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218 - High-voltage switches with arc preventing or extinguishing devices

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
218118000 Vacuum 122
218043000 Air-current blowout 54
218155000 Housing structure 38
218022000 Magnetic blowout 28
218149000 Arc chute assembly 27
218154000 Operating mechanism structure or arrangement 24
218146000 Contact structure 14
218002000 Multiple break 12
218143000 Resistance inserting 9
218089000 Interposed non-conductor 7
218148000 Arc runner (e.g., arc horn) 6
218008000 Auxiliary shunt 4
20120181253APPARATUS FOR INTERRUPTING CURRENT - In one aspect, an apparatus, such as an electrical system, is provided. The electrical system can include a pair of conductors across which an arc is sporadically supported, the arc including load current from a load circuit. The electrical system can also include an energy source that is separate from the load circuit and configured to selectively charge an electrode assembly. The conductors and electrode assembly can be configured such that the arc, when present, will be lengthened or constricted due to the charge on the electrode assembly.07-19-2012
20090095717Azeotrope-like compositions containing sulfur hexafluoride and uses thereof - Provided are novel azeotrope-like compositions of SF04-16-2009
20090095716Circuit Breaker - A circuit breaker has a nominal current contact arrangement with a nominal current contact and a nominal current mating contact that are movable relative to each other, and with an arc contact arrangement that has an arc contact and an arc mating contact that are movable relative to each other. The circuit breaker also has kinematics driven by an actuating member which is effectively connected with the nominal current contact and the arc contact and configured, as a function of a breaking movement of the actuating member, to effect first a disconnection of the nominal current contact from the nominal current mating contact, before a disconnection of the arc contact from the arc mating contact occurs. The effective kinematics is also designed in such a way that, as a function of the switching-on movement of the actuating member, first an electrical connection of the arc contact is created with the arc mating contact, before an electrical connection of the nominal current contact is made with the nominal current mating contact.04-16-2009
20120018404DIRECT-CURRENT SWITCH - A miniaturized direct-current switch with which power loss is reduced when establishing continuity of a direct-current path is provided. The direct-current switch includes an electronic open/close switch inserted in a direct-current path along which a direct current flows in order to make the direct-current path an open circuit or a closed circuit, a parallel mechanical open/close switch connected in parallel to the electronic open/close switch, and a switch control circuit that controls the opening or closing time difference mutually between the parallel mechanical open/close switch and the electronic open/close switch, wherein the switch control circuit makes the parallel mechanical open/close switch a closed circuit a predetermined time after the electronic open/close switch has been made a closed circuit.01-26-2012
218145000 With capacitor 3
20090127230SWITCHING DEVICE FOR DIRECT-CURRENT APPLICATIONS - A switching device for direct-current applications including a housing, and at least three current paths. Each current path includes a respective movable switching contact element, a respective stationary switching contact element, and a respective air break between the respective movable and stationary contact elements. Each movable switching contact element is movable into a closed position and into an open position. The switching device includes a quenching capacitor connected in parallel to the respective at least one air break of a first of the current paths and configured to at least one of prevent the formation of an arc and quench an arc formed therealong. The quenching capacitor is not coupled to a second of the current paths. The second current path is couplable in series to the first current path.05-21-2009
20120125894ARC EXTINGUISHING SWITCH AND SWITCHING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention discloses an arc extinguishing switch, including a mechanical switch and a first electric branch connected in parallel with a first contact branch of the mechanical switch, the first electric branch includes a first controllable unidirectional turn-on subbranch and a second controllable unidirectional turn-on subbranch, the first controllable unidirectional turn-on subbranch and the second controllable unidirectional turn-on subbranch are respectively controlled by two thyristors to be turned on in AC positive and negative periods correspondingly and share a first capacitor connected in series with the two thyristors. The invention further discloses a switching method using the arc extinguishing switch. In the invention, the high power requirement for the thyristor in the arc extinguishing switch and the product cost are lowered, and it is avoided that the mechanical switch is bypassed when the short-circuit failure occurs on the thyristor.05-24-2012
20130153540METHOD OF EXTINGUISHING AN ELECTRIC ARC IN A LOW OR HIGH VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR BY PULSE DISCHARGE - The present invention relates to a method of extinguishing an electric arc, which occurs in low or high voltage switchgears, by pulse discharge. The electric arc is cut like a “fuse” by connecting a condenser (06-20-2013
20090283500ARC EXTINGUISHING RESIN PROCESSED ARTICLE AND CIRCUIT BREAKER USING THE SAME - An arc extinguishing resin processed article having excellent flame retardancy is disclosed, in which the contribution to rise in inner pressure is small, a pyrolysis gas that can efficiently extinguish an arc generated upon the interruption of a circuit can be generated, and heat resistance withstanding the rise in temperature generated in such a case and pressure resistance withstanding the rise in inner pressure are provided, and a circuit breaker using the arc extinguishing resin processed article are disclosed. The arc extinguishing resin processed article comprises a resin composition comprising (A) a polyolefin resin containing a hydroxyl group in an amount of from 0.2 to 0.7 mol per mol of a methylene group, a part of hydrogen atoms in a methylene chain being substituted with a hydroxyl group, (B) microcapsules containing water as a core material, and (C) a reactive organophosphorus flame retardant having a terminal unsaturated bond, the resin composition being molded and then subjected to radiation crosslinking.11-19-2009
20090261069GAS-INSULATED SWITCHING APPARATUS - [Object] A compact gas-insulated switching apparatus in which the space for arranging a gas breaker module may be reduced, and the space for arranging a circuit wiring may be reduced in the vertical direction is proposed.10-22-2009

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