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206462000 Housing projects from panel aperture 35
206467000 Movable or detachable housing closure 31
206471000 Housing contoured to retain article 6
206464000 Tongue and slot-type attachment 2
20110278192Display Package - A theft deterrent display package for at least one article comprises a product cradle having an interior space with a perimeter. A peripheral flange extends outwardly from the perimeter of the interior space. A locking slot is configured along the perimeter of the interior space. At least one self-standing leg extends downwardly from the interior space upon which the display package stands alone. A backboard is defined by a front face and a back face. A locking tab comprises a free end extends outwardly from one edge of the back face. The locking tab includes two angled fold lines used in assisting the free end of the locking tab to be inserted into the locking slot to securely enclose the display package.11-17-2011
20110017627HANG TAB REINFORCEMENT FOR BLISTER CARD PACKAGING STRUCTURES - A packaging structure is disclosed. In accordance with one aspect, the structure includes a blister (01-27-2011
206466000 Bag-type housing 2
20100213093Product Assembly - [Problem to be Solved] To provide a product assembly including a display strip and product-enclosed bags attached to the display strip, to which the product enclosed bag once detached can be reattached in spite of the fact that the display strip is of a heat sealing type and which can make customers recognize that the product-enclosed bag once detached can be reattached to the display strip.08-26-2010
20110155608Hybrid Mounting Cards Utilized In Sterile Barrier Packing Systems - According to one embodiment, a hybrid mounting card is disclosed that includes one or more receptacles adapted to receive a portion of a medical device and secure the portion of the medical device therein and a mounting card adapted to receive and secure the one or more receptacles. The one or more receptacles are configured on the mounting card to secure the medical device to the mounting card in a defined configuration. The use of the receptacles increases the types of medical devices that can be secured to mounting cards. The use of mounting cards enables medical devices to be stored in sterile barrier packaging systems that do not require custom thermoforming of an entire medical tray, such as medical pouches and standard blank medical trays. Other embodiments are disclosed herein.06-30-2011
20110180444FOLDING PACKET - This invention relates to a packet for containing products and designed to display the products in a manner especially convenient for them to be picked by the user.07-28-2011
20110192753SHAPABLE RESIN COMPOSITIONS - The present invention provides processes for the extrusion of a shapable resin-containing composition as a foam, wherein said composition comprises at least one extrudable resin and at least one saccharide ester of Formula I:08-11-2011
20090159479DISPLAY PACKAGING SYSTEM - A display packaging system includes a front panel, a rear panel, and a blister cavity. The blister cavity has a product holding chamber configured to receive at least one product and a sealing flange that extends outwardly from the product holding chamber. The sealing flange includes a series of apertures and is sandwiched between the interior surface of the front panel and the interior surface of the rear panel. Respective portions of an interior surface of the front panel and an interior surface of the rear panel are then adhered only to each other with the respective portions including portions of the interior surface of the front panel and portions of the interior surface of the rear panel that are disposed on opposite sides of the series of apertures.06-25-2009
20090134051DEVICE AND METHOD FOR REINFORCING A BLISTER - A device and method for reinforcing a blister, including a transport mechanism for transporting the blister, and a centering mechanism that bring the blister into a particular position in the direction transverse to the travel direction of the transport mechanism. A gluing station applies an adhesive to the blister and/or to a card, with the card having at least one opening that is matched to the geometry of a pocket of the blister. An insertion device is provided that sets the card into place on the blister.05-28-2009
20130081968FILM CONTAINER OF A BLISTER THAT CANNOT BE EXTRUDED - The invention relates to a film container of a blister that cannot be extruded, comprising a base film and a cover film for implementing a receiving chamber (04-04-2013
20100006466CORPORATE BODY OF TRANSPARENT RESIN AND PAPER COVER AND ADHESION METHOD THEREOF - A combination of a transparent resin and a paper cover sheet and a coupling method thereof. The combination comprises a piece of transparent resin having a receiving space, which is defined in the center portion thereof, and marginal portions, which are formed in the periphery of the center portion and are folded inward such that upper and lower bonding parts are formed; and a paper cover sheet inserted between the upper and lower bonding parts of the marginal portions of the piece of transparent resin and having one or more through-holes which are defined through peripheral portions thereof, wherein, after the paper cover sheet is inserted into the piece of transparent resin, the upper and lower bonding parts of the piece of transparent resin are bonded with each other through the through-holes in the paper cover sheet.01-14-2010
20100006465BLISTER PACK WITH FOLDED WINGS - A blister pack for packaging a product is disclosed. The blister pack has a backing structure including a main section and a wing section joined to the main section and disposed at an angle with respect to the main section. The main section includes two stacked backing sheets adhered together, at lease one backing sheet defining at lest one cutout area. The product is housed in a container, which includes a chamber section where the product is housed and a flat insertion portion. The insertion portion is held between the two backing sheets of the main section and the chamber portion protrudes from the cutout area. The blister pack can be made by folding a continuous sheet of backing material.01-14-2010
20120261296Prosthetic Appliance Transfer Kit and Method - A kit and method is disclosed to facilitate the transferring of a prosthetic appliance to the skin of a wearer. The kit includes first and second transfer portions, which may be provided in combined form. The first transfer portion includes a prosthetic appliance and a release film. The second transfer portion includes a transfer substrate, an adhesive layer and a release coat therebetween. The second transfer portion may include a seal layer disposed between the adhesive layer and the release coat. The kit may include a package portion which may non-adhesively restrain the other components so as to protect and display the prosthetic while enabling the package portion to be opened without causing damage to the remainder of the kit. A method for producing the kit is disclosed and involves the use of a cavity mold and respective retainer plate to produce the requisite transfer portions.10-18-2012
20110297574PACKAGING ASSEMBLY - A packaging assembly comprising: 12-08-2011
20100084299COVER OF A PACKAGE, A METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME AND A PACKAGE SEALED WITH A COVER AND A METHOD FOR SEALING A PACKAGE - A cardboard cover that seals a package and that also enables the resealing of the package. The lower surface of the cover (04-08-2010
20090205993PACKAGING UNIT WITH PROTECTIVE SECTION - A packaging unit having two planar elements arranged on each other to form, by virtue of being spaced apart in certain regions, a closed chamber and that are joined to each other in a collar region encircling the chamber, the collar region being bounded by an outer edge. The chamber has, for controlled dispensing of a medium stored therein, a tapering extending into a detachable section that is detachable from the collar region and on which a predetermined break line intersecting the tapering is provided for creating an opening at the tapering. Provision is made that the detachable section is bounded by a material weakening that is recessed at a distance from the outer edge into the collar region and separates the detachable section from a protective section of the collar region that covers the detachable section toward the outer edge.08-20-2009
20080257772Product security system for hanging merchandise - The present invention is a security system for preventing theft of hanging merchandise. The present invention includes a security package system for a product to be placed on a hanging display, the package comprising: (a) a product package of a relatively thin plastic material and having a top portion which has a front and rear, the top portion having an aperture adapted to receive a hang support; (b) a locking member of a relatively thick plastic material and having a front and rear portion so as to removeably fit over the top portion of the product package and having apertures in the front and rear portions that are positioned so as to align with the aperture of the top portion when in position over the top portion.10-23-2008
20100176019Packaging Article With Visual Display Portion - The present invention is directed to a package having “blister” of polymeric material for displaying a product in combination with a backing material, as well as methods for manufacturing the same.07-15-2010
20100126895DISPLAY PACKAGING SYSTEM - A display packaging system includes a front panel, a rear panel, and a blister cavity. The blister cavity has a product holding chamber configured to receive at least one product and a sealing flange that extends outwardly from the product holding chamber. The sealing flange includes a series of apertures and is sandwiched between the interior surface of the front panel and the interior surface of the rear panel. Respective portions of an interior surface of the front panel and an interior surface of the rear panel are then adhered only to each other with the respective portions including portions of the interior surface of the front panel and portions of the interior surface of the rear panel that are disposed on opposite sides of the series of apertures.05-27-2010
20110108448Suspension Packaging System - A retention package is formed from a tray member containing a retention member which includes a stiff board and a flexible, stretchable film attached to end panels of the stiff board. The end panels are folded under thus pulling the film taut for retaining an object between the film and the stiff board. The stiff board has two vertical walls that abut the interior of two walls of the tray member. An end cap is placed over the tray member thereby forming an enclosed retention package. The end cap is provided with kick plate means for holding the two vertical walls against the interior of two walls of the tray member.05-12-2011
20110000811CLAMSHELL PACKAGE FOR HOLDING AND DISPLAYING CONSUMER PRODUCTS - A system for holding and displaying an article comprising: a clamshell package comprising: a panel having a first major surface, a second major surface, a top end, a bottom end and at least one blister portion extending from the first major surface and defining an internal cavity for retaining at least a portion of the article; a first base housing having a top surface, a bottom surface and one or more lateral surfaces connecting the top and bottom surfaces of the first base housing, a well formed into the bottom surface of the first base housing; and the first base housing connected to the bottom end of the panel so that the panel extends upward from the top surface of the first base housing; a security device comprising a sensor housing and a plurality of cables extending from the sensor housing; and the sensor housing nested within the well of the first base housing so that the sensor housing does not protrude beyond the bottom surface of the first base housing and the plurality of wires are wrapped around the clamshell package.01-06-2011
20110042256UNITIZED PACKAGE AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - The invention generally relates to unitized packages for containing and dispensing a product material. In particular, the unitized packages comprise a printed base card and a fluid vessel permanently bonded to the printed base card. The fluid vessel comprises a first laminate bather layer comprising at least one layer of a biaxially oriented thermoplastic polymer, a portion of which is formed into a modified dome shape, and a planar second laminate barrier layer. The first and second laminate barrier layers are sealed together to form a fluid-tight enclosure, wherein the product material substantially fills the enclosure and the modified dome shape is resiliently sustainable.02-24-2011
20120118782BLISTER PACKAGE STIFFENING - A stiff planar sheet-form member is formed with cuts extending through its thickness and framing portions that, when removed, form an array of windows, whereby the panel that remains after removing the portions may be placed against lands on one face of a blister sheet with the windows receiving respective blisters of the blister sheet for stiffening the blister sheet. The cuts extending through the thickness of the sheet-form member also form openings that communicate at opposite respective ends with respective windows.05-17-2012
20110174653CAPSULE WITH SOLUBLE BLOCKING ELEMENT - The invention relates to a capsule comprising an inlet and an outlet connected by a passage, in which a dissolvable blocking element and a composition to be orally administered are arranged. The blocking element is fluid permeable and, in a non-dissolved condition, is arranged in the passage to block delivery of the composition to an outlet of the passage. The invention further relates to a method for releasable sealing a capsule comprising a composition to be orally administered, comprising the steps of providing the composition chamber in a passage and filling composition into the composition chamber. The passage formed by the capsule is occluded with a blocking element and the blocking element comprises dissolvable material and has a fluid permeable structure.07-21-2011
20120199511PACKAGING FOR TWO DIFFERENT BLISTERS - The invention relates to a packaging, comprising a hollow body (08-09-2012
20080202970INSERT FOR SLEEVE-AND-INSERT TYPE PACKAGE - An improved insert card is provided. The various embodiments include improved hinges, locking tabs, ribs, detachable base panel with center bar, grips, fold-resisting abutments, and fold-over panels.08-28-2008
20100320112PACKING IMPLEMENT FOR THIN ARTICLE TRANSPORTATION - [Problem] To stably hold and pack a thin card-shaped article.12-23-2010
20110031150Perforated Blister Packaging - A blister package includes a plastic blister being between top and bottom covers. The plastic blister further includes a perforation that partially extends around a product enclosure. A cut line intersects the perforation along an interior portion of the plastic blister to provide a location for tearing the product enclosure from the plastic blister.02-10-2011
20100181222PACKAGING MATERIAL - A packaging material includes: a pair of clam shells; a plurality of welding portions provided at marginal portions of the pair of clam shells and welded to each other with a product contained between the pair of clam shells in a sandwiched state; and a cutout formed in a part of at least either of the pair of clam shells surrounding the welding portions.07-22-2010
20120012491SEAL-TO-SHAPE BLISTER PACKAGE - A package is disclosed comprising a blister attached to a paperboard card, wherein the paperboard card has a curved shaped.01-19-2012
20110180445Cosmetic tablets and capsules for direct delivery of active ingredients - A cosmetic tablet or capsule for direct delivery of active ingredients onto a keratinous substrate is provided composed of a tablet or capsule having an outer shell and inner cavity containing at least one active ingredient optionally in a physiologically acceptable carrier. Active ingredients contained and delivered by the cosmetic tablet include fragrances, perfumes, serums, lotions, creams, sunscreens, moisturizers, body wash, shower gels, foundations and a plethora of products for making-up or applying to the skin. Other ingredients, such as scents, dyes, adjuvants, moisturizers, and/or colorings may be included in the composition and hosed in the tablet or capsule. In one embodiment the outer shell of the tablet/capsule is substantially water soluble and the active ingredients are appointed to be released by dissolving or puncturing the outer shell. In another embodiment the outer shell of the table/capsule is substantially non-water soluble and the active ingredients is released by puncturing the outer shell.07-28-2011
20120318695THEFT-RESISTANT PRODUCT PACKAGING AND RELATED METHOD - Theft-resistant product packaging includes a front shell having a matrix of cut-resistant strands disposed within or adjacent to a plastic substrate, and a back cover secured to and disposed relative to the front shell so as to form a cavity configured to contain a product therebetween. The cut-resistant strands may be formed of metal, fiber or fabric forming a matrix of cut-resistant strands which are overlayed, weaved or twisted with respect to one another. The cut-resistant strands may be disposed in a grid so as to form squares, rectangles, diamonds or parallelograms which are welded, glued or bound at the points of intersection12-20-2012
20100230315Display Pack and Packaging Method and Apparatus - A display pack for a consumer product is made of two sheets of corrugated cardboard and a clear plastic container with a flat insertion portion sandwiched between the cardboard sheets. The two cardboard sheets are adhered together in a peripheral area of the package by a heat sensitive adhesive, and the corrugations of the cardboard sheets are crushed and flattened in the peripheral area. To seal the package, the peripheral area of the two cardboard sheets is subject to sufficient pressure to crush the corrugations inside the cardboard sheets and flatten them in that area. Heat is applied to the outer side of the cardboard sheets in the peripheral area and conducted to the adhesive material between the two sheets to activate the adhesive material. A sealer machine with a heated sealing press or parallel sets of heated rollers may be used to carry out the sealing process.09-16-2010
20090294319Blister base part and blister pack - A blister base part made of a laminate with wells formed from the latter by cold-forming for the production of a blister pack for the packaging of products that are sensitive to moisture, oxygen and acid has a barrier layer as a barrier against water vapor and gases, a plastics material layer arranged on a first side of the barrier layer as the outer layer and a sealable inner layer arranged on the second side of the barrier layer, and to increase the durability, an absorber material absorbing moisture, oxygen and acid is arranged on the second side of the barrier layer.12-03-2009
20120241346PACKAGING HAVING MEANS FOR PASSIVE FLIGHT - The invention relates to a packaging which performs a passive flight motion, in particular a gliding and/or autorotation motion, during free fall. The invention is characterized in that the packaging has at least one wing (09-27-2012
20130134066CONSUMER PRODUCT PACKAGE COMPRISING A LAMINATE STRUCTURE - A laminate structure for containing a consumer product comprising: a cellulose based substrate comprising: a bamboo derived pulp; a sugar cane derived pulp; and a bulrush derived pulp; a polymeric laminate layer at least partially coating said cellulosic base substrate, said laminate structure forming a tub having a base and a perimeter wall defining a cavity for receiving a consumer product, said cavity being in communication with an opening that extends through the perimeter wall.05-30-2013
20130140210LOW-DOSED SOLID ORAL DOSAGE FORMS FOR HRT - The present invention relates to a low-dosed dosage form for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). More particularly, the present invention concerns a solid oral dosage form comprising about 0.5 mg estradiol and about 0.5 mg drospirenone, and at least one pharmaceutically acceptable excipient. Despite the low E2 and DRSP doses it has surprisingly been found that a very high proportion of the women suffering from moderate to severe hot flushes actually respond to this treatment. Accordingly, the dosage form of the invention may be used as maintenance HRT or may be used already when HRT is initiated.06-06-2013
20100314277TAPE RULE ANTI-THEFT DEVICE AND PACKAGE - A tape rule package includes a tape rule, a mount structure, and a surveillance tag. The tape rule includes a housing and a belt clip. The mount structure includes a securement portion constructed and arranged to be secured to the belt clip. The surveillance tag is carried by the mount structure.12-16-2010

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