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215110500 With vent or valve for air 45
215110400 With valve for liquid 22
215110600 With cover 20
215110200 With temperature responsive indicator 7
215110300 Collapsible liner or wall 7
20110198309Closure system for a children's drinking bottle or a children's drinking cup - Closure system for a children's drinking bottle or a children's drinking cup comprising 08-18-2011
20100072160Quick Mixing Baby Formula Cylinder and System - An apparatus for a baby bottle container may include a plug assembly. A plug assembly may include a wall forming an inner volume. A plug may extend from the wall and form a portion of the inner volume. The plug assembly may be capable of removable attachment to a baby bottle container. An apparatus for a baby bottle container may include a chamber assembly capable of removable attachment to the plug assembly. The chamber assembly may comprise a partition configured to receive a portion of the plug within the inner volume of the plug assembly. The chamber assembly may be axially slidable about the plug assembly to selectively engage the partition with the plug to form a seal.03-25-2010
20120175335Closure System for a Leakproof Baby Feeding Bottle - A closure system for a baby bottle including a lower closure ring screwed onto an external thread of a bottle, an upper closure ring for connecting to a screw ring for fastening a drinking teat, locking elements which rotatably and releasably lock together the lower closure ring and the upper closure ring, a circular lip seal made of a soft elastic material concentric to a lower peripheral part being arranged on the first upper face, with at least one axially oriented sealing lip and at least one circular seal geometry engaging with the lip seal and concentric to an upper peripheral part being arranged on a second lower face or vice versa and by rotating the upper closure ring relative to the lower closure ring the upper throughflow hole may optionally be brought into overlapping and non-overlapping positions relative to a lower throughflow hole.07-12-2012
20090057256Nursing bottleholder improvement - An improvement to a nursing system for baby animals including a soft cylinder or rope-like extension detachably affixed to fabric sleeve or toroidal donut shaped ring surrounding a nipple-topped nursing bottle. The soft-cylinder or rope-like extension may be formed into a platform for the nipple-topped nursing bottle to enable baby animals to obtain liquid from the nipple-topped nursing bottle without assistance. Alternatively, the soft cylinder or rope-like extension provides a resting place for the baby animals or a series of surfaces on which the baby animal may climb to position itself where it can obtain liquid from the nipple-topped nursing bottle.03-05-2009
20130068715SPOUT FOR DRINKING CONTAINER - A spout for attachment to bottles, cups or other drinking vessels and containers having a dome shaped enclosure and a set of stability ribs. The stability ribs specifically ensuring that fluid flow through the fluid conduit remains as laminar as possible, and prevents the fluid conduit from collapse if a high amount of suction or mastication is provided by a user of the drinking vessel or container.03-21-2013
20130161280NURSING DEVICE - A nursing device for feeding infants with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate includes a nipple body and a tube operatively attached at one end to a pump for pumping liquid and operatively attached at the other end to the nipple body. The tube passively regulates the amount of liquid being pumped, ensuring that the infant can feed with minimal mess from the infirmities of cleft lip and/or cleft palate. The nipple body includes an outer flange and a cap for sealing engagement with the top of a nursing bottle. A shield can be used to cover the nipple body, which serves to protect and form a temporary reservoir for the liquid dispensed through the nipple body.06-27-2013
20090314733Teat - A teat for connection to a receiving unit of a drink container has a main body and, adjoining the main body and tapered relative to the main body, a mouthpiece with at least one suction opening. The teat has a first connector element for connection to the receiving unit, a second connector element for connection to the receiving unit, and a suction channel. The suction channel extends within the mouthpiece, extends and opens via a first end into the suction opening and is directed via a second end towards the main body. This second end forms the first connector element for leaktight connection to the receiving unit. The main body is designed such that it is adapted to be turned back towards the suction opening of the mouthpiece. This teat is adapted to be connected to the feeding bottle in a simple and hygienic manner and is easy to clean.12-24-2009
20110168657Materials and Food Additives Free of Endocrine Disruptive Activity - The present invention describes plastic materials and food additives that are free or substantially free from endocrine disruptive chemicals. The plastic materials may be used in products which are exposed to individuals in which endocrine disruptive activity is particularly disadvantageous, such as baby bottles, baby toys, food containers, medical containers, animal cages and medical products. The food additives may be used in food products that are ingested by individuals in which endocrine disruptive activity is particularly disadvantageous, such as newborns or the physically infirm. The present invention also describes a series of assays which, when performed in combination, provide a novel method for determining the presence of endocrine disruptive activity.07-14-2011
20130098861FLUID CONTAINMENT SYTEM WITH NIPPLE ADAPTER - A container attachment for selectively permitting and prohibiting the flow of fluid from a contained volume. The container attachment has an attachment housing configured for attachment to the container. The container attachment also has a nipple and a substantially rigid port access assembly securable to the housing. A one-way flow control mechanism is retained interiorly of the nipple to prevent backflow of fluid into the container.04-25-2013
20080203049STIMULATING FEEDING DEVICE FOR A CHILD - An example feeding device includes a container and a controller that determines an orientation of the container. The controller activates a first stimulus when the container is in a first orientation and a second stimulus when the container is in another orientation. The first stimulus may please a child, and the second stimulus may displease a child.08-28-2008
20110006028COATED GLASS BOTTLES AND ARTICLES AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - There is described glass baby and drinking articles, or other glass articles, that are coated with a BPA free, shatterproof silicone sleeve. The coated glass bottles provide peace of mind that parents seek when feeding their babies, and prevent the bottle from shattering or “exploding” if or when dropped. The coated bottle provides shock resistance to prevent breakage in many typical drops, or total glass containment with the silicone sleeve if the bottle does break. The shatterproof silicone coated glass baby bottle and containment system is ideal for active parents who will accept nothing but the safest products for their young kids while eliminating all worries of BPA and glass breakage. The coating also provides thermal insulation to maintain the temperature of liquids disposed therein and keep the heat (or cold) of liquids in the bottle from migrating to the hand of the baby or other person handling the bottle. The silicone sleeve is adhered directly to the glass baby bottle, providing better gripping characteristics, without slippage. Methods of manufacturing silicone coated glass articles by dipping a glass article in a solvent dispersion of uncured silicone rubber to provide one or more layers is also provided, or a method for injection overmolding of a coating on the bottle.01-13-2011
20100140204Teat Unit for Feeding Bottles - A teat unit for a feeding bottle has a teat and an adjustment mechanism. The teat can be changed, in terms of its shape or stiffness, by the adjustment mechanism. In this way, one and the same teat can be used with different outward forms. The teat can be adapted to the needs of the baby before or during feeding.06-10-2010
20080257845Self Righting Baby Bottle - A baby bottle container includes a cap portion which allows fluid to flow therethrough and a bottle engaged with the cap, wherein the bottle includes a bottle body and a weighted end piece which biases the bottle body to an upright position in response to engaging a support structure. The weighted end piece includes a smooth curved hemispherical surface. The weighted end piece biases the bottle body to an upright position relative to the support structure.10-23-2008
20090139949READY TO FEED CONTAINER WITH DRINKING DISPENSER AND SEALING MEMBER, AND RELATED METHOD - A container including a body defining an outflow opening and at least one chamber adapted for storing a product, such as a fat containing liquid product, and a container closure including a primary seal for hermetically sealing the product within the chamber during storage. The container closure includes a sealing member forming a substantially fluid-tight seal between the container closure and the body, and a dispensing member in fluid communication with the chamber. The container closure and body move relative to each other between a first position where the primary seal is seated about the outflow port to hermetically seal the product in the chamber during storage, and a second position where the primary seal is displaced from the outflow port to allow product to pass from the chamber through the outflow port and into dispensing member to dispense the product.06-04-2009
20090255894BOTTLE HAVING A TEAT ATTACHED BY A RING WITH MOBILE ELEMENTS, CORRESPONDING RING AND TEAT - A feeding bottle includes a flask, a teat and a connecting ring intended to fix the teat to the flask, at an opening in the latter, defined by a neck, and a connecting ring configured such that there is at least one locking position in which the connecting ring is fixed to the flask and an unlocking position in which the ring to be removed from the flask.10-15-2009
20100200530Nipple For Feeding Liquids To Calves And Other Mammals - An improved nipple for feeding liquids to newborn and young bovine calves and other mammals. A horizontal flat portion of an upper end of the nipple has a downward curving periphery that merges into a vertical portion of a barrel at an exterior radius of 9 to 10 mm and an interior radius of 6.5 to 7.5 mm. The thickness of a wall of the upper end of the nipple is between 5 and 10% less than the thickness of the wall of the barrel. The flat portion of the upper end of the nipple 08-12-2010
20090314734Teat Unit - A teat unit has a flexible teat, a receiving head and a dimensionally stable base part. The teat is arranged on the receiving head. The receiving head and the base part are connected to each other by a releasable plug connection, and the receiving head has a securing element for securing the teat unit on a drinks container. This teat unit permits a great many possible configurations of the individual parts and, therefore, an optimization of their individual functions.12-24-2009
20100224585IMPACT-RESISTANT CASING FOR BREAKABLE CONTAINERS - The teachings provided herein are directed to an impact-resistant casing for breakable containers, and a system comprising the impact-resistant casing and a breakable container, such as a glass container. Very useful systems incorporating these components could include, of course, a glass baby bottle, a toddler sippy-cup, or an adult drinking glass, for example. These and other embodiments will be apparent to one of skill upon a review of the teachings provided herein.09-09-2010
20100133221Modified disposable container - The present invention provides modifications to conventional disposable bottles such as disposable, water-filled bottles. One such modification includes a wider opening in the neck of the disposable bottle. Another modification comprises enlarging the size of the threads on the outside of the necks to allow the cover of the bottles to be replaced with other attachments.06-03-2010
20110042338PLASTIC BABY BOTTLES, OTHER BLOW MOLDED ARTICLES, AND PROCESSES FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE - The invention is generally directed to baby bottles and other articles produced by blow molding from polymeric materials having glass transition temperatures ranging from 100° C. to 130° C., as well as to processes for producing them. These articles can be exposed to boiling water and can be produced by using a suitable combination of a stretch ratio of less than 3 and a preform temperature at least 20° C. greater than the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the polymeric material.02-24-2011
20110168656Feeding Bottle - The invention relates to a feeding bottle having a drinking teat made of a flexible plastic, a bottle made from plastic having higher strength than the flexible plastic and connected to the drinking teat in one piece by means of injection molding, and a reinforcement thread extending from the bottle through the drinking teat up to the drinking opening.07-14-2011
20090120894Multifunctional bottle cap - A multifunctional drinking bottle cap for attachment to a plurality of different sized bottle neck diameters includes a base member, a drinking mechanism attachment accommodation for a drinking mechanism selected from a flexible nipple, a spout and a straw. The base member has a dispensing orifice that extends from top to bottom for dispensing a liquid from a bottle. The bottom of the base member has a plurality of concentric threaded orifice sections with sequentially decreasing diameters when measured from the bottom to the top, and the top has an attachment ring collar connection, such as a screw thread, snap fit connector, bayonet connector or other similar connector. There is a drinking mechanism selected from the group consisting of a flexible nipple, a spout and a straw that partially engages the aforesaid drinking mechanism attachment accommodation of the base member. The attachment ring collar is adapted to fit over the drinking mechanism and to attach it to the base member.05-14-2009
20110073556INFANT FORMULA RETORT CONTAINER - A retortable container has a body portion that has an angled body portion and a dome-like top portion. The body portion is sized to accommodate being held by an infant or a toddler. The top portion further comprises a finish that is adapted to accommodate a nipple for usage by an infant.03-31-2011
20110108503BABY BOTTLES COMPRISING POLYESTER COMPOSITIONS WHICH COMPRISE CYCLOBUTANEDIOL - Described are baby bottle(s) comprising polyesters comprising (a) a dicarboxylic acid component having terephthalic acid or an ester thereof; optionally, an aromatic dicarboxylic acid or aliphatic dicarboxylic acid or esters thereof; 2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobutanediol; and 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol.05-12-2011
20120043293Nipple For An Infant Bottle Assembly And An Infant Bottle Assembly Having Such a Nipple - A nipple for use with a nursing bottle is provided. The nipple includes a base portion and a bulbous sidewall connected to and extending upward from the base portion. The bulbous sidewall has a height and a maximum width that is larger than said height. The nipple further includes an end portion extending upward from the bulbous sidewall and having an outlet opening therein.02-23-2012
20110100944PERISTALTIC TEAT - The peristaltic teat is a cleanable teat which rewards the baby for making the same natural peristaltic tongue movement it makes at the mother's breast. The reward is that the baby gets (more) milk when making the correct movement. The consequence is that the baby will use the same drinking mechanism as at the breast. Hence bottle feeding will become closer to breast feeding which makes the combination of bottle feeding and breast feeding easier.05-05-2011
20090230073Scrunch bottle bib - A device for attaching to drinking vessels designed to catch spills from the mouth of the drinker or drinking vessel without aid of a third party.09-17-2009
20120305515FEEDING BOTTLE - A feeding bottle includes a bottle body, a retaining member, a sucking component and a nipple. The bottle defines an opening, the retaining member has a bowl portion and a barrel portion, the bowl forms peripheral flange. The sucking component includes a tube and a sucking head, the nipple includes a latching section having resisting flange. The bottle body, the retaining member, the sucking component, and the nipple are made of silicon material, the retaining member engages into the bottle body, the tube and the sucking head are received in the bottle body, the bowl portion is received in the open, and the peripheral flange abuts on the top of the open. The nipple engages with the retaining member, the latching section fits with the barrel portion, and the resisting flange abuts on the peripheral flange.12-06-2012
20120305514Baby bottle with mixing device - A baby bottle including a nipple and separable compartments for holding powdered formula and water. By sliding or rotating a knob to a pre-selected mix position, apertures in the separable compartments are aligned thereby allowing mixture of the powdered formula from an upper compartment into a lower compartment containing the water. The bottle is shaken to thoroughly mix the formula and the water, after which, the bottle and formula mix are ready to use.12-06-2012
20120074090Teat for a baby product - A teat for a baby product comprises a flexible wall which is collapsible and has first and second protrusions disposed on an inner face thereof. When a force is applied to the wall, portions of the wall are brought proximal to one another and a protrusion is arranged to contact the inner face of the wall.03-29-2012
20100326945SEPARATE TYPE NURSING BOTTLE - Disclosed is a separate type nursing bottle, which includes two separate bodies so as to allow a user to cleanly wash the bodies in a convenient manner. The separate type nursing bottle includes an upper body, a lower body, and a connector. The upper body has a pipe-shape and includes screw parts formed at an outer circumferential surface of one end of the upper body and at an outer circumferential surface spaced a predetermined distance from another end of the upper body, respectively. The lower body has a bowl-shape, has an open side engaged with an outer circumferential periphery of the other end of the upper body, and includes a locking jaw formed along an outer circumferential periphery of one end of the open side. The connector has a pipe-shape, has a locking jaw so as to allow the connector to be assembled with an outer side of the upper body while one end of the connector is locked in the locking jaw of the lower body, and also has a screw part engaged with the screw part of the another end of the upper body. The upper body from the screw part to the other end is slanted toward a central axis of the upper body so that an inner diameter is smaller toward the other end. The lower body is made from material, which is more flexible than material of the upper body, so as to allow a shape of the lower body to be easily changed. As a result, there is a sanitary advantage in that the user can cleanly wash the interior of the nursing bottle, and convenience can be provided to the user while washing the bottle.12-30-2010
20120261374Baby Nipple Device - A device for feeding a fluid to a baby may include a nipple to dispense the fluid to the baby and a tubular device to transfer the fluid to the baby. The tubular device may be a straw and the nipple may include an upper torso which flares outwards. The nipple may include a lower torso which flares inwards and the nipple may include a annular indent. The nipple may include a connection device to connect to the tubular device, and the connection device may be expendable. The connection devices may connect to the tubular device by a friction fit.10-18-2012
20110017696Nursing Bottle Feeding Nipple - A nursing bottle feeding nipple is provided, which comprises a flexible outer shell formed in a shape mimicking that of the feminine breast and extending between a nipple end and a bottle coupling end. The feeding nipple is sealingly fitted at the bottle coupling end with a sealing disc defining therebetween a confined sealed space. The feeding nipple includes a plurality of feeding ducts extend between inlet ports formed at the sealing disc and outlet ports formed at the nipple end. The feeding ducts mimic the feminine anatomical lactiferous ducts.01-27-2011
20110036801INTERACTIVE BABY FEEDING BOTTLE - An interactive baby bottle with an electronic unit is disclosed. The electronic unit comprises a sensor unit configured to sense the heart beat of a person bottle feeding a baby and an actuator unit configured to transmit the sensed heart beat to the baby. The disclosed interactive baby bottle can facilitate the drinking process, since it allows bottle feeding to become an experience of connectedness between the baby and the person bottle feeding the baby thereby approaching breast feeding.02-17-2011
20120318766STORAGE AND MIXING BOTTLE - A multi-functional bottle contains two separate compartments, a first compartment for water or liquid storage, and a second compartment or holding chamber, for storage of a powdered formula. The holding chamber is comprised of both flexible, and rigid food-grade polymers. The holding chamber has a closed bottom-end, forming the bottle's base, and an open, re-sealable top-end for addition of the powdered formula, and for release of the powdered formula for mixing when so desired. Re-sealable top-end forms an airtight seal with an agitator cap. The agitator cap can easily be released by firmly pressing (depressing) the bottom-end of the holding chamber (and bottle), allowing the user to now mix the powdered formula with the water with a single hand.12-20-2012
20100230372FEEDING APPARATUS - A feeding apparatus includes a food container. The food container includes an open end and a closed end. The food container is provided on a surface thereof with a plurality of apertures and a plurality of protrusions. The food container is made of a resilient material for use with foodstuff.09-16-2010
20120318765STORAGE AND MIXING BOTTLE - A multi-functional bottle contains two separate compartments, a first compartment for water or liquid storage, and a second compartment or holding chamber, for storage of a powdered formula. The doubled-walled holding chamber is comprised of a flexible, food-grade polymer. The holding chamber has a closed bottom-end, forming the bottle's base, and an open, sealable top-end for addition of the powdered formula, and for release of the powdered formula for mixing when so desired. Sealable top-end forms an airtight seal with an agitator cap. The agitator cap can easily be released by firmly pressing (depressing) the bottom-end of the holding chamber (and bottle), allowing the user to now mix the powdered formula with the water with a single hand.12-20-2012
20080223808MODULAR INFANT FEEDING BOTTLE - A liquid-dispensing bottle includes a container and a liquid dispenser closing an open mouth of the container. The container includes several components that can be selected and assembled by a user to produce either a small-volume baby bottle or a large-volume baby bottle.09-18-2008
20080223807COLLAR FOR LIQUID AND MEDICINE DISPENSING BOTTLE - A collar is provided for use with a bottle. The collar includes an annular ring and a flange extending inward from an upper end of the annular ring. There are at least two projections extending outward from an inner surface of the annular ring. The flange of the collar covers a flange of a nipple for the bottle, and the collar projections interlock with outwardly extending projections on a surface of the bottle to secure the nipple to the bottle using about one half of a turn or less.09-18-2008
20080217281Combination handbag and lunch bag with integrated lifestyle and weight loss control method - A combination handbag and lunch bag comprising: a handbag and a lunch bag each having a front, a rear, two opposing sides, a bottom, a top for joining the handbag and lunch bag portions forming a consolidated bag, a handle, a pair of holding loops or holding rings adapted for engaging the handle for drawing the handle into a continuous closed loop, a closure system enabled for snap-, clasp- or buckle-action fastening adapted for mutual engagement for drawing the combination handbag and lunch bag into a continuous closed loop for improved security and concealment of items therein, and an organizational method and program to provide an integrated closed loop planning, forecasting and control system for individuals synthesizing lifestyle, polish, and weight loss by way of integrated reference card programs, suggestions, and reminders used in combination with designated expandable pockets for predetermined organization of personal items and nutrition items therein.09-11-2008
20100089858CONVERTIBLE BABY FEEDING BOTTLE FOR USE WITH OR WITHOUT A DISPOSABLE BAG - A baby feeding bottle which is capable of being used either with or without a disposable bag, has a hollow cylindrical elongated body that defines an inner chamber and a circular opening at each end. A first cap is provided which includes a nipple which is capable of covering one opening at an end of the cylindrical body by being twisted onto the elongated body. A second cap is provided which is capable of being twisted onto the other end of the elongated body for forming a leak resistant covering with the other opening.04-15-2010
20110226720BABY BOTTLE WITH ENHANCED FLOW CHARACTERISTICS - A baby feeding bottle includes a bottle base having a fluid container, and a feeding assembly from which an infant feeds. The feeding assembly includes a bottom nipple secured at the top of the bottle base, and having an outlet for providing a maximum flow rate of a feeding liquid. A middle nipple may be provided over the bottom nipple. The middle nipple may include a plurality of selectable setting outlets, each of which corresponds to a different flow rate setting. The bottle is adjustable so that a setting outlet corresponding to a single flow rate setting at a time may receive liquid from the first nipple. In this manner, the maximum flow from the first nipple may be reduced by a setting outlet corresponding to one of the flow rate settings. In addition, the flow rate setting may be changed in-use or prior to use to accommodate varying flow rates corresponding to each setting. A top nipple may be provided over the second nipple from which an infant may feed, which is configured to mimic a human breast to approximate breast feeding.09-22-2011
20110240586Artificial Nipple With Reinforcement - The invention is directed to an improved feeding nipple, including a substantially solid nipple portion. The nipple includes one or more ducts formed therethrough for conveying fluids through the nipple. The nipple is radially compressible and a reinforcing member is disposed in the nipple adjacent the one or more ducts.10-06-2011
20100308002MOUTHPIECE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION - A mouthpiece has a bite-off-prevention feature. The mouthpiece has been manufactured from an elastomeric parent material with at least one first component, where a reinforcing component embedded within the parent material forms the bite-off-prevention feature and derives from the same group of substances or group of materials as the first component. The reinforcing component is preferably composed of fibers.12-09-2010
20130200030SUCTION DEVICE - The invention relates to a suction device (08-08-2013
20130200029DRINKING MOUTHPIECE - A drinking mouthpiece comprising a resilient body through which fluid flows from a rear opening through to a front opening, the body having a contoured longitudinal upper profile for lying against a portion of the palate of a mouth and a contoured longitudinal lower profile for lying against a tongue; wherein a forward end of the mouthpiece near the front opening has a cross-sectional profile that tapers to two opposing sides of the mouthpiece, and also has a bulging area on the lower profile that provides a reference point against which the tongue can lie.08-08-2013

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