of retaining flanges coupled to the topside of the base wall, which are arranged to interlock with a bottom edge of at least one of the plurality of walls. The plurality of walls can include hinging receptacles located on the side-edges of the plurality of walls. The plurality of walls can include a pair of detachable side walls, a detachable front wall and a detachable back wall. The system further can include a hinging pin configured for engaging a first hinging receptacle coupled to a side-edge of one of the plurality of walls and a second hinging receptacle coupled to a side-edge of another of the plurality of walls. The hinging receptacles can receive retaining pins to interlock one detachable wall to the next to form interlocking corner joints for the waste removal container system.10-01-2009
20100187228Folding containers - A collapsible air freight container (07-29-2010
20100187227FULLY FOLDABLE STORAGE BOX - A fully foldable storage box includes a soft bottom, and four hard side boards perpendicularly coupled to four edges of the bottom, and edges of the side boards are connected with each other to constitute a structure having a first folding line along each of four edge corners of the storage box, and a second folding line is disposed perpendicularly at the middle of two selected corresponding lateral boards and a third folding line is disposed perpendicularly at a side of the two lateral boards and proximate to the rear board, such that support strips are formed between the two lateral boards and the rear board respectively, and a liftable hard bottom board is coupled to an internal bottom edge of the rear board, so that and the bottom board can be stacked onto the soft bottom to constitute a fully foldable storage box.07-29-2010
20100252553MULTI-POCKETED FOLDING ORGANIZER - A multi-pocketed decorative fabric organizer that resembles a folding file and serves as a workspace when opened and then folds up in seconds keeping all the items and materials stored in it intact, and provides a portable and compact organizer for various purposes. The organizer consists of a hard surface that folds out to a writing or working space consisting of conveniently located plastic storage pockets and an exterior of decorative fabrics.10-07-2010
20100243648FOUR-SIDED CONTAINER - A four-sided, clam-shell-like container is formed from a preformed, rigid U-shaped cross-section. The U-shaped member has a base wall and opposing side walls. The base and side walls and the intersection of the base and side walls are rigid. The base wail has a thickness having a slot is formed therein. The slot extends longitudinally along a length of the base wall and is formed in an inner surface thereof into the thickness of the base wall. The slot defines base wall sections adjacent and connected to one another by a portion of the thickness of the base wail. The base wall portions and the side walls adjacent thereto are foldable inward along the slot so as to form a four-sided, generally rectangular shaped cross-section container such that ends of the side walls are near one another and are foldable outward for stacking and storing the U-shaped members.09-30-2010
20100147839DEVICE IN CONNECTION WITH SMALL ARTICLES - Device in connection with small articles, for example, building blocks, and comprising an essentially box-like (06-17-2010
20100147841BOX WITH LATERAL COLLAPSIBLE WALLS - The present invention relates to a plastic moulded box with parallellepiped structure and rectangular base provided with collapsible lateral walls (06-17-2010
20110056934UNIT ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - The present invention provides a unit assembly for storing and dispensing a film strip. The unit assembly includes a first and second panel each having a perimetrical edge; wherein the first and second panels are substantially opposed to each other; and at least one gusseted side panel disposed between at least a portion of the panels along a common side thereof, the gusseted side panel configured to facilitate access to at least one film strip which is stored in a perimetrically sealed, substantially planar cavity within the unit assembly.03-10-2011
20090114647COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER - A collapsible container includes a plurality of walls collapsible onto the base. At least one wall has a support pivotably mounted below a lip formed on an upper edge of the wall. The support is pivotable between a support position where it is partially supported on an adjacent wall and a retracted position. A stop on the adjacent wall prevents the support from retracting when another container is stacked thereon.05-07-2009
20100320202FOLDING CONTAINER - A lock member L composed of one operation portion La biased by an inclined spring member 12-23-2010
20100133266CONTAINER WITH RETRACTABLE SUPPORTS - A container is provided which includes a base, a pair of opposed side walls, and a pair of opposed end walls which are transverse to the side walls. A support is pivotably mounted to each of the end walls. The support is configured to extend into the container and to fully retract out of the container. The support extends far enough into the container to reliably support another container thereon. The side and end walls may be pivotably connected to the base between an upright position generally perpendicular to the base and a collapsed position on the base.06-03-2010
20110031242PORTABLE FOLDING CUP - Disclosed is a portable folding cup which is foldable so as to be portable. That is, the cup is used in an expanded state and is carried or stored in a folded state. As a result, with the portable folding cup, it is possible to maximize the space use efficiency. The portable folding cup includes a main body in the form of a truncated pyramid, which has a plurality of trapezoid faces connected to each other in a manner such that each border between adjacent trapezoid faces can be smoothly folded, is open at an upper end and a lower end thereof, and has an empty inside space therein, and a bottom member attached to a portion of an inside surface of the cup main body so as to be folded up or down and to form a bottom of a cup.02-10-2011
20110042375DUAL PACKAGING SYSTEM WITH CHILD RESISTANCE AND SENIOR FRIENDLY FEATURES - A two-piece package for housing and dispensing a unit dose product. The product to be dispensed is contained on an internal slide card that is removably and lockably engaged within an outer sleeve. The package provides a child resistant and user-friendly dosing means that can be opened and closed numerous times while in use, then disposed of when all the unit doses are exhausted.02-24-2011
20120145706GUSSETED FLEXIBLE PACKAGE WITH ENLARGED MOUTH - A package formed of a flexible material for holding a product, e.g., whole bean coffee, is disclosed. The package includes a front panel, a rear panel, a first side gusset and a second side gusset. The front panel has a pair of sides as does the rear panel. The first side gusset connects one side of the front and rear panels together. The second side gusset connects the other side of the front and rear panels together. One of the gussets includes plural fold edges forming at least four gusset panels, while the other of the gussets includes plural fold edges forming at least two gusset panels. The panels and the gussets are arranged to be initially secured together, e.g., by a peelable seal line, to form an enlarged mouth to provide ready access to the product in the package.06-14-2012
20110079593FOOD CONTAINER AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING FOOD CONTAINER - Food container, having at least two open cone shaped spaces (A, B), wherein the material of the container is in the form of a sheet (04-07-2011
20110240639Bulk Container With Angled Side Wall to Base Installation - A collapsible bin container having a base portion and side walls hingedly connected to the base portion. At least one of the side walls includes an integrally formed hinge lug having a first generally cylindrical portion and a second flat angled portion. The base portion includes a corresponding hinge slot having an opening configured to receive the hinge lug only when the side wall is positioned at a first angle with respect to a horizontal surface.10-06-2011
20100193512GABIONS - The present invention relates to a gabion comprising at least one individual compartment for receiving, in use of the gabion, a fill material, the or each individual compartment of the gabion being bounded by at least one wall material forming at least one closed panel around the or each individual compartment effective for retaining the fill material in the or each compartment in use of the gabion, the wall material having sufficient flexibility to allow the gabion to be folded and/or rolled in a first pre-deployment configuration in which the pre-deployed gabion is restrained in its first configuration by a form of restraining means, the wall material having sufficient resilience such that when the gabion is released from its restraining means it tends to unfold and/or unroll from its first configuration towards or to a second deployment configuration in which the gabion is erected and able to receive in its individual compartment(s) the fill material, the wail material having sufficient rigidity such that the gabion is self supporting in its second configuration. 08-05-2010
20110240638COLLAPSIBLE STORAGE BASKET - The collapsible storage basket contains two rigid longitudinal plates, two flexible lateral plates, a flexible first base plate connecting the lateral and longitudinal plates' bottom rims, and a rigid second base plate stitched or adhered to a top side of the first base plate along a middle section of each of the second base plate's lateral edges. A rigid support plate is connected to the top rim of each lateral plate. To put the storage box to use, the longitudinal and lateral plates are raised and the two support plates are flipped inward so that their bottom rims are pressed against the second base plate. When the storage basket is not in use, the support plates are flipped outward and, by the flexibility of the two lateral plates, the longitudinal plates are folded inward. The storage basket then turns into a flat shape for easy storage and transportation.10-06-2011
20090218344PACKAGING SYSTEM FOR STORING AND/OR TRANSPORTING DIFFERENT KIND OF FRUITS DURING LONG PERIODS OF TIME - The present invention relates to a packaging system for storing and/or transporting different kind of fruits packaged in clamshell, punnets or trays during long periods of time, comprising a collapsible structure including four vertical columns with side walls collapsible on a pallet-type base, exhibiting an arrangement of internal trays or grids, and wrappable curtains configuring front and rear walls, such that it doesn't require the use of cardboard, wood or plastic boxes; preferably the system also comprises cooling means, gas-generating means and controlling means.09-03-2009
20090218343Foldable Container - The utility model opens a foldable container, which consists of a base, left wall, right wall, front door wall, rear wall and the roof. The base and the lower sides of all walls are jointed by hinges, while walls, wall upper side and the roof are jointed by hinges with pins. All walls and the roof can be folded on the base in spare time, and in case of leasing, open it, lift the roof, set up all walls, joint wall with hinges with pins, cover the roof, and joint the roof and walls with hinges with pins. In foldable mode, it is only ⅕ of normal fixed container, so it can save transporting charge and reduce area and space for storage largely. Because it is jointed by hinges, foldable and installation are very simple and convenient. It can save working and time, bring more economic benefit and increase market competitive power product largely.09-03-2009
20090218342FOLDING CONTAINER - A container having a body portion and capable of being deployed between a folded configuration and an unfolded configuration. The body portion comprises a lower base member, an upper member and two opposing foldable walls arranged between said base member and said upper member. The container further comprises a flexible member which forms a holding pouch within the body portion of the container in the unfolded configuration and which is attached to the body portion.09-03-2009
20120118883Box Having Foldable Sidewalls with a Stable Sidewall Structure - A foldable box having four foldable exterior walls has at least one stable exterior wall having at least a first and a second spherical wall area convex with respect to an exterior side of the box. A bridge arranged at the outside of the exterior wall is arranged between the first and the second spherical surface and extends across the height of the exterior wall. At least one rib additionally extends from the bridge to the first and to the second spherical surface area.05-17-2012
20090283521Foldable basket - A foldable basket includes a rectangular frame a front plate, a rear plate, a left plate, and a right plate, and a bottom plate. The rectangular frame has four frame pieces, and the front, rear, left and right plates have their top edge pivoted on the frame pieces respectively. The bottom plate has an edge pivoted on a bottom edge of the rear plate. The bottom plate has a lock portion on a distal edge thereof to be engaged with a hook portion on a bottom edge of the front plate, and two slots to be engaged with bottom edges of the left plate and the right plate respectively.11-19-2009
20100147840Reusable, Combined Multi-Part Product Shipping Box and Display Tray - A reusable combined multi-part product shipping box and display tray. There are two generally rectangular trays, each defining four sides, with four barrier portions projecting upward from each tray proximate its edges, one barrier portion at about the center of each of the sides, and four corner posts, one projecting up from each corner of the tray. There is also a generally rectangular sleeve defining four sides and four corners, and open ends that are about the same size and shape as the trays, the sleeve adapted to engage with the trays to close its open ends and form a shipping container, the sleeve adapted to sit on the tray inside of and up against the barrier portions, with each corner of the sleeve located outside of and against a corner post, such that the sleeve is tightly engaged with the trays.06-17-2010
20120145707FOLDING BOX - The invention relates to a folding box (06-14-2012
20110259884CONTAINER WITH SIDE WALLS FOLDABLE ON TOP OF ONE ANOTHER - The invention relates to a container for transporting and storing goods with a container base (10-27-2011
20100025397Portable container with integral folding mechanism - A foldable portable container provided with an integral mechanical mechanism for folding or unfolding the container is described. The integral mechanical drive mechanism is utilized to simultaneously angularly displace the opposing container end walls and the container roof attached thereto to fold or unfold the portable container.02-04-2010
20100018967FOLDING CONTAINER - The invention relates to a folding container (01-28-2010
20120031898CHAFING DISH TRANSPORTER - Embodiments of the present invention relates generally to a high-strength, thermally-insulating receptacle for transporting modular catering containers, such as chafing dishes in general, and disposable aluminum chafing dishes in particular. More particularly, embodiments of the present invention relates to thermally-insulating receptacles for transporting chafing dishes that caterers receive as foldable box blanks and assemble into receptacles prior to transporting the chafing dishes. Embodiments further relate to food-laden chafing dishes disposed in the receptacles of the invention and methods for transporting food laden chafing dishes with the receptacles of the invention and serving food therefrom.02-09-2012
20120031897REUSABLE CONTAINER - A reusable container to transport groceries and the like from the point of purchase which can be closed to a condition for storage in which the container utilizes minimum space to an open position to receive the groceries and the like.02-09-2012
20100170896Collapsible cargo organizer - An organizer for holding and organizing cargo comprises a case and a collapsible wall. The case comprises two hinged case components that are adapted to contain the collapsible wall. The collapsible wall comprises at least two end walls and at least one side wall. Each side wall can include two or more side wall panels that can be pivotally joined together. The collapsible wall is configurable into a generally rectangular-in-plan-view open configuration, or a generally flat, collapsed configuration. Together, the case and the collapsible wall form an open-top bin for holding cargo. One or more restraining poles can be used to assist in securing cargo. The collapsible wall can be set to the collapsed configuration and stored in the case along with the pole(s). The case can then be placed in the closed position, whereupon the organizer is contained within the closed case, facilitating storage and transport thereof.07-08-2010
20120043321BLANK AND CONTAINER HAVING AN INTEGRAL RECLOSEABLE POUR SPOUT - The invention relates to a packaging blank and container having an integral reclosable pour spout which provides enhanced seals, and promotes accurate placement of the pour spout during construction. The blank provides a pour spout assembly having a skewed fold line that facilitate folding operations and promotes accurate positioning of the pour spout, a detachable access tab that promotes sealing and provides tamper evidence, and a novel pour spout assembly that promotes directional and controlled pouring of articles. The invention further relates to a container formed from the blank.02-23-2012
20120055922Packing Container - A container includes a plurality of panels integrally arranged with respect to each other and with respect to a set of orthogonal x, y and z axes, the z-axis defining a direction line in which the container is configured to support a stacking load. The plurality of panels include a first panel having a first planar surface, and a second panel having a second planar surface, wherein the first panel and the second panel form a contiguity with a fold line disposed therebetween, and wherein the first planar surface is disposed parallel to the x-z plane or the y-z plane. The container further includes a compression reinforcement feature having a planar edge oriented orthogonal to the first planar surface and perpendicular to the z-axis, the planar edge being disposed a distance away from the fold line but at a distance no greater than half a thickness of the first panel, the first panel having a void between the fold line and the planar edge.03-08-2012
20120152946CAGE FOR HANDLING OR STORING GOODS - A collecting cage has a front end to which at least one door is pivoted with the aid of a pivoting device. The cage also has at least three lateral walls. The pivoting device is adapted to pivot the door to an opened position and to a closed position thus covering at least part of it. The pivoting device is adapted to guide the door in an opened position to a direction parallel to a lateral wall and at a clearance therefrom for flanking the cage. The pivoting device includes at least two angle members connected to the door at a distance from each other and having a first portion protruding from the door and having a second portion in an angled position relative to the first portion, and at least two corresponding rails connected to a lateral wall.06-21-2012
20120012581Carton and Carton Blank - A locking mechanism for locking first and second panels of a carton together includes first and second male tabs hinged along first and second fold lines respectively to the first panel. The male tabs are arranged so as to oppose one another. The mechanism also includes first and second female tabs hinged along third and fourth fold lines respectively to the second panel. The female tabs are arranged so as to oppose one another. The first and second fold lines are substantially perpendicular to the third and fourth fold lines when the first and second panels are disposed in an overlapping relationship. In a locked position, the male tabs are displaced from the plane of the first panel and pass through an aperture formed in the second panel by displacement of the female tabs. Each male tab is displaced out of the plane of the first panel by an angle greater than 90° and being maintained in position by respective side edges of the female tabs.01-19-2012
20120205370COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINMENT STRUCTURE - A containment structure with three sides and a triangular end is collapsible to a significantly smaller profile for ease in storage and transportation, yet keeps all major sections connected. Unique means of folds and hinging provide these advantages. Special applications (oriented upright or lying horizontal) from cleanup of lawn debris to emergency shelter of personnel and instruments can utilize the compact storage, ease of transport, quick setup, and shape advantages of the containment structure.08-16-2012
20110049144COLLAPSIBLE CRATE - A container includes a plurality of walls extending upwardly from a base. The walls are movable between an upright position and a collapsed position on the base. Supports are pivotably mounted to the end walls. Ends of the supports are received in arcuate channels in the side walls. A tab or other projection downward from the base is aligned with arcuate channel to engage the spring-loaded fingers on a dolly.03-03-2011
20110049143Package With Easy Access Opening - The present package is formed from a bag construct that entirely surrounds a blank construct and that can be folded from a flat configuration to a carton configuration. The blank construct has five sides, including four sides and a bottom side, and an open top. The bag construct surrounds all four sides, the bottom, and the open top. The package includes a dispensing flap that provides access to contents, and the dispensing flap can be hinged about a hinge line or that can be removed entirely from the package. Any variance in density of product in the package can be accommodated by the stiff, yet flexible, sides of the package.03-03-2011
20120125926RETORT CUP - A retort cup including a tubular barrel portion formed of a barrel portion forming blank having a paper layer and thermoplastic resin layers provided on both surfaces of the paper layer. A bottom portion seals one of the openings of the barrel portion and has a downwardly bent peripheral edge portion. The barrel portion has an attached barrel overlap portion where both end edges of the barrel portion forming blank are overlapped with each other and sealed, a lower fold-back portion is formed at a lower end of the barrel portion and an upper fold-back portion is formed by folding back the ends of the fold-back barrel portion forming blank inwardly. The lower end of the barrel portion, the upper fold-back portion, and the peripheral edge portion of the bottom portion are closely sealed together. The peripheral edge portion is inserted into the lower fold-back portion.05-24-2012
20120160845Foldable Container - Foldable container comprising a bottom plate, side plates and first hinges for connecting the side plates to the bottom plate, and a roof plate that is can be raised from the side plates, wherein the roof plate connects to opposite side plates by inter-positioned connecting rods, and wherein each connecting rod has at a first extremity a second hinge that connects to a side plate and at a second extremity opposite to said first extremity is slidably connected to said roof plate.06-28-2012
20090014445Collapsible plastic container - Disclosed is a collapsible, portable container having a roof, a base, two foldable end walls and two removable side walls. The end walls and side walls of the container are load bearing elements having a twinned wall structure made of rotomolded plastic. The container is collapsed by removing the side walls and inwardly folding the end walls to draw the roof closer to the base. The load bearing capacity of the end walls and the side walls can be increased by arched indentations formed within the twinned wall structure.01-15-2009
20120168435FOLDING VAPOR CHAMBER - A folding vapor chamber includes folding boards engaged and covered with one another, a folding edge formed between the adjacent folding boards and provided for connecting the folding boards integrally, and the adjacent folding boards being bent and folded by the corresponding folding edge and engaged with one another, and a capillary tissue installed at an internal surface between the folding boards. The casing is formed by the folding edge to reduce the length of the sealing edge of the vapor chamber, so as to achieve the effects of lowering the defective rate of the edge sealing operation, and preventing the sealing edge from being cracked easily.07-05-2012
20120187118COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINERS - Collapsible containers, collapsible container systems, and storage devices are disclosed herein. An aspect of this disclosure is directed to a collapsible container having a flexible base, first and second rigid end walls each attached to a respective opposing end of the base, and first and second rigid sidewalls each attached to a respective opposing side of the flexible base. The sidewalls are permanently attached to the base and the end walls. The first and second rigid sidewalls are foldable such that the container can selectively transition between an expanded state, whereat the first and second sidewalls are generally perpendicular with the first and second end walls, and a collapsed state, whereat at least portions of the first and second sidewalls overlap one another interleaved between the first and second end walls.07-26-2012
20120187119COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINMENT BERM - Containment berms (07-26-2012
20110120994BOX ASSEMBLY - A box assembly has a bottom board respectively connected to a pair of first side boards and a pair of second side boards. The bottom board has a foldable slot at its four edges, and each two facing edges are respectively connected to the pair of first side boards and the pair of second side boards. The pair of first side boards respectively has an assembling end at its two outer sides, and the inner edge of the assembling end has a plurality of engaging protrusions. The pair of second side boards respectively has an engaging end at its two outer sides, the engaging end has an engaging slot, and the inner edge of the engaging end has a plurality of assembling apertures connecting to the engaging slot. The assembling end and the engaging end of the first side boards and the second side boards can be alternated, such that the first side boards respectively has the engaging end, and the second side boards respectively has the assembling end.05-26-2011
20100326985STRUCTURE OF BOX - A structure of box includes a body having a foamed layer arranged at the outer side. The foamed layer has an outer surface forming an anti-skidding non-smooth surface and an inside surface bonded to an artificial fiber layer. The box body has an inner side formed by an artificial fiber lining layer. Rigid boards are interposed between the artificial fiber layer and the artificial fiber lining layer and stitching is applied to fix the foamed layer, the artificial fiber layer, and the artificial fiber lining layer together. The box body has a top edge covered by a covering layer. Hand-carrying handles are mounted to the outer surface of the box body in a symmetric manner. When expanded, the box maintains an expanded shape of a container, and when collapsed, the box is collapsed through the sites of stitching to form a flat configuration.12-30-2010
20110226763Folding container - The folding container is formed from a single seamless sheet of liquid impervious material to form a container for liquids or bulk goods as desired. The sheet forming the container is folded along fixed fold lines, i.e., folds that remain permanently in place to define the various panels of the container, and hinge folds, i.e., folds along which the side and bottom panels may be spread to open the container for use or closed to fold the container for compact storage. The side and bottom panels fold inwardly between the front and rear panels of the container for storage, thus providing an even more compact configuration. The front, rear, and both side panels are configured as trapezoids, with their bases wider than their upper edges. This provides greater stability for the container when filled, due to the lower center of gravity of the mass contained therein and the wider base.09-22-2011
20110226762STERILE PACKING AND STERILIZATION METHOD USING THIS PACKING - The packing according to the invention comprises: a first part, made of flexible and airtight material, defining a first portion and a second portion contiguous to the first portion, said first portion being separated from the second portion by an area suitable to be folded; at least one second part, made of a material porous to the sterilizing fluid, forming a pocket for the reception of the at least one object to be sterilized, said second part being connected to said first portion of said first part and being dimensioned so that its edges are, when said second part is connected to said first portion, set back of the edges of said first portion so as to define side assembly areas on said first portion; and airtight connection means for the connection of said second portion to said first portion in said side assembly areas.09-22-2011
20120091132PACKAGING AND METHOD FOR PACKAGING - A package for a block-shaped food product (04-19-2012
20120285951COLLAPSIBLE CRATE - A crate includes a base, a pair of opposed side walls extending upward from the base and a pair of opposed end walls extending upward from the base. The base includes a plurality of container support areas each defined by a rectangular perimeter defined by a plurality of vents.11-15-2012
20130015183CONTAINER SYSTEM WITH INTERLOCK AND COLLAPSIBLE CAPABILITIES - A container system for use with a forklift, includes a plurality of containers, each container including side and end walls and having interlocking structure cooperatively arranged whereby adjacent containers are connectable to each other and a base secured relative to each container. The base is dimensioned to support the container and being adapted to couple with the blade of the forklift to permit placement and transport of the containers in an interlocked relation thereof. Each container may be collapsible to facilitate storage thereof.01-17-2013
20130020316FOLDING CONTAINER - Disclosed herein is a folding container which stores various kinds of cargo and is transported. A container body of the folding container includes a top plate, a bottom plate, left and right side plates, and front and rear end plates. Each side plate includes upper and lower plate bodies which are connected to each other and to the top and bottom plates by spring hinges. A rotating shaft is provided in the container body, and a belt connected to the rotating shaft is connected to the left and right side plates at positions adjacent to the junctions between the upper and lower plate bodies. The left and right side plates are pulled inwards and folded by rotating the rotating shaft and winding the belt around the rotating shaft. Therefore, the operation of folding or unfolding the container body can be facilitated, and safety can be ensured during the operation.01-24-2013
20090014444Collapsible basket - A collapsible basket has a base, two end frames, two side-frames and multiple dowel pins. A size of the collapsible basket can be reduced by folding the frames toward the base. Moreover, the end frames and the side-frames can are attached to the base making the collapsible basket easy to assemble and collapse.01-15-2009
20110220643HIGH-CAPACITY CONTAINER - A large container (09-15-2011
20130180982Foldable and Overlappable Carrier Box - Disclosed herein is a foldable and overlappable carrier box. The carrier box includes a base panel, a pair of first side panels erected along any two facing edges of the base panel, and a pair of second side panels erected along remaining facing edges of the base panel. Each of the first side panels is divided into an upper face and a lower face along a horizontal line, the upper face being foldable downwards, and each of the second side panels is divided into an upper portion and a lower portion along a horizontal line. Thus, when carrier boxes are stacked in multiple layers by folding the upper face, a lower portion of a carrier box located at an upper position is overlappable with an upper portion of a carrier box located at a lower position.07-18-2013
20110272400FOLDABLE CONTAINER FOR TRANSPORTING AND STORING GOODS - A container for transporting and storing goods with a container base and at least two sidewalls foldable on top of one another, wherein the sidewalls, which are foldable on top of one another are linked to the container base through hinges. The hinge bolt receivers-include recesses, so that the hinge bolts are movable in the hinge bolt receivers from a lower end position, in which the folded down sidewall contacts the container base, far enough into an upper end position, so that a planar placement of two sidewalls on top of one another is facilitated.11-10-2011
20110278288LOCKABLE CUT-RESISTANT CASE - A light-weight case is provided that is cut-resistant, fire-resistant and/or water-proof and that can be easily locked and fasten to stationary objects. The exterior of the case is substantially cut-resistant, while the interior layers can be layers that are fire-resistant, water-proof, any type of padding or nylon for protecting the objects stored in the case. To protect the case from being stolen, a steel cable is threaded through a hole formed by two concentrically aligned grommets and locked to or around a stationary object. The cases include a Global Positioning System (GPS) transmitter that is able to track the location of the case if the case happens to be lost or stolen. The case can be sized and shaped to hold any type of valuable objects, such as guns, jewelry and money.11-17-2011
20110309073OUTER BOXES FOR STORING AND DELIVERING MEDICAL DEVICES USED DURING SURGICAL PROCEDURES AND METHODS THEREFOR - A box for a medical device includes a first panel, a second panel hingedly connected with a lower edge of the first panel, a third panel hingedly connected with a lower edge of the second panel, a first side flap hingedly connected with a first side of the first panel, and a second side flap hingedly connected with a second side of the first panel. The third panel is folded over the second panel and the second panel is folded over the first panel for forming a first storage compartment and a separate second storage compartment. The first and second side flaps are folded over the second panel for closing the sides of the box. The box includes a cover foldable over and interlockable with the first side flap, the second panel, and the second side flap for holding the cover closed and closing the box.12-22-2011
20120018428Foldable Storage Apparatus - Disclosed is a foldable storage apparatus. The foldable storage apparatus comprises a sheet having an initial flat configuration. The sheet comprises a receiving portion for receiving one or more contents. The foldable storage apparatus also comprises first and second couplers supported by the sheet and operable to secure at least two sections of the sheet together to at least partially define a capture volume. The foldable storage apparatus further comprises an elongate tail extending from the receiving portion and operable to substantially enclose the capture volume and secure the contents therein.01-26-2012

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