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With power supply and voltage or current regulation or current control means

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219 - Electric heating


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219490000 Automatic regulating or control means 136
219483000 Controlling or regulating plural separate distinct heating resistance elements(i.e., one control system for all elements) 13
219488000 With voltage limitation, conversion, or adapting means 10
219489000 Combined manual and automatic regulating or control means 8
20100012647Operating Device For A Stove Top and Arrangement Of A Stove Top Having Such An Operating Device - The invention relates to an operating device for a stove top, the device comprising rotary operating parts that are rotatably mounted in a base. The parts have a protruding region as a signal means, the region rotating in a plane of the stove top or a stove top plate when the rotary operating part rotates. In said plane, the stove top has a distance sensor, which can detect the rotation of the protruding region by means of the variable distance and evaluate the same as a rotational actuation or rotational movement for operating the stove top.01-21-2010
20100116813HEAT GENERATION UNIT - In a heat generation unit of the present invention, a holder having an elastic force tube used for holding a film-sheet-shaped heat generation element that generates heat upon application of a voltage thereto is disposed in a container together with the heat generation element. The heat generation element is held in a predetermined position in the container by the elastic force of the holder, with electric power being supplied from power supply members thereto through the holder, so that the heat generation element can be reliably held in the container, with a partial heat generation in the holder of the heat generation element being suppressed.05-13-2010
20130062334DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING ENERGY - Apparatuses and methods for applying EM energy to a load. The apparatuses and methods may include at least one processor configured to receive information indicative of energy dissipated by the load for each of a plurality of modulation space elements. The processor may also be configured to associate each of the plurality of modulation space elements with a corresponding time duration of power application, based on the received information. The processor may be further configured to regulate energy applied to the load such that for each of the plurality of modulation space elements, power is applied to the load at the corresponding time duration of power application.03-14-2013
20100237059RESISTIVE HEATING ELEMENT FOR ELECTRICAL HEATING - A resistive heating element for a resistance heater includes a first heating section and a second heating section. The first and second heating sections are configured to jointly generate a power output that is equal to that generated by a single reference resistive element under a same applied voltage. The single reference resistive element has a reference length, a reference mass, and a reference surface area. The first and second heating sections are configured to transfer an amount of heat at least equal to that transferred by the single reference resistive element. A total mass of the first heating section and the second heating section is less than a reference mass of the single reference resistive wire.09-23-2010
20100170886MULTIFUNCTIONAL CONDUCTING POLYMER STRUCTURES - The present invention includes the use of conducting polymers as sensors in distributed sensing systems, as sensors and operating elements in multifunctional devices, and for conducting-polymer based multifunctional sensing fabrics suitable for monitoring humidity, breath, heart rate, blood (location of wounds), blood pressure, skin temperature, weight and movement, in a wearable, electronic embedded sensor system, as examples. A fabric comprising conducting polyaniline fibers that can be used to distribute energy for resistive heating as well as for sensing the fabric temperature is described as an example of a multifunctional sensing fabric.07-08-2010
20090090706HEATED COMPUTER MOUSE - A heated mouse includes a shell having a heat-conductive part, a heating device installed in the shell, and an insulating layer. The heating device comprises a heat source. The insulating layer forms a closed space together with the heat-conductive part for accommodating the heat source therein. The heat-conductive part absorbs heat from the heat source. The heat-preserving mouse can not only heat the mouse, but also avoid reducing the lifespan of the mouse caused by overheat.04-09-2009
20080210681METHOD FOR OPERATING A HEATING DEVICE OF AN ELECTRIC HEATING APPLIANCE HAVING A PLURALITY OF HEATING DEVICES - In an operating method for a hob having a plurality of heating elements, an operating action for a heating element, such as heating with an additional region on the cooktop or invoking a parboiling step, is selected in an initial step by providing input to a general input sensor element that is not associated with any specific heating element. In a subsequent step, the selected operating action is allocated or associated with a specific heating element by operating a cooking element specific sensor element, for example when setting the power level for that heating element. Therefore, sensor elements can be provided with an advantageous multiple-use effect for general operating actions. Furthermore, the operating sequence permits simple and convenient operation.09-04-2008
20090272731Thick film high temperature thermoplastic insulated heating element - The present invention provides an integrated thick film heating element on a substrate made from high temperature melt-flowable thermoplastic polymer/powder additive formulations which form an electrically insulating thermoplastic dielectric coating on the substrate, and electrically resistive lead free films and electrically conductive film formulations that are deposited and fired to form an integrated thick film heating element on a substrate at a processing temperature well below 600° C. This thick film heating element is formed on a substrate material coated first with the electrically insulating, filled melt flowable high temperature thermoplastic polymer/powder composite layer on which is deposited the electrically resistive lead free thick film that is capable of operating over a wide range of power densities for consumer and industrial heating element applications, with suitable electrical insulation properties under temperature cycling to for example 250° C.11-05-2009
20100126981ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE COATING COMPOSITION - An electrically conductive coating composition is provided for use on aircraft and other substrate surfaces to prevent the formation of ice or to melt ice. The conductive coating composition may include a nanomaterial such as carbon nanotubes dispersed in a solvent which may be applied to a substrate surface to form a thin film which is resistively heatable. The conductive coating may also comprise a nanomaterial formed from carbon nanotubes or fullerenes grafted to a polymer containing an active functional group which renders a substrate surface icephobic and is also resistively heatable.05-27-2010
20090065494Systems and methods for providing localized heat treatment of gas turbine components - Systems and methods for providing localized heat treatment of gas turbine components are provided. In this regard, an exemplary method includes: identifying an area of a gas turbine component to which localized heat treatment is to be performed; positioning a resistance heating element, sized and shaped to transfer heat to the area, adjacent the area; electrically coupling a current-limiting power controller to the resistance heating element; and locally heating the area using the resistance heating element, with power being provided to the resistance heating element via the current-limiting power controller.03-12-2009
20120067867POLYMER THICK FILM ENCAPSULANT AND ENHANCED STABILITY PTC CARBON SYSTEM - The invention is directed to a polymer thick film encapsulant composition comprising thermoplastic fluoropolymer resin and acrylic resin dissolved in organic solvents. The deposited encapsulant composition is processed at a time and energy sufficient to remove all solvent and form an encapsulant. The invention is further directed to using the encapsulant composition to form an encapsulant in PTC heater circuitry and , in particular, in PTC heater circuitry in mirror heater and seat heater applications.03-22-2012
20090084773Information communication systems between components of a hot melt adhesive material dispensing system - A hot melt adhesive material dispensing system includes a communication system for transmitting information or data between the adhesive supply unit (ASU) and one or more applicator heads, wherein the number of hard wires actually interconnecting the adhesive supply unit (ASU) and the one or more hot melt adhesive material dispensing applicator heads can be reduced by the employment of signal couplers. In addition, the number of applicator heads that can be utilized in conjunction with a particular adhesive supply unit (ASU) can be increased by incorporating the temperature controller, normally disposed upon the adhesive supply unit (ASU), upon the applicator head.04-02-2009
20120193347APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR WARMING A BABY BOTTLE - An apparatus for warming a container, the apparatus including a holder having an inner wall, an outer wall, and an insulation layer between the inner and outer walls, wherein the inner wall defines a first volume having a size and shape for receiving at least a portion of the container, and wherein the holder defines a second volume. The apparatus can also include a solution and an activation disk positioned within the second volume and in contact with the solution, wherein the solution and activation disk are made from materials such that a force applied to the activation disk causes the solution to undergo a chemical reaction that generates heat for warming the container in the first volume. Furthermore, the apparatus can include a disk actuator for applying the force to the activation disk, and elastic bands to increase thermal contact between the container and the solution.08-02-2012
20100213186SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING APPARATUS - An output-history storing unit stores past and present measurement data input to a measurement-data input unit while distinguishing the measurement data for each of output sources. An output-fluctuation monitoring unit monitors, based on the measurement data stored in the output-history storing unit, output fluctuation in each of the output sources. An output control unit separately controls, based on the output fluctuation monitored by the output-fluctuation monitoring unit, outputs from the output sources.08-26-2010
20100140252RETHERMALIZING APPARATUS - Apparatus for and methods of rethermalizing a package of refrigerated or frozen food are disclosed. In general, heating mechanisms are brought into conductive heat transfer contact with the package of food and operated for a duration of rethermalization time to rethermalize the package of food by heating the food to a rethermalized temperature, and then, if desired, to hold the rethermalized package of food at a desired holding temperature for a duration of holding time. The rethermalization time can be relatively short (e.g., thirty minutes or less), and the holding time can range from a very short period of time to a very long period of time (e.g., four, six, eight or more hours) without significant loss of food quality. Other features of the apparatus and methods are disclosed.06-10-2010
20100206868HEAT PUMP WITH HEAT RECOVERY - A fuel cell is provided to furnish electrical power to an HVAC&R system, and the waste heat from the fuel cell is transferred to a secondary fluid directed to flow to the climate-controlled space of a building during periods of time in which heating is required. The heat rejected by the fuel cell may be a supplemental or primary source of heat as well used for precise temperature control within the climate-controlled space of the building. A channeling assembly is used to selectively direct the fuel cell heat either to and/or away from the climate-controlled space served by the HVAC&R system. Higher energy efficiencies of the HVAC&R equipment are achieved, and the “cold blow” phenomenon is reduced or eliminated.08-19-2010
20100193502ELECTRIC HEATER - Disclosed is the electric heater including a base, and a heating unit having a plurality of unit heating elements disposed on a plate surface of the base and at least one of heating connection portions configured to heat and conductively connecting the unit heating elements to each other and non-heating connection portions configured not to heat and conductively connecting the unit heating elements to each other, thereby preventing a thermal stress concentration, thus to prevent damage to the heating unit and to enhance its output.08-05-2010
20110024409CNT-BASED RESISTIVE HEATING FOR DEICING COMPOSITE STRUCTURES - A composite structure includes a matrix material and a carbon nanotube (CNT)-infused fiber material that includes a plurality of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) infused to a fiber material. The CNT-infused fiber material is disposed throughout a portion of the matrix material. The composite structure is adapted for application of a current through the CNT-infused fiber material to provide heating of the composite structure. A heating element includes a CNT-infused fiber material includes a plurality of CNTs infused to a fiber material. The CNT-infused fiber material is of sufficient proportions to provide heating to a structure in need thereof.02-03-2011
20100133258Systems & Methods For Monitoring And Controlling Water Consumption - A system is disclosed that advantageously monitors a status of a relief valve coupled to a water heater or other pressure vessel. By monitoring the relief valve, the system can limit the energy and water wasted resulting from the relief valve's failure. The system can have first and second sensors that monitor a temperature and pressure within the relief valve, and a water flow from the relief valve, respectively. If the temperature or pressure within the relief valve exceeds predetermined thresholds, or a water flow from the relief valve continues for greater than a predetermined interval, the system can restrict a flow of gas, electric current, or water to the water heater.06-03-2010
20110240630Heater for a vehicular fluid tank, motor vehicle comprising same, and method for heating a vehicular fluid tank - A heating system for a vehicular fluid tank (10-06-2011
20110253702Apparatus and Method for Post Heat Treating Pipe or Weld Joints - An apparatus and method for heating a pipe prior to performing a welding operation, an interpass welding operation, a hydrogen bake-out operation of a weld joint or for post heat-treating of a weld joint is provided. The heating apparatus can include at least one heating collar placed around a pipe or weld joint, and a controller unit for controlling the thermal heat energy transferred from the heating collar to the pipe or weld joint.10-20-2011
20120067866THERMALLY ZONED SUBSTRATE HOLDER ASSEMBLY - A thermally zoned substrate holder including a substantially cylindrical base having top and bottom surfaces configured to support a substrate. A plurality of temperature control elements are disposed within the base. An insulator thermally separates the temperature control elements. The insulator is made from an insulting material having a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity than the base (e.g., a gas- or vacuum-filled chamber).03-22-2012
20110253701HIGH TEMPERATURE CONNECTOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING - This invention generally relates to a connector for attaching an electrical power source to a conductive fiber tow comprising: a flat surface having an upper and a lower mating portion substantially opposing each other; said upper portion includes a plurality of parallel ribbed troughs and said lower portion includes plurality of parallel ribbed protrusions wherein the upper and lower portions of said surface engagingly fasten a portion of said fiber tow between the ribbed protrusions and the ribbed troughs to hold the said fiber in a fixed position; and at least one electrical contact integral to the flat surface to supply electrical energy to said fiber for producing heat energy.10-20-2011
20100282734Joule heated nanowire biosensors - A method of using Joule heating to regenerate nanowire based biosensors. The nanowire based biosensor contains various detection molecules, such as nucleic acids, bound to the surface of the nanowire. Binding of analyte nucleic acids to the detection molecules alters the electrical properties of the nanowire, producing a detectable signal. By passing a Joule heating effective amount of electrical current through the nanowire, the nanowire may be heated to a temperature sufficient to dissociate the bound analyte from the detection molecule, without damaging the detection molecules or the bond between the detection molecules and the nanowire surface. The Joule heated nanowires may thus be regenerated to an analyte-free “fresh” state and used for further sensing. In alternate embodiments, the specificity of the nanowire for a particular analyte may be modulated by using Joule heating to heat the nanowire to an intermediate temperature where some analytes bind and some do not.11-11-2010
20110147367SYSTEM FOR HEATING A VAPOR CELL - A vapor cell includes an interrogation cell in a substrate, the interrogation cell having an entrance window and an exit window, and a first transparent thin-film heater in thermal communication with the entrance window. The transparent thin-film heater has a first layer in communication with a first pole contact at a proximal end of the heater and a layer coupler contact at a distal end, a second layer in communication with a second pole contact at the proximal end, and the second layer electrically coupled to the layer coupler contact at the distal end. An insulating layer is sandwiched between the first and second layers. The insulating layer has an opening at the distal end to admit the layer coupler contact and to insulate the remainder of the second layer from the first layer. The first and second pole contacts are available to complete an electric circuit at the proximal end, with magnetic fields for each of the first and second layers oriented in opposing directions when a current is applied through the circuit.06-23-2011
20100018962Temperature control device for a fuel heater element - A heater temperature closed-loop control circuit includes a basic Wheatstone bridge circuit with an integral heater element, an amplifier integrated circuit receiving a resultant bridge voltage and controlling an amplifier in correlation with the resistance of the heater element, and a supply voltage provided to the Wheatstone bridge circuit when said transistor is turned on. A thermistor may be integrated into the bridge circuit for compensation of ambient temperatures. While the closed-loop control circuit provides a simple and inexpensive method to provide temperature control and protection to any heater element having a positive temperature coefficient, the control circuit may be especially useful for applications in the automotive industry, for example, to control the temperature of a heated fuel injector or of a heated target that generates vapor from liquid fuel injected upon it.01-28-2010
20120000901ELECTROTHERMAL TRANSDUCER, AND TEMPERATURE CONTROLLING DEVICE - The present invention relates to an electrothermal converter, which has at least one cold side and one warm side. Provision is made that all the components of the converter cope with the thermal loads appearing when the converter is operated and/or in particular maintains its mechanical stability.01-05-2012
20110155716STONE PANEL - The present invention relates to a stone panel comprising a top layer, wherein the top layer comprises stone having a surface suitable for forming a floor surface or wall surface when the stone panel is in use; a middle layer comprising a heating assembly which is configured such that it is capable of heating the top layer, and a bottom layer configured to provide structural support to the tope and middle layers and wherein the bottom layer comprises thermally insulating material. The present invention also relates to a method of manufacturing these stone panels and to a control system operable to selectively power one or more of these stone panels.06-30-2011
20120205363CANNED PRODUCT HEATING APPARATUS - A canned product heating apparatus includes: a non-contact type temperature detecting element which is not in contact with a surface of a can container; a directional microphone oriented to a closure of the can container; an interrupting circuit which interrupts an electrical supply to a high-frequency induction heating coil based on a signal transmitted from the directional microphone. The electrical supply to the high-frequency induction heating coil is stopped by the interrupting circuit in case the directional microphone captures sonic waves within a predetermined range.08-16-2012
20120168425HOB HAVING A TEMPERATURE SENSOR - A hob includes at least one heating zone, a temperature sensor for detecting the temperature of a cookware element placed on the heating zone, and a control unit for operating the heating zone. The control unit is constructed to heat up the cookware element in a heat-up phase and to control the temperature of the cookware element to a target temperature in a holding phase in at least one operating mode. In order to enable an energy-saving simmer operation, the control unit detects a boiling point of the liquid contained in the cookware element during the heat-up phase and determines the target temperature as a function of the boiling point.07-05-2012
20120175361SEMICONDUCTOR CERAMIC COMPOSITION, METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME, PTC ELEMENT AND HEAT GENERATING MODULE - There is provided a semiconductor ceramic composition in which a portion of Ba of BaTiO07-12-2012
20120228283OHMIC DEFROSTER FOR FOODS AND PROCESS - The defrosting apparatus of the present invention uses ohmic heating as operating principle, circulating an electric current through blocks of food. In the particular case of foods, electric current conduction capacity is low, which means that energy is dissipated into the material in the form of heat, thereby heating same. In this case, the block of frozen food acts as a resistor in the electrical circuit which opposes the passage of the current. The defrosting apparatus of the present invention generally comprises a plurality of compartments for receiving blocks of frozen food and for connecting said blocks to an electrical circuit by means of electrodes. In addition, the apparatus includes a plurality of heating modules, a module for controlling and monitoring variables, a plurality of power modules for supplying the necessary electrical energy, and a plurality of pneumatic modules for guaranteeing contact between the blocks of food and the electrodes of the power system. The heating modules are designed to receive the frozen blocks of food and to supply the electrical energy necessary to heat the material and to obtain the required temperature. The defrosting apparatus comprises a plurality of heating modules, depending on the capacity required and on the geometry of the blocks of food to be defrosted, and the number of modules may be between four and eight, but is not limited thereto. The module for controlling and monitoring variables is designed to record the behaviour of the variables that play a role in the defrosting process and the operation of the equipment. The equipment includes a single system that governs the entire operation thereof. The defrosting process for blocks of frozen foods is characterized by (i) placing the block of frozen food in a plurality of compartments, (ii) connecting said block to an electrical circuit by means of electrodes, (iii) guaranteeing contact between the frozen block of food and the electrodes, and (iv) circulating an electric current through the block of frozen food. Said electric current is that which is necessary to heat the frozen block of food and to obtain the necessary temperature.09-13-2012
20120080420POWER CONTROL CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR STABILIZING A POWER SUPPLY - The present invention provides a power control circuit connectable to a load adapted to receive a power supply, the power control circuit adapted to absorb power from the power supply and adapted to deliver power to the power supply to stabilize at least one electrical parameter of the power supply. The present invention also provides an associated method of stabilizing at least one electrical parameter of a power supply connectable to a load, the method including absorbing power from the power supply or delivering power to the power supply. The at least one electrical parameter of the power supply includes parameters such as voltage and frequency.04-05-2012
20100230399HEATING CARTRIDGE AND TERMOSTATIC ELEMENT INCLUDING SAME - This heating cartridge (09-16-2010
20120325802CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A THERMAL CIRCUIT - A control system and method for a thermal circuit that includes a control unit (12-27-2012
20120325801OVEN AND METHOD FOR OPERATING AN OVEN - Oven and method for operating an oven, comprising an On/Off-key (12-27-2012
20130020311HEATING CONTROL SYSTEM, DEPOSITION DEVICE PROVIDED THEREWITH, AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL METHOD - In order to make a heating control system which allows a plurality of heaters to heat an object to be heated without depending on a variation in characteristics among a plurality of heater power sources, a heating control system of the present invention includes: a thermocouple (01-24-2013
20130020312SMART LAYERED HEATER SURFACES - A heater system and related methods of heating a surface are provided by the present disclosure that includes, in one form, a substrate defining a heating surface and a layered heater formed on the heating surface. A plurality of nodes are disposed along the heating surface and are in electrical contact with a resistive heating layer of the layered heater, along with a plurality of lead wires connected to the plurality of nodes. In one form, a multiplexer is in communication with the plurality of nodes through the plurality of lead wires, and a controller is in communication with the multiplexer, wherein the multiplexer sequences and transmits resistances from the plurality of nodes to the controller, and the controller controls an amount of power provided to each of the plurality of nodes based on the differences in resistances between the nodes.01-24-2013
20110220634Wirelessly-chargeable heating pad - The present invention provides a wirelessly-chargeable heating pad, which is coupled to an article in a removable manner and is used in combination with a charging device to perform wireless electrical charging. The wirelessly-chargeable heating pad includes a receiver circuit, a heating element, and a pad body. The receiver circuit includes a rechargeable battery. The heating element is electrically connected to the rechargeable battery. The heating element and the receiver circuit are both mounted to the pad body. The article includes a removable mounting structure, so that the wirelessly-chargeable heating pad is removably coupled to the article through the removable mounting structure. The charging device, after receiving electrical power, converts the electrical power into an alternate current signal that is transmitted to the receiver circuit. The receiver circuit receives and converts the alternate current signal into electrical power that is then stored in the rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery subsequently supplies the electrical power to the heating element to give off heat.09-15-2011
20110220633PORTABLE COOLING OR HEATING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF USING SAME - A portable heating and cooling apparatus and method of using the same wherein a temperature-set material is secured in a housing with both rigid and expandable sides. The housing is placed within a container which is so configured such that there is little or no disruption of the contact between the rigid surface and an object to be heated or cooled, whether such contact is direct or via some thermal conductive material.09-15-2011
20110233188DEVICE FOR REMOTELY DETONATING EXPLOSIVES - The present disclosure relates to a device for remotely detonating explosives. According to the present disclosure, the device includes: a heat source in the form of an electric generator for generating a thermal infrared signal, capable of producing two heating zones and mounted in a casing; and a mobile supporting structure bearing the casing at the front and connected to a vehicle at the rear.09-29-2011
20130180977HEATING A SHORT SECTION OF TAPE OR WIRE TO A CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE - Systems and methods of heating a conductive ribbon for sample collection and/or sample processing comprises coupling conducting pads to the conductive ribbon, applying a signal across the conducting pads to cause the conductive ribbon to heat up, taking a measurement of at least one electrical property associated with the conductive ribbon in response to the applied signal, computing a correction for the applied signal to achieve a desired temperature suitable for fixing a sample to the heated conductive ribbon, and adjusting the applied signal to regulate the heat of the conductive ribbon to the desired temperature for a predetermined time.07-18-2013
20120018418TEMPERATURE CONTROLLABLE SHOES - A temperature controllable shoe has a shoe portion with a plurality of peltier chips disposed along an inner portion of the shoe to control the temperature inside the shoe. The user selects a desired temperature. The peltier chips are placed against a heat sink in thermal contact to dissipate any unwanted heat. In one embodiment, a wireless control unit is provided to wirelessly control the temperature of the shoes. Because of the thermal properties of the peltier chips, they can be used to either provide heating or cooling depending on the current flow. In another embodiment, the user wears a battery pack that is connected with a wire to the shoe. In another embodiment, the battery is placed within the shoe. In one embodiment, indicator lights are provided to allow a user to visually ascertain the status of the shoe.01-26-2012
20120018417MULTIPLE-IN-ONE HEATING UNIT - A multiple-in-one heating unit is provided with a means to set a power capacity level from one of multiple choices at which a circuit board draws input power thereby establishing an output power level from the circuit board to generate a prescribed heat capacity. For example, for a 3-in-1 heating unit, the power capacity level is set by a 3-in-1 DIP Switch which can furnish one of three different signals (e.g., PA0, PA1, and PA2) to a control chip. The control chip will manage a relay group or another type component signaling for generating one of three different capacity outputs.01-26-2012

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