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Frangible member or portion

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215 - Bottles and jars

215200000 - CLOSURES

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215253000 About line or point of weakness 37
215252000 Twist-off motion frees reusable closure 33
215257000 With cutting or tearing means (e.g., wire or string rip cord) 4
20130062305CAP WITH A TAMPER EVIDENCE AND A SPOUT - A cap arranged to interact with a spout. The cap comprises a top section, a side wall section attached to the top section and a tamper element attached to the side wall section in a tearing interface. The tearing interface may be provided with a weakening line that is arranged to break when the cap is unscrewed such that the tamper element is separated from the side wall section. The cap further comprises at least one resilient cutting element arranged to the side wall. The at least one resilient cutting element is arranged to cut off a membrane of the spout when the cap is unscrewed. The cap is arranged such that the weakening line is arranged to break before the membrane of the spout is cut off when the cap is being unscrewed from the spout.03-14-2013
20100038338Closure with perforating feature for container seals - A closure for sealing a container, in particular a container that, prior to first use by a consumer, includes an opening or aperture covered by a seal, wherein the closure is equipped with a perforating member adapted to open or break the seal, thereby enabling the consumer to access the contents of the container.02-18-2010
20090026165CLOSURE - The invention relates to a closure for a container containing a contents, particularly a bottle or the like made of plastic, glass or the like, with a cap, particularly made of plastic, for sealingly connecting to a neck of the container having an edge, with at least one cutter edge, which is placed around a central axis of the cap in the area of the internal width of the neck and which serves to cut through a closure film when the at least one cutter edge is axially displaced through the closure film. The cutter edge is placed on a holding sleeve, which is held in an essentially central manner by the cap by means of a flexible skirt and is to be displaced relative to the cap toward the closure film. The holding sleeve contains a component provided for mixing the contents of the container. A screw cap, which can be screwed onto and back from the cap, is provided with an initial screwed position, in which the closure film has not yet been ruptured, and with a stop screwed position after additional screwing on, in which the closure film is punctured by the at least one cutter edge and the component is exposed. The cap, after the sealing connection, remains permanently on the neck of the container, and the screw cap comprising, like a sport cap, a pouring and/or drinking opening. In the stop screwed position, the container contents are permitted to flow toward the screw cap and its pouring and/or drinking opening. When screwing the screw cap back into its initial position, flow to the screw cap and its pouring opening is interrupted once again.01-29-2009
20120273451ANGLED PIERCING FLIPTOP CLOSURE - The invention closures that opens sealed containers and close such containers thereafter and method of using the same.11-01-2012
215251000 Outer closure breaks or tears away to expose second closure 4
20110168660Tamper Evident Cap for Shipping and Storage Containers - A tamper evident cap adapted to close an opening on a vessel includes a main body having an outer circumference, a pull tab extending from the main body, and a flange, forms an annulus around the main body and connected to the main body. The flange includes an outer circumference that is larger than the outer circumference of the main body. It is essential to the present invention that the flange is made of a very thin layer of material. In addition, the flange includes at least a pair of perforation lines. Further, the present invention includes a bump in the pull-tab for enabling a person grasping the pull-tab, to obtain a firmer hold thereon.07-14-2011
20080230506Carbonated drink closure and dispensing device - A carbonated drink closure and dispensing device is disclosed having an upper cap portion, a lower cap portion removably and rotatably secured to the upper cap portion at one end, and removably secured to a top opening of a container at an opposing end. The lower cap portion includes an opening allowing fluid contents of the container to flow thererough, and a valve member is dimensioned and configured to cover the lower cap portion opening. The valve member threadably engages the upper cap portion, and an anti-rotation device is disposed on the lower cap portion and houses the valve member, wherein the rotation of the upper cap portion slides the valve member within the anti-rotation device to close off the opening of the lower cap portion in one position, and moves away from the opening of the lower cap portion allowing fluid contents from the container to flow through the opening and through the upper cap portion.09-25-2008
20100282705Closure Caps11-11-2010
20090159553Closure system for containers - A closure system for containers used for storing or administering substances in the form of liquids, pastes or powders, which system in one embodiment includes a cap, provided with a through-hole, and a closure element, wherein the cap holds the closure element with a force fit and/or form fit on the container, in the area of the container opening that is to be closed, by means of a catch element present on the container. For this purpose, the end face which surrounds the container opening, and on which the closure element bears, comprises a depression. The closure element is a virus-proof, bacteria-proof and spore-proof film that lies on the end face and, at least in some areas, over the depression. The cap is then fitted in place, an elastomer ring or adhesive ring is arranged between the closure element and the depression and fills the depression. With the present invention, a closure system for containers is provided that allows the container to be securely closed permanently and in a virus-proof, bacteria-proof and spore-proof manner.06-25-2009
20100044336Anti-counterfeiting Bottle Cap - This invention is related to an anti-counterfeiting bottle cap that includes an outer cap made up of an upper outer cap and a lower outer cap connected by a breaking ring and an inner cap. The said inner cap at the end of which a protuberant identifying ring is set and the upper outer cap are fastened with each other. The breaking ring lies above the identifying ring which inserts in the sunk head on top of the lower outer cap.02-25-2010
20110168659Bottle Cap Device - A bottle cap device for a container includes a bottle cap, a subpackage vessel, a guiding structure, and a linkage structure. A retainer groove and a retainer member form a clutch structure, wherein the retainer groove and the retainer member are mated with each other and are disposed between said bottle cap and an outside surface of a top periphery of the subpackage vessel. A circular slotting tool is disposed within a containing cavity, wherein said circular slotting tool has a center hole and a cutting edge protruded on the bottom thereof. The guiding structure is disposed between said slotting tool and said subpackage vessel, wherein when the slotting tool is turned anticlockwise, the guiding structure limits the slotting tool to move downwards. The linkage structure includes a neck-shrinking helical block protruded downwardly from the bottom surface of the cover, and has a helical groove provided in a sidewall of a center hole of the slotting tool for mating with the helical block, wherein when the bottle cap is turned anticlockwise, the helical block pushes said helical groove to force the slotting tool to move under limitation of the guiding structure, and thus a cutting edge of the slotting tool opens a bottom separator of the subpackage vessel.07-14-2011
20110006031A STOPPER DEVICE FOR STOPPING A CONTAINER NECK - A sealing device (01-13-2011
20090184085Tape for mass-sealing bottles and similar containers, and apparati for its application and removal - A composite laminar tape (07-23-2009
20080251489Pierceable cap - A pierceable cap may be used for containing sample specimens during storage and transport. The pierceable cap may prevent unwanted escape of sample specimen before transfer with a transfer device. The pierceable cap may fit over a vessel. An access port in the pierceable cap may allow passage of a tip of a transfer device though the pierceable cap. A frangible layer may be disposed across the access port. One or more extensions proximate to the frangible layer may be coupled to the pierceable cap by coupling regions or other similar devices. The one or more extension may rotate around the one or more coupling regions during insertion of the transfer device. The movement of the one or more extensions may pierce the frangible layer to create airways and allow air to escape from a vessel at a reduced velocity.10-16-2008
20100018941METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VERIFYING SEAL INTEGRITY - A method of verifying the integrity of a seal in a sealing region between a container and a sealing film applied to the container comprises viewing at least the sealing region to detect the presence of a detectable predetermined feature in the sealing region. The presence of the detectable predetermined feature in the sealing region is indicative of an improper seal between the container and the sealing film whilst the absence of the detectable predetermined feature in the sealing region is indicative of an integral seal between the container and the sealing film.01-28-2010
20110315652SAFETY SEAL REMOVER - A safety seal remover comprising a finger ring, and a rim ring secured to the finger ring at a connection point wherein the rim ring attaches to a rim of a bottle under a safety seal and the finger ring lies above the safety seal so that when the finger ring is pulled the rim ring lifts causing the safety seal to tear from the rim of the bottle. The safety seal remover allows for simple and effective removal of the safety seals placed on most medication bottles and food jars.12-29-2011
20120111822Closure Device - A closure device used in the food industry is equipped with a tamper indicating means. The closure device includes a cap and a tamper indicating means fixed to the cap through loose strength connection, and this tamper indicating means being equipped with a fixing element and a gripper fixed in the cap wall.05-10-2012
20110089133TAMPER EVIDENT CLOSURE FOR CONTAINER - A container that is formed using a blow molding method. The container includes a neck wall and tamper bead extending from the neck wall. The tamper bead engages a tamper band when a lid comprising the tamper band is mounted to the container. A ratio of a height of the tamper bead to a ratio of the width that the tamper bead extends from the neck wall is in the range of 1.3 to 3.0.04-21-2011
20120187071BOTTLE AND CAP - The embodiments described herein disclose a bottle and cap. The cap seals the bottle and thereby defines a compartment within the bottle for storing liquid or other material. The cap also includes an internal compartment for storing a liquid or other material in a sealed manner. The cap is designed to readily allow for sterilization during manufacturing, maintaining proper sealing of the compartments, dispensing material from one compartment into the other and providing a tamper-resistant closure.07-26-2012
20080197100Stopper device for a receptacle neck, a receptacle fitted with such a device, and a method of fabricating such a device - The skirt (08-21-2008

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