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For series flow

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210 - Liquid purification or separation

210348000 - FILTER

210483000 - Supported, shaped or superimposed formed mediums

210488000 - Abutted or superimposed members

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210490000 Integral or coated layers 80
20130081996FILTER ELEMENT - A filter element is disclosed. The filter element may include a first endcap. The filter element may also include a second endcap spaced from the first endcap along a central axis of the filter element. The filter element may also include an inner filter stage, which may include a first filter media that is disposed axially between the first and second endcaps and extends around the central axis of the filter element. Additionally, the filter element may include an outer filter stage, which may include a second filter media that is disposed axially between the first and second endcaps and extends around the inner filter stage. A radially inner portion of the second filter stage may adjoin a radially outer portion of the inner filter stage.04-04-2013
20130092622NANOFIBER CONTAINING COMPOSITE MEMBRANE STRUCTURES - A composite liquid filtration platform including a composite filtration medium featuring an electrospun polymeric nanofiber layer collected on a porous membrane. When in use, the porous membrane acts as a prefilter used upstream from the polymeric nanofiber layer to remove particles from a liquid stream flowing through the composite filtration structure. The nanofiber layer, positioned downstream from the porous membrane, is used as the retentive layer for critical filtration to provide biosafety assurance, and is responsible for capturing microorganisms like bacteria, mycoplasma or viruses. The composite liquid filtration platform provided herein exhibits permeability advantages over conventional porous membranes or nanofiber mats spun on coarse non-wovens.04-18-2013
20120012519MESH SCREEN ASSEMBLY WITH REDUCED PULL-OUT - A mesh screen, for example for filtration wheels used in water treatment, provides a set of pleated filter elements assembled by in-molding the mesh into stringers subdividing a frame. Retention strips following the pleated edges of the filter elements at the stringers include apertures permitting direct clamping of the mesh near the stringers and the ability to visually inspect, after molding, engagement between the molded elements and the mesh while providing an increased engagement area between the mesh and elements of the over-molded frame.01-19-2012
20110215045HIGH FIDELITY THROUGH HOLE FILM, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - A membrane is provided, comprising a first membrane layer having a first side and a second side. The first membrane layer defines a plurality of holes extending along a first axis between the first side and the second side. Each hole is defined by the first membrane layer as a complex three-dimensional shape, and each hole has a diameter of less than about 10 micrometers. The membrane is fabricated by dispersing a liquid polymeric material onto a patterned master template, hardening the polymeric material, and removing it from the master template. The membrane includes through holes which correspond to the structures of the patterned master template in size, cross-sectional and three dimensional shape, orientation, and the like.09-08-2011
20110198280LIQUID FILTRATION MEDIA, FILTER ELEMENTS AND METHODS - A filter and filter media configured and arranged for placement in a fuel stream is disclosed. The filter and filter media allow for filtering of liquid fuels, such as diesel fuel. In certain embodiments the filter media includes a media fiber (such as glass) and a binder fiber (such as bicomponent) that combine to create a media structure having low solidity and relatively low compressibility, and which contain a pore structure that avoids premature fouling of the filter by fuel degradation products.08-18-2011
20080257817Filter Medium - The invention relates to a filter medium comprising at least one filter membrane (10-23-2008
20090206025SEPARATION MEMBRANE-POROUS MATERIAL COMPOSITE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A separation membrane-porous material composite 08-20-2009
20100163481Drainage or Filter Layer for Well Screen Assembly with Integrated Stand-off Structure - An integral structure including woven wire cloth or non-woven metal filter medium for use as a drainage layer or filter layer in a well screen assembly is provided. A plurality of elongated members are welded on the woven metal cloth or non-woven metal filter medium to provide reduced resistance to flow parallel to a layer of the woven cloth. Segments of the woven or non-woven metal materials having elongated members joined thereto may be rolled into a cylinder to form a part of a well screen assembly.07-01-2010
20100252496FILTER PAPER INSERT - A filter paper insert for a filtration extract includes side walls surrounding an inside space that can be filled with the filtration extract. The side walls are comprised of at least two filter material layers.10-07-2010
20100219120A FLEXIBLE FREE-STANDING ULTRATHIN OR THIN PROTEIN MEMBRANE, ITS FABRICATION METHOD AND APPLICATION - [Purpose] A purpose of this invention is to provide a robust and flexible free-standing ultrathin (nano) or thin pure protein membrane which enables a rapid and simple separation (or condensation) of relatively small (M.W.=ca. 1,000 Da) molecules.09-02-2010
20130126418LIQUID FILTRATION MEDIA - The present invention relates to a liquid filtration medium comprising at least one nonwoven sheet wherein the nonwoven sheet has a water flow rate of at least 10 ml/min/cm05-23-2013
20130126419SEPARATION MEMBRANE ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING COMPOSITE SEMIPERMEABLE MEMBRANE - The present invention has an object to provide a separation membrane element which has a low content of extractable components and has high boron-removing performance and high water permeability, and relates to a separation membrane element including a composite semipermeable membrane which includes a microporous support and a polyamide separation function layer disposed thereon, the microporous support including a substrate and a porous supporting layer, in which the polyamide separation function layer has a yellowness of 10 to 40, and a concentration of substances extracted from the substrate is 1.0×1005-23-2013
20100000937FLUORORESIN POLYMER SEPARATION MEMBRANE AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A fluorine resin polymer separation membrane and a manufacturing method of the same, which are excellent in a virus-eliminating property, further excellent in water permeability, chemical strength (chemical resistance), physical strength, and an antifouling property, and particularly suitable for practicable use as a filtration membrane for the elimination of viruses, are provided. A fluorine resin polymer separation membrane includes a layer having a three-dimensional network structure and a layer having a spherical structure, in which the layer having a three-dimensional network structure does not substantially contain micro-voids having a void diameter of 5 μm or more, and the fluorine resin polymer separation membrane has filtration performance represented by the elimination rate of 80% or more of dextran having molecular weight of 75,000. The layer having a three-dimensional network structure is formed by the solidification with a polymer solution containing a fluorine resin polymer and cellulose ester.01-07-2010
20100193428SUPPORT FOR SEPARATION MEMBRANE, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION THEREOF - A support for a separation membrane includes a long-fiber nonwoven fabric composed of thermoplastic continuous filaments.08-05-2010
20110079553FILTER MEDIA SUITABLE FOR HYDRAULIC APPLICATIONS - Filter media, including those suitable for hydraulic applications, and related components, systems, and methods associated therewith are provided. The filter media described herein may include two or more layers, at least one of the layers having a relatively high percentage of microglass fibers. Additionally, the filter media may be designed such that the ratio of average fiber diameters between two layers is relatively small, which can lead to a relatively low resistance ratio between the layers. In some embodiments, at least one layer of the filter media comprises synthetic polymer fibers. Certain filter media described herein may have desirable properties including high dirt holding capacity and a low resistance to fluid flow. The media may be incorporated into a variety of filter element products including hydraulic filters.04-07-2011
20110253620WEB COMPRISING FINE FIBER AND REACTIVE, ADSORPTIVE OR ABSORPTIVE PARTICULATE - The assemblies of the invention can comprise a fine fiber layer having dispersed within the fine fiber layer an active particulate material. Fluid that flows through the assemblies of the invention can have any material dispersed or dissolved in the fluid react with, be absorbed by, or adsorbed onto, the active particulate within the nanofiber layer. The structures of the invention can act simply as reactive, absorptive, or adsorptive layers with no filtration properties, or the structures of the invention can be assembled into filters that can filter particulate from a mobile fluid while simultaneously reacting, absorbing, or adsorbing materials from the mobile fluid.10-20-2011
20110253619SEPARATION MEMBRANE - [Subject] The aim is to provide a separation membrane which can fulfill both high separation capability and high permeation rate.10-20-2011
20120248028Curable Compositions And Membranes - A curable composition comprising: (i) 2.5 to 50 wt % crosslinker comprising at least two acrylamide groups; (ii) 12 to 65 wt % curable ionic compound comprising an ethylenically unsaturated group and a cationic group; (iii) 10 to 70 wt % solvent; and (iv) 0 to 10 wt % of free radical initiator; and (v) non-curable salt; wherein the molar ratio of (i):(ii) is >0.10. The compositions are useful for preparing ion exchange membranes.10-04-2012
20100051536FILTER INCLUDING MULTIPLE SPHERES - This disclosure relates to a filter including a plurality of spheres close-packed to form a thin layer.03-04-2010
20090266759INTEGRATED NANOFIBER FILTER MEDIA - A filter media is formed from electrospun fine fibers and coarse fibers which are entangled and integrated together into a single fiber composite filter media layer.10-29-2009
20120248027COMPOSITE SEMIPERMEABLE MEMBRANE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - A composite semipermeable membrane comprising a porous support membrane on which a separating functional polyamide layer resulting from the polycondensation reaction of polyfunctional aromatic amines with polyfunctional acid halides is formed, wherein the separating functional polyamide layer has carboxy groups, amino groups, phenolic hydroxyl groups, and azo groups, wherein X10-04-2012
20120255899SEPARATION MEMBRANE INCLUDING GRAPHENE - According to example embodiments, a separation membrane includes a graphene on at least one surface of a polymer support. The graphene may include a plurality of grains defined by grain boundaries.10-11-2012
20130175214SEPARATION MEMBRANE, SEPARATION MEMBRANE ELEMENT, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SEPARATION MEMBRANE - The present invention provides a separation membrane having a plurality of concavoconvex parts which have a height difference of from 100 μm to 2000 μm and are formed on at least one surface of the separation membrane, in which an average value d1 of a minimum thickness and an average value d2 of a maximum thickness in the concavoconvex parts satisfy the following relational expression07-11-2013
20130098832SEMI-PERMEABLE COMPOSITE MEMBRANE - Provided is a semi-permeable composite membrane which exhibits both high durability and high solute-removal and water-permeation performances. The semi-permeable composite membrane is formed from a porous support membrane and a polymer membrane. The polymer membrane is formed of at least one type of polymer (a) with a positive charge in the repeating unit and at least one type of polymer (b) with a negative charge in the repeating unit and has a crosslinked structure formed by siloxane bonds between the polymer (a) and the polymer (a), between the polymer (a) and the polymer (b), and/or between the polymer (b) and the polymer (b).04-25-2013

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