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Oven type

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219 - Electric heating


219385000 - Combined with container, enclosure, or support for material to be heated

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219399000 With heat energy transfer, distribution, or accumulator means 43
219392000 Combined with additional material support 23
219401000 With steam generating means 19
219412000 With current or voltage control or regulating means 18
219409000 With heating unit structure or composition 15
219395000 With plurality of separate heating units 14
219402000 With casing or support for heating unit or units 10
219393000 Oven performs plural diverse functions 9
219394000 With plural ovens 6
219406000 With resistance heating means surrounding heating area 3
20080217316Steam Generator For an Autoclave - A steam generator assembly for a sterilization chamber of a surgery autoclave is described, of the type comprising a steam generation compartment and a heating element, wherein the steam generation compartment has at least one portion made of polymeric material, the compartment preferably including a metal tray adjacent to a heating element.09-11-2008
20110198338MULTI-ZONE HEATING SYSTEM - A heating system is disclosed including a cabinet having walls defining an interior heating chamber. Sensors are attached to an exterior surface of the walls. Heating pad subassemblies are attached to the exterior surface of the walls with each heating pad subassemblies located adjacent a corresponding sensor. The heating pad subassemblies include a pad having an attachment face coupled to the exterior surface of the walls and a heating element coupled to the pad. A controller is in electrical communication with the heating elements and the sensors. This controller is configured to independently monitor temperate measurements from each of the sensors and to independently control each of the heating elements. The heating pad subassemblies are positionable on the exterior side of the plurality of walls and the heating system compensates for load variations across the interior heating chamber.08-18-2011
20110198339MULTI-ZONE HEATING SYSTEM - A heating system is disclosed including a cabinet, at least one heating pad subassembly, and a plurality of couplings. The cabinet has walls defining an interior heating chamber. The heating pad subassembly is disposed on an exterior surface of the walls of the cabinet and includes a heating element and a plurality of openings formed there through. The plurality of couplings includes a plurality of coupling first portions disposed on the exterior surface of the walls and a plurality of coupling second portions coupled to the plurality of coupling first portions. At least a portion of the plurality of couplings extend through the plurality of openings in the heating pad subassembly, thereby coupling the heating pad subassembly to the cabinet.08-18-2011
219414000 With switch or other external circuit completing means 2
20110100977OVEN - The present invention relates to an oven (05-05-2011
20110108543SELF CLEANING COOKING OVEN - A self cleaning cooking oven comprises a cabinet having walls defining an oven cavity; a door for closing said oven cavity, a supporting structure for supporting a removable rack structure within said oven cavity, a heating means for heating said oven cavity, and a control means for said heating means selectively operable to control said heating means to effect a cooking operation or a pyrolysis operation, wherein the oven further comprises an actuation means which is removably positionable within said oven cavity by a user, said actuation means, when present within said oven cavity, directly or indirectly acts on said control means to control said heating means for effecting the pyrolysis operation.05-12-2011
219408000 With resistance heating unit or units fixed enclosed by or located within heating area 2
20100006559OVEN WITH IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY DURING GRILLING - An oven comprising a box housing with an internal cavity bounded by walls, and provided on one side with an opening closable by a movable door, at at least one of the walls there being provided a browning or grilling member comprising an electrical resistance element, and presenting a first side facing the wall and a second side, opposite the first side, facing the interior of the oven cavity in which at least one food item is positioned to be subjected to cooking and/or grilling, this latter function being obtained by activating the member. In a position corresponding with first side of the grilling member a flat element is provided presenting two opposing flat faces, a first face presenting high emissivity and the second face presenting high reflectivity or reflective power, the element being able to be moved relative to the member such that this latter can be faced by the first face or the second face, depending on the type of cooking required for the food item positioned within the oven cavity.01-14-2010
20110127252HEATING DEVICE HAVING A FUNCTION OF DYNAMICAL TEMPERATURE-CONTROL - A heating device with a function of dynamical temperature-control includes an oven housing, a door, at least one air-discharge device and a plurality of heaters. The oven housing has a plurality of walls, and the walls define a chamber. The door is pivoted disposed on the oven housing. The air-discharge device and the heaters are disposed on the oven housing. The heaters are respectively dynamical-adjustable and independent-operating heating elements to achieve the uniformity of chamber temperature.06-02-2011
20100140248COOKING APPLIANCE, CONTROLLING SYSTEM FOR COOKING DEVICE AND CONTROLLING METHOD FOR COOKING DEVICE - Provided are a cooking appliance, and a system and method for controlling a cooking appliance. The system includes a RF tag and a cooking appliance. The RF tag stores food information about foods as integrants of a dish and the cooking appliance having a RF reader reads the food information stored in the RF tag. The cooking appliance includes a memory, a cooking appliance controller, and a display unit. The memory stores dish information about dishes that can be cooked using the food information. The cooking appliance controller reads dish information from the memory, and the display unit displays at least one of the dish information to a user.06-10-2010
20120103966SURFACE TEMPERATURE COOKING CONTROL - An oven includes an oven liner defined by front, top, bottom, back and side panels, a heating element thermally coupled to the oven liner, a temperature sensor configured to detect a temperature of a panel of the oven cavity, and a controller operatively coupled to the temperature sensor and the heating element. The controller is configured to energize the heating element as a function of the detected temperature.05-03-2012
20110284518OVEN CONTROL UTILIZING DATA-DRIVEN LOGIC - A method of controlling a cooking appliance is disclosed which includes receiving an input corresponding to a staged cooking function, retrieving a preselected parameter set from a data library, the preselected parameter set defining the staged cooking function and including a first heating element behavior parameter and a first temperature parameter, selecting a first heating element behavior from a control library based upon the first heating element behavior parameter, and operating one or more heating elements according to the first heating element behavior and the first temperature parameter. An oven and a tangible, machine-readable medium are also disclosed.11-24-2011
20090166349Memory Transfer Device - A medical warming cabinet and a method of installing a controller into a medical warming cabinet is disclosed that allows for easy transfer of operation parameters between controllers. Should a controller fail, the removable memory device can be removed from the failed controller and inserted into the replacement controller. This provides the benefits of a generic controller (e.g., low cost and good availability), but eliminates the tedious and costly necessity of having to reprogram the controller during maintenance.07-02-2009
20120168424Over Device of Tunnel-Type Sterilization Dryer - An oven device of a tunnel type sterilization dryer comprises a case body (07-05-2012
20090266807OVEN CONTROL SYSTEM - An oven control system and methods of operating the same are disclosed. The oven control system provides various automated tracking and control functions to reduce errors and defects in oven cure operations.10-29-2009
20090184104COOKING DEVICE - A cooking device comprises a cooking device body comprising a heating chamber for heating an object; a fan, comprising a bladed wheel and a casing having the bladed wheel in rotatable manner, to discharge air in the heating chamber; and an exhaust duct comprising an exhaust guide plane to guide the air blown out by the fan to the outside of the cooking device body. The casing comprises an arc-shaped guide plane to guide an air flow generated by a rotation of the bladed wheel in a rotation direction of the bladed wheel, and an outlet port opened from a part of the arc-shaped guide plane to one side in a tangent direction of the arc-shaped guide plane. The rotation direction of the bladed wheel is a direction opposite to the opening direction of the outlet port, and turbulence is generated in the exhaust duct.07-23-2009
20090242541ELECTRIC OVEN AND DOOR THEREOF - A door provided with a plurality of insulation layers formed on a periphery portion of a door glass is provided. By the insulation layers, the transferring of heat generated in a cooking chamber to an external side can be remarkably reduced.10-01-2009
20090255918FULL GLASS OVEN DOOR - An oven door comprises a structure with internal glass plates, the external glass plate being bigger than the internal glass plates. The door further comprises a housing of polymeric material for electrical and/or electronic components of an user interface integral with the door, the housing being shell-shaped and being mounted on an internal face of the external glass plate, above the internal glass plates.10-15-2009
20100147823OVEN CONTROL SYSTEM WITH GRAPHICAL DISPLAY - A cooking appliance includes an oven cavity adapted to be used in cooking foods and a control system includes a display device for presenting available programming options to a user through pictorial images, such as in prompting a user to input information relating to a food product to be cooked. The display device also presents graphical instructions relating to cooking the food product. A controller is provided for establishing a cooking operation within the oven cavity based on the selected programming options.06-17-2010
20090242542ELECTRIC OVEN - An electric oven has an air passage structure that is designed to effectively cool down electric components. The air passage structure quickly cools down a variety of electric components on a top surface of a cavity using air introduced from outside the oven. The oven has a series of passages and openings allowing the effective movement of air past the electric components and through the oven.10-01-2009
20100140247WIRING ASSEMBLY FOR AN APPLIANCE - A wiring assembly for an appliance is disclosed. The appliance has a main body and a door movably attached to the main body. The wiring assembly includes a base attachable to the door and having a first end and a second end; a slide slidably mounted on the base so that the slide is moveable between a first position where the slide is adjacent to the first end and a second position where the slide is adjacent to the second end; a tensioning or biasing member engaging the slide with the base and biasing the slide to the first position; and a cable assembly including a power/communication cable attachable to the main body and connected to the slide. An appliance incorporating such a wiring assembly is also disclosed.06-10-2010
20100219174Selective Reflectivity Process Chamber with Customized Wavelength Response and Method - A customizable chamber spectral response is described which can be used at least to tailor chamber performance for wafer heating, wafer cooling, temperature measurement, and stray light. In one aspect, a system is described for processing a treatment object having a given emission spectrum at a treatment object temperature which causes the treatment object to produce a treatment object radiated energy. The chamber responds in a first way to the heating arrangement radiated energy and in a second way to the treatment object radiated energy that is incident thereon. The chamber may respond in the first way by reflecting the majority of the heat source radiated energy and in the second way by absorbing the majority of the treatment object radiated energy. Different portions of the chamber may be treated with selectively reflectivity based on design considerations to achieve objectives with respect to a particular chamber performance parameter.09-02-2010
20120061375SYSTEM FOR SUPPLEMENTATION OF APPLIANCE STANDBY MODE WITH INTERNAL POWER SOURCE - A system is provided for supplementing the power usage of an appliance with an internal power source, such as e.g., a battery, in order to limit the overall power consumption of the appliance while in standby mode. The system can allow for replenishing the internal power source when the appliance is not in standby mode or even when in standby mode if such will not exceed the external power source consumption limit. In the event the internal power source is not available or is reaching depletion, the system can provide for disabling electronic features of the appliance in order to maintain the external power source consumption below the desired limit.03-15-2012
20120168423METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TOP HEAT BAKE ASSIST IN A GAS OVEN APPLIANCE - A method and apparatus are described for providing top heat to assist with baking in an oven appliance having a gas bake burner. The top heat is provided by a heating element positioned in the top of the oven cavity. This top heating element is operated in a manner that assists the bottom, gas bake burner with properly browning the food on both its top and bottom. The operation of the both the top heating element and the gas bake burner can be varied to provide proper cooking and browning based upon e.g., the type of food being cooked, the amount of food being cooked, and the level of browning desired.07-05-2012

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