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206522000 Inflated retainer 43
206591000 With yieldable retainer 36
206586000 With distinct corner or edge protector 25
206523000 Foamlike retainer 14
206521100 For an egg, fruit, or vegetable (e.g., egg carton) 12
206583000 With sling or suspension means 12
206588000 With article aperture in retainer 10
206587000 With groovelike support 8
206584000 With surround or flowable or particulate-like material; e.g., "pop corn" 7
206585000 Stack, pile or nest arrangement 2
20110100869PROTECTION AND CONTAINMENT SYSTEM FOR CO-PACKAGED CONTAINERS - A protection and containment system for co-packaged containers is provided which includes a hollow primary container, a top protector complementally configure to fit atop the primary container, and at least one retainer coupled to the top protector for holding a secondary container. The primary container has a circumscribing upright sidewall and an opening configured for receiving material to be stored in the container. The top protector includes a side wall and at least a pair of spaced-apart opposed risers, most preferably provided as one of four corner modules, the risers extending upwardly from the primary container above the opening and presenting a gap between the risers which is sized and configured for receiving the secondary container. Several retainers can be provided, either to hold the secondary containers in different gaps, or provided in tandem to hold two secondary containers adjacent to one another in or proximate a single gap.05-05-2011
20120111763INSERT FOR FOILED FOOD TUBS AND THE LIKE - The present invention relates to a stackable packaging insert for storing and transporting articles, such as foiled food tubs. The insert is formed from a blank that can be folded into a tray-like packaging insert with individual compartments. Each compartment has a base and support tabs. Between adjacent bases, the support tabs meet at a triangular connector. When positioned within a container, the support tab ends and triangular connectors rest against the interior walls of the container. Articles within the positioned insert are suspended on the support tabs and triangular connectors.05-10-2012
20110174659ENERGY ABSORBING CONTAINER - An embodiment of an energy absorbing container may include a shell formed of a plastic material, one or more energy absorbing components for absorbing energy resulting from impact loads, and an opening mechanism for opening the container and allowing the placement or removal of a bottle therefrom. The energy absorbing components securing a bottle stored within the container to may inhibit or prevent movement of the bottle within the container.07-21-2011
20100108557PACKAGING MATERIAL - A packaging material comprising a plurality of flexible strips of material integrally interconnected to one another along one end thereof so as to form a unitary mass and so that the strips of material are intertwineable with one another to form a resilient tuft. The strips of material interconnected via a border have a bonding material disposed thereon for bondingly connecting the packaging material to a container.05-06-2010
20120103854Devices and Methods for Packing - Devices and methods for packing objects, including information handling systems and other types of electronic devices that may be implemented using a single piece and assembly-free packing device configuration that has one or more foldable and insertable buffer sections that are foldable to increase the overall strength of the packing device against external loads and shocks.05-03-2012
20130068652DECORATIVE GRASS AND PACKAGING MATERIAL FORMED OF RENEWABLE OR BIODEGRADABLE POLYMER MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING SAME - A method for forming decorative grass and packaging materials from renewable and/or biodegradable polymer materials is provided. Methods of utilizing the renewable and/or biodegradable decorative grasses and packaging materials are also provided.03-21-2013
20090000978PACKAGING STRUCTURE - A packaging structure includes a box and a shock absorbent member received in the box. The box includes fours sidewalls and a bottom wall. The shock absorbent member includes a main sheet, a plurality of side sheets, and at least an interleaving sheet connected with the main sheet. When the shock absorbent member is received inside the box, the main sheet is positioned diagonally above the bottom wall and the interleaving sheet is lain against two neighboring sidewalls of the box, thus at least one receiving room is formed between the box and the shock absorbent member.01-01-2009
20110108450Suspension Packaging System - The present invention relates generally to a collapsible shipping container utilizing standard box making equipment manufactured from material such as paper, corrugated board, and corrugated plastic, and in particular, to a package that employs a tensioned film system, that holds a product hammock style, between two layers of film and/or between a film and a wall of the package. To use the box, the formed box which has been stored in a flat configuration, is unfolded to a substantially rectangular or square configuration by folding at least one flap panel about its fold line to a position superadjacent a central panel and conforming the container to a hexagonal cross-section. In this configuration the box retains its hexagonal cross-section and can be self-supporting in a vertical position, in order to facilitate the filing operation. The container has retaining means for securing a pair of plastic films at their ends to opposing sides of the container.05-12-2011
20110168600ARRANGEMENT FOR TRANSPORTING IN PARTICULAR UF6 - An arrangement for transporting uranium hexafluoride, including an inner tank and an outer tank which holds the inner tank and which includes first and second shells. A valve extends from an end face of the inner tank, and is surrounded by the outer tank at a distance and is covered on the outside by at least one shock-absorbing element. In order to ensure a defined positioning of the valve extending from the inner tank and thus of the inner tank to the outer tank surrounding the inner tank, it is proposed that the shock-absorbing protective element extend in a pivoting manner from one of the shells of the outer tank, such that if the inner tank is properly positioned, the protective element can be pivoted into a position covering the valve, and such that if the outer tank holding the inner tank is closed, the protective element is covered on the outside by at least one of the shells.07-14-2011
20100084305FLEXIBLE, INFLATABLE PACKAGING MATERIALS WITH DECORATIVE BORDERS AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SAME - The present invention relates generally to packaging materials for packaging articles, and more particularly, but not by way of limitation, to a packaging material which includes, in one embodiment, a plurality of individual strips, strands, or units of material bondably connected to the exterior surface of a flexible, inflatable substrate to form a cohesive inflatable cushioning unit for use as a packaging material.04-08-2010
20090038979Protective packaging for an article - A protective packaging for an article, which protective packaging is formed from a flat limp material which is folded over its length so that two walls (02-12-2009
20090038978Environmental protection paper pulp packaging - The present invention provides an environmental protection paper pulp packaging which comprises an inner bump proof body and an outer bump proof body, where the inner and outer bump proof bodies have an outwards opening recess each and the brim of the wall thereof forms a horizontal outwards stiff lip; when in use, the inner bump proof body is first placed in the recess of the outer bump proof body, followed by binding closely the lip of the inner body to the lip of the outer body to form a packaging, and then placing the article to be packaged into the recess of the inner body for having better cushioning against bumping.02-12-2009
20110198257DECORATIVE GRASS AND PACKAGING MATERIAL FORMED OF RENEWABLE OR BIODEGRADABLE POLYMER MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING SAME - A method for forming decorative grass and packaging materials from renewable polymer materials is provided. Methods of utilizing such decorative grasses and renewable polymer materials are also provided.08-18-2011
20110203962PACKAGING CUSHION STRUCTURE MADE FROM STIFF PAPER-BOARD SHEETS - A product cushioning structure for supporting a shock sensitive product in an outer packaging container having a plurality of container walls has at least two interconnected outer container-contacting panels for supporting and stabilizing the cushioning structure within the outer packaging container in at least two mutually perpendicular directions. At least two inner product-supporting panels support the shock sensitive product within the cushioning structure. Intermediate wall sections extend between the outer container-contacting panels and the inner product-supporting panels. The intermediate wall sections, outer container-contacting panels and inner product-supporting panels are made of a stiff paper-board material and are joined together to form box-like cells between the respective inner product-supporting panels and outer container-contacting panels. The cells are crushable to provide shock absorption support to the product during shock loading conditions. They are arranged in or foldable into a mutually angled configuration so that the cushioning structure provides shock absorption support to the product during shock loading conditions in at least two mutually perpendicular directions. The box-like cells may comprise an open box-like component formed by the intermediate wall sections and the inner product-supporting panels, and a unitary planar component formed by the outer container-contacting panels. The unitary planar component is bonded to the open box-like component at the periphery thereof to inhibit splaying of the intermediate wall sections in the presence of a shock loading in a direction normal to the inner product-supporting panels.08-25-2011
20100270200Stashable Storage Tube - This device specializes in the protection of items of value and seeks to reduce any loss in value. The device is designed to protect its contents from damage, abuse, theft, misplacement, and unwanted access. It performs these duties through a number of ways. The device creates a sealed environment within, such that the contents are contained and separated from harm. Through the selection of the components making up its construction, the device provides a protective shelter for the items. Should the user of the device seek additional security for their items contained within, the device and included instruction provide for concealablity. Making use of the device in a concealed manner protects the items within by further removing them from harm's way; essentially removing the items of value from the interest of those seeking unauthorized access. Quite simply, an item that cannot be found, cannot be taken.10-28-2010
20110139668PROTECTIVE DEVICES - The invention relates to protective devices for use in packaging and seeks to improve on known padded packaging and those employing deformable members such as plastics beads. The object of the invention is to provide packaging employing deformable members that can be manufactured employing conventional machinery. The object is met by a construction comprising a number of cushions of non-porous plastics material containing resiliently deformable members and connected together to enable an item to be protected to be embraced between the cushions, the connection between the cushions allowing movement of air between the cushions, and a valve in the outer face of one of the cushions, to enable air to be extracted from the cushions when an item is embraced between them and cause the resiliently deformable members to form into a rigid state.06-16-2011
20110127189BENDABLE MULTI-SECTIONAL CUSHIONING COVER BAG - A bendable multi-sectional cushioning packing cover bag used for packing an article includes a packing box, a first air cylinder sheet, a second air cylinder sheet and a light reflection sheet, where one end of the second air cylinder sheet is connected to the first air cylinder sheet to allow the second air cylinder sheet to communicate with the first air cylinder sheet, and a plurality of first cushioning sections of the first air cylinder sheet correspond to a plurality of second cushioning sections of the second air cylinder sheet. Three sides of each second cushioning section are adhered to three sides of the first cushioning section corresponding thereto by means of hot sealing to form a storage space to accept the article, and at least one second cushioning section is lodged in a window of the packing box to allow the first air cylinder sheet and the second air cylinder sheet to be placed in the packing box, and the light reflection sheet may be used for reflecting light onto the article.06-02-2011
20120103855CASES FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - In one embodiment of the invention, a case for electronic devices is provided. The case has a shell and a rotatable handled rotatably coupled to the shell. The shell is adapted to partially surround an electronic device. The shell includes a first shell portion and a second shell portion adapted to couple to the first shell portion. The first shell portion has a display opening to allow a user to view the electronic device. The shell may include a camera opening to allow images to be captured by the electronic device. The rotatable handle can couple to and decouple from the second shell portion of the shell. The rotatable handle allows the shell to rotate about an axis of rotation. The rotatable handle includes an extendable strap assembly to receive a hand of a user.05-03-2012
20100147728ENERGY ABSORBING APPARATUS FOR SHIPPING CONTAINER - An energy-absorbing bulkhead apparatus includes high-strength roll formed tubular bars, and a bar-supporting sheet to distribute stress from product shifting in large shipping containers during transport. Parts are re-useable and can be quickly installed into the shipping container at selected locations such as near the container's doors. The bars can be swept and/or have deformed/configured ends shaped to engage channel features in side walls of the large shipping container. The bars may define spaced tubes and a tie rod for added strength. For example, the bars can be steel having 120 KSI to 220 KSI tensile strength, and have a cross-section 2-3 inches in depth and 4-6 inches in height, a length of 94 long, and a longitudinal sweep of 6 inches curvature. A flexitank can be positioned in the shipping container and supported by a combination of the bulkhead.06-17-2010
20100176023PACKAGING MATERIAL - A packaging material comprising a plurality of flexible strips of material integrally interconnected to one another along one end thereof so as to form a unitary mass and so that the strips of material are intertwineable with one another to form a resilient tuft. The strips of material interconnected via a border have a bonding material disposed thereon for bondingly connecting the packaging material to a container.07-15-2010
20100243505 Blank For Packing Substantially Flat Articles, A Method and Machine for Making the Blank - The invention relates to a blank (09-30-2010
20120193262PACKAGING BOX - A packaging box is provided with an exterior unit, and a packaging component set in the exterior unit. The packaging component includes an article mounting plane unit on which to mount an article, a pair of suspending units that are made by bending upward the article mounting plane unit at right and left ends of the article mounting plane unit so as to suspend the article mounting plane unit, and a pair of side plane units that are made by bending downward the pair of suspending units at upper ends of the pair of the suspending units, in which the pair of side plane units are kept in surface contact with two opposing walls of the exterior unit.08-02-2012
20120193261FOLDING IMPACT RESISTANT PACKAGING CONTAINER INSERT - A folding insert formed of a single sheet of deformable material includes two side members attached to opposing sides of a spanning member, the side members adapted to fold relative the spanning member and connect by a latch apart from the spanning member. When moved together to be adjoining, the side members define a holder for an impact sensitive item. The assembled folding insert also includes handle portions for grasping the insert, and recessed areas adjacent the impact sensitive item for extraction. Advantageously, a multiplicity of the folding inserts may be stacked prior to use.08-02-2012
20080245696PACKAGING FOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, IN PARTICULAR FOR NOTEBOOKS - This invention relates to a packing for electronic components and devices and preferably for notebooks, characterized in that the packing includes at least two pivotally connected elements which can be swivelled between at least one first swivel position and at least one second swivel position, wherein in the second swivel position the elements have a smaller swivel angle with respect to each other than in the first swivel position, and wherein in the second swivel position the elements define a space for accommodating the component to be packed.10-09-2008
20120193263APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROTECTION OR DECORATION OF OPEN-ENDED CONTAINERS - A system includes an open-ended container and an apparatus. The apparatus includes a compressible lower portion adapted for insertion into a hollow interior of the open-ended container and to contact an inner surface of the open-ended container. The apparatus also includes an upper portion connected to the lower portion and adapted for placement over an outer surface of the open-ended container. The apparatus may also include an overwrap portion connected to at least one of the lower portion and the upper portion and that is adapted for placement over the outer surface of the open-ended container and over the upper portion. For example, the open-ended container could represent a drinking glass, the upper portion may be adapted for placement over at least a bowl of the drinking glass, and the overwrap portion may be adapted for placement over the bowl, a stem, and a base of the drinking glass.08-02-2012
20120228181Protective Case for Portable Electronic Device - A protective case for an electronic portable device includes a main body portion having a transparent base and sidewalls defining a recess configured for releasably receiving a portable electronic device. A plate is disposed against or defined by a portion of the base of the main body. The plate covers a portion of the front face or a portion of the display of the portable electronic device. The covered portion of the display is not actuable through the plate.09-13-2012
20100282631METHOD OF RECYCLING PAINTS AS A COMPONENT OF AN IMMISCIBLE POLYMER BLEND - An immiscible polymer blend including a first polymer component including a paint polymer phase and a second polymer component immiscible with the first polymer component and selected from polyolefins and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). A method of recycling paint by blending a first polymer component including a paint polymer phase with a second polymer component immiscible with the first polymer component and selected from polyolefins and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is also presented.11-11-2010
20110259777COMPOSITE MICROWAVE AND OVEN SAFE FOOD CONTAINER SYSTEM - A composite food storage container combines the advantages of glass and polymer while avoiding their disadvantages. A composite food storage container may include an outer polymer container that is configured to accommodate a glass container within the polymer container. Since the food does not contact the polymer, there are no potential concerns with chemicals leeching into the food. Since the glass is surrounded by the polymer container, the glass is protected from breakage and the composite food storage container does not become too hot to easily and safely handle upon removal from a microwave oven.10-27-2011
20100018890SUPPORT ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF USE - An improved support assembly comprises a layered construction comprising a main body sandwiched between upper and lower covers. Each layer of the support assembly may receive and support at least one device. A method of use and manufacture of the support assembly are also provided.01-28-2010
20120031796PACKING SPACER FOR WASHING MACHINES - The present invention relates to a packing spacer for washing machines, of the type having a monolithic structure obtained from one material, comprising a tubular cylindrical stem (02-09-2012
20120305435MODULAR SYSTEM FOR THERMALLY CONTROLLED PACKAGING DEVICES - A modular container for maintaining an article under controlled temperature conditions includes a generally rectangular box-shaped enclosure defining an interior volume, wherein at least one enclosure side includes an access opening to allow for insertion or removal of the article within the interior volume, and wherein enclosure sides may be made of an insulating material. The modular container further includes at least two first phase change elements including a first phase change material, wherein each of said at least two first phase change elements is positioned adjacent one of a pair of opposed enclosure sides, at least two buffer inserts disposed within said enclosure, and at least two second phase change elements including a second phase change material, wherein the second phase change material changes phase at a different temperature than the first phase change material.12-06-2012
20120043250INTERCHANGEABLE PACKING APPARATUS FOR AEROGENERATOR BLADES - Interchangeable packing apparatus (02-23-2012
20120043249BUFFER MATERIAL AND PACKING DEVICE - The present invention provides a buffer material and packing device having sufficient buffering performance and not requiring complex buffering designs. A buffer material includes: a work-holding surface section which is substantially a quadrilateral in shape and holds a work; a work-movement-regulating section which is formed at least one side of a predetermined pair of facing sides of the work-holding surface section, and, by its one predetermined surface's being in contact with the work, regulates the movement of the work in the direction of the contact; a cut-out portion which is formed at a predetermined position in the work-movement-regulating section so that a projection section formed on the work is inserted in it. The cut-out portion is cut out in such a manner that the distance between an inner wall surface formed by the cut-out portion in the work-movement-regulating section and a facing surface of the projection section that faces to the inner wall surface increases with increasing distance in the opposite direction from the surface in contact with the work, of the work-movement-regulating section.02-23-2012
20120152790PHYSICAL INTERACTION DEVICE FOR PERSONAL ELECTRONICS AND METHOD FOR USE - The present disclosure describes, among other things, a device that may include an exterior shell including at least one of an open cell foam, a closed cell foam, a foamed resin, and an inflatable bladder. The device may include a personal electronic device receptacle configured to removably receive a personal electronic device. The device may be configured to substantially enclose and protect the personal electronic device within the personal electronic device receptacle during physical activity including at least one of rolling the device, throwing the device, kicking the device, and striking the device against another object, and enable interaction with the personal electronic device while the personal electronic device is substantially enclosed within the device.06-21-2012
20120006714ARTICLE PACKAGING UNIT - [Object] To protect a large-sized article or a large number of articles from impacts and vibrations applied thereto during transportation.01-12-2012
20110049000Package structure for thin display apparatus and method of packing thin display apparatus - A thin display apparatus is packed in a package box. A reinforced plate is attached to the display apparatus. The reinforced plate has a first end portion, a second end portion, a middle bent portion and a buffer member fixed to the first end portion. The first and second portions face each other with the bent portion located therebetween and connected thereto. The reinforced plate is attached to the display apparatus so that the bent portion is set on a top portion of the display apparatus at a top side, the buffer member is positioned at a front side of the display apparatus as facing a display screen and the second portion is positioned at a rear side of the display apparatus. A cushion member is attached to the reinforced plate so that the cushion member is set on the bent portion set on the top portion.03-03-2011
20100187148EQUIPMENT CASE WITH SLIDEOUT RACKS - A container includes an outer case with an interior volume sized to receive an equipment rack assembly, which in turn includes an inner (i.e., movable or slidable) platform assembly slidably coupled to an outer (i.e., non-movable or fixed) isolation assembly fixed to the case. In one example, the inner platform assembly slidably engages the outer isolation assembly using a joint, such as a dove-tail style joint. In addition, the outer isolation assembly may be supported by one or more shock absorbent devices positioned between the outer isolation assembly and the case. The shock absorbent devices may be positioned, oriented and tuned to achieve a desired amount of shock attenuation and damping.07-29-2010
20100051498BIODEGRADABLE AND DISPOSABLE CONTAINER - A biodegradable and disposable container has an upper portion and a lower portion respectively formed thereon. The container comprises a reservoir chamber defined in the container and extending to a top of the upper portion of the container to define an opening. The lower portion has multiple crashworthy fins co-axially and radially formed on a rim section thereof for preventing the lower portion of the container from directly contacting with a hard stuff and breaking. The upper portion has multiple insulating fins radially extending from an outer periphery thereof for reducing heat conducting from the container.03-04-2010
20100326875Method for making a reception assembly and an reception assembly - A methodology 12-30-2010
20100326874PACKING CUSHION - A packing cushion includes a base and a plurality of sidewalls coupled to the base. The plurality of sidewalls interconnect with each other and cooperate with the base to form an accommodating space. A first and second cushion portions protrude from an inner surface of the base and an inner surface of one of sidewalls respectively. The first cushion portion comprises a first surface. The second cushion portion comprises a second surface. A contour defined by the first surface matches with at least a part of an object to be packed. When the object is packed in the receiving space, the first surface contacts with at least a part of the object to provide a first cushioning, and when the object is subjected to an impact to deform the first cushion portion, the second surface contacts with the object to provide a second cushioning.12-30-2010
20100326873PACKING CUSHION - A packing cushion includes a base and a plurality of sidewalls coupled to the base. The plurality of sidewalls interconnect with each other and cooperate with the base to form an accommodating space. A first and second cushion portions protrude from an inner surface of the base in the accommodating space. The first cushion portion comprises a first inclined surface, the second cushion portion comprises a second inclined surface. The second inclined surface is parallel to the first inclined surface. A contour defined by the first inclined surface matches with at least a part of an object packed in the packing cushion. When the object is packed in the accommodating space, the first inclined surface contacts with at least a part of the object to provided a first cushioning, and when the object is subjected to impact forces to deform the first cushion portion, the second inclined contacts with the object to provided a second cushion.12-30-2010
20110226655MODULAR, KNOCK DOWN, LIGHT WEIGHT, THERMALLY INSULATING, TAMPER PROOF CARGO CONTAINER - The invention provides a knock-down, lightweight, thermally insulating, shipping container made at least in part from a polymer core covered by a thermoplastic sheet layer. In an embodiment of the invention, the shipping container is modular, being adjusted to suit the item(s) to be shipped. In an embodiment of the invention, the base, top panel and walls are made of expanded polystyrene core and combined with high impact polystyrene surface. In one embodiment, a mesh is introduced into the core to strengthen the core making the shipping container tamper proof. A shipping container bag that is light weight, strong, made of a fire retardant material and which forms an ultra violet light, weather and dust barrier can be used to store the shipping container. A system and method for supplying, dispensing, positioning, tracking, transporting, forwarding and storing the light weight shipping containers based on the shipping container bag is disclosed.09-22-2011
20120279891SUSPENSION PACKAGING SYSTEM AND METHOD - Disclosed is a product suspension packaging system that include a suspension pad with a notch on the top and bottom edges, and a binding received around the suspension pad and the product through the notches on the top and bottom edges to fixedly secure the product to the suspension pad to substantially prevent movement of the product relative to the suspension pad, where the product is secured within the perimeter of the suspension pad including the notches on the top and bottom edges. A method of suspending the product in the suspension packaging system is also disclosed.11-08-2012
20120325719PACKAGING CARDBOARD FRAME WITH BUFFER MECHANSIM - A packaging cardboard frame with a buffer mechanism comprises a hollow structure unit or a solid structure unit which is made of cardboard, and a machine is used to continuously press and fold the cardboard along a folding line to stack the cardboard into the hollow structure unit or the solid structure unit, and the packaging cardboard frame with a buffer mechanism has at least one notch for latching or embedding the packaging cardboard frame with a buffer mechanism, and a cushion material embedded at the center position of the hollow structure unit to produce elasticity, such that the packaging cardboard frame has the supporting and buffering effects concurrently.12-27-2012
20120241351CUSHIONING MEMBER AND PACKAGING DEVICE - [Problem] Provided is a cushioning member and a packaging device which have enough capability of protecting an object to be packaged and improving a packaging efficiency.09-27-2012
20130126382ANTI-VIBRATION AND SHOCK PRESSURE RELIEF DEVICE FOR COMPOUND CONTAINERS - The present invention discloses a anti-vibration and shock pressure relief device for compound containers, which is installed in one face of a container, and which comprises a sealing board and a pressure relief module. The sealing board is installed in the abovementioned face of the container and having at least one through-hole where the pressure relief module passes through the sealing board. The pressure relief module includes a top cover having at least one exhaust hole and a fastening member passing through the sealing board; an engagement member installed inside the top cover and having a pressure relief valve thereinside. The pressure relief device applies to various compound containers and can timely release the vaporized gas accumulated inside the container. Thereby, the present invention can effectively prevent compound containers from explosion and obviously improve the safety of compound containers.05-23-2013
20130126383Container Having Stationary Support Members For Supporting Dunnage - The present invention provides a container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse that has a body including at least one frame, holders supported by the body and a plurality of stationary support members extending between the holders. Each support member may be fixed in a stationary position by the holders. The support members support dunnage for supporting product for storage or shipment.05-23-2013
20110240507WATER TANK IMPROVEMENTS - A thin tank integrally molded by rotational molding of plastics material with a plurality of laterally extending channels with interconnecting ties between correspondingly positioned channels. End channels are inset into each end wall to provide interlocking engagement with a support post or bracket.10-06-2011
20130153456CONTAINMENT CASE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A containment case comprises a composite core, with an inner and outer surface, at least one puncture resistant layer bonded to the inner surface of the composite core and at least one energy capture layer bonded to the outer surface of the composite core. The puncture resistant layer having a high through-thickness shear strength and high interlaminar toughness at impact. The energy capture layer having a high in-plane tensile strength and low resistance to delamination and fiber-matrix debonding at impact. A method of fabricating a containment case includes the steps of disposing one or more layers of a puncture resistant material on a layup mandrel, disposing one more layers of a structural composite material on an exterior surface of the puncture resistant material, disposing one or more layers of an energy capture material on an exterior surface of the structural material and curing a resin in the plurality of layers.06-20-2013
20130153457PROTECTIVE CASE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A protective case includes a main body having a recess and a flange in the recess, a strengthening plate received in the recess. The strengthening plate includes a latching block. The latching block is latched with the flange to latch the strengthening plate in the recess. When the case is used to protect an electronic device, the strengthening plate shield the electronic device from damaging.06-20-2013
20110233099SHOCK-PROTECTING PACKAGING - A thermoformed packaging case has four wall-flanges which abut in ridge-within-groove nesting for interlocking and shock-absorbing closure of the case. Each edge has a pattern of ridges and grooves, and nesting of the edges of the flanges is enabled by a lateral shift in its ridge-groove pattern. Articles contained within the case are cushioned from shock by projections which protrude inwardly from inner surfaces of the walls to resiliently bear against the articles. Each buffer has a top surface surrounded by a valley and hump to provide shock-absorbing resilience. Locking of the case involves a flap hinged to a side-wall. To close a top-wall of the case onto the side-wall, projections of the top-wall enter recesses of the side-wall, and by folding the flap over to insert the projections into reverse recesses of the projections. The projections are snapped into recesses to effect triple-locking of the flap.09-29-2011
20110233098PACKING BOX - A packing box configured to pack an object and includes a body, a first buffer part, a second buffer part, a third buffer part, and a fourth buffer part. The first buffer part and the third buffer part are located at the bottom of the body. The second buffer part and the fourth buffer part are located at the top of the body. The body, the first buffer part, the second buffer part, the third buffer part, and the fourth buffer part are integrated. The object may be located between the first buffer part, the second buffer part, the third buffer part, and the fourth buffer part.09-29-2011
20110272319OUTDOOR ENCLOSURE FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING AN OUTDOOR ENCLOSURE FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - An enclosure and method for arranging an enclosure provides a robust and inexpensive enclosure for protection against gun fire and high temperature variations, in which method an enclosure having an inner shell and an outer shell en-closing the inner shell at a clearance thereof is formed, whereby a cavity is formed between the shells. Electrical equipment can be enclosed within the inner shell. Natural granular absorption material can be provided as the protective layer into the cavity on site upon installation of the enclosure.11-10-2011
20130180879CASE ASSEMBLY - A case assembly for a portable device is provided that has a first sleeve member, a second sleeve member and a customized plate member. The first sleeve member is mated with the second sleeve member to encase the portable device. The customized plate member is configured and arranged to connect with the first sleeve member and the second sleeve member.07-18-2013
20110315589CARRYING CASES HAVING ADJUSTABLE COMPARTMENTS FOR USE WITH PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND RELATED METHODS - According to various embodiments, a carrying case may be configured with an internal compartment adapted to receive a laptop computer, netbook, tablet computer, touch screen, multimedia projector, mobile telephone, and/or other portable electronic device. The dimensions of a compartment may be adapted for a specific device by moving adjustable cushions from a side spacing orientation to a base spacing orientation. According to one embodiment, a compartment may include adjustable cushions configured to be placed within the compartment in a side spacing orientation or outside the compartment in an external orientation. Additionally, a carrying case may include an instruction icon illustrating methods for using adjustable cushions within a compartment.12-29-2011
20120024741MULTIFUNCTIONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICE CASE - A case for an electronic device includes a main body configured to secure and protect the electronic device and one or more accessory-attachment nodes configured to be coupled to a case accessory. Example case accessories include shoulder straps, car headrest frames, wall-mounting frames, and the like. When the electronic device case is mated to the case accessory using the one or more accessory-attachment nodes, the electronic device may be securely positioned for transport and/or use. Further, the one or more accessory-attachment nodes may allow the case and, in particular, the electronic device coupled to the case, to be easily moved from one case accessory to another case accessory.02-02-2012
20130199960PROTECTION COVER WITH UPRIGHT POSITIONABILITY - A protection cover with upright positionability includes a first board and a second board. The first board has a quadrilateral shape for mounting to a back side of an electronic device of a similar shape. The first board forms a fold line and is divided by the fold line into a stationary zone fixedly attached to the electronic device and a folding zone removably attached to the electronic device. The second board is connected to one edge of the folding zone. To position the electronic device in a substantially upright condition, the folding zone of the first board is separated from the electronic device and folded toward the back side of the electronic device to serve as a support to the electronic device positioned in the substantially upright condition. And adjusting folding angle of the folding zone may adjust the inclination angle of the electronic device that is positioned upright.08-08-2013
20130206633PROTECTIVE CASES FOR MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND RELATED METHODS - A protective case for a mobile electronic device may comprise a first frame member, a second frame member, and a first lap joint configured for joining the first frame member to the second member. An aperture may extend through the first lap joint and a pin may be sized and configured for positioning within the aperture and locking the lap joint together. Additionally, an elastic material may be sized and configured for positioning between the pin and a wall defining a portion of the aperture, the elastic material being elastically compressed between the wall and the pin when the pin is positioned within the aperture.08-15-2013

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