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206524600 For container 155
206524300 For container lining, coating, or impregnate 55
206524200 Plural different lamina wall 25
206524400 For content inhibitor or stabilizer 6
206524500 For caustic or deliquescent content 4
20120181208ARTICLE AND METHOD FOR SPREADING A SUBSTANCE ABOUT A SURFACE - An article and method for spreading a substance about a surface is disclosed. The article includes a hollow, frangible shell having an opening. The shell is filled with a substance and a plug closes. A user throws the article at the surface where the substance is desired to be spread. Upon impact, the shell shatters scattering the substance.07-19-2012
20130161222BEDBUGS ELIMINATOR - This product is made of composition of Paraffin Oil (Kerosene) and 40% Solution of Denatonium Benzoate in EG. The content of Paraffin Oil would be 90% and 10% of 40% Soln. of D. B. E. G.06-27-2013
20110000813REUSABLE TOTE FOR HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS - Systems and methods for transporting and dispensing hazardous chemicals are described. A container is described that is resistant to the detrimental effects of the chemicals. The container comprises a first shell configured to contain a corrosive chemical, and an optional second shell surrounding the first shell and a spacer that maintains separation of the first and second shells. A valve provides access through which the corrosive chemical is discharged under pressure from the container. An interstitial space is provided between first and second shells. In some of these embodiments, the spacer seals the interstitial space. The second shell is configured to contain any of the corrosive chemical that escapes the first shell. The container may be repeatedly charged, transported, mounted on a dispensing platform from which measured amounts of the chemicals are discharged before the container is returned for clearing and recharging.01-06-2011
20100163448Package for chemicals - A container is provided for holding a chemical compound or mixture. Areas are provided on the surface of the container which allow for gaseous by-products from the chemical contained within the container to permeate from a chamber through the surface of the container. A septum is over-molded into the surface of the container. The septum is formed in such a manner that it provides a sealing effect to close an opening in the container.07-01-2010
20090194451Packaging for Storing a Free-flowing, Paste-like or Powdery Substance and Method for Storing and Applying the Substance - A packaging (08-06-2009
20110139670FOOD PACKAGING CLOSURE WITH AN OXYGEN SCRUBBING FUNCTION - According to one embodiment, a system comprises a container and an oxygen sorbing closure operable to close an opening of the container. The closure comprises an oxygen sorption layer, an oxygen permeable layer, and a removable oxygen impermeable layer. When the oxygen impermeable layer is removed, the oxygen sorbing closure is operable to sorb oxygen molecules from a headspace of the container.06-16-2011
20120175282POUCH HAVING OBTUSE-ANGLED CORNER - A pouch has a sheet containing at least one layer of a film material. The sheet forms a tube that is sealed to form a volume. The seal contains a first straight edge and a second straight edge adjoining the first straight edge. The first straight edge forms an obtuse angle with the second straight edge. A sealing jaw and a method for forming such a pouch is also described.07-12-2012
20120175281Perfume Packet - The nature of the invention consists of placing a piece of cloth or non-woven material moistened with perfume or cologne in an air-tight packet to preserve the perfume or cologne and to provide convenient transport and allow for one-time usage when package is opened. Package is made of durable material that can be sealed air-tight similar to that of a moist towelette (cloth or paper that is moistened by a cleansing solution, not perfume or cologne).07-12-2012
20120181206PACKAGING OF HERBAL COMPOUND FORMULATIONS AS DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS - Herbal compound formulations using herbs 07-19-2012
20130048530BIOSENSOR DISPOSABLE APPARATUS - A disposal apparatus for biosensor includes a coupling member and a capsular wrapper. The capsular wrapper includes a space having a closed end and an open end to hold a biosensor. The coupling member has a coupling portion connecting to the closed end and a test strip adapter with two ends respectively formed a test strip insertion end and a test strip extended slot. The test strip insertion end passes through the slot and inserts into a test strip loading port of the biosensor. The capsular wrapper encases the biosensor to allow the test strip insertion end to insert into the test strip loading port. Through coupling of the test strip adapter, the biosensor can perform testing. After the testing is finished, the coupling member and the test strip can be wrapped together by the capsular wrapper and be discarded, thus avoiding user being contaminating with samples on the test strip.02-28-2013
20090107872MOUNTING STRUCTURES FOR PIPING MEMBERS - The present invention includes a mounting structure having a flange and a plurality of hook portions formed integrally with a piping member. The flange can contact a first surface of an element having a through-hole formed therein. The hook portions extend from the flange for inserting into the through-hole and can resiliently deform in a radial direction with respect to the axis of the flange. Each hook portion has a hooking end that can engage a second surface of the element opposite to the first surface.04-30-2009
20130068653Wraparound Packaging Sleeve with Stand-Up Feature - A wraparound sleeve having a stand-up feature or tab is disclosed. The sleeve can be wrapped around a container and can cooperate with a front flange portion of the container to provide the container in an upright display position. The tab of the sleeve extends from an exposed edge of the sleeve transverse to a wrapping direction of the sleeve when assembled to support the package in a vertical or inclined viewing position.03-21-2013
20120111756ENEMA FORMULATIONS - Disclosed are enema solutions or suspensions comprising 05-10-2012
20120234718PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATION FOR USE IN SPINAL FUSION - A pharmaceutical formulation for use in a spinal fusion method, comprising a composition for forming a matrix, a kit comprising the composition, a pharmaceutical product obtainable from the pharmaceutical formulation, and an interbody spinal fusion cage containing the pharmaceutical formulation or the pharmaceutical product are described herein. The composition comprises at least a first matrix material precursor component and a second matrix material precursor component that are able to crosslink to form the matrix under appropriate conditions, a bioactive factor that is biologically active for stimulating bone formation between two vertebrae and for effecting or supporting spinal fusion. The bioactive factor is PTH, optionally a PTH fusion peptide. The bioactive factor is releasably incorporated in the matrix upon crosslinking of the matrix material precursor components.09-20-2012
20080296195Packing Method and Apparatus for the Transport of Asphalt at Ambient Temperature - The present invention discloses an apparatus and method for packaging, cooling and transporting asphalt at ambient temperature. The packaging of the asphalt can be melted and integrated with the asphalt by the end user providing a beneficial additive to improve the characteristics of the asphalt.12-04-2008
20110017631BAMBOO FIBER BABY WIPES - The invention relates in some aspects to compositions, e.g., wipes, e.g., sanitary wipes, infant wipes, etc., comprising a bamboo fiber and a isolated essential oil, and methods of use thereof.01-27-2011
20110155620RAPID RECONSTITUTION FOR LYOPHILIZED-PHARMACEUTICAL SUSPENSIONS - A method of preparing and reconstituting a sterile, lyophilized pharmaceutical active for rapid reconstitution by evacuating a lyophilized pharmaceutical active-containing container until the pressure within the container is less than about 300 Torr and hermetically sealing the evacuated container. The sterile, lyophilized pharmaceutical active can be prepared by flash freezing a pharmaceutical active-containing composition then lyophilizing the composition. The hermetically sealed lyophilized pharmaceutical active can be reconstituted by adding at least the total volume of liquid necessary for reconstitution of the sterile, lyophilized pharmaceutical active to the sterile, lyophilized pharmaceutical active, sealed under a pressure of less than about 300 Torr, in less than about 10 seconds to yield, within about 5 minutes, an administrable pharmaceutical active-containing composition. One aspect of the herein described sterile, lyophilized pharmaceutical active is a packaged sterile pharmaceutical active comprising an evacuated, hermetically sealed container having disposed therein a sterile, lyophilized pharmaceutical active, sealed under a pressure of less than about 300 Torr.06-30-2011
20110168601GRASS SEED BAGS THAT CAN BE VACUUM SEALED - Bags that can be used to store and sell grass seed are provided. The bags include a valve that permits air to be removed from the bag after it is filled with seed and sealed, but prevents air from entering the bag. This increases the storage life of the seed. Also provided are methods for using such a bag, for example to increase the shelf-life of the seed.07-14-2011
20110100857Packaged Product for Protecting Light-Sensitive Liquid Composition - A packaged product. The package has a plastic container and a light-sensitive liquid composition contained in the plastic container. The container has a plastic container for protecting a light-sensitive liquid composition from light. The container has: i) a top; ii) a bottom opposing to the top; iii) a first layer extending from the top to the bottom, wherein the first layer is non-opaque; and iv) a second layer superposed with a part of the first layer, wherein the second layer has a blocking agent. The container has a non-superposed area covering the bottom. In the non-superposed area the first layer is not superposed with the second layer. The non-superposed area has a height h from about 2 mm to about 50 mm.05-05-2011
20120292223METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PACKAGING BITUMEN (ASPHALT) AND PRODUCTS PRODUCED THEREFROM - A system provided by an assembly for packaging bitumen (asphalt) comprises a loading and bagging station, a support mounting station, a curing station and a separating station. The loading and bagging station provides for loading bitumen into a bag and sealing the bag once the bag has been filled with bitumen thereby providing a package. The support mounting station is downstream the bagging station and provides for positioning the package on a movable support. The curing station is downstream the support mounting station and provides for curing the bitumen within the bag on the movable support. The separating station is downstream the curing station for separating the package after curing from the movable support. Associated methods and products are also provided.11-22-2012
20110290695Consumable Bitumen Film For Packaging Bitumen And Extrusion Process Therefor - The present invention describes a system (12-01-2011
20110005958METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR ADJUSTING THE pH OF MEDICAL BUFFERING SOLUTIONS - Buffer solutions within a plurality of containers can be adjusted and controlled by exposing the containers while open to a controlled environment. In particular, an inventory of containers holding bicarbonate buffers can be adjusted to a precisely controlled pH by exposing the containers while open to a controlled carbon dioxide environment in a treatment chamber.01-13-2011
20120024744Soil-related and/or Crop-related Applications for Chlorine Dioxide - Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, machine, device, manufacture, circuit, composition of matter, and/or user interface adapted for and/or resulting from, and/or a method and/or machine-readable medium comprising machine-implementable instructions for, activities that can comprise and/or relate to, introducing chlorine dioxide to soil and/or planting a crop in the soil.02-02-2012
20120024743TRANSDERMAL PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATIONS - The present invention relates to semisolid transdermal pharmaceutical preparation having enhanced stability and bioavailability, wherein the particles are coated by a volatile silicon oil component and the thus obtained suspension is dispersed in a gel or cream base.02-02-2012
20120024742LIGHT BLOCKING CONTAINER WITH CONTENT VIEWING WINDOW AND CONTRAST BACKGROUND - Several embodiments of the invention provide a container (02-02-2012
20110266185DETERGENT PRODUCTS, METHODS AND MANUFACTURE - A water-soluble pouch suitable for use in machine dishwashing and which comprises a plurality of compartments in generally superposed or superposable relationship, each containing one or more detergent active or auxiliary components, and wherein the pouch has a volume of from about 5 to about 70 ml and a longitudinal/transverse aspect ratio in the range from about 2:1 to about 1:8, preferably from about 1:1 to about 1:4. The water-soluble pouch allows for optimum delivery of dishwashing detergent. A process for the manufacture of multi-compartment pouches and a pack to contain the pouches are also disclosed.11-03-2011
20110198258RECLOSEABLE COMESTIBLE PACKAGING - A package includes a package housing defining an interior for accommodating consumable products. The housing includes a back wall having opposed edges. A first flap extends from one of the opposed edges of the back wall and overlies a housing front wall portion. A second flap extends from the other of the opposed edges of the back wall forming a cover. The cover is movable between an open and closed position to selectively cover and uncover the interior. The first flap forms a securement element for receiving therein a portion of the second flap for securing the cover in a closed position.08-18-2011
20110203963Transdermal alcohol characterized toiletry - A toiletry product, adapted for use by an individual in a transdermal alcohol monitoring program, is provided. The product is formulated as toiletry composition which is substantially alcohol-free. The product is characterized to determine that it does not cause a positive interferant result when sampled in proximity to a transdermal alcohol content monitoring device. The product is packaged and identified as a product approved for use in an alcohol monitoring program when orally or topically applied.08-25-2011
20110203964PRECISION WIND SYNTHETIC ELASTOMERIC FIBER AND METHOD FOR SAME - A method of winding an elastomeric yarn, such as spandex, onto a spool includes the steps of providing a spool; providing an elastomeric yarn; rotating the spool at a speed to define a spool rotation speed; moving the yarn traversely with respect to the spool in an alternating to and fro manner to define a traverse frequency; winding the yarn onto the spool; controlling the ratio of the spool rotation speed to the traverse frequency to define a wind ratio during the winding of the yarn onto the spool; and decreasing the traverse speed as the yarn is wound onto the spool in an inverse proportion to an amount of yarn that has been wound. The winding of the yarn onto the spool forms a yarn cake on the spool. The traverse speed may be decreased in inverse proportion to a diameter of the yarn cake. The method may further include the step of shifting the yarn by a pitch for each rotation of the spool.08-25-2011
20110198259Package - The invention relates to a package suitable for containing a perishable product, comprising a first shell element provided with an upright circumferential edge and a central portion for accommodating said perishable product, as well as a closure element provided with a circumferential edge which closure element is placed with its circumferential edge on the upright circumferential edge of said first shell element in an adhering and closing manner and wherein said closure element is provided at its circumferential edge with a protruding lip, which lip does not adhere to the circumferential edge of said first shell element, for the purpose of peeling off said closure element from said first element. Near said lip the two circumferential edges are provided with a closed channel being in communication with said central portion, and wherein at least one of said circumferential edges is provided with a fracture line extending substantially perpendicularly to said channel.08-18-2011
20120168339HOUSING FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method of manufacturing a housing includes steps of providing a transparent film including a first surface and an opposing second surface; applying adhesive material on the first surface of the transparent film; placing the treated transparent film in a mold, the second surface of the transparent film attached to the inner molding surface of the mold. Plastic material is injected into the mold to form a plastic base overlaid with the transparent film; and defining a predetermined decorative pattern in a top portion of the plastic base beneath the adhesive layer using a laser etching process. The decorative pattern cannot be sensed by touch rough because it is located between the plastic base and the cover layer.07-05-2012
20130213848DELAMINATION RESISTANT PHARMACEUTICAL GLASS CONTAINERS CONTAINING ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENTS - The present invention is based, at least in part, on the identification of a pharmaceutical container formed, at least in part, of a glass composition which exhibits a reduced propensity to delaminate, i.e., a reduced propensity to shed glass particulates. As a result, the presently claimed containers are particularly suited for storage of pharmaceutical compositions and, specifically, a pharmaceutical solution comprising a pharmaceutically active ingredient, for example, HUMALOG (insulin lispro), HUMALOG MIX 75-25 (insulin lispro), HUMALOG MIX 50-50 (insulin lispro), HUMILIN 70-30 (insulin), HUMILIN N (insulin), HUMULIN R (insulin) or GEMZAR (gemcitabine).08-22-2013
20100187151PACKAGING BODY - A packaging body comprising a bag body filled with a compound of the following formula (1) and further filled with an inert gas so as to occupy 80 vol % or more with respect to the total capacity of an internal space formed by the bag body.07-29-2010
20120031797PERMEABLE NON-WOVEN FABRIC BASED PACKAGING - Packaging using Gas Permeable Non-Woven Fabric based Film extends the shelf life of various fresh fruits and vegetables and vase life of fresh cut flowers by changing the atmosphere in which these living products are stored and respires. The high oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability of the Gas Permeable Non-Woven Fabric based Film establishes an ideal atmosphere for the specific perishable item, and therefore extends its shelf life. The establishment of lower oxygen and carbon dioxide atmospheres inside packages using Gas Permeable Non-Woven Fabric based film, also leads to reduction in the respiration rate of the perishable items. The reduction in the respiration rate prevents loss of moisture, production of metabolic heat, and yellowing, browning, reduction in production levels of ethylene. Thus the created atmosphere is able to extend shelf life, maintain high quality and preserve nutrients of fresh produce items by naturally regulating respiration of said produce/flower.02-09-2012
20100155287POLAR ELEMENT FOR A PERMANENT MAGNET - A polar element for a permanent magnet, includes at least one permanent magnet; a case structure, inside which the permanent magnet is placed; a fitting element adapted to be coupled to the case structure to seal the permanent magnet inside a sealed case formed by the case structure and the fitting element; and filling material inside the case for coupling the permanent magnet to the case structure and/or to the fitting element. Either the case structure or the fitting element is made of ferromagnetic material, the other one being made of non-magnetic material. Mechanically bendable flanges or protruding parts are formed in the case structure and/or the fitting element, and corresponding surfaces are respectively formed in the fitting element and/or the case structure, substantially opposing the flanges or protruding parts such that the flanges or protruding parts are bendable to the corresponding surfaces.06-24-2010
20100224529HEAT-SHRINKABLE POLYESTER FILM - Heat-shrinkable polyester films comprising a base film having a shrink in each direction of less than 5% at 100° C. and of at least 5% at 150° C. and at least a heat-sealable coating on at least one surface of the base film are disclosed. The film is heat-sealable and peelable in particular to polyester containers. The invention further relates to packages comprising a container, a product and the heat-shrinkable polyester film sealed onto the container. The packages are suitable for use with ready-prepared foods, so-called “ready-meals”, which are intended to be warmed in a microwave or in a conventional oven.09-09-2010
20120193264PRODUCTION OF A BIOPHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCT - Process of producing a biopharmaceutical product includes providing a pouch unit including a pouch and at least one port, and optionally, a functional device; filling the pouch with the product; carrying out the production process, and at at least one stage thereof, using or generating a liquid or small solid incident body within the biopharmaceutical product; the pouch unit incorporating a support and replacement element formed by or integrated in the pouch wall, or in the port or functional device so as to be accessible from the inside space and be in direct physical contact with the contents of the pouch, arranged so as to be able to be loaded with the incident body and pass between the support and replacement element and the contents, such that the incident body is loaded on the support and replacement element when it is not or should not be within the biopharmaceutical product.08-02-2012
20120125798PRODUCT HAVING BIORESORBABLE CARRIER MATERIALS AND PACKAGING - The present invention relates to a product containing bioabsorbable carrier materials especially for tissue regeneration and to a packaging, and also to processes for the production of the product.05-24-2012
20120241352ARTICLES FORMED FROM A MULTI-LAYER SHEET STRUCTURE - A container includes a body that includes a sidewall and a heel extending from a bottom of the sidewall. The sidewall defines a cavity therein. The sidewall has a sidewall radius, and the heel has a heel radius that is less than the sidewall radius. A base is coupled to the heel. The container is molded from a multi-layer sheet structure including a polypropylene composition that enables the body to be substantially rigid while the base is being punctured by a puncturing device.09-27-2012
20110240508Long-term stable pharmaceutical preparation containing the active ingredient glyceryl trinitrate - A pharmaceutical preparation containing the active substance glyceryl trinitrate having improved storage stability in a container. The improved storage stability is achieved by the addition of a proton-absorbing substance either as part of the preparation as placed into the container or applied to the surface of the preparation's storage container before the remaining components of the preparation are placed into the container. The preparation can preferably be filled into a plastic bottle having a spray pump.10-06-2011
20120031798GAS FLUSH HIGH PRESSURE PASTEURIZATION PACKAGING AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for packaging perishable foods. A packaging method in accordance with several embodiments of the disclosure can include, for example, mating a tray with a product. The tray can include a compartment having a generally similar shape as the shape of the product. The method can further include gas flushing an internal atmosphere around a product, and sealing the product and the internal atmosphere between a lid and the tray. Additionally, the method can include pasteurizing the product with an application of substantially uniform high pressure to a surface area of the package (e.g., high pressure pasteurization).02-09-2012
20110083988PACKAGING FILM, PACKAGE, PACKAGE/PACKED PRODUCT UNIT AND USE FOR A PACKAGING FILM - The invention concerns a packaging film comprising or consisting of a layer system with a barrier layer preventing oxygen penetration, an adhesion improvement layer adjacent to the barrier layer and an oxygen scavenger layer adjacent to the adhesion improvement layer. The invention also concerns a packaging, a packaging-packed product unit and the use of a packaging film.04-14-2011
20110079534EVA BLEND COMPOSITIONS SUITABLE FOR RF WELDING APPLICATIONS - Disclosed are films obtained from blends of ethylene copolymers with organic acid salt-modified potassium ionomeric copolymers. The films of the present invention can be welded using RF energy.04-07-2011
20110139669Preparing of products, in particular cellulose-containing products and/or spaces - The process of the invention for the preparation of products, in particular cellulose-containing products (06-16-2011
20120067761PACKAGING DEVICE FOR THE TRANSPORT AND/OR STORAGE OF A RADIOACTIVE MEDIUM - A packaging device for the transport and/or storage of a radioactive medium generating flammable gases and/or explosives via radiolysis, comprising a plurality of canisters intended to contain the radioactive medium, each canister defining an inner storage space accessible via an opening for filling the medium, on which plug-forming means are mounted. According to the invention, the device also comprises a structure forming a chamber, and means for placing in communication allowing a fluid communication to be set up between the inner storage space and the chamber.03-22-2012
20110042260COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR THE TREATMENT OF TUMOR OF HEMATOPOIETIC ORIGIN - The present invention is directed to compositions of matter useful for the treatment of hematopoietic tumor in mammals and to methods of using those compositions of matter for the same.02-24-2011
20110247954Methods For Improving Skin Quality - A skin treatment regimen for delivery of a rinse-off personal skin care composition is provided. The rinse-off personal skin care composition includes varying ratios of a lathering agent to a hydrophobic benefit agent. The rinse-off personal skin care composition can be applied to skin of a user in phases over and/or in a treatment cycle. Each of the phases of the treatment cycle can include a ratio of the varying ratios that can be different such as higher or lower than a ratio of adjacent phase.10-13-2011
20110174660Container - A container comprises a detergent formulation. The container includes a first enclosing wall. The first enclosing wall is permeable to water. The container includes a second enclosing wall. The second enclosing wall comprises a bleaching catalyst admixture and a support material.07-21-2011
20110068036Plastic Reclaimed From Infectious Medical Waste and Medical Devices Manufactured Therefrom - Methods of reclaiming plastic from infectious medical waste and manufacturing medical devices from reclaimed plastic are described. Medical devices made from plastic reclaimed from infectious medical waste are also described.03-24-2011
20110062046TISSUE ADHESIVES AND SEALANTS AND METHODS FOR THEIR USE - Compositions provided by mixing a biotin-containing component and an avidin-containing component are useful as an adhesive or sealant for medical/surgical uses.03-17-2011
20120267280VESSEL FOR MOLTEN SEMICONDUCTING MATERIALS AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - The disclosure relates to vessels configured to contain molten semiconducting materials. The vessels include a high purity fused silica lining having a base and sidewalls that define an interior volume, and a fused silica backing proximate the external surfaces of the lining10-25-2012
20100213096Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Compositions and Devices and Process for Sterilization Thereof - The viscosity of 2-cyanoacrylate monomer based adhesives is increased by combining the monomers with suitable thickeners according to a certain process. The resulting formulations may be heat sterilized without degrading the viscosity or causing premature polymerization. The effectiveness of the sterilization process is assayed by disposing bacterial spores in the formulation, exposing it to a dry heat sterilization process, transferring it to a sterile aldose solution, transferring and exposing the sample to a nutrient medium which supports germination and growth of viable spores, incubating the samples, and determining the presence or absence of growth.08-26-2010
20120199514Broken compact fluorescent lamp collection and storage system - A broken compact fluorescent lamp collection and storage system utilizes a reuseable glass fragment, debris, and mercury residue collector having a handle and a frame within which a disposable roller element with an adhesive surface is mounted. Glass fragments, debris and mercury residue are collected on the adhesive surface on the roller element, which is removed from the frame after use. A fresh, replacement roller element is then inserted into the frame. The system also includes an airtight enclosure into which the dirty removeable roller element is placed for ultimate transport and disposal.08-09-2012
20110253583Methods and Kits for Aseptic Filing of Products - This invention relates to new methods & kits that minimize the risks and challenges associated with sterilization of multi-component medical devices.10-20-2011
20110253582MOLDABLE ARTICLES, METHOD OF MAKING SAME AND METHOD OF MOLDING - A moldable article, including at least a container made of a barrier material, the container providing an interior space within which a plurality of glass particles are contained. The glass has a glass transition temperature and a crystallization onset temperature, the difference between the glass transition temperature and the crystallization onset temperature is at least about 5° K., and the glass is composed of at least two metal oxides, from 0 to less than 20% by weight SiO10-20-2011
20110253580Method of Decomposing Organophosphorus Compounds - Methods and kits for decomposing organophosphorus compounds in non-aqueous media at ambient conditions are described. Insecticides, pesticides, and chemical warfare agents can be quickly decomposed to non-toxic products. The method comprises combining the organophosphorus compound with a non-aqueous solution, preferably an alcohol, comprising metal ions and at least a trace amount of alkoxide ions. In a first preferred embodiment, the metal ion is a lanthanum ion. In a second preferred embodiment, the metal ion is a transition metal.10-20-2011
20100320113HYDROXYMONOCARBOXYLIC ACID-BASED MAILLARD BINDER - Binders to produce or promote cohesion in non-assembled or loosely assembled matter.12-23-2010
20120031800GEL PUTTIES, ARTICLES COMPRISING SAME, AND METHODS OF FORMING SUCH GEL PUTTIES AND ARTICLES - A healable gel putty may comprise an elastomeric polymer and a plasticizer. The elastomeric polymer may have a melt mass-flow rate in a range extending from about 2 g/10 min to about 100 g/10 min. A weight ratio of the plasticizer to the elastomeric polymer may be from about 1-to-1 to about 50-to-1. An article of manufacture may comprise gel putty disposed in a flexible container. A method of forming gel putty may comprise forming a mixture comprising an elastomeric polymer and a plasticizer. An article of manufacture may be formed by disposing gel putty within a flexible container.02-09-2012
20120031799FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER - Disclosed is a food storage container including a container body including a bottom part and a lateral part to form an interior space, a bottom film attached to the bottom part, and a lateral film forming a first overlapping part where the lateral film overlaps with the bottom film and a second overlapping part where an end portion overlaps with another end portion, and being attached to the lateral part. The food storage container has an improved film structure as compared with a conventional complicated film structure and has a high oxygen barrier performance.02-09-2012
20100282632LIGHTWEIGHT PELLETIZED MATERIALS - A plurality of pellets include at least one of a synthetic, biomass, mineral, or polymer based material. The pellets can have a specific gravity of about 0.01 to about 0.3 g/cm11-11-2010
20110253581Molten metal leakege confinement and thernal optimization in vessels used for containing molten metal - Exemplary embodiments of the invention relate to a vessel used for containing molten metal, e.g. a trough section for conveying molten metal from one location to another. The vessel has a refractory liner made of at least two refractory liner units positioned end to end, with a joint between the units, the units each having an exterior surface and a metal-contacting interior surface. A housing at least partially surrounds the exterior surfaces of the refractory liner units with a gap present between the exterior surfaces and the housing. Molten metal confinement elements, impenetrable by molten metal, are positioned on opposite sides of the joint within the gap, at least below a horizontal level corresponding to a predetermined maximum working height of molten metal held within the vessel in use, to partition the gap into a molten metal confinement region between the elements and at least one other region that may be used to hold equipment such as electrical heaters that may be damaged by contact with molten metal. Another embodiment employs refractory liner units of different thermal conductivity to maximize heat penetration into the molten metal from heaters in the gap, but to minimize heat loss at the inlet and outlet of the vessel where the end units contact the housing.10-20-2011
20110094920CONTAINER FOR MOLTEN METAL - A container for molten metal includes an outlet for outflow of the molten metal from the container and a temperature measuring device fixed in a wall of the container. The temperature measuring device includes a plug, an outer protective sheath having a closed end, and an inner protective tube having a closed end. The inner protective tube is arranged within the outer protective sheath. A thermocouple is arranged within the inner protective tube. The plug includes a substantially refractory material and the outer protective sheath consists essentially of substantially refractory metal oxide and graphite. The outer protective sheath extends away from the first end of the plug and projects into a recessed portion of the wall of the container. The closed end of the outer protective sheath is arranged in the recessed portion. A junction of the thermocouple is proximate to the closed end of the inner protective tube.04-28-2011
20110094919ARRANGEMENT OF A PLURALITY OF MOISTENED COSMETIC PADS AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - An arrangement having a plurality of moistened cosmetic pads based on nonwovens which are piled into a closable packaging container in order to distribute to the final consumer and to prevent evaporation. The pads have, on average, a moisture content of at least 200% of the dry weight thereof in the arrangement, the pads have a fiber structure made of staple fibers, are individually moistened and have a homogeneous moisture content such that the difference of the average moisture content of the pads which are arranged in the upper and in the lower quarter of the stack is, at a maximum, 30% of the average moisture content of all of the pads.04-28-2011
20110259778Oxygen-Scavenging Materials and Articles Formed Therefrom - An oxygen-scavenging composition is provided that includes an oxygen-scavenging component and a catalyst. The oxygen-scavenging component, which in preferred embodiments is suitable for use in packaging articles, includes two or more oxygen-scavenging groups having different scavenging properties. In one embodiment, one of the oxygen-scavenging groups is an unsaturated bicyclic group.10-27-2011
20110259779CAPSULE FOR PERCOLATING AN AROMATIC PRODUCT SUCH AS COFFEE - Capsule for percolation of aromatic product (10-27-2011
20100126898Hermetically Sealed Glass Package and Method of Manufacture - A method for manufacturing a hermetically sealed package is provided, the method comprising the steps of: using a laser to heat a frit, disposed in a pattern between two substrates, such that the heated frit forms a hermetic seal which connects the substrates and further comprising: directing the laser to enter the frit pattern, then to trace the frit pattern, then to retrace a portion of the frit pattern, and then to exit the frit pattern; and selecting an initial laser power which, when the laser enters the frit pattern, is insufficient to heat the frit to form a hermetic seal; then increasing the laser power over a first section of the frit pattern to a target laser power at least sufficient to heat the frit to form a hermetic seal; and then decreasing the laser power over a second section of the frit pattern until the laser power is insufficient to heat the frit to form a hermetic seal before the laser exits the frit pattern.05-27-2010
20110186462MICROCIDAL COMPOSITION - An anolyte composition having sufficient strength and stability to be packaged and marketed to consumers is produced in an electrolytic cell having an ionomeric semi-permeable membrane.08-04-2011
20110215020CLEANING PRODUCT - A cleaning product (09-08-2011
20090166239AVOCADO SAVER - A device includes an upper portion including a pit placement portion, a lower portion including a flat bottom portion, and a retaining strap connected to the upper portion at a first connector and removably connected to a second connector. The upper portion is adapted to removably connect with a half of an avocado.07-02-2009
20110083987METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR TISSUE REGENERATION - A kit is disclosed that includes a first component comprising alginate, wherein the first component is comprised in a first sterile vial, and a second component comprising cells comprising keratinocytes or fibroblasts, or mixtures thereof, that secrete one or more biologically active molecules selected from the group consisting of GM-CSF, VEGF, KGF, bFGF, TGFβ, angiopoietin, EGF, IL-Iβ, IL-6, IL-8, TGFα, and TNFα, wherein the cells are allogeneic and mitotically inactive, a buffered solution, and human serum albumin or a cryoprotectant, wherein the second component is comprised in a second sterile vial.04-14-2011
20120145583Suicide bomb deterrent - One embodiment of a manufactured device presenting as a Suicide Bomb Deterrent designed to preemptively warn and deter in self-defense, and if need be to retaliate in reciprocal punishment, against a potential suicide bombing terrorist, taken to be deployed in public display either upon or near one's person, comprising a frangible retention envelope (06-14-2012
20120000809APPARATUS FOR TREATING A STAIN IN CLOTHING - A package for treating a stained fabric. The package has a contact substrate having a first color and a backing layer having a second color. More than about 25% of each of the widthwise edges of the contact substrate abuts a portion of the backing layer having the second color when the package is in a generally flat position.01-05-2012
20120000808Fragrance sampler insert - A fragrance sampler is provided which is made from two plies, a bottom ply and a top ply, of material. A cosmetic, such as a wet fragrance, sample is deposited on the bottom ply. A well is formed in at least one of the plies and is sized and shaped to surround the sample. The two plies are then adhered together to form a liquid tight seal between the two plies and around the well.01-05-2012
20120000810MULTIPLE FUNCTION, SELF-REPAIRING COMPOSITES WITH SPECIAL ADHESIVES - A system for self-repairing matrices such as concrete or cementitous matrices, polymeric matrices, and/or fibrous matrices, including laminates thereof. The system includes repair agents retained in and/or on vessels, such as hollow fibers, within the matrix. Upon impact, the vessel rupture, releasing the chemicals. For multi-layer laminates, the systems provides a total dynamic energetic circulation system that functions as an in situ fluidic system in at least one layer or area. The energy from the impact ruptures the vessels to release the chemical(s), and mixes the chemical(s) and pushes the chemical(s) and/or resulting compound through the matrix. The repair agents can withstand high temperatures, such as the heat of processing of many laminates, e.g., 250-350° F.01-05-2012
20120152792INSERT INJECTION-MOLDED CASE - An insert injection-molded case that provides a better appearance and a reduced defective rate of manufacture can be utilized for a number of products, including but not limited to a cover for portable communication devices. The case preferably includes: a metal plate having one or more fixing portions coupled to fixing members formed in a mold respectively; an injection-molded case body injection molded with the metal plate; and one or more holding portions formed in the injection-molded case body during the injection molding and coupled to the fixing members respectively to prevent deflection of the injection-molded case body caused during a cooling operation after the injection molding.06-21-2012
20120152791Method for effective de-oxygenation of product containers for use as containers for oxygen sensitive products - The invention generally relates to the use of liquid nitrogen to displace air, or other water and/or oxygen containing atmospheres, from containers prior to filling with a highly sensitive product. The process in general has two steps: a) depositing a volume of liquid nitrogen into the cavity of an empty container and b) applying a vacuum to the cavity of the container. The vacuum will accelerate vaporization and thereby shorten the liquid nitrogen vaporization time frame. This procedure results in a highly effective one step de-oxygenation and/or de-humidification of the container cavity. Further, the evacuation ensures complete liquid nitrogen vaporization prior to product filling.06-21-2012
20110155621Multiple Walled Primary Package with Phase Change Material - A container for a temperature sensitive product, such as a pharmaceutical compound, includes an inner vessel and an outer shell. When the inner vessel is contained in the outer shell, a chamber adapted to receive a phase change material is defined between an inner vessel wall and an outer shell wall. A container may also include multiple chambers defined by multiple walls, with different phase change materials disposed in different chambers. A cap, such as a child-proof cap, may be used to secure the contents of the container.06-30-2011
20110155619Method and Apparatus for Facilitating the Simultaneous Firing of Multi-Piece Stoneware Object Having Both Glazed and Unglazed Surfaces - The present disclosure provides a method of manufacturing ceramic objects having glazed and unglazed surfaces and a multi-piece, selectively assembled ceramic object. The present disclosure overcomes the necessity of separately firing multi-piece ceramic objects, such as stoneware products, having both glazed and unglazed surfaces. In accordance with the present disclosure, a bowl having a fully glazed rim and a lid having at least a partially glazed rim can be fired with the lid in place covering the bowl. In this manner, more complete pieces can be fired over time resulting in greater throughput and energy savings. In addition, by firing the two pieces together, it is expected that there will be greater dimensional stability or less distortion than by firing the two pieces separately.06-30-2011
20110155617DOCUMENT BOX - An document box comprises an upper housing and a lower housing to correspond to each other, and between the upper housing and the lower housing being defined two slots; the upper and the lower housings including two sets of grooves arranged on one sides thereof individually, and one set of retaining members secured in the grooves to retain with another grooves, the upper and the lower housings also including integrally formed recesses fixed on inner sides thereof respectively; the recess serving to insert a set of paper positioning member for positioning papers; wherein the paper positioning member includes an integral formed bottom plate having two pillars secured thereon, and two supports are formed on a side piece which extends upward to correspond to the two pillars, the supports include two twisted extensions connected thereon respectively.06-30-2011
20110155618PACKAGE SYSTEM WITH DISTRIBUTION GAS INSERT - Packaging systems (06-30-2011
20110155616LOW-SULFER ODORANTS FEATURING IMPROVED STABILITY - The present invention relates to an odorant comprising or consisting of 06-30-2011
20120006716HUMANIZED ANTI-IL-6 ANTIBODIES - The present invention relates to novel chimeric, humanized or CDR-grafted anti-IL-6 antibodies, including isolated nucleic acids that encode at least one such anti-IL-6 antibody, vectors, host cells, transgenic animals or plants, and methods of making and using thereof, including therapeutic compositions, methods and devices.01-12-2012
20120006715Feminine fresh all day - To date no over-the-counter, non-toxic, self-use products like Feminine Fresh All Day have been offered to women who desire a quick external cleansing method for the feminine reproductive area after urination (refer to document “Patent Search”).01-12-2012
20120012494Underwater Frisbee Golf Disc Locator - A device for a Frisbee golf disc that indicate position when submerged underwater. The present invention is attached to the center of bottom of a Frisbee golf disc and comprises of a compartment with holes. The compartment holds an effervescent tablet that reacts with water to produce bubbles. The water is able to reach the effervescent tablet through the holes. The bubbles from the reaction of the effervescent tablet escape from the holes and rise to the surface of the water to indicate position for easy retrieval.01-19-2012
20120012495PROCESS OF TREATING HARD SURFACE - The present invention relates to a process of treating a hard surface with a composition comprising polyalkoxylate trisiloxane. More specifically, it relates to a process of treating an horizontal hard surface, wherein a composition comprising polyalkoxylate trisiloxane is applied onto said hard surface.01-19-2012
20110056863ADHESIVE PREPARATION CONTAINING DONEPEZIL, AND PACKAGE OF THE SAME - [Object] An adhesive preparation containing donepezil is provided in which adhesive layer discoloration over time is inhibited.03-10-2011
20110089074FORMALDEHYDE-FREE MINERAL FIBRE INSULATION PRODUCT - A packaged mineral fibre insulating material has: a) a Recovered Thickness of at least 95% nominal thickness; and b) an Ordinary Parting Strength of at least 95 g/g; and c) a Weathered Parting Strength of at least 75 g/g the material comprising mineral fibres and an organic, formaldehyde free binder in a quantity of less than 15% by weight, preferably less than 10% by weight, said binder having been applied to the fibres of the insulating material in liquid form at pH of greater than 5.04-21-2011
20110089073Methods And Compositions For Hydrophobic Modification Of Oral Cavity Surfaces - Oral care compositions containing agents that are effective for treating and modifying teeth and mucosal surfaces to be hydrophobic are disclosed. Hydrophobic modification of teeth and other oral cavity surfaces imparts a variety of end use benefits including prevention of caries, erosion, wear, staining, sensitivity and desquamation as well as providing shine, smoothness and positive tooth feel benefits. The compositions contain selected surface active organophosphate compounds that deposit and adhere to teeth and other oral cavity surfaces forming a hydrophobic coating having prolonged retention thereon. By forming a “hydrophobic coating” on the oral cavity surface is meant that the hydrophobic character of the surface is increased as measured, for example, by an increase of at least about 10 degrees in the water contact angle of the surface after treatment. The increased hydrophobic character of the surface is maintained for a period of at least about 5 minutes and desirably longer such as at least about 10, at least about 20 or at least about 30 minutes. The compositions may contain additional hydrophobic materials to further increase hydrophobicity of the surface and/or functionality of the coating to provide surface protection and many other benefits.04-21-2011
20100065463MARKING MATERIAL - A material for indelibly and uniquely marking an article for identification purposes includes a mixture including between about 1% and 10% by weight fluorescent identifier, DNA, and the remainder including predominantly a solvent.03-18-2010
20100206761WATER STORAGE TANK - Storage tank loaded with an aqueous medium and made of porous, freely flowing particles, wherein the particles are formed from a hydrophobic polymer and the loading of said particles contains at least one particular mediator additive of the general formula (I), the use of which as an entrainer delivery agent for removing volatile components from plastics, for evenly doping intermediate plastic products and/or plastic articles with adjuvants as a soil improvement agent such as a delivery agent for a pest management agent or fertilizer08-19-2010
20100206760ADHESIVE ARTICLE - An adhesive article comprises a rupturable container and a moisture-curable composition. The rupturable container defines an enclosed cavity. The moisture-curable composition is disposed within the enclosed cavity. The moisture-curable composition comprises a prepolymer comprising the reaction product of an isocyanate component and an isocyanate-reactive component. The moisture-curable composition further comprises a catalyst component and an acid halide component. The adhesive article may be used in various industries and for various applications, such as for construction and remodeling of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.08-19-2010
20120211391PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR SULFUR STORAGE APPARATUS - A calcium alumninate cement protective coating is resistant to sulfuric acid and can be used as a lining to protect surfaces in sulfur storage vessels and sulfuric acid storage vessels. The protective coating can include calcium aluminate cement, calcium aluminate based synthetic aggregates, and water. The protective coating is resistant to sulfur and sulfuric acid attack, and thus can be used to protect surfaces inside sulfur storage pits, sulfur storage tanks, and sulfuric acid storage containers.08-23-2012
20120074026PHARMACEUTICAL FOAM - The present invention provides various pharmaceutically active topical delivery compositions. In particular, compositions of the present invention are present in a pressurized container comprising a quick-breaking alcoholic foaming agent, such that when the composition is released, i.e., dispensed, from the pressurized container, a quick-breaking temperature sensitive foam is formed. In addition, the present invention provides various aspects related to such compositions, including methods for modulating a foam characteristic, methods for improving the shelf-life of a pharmaceutically active compound, methods for the percutaneous treatment of various diseases, infections, and illnesses, and methods for evaluating foam characteristics.03-29-2012
20120074025INSECT REPELLING DEVICE USING MACLURA POMIFERA - An insect repelling device comprising a container and a mixture. The container comprises a bottom wall, a side wall, and optionally a removable lid adapted to receive the side wall. The mixture can comprise paraffin wax and an insect repelling ingredient extracted from 03-29-2012
20120187017Cationically Hardenable Dental Composition, Process of Production and Use Thereof - The invention relates to a hardenable dental composition comprising component (A) comprising a cationically hardenable compound, component (B) comprising an initiator being able to initiate the hardening reaction of the cationically hardenable compound, and component (C) comprising a filler, wherein the filler comprises a filler body and a filler surface, the filler surface comprising side groups with polar moieties. The invention also relates to a process of producing the dental composition, to the use of the dental composition as dental impression material and to a method of taking an impression of dental tissue.07-26-2012
20110120900Storage and dividing device for baby food powder with optional connection to food powder container or baby feeding bottle - The present invention innovates with a device that enables storage of baby food powder, with the device having at least one connector enabling the device to be connected to a box of baby food powder, for example, as a cover, with the device being composed of at least two separable or fixed parts, which are enabled by rotating on their axis, in such way as the interior of the device that connects the two parts is hollow in part of its area, and thus enables pouring of the powder from the storage box, through the attachment, which is a part of the device attached to it, and which connects to the upper part of the device, and serves as a measuring unit as needed, and can be replaced with other measuring units, based on the user's needs and requirements. Optionally, the device can also be attached to the openings of baby bottles, where at least one storage compartment is used to store the baby food powder.05-26-2011
20130008823HIGH BIOMASS CONTENT BIODEGRADABLE THERMOPLASTIC MATRIX FOR FOOD CONTACT SERVICE ITEMS - Biodegradable bioplastic food contact service items are formed of a high biomass content bioplastic compound. Preferred embodiments of biodegradable bioplastic food contact service items each comprise a thermoplastic matrix that includes a main thermoplastic medium and a matrix material ingredient. The main thermoplastic medium is a combination of three synthetic polymers that form a functional material component into which biomass material can be blended. The three synthetic polymers are polypropylene, ultralow molecular weight polyethylene, and low density polyethylene; and the matrix material ingredient includes a polysaccharide compound in an amount of at least 50 percent by weight. Exemplary embodiments of the food contact service item use corn starch as a preferred polysaccharide compound.01-10-2013
20120261299OXIDATION-SENSITIVE, LOW-PEROXIDE POLYMER COMPRISING AT LEAST ONE INORGANIC PHOSPHORUS COMPOUND - Oxidation-sensitive, low-peroxide polymer contained in a sealed, protective-gas-filled packaging form, comprising, per kilogram of polymer solid, at least one inorganic phosphorus compound in amounts such that the total phosphorus content is 2*1010-18-2012
20120267279CONTAINER FOR AIR FRESHENING MATERIALS AND OTHER VOLATILES - A container for air freshening materials or other volatiles includes a receptacle or base and a cover that may be rotated from a closed position to multiple open positions while still engaged to the base to create vent passageway(s) between the cover and the base. A containment section of the base houses an air freshening material, such as a fragrance gel or potpourri, or a volatile, such as an insect repellant. The base further defines an alignment section adapted to rotationally and axially position the cover, an integrated sealing element, and an optional vent section. The alignment section includes a ramp and upper and lower locating elements coupled to the ramp. The alignment section engages at least one guide or a guide nub that extends from a depending arm of the cover. The guide or guide nub travels along the ramp from a first locating element when the cover is in a fully closed position to a second locating element when the cover is in a fully open position. In one of its multiple open positions, the cover is rotationally and axially displaced to specified height(s) above the container, allowing for fragrance or volatile material release.10-25-2012
20110226658Packaged Iron Sucrose Products - A packaged iron sucrose formulation including a container with an interior glass surface that is coated with layer of material containing silicon, such as a silicone polymer or silicon dioxide. The iron sucrose formulation is packaged inside the glass vessel and in contact with the layer of material containing silicon. The packaged formulation can be stored for extended periods without glass delamination.09-22-2011
20120318698Sterilizable Film for Aseptic Packaging - The presently disclosed subject matter is directed to a multilayer coextruded sterilizable film that can be used for aseptic packaging applications. The film comprises an outer layer comprising a blend of a cyclic olefin copolymer with a glass transition temperature of at least 80° C. and an olefinic copolymer with a melting point of at least 125° C. The film has a storage modulus of at least 1012-20-2012
20120132559POWDER CONTAINER, POWDER PROCESSING APPARATUS USING THE SAME, AND POWDER CONTAINER CONTROLLING METHOD - A powder container includes an open/close lid that closes an opening partly formed in a container body corresponding to a powder opening of a container receiver; a first restricting portion that, upon attachment of the container body to the container receiver, contacts a contact surface formed upstream of the powder opening to restrict a position of the lid in an open/close operation direction thereof; a flexible sealing member that protrudes from an opening-side edge of an open position, and closes an opening-side portion of a gap between the contact surface and the first restricting portion; and a second restricting portion that, upon detachment of the container body, when a press member restricts movement of the lid, restricts a posture of the sealing member so as to be pressed against an edge portion of the powder opening at a position where the first restricting portion contacts the contact surface.05-31-2012
20130008822CONTAINER FOR COSMETIC POWDER - A container for a powdered cosmetic including a container body defining a reservoir for receiving loose powder, a strainer defining a powder collection surface, of smaller size than the container body, covering the reservoir, and a lid adapted and configured to define a powder receiving volume between the strainer and the lid, and at least one aperture around the powder collection surface for powder to fall from the strainer into the reservoir. Preferably, the strainer further includes at least one upstanding ridge for at least partially cleaning a brush or sponge applicator.01-10-2013
20110132792MEDITOWEL PRE-PACKAGED MEDICATED ILLUMINATING SKIN BRIGHTENER WIPE - Single use, substrate uniformly impregnated with an anhydrous illuminating skin brightener solution for the use of aseptically delivering a single dose of an illuminating skin brightener solution to the area of discoloration. Solution and substrate is contained encapsulated within a heat sealed foil enclosure that is stable for at least five years.06-09-2011
20110147259Stabilized Glycerin-in-Oil Emulsions - Compositions and methods are disclosed for stabilizing glycerin-in-oil emulsions, which can be used to significantly reduce thermal instability or instability over time compared to traditional cosmetics or topical formulations. The compositions comprise one or more oil-soluble rheological modifiers and optionally one or more emulsifiers in a glycerin-in-oil emulsion.06-23-2011
20120248001Marking of Fabric Carrying Case for Portable Electronic Device - Techniques or processes for providing markings on fabric articles are disclosed. In one embodiment, the articles may be fabric carrying cases for electronic devices. For example, a fabric carrying case for a particular electronic may include a fabric base layer and a plurality of thick films coupled to the fabric base layer, wherein the plurality of thick films may comprise a top thick film and an underlying thick film. Regions of the top thick film may be selectively etched through, for selectively exposing the underlying thick film. The selectively etched regions may be arranged for marking of textual or graphical indicia on the fabric carrying case for the portable electronic device.10-04-2012
20130092589MELT CONTAINER - An object of the invention is to provide a container for holding a melt of a metal and/or a melt of a metal salt, in which a melt container allows keeping a small amount of heat radiation of the melt, suppressing penetration of the melt and development of breakage or cracking to the minimum, holding the melt suitably, and also preventing the melt from impurity contamination. The melt container of the invention is a container for holding the melt of the metal and/or the melt of the metal salt, and has, sequentially from inside of the container, a first layer constituted of a refractory having an apparent porosity of 12% or less, a second layer constituted of a refractory having a thermal conductivity (at 800° C.) of 4 W/m·K or less, and a third layer constituted of a refractory having a higher thermal conductivity than thermal conductivity of the second layer.04-18-2013
20130098797TWO PHASE PHARMACEUTICAL DELIVERY SYSTEM - A bi-phasic pharmaceutical composition for oral administration including one or more solid active ingredient containing particles dispersed within a semi-solid carrier formulation. The solid particles include a coating with pH-triggered drug release properties and the semi-solid carrier formulation is formulated at a pH that is different than the pH at which the active ingredient release properties of the coating are triggered. Also described is a delivery system for delivery of the bi-phasic pharmaceutical composition including the bi-phasic pharmaceutical composition described above and a dispenser pouch formed from flexible laminate sheets. Further, a process for manufacturing the two-phase pharmaceutical delivery system is described including the filling the bi-phasic pharmaceutical composition into flexible dispenser pouches, which allows the patient to squeeze and dispense the contents of the package directly into the oral cavity.04-25-2013
20110266186THIN-WALLED PLASTIC CONTAINER FOR PRESSURIZATION - This invention proposes a light-weight, thin-walled plastic container, in particular made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), intended for post-filling pressurization so as to increase the rigidity of said container, and a process for manufacturing such container.11-03-2011
20110266184POURING PORT, METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME AND CONTAINER FOR LIQUID PROVIDED WITH THE POURING PORT - A pouring port of a container for liquid at one end of which a rubber stopper allowing the penetration of an injection needle therethrough is embedded, wherein: the pouring port is formed by welding a port part, at least the innermost layer of which forming the discharge channel thereof comprises a resin containing a COP-based resin as the main component, with a stopper body part, which holds the rubber stopper and comprises a resin containing a COP-based resin as the main component, via the resin layers containing the respective COP-based resins as the main component; and at least the resin constituting the stopper body part contains a rubber component in an amount of not more than 30% by mass, or has, in the main chain, a molecular structure represented by general formula (1)11-03-2011
20130126385PACKAGE AND KITCHEN CLEANING COMPOSITION - The present invention is a package of a kitchen cleaning composition that includes a base package with a front portion, a top edge and a bottom edge, where the top edge can be torn or ripped by hand to open the base package providing access to the kitchen cleaning composition and the bottom edge is sealed but is tearable to open the base package and the kitchen cleaning composition that is utilized to clean and sanitize a garbage disposal that consists of dried grapefruit peel and a plurality of fragrances that include lemon, lime, orange, grape, strawberry, coconut, watermelon, cantaloupe, peach, peppermint, cinnamon, pine, citrus, lilac, vanilla, flowers, licorice or cherry natural or artificial fragrance.05-23-2013
20110247955Weighted Bait Stations and Related Methods - Rodent bait station assemblies and methods for bundling.10-13-2011
20100307950METHOD FOR HARVESTING FAT CELLS FROM A FAT-FLUID MIXTURE - The present invention teaches a method for separating a fat component of a fluid-fat mixture extracted from a patient. More particularly, the method of invention places a sponge formed of a fluid-absorbing material, such as polyvinyl acetal, in contact with the mixture so as to absorb the fluid component, thereby separating the fat component of the mixture. The separated fat component can then be injected into a selected body portion of the patient.12-09-2010
20110272321CONTAINER FOR DEPILATORY COMPOSITION - The object of the invention is a compact container (11-10-2011
20110272320Aerosol Shave Composition Comprising A Hydrophobical Agent Forming At Least One Microdroplet - An aerosol shave composition, preferably a post foaming shave gel, comprising a hydrophobic agent, such as a silicone, in the form of a microdroplet having a particle size from about 0.15 microns to about 10 microns.11-10-2011
20110303576Multi-Compartment Pouch - A multi-compartment pouch comprising a first compartment and a second compartment,12-15-2011
20110308988LOW DOSE COLONIC CLEANSING SYSTEM - A method of colonic cleansing that includes administering orally a first dose and a second dose of a liquid osmotic colonic evacuant composition. The second dose includes an amount of the liquid osmotic colonic evacuant composition that is 55% to 95% of the amount of the first dose.12-22-2011
20130193025Pack of a Personal Cleaning Product; Its Manufacture; and Its Use - A pack comprising a block of personal cleansing composition cast in a receptacle, wherein:08-01-2013
20120018338METHOD FOR AVOIDING GLASS FOGGING - The present invention relates to the use of a glass container having a contact angle of more than about 10° for preventing glass fogging during freeze drying of a pharmaceutical composition. The pharmaceutical composition comprises a therapeutic agent and a surfactant. The respective glass container and a method for freeze drying the pharmaceutical composition are also disclosed.01-26-2012
20120031801Inorganic oxide powder. - A chemical compound of Black Iron Oxide particles coated with aluminum oxide particles and magnesium sulfate particles. The coated compound is protected from contact with the oxygen molecules in the surrounding atmosphere and thereby is less prone to self-heating and combustion.02-09-2012


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