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219121670 Cutting 579
219121630 Welding 227
219121610 Beam energy control 73
219121850 Method 63
219121730 Shaping 39
219121780 Beam position control 36
219121650 Melting 29
219121830 With monitoring 17
219121840 With fluid supply 9
219121760 Multiple beams 9
219121820 Workpiece position control 8
219121860 Chamber 3
20130032583Laser Processing Machines - A laser processing machine includes a workpiece support, a movement unit that is movable relative to the workpiece support, the movement unit being configured to move a laser processing head over the workpiece support, and a switch cabinet in which one or more control components of the laser processing machine are provided. An arrangement of the switch cabinet provides a free movement space disposed underneath at least a portion of the switch cabinet, wherein at least a portion of the movement unit is disposed within the free movement space.02-07-2013
20090255912PURGE AND SEALANT CAP FOR SELECTIVE LASER SINTERING BUILD FRAME - A selective laser sintering apparatus is adapted contain or receive a build frame and comprises a cap assembly which includes a removable plate assembly having at least one gas inlet formed therein. The removable plate assembly sealingly covers the build frame. The cap assembly further comprises at least one gas line fluidly connectable to the gas inlet via a gas port to deliver inert gas to the interior of the build frame. The plate assembly comprises upper and lower plates defining a spacing therebetween. A seal extends around a periphery of the upper and lower plates and is sandwiched therebetween to enclose the spacing. The lower plate has a plurality of gas inlets formed therein which are in fluid communication with the spacing such that inert gas may be delivered to the build volume while the cap assembly is installed thereupon.10-15-2009
20120325790LASER IRRADIATION APPARATUS AND LASER IRRADIATION METHOD - A laser irradiation apparatus of the embodiment includes: a laser light transmission mechanism to guide laser light from a laser light source and emit the laser light from a laser light emission part; a condensing mechanism to condense the laser light; a pipe state casing to house and hold the condensing mechanism inside thereof and have an opening part to irradiate the laser light; a fluid supply mechanism to supply a fluid into the casing to emit the fluid from the opening part; a positioning mechanism provided at the casing to keep a distance from the condensing mechanism to the processing object constant by being brought into contact with the processing object; and a fluid guide mechanism to guide the fluid emitted from the opening part to flow between the casing and the processing object along an axial direction of the casing.12-27-2012
20130032580OPTICAL PATH STRUCTURE OF LASER PROCESSING MACHINE - An optical path structure of a laser processing machine that irradiates a laser beam from a processing head to a workpiece to perform laser processing, includes: a casing that has an opening, a light leading unit that includes a bend block including a bend mirror which deflects a laser beam traveling within the casing toward a side of the opening and an optical path tube which protrudes from the bend block toward the side of the opening for leading the laser beam to the processing head, a sealing member that is arranged at an edge part of the opening, a moving member that is abutting against the sealing member, that slides with respect to the sealing member, and that is fixed to the light leading unit, and a drive unit that integrally moves the moving member and the light leading unit in a longitudinal direction of the moving member.02-07-2013
20130032581LASER SOURCE AND LASER BEAM MACHINE - The present application discloses a laser source for emitting laser light onto a work-piece. The laser source includes a generator configured to generate the laser light, and an adjuster configured to adjust an output of the laser light. The adjuster situated between the generator and the work-piece reduces output density of the laser light on the work-piece.02-07-2013
20130062320APPARATUS AND METHODS TO MANUFACTURE HIGH DENSITY MAGNETIC MEDIA - A substrate having a pattern of magnetic properties may be formed by forming a magnetically inactive layer on the substrate, forming a magnetic precursor on the magnetically inactive layer, and forming magnetically active domains separated by magnetically inactive domains in the magnetic precursor by applying thermal energy to the magnetic precursor. The thermal energy may be applied using a laser, which may be pulsed. Forming the magnetically active domains may include crystallizing portions of the magnetic precursor.03-14-2013
20130068733LASER SYSTEM FOR THE MARKING OF METALLIC AND NON-METALLIC MATERIALS - A laser system for the marking of metallic and non-metallic materials comprising a laser oscillator, characterized in that said laser oscillator comprises: an active optical means of the crystal laser type, a laser pump to provide a pump energy to said active optical means; a mirror disposed upstream said active optical means; an optical switch, apt to provide a pulsed laser beam, disposed downstream said active optical means; a mode adaptor coupled to said optical switch; a predetermined length single-mode optical fibre, coupled to said mode adapter; a Bragg Grating type reflector coupled to said optical fibre.03-21-2013
20120234801ANNEALING APPARATUS USING TWO WAVELENGTHS OF CONTINUOUS WAVE LASER RADIATION - A thermal processing apparatus and method in which a first laser source, for example, a CO09-20-2012
20120234800ANNEALING APPARATUS USING TWO WAVELENGTHS OF CONTINUOUS WAVE LASER RADIATION - A thermal processing apparatus and method in which a first laser source, for example, a CO09-20-2012
20130161297DEVICE FOR RE-CONTOURING A GAS TURBINE BLADE - A device for recontouring a gas turbine blade includes at least one support configured to rest on an edge of the gas turbine blade during the recontouring, at least one side bearing configured to rest on an intake side or an outlet side of the gas turbine blade during the recontouring and a machining unit for machining the gas turbine blade. The machining unit is configured to fuse at least one partial area of the edge of the gas turbine blade using a beam of energy that is targeted such that material of the blade solidifies into a new contour, substantially without the addition of supplementary material.06-27-2013
20090272722Method and device for cleaning the circumferential outer surface of welded metal pipes - A method of cleaning the circumferential outer surface of a welded metal pipe focuses a laser beam above the level of the surface and melts, evaporates and/or sublimates extraneous materials and flaws present on the surface of the pipe.11-05-2009
20080210667RAPID THERMAL PROCESS METHOD AND RAPID THERMAL PROCESS DEVICE - A rapid thermal process method contains providing a substrate, performing a pre-heating process to at least a first portion of the substrate by means of a first laser beam, and performing a rapid heating process to the pre-heated first portion of the substrate by means of a second laser beam.09-04-2008
20090294412LASER TYPE SOLDERING APPARATUS - A laser type soldering apparatus which performs soldering by projecting a laser beam on a to-be-soldered object, a portion of a plurality of optical lenses is a corn lens, wherein an incident surface or a emitting surface of the corn lens is a conical surface, and a central portion of the corn lens has a central hole having a diameter smaller than that of a circular laser beam that is incident to the corn lens, and the corn lens converts the circular laser beam to a double circular beam having a ring portion with a circular ring shape and a spot portion located at a center of the ring portion, so that the double circular beam is projected on the to-be-soldered object.12-03-2009
20120292295LASER ADDITIVE - The present invention relates to a laser additive in the form of particles comprising a white core and a shell which comprises elemental carbon, to a process for the preparation thereof, and to the use of a laser additive of this type in organic polymers, in particular in plastics, coatings, automobile paints, powder coatings, printing inks, paper coatings and papermaking stocks for the production of durable pale laser markings, preferably on a dark background11-22-2012
20080290074Laser Machining Nozzle Identification - A system for identifying a laser machining nozzle on insertion of the laser machining nozzle into a laser machining head is provided. On its region insertable into the laser machining head, the laser machining nozzle has a shaping. Means for detecting or sensing the shaping are provided in the receiving region of the laser machining head provided for the laser machining nozzle.11-27-2008
20100140229PROCESSING APPARATUS - An processing apparatus comprises a laser oscillator, an overall control device which controls an operation of the laser oscillator, and a plurality of processing units. The processing unit comprises a holding part which movably holds a processed object, an optical system which guides the laser beam, oscillated from the laser oscillator, toward the processed object, a shutter which selectively prevents the laser beam from reaching the processed object, and an individual control device which controls an operation of the holding part, and transmits a laser request signal to the overall control device. When at least one of the plurality of individual control devices transmits the request signal, the overall control device controls the shutter of the processing unit, which has transmitted the laser request signal, to enable the laser beam to reach the processed object, and drives the laser oscillator to allow the laser oscillator to oscillate the laser beam.06-10-2010
20110220621Determining Powder Feed Nozzle Misalignment - This invention relates to a method for determining misalignment of a powder feed nozzle and a laser beam. The method includes forming a test structure on a workpiece in at least two different directions by deposition laser welding with powder at substantially constant deposition parameters without relative rotation between a powder feed nozzle and a laser beam, measuring heights and/or wall thicknesses of the test structure along the test structure, and determining a direction and/or an amount of misalignment of the powder feed nozzle relative to the laser beam based on the measured heights and/or wall thicknesses.09-15-2011
20100163533INCREASING HEAD TRANSDUCTION VIA SURFACE PLASMON RESONANCE BY MODULATING RESONANT CONTINUOUS-WAVE IRRADIATION - The present invention relates to methods and apparatus for increasing the conversion efficiency of irradiation incident on metal particles to an ambient environment. More specifically the invention relates to methods and apparatus for increasing the heat conversion efficiency from irradiation incident on metal particles to an ambient environment through modulating radiation incident upon the metal particles.07-01-2010
20100193479LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS, PROCESS CONTROL APPARATUS, AND PROCESSING APPARATUS - A laser processing apparatus in which a workpiece is placed on a work support base that supports the workpiece at a plurality of support points and performs, while moving a processing head in a horizontal direction with respect to the workpiece, laser processing on the workpiece on the work support base by the processing head, includes a tilt judging unit that judges, based on a positional relationship between a product chip that is to be separated from the workpiece when the workpiece is subjected to laser processing and support points, whether the product chip tilts in a height direction and projects upward on a side of the processing head from the workpiece before laser processing; and a drive control unit that controls a height of the processing head with respect to the workpiece when moving the processing head to a processing position for a next product chip after completing laser processing on the product chip based on a judgment result of the tilt judging unit.08-05-2010
20090314749Slit width adjusting device and microscope laser processing apparatus - Disclosed is a slit width adjusting device comprising: a pair of slit members parallel to each other, which is moved to approach each other or to be separated from each other to adjust a slit width; a driving section to move the pair of slit members; an absolute position original point detection section to detect an arbitrary absolute position of the slit members as an original point; and an adjustment section to adjust the slit width, wherein the adjustment section comprises: a storage unit to store a slit width table in which a displacement amount of the slit width from the original point, and a drive instruction value corresponding to the displacement amount, are corresponding to each other; and a drive control unit to extract the drive instruction value corresponding to a specified slit width, to drive the driving section according to the extracted drive instruction value.12-24-2009
20110210099METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR FIRM BONDING OF MATERIALS - A method and an arrangement for a firm bonding of a first material with a second material by means of soldering through focused laser radiation impacting on the first material, with the output controlled in dependence on the temperature measured in the area of the impacting focused laser radiation. To assure that surface properties will not lead to a noticeable distortion of the material temperature to be measured so that a reproducible, high quality soldering will be possible, it is provided for the temperature to be measured in an area of the first material that is adjacent to that in which the focused laser radiation impacts on the first material, with the area in which the temperature is measured and the area of impact of the laser radiation lying within the area of the soldering spot.09-01-2011
20090039058Equipment and method for fusing together laminar bands - Equipment (02-12-2009
20090026178Apparatus for annealing, method for annealing, and method for manufacturing a semi conductor device - An apparatus for annealing a substrate includes a substrate stage having a substrate mounting portion configured to mount the substrate; a heat source having a plurality of heaters disposed under the substrate mounting portion, the heaters individually preheating a plurality areas defined laterally in the substrate through a bottom surface of the substrate; and a light source facing a top surface of the substrate, configured to irradiate a pulsed light at a pulse width of about 0.1 ms to about 100 ms on the entire top surface of the substrate.01-29-2009
20130008878THERMAL FLUX ANNEALING INFLUENCE OF BURIED SPECIES - A method including introducing a species into a substrate including semiconductor material; and translating linearly focused electromagnetic radiation across a surface of the substrate, the electromagnetic radiation being sufficient to thermally influence the species. An apparatus including an electromagnetic radiation source; a stage having dimensions suitable for accommodating a semiconductor substrate within a chamber; an optical element disposed between the electromagnetic radiation source and the stage to focus radiation from the electromagnetic radiation source into a line having a length determined by the diameter of a substrate to be placed on the stage; and a controller coupled to the electromagnetic radiation source including machine readable program instructions that allow the controller to control the depth into which a substrate is exposed to the radiation.01-10-2013
20110259856APPARATUSES FOR FABRICATING PATTERNS USING LASER DIODE - An apparatus for fabricating patterns using a laser diode is presented. The apparatus includes at least one laser diode, at least one lens and a mask having at least one pin hole, wherein light emitted from the laser diode is emitted through the lens and the pin hole to be focused on a first material layer.10-27-2011
20120125897STRESS TREATMENT DEVICE, OPERATING SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF MAKING TURBINE - A stress treatment device has an operating unit including a head unit performing peening by irradiating an inside of a hole formed in a structure with laser to form a compressive stress region in the hole; a laser unit having an optical fiber guiding the laser to the head unit; a jetting unit jetting liquid into the hole; and a support part supporting the optical fiber in a manner of allowing the jetted liquid to flow through and being fixed in the head unit.05-24-2012
20100206854LASER SOLDERING APPARATUS - By irradiating laser light 08-19-2010
20120312790PULSE CIRCULATOR - A method and apparatus for annealing semiconductor substrates is disclosed. The apparatus has a pulsed energy source that directs pulsed energy toward a substrate. A homogenizer increases the spatial uniformity of the pulsed energy. A pulse shaping system shapes the temporal profile of the pulsed energy. A pulse circulator may be selected using a bypass system. The pulse circulator allows a pulse of energy to circulate around a path of reflectors, and a partial reflector allows a portion of the pulse to exit the pulse circulator with each cycle. The pulse circulator may have delaying elements and amplifying elements to tailor the pulses exiting from the circulator.12-13-2012
20120175352NOZZLE WELDING METHOD, NOZZLE PORTION REPAIR METHOD, AND NOZZLE WELDED STRUCTURE - To provide a nozzle welding method which can be performed automatically and efficiently, and which can also be performed under the condition of a high-exposure amount. The nozzle welding method includes: a built-up groove forming process of forming a built-up groove portion by digging an inner surface of a vessel into a substantially cylindrical shape in a range including at least a J-groove; a build-up welding process of forming a built-up weld portion in the built-up groove portion by build-up welding in such a manner that a plug is configured by a plug main body portion having an inner end surface forming an extending portion of the outer surface of the built-up groove portion, and is also configured by a projecting portion projected from the inner end surface and having an axis center substantially coincident with the axis center of the build-up groove portion, and the plug is inserted into a nozzle hole so as to make the inner end surface substantially coincident with the outer surface of the built-up groove portion; a vessel side weld groove portion forming process of forming the J-groove in the build-up weld portion; and a nozzle attaching process of completing the J-groove portion by inserting the nozzle and welding the J-groove portion.07-12-2012
20120255936LASER SYSTEM FOR THE MARKING OF METALLIC AND NON-METALLIC MATERIALS - A laser system for the marking of metallic and non-metallic materials comprising a laser oscillator (10-11-2012
20120255935LASER PROCESSING METHOD - There is obtained a laser processing method by which an excellent shape of a cut surface can be achieved and an increase in cost can be suppressed. A laser processing method includes the steps of: preparing a material to be processed; and forming a modified area in the material to be processed, by irradiating the material to be processed with laser beam. In the aforementioned step, pulsed laser beam having a continuous spectrum is focused with a lens, thereby forming a focusing line constituted by a plurality of focuses that are obtained by predetermined bands forming the continuous spectrum of the laser beam, and the material to be processed is irradiated with the laser beam such that at least a part of the focusing line is located on a surface of the material to be processed, thereby forming the modified area on an axis of the focusing line.10-11-2012
20120312791HIGH THROUGHPUT SOLAR CELL ABLATION SYSTEM - A solar cell is formed using a solar cell ablation system. The ablation system includes a single laser source and several laser scanners. The laser scanners include a master laser scanner, with the rest of the laser scanners being slaved to the master laser scanner. A laser beam from the laser source is split into several laser beams, with the laser beams being scanned onto corresponding wafers using the laser scanners in accordance with one or more patterns. The laser beams may be scanned on the wafers using the same or different power levels of the laser source.12-13-2012
20100270273LASER BEAM PROCESSING MACHINE - A laser beam processing machine that includes a laser beam irradiation unit for directing a laser beam to a workpiece held by a chuck table; a water-containing cover including an annular lateral wall surrounding the workpiece held by the chuck table, a top wall formed of a transparent member and closing an upper surface of the annular lateral wall, a water-supply hole and a water-discharge hole; a water-containing cover positioning unit for selectively positioning the water-containing cover at a waiting position remote from the chuck table and at an operating position where the water-containing cover surrounds the workpiece held by the chuck table; and a water supply unit connected to the water-supply hole.10-28-2010
20130020289METHOD AND SYSTEM TO START AND STOP A HOT WIRE SYSTEM - A method and system to start and/or stop a hot wire process. A hot wire system includes a filler wire feeder that includes a contact tube for holding a filler wire, a wire feed mechanism, a power supply for applying a heating current to the wire; and a controller coupled to the feed mechanism and the power supply. The controller is configured for regulating the heating current to the wire and locating the wire with respect to the workpiece for forming a molten puddle with an arc to initiate a hot wire process. The controller may also be configured to regulate the feed of the wire to the molten puddle and one of regulate and/or pulse the current to the wire so as to retract the wire out of the molten puddle in a stable manner when stopping the hot wire process.01-24-2013
20130020290Supply Line Routing Device - A supply line routing device is described, for routing supply lines between connection points on components which are movable relative to each other, and having a sheathing with a changeable course. The supply line routing device comprises at least one guide channel for a supply line in the interior of the sheathing; and a plurality of retaining elements disposed in succession in the longitudinal direction of the sheathing on the outside thereof, which are configured to fasten at least one additional supply line to the outside of the sheathing.01-24-2013
20120228274LASER PROCESSING MACHINES AND METHODS OF PROCESSING WORKPIECES - A laser processing machine for processing workpieces, in particular metal sheets, includes a workpiece support and a beam receiver for the laser beam used as a processing tool. The distance between a workpiece lying on the workpiece support and the beam receiver is variable, owing to the fact that the workpiece support and the beam receiver are positionable relative to one another along the beam axis of the laser beam by means of an adjusting drive of an adjusting device with a positioning movement of a variably definable magnitude. A method for processing workpieces, in particular metal sheets, is also provided.09-13-2012
20120267343TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER FOR GAS LASER - A temperature controller for a gas laser which controls temperatures of a plurality of temperature-controlled apparatuses including a first temperature-controlled portion requiring a high-precision temperature-control and a second temperature-controlled portion requiring a low-precision temperature-control as compared with the first temperature-controlled portion and allowing a temperature-control with a low or high temperature as compared with the first temperature-controlled portion, comprises a first temperature control portion generating a cooling agent or a heating agent for adjusting a temperature of each first temperature-controlled portion, a second temperature control portion generating a cooling agent or a heating agent for adjusting a temperature of each second temperature-controlled portion, a first piping system connecting the first temperature control portion and each first temperature-controlled portion in parallel, and a second piping system connecting the second temperature control portion and each second temperature-controlled portion in parallel.10-25-2012
20120080411LASER ILLUMINATION SYSTEM WITH REDUCED SPECKLE - A despeckling device and method in which an optical path difference staircase element is disposed between a fly's eye lens array and the image plane in a position near the focus position of the fly's eye lens array, and a laser generating unit generates and transmits pulsed laser beams to the optical path difference staircase element, wherein the pulsed laser beams are driven at a very short pulsed rate.04-05-2012
20120080410LASER MARKING MACHINE - A laser marking machine includes a support portion, a laser marking device fixed on the support portion, a control chip and a fixing mechanism fixed on the support portion. The fixing mechanism includes a support board configured for supporting a workpiece, and four positioning blocks moved, and four motors being able to control the four positioning blocks to slide in the support board. The fixing mechanism further includes at least two position detectors. The two position detectors are able to position detector a distance data of the workpiece deviating from a center of the support board along X and Y axes, and transmit the distance data to the control chip. The control chip analyzes the distance data to control the four motors to respectively drive the four positioning blocks to slide in the support board until the workpiece is centered on the support board.04-05-2012
20120241419APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING CONTINUOUS LENGTHS OF FLEXIBLE FOIL - An apparatus and method are described that use a cylindrical drum type vacuum drum and allows accurately registered, high resolution laser patterning of thin films on discrete lengths or flexible substrate material that are unwound from an unwind reel and after processing are rewound onto a rewind reel. Length compensator units are provided either side of the drum to accommodate variations in the length of the substrate due to differential rotation of the drum and the unwind and rewind reels.09-27-2012
20130112667OPTICAL DESIGN FOR LINE GENERATION USING MICROLENS ARRAY - Embodiments of the invention provide an apparatus including a substrate support, a source of laser radiation emitting laser radiation along an optical path, and an illumination optics disposed along the optical path. The illumination optics includes a set of slow-axis and fast-axis lenses. The apparatus further includes a homogenizer disposed between of the illumination optics and the substrate support along the optical path. The homogenizer includes a first and a second micro-optic lenslet arrays of cylindrical lenses, wherein the second micro-optic lenslet array of cylindrical lenses has a relatively larger lenslet pitch than that of the first micro-optic lenslet array of cylindrical lenses, and lenslet axes of the first micro-optic lenslet array and lenslet axes of the second micro-optic lenslet array are oriented along an axis that is parallel to a fast axis of the source of laser radiation.05-09-2013
20130112668Nozzle Holders and Related Systems - A nozzle holder for a nozzle changer that is configured for at least one of mounting nozzles to and demounting nozzles from a processing head of a laser processing machine includes a nozzle storage chamber that widens along a nozzle removal direction to a nozzle removal opening. The nozzle storage chamber includes at least two nozzle storage seats that are offset in steps from each other and that store respective nozzles. A nozzle changer includes such several nozzle holders, and a laser processing machine includes such a nozzle changer.05-09-2013
20110266261LASER MACHINING DEVICE - A laser machining device which can suppress the aberration of a laser beam converged into an object to be machined is provided. The laser machining device (11-03-2011
20130153546Apparatus for Laser Processing a Light Guide Plate and Having Constant Light Path Distance of a Laser Beam - Provided is a laser processing apparatus for a light guide plate capable of providing a high-quality light guide plate by maintaining a light path at a constant level. The laser processing apparatus includes a plurality of reflecting mirrors that reflect a laser mirror; and a path adjustment block transported in a direction a distance of the light path is reduced when a laser emitting unit is transported in a direction in which the distance of the light path is increased, wherein at least one of the plurality of reflecting mirrors is installed in the path adjustment block, thereby maintaining the distance of the entire light path on which the laser beam propagates at a constant level.06-20-2013
20110233175PICK-AND-PLACE MACHINE - A pick-and-place machine, comprising: a pick station; a place station; a pick/place head for transporting a die from the pick station along a transport path to the place station; wherein the machine further comprises a die-face processing means, comprising an inspection unit and/or a cleaning unit, operable to process a face of the die on the transport path.09-29-2011
20110272385LASER IRRADIATING DEVICE, LASER IRRADIATING METHOD AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - An object of the present invention is to provide a method and a device for constantly setting the energy distribution of a laser beam on an irradiating face, and uniformly irradiating the laser beam to the entire irradiating face. Further, another object of the present invention is to provide a manufacturing method of a semiconductor device including this laser irradiating method in a process. Therefore, the present invention is characterized in that the shapes of plural laser beams on the irradiating face are formed by an optical system in an elliptical shape or a rectangular shape, and the plural laser beams are irradiated while the irradiating face is moved in a first direction, and the plural laser beams are irradiated while the irradiating fate is moved in a second direction and is moved in a direction reverse to the first direction. The plural laser beams may be irradiated while the irradiating face is moved in the first direction, and the plural laser beams may be irradiated while the irradiating face is moved in the direction reverse to the first direction, and the irradiating face may be also moved in the second direction.11-10-2011
20130193119LASER MACHINING HEAD - The invention relates to a laser machining head for a laser machining machine, comprising a mount (08-01-2013

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