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20130043157Medical Information Rotating Label System For A Container - The present application is directed to rotating label medical information systems for a container and methods thereof. A base label may be adhered to the container, and medical information displayed on the base label. A top label may cover at least a portion of the base label. The top label may be rotatable about the base label. The top label may have multiple transparent windows allowing multiple items of medical information to be visible through the transparent windows when the top label is rotated about the base label.02-21-2013
20110192750Room For System - A beverage cup having a measuring cavity and inverted indicia denoting a volume of at least a portion of the measuring cavity when measured down from the top of the measuring cavity. Said indicia is placed inside, outside, or both inside and outside the measuring cavity. Said indicia may denote a plurality of different types of volume measurements and may denote a plurality of different volumes for each one of said different type of volume measurements. Said indicia may be printed, embossed, or both, on an insulating sleeve configured for beverage cups without said indicia. Said indicia may be printed with pigment-based inks, dye-based inks, or with temperature sensitive inks. Said insulating sleeve may also function as base for said beverage cup when rotated.08-11-2011
20100072098Shred box with alarm system - The container for retaining paper to be shredded includes an alarm for generating an audible signal when tilted. The alarm includes first and second position sensors for generating first activation signals in response to a change in position in first and second directions, respectively. It also includes an auditable signal generator and control circuitry responsive to the activation signals for activating the signal generator. The control means preferably includes a sensitivity adjustment and a timer means for adjusting the duration of the audible signal. The container further includes an access door to permit removal of the contents of the container which a reinforced locked.03-25-2010
20100108555PACKAGES AND METHODS FOR USE WITH STORED ITEMS - An at least partially flexible sealed package comprises an opening assembly that includes a sliding component and a lifetime indicator for indicating an expiry status of a product within a storage compartment of the package. Movement of said sliding component relative to the lifetime indicator serving to open a seal of said package and activate the lifetime indicator.05-06-2010
20090301919PROJECT MANAGEMENT ORGANIZER CLIP - An ergonomic organizer device having enhanced organizational functionality comprising a clip integrally formed on the card which is configured to retain paper, the clip formed by a tongue disposed in a cut shape opening, and at least one indicator such as a flag or category wheel that is movably mounted on a surface of the card, wherein the indicator is coded for a designated purpose to facilitate organization and coordination.12-10-2009
20090301918Wainscot panel packaging with indicator - Panel packaging includes a wrapper, comprising at least one panel received by the wrapper and at least one indicator for displaying at least one stress. The indicator alters its appearance at least once depending on the at least one stress. The panel packaging provides improved handling of the panel by including at least one indicator for displaying at least one stress.12-10-2009
20120103849Container with Adjustable Date Indicium - A closure for a container has a plurality of indicia such as date and/or time, disposed on the lid's top surface, with a rotary collar which is adjustable to a fixed position to highlight (select) indicia regarding the contents of the container.05-03-2012
20130056379COOKWARE WITH RF DETECTION FUNCTION AND COOKWARE SYSTEM - A cookware includes a cookware body, and the cookware body includes an RF device and a time module thereon. The time module monitors a cooking time of the cookware and sends a cooking time signal to the RF device; and the RF device sends a time alarming signal for alerting a user to an external receiver once the cooking time reaches a pre-set time. Once the cooking time reaches a pre-set time or the cooking temperature reaches a pre-set over boiling temperature, corresponding alarming signals are sent by the RF device to the receiver so that the user can take corresponding actions to prevent occurrence of an accident, thus improving the safety of the cookware. Furthermore, the cookware can periodically monitor the cooking time and the cooking temperature automatically to allow the user to keep track of the cooking time and the cooking temperature in real time, which is convenient.03-07-2013
20130062239LABEL MEASUREMENT SYSTEM FOR A CONTAINER - The present application is directed to label measurement systems for a container and methods thereof. A base label may be adhered to the container, and measurement information displayed on the base label. A top label may cover at least a portion of the base label. The top label may be rotatable about the base label to a specific unit of measurement. The top label may have a transparent window allowing measurement information for the specific unit of measurement to be visible through the transparent window.03-14-2013
20130068650VACUUM LID FOR USE WITH BABY FOOD JARS - The present invention relates to a vacuum sealable container system comprising a container and a lid assembly having a movable valve insert. The valve insert includes a vacuum indicator for informing the user when a vacuum is present in the container. The valve insert is pneumatically movable within a chamber by way of a pump assembly to open and close a fluid communication between the container and the exterior of the container to remove fluid to form the vacuum. The vacuum indicator collapses into an opening formed in the lid assembly to inform the user of the vacuum as well as reinforce the seal formed by the valve insert.03-21-2013
20130068649Position indicator on liquid sample container - A disclosed technique includes an assembly comprising a cup with a first visual sealing indicator and a lid with a second visual sealing indicator wherein, in operation, the lid is screwed on the cup to a sealing indicator position where the first visual sealing indicator and the second visual sealing indicator are aligned. Another disclosed technique includes an assembly comprising a cup with a first audible sealing indicator and a lid with a second audible sealing indicator wherein, in operation, the lid is screwed on the cup to a position past where the first audible sealing indicator and the second audible sealing indicator have contacted each other producing an audible sound. Another disclosed technique includes a cup with a raised central bottom area and an insert with bracing wings wherein, in operation, the bracing wings stabilize and secure the insert in the cup.03-21-2013
20130068651SINGLE PIECE CONTAINER FOR SECURING AN INSERT CARD - Disclosed is a single-piece container adapted to receive and secure an insert card. The container is a generally rectangular, relatively flat structure having an interior chamber defined by a top surface, a bottom surface, one open end, and one closed end. The container is formed from a blow molding process and adapted to receive an insert card. The container further comprises locking elements that work in cooperation with the insert card to secure the insert card within the interior chamber such that it can not be removed without manipulation of the locking elements. The material comprising the container can be a clear plastic such that optical scan codes present on an insert card contained within the container can be read through the container.03-21-2013
20100065458SPECIMEN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A tray system for storing and transporting specimens, such as slides and paraffin blocks, includes a first tray having a top face with a first portion including a plurality of first compartments and a second portion adjacent the first portion including a plurality of second compartments, a width of the first compartments greater than a width of the second compartments. A top rim extends upwardly from the top face along a periphery of the first portion, and a bottom rim extends downwardly from an opposed bottom face about a perimeter corresponding to the periphery of the first portion on the top face. A second tray has a top face including a plurality of generally rectangular compartments each including flanges extending only partially across the compartment. A top rim extends upwardly around a perimeter of the top face, and a bottom rim extends downwardly around a perimeter of a bottom face. Both the first and second tray top rims are configured to receive both the first and second tray bottom rims to allow for interchangeable stacking of the first and second trays.03-18-2010
20110186459INTEGRATED DOCUMENT HOLDER AND RFID TAG - An integrated document holder and RFID tag device is disclosed herein. The document holder may take the form of a shipping envelope which is affixed to an item and carries documents related to the item such as a packing list or shipping manifest. The device includes an RFID tag integrated into the shipping envelope which allows both the RFID tag and the shipping envelope to be affixed to the item in a single labor effort.08-04-2011
20100089786GIFT PACKAGE HAVING CIRCUIT ACTUATING CAPABILITY - A gift package includes: a box body having a partitioning plate dividing an inner space in the box body into first and second chambers and adapted to abut against an article, the box body being provided with a lid for covering and uncovering an access opening of the box body; a signal output unit mounted in the second chamber; a circuit board mounted securely in the second chamber and provided with a controller that is electrically coupled to the signal output unit for controlling activation and deactivation of the signal output unit; and a switch operable through a selected one of the lid and the article to activate the signal output unit.04-15-2010
20130161219BEVERAGE CONTAINER WITH INTEGRAL USER-MARKING APPARATUS - A container for a beverage or food has a marking area having a sufficiently malleable material, such as wax, situated on the surface of the container for allowing a user to imprint and substantially maintain an identifying mark thereon. In preferred embodiments, the marking area is contained in a recess in the container, such that the identifying mark is embedded therein and is thus protected from inadvertent alterations. The wax and the marking area on the container surface may each be of at least one different color with respect to each other, such that when the identifying mark is imprinted in the marking area, the identifying mark is the same color or colors as the marking area, increasing the visibility of the identifying mark against the contrasting wax color. The user of the beverage or food container is able to easily identify and keep track of the container, even when it is among a group of similar containers, such as on the bench or sideline of a sports team or other club activity, social event, or in any other group setting, including at home within a family.06-27-2013
20110284415MEDICINE DISPENSER WITH BUILT-IN DISPESNING SCHEDULE - One embodiment of the present invention is a medicine dispenser with a built-in dispensing schedule. In this embodiment, a cylindrical container with a close-fitting disk-shaped cap having a cylindrical rim includes an inner schedule display, one day-and-time indication of which is displayed to a medicine consumer through an aperture in the cap rim. Features included in the cap, schedule display, and cylindrical container interoperates to ensure that the displayed day-and-time indication is advanced when the cap is removed and replaced. The displayed day-and-time indication is relatively large and clear, to facilitate viewing by vision-impaired users, and the schedule-advancement mechanism is robust and reliable. In addition, the cap and built-in schedule display include features that allow the displayed day-and-time indication to be set to an initial day-and-time indication.11-24-2011
20080308442WATER BOTTLE WITH MEANS FOR PERSONALIZING - A disposable drink container that includes a bottle that is formed of a plastic material. The bottle has an externally threaded spout and a sidewall. A cap that is threadably engaged to the threaded spout to thereby close the threaded spout. An array of raised projections is formed on an exterior surface of the sidewall. The raised projections are arranged in at least four columns and at least four rows. Each of the projections is deformable. A method for personally identifying a disposable drink container is also provided.12-18-2008
20120097566REGULATED INTAKE MEANS - A regulated intake apparatus for providing a means for a person to regulate a rate of intake of liquid such as water over an extended time period. The first regulated intake means (04-26-2012
20120024738Rotatable Bin or Like Object - A transportable apparatus has a main body configured to be transported in a horizontal orientation, and then raised to a vertical orientation in a working position. A base is mounted on the bottom end of the main body such that the main body rests on the base in the working position, and such that the base is carried at a rear end of the main body when the main body is in a horizontal transport position supported on. The base is rotatable about a vertical base axis such that the main body can be rotated with respect to the base about the base axis. A frame and wheels can be pivotally attached to the main body to transport the main body and then be stored in a vertical orientation along a wall of the man body in the working position.02-02-2012
20080296191Packaging Comprising Intergrated Sensor - “Packaging for receiving a substance having chemical properties which may change between a time when the substance is introduced for the first time into the packaging and a later time when the substance is used, the packaging including 12-04-2008
20090277811Inventory control and prescription dispensing system - A prescription dispensing system including a dispensing vault for storing for storing and dispensing prescriptions, with the vault further including RFID, bar code, and other means for verifying the content and internal location of pre-filled prescriptions; a customer interface that uses customer biometrics to ID a customer to ensure that prescriptions are only dispensed to the correct person; a patient registration system in communication with the central computer system for collecting insurance, doctor, biometric, and other information to facilitate transactions; transport container that integrates into the dispensing vault and provides secure transportation from a pharmaceutical manufacturer to the dispensing vault.11-12-2009
20090283434ESTABLISHING THE INTEGRITY OF CONTAINER CONTENTS - A method and associated apparatus are given for a novel way to overcome the difficulty of achieving absolutely certainty that the contents of a cargo container have not been accessed between the time it is packed and sealed at its point of origin and the time it is reopened at its destination. The concept is rather than to try to make the container impregnable, is to make certain that if the integrity of a container is violated, then than fact will be recorded without fail. The method consists of placing the cargo inside a secure enveloping structure, the physical continuity of which cannot be cut, or interrupted however briefly, without authorities being alerted. To achieve this the enveloping structure is made of semiconducting material. Immediately prior to sealing the contents at the point of origin a monitoring device housed inside the envelope is switched on. This device will monitor and record the temperature compensated electrical conductivity of the enveloping structure on a frequent and continual basis for the entire period of transit, the output of which will alert authorities of any interruption of continuity. The semiconductive material from which the secure envelope is made may be rigid and/or transparent. The envelope may be in the shape and size proportions of a typical metal freight container to facilitate its transportation to its destination in one of these common carriers.11-19-2009
20110198255CONTAINER HAVING A COMPUTER PRODUCT - A storage and/or reaction container system for fluids, includes a container and an electronic documentation device connected to the container. The documentation device further includes a timing device for capturing a point in time, at least one sensor, at least one input device for capturing inputs, and a storage device to store for readout at least one measured value captured by the at least one sensor device and/or an input captured by the at least one input device. The at least one measured value and/or the at least one input is associated by the timing device with the point in time of the capture.08-18-2011
20100270198CONSUMER PRODUCT KIT - A product system comprises a package base unit and a package. The package base unit comprises a control element and a package interface operatively connected to the control element. The package comprises a package base interface, and a printed element. The printed element comprises a control circuit element and an output circuit element. Each of the control circuit element and the output circuit element are operatively connected to the package base interface.10-28-2010
20090026103Consumption Tracker for a Fluid Container - A container is provided that includes a consumption tracker. The consumption tracker is moveable among multiple positions. The consumption tracker includes an indicator that points to characters on the container. The characters correspond to the positions of the consumption tracker and indicate a number of portions of a substance consumed from the container.01-29-2009
20120067758EXPIRATION DATE DEVICE FOR COSMETIC CONTAINERS - A system for providing an expiration month on cosmetic containers that store perishable make-up media including a container, a control, and a handle portion formed on the control. The handle portion has a greater outer diameter than an outer diameter of an exterior surface of the control wherein the greater outer diameter prevents the handle portion from entering the container, and a plurality of date-months formed on the exterior surface of the control in a sequential order in a first circumferential direction. The handle portion rotates the control in a second circumferential direction that is opposite the first circumferential direction thereby changing the date-months until the desired expiration date-month is visible in the aperture.03-22-2012
20120067757FLEXIBLE FUEL SENSOR - A flexible fuel sensor for measuring the fuel level in a tank in which the sensor is installed. The flexible fuel sensor comprises a fitting arranged to be mounted to a mated fitting on a fuel tank associated with a hole in the fuel tank, a flexible down member extending from the fitting in a first direction and including a fuel level sensing mechanism, the down member configured to be mounted to extend through the hole into the fuel tank, and a sensor head extending from the fitting in a second direction and including sensor electronics coupled to the fuel level sensing mechanism. The flexible down member may comprise a coil made of steel wire.03-22-2012
20110139655INDICATING PACKAGE - A package of oxygen sensitive product (06-16-2011
20090084700Security system for storing and transporting articles - A method of and apparatus for securing valuable articles wherein the articles are provided within a tamper evident primary container (04-02-2009
20100200448CURRENCY STORAGE CASSETTE AND CURRENCY HANDLING APPARATUS - A currency storage cassette 08-12-2010
20080314781STORAGE DEVICE FOR MOLD - According to an exemplary embodiment, a mold includes at least one plate and a storage device supported at the at least one plate. The storage device stores electronic information associated with the mold.12-25-2008
20120193258Tamper-Evident Closure for A Box with Alarm Sensor - The subject innovation provides a tamper-evident closure of a box with alarm sensor providing a latch with at least one side flap and an opening wherein the width of the opening, is smaller than the width of the latch and the expandable at least one side flap; wherein the at least one side flap is foldable prior insertion into the opening; wherein the at least one side flap is expandable after insertion into the opening; and wherein the latch and/or at least one side flap are provided with at least one layer of an electrical conducting material.08-02-2012
20100032332Portable Security Container with Tilt and Movement Detection System - A device and method for protecting personal property. The device includes a tilt and movement detection system utilizing acceleration due to gravity and an alarm adapted to signal when the device has tilted or moved beyond a predetermined position from a reference point.02-11-2010
20120103850PAINT CARTRIDGE - A paint cartridge (05-03-2012
20100147725PACKAGING WITH IMPROVED WATER VAPOUR BARRIER RATING - Packaging means made of plastic, in particular, for a free-flowing or pourable surfactant-containing and/or bleach-containing material, for example detergent or cleaning agent powder, comprising a base, a top and a body, wherein the packaging means has a water vapor permeability level>15 g/(m06-17-2010
20090078604Light Device - A light device and packaging assembly having packaging containing a product. The product may be a solar powered light device. The packaging includes a switch that is operable to activate the product while the product is still within the packaging so that a user may observe operation of the product without removing the product from the packaging.03-26-2009
20100193388BEVERAGE STATUS INDICATOR DEVICE - In some examples, a beverage status indicator device includes a beverage attachment temporarily positioning the device to a beverage container, a status display displaying a current status of the beverage, and, optionally, an advertisement area displaying an advertisement.08-05-2010
20100176018Vacuum Jug - The present invention is using the elementary principle that a containers weight varies with the amount of fluid the container is containing. This observation is used in the present invention to show the amount of fluid in the container by a simple weight measurement of the container. The container/jug is placed on or hung one or more springs (FIG. 07-15-2010
20100224525Storage Device for Infant Feed - The present invention provides for pressure indication within the vacuum storage container, as well as a way to isolate mother's milk in a container from air. The present invention utilizes sub-atmospheric pressure to reduce, or at least slow down, the oxidation reactions in breastmilk in order to preserve vitamins, lipids, and other important compounds in the milk, and includes means to measure that sub-atmospheric pressure, so as to provide indications to the user that the correct container pressure has been obtained and maintained.09-09-2010
20100147724TAMPER INDICATOR FOR RECLOSABLE PACKAGES - A reclosable package for storing and dispensing product. The package has a reclosable opening panel that can be selectively moved from a closed position where product contained within the package is retained to an open position where product contained within the package is exposed for dispensing. The package includes a tamper indicator that provides one or more of a visual, tactile, or auditory indication that the opening panel is being opened for the first time or has been previously opened.06-17-2010
20100236960 PACKAGING SYSTEM - A system for discretely packaging liquid or solid medication, or other substances, comprising a tray (09-23-2010
20120138500REFRIGERATOR HAVING A DECORATIVE MEMBER CAPABLE OF DISPLAYING HUMIDITY AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE DECORATIVE MEMBER - A decorative member of a refrigerator and a method for fabricating the same are disclosed. A refrigerator includes a storage container provided in a storage chamber; and a decorative member provided in the storage container, the decorative configured to generate light refraction and guide a movement of condensate condensed in the storage container, and configured to be capable of displaying humidity inside the storage container according to the movement degree of condensate.06-07-2012
20090261011MEDICATION MANAGING APPARATUS - A medication managing apparatus includes a medicine package case and a main body unit removably storing the medicine package case. The medicine package case includes blocks each storing a medicine package, openings provided at walls of each block and formed at positions facing each other such that the medicine package stored in the block is sandwiched therebetween, and an openable/closable cover. The main body unit includes a sensor portion (a medicine package sensor) disposed corresponding to each opening at the opposing walls of each block, to sense a medicine package based on that the medicine package stored in the block blocks a gap between a pair of openings, and a switch lever and a micro-switch (a medicine package case sensor) sensing attachment/removal of the medicine package case to/from the main body unit.10-22-2009
20100000899MEDICATION BLISTER PACK WITH EMBEDDED USER INTERFACE - A personal medication package is provided with an embedded user interface. The medication package includes an array of storage compartments for storing medication as well as visual indicia that is integrated into the medication package. The visual indicia are formed from color changing ink that is deposited onto the medication package. Consequently, the medication package can be manufactured and disposed of in an ecologically friendly manner.01-07-2010
20100300913Universal container for beverages - A container for beverages has a hollow container body, an electronic display provided on said hollow container body and displaying information which is visible from outside, and a user-operated control for controlling the information displayed on said electronic display by a user.12-02-2010
20110031148SECURITY PACKAGING - A security packaging provides multi-layer laminate structure for providing evidence of package tampering. The packaging may include a first panel having an opening therein in planar contact with an insert member and a film layer. The film layer may include a pattern layer that may be adhered to the film layer via an adhesion layer. A second adhesion layer may be placed onto the pattern layer to adhere the pattern layer to the insert member.02-10-2011
20100065457BEVERAGE PACKAGE WITH INCORPORATED HANDLES - A flexible beverage package includes a container having deformable walls for accommodating the beverage therein. A pictorial indicia is included on the container walls. Handle elements are positioned on the container walls for forming extending grasping members to allow grasping of the container without deforming the walls. The handle elements are incorporated into the pictorial indicia for forming an externally extending continuation of the pictorial indicia.03-18-2010
20100126894Tamper-evident sealing for seals of nozzle-shaped ports of a container - The invention concerns the tamper-evident sealing (05-27-2010
20110100851DISTINGUISHABLE BEVERAGE CONTAINER - A bottle includes a body portion for containing a liquid beverage. The body portion has a sidewall portion extending between a neck portion and a base portion. A plurality of depressable buttons is disposed about the body portion. The depressable buttons are operable for use by a user to identify the bottle.05-05-2011
20110253576SHIPMENT LABELS AND RELATED METHODS - Shipment labels and related methods are described. An example method includes printing a return address on a first label layer of the label and printing a delivery address on a second label layer of the label adjacent the first label layer. The example method also includes coupling the first label layer and the second label layer on at least a portion of a container. The second label layer releasably covers at least a portion of the first label layer so that the return address is not fully visible when the second label layer is releasably coupled to the container.10-20-2011
20120199508TANK WITH CONTAINMENT CHAMBER AND GAS SCRIBBER - The invention relates to a fluid storage tank having an interior volume and a floor and having an internal spill containment chamber comprising a vent gas scrubbing apparatus or scrubber. The chamber may be defined by a containment wall which completely separates the chamber from the tank interior volume. The containment wall may comprise an exterior portion which extends beyond the tank wall. The scrubber is disposed within the chamber and comprises a gas inlet passing through the containment wall into the tank interior volume, a gas outlet for venting scrubbed gases, and a gas scrubbing chemical storage and circulation system.08-09-2012
20120199509Pharmaceutical package - A packaging for pharmaceutical pills or the like is disclosed having formed therein both a payload enclosure and a recessed activating feature. The recessed activating feature, once activated using a pointed object, changes the packaging into a form that may be more readily opened by hand.08-09-2012
20110147253KETTLE - A kettle including an upper portion including a hollow center and a first opening and a second opening, a spout portion removably attached to the upper portion and removably attached to a base portion, wherein the spout portion includes a top spout side and a bottom spout side, and wherein the spout includes variable diameter, a base portion including a tea strainer, the base portion including at least a base section, the base section comprising a material configured to exhibit increased magnetic properties in response to the application of heat, and a trivet portion, the trivet portion at least partially comprised of a magnetic material, and wherein the trivet portion is sized to mate with the base section.06-23-2011
20120305430USE OF HYDROGEN SENSOR TO DETECT HYDROGEN STORAGE SYSTEM PRESSURE REGULATOR FAILURE - A method and system for using an existing open-environment hydrogen sensor for detecting hydrogen leaking from an atmospheric reference port of a pressure regulator. The atmospheric reference port extension tube of one or more pressure regulators in a hydrogen storage system is routed past a hydrogen sensor which is already used to monitor air around the hydrogen storage system for the presence of hydrogen. In this configuration, the open-environment hydrogen sensor can quickly and reliably detect hydrogen gas flowing from the atmospheric reference port of one of the pressure regulators in the event a pressure regulator develops an internal leak12-06-2012
20120097567Apparatuses and Methods for Managing Liquid Volume in a Container - The present invention proposes an apparatus (04-26-2012
20120061275TOP MOUNTING CAN CONTAINER - Top mounting can container that couples with a can. One or more embodiment enables simultaneous access to both the contents of the can and contents of the container. A half circle cut-out in the lid provides for spill free snacking from an independent vessel. Various configurations enable the inclusion of fresh food, eating and drinking from a straw if desired while standing and walking and access of solid or liquid in the container and can. Coupling elements that couple the top mounting can container to the can, may utilize any type of easily removable or semi-removable technology. Simplifies eating and drinking from one container and can in a theater or stadium having seats for example that provide one beverage holder per seat. Provides one free hand to hold a child's hand for safety while in stadiums and amusement parks.03-15-2012
20100288667OVERPACK SALVAGE DRUM - An overpack salvage drum including a drum body for holding a package to be overpacked, a lid adapted to be rotatably threaded onto the drum body to seal the package held in the drum body therein, and a clip adapted to be operatively associated with the lid before the lid is rotatably threaded onto the drum body. The clip is adapted to break in preference to the lid and the drum body in the event that the initial integrity of the seal between the lid and the drum body is compromised.11-18-2010
20100276325OXYGEN INDICATOR AND PACKAGE - An oxygen indicator using an optical absorption spectral change reaction caused by a substrate in the presence of oxygen via an enzymatic catalysis, which comprises an oxygen sensitive solution containing at least a coloring substrate, an oxidoreductase, and a reducing agent capable of reducing the oxidized coloring substrate.11-04-2010
20120152780Container with thermochromic indicator - A beverage container having at least one surface visible to a user of the beverage container and a pattern formed of a thermochromic material that provides information to the user of the beverage container. In an exemplary embodiment, the information provided to the user includes the amount of Calories that will be used by a typical human that drinks the volume of the beverage remaining in the container at its current temperature.06-21-2012
20120152782Sound-emitting Beverage Container - The present invention is a sound-emitting beverage container. The container comprises a generally cylindrical receptacle having a substantially closed bottom and open top, and receiving at its bottom a removable coaster, which coaster includes a top member and a bottom member, each member having a hollowed space in its center, wherein the space receives therein a removable sound chip, which sound chip comprises an integrated circuit connected to a power source for powering the integrated circuit, a switch for controlling the power source upon actuation of said switch, and a speaker, wherein the integrated circuit is configured to store a signal corresponding to a pre-recorded sound and to transmit to the speaker the signal for producing the pre-recorded sound upon the integrated circuit being supplied with power from the power source upon actuation of the switch.06-21-2012
20120152781Container with thermochromic indicator - A beverage container having at least one surface visible to a user of the beverage container and a pattern formed of a thermochromic material that provides information to the user of the beverage container. In an exemplary embodiment, the information provided to the user includes the amount of Calories that will be used by a typical human that drinks the entire quantity of the beverage in the container at its current temperature.06-21-2012
20120168333BOTTLE WITH PHOTOCHROMIC CAP FOR DETECTING SUNLIGHT - A sunscreen container has a photochromic cap that changes color when exposed to sunlight. The sunscreen container includes (i) a container body having an opening, the container body configured to receive sunscreen therein; (ii) a cap configured to cover an opening of the container body, the cap comprising a photochromic material, the cap having a color that changes when exposed to ultraviolet radiation; and (iii) a color-coded index mounted on the container body, the index having: (A) indicia that correspond to a plurality of color intensities of the cap; and (B) corresponding indicia that correspond to respective ultraviolet light intensities, e.g., low, severe, and extreme.07-05-2012
20120160725SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTION OF A CONTAMINATED BEVERAGE - A system and method for a beverage container configured to test for a contaminated beverage in the beverage container comprises a base of the beverage container, an upper portion of the beverage container, and a sidewall with an inner surface and an outer surface that extends from the base to the upper portion, and a testing material. A portion of the beverage container is the testing material configured to visibly react when the portion of the beverage container is contacted with the contaminated beverage.06-28-2012
20110180440METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REMOVING, INSERTNG AND SECURING RECEPTACLES IN A RECEPTACLE TRAY - A method and apparatus for controlling removal of one or more receptacles from a receptacle tray are described herein, in which a removal indicator indicates which of the one or more receptacles to remove. Thereafter, the indicated one or more receptacles may be manually removed from the receptacle tray using a gripping mechanism. The receptacles are secured in the tray with two or more tangs protruding from a front face of the receptacle closest to a connector interface. The two or more tangs fit into respective mating units in the receptacle tray, and one or more protrusions toward the rear of the receptacle, with respect to the two or more tangs, mate with respective mating units in the receptacle tray.07-28-2011
20110180438TEMPERATURE GAUGE FOR DISPLAYING THE TEMPERATURE OF A COOKING SURFACE OF COOKWARE - The present invention provides, in at least one embodiment, a convenient temperature gauge for measuring and displaying the temperature of a cooking surface, i.e., the heated place where a food substance is cooked, in cookware. The temperature gauge may be a standalone device and placed directly in cookware of any type. The temperature gauge includes a digital or analog display at one end. A sensor is provided at the other end, which is placed in direct contact with or in close proximity to the cooking surface in order to measure the temperature of the surface. Alternatively, the temperature gauge may be included within a cookware vessel such as a lid of a pan.07-28-2011
20110180439CONTAINER FOR RECOVERING USED LIQUIDS - The present invention relates to a container (07-28-2011
20120211386VACUUM / PRESSURE INDICATOR - A device for indicating the current pressure state within a closed container, the device having at least a first substrate having a first set of displacement abilities; at least a second substrate having a second set of displacement abilities different from the displacement abilities of the first substrate; wherein the first and second substrates are held in separable abutment and displacement of one of the first and second substrates causes separation from such abutment producing an indication of either vacuum or pressure within the container. Also included is a method for indicating a pressure differential between the pressure in the interior of a closed container and the ambient pressure that includes deploying a pressure differential indicator on the container such that a first side is exposed to the interior of the container and a second side is exposed to the ambient pressure; and creating a pressure differential within the container.08-23-2012
20100012542Tamper Indicator Device - A tamper-indicator device (01-21-2010
20100270197MULTIPURPOSE PACKAGES FOR STERILE PRODUCTS OR PRODUCTS TO BE STERILISED - The invention concerns a package (10-28-2010
20130180877LIQUID CONTAINER - The environmental burden of a liquid container during its life cycle is reduced, and a decrease in the reading or writing precision of an information recording unit provided on the liquid container is suppressed. A liquid container mounted in a liquid container holder of a liquid consuming apparatus, equipped with a first container section enclosing at least a portion of a liquid containing space capable of containing a liquid, the material thereof including a plant derived material, a high rigidity member having higher rigidity than the first container section, the material thereof including a material different from the plant derived material, and an information recording unit positioned above the high rigidity member, in which information relating to the liquid container is recorded, for which the information is read or written by a reading unit or a writing unit provided on the liquid consuming apparatus.07-18-2013
20110036738Device For Receiving Of Disposable Items For An Operating Room - A system for receiving of disposable items in an operating room, where the objects that are to be disposed of and which are equipped with a data carrier are automatically acquired and electronically registered in databases. The data carrier on the objects can be RFID tags or a barcode. The data read out are used in particular to individually recognize the type, quantity, and value of an object and to be able to document and display the type, quantity, and value of an object by using an electronic inventory and value determination process.02-17-2011
20120267277Color Changeable Carrier and Method - The present application is directed to a color changeable carrier constructed from at least one dye-laden material, wherein the dye-laden material is treated in a manner effective to provide one or more first visible colors under predetermined ambient conditions and one or more second visible colors under different predetermined ambient conditions.10-25-2012
20110266182HIGH-PRESSURE CONTAINER - The invention relates to a high-pressure container comprising a thin-walled, cylindrical metal liner (11-03-2011
20120279886DUMPSTER FOR HOLDING WASTE MATERIAL - A dumpster for holding waste material has a cup-shaped body, a lid and one or more hooking means, which are suitable to connect the dumpster to a waste collection device; the dumpster has one or more openings obtained in the body or in the lid and has one or more inserts, each of which is suitable to close a corresponding opening; each insert comprises a plate made of translucent material and is provided, in turn with a fixing system; the fixing system having at least one damping means suitable to attenuate vibration movements of the plate.11-08-2012
20110278189PERSONAL VAPORIZING INHALER ACTIVE CASE - A personal vapor inhaling unit is disclosed. An electronic flameless vapor inhaler unit that may simulate a cigarette has a cavity that receives a cartridge in the distal end of the inhaler unit. The cartridge brings a substance to be vaporized in contact with a wick. When the unit is activated, and the user provides suction, the substance to be vaporized is drawn out of the cartridge, through the wick, and is atomized by the wick into a cavity containing a heating element. The heating element vaporizes the atomized substance. The vapors then continue to be pulled by the user through a mouthpiece and mouthpiece cover where they may be inhaled.11-17-2011
20120325709CARBON DIOXIDE INDICATOR USING CHITOSAN AND FOOD PACKAGE COMPRISING THE SAME - Disclosed is a carbon dioxide indicator using chitosan and a food package comprising the same. The carbon dioxide indicator senses variation in partial pressure of carbon dioxide present in a head space of the package and thus visibly displays the result. The carbon dioxide indicator rapidly reacts at a specific critical point (pH 7.0) or less, thus being considerably highly sensitive.12-27-2012
20130092587CONTAINER SYSTEMS AND KITS - Systems have a first container and a second container removably joined by an intermediate member, the intermediate member forming a partial seal for the first container. The intermediate member includes an attachment area including a fastener for removably attaching the second container to the intermediate member. The attachment area and fastener are configured so that a portion of an upper surface of the intermediate member is accessible and visible to a user when the second container is attached to the intermediate member. In systems where the first container holds a liquid, the intermediate member includes a puncturable area for a straw or other conduit, and may include indicators for different drinks.04-18-2013
20130098794Refuse Collection Apparatus - A refuse collection apparatus includes a body portion extending between upper and lower ends. The apparatus includes a refuse container having bottom and side walls extending upwardly from the bottom wall and defining an open top and an interior area. A lid is releasably coupled to an upper edge of the side wall and configured to cover the container open top, the chute lower end being fixedly attached to the lid. An exhaust fan is operatively mounted to the lid in communication with the container interior area and configured to withdraw air from the container interior area when actuated. An input station is coupled to the chute upper end and configured to interface with the building wall, the input station having an access door movable between open and closed configurations selectively allowing and preventing access to the chute body portion, respectively.04-25-2013
20130126379TAMPER-EVIDENT PACKAGING - A tamper-evident package for pharmaceuticals is described. The package includes a case. A tray holding pharmaceuticals slides in and out of the case. The package includes an alarm that can be set to armed and triggered mode. When the alarm is armed, the system of the package changes the alarm to triggered in response to the tray being opened. The package may engage an access indicator in response to the alarm being triggered. The package may also flash an indicator light upon request, prior to opening the tray, to indicate whether the alarm was triggered since being previously armed. The alarm can be armed again if it is triggered, by entering a security code while the tray is closed.05-23-2013
20100276326Pressure Vessel With CO2 Liquid Level Indicator For A Paintball Marker - A pressure vessel 11-04-2010
20110210030SECURITY PACKAGING - A package comprises a security device where a security loop is formed integrally with the package for detecting a breach of the package. Additionally, the security loop may be formed with a portion to be interrupted if the contents are removed from the package.09-01-2011
20130146494FUEL FILLING SYSTEM - An apparatus and method sense a level of fuel in the fuel tank and actuate one or more lights to different states based upon the sensed level of fuel in the fuel tank.06-13-2013
20080197039FUEL FACTS INDICATOR FOR GASOLINE CONTAINERS - A fuel information system, e.g., for use in conjunction with fuel storage containers, is provided. The fuel information system will include a separate or stand alone system that can be fastened to, disposed about, or affixed, to the fuel storage container that is capable of providing data to a user of the container relating to the contents and/or characteristics of the fuel contained within the fuel storage container. The data on the fuel information system can include, without limitation: (1) the type of fuel being stored (e.g., leaded, unleaded, grade (e.g., regular, mid-grade, premium); (2) the fuel/oil mixture ratio, if applicable; (3) whether or not a stabilizing agent has been added to the fuel; (4) the date the fuel was added to the container; and (5) a location or place for “where used” information indicating the type(s) of equipment the particular fuel is intended to be used in.08-21-2008
20100314275SPIDER PACKAGE - A clamshell package is provided including an enclosure configured to hold a product. The enclosure includes a recess configured to receive an alarm component of an alarm spider wrap.12-16-2010
20110308986PACKAGING BOX WITH A RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION TAG - The present invention relates to a packaging box with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. The packaging box is made by folding one sheet, and has a main compartment space and an auxiliary compartment space separated from each other. The main compartment space accommodates articles, and the auxiliary compartment space is provided with the RFID tag. The surface of at least a portion of the auxiliary compartment space forms a portion of the surface of the packaging box. Accordingly, electromagnetic and physical interferences with the RFID tag placed inside the packaging box can be prevented even in the event the articles in the packaging box contain a silver foil or an aluminum material, or have sharp edges, thereby ensuring the stable operation of the RFID tag.12-22-2011
20110308985COMPOSITION OF A LIPOSOMAL GEL CONTAINING HYDROCORTISONE, ITS METABOLITES, PRECURSORS OR MIXTURES THEREOF AND THE USE THEREOF - Liposomal gel which, apart from liposomes and a continuous phase, includes at least one thickening agent, at least one biologically active material and, optionally, at least one additive, whereby the biologically active material is encapsulated in the liposomes, and whereby this material consists of hydrocortisone, its metabolites or precursors, or a mixture thereof, and is applied on the skin for therapeutic purposes, characterised in that the weight ratio phosphatidylcholine/hydrocortisone amounts to at least 2/1 and/or in that the weight ratio phosphatidylcholine/carbomer hydrogel amounts to at least 20/1.12-22-2011
20110308984SECURITY POUCH - A security pouch made of plastic, which is used to receive and to transport valuables, has a lower and an upper plastic layer, which are joined to each other, forming a closable access opening. At least in some sections, the security pouch is provided with a single-layer or multi-layer indicator layer, which produces a color change in the event of mechanical damage and, in particular, slitting.12-22-2011
20130199955TRAUMA RESISTANT SUSPENSION CELL PACKAGE FOR SECURE SHIPPING AND STORAGE - An impact and crush resistant shipping container for a vial and cap assembly, e.g., a FABI, the container having sides and a bottom defining a cavity and an opening, and a closeable cover; a partitioning divider defining at least one vertical receptacle for receiving a portion of the vial and cap assembly; an insert having at least one opening therethrough for receiving the vial and cap assembly, each opening sized such that the vial and cap assembly can be suspended in the opening, and the partitioning divider is positionable with respect to the insert such that the vial and cap assembly can be suspended at least partially within the receptacle, and the partitioning divider and the insert with the at least one vial and cap assembly suspended therein are positionable within the cavity such that the cover can be closed without contacting the at least one vial and cap assembly.08-08-2013
20130199956FLEXIBLE PACKAGE AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A FLEXIBLE PACKAGE - A resealable package configured to contain a consumable product includes a flexible substrate blank having a flap portion, a back portion and a front portion, wherein the flap portion, the back portion and the front portion are contiguously formed portions of the flexible substrate blank. The package further includes a pocket formed by the cooperation of an inner surface of the front portion and an inner surface of the back portion along a first fold line, and a tamper indicator formed by the cooperation of an inner surface of the flap portion and the outer surface of the front portion on the side of the pocket when the flap portion engages the pocket after being folded along a second fold line.08-08-2013
20090218247FLEXIBLE MOISTURE-BARRIER PACKAGES AND METHODS OF PRODUCING SAME - A flexible package for products sensitive to moisture, includes a front flexible sheet having moisture-barrier properties; and a back flexible sheet having moisture-barrier properties bonded along its peripheral edges to the peripheral edges of the front flexible sheet except for one edge to allow for the introduction of the product into the interior of the package and then the sealing of the package by bonding the unbonded edges. At least a section of the front flexible sheet having moisture-barrier properties is optically transparent such as to permit a moisture-indicator to be introduced with the product into the interior of the package before bonding the unbonded edges of the two sheets, and to be optically observed through the transparent section after the package has been sealed. Also described are various multi-layer constructions for the two flexible sheets, and methods of producing such packages to also include anti-static properties.09-03-2009
20120085669Indicator for a Drink Container - A drink container, such as a baby bottle, having a time indicator is described. The container includes a body and nipple assembly, and further includes the ability to display a relevant time. The body is suitable for retaining an amount of a drinkable fluid and has an opening therein. The nipple assembly detachably connects to the body over the opening using a securing collar. Alternatively, a detachable lid having a liquid dispensing opening may connect to the body. A numerical array integral to one of either the body, the securing collar or the lid, and an indicator cooperating with the numerical array, wherein at least one of the numerical array and the indicator are movable to align the indicator with any point on the array, provide the ability to indicate a relevant time on the container.04-12-2012
20130206630DESIGN CONTROL WATER BASED ADHESIVE - The present invention includes compositions of matter, methods of making and using a sealable container using a design control water based adhesive composition for application using a printing press by providing a substrate comprising a first side and a second side each having a top edge, a bottom edge, a right edge, a left edge and a storage region positioned there between; applying a first composition to the top edge, the bottom edge, the right edge, the left edge; applying at least a second composition to the first composition; and placing a cover on the at least a second composition to be sealed by the second composition and the first composition.08-15-2013