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206561000 With partition 30
206562000 With aperture for article 22
206564000 With recess or groove for article 16
206565000 With article retainer 4
20120211394Food Tray With Non-Slip Inserts - A tray system, comprising one or more retaining portions for a food container, the one or more retaining portions receiving and securely holding fitted non-slip inserts. The tray system includes one or more feet which are of a depth at least equal to deepest recessed retaining portion of the tray. The feet may allow the tray to sit stably on a flat surface. The tray may have a non-slip removable insert inserted into the retaining portion which may be fitted to the bottom of the retaining portion and may maintain grip on serving tray and food container.08-23-2012
20120228188Food Tray With Non-Slip Inserts - A tray system may have one or more retaining portions for a container, the one or more retaining portions receiving and securely holding fitted non-slip inserts. The tray may have a non-slip removable insert inserted into each of the one or more retaining portions which may be fitted to the bottom of the retaining portion and may maintain grip on the tray and the container. The tray system may have a retaining portion for a beverage container with a slot to receive a stem portion of the beverage container as well as having a non-slip removable insert with a corresponding slit.09-13-2012
20110036745Tray System - A tray system for retaining items on a tray and preventing items from falling onto a surface comprises a tray and at least one cord attached thereto. Engagement features at the end of the cord that is distal to the tray may securely attach to a toy, a food item, an item of dishware, drinkware, or flatware, or any other small item. The cord is preferably of a length such that attached items cannot reach the floor if they are dislodged from the tray and otherwise short enough so as not to be a safety hazard. The system further comprises fasteners disposed on an underside of the tray, for retaining the tray in a position or to a larger item, and fasteners on a topside of the tray, for securing items to the surface of the tray. The surface of the tray may also have a plurality of compartments thereon.02-17-2011
20130134068PACKAGE STRUCTURE FOR GLASS CONTAINERS FOR PHARMACEUTICAL USE - The package structure for glass containers for pharmaceutical use (e.g.: bottles, carpules and phials . . . ), comprises a tray (05-30-2013
206558000 Plural lateral array 3
20110100864ARTICULABLE TRAY DISPLAY SYSTEM - A generally circular tray having an edge that is convex and concave, where the convex portion is complementary in size to the concave portion. When used in series multiple trays can be arranged to form various configurations of tray arrays for the display of articles such as foodstuffs.05-05-2011
20110132797Packaging Systems and Methods for Transporting Vials - A packaging system for transporting vials containing biological samples may comprise a first tray defining at least one first tray cavity; and a second tray defining at least one second tray cavity and configured to mate with the first tray. The packaging system may further comprise at least one first tray cavity and at least one second tray cavity, wherein the at least one first tray cavity and the at least one second tray cavity are configured to securely hold respective vials for transport, and to restrain caps on the respective vials during transport, wherein the at least one first tray cavity and the at least one second tray cavity oppose each other when the first tray and the second tray are mated together. The packaging system may also be configured to permit barcode scanning of vials held within the first tray cavity and the second tray cavity.06-09-2011
20080202976Adjustable Utensil Tray - An adjustable storage tray has a first tray part that defines at least one first compartment therein. A second tray part of the storage tray defines at least one second compartment therein. The second tray part is slidably connected to the first tray part such that a length of the adjustable storage tray can be adjusted. The storage tray has a ratcheting mechanism to retain a selected adjusted length and has a retention mechanism that can inhibit vertical separation of the first and second tray parts.08-28-2008
206567000 For refuse 2
20090090649FOOD SERVING TRAY ASSEMBLY HAVING DISPOSAL OPENING WITH DEEP SERVING WELLS - A food serving tray assembly includes a serving platter and a receptacle platter. The serving platter includes a disposal opening and serving wells for receiving food items. The receptacle platter and serving platter releasably couple to one another in a serving configuration and a transport configuration. An improvement includes the serving platter having an outer peripheral wall having a first height and dividing walls defining and separating the serving wells, each of the dividing walls being approximately equal to the first height. The peripheral wall of the receptacle platter has a third height and a bottom of the receptacle platter defines a plurality of dividers having a fourth height substantially less than the third height. When the serving platter is received within the receptacle platter, each of the dividers aligns with and engages a respective dividing wall such that two wells are isolated and seated off from one another.04-09-2009
20090020450AUTOMOTIVE TRAY - An automotive tray includes a generally planar base with a top surface, a bottom surface, a front sidewall, a rear sidewall, a right sidewall and a left sidewall, and portions of the bottom surface having a rough texture to provide frictional engagement when the tray is in use. A crumb tray is disposed in the base, is recessed below the top surface, and extends below the bottom surface to assist in preventing movement of the tray when in use. The bottom surface may have a rough texture, such as one or more frictional mats attached to the bottom surface of the tray. A plurality of frictional strips may also be disposed on the top surface of the tray, with the frictional strips extending partially between the right and left sidewalls.01-22-2009
206559000 With content manipulator means 1
20120168345SHOT GLASS TRAY - An attractive and unique tray to carry and present a plurality of drinking vessels, more specifically shot glasses, includes a holding tray comprising a base and a cap having a corresponding size and shape of the base, and mounted to the base. A plurality of holders are each rotatably mounted to at least one of the base and the cap. Each holder includes its own base and wall defining an internal chamber therein and further having one or more internal cushions mounted to at least one of the wall or base and operative to cushion an object placed in the chamber. An actuating mechanism is rotatably mounted within the holding tray, the actuating mechanism having an actuating knob accessible from an exterior of the holding tray. The actuating mechanism is operatively connected with each of the plurality of holders and operative to rotate said holders from a position substantially within the perimeter of the cap, to a position wherein the internal chamber of the holder is accessible from an exterior of the holding tray.07-05-2012
206560000 With content latch means 1
20100230322Sausage Tray - A packaging tray for sausage links includes a bottom having side edges joined by arcuate end edges. A side wall extends upwardly from each of the side edges. An end wall extends upwardly from each of the arcuate end edges. One of the arcuate end walls is convex and the other of the arcuate end walls is concave. Advantageously, the arcuate end walls secure nested sausages on the tray from shifting and eliminates empty space on the tray.09-16-2010
20100155289Resealable food container with lid having a tamper evident tear away band - A tamper evident package for food products is provided having a tray and a lid, which may or may not be permanently attached to each other, and includes a plastic tray for receiving a plastic lid for mating the lid and the tray, wherein the plastic lid is integrally formed with a plastic tear away band at the periphery of the lid, and a perforated section on the lid removably connects the lid and the tear away band in order to tear away the band from the lid.06-24-2010
20100116708STARCH-BASED COMPOSITIONS AND RELATED USE AND OBTAINMENT PROCESS - The present invention has, as object, biodegradable compositions consisting of starch, plasticising agent, proteins, a cross-linking enzyme and water; the process for obtaining said compositions; their use for producing biodegradable items, useful in particular for packaging food products, and the biodegradable items thus obtained. In particular, such composition, which is normally obtained in granule form, contains 40%-70% starch, 8%-40% plasticiser, 5%-30% cellulose, 0.5%-5% proteins; the cross-linking enzyme is transglutaminase.05-13-2010
20130037439TRAY FOR TRANSPORTING AND DISPLAYING ITEMS SUCH AS YOGURT CONTAINERS - The invention relates to a tray for transporting and displaying items such as yogurt containers. The tray is of the type comprising a bottom wall (02-14-2013
20090152157Serving Tray - A serving tray (06-18-2009
20130056387MEDICAL TRAY - To provide a medical tray which can be made more compact upon discarding, the medical tray has a bottom portion, a side wall provided along an outer periphery of the bottom portion, and a pair of side wall deformation guiding portions provided at opposing positions of the side wall for guiding the side wall when the side wall is deformed into a convex state toward the bottom portion.03-07-2013
20120222988OIL CATCH TRAY FOR LOAD TAP CHANGER TANK - A tank for a load tap changer includes opposing front and rear walls, opposing side walls, and a bottom wall joined to define a box-like structure. A door structure is removably coupled to one of the walls. An oil catch tray is coupled to the tank and is movable between a retracted, storage position generally adjacent to the bottom of the tank, and an operative position extending outwardly from the one wall to which the door structure is coupled and generally under a portion of the door structure. In the operative position, the oil catch tray is constructed and arranged to collect oil that drips from the door structure and the one wall when the door structure is removed from the one wall.09-06-2012
20130161225Packaging For The Storage, Protection And Transport Of Syringes - A packaging unit (06-27-2013
20110031159TRAY - A tray having excellent impact resistance and excellent vibration resistance and capable of stably holding a fixed number of stored objects. A tray (02-10-2011
20080289990Paint tray with integrated transport handle - A paint tray with integrated transport handle with a frame with a retractable handle. The handle consists of a shaft that retracts and protract from the frame, and a handle part with a built-in cradle to receive and hold a handle stick. The frame has a hook to hold a trimming brush and is rotationally attached at each side of the paint tray.11-27-2008
20110278196CUSTOMIZABLE SERVING TRAY - A customizable serving tray formed from a transparent thermoplastic and having a main portion including an upper side and a lower side, and four raised lateral portions. The main portion of the serving tray is formed from two parallel sheets of thermoplastic and an integral slot on the lower side for receiving a decorative insert, which may include a particular customized graphic thereon. Two of the raised lateral portions, on opposite sides of the main portion, may include apertures forming handles for supporting the serving tray. The remaining two raised lateral portions do not include apertures.11-17-2011
20110139672INSULATED COOLER - A cooler comprises a body having a bottom edge and at least one handle positioned near the bottom edge of the cooler. The handle may be located below the center of gravity of the cooler or within approximately 2 to 3 inches of the bottom edge of the cooler. The body and the handle may be formed as one-piece and from molded plastic. The handle may also be mounted on a separate handle tray where the tray is secured to the body. A spigot may be provided for dispensing fluid from said body. The body may comprise an insulated wall construction. A removable lid may be used to close the opening. A handle may also be positioned near the top edge.06-16-2011
20110290697Tray for retaining food items during transportation - A tray for retaining food items during transportation includes a lower deck having a base and a side wall extending about and upward from a perimeter of the base; an upper deck which includes a plurality of apertures spatially positioned across the deck, the upper deck configured to fit within the lower deck and removably disposed thereon; and a plurality of pegs, each peg configured to friction fit within at least one of the apertures to be retained therein.12-01-2011
20120097574SERVING TRAY WITH REMOVABLE HANDLE - A serving tray (04-26-2012
20120097573SUBSTANTIALLY ROUND TRAY - More than four sidewalls extend upwardly and outwardly from a periphery of a central base panel of a tray. Each sidewall includes opposite first and second marginal portions extending outwardly from the base panel. For each adjacent pair of sidewalls of the plurality of sidewalls, the first marginal portion of a first sidewall of the adjacent pair of sidewalls is in an overlapping relationship with, and is fastened to, the second marginal portion of a second sidewall of the adjacent pair of sidewalls.04-26-2012
20110215024Reclosable Container and Closure Therefor - A reclosable container for a food product comprises a rigid or semi-rigid tray and lid. The tray and lid each have a peripheral edge portion having substantially vertical inner and outer walls joined by a horizontal flange, wherein the container is closed with the tray peripheral edge portion received inside a cavity defined by the lid peripheral edge portion. An outer detent mechanism is provided at one or more corners of the container, such as diagonally opposed corners which may also include lift tabs. The corners at which outer detent mechanisms are located may have straight corner transition portions about which the lid may pivot during opening of the container. The sides of the tray and lid peripheral edge portions may be substantially flat and free of projections, so that only the corners with the outer detent mechanisms offer significant resistance against opening.09-08-2011
20090107874ADJUSTABLE DRAIN PAN FOR WASHING MACHINES AND OTHER HOME APPLIANCES - A drain pan kit, comprising four pan sections, each having a flat portion and raised edges along two adjacent sides, whereby a custom-sized drain pan can be assembled by overlapping the four pan sections and respective raised edges, and securing the sections to each other along respective joint lines.04-30-2009
20080302697DUAL PACK CONTAINER - A container for packaging associated articles includes coupling members fashioned on one or more sides of the container for interconnecting a plurality of containers together. The coupling members may be integrally fashioned with the containers and may comprise raised ribs and recessed channels for press fitting the adjacently placed containers together.12-11-2008
20130098800THERMOFORMED PACKAGING TRAY - A thermoformed packaging tray is provided which includes a container having a bottom surface, an integrally formed peripheral side wall extending upwardly from the bottom surface. The sidewall defines an open top. A rigid lip is provided on a top edge of the peripheral side wall; and a remote end of the lip which diminishes in thickness to become flexible.04-25-2013
20120292226DISPOSABLE FOOD TRAY - A repulpable and recyclable case ready food tray is disclosed for carrying various food items, such as meat, poultry and produce that is typically used for retail display. The food tray is formed from paperboard made from natural wood fiber that is coated to provide a waterproof food cavity for preventing leakage of liquid from the food item and a moisture proof exterior support surface which allows excess liquid to be released from the food tray during the manufacturing process while providing a moisture proof surface to prevent wicking of liquid into the food tray if the tray is placed on a wet surface.11-22-2012
20080251412FOOD SERVICE TRAY WITH INTEGRATED BEVERAGE CONTAINER HOLDER - A circular hole large enough to support a variety of beverage containers is formed in a food tray and surrounded by a lip about the height of the lip around the edge of the tray. A flexible mesh is integrated into the hole. The material of the mesh stretches below the food service tray when a beverage container is placed in the hole, and return to a position level with the surface with the food service tray when the beverage container is removed. A semi-mesh embodiment includes a disc of rigid material at the center of the mesh.10-16-2008
20080283441Tray, Plano, Method and Device for Constructing - The invention relates to a serving tray, comprising a bottom wall and side edges, wherein the serving tray is manufactured from an integrally formed blank and wherein at least one side edge has a form suitable for placing in a holder with an array of support elements arranged one above the other, wherein the blank comprises cardboard. A preferred embodiment relates to such a serving tray, wherein at least two side edges are provided with carrier members for placing on the support elements of the holder.11-20-2008
20120168344PRODUCT VENDING MACHINE TRAY - A tray for product vending machines, the tray having at least one channel with an outlet; a conveying device extending along the channel to support a column of products and feed the products to the outlet; and a release device for selectively allowing the products through the outlet, and having an independent passive retaining member, which extends across the channel to intercept a top portion of the first product in the column, and is moved by the first product from a normal withdrawn position to a forward position, in which the passive retaining member is located at least partly past the outlet in the travelling direction of the conveying device.07-05-2012
20080283440TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED FOOD TRAY SYSTEM - The present disclosure provides a system, apparatus, and method for a modular food tray system having a plurality of food trays that can be used for heating, cooling, or a combination thereof. The system can include a first food tray for heating and a second food tray for cooling, generally mounted at a different elevation from the first food tray. Alternatively, one or both of the food trays can be designed for cooling through temperature elements coupled thereto and the tray can be heated by overhead radiant heating elements for dual temperature capabilities. The first food tray can be mounted above the second food tray. The first food tray can include a thermal shield between a heating element in the first food tray and the second food tray. In other embodiments, the second food tray can be mounted above the first food tray with a thermal shield therebetween.11-20-2008
20110005962TRAY OR STORAGE/TRANSPORT-BOX FLOOR - A transport/storage tray is made by injecting molding of plastic an upper floor panel formed with an array of throughgoing holes and a separate lower floor panel with an array of throughgoing holes. Then the upper and lower panels are juxtaposed with each of the holes of the upper panel aligned with a respective one of the holes of the lower panel, and the two panels are welded together.01-13-2011
20100258471ROTISSERIE CHICKEN TRAY - A food container system can include a tray with a bottom and a side wall, which together define a recess. The tray can have an array of ribs on the bottom panel that can extend to the side wall. The side wall can have female ribs that extend from the bottom panel to the top edge of the side wall. An inverted corner creating a concave shape on the exterior edge of the tray can be disposed at the intersection of the bottom wall and the side wall. The tray can include a rim that extends around the perimeter of the tray, which can accept a complimentary surface of a lid.10-14-2010
20090250372Container With Injection-Molded Feature And Tool For Forming Container - A container has a base panel, at least one side panel extending upwardly from the base panel, and at least one end panel extending upwardly from the base panel. At least one corner is formed at a junction between the side panel and end panel. A flange extends laterally outward from the upper edges of at least one of the side panel, end panel, and corner. An injection-molded structure extends along at least a portion of the flange, the injection-molded structure includes a base portion adjacent the upper edges of the side wall and the end wall, a distal portion extending laterally outward from the base portion, and an indentation in the distal portion extending along at least a portion of the flange of the container. An apparatus for forming the container and a method of manufacturing are also disclosed.10-08-2009
20120267283Method of forming a tackle storage assembly and structure therefor - In one embodiment, a tackle storage assembly may be formed with pivoting trays and surrounding a member to which a seat can be attached.10-25-2012
20100133142COLLAPSIBLE PAN - A collapsible pan includes a base portion, a plurality of side portions, and a flexible connector for connecting each of the side portions to the base portion along edges thereof. Each of the plurality of side portions is configured to be pivotable relative to the base portion, thereby permitting adjustment between a use configuration, whereby each of the plurality of side portions is arranged generally upright relative to the base portion, and a collapsed configuration, whereby each of the plurality of side portions is arranged to lay generally flat relative to the base portion.06-03-2010
20110079536RECLOSABLE PACKAGE HAVING AN ACCESSIBLE ZIPPER AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A reclosable package includes a tray, a top sheet, and a fastener. The tray has a well for receiving contents and a peripheral flange surrounding the well. The top sheet is attached to the peripheral flange. The fastener has two interlocking members, one attached to the peripheral flange and the other attached to the top sheet. A tamper-evident feature located on the package prevents access to the fastener and is connected thereto by one or two lines of weaknesses. In one embodiment with one or two lines of weakness in the top sheet, the fastener remains adjacent to the tray's peripheral flange, which is intact after the tamper-evident feature is removed by tearing along these lines of weakness. In a second embodiment with two lines of weakness, the tamper-evident feature, comprised of portions of the peripheral flange and the top sheet, is torn from the package along both lines of weakness.04-07-2011
20110210038TRAY, IN PARTICULAR FOR CATERING PURPOSES ONBOARD AIRCRAFTS - A tray, in particular for catering purposes onboard aircrafts, including a tray body defining a receiving surface for receiving thereon items to be carried by use of the tray. The tray body includes an interlocking device for releasably engaging an interlocking device of the tray body of a similar tray, when at least two trays are positioned such that the receiving surfaces of the tray bodies are overlapping each other partially. The interlocking device of the trays interacting such that when one of the trays is drawn in a drawing direction, the other tray is moved along in the drawing direction.09-01-2011
20110062049Load tray and method for unitizing a palletized load - A new load tray especially well suited for use under loads on pallets is disclosed. The tray has a central load supporting base and as many as four flaps hingedly connected to the base. The tray includes flap supports for supporting the flaps and releasably maintaining them at a 90 to 135 degree angle relative to the base. The tray is designed so that it may be positioned on a pallet and have a load placed on it so that the flaps remain in an upstanding position so that when the load is wrapped, the flaps are held captive against the load.03-17-2011
20090038983Combination wall shelf and serving tray - A combination wall shelf and food service tray is comprised of a breakfast-in-bed-like food serving tray adapted with mounting means for removable mounting of the tray to a wall in shelf-like orientation. In a preferred embodiment, the mounting means comprises a downwardly projecting longitudinal flange perpendicular to the serving surface of the apparatus, the flange being sized and shaped for cooperative engagement with at least one bracket which is permanently mounted to a wall. The subject apparatus is ideal for use by tray passers and other staff in hospital settings because it may be selectively stored in a convenient location within a patient room when not in use and removed for placement over a patient's lap during meal service.02-12-2009
20110174677ASSEMBLY OF A FOOD TRAY AND A FOOD CONTAINER, AND USE THEREOF IN AN AIRCRAFT - The invention provides an assembly of a food tray (07-21-2011
20110068042METHOD FOR VACUUM SKIN PACKAGING A PRODUCT ARRANGED IN A TRAY - The invention relates to a vacuum skin packaging process, to a tray suitable for a vacuum skin packaging process and to the package thus obtained. The vacuum skin packaging process of the invention comprises providing a tray loaded with a product said tray comprising a bottom wall, a side wall upwardly extending from said bottom wall and terminating in an outwardly projecting horizontal rim, said side wall comprising at least one hole; placing the product loaded tray in a vacuum chamber; positioning a film above the product loaded tray; forming an airtight contact between the film and the rim of the tray; evacuating air from above the film to bring it into contact with a heating platen to heat the film; evacuating air from within the tray through the at least one hole; introducing air from above the film pushing the film in contact with the product and welding it to the inner surface of the tray closing the at least one hole in the side wall characterised in that the film is held in contact with the heating platen while air begins to be evacuated from within the tray. Preferably the film is positioned above the product loaded tray is a discrete piece of film having the size of the tray thus reducing the amount of film which is scrapped during a vacuum skin packaging process.03-24-2011
20110132796Multi-Compartment Food Tray - A multi-compartment food tray includes at least a first compartment and a second compartment formed from a paperboard material, each compartment including a compartment lip, and a carrier constructed from a paperboard material and including openings receiving the first and second compartments. Each compartment lip may be mechanically coupled to the carrier to create an interface, wherein the interface may remain coupled during food reconstitution, and may include at least one surface having a coating. The first compartment may have a different volume than the second compartment.06-09-2011
20110031158Ergonomically Designed Tray - The present invention is a serving tray with an ergonomically designed handle which can be selectively attached and detached to the bottom of a serving tray. The handle interlock system improves the stability of the tray lessening the risk of accident due to unbalanced loads or load instability. The orientation of the handle and the handling posture of the tray engage two strong elbow flexor muscles and increase muscle strength. In addition, the handling posture reduces the risk of tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome which results from wrist flexing and applied force associated with traditional tray handling and carrying posture.02-10-2011
20110168602Multi-item holder device - Inexpensively manufactured device permits the holding, typically for display purposes, of at least one item, but preferably multiple items such as trading cards or photographs, in a manner offering an unobstructed view of the items.07-14-2011
20110062050BLANK AND FORMING TOOL FOR FORMING A CONTAINER - A blank for being formed into a container. The blank has a marginal area that includes a plurality of score lines for facilitating forming of the blank into the container. The score lines are positioned to facilitate formation of the container. A forming tool has features to facilitate forming the blank into the container.03-17-2011
20100078349Foldable display structure - A display tray formed as a substantially flat body is folded along score lines to form a rigid tray body. The flat body is formed with parallel score lines which define the adjoining edges of a support panel, a floor, and a containment wall. The flat body is formed into a tray by folding along the score lines.04-01-2010
20100059404TRAY SPACE SAVER - A serving tray for reducing planar space requirements including a first planar tray portion which has a carrying surface with a planar dimension that is sufficient to support at least a portion of a large planar-shaped comestible. The tray also includes at least a second planar tray portion which has a carrying surface with a planar dimension that is sufficient to support a second portion of the large planar shaped comestible. To connect the planar trays there is a connecting member which fixes the first tray portion and the second tray portion at different planes with respect to each other in a vertically overlapping relationship. As a result, this tray can stably rest on a surface that occupies less area than that which would be required by the comestible when served whole.03-11-2010
20100126900EGC COMPLIANT WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY SYSTEM - A component for bends and elevation offsets modifications to a wire mesh cable tray system that maintains the cross-sectional area and conductivity of the original wire mesh cable tray before the bends and elevation offsets modifications is presented. By maintaining the cross-section area, equipment-ground conductor compliance is preserved. The component can be easily and quickly modified as needed while maintaining the cross-sectional area of the wire mesh cable tray system. The component can be modified and installed either by the manufacturer or in the field by a technician.05-27-2010
20110186472SUBSTRATE STORAGE TRAY - A substrate storage tray that can be decreased in size for transportation. A substrate storage tray (08-04-2011
20100025284POLYGONAL DRAWN CONTAINER AND A FORMING METHOD THEREOF - A rectangular drawn container and a method for forming the same are provided which can prevent warpage of a bottom portion of a container in a simple way. In a rectangular drawn container that is provided with a polygonal bottom panel portion and a body portion of a polygonal tubular shape rising from peripheral edges of the bottom panel portion, a convex bead is formed on the bottom panel portion at a location in the vicinity of at least one bottom side rounded portion among bottom side rounded portions of the body portion, at an inner side of the container so as to extend in parallel to the at least one bottom side rounded portion at a predetermined distance therefrom. The bottom panel portion takes a rectangular shape, and the bead is arranged along a pair of bottom side rounded portions at long sides of the bottom panel portion.02-04-2010
20120037534PACKAGING DEVICE - A preferred embodiment of a packaging device comprises a lid that is slidably engaged to a tray having a compartment for holding processed sliced meats. The packaging device further includes a manually releasable lid lock for re-sealing the packaging device after use. Also provided in a preferred embodiment of the packaging device is a support foot for stabilizing the package during stacking or vertical display.02-16-2012
20110315595SERVING TRAY SYSTEMS - A serving tray that enhances tray-stabilizing features useful to a server's abilities to load, carry, and unload a serving tray depending upon the specifics of the serving situation. The serving tray is stackable, assists drying, bacterial-growth minimizing, and jack-stand nesting. The serving tray provides for easy gripping and added stability by either right or left-handed users.12-29-2011
20110315594Foldable tray for making a package in which to bake and ship baked goods - A flat foldable tray having a set of fold lines inscribed therein along which the tray is bent to form a package in which to carry a variety of products (e.g., baked goods). The flat foldable tray includes a base portion, a pair of side walls and a pair of end walls, each of which walls being hingedly connected to the base portion, and a folding corner located between each pair of adjacent side and end walls. The pairs of side and end walls are bent upwardly relative to the base portion along with the folding corners at respective fold lines such that the folding corners are located at the exterior of the package and outside the walls thereof. The pairs of side and end walls are retained in locking engagement with one another so that the walls are retained in end-to-end alignment and the package is held in a closed configuration.12-29-2011
20120006718PACKAGING TRAY AND METHOD OF USE - A system for packaging food is provided. The system has a food for packaging and a food accessory for packaging with the food. The system has a packaging tray having a tray bottom and two substantially straight side walls coupled to the tray bottom. The tray has two curved end walls wherein each of the curved end walls are coupled to the tray bottom and the side walls wherein a first end wall curves toward the interior of the packaging tray and a second end wall curves away from the interior of the packaging tray. The tray has a border connected to a top edge of the two side walls and the two end walls thereby forming a perimeter around the top of the walls. The tray has a storage compartment formed in the border for storing the food accessory.01-12-2012
20120055839SCAFFOLD TRAY - The present invention discloses a lipped tray, intended for use on scaffold towers and adapted to hold builders' tools in use. The tray incorporates on each of its two opposite side edge regions a means which, when the tray is in use, locates the tray between horizontally successive rails of the tower in a manner which also causes the tray to engage with one at least of those rails and be supported, in use, by each of them.03-08-2012
20120152797Preparation tray - A durable preparation tray for preparing and serving food items. The preparation tray, which is constructed from a microwaveable plastic material, includes a bottom wall provided with an upstanding food support structure, a catch basin for catching liquids associated with the food and a pour channel for pouring liquid from the catch basin.06-21-2012
20110174676DISPOSABLE TRAYS OF FIBRE MATERIAL COATED WITH A REMOVABLE FILM LAYER - A compression-moulded tray of fibre material, said tray being formed of fibre material in a compression method, from a suspension of mechanical pulp of cellulose. The formed tray has been formed by press-drying using heat to a dry content of 80-95%, preferably 90-95%, and the fibre material of the formed tray has a density in the order of 400-650 kg/m07-21-2011
20120074033Spill Containment Mat System - A modular spill containment mat having a pan element and a support grating overlay. The pan element has one or more support beams under the grating to support a vehicle. A sidewall drain is provided, as well as openings in the grating for vacuum hose extraction. Each containment mat may be connected to one or more adjacent mats to form a larger mat. The containment mat may be used to prevent spills during refueling of vehicles.03-29-2012
20120074032FOOD PAN HAVING CORNER STRUCTURE - A food pan is configured for use with a serving station having wells within which to support the food pan. The food pan includes a bottom, a side wall, a rim, and four corner structures. The bottom has a substantially rectangular periphery. The side wall is connected to the bottom, and projects from the rectangular periphery of the bottom in an upward direction. Together, the bottom and side wall form a volume configured to support contents of the food pan. The rim is connected to the side wall on an end of the side wall opposite to the bottom, and extends from the side wall in an outward direction away from the volume formed by the side wall and the bottom. The cross-section of the rim further includes an ascending portion connected to the side wall, a top portion connected to the ascending portion, and a descending portion connected to the top portion. The ascending and descending portions are rounded. The four corner structures are located between the side wall and the rim, with each corner structure associated with one of the corners of the rectangular periphery of the bottom of the food pan. Each corner structure further includes a base side connected to the side wall and two ascending sides connected to the base side. The two ascending sides extend along both the side wall and the ascending portion of the cross-section of the rim. Additionally, the ascending sides extend from opposite ends of the base side and terminate in the top portion of the cross-section of the rim.03-29-2012
20120312716ONE COMPARTMENT FOOD TRAY - Described herein is a 100% biodegradable molded pulp food tray. In one embodiment, the tray has a base and side walls extending upward from the base, each side wall comprising an upper edge and a flange extending from the upper edge toward a perimeter in a visualized cross-section plane, wherein the base and the side walls are integrally formed of molded pulp. Each upper edge may intersect with a visualized vertical axis that is perpendicular to the visualized cross-section plane to define an angle of draw of about 13 degrees to be structurally viable for the molded pulp. In related aspects, the tray may be made from bleached Bagasse pulp or the like, and may be freezer/refrigerator safe, as well as microwavable.12-13-2012
20120187020STORAGE CONTAINER AND TRAY - A tray and storage containers combination includes a tray having a bottom, side walls and an open top configured to receive a lid. A plurality of containers are configured to be arranged within the tray, each of which having a top wall and a bottom wall, two side walls and a back wall, each of the plurality of the containers having an openable lid. The containers are positioned in the tray to rest on their respective bottom walls so that the lids of the plurality of the containers face a side wall of the tray.07-26-2012
20120228187Roll-Up Tray for Eating and Play - The present invention is a slip-resistant tray for placement on a table, counter or high chair surface, wherein the tray provides a high friction surface cover that can be easily stowed and deployed. The tray is of unitary construction having a top eating and play surface and a textured, high friction bottom surface that grips the underlying surface and does not cause damage thereto. The tray also provides a raised peripheral edge to prevent articles from rolling from the tray while deployed. The tray itself is a reusable, highly durable, liquid impermeable and easily cleaned and sanitizable structure that is made from a flexible material such that the tray is bendable, foldable or rollable to allow the tray to take on a compact configuration that is convenient for storage and transportation. The tray is adapted for use with small children, for aiding those in rehabilitation or those lacking motor skills.09-13-2012
20110120906DRAWER STORAGE WITH MAGNETIC CONNECTORS - A tray unit includes a main body including at least one storage space and a wall structure surrounding the at least one storage space. The wall structure includes a bottom wall and a sidewall surrounding the bottom wall to define the at least one storage space. The tray unit further includes a magnet arranged with the wall structure at a location along a perimeter of the main body.05-26-2011
20120318704Product Packaging with Slide Out Tray - A product package is presented that has a sliding tray disposed within a sleeve. Both the sleeve and the tray have a tab on their top portions through which is positioned a hang-hole. The hang-holes in these two tabs align when the tray is inserted into the sleeve, allowing a display hanger to pass through the hole in both tabs. The tray also has a structure with an overhang portion that extends beyond a side wall of the tray. The overhang portion is positioned to abut the edge of the sleeve when the tray is fully inserted into the sleeve to prevent the tray from passing too far into, or even through the sleeve.12-20-2012
20120279894LOADING DEVICE FOR LOADING OPTICAL ELEMENTS - A loading device includes a number of stacked loading plates and a fixing assembly. Each loading plate is used for loading a number of elements. The fixing assembly fixes the loading plates together. Each loading plate includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. A number of spacer blocks protrude from the first surface, forming an interval between two adjacent loading plates. Each loading plate defines a number of through holes passing through the first surface and the second surface. A number of blocks are positioned on the second surface. Each through hole is surrounded by at least three blocks. Each of the at least three blocks has an arc surface facing a corresponding through hole. The arc surfaces of the at least three blocks cooperatively define a groove communicating with the corresponding through hole.11-08-2012
20120279895CONTAINER HAVING A RIM OR OTHER FEATURE ENCAPSULATED BY OR FORMED FROM INJECTION-MOLDED MATERIAL - A tray having at least one sidewall having a top edge, an interior surface, an exterior surface, and a bottom surface adjacent to the sidewall. The bottom surface and the interior surface combine to form a product receiving space of the tray. The tray has an injection-molded feature having an anchor portion and a flange portion. The anchor portion is adjacent the interior surface of the at least one sidewall, and the flange portion extends from the anchor portion and is adjacent the top edge of the at least one sidewall.11-08-2012
20130008826BAKERY TRAY - A bakery tray includes a base. A front wall extends upward from a front edge of the base. Side walls extend upward from side edges of the base. A rear wall extends upward from a rear edge of the base. The rear wall includes an inner panel portion and an outer lip portion that protrudes outward and then downward from an uppermost edge of the inner panel portion. A plurality of ribs connect the inner panel portion to the outer lip portion. In one feature, the plurality of ribs may include an increased concentration of the ribs in the center of the tray.01-10-2013
20130015096TRAY WITH RIBS CONFIGURED FOR REDIRECTING COMPRESSIVE LOADSAANM BeVier; Corey JacobAACI Sun PrairieAAST WIAACO USAAGP BeVier; Corey Jacob Sun Prairie WI USAANM Hinze; Bonita M.AACI Sun PrairieAAST WIAACO USAAGP Hinze; Bonita M. Sun Prairie WI USAANM Lee; MeeWhaAACI WaunakeeAAST WIAACO USAAGP Lee; MeeWha Waunakee WI US - A tray, as described herein, includes one or more ribs that increase the stacking or compressive strength of the tray and advantageously direct vertical compressive stacking forces to the relatively stronger portions of the tray. Specifically, the ribs direct the compressive stacking forces from the intermediate portions of the sidewall downward and outward toward the adjacent corners. The ribs can have an at least partially curvilinear shape between the intermediate portion of the sidewall and the adjacent corner thereof, such as having an intermediate generally bell-shaped region such that a vertex of the concave region is higher on the sidewall than where its legs intersect the corners of the tray. In another or alternative form, the tray can include one or more gripping portions that facilitate a user holding onto the tray.01-17-2013
20130020225Container System - A container system includes a tray support unit and at least one tray. The tray is received in tray guides of the tray support unit that allow the tray to extend from and retract into the tray support unit. The tray support unit includes two arms that are biased toward one another to facilitate removable attachment of the container system to a fixed item without the need for tools or hardware. The tray may comprise a plurality of apertures for securely receiving a plurality of items within the tray. Additional tray guides may attach to the tray guides of the support unit to allow additional trays to be incorporated on the tray support unit.01-24-2013
20110253587CARTON TRAY - A carton comprising at least one tray section for holding a plurality of products. The at least one tray section can comprise a bottom panel, a first side panel foldably connected to the bottom panel, a second side panel foldably connected to the bottom panel, and at least one end panel foldably connected to the bottom panel. A first side end flap and a second side end flap can at least partially overlap the at least one end panel. The at least one end panel can comprise a first end panel edge and an opposing second end panel edge. The first side panel can be generally aligned with the first end panel edge along the length of the first end panel edge, and the second side panel can be generally aligned with the second end panel edge along the length of the second end panel edge.10-20-2011
20080223749Terracotta serving piece - A serving piece which allows a user to keep the food hot without providing a source of heat to the piece.09-18-2008
20090065391FOOD OR DRINK TRAY - A food or drink tray is provided that includes a substrate having a curvilinear perimeter. The substrate has a top surface and bottom surface each extending along a first longitudinal axis and a second lateral axis perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. The tray also has a rotatable handle hingedly coupled to an edge of the substrate. The handle is rotatable between at least two stable positions. Also, the handle has a cross section with at least one of an oblong, an obround, an oval and a crescent configuration. The tray also includes a rib coupled to a peripheral edge of the tray and extends away from the tray in a direction substantially opposite relative to the handle.03-12-2009
20110266190APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR RETAINING SOLVENT - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for retaining solvent. A tray surface extends outward from a solvent sink. The tray surface is inclined toward the solvent sink. One or more tray walls are disposed at a perimeter of the tray surface. The one or more tray walls extend upward from the tray surface. A tray attachment interface supports the tray surface and the one or more tray walls relative to the solvent sink.11-03-2011
20100288673PACK FOR FOODS - A pack for foods includes a container (11-18-2010
20110308991FOOD TRAY - A food tray includes a front wall with a distal end and a proximal end, and a rear wall with a distal end and a proximal end. A first sidewall extends between the distal end of the front wall and the distal end of the rear wall, and a second sidewall that extends between the proximal end of the front wall and the proximal end of the rear wall. The front wall, rear wall, first sidewall, and second sidewall define an opening through which an item is placed in the food tray. The first and second sidewalls each define a slot and an extension extending above the slot. A lid member extends from a top edge of the front wall and defines a pair of tabs that engage the slots defined by the first and second sidewalls when the lid is folded over the opening. The top edge of the front wall is configured to cause the lid member to open when the first and second sidewall extensions are pulled apart.12-22-2011
20130199963TRAY HOLDER TAG SUPPORT - A tray holder tag support for attachment of signage to an edge of a tray. The tray is characterized as having a base and upstanding sides emanating therefrom, at least one of the sides terminating in a lip, the lip having a width. The tray holder tag support includes a planar region which when applied to the tray extends proximate one of the side walls. A clip or pair of clips are provided each having a first segment appended to and extending from the planar region, the first segment(s) being of a length greater than the width of said lip. Second segment(s) extend substantially downwardly from the first segment(s) and third segment(s) extend from the second segment(s) and are sized to extend under the lip when the tray holder tag support is appended to the tray.08-08-2013

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