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215 - Bottles and jars

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215382000 Contoured sidewall (e.g., curved, corrugated, ribbed, variable thickness, etc.) 95
215381000 Pressure-responsive structure 41
215380000 Having an inlet or outlet opening 2
20090071930Sealing structure for high-pressure container - In a multilayer pressure container constructed by covering a thin wall container made of synthetic resin or the like with a resin-impregnated fiber-reinforced layer and subsequently curing the impregnating resin, the present invention provides a sealing structure for a high-pressure container which allows sealing measures to be phased in during assembly before curing. The sealing structure for a high-pressure container 03-19-2009
20110062109Container with an Integrated Spout - A bottle having a body capable of containing a fluid; a spout fluidly connected to the body; a collar having at least one attachment area, said collar capable of removably securing a cap; a skirt functionally connected to the collar; and a drip concentrator concentrically interposed between the spout and the collar; wherein the bottle is continuous. In one embodiment, the skirt visually engages with the body03-17-2011
215385000 Apertured sidewall 1
20100230379EXTRUSION BLOW MOLDED PET CONTAINER AND METHOD OF MAKING - A plastic container that is fabricated from an extrudable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) using an extrusion blow molding process includes a neck portion, a bottom portion and a main body portion. The main body portion has a central opening that extends completely through the main body portion and may have generally toroidal area surrounding the central opening. The bottom portion includes a plurality of support feet and a substantially smooth central raised portion that has substantially no discontinuities such as the gate well that is commonly found on PET containers fabricated using the conventional stretch blow molding process. The neck portion may be offset from a longitudinal axis of the container so as to facilitate pouring by a consumer.09-16-2010
20130043209Plastic Containers Having Base Configurations with Particular Up-Stand Geometries, and Systems, Methods, and Base Molds Thereof - Plastic containers, base configurations for plastic containers, and systems, methods, and base molds thereof. In particular, the disclosed subject matter involves container base configurations having particular up-stand geometries that can assist or facilitate elevated temperature processing and/or cooling processing of plastic containers.02-21-2013
20100163514APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COMPRESSION MOULDING PARISONS AND BLOW MOULDING MULTI LAYERED BOTTLES - Compression moulding apparatus is described in which the female mould (07-01-2010
20130134124PREFORM AND CONTAINER COMPRISING REINFORCING ELEMENTS - The present invention relates to a plastic preform (05-30-2013
20130068717Scrunchable plastic disposable carbonated beverage bottle - The scrunchable plastic disposable carbonated beverage bottle is, as titled, a carbonated beverage bottle that can structurally reduce its volume to preserve carbonation content and freshness of product as product is consumed. The scrunchable bottle also has the ability to self-compact for easier storage and will require less space to dispose of This will ultimately save cubic feet of landfill space that is beyond estimation by preventing air bubbles caused by these bottles.03-21-2013
20100170867PACKAGING CONTAINER AND APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - There is provided a packaging container which reserves an acidic beverage having a relatively high acidity and allows spore to remain properly without corrupting and the acidic beverage can be aseptically filled and reserved at a normal temperature with low cost without utilizing a container having high heat-proof property and expensive manufacturing equipment. An interior of a container 07-08-2010
20110290758METHOD OF MAKING A CONTAINER SUCH AS A BOTTLE FROM A PREFORM MADE OF THERMOPLASTIC POLYMER - Method of making a container having an elongated body equipped with a neck, such as a bottle (12-01-2011
20120097634Collabsible Bottle, Method Of Manufacturing A Blank For Such Bottle And Beverage-Filled Bottle Dispensing System - The present invention concerns a double-skinned inflatable bottle blank and its method of manufacturing which comprises: (i) stacking two sheets of liquid impermeable, flexible foil material, preferably in coplanar arrangement; (ii) blanking the sheets to create respective, preferably shape-congruent blanks having each a contoured perimeter edge; (iii) bonding the two blanks along joining seams that follow the contoured perimeter edges, but for at one or more inflation locations, thereby to define a double skinned blank into which an inflating fluid can be introduced through the inflation location; (iv) additionally bonding the two blanks at a plurality of discrete stiffening seams which are arranged in a predetermined grid or pattern thereby defining a grid-work of intersecting, inflatable stiffener structures in at least such part of the double skinned blank which will provide an upstanding peripheral wall of the bottle when erected through inflation; (v) folding the double skinned blank; and (vi) selectively bonding together portions of the joined perimeter edge of the double skinned blank, but for at a predetermined filling/dispensing location, to define a double-skinned, inflatable bottle blank with an internal cavity surrounded by a bottom wall for standing the bottle upright, said peripheral wall and a top wall, the filling/dispensing location located preferentially in the top wall such as to define a dispensing orifice for filling and dispensing liquid into and from the internal cavity, the inflatable stiffener structures providing an exoskeleton about the internal cavity when inflated.04-26-2012
20100078405Plastics bottle construction - A plastics bottle comprising two parts each being stackable in its own right and each part in practice being sealable to the other to provide a unitary bottle for the containment of a liquid or flowable product.04-01-2010
20080210658Liquid Container - Disclosed is a liquid container for containing liquid contents. The liquid container comprises a body with a desired volume for containing liquid contents; a narrow neck formed at an upper side of the body; an opening formed at an inside of the neck so as to be communicated with an inside of the body; and an air path extended from the upper side of the body to an upper side of the neck so as to be opened at upper and lower end thereof so that an entrance of the opening is communicated with an inside of the body, wherein a lower opening of the air path has an inclined section which is inclined upward at a desired angle relative to a reference surface of the liquid contents in the body. Additionally, the air path has a length so that the lower opening thereof is not contacted with the reference surface of the contents. When a user tilts the container after removing the cap so as to pour out the contents, since the external air can smoothly enter through the air path, a sudden pressure change in the container is prevented. Thus, the contents can be smoothly and quietly discharged without sputtering and splashing about inside.09-04-2008
20110266250PHARMACY BOTTLE SYSTEM WITH LABEL - A bottle includes a container and a label. The container includes a front portion, a back portion, an opening and a spine portion. The back portion is spaced from the front portion and generally faces away and in an opposite direction from the front portion. The opening is positioned between the front portion and the back portion of the container to at least partially define a first end of the container. The spine portion extends between the front portion and the back portion of the container to define a second end of the container opposite the first end. The label extends over and is in contact with each of the front portion, the back portion and the spine portion of the container.11-03-2011
20090242503PET Pouch/Package With Foldable Base - A plastic bottle is provided with a mouth, a main unit, for example, a flexible, cylindrical main unit, connecting the interior of the bottle with the mouth, a base structured to close the bottom portion of the main unit and have a greater rigidity compared to the main unit. The main unit includes a lower body section extending upward from the base, a central body section extending upward from the lower body section, and a crease between the lower and central body sections. The central body section can be configured to deform into a substantially flat shape through the action of external force F so as to bend outward.10-01-2009
20090250427Viscous Product Bottle - A blown bottle constructed from synthetic resinous material is configured to facilitate the complete evacuation of viscous food product from the bottle using a conventional butter knife.10-08-2009
20090114617Plastic bottle - A plastic bottle that can easily be collapsed after used is provided.05-07-2009
20110108514Method for Producing a Packing Structure with Control Over the Drying Step - The invention relates to a method for producing a packing structure, characterized in that it includes the following main steps: a) a step comprising the hydrothermal synthesis of the packing mass, performed using a mixture of quicklime and silica; and b) a step comprising the drying of the packing mass produced in step (a) at a temperature T05-12-2011
20100038339DIGITAL PRINTING PLASTIC CONTAINERS - A hollow plastic container having a curved external surface and a digital image printed thereon by ink droplets is provided. The ink droplets may vary in diameter from about 10 to about 200 microns and the droplets may range from about 200 to about 1200 drops per inch. Methods for digital printing plastic containers are also disclosed.02-18-2010
20110174764DECORATED CONTAINER ASSOCIABLE WITH AIRLESS PUMPS AND METHOD FOR ITS PRODUCTION - A container comprising a substantially rigid body (07-21-2011
20090127223MULTILAYER CONTAINER TRIMMING - A method making a plastic container in accordance with one aspect of the present invention includes molding an intermediate container product having a body and a moil integral with the body. The body is of layered construction that includes at least one layer of barrier resin that extends part-way into but not throughout the moil. The upper portion of the moil, in which the barrier material is absent, is removed for recycling as process regrind. The lower portion of the moil is removed to form the container. In the preferred embodiment of the invention, the upper portion of the moil is removed in a laser trimming operation. The lower portion of the moil is removed in the preferred embodiment of the invention by inserting a plug into the open end or mouth of the container, and employing a cutting tool that is positioned by the plug for accurately trimming of the container product with respect to the mouth of the container. The cutting tool preferably is either a pair of shear rollers or a laser cutting tool.05-21-2009
20110073558CARBON BLACK WITH LARGE PRIMARY PARTICLE SIZE AS REHEAT ADDITIVE FOR POLYESTER AND POLYPROPYLENE RESINS - Reheat characteristics of polyethylene and polypropylene resins, including reheating time and resin color, are improved by adding to the resin carbon black with a primary particle size in the range of 200 to 500 nm as an infrared absorber. Thermal carbon blacks having this primary particle size are preferred over Furnace carbon blacks. Injection stretch-blow molded bottles and other thermoformed products are made from resins with carbon black infrared absorber.03-31-2011
20110089135LASER MODIFIED PLASTIC CONTAINER - A polyethylene terephthalate container having a laser-formed area, wherein the laser-formed area is modified in response to radiation energy. In some embodiments, the laser-formed area of the container permitting localized contouring to permit or otherwise generally prevent flexural response to vacuum and/or loading forces. In some embodiments, the laser-formed area of the container comprises visible indicia formed to permit labeless containers.04-21-2011
20120125878CHEMICAL BOTTLE FOR ENDOSCOPE CLEANING/DISINFECTING APPARATUS - The present invention includes a storing section that stores a chemical, an opening provided in an upper surface, a concave portion formed in a first side face, and an inclined face that is formed at a face on an upper surface side of the concave portion and that inclines towards the upper surface side. The center of the concave portion is positioned so as to deviate from the central axis at the first side face.05-24-2012
20110180510CONTAINERS COATED BY DEPOSITION OF A SOL-GEL ON THEIR INNER SURFACE - The present invention relates to containers having, on all or part of their inner surface, a mineral-oxide-based coating obtained by sol-gel deposition, which containers are found to be particularly suitable for the packaging of cosmetic compositions.07-28-2011
20110226723HOLLOW BODY WITH IMPROVED BARRIER ACTION - The present invention relates to hollow bodies with improved barrier action, where the hollow bodies are composed of a three-layer sandwich structure with a shell made of polystyrene and with a middle layer as vapor barrier.09-22-2011
20120138564Bottle With Top Loading Resistance - Bottles with improved top loading resistance are disclosed herein. The bottles may have generally “square” body profiles and may include structural features such as variable wall thickness, specific shoulder angles, and other structural reinforcement components. The bottle may have one or both of the following characteristics: a weight and barrel thickness specific top loading strength of no less than 2.30 lbf/g×mm and a weight and volume specific top loading strength of no less than 1.00 lbf×L/g.06-07-2012
20130020277Biodegradable Bottle for Liquids - A bottle for holding liquids that is biodegradable and that is made from environmentally sustainable materials. The bottle includes a body, a shoulder, a neck portion, and a cap. According to one aspect, the neck portion of the bottle is made of bioplastic, and the shoulder and body of the bottle are made from thermoformed pulp. The bioplastic neck can mate with, and be adhered to, the shoulder, and the shoulder can mate with, and be adhered to, the pulp body.01-24-2013
20130020276Segmented Collapsible Container - A segmented collapsible container for containing a liquid and collapsing when no liquid is present. The container is segmented into a first portion, a second portion, and a third portion. The three segmented portions form a uniform annular sidewall, with each separate portion of the sidewall having a different thickness or material than the other portions. The middle second portion includes a relatively thinner break point in the sidewall to facilitate collapsing. It is this variation in rigidity and integrity of the sidewalls that allows the segmented collapsible container to collapse. The segmented collapsible container includes an airtight seal formed in the first portion that restricts fluids, such as but not limited to, air from entering or leaving the segmented collapsible container. The segmented collapsible container may more easily return to its original shape after collapsing. This facilitates cleaning and reusability of the container.01-24-2013
20100308007POLYOEFIN COMPOSITIONS - Polyolefin composition, comprising in percent by weight: 12-09-2010

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