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219121720 Methods 230
219121680 Etching or trimming 142
219121700 Hole punching 74
20100089880LASER MACHINING SYSTEMS AND METHODS WITH DEBRIS EXTRACTION - Laser machining systems and methods may include debris removal systems to remove debris generated by the machining process and/or outgassing or filtration systems to remove harmful gases and filter and recycle air within the system. The laser machining systems and methods may be used to scribe one or more lines in large flat workpieces such as solar panels. In particular, laser machining systems and methods may be used to scribe lines in thin film photovoltaic (PV) solar panels with accuracy, high speed and reduced cost.04-15-2010
20090194514LASER CUTTING DEVICE WITH HIGH PRECISION - An exemplary laser cutting device (08-06-2009
20090194515Air jet type laser processing machine - An air jet type laser processing machine for processing a workpiece is disclosed to include a gas supply device, a fluid supply device, a recycling device, an actuator, which has an outer tube attached with the bottom end thereof to the surface of the workpiece and defining therein a first passage for guiding discharged gas from the gas supply device to the workpiece, a second passage (or a number of second passages) for guiding the fluid from the fluid supply device to the workpiece and a third passage connected to the recycling device for enabling the recycling device to recycle the discharged gas and fluid, and a laser emitter adapted for emitting a laser beam through the first passage onto the workpiece. During operation, the laser beam and the fluid work on the workpiece at the same time, and the laser beam is free from the interference of the fluid.08-06-2009
20100116797ASCERTAINING A LASER BEAM CONTACT POINT - A method of determining a contact point of a laser beam on an edge of a body and a system for performing the same, in which the method includes a) moving the laser beam relative to the edge in a spatial direction until the laser beam touches the edge, in which the spatial direction is at a right angle relative to an axis of the laser beam and in which the edge is formed at an opening, b) measuring acoustic oscillations produced photoacoustically during the movement of the laser beam, and c) determining the laser beam point of contact with the edge based on the measured acoustic oscillations.05-13-2010
20090134135Glass Substrate Cutting Apparatus and Glass Substrate Cutting System Using the Same - Glass substrate cutting apparatuses using lasers are disclosed, where a laser cutting head is moved. A glass substrate cutting apparatus includes two parts for a laser cutting head: heavy laser oscillation parts fixed to respective ends of a gantry structure moving in parallel along two gantry stages located on either side of a cutting table, and relatively lightweight laser irradiation heads moving horizontally in parallel with the gantry structure. The glass substrate cutting apparatus includes a cutting table for maintaining a glass substrate in a horizontal state; biaxial gantry stages for moving a gantry structure along the cutting table; the gantry structure moving in between an upper part of the biaxial gantry stages; laser oscillation parts fixed to respective ends of the gantry structure for oscillating the laser; and laser irradiation heads that move horizontally on respective ends of the gantry structure and irradiate the laser upon the glass substrate.05-28-2009
20100116796System for High-Dynamic 3D Machining of a Workpiece by Means of a Laser Beam - The system comprises a buckling arm robot with a robot frame (05-13-2010
20100116795APPARATUS FOR CUTTING AND/OR SHEARING FIBRE - Apparatus for cutting and/or shearing elongate lengths of fibre into shorter lengths has two adjacent rollers (05-13-2010
20100044356APPARATUS FOR REMOVAL OF SPECIFIC SEED TISSUE OR STRUCTURE FOR SEED ANALYSIS - An apparatus for reducing resources for selecting seed to be produced in commercial quantities or for research is disclosed. Samples of seed which are candidates for selection are collected and given an identifier. Specific tissue or structure from candidate seed is removed. A test or analysis is performed on the candidate seed or the removed tissue or structure. Results of the test or analysis are recorded and correlated to the seed's identifier. The results are evaluated and a decision is made whether to select a candidate seed for commercial production or for research. Time, space, and labor associated with growing plants in an experimental plot or greenhouse and taking tissue samples from growing plants is saved.02-25-2010
20100044355LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A laser processing apparatus having a holding unit for holding a workpiece to be processed and a processing unit for applying a laser beam to the workpiece held by the holding unit. The processing unit includes an oscillator for oscillating the laser beam, a focusing lens for focusing the laser beam oscillated by the oscillator toward the workpiece, and a focal position adjusting mechanism for adjusting the focal position of the laser beam focused by the focusing lens. The focal position adjusting mechanism includes a movable unit having a permanent magnet and supporting the focusing lens, a fixed portion having a coil for moving the movable unit in a direction perpendicular to the workpiece and a gas bearing for supporting the movable unit by using a gas, and a supporting member for supporting the movable unit from the under side by using a magnetic repulsive action.02-25-2010
20100044354DEVICES FOR TREATING FILM MATERIAL, FOR INSTANCE FOR MANUFACTURING SANITARY PRODUCTS - A device for cutting, using laser beams (B02-25-2010
20100044353METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LASER PROCESSING - The invention relates to laser cutting, using multiple laser beams directed to a processing region. At least one first laser beam (02-25-2010
20120205353CYLINDRICAL WORKPIECE CUTTING APPARATUS - A cylindrical workpiece cutting apparatus is provided with a holder in which a metal made cylindrical workpiece is mounted on an outer periphery of the holder and which is adapted to hold the workpiece over an entire length of the workpiece; annular recesses formed on the outer periphery of the holder at a predetermined interval; a laser outputting part provided at a position opposed to the holder and adapted to output laser beam to the workpiece; and a cover portion provided on surfaces of the annular recesses and adapted to prevent attachment of metal particles which are scattered during cutting the workpiece by the laser beam.08-16-2012
20100096370LASER PROCESSING MACHINE HAVING PROGRAMMABLE FOCUS POSITIONING FUNCTION - It is an object to provide a laser processing machine including an exchangeable torch, wherein a light focus position is automatically adjusted by a program.04-22-2010
20100108649PROCESSING APPARATUS USING ULTRASHORT PULSE LASER - The present invention relates to an ultrashort pulse laser processing device. The ultrashort pulse laser includes a stage a transfer member, a front confocal microscope, a front laser generating unit, and a front highpowered lens. A sample is provided on the stage to be processed, the transfer member transfers the stage, and the front confocal microscope is provided above the stage. The front laser generating unit is provided between the front confocal microscope and the stage to generate an ultrashort pulse laser, and the front high-powered lens focuses the laser provided from the front laser generating unit.05-06-2010
20100108648Hybrid laser processing apparatus - A processing table 05-06-2010
20120211476CUTTING APPARATUS FOR FIBER-REINFORCED PLASTICS - Provided is a cutting apparatus for fiber-reinforced plastics that reduces an increase in processing cost and also reduces a decrease in the quality of a cut surface. The cutting apparatus includes a laser emitter (08-23-2012
20130087541SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REMOVING INSULATION DISPOSED OVER CONDUCTORS OF IMPLANTABLE ELECTRIC STIMULATION SYSTEMS - A method for forming a lead or lead extension includes forming an arrangement of elongated conductors. Each of the conductors extends from a proximal end of the arrangement to a distal end of the arrangement. Each of the conductors includes a layer of insulation disposed over a conductive core. A conductor-separating element is disposed over either the proximal end or the distal end of the arrangement. The conductor-separating element includes a plurality of ablation windows defined in a body. An end of at least one of the elongated conductors is radially extended over a portion of the conductor-separating element such that a portion of the at least one elongated conductor extends across at least one of the ablation windows. Insulation from the portion of the at least one conductor extending across the ablation window is ablated to expose a portion of the conductive core of the elongated conductor.04-11-2013
20130112671LASER PROCESSING MACHINE - Laser processing machines, such as laser cutting machine (LM), including a work table receiving workpiece (W), and work arm (05-09-2013
20120217229Work Rests for Supporting a Workpiece in a Machining Unit and Machining Units Containing Such Work Rests - Workpiece rests are disclosed for holding workpieces in machining systems which machine the workpieces using a cutting beam, e.g., a laser beam. A workpiece rest includes a frame, a plurality of rest elements that are arranged adjacent to one another in the frame so as to support the workpiece, and a supporting element attached to at least one of the rest elements.08-30-2012
20090057279Method of cutting with a laser - A method of forming an aperture in an article the method comprising the steps of directing a laser at the article and traversing the high energy beam to form a cut extending along the periphery of the aperture in a first direction to a second point on the periphery and then reversing the direction of cutting along the periphery till the aperture is formed.03-05-2009
20090266802LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A laser processing apparatus including a height detecting device for detecting the height of a workpiece held on a chuck table. The height detecting device includes an annular spot forming unit for forming the spot shape of a detecting laser beam into an annular spot shape, a pinhole mask for passing the reflected light reflected on the upper surface of the workpiece held on the chuck table, but blocking the reflected light reflected on the lower surface of the workpiece, and a reflected light analyzing unit for analyzing the reflected light passed through the pinhole mask and transmitting the result of analyzation to a control unit. The laser processing apparatus further includes a focusing unit having an objective lens for focusing a processing laser beam having a circular spot shape and the detecting laser beam having the annular spot shape and a window lens for focusing the detecting laser beam focused by the objective lens without focusing the processing laser beam.10-29-2009
20090236322LASER CUTTING APPARATUS - An exemplary cutting apparatus for cutting components from a sprue includes a sprue retainer, a laser cutting unit, and a rotating driving unit. The sprue retainer has a supporting surface. The supporting surface defines a receiving hole, and grooves extending across the entire supporting surface. The grooves are in communication with the receiving hole. The laser cutting unit is disposed above the sprue retainer and is configured for emitting a laser beam to cut the sprue carried on the sprue retainer. The sprue retainer is coupled to the rotating driving such that the rotating driving unit is capable of driving the sprue retainer to rotate.09-24-2009
20120111840LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A laser processing apparatus including a laser beam applying unit for applying a laser beam having a transmission wavelength to a workpiece held on a chuck table. The laser beam applying unit includes a laser beam oscillating unit for oscillating the laser beam, a focusing lens for focusing the laser beam oscillated by the laser beam oscillating unit, and a diffractive optic element interposed between the laser beam oscillating unit and the focusing lens. The laser beam oscillated by the laser beam oscillating unit is separated into a plurality of laser beams having different divergence angles by the diffractive optic element. The plurality of laser beams are next focused by the focusing lens to thereby form a plurality of focal points on the optical axis of the focusing lens.05-10-2012
20120111839HEAD FOR THE CONTINUOUS PRECISION MACHINING ON THREE-DIMENSIONAL BODIES AND MACHINING EQUIPMENT THAT COMPRISES SAID HEAD - A head for the continuous precision machining on three-dimensional bodies includes a fastening means to a flange of a machining equipment, having a first mechanical rotation axis, an intermediate means having a second mechanical rotation axis in series to the first mechanical rotation axis. The second mechanical rotation axis is orthogonal to the first mechanical rotation axis which intersects at a point of intersection. A terminal processing means has in series with the first and second mechanical rotation axes a third mechanical translating axis. The intermediate means has an arc configuration of a circumference with its centre at the point of intersection. The first mechanical rotation axis and the third mechanical translating axis are radially oriented to the arc.05-10-2012
20110017714MANIPULATOR AT LOW INERTIA FOR LASER CUTTING MACHINES FOR FLAT SHEET METALS - A manipulator at low inertia for laser cutting machines of flat sheet metals is described, which comprises a longitudinal movement axis X and a transversal movement axis Y perpendicular to said longitudinal axis and parallel to the plane of the sheet metal, and a supporting equipment (01-27-2011
20090045176Device for drilling and for removing material using a laser beam - A device for drilling and for removing material using a laser beam comprises: a rotating image rotator (02-19-2009
20080290078LASER PROCESSING MACHINE - A laser processing machine having a laser beam irradiation unit is provided. The laser beam irradiation unit includes: a laser beam oscillation section; a beam splitter adapted to split the laser beam emitted from the laser beam oscillation section into a first laser beam and a second laser beam; a condenser lens adapted to condense the first and second laser beams; a prism adapted to lead the first and second laser beams split by the beam splitter to the condenser lens; a first angle-changing mirror disposed on a first optical path adapted to lead the first laser beam split by the beam splitter; a second angle-changing mirror disposed on a second optical path adapted to lead the second laser beam split by the beam splitter to the prism; and a half-wave plate disposed in the first or second optical path to allow one of respective directions of the first and second polarization planes to be aligned with the other.11-27-2008
20130015166LASER PROCESSING MACHINEAANM LI; Chun-HaoAACI TaipeiAACO TWAAGP LI; Chun-Hao Taipei TW - A laser processing machine includes a cavity, a laser system, at least one processing platform, and at least one upper motion platform. The laser system is disposed at a lower part inside the cavity, and used for outputting a laser beam. A traveling direction of the laser beam is opposite to the gravity direction. The processing platform is disposed at an upper part inside the cavity, and includes an adsorption surface and a connection surface facing each other. The adsorption surface is located below the connection surface, and is used for adsorbing a workpiece. The upper motion platform is disposed at the upper part inside the cavity, and is correspondingly connected to the connection surface of the processing platform, in order to cause the processing platform to move.01-17-2013
20120097652COMBINED MACHINE FOR PUNCHING AND LASER CUTTING OF FLAT SHEET METAL - A combined machine is described, for punching and laser cutting of a flat sheet metal. The machine comprises a fixed base (04-26-2012
20110278267SCRIBING APPARATUS AND SCRIBING METHOD - Performing scribing accurately with a high yield rate. A scribing apparatus (11-17-2011
20120006797LASER BEAM WORKING MACHINE - A cylindrical lens (01-12-2012
20110284509Deflection Mirror and Device for Laser Inscribing with the Deflection Mirror Unit - In order to keep the entire unit compact e.g. in a laser inscribing unit in spite of the laser beam impacting the card to be inscribed in an orthogonal manner a relatively large amount of beam deflections is necessary partially through mirrors that are fixated relative to one another. In order to minimize the assembly and adjustment complexity plural beam deflections are caused subsequent to one another through a prism element where the beam deflections are implemented through particular reflection surfaces. The prism element is received in a prism support which is configured to be pivoted and rotated in its entirety for assembly and adjustment purposes.11-24-2011
20110297655MIRROR ANGULAR-POSITIONING APPARATUS AND PROCESSING APPARATUS - The present invention provides an apparatus for angular positioning of a mirror, the apparatus including a motor configured to rotate a mirror, a detector configured to detect a rotational angle of the mirror, a controller configured to supply an electric current to the motor so that the rotational angle of the mirror reaches a target angle, to estimate, based on a model representing a relation between a value of the electric current to be supplied to the motor and a face tangle error angle of the mirror, a face tangle error angle of the mirror to which the electric current is supplied, and to, if the estimated angle exceeds a tolerance, perform a process of adjusting of a supply of the electric current to the motor so that the face tangle error angle of the mirror falls within the tolerance.12-08-2011
20110139755MULTI-WAVELENGTH LASER-SCRIBING TOOL - Multi-wavelength laser-scribing systems are disclosed. A system for scribing a workpiece includes a frame, a translation stage coupled with the frame to support the workpiece and translate the supported workpiece relative to the frame in a longitudinal direction, at least one laser operable to generate a first output having a first wavelength and generate a second output having a second wavelength, and at least one scanning device coupled with the frame and operable to control a position of the first and second outputs. Each of the first and second outputs are able to remove material from at least a portion of the workpiece. Laser assemblies that each include a laser and at least one scanning device can be arranged in rows to enhance the rate at which latitudinal scribe lines are formed.06-16-2011
20100032417MICROMACHINING WITH SHORT-PULSED, SOLID-STATE UV LASER - In some embodiments, laser output including at least one laser pulse having a wavelength shorter than 400 microns and having a pulsewidth shorter than 1,000 picoseconds permits the number of pulses used to clean a bottom surface of a via or the surface of a solder pad to increase process throughput. An oscillator module in cooperation with an amplification module may be used to generate the laser output.02-11-2010
20090188900METHOD OF CUTTING MATERIAL FOR USE IN IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE - A method of cutting material for use in an implantable medical device employs a plotted laser cutting system. The laser cutting system is computer controlled and includes a laser combined with a motion system. The laser precisely cuts segments out of source material according to predetermined pattern as designated by the computer. The segments are used in constructing implantable medical devices. The cutting energy of the laser is selected so that the cut edges of the segments are melted to discourage delamination or fraying, but communication of thermal energy into the segment beyond the edge is minimized to avoid damaging the segment adjacent the edge.07-30-2009
20080251505TrinityCorp RC-1 - This tool is designed to make woodworking easy, quiet, precise and sanding free. The laser beam will cut to an exact depth with extremely fine cuts that are smooth and ready for joining or finishing. The entire process will use tiny amounts of energy, compared to conventional tools, and will replace a number of other tools currently in use.10-16-2008
20100264121Machine arrangement for machining bar-like workpieces having a device for workpiece support - A mechanical arrangement (10-21-2010
20100122969System for Producing Thin-Layer Solar Cell Modules - A system for deleting the edges from coated substrates (05-20-2010
20100084386LASER PROCESSING MACHINE - A laser processing machine is provided in which a flat plate-like mask is disposed between a mirror and a relay lens in an optical system so as to be perpendicular to the optical path of a laser beam. The mask is horizontally shiftable. The laser beam is allowed to pass through an elongate trapezoidal aperture formed in the mask to extend in the shifting direction. The sectional shape of a portion of the laser beam passing through the aperture of the wafer is focused on the wafer. Shifting the mask can adjust the width of an image of the laser beam focused on the wafer.04-08-2010
20100084385MOVING ENCLOSURES FOR LASER EQUIPMENT - Moving enclosures for laser equipment are provided. A machine tool installation is disclosed including (a) a laser cutting head configured to be movable in three dimensions; (b) a workpiece support configured to support a workpiece in operative relationship with the laser cutting head (c) a skirt configured to surround the laser cutting head on three sides and intercept light that passes from the head and is reflected off of the workpiece or workpiece support; and (d) a protective cover positioned to intercept light that is reflected off of the workpiece or workpiece support and is not intercepted by the skirt. The skirt and protective cover are configured to move laterally with the laser cutting head.04-08-2010
20090045177Hybrid Laser Processing Apparatus - Laser beam L oscillated by a laser oscillator 02-19-2009
20090277889LASER BEAM MACHINING APPARATUS WITH DETECTION LASER BEAM OSCILLATOR - A laser beam machining apparatus includes a height position detecting unit configured to detect the height position of an upper surface of a workpiece to be machined which is held on a chuck table, and a controller configured to control a condensing point position adjusting unit on the basis of a detection signal from the height position detecting unit. The height position detecting unit includes a detection laser beam oscillating unit configured to oscillate a detection laser beam having a wavelength different from the wavelength of the machining laser beam, and a reflected beam analyzing unit which analyzes a reflected beam generated upon reflection of the detection laser beam on the upper surface of the workpiece and which sends an analytical results to the controller. The laser beam machining apparatus further includes a condensing point position displacing unit configured to displace the condensing point position of the detection laser beam and the condensing point position of the machining laser beam.11-12-2009
20090008371APPARATUS FOR THE CUTTING OF TECHNICAL FABRICS, IN PARTICULAR FOR AIRBAGS - The invention relates to an apparatus for the cutting of technical fabrics, in particular for airbags, by means of laser radiation. Such fabrics in question are usually placed or folded over one another in multiple layers and then separating layers made of a foil or of paper are positioned between the individual layers and have to be removed again in a very complex and/or expensive manner after the cutting using laser radiation. It is therefore the object of the invention to provide possibilities for the cutting of fabric for airbags with increased flexibility, machining speed and reliability.01-08-2009
20080257872LASER CUTTING METHOD - Laser cutting method using a CO10-23-2008
20090166342Laser Material Processing System - A laser processing apparatus comprises a converging lens 07-02-2009
20080290077Separation of transparent glasses and systems and methods therefor - Disclosed are systems and methods for cutting one or more glass sheets. A system is provided comprising a first mirror having a first reflective surface and a second reflective surface that is spaced from and opposes the first reflective surface to define a cavity between the mirrors. An aperture can be defined in the first mirror. Furthermore, a laser beam can be provided that is configured to emit a beam through the aperture into the cavity. Beams reflected in the cavity, in one aspect, define a common focus point through which the glass sheet can be translated to cause the cutting of the glass sheets. A means for translating the glass sheet through the cavity is provided, in one aspect.11-27-2008
20080302769THREE-DIMENSIONAL LASER BEAM MACHINING APPARATUS FOR LONG WORKPIECE - There is provided a three-dimensional laser beam machining apparatus for a long workpiece, which includes an automatic loading device for a large variety of materials that feeds materials to a three-dimensional laser beam machine. The automatic loading device 12-11-2008
20080257871Ablation device - Embodiments of an ablation device and an ablation process are disclosed.10-23-2008
20100276403Laser Machining Head with Integrated Sensor Device for Focus Position Monitoring - The invention relates to a laser machining head (11-04-2010
20080217308Tangential Manufacturing System - Manufacturing system (09-11-2008
20090107963Laser Processing Machine and Method - A laser processing machine includes a laser processing head including a beam guide for deflecting and/or focusing laser radiation onto a workpiece; a thermo-sensitive monitoring sensor system for an optical component of the beam guide; and an evaluation unit connected to a machine control of a laser generator that produces the laser radiation and configured to receive and process the data acquired by the monitoring sensor system. The evaluation unit attributes an increase in the temperature of the optical component of the beam guide due to laser radiation reflected from the workpiece to defective cutting.04-30-2009
20090127237DROSS COLLECTING APPARATUS FOR LASER MACHINING DEVICE - The dross collecting apparatus is used in a laser machining device equipped with a laser head provided at a fixed position in the horizontal direction, a sheet material feed mechanism for feeding a sheet material in at least one direction with respect to the laser head, a sheet material table for supporting the sheet material fed by the sheet material feed mechanism, and a frame. The dross collecting apparatus has a dross conveyor for receiving dross generated by laser machining with the laser head and for conveying this dross from the position of the laser head in plan view to a position on the outer periphery of the frame or the outside.05-21-2009
20090200280DEVICE FOR LASER CUTTING A CONTINUOUS STRIP - A continuous strip (08-13-2009
20090084765Laser machining apparatus using laser beam introduced into jet liquid column - A laser machining apparatus comprises a nozzle for ejecting a jet liquid to a workpiece and a liquid supply unit for supplying the jet liquid to the nozzle, while a laser beam is introduced into a jet liquid column ejected from the nozzle. The laser machining apparatus further comprises a laminar flow forming channel for supplying the jet liquid to the nozzle in a laminar state. The laminar flow forming channel includes a distribution channel formed by a cavity for annually distributing the jet liquid, which is supplied from the liquid supply unit, around an axis of the nozzle, an interconnecting channel disposed to be communicated with the distribution channel at the downstream side thereof in an axial direction of the nozzle and formed by an annular cavity around the axis of the nozzle to provide a narrower flow passage than the distribution channel, and a liquid reservoir chamber adjacently disposed upstream of the nozzle in the axial direction thereof and storing the jet liquid to be supplied to the nozzle. The liquid reservoir chamber has an outer peripheral edge being communicated with the interconnecting channel over an entire circumference of the annular shape thereof.04-02-2009
20090255910LASER MACHINING SYSTEM WITH PROTECTIVE ENCLOSURE - The present invention relates to a laser machining system with a protective enclosure wherein the protective enclosure is basically formed by a protective hood which encloses a workpiece that is mounted on a mounting device in such a manner that a laser head can be moved within the protective hood through the slit-shaped opening by means of a robot arm.10-15-2009
20120103952LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - An optical transmitting unit transmits a pulsed laser beam oscillated by a pulsed laser beam oscillator to a focusing unit in a laser processing apparatus. A wavelength band expanding unit expands the wavelength band of the pulsed laser beam, and a pulse width expanding unit increases the pulse width of the expanded pulsed laser beam. A focusing lens focuses the expanded pulsed laser beam. An optical fiber transmits the focused pulsed laser beam through a collimating lens and a pulse width compressing unit compresses the pulse width of the collimated pulsed laser beam to restore the original pulse width for transmission.05-03-2012
20120103951CONTROL APPARATUS AND LASER PROCESSING MACHINE - A control apparatus for controlling a laser processing machine, includes: a HDD as data storing means for storing shape data on a shape of a processed part to which laser processing of the laser processing machine is applied and data on a processing condition of the laser processing machine; and a CPU as processing condition adjusting means for performing adjustment of the processing condition with reference to the shape data and the data on the processing condition stored in the data storing means. The shape data that is acquired as to a work when the work to which the laser processing is applied is determined to be a defective item and the data on the processing condition that is adjusted by the processing condition adjusting means according to the determination of being a defective item are accumulated in the data storing means in association with each other.05-03-2012
20100147810TOOL MACHINE FOR LASER CUTTING OF SHEET AND PIPE MATERIALS - A tool machine for laser cutting of materials (06-17-2010
20100193482 LASER CUTTING SYSTEM - A laser cutting system including a chamber configured to provide a controlled environment while the laser is being used to cut a pattern into a material to reduce or eliminate heat and oxygen related changes to the mechanical characteristics of the material. A system for providing a gas to the controlled environment within the chamber, as well as a means for exhausting gas and cutting debris from the chamber is also described. A cutting mandrel that provides for flow of a shielding gas and also provides a means for dispersing a laser beam before it can produce unwanted damage to a section of tubing is also described.08-05-2010
20100176099METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE INITIAL MEASUREMENT OF A WORKPIECE, AND THE PROCESSING OF A WORKPIECE - A method for workpiece levelling includes mounting the workpiece in a machine tool, measuring the position of the workpiece in the mounting and determining a translatory offset xv, yv, zv and a rotatory offset λv, βv, φv of the factual workpiece mounting compared to the ideal mounting from the measurement results and from a workpiece data forming an initial data set related to the ideal mounting, wherein for obtaining another initial data set a plurality of surface points of the mounted workpiece are measured in their position xn, yn, zn in space, the data of one of the initial data sets are varied a plurality of times in accordance with plural translatory and rotatory displacements for obtaining a plurality of varied data sets, from the varied data sets and their base data set the one data set is determined that represents a surface with a lowest deviation measure compared to a surface represented by the other of the initial data sets, and the translatory offset xv, yv, zv and the rotatory offset λv, βv, φv is determined from the translatory and rotatory displacement of the determined data set.07-15-2010
20100252541LASER PROCESSING NOZZLE - A laser ablation nozzle including a main pressure chamber centered on an area of a substrate to be ablated and arranged to push a stream of gas through the main pressure chamber onto the substrate. A vacuum chamber surrounds the main pressure chamber and is arranged to vacuum away the process gas and ablation debris. To attempt to address uneven pressure and flow, flow restrictors can be provided at one or both of the process gas inlet and the vacuum chamber. The vacuum flow restrictor is intended to create constriction in a channel to generate a uniform vacuum induced flow around substantially the entire circumference of the nozzle opening. Similarly, the process gas flow restrictor is intended to generate substantially uniform gas flow into the main pressure chamber.10-07-2010
20100219168SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ELIMINATING THE STRUCTURE AND EDGE ROUGHNESS PRODUCED DURING LASER ABLATION OF A MATERIAL - The present technology relates generally to laser ablation, and more particularly pertains to a system and method for eliminating structure and edge roughness, which is produced during the laser ablation of a material. Ablation of materials using a femtosecond laser beam produces a fine scale periodic structure in the ablated region. The structure consists of residual (i.e. unablated material) and is always perpendicular to the polarization direction of the laser beam. By changing the polarization direction during the ablation process, the structure is averaged over many directions and thus eliminated. This eliminates structure and edge roughness in a material caused by the laser ablation of the material. The method is employed to the repairing of photomasks so as to cause the optical quality thereof to be improved.09-02-2010
20130126489CARDBOARD-HANDLING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A cardboard-handling system with a rule-die associated to a first drum and a counter die associated to a second drum for pre-treating cardboards. A cardboard-alignmentor on a first side of the rule-die and counter-die aligns and conveys a cardboard together with one or more synchronized-cardboard transferors toward a side-gripper conveyor. The side-gripper conveyor transfers the cardboard toward and through the rule-die and counter-die drums for pre-treatment of the cardboard. Next the side-gripper conveyor conveys the cardboard toward and through a laser-treatment module to be further pre-treated. The side gripper conveyor movement is synchronized with a laser-treatment module for which a base with a plurality of protruding elements has moving capabilities and is synchronized with the side-gripper conveyor (via a timing belt for example).05-23-2013
20090321395Variable focus laser machining system - A variable focus laser machining system is disclosed. The machining system may have a laser emitter configured to emit a laser beam. Additionally, the machining system may have a focusing element configured to focus the laser beam. The machining system may also have a controller. The controller may be configured to focus the laser beam at a first focal point. The first focal point may be approximately positioned on a first machining surface of a work piece. The controller may also be configured to determine that the first machining surface has moved relative to the first focal point. Additionally, the controller may be configured to re-focus the laser beam at a second focal point. The second focal point may be positioned between a second machining surface and a predetermined surface spaced apart from the second machining surface.12-31-2009
20090114626Apparatus and method for machining tubing - An apparatus for machining tubing includes a weighted base, an upright frame attached to the weighted base, and a laser light source attached to the weighted base. The apparatus also includes a guide bushing tooling attached to the upright frame which holds a guide bushing. A rotary drive bushing is aligned with the guide bushing holder. An optical assembly for focusing the laser light to a laser beam spot is also attached to the guide bushing tooling block. Spacer plates may be used to correctly space the optical assembly from the tubing material.05-07-2009
20080230523BEAM-CATCHING DEVICE FOR A PROCESSING MACHINE - A processing machine for workpiece processing includes a cutting head that produces a cutting beam directed toward a workpiece, and a beam-catching device for receiving a discharge of the cutting beam from an underside of the workpiece during processing of the workpiece. The beam-catching device includes a housing defining an opening that opens toward the cutting beam and a beam-catching space adjacent the opening, the cutting beam discharging from the underside of the workpiece during the processing of the workpiece and entering the beam-catching space of the housing through the opening. The beam-catching device also includes at least one nozzle on at least one wall section of the housing, the nozzle feeding a fluid jet as a free jet to the beam-catching space in such a way that the at least one fluid jet crosses the cutting beam.09-25-2008
20090107962METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A HYBRID MODE-LOCKED FIBER LASER - An apparatus for producing coherent pulsed light with a fiber-based master oscillator/fiber amplifier architecture includes a fiber-coupled mode-locked laser source. The fiber-coupled mode-locked laser source is configured to provide pulses having a pulse duration of less than 1 ns. The apparatus also includes a fiber-coupled amplitude modulator optically coupled to the fiber-coupled mode-locked laser source. The fiber-coupled amplitude modulator is capable of gate durations greater than 1 ns. The apparatus further includes a saturated fiber power amplifier optically coupled to the fiber-coupled amplitude modulator.04-30-2009
20130134140DEVICE FOR FORMING LONGITUDINALLY SPACED GROOVES OR SLITS INTO A MATERIAL WEB WITH A FOCUSED LASER BEAM - A device forms grooves or slits in a material web as it moves in a longitudinal direction. The grooves or slits, which are spaced apart from one another in the longitudinal direction, are formed by a laser beam. A laser beam source generates a continuous laser beam and a deflection mirror directs the laser beam onto the material web. The mirror rotates about an axis of rotation and it is displaceable along the axis. The mirror has a first mirror face, the line of intersection of which with a sectional plane perpendicular with respect to the axis of rotation forms a circular arc which varies depending on the axial position of the sectional plane. A second mirror face deflects the laser beam towards an absorber. Focusing optics focus the laser beam, after reflection from the first mirror face, onto the moving material web.05-30-2013
20100301026Manufacturing Method of Semiconductor Device and Laser Processing Apparatus - In a manufacturing process of a semiconductor device, a manufacturing technique and a manufacturing apparatus of a semiconductor device which simplify a lithography step using a photoresist is provided, so that the manufacturing cost is reduced, and the throughput is improved. An irradiated object, in which a light absorbing layer and an insulating layer are stacked over a substrate, is irradiated with a multi-mode laser beam and a single-mode laser beam so that both the laser beams overlap with each other, and an opening is formed by ablation in part of the irradiated object the irradiation of which is performed so that both the laser beams overlap with each other.12-02-2010
20110017713Methods and Apparatus for Initiating Scoring - Methods and apparatus are provided for forming an initiation flaw (01-27-2011
20100243622FORCE REACTION COMPENSATION SYSTEM - A laser beam propagates along a beam axis for incidence on a work surface mounted on a support. The support operatively connects to a positioning system moving at least one of the laser beam and the target specimen relative to each other to position the laser beam at selected locations on the work surface. At least one force reaction compensation motor is located in a common force plane with, and as close as possible to, a corresponding stage motor. Any moment arm between the compensation motor and the corresponding stage motor is reduced or eliminated, allowing the compensation motor to directly couple and react to stage forces with virtually zero moment arm. Six degrees of freedom can be controlled with only four motors, since each compensation motor is directly coupled and aligned to a corresponding stage motor.09-30-2010
20110024403PORTABLE CUTTING DEVICE FOR BREACHING A BARRIER - A portable cutting device is disclosed. The portable cutting device may include a portable power supply and a laser source. The portable power supply may be a lithium ion battery pack. The laser source may be a Ytterbium Fiber laser. The portable power supply and laser source of the portable cutting device may be positioned within a backpack and carried by a user. A handheld unit which is coupled to the laser source may be supported by the hands of the operator. The handheld unit provides power generated by the laser source to a barrier to be cut.02-03-2011
20110024404EXCHANGEABLE MODULE FOR A MACHINING HEAD OF A LASER MACHINING TOOL - The invention relates to an exchangeable module (02-03-2011
20100133243LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A laser processing apparatus including a detecting unit. The detecting unit includes a white light source for emitting white light, a focusing lens for focusing the white light to the workpiece, a first optical fiber for guiding the white light emitted from the white light source to the focusing lens, a detector for detecting the intensity of reflected light from the workpiece, and a second optical fiber for guiding the reflected light to the detector. Accordingly, the white light to be focused to the workpiece can be easily handled and only a wavelength component focused on the workpiece can be stably propagated.06-03-2010
20110042362LASER BEAM PROCESSING MACHINE - A laser beam processing machine is provided which includes a laser beam irradiation unit including a laser beam oscillation unit and a processing head provided with a condenser lens condensing a laser beam oscillated from the laser beam oscillation unit. The processing head includes a liquid column forming mechanism provided with a jet nozzle adapted to jet liquid along an optical path for the laser beam condensed by the condenser lens, and a water droplet suction mechanism disposed below the liquid column forming mechanism and provided with an insertion passage through which a liquid column jetted from the jet nozzle is passed and with an annular suction port formed to surround the insertion passage and communicate with suction means.02-24-2011
20090321396Method And System For High-Speed Precise Laser Trimming And Scan Lens For Use Therein - A method, system and scan lens for use therein are provided for high-speed, laser-based, precise laser trimming at least one electrical element along a trim path. The method includes generating a pulsed laser output with a laser, the output having one or more laser pulses at a repetition rate. A fast rise/fall time, pulse-shaped q-switched laser or an ultra-fast laser may be used. Beam shaping optics may be used to generate a flat-top beam profile. Each laser pulse has a pulse energy, a laser wavelength within a range of laser wavelengths, and a pulse duration. The wavelength is short enough to produce desired short-wavelength benefits of small spot size, tight tolerance, high absorption and reduced or eliminated heat-affected zone (HAZ) along the trim path, but not so short so as to cause microcracking. In this way, resistance drift after the trimming process is reduced.12-31-2009
20100252542WORKPIECE PROCESSING SYSTEM - A workpiece processing machine, such as a laser cutting machine, includes a motion unit having an associated drive, a cutting head mounted on the motion unit and configured to deliver a cutting beam, and a suction duct or other form of beam interceptor coupled to the motion unit so that it moves therewith and an opening of the suction duct is positioned below the cutting head during a workpiece processing operation. The machine also includes a frame configured to support the motion unit and defining a movement area of the motion unit, the frame having a beam located generally centrally in the movement area.10-07-2010
20110210103SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING SEMICONDUCTOR STRUCTURES USING LASER PULSES LATERALLY DISTRIBUTED IN A SCANNING WINDOW - Systems and methods process structures on or within a semiconductor substrate using a series of laser pulses. In one embodiment, a deflector is configured to selectively deflect the laser pulses within a processing window. The processing window is scanned over the semiconductor substrate such that a plurality of laterally spaced rows of structures simultaneously pass through the processing window. As the processing window is scanned, the deflector selectively deflects the series of laser pulses among the laterally spaced rows within the processing window. Thus, multiple rows of structures may be processed in a single scan.09-01-2011
20090032505CUTTING DEVICE FOR CUTTING HARD-BRITTLE MATERIAL - A cutting device for cutting a hard-brittle material along a cutting path is provided. The cutting device includes a cooling source having a first output terminal for providing a first cooling effect along the cutting path, and a heating source having a second output terminal disposed in the first output terminal for providing a heating effect following the first cooling effect along the cutting path.02-05-2009
20110084050LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A laser processing apparatus including a laser applying unit. The laser applying unit includes a first laser oscillating unit, a second laser oscillating unit, a first laser branching unit for branching a laser beam oscillated from the first laser oscillating unit into three optical paths, a second laser branching unit for branching a laser beam oscillated from the second laser oscillating unit into three optical paths, three first focusing units for respectively focusing the laser beams through the three optical paths obtained by the first laser branching unit toward a glass substrate, and three second focusing units for respectively focusing the laser beams through the three optical paths obtained by the second laser branching unit. The first focusing units and the second focusing units are alternately arranged in a line in an indexing direction.04-14-2011
20110068089LASER PROCESSING MACHINE HAVING EXPANDED WORK SPACE - A laser processing machine has an expanded operating space so that larger workpieces can be processed and/or the spatial requirement for the laser processing machine is reduced.03-24-2011
20100301024LASER PROCESSING SYSTEMS USING THROUGH-THE-LENS ALIGNMENT OF A LASER BEAM WITH A TARGET FEATURE - A laser processing system for micromachining a workpiece includes a laser source to generate laser pulses for processing a feature in a workpiece, a galvanometer-driven (galvo) subsystem to impart a first relative movement of a laser beam spot position along a processing trajectory with respect to the surface of the workpiece, and an acousto-optic deflector (AOD) subsystem. The AOD subsystem may include a combination of AODs and electro-optic deflectors. The AOD subsystem may vary an intensity profile of laser pulses as a function of deflection position along a dither direction. The AOD subsystem may be used for aligning a processing laser beam to workpiece features.12-02-2010
20110147349WAFER DIVIDING APPARATUS AND LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A wafer dividing apparatus for dividing a wafer along a plurality of crossing streets in the condition where the wafer is attached to the upper surface of a dicing tape supported to an annular frame and the strength of the wafer is reduced along the streets. The wafer dividing apparatus includes a frame holding unit for holding the annular frame, a wafer holding table having a holding surface for holding the wafer through the dicing tape supported to the annular frame held by the frame holding unit, a tape expanding unit for relatively moving the frame holding unit and the wafer holding table in a direction perpendicular to the holding surface of the wafer holding table to thereby expand the dicing tape, and a vibration generating unit for applying vibration to the holding surface of the wafer holding table.06-23-2011
20100301025PROCESSING METHOD AND PROCESSING APPARATUS USING INTERFERED LASER BEAMS - Provided are a processing method and a processing apparatus which are capable of suppressing a disturbance attributable to a surface wave in a processing by interfered laser beams, in particular, a processing by the interfered laser beams of a pulsed laser having a pulse width of equal to or more than 1 fs and of equal to or less than 1 ps, in which the wavelength of a surface wave that propagates in a direction of the interference of the laser is made longer than a pitch of the interference of the laser on a surface of an object to be processed to process the object.12-02-2010
20110248004SEAMLESS LASER ABLATED ROLL TOOLING - A system for generating a laser machined tool from a substantially cylindrical work piece. The system includes a laser producing a laser beam, a mask positioned within the laser beam for shaping the laser beam into an image, and an optical system for imaging the laser beam image onto the outer surface of the work piece. The system coordinates rotational and translation movements of the work piece with activation of the laser in order to use the laser image for ablating the outer surface of the work piece, creating microstructures within the surface of the work piece to form the cylindrical tool.10-13-2011
20110147350MODULAR APPARATUS FOR WAFER EDGE PROCESSING - A modular wafer edge processing apparatus is disclosed that overcomes the limitations of conventional edge processing methods and systems used in semiconductor manufacturing. The modular apparatus can be integrated into wafer tracks, cluster tools, and other volume manufacturing systems. The edge processing apparatus of this invention includes a laser that can either be contained inside the module, or mounted externally to feed multiple modules and thereby reduce system cost. The apparatus contains a beam delivery subsystem to direct a beam of radiation onto the edges of a rotating substrate supported by a chuck. The optical system accurately and precisely directs the beam to remove or transform organic or inorganic films, film stacks, residues, or particles, in atmosphere, from the top edge, top bevel, apex, bottom bevel, and bottom edge of the substrate in a single process step. Reaction by-products are removed by means of an exhaust tube enveloping the reaction site. This invention permits precise control of an edge exclusion width, resulting in an increase in the number of usable die on a wafer. Wafer edge processing with this invention replaces existing methods that use large volumes of purified water and hazardous chemicals including solvents, acids, alkalis, and proprietary strippers.06-23-2011
20110174787LASER DICING APPARATUS - A laser dicing device is provided to perform dicing processing that has excellent cutting properties and is stable even when the dicing speed is changed. The laser dicing apparatus includes: a stage; a reference clock oscillation circuit; a laser oscillator that emits a pulse laser beam; a laser oscillator controller that synchronizes the pulse laser beam with the clock signal; a pulse picker that switches irradiation and non-irradiation of the pulse laser beam onto the substrate to be processed; a pulse picker controller that controls pass and interception of the pulse laser beam for each light pulse in synchronization with the clock signal; a processing table unit that stores a processing table in which dicing processing data with respect to a standard relative velocity between the substrate to be processed and the pulse laser beam is written; a velocity input unit that inputs a new set value of a relative velocity; and an operation unit that calculates a new processing table and stores the new processing table into the processing table unit. Based on the new processing table, the pulse picker controller controls pass and interception of the pulse laser beam.07-21-2011
20120199565LASER BEAM APPLYING MECHANISM AND LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A laser beam applying mechanism has a power adjusting unit provided between a laser beam oscillator and a focusing lens. The power adjusting unit includes a half-wave plate, a prism having a first polarization beam splitter film and a second polarization beam splitter film. The optical path is adjusted by a piezoelectric actuator opposed to the first polarization beam splitter film, and a polarized light components synthesizer opposed to the second polarization beam splitter film generates a phase difference (β) between an S polarized light component and a P polarized light component. The phase difference (β) between the S polarized light component and the P polarized light component of the laser beam obtained by the polarized light components synthesizer is in the range of 0° to 180°.08-09-2012
20100320177Laser Beam Machining Device and Method for Adjusting the Focal Position - A laser beam machining device includes at least one laser beam source for acting upon at least one workpiece using an annular laser focus. Means are provided for imaging the laser radiation reflected from the workpiece on a sensor unit. A method for adjusting the focal position of an annular laser focus in relation to at least one workpiece is also provided.12-23-2010
20100320178DEVICE FOR MACHINING A WORKPIECE BY MEANS OF PARALLEL LASER BEAMS - A device for processing a workpiece using a plurality of parallel laser beams includes a focusing optical system displaceable in a direction of an axis of symmetry configured to focus each of the plurality of parallel laser beams onto a common focusing plane, and wherein the plurality of laser beams include a first and a second laser beam pair, each containing two laser beams equidistant from the axis of symmetry. The device further includes a reflector assembly having at least two reflectors each having a plurality of reflection surfaces displaceable relative to one another in a direction of the axis of symmetry.12-23-2010
20100282725LASER CUTTING HEAD - A laser cutting head includes a lens for producing a waist in a laser beam, an internal chamber having an inlet for pressurised gas, an outlet nozzle for both the laser beam and a jet of pressurised gas which communicates with the internal chamber, an inner hollow generally cylindrical lens holder which holds the lens. The lens holder has a body which (i) makes sliding engagement with an outer sleeve, (ii) holds the lens and (iii), in use, is axially displaceable away from the nozzle. A plurality of transverse pins extends through slots in the outer sleeve to engage the body of the lens holder, and an outermost adjustable limit ring the axial position of which is able to be reproducibly set, and which engages the sleeve, the adjustable limit ring defining the axial position of the lens holder.11-11-2010
20100301023ACOUSTO-OPTIC DEFLECTOR APPLICATIONS IN LASER PROCESSING OF DIELECTRIC OR OTHER MATERIALS - A laser processing system for micromachining a workpiece includes a laser source to generate laser pulses for processing a feature in a workpiece, a galvanometer-driven (galvo) subsystem to impart a first relative movement of a laser beam spot position along a processing trajectory with respect to the surface of the workpiece, and an acousto-optic deflector (AOD) subsystem to effectively widen a laser beam spot along a direction perpendicular to the processing trajectory. The AOD subsystem may include a combination of AODs and electro-optic deflectors. The AOD subsystem may vary an intensity profile of laser pulses as a function of deflection position along a dither direction to selectively shape the feature in the dither direction. The shaping may be used to intersect features on the workpiece. The AOD subsystem may also provide rastering, galvo error position correction, power modulation, and/or through-the-lens viewing of and alignment to the workpiece.12-02-2010
20110253686Laser Processing Machines and Methods - The invention relates to a laser processing machine for selectively processing plate-like or pipe-like workpieces, including: a displacement device to which a workpiece table for supporting a plate-like workpiece can be secured in order to move the workpiece table into and out of a processing range of the laser processing machine and a handling device for handling a pipe-like workpiece when the pipe-like workpiece is processed in the processing range, the handling device having at least one support device for supporting the pipe-like workpiece during the processing operation. The support device can be moved in a controlled manner in the longitudinal direction (X) of the pipe-like workpiece over at least 20% of the processing range. The invention also relates to methods for retrofitting laser processing machines from processing plate-like workpieces to processing pipe-like workpieces.10-20-2011
20120145686On-The-Fly Manipulation Of Spot Size And Cutting Speed For Real-Time Control Of Trench Depth And Width In Laser Operations - Systems and methods cut trenches of multiple widths in a material using a single pass of a laser beam. A first series of laser pulses cut a work surface of the material at a first cutting speed using a first spot size. In a transition region from a first trench width to a second trench width, a second series of laser pulses sequentially change spot sizes while gradually changing from the first cutting speed to a second cutting speed. Then, a third series of laser pulses continue to cut the work surface at the second cutting speed using a second spot size. The method provides for increased depth control in the transition region. A system uses a selectively adjustable optical component in the laser beam path to rapidly change spot size by adjusting a position of a focal plane with respect to the work surface.06-14-2012
20120145685POLYGONAL LASER SCANNER AND IMAGING SYSTEM FOR COATING REMOVAL - A system for removing a coating from a surface is provided. This system includes a laser scanner, wherein the laser scanner further includes at least one laser source, wherein the at least one laser source is operative to generate at least one laser beam, and wherein the laser beam is directed onto a work surface by the laser scanner; and a controller for operating the laser scanner. The controller further includes an imaging device for imaging the work surface; a lighting device for illuminating the work surface and overwhelming light generated by the interaction of the laser beam with the work surface; and a processor for processing information collected by the imaging device and adjusting the power output of the at least one laser source, if and when desirable or necessary.06-14-2012
20100072180MODULAR LASER MACHINING SYSTEM WITH FUNCTIONAL MODULE - Modular laser processing system and functional module A description is given of a modular laser processing system (03-25-2010
20090308851DEVICE FOR LASER MACHINING - Devices for laser machining include a machining head for directing laser light towards a workpiece, the laser light being emitted from a laser light source and directed along an optical beam path and the machining head including one or more focusing optics that are arranged in the optical beam path, a collimator including one or more collimating optics that are arranged in the optical beam path in front of the focusing optics and the collimator having an axis that extends parallel to the main direction of the laser light at the collimating optics, one or more deflecting optics arranged in the optical beam path between the collimating optics and the focusing optics, the deflecting optics configured to deflect the laser light emerging from the collimating optics towards the focusing optics, wherein the machining head is adjustable relative to the collimator along a z-axis, and the axis of the collimator extends under an angle to the z-axis.12-17-2009
20110186552LASER SCRIBING INSTALLATION FOR THE SUPERFICIAL TREATMENT OF MAGNETIC SHEETS WITH SPOTS OF ELLIPTIC SECTION - A laser scribing installation for the treatment of grain oriented magnetic sheets, as strip in longitudinal movement, comprising a laser generator for a laser beam, a cylindrical telescopic optical group with varying focal distance for the formation of a laser beam with elliptic section having varying ellipticity as function of the focal distances and a rotating mirror scanner for scanning the laser beam according to a pre-defined angle. The scribing installation further comprises a parabolic reflector extended transversally to the strip for receiving the scanned laser beam and focusing the beam on the strip, as a greatly lengthened elliptic spot, along a treatment path, and wherein the telescopic group is adjustable for modifying the length of one of the axes in the elliptic section of the laser beam incident on the strip.08-04-2011
20100025386LASER PROCESSING DEVICE - The time required for forming a modified region within an object to be processed is shortened. An apparatus 02-04-2010
20100078414LASER ASSISTED DRILLING - An apparatus for drilling underground having at least one optical fiber for transmitting light energy from a laser energy source disposed above ground to an underground drilling location and a mechanical drill bit having at least one cutting surface and forming at least one light transmission channel aligned to transmit light from the at least one optical fiber through the mechanical drill bit by way of the at least one light transmission channel.04-01-2010
20120037604LASER BEAM MACHINING DEVICE - Provided is a laser beam machining apparatus (02-16-2012
20120205352COMPACT, COHERENT, HIGH BRIGHTNESS LIGHT SOURCES FOR THE MID AND FAR IR - Compact high brightness light sources for the mid and far IR spectral region, and exemplary applications are disclosed based on passively mode locked Tm fiber comb lasers. In at least one embodiment the coherence of the comb sources is increased in a system utilizing an amplified single-frequency laser to pump the Tm fiber comb laser. The optical bandwidth generated by the passively mode locked Tm fiber comb laser is further decreased by using simultaneous 208-16-2012
20120012568Laser irradiation apparatus - A laser irradiation apparatus for irradiating a laser beam to a semiconductor layer including a plurality of pixel areas, the apparatus includes a laser generator generating the laser beam, and an optical switching unit time-dividing the laser beam generated from the laser generator and transmitting a plurality of time-divided laser beams to a plurality of optical systems. The apparatus includes a first optical system of the plurality of optical systems that receives a first time-divided laser beam and irradiates a first laser slit beam along a first irradiation direction, and a second optical system of the plurality of optical systems that receives a second time-divided laser beam and irradiates a second laser slit beam along a second irradiation direction that is parallel with the first irradiation direction. The first laser slit beam and the second laser slit beam crystallize partial areas at a same location in the respective pixel areas.01-19-2012
20090242524SINGULATION APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - Regarding a singulation apparatus for singulating a resin encapsulated substrate to manufacture an electronic component, the present invention brings about shortening the delivery period, reducing the footprint, and reducing the cost in compliance with a specification requested by a user. A singulation apparatus for an electronic component has: a basic unit including a receiving unit, singulation unit, and delivery unit; a cleaning unit mounted between the singulation unit and the delivery unit; and an examination unit mounted on the cleaning unit. The singulation unit is appropriately selected in accordance with the requested specification by the user, and a cutting mechanism used in the singulation unit has a rotary blade, water jet, laser light, wire saw, band saw, etc. The cleaning unit and examination unit, both mounted on the basic unit, are each appropriately selected and mounted in accordance with the requested specification by the user. The cleaning unit and examination unit are mounted on the basic unit which has the singulation unit in accordance with the requested specification by the user to form the singulation apparatus for an electronic component.10-01-2009
20100288739LASER PROCESSING DEVICE - Disclosed is a laser processing device, which includes a processing beam source configured to irradiate a processing laser towards an object, a measuring beam source configured to irradiate a modulated measuring laser, an irradiator configured to align a path of the measuring laser with a path of the processing laser directed towards the object, a beam receiver configured to receive the measuring laser reflected from the object, an I/Q demodulator configured to calculate a phase difference between the measuring laser irradiated from the measuring beam source and the measuring laser received at the beam receiver, and a data processor configured to calculate a processed length of the object by using the phase difference. The invention can be used to measure the length of a laser-processed portion at the same time as the laser processing itself, so that the laser processing may be performed with improved precision.11-18-2010
20120125901APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING DEPTH OF FOCUS - The present invention provides an apparatus and a system for improving depth of focus (DOF), wherein an optical lens for optical processing is actuated to vibrate whereby the DOF of the optical processing is increased due to the variation of focal point. In the embodiment of the present invention, an actuator is coupled to the optical lens for providing vibration energy wherein the optical lens is actuated by the vibration energy so as to vibrate on an optical axis thereof so as to increase the DOF during the optical processing, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of optical processing.05-24-2012
20100288740LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS AND LASER PROCESSING METHOD - A laser processing apparatus comprises a first shift mechanism including a first transparent member having a first incident face and a first output face that are parallel to each other; and a first motor that rotates the first transparent member around a first rotational axis. The first shift mechanism shifts the laser beam exiting from the first output face in a state parallel with the incident light on the first incident face in a first direction. The laser processing apparatus also comprises a second shift mechanism including a second transparent member including a second incident face and a second output face that are parallel to each other; and a second motor that rotates the second transparent member around the second rotational axis. The second rotating mechanism rotates the laser beam exiting from the second output face in a state parallel with the laser beam incident on the second incident face in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction. A light collecting lens collects the laser beam shifted with the second shift section to process a work. This configuration allows control of a taper angle of a hole formed by laser processing.11-18-2010
20120160817METHOD OF FABRICATING LIGHT EMITTING DIODE USING LASER LIFT-OFF TECHNIQUE AND LASER LIFT-OFF APPARATUS HAVING HEATER - An approach is provided for fabricating a light emitting diode using a laser lift-off apparatus. The approach includes growing an epitaxial layer including a first conductive-type compound semiconductor layer, an active layer and a second conductive-type compound semiconductor layer on a first substrate, bonding a second substrate, having a different thermal expansion coefficient from that of the first substrate, to the epitaxial layers at a first temperature of the first substrate higher than a room temperature, and separating the first substrate from the epitaxial layer by irradiating a laser beam through the first substrate at a second temperature of the first substrate higher than the room temperature but not more than the first temperature.06-28-2012
20120160816CUTTING APPARATUS - The invention relates to a cutting apparatus. A carrying device has a carrying bar extending above the cutting table and can be moved by an undercarriage transversely to the longitudinal axis of the carrying bar parallel to the plane of the cutting table. At least one cutting carriage is guided displaceably on the carrying bar in the direction of the longitudinal axis parallel to the plane of the cutting table and on which there is positioned a cutting device for generating a cutting beam directed at the cutting table. A protective housing being provided to cover the cutting beam and encloses the cutting device on all sides and relative to which the cutting carriage can be moved. The protective housing being provided on the carrying device and being moveable over the cutting table with the carrying device.06-28-2012
20100206858Beam Capturing Devices for Processing Machines - A beam capturing device for a processing machine includes a housing and at least one rotating body. The housing includes a substantially linear opening for receiving a cutting beam from the processing machine during processing of a workpiece. The at least one rotating body is arranged beneath the opening in the housing. The at least one rotating body is arranged to be rotationally driven about its axis of rotation and is arranged to absorb energy from the cutting beam entering the housing through the opening.08-19-2010
20120132628ORTHOGONAL INTEGRATED CLEAVING DEVICE - An orthogonal integrated cleaving apparatus and methods of controlling such an apparatus are taught. The cleaving apparatus includes two cleaving devices mounted at right angles with respect to a mount facing a substrate to be processed. The non-metallic and/or brittle substrate is separated along two orthogonal axes without rotating or moving the substrate to a second machine by moving the mount or the substrate along the axes. Each cleaving device laser sequentially heats a surface of the substrate along a respective cutting axis, cools the cut area and then laser re-heats the cut area to form a clean break.05-31-2012
20120211475Method for manufacturing a HTS coated tape with laser beam cutting - A method for manufacturing a high temperature superconductor (=HTS) coated tape (08-23-2012
20120168411Beam Homogenizer - A system for homogenizing the intensity profile of light includes a plurality of fiber coupled light sources for emitting fiber output beams from fiber output ends, and a light pipe optically coupled to the fiber output beams for producing a uniform light pipe output beam, an interleaver that transmits a first set of fiber output beams and reflects a second set of fiber output beams so that the principal rays of the fiber output beams propagate in a common plane, a first optical element for converging the principal rays, and a second optical element for telecentrically imaging the beams into the light pipe such that the principal rays of the beams propagate parallel to each other and the beams are focused in the light pipe in a focal plane transverse to the direction of propagation.07-05-2012
20090095721PRECISION LASER MACHINING APPARATUS - A focused laser beam having an optical axis passes sequentially through a simple, positive lens, a pair of plane, parallel windows, and a second, simple, negative lens. Each of the plane, parallel windows are mounted to a galvanometer motor and positioned orthogonally to one another. The focused laser beam is therefore displaced in a controlled manner from the optical axis to enable laser machining of very precise geometric features over a large processing window. A field size of one thousand microns is achieved.04-16-2009
20110120981LASER MACHINING MACHINE - A machine for machining workpieces by a laser beam. The optical fibre terminates at an optical output head (05-26-2011
20100326970Manufacturing Apparatus of Semiconductor Device and Method for Manufacturing Semiconductor Device - To provide a manufacturing apparatus of a semiconductor device, which does not use a stepper in a manufacturing process in the case where mass production of semiconductor devices is carried out by using a large-sized substrate. A thin film formed over a substrate having an insulating surface is selectively irradiated with a laser beam through light control means, specifically through an electro-optical device to cause ablation; accordingly, the thin film is partially removed, thereby processing the thin film in a remaining region into a desired shape. The electro-optical device functions as a variable mask by inputting an electrical signal based on design CAD data of the semiconductor device.12-30-2010
20110253687MOUTH OF A HOOD FOR SUCKING UP FINE PARTICLES, AND LASER DEVICE FOR ABLATING A SURFACE LAYER OF A WALL COMPRISING SUCH A HOOD - The invention relates to a hood for sucking up fine particles, comprising: an air intake mouth comprising a crest intended to be placed close to a wall or to emit fine particles, the crest defining an internal portion of the hood and an external portion; and a suction outlet intended to suck up the fine particles. The hood is characterized in that the mouth further includes an external lip extending towards the suction outlet and having a leading edge located on the same side as the outlet in relation to the crest, so that, when the hood is in operation, the sucked-up air undergoes no separation at the lip and that an air separation zone is located only in the internal portion of the hood.10-20-2011
20110290768GAS LASER OSCILLATION DEVICE AND GAS LASER PROCESSING MACHINE - A gas laser oscillator includes a discharge section for exciting laser gas, a blowing section for transmitting the laser gas, and a laser gas flowing path for forming a circulation route of the laser gas between the discharge section and the blowing section. The blowing section is formed of a rotary part to be rotated by a shaft driver and a non-rotary part not to be rotated. The rotary part includes a rotary shaft to which an impeller is mounted at an end, the shaft driver for rotating the rotary shaft, an upper bearing and a lower bearing coupled to the rotary shaft. The rotary part is detachable from the non-rotary part.12-01-2011
20130015165SURFACE TREATMENT EQUIPMENTAANM WANG; HAN-WEIAACI New TaipeiAACO TWAAGP WANG; HAN-WEI New Taipei TWAANM Liu; Jung-kuangAACI New TaipeiAACO TWAAGP Liu; Jung-kuang New Taipei TWAANM Shen; Tsai-shengAACI New TaipeiAACO TWAAGP Shen; Tsai-sheng New Taipei TW - A surface treatment equipment is designed for forming nickel barriers on a plurality of terminals for preventing solder wicking is disclosed. The surface treatment equipment includes a retractable feeding system, a laser engraving system, an image sensor, and a control system. The retractable feeding system is utilized to transmit a strip that has the terminals. The laser engraving system is utilized to ablate the terminals. The image sensor is utilized to collect a plurality of images of the ablated terminals. The control system receives the images to perform image recognition. When a defective terminal is recognized, the control system controls the retractable feeding system to transmit in reverse and controls the laser engraving system to repeatedly ablate the defective terminal. The defective terminals can be automatically recognized by the image sensor accompanying the control system. Thus, the drawback of a human visual inspection is solved.01-17-2013
20110253685LASER PROCESSING SYSTEM WITH VARIABLE BEAM SPOT SIZE - Systems for scribing a workpiece incorporate a motorized beam expander to change a laser beam spot size incident on a workpiece. A system includes a frame, a laser coupled with the frame and generating an output to remove material from at least a portion of a workpiece, a beam expander positioned along a path of the laser output and having a motorized mechanism operable to vary a beam expansion ratio applied to the laser output, and at least one scanning device coupled with the frame and operable to control a position of the laser output, after expansion, on the workpiece. The motorized beam expander can be used to selectively vary the width of a laser beam supplied to a scanning device so as to selectively vary the size of the laser beam incident on the workpiece. Alternatively, a variable aperture can be used instead of a beam expander.10-20-2011
20120248078CONTROL SYSTEM FOR HIGH POWER LASER DRILLING WORKOVER AND COMPLETION UNIT - There is provided a control, monitoring, and control and monitoring system for controlling and monitoring a high power laser system for performing high power laser operations and, in particular, for performing high power laser operation on, and in, remote and difficult to access locations.10-04-2012
20130140286SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INTERNAL CAVITY FORMATION USING LASER MANIPULATION - A laser machining system useful for machining internal cavities where visual monitoring is difficult or impossible may include a laser generator, a rod configured to extend from and retract towards the laser generator, an articulated mirror mounted on the rod and configured to reflect a laser beam generated by the laser generator, one or more sensors, and a controller that may receive data from the sensor and determine how and whether to manipulate, based on the data, the rod and the articulated mirror to direct the laser beam generated by the laser generator.06-06-2013
20100308023Laser cutting device for a workpiece having a surface immersed in a liquid - A laser cutting device for a workpiece having a surface immersed in a liquid includes a liquid container, a workpiece holder, and a laser generator. The liquid container is provided for storing a liquid. The workpiece holder is provided for securing a workpiece. The workpiece has a first surface and a second surface. The first surface is immersed in the liquid. The function of this laser generator is to generate a laser beam to the second surface so as to cut the workpiece. So, the cutting quality is good. Plus, the cooling effect is excellent.12-09-2010
20100314364OPTICAL SCANNER AND ITS APPLICATIONS - The present invention relates generally to optical scanners. The invention has advantageous applications e.g. in the field laser technology, such as coating and machining with cold ablation technology. An optical scanner according to the invention has a rotating mirror (12-16-2010
20100314363Laser nozzle tips - An injection molded laser cutting nozzle tip made from an electrically conductive polymer is provided. Suitable electrically conductive polymers include, but are not limited to, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyaniline, polythiophene, polypyrrole, and polyacetylene.12-16-2010
20120006798LASER OSCILLATOR AND LASER MACHINING APPARATUS - A laser oscillator includes a blower for blowing laser gas to discharge tubes; a gas circulation path for connecting discharge tubes and a blower; a gear chamber pressure detector for detecting the pressure of the gear chamber disposed in the blower; and an alarm part for issuing an alarm when the pressure detected in the gear chamber pressure detector is higher than a predetermined pressure. The predetermined pressure is set based on the average value of the pressure on the laser gas inlet side and the pressure on the laser gas outlet side of the blower. This configuration can prevent the entry of the oil mist generated from the blower into the gas circulation path and an increase in the gas consumption, while maintaining stable laser output for an extended period of time without increasing the running cost.01-12-2012
20120018412OPTICAL DEVICE AND LASER BEAM MACHINING APPARATUS HAVING OPTICAL DEVICE - An optical device includes: a beam splitter by which a laser beam oscillated from an oscillator is branched into a first branch beam going ahead through transmission and a second branch beam going ahead through reflection; a first mirror by which the first branch beam going out of the beam splitter is reflected to go again toward the beam splitter; a second mirror by which the second branch beam going out of the beam splitter is reflected to go again toward the beam splitter; and a circular disk-like rotating unit for integrally rotating the first mirror and a second mirror, with a laser beam branch point in the beam splitter as a center of rotation.01-26-2012
20120085738LASER NOZZLE TIP - An injection molded laser cutting nozzle tip made from an electrically conductive polymer is provided. The laser cutting nozzle tip includes sacrificial engineering elements in order to provide structural failure of the inexpensive nozzle while preserving intact other more costly components of the laser, in the event the nozzle tip inadvertently comes into forcible contact with a work piece. Suitable electrically conductive polymers include, but are not limited to, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyaniline, polythiophene, polypyrrole, and polyacetylene.04-12-2012
20130206737SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REMOVING A STATOR VANE - A system for removing a stator vane includes a platform, a cutting tool connected to the platform, and a sliding connection between the cutting tool and the platform. The system further includes means for advancing the cutting tool with respect to the platform. A method for removing a stator vane includes positioning a platform inside a casing that surrounds at least a portion of the stator vane. The method further includes pivoting a cutting tool with respect to the platform, sliding the cutting tool in a plane with respect to the stator vane, and cutting the stator vane with the cutting tool.08-15-2013

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