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206 - Special receptacle or package

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206363000 Body treatment (i.e., surgical, but not cosmetic) 148
206372000 Plural 133
206361000 Brush (e.g., swab, sponge) 42
206352000 Razor blade 10
206553000 Eating or kitchen type 9
206350000 Magnetic holder 5
20080245692Carrying assembly with analyte-determining instrument - A combination of carrying assembly with analyte-determining device. The analyte-determining device includes housing, a display and at least one user-input mechanism. The carrying assembly is adapted to magnetically attach the analyte-determining device. One of the analyte-determining device and the carrying assembly includes at least one magnet. The other of the analyte-determining device and the carrying assembly includes a magnetic-attracting portion. The at least one magnet is attracted to the at least one magnetic-attracting portion and attaches the analyte-determining device and the carrying assembly with each other.10-09-2008
20080257768MEDICAL APPARATUS CONTAINING DEVICE, DISCARDING DEVICE AND METHOD OF USE OF MEDICAL APPARATUS - A container case contains a capsule endoscope which incorporates a magnet. A magnetic body is disposed so as to guide, from one magnetic pole to the other magnetic pole, a magnetic field which is generated from the magnet of the capsule endoscope that is accommodated between and positioned by a first hold portion of an outer case and a second hold portion of an inner case which position the capsule endoscope. Thereby, there is provided a capsule medical apparatus containing device which can facilitate handling of a capsule medical apparatus and can enhance the efficiency in storage of the capsule medical apparatus.10-23-2008
20130118936MAGNETIC CONTAINER - The present invention relates to a magnetic container which includes a main body, a magnetic body and a storage disc, wherein the main body has a storage part, a brim edge, a transversal long hole, a fastener and a receiving chamber. The magnetic body is disposed in the center of the main body. The pivot of the storage disc is pivotally connected in the transversal long hole of the main body so that the storage disc can open or overlap relatively to the storage part. The storage disc has a stop edge to support the brim edge, and fastening blocks to fasten the fastener. An elastically extendable fastening element is disposed in the receiving chamber. Tools and parts can be inserted or clamped in the fastening element. Thus, the magnetic container has multiple functions on magnetic sucking and parts storage.05-16-2013
20100258464Magnetic storage device and a method of assembling the device - A magnetic storage device and a method of assembling the device are disclosed. The magnetic storage device includes a tray, a base and a magnetic member. The tray has a lower surface with a hollow area, and an upper surface. The upper surface has an upwardly extending member with a plurality of cavities formed therein. Each cavity is configured to enable one of a plurality of products to be at least partially retained therein. The base is designed to engage with the tray to completely enclose the hollow area. The magnetic member is sized and configured to be positioned within the hollow area. The magnetic member is capable of exerting a magnetic attraction to temporarily retain the plurality of products in the cavities and exerts a magnetic attraction through the base to releasably attach the magnetic storage device to a magnetically attractive surface.10-14-2010
20110308980MAGNETIZED HAND TOOLS - The magnetized hand tools each include a sleeve of resilient material disposed over each handle or the base of the tool. One or more magnets are installed between the tool handle(s) and the resilient grip(s) covering the handle(s). Alternatively, the tool may have one or more magnets installed in the base, i.e., the drive attachment end, of a socket, with a sleeve being applied over the base of the socket to retain the magnet(s). The socket sleeve has a passage therethrough for the conventional square drive of the ratchet or other tool used to drive the socket. The magnets are recessed into the base of the socket to allow the overlying sleeve portion to lie immediately adjacent to the surface of the socket base, and may be inset into recesses in the tool handles and/or positively attached thereto for more positive retention.12-22-2011
206371000 Desk-clerical, drafting or engineering type 3
20090250366Adhesive Pen Holder - This is a utility patent application for a new type of article holding device.10-08-2009
20090261006FOLD-OUT PENCIL CUP - An instrument storage device comprises a first housing member, a second housing member, and at least one compartment. The second housing member is pivotally connected to the first housing member and adapted to be displaced between a closed position in close proximity to the first housing member and an open position spaced from the first housing member. The compartment is disposed between the first and second housing members and includes a flexible material such that the compartment is disposed in a collapsed state when the second housing member is in the closed position, and an expanded state when the second housing member is in the open position. The compartment comprises a continuous sidewall that defines a cavity for receiving and storing one or more instruments when in the expanded state.10-22-2009
20130092583PENCIL CASE - The present invention relates to a pencil case for conveniently storing stationery such as pencils, ballpoint pens, and erasers. The pencil case of the present invention is adjustable in length and shape in accordance with the shapes of writing implements.04-18-2013
206351000 Powered razor 1
20080289983PORTABLE DISPLAY CONTAINER FOR HAIR CLIPPERS - A case for receiving and retaining a plurality of barbers' hair clippers has a flat bottom with raised peripheral walls, a section of which has an array of notches defined in its upper edge to receive and engage electric cords extending beyond the case to connect to wall sockets. The clippers are retained side-by-side in one compartment separated by partitions from other compartments containing other barber's accessories. A lid is pivotably attached to the case to close the case during transport of the retained items. The lid has a mirror on its interior surface and is selectively removable from the case. The clippers are retained in sufficiently spaced relation to permit the cords to be folded or coiled and stored in the clipper compartment during transport.11-27-2008
20130043154CONTAINER FOR TOOL BITS - A container for tool bits includes a casing, multiple bit seats pivotally connected with the casing, and a hanger connected with the casing. The casing has a back plate, a bottom plate extending from the bottom of the back plate and being perpendicular to the back plate, multiple partition plates extending from the back plate and being respectively perpendicular to the back plate and the bottom plate and multiple cavities respectively defined between the partition plates. Each cavity has two first buckles extending form two inner sides of the cavity. The bit seats are respectively mounted in the cavities, and each bit seat has two second buckles formed on two sides of the bit seat. The hanger has a through hole defined through the hanger.02-21-2013
20130075292TOOLBOX WITH A HINGE DEVICE - A toolbox with a hinge device having a first shell and a second shell includes a first opening defined in the first shell and a second opening defined in the second shell. Two first protrusions are respectively formed on two opposite lateral surfaces of the first opening. Two second protrusions are respectively formed on two opposite lateral surfaces of the second opening. A hinge member is pivotally accommodated in the first and second opening. The hinge member has two pairs of grooves respectively defined in two ends thereof for correspondingly and pivotally engaging with the two first protrusions and the two second protrusions.03-28-2013
20100072093PACKAGE FOR A SAW BLADE - A package for a saw blade comprises a housing defining a space for receiving a saw blade. A first cover is attached to the housing at a hinge, and is pivoted at the hinge so as to overlay the saw blade and retain the saw blade in the housing. The cover is dimensioned to extend over less than the entire saw blade. A compartment may be attached to the housing where a security device is located in the compartment. A second cover seals the security element in the compartment. A second cover may be attached to the housing at a second hinge, and pivoted at the second hinge so as to overlay the saw blade and retain the saw blade in the housing. The second cover is dimensioned so as to extend over less than the entire saw blade.03-25-2010
20100065455APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PACKAGING AND PRESENTING ROTARY DRILL BITS - A container is provided for packaging, shipping, storing and presenting a rotary drill bit. The container may be used with fixed cutter drill bits or roller cone drill bits. A wide variety of tools and accessory components may be disposed within the container. A bit breaker may also be attached to one end of the container using a bit breaker adapter. Bit breakers for two different sizes of rotary drill bits may be releasably engaged with a container using the same bit breaker adapter.03-18-2010
20100108549Blow Molded Tool Chest Without Fasteners - A blow-molded carrying chest which includes an integrally molded frame with a top frame member slideably engaged with the left and right frame members. The frame includes a base frame member, and right and left frame members integrally molded to the base frame member. A top frame member is slideably engaged with the right and left frame members to secure the top frame member and assemble the carrying chest without requiring any fasteners. Below the top frame member is a plurality of drawers which are locked by hinged doors on the right and left frame members that prevent the plurality of drawers from sliding when the carrying chest is in transport.05-06-2010
20130026054KNIFE SHEATH - A sheath for a knife is ventilated or is formed with gaps in a way that sand and other debris cannot collect to dull the knife's blade. The sheath holds the knife, protects and safely covers the sharp edge, but does not provide a surface for abrasive sand to dull the edge. The sheath can include front and rear panels, held together with a plurality of spacers disposed between the panels. The spacers can be rounded to as to minimize contact between the spacers and the blade of the knife.01-31-2013
20100025272HOLDER FOR AN ELONGATE ARTICLE - A holder for at least one elongate article, with a main part on which is formed at least one receptacle into which the article can be introduced, and with a lid part which is movably connected to the main part via a joint and closes the receptacle in a closed position at least the main part having a hard component portion and a soft component portion connected thereto, the soft component portion forming the receptacle for the article. The joint is also formed by the soft component portion.02-04-2010
20090045088Electric tool holder with accessory pod - The invention is a system incorporating an accessory pod. In one embodiment, a rotary tool charging station system includes an electric tool holder with a charging port and a first coupling portion, and an accessory holder pod configured to hold a plurality of accessories and including a second coupling portion, the second coupling portion configured to removably couple with the first coupling portion.02-19-2009
20130056376OPTICAL FIBER CUTTER STORAGE CASE - A case for accommodating a fiber cleaver is capable of preventing the fiber cleaver from being damaged. The case accommodating a fiber cleaver includes a base and a lid such that the lid is openably and closably provided for the base in an integrated fashion. The base of the case has therein a positioning space for the cleaver on its inner bottom surface, the positioning space positioning a main body included in a cleaver unit. Latches protruding inwardly in the base of the case are arranged on positioning walls defining part of the positioning space for the cleaver. The latches have a function of retaining a support of the main body of the cleaver in a direction along the height of the base of the case. The latch further has a function of retaining a slider included in the cleaver unit in a sliding direction.03-07-2013
20130056375PACKAGING FOR HAND TOOLS - A hand tool and packaging assembly includes a hand tool having a first handle and a second handle pivotally coupled to the first handle. The assembly also includes a packaging for supporting the hand tool. The packaging includes a backing portion and an enclosure portion coupled to the backing portion to enclose a portion of the hand tool. The enclosure portion defines a first opening and a second opening. The first handle extends out of the enclosure portion through the first opening such that the first handle is held stationary relative to the backing portion. The second handle extends out of the enclosure portion through the second opening such that the second handle is pivotable relative to the first handle while the hand tool is supported by the packaging.03-07-2013
20130062234PACKAGING CONTAINER OF VARIABLE LENGTH - A packaging container (03-14-2013
20130068645PACKAGING CASE WITH CLAMP-TYPE HOLDER FOR OBLONG OBJECTS - A packaging case (03-21-2013
20130068644POLE ENGAGEABLE TOOL CONTAINER - A tool container providing engagement to the distal end of a pole, such as a pool maintenance utility pole. The tool container being substantially tubular having an axial passage with a first and second cavity separated by an end wall. The first cavity being substantially larger than the second cavity as to receive one or a plurality of tools such as screwdrivers in secured engagement. The first end also having a removable cap.03-21-2013
20130068643FIXED SEAT FOR A TOOL - A fixed seat for a tool has a sleeve joint pillar set into a polygonized pillar, of which the circumference side part contains abutment surfaces and edges. The abutment surface can abut the groove wall of the sleeve's square casing groove, and said edge or margin part permits spanwise locking of the sleeve during its rotation. A positioning convex part is protruded from an abutment surface on the circumference side part of the sleeve joint pillar, and interlocked with the positioning concave camber on the groove wall of the square casing groove. A lateral through-hole is set onto one side of the sleeve joint pillar. Both ends of the lateral through-hole pass through separately the abutment surface on the circumference side part of the sleeve joint pillar. A wall rim is formed between the abutment surface and the lateral through-hole, so that the positioning convex part could be squeezed flexibly.03-21-2013
20090014345Means and Method to Protect Items From Contamination - A protective sleeve used to cover and isolate tools such as cooking utensils, medical tools, industrial tools and the like from contaminants. The sleeve comprises an interior portion, an exterior portion, and an exterior trim and is comprised of a malleable material so that it may be crimped and secured to the end of any utensil or tool. The sleeve, being malleable, may also be shaped to supplement the utensil or tool. For example, a sleeve over a spatula could be shaped with lipped edges so as to allow the spatula to more easily hold and maneuver foods. An example of a use of the protective sleeve is to protect foods from cross-contamination of harmful bacteria that may be present on raw or undercooked meats.01-15-2009
20120234709DRILL BIT SUSPENSION STRUCTURE - A drill bit suspension structure includes a case that receives a drill bit therein. The case has a bottom board forming a through hole from which an insertion tube extends for receiving and holding a drill bit therein in an erected fashion thereby positioning a cutting edge portion of the drill bit inside the case but allowing a shank of the drill bit to extend outside the case. Alternatively, a retention seat is received on the bottom board of the case and forms a central bore that receives the insertion of a tip of the drill bit to thereby also retain the drill bit in an erected fashion. As such, the spiral cutting edge portion can be effectively protected and aesthetics of suspending exhibition of the drill bit can be realized.09-20-2012
20130161217WRAP-AROUND STORAGE BOX FOR THE TOP OF A LADDER - A wrap-around storage system for use on top of a ladder provides storage for items without the risk of them falling off the top of the ladder. The wrap around storage box includes an open rectangular region adapted to accept the top of the ladder and a storage box, or kraytel, attached along one edge of the open rectangular region. A side opposite the storage box can be angled inward at an angle from about 78 to about 82 degrees, typically about 80 degrees, to securely wrap the storage system to the top of multiple brands of ladders. The storage box is larger and deeper than typical top platform integrated storage areas on ladders, thereby preventing items from rolling or falling out of the storage box.06-27-2013
20120000803TOOL BOX WITH ANTI-SLIP SURFACE - A tool box includes a plastic case formed by way of blow molding and a flexible piece is integrally formed on an outside of the plastic case during processes of the blow molding. The flexible piece is connected to an inside of a female mold and the melted plastic material is inflated and matches the insides of the male and female molds. The flexible piece is securely connected to the melted plastic material high temperature and pressure so that flexible piece and the melted plastic material are not separated. After the tool box is formed, the tool box includes an anti-slip and flexible piece on the outside thereof.01-05-2012
20110226645BLADE EXCHANGE DEVICE, SYSTEM AND METHOD - A blade exchange device may be used to remove or install a blade on a medical or surgical instrument such as a dermatome. The blade exchange device generally includes a base portion and a blade engaging portion that engages the blade being removed or installed. The blade exchange device may be used in a system that also includes a magnetic tool for coupling and moving the blades that are removed or installed. The blade exchange device, system and method may be used, for example, with commercially available dermatome instruments such as the type known as the Goulian-Weck knife.09-22-2011
20100084292PLUNGER CADDY ASSEMBLY - A plunger caddy assembly includes a plunger and a caddy that receives the plunger. The plunger is selectively rotatable in a first direction relative to the caddy to release the plunger from the caddy. The plunger is selectively rotatable in a second direction relative to the caddy to secure the plunger within the caddy.04-08-2010
20120292213MOBILE TOOL BOX - A transportable tool box comprising a large compartment configured with upright extending side walls defining a top opening of the large compartment configured with a locomotive arrangement, and two compartmented covers slidingly displaceable over the top opening of the large compartment between a closed position wherein the covers coextend and cover the top opening, and an open position wherein the two covers are displaced away from one another and expose the large compartment to allow access thereto. A locking arrangement is provided for arresting the compartmented covers at the closed position.11-22-2012
20080283430Tool protection apparatus - A tool protection apparatus includes a handle; a protecting cover pivotally coupled to an end of the handle, and substantially U-shaped and hollow on both lateral sides; two pivotal connection portions, each disposed separately on top and bottom surfaces of an intersection of the handle and the protecting cover, and including a latch hole and a circular hole; two protruding pillars, each disposed separately on top and bottom surfaces of an intersection of the handle and the protecting cover, and passing through each circular hole; two limit position slots, each disposed on the protecting cover and at a position proximate to the pivotal connection portion; two stop portions, each disposed on the handle and at a position proximate to the protruding pillar, and the stop portion can be latched precisely into limit position slot, such that the present invention is a safe and easy-to operate tool protection apparatus.11-20-2008
20080272017SUSPENSION TAG FOR SOCKET WRENCH - A suspension tag for a socket wrench is disclosed which provides a measure for easy and secured hanging of the socket wrench. The suspension tag includes a tag body forming a receptacle seat defining a bore to rotatably receive therein a fitting cap. The fitting cap forms a hollow frame section to receive a drive piece of the wrench therein. The hollow frame has an elastically deformable top panel that is connected to side panels in a limited moveability manner. The top panel forms an internal projection that, when brought into contact with the drive piece of the wrench at the time the wrench is inserted into the fitting cap, forces the top panel to deform and displace upward to allow the project to reach and thus engage a hole defined in the drive piece of the wrench that retains a spring-biased sphere therein so as to secure the wrench to the fitting cap and thus the suspension tag.11-06-2008
20110005951TOOL CASE, IN PARTICULAR HANDHELD POWER TOOL CASE - The invention is based on a tool case, in particular a handheld power tool case, having a basic case body that has at least one storage chamber which is provided at least for receiving at least one tool and/or at least one battery unit. It is proposed that the tool case has at least one air conditioner at least partially integrated with the basic case body.01-13-2011
20080257767SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PACKAGING CUTTING BLADES - A flexible package for cutting blades. A flexible first layer has at least one cavity formed therein to form a base for receiving a cutting blade. A flexible second layer is arranged over the base and proximate the base. A seal is formed about the periphery of each cavity to encapsulate a cutting blade placed into the cavity, the seal being formed by applying a predetermined combination of heat and pressure to selected portions of the second layer to cause the adhesive thereon to selectively bond to the base. Movement of each encapsulated cutting blade is deterred during transport and handling by the cavity in cooperation with the seal and the second layer, the blades becoming movable within the cavity when the seal is broken.10-23-2008
20110139645Protective Sheath For Securing A Blade Of A Cutlery Implement - A protective sheath is provided for removably securing a blade within the sheath. The sheath includes walls forming a cavity to receive the sheath within the cavity. The sheath also includes a concave detent portion having at least one arm for removably and frictionally securing the blade within the sheath so as to prevent inadvertent or unintended removal of the blade from the sheath.06-16-2011
20090242440Display Box For Tools - A display box has a housing, a case and a cover. The housing has a least one recess corresponding to at least one tool part. The case is mounted on the housing. The cover is mounted on the case and has an outer surface, an inner surface, a side surface, a window, an inner opening and at least one hook. The window is defined in the outer surface and the inner opening is defined in the inner surface and has an edge. The at least one hook is formed on the edge of the inner opening to hold the housing in position. Due to the cover being mounted on the case, the display box is durable and the cover is easily changeable. Therefore, product value may be increased.10-01-2009
20090250365Toolbox - A toolbox is configured to store at least one hand-held tool in a forward leaning position. A front end portion of a tool main body and a rear end potion of a handle are supported by a seat portion of the toolbox.10-08-2009
20090250364Portable container for a hand-held power tool - A portable container (10-08-2009
20090261005PACKAGE FOR A SAW BLADE OR SIMILAR PRODUCT - A package is provided for a saw blade that includes a paperboard back secured to a transparent plastic front. The plastic front includes an edge border that is reinforced to support the weight of the saw blade and that may extend over the edge of the paperboard back for the periphery thereof. The plastic front includes a pocket for receiving the blade where the pocket is provided with projections for engaging the blade to keep the blade from moving once inside the package. A peg is also provided in the plastic cover that engages a portion of the saw blade to ensure that the saw blade is properly oriented in the package during the packaging process. A portion of the back is not adhered to the plastic front to provide an easy opening access between the plastic front and the paperboard back.10-22-2009
20100176015Hanger for cutting tool - A hanger for being secured on a cutting tool (07-15-2010
20100276317Toolbox assembly - A toolbox assembly 11-04-2010
20080314779Hanger for Wrench - A hanger is disclosed for a wrench. The wrench includes a head and an insert connected with the head. The hanger includes a board and an aperture defined in the board for receiving the insert of the wrench. The edge of the aperture can hold the insert in position because of friction.12-25-2008
20080308438APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TRANSPORTING AND STORING A PLUMBING TOOL - A plumbing tool transporting and storing device and method for entirely concealing a plumbing tool such as a toilet brush or plumbing plunger, and transporting that tool without risk of dripping effluent or displaying the device's contents, and for storing the tool efficiently and conveniently. The device is used by placing the tool into the device through a specially designed opening, then picking the device up by its handle, and carrying it to its destination, avoiding unwanted attention as the concealed tool is transported through common areas. The device may then be hung on a surface such as a wall or rack, by a bracket system or by the handle.12-18-2008
20090065386Support Member for Edged Tool - A support member used in exhibiting an edged tool is provided with a support body and retaining means. The support body is formed by a first sheet and a second sheet being superimposed on each other so that an accommodation chamber is formed between the first sheet and the second sheet. The second sheet is provided inside of outer peripheral edges with an opening which allows the cutting edge of the edged tool to be inserted. The cutting edge of the edged tool which has been inserted into the opening is accommodated in the accommodation chamber so as to be covered by the first sheet and the second sheet. The handle of the edged tool of which the cutting edge has been accommodated in the accommodation chamber is arranged so as to be superimposed on the second sheet. The retaining means supports the edged tool of which the cutting edge has been accommodated in the accommodation chamber on the support body. It is thereby possible to prevent the first sheet from being removed from the second sheet.03-12-2009
20110120894HAIR-APPLIANCE HOLDER - A hair-appliance holder for retaining a hot hair-styling appliance, such as a hot hair iron, on an upper edge portion of a pedestal sink basin or a towel rod and which, while retaining the hot hair iron, reduces the likelihood of burning contact by the iron with adjacent objects and a user thereof, the hair-appliance holder comprising a counterweight member, or other attachment means, a heat-resistant retaining member having at least one open end for inserting a hot hair-styling appliance, and a connecting strap member, each named member preferably being made of semi-rigid silicone.05-26-2011
20110073506TOOLBUCKET AND A METHOD FOR CLOSING A TOOL BUCKET - A tool bucket for hoisting items between two different vertical levels and a method for closing such bucket, the bucket including a bottom part including a base and one or more walls extending upwards from the base to substantially form a bucket, an upper part having a tubular shape made from a flexible textile or textile-like material, where the upper part is connected to the bottom part so that the upper part extends beyond an upper edge of the bottom part03-31-2011
20100320107Large paint roller sleeve storage container - A storage container for a large sized paint roller sleeve such as but not limited to an 18 inch paint roller that includes a cylinder formed of two joining portions that includes for each portion a set of flutes on at least two opposing sides of an interior surface for stabilizing a roller cover in place from rattling inside of the housing and for holding said roller cover in place when extracting a roller handle from said roller cover.12-23-2010
20120031789SAFETY DRILL BIT SUSPENSION STRUCTURE - A safety drill bit suspension structure is provided for safe suspension and exhibition of a drill bit and includes a suspension board and a carrier seat pivoted thereto. The carrier seat includes a semi-tubular base and a cover connected thereto at a bottom so that the cover can be turned over to cover and close the base to collectively form a tubular structure of carrier seat. The base forms therein a positioning ring for positioning of an inserted tool. The cover forms in a central portion thereof a resiliently deflectable retention tab, whereby when a drill bit is inserted into the carrier seat, a positioning cavity formed in a surface of the drill bit may receive the positioning cavity to resilient engage therewith for retaining. To remove the drill bit, a connection element that fixes the cover is cut off to allow the drill bit to be removed.02-09-2012
20110083982Utility Device Caddy - The present invention relates generally to a utility device caddy, particularly a caddy capable of holding a toilet plunger. In particular, the present invention relates a toilet plunger caddy in which the toilet plunger may be removed from and returned to the caddy through a hinged door without having to touch the caddy. The utility device caddy may also be configured to hold both a toilet plunger and a brush.04-14-2011
20110259773SPECIAL CONTAINER FOR MOBILE EXTRUSION EQUIPMENT - A special container for mobile-type ex-truding equipment includes a base (10-27-2011
20110114519COMPONENT WITH ENHANCED SHELF LIFE - A process has been developed that significantly reduces moisture absorption of components, resulting in a component which is less susceptible to moisture and adsorption/absorption effects to the components functionality. In one embodiment, a component having reduced susceptibility to moisture exposure includes a component disposed in an air-tight package, the component having a blocking gas disposed in pores on a surface of the component. In another embodiment, a method for preparing a component having reduced susceptibility to moisture exposure includes driving water from a component in a controlled environment, exposing the component in the controlled environment to a blocking gas, removing the component in the controlled environment, and optionally sealing the component in an air-tight package.05-19-2011
20090288970TOOL CONTAINER ASSEMBLY WITH SLIDING DOOR - A tool container assembly includes a container, rollers, a handle, and a slidable closure member. The container includes an upper and a lower storage space therein, a rear wall, opposing side walls, a lower front wall and a front opening above the lower front wall. The front opening generally lies along a plane that extends away from the rear wall as it extends downwardly. The slidable closure member is slidably movable between a first position wherein it substantially covers the front opening and a second position wherein it exposes the front opening. The closure member moves to a position wherein it generally lies between the plane and the lower front wall, and at an angle with respect to the plane, when it is moved to the second position.11-26-2009
20120043237WIPER BLADE PACKING CASE - The present invention relates to a wiper blade packing case for packing a vehicle wiper blade. The wiper blade packing case comprises: a plate-type lower panel which has a pair of longer sides and a pair of shorter sides, and which is curved in a lateral direction with respect to the lengthwise direction of the surface thereof; a plate-type upper panel which is bendable along one longer side of the lower panel, which has a receiving portion for receiving the wiper blade in cooperation with the lower panel, which is curved in a lateral direction with respect to the lengthwise direction of the surface thereof such that the receiving portion has an elliptical cross-sectional surface, and which covers one side of the lower panel; and a pair of covers, each of which has an elliptical cross-sectional surface corresponding to the cross-sectional surface of the receiving portion, and each of which is bent and extends from each of the shorter sides of the upper panel to close openings formed at both sides of the receiving portion. The present invention simplifies a packing structure, reduces manufacturing costs as well as the volume when packed so as to reduce space in transporting, storage, and display.02-23-2012
20110155598Reticle POD and supporting components therebetween - A reticle POD, comprising a top cover, a bottom cover, and a plurality of supporting components deployed in the four corners of the bottom cover, the supporting component comprising: a base body perpendicularly assembled, on two sides of which being disposed with mounting blocks; a pair of elastic elements respectively placed on the base body; a pair of leading elements connecting respectively to the horizontal extension of the elastic elements and then extending lengthwise to form a tip, a first bevel and a second bevel being formed on the side of the tip located on the inner side of the base body; a supporting base plate, the first and the second ends of which being connected to the second bevel of the leading element and a supporting pillar being disposed on the third end of the supporting base plate.06-30-2011
20090127145STOCK DEVICE FOR CUTTER BLADE - A stock device 05-21-2009
20120118775Chisel Case - A chisel case 05-17-2012
20120125793Blade Storage Devices and Methods - A device is provided for storing a blade. The device may include a casing and a lid. The casing and lid may cooperate to form a cavity. The lid may be pivotally connected to the casing so as to be movable between an open configuration and a closed configuration. The cavity may be configured to receive one or more blades when the lid is in the open configuration and to securely store the one or more blades in the cavity when the lid is in the closed configuration. The stored blades may be at least partially submerged in a fluid positioned in the cavity when the lid is in the closed configuration. A seal may be formed between the casing and the lid such that the cavity is sealed when the lid is in the closed configuration.05-24-2012
20120074010TRAVEL CASE - An example of a carrying case includes an inner cover and an outer cover. The inner cover includes a first end and a second end. The outer cover also includes a first end and a second end. The first end of the outer cover is rotatably connected to a first pivot point at the first end of the inner cover and the second end of the outer cover is rotatably connected to a second pivot point at the second end of the inner cover. The outer cover can be rotated around the inner cover along the longitudinal axis of case to open and close the carrying case. The inner and outer covers form a storage compartment.03-29-2012
20120074009SAFETY SPANNER SUSPENSION STRUCTURE - A safety spanner suspension structure is provided for suspending a slender box-end ratchet spanner in an easy and safe insertion-retained suspended form for exhibition. The suspension structure includes an upper portion suspension board and a lower portion suspension seat. The suspension seat forms a seating hole that receives and is for engagement with a retention seat that forms alternately arranged projection tabs. The body of the retention seat forms an open slot for easy insertion into the seating hole for positioning purposes. A ring hole of the spanner is set on the outer side of the retention seat and a retention member is fit from the outside through the ring hole of the spanner to fit into the retention seat to have a post of the retention seat fit into the open slot of the retention member.03-29-2012
20120312708Handheld tool storage device - A handheld tool storage device, particularly to a handheld tool carrying case, having at least one base body unit which includes at least one movably supported base body element, and having at least one electric functional unit, and having at least one operating unit at least for operating the electric functional unit. The operating unit has at least one operating element that is at a minimum distance from an axis of motion of the base body element, which is less than 50% of a main extension of the base body element.12-13-2012
20120228171TOOL CASE FOR ENGAGING A LADDER - A tool case for engaging a ladder comprises a skeleton, having a horizontal top surface and a vertical surface, extending from the horizontal top surface, the vertical surface and the horizontal top surface defining a compartment. The tool case also comprises a horizontal bottom surface and another vertical surface, extending from the horizontal bottom surface, the vertical surface and the horizontal bottom surface defining a cavity for receiving a top portion of the ladder.09-13-2012
20110036735TOOL BOX WITH REINFORCING STRUCTURE - A tool box with reinforcing structure includes a tool box having at least one connecting section disposed thereon, and at least one protection member engaged with the at least one connecting section. The at least one protection member moulded by extruded aluminium, such that the at least one protection member is tailorable for adapting to suit different standards of tool boxes to provide for protecting, decorating, and reinforcing the tool box.02-17-2011
20120267271TOOLBOX - A toolbox has a box body and a clamping device. The box body has a casing and a cover. The casing has two opposite sidewalls and a chamber. The cover is attached to the casing. The clamping device is mounted in the casing and has at least one holding shaft and multiple clamping mounts. The at least one holding shaft is mounted securely in the casing and each has two ends connected to the opposite sidewalls of the casing. The clamping mounts are rotatably mounted on the at least one holding shaft in the casing and each has a clamping frame and two clamping arms. The clamping frame is rotatably mounted on the at least one holding shaft. The clamping arms are formed on and protrude upwardly from the clamping frame at an interval to form an inserting recess between the clamping arms and each has an engaging protrusion.10-25-2012
20120285850Container and Packaging Method for Vegetation Trimmer Line - A substantially toroidal container for coiled vegetation trimmer line has a front shell and a rear shell capable of bonding at the center with heat and pressure, radio frequency, ultrasonic welding, adhesive, or attachment mechanisms. The bonding of the shells leaves a separation between the outer edges of the shells. The separation is nonlinear around the circumference of the container, so that a user can access the trimmer line, but the trimmer line cannot uncoil and spill out of the container. The separation is preferably defined by a series of offset uniform teeth on the outer edges of the shells. One or more teeth may be removed, providing a line aperture through which the end of the trimmer line extends out of the container. Male and female indices on each shell are used to align the teeth during packaging.11-15-2012
20120138496Foldable transport case for items, in particular tool bag - A foldable transport case for items, in particular a tool bag, comprising an at least partially rigid bottom, with respect to which walls are articulated, at least one of the walls being at least partially rigid. Suitable means for detachable mutual connection are interposed between the walls in order to arrange the walls in a folded configuration, in which the walls rest on the bottom with minimal overall space occupation, and in a formed configuration, in which the walls are substantially perpendicular to the bottom, delimiting a compartment that is adapted to accommodate items. The container comprises auxiliary coupling elements for the contiguous walls, which consist of at least one strap arranged along the walls and provided with at least one respective buckle in which engagement is automatic and disengagement depends upon the actuation of at least one suitable lever.06-07-2012
20130020217SECURITY HANGER TAG FOR SAW BLADE - A device for securing and displaying a saw blade, the device including a body portion having a first through hole adapted to receive a hanger, a cavity for housing a security device, and a locating profile. The device also includes a cover including a second through hole. The body portion and the cover are one structure coupled by a hinge such that the post extends from one of said body portion or said cover, and an aperture in the other of said body portion and said cover. The post is also adapted to extend through the saw blade into the aperture to secure the saw blade to the device. The through holes are aligned when the post extends through the aperture and the aligned through holes are adapted to house a security hanger.01-24-2013
20080230414Building container for a device and method for a layerwise manufacturing of a three-dimensional object - A building container (09-25-2008
20080223744Tool Holder - A tool holder including a tool box with a tool seat in a holding projection for receiving a tool in such a manner that it can be replaced. The tool seat is configured as a bore and has a tool insertion opening. The tool holder has a fastening side with a fastening projection and, facing away from said fastening side, an exterior, and during use of the tool centrifugal forces are effective in the direction from the fastening side to the exterior. This invention ensures the free rotability of a tool inserted in the tool holder even if overburden material enters the tool seat. For this purpose, the holding projection has an opening penetrating the inner wall of the tool seat and creating a spatial connection to the exterior, and the opening opens the tool seat towards the exterior.09-18-2008
20130175191Packaging - An insertion tool packaging, includes a main body that has at least one hanging region, at least one viewing region, and at least one receiving region, which is configured at least substantially to receive at least one insertion tool. The packaging further includes at least one protective element, which is configured to at least substantially protect a user against injury.07-11-2013
20130112579TOOLBOX - A toolbox includes a body and a cover. The body includes a rigid base layer and an external layer. The base layer includes a compartment having an opening. An annular wall is formed on a top face surrounding the opening. The external layer is made of soft, compressible material. The external layer is integrally formed with a portion of an outer face of the base layer and the annular wall as a single, monolithic, inseparable piece. The external layer has an annular ridge corresponding to the annular wall. The cover is made of rigid material and includes a covering face. When the cover is in the closed position, the rigid covering face of the cover covers the annular wall of the body, and the rigid covering face of the cover presses against and sealingly engages with the annular ridge of the body.05-09-2013
20100307940PACKAGING CASE FOR A WIPER BLADE - Disclosed is a packaging case for a wiper blade that can maintain the wiper blade in a secured state by securing elements formed in the packaging case to prevent damage of the wiper blade while minimizing the volume of the packaging case and providing a suitable shape for large capacity packaging. The packaging case is used for a wiper blade curvedly deformed into an arc shape when mounted and used on a vehicle. The packaging case includes a lower case having an accommodation part receiving the wiper blade, an upper case covering the lower case to close the accommodation part, and a plurality of securing protrusions formed inside the accommodation part to allow the wiper blade to be received in the accommodation part while maintaining a linear shape.12-09-2010
20120273376Circular Saw Blade Protector - A protector assembly includes a first shield segment defining a first blade space. The first shield segment includes a first channel structure defining a first channel facing the first blade space. The protector assembly further includes a second shield segment defining a second blade space. The second shield segment includes a second channel structure defining a second channel facing the second blade space. The first shield segment further includes (i) a first end portion that includes a first coupling structure, and (ii) a second end portion that includes a second coupling structure. The second shield segment further includes (i) a third end portion that includes a third coupling structure, and (ii) a fourth end portion that includes a fourth coupling structure. When the first end portion of the first shield segment is positioned adjacent to the third end portion of the second shield segment, the first coupling structure cooperates with the third coupling structure to couple the first end portion to the third end portion. When the second end portion of the first shield segment is positioned adjacent to the fourth end portion of the second shield segment, the second coupling structure cooperates with the fourth coupling structure to couple the second end portion to the fourth end portion.11-01-2012
20110233087WINDSHIELD WIPER PACKAGING - A windshield wiper package for containing a windshield wiper includes a front portion having a recess for receiving the windshield wiper, a back portion connected to the front portion for containing the windshield wiper within the recess, and an opening disposed in the back portion to allow loading or unloading of the windshield wiper. The opening is sized such that a length of the opening is less than about one-third of a length of the wiper package. A door is slidingly received by the back portion such that the door can be moved between an open position and a closed position. Complimentary detents and indentations are provided for securing the door in the open position or the closed position, the detents being positioned on one of the back portion and the door, and the indentations being positioned on another of the back portion and door.09-29-2011
20100314271PORTABLE FOLDABLE MULTI CARRIAGE DEVICE - A portable foldable multi carriage device that enable achieving large lateral gaps between carriages and enable modes of opening in which the carriages are not parallel, the portable foldable multi carriage device including a pair of first support members, wherein each of the first support members has two ends, a pair of second support members, wherein each of the second support members has two free ends, and a long shaft, wherein the pair of first support members is mounted on the long shaft and wherein the pair of second support members is mounted on the long shaft, having a rotational capability with regard to each other, the long shaft being the center of the rotation.12-16-2010
20110272309TWIN BLADE KNIFE PACKAGE - A knife package includes a card having a front side and a back side. The knife package further comprises a utility knife having a body and a plurality of blade holders movable within the body, and a plurality of slides on the body. Each slide is operatively connected with one of the blade holders, and the slides are arranged to move associated blade holders in the body. The knife package further comprises a securement structure that secures the utility knife to the card, wherein said utility knife is secured on the front side of said card by the securement structure such that the plurality of slides of the utility knife are visible when viewing the front side of the card from an angle normal to the front side of the card.11-10-2011
20130180874BATHROOM TOOL ASSEMBLY - A bathroom tool assembly having a bathroom tool and a supporting holder, with a releasable interlock coupling between the bathroom tool and the holder. The releasable interlock coupling conveniently maintains a secured coupling of the bathroom tool to the holder, so that the assembly of bathroom tool and holder can be easily moved without leaving drips behind. The releasable interlock coupling is structured to allow easy coupling of the bathroom tool to the holder to securely interlock the bathroom tool to the holder and easy decoupling of the bathroom tool from the holder by a user with one-hand operation. In one embodiment, the releasable interlock coupling does not include any moving parts. In one aspect of the present invention, the releasable interlock coupling comprises a magnetic coupling.07-18-2013
20120018329APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PACKAGING AND PRESENTING ROTARY DRILL BITS - A container is provided for packaging, shipping, storing and presenting a rotary drill bit. The container may be used with fixed cutter drill bits or roller cone drill bits. A wide variety of tools and accessory components may be disposed within the container. A bit breaker may also be attached to one end of the container using a bit breaker adapter. Bit breakers for two different sizes of rotary drill bits may be releasably engaged with a container using the same bit breaker adapter.01-26-2012
20120018328Cement finishing tool cover - Cement finishing tool cover is provided that is configured to cover a cement-finishing tool having a bundle of fibers affixed to a frame at one. The case having a pair of spaced opposite substantially parallel face panels having an inside surface and an outside surface. At least one of said inside surface of the pair of spaced opposite substantially parallel face panels is equipped with a hanging element that is designed to engage at least portion of the frame of the cement finishing tool so as to prevent the bundle of fibers from coming in contact with a surface when the case is placed on a surface. This protects the fibers from becoming disfigured and adversely affecting the finishing of a cement surface when used.01-26-2012
20120018327PROTECTION STRIP FOR TOOL BOX - A tool box includes a case having a recessed area defined in an outside thereof, and the recessed area includes a first recessed corner, a second recessed corner and a connection recess portion connected between the first and second recessed corners. A stop is formed on at least one side of the connection recessed portion and two grooves are defined in the outside of the case. A protection strip is engaged with the recessed area and includes a first corner, a second corner and a connection portion is connected between the first and second corners. Each of the first and second corners has a hook which is engaged with the groove corresponding thereto so as to protect the corner of the tool box.01-26-2012
20130206622SLEEVE INCLUDING A STORAGE TRAY - An apparatus including an operatively coupled sleeve and tray. The sleeve includes a void configured for receiving and housing the tray. The tray includes one or more recesses, wherein each recess is configured for receiving at least a portion of at least one tool. The apparatus includes at least one first locking mechanism for securing the sleeve and the tray to one another. An un-locking mechanism may be operatively coupled to the first locking mechanism for un-securing the sleeve and the tray from one another. A second locking mechanism, operatively coupled to the un-locking mechanism, may be provided for enabling and disabling the un-locking mechanism.08-15-2013

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