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211 - Supports: racks

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211490100 Stacked Articles 255
211026000 Electrically powered 191
211600100 Article includes elongated portion 151
211410100 Platelike 140
211710010 Receptacle support 131
211850300 Apparel 54
211850700 Recreational equipment 38
211850800 Mobile 29
211045000 Paper or textile sheet type 25
211017000 Velocipede type 20
211034000 Shoe or boot type 20
211850400 Food 16
211850130 Medical implement 13
211850200 Jewelry 11
211042000 Book support type 8
211850500 Spool type 8
211016000 Towel service type 7
211027000 Furniture type 6
211850600 Musical instrument 5
20090184074CONVERTIBLE INSTRUMENT RACK - A convertible instrument rack includes a frame and multiple yoke sets. The frame includes support members and the yoke sets include at least three yoke members. The respective position of the support members and the yoke members can be selectively shifted to accommodate tubas or sousaphones, as well as tubas or sousaphones of different sizes.07-23-2009
20090242499Device for Hanging Items from a Vertical Surface - A vertical-mount display device includes a first component, a second component, and a coupler. The first component is adapted to be mounted to a vertical surface. The second component is adapted to removably couple with the first component such that the second component extends outward from the first component. The coupler is adapted to removably couple the second component to the first component. The second component is adapted to support an item when coupled to the first component.10-01-2009
20120138558Drum Rack - A foldable rack includes at least two segments rotatably coupled to one another such that the foldable rack can achieve a folded configuration and an operational configuration, the folded configuration being more compact than the operational position. The rack can be configured to support musical instruments such as cymbals, drums and the like and provide for adjustability of their positions while maintaining a clear and uncluttered appearance by concealing any electrical cabling involved.06-07-2012
20110017688CONDUCTOR SYSTEM - A conductor system includes a music stand and at least one support rack. The music stand and the support rack can be used independently, but can provide additional stability when coupled to each other. The podium and the rack can be positioned to accommodate the preferences of a user, including by height, radial, lateral, and pitch/tilt adjustments. The support rack is adapted to receive any number of user instruments, such as, for example, a laptop or an electronic keyboard. The podium and the rack can be transported without being lifted completely off the support surface.01-27-2011
20110253655Combination Guitar and Amplifier Stand - A combination guitar and amplifier stand has the ability to hold two guitars (two electric guitars, two bass guitars, two acoustic guitars or any combination thereof) and a single 1×12 or 2×12 combination solid state or tube amplifier. The stand has been designed to hold a single piece of equipment without tipping over. The guitar holders (located at the top right and left of the stand) allow the user to place their guitars in the holders when not in use. The bottom of the guitar's headstock will rest in the padded holders (no additional hardware or accessories are needed to secure the guitar) and the body of the guitar will rest against a padded bar located on the right and left hand side of the rack near the bottom. The amplifier is placed in the rack, located in the middle of the stand (no additional hardware or accessories are needed to secure the unit) and the rack can be adjusted so that the amplifier rack can rest at either a 0° or a 45° angle. It also comes with a storage box (located at the bottom of the stand, under the amplifier rack) that can hold various accessories such as foot pedals, cables, power chords, tools and cleaning equipment. A UPS power strip is located on the face of one of the legs of the stand, which will help the user organize their power chords and minimize their lengths. The stand has been designed to be versatile. The guitar holders can be removed without the use of any tools and other accessories, such as a guitar table or a music stand can be inserted in their place. The guitar table will allow the user to perform period maintenance or adjustments on their guitars and the music stand will hold the user's books, notebooks and sheet music.10-20-2011
211850100 Eyeglasses 5
20130082016SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HOLDING RUNNING SHOES AND OTHER TRIATHLON EQUIPMENT FOR OPTIMAL TRANSITION SPEED DURING A TRIATHLON - One embodiment is directed to a system for improving triathlon transition area efficiency, comprising a main stand member comprising a base portion and a top portion, the base portion being configured to be supported by a ground surface; and a first shoe coupler fixedly coupled to the top portion of the main stand member and configured to removably couple a first shoe to the main stand member in a manner wherein a pose is established for the first shoe such that a foot of a standing athlete may be urged into the first shoe without the use of one or more hands of the athlete to stabilize the shoe.04-04-2013
20120223035Standza - An organizational music stand architecture for practicing or performing, while at the same time organizing and storing various accessories for music. The stand comprises a base section, two side sections, and a back section secured together. An accessory plate assembly, situated at the top of the unit, is secured to the two side sections. A music rest platform is secured to the accessory plate assembly so as to display objects in a near vertical position. The height of the base section is designed for placement of the organizational stand on a floor surface. Typically, the organizational stand would also comprise wheels, positioned at the bottom of the base section toward the rear of the stand, enabling the stand to be rolled on the wheels to another location. There would also be at least one or two drawers, such as a utility drawer and a hanging-file drawer.09-06-2012
20090255886EYEWEAR DISPLAY SYSTEM - The present invention provides a lockable eyewear display system. One embodiment of the system includes a support frame on which the eyewear is placed, a lock that secures the eyewear to the frame, and a key that removes the lock from the frame. The device may further include an anchor connected to the frame that anchors the frame to a fixture or display object such as a rack or furniture. In another embodiment, the eyewear display device includes an articulating joint allowing at least a portion of the support frame to be swiveled.10-15-2009
20120205332EYEWEAR DISPLAY AND MODULES FOR SAME - An eyewear display including a plurality of pods. Each pod includes a pair of opposing sidewalls, a back wall, and a front wall to form a proximal opening. The front wall defines a plurality of apertures for receiving eyewear support fixtures. A base wall encloses a distal end of the pod to form a storage space for holding eyewear stock accessible by the proximal opening. A mounting mechanism attaches to the back wall by a hinge and has at least one mounting clip for coupling the pod to the display mounting fixture. Each pod is selectively pivotable away from the display mounting fixture to provide access to the storage space for restocking the eyewear display. Preferably, in a display position, the plurality of pods are arranged so that at least one of the proximal openings is at least partially blocked by an adjacent.08-16-2012
20100307994Eyeglasses retainer for handle bars - An eyeglass retainer for handle bars, including two spring-loaded pivot arms, attached to the handlebars with the pivot ends toward the stem, such that the pivot arms retail the temple pieces of the sunglasses with the temple pieces extending below the handlebars and the nosepiece of the glasses resting on the stem or stem connecting piece.12-09-2010
211850120 Soap 3
20130087520Device for holding shower articles - An updated version of the tradition shower caddy according to the present invention is designed to use retractable cords and removable clips as an aide to assist in storage of bathing/shower products instead of plastic racks or wire trays as used in traditional shower caddies. The device according to the present invention comprises an over-the-door hanger for the device to mount on a shower enclosure panel or door, at least one retractable reel and noncorrosive retractable cord attached to the over-the-door hanger, at least one removable clip attached to the retractable cord for securely holding shower articles such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap and the like, at least one hook for robe, body scrubber, and towels, and a soap dish.04-11-2013
20090014399ROTATABLE BATHROOM ACCESSORY - A rotatable bathroom accessory for receiving a body or personal care product having a base, a carousel associated with the base, and a holder associated with the carousel or base. The carousel may be rotatable relative to the base and/or the holder around a central axis. The holder may be rotatable relative to the carousel and/or the base. The holder is adapted to removably receive the body or personal care product.01-15-2009
20080210650Bar Soap Lift - A bar soap lift made of a rigid, predominantly flat base with smooth rounded edges and slight concave bottom, concave interior, and a ledge formed where base and neck meet, where neck is smaller in diameter than base with multiple protuberances evenly spaced extending perpendicularly from the base on the neck sides upwards, all formed in one piece.09-04-2008
211030000 Hat type 3
20100230368Display stand - A display stand for displaying hats having a plurality of rotatable sections which rotate about a central support wherein each section may comprise a plurality of downwardly sloped trays wherein the central support is fixed to a surrounding structure which is enclosed by panels and a door which may be lockable.09-16-2010
20080296240Commemorative sports banner display and organizer - An apparatus; banner or plaque that is designed for holding and displaying Sports Caps, Photographs, Awards or other collectibles on a vertical plane. The apparatus includes tabs on top at either side to secure apparatus to a vertical plane. The soft display frame is produced by a transparent material in shape and size desired, that has been edged with a flexible material and permanently secured by the edges to the base of banner on 12-04-2008
20100224579HAT HANGING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a hat storage system comprising: a cord; a plurality of receivers attached to the cord, where the plurality of receivers provide a means to store a hat; an anchor end, where the anchor end attaches to one of end of the cord; and a retriever end where said retriever end provides a means to retract the cord for storage thereon. The cord may hang horizontally when extended from the retriever and the anchor is fixedly attached to a wall. The plurality of receivers may include either a group of hook receivers or a group of clip receivers or both.09-09-2010
211023000 Tire or wheel type 3
20090071915Tire support stand - The tire support stand is designed to support an array of tires in substantially upright positions for convenient display or processing. The stand includes a T-shaped base. A post extends upwardly and angularly from the base. Tire tread-engaging members are disposed on the base. A tire-engaging member is disposed at the upper end of the post. Brace support members are attached to the base and post to ensure stability. A handle is provided on the post to enhance portability.03-19-2009
20120111808KNOCKDOWN SHELVING SYSTEM FOR STORING VEHICLE WHEEL SETS - Disclosed is a knockdown shelving system which comprises a plurality of connected shelves with storage compartments that are configured to store vehicle wheels or tires upright and parallel to each other. Vertical posts are located at each corner of the connected shelves and shared between adjacent shelves. The vertical posts are formed of a rolled hollow T-profile which comprises rows of longitudinally spaced perforations that extend along the vertical posts. The vertical posts are connected by lengthwise and crosswise struts, the struts having hooks which engage the perforations of the vertical posts. Storage compartments for tires or wheels are formed by tire carriers which are placed onto lengthwise struts and extend parallel between front and rear vertical posts, and by crosswise struts which extend perpendicular to the tire carriers between two front vertical posts and two rear vertical posts, respectively.05-10-2012
20080296239Wheel Storage Rack - A wheel storage rack for storing wheels when not in use includes a vertically extending central post with arms extending from the central post. The arms support receivers for attaching wheel mounts. Each wheel mount is removably attachable to a wheel. The wheel mount has a hub for attaching to the inside surface of a wheel. A lug bolt passes through a lug hole in the wheel to secure the wheel to the hub, and a mounting post extends from the wheel mount in a direction opposite the hub. The mounting post is inserted into the receiver to mount the wheel to the storage rack.12-04-2008
211850110 Horse saddle 2
20090194495Saddle rack - A saddle rack is provided with a resilient frame and means for biasing the frame to a desired arcuate shape. The saddle rack includes a retainer that allows the saddle rack to be coupled to a wall bracket for use and easily removed when not in use. The saddle rack includes a curved shape and venting to allow a saddle to properly dry without becoming damaged or disfigured during storage.08-06-2009
20110114584SADDLE HOLDER - A lightweight, portable saddle holder that takes up a minimal amount of space when not in use. The saddle holder includes a horizontally-oriented, U-shaped saddle horn retainer that defines a saddle horn pass-through. A fulcrum bracket extends down and forward from the bottom of the saddle horn retainer, below the saddle horn pass through. The saddle holder can be mounted to a support structure by hooking a pair of mounting arms that project from a rear of the saddle holder over a top edge of the support structure. The horn of a saddle is inserted upwardly, through the saddle horn pass-through, and the swell of the saddle is brought to rest on the fulcrum bracket. The saddle thereby acts as a lever atop the fulcrum bracket, with the horn of the saddle held by the saddle horn retainer, thus preventing the saddle from tipping forward off of the fulcrum bracket.05-19-2011
211040000 Recorded music type 2
20110259839DEVICE FOR STORING COMPACT DISKS - A device for storing compact disks comprising a base and a stack of supports installed on the base and placed one above the other. The supports have seats for compact disks, located one above the other. The device is made so that these seats can be pulled out from the stack by rotating the supports about an axis located outside these seats. The device has a retaining member connected with the base and located along said axis. The retaining member makes contact with the supports in their initial position, with the capability of resting, which restricts their rotation. The two supports that are immediately adjacent to each other make contact with parts of the retaining member and can stop, thereby restricting rotation of these supports in mutually opposite directions. Accordingly, the possibility of undesired pullout of adjacent supports from the stack following pullout of a compact disk is eliminated.10-27-2011
20120152869READING STAND - The invention provides a reading stand. The reading stand may comprising a base portion including at least one base portion sidewall, the base portion sidewall being supported by the base portion; and a platform portion forming a support surface to support the document, the platform portion including at least one page holder to retain the document. The reading stand may further include a side support clip extending from the platform portion such that the base portion sidewall is receivable between the platform portion and the side support clip in an assembled position, the side support clip having a protuberance disposed thereon, the protuberance engageable with the base portion sidewall. The assembled position affords side reading.06-21-2012
211039000 Hand stamp type 1
20090039038OFFICE TOOL - An improved office tool for use with a universal storage system that includes a magnetic holding means integrated with the improved office tool and a universal storage device. The magnetic holding means is applied to or incorporated into the office tool, which is then stored on the universal storage device. The universal storage device includes a mounting surface of magnetically attractive material and securely holds the office tool in place, yet readily releases it when it is needed. The magnetic holding means is well-suited for mounting all types of conventional self-inking, flash inked, pre-inked, as well as wood-handled stamps, of any size, weight and shape, as well as other office and household articles and tools.02-12-2009
211028000 Mattress type 1
20080277360PET BED - A system and method for displaying a pet bed at a point of sale location is provided including a display unit for displaying a plurality of mattresses having different volumes and differently sized covers corresponding to the different volume mattresses. The mattresses are preferably displayed at the point of sale location restrained in a compressed state having a reduced volume compared to the expanded state, which preferably reduces the amount of space occupied for the display unit. Furthermore, the variety of sizes of the mattresses and designs of the covers can facilitate a user personalizing the pet bed according to the user's preferences.11-13-2008
20130075350DEVICES FOR FACILITATING INSTALLATION AND/OR REMOVAL OF COMPONENTS IN AN EQUIPMENT RACK - A device for facilitating the movement of a component into or out of an equipment rack includes a device body, a securing system coupled to the device body and configured for releasably securing the device to a post of the equipment rack, and at least one wheel rotationally coupled to the device body. In a mounted position of the device in which the device is secured to the equipment rack post, the at least one wheel physically supports a component and facilitate movement of the component into or out of the equipment rack.03-28-2013
20130037497Test Fixtures for Automotive Parts and Methods of Fabricating the Same - Test fixtures for automotive parts, methods of fabricating test fixtures for automotive parts, and methods of heat testing automotive parts are disclosed. A method of fabricating a test fixture for supporting an automotive part may include forming a plurality of vertical support blades. Each of the plurality of vertical support blades comprises a support portion contoured to correspond to at least a portion of an underside of the automotive part. The method further includes assembling the plurality of vertical support blades such that each vertical support blade is substantially parallel to and spaced apart from an adjacent vertical support blade. The method further includes attaching the plurality of vertical support blades to a base such that the support portion of each of the plurality of vertical support blades is positioned to engage the corresponding portion of the underside of the automotive part.02-14-2013
20130032552Supergraphic display - ‘Supergraphic Display’ invention enables Designers, Architects, Space Planners, Interior Decorators, Homeowners to place new planes in front of wall or vertical surface, or using portable structure hold planes showing shapes, graphic artwork, Elements or Indicia of varying sizes, which may remain stationary or moveable to vary viewing effect, be utilized in Stores, Showrooms, Store Show Windows, Lobbys, Atriums, Promotional Sales Signage, Stage Background, Waiting Rooms, Trade Show displays, or Graphics Art at outdoor events, Residential Decoration or accents. The system enables designer to create new, or change effects, inserting new artwork, elements, adding, removing, rearranging Elements. ‘Supergraphic Display’, when viewed from nominal distance, multiple planes give illusion of being all in one plane. Invention has versatility of being a tool to support Color Gradations, Static Graphic Display, Animated Graphic Display, Designs, Messages, Indicia, where only limits are width, height, and Designers imagination.02-07-2013
20120261361Multi Turkey Fan Mount - The present invention is a multi turkey fan mount utilized to display a plurality of turkey fans in a diagonal series from a wall. The multi turkey fan mount comprises a wall plate, a dadoed fan bracket, a plurality of dadoes, a plurality of dividers, a plurality of spaces, a plurality of foam blocks, and a face plaque. During use, each of the plurality of turkey fans is affixed within each of the plurality of spaces located between the plurality of dadoes and the plurality of dividers. Each of the plurality of foam blocks is used to affix each of the plurality of turkey fans in place. Located at the front end of the present invention is the face plaque. The face plaque comprises a graphic on its front side and a fastener on its back side. The fastener allows the face plaque to attach to the present invention.10-18-2012
20130087516ENTERTAINMENT DOCKING SYSTEM AND DEVICE - An entertainment docking system includes a base having an upper end and a lower end; a post having an upper end and a lower end extending from the lower end of the base wherein the lower end of the post is removably secured to the lower end of the base. A tray is removably mounted to the post above the base. A holder is removably mounted to the upper end of the post. An entertainment docking system has a base; a tapered locking shaft having twist and lock ridges formed thereon and the shaft has a lower end secured to the base. A tray is removably attached to the shaft having mounting twist and lock openings having recesses therein to cooperate with the twist and lock ridges of the post. A holder is removably attached to an upper end of the shaft and has mating twist and lock openings having recesses therein to cooperate with the twist and lock ridges of the post.04-11-2013
20130048580Cable Extension Module - In one embodiment, a cable extension mechanism includes a housing and a plurality of cable tray segments adapted to retain elongate material therein, wherein each cable tray segment includes first and second cable trays. A sheave is disposed on an axle between the first and second cable trays thereby forming an extendable elbow. At least one wheel assembly is coupled to each cable tray segment to enable the tray segment articulate between a first position wherein the elongate material is stored and has a first length shorter than an actual length of the elongate material and a substantially flat second position, thereby extending a length of the elongate material disposed thereon.02-28-2013
20130068705UPRIGHT SUPPORT CONFIGURATION FOR A PALLET RACKING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to an upright reinforcing assembly for use with a pallet racking system, and racking system incorporating the same. The support configuration consists of an upright support and attached a bracket containing two L-shaped platforms which form a pocket. The upright support configuration is placed between two frame assemblies to support the beam, which is held in the pocket created by the bracket, thereby providing additional support to the beam and preventing rotation, bowing or distortion of the beam. Such a configuration lowers the cost of pallet racking as lower capacity beams can be used, or otherwise less frame assemblies are required in the racking.03-21-2013
20090014396METHOD OF MOUNTING CASKET PORTION TO DISPLAY - A display for displaying casket portions comprises a back wall, at least one wing wall, a shelf, a casket corner section having two cut sides at substantially a right angle to one another and having a bottom, a side panel attached to one of the cut sides of the casket corner section, a bottom panel attached to the bottom of the casket corner section, and at least one dowel pin on the back wall. The casket corner section is supported on the shelf, the side panel is positioned between the wing wall and the dowel pin, and the other cut side faces the back wall. The dowel pin is spaced from the wing wall by an amount such that an outwardly facing surface of the side panel is snugged against an inwardly facing surface of the wing wall.01-15-2009
20120292266Expansion Splice Plate for a Cable Tray Run - A cable tray expansion splice plate for connecting first and second cable tray sections end-to-end is disclosed. The splice plate includes an elongate body having a central section, an upper flange section, and a lower flange section. In one embodiment, the lower flange section defines a channel for receiving components of the first and second cable tray sections such that the lower flange section underlies the components. Fastener openings in the central section and the lower flange section receive fasteners to fasten the body to the cable tray sections. These openings include slots which permit the cable tray sections to move relative to one another in a longitudinal direction.11-22-2012
20110278244DECORATIVE WALL HANGING HAVING A DROPDOWN STORAGE SHELF - A storage solution is provided for decorative pillows and the like, including a decorative front panel when in the first configuration is flat and in the second configuration is a storage area. The second configuration is presented by a dropdown motion of the front panel, which produces a shelf for decorative pillows, bedding items or other items when not in use.11-17-2011
20110139733RACK SYSTEM - The present disclosure relates to an apparatus, system, and method of use for a storage racking system.06-16-2011
20080245752Disc Storage System - A disc storage system comprising a plurality of plastic pouches arranged to be stored on a storage device having two parallel elongate storage elements. The pouches are provided with an opening for receiving a disc and apertures arranged to engage with the parallel elongate storage elements such that the pouch can be located on and removed from the storage device.10-09-2008
20090283484SLIDING LADDER AND EQUIPMENT RACK - A ladder storage rack is provided that can be mounted to a surface. The ladder storage rack includes at least one strut having first and second opposing ends, a top side, a bottom side and a means for substantially horizontally mounting the strut to said surface, a sliding mount movably connected to the bottom of the at least one strut that slideably moves horizontally between the first and second ends of the strut, a fixed mount attached to the at least one strut between the sliding mount and one of the first and second ends and a means connected to the sliding mount for urging the sliding mount towards the fixed mount.11-19-2009
20110204006Thrust Reverser Cowl Rack - A rack for holding a portion of a thrust reverser. The rack may include a base and a supporting frame disposed perpendicularly with the base. The base and the supporting frame may include a hinge at each location where the base and the supporting frame are coupled together. The rack may also include two supporting poles parallel to the supporting frame. The two supporting poles may be designed such that the portion of the thrust reverser may be mounted onto the two supporting poles.08-25-2011
20080283478Towel Holder - A towel holder for selectively holding and releasing a towel according to the present invention includes first and second sides, each side having upper and lower ends, respectively. The towel holder also includes an elastic top portion adjoining the first and second side upper ends, the top portion biasing the respective side lower ends toward one another yet allowing the lower ends to be separated as needed to be force fitted onto a fixed member such as a stove handle. Preferably, the top portion includes a rounded configuration over which a towel may be draped. The top portion may also include a configuration that resists a towel from sliding thereon, such as a plurality of ridges, bosses, or constructed of a soft rubber material. Conversely, the sides are constructed of a low-friction material such that a towel slides easily thereon when being intentional lifted from the towel holder.11-20-2008
20080302739ORGANIZING AND STORING DEVICES, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - The present invention is directed to devices, systems, and methods for organizing and storing various components of a cleaning system. The present invention provides an organizing-and-storing system that may include a base having first and second sides. Pegs, handle holders, and a hook may extend from the first side of the base for storing and organizing the various components of the cleaning system.12-11-2008
20090178983Knock-Down Rack - Field-adjustable rack systems for mounting communications equipment are disclosed, including an adjustable communications equipment rack where the rack is adjustable from a floor mounted configuration to a wall mounted configuration, and the overall width of the rack may be varied by adjusting the base and the top in a plurality of different configurations. Also, height adjustment to the communications equipment rack is disclosed where the height of the rack may be adjusted without removal of the existing mounted equipment from the rack. Height adjustments are made by coupling a plurality of extensions to the vertical side rails of the rack, to arrive at the rack height desired. Methods are described for field adjusting communications equipment racks into various configurations, including floor mounted configurations and wall mounted configurations in a plurality of widths and heights.07-16-2009
20120067833SUPPORT ELEMENTS FOR AN OPTICAL ELEMENT - Support elements for an optical element and a method for supporting an optical element are disclosed. The disclosure can be used in connection with arbitrary optical apparatuses or optical imaging methods. In particular, the disclosure can be used in connection with the microlithography employed in the manufacture of microelectronic circuits.03-22-2012
20090101602RACK FOR HOLDING WORKPIECES04-23-2009
20110139734CONCERTINA TAPE PRODUCTS CONFIGURED FOR STABLE DEPLOYMENT AND RETRIEVAL - A deployment system and associated products utilize a magazine for holding and dispensing the products. The products may have any of a number of internal and external trusses that may be in tension and/or compression for rigidifying the product in selected directions. Thus the product may be shaped to fit a predetermined contour. The magazine may be supported on a deployment vehicle for ease of deployment of the product.06-16-2011
20110139732Refrigerator placemat holder - A placemat holder that allows a user to house placemats within the body of the structure. The placemat holder attaches to the front or side of a refrigerator.06-16-2011
20090250415VERTICALLY ADJUSTABLE CANTILEVER PLANT HOLDER - A vertically adjustable cantilever plant holder includes a cantilever bracket with two parallel planar braces, each having a raised rear portion extending upward from an elongated front portion. The raised rear portions have a horizontal aperture spaced above the elongated front portions which include a flat horizontal upper surface to which a shelf is fastened. The shelf has a rear edge adjacent to the raised rear portions of each brace. A transverse pin is removably mated with the horizontal aperture. When the plant holder is installed on a vertical post, the transverse pin frictionally engages with the rear surface of the post while the rear edge of the shelf frictionally engages with the front surface of the post. The plant holder is vertically adjustable by tilting the plant holder upward so that it can be moved along the post from a first position to a second position.10-08-2009
20120193307STATIC TEMPORARY STORAGE DEVICE FOR MOTOR VEHICLE BODY PARTS - A static temporary storage device for motor vehicle body parts, the device has a stationary frame; at least two stationary parallel rails that are mounted horizontally or in a slightly angled manner on the frame each rail being capable of supporting a bearing fitted onto the rail so as to be longitudinally movable on the rail; at least one carriage having bearing fitted onto the rail, the carriage being dimensioned so as to rest on both rails by means of the support; A device or means for suspending a body part from the carriage; each carriage extending longitudinally relative to the rails over a length that is shorter than the longitudinal extent of a body part when in its suspended position.08-02-2012
20080230494DEVICE AND METHOD FOR STORING A CHILD'S POTTY SEAT - A device and method for storing a youth potty seat on an adult toilet assembly. The device includes a support bar, a hook connected to the upper portion of the support bar, and at least one peg attached to the lower portion of the support bar. The hook is effective for hanging the support frame from the upper rim of a toilet tank, and the peg is effective for suspending a child's potty seat. The method comprises hanging the hook from the upper rim of a toilet tank and hanging a youth potty seat from the peg; thereby storing the youth potty seat on the adult toilet assembly. An extension bar may be provided to extend the length of the support bar. Multiple pegs may be used.09-25-2008
20100155346MULTIFUNCTIONAL RACK STRUCTURE - A multifunctional rack structure comprises a base having grooves spaced apart on the surface; a bookrack pivotally coupled to the base and having grooves spaced apart on the upper surface and two support rods on the lower surface; and a pillow rack pivotally coupled to the bookrack and having a pillow pad on the upper surface and two support rods on the lower surface. The support rods of the bookrack are inserted into one groove of the base. A book or notebook is then placed on the bookrack. Thereby, the user reads the book or operates the notebook comfortably. Alternatively, the support rods of the pillow rack are inserted into one groove of the bookrack; the user leans his head on the pillow pad to take a rest or nap. Further, the bookrack and pillow rack can be stacked to form a flat body easy to store or carry about.06-24-2010
20100300993Modular utility rack - A rack has a frame and at least one shelf. The frame has a rear support that has a left side and a right side. The frame further includes a left support that is pivotably connected to the left side of the rear support and a right support that is pivotably connected to the right side of the rear support, the left and right supports having a plurality of horizontal bars. The shelf has a left side and a right side, with a first hooked connector provided on the left side of the shelf and a second hooked connector provided on the right side of the shelf. The first hooked connector removably connects the left side of the shelf to a horizontal bar on the left support, and the second hooked connector removably connects the right side of the shelf to a horizontal bar on the right support.12-02-2010
20110240571Modular utility rack - A rack has a frame and at least one shelf. The frame has a first rear support member and a second rear support member, with each support member having a left side and a right side, with the right side of the first rear support member pivotably connected to the left side of the second rear support member. The frame further includes a left support that is pivotably connected to the left side of the first rear support member and a right support that is pivotably connected to the right side of the second rear support member. The shelf has a left side and a right side, with a first hooked connector provided on the left side of the shelf and a second hooked connector provided on the right side of the shelf. The first hooked connector removably connects the left side of the shelf to a horizontal bar on the left support, and the second hooked connector removably connects the right side of the shelf to a horizontal bar on the right support.10-06-2011
20110042330STORAGE UNIT FOR DUNNAGE - The current invention is directed to an improved storage unit for dunnage wherein the dunnage comprises load supporting plates and load locking bars, the load supporting plates being stored in a horizontal orientation.02-24-2011
20090032480Tray for receiving musical accessories to be mounted on top of an amplifier - A tray adapted to be mounted on the top of a portable amplifier having a handle on the top of the amplifier including a top surface. The top surface is particularly adapted to receive musical accessories. At least one rear wall and two side walls is provided. Each wall is adjacent to the top surface. Each wall has a bottom edge extending below the top surface, forming a cavity. A clip is attached to the tray and received in the cavity. The clip includes a protrusion adapted to be received by the handle of the amplifier for securing the tray to the top of the amplifier.02-05-2009
20120118837Equipment Rail and Bracket Assembly - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide an equipment rail and bracket assembly. The equipment rail and bracket assembly includes an equipment rail and a bracket. The equipment rail is mounted to the bracket. The equipment rail includes a relief cut-out and a flexible tongue formed by the relief cut-out. The flexible tongue includes a bracket mounting opening for mounting the equipment rail to the bracket. The flexible tongue rotates relative to the equipment rail when the bracket is mounted to a cabinet.05-17-2012
20100282695HIGH STRENGTH CAMFER ON QUARTZWARE - A structural member for use in extremely high temperature environments that has substantially flat exterior for resting on a flat surface. The substantially flat exterior of the structural member has a low angle chamfer that is preferably less than 45 degrees and that rises far enough above the flat surface so that when the edge is rolled using conventional processing methods, the resulting high point does not extend a distance far enough to contact with the surface.11-11-2010
20110073552Continuous Rod Transport System - A continuous rod transport system has a reel with a cage and a removable hub. The cage has support members interconnected by rings to hold the rod coiled in the cage. The removable hub has extending arms that removably attach to the cage's support members. Locks on the ends of the arms can removably lock the hub to the cages. Because the hub is removable, the cage with coiled rod can be shipped separate from the hub, thereby significantly reducing the transportation weight. Preferably, the cage has a diameter of 14-ft so two cages can be held on a stand and can be transported in overseas containers. In this way, the coiled rod in the cage can be transported to various areas in less costly and time-consuming ways than currently available.03-31-2011
20110186531DOOR AND WALL SUSPENDED CADDY FOR SUPPORTING EMBROIDERY STABILIZER ROLLS - A suspendable caddy for supporting a plurality of individual roll materials. The caddy includes at least one planar sheet exhibiting a rectangular shape, from a top edge of which extends at least one hook. A plurality of widthwise extending sleeves are secured to vertically spaced surface locations of each sheet and within which is inserted the roll material.08-04-2011
20120205328FRAME FOR RECEIVING A FILTER ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING - Provided is an apparatus for receiving a filter member. The apparatus, in this embodiment, includes a plurality of discrete substantially rigid frame sections. In this embodiment, each respective section of the plurality of sections lies generally in a respective plane substantially oriented about a respective axis and has a respective length greater than a respective width. Furthermore, in this embodiment, the plurality of sections are joined width-to-width generally oriented with respect to a plane in an assembled orientation to circumscribe a quadrilaterally bound zone for effecting said receiving. Further to this embodiment, adjacent portions of respective joined sections in the assembled orientation establish respective joining structures. Even further to this embodiment, each respective joining structure maintains the adjacent portions oriented substantially about a respective axis.08-16-2012
20120305501Hinged Rail Seal Clip - A rail clip to be used to fasten rail seals or flangeway fillers to a rail. The rail clip includes a generally U-shaped hinged clip with one or more hinges formed by two curved arms of the same or different curvatures and an elongated back. The elongated back is designed to fit between the foot of the rail and the ballast. One or more of the arms may be rotatable such that it is perpendicular to the elongated arm and the other arm, allowing the clip to be put in place. Once the clip is in place, the arm is rotated to the desired position and locked into place, holding each rail seal against the rail.12-06-2012
20120312762Balloon Holder - A holder for a floating balloon having a variety of protrusions or holes form to or through which a floating balloon can be tied, and a slit to allow a first end and a second and to be separated apart so that the holder can be attached to a variety of objects or human body parts.12-13-2012
20120312761Horizontal Cable Tray Redirector - A cable tray connector that allows for the adjustment of cable trays attached thereto to permit adjustable, angular redirection of the cable tray path within a horizontal plane. Such connector comprises a bed having cable tray attachment zones, where the respective cable trays may be attached; side walls positioned around portions of the bed; and, optionally, a cable guide disposed centrally within the bed. Each cable tray attachment zone may include a first, circular aperture for pivotal attachment of a cable tray and at least one arcuate slotted aperture for adjustable attachment of the same cable tray.12-13-2012
20100140195Rail Including a Shelf for Supporting an Information Handling System - A rack system for supporting one or more information handling systems includes a rack one or more rails coupled to the rack and configured to support one or more information handling systems. At least one of the rails includes an upper support structure, a lower support structure, a slot defined between the upper and lower support structures and configured to receive a guide structure of the information handling system, and a shelf. The slot has a front end opening proximate to a front end of the rail, and extends toward a back end of the rail. The shelf extends forward from the front end opening of the slot, and can support a portion of the information handling system when the guide structure is not received in the slot.06-10-2010
20130168334COMPONENT FRAME OF A PITCHING SCREEN - A pitching screen frame formed from a generally planar rigid member separably interconnected with other structural members at joints formed in the rigid member. The planar rigid member can include a welded triangle. The welded triangle can be integrally formed into a vertical member including a T at a bottom portion, and interfitting points at a top and one or more ends for coupling with other tubes in order to construct a frame of a pitching screen as shown in the various drawings. The joints between the planar rigid member and other pitching screen components can be made by bolting, clipping, swaging, pinning, gluing, and so on. A variety of sets of components can be provided to produce a pitching screen frame. The figures depict example implementations of the disclosed subject matter. Other implementations would be understood in view of these examples.07-04-2013
20100025343VERTICALLY ADJUSTABLE CANTILEVER SERVING TRAY - A vertically adjustable cantilever serving tray includes a cantilever bracket with two parallel planar braces, each having an elongated front portion with a flat horizontal upper surface, a rear portion with a first horizontal aperture, and a center portion disposed between the elongated front portion and the rear portion. The center portion of each brace has a second horizontal aperture spaced below and forward of the first horizontal aperture. A shelf is fastened to the upper surface of the elongated front portion of each brace. First and second transverse pins are removably mated with the first horizontal and second apertures in each brace respectively. When the serving tray is installed on a vertical post, the first and second transverse pins are frictionally engaged with opposite surfaces of the post.02-04-2010
20120248047Collapsible Equipment Rack - A collapsible equipment rack is described. In one or more implementations, a rack is comprised of a collapsible leg assembly and removable shelving that attaches to the collapsible leg assembly. The collapsible leg assembly is configured to form a supportive stand that supports the removable shelving, which extends away from the collapsible leg assembly and is configured to hold equipment upright. In one or more implementations, the removable shelving may be removed from the rack and the collapsible leg assembly may be folded into a closed position. In the closed position, legs of the collapsible leg assembly are drawn substantially together and are disposed substantially parallel, one leg to another.10-04-2012
20130175229STRUCTURE WITH PRIMARY-REFLECTOR SECURING BEAMS - Structure with primary-reflector securing beams for a solar collector, which comprises the following essential components:07-11-2013
20130134111Award Medal Display Rack - An award medal display rack comprised of a top shelf hoard and back viewing board. The top shelf board displays, holds, and organizes multiple pin-style award medals, trophies, plaques and additional accolades. The top shelf board utilizes predetermined unique recessions, grooves, and/or cavities to secure and display pin-style award medals while inside 05-30-2013
20080210647DRYING PLATFORM SYSTEM AND POTTERY BAT - The invention pertains to a Drying Platform System with breathable top attached to a carrier base. The carrier base allows passage of air or gas through the breathable top. The carrier base includes features to allow snap or friction attachment to apposing surface, were simple tool is used to release. The carrier base provides precision positioning on a rotating devise. The drying platform can be a standalone device or pottery bat which attaches to a pottery wheel head. The drying platform system can be of any size or shape. The top when shaped concave or convex, allows part-shape formation. Carrier base construction provides a rigid structure to the top to prevent twisting and provide a light weight assembly reducing mailing costs. When the carrier base is used with a non-breathable top it creates a structure which when used as a pottery bat has all the same functionally without breathable function.09-04-2008
20110233154Motorcycle Chock Stand - This invention is a stand or chock used to park the heaviest of motorcycles. It is extremely easy to enter and exit the chock/stand even when not fixed or bolted to the floor. The smallest of operators will appreciate the ease, safety, and control during the removal of the motorcycle from the chock accomplished with a very light push of a pedal or use of the linear actuators. Commercial establishments such as a motorcycle dealers with many and varying sized motorcycles will like the fact that this motorcycle chock needs no adjustment one size fits all. Because it is so easy to eject the motorcycle from the stand an automatic locking and disconnect system is provided to prevent accidental removal.09-29-2011
20120298596CABLE POSITIONING ARRANGEMENT - A cable positioning arrangement comprises a flexible member, such as an elastic band or cord, extending between two structures. The flexible member is associated with a hole through which a cable passes thereby positioning the cable relative to the structures.11-29-2012
20130206709MATERIAL CAROUSEL - A material carousel for manufacturing and/or assembly operations is provided. The carousel includes a hub fabricated from a low friction material wherein the hub has a polygonal shape. The carousel also includes a plurality of equally spaced arms which are press fit into the hub. Each arm is adapted to hold cable and/or harness assemblies or includes a bin for holding materials used for production operations. In addition, the carousel includes a support column that extends through the hub, wherein the hub is adapted to rotate about the support column. An adjustable support collar is also provided for supporting the hub on the support column Further, the carousel includes a peg mechanism for stopping rotation of the hub after a predetermined rotation angle.08-15-2013
20130206710JIG FOR THE MODELLING OF AT LEAST ONE SECTION OF AN AIRCRAFT FUSELAGE - Disclosed is a jig for the modelling of at least one section of an aircraft fuselage, with a framework structure and with a multiplicity of adapters for the connection of stiffening elements to the framework structure, which can be moved relative to the framework structure, and/or with a multiplicity of adapters for the modelling of profiles of stiffening elements, which can be moved relative to the framework structure.08-15-2013

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