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210 - Liquid purification or separation

210600000 - PROCESSES

210749000 - Chemical treatment

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210760000 Utilizing ozone 33
210759000 Utilizing peroxy compound (e.g., hydrogen peroxide, peracid, etc.) 20
210763000 Catalytic 9
210761000 Liquid phase high temperature and pressure (e.g., "wet air", etc.) 8
20110174743HYBRID COMPOSITES FOR CONTAMINATED FLUID TREATMENT - Compositions, methods of making the compositions, systems, and processes for treating a fluid containing a contaminant are presented. The treatment reduces the concentration of contaminants, such as such as toxic metals, metalloids, oxyanions, and dissolved silica. The reduction in concentration of a contaminant may be sufficient so as to effect remediation of the fluid with respect to the contaminant. The treatment may reduce the concentration of a plurality of contaminants. The composition typically includes zero-valent iron, an iron oxide mineral, and ferrous iron. The ferrous iron promotes maintenance of the iron oxide mineral. The iron oxide mineral may, in turn, promote the activity of the zero-valent iron. The processes and systems may involve multiple stages. A stage may be optimized for treatment with respect to a particular contaminant. Examples of contaminated fluids include aqueous fluids, such as groundwater, subsurface water, and aqueous industrial waste streams. The compositions, systems, and processes are robust and flexible.07-21-2011
20100044322AERATION UNIT, AERATION APPARATUS EQUIPPED THEREWITH AND METHOD OF AERATION - An aeration unit, an aeration apparatus and a method of aeration are provided that can quickly realize water quality with gas dissolution balance appropriate for living creatures in water, and that can be utilized for treating polluted water at sewage treatment facilities and used in a gas-liquid contact step at chemical plants or others. A multiple stage aeration apparatus 02-25-2010
20130026109DIFFUSER FOR SATURATION OF WATER WITH GAS - The subject of the invention is a diffuser for saturation of water with gas, comprising a diffusion element (01-31-2013
20090114606Agglomeration for the treatment of acid mine drainage - Provided is an agglomeration for neutralizing acid mine drainage which includes a neutralizer and binder component consisting of steel slag in an amount of 75% to 95% by weight of the agglomeration, a sodium carbonate selected from the group consisting of soda ash and pulp liquor in an amount of 0.5% to 25% of the agglomeration, and, optionally, a lime component selected from the group consisting of limestone sand and slag. Further included is a dissolution control and filtration component consisting of an organic material in an amount of 0.24% to 15% by weight of the agglomeration selected from the group consisting of recycled newsprint, sphagnum peat moss, and sawdust. Next is a dispersant and neutralizer component consisting of a surfactant in an amount of 0.01% to 0.075% by weight of the agglomeration. The agglomeration may further comprise an oxidation component such as calcium peroxide, potassium permanganate, and hydrogen peroxide.05-07-2009
20120091069METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR THE SUSTAINABLE COOLING OF INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES - A method and system for treating water, and using the treated water for the cooling of industrial processes is disclosed. The water is treated and stored in a large container or artificial lagoon, has high clarity and high microbiological quality. A system of the invention generally includes a containing means, such as a large container or artificial lagoon, a coordination means, a chemical application means, a mobile suction means, and a filtration means. The coordination means monitors and controls the processes in order to adjust water quality parameters within specified limits. The large container or artificial lagoon can act as a heat sink, absorbing waste heat from the industrial cooling process, thus creating thermal energy reservoirs in a sustainable manner, which can be later used for other purposes. The method and system can be used in any industrial cooling system with any type of water available, including fresh water, brackish water, and seawater.04-19-2012
20120199540FILTER COMPRISING MULTIPLE HALOGENS AND CHITOSAN - The water treatment systems may generally comprise multiple halogens and chitosan or derivatives thereof as well as methods of making and using the same. A water treatment system to provide potable water may generally comprise an inlet in fluid communication with an outlet, a halogen release system intermediate the inlet and the outlet, and a halogenated chitosan intermediate the halogen release system and the outlet. The system may comprise a scavenger barrier intermediate the halogenated chitosan and the outlet. The halogen release system may comprise a first halogen having a first oxidizing potential. The halogenated chitosan may comprise a second halogen having a second oxidizing potential. The second oxidizing potential is greater than the first oxidizing potential.08-09-2012
20110284478METHOD AND DEVICE FOR TREATING AT LEAST ONE COMPOUND CARRIED IN A LIQUID - In a method and to a device for treating a compound, such as a chemical and/or organic and/or microorganism compound, which is carried by a liquid, the liquid is driven axially through an axial inlet (11-24-2011
20120097618AERATION CONTROL VALVE SYSTEM FOR WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR USING SAME - An aeration control valve system may be used with a water treatment system to control aeration and flow of water in accordance with various operating cycles. The aeration control valve system pumps air into the water treatment system to provide an air charge for aerating the water to facilitate water treatment. The aeration control valve system may pump air into the water treatment system at atmospheric pressure or may pump air at higher pressures such that the air may be recharged while also treating the water. The aeration control valve may also control the release of air from the water treatment system. The operating cycles may include, for example, a service cycle, a backwash cycle, an air regeneration cycle, a service/air charge cycle, an air release cycle, and a rinse cycle.04-26-2012
20100032382Method for scrubbing an amine type extractant after stripping - The method for scrubbing an amine type extractant after stripping to be able to regenerate the same so that the amine type extractant can be repeatedly reused as it is in the extraction stage in the solvent extraction process, when an amine type extractant is regenerated by scrubbing an amine type extractant (A) containing an iron and a zinc chloro complex ion obtained by back extracting a cobalt with a hydrochloric acid aqueous solution from the amine type extractant after extracting a cobalt.02-11-2010
20120187050AERATION APPARATUS, SEAWATER FLUE GAS DESULPHURIZATION APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME, AND OPERATION METHOD OF AERATION APPARATUS - An aeration apparatus that is immersed in diluted used seawater, which is water to be treated, and generates fine air bubbles in the diluted used seawater. This aeration apparatus includes: an air supply line L07-26-2012
20090152208METHOD FOR TREATMENT OF PROCESS WATERS USING STEAM - Systems and methods for treating water. Water containing one or more thermally destructible contaminants can be contacted with steam to provide an effluent containing essentially contaminant-free water and a recycle containing the steam and at least a portion of the one or more thermally destructible contaminants. The one or more thermally destructible contaminants in the recycle can be thermally destroyed using one or more combustion processes.06-18-2009
20090152209METHOD FOR TREATMENT OF PROCESS WATERS - Systems and methods for treating water. Water containing one or more thermally destructible contaminants can be contacted with one or more oxidants to provide an effluent containing essentially contaminant-free water and a recycle containing the one or more oxidants and at least a portion of the one or more thermally destructible contaminants. The one or more thermally destructible contaminants in the recycle can be thermally destroyed using one or more combustion processes.06-18-2009
20090272699Method and Apparatus for Aeration of Liquid Medium in a Pipe - An apparatus and method for mixing gas and liquid comprising a pipe having an enclosure positioned in-line with said pipe, wherein a sealed space is defined, at least one blower, said blower regulates the barometric pressure in said sealed space, wherein intermeshed rotating sets of discs operate on parallel shafts driven by variable speed drives, and strakes are radially mounted on the discs to carry liquid up into a mixing area and to carry air and liquid down into a mixing area resulting in a shear force that drives air into the oxygen depleted liquid. In the sealed space the barometric pressure is raised by a blower, in order to pop foam bubbles and allow for optimum mixing of air into the oxygen depleted liquid and to regulate the waterline within the sealed space, thereby preventing the escape of foam, noise and odorous gases into the local environment.11-05-2009
20120103919Methods for Treating Oilfield Water - The present invention describes the treatment of contaminated oilfield water, and more particularly, to methods of treating bacteria contaminated and organic chemical contaminated oilfield water to reduce or eliminate such contamination using high-oxidation state iron ions. The described methods involve providing oilfield water wherein the oilfield water has a first biological load; providing high-oxidation state iron ions, combining the oilfield water and the high-oxidation state iron ions; and, allowing the high-oxidation state iron ions to reduce the biological load to a lower biological load to create treated oilfield water.05-03-2012
20100163497SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT - The present disclosure is directed towards systems and methods for the treatment of wastewater. A system in accordance with one particular embodiment may include a front end system including at least one resin tank having an ion exchange resin configured to target a particular metal. The at least one resin tank may be configured to receive an output from an oxidation reactor configured to receive a flow of wastewater from a wastewater producing process. The system may further include a radio frequency identification (RFID) system associated with the front end system, the at least one resin tank including one or more radio frequency identification (RFID) tags configured to record at least one characteristic associated with the at least one resin tank. Numerous other embodiments are also within the scope of the present disclosure.07-01-2010
20100187187PLANT FOR AEROBIC AND ANAEROBIC DIGESTION TREATMENT BY PFR - Disclosed are a wastewater treatment plant and a wastewater treatment method. The wastewater treatment plant includes: a reactor including a gas outlet, a treated water outlet, and an inlet through which wastewater and gas are supplied, through which the wastewater is introduced, to perform aeration and denitrification; a sludge separation means including plural reaction unit bodies stacked inside the reactor to divide the interior of the reactor into upper and lower sides and separating sludge in a aeration process by forming a gas hold-up space for collecting the gas rising from a lower portion of the reactor; and a aeration unit introducing gas into the reactor.07-29-2010
20090078656APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR AMBIENT AIR ABATEMENT OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANUFACTURING EFFLUENT - An abatement system is provided which includes 1) an abatement unit adapted to abate effluent; and 2) an ambient air supply system comprising an air moving device, wherein the ambient air supply system is adapted to supply ambient air to the abatement unit for use as an oxidant. Numerous other aspects are provided.03-26-2009
20100213138WATER-PURIFYING APPARATUS GENERATING ANIONS AND PROCESSING METHOD THEREOF - Water-purifying apparatus which generates anions and processing method thereof, which activates water through generating anions to obtain good quality purified water corresponding to pure life-giving water. Raw water introduced into the water-purifying apparatus is introduced into an inflow pipe formed in a zigzag shape and rotating units are rotated by flow rate of the introduced raw water, to raise a vortex phenomenon to generate bubbles. Accordingly, anion content and dissolved oxygen amount increases. Moreover, filter members filter poisonous impurities in the raw water to provide good quality purified water. Generation of bubbles and anions activates water to obtain good quality purified water healthy and appropriate for humans, and provide effects such as promoting environment improvement of water quality purification in the water quality purification field, promoting health improvement of treating and preventing diseases in the medical field, and promoting growth of animals and plants in the life science field.08-26-2010
20100237023LIQUID TREATMENT APPARATUS AND METHODS - Apparatus and methods for treatment of liquids by generating hydroxyl radicals through the dissolution of water molecules by hydraulic cavitation.09-23-2010
20100000949SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR WATER RESTORATION - System and method for water restoration to a water pool or to water regions associated with freshwater or saltwater marinas. Embodiments include a positive water flow device that works in unison with a negative water flow device, wherein the positive and negative flow devices are separated from each other in the water pool or water regions. The positive flow device, for example, a water jet, directs a stream of water beneath the water surface of the water pool or water regions, and causes a water surface to move towards the negative flow device by a hydraulic pushing action. The negative flow device includes a water pump and receiving port, augments the hydraulic pushing action by providing a complementary pulling action by applying a vacuum or negative pressure to a water receiving port, or scoop. Water laden, oily surface contaminants are then removed in the scoop as a water oil mixture that is subsequently separated to form an oil mixture for subsequent recycling and a clean water source that is restored for delivery back into the water pool or water regions.01-07-2010
20090321369METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUBMERSIBLE OR SELF CONTAINED AERATION OF LIQUID MEDIUM - An apparatus and method for mixing gas and liquid comprising a submersible or a self contained, self powered floating pressurized dome aeration apparatus housing multi-shaft intermeshed plurality of mixing discs with a remote umbilical power and control unit and process for adding dissolved gas (oxygen) into fluid (water), wherein intermeshed rotating sets of discs operate on parallel shafts driven by variable speed motors or drives, and strakes are radially mounted on the discs to carry liquid up into a mixing area and to carry air and liquid down into a mixing area resulting in a shear force that drives air into the oxygen depleted liquid.12-31-2009
20090001028Two-stage oxygenation system for use with a fluidized bed reactor - A two-stage oxygenation system for use with a fluidized bed reactor is provided. The oxygenation system includes an oxygenation vessel coupled to receive oxygen from a source of oxygen, and a separator vessel coupled to receive feed from a source of feed. The separator vessel is coupled to receive recovered oxygen from the oxygenation vessel and recycle from the fluidized bed reactor. The oxygenation vessel is coupled to receive feed and recycle from the separator and to discharge oxygenated feed and recycle for delivery to the fluidized bed reactor and the recovered oxygen for delivery to the separator vessel.01-01-2009
20090166299Oil Filter, A System, and A Mehtod For Deterioration Control - To provide a deterioration control oil filter capable of increasing an effect for purifying pollutants, floating matters, or the like in a lubricating oil or a hydraulic oil as well as increasing an effect for suppressing the oxidation of the lubricating oil or the hydraulic oil. A long filtration functioning distance using mineral particles 07-02-2009
20090127209Reactor And Method For Anoxic Treatment Of A Material In A Fluid Reaction Medium - A reactor for treating with pressurized water a material in a fluid reaction medium. It comprises a body (05-21-2009
20080314844Non-metallic oxygen-releasing canister for use in wells - The invention is a non-metallic, preferably, plastic container for delivering oxygen generating materials (OGMs) into wells. By constructing the canister of a plastic and sealing the ends, the canister can be disposable or reusable.12-25-2008
20110132847METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT - Wastewater is treated by providing a distribution conduit and providing a diffuser assembly. An aperture is created in the distribution conduit having an initial minimum diameter. The diffuser assembly, in turn, comprises a diffuser membrane in fluidic communication with a mating tube. The mating tube has an initial outside diameter at a location along its length greater than the initial minimum inside diameter of the aperture. The mating tube is inserted into the aperture until the location on the mating tube that, before insertion, had the initial outside diameter is encircled by the aperture where the aperture, before insertion, had the initial minimum inside diameter. This forms an airtight interference fit between the distribution conduit and diffuser assembly.06-09-2011
20100181263METHOD FOR STIRRING AND/OR AERATING FLUIDS, PARTICULARLY SEWAGE, PARTICULARLY USING A FLOODABLE AERATOR - The invention relates to a method for stirring and/or aerating fluids, particularly sewage, having the following cyclically repeated steps: aerating the fluid by means of an immersed aerator for a predetermined first period of time (t07-22-2010
20110031189METHOD FOR REMOVING IMPURITIES FROM WATER AND A DEVICE FOR CARRYING OUT SAID METHOD - A standing wave in a water current, which is subject to purification, is swirled in the lower mass-exchange chamber in order to create negative pressure along the central axis, the atmosphere air intake and crating of two countercurrents interacting with each other, resulting in a standing wave and oxygenation of the water current. A cylindrical mixing chamber, which is divided into the upper mass-exchange chamber and the lower mass-exchange chamber by dividing walls with a coaxial orifice towards the air-supply pipe and peripheral bypass channel. In the lower mass-exchange chamber, water, which is subject to purification, is swirled and under the negative pressure in the center it intakes air from the air-supply pipe, creating hydrosol and reaction area of ion exchange due to forming of the standing acoustic wave. Part of the processed current is outlet into the volume through a permeable wall in the side surface of the upper mass-exchange chamber. In the volume there is at least one cylindrical mixing chamber. In the lower part of the volume there are branch pipes for outputting undissolved impurities and clean water. In the upper part of the volume there is a branch pipe for outputting spent air.02-10-2011
20110215057Wastewater Treatment Apparatus - A water treatment unit includes a mixing chamber surrounding the upper end of a riser containing an impeller. Water can be moved from a body of water up through the riser, and out through laterally directed openings into the chamber adjacent to an air inlet. The water moving out the laterally directed openings of the stand pipe, mixes with air drawn in through the air inlet to oxygenate the water, and the oxygenated water exits the chamber into the body of water through one or more water outlets in the lower portion of the chamber due to the head developed by the inflow of water into the chamber. The outward flow of water from the chamber can cause a toroidal or other desired flow of water within the body of water surrounding the water treatment apparatus.09-08-2011
20120067830Removing Organic Impurities from Bayer Process Liquors - A process for treating a Bayer liquor by wet oxidation to oxidise organic contaminants in the Bayer liquor in which the wet oxidation process is conducted in the presence of a mixed Ce/Mn oxide. The catalyst may have nano-sized grains, and be supported on a mesoporous oxide support. The catalyst may also contain a platinum group metal.03-22-2012
20120006759Method and system for removal of trihalomethane from water supplies - A method of and system for treating water to reduce the level of trihalomethanes includes the water to be treated (WTBT) being sprayed through a nozzle to aerate the WTBT to increase the air/water interface therein reducing the level of trihalomethanes in the water. In one embodiment, the pressure of the WTBT in the nozzle is adjusted and the nozzle is selected to have a nozzle orifice such that the droplet size of the water to be treated from the nozzle is less than 150 microns SMD. In addition, the nozzle is spaced from a holding tank for receiving and collecting the sprayed water such that the surface of the treated water is a minimum of four meters from the nozzle.01-12-2012
20090277846Water supply thermocline detection and mixing process - A means for mixing drinking water stored in large storage tanks, preventing stratification of the water, detects incipient stratification of water along thermoclines, and, responsive to thermocline detection, generates large mixing bubbles toward the bottom of the tank, causing mixing of layers of water in the tank through turbulence created as the bubbles rise through the tank.11-12-2009
20110049062PROCESS FOR PRODUCING ELECTROLYTIC MANGANESE DIOXIDE - This invention relates generally to processes for extracting iron and/or calcium from geothermal brines.03-03-2011
20130200009Method for Synthesis of MultiFunctional FE6+ - FE3+ Agent - The present invention is a new, easy method for preparing stable solid Fe08-08-2013
20110180490STYRENE REDUCTION AGENT - A method of reducing styrene emissions in aqueous cured-in-place pipe closed molding processes and other aqueous environments using a styrene reduction agent, The reduction agent generally comprises a calibrated mixture of salts including sodium chloride plus three persulfate salts: ammonium (APS), potassium (KPS), and sodium (NPS). These ingredients are combined in powder form and are compressed into soluble capsules containing calibrated amounts of the mixture. The capsule(s) may be prescribed through the use of software. Capsule(s) are added to the cure water prior to starting the boiler equipment for the Cured-In-Place Pipe process in order to reduce the residual monomer content in either process or waste streams.07-28-2011
20090107924Method and apparatus for activated sludge biological treatment of municipal and industrial waste water - A biological wastewater treatment process and modular apparatus wherein activated sludge is recirculated in all of aeration, fluidized bed and return sludge phases in the apparatus.04-30-2009
20130008858Systems and Methods for Process Stream Treatment - Systems and methods for process stream treatment. The treatment system may generally include an oxidation unit coupled to a downstream demineralization unit. The oxidation unit may oxidize organic and reduced sulfur contaminants in the process stream to facilitate downstream treatment. The demineralization unit may convert a product of the oxidation unit to generate a mineral stream. In some examples, the process stream may be a spent caustic stream from an industrial operation, such as an ethylene production facility or a petroleum refinery. A fresh caustic stream, such as a sodium hydroxide stream, may be isolated in the demineralization step and returned to the industrial operation for use.01-10-2013
20130140246METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCING MASS TRANSFER IN AERATION/OXYGENATION SYSTEMS - A means for obtaining high mass transfer efficiencies in surfactant laden wastewater treatment or process systems is disclosed. The present system employs ultrafine bubbles delivered into a high shear region such as in the draft tube or other containment volume of a mechanically agitated contacting system within which an impeller is placed, or in the venturi or divergent-convergent of a pumped loop within which gas-liquid contacting is carried out.06-06-2013
20130168329CONTROL OF BACTERIAL ACTIVITY, SUCH AS IN SEWERS AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS - A method for controlling the activity of sulfate reducing bacteria or methanogenic archaea (or both) in environments containing such organisms comprising treating the environment with free nitrous acid (HNO07-04-2013
20130126442METHODS FOR REMOVING CONTAMINANTS FROM WATER - A method for reducing inorganic contaminant levels during supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) is provided. The method utilizes a fluidized bed reactor wherein inorganic contaminants in the water precipitate out onto the catalyst. The clean water is reclaimed after oxidation of organic contaminants and reduction of inorganic contaminant levels.05-23-2013
20080197086Assembly for the Treatment of a Polymerizable Material - The present invention relates to an arrangement (08-21-2008
20110220588WASTEWATER TREATMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - A method of wastewater treatment comprises: providing waste water to a vessel within a solar collector; and superheating the waste water under pressure within the vessel using solar energy of the solar collector, thereby to provide oxidation conditions from said solar energy to oxidize organic matter. The water may then be passed to a flash chamber to vaporize and leave behind a brine with dissolved salts.09-15-2011
20110233146SYNERGISTIC WASTEWATER ODOR CONTROL COMPOSITION, SYSTEMS, AND RELATED METHODS THEREFOR - Some aspects of the invention can involve compositions, systems, and related techniques that control or reduce objectionable odor characteristics of a body or a stream of wastewater. The compositions, systems, and related techniques can comprise one or more compounds that adjust metabolic activity of at least a portion of microorganisms in wastewater to inhibit or disfavor the formation of at least one objectionable odorous compound or species and one or more compounds that modify, shift, or promote one or more states or characteristics of one or more objectionable odorous species in wastewater. The metabolic modifying compound can be an anthraquinone and the state modifying compound can be an alkaline or pH-elevating compound.09-29-2011
20110309034DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DISSOLVING GAS INTO A LIQUID - Provided is a system for dissolving gas into liquid contained within a body. The system may include a tubular body extending between a bottom end and a top end, a gas diffuser coupleable to a gas source and configured for discharging gas bubbles into the tubular body, and a liquid pump for propelling liquid within the tubular body in a downwards direction, against uprising gas bubbles, where the liquid egresses at the bottom end of the tubular body.12-22-2011

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