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210 - Liquid purification or separation

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210087000 Responsive to fluid flow 53
210086000 Material level or thickness responsive 51
210090000 Fluid pressure responsive 28
210094000 Transparent 26
210091000 Position or extent of motion 13
210093000 In effluent conduit 7
210092000 Test valve 4
20100122945Grey water conservation mechanism - A gray water recycling system which uses a holding tank receiving waste water from a laundry facility. The holding tank has a pump for withdrawing water from said holding tank. A float, within said holding tank, is activated when a water level within said holding tank exceeds a pre-determined level. The pump communicates with a pressure tank. The pump used to fill and pressurize the pressure tank is activated when pressure within said pressure tank falls below a predetermined level and the float within said holding tank indicates that a water level within said holding tank exceeds a pre-determined level.05-20-2010
20080302709Method for Monitoring the Degree of Clogging of the Filtration Surface of an Oil Filter - A method for determining the condition of an engine lubricant passing through an engine and a filtration apparatus (12-11-2008
20110068053FILTERING DEVICE - Provided is a filtering device including a filter part having a plurality of filters stacked to filter contaminants in fluid, and a sample part disposed on an outer plane of the filter part and having a plurality of samples corresponding to the filters, respectively. Therefore, a filter exchange period can be accurately determined by measuring properties of the filter varied during filtering of contaminants, and indiscriminate exchange of the filters can be prevented to reduce maintenance cost.03-24-2011
20080230450Filtration System for Preparation of Fluids for Medical Applications - Systems, methods, and devices for preparation of water for various uses including blood treatment are described. In embodiments, fluid is passed either by pump or passively by gravity feed, through various filtration elements from a fluid source to a treatment fluid container The latter forms a batch that may be used during treatment. Methods and systems for creating multiple-treatment batches are described. Advantages of creating a multitreatment batch include the fact that the burden of treatment preparation can be reduced and the timing of the preparation of the batch can be independent of the treatment time. As described, there are various trade-offs and concerns with this approach which are addressed by the inventive embodiments.09-25-2008
20080314808Portable, refillable water dispenser serving batches of water purified of organic and inorganic pollutants - A portable, refillable water dispenser serving batches of water purified of organic and inorganic pollutants includes a portable, refillable and hand-holdable vessel for holding and pouring water having a spout and, inside the portable, refillable and hand-holdable vessel, moving water and still water processing module cooperative to remove inorganic and organic pollutants from water received batchwise by the vessel.12-25-2008
20130075309Self-Test of a Dual-Probe Chlorine Sensor for a Hemodialysis System - In a hemodialysis system, a microprocessor periodically controls the injection of a quantity of a halogen solution, preferably an iodine solution, to trigger an event alarm. At a predetermined time, the solution is circulated into a chlorine-specific sensor probe to the point of exceeding a threshold on the sensor system. This event is then recorded and a chlorine alarm event light is illuminated. After the slug of solution is flushed from the system, the alarm clears but the event light remains lit. Then, the next time an operator arrives to operate the hemodialysis system, she can verify that the monitor recorded a chlorine event since the previous day. She then resets the event light.03-28-2013
20130037461CUSTOMIZABLE PERSONAL DIALYSIS DEVICE HAVING EASE OF USE AND THERAPY ENHANCEMENT FEATURES - A peritoneal dialysis machine includes an enclosure; dialysate pump located within the enclosure; a graphical user interface allowing a patient to program a treatment including at least one patient fill performed by the dialysate pump, at least one dwell, and at least one drain performed by the dialysate pump; and the GUI further programmed to provide an alert when it is time to begin the treatment so as to complete the at least one patient fill, dwell and drain by a prescribed time.02-14-2013
20100044284WATER FILTER DEVICE WITH DEPLETION DISPLAY - The present invention relates to a water filter device having a filter section for treating water, in particular by ion exchange. It is defined in that a depletion display for a water treatment agent of the filter section is provided.02-25-2010
20100006483Replaceable filter elements including unique pressure relief and systems including same - According to one embodiment a replaceable filter element includes a substantially annular filter media extending from a first end to a second end and has an exterior, a substantially hollow interior, and a first permeability. A first end plate is coupled to the first end of the substantially annular filter media. The first end plate includes an aperture leading to the substantially hollow interior of the substantially annular filter media. The replaceable filter element includes a filter media piece positioned adjacent the second end of the substantially annular filter media and has a second permeability less than the first permeability. The replaceable filter element includes an outer wrap extending from the second end of the substantially annular filter media along a portion of the exterior of the substantially annular filter media. Further embodiments, forms, objects, features, advantages, aspects, and benefits shall become apparent from the following description and drawings.01-14-2010
20120103880FUEL FILTER HAVING INTEGRATED SENSORS - A fuel filter assembly for an internal combustion engine includes a molded plastic housing defining an interior filter chamber. A filter element is operatively supported in the filter chamber. Fuel is passed through the filter chamber to remove impurities. At least one sensor is operatively supported by the housing for sensing at least one condition of the fuel passing through the fuel filter. The sensor includes an element that is exposed to the fuel. A common connector terminal is adapted to provide electrical communication with a source of power. Leads extend between the element and the common connector terminal. The leads are encased in plastic substantially between the element and the common connector terminal such that the leads are sealed from contact with the fuel. The present invention is also directed toward a method of manufacturing a fuel filter for an internal combustion engine.05-03-2012
20130213865FRESH WATER GENERATOR UTILIZING AIR - A fresh water generator utilizing air (08-22-2013
20130062265MEDICAL TREATMENT ARRANGEMENT - The present invention relates to a medical treatment arrangement having at least three device parts, with the first device part being a device part which is not made for the treatment of a patient, with the second device part being made in conjunction with the third device part such that a treatment of a patient can be made with them, with the second device part being made movable relative to the first device part and relative to the third device part, and with provision furthermore being made that the first device part and the second device part and/or the second device part and the third device part being made such that energy and/or data can be unidirectionally or bidirectionally exchanged between them.03-14-2013
20130068670FILTER UNIT - A filter unit includes a substantially cylindrical body portion having a proximal end and a distal end. First and second recessed engagement surfaces traverse at least part of the body portion. The first and second engagement surfaces include a first segment that extends substantially parallel with the longitudinal extent of the body portion. A second segment extends at an angle between 50 degrees and 60 degrees from the direction of the first segment. A third segment extends substantially orthogonal to the first segment. A laterally extending key member is disposed on the body portion between the first recessed engagement surface and the second recessed engagement surface. An engagement protrusion extends from the proximal end and has a sidewall with a water inlet and a concave engagement wall with a water outlet. The engagement wall includes a first portion that angles inward to the water outlet at a first angle. A second portion angles inward to the water outlet at a second angle different than the first angle. A periphery of the engagement wall at the first portion includes a first radius of curvature. The periphery of the engagement wall at the second portion includes a second radius of curvature that is larger than the first radius of curvature. First and second seals are disposed about the sidewall. The water inlet is disposed between the first and second seals.03-21-2013
20130068671PARALLEL ASSEMBLY OF CHROMATOGRAPHY COLUMN MODULES - A parallel assembly (03-21-2013
20090008307Blood centrifuge having clamshell blood reservoir holder with index line - A rotatable rotor for separating components contained in a fluid, comprising an annular base having a first annular channel and an annular cover having a second annular channel for holding a flexible doughnut-shaped centrifuge bag therebetween. The cover has one or more radially spaced apart concentric indicator lines for monitoring the separation of the components. When the base and cover are superimposed, the first and second channels define an annular interior chamber having an off-centered figure eight configuration. The base and cover each comprise a grooved column axially centered and extending from the base top surface and the cover bottom surface, respectively. The flexible bag comprises inner and outer tubes extending from the core of the bag and which are seated in the column grooves to ensure that the bag is fixably rotatable with the rotor.01-08-2009
20090008306EXTRACORPOREAL DIALYSIS READY PERITONEAL DIALYSIS MACHINE - A dialysis system includes: (i) a dialysate pump; (ii) a patient line having a connector configured to be attached to a peritoneal patient part; (iii) an extracorporeal circuit; (iv) a blood pump in fluid communication with the extracorporeal circuit; (v) a blood filter in fluid communication with the extracorporeal circuit; and (vi) a control unit configured and arranged to selectively perform a therapy which (a) the blood pump is deactivated and the dialysate pump is caused to pump dialysate through the patient line or (b) the blood pump is activated to pump blood to the blood filter and the dialysate pump is caused to pump dialysate to the filter/extracorporeal circuit and/or remove fluid from the filter.01-08-2009
20130161242WORKING FLUID FILTERING DEVICE FOR ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE MACHINE - A seal is brought into contact with a filter media, a filter pump is operated to start filtration, and a signal from a pressure sensor is received. When a predetermined value is exceeded by the signal from the pressure sensor, the filter pump is stopped, the seal is separated from the filter media, and take-up of one section of the filter by a filter collection roll is started. In finishing filter supply from a filter supply roll, drive of a motor is stopped, and an alarm signal is transmitted. If the supply is not to be finished, one section of the filter is taken up by the filter collection roll, and the next stage of filtration is entered.06-27-2013
20130161243HIGH-PRESSURE FLUORESCENCE FLOW CELL, FLOW CELL ASSEMBLY, FLUORESCENCE DETECTOR, AND SUPERCRITICAL FLUID CHROMATOGRAPH - A high-pressure fluorescence flow cell comprises a cell body made of a light-transmissive material, wherein the cell body is penetrated by a straight-line flow path for a high-pressure fluid, wherein the flow path is formed with a cross section of 0.1 mm06-27-2013
20120267290APPARATUS FOR EXTRACORPOREAL BLOOD TREATMENT AND METHOD FOR MONITORING THE FLUID FLOW OF AN EXTRACORPOREAL BLOOD TREATMENT APPARATUS - The invention relates to the monitoring of the fluid flow in an apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment. The device according to the invention and the method according to the invention are based on the fact that, in order to monitor the fluid flow, the change in weight of a collection container is monitored, in which a rinsing fluid is collected during a filling or rinsing phase. The monitoring of the fluid flow according to the invention permits continuous monitoring of the fluid flow both in a treatment mode, in which the blood treatment is carried out, as well as in a filling or rinsing mode, in which the fluid system is filled or rinsed with a fluid.10-25-2012
20110278206Drinking Container and Filter Assembly - A personal, portable drinking container has a bottle with a neck, a reservoir, and a top opening in the neck providing access to the reservoir. A cap is removably fitted on the neck to close the opening. A filter assembly is provided in the bottle and carries a filter media with a finite useful life. An indicator can be provided on part of the drinking container and set by a user to indicate a parameter relevant to the useful life. The filter assembly can have a cage connectable to the container. The filter media can be in the cage and the indicator can be on the cage or the bottle. The filter media can be cylindrical with an open center and have a pleated layer of non-woven, cellulose material and a film layer of non-woven fabric material. The filter assembly can be capable of a liquid flow rate of at least about 15 ml/sec passing through the filter media.11-17-2011
20090032446Mobile station and methods for diagnosing and modeling site specific effluent treatment facility requirements - A mobile station and methods are disclosed for diagnosing and modeling site specific effluent treatment facility requirements to arrive at a treatment regimen and/or proposed commercial plant model idealized for the particular water/site requirements. The station includes a mobile platform having power intake, effluent intake and fluid outflow facilities and first and second suites of selectably actuatable effluent pre-treatment apparatus. An effluent polishing treatment array is housed at the station and includes at least one of nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and ion-exchange stages. A suite of selectively actuatable post-treatment apparatus are housed at the station. Controls are connected at the station for process control, monitoring and data accumulation. A plurality of improved water treatment technologies are also disclosed.02-05-2009
20110290706WATER PURIFYING APPARATUS HAVING CLEANING SYSTEM - A water purifying apparatus comprises: a filtering unit; a water tank unit for storing water having passed through the filtering unit; an extraction unit for selectively extracting the water stored in the water tank unit; and a cleaning system for sequentially controlling a cleaning process and a rinsing process of the water tank unit. Since cleaning and rinsing processes for the water purifying apparatus are automatically executed by a series of consecutive processes, the user may directly clean the water purifying apparatus if necessary without requiring a Codi's visit. Furthermore, the number of times that the Codi visits the use's home for cleaning of the water purifying apparatus is reduced. This may allow the Codi to have an enhanced working efficiency, and to pay less effort to a cleaning process for the water purifying apparatus.12-01-2011
20100170833POWERED CARTRIDGES AND OTHER DEVICES WITHIN HOUSINGS - The present invention describes a system and method for supplying electrical power to a device, such as a filter element, located within a housing. In one embodiment, a conductive coil is embedded into the housing base, and a second coil is embedded into the filter element. Current is then passed through the coil in the housing base. Through induction, a current is created in the second coil in the filter element, in much the same way as a transformer functions. This inductive field may interfere with the operation of the various electronic functions, such as communications, sensing or other activities. To overcome this issue, an energy storage component, such as a capacitor, is included in the filter electronics. In this way, the power generated by the inductive field can be stored, and used when the inductive field is no longer present.07-08-2010
20080314807Systems and Methods For Treating Water - Certain exemplary embodiments comprise a system, which can comprise a cage. The cage can define a chamber that can at least partially surround a tank. The system can comprise a plurality of water treatment components adapted to receive a non-potable water input and to provide a potable water output.12-25-2008
20110297593HEMODIALYSIS SYSTEM USING SORBENT AND RESERVOIR - A hemodialysis system including (i) a dialyzer; (ii) a blood circuit including a blood pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer; (iii) a dialysate circuit including a dialysate circulation pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer, at least a portion of the dialysate circuit incorporated into a disposable dialysate cassette; (iv) a sorbent cartridge for cleaning used dialysate flowing in the dialysate circuit; (v) a reservoir holding an initial supply of dialysate; (vi) a reservoir pump in fluid communication with the dialysate circuit and the reservoir; (vii) a supply of infusate; and (viii) an infusate pump in fluid communication with the dialysate circuit and the supply of infusate.12-08-2011
20110297592OIL SOLUBLE ADDITIVE INJECTION APPARATUS - A lubricant additive dispensing apparatus comprising a base providing a manifold distribution to present lubricant to a series of dispensing chambers. The dispensing chambers are fabricated having a porous sidewall formed in a tubular shape. Additive is stored within a reservoir formed by the tubular shape. A delivery piston is provided proximate and in fluid communication with the manifold. The lubricant applies pressure to the delivery piston. The delivery piston applies pressure to the stored additive. The pressure forces a small volume of additive to pass through the porous sidewall, blending the additive with the flowing lubricant. The reservoir can be formed between an outer tubular member and an inner tubular member. Lubricant can pass through an interior of the inner tubular member, existing a flow discharge port located proximate an end cap assembled to a distal end of the reservoir.12-08-2011
20120024766Wastewater Re-Use Systems - A wastewater reuse system has a wastewater treatment system connected to a dwelling for receiving wastewater therefrom. The wastewater treatment system has a pump tank with an outlet that can be connected to a central wastewater collection system. There can be a pump in the pump tank for pumping water from the pump tank to a use recipient of treated wastewater such as an irrigation system.02-02-2012
20120024765FILTERING CORE FOR FLUID - The present invention discloses a filtering core for fluid, which includes main body and several identify portion. The main body is used to filter fluid. The identify portion are different from one another on color. Their colors are also different from the original color of the main body. When the main body accumulates a certain amount of contaminants, and changes its original color to a second color, the user may match this second color with the closest color on one of the identify portion. Then, he may decide if he needs to replace the filtering core, or wash the main body. This would help the user to enhance the precision judgment on deciding the time to replace the filtering core.02-02-2012
20080245710EXFILTRATION APPARATUS - An exfiltration apparatus for removing contaminants from a fluid, the exfiltration apparatus including a housing defining a fluid flow path and having a first filter/sorptive layer positioned within a first portion of the housing and a second filter/sorptive layer positioned within a second portion of the housing. The first portion of the housing and the first filter/sorptive layer are removable as a unit from the second portion of the housing. The exfiltration apparatus may also include a container positioned within the second filter/sorptive layer and a third filter/sorptive layer disposed within the container. The exfiltration apparatus may also include a container defining a fluid retaining chamber. The chamber may be generally positioned between the first filter/sorptive layer and the second filter/sorptive layer.10-09-2008
20080264839Oil filter inspection device having interchangeable adapters and drive pin assembly having detents - A lightweight portable motorized oil filter inspection device comprising a housing, a drive plate having a plurality of gear teeth, an oil filter size adapter mounting adaptable to receive at least one of a plurality of interchangeable oil filter size adapters, at least one drive pin assembly mounting for accepting at least one adjustable drive pin assembly having a plurality of detents, a cutting blade assembly and a means to rotate the drive plate. The drive pin assembly having a plurality of detents enables precise alignment of at least one drive pin with at least one of the oil flow apertures of an oil filter canister. The drive plate is directly driven by a motor drive gear having a plurality of compatible gear drive teeth, mounted on an electric motor shaft.10-30-2008
20100320127FLUID PROCESSING - Fluid processing apparatuses and systems are disclosed. In some embodiments the fluid processing apparatuses include a movable enclosure, a plurality of filter housings disposed substantially within the movable enclosure, and a stand disposed within the enclosure. The filter housings are in fluid communication with one another. Each filter housing defines an elongate path and is configured to support a respective filter along the elongate flow path to filter a substantially continuous flow of fluid. The stand supports each filter housing such that the elongate flow path of each filter housing is substantially parallel to a vertical axis, wherein each filter housing is independently rotatable, relative to the stand.12-23-2010
20110094950SHAKER SCREEN FILTER FOR A DRILLING FLUID SHAKER - An improved shaker screen filter for a well fluid shale shaker includes a main frame arranged for being arranged in the well fluid shale shaker for screening, preferably under vibration, of drilling mud, wherein the mainframe is subdivided into a plurality of smaller cell frames, one or more cell plug filters with one or more layers of screen cloths on top of at least one support cloth or support layer, wherein each of the cell plug filter includes a cell plug filter frame arranged to be held in each of the cell corresponding frames of the main frame, wherein at least one of the cell plug filter frame includes a locking mechanism arranged for locking the cell plug filter frame, upon desire, in a preferred position in the cell frame, correspondingly releasing the cell plug filter frame from the cell frame.04-28-2011
20110198271WATER PURIFIER FOR OUTDOOR - An outdoor water purifier using a ceramic filter is disclosed. The outdoor water purifier is installed in home water pipes or water supply pipes for various industrial purposes to sterilize water and improve water purity. The outdoor water purifier includes a water gauge that measures the flow of tap water to calculate the water use rate, a filter connected to the water gauge for filtering tap water, a filter alarm that measures the state of the filter, and an RF transmitter connected to the filter for wirelessly transmitting data of tap water use rate according to the amount of tap water used. The filter is installed to a water supply pipe and configured in such a way that a carbon layer, a ceramic layer, an antibacterial layer, and a fine ceramic layer, stacking from the top thereof, in order to improve taste and to remove odor and bacteria contained in raw water.08-18-2011
20080210606Filtration System Preparation of Fluids for Medical Applications - Systems, methods, and devices for preparation of water for various uses including blood treatment are described. In embodiments, fluid is passed either by pump or passively by gravity feed, through various filtration elements from a fluid source to a treatment fluid container. The latter forms a batch that may be used during treatment. The advantage of forming the batch before treatment is that the rate of filtering needn't match the rate of consumption during treatment which provides multiple benefits and liabilities to overcome, as discussed herein. Mechanisms for preparing pure water for infusion or medicaments are described such as elimination of chlorine and colloidal aluminum. Also various control mechanisms to help avoid contamination are describe.09-04-2008
20090294339CUSTOMIZABLE PERSONAL DIALYSIS DEVICE HAVING EASE OF USE AND THERAPY ENHANCEMENT FEATURES - A peritoneal dialysis machine includes an enclosure; dialysate pump located within the enclosure; a graphical user interface connected to the enclosure and configured to display a parameter associated with the dialysate pump; and a projector configured to project the parameter onto a surface external from the enclosure so as to allow a patient to readily view the parameter.12-03-2009
20090166271WATER CIRCULATION TREATMENT SYSTEM IN HOUSING ESTATE - The invention relates to a water circulation treatment system in housing estate comprising an oxidative biologic filter chamber, a sloping plate sedimentation chamber, an electric biology organic sewage processor and a carbon absorption chamber, said oxidative biologic filter chamber, said sloping plate sedimentation chamber, said electric biology organic sewage processor and said carbon absorption chamber are connected in sequence, wherein the electric biology organic sewage processor includes a shell and a plurality pairs of electrodes, the plurality pairs of electrodes placed in the shell of the electric biology organic sewage processor and surrounded by filter materials, the extending directions of the electrodes are perpendicular to that of water flow in the shell of the electric biology organic sewage processor. This system can purify discharged water which meet sewage discharged standards to a high degree of purification to be used as drinking water.07-02-2009
20080272033Water filter and treatment system and component - A water treatment system comprising a separable water treatment component and a host water treatment apparatus is described. The component is useable in the host apparatus, and has an electronic circuit which is adapted to co-operate with an electronic circuit in the host apparatus. In typical operation, the electronic circuit of the component includes at least a data tag, and the presence of the data tag is identified by the electronic circuit of the host apparatus upon correct fitment and/or installation of the component, which creates a two-way communication protocol. The host apparatus can then upload relevant data from the data tag, etc., and the component's circuit can download the relevant information from the host apparatus. The present invention provides the benefits of electrical co-operation and data tagging.11-06-2008
20100140149Modular, Portable Dialysis System - The present invention is directed toward a dialysis unit that is modular and portable, with improved functionality. In one embodiment, the dialysis system comprises a top unit that is detachably affixed to a base that comprises a reservoir for fluid storage. Among numerous other features, the portable, modular dialysis system of the present invention has improved power door locking, zoned leak detection, fluid handling, and mechanical design features that enable improved modularity.06-10-2010
20090200215Integrated portable water purifier - The present invention relates to an integrated portable water purifier. The water purifier uses advanced microprocessor based technology. The present invention also relates to a method for purifying water, by filtration through adsorption media to remove harmful chemicals followed by ultraviolet treatment to disinfect the water. The object of the present invention is to provide a water purifier, which effectively removes the contaminants found in drinking water and overcomes many disadvantages stated above. The integrated portable water purifier, has raw water chamber (08-13-2009
20090230032TREATMENT DEVICE FOR COOLING AND MAGNETICALLY TREATING LIQUID WITHIN A CONTAINER AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - A treatment device for magnetically treating liquid in a liquid container includes a container holder to receive the liquid container. An active cooling unit is associated with the container holder to cool the liquid within the liquid container. At least one magnet associated with the container holder to generate a magnetic field within the liquid in the liquid container.09-17-2009
20090230033System for continuous optimization of wastewater treatment - A system for controlling the injection of wastewater treatment chemicals into a wastewater treatment stream includes a holding tank for collecting and holding wastewater being treated, a camera positioned for making images of the wastewater in the holding tank, means for automatically making the images of the wastewater in the holding tank at scheduled intervals, means for analyzing the images in order to determine the necessity for injecting wastewater treatment chemicals into the wastewater stream, comprising measuring the size, distribution and number of pixels of differing colors and appearances, such that pixels of differing colors and appearances represent differing moieties in the wastewater stream including unreacted waste products and unreacted wastewater treatment chemicals, and means for injecting wastewater treatment chemicals into the wastewater stream responsive to the analysis of the images indicating the necessity of such injection.09-17-2009
20100176037SYSTEM AND DEVICE FOR WATER FILTRATION AND PURIFICATION - A system for water purification, filtration and item sanitization are described herein. In one embodiment, a water filtration device uses an extruded carbon sheet or granulated activated carbon to filter unpurified, gravity-fed water. A filtering medium is provided within a lower opening of an upper reservoir for filtering unfiltered water passing therethrough, the filtering medium being located above and not extending into a lower reservoir. The device can be a stand-alone water container or incorporated within a water purification system having a further purification technology located in a base in fluid communication with the water container. The base can include controls for informing a user when the water filtration or item sanitization has been completed. Practical applications include drinking water filtration, sanitization of household items, medical equipment, and the like.07-15-2010
20100187167Method For Providing A Circuit For Biological Liquid And Circuit Obtained - The method comprises the step of forming pipes (07-29-2010
20100193413DEVICE FOR MONITORING WATER FOR MICROBIAL GERMS - A device for continuously, periodically monitoring water for microbial germs, comprising a reactor and at least one reagent feed line into the reactor and at least one metering device for reagents as well as at least one measuring device for detecting the presence of microorganisms, wherein the reactor comprises a reactor chamber and a filtrate chamber, which is separated from said reactor chamber by means of a filter, a water feed line as well as a reagent feed line empty into the reactor chamber and at least one water discharge line leads out of the filtrate chamber, and a controller is set up to use pump/valve means to lead a predefinable quantity of water into the reactor chamber and through the filter as well as to introduce a predefinable quantity of reagent into the reactor chamber.08-05-2010
20120031820FITTING COUPLER FOR PLANAR FLUID CONDUIT - A fitting coupler is provided configured for coupling a planar fluid conduit and a fluidic device. The fluidic device comprises a cavity, a device conduit, and a mouth where the device conduit opens into the cavity. A contact pressure element is configured for sealingly pressing the planar fluid conduit to the mouth, so that a conduit opening of the planar fluid conduit opens into the mouth.02-09-2012
20100276345APPARATUS FOR TREATING RADIOACTIVE NITRATE WASTE LIQUID - An apparatus for treating a radioactive nitrate waste liquid includes: a denitrification tank (11-04-2010
20120125825Sanitizing Filter for Water Dispenser05-24-2012
20110024337FILTER WITH DATA STORAGE PROVIDED WITH AN ANTENNA FOR TRANSMITTING SIGNALS - The invention relates to a filter element (02-03-2011
20110031171Solar Powered Utility Unit - A solar power utility unit is disclosed that collects solar power during the day; stores the power in a battery pack; and distributes the energy stored in the battery to one or more utilities. The utilities can include a water purification system using a UV lamp, lights, AC electrical power to charge electronic devices, and a refrigerator. The utility unit has an electronic control unit to manage the electrical energy stored in the battery. The utilities can be ranked in priority and power turned off to lower priority utilities to ensure that the highest priority utility is serviced. Water purification system may be a continuous process with the water circulated by an electric pump, a batch process with the water transported by intermittent use of the electric pump, or a gravity feed process with valves to control the flow in and out of the purifier.02-10-2011
20100133153Medical Fluid Cassettes and Related Systems - The invention relates to an apparatus for the treatment of a medical liquid comprising a liquid treatment machine and a cassette insertable therein substantially made of a rigid base body of the cassette with fitted chambers and passages and a foil covering them.06-03-2010
20100243542APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR TREATING AN AQUEOUS SOLUTION CONTAINING BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINANTS - Process, apparatus and article for treating an aqueous solution containing biological contaminants. The process includes contacting an aqueous solution containing a biological contaminant with an aggregate composition comprising an insoluble rare earth-containing compound to form a solution depleted of active biological contaminants. The aggregate includes more than 10.01% by weight of the insoluble rare earth-containing compound. The insoluble rare earth-containing compound can include one or more of cerium, lanthanum, or praseodymium. A suitable insoluble cerium-containing compound can be derived from a cerium carbonate, a cerium oxalate or a cerium salt. The composition can consist essentially of cerium oxides, and optionally, a binder and/or flow aid. The aggregate includes no more than two elements selected from the group consisting of yttrium, scandium, and europium when the aggregate is to be sintered. Although intended for a variety of fluid treatment applications, such applications specifically include removing or deactivating biological contaminants in water.09-30-2010
20110210049WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS WITH COMMUNICATION NETWORK LINKS AND METHODS - A modularizable system for water treatment having a low energy requirement to process water for reuse at the residence which results in a reduction in the amount of fossil fuels required to power large water processing stations and transfer water from water plants to individual residences is disclosed. The system increases availability of water at the residential level in areas where water is a limited or limiting resource (e.g., in arid climates). Furthermore, the amount of water a residence uses in a given cycle is more efficient. The system is in communication with a central station which enables it to send repair signals or facilitate repair of the system.09-01-2011
20110100885BALLAST WATER TREATMENT DEVICE - Disclosed herein is a ballast water treatment device. The device includes a filtering unit filtering ballast water introduced into a ship using a filter, a vortex generating unit generating an artificial vortex in the ballast water filtered by the filtering unit, and an ultraviolet treatment unit having an ultraviolet lamp which sterilizes the ballast water discharged from the vortex generating unit using ultraviolet rays, thus preventing secondary contamination resulting from by-products, preventing a ballast tank from becoming contaminated, affording effective maintenance, and making it convenient to control. Further, an artificial vortex is formed in the ballast water when it is mixed, thus allowing a large quantity of ultraviolet rays to be radiated onto the ballast water passing through the ultraviolet treatment unit, therefore improving a sterilization effect.05-05-2011
20110062060SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMMUNICATION BETWEEN A FLUID FILTRATION APPARATUS AND FILTER - A system allowing the wireless transfer of data between a fluid filtering apparatus having a controller and a filter when the filter is positioned within the fluid filtering apparatus is described. The system includes a reader circuit and tag circuit in which the tag circuit includes read-only information and an enable bit responsive to a disable signal from the reader circuit to permanently de-authorize use of the filter with the fluid filtering apparatus. The controller is operatively connected to the reader circuit for interpreting the coded information and may modify or eliminate fluid flow within the fluid filtering apparatus, and/or provide a visible or audible warning to the user on the basis of filter manufacturer specifications such as volume and/or time of filter use.03-17-2011
20110247970Portable Pump And Filter Assembly For Use In Pools, Spas And Open Bodies Of Water - The present invention is directed to a portable submersible pump and filter assembly for direct filtration of a body of water without the need for intake or discharge hoses or assemblies. The present invention is further directed to a pump and filter assembly that can be positioned at any depth within the water being filtered and can be easily removed after the desired filtration is complete. The present invention is further directed to a solar powered portable pump and filter assembly that operates while floating on fluid being filtered. The present invention is further directed to a highly efficient portable pump and filter assembly that is adapted to be directly coupled to and powered by various power sources including direct current and green energy supplies such as solar or wind power.10-13-2011
20110210048SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING INTRODUCTION OF A REDUCING AGENT TO A LIQUID STREAM - A method and system of providing ultrapure water for semiconductor fabrication operations is provided. The water is treated by utilizing a free radical scavenging system and a free radical removal system. The free radical scavenging system can utilize actinic radiation with a free radical precursor compound, such as ammonium persulfate. The free radical removal system can comprise use of a reducing agent. The ultrapure water may be further treated by utilizing ion exchange media and degasification apparatus. A control system can be utilized to regulate addition of the precursor compound, the intensity of the actinic radiation, and addition of the reducing agent to the water.09-01-2011
20080314806Waste Water Purification Apparatus - A wastewater purifying apparatus has plural treatment chambers for stepwise purifying wastewater discharged from a lavatory, a storage chamber for storing purified wastewater derived from the downstream-most treatment chamber, and a purified wastewater storage tank. A suction port is formed in the upstream-most treatment chamber for sucking the wastewater. Refluxing equipment refluxes wastewater from the treatment chambers downstream of the upstream-most treatment chamber into the upstream most treatment chamber. A purified wastewater supplier supplies the purified wastewater in the purified wastewater storage tank into the upstream-most treatment chamber. The above arrangement performs expedient and sophisticated purification treatment of the wastewater containing sludge components, such as sewage discharged from the lavatory, or miscellaneous effluents generated by pulverizing garbage by a disposer. The arrangement also simplifies washing of the apparatus.12-25-2008
20110163016Reverse Osmosis System - Embodiments of the invention provide a reverse osmosis system including a feed water inlet, a reverse osmosis module coupled to the feed water inlet, and at least one blend valve. The blend valve can be coupled to a permeate outlet and the, feed water inlet and can be capable of blending the feed water and the permeate water to produce mixed water. The blend valve can be adjusted to achieve a desired TDS level in the mixed water.07-07-2011
20080202991APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CHEMICAL ADDITION TO SLURRY - An apparatus and related method for introducing chemical treatment to a slurry. The apparatus includes a manifolded conduit for receiving and transferring slurry, a chemical treatment pump for regulated introduction of one or more chemicals to the slurry in the conduit, a controller unit, and a chemical treatment mixing tank. The chemical treatment apparatus may be stationary or located on a portable transport. The controller unit includes a programmable logic controller arranged to calculate suitable chemical treatment introduction parameters from meter information associated with the slurry flow. The programmable logic controller is further programmed to control operation of the chemical treatment pump and any slurry mixers to optimize slurry treatment, such as flocculation.08-28-2008
20080202992PURIFIER INSERT WITH A TABLET DISPENSER AND INDICATOR - A water purifier that can be placed between an upper canister and a lower canister. The upper canister may include filters. Unfiltered water placed in the upper canister drains by gravity through the filters and water purifier into the lower canister. The water purifier includes a dispenser, a purifying media, and an indicator. Filtered, but unpurified, water passes from the upper canister into the water purifier, which houses the dispenser in which a material containing a chlorine and/or bromine compound is located. As water contacts the material, halogen is eluted to the filtered water. The purifying media contacts the unpurified water with halogen. The purifying media binds with the halogen, thereby maintaining the activity of the purifying media to purify the unpurified water. The water purifier may include an indicator to indicate when the material needs replacing.08-28-2008
20110163017Wastewater Treatment Method and Apparatus - The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for separating particles and dissolved matter from a produced water fluid stream. Specifically, the present invention includes a first pressure source which transports untreated produced water or contaminated aqueous fluid into a separator annulus with a filter element disposed therein. The untreated fluid is placed under appropriate pressure sufficient to produce turbulent flow, increased particle kinetics and/or cavitation allowing the desired fluid to penetrate and pass into and through the, filter media. The treated fluid is then transported to a collection tank. The contaminant matter retained by the filter media may be removed by the nearly instantaneous reverse pressurization of the separator annulus by a second pressure source thereby removing the contaminant particles away from contact with the filter media, and which may then be transported to a waste collection tank or separator for further treatment.07-07-2011
20110253604OZONATION SYSTEM FOR TREATING SECONDARY WASTEWATER - Septic systems incorporating an ozonation system comprise one or more corona discharge ozone generators receiving air, such as atmospheric air, and having an outlet for the withdrawal of a mixture of air and ozone gas. The system also comprises a septic tank for receiving primary wastewater, and a pump tank receiving secondary wastewater effluent from the septic tank. The ozonation system includes a submersible ozone introduction pump disposed in the bottom of the pump tank, wherein the ozone introduction pump includes an impeller within a housing, the housing having an inlet and a plurality of radial outlet ports along its circumferential area surrounding the impeller. A conduit couples the outlet of the corona discharge ozone generator to the inlet of the impeller housing, wherein the ozone introduction pump reduces pressure in the conduit to draw air into the ozone generator and draws the mixture of air and ozone gas into the impeller housing for introduction into the secondary wastewater. An optional ultraviolet light source may be disposed in the headspace of the pump tank to enhance the activity of the ozone.10-20-2011
20110084006UV LIQUID STORAGE AND DISPENSING DEVICE - A liquid storage and dispensing device with a filter for removing minerals and a UV light source for killing pathogens existing in a liquid. A liquid is introduced into the device via the inlet. The liquid passes through the filter into a collector. The filtered liquid flows from the collector through a thru passage into a UV chamber. The UV light source emits UV rays through a UV transmissive wall into the interior portion of the UV chamber. Exposure to the UV light kills pathogens present in the filtered liquid. Substantially purified liquid can then be dispensed from an outlet.04-14-2011
20110094949DECHLORINATOR AND METHOD OF DECHLORINATION - A dechlorinator for dechlorinating a stream of water comprises a housing comprising an inlet and an outlet. The housing defines a flow path between the inlet and the outlet. A filter is operatively supported in the housing and located in the flow path. At least one dechlorinating tablet is operatively supported in the housing and located in the flow path downstream of the filter for dechlorinating water flowing from the filter to the outlet.04-28-2011
20110147282SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC WATER DISCHARGE MANAGEMENT - A water discharge management system is provided. The water discharge management system includes a water processing system, a controller provided with an executable recapture protocol, and a plurality of controllable multi-way valves which control and implement a regeneration cycle of the water processing system based upon the recapture protocol. Each controllable multi-way valve is in operable communication with the controller through a signal path. The controllable multi-way valves are responsive to a signal exchanged with the controller through the signal path and operable between a first position connecting an input from the water processing system to a first output, and a second position connecting the input from the water processing system to a second output.06-23-2011
20110036760GREY WATER REGENERATION SYSTEM - The object of this invention is a grey water regeneration system for its subsequent reuse which guarantees the quality of the purified water, disposing of sensors which fully control the process by means of an automaton programmed so that if it detects any problem in the system, the water can be evacuated to the general collector (02-17-2011
20090173673FLUID DELIVERY DEVICE - A container (07-09-2009
20120305458HIGH RADIOACTIVITY FILTER - A high radioactivity filter system is disclosed. The invention utilizes within a container substructure a filter employing a combination of specially selected filtration and ion exchange media and a structural design of equipment for substantially or totally providing and/or rendering Class A waste forms and preventing the formation of Class B, C and GTCC waste forms. The invention also provides both ion exchange and filtration of liquid radioactive wastestreams.12-06-2012
20120305457WATER FILTER AND ALERT ASSEMBLY FOR BATHROOM USE - A water filter and alert assembly for bathroom use includes a housing, at least one filter element, an alert device, and a cap. The housing has an externally threaded end, an internally threaded end, and a water passageway. The at least one filter element is disposed in the water passageway. The alert device includes a temperature sensing element and a temperature indicating element, wherein the temperature sensing element is provided in the water passageway to sense water temperature, and the temperature indicating element is configured to show water temperature and alert messages. The cap has an externally threaded end and an internally threaded end. The internally threaded end of the cap is connected with the externally threaded end of the housing so as to guide outgoing water and retain the at least one filter element.12-06-2012
20120006729WATER PURIFIER - There is provided a water purifier in which a display portion can obtain a higher waterproof property and the workability in manufacturing of the display portion can be improved. In a water purifier which includes a display portion (01-12-2012
20100096302SYSTEM FOR MONITORING THE PERFORMANCE OF FLUID TREATMENT CARTRIDGES - A fluid treatment system is provided, the system including a fluid treatment cartridge for treating fluid passing therethrough. The cartridge has an inlet through which untreated fluid enters the cartridge and an outlet from which treated fluid exits the cartridge. The cartridge also has a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag for storing data. The fluid treatment system also includes a connection manifold configured to detachably support the fluid treatment cartridge. The connection manifold has an inlet flow path for directing untreated fluid to the inlet of the cartridge and an outlet flow path for directing treated fluid from the outlet of the cartridge, and a data sensor for reading data stored on the RFID tag. The fluid treatment system further includes means for evaluating the data stored on the RFID tag and read by the data sensor, as well as means for deterring fluid treatment system use based upon the evaluation of the data stored on the RFID tag and read by the data sensor.04-22-2010
20090134074Water Purification, Enhancement, and Dispensing Appliance - A water purifying and enhancement system of a modular construction designed as a built-in appliance located under the countertop or as a free-standing (stand alone) unit. The water appliance has a water inlet for obtaining water from a supply source, scale reduction device, booster or re-pressurization pump, pre-filtration, U.V. sterilization, R.O. filtration, de-ionization (CDI or mechanical), mineral injection system (for adding desired minerals into the purified water), water diagnostic and monitoring cells, post filtration, proprietary water enhancement reactor consisting of specially engineered and blended ores of ceramic components, and/or an electrolytic ionization chamber, and/or a magnetic chamber, a water outlet for delivery of the highly purified enhanced water product, and a outlet to grey water drain for reject water. Control and monitoring instrumentation implemented into the front panel of the water appliance will continuously provide monitoring of water quality, filter life, filter maintenance, system failure indicators, and other pertinent diagnostic data.05-28-2009
20120160747Method and Device for Marking Objects, Particularly Components of a Motor Vehicle, with an Embossed Hologram and Objects Marked in this Way - The invention relates to a method and to a device for marking objects, particularly components (06-28-2012
20100206785Cart and installation for treating biological liquid - The cart comprises a lateral face by which it is adapted to be juxtaposed against another cart. It further comprises a first pump, a second pump disposed below said first pump and laterally offset relative thereto, and a tank adapted to receive a feed container provided to contain said biological liquid, said tank being disposed above said first pump and offset laterally relative thereto.08-19-2010
20120132573POINT-OF-USE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM - A water treatment system is capable of meeting the particular needs of a variety of water treatment system applications. For instance, the water treatment system may include a customizable display, multiple interchangeable filters and disinfection systems. In one embodiment, a vessel containing the filters and disinfection assembly can be easily removed from a base that supplies water to the vessel. In another embodiment, the water treatment system includes a plate that includes at least one electrical connection. One or more electronics bricks with sensors, displays and the like can be removably attached to the plate such that each electronics brick is in electrical communication with said brick. In another embodiment, the water treatment system incorporates one or more stackable and interchangeable filter blocks that direct water flowing into the vessel through each filter media.05-31-2012
20120168357LIQUID FILTER DEVICE - Provided is a filter device for filtering liquid by passing it through one or more filtering media. The filter device comprises a cartridge defining a treatment region filled with said one or more filtering media and has a liquid inlet and a liquid outlet. A locking mechanism may be located within a liquid flow through the cartridge and configured to lock at least one of the liquid inlet and the liquid outlet upon expiration of life time of said at least one filtering medium.07-05-2012
20100051518Method for diagnosing machine fault by analyzing hydraulic fluid - Method for monitoring conditions within a plurality of machines that receive fluid from a common source includes providing a supply line extending from the common source to an inlet at each of the machines. A return line is also provided that extends from an outlet at each of the machines to the common source to return fluid from each of the machines to the common source. A particulate filter is provided at the outlet of each of the machines so that each of the particulate filters will capture the particulates that were added to the fluid in the particular one of the machines with which that filter is associated. The particulate filters are periodically examined to determine the buildup of particulates that were generated within that particular machine. The particulate build up indicates whether or not a machine is in need of repair.03-04-2010
20100270217DRAINLESS REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM - A drainless reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system provides relatively pure water for on-demand dispensing, while recycling brine to a domestic hot water system. The drainless purification system includes a pre-filter catalyst cartridge for removing chlorine-based contaminants from a tap water supply upstream from an RO membrane. The catalyst is regularly refreshed by a high through-flow of water to a conventional cold water dispense faucet, thereby significantly prolonging the service life of the RO membrane. The RO membrane is incorporated into a multi-cartridge unit adapted for facilitated slide-out removal and replacement as needed. A control valve recycles brine from the RO membrane to the hot water system during pure water production, and recirculates tap water through the RO membrane when a pure water reservoir is substantially filled. The multi-cartridge unit may further include an air filtration system for providing a flow of filtered air.10-28-2010
20120222993FLOAT FOR INSPECTING SEWER SYSTEMS - The device used for collecting information on the condition of a sewer network.09-06-2012
20120187029POOL SKIMMER INTAKE WITH ELECTRONIC ACCESSORIES - A pool skimmer inlet is sized and shaped to replace a standard pool skimmer plate. The skimmer inlet includes a replacement plate adapted to replace the standard filter plate and a body attached to the replacement plate. The body is formed with at least one cavity housing a sensor for monitoring pool conditions and an electronic sensor monitoring said sensor and generating appropriate electronic signals. Indicators may be mounted on the body together with one or more meshes that prefilter the water before it flows to a main filter.07-26-2012
20090101549MODULAR ASSEMBLY FOR A PORTABLE HEMODIALYSIS SYSTEM - A modular assembly for a portable hemodialysis system may include a dialysis unit, e.g., that contains suitable components for performing hemodialysis, such as a dialyzer, one or more pumps to circulate blood through the dialyzer, a source of dialysate, and one or more pumps to circulate the dialysate through the dialyzer, and a power unit having a housing that contains suitable components for providing operating power to the pumps of the dialysis unit. The power unit may be selectively connected to the dialysis unit and provide power (e.g., pneumatic power in the form of pressure and/or vacuum) to the dialysis unit for the pumps when connected to the dialysis unit, but may be incapable of providing power to the dialysis unit when disconnected from the dialysis unit. The dialysis unit and the power unit are sized and weighted to each be carried by hand by a human.04-23-2009
20120267289Reactor for Versatile Effluent Treatment System - The present invention is reactor for treating water that includes a mixing tube having a length of L10-25-2012
20120298567WATER PURIFIER - A water purifier determining an appropriate discarded water quantity includes: a purified water supply; an integrated flow quantity measuring part; and a control and calculation part. The control and calculation part is configured to determine whether purified water is unsuitable for use based upon the integrated flow quantity measured for a period of time from when the supply is started. A value of water quantity Q11-29-2012
20120298566Ultrasonic Assembly for Pool Cleaners - An ultrasonic assembly for pool cleaners which applying ultrasonic energy. According to various embodiments of the present invention, such ultrasonic assembly may optionally be applied to enhance and improve cleaning operation of pools, removing contaminators and handle unneeded biological organisms and waste.11-29-2012
20110226679Sink-Side Filter - The present invention is a liquid filter that includes a removable filter cartridge that is easily accessible for quick, easy replacement, the filter being installed directly adjacent to or preferably in direct contact with the sink itself utilizing the opening originally intended for the spray attachment on the sink, or, where there is no opening for a spray attachment, by adding a small hole to access the liquid supply below the countertop, the filter being designed to sit entirely on top of the sink flange or countertop immediately adjacent to the sink and containing an integral faucet for dispensing filtered liquid, along with an integral actuator or switch to control the flow of filtered liquid.09-22-2011
20120318722SMART FILTER - According to one embodiment, a filter may comprise a housing, a filter medium positioned within the housing, the filter medium having an operational life related to an amount of fluid passed through the filter medium, and a one-bit memory element coupled to the housing, the one-bit memory having a first state that indicates that the operational life of the filter medium has not expired and having a second state that indicates that the operational life of the filter medium has expired. The one-bit memory element may be illustratively embodied as a fusible link.12-20-2012
20120279910Dialysis Machine - A cartridge for use in a hemodialysis machine, the cartridge comprising a dialysate flow path including a dialyser, the dialysate flow path for delivering a flow of dialysate to the dialyser; a first mixing pump comprising a chamber having a fixed volume between a concave recess and a flexible membrane, said chamber for receiving a predetermined volume of a first dialysate solution base, and a volume of water; a flow balancing pump comprising: a chamber having a fixed volume between a concave recess and a flexible membrane, and inlet through which it receives dialysate; a fluid flow path connecting the first mixing pump to the flow balancing pump; the cartridge further comprising a first check valve having an inlet in fluid communication with said fluid flow path, said check valve configured to open if the pressure in the fluid flow path exceeds a predetermined pressure to allow excess fluid in the fluid flow path to flow through the first check valve to a drain, and to close when the pressure in the fluid flow path falls back below said predetermined pressure.11-08-2012
20120318723WATER DISPENSING SYSTEM UTILIZING A SMART FILTER - According to one illustrative embodiment, a water dispensing system may include a replaceable water filter comprising (i) a filter medium having an operational life related to an amount of water passed through the filter medium and (ii) a one-bit memory element having a first state that indicates that the operational life of the filter medium has not expired and having a second state that indicates that the operational life of the filter medium has expired and an electronic control unit (ECU) remote from the replaceable water filter, the ECU configured to track usage of the replaceable water filter and switch the one-bit memory element from the first state to the second state in response to the usage of the replaceable water filter reaching a threshold value.12-20-2012
20120285870Medical Tubing Installation Detection - This disclosure relates to detecting fluid in medical tubing. In certain aspects, a method is performed by a data processing apparatus. The method includes controlling repetitive activation of the ultrasonic transmitter. The method also includes receiving a signal from the ultrasonic receiver during an activation of the ultrasonic transmitter. The method also includes determining that fluid is absent or present in a portion of the medical fluid tube based on a comparison between the signal and a threshold value.11-15-2012
20130008838Autonomous Filter Element - An autonomous filter device and a method for improving the filter life and performance is disclosed. The filter element is equipped with one or more sensors, adapted to measure one or more characteristics. In response to the measured characteristic, the control logic within the filter element is able to determine an appropriate response. For example, the control logic may determine that a sudden, but temporary, blockage has occurred in the filter membrane. In response, the control logic may initiate a specific response designed to alleviate the blockage. The control logic will then determine the success of the response, based monitoring any change in the fluid characteristics. Based thereon, the control logic may alert the operator that the filter element must be replaced. Alternatively, if the response was successful in correcting the blockage, the control logic need not notify the operator, as the filter element is back to normal operating operation.01-10-2013
20130015109FILTER WITH ELECTRICAL SIGNATURE ANTI-COUNTERFEITING FEATURE - An anti-counterfeiting mechanism for a filter element to specifically, and preferably uniquely, identify a filter with a conductive pattern or path of conductive materials preferably either embedded (thin film circuit) under the surface, or over molded on, a portion of the filter. The conductive materials are preferably positioned at the filter end cap. The resistance of the filter element is an identifier that is preferably associated with the OEM manufacturer's labeling (such as product number) and/or other branding of the component. This electrical resistance signature permits rapid identification of counterfeit filters.01-17-2013
20130020238PERCOLATING FILTER DEVICE - A percolating filter device including a casing with a wall on which is formed a seat, in which an accessory is retained in a removable way by corresponding fastening means and counter-means, which comprise a quick release fastening.01-24-2013
20130020237BLOOD TREATMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Dialysis systems are disclosed comprising new fluid flow circuits. Systems may include blood and dialysate flow paths, where the dialysate flow path includes balancing, mixing, and/or directing circuits. Dialysate preparation may be decoupled from patient dialysis. Circuits may be defined within one or more cassettes. The fluid circuit fluid flow paths may be isolated from electrical components. A gas supply in fluid communication with the dialysate flow path and/or the dialyzer able to urge dialysate through the dialyzer and urge blood back to the patient may be included for certain emergency situations. Fluid handling devices, such as pumps, valves, and mixers that can be actuated using a control fluid, may be included. Control fluid may be delivered by an external pump or other device, which may be detachable and/or generally rigid, optionally with a diaphragm, dividing the device into first and second compartments.01-24-2013
20130168302HOT-WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM - A hot-water supply system includes a switching valve (07-04-2013
20120241365SEPARATOR AND SEPARATING STRIP - A separator under the invention for the taking of blood serum or blood plasma contained in a blood sample from a separating strip comprises a top part, a bottom part and a joint. Said top part and bottom part are linked by the joint in a pivoting way. Bottom part is designed to support the separating strip. At least one nose is provided at the bottom part and/or underside of top part which can exert local pressure on the separating strip once top part and bottom part are folded together thus pressing blood serum or blood plasma out of the rear end of the separating strip.09-27-2012
20120248015WIRELESS RECEPTOR FOR COMMUNICATIONS WITHIN HOUSINGS - The present invention provides a system and method for transmitting information between a device within a housing to a second device, preferably a test or monitoring unit, outside of the housing. There are numerous issues associated with transferring information from within a sealed housing to an external device. In some cases, the use of wires inside the housing may be impractical, due to internal conditions, such as fluid flow, pressure or temperature. In one embodiment, the antenna of the external RF reading device is electrically connected to the dome of the housing. In another embodiment, the device within the housing is electrically connected to a housing component. In another embodiment, the gasket is used to pass information from within the housing to an external device.10-04-2012
20130092610OIL SKIMMER ASSEMBLY AND SYSTEM - An oil skimmer system including a vacuum truck having a pump with a vacuum hose attached at one end to the pump intake port to create a suction at the opposite or intake end of the vacuum hose to which a suction tube is operatively attached at its discharge end, and mounted on an articulating and extendable arm of a backhoe an oil skimmer assembly comprising (a) a skimmer plate having an upper flat surface, (b) a debris guard vertically mounted about the suction tube intake end, (c) the suction tube affixed by one or more struts to extend perpendicularly above the plate upper surface with the suction tube intake end positioned near the plate upper surface, and (d) a connecting adaptor affixed to the suction tube and configured to fixedly attach the oil skimmer assembly to the backhoe arm to enable positioning the oil skimmer assembly into the oil containing surface area of a body of water.04-18-2013
20130134077METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETERMINING INTRACELLULAR AND/OR EXTRACELLULAR, IN PARTICULAR MACROMOLECULAR FRACTIONS OF FLUIDS, PREFERABLY OF BODY FLUIDS OF LIVING ORGANISMS - Method and device according to the method for determining intracellular and/or extracellular, in particular macromolecular fractions of fluids, preferably of body fluids of living organisms, with the steps: 05-30-2013
20130098814SYSTEM AND PROCESS FOR THE PURIFICATION, BY MEANS OF THE ENVIRONMENT, OF WATER AND/OR OF WATER OBTAINED FROM A MUNICIPAL OR COLLECTIVE SUPPLY, AND/OR OF WATER OBTAINED FROM A WELL, AND/OR OF WATER OBTAINED IN DOMESTIC AND INDUSTRIAL VESSELS - System and process for the purification of water The water produced is treated with a selective oxidant obtained from the air without contaminants. The water obtained, together with the selective oxidant, is treated through a chemical process, denominated batch process, in a pressurized primary sterilization vessel. The reaction dwell time, and the analytical control, ensure purification; by means of a system of circulation pump and adsorption chamber specific for the chemical treatment realized, the purified water is deposited in a vessel for water for consumption, which water may be prepared with minerals and/or vitamins and/or carbohydrates with the objective of satisfying the full requirements of the population. Furthermore, an electronic unit monitors and controls the movements required to ensure excellent purification and, moreover, that the entire system is sterile at all times.04-25-2013
20130146513DISPOSAL OF ORGANIC WASTE - Apparatus including a receptacle for holding therein organic waste, a first dispenser operative to dispense an oxidizing agent to the organic waste so as to cause an exothermic reaction that results in combustion of the organic waste, and a second dispenser operative to dispense a reducing agent that neutralizes a residual amount of the oxidizing agent that remains after the exothermic reaction.06-13-2013
20090200216STORM DRAIN FILTER - A treatment station for a water drainage conduit has a chamber with an inlet and outlet in fluid communication with upstream and downstream sections of the conduit and a sediment collection portion. Water enters the chamber via the inlet, collecting in the sediment collection portion until it reaches a level in the chamber such that it flows out of the outlet. A filter is mountable above the sediment collection portion for the upwards-flowing filtration of water passing through the chamber to remove organic contaminants. Access means are provided for removal and replacement of the filter and removal of solid material deposited in the sediment collection portion. The treatment station may also have by pass means which operate where the flow of water exceeds a rate which can flow through the filter and preliminary sediment collection chamber for collecting large quantities of sediment. Uses of the treatment station are also described.08-13-2009
20110226680HEAT EXCHANGER AND METHOD FOR HEAT EXCHANGING - A method for exchanging heat between an effluent fluid and a blood fluid and a heat exchanger for heat exchange. The heat exchanger comprises a first and a second fluid circuit extending through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger further comprises a stack of fluid plates and a membrane arranged between each of the fluid plates where one interspace is formed between each fluid plate and membrane. The first and the second fluid circuit is each constituted by a passage extending through the fluid plates and membranes and along the fluid plates and membranes in at least two interspaces According to the method for heat exchanging an effluent fluid is passed through the first fluid circuit and a blood fluid is passed through the second fluid circuit such that the effluent fluid is passed along one side of a membrane and simultaneously the blood fluid is passed along the other side of the membrane. Heat is thus exchanged between the effluent fluid and the blood fluid over the membrane.09-22-2011
20130153473CONCENTRATE TREATMENT SYSTEM - In one aspect the invention provides a system for treating a wastestream, particularly a radwaste, for safe disposal and, in final processing converting it into one or both forms including an aqueous form for safe discharge to the environment and a solidified form for safe disposal. In another aspect the invention provides the capacity to employ a step where a specific target element strategy can be set up synchronizing sorbent substance choices and multiple recycle options to remove target substances from wastestream as a part of its Sorption or Powder Sorbent Isotopic Reduction step (II). Other steps cooperate with Sorption step (II) including Oxidation (I), Solid-Liquid separation (III), and Selective Ion Exchange (IV) to deliver the wastestream to final processing.06-20-2013
20130180898FLUID FILTER ASSEMBLY WITH A FILTER CARTRIDGE AND HOUSING INTERFACE - A fluid filter assembly having a filter cartridge and housing interface to indicate whether a replacement filter cartridge is proper and desirable for the fluid filter assembly. A substantially cylindrical interface is connected to and extends from the filter cartridge and is matingly received by a bore provided in a boss of a housing of the fluid filter assembly. A means for indicating at least one characteristic of the filter cartridge is provided to ensure the replacement filter cartridge is proper and desirable for the fluid filter assembly.07-18-2013
20130180899FILTERING ELEMENT - A filtering element for filtering devices, comprising a filtering material (07-18-2013
20110303588HEMODIALYSIS SYSTEM WITH HORIZONTAL CASSETTE ROLLER PUMPS - A hemodialysis system includes (i) a plurality of pump rollers: (ii) a fluid heater, the pump rollers and the heater positioned and arranged to accept a horizontally loaded dialysate cassette: (iii) a dialyzer; (iv) a sorbent cartridge; and (v) wherein the dialysate cassette includes first and second tubes for horizontal interaction with the pump rollers and a third tube for horizontal interaction with the heater, the cassette in fluid communication with the sorbent cartridge.12-15-2011
20090057210IN-LINE FILTRATION SYSTEMS - A filtration system is disclosed that uses a combination of dead end filtration across opposing membranes with a sample take-off in the middle and cross-flow to prevent cake formation on these opposing filters. In one embodiment is a system that uses opposing filters with a central collection chamber that flips flow back and forth between the sides at a frequency that minimizes filter cake formation. In another embodiment, a combination flip-flip, cross flow system is disclosed. An additional embodiment discloses an actuator valve driven sampling system, in which valves collect the cross flow/counter flow filter cake samples as they are liberated from a filter surface and a quick through filter fluid pulse loosens the sample cake from the filter material. The invention increases effective operation time, allows for continuous filtration operation without interruption, and provides filtered samples that accurately represent the concentration of macromolecular species in industrial systems.03-05-2009
20130206653Modular Multiple-Column Chromatography Cartridge - A cartridge for chromatography separations comprises a housing; at least a first and a second chromatography column at least partially passing through the housing, each chromatography column comprising a first and a second end fitting operable to connect the chromatography to external tubing of a chromatography system. Connection fittings protruding outside of the housing at each end of each column enable fluidic connection to a chromatograph plumbing system and/or mass spectrometer detector. The cartridge may comprise heaters and temperature sensors and optional sensors to monitor fluid flow rate or pH. A passive identification feature, e.g., a barcode or RFID module may identify the cartridge and its associated chromatography methods to external software. Further, an on-board memory module and controller chip may be used to actively record computer-readable module information, including module history information, the information transferable through a standard interface, such as a universal serial bus (USB) port.08-15-2013