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210151000 With separator 63
20130075315Leach Field System - A wastewater system is provided. The system includes channels and conduits for wastewater guidance and discharge. High aspect ratio channels and one or more distribution conduits are provided in the system such that wastewater, such as septic wastewater, is discharged from the system and into the system surroundings. The high aspect ratio channels are spaced apart from each other to allow for the discharge of the wastewater effluent from the system between the channels. The channels have a high height to width aspect ratio.03-28-2013
20130037466BIOLOGICAL WASTEWATER SYSTEM HAVING A SCREEN STRUCTURE FOR CONFINING BIOFILM CARRIERS TO A REACTOR FORMING A PART OF THE SYSTEM - A biological wastewater treatment system includes a tank or reactor for holding and treating wastewater. Disposed in the tank or reservoir is an array of biofilm carriers for supporting biomass that remove pollutants and contaminates from the wastewater. A screen structure is mounted to the tank for screening treated wastewater flowing from the tank and preventing the biofilm carriers from being discharged from the tank. The screen structure includes a vertical screen made up of a plurality of screen modules disposed in side-by-side relationship and disposed upstream of an outlet formed in the tank. Further this screen structure may include a plurality of auxiliary screens that project form the vertical screen inwardly towards the interior area of the tank thereby providing increased screening area through which wastewater is discharged during a wastewater treatment process. The auxiliary screens include a screen area that extends around an open area and wherein wastewater passes through the screen area of the auxiliary screens into the interior area and from the interior area the wastewater passes through the plane of the vertical screen.02-14-2013
20120181223FLUID PURIFICATION UNIT AND FLUID PURIFICATION ASSEMBLY INCLUDING THE SAME - A fluid purification unit includes a case including a hollow and a plurality of openings communicating with the hollow to flow a fluid inside into the hollow and outside from the hollow, the case including combining protrusions formed on a first face and concave portions formed on a second face opposite to the first face, each of the combining protrusions having a first cross sectional area and being regularly arranged in a first direction and at a first interval and each of the concave portions having a second area corresponding to the first cross sectional area and being arranged at a second interval corresponding to the first interval.07-19-2012
20090321331SYSTEM AND PROCESS FOR WATER TREATMENT - A system for treating feedwater to remove contaminants therefrom, the system comprising at least one high shear mixing device comprising at least one generator comprising a rotor and a stator separated by a shear gap, wherein the shear gap is the minimum distance between the rotor and the stator, and wherein the high shear mixing device is capable of producing a tip speed of the rotor of greater than 22.9 m/s (4,500 ft/min) and a pump configured for delivering feedwater and treatment gas selected from oxygen, air, and chlorine to the high shear mixing device.12-31-2009
20090301952DEVICE FOR FIXING A PERFORATED AERATION MEMBRANE - The invention relates to an arrangement for introducing gas bubbles into a liquid, a device (12-10-2009
20110132820Biotrickling Filter Treatment Method Utilizing Waste Tires and A Biotrickling Filter Treatment Tank Thereof - A biotrickling filter treatment method includes the steps of: waste tires arranged in an organic treatment area to form at least one waste tire array; forming biological membranes on the waste tire array; and circulating wastewater in the organic treatment area to pass through the waste tire array and ventilating the organic treatment area. The biotrickling filter treatment tank includes an organic treatment area, a waste tire array and a sprayer unit. The waste tire array is formed from a plurality of waste tires on which to form biological membranes, and is provided in the organic treatment area. The sprayer unit is aligned with the waste tire array so as to spray wastewater on the waste tires for wastewater treatment.06-09-2011
20110297594APPARATUS FOR GENERATING HIGH-FREQUENCY ELECTROMANETIC FIELD WITH ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC FIELD INTENSITY AND WAVEFORM AND WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM COMPRISING THE SAME - The present invention relates to an apparatus for generating high frequency electromagnetic field with adjustable magnetic field intensity and waveform and water purification system comprising the same. The apparatus for generating high frequency electromagnetic field is comprising of a user input unit into where the user can input; a quantum field generator for generating a quantum field of high voltage which is capable of adjusting output voltage; a wave generator for generating high-frequency signals of variable waveforms and matching with the quantum field; a high-frequency output unit for scanning the matched quantum field of high frequency; and a controller that controls magnitude of output voltage from the quantum field generator and output frequency from the wave generator. Therefore, the present invention provides the apparatus for generating high frequency electromagnetic field with extra high voltage at low cost which can treat waste water effectively according to characteristics of a contaminant and has no fear of secondary contamination.12-08-2011
20110284437TUBULAR HIGH-DENSITY PLASMA REACTOR - An apparatus and method for simultaneously removing materials from fluids without the need for added chemicals, and without the formation of toxic byproducts, by high-density plasma reaction chemistry is described. Applications to removal of contaminants, such as pesticides, organics, PPCPs, and pathogens, as examples, from water are discussed. Changes in the quality of the raw water are not expected to adversely affect the decontamination process.11-24-2011
20100032354BALLAST WATER TREATING APPARATUS - A ballast-water treating apparatus that improves the performance of an in-line mixer so as to be able to sterilize a large volume of ballast water within a short period of time. There is provided a ballast-water treating apparatus that includes pipelines for feeding water to a ship's ballast tank(s) and for draining water from the ballast tank(s), ballast pumps on the pipelines, an ozone generator or hydrogen peroxide generator, a gas/liquid injection pipe for introducing generated ozone or hydrogen peroxide into the pipelines; and an in-line mixer that has two blades disposed crosswise in a tubular part composed of a main tubular part, a subsidiary tubular part that has an inside diameter smaller than that of the main tubular part and that is furnished with multiple projections, and a tapered part. The ballast-water treating apparatus can simultaneously carry out mechanical destructive sterilization via a swirling flow and sterilization of chemically active substances by micromixing.02-11-2010
20090188850SYSTEM FOR TREATING RESIDUAL WATER - Improvements on a system for treating residual water, presents a new solution for the conformation of a system for treating residual water and for such purpose, it basically consists of a lower blanket (07-30-2009
20090145827Water Treatment System - A first treatment tank (06-11-2009
20110253609WATER CLEANING SYSTEM - A pool cleaning system includes a pool, and a gas generating system which includes first and second electrode assemblies. A reactant gas is formed in response to establishing a potential difference between the first and second electrode assemblies. A pool pump is in fluid communication with the pool, and a pool filter in fluid communication with the pool and pool pump. The reactant gas flows through a strainer drain of the pool pump and to the pool filter.10-20-2011
20080264843Manufacturing method, manufacturing device, and application device for liquid containing micro-nano bubbles - The application device for liquid containing micro-nano bubbles generates micro-nano bubbles in a wide size distribution with use of a submerged pump-type micro-nano bubble generator and a spiral flow-type micro-nano bubble generator. A micro-nano bubble generating aid metering pump is controlled by a bubble level meter and a level controller, so that the supply amount of a micro-nano bubble generating aid is controlled in response to the level of bubbles from a fluid level. The supply amount of a micro-nano bubble generating aid is also controlled by a turbidimeter and a controller in response to the turbidity of the liquid in a micro-nano bubble generation tank, while the amount of air supplied to the submerged pump-type micro-nano bubble generator is controlled in response to the turbidity of the liquid. Therefore, the device can produce a large amount of various micro-nano bubbles in a wide size distribution more economically.10-30-2008
20100116725Groundwater And Subsurface Remediation - A method of treating a site containing contaminants and apparatus are described The method and apparatus sparges the site with an air/ozone gas stream delivered with a hydroperoxide, which is a substantial byproduct of a reaction of a contaminant present in the aquifer or soil formation with the ozone.05-13-2010
20100126916APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING OXYGENATED WATER - An apparatus for generating oxygenated water by dissolving oxygen in water is disclosed. The apparatus includes a reservoir (05-27-2010
20100200480ELEVATED SWALE FOR TREATMENT OF CONTAMINATED STORMWATER - An elevated swale comprising a porous and water-permeable interior zone, a permeable and compressible exterior shell, and vertically oriented cylindrical inserts. The exterior shell surrounds the interior zone, and the cylindrical inserts are placed within cylindrical cavities that are cut vertically into the interior zone. In an alternate embodiment, the present invention is an elevated swale comprising stacked layers of polymer matting and vertically oriented cylindrical inserts. The cylindrical inserts are placed within cylindrical cavities that are cut vertically into the stacked layers of polymer matting.08-12-2010
20090230037Apparatus for Aerobic Biological Cleaning of Waste Water - An apparatus for aerobic biological treatment of waste water and the like includes a tank configured to retain waste water therein, and a wheel rotatably mounted in the tank. The wheel includes a plurality of chambers arranged in axial succession about the circumference of the wheel. The chambers include openings which are oriented generally upwardly and emerge from the waste water adjacent a top dead center position of the wheel and are oriented generally downwardly and submerged in the waste water adjacent a bottom dead center position of the wheel. An air drive mechanism rotates the wheel, and an air pipe communicates with the air drive mechanism, and is disposed generally below the wheel, and is configured to release air bubbles therefrom after the bottom dead center position. A plurality of bubble connectors are connected with and protrude radially outwardly from the wheel at locations preceding the openings, and are shaped to guide the bubbles from the air pipe through the openings into the chambers.09-17-2009
20090230038APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING PHOTOCATALYTIC REACTION WATER - The present invention provides an apparatus for producing photocatalytic reaction water through a photocatalytic reaction, which can produce water containing a satisfactory amount of active oxygen species, can eliminate microorganisms, parasites or protozoa, shows high oxidizing ability for a prolonged period of time, can reduce the power requirements, is small in size, and is applicable to various devices. A photocatalyst is radiated with light emitted from a light source to produce active oxygen species, and the active oxygen species is diffused in water, whereby the water is provided with functions of the active oxygen species. An oxidation reaction with the water is utilized to perform at least one selected from the elimination of microorganisms, the elimination of parasites, and the elimination of protozoa.09-17-2009
20090230039Electrostatic Desalination And Water Purification - An apparatus, system and method for desalination and purification of water where fresh water is extracted from salt water, leaving behind the higher salinity salt water. Salt water is bubbled, aerated, sprayed, or otherwise agitated to cause breaking bubbles along the surface of the salt water. An electric field is applied above the surface of the salt water; fresh water droplets and vapor are released in the process of bubble rupture, pulled away from the surface of the salt water, and collected for consumption. The present invention may also be used to purify fresh water by leaving impurities behind.09-17-2009
20120103882Device for Clarifying Wastewater Preferably on Ships - A device for clarifying wastewater, preferably on ships, having the following features: A tank for untreated water is connected to a pressure tank via a macerator and a feed pump. The pressure tank is connected to a compressed air source so that the untreated water in the pressure tank is saturated with air. The pressure tank is connected via a line to a decompression tank in which the flotate and clarification water can be separated from each other. An expansion valve is inserted in the line, and a dosing pump for flocculant is connected to the line between expansion valve and decompression tank.05-03-2012
20100193419Normal-Pressure Plasma-Based Apparatus for Processing Waste Water by Mixing the Waste Water with Working Gas - There is disclosed a normal-pressure plasma-based apparatus for processing waste water by mixing the waste water with working gas. The apparatus includes a waste water supply, a gas supply, a plasma-based processing unit connected to both of the waste water supply and the gas supply, a reservoir connected to the plasma-based processing unit and a washing tower connected to both of the reservoir and the plasma-based processing unit. The plasma-based processing unit and the washing tower are used together to mix the waste water with the working gas at least twice. The plasma-based processing unit produces active substances to decompose organic compounds and eliminate the colors of the organic compounds. Thus, performance in processing the waste water is excellent while the consumption of time and energy is low.08-05-2010
20090314698Combined Axial-Radial Intake Impeller With Circular Rake - An impeller, a system for mixing a fluid, and a method of mixing a fluid in a tank are disclosed. For a sufficiently small impeller diameter and maximum blade tip velocity, the disclosed impeller, system, and method are capable of accelerating a near-zero intake velocity fluid, to generate a mixing zone that is collimated enough to have sufficient velocity vectors to suspend particles at a large distance away from the impeller, while minimizing the required power draw. An impeller may include a hub defining a longitudinal axis and plural blades spaced circumferentially about the hub. Each blade may include a root portion and a tip portion. Each blade may define a leading edge having an approximately circular raked helical geometry. A system for mixing a fluid may include a tank for containing the fluid, a drive shaft for extending into the tank, and the impeller.12-24-2009
20100000921DUAL CELL NITROGEN REMOVAL APPARATUS - A water treatment apparatus including a series of pairs of water filtration cells of an upwelling type. Each cell of each pair has a longitudinally extending water conduit in fluid communication between an upper and a lower end of each cell. The first cell of each pair is a fluidized bed type containing a biologically active media, the water entering a bottom of this cell upwelling through the biologically active media to discharge from a discharge port at or near the top of the first cell. The second cell of each pair has the upper end of its water conduit in fluid communication with the discharge port of the paired first cell and contains media which removes nitrates from the water entering and upwelling through the nitrate removing media for discharge from the second cell.01-07-2010
20110017647INSTALLATION FOR THE TREATMENT OF WASTEWATERS AND BIOLOGICAL DISC FOR SUCH AN INSTALLATION - Installation for the treatment of municipal and/or industrial wastewaters comprising a basin that receives the water to be treated and a series of discs (01-27-2011
20090032451AERATION-LESS WATER TREATMENT APPARATUS - An aeration-less water treatment apparatus including an anaerobic reactor which receives sewage to cause the sewage to flow as an upward stream, and an aerobic reactor which receives treated water from the anaerobic reactor to cause the water to flow as a downward stream so that the water contacts aerobic microorganisms and air to aerobically treat the polluted matter in the water, the apparatus further including a suspended sludge section located in a lower part of the anaerobic reactor and in which the anaerobic microorganisms are suspended in the sewage, and a carrier section located in an upper part of the anaerobic reactor and having carriers to which the anaerobic microorganisms are attached, the anaerobic microorganisms having flowed from the suspended sludge section being further attached to the carriers.02-05-2009
20110132821ANAEROBIC WASTE TREATMENT APPARATUS - An anaerobic waste treatment apparatus comprises a container wherein randomly oriented bio-film media are disposed. An example waste treatment apparatus includes a container and optionally has at least two zones of bio-film media that are disposed within the container. In one example, the bio-film media includes torus-shaped materials, or other materials with voids therein, and the container is a dug out portion of earth. Moreover, the anaerobic waste treatment apparatus may additionally comprise a waste pump that is coupled to a waste pipe and configured to introduce waste into the container at one or more locations. When two zones are included, one zone may be randomly oriented, while a proximate zone may be substantially horizontal and/or an organized zone. The random zone may also have a transition layer thereon that supports the organized zone or that provides an interface between the organized and random zones.06-09-2011
20110132822Floating Bioreactor System - An aeration and microbial reactor system for use in decontaminating water including a housing adapted to float within the medium such that a top portion thereof remains adjacent a top surface of the contaminated water while the bioreactor containing inoculated carrier media is attached below. Beneficial microbial populations thrive and spread throughout the liquid medium, and consume or fix the contaminant such that the contaminant is removed from the water.06-09-2011
20120145611WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM FOR SIMULTANEOUS NITRIFICATION AND DENITRIFICATION - Described herein is a water treatment system for simultaneously removing ammonia and nitrates from a liquid. The water treatment system comprises a nitrifying volume for nitrification of a liquid and a denitrifying volume for denitrification of the liquid. One of the nitrifying volume and the denitrifying volume resides substantially within the other of the nitrifying volume and the denitrifying volume, and the nitrifying volume and the denitrifying volume are in fluid communication. In one aspect, the nitrifying volume is a relatively oxygenated region and the denitrifying volume is a relatively oxygen-depleted region. In another aspect, the nitrifying volume is in communication with an oxygen-supplying source for providing oxygen to create the relatively oxygenated region.06-14-2012
20120037551CARRIER INSERT FOR ACCOMMODATING AND MAINTAINING THE BIOFILM CULTURE OF FLUID CLEANING STRUCTURES - The invention relates to a carrier insert for accommodating and maintaining the biofilm culture of fluid cleaning structures, which contains a spatial web made of staple fibres using the hosiery method.02-16-2012
20100078372Soil And Water Remediation System And Method - Method for treating contaminants at a site, especially a deep well site, includes delivering a first stream of a first gas to a first port of a laminar microporous diffuser and delivering a second stream of a second gas to a second port of the laminar microporous diffuser to effect mixing of the first and second streams of gases within the laminar microporous diffuser.04-01-2010
20100206790Stormwater treatment system with flow distribution overflow/bypass tray - A stormwater treatment system, including a treatment container for treating stormwater through a bioretention mechanism. The treatment chamber includes an overflow/bypass system, including a flow distribution tray or flume that includes a distribution compartment or channel, an overflow dam or weir, and an overflow/bypass compartment. The stormwater distribution compartment or channel includes one or more openings for stormwater to be treated to fall onto the filter media located within the treatment container. When high flow rates are obtained that exceed the capacity of the unit, the overflow/bypass stormwater enters the overflow/bypass compartment where it is received by an overflow/bypass outlet pipe to be directed out of the container without such water being treated or further treated by the filter media.08-19-2010
20120168362PURIFICATION SYSTEM HAVING VERTICAL MULTICOMPARTMENT REACTOR FOR ORGANIC WASTE WATER - Provided is an purification system having vertical multi-compartment reactor for organic waste water, which generates swirling flow in respective sections while circulating wastewater vertically in respective wastewater treatment blocks in the system, so as to considerably increase contact time between air and the wastewater, thus greatly improving wastewater treatment efficiency. According to the system, a size of an aeration tank built in the wastewater purification system may be greatly decreased.07-05-2012
20120325730FLOTATION MACHINE - An air distribution and mixing device is arranged in the vicinity of the bottom of a flotation cell for distributing air to the slurry for forming froth and mixing the slurry in the flotation cell. A rotor part of the air distribution and mixing device has air distribution apertures and is attached to the lower end of a drive shaft extending vertically in the flotation cell. The drive shaft has a hollow interior, which constitutes a flow channel for conducting flotation air to the air distribution holes of the rotor part. An electric motor for rotating the drive shaft is supported by a separate supporting framework, which is on top of the flotation cell. The electric motor is a permanent magnet motor that comprises having a vertical rotor shaft, the lower end of which is in permanent contact directly with the upper end of the drive shaft.12-27-2012
20120285873ORGANIC WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A portable, integrated organic waste management system comprises a receiver for receiving waste organic material, a particle size reducer for grinding waste organic material, a first pump for pumping ground waste organic material, a storage vessel for receiving pumped ground waste organic material in the form of a slurry, and a second pump for recirculating ground waste organic material in the form of a slurry. The system is contained in a portable module that can be transported to a desired site.11-15-2012
20130092612Sludge thickening and ammonia treatment system - In a sewage treatment plant that includes anaerobic digestion, ammonia-laden filtrate from anaerobic digestion is treated for breakdown of ammonia and optionally for removal of nitrogen, while at the same time thickening the waste activated sludge, preferably with membrane thickeners. This is efficiently done in a two stage process. Liquid filtrate from this subsystem can then be sent back to the head of plant or it can be disinfected. Preferably the filtrate discharged from the subsystem is denitrified, although in some plants it may be desirable to retain some of the nitrates for odor reduction at the head of plant, providing oxygen to neutralize hydrogen sulphide.04-18-2013
20130140222TREATMENT OF FLUIDS WITH WAVE ENERGY FROM A CARBON ARC - A method of and apparatus for treating liquids flowing in a thin film around a source of wave energy to directly expose the liquid to the wave energy, preferably generated in whole or part by an electrical arc between carbon electrodes. In addition to the wave energy generated by the electrical arc, energy generated by cavitation of the flowing liquid may be used in treating the liquid.06-06-2013
20120255891APPARATUS FOR WASTE WATER TREATMENT - An apparatus for treating water comprises a conduit assembly for receiving waste water from a downstream inlet and for providing treated water out of an upstream outlet. The conduit assembly comprises a plurality of substantially vertical conduits in fluid communication providing forwaterto flow in an alternating downward and upward pathway therein. A medium for providing bacterial growth being is mounted within the conduit assembly. The medium comprises a plurality of substrate surfaces stacked along the vertical length of at least one conduit. Each substrate surface extends along the width of the conduit and provides for bacterial growth thereon. The apparatus includes a housing defining at least one chamber for receiving the conduit assembly therein.10-11-2012
20110272335IMMERSED MEMBRANE CASSETTE AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A module of vertical membranes has a lower header with integral air holes. Modules are mounted in line on upper and lower beams. A skirt is formed under the cassette. Adjustable side members between the beams allow for membrane slack adjustment and bottom beam levelling. A flat aerator assembly can be inserted into spaces between the cassettes and provide bubbles into the skirts, the spaces between cassettes, or both. An aeration method involves producing bubbles primarily or only to one side of the module, alternating from one side of the module to the other, while also producing bubbles within the module or between the membranes, optionally continuously. A cleaning method involves flowing a chemical cleaning solution by force of gravity through a membrane module, optionally by injected a concentrated solution into a vented portion of a permeate withdrawal system located above the water level in a tank holding the module.11-10-2011
20130186810System and Method for Processing Alternate Fuel Sources - An energy conserving wastewater treatment system capable of being fueled by alternate fuel sources comprises a synthesis gas generator that produces synthesis gas from a fuel and an organic waste digester that produces biogas. A combined synthesis gas and biogas storage reservoir that is in communication with both the synthesis gas generator and the organic waste digester. At least one boiler is in communication with the combined synthesis gas and biogas storage reservoir.07-25-2013
20130206657SELF-SUSTAINED BIO-DIGESTER FOR ONBOARD DEGRADATION OF HUMAN WASTE - This invention relates to the field of human waste handling, treatment and disposal in mobile public carriers. In particular the invention is directed to a self- sustained bio-digester for onboard degradation of human waste. Said bio-digester comprising at least three components; biological treatment component, chemical treatment component; and non-biodegradable materials elimination component08-15-2013

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