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219 - Electric heating


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219202000 Vehicle or vehicle component 195
219209000 Electrical devices 82
219213000 Static structure (e.g., building pavement, etc.) 42
219211000 Apparel 34
219217000 Chair, bed, or other body-supporting means 25
219220000 Light means 22
219216000 Printing or reproduction device 15
219212000 Bed covering (e.g., blanket) 9
219218000 Table or cabinet 6
219214000 Vending, dispensing, or display device 5
20130075384PERSONAL LUBRICANT WARMING APPARATUS - A lubricant warming apparatus may warm a container of lubricant to a desired temperature. The apparatus may include an outer shell, a heating shell, and a receptacle. The heating shell maybe nested within the outer shell. The receptacle may be nested within the heating shell. The heating shell may include a lip with tapering contour sides that slope downward from a collar to a front end of the heating shell. The tapering contour sides may expose a front face of the receptacle. A basket may be suspended into the receptacle holding the container of lubricant in a water bath.03-28-2013
20100200559Hose heater - A hose heater for use in outdoor or unheated interior spaces of a home, construction office or farm. The hose heater includes an enclosure having a hose reel for storing the hose also having an electrical heating unit to warm the stored hose between uses. A heating core located in the center of the reel provides heat, keeping the hose from freezing. The enclosure which itself may be heated or unheated, blankets the hose to provide heat to the outer hose coils to ensure that the extremities are maintained at a freeze-free temperature. This can be used in small scale farming, outside use, and other areas where animals and ice rinks need watering in winter with a hose.08-12-2010
20090134139Versatile Bath and Cleansing Water Dispenser and Methods of Production - A bathing and cleansing device is described that includes a heating mechanism; a liquid reservoir coupled to the heating mechanism, and a dispensing mechanism coupled to the liquid reservoir.05-28-2009
20110049119Method of Storing and Displaying Heated Food - A heated food storage and display cabinet comprises an open fronted enclosed chamber within which packs of food can be stored, the cabinet including flow inducing means and heater means arranged in an upper region thereof, the flow inducing means being operable to draw air from an upper portion of the enclosed chamber, direct the air over the heater means to heat the air and subsequently urge the heated air down the rear wall of the chamber and across the floor of the chamber towards the open front of the chamber, said heated air being subsequently directed upwardly and rearwardly across the open front of the chamber by an airflow direction member of the chamber to provide a heated air curtain across the open front of the chamber, wherein a portion of the heated air passes into the chamber as said heated air moves down the rear wall and across the floor so as to pass over and around packs of food stored therein.03-03-2011
20110147361HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE - A household appliance includes a first oven, a second oven disposed above the first oven and a shared housing surrounding the first and second ovens. The shared housing includes two separable parts defining a partition plane between the first and second ovens. At least one connecting element forms a hinged connection between the two separable parts of the shared housing. Control, operating and display elements are disposed in a top part of the shared housing.06-23-2011
20100089893TUBULAR HEATING ELEMENT WITH TEMPERATURE SENSOR - A heating element for metallic plastic injection nozzles with a tubular hollow metal body (04-15-2010
20110186558HEATING DEVICE HAVING HANGING PORTION - A device is provided that includes an enclosure, a heating element and a hanging portion. The enclosure has a first end and a top surface. The heating element is disposed within the enclosure. The hanging portion is connected to the first end and can hang the enclosure in a direction that is normal to the top surface.08-04-2011
20130075381Occupant sensing and heating textile - A textile electrode material comprises an electrically conductive textile sheet material having a first sheet resistance. According to the invention the electrical properties of at least one specific region of said textile sheet material are modified with respect to the other regions so that in said specific region the textile electrode has a second sheet resistance, which is substantially lower than said first sheet resistance.03-28-2013
20130075382DIELECTRIC BARRIER DISCHARGE WIND TUNNEL - Embodiments of the subject invention are directed to methods and apparatus for inducing fluid flow in a wind tunnel using one or more plasma actuators. In an embodiment, a wind tunnel is provided having a flow passage. A pair of electrodes is positioned on at least one surface of the flow passage, and a voltage potential is applied across the pair of electrodes producing a plasma discharge in the flow passage. In an embodiment, the pair of electrodes is positioned on the at least one surface of the flow passage such that when the plasma discharge is produced an electrohydrodynamic (EHD) body force is generated that induces flow of a fluid in the flow passage.03-28-2013
20100116805OVEN - The present invention discloses an oven with a spray device, comprising: a main body, a heating chamber used for heating food disposed inside the main body, a spray device used for spraying the vapor into the heating chamber is set on the main body. The spray device comprising: a water tank, a piston, a electromagnetic valve, a spray. unit By controlling of the electromagnetic valve, the spray device can automatically humidify the food.05-13-2010
20120205362Electric Heater and Assembly Therefor - The invention relates to an electric heater for a motor vehicle, the heater includes at least one branch circuit in which a field effect transistor is connected in series to the resistor, and a control circuit for regulating power, wherein the control circuit taps a voltage signal between the field effect transistor and the resistor and, on the basis thereof and in combination with a setpoint value signal, generates an output signal which is present at a control input of the field effect transistor. According to the invention, the resistor is a ceramic PTC resistor which is mounted with the field effect transistor on a common heat sink.08-16-2012
20090159583 COSMETIC APPLICATOR DEVICE INCLUDING A HEATER MEMBER - A device for applying a composition may include an independent electrical energy source, at least one heater member that is powered by the independent electrical energy source and a circuit for controlling the power supply to the heater member. The circuit may be configured to power the heater member at least two power settings that differ at least as a function of the depletion state of the independent electrical energy source.06-25-2009
20120181260KINETIC DEICER AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - Disclosed are devices, systems and methods for deicing fluids, including water. The disclosed devices, methods and systems impart kinetic energy to deice the fluid.07-19-2012
20120181259Laser Scribing Of Thin-Film Solar Cell Panel - The present invention describes an apparatus (07-19-2012
20090302019Apparatus and Method for Vaporizing Volatile Material - A volatile material vaporizing apparatus features a heating element and heating element controls supported in separate housings to avoid exposure of the controls to heat produced by the heating element. Another embodiment features an elongate heating element supported entirely within a housing having an open end sized to fit over the bowl of an existing smoking device so that drawing air through the smoking device induces airflow into an inlet opening of the housing, along the heating element disposed therein, and onward to the smoking device. In another embodiment, a housing includes a plug portion slidable into a cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle to establish connection with electrical contacts therein. A heating chamber opposite the plug portion is in fluid communication with a heating element in the housing, and an inlet opening allows airflow into the housing for flow along the heating element into the heating chamber.12-10-2009
20130062328ELECTRODE, ELECTRICALLY HEATING TYPE CATALYST DEVICE USING SAME, AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF ELECTRICALLY HEATING TYPE CATALYST DEVICE - An electrode according to one aspect of the present invention is formed on a base material composed of a ceramics. The electrodes includes a matrix composed of an Ni-Cr alloy (with a Cr content of 20 to 60 wt. %) or an MCrAlY alloy (M is at least one material selected from Fe, Co and Ni), and a disperse phase that is dispersed in the matrix and composed of an oxide mineral having a laminated structure. The ratio of area occupied by the disperse phase in a cross section of the electrode is 40 to 80%. With the structure like this, it is possible to suppress the increase in the electrical resistance even after a thermal cycle is performed.03-14-2013
20130161304Carpet Seaming Iron - A carpet seaming iron includes a base assembly and a top cover, within which the heating and control components are located. A bimetal thermostat, an over-temperature cutoff, and/or a thermistor and thermistor cover are secured between the base assembly and top cover by an elevated surface of the base assembly. The base assembly may include a base having an outer groove such that the top cover that fits over the base and in the outer groove of the base. To keep the cord away from a user during operation, the handle of the carpet seaming iron may also be attached to the cord by a rotatable cord guard holder that extends the cord away from the handle and a semi-rigid cord guard that reduces bending of the cord.06-27-2013
20130161305HIGH DEFINITION HEATER AND METHOD OF OPERATION - An apparatus is provided, by way of example, a heater for use in semiconductor processing equipment that includes a base functional layer having at least one functional zone. A substrate is secured to the base functional layer, and a tuning layer is secured to the substrate opposite the base functional layer. The tuning layer includes a plurality of zones that is greater in number than the zones of the base functional layer, and the tuning layer has lower power than the base functional layer. Further, a component, such as a chuck by way of example, is secured to the tuning layer opposite the substrate. The substrate defines a thermal conductivity to dissipate a requisite amount of power from the base functional layer.06-27-2013
20120091109Special heating floor mat device for heavy duty applications - A heating floor mat device for heavy duty vehicle applications comprised of an electrically heat able floor mat with a non-slip surface; at least one hold down component with features to enable the mat to be safely and removably secured to a floor board; electrical conductors for the resistance heating in the mat and for connecting the mat to a power of a floor of a vehicle and connected to an on-board power source to enable controlled heat to be delivered to the floor board and to reduce icy and wet conditions in the compartment of the vehicle.04-19-2012
20110278276PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR CONTINUOUS PURIFICATION OF A SOLID MIXTURE BY FRACTIONAL SUBLIMATION/DESUBLIMATION - A process is proposed for continuously purifying a solid mixture comprising a sublimable product of value and components with lower and higher sublimation temperatures by fractional sublimation/desublimation in a hot wall tubular oven (11-17-2011
20110284514METHOD TO PROVIDE A HEATED FLUID FROM A FLUID CONTAINER AND HEATING DEVICE FOR COOPERATION WITH A FLUID CONTAINER - The invention relates to a method to provide a heated fluid from a fluid container comprising a fluid having a lower temperature wherein a user provides a kinetic motion which motion results in an electric current, which electric current is directly or indirectly used to heat the fluid The invention is also directed to a heating device, intended for cooperating with a fluid container, equipped with a discharge opening fluidly connected to a nozzle, in which the heating device is equipped with means of attachment for attaching the heating device on to the fluid container and fixing means for connection to a flow opening of the fluid container, a fluid space for the reception of an amount of fluid from the flow opening from the fluid container, means of heating for heating the fluid present in the fluid space and a generator for generating electrical energy for the means of heating11-24-2011
20110297659MULTI PURPOSE HEATING AND COOLING SAFETY DEVICE - A heating and cooling device is disclosed. The device has an outer covering, and a plurality of heating and cooling coils within the covering. A plurality of flexible air flow chambers inside the covering provide air flow over the heating and cooling coils, and a plurality of vents exit the outer covering from the plurality of air conduits12-08-2011
20110290773VIDEOSCOPE PREHEATER - A videoscope preheater for preheating an endoscope includes: a support tube; an electrical heating layer uniformly coated on an outer surface of the support tube, one side of the electrical heating layer being connected with a power cable for connecting with an external power supply; and a capsule layer coated on an outer surface of the electrical heating layer for fixing and protecting the electrical heating layer and the power cable. The capsule layer is a thermally contractible capsule film, which is fitted around the electrical heating layer and then heated to contract for insulating the electrical heating layer and the support tube from ambient environment. In use, the endoscope is fitted into the support tube and the electrical heating layer is powered on to generate heat and uniformly heat the endoscope. The heating efficiency of the videoscope preheater is controllable by means of adjusting the current and voltage input.12-01-2011
20110062134METHOD FOR PRODUCING METALLISED TEXTILE SURFACES USING ELECTRICITY-GENERATING OR ELECTRICITY-CONSUMING ELEMENTS - Processes for producing a metalized textile surface for one or more articles needing or generating electric current. The process comprises (A) applying a formulation comprising at least one metal powder (a) as a component to a textile surface in a patterned or uniform manner; (B) fixing the one or more articles needing or generating electric current in at least two locations of the textile surface where the formulation was applied in step (A); and (C) depositing a further metal on the textile surface. The formulation may comprise a metal powder, a binder, an emulsifier and, if appropriate, a rheology modifier.03-17-2011
20110290774HANDLING AN INSERT TO IMPLANT IT IN A CELLULAR PANEL AND TO WITHDRAW IT FROM THE PANEL - Tooling is organized firstly to implant an insert (12-01-2011
20110215077WATER DRAIN TOOL - A water drain tool for opening a water drain valve of an aircraft fuel tank, the tool comprising a probe and a heat source, wherein the probe is adapted to engage the valve in order to open it and the heat source is adapted to direct heat towards the valve when the valve is being opened. The valve is heated with the probe in order to melt ice formed within the valve which may otherwise impede its normal operation.09-08-2011
20090152257Electric Heating Device - An electric heating device includes: a conductive fabric including a plurality of thread sets and a plurality of parallel first insulator threads, each of the thread sets including a plurality of parallel conductive threads interlaced with the first insulator threads; and a heat-generating material covering the conductive fabric. The heat-generating material has a resistivity greater than a resistivity of the conductive threads.06-18-2009
20110168686CARTRIDGE SOLDERING IRON ASSEMBLY AND A SOLDERING IRON - An approach is provided for adaptively indicating users to operate a cartridge-type soldering iron with a proper setting temperature. The cartridge soldering iron assembly includes a sleeve and a color indicator. The sleeve coupled to a connector and a tip. The color indicator indicates a setting temperature of the tip, is disposed on an outer surface of the sleeve and is associated with the sleeve at a predetermined position.07-14-2011
20100288743Heating Apparatus, and Steam Generator and Home Appliance Using the Same - A heating apparatus and a steam generator that is capable of heating water to produce hot water or steam and an electric home appliance that is capable of washing, rinsing, drying, or sterilizing an object using the same are disclosed. The heating apparatus and steam generator include a heating member, a fixing unit assembly for fixing the heating member to a predetermined support structure, a thermostat mounted to the fixing unit assembly for preventing the heating member from overheating, and a heat transfer member connected between the heating member and the thermostat for transferring heat from the heating member to the thermostat. The electric home appliance includes the heating apparatus and steam generator.11-18-2010
20090090703Heating resistance element component and thermal printer - Provided is a heating resistance element component, including: a supporting substrate; an insulating film laminated on the supporting substrate; a plurality of heating resistors arranged at intervals on the insulating film; a common wire connected to one end of each of the plurality of heating resistors; and individual wires each connected to another end of the each of the plurality of heating resistors, in which a surface of the supporting substrate is formed with a first concave portion and a second concave portion, the first concave portion being arranged in a region opposed to heating portions of the plurality of heating resistors, the second concave portion being arranged at an interval in a vicinity of the first concave portion. Accordingly, heating efficiency of the heating resistors can be increased to reduce power consumption, and a strength of the substrate under the heating resistors can be increased.04-09-2009
20090166347TRANSPARENT GLAZING PROVIDED WITH LAMINATED HEATING SYSTEM - A transparent windowpane including a resistive heating coating that extends over a substantial part of a surface of the windowpane, and over a main field of view, and which is electrically connected, at least indirectly, with at least two busbars such that, when a power supply voltage is applied between the two busbars, a current flows between the busbars, heating a heating field in the heating coating. The heating field includes at least one semiresistive region in direct contact with at least one busbar, and including conducting strands in a form of thin longitudinal wires, the ohmic resistance of which is less than that of the heating coating. At least one conducting strand has a transverse conducting structure in electrical contact with the semiresistive region.07-02-2009
20080272104Heated handle construction - A heated handle construction for integration and/or detachable mounting on an umbrella, cane, walker, crutches, wheelchair, snow shovel, baby stroller, golf club, hockey stick, animal lead/leash, knitting needle and crochet hook has an integral stem portion constructed with a handle portion, a central shaft, and a bearing member. The handle has an outer show surface and is composed of a thermally insulating material, wound with wrapped flexible heating tape or strip, and connected through an on-off switch to a plurality of batteries present in a hollow cavity of the central shaft. Optionally, a thermally insulating foam tape is inserted between the heating element and the thermally insulating handle. An infrared reflector placed below the heating element directs heat to the user's hand. The heating element raises the temperature of the handle, radiating heat to the hand of the user, thereby providing a comfortable grip during use in wintry weather. The handle is, optionally, adapted to interchangeably mount on more than one device.11-06-2008
20080210678Towel and garment warmer - A towel and garment warmer comprising an elongated cabinet having sidewalls that define a warming chamber with an open upper end that is closed by a lid pivotally attached to a sidewall. The cabinet is configured to allow the articles to be warmed to hang in the warming chamber. Attached to the bottom surface of the lid is one or more hooks or other securing mechanisms configured to secure the articles in the warming chamber. A source of warm air is located at the lower end of the heating chamber to direct warm air upward so as to substantially evenly warm the articles. Air is discharged from the warming chamber through vents located in the lid. A cooling system has a source of cool air in communication with the warming chamber to allow the user to inject cool air so as to cool and freshen the articles therein.09-04-2008
20110204036HEAT TREATMENT APPARATUS - Provided is a heat treatment apparatus having a temperature detection unit installed outside a reaction chamber and capable of preventing a process gas from contacting the temperature detection unit to form a film and improving reliability and reproduction of a measurement value of the temperature detection unit. The heat treatment apparatus for growing a single crystalline film or polycrystalline films on a plurality of substrates includes a boat configured to hold the plurality of substrates, a cylindrical heat generating material (08-25-2011
20090139972DOCKING CONNECTOR - A heatable electric connector for preventing frosting of an electrical connector of the heatable electric connector is provided. A heating element provides indirect heating or optionally direct heating of the electrical connector. A temperature controller senses an approximate temperature of the electrical connector and compares the connector temperature to a set-point temperature and either turns on or off the heating element thereby ensuring that the electrical connector is of a suitable temperature so that frost does not form and/or accumulate on the connector.06-04-2009
20120067861NOZZLE HOUSING ASSEMBLY - A nozzle housing assembly, which is used in a convection heating furnace for a heat treatable glass sheet. The nozzle housing assembly comprises an elongated enclosure, at least one elongated heating resistance in the enclosure for heating convection air, and orifices in a bottom surface of the enclosure for blasting heated convection air against the glass sheet. The enclosure is divided with a flow-throttling partition into a top supply duct and a bottom nozzle box, the heating resistances being housed in the latter. Flow-throttling openings present in the partition are positioned to comply with the location and shape of the heating resistances.03-22-2012
20090008375Double Arrangement of Domestic Appliances - A group of domestic appliances mounted next to each other and substantially similarly oriented, each domestic appliance including a plurality of operator control elements, the group of domestic appliances comprising at least two domestic appliances and wherein the plurality of operator control elements is duplicated in the at least two of domestic appliances.01-08-2009
20090242537Heater apparatus, system, and method for stabilizing a sheet material - An apparatus for stabilizing a sheet material by near-field levitation comprises a heater plate including a heating element and a radiation surface which vibrates when the heater plate receives an acoustic wave. The apparatus further comprises at least one vibration source coupled to the heater plate and operable to transmit the acoustic wave to the heater plate.10-01-2009
20120103958FLOW THROUGH HEATER - An electrical heating device for medical equipment is provided. The heating device includes a body, which may be an insulating body forming a channel therethrough for fluid travel, an insulating material surrounding the body, and a heater surrounding the body and the insulating material. In other forms, the electrical heating device for medical equipment has a conducting body, instead of an insulating body, forming a channel therethrough for fluid travel. A base dielectric layer is disposed on the conducting body, and a heater surrounds the base dielectric layer and the conducting body. A top dielectric layer is disposed on the heater, and a protection housing surrounds the top dielectric layer.05-03-2012
20100193493ELECTRICALLY HEATED TOWEL RACK - An electrically heated towel rack including two parallel retractable arms (08-05-2010
20120031889MOUNTING TABLE STRUCTURE AND PROCESSING APPARATUS - Provided is a mounting table structure on which a target object is mounted to perform a heat treatment on the target object in a processing chamber and which heats the mounted target object. Outermost peripheral feed lines are connected to a plurality of positions different in the circumferential direction of an outermost peripheral resistance heating heater for heating an outermost peripheral heating zone of a mounting table body, thereby dividing the outermost peripheral resistance heating heater into a plurality of heater sections. A heater control unit can individually control electrical states (for example, voltage application states, zero potential states, and floating states) of the respective outermost peripheral feed lines. The power supply state of each of the heater sections can be changed by a simple configuration.02-09-2012
20100012639SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HORIZONTAL AXIS BASED FOOD STIRRING - A food cooking device includes a base housing defining an interior space and a heating element within the interior space. The heating element provides a source of heat for cooking food. A bowl is separate from the heating element and is positionable into the interior space with the heating element between the base housing and the bowl. The bowl may have a concave bottom wall defining an exterior surface and an interior surface, the interior surface defining a food space for receiving food for cooking. The bowl further has an upper rim defining an opening to the food space. A lid cooperates with the bowl to close the opening to the food space. A stirrer is positionable within the food space, the stirrer being rotatable within the food space about a substantially horizontal axis.01-21-2010
20100213182METHOD FOR DISPLAYING, PARTICULARLY A HEATING OR COOLING CURVE, AND COOKING APPLIANCE FOR CARRYING OUT SUCH A METHOD - The invention relates to a method for displaying the curve when a desired climate has been reached in a cooking compartment of a cooking appliance by taking into account at least one actual value of the first variable that changes over time and is characteristic of the climate in the cooking compartment. Said method is characterized in that the actual value of the first variable is detected at least once during an interval t08-26-2010
20100237054SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PULSED INDUCTION HEAT REMOVAL OF COMPONENTS FROM STRUCTURAL ASSEMBLIES - A pulsed induction heating system removes bonded elements from underlying substrates. A coil loop of a tool fits around the base of the element to be removed. The tool heats the element and the substrate in short pulses that are followed by brief, non-heated wait periods. The temperature of the substrate is measured during the wait periods between pulses to avoid overheating. When the substrate reaches a target temperature, the adhesive is sufficiently softened such that the element and adhesive are readily scraped off without damaging the substrate.09-23-2010
20120193337ELECTRIC OVEN WITH A HEATING ELEMENT REFLECTOR - An electric oven with a heating element designed to conduct broiling operations includes a reflector that is mounted between the heating element and a ceiling of a cooking cavity. The reflector can include reflecting portions that extend downward from side, rear or front edges of the reflector to help focus radiant energy produced by a heating element downward onto an underlying cooking surface. The reflector can also include a plurality of curved segments that are designed to reflect radiant energy emitted upward by the heating element back downward onto an underlying cooking surface. The curved segments can have varying focal lengths to help more evenly distribute the reflected radiant energy across the underlying cooking surface.08-02-2012
20090321406FIXING HEATER AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A fixing heater (A12-31-2009
20090107973HEATING AND HEAT PRESERVATION COVER AND HEAT PRESERVATION COVER - The invention relates to a heating and heat preservation cover and a heat preservation cover. The heating and heat preservation cover of the invention has a heat source device. The heat source device can provide heat to maintain the temperature and the quality of food disposed in the heating and heat preservation cover, to maintain the freshness and the tastiness of the food after cooking. Furthermore, the heating and heat preservation cover can avoid contact with and contamination from the outside, is foldable and portable, and can be easily received after being used so that its volume is reduced.04-30-2009
20100320185BAND HEATER SYSTEMS AND ASSEMBLY METHODS - A band heater assembly for heating an object includes a band heater that extends around at least a portion of a perimeter of the object. The band heater includes a cable and a band. The cable includes a resistive element, a first cable end and a second cable end. The resistive element generates thermal energy based on a current received from a power source. The first cable end and the second cable end are connected to respective ends of the band heater assembly. The band is connected to the cable and transfers a first portion of the thermal energy to an exterior surface of the object. At least a portion of the cable is exposed from the band heater to contact the exterior surface when the band heater assembly is connected to the object.12-23-2010
20110127245Soap saver - The Soap Saver consists of a rectangular receptacle, similar in appearance to industrial soap dispensers. The Soap Saver is manufactured of heavy duty plastic or metal material and features electronic components, powered by a standard 9-volt battery. Incorporated into the design of the unit is an internally contained heating element which functions to soften soap placed inside the device. Along with a dispensing button, a simple on/off switch is also included for use in activating the unit.06-02-2011
20110240622METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CREATING A TEMPERATURE GRADIENT AMONG A PLURALITY OF TEMPERATURE GRADIENT STRUCTURES - A method and device for creating a temperature gradient among a plurality of temperature gradient devices. Each device is formed of a first layer of conductive material having a top surface and a bottom surface. The first layer is adjacent to a second layer of conductive material and has electrical resistive heating properties. A power supply is used to provide a current flow through at least the first layer when the power supply is activated. When activated, the resulting current flow causes the second layer to heat and thus create a temperature gradient between the bottom surface of the second layer and the top surface of the first layer. Activation of the power supply is controlled by a control unit so that activation of adjacent temperature gradient devices is avoided for a predetermined time after activation of the first temperature gradient device.10-06-2011
20110108537TRANSPARENT WINDOW WITH A HEATABLE COATING AND LOW-IMPEDANCE CONDUCTING STRUCTURES - The present invention relates to a transparent pane with an electrically heatable coating, which extends over a major part of the surface area of the pane and is electrically connected to at least two low-impedance bus bars lying opposite one another, at least one conducting structure (05-12-2011
20110079588DEVICE FOR REMOVAL OF EXCESS EMBEDDING MEDIUM - A device for removal of excess embedding media from the surface of an embedded sample, particularly for removing wax from the outside of a tissue cassette, comprising a rack (04-07-2011
20100200555REFRIGERATOR-OVEN COMBINATION FOR AN AIRCRAFT GALLEY FOOD SERVICE SYSTEM - A refrigerator-oven combination for an aircraft galley food service system includes a housing with a thermally insulated compartment, a heating device for heating the compartment in a heating mode, and a refrigeration device for cooling the compartment in a refrigeration mode.08-12-2010
20110084054MASSAGE STONE WARMING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a massage stone warming apparatus for warming massage stones comprising: a top member; a bottom member, where the top member and bottom member engage each other at several points; a plurality of pockets, said plurality of pockets are adapted to receive massage stones, and said plurality of pockets include integrated carbon fiber wires, said wires transfer heat to the massage stones; a plurality of slots, where said plurality of slots lie between the top member and the bottom member, said each slot is adapted to receive one of the plurality of pockets; a power supply that supplies power to the carbon fiber wires; and a regulating mechanism for regulating temperature within the plurality of pockets. The massage stone warming apparatus may include removable pouches to hold the massage stones.04-14-2011
20110062135DE-ICING OR DEFOGGING SYSTEM FOR OPTICAL INSTRUMENT AND IMAGE ACQUISITION DEVICE PROVIDED WITH SAID SYSTEM - The disclosed embodiments relate to a defogging or de-icing system for an optical instrument including a protection housing. According to the disclosed embodiments, the system includes: a porthole covered on at least one face thereof with a heat conducting film provided at the edge of the useful area of said porthole, the porthole being mounted on the protection housing, heating members placed in contact with the film for heating said film, and a power supply circuit for the heating members.03-17-2011
20110062136GLOW PLUG - The invention relates to a glow plug for Diesel engines, comprising a housing, a heater rod, which is movable in the housing in axial direction and projects from the housing at a forward end, and a pressure measuring device for measuring a combustion chamber pressure exerted on the heater rod. It is provided according to the invention that a housing chamber is filled with a substance having or achieving liquid to paste-like consistency at temperatures occurring during operation and conducting heat generated by the heater rod to the housing.03-17-2011
20110174795TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM - A temperature control system includes a temperature sensing module, a temperature control module, a pulse width modulation control module, a heating module, a heat dissipating module, and a switch module. The temperature sensing module is configured to obtain a current ambient temperature in a test box. The temperature control module is configured to output a control signal according to a difference between the current ambient temperature and a reference temperature. The pulse width modulation control module is configured to output a pulse width modulation signal according to the control signal. The switch module is configured to instruct the heating module or the heat dissipating module according to the pulse width modulation signal to keep the current ambient temperature generally equal to the reference temperature in the test box.07-21-2011
20110147356UV LED BASED LAMP FOR COMPACT UV CURING LAMP ASSEMBLIES - An ultraviolet (UV) LED-based lamp for UV curing lamp assemblies is disclosed. An array of UV emitting LEDs are packaged together and arranged along the length of a cylindrical lens to form a UV LED-based optical component assembly. The UV LED-based optical component assembly may be made to be modular. A UV LED lamp assembly may comprise a plurality of UV LED-based optical component assemblies arranged around a workpiece tube. The workpiece tube may be filled with an inert gas and may be made of quartz or glass. One or more curved back reflectors may be placed opposite the LED UV LED-based optical component assemblies to collect UV light escaping the workpiece tube and refocus the light to the other side of the workpiece. The UV LEDs may be arranged on a single surface or a multi-level tiered platform.06-23-2011
20120067860WATER HEATER WITH POWER CONSUMPTION REPORTING - A hot water heater and method that includes power consumption reporting to enable consumers to better understand and control the energy usage and/or efficiency of the hot water heater. Monitoring energy consumption of an electric hot water heater having at least one electrical load that is selectively activated by a controller of the hot water heater includes sensing the amount of time the at least one electrical load is activated multiplying the amount of time by a known value corresponding to a power rating of the electrical load to determine energy consumed, and displaying on a display device an indicator corresponding to the energy consumed.03-22-2012
20120199568METHOD OF MITIGATING STRATIFICATION OF TEMPERATURE WITHIN THE INTERIOR OF A MOBILE HEATED CABINET, AND MOBILE HEATED CABINET USING SAME - A mobile heated cabinet and method of mitigating stratification of temperature within the interior of the mobile heated cabinet are disclosed, wherein the mobile heated cabinet can be used to both (a) store food at a stationary location and (b) store and transport food when moved from the stationary location. The disclosed mobile heated cabinet and method mitigate stratification of temperature by providing a heating device, an air circulating device, an external power source, and a self-contained power source.08-09-2012
20080203076Method and Apparatus for Heating an Object - Rapid heating of a surface of an object is achieved by moving the surface of the object proximate to one or more flexible baffles. The one or more flexible baffles are in fluid communication with a pressurized and heated flow of air. The one or more baffles are arranged to contact the surface of the object in the absence of the flow of air. The flow of air creates a gap between the one or more flexible baffles and the adjacent portions of the surface. The flow of air traveling through the gap heats these portions of the surface with a high thermal transfer efficiency. Objects to be heated may include substantially two-dimensional planar objects such as thin plates, as well as three-dimensional objects such as cylinders.08-28-2008
20120199569HEATABLE GLAZING - A heatable glazing is disclosed in which electrical heating elements such as fine wires are connected to a busbar. The resistance of the busbar is chosen such that, at the supply voltage of the installation, the busbar provides heating of a portion of the glazing in which it is located08-09-2012
20120145693HYBRID HEATING APPARATUS - A heating apparatus can be a dual heating power source or a hybrid heater. For example, the heating apparatus can include a fuel delivery system for combusting a gas fuel and a separate electronic heater. Other types of heating sources or methods can also be used to provide the heating apparatus with more than one heating source and/or heating method. The heating apparatus can also include one or more air flow channel to facilitate efficient heating of air flow through the heating apparatus.06-14-2012
20110114618UNIVERSAL FOOD HOLDING CABINET WITH SNAP-IN ESCUTCHEONS - Bezels or escutcheons for a temperature-controlled food holding cabinet are removable and field replaceable by the use of interlocking tabs and detents that hold the escutcheon in place and align the escutcheon to electrical connectors. A tab formed on either the escutcheon or chassis of the cabinet, engages a corresponding detent formed on either the cabinet chassis or the escutcheon. Two tabs and detents are preferably used. One tab engages a corresponding detent with an interference fit.05-19-2011
20110132887Vessel for Preparing and Cooking Food for a Household Electrical Appliance - A vessel for preparing and cooking in a household electrical appliance includes a substantially horizontal bottom wall and one or more substantially vertical walls connected to the periphery of the bottom wall via a connecting wall, wherein the connecting wall has at least a radius of curvature greater than 30 mm.06-09-2011
20110168685Thermal Pixel Array Device - A thermal pixel array stimulating device is disclosed providing flexibility between the different pixels of the array to enable wrapping of the device over a curved surface of the human body by connecting the pixel substrates by flexible material or linkages. The distance between the pixels may further optionally be adjustable. A controller may control the temperature pattern generated by the array. The controller may be programmable to provide a temperature pattern. Individual pixels may be provided with sensors to measure stimulus, with the outputs from such sensors being directed to data recordal and display devices. Stimulation modes provided may include at least one of vibratory stimulation, actuation stimulation, thermal stimulation or a combination of two or more of them.07-14-2011
20100116804Gemstone Heating System with Magnet for Expanding Capillary Vessel - An aspect of the invention provides a gemstone heating system for expanding capillary vessel. The system comprises a gemstone heating pad, a magnet, a heat conductor, a heating element, and an insulating cover. The gemstone heating pad comprises a front surface, a rear surface, a recess portion provided on a central portion of the rear surface, a enclosing wall portion configured for enclosing the recess portion. The magnet is embedded in the recess portion of the gemstone heating pad. The heat conductor encloses the recess portion of the gemstone heating system. The heating element is disposed in the heating conductor. The insulating cover is configured for insulating the heat conductor and the heating element.05-13-2010
20120145692IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION HEATING TYPE FIXING UNIT - An image forming apparatus including a magnetic flux generating device, a fixing unit configured to heat in accordance with the magnetic flux from the magnetic flux generating device, the fixing unit having a heating element including a magnetic material, a current detection unit configure to detect a value of a current supplied to the magnetic flux generating device, a temperature sensor configure to detect a temperature of the heating element, and an abnormal status detecting unit configured to detect an abnormal status of the current based on a result of comparison between the value of the current detected by the current detection unit and a threshold is provided. The abnormal status detecting unit is configured to vary the threshold based on the temperature detected by the temperature sensor.06-14-2012
20110259864Digital Auto Hot Towel Cabinet Systems - A hot towel cabinet comprising a frame; a door; at least one removable rack; a timer; a UV light lamp; and a heating unit. The frame defines an outer parameter of the inner volume and the door is hingedly coupled to the frame such that the inner volume is accessible by a user. The removable rack is suitable to hold at least one towel during at least one sanitizing and warming period and the timer is settable to initiate and time the sanitizing and warming period. The UV light lamp sanitizes the towels during the sanitizing and warming period and the heating unit operates to provide heat to the inner volume. The hot towel cabinet is usable to contain the towels during the sanitizing and warming period such that the towels are sanitized and warmed up for a warm towel treatment and/or service.10-27-2011
20110186559MULTI-PURPOSE TOY OVEN - The present disclosure provides a toy electric oven including an insulated housing containing a heating chamber, a door that latches to prevent access to the heating chamber while hot, a cooling system with a fan, a timer, and a window for viewing the heating chamber when the door is closed, the window remaining at a safe temperature for touching while the toy electric oven is operating. The window may be a double-paned structure wherein the vapor space between the windows is vented using the cooling fan.08-04-2011
20110186557STRUCTURE FOR CONDUCTING HEAT FROM CARTRIDGE HEATERS - A heating structure includes an opening that surrounds a heating element and a heat transfer element. Each heat transfer element is disposed between an exterior surface of the heating element and an interior surface of the opening. A clamping mechanism is used to clamp each heating element against a heat transfer element. Each heat transfer element partially surrounds a heating element and is configured to create at least two elongated and spatially separate contact regions along a length of the heating element. The at least two contact regions form a line of contact between the heating element and the interior surface of the opening when the heating element is clamped against the heat transfer element. The at least two contact regions allow the heating element to transfer heat to the opening and to the tooling device. The clamping mechanism may also be used to transfer heat to the tooling device.08-04-2011
20100018958HEATING SYSTEM FOR BATHING UNIT - A control system suitable for use with a bathing unit system having a water receptacle is provided. The control system comprises a heating module, a power source and a controller in communication with the heating module and the power source. The power source includes an energy storage member for storing energy collected from a solar panel, and is operative for supplying power generated from solar energy to the heating module. The controller is operative for causing the power source to supply power to the heating module at least in part based on first information derived from a temperature of the water within the water receptacle and second information derived from a condition associated with the power source. The controller is further operative for selecting between a first power source and a second power source for supplying power to the heating module.01-28-2010
20080272103Heated handle construction - A heated handle construction for integration within an umbrella, cane, walker, crutches, wheelchair, snow shovel, baby stroller, golf club, hockey stick, animal lead/leash, knitting needle and crochet hook is provided having an integral stem portion constructed with a handle portion, a central shaft, and a bearing member. The handle has an outer show surface and is composed of a thermally insulating material, wound with wrapped flexible heating tape or strip, and connected through an on-off switch to a plurality of batteries present in a hollow cavity of the central shaft. Optionally, a thermally insulating foam tape is inserted between the heating element and the thermally insulating handle. An infrared reflector placed below the heating element directs heat to the user's hand. The heating element raises the temperature of the handle, radiating heat to the hand of the user, thereby providing a comfortable grip during use in wintry weather.11-06-2008
20100059494HEATING ELEMENT, AND HEATABLE PANE COMPRISING A HEATING ELEMENT - A heating element including a current conductor through which electric power is conducted and electricity converted into heat by a voltage drop across an ohmic resistor. The heating element is a planar or a strip-shaped structure and is provided with at least one support layer and an adhesive layer, while the current conductor is designed as an additional, current-conducting layer which is arranged between the support layer and the adhesive layer. The support layer, the current-conducting layer, and the adhesive layer are transparent.03-11-2010
20080272102Heated handle construction - A heated handle construction for integration into a cane, walker, walking stick, snow shovel, baby carriage or stroller has an integral stem portion constructed with a handle portion, a central shaft, and a bearing member. The handle is thermally insulating, wound with wrapped flexible heating tape or strip, and connected through an on-off switch to a plurality of batteries present in a hollow cavity of the central shaft. Optionally, a thermally insulating foam tape is inserted between the heating element and the thermally insulating handle. An infrared reflector placed below the heating element directs heat to the user's hand. The heating element raises the temperature of the cane, walking stick, walker, snow shovel, or baby carriage handle, radiating heat to the hand of the user, thereby providing a comfortable grip during use in wintry weather.11-06-2008
20120037606VEHICULAR FLUID HEATER - The invention refers to a vehicular fluid heater. The invention particularly refers to an automotive water heater comprising at least one heat exchanger (02-16-2012
20120037607HEATING DEVICE WITH TEMPERATURE SENSOR - A heating device (02-16-2012
20120305538Condensation reduction system for aluminum windows - A method and apparatus for reducing condensation on aluminum windows, especially those in high-rise apartment buildings. The method uses application of heat directly to the aluminum window frame via electric heating cables to eliminate disparate temperature conditions that lead to condensation. By applying the heat in the systematic way, allows for seamless application of the wiring that can be hidden by aluminum caps such that they would be undetectable. This allows the user of the device and method to eliminate the condensation problem without altering the structural condition of the window.12-06-2012
20120305539HIGH-FREQUENCY HEATING DEVICE - A high-frequency heating device includes: a heating chamber configured to heat a food; a high-frequency generating unit configured to supply high frequency waves to the heating chamber; a driving power supply configured to drive the high-frequency generating unit; a cooling fan configured to cool the high-frequency generating unit and the driving power supply; an air guide serving as a blast guide of the cooling fan; and a noise filter configured to suppress a noise generated from the high-frequency generating unit and the driving power supply. The noise filter is attached on a cooling fan side of the air guide. A plurality of cooling holes are formed on a partition wall between a component mounting surface of a noise filter substrate and the air guide.12-06-2012
20110315669SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HEATING FLUIDS - Systems and methods for heating a fluid having a heating element housing with a heating element to heat a fluid. The heating element housing may include an opening capable of receiving a fluid transporter, e.g., a needle, a syringe, a vial, or an intravenous (IV) tube, among others, that transports the fluid for heating by the heating element. The heating device may also include a power source housing coupled to the heating element housing comprising a power source for providing heat to the heating element. The fluid is heated while flowing through the fluid transporter.12-29-2011
20120055912MICRO SPHERICAL STYLUS MANUFACTURING MACHINE - A micro spherical stylus manufacturing machine includes a three-axis moving unit movably disposed on a processing platform and connected to a single-pulse electrical monitoring unit; a detachable jig movably disposed on the moving unit for clamping a workpiece; a reeling and electrical discharging unit disposed on the processing platform and connected to the single-pulse electrical monitoring unit for processing the workpiece by electrical discharge machining (EDM) to form a pointed conical electrode instrument; an electrical discharging unit disposed on the processing platform and connected to the single-pulse electrical monitoring unit for processing the point of the workpiece by EDM to form a sphere; and an optical measuring unit disposed on the processing platform and connected to the single-pulse electrical monitoring unit for measuring the workpiece. Micro spherical styluses are manufactured and evaluated with the machine concurrently. Afterward, the machine turns into a coordinate measuring machine through the micro spherical styluses.03-08-2012
20100096376MUSIC GENERATING AND AROMATIC SUBSTANCE RETAINING AND HEATING SYSTEM - A music generating and aromatic substance retaining and heating system includes an aromatic substance, and a combination structure of music generator and heater, which includes a housing holding the aromatic substance on the top side, a rectifier transformer disposed outside the housing for converting AC into DC, a music controller disposed outside the housing and electrically connected to the rectifier transformer for outputting a music signal, a heating control circuit board mounted inside the housing and electrically connected to the music controller for controlling a speaker to output music and an electronic heater to heat the aromatic substance to release a scent.04-22-2010
20120118867METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR SUPPORTING A WORKPIECE AND FOR HEAT-TREATING THE WORKPIECE - An apparatus for supporting a semiconductor workpiece includes a heating system configured to cause thermally-induced motion of the semiconductor workpiece by heating a surface of the workpiece relative to a bulk of the workpiece. The thermally-induced motion includes vertical motion of an outer edge region of the workpiece and a center of the workpiece relative to each other. The apparatus further includes a support system configured to allow the thermally-induced motion including the vertical motion of the outer edge region of the workpiece and the center of the workpiece relative to each other while supporting the workpiece.05-17-2012
20110031228PTC ROD ASSEMBLY AND PREHEATER INCORPORATING THE SAME - A Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) rod assembly and a preheater incorporating the same. The PTC rod assembly includes a negative terminal and a positive terminal coupled with opposite surfaces of a PTC rod, the negative and positive terminals being spaced apart from and parallel to each other; a PTC element interposed between and being in electrical contact with the negative and positive terminals, an insulating film adhered to exposed portions of the negative and positive terminals, which are coupled with the PTC rod, and a PTC rod housing. The PTC rod housing stores the PTC rod therein, the negative and positive terminals and the PTC element coupled with the PTC rod, and the insulating film adhered to the PTC rod. The PTC rod assembly is used stably even when a high voltage is applied thereto. A short circuit is prevented from occurring between the two terminals due to contact.02-10-2011
20120125906THERMALLY ISOLATED HEATED PIPELINE MADE OF DOUBLE CASING SECTIONS AND LAYING PROCESS FOR SUCH A PIPELINE - A section of a pipeline for the transport of hydrocarbons that is adapted to a sub-sea environment, said section being constituted by at least one double casing comprising one external casing and one internal casing between which an annular space is arranged comprising a thermally insulating material, wherein said section comprises at least one heating circuit arranged in said annular space and a connection base fixed to the external casing and intended to a connection plug linked to an external electric power cable, the connection base closing an access passage in communication with said annular space, the heating circuit being electrically powered by the connection base forming a closed heating electrical circuit to heat the section.05-24-2012
20100206862Portable sterilizing towel warmer - The present invention comprises a portable apparatus for warming and sterilizing a towel or other fabric article. Provided is an enclosure having at least five sides an opening at the top and means for using the unit in either a free standing or hanging configuration. The present invention is formed of lightweight heat resistant material, the invention's overall size is only slightly larger than that of a standard bath towel, and moreover, the overall size and weight of the device are conducive to travel and allow the unit to be stored compactly under a bed or in a small closet when not in use. The device features a door, a pivoting towel support with integrated heating means and a sterilizing means.08-19-2010
20120211480RESIN MOLDED PRODUCT - A resin molded product comprises a fiber to which a metal heating element is attached, a first attaching part that standing upright on a main body of the resin molded product to attach and fix one part of the metal heating element, a second attaching part standing upright on the main body correspondingly to the first attaching part to attach and fix the other part of the metal heating element, and a rib extended continuously and integrally from the first attaching part to the second attaching part and standing upright on the main body, wherein a gate position is provided in the vicinity of the first attaching part on a straight line connecting the first attaching part to the second attaching part in a back side of the resin molded product to set an orientation of the fiber formed in the rib in the extending direction of the rib.08-23-2012
20100051597SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A substrate processing apparatus comprises: an outer tube; a manifold connected to the outer tube and made of a non-metal material; an inner tube disposed in the manifold at a more inner side than the outer tube and configured to process a substrate therein; a heating device installed at a more outer side than the outer tube and configured to heat the inside of the outer tube; a lid configured to open and close an opening of the manifold, with a seal member intervened therebetween; and a heat absorption member installed in the manifold, with a bottom end of the inner tube intervened therebetween, and configured to absorb heat from the heating device, the heat absorption member being made of a non-metal material.03-04-2010
20100000980Induction Heating System with Versatile Inductive Cartridge - Disclosed are devices and systems for inductive heating of a liquid or food, which comprise versatile inductive heating cartridges. To be able to use a normally inductively non-heatable cup or vessel made of a generally dielectric material with an induction heating unit, a removable cartridge made of an inductively heatable material is inserted into the vessel. In one embodiment, the cartridge is retained in the vessel by an attachment functionality which prevents the cartridge from sliding or flipping when the cup or vessel is tipped to serve or pour. The attachment functionality is disengageable, and the cartridge may be transferred from cup to cup or vessel to vessel by the user. In another embodiment, the cartridges are configured to more efficiently work with the “pot detection” circuits of modern inductive hot plates or ranges. In another embodiment, the cartridge includes an RFID tag, antenna, and sensor package.01-07-2010
20120223065Electro-thermal heating system - An electro-thermal heating system comprising a substantially hollow housing having detachable upper and lower plates for covering and sealing top and bottom surfaces of the housing. The housing has an inlet and an outlet for a flow of coolant to enter into and leave the housing, and has openings defined therein, for insertion of electric heating elements therein to project into the housing and be in direct contact with the coolant to heat it. The inlet and the outlet can be interconnected with piping to form a closed fluid flow circuit. The housing is substantially circular, to circulate flow of the coolant in a circular manner within the housing, and a diameter of the inlet is greater than a diameter of the outlet, to keep coolant in the housing longer to heat it. A pump and a power source can be interconnected to the system to circulate the coolant in the closed fluid flow circuit.09-06-2012
20120255941Heated stuffed animal clothes warmer - A stuffed animal with an inside pouch that is heated. This heated pouch is accessed via an opening located at the top side of the stuffed animal back and secured by a zipper, Velcro or other fastening device. The exterior of the stuffed animal is made of a soft body material. The pouch is heated with an electric heating device/pad that surrounds the inner cavity of the animal. There is an electric AC cord that connects to the heating device from the side of the stuffed animal. The electric cord can be removed by depressing clips where the cord connects to the stuffed animal. The cord has a temperature control for various heating settings. The heating device also will have an automatic shut-off feature.10-11-2012
20090032516Warming bag, pajama warmer - The technical nature of this invention is the development of a flexible bag, which has a flexible-reflective interior foil that is protected from being damaged by the objects to be placed inside the bag for warming such as fabric items, gloves, pajamas, baby clothes, or construction materials that need to be kept warm. Items are kept warm by a heating pad which is plugged into a standard 120 volt outlet or into a 12 volt DC converter. The bag is portable or can be left in a location where the warmed items need to be used. In industrial or construction applications, the addition of a strap to the bag allows it to be easily carried or hung over a railing for easy dispensing of the items that are being kept warm in the bag. The bag retains heat for an extended period of time when unplugged.02-05-2009
20100320186Device for heating a flow of liquid by electrical heating of a metallic conduit12-23-2010
20100326975METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HEATING DEVICES OF A MINERAL MATERIAL PROCESSING UNIT AND A MINERAL MATERIAL PROCESSING UNIT - A method and an apparatus for heating devices of a mineral material processing unit, said devices in said method being heated with electric heating means, whereby said devices are heated with heating means attached to or in the immediate vicinity of parts getting into contact with the feed material, and/or said devices are heated with heating means attached to or substantially in the immediate vicinity of parts most essential for the cold starting of said devices. The invention further relates to a mineral material processing unit.12-30-2010
20120261396FLUID LEVEL MEASUREMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method for measuring a fluid level in a tank containing a fluid for a transportable temperature controlled space. The method includes providing a temperature control system for the transportable temperature controlled space, providing a fluid level sensor for sensing a fluid level in the tank, generating fluid level signals with the fluid level sensor indicative of the fluid level in the tank, providing a fluid level algorithm for receiving the fluid level signals from the fluid level sensor and computing the fluid level in the tank, and inhibiting nondeterministic fluid level signals from being introduced to the fluid level algorithm.10-18-2012
20110036822Hair Iron Fume Removal Device - The problem of noxious fume generation during chemical treatment of hair using a hair iron is solved by providing a fume intake on the hair iron near the point of fume generation, preferably near the iron's heating elements. The fume intake receives the fumes and delivers them to the fume removal passage under vacuum flow generated by a vacuum source, then transported to a filtration system or exhausted to the outside environment. Optionally, the fume intake may extend along the length of the heating element and may be directed downward, towards the hair. Optionally, the fume removal device may be attachable as a retrofit to a standard hair iron. The present invention advantageously prevents the spread of the noxious fumes to the rest of the salon and protects both the stylist and client from discomfort and irritation, thus permitting the more widespread use of these beneficial hair treatments.02-17-2011
20120267353SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING TEMPERED FLUID - The present invention is directed to methods and apparatus for tempering the temperature of a liquid in a fluid conducting system. More particularly, the invention relates to tempering the temperature of water supplied to a fixture from a water heater in a fluid conducting system. In some embodiments, the invention includes a restrictor for decreasing the fluid pressure in one of the hot inlet or cold inlet of the mixing valve.10-25-2012
20120279950COMBINED RADIATOR AND REMOTE CONTROL AND SWITCH APPARATUS AND LIGHTING ASSEMBLY - At least two radiation members are each powered by an energy source. A reflective member includes an at least partially ring-shaped concave reflective surface facing at least one radiation member which includes an at least partial ring shape for distributing energy to an at least partially ring-shaped zone. At least one other radiation member includes a lamp base assembly for being received in a lamp socket assembly, to provide illumination or other forms of radiation, with concentration in a focal zone. A remote control and switch apparatus or radiation scanning and detection control and switch apparatus is provided, for control of remote power activation, the radiation members and for activating, varying, modifying and/or controlling, optimizing, maximizing, minimizing or otherwise altering the complete or partial constructive interference and/or the complete or partial destructive interference of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the respective radiation sources of the radiator.11-08-2012
20130020302HEATING MODULE FOR MAINTAINING BATTERY WORKING TEMPERATURE - A heating module for maintaining battery working temperature is arranged adjacent to one side of a battery, and includes a plurality of radiating fins and at least one heating unit. The heating unit includes at least one heating element and at least one heat transfer element, and the heat transfer element is perpendicularly extended through the radiating fins. An air guiding element is disposed between the heating module and the battery or adjacent to one side of the radiating fins opposite to the battery, so as to force air flows, which carry heat radiated from the radiating fins, toward the battery to thereby effectively raise the ambient temperature surrounding the battery, allowing the battery to reach its working temperature and work normally.01-24-2013
20120091111ADAPTIVE CAMOUFLAGE - In a system for the adaptive camouflage of objects, particularly of vehicles, at least one panel-like layer (04-19-2012
20120091110METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR HEAT-TREATING EXPOSED SUBSTRATE - A substrate subjected to a pattern exposure process is transported to a flash bake unit. The flash bake unit performs a post-exposure bake process in which flashes of light are directed from flash lamps onto a surface of the substrate held on an upper surface of a cooling plate to momentarily heat the surface of the substrate, thereby causing crosslinking, deprotection or decomposition and the like of resist resin to proceed by using active species produced in a resist film by a photochemical reaction during the pattern exposure process as an acid catalyst, so that the solubility of only the exposed portion of the resist film in a developing solution is locally changed. The flash heating treatment performed by the irradiation with flashes of light requires extremely short treatment time of not greater than one second. This reduces the diffusion length of acid during the post-exposure bake process.04-19-2012
20120091108METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING SUBSTRATE TEMPERATURE IN A PROCESS CHAMBER - Methods and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a substrate during processing are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for retaining and controlling substrate temperature may include a puck of dielectric material; an electrode disposed in the puck proximate a surface of the puck upon which a substrate is to be retained; and a plurality of heater elements disposed in the puck and arranged in concentric rings to provide independent temperature control zones.04-19-2012
20120285942REFRIGERATOR-OVEN COMBINATION FOR AN AIRCRAFT GALLEY FOOD SERVICE SYSTEM - A refrigerator-oven combination for an aircraft galley food service system includes a housing with a thermally insulated compartment, a heating device for heating the compartment in a heating mode, and a refrigeration device for cooling the compartment in a refrigeration mode.11-15-2012
20090230111Flash heating for tubing - A chemical sample gas tube that is capable of being rapidly heated and cooled allows rapid purging of condensed chemical vapor from its inside surface. The tube may include a thin foil with an electrically conducting surface, a rigidly separated pair of clamps to shape the thin foil into a cylinder shape, and a temperature-controlled source of electricity that can flow sequentially through the clamps and thin foil for heating. The temperature of the cylindrical thin foil may be increased at a rate of at least 25 degrees Celsius per second, and may be cooled at a rate of at least 10 degrees Celsius per second. A temperature control sequence may be provided that includes at least one temperature that performs at least one of: condensing the chemical vapor, transmitting the chemical vapor, desorbing the condensed chemical vapor, and decomposing the condensed chemical vapor.09-17-2009
20100170882SYSTEM FOR SECURING A DEICER TO A GUARD - A deicing system includes a heating element configured to impart heat to water within a water-retaining structure, a guard configured to prevent the heating element from abutting surfaces of the water-retaining structure, and a securing spring that securely fastens the heating element to the guard.07-08-2010
20120138588PROPELLER HEATER LEAD - Heater leads for a leading edge resistive heating element are configured to accommodate the relative movement of the propeller blades to adjust propeller blade pitch. The heater leads each include a static portion and a dynamic portion. The static portion remains fixed relative to the rotating propeller during operation and the dynamic portion moves with movements of the individual blades to adjust pitch. The length of the dynamic portion accommodates the limits of movement and includes features that provide the desired performance and operational life.06-07-2012
20130134145Heater System of Fuel Filter - The heater system of a fuel filter includes: a power supply unit supplying power; a lead wire unit receiving power from the power supply unit and having a plurality of branch lines to divide current of the supplied power; and a fuel filter having a plurality of internal thermo switches connected to the branch lines of the lead wire unit, respectively, and a PTC heater heated by power supplied through the internal thermo switches.05-30-2013
20130126507WATERLESS DETECTION METHOD AND A WATERLESS DETECTION DEVICE OF A BOILER IRON AND AN IRON APPLIED WITH THE DEVICE THEREOF - The present invention is provided with a waterless detection method and a waterless detection device of a boiler iron and an iron applied with the device thereof The present invention is applied with a normal close thermostat of the constant temperature boiler and a control device ,a signal line between the thermostat of the traditional boiler iron and the control device to send the off and on information of the thermostat to the control device. The control device can judge the presence of the water in the water tank according to the empiric value of the actual heating system, preventing the pump from damage due to empty pumped. Compared to the traditional iron with other hardware detection device, the present invention costs lower with simple manufactory. And It saves more space for other component of the iron as well.05-23-2013
20130146576METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC DEVICE MANUFACTURE - A apparatus and method for manufacturing a photovoltaic module includes components for heating the module and applying an electrical bias to the module to improve photovoltaic module performance and manufacture multiple photovoltaic modules with similar performance.06-13-2013
20120273474Sheet Composition for Pipe Connection, and Sheet for Electrofoaming Fusion and Connecting Apparatus for Underground Pipes Using the Sheet Composition - The present invention relates to a connecting apparatus used for connecting underground pipes and to a composition for preparing a foamed sheet for the same. Specifically, the present invention relates to a sheet composition for pipe connection which comprises 1 to 10 parts by weight of a masterbatch including low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, a maleic anhydride graft copolymer, a metallocene polyethylene elastomer, a foaming agent, and an additive, based on 100 parts by weight of a base resin including low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, a maleic anhydride graft copolymer, and a metallocene polyethylene elastomer. When using the composition according to the present invention, a non-foamed sheet is produced during melt extrusion, and a foamed sheet is obtained at a high temperature by laminating the non-foamed sheet with a heater line and applying electricity thereto. Therefore, the sheet composition can be fused and filled into a pipe.11-01-2012
20100314377ANNEALING DEVICE - Disclosed is an annealing device that includes a processing chamber into which a wafer is received, a heating source having a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for emitting a light toward the wafer, which faces the surface of the wafer, and a light transmissive member provided corresponding to the heating source, into which the light from the light emitting elements is transmitted. The heating source has the light emitting elements attached on a support toward the wafer. Each of the light emitting elements is individually covered with a lens layer made of a transparent resin.12-16-2010
20110272390ENERGY SAVING FOOD FINISHING APPLIANCE AND METHOD - A new style commercial salamander/cheese melter that will normally be off until product is placed under a gas burner, a heating time is selected and a start button is pressed. The burner lights, heats to infrared within 5 seconds (fast heat up), melts cheese or finishes a dish quickly, and then shuts off completely when a timing cycle has expired, freeing up the operator to do other activities and preventing over cooking of the product being finished.11-10-2011
20110272389HEATING AND FLUIDIZATION SYSTEM FOR AIR FLUIDIZED SAND BEDS - A heating and fluidization system for air fluidized sand beds, and associated methods, are disclosed. Control of a heat input is separated from control of a fluidization rate to optimize simultaneously both the amount of heat entering the system and the heat transfer rate. In at least one embodiment, the system includes: a heating tube configured to receive a heat input from a heat source and to provide the heat input to a media in a bed at a first predetermined, optimized rate; and a fluidization tube disposed, generally, below the heating tube and configured to provide a fluidization rate to the media in the bed at a second predetermined, optimized rate, thereby adapted to control fluidization and to maximize heat transfer. The heating tubes can include spines to increase surface area and maximize heat transfer. The fluidization holes can be covered by nozzles to direct the fluidization.11-10-2011
20120018413METHOD OF HEAT TREATMENT AND/OR INSPECTION OF FUNCTIONAL MECHANICAL PROPERTIES, PARTICULARLY TRANSFORMATION STRAIN AND/OR STRENGTH, OF SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY FILAMENTS AND APPARATUS FOR THE APPLICATION OF THIS METHOD - A method of heat treatment and/or inspection of functional mechanical properties, particularly transformation strain and/or strength, of shape memory alloy filaments and apparatus for the application of this method.01-26-2012
20130193127COMBUSTION TURBINE INLET ANTI-ICING RESISTIVE HEATING SYSTEM - A resistive heating system for a combustion turbine susceptible to inlet air filter house component and compressor icing includes a plurality of heating panels (bundles) arranged in a substantially-planar array, adapted to be located on or adjacent to the turbine's inlet air filter house. Each heating panel is provided with one or more electrically-resistive heating elements; and a controller for selectively activating the resistive heating elements on each of the plurality of heating panels.08-01-2013
20130193128Device For Heating A Vehicle Seat - A vehicle seat having a first temperature control unit and a second temperature control unit. Each control unit has power-input terminals for receiving power from a vehicle electrical power system and power-output terminals. The first control unit has a logic part for comparing received temperature selection and temperature measurement values along with a first pulse generator connected to a first output terminal of the logic part and a second pulse generator connected to a second output terminal of the logic part as well as a first switch unit coupled to the first pulse generator. The second temperature control unit includes a second switch unit coupled to the second pulse generator. First and second heating elements are coupled to the temperate control units. An occupant switch is coupled to the first temperate control unit. A first temperature sensor monitors the thermal output of the first heating element.08-01-2013
20130200060ELECTRIC HEATING CATALYST - An object of the present invention is to suppress the decrease in the insulation resistance between an electrode and a case resulting from condensed water in an electric heating catalyst (EHC). The EHC includes a heat generating element which generates heat by applying electricity and which heats a catalyst, a case which accommodates the heat generating element, and an insulating member which is provided between the heat generating element and the case, and which provides insulation from electricity. An electrode chamber, which is a space formed around an electrode connected to the heat generating element, is occluded by an occluding member, which has an airtightness higher than those of the heat generating element and the insulating member, in the case of the EHC.08-08-2013
20120085742ELECTRICAL HEATING DEVICE - An electrical heating device includes a housing, which encloses a circulation chamber through which a medium can flow and into which heating ribs extend essentially parallel to one another. Each of the ribs has a U-shaped recess which opens into a uniform connecting chamber, which is separated from the circulation chamber by a partition wall provided in the region of the open ends of the U-shaped recesses, and which accommodates at least one PTC heating element that abuts oppositely situated inner sides of the U-shaped recess in heat-conducting contact. The heating ribs protrude inwards alternately from the oppositely situated inner sides of the housing. A flow passage of a meander-type flow channel is formed in the housing between the free ends of the heating ribs and the adjacent inner wall of the housing. The flow passage is closed off by a covering element on the side oppositely situated to the partition wall.04-12-2012
20130206743BOND LINE HEATING PAD SYSTEM - A heat pad assembly for installation and/or removal of a bracket from a structure comprises a heating element. The heat pad assembly may have at least one and, more preferably, a plurality of perforations formed therein. The heating element may be configured to generate heat upon the application of electrical current passing therethrough. The heat pad assembly may be used for temporary installation of a bracket to a mounting surface through the use of an adhesive which is installable between the bracket and the structure.08-15-2013

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