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206 - Special receptacle or package

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206710000 For a semiconductor wafer 110
206703000 For a battery 24
206722000 Including component positioning means 21
206713000 Bar or tapelike carrier for plural components 13
206719000 Including electrical field, magnetic field, or static electricity shielding 11
206702000 For an electrical cord 8
206706000 For a circuit board 7
20130037442TRANSPORT HOUSING FOR A COIL OR A COIL BLOCK - A transport housing for a coil or a coil block, having an upper and a lower pressing plate, wherein the coil or the coil block is arranged between the two pressing plates and the latter can be braced against each other by a plurality of tension rods in the manner of an axial tension configuration. A frame enclosing the coil or the coil block to which a membrane, movable both toward the inner chamber of the transport housing and toward the outside, is fastened and having an outer housing which provides mechanical protection for the membrane and enables unhindered or allows movement of the membrane to the outside.02-14-2013
20100044272USB FLASH DRIVE WITH INTEGRATED MEDICATION HOLDER - A device, including a substantially hollow container, a flash memory data storage medium selectively enclosed by the container and a substantially enclosed cavity disposed within the container configured to selectively receive and dispense a portion of a medication. A method for using the device is also disclosed.02-25-2010
20120211396Packing Container - In one embodiment, there is provided a packing container in which an object is packed. The container includes: side surface portions disposed to surround the object; lower surface portions on which the object is placed; and support portions provided on or near shoulder portions to support the packing container, wherein the shoulder portions are defined by portions where the side surface portions and the lower surface portions intersect with each other.08-23-2012
20130213852ELECTRICAL ELEMENT PACKAGE - Provided is an electrical element package, comprising an element substrate on which an electrical element is provided, a sealing substrate provided at a distance from a surface of the element substrate on a side of the electrical element so as to be opposed to the element substrate, and a glass frit for hermetically sealing a gap between the element substrate and the sealing substrate so as to surround the electrical element, wherein the electrical element package comprises a protective film for protecting an electrode from laser light applied in welding the glass frit, the protective film being provided between the element substrate and the glass frit.08-22-2013
20110036747Carrying Case - A system for maintaining a large number of Handheld Electronic Devices is implemented as a carrying case having circuitry configured to connect to the Handheld Electronic Devices to enable the HEDs to be charged and synchronized. The carrying case has a central area configured to hold the circuitry for charging and synchronizing the HEDs, and a pair of divider structures on either side of the central area to hold the HEDs in a protective manner while stored in the carrying case. A grounded protective coating is applied to the interior of the carrying case to dissipate electromagnetic radiation generated by the circuitry and/or HEDs within the carrying case.02-17-2011
20110284422Mounting device for storage device - In a mounting device for disk drive, two HDDs are retained in an outer case that forms the mounting device, and an inner case with guiding grooves each including an oblique groove and a parallel groove formed thereon is provided. When the inner case is extracted, the HDD on the front side is caused to ascend in the vertical direction to a position where the HDD on the front side does not obstruct the extraction of the HDD on the back side.11-24-2011
20110297578Ring-Shaped Cover for Portable Electronic Device - An outer cover for an electronic device, such as a portable electronic device, is disclosed. Since portable electronic devices are often portable, they can be damaged, such as scratched, dented, broken, and the like, when transported or used. The outer cover can serve to provide a protective member over part of the housing for the electronic device. The protective member, when placed on the portable electronic device can serve to reduce damage to sides of the portable electronic device. While the outer cover can provide side and/or edge protection, the outer cover need not also provide front or rear protection.12-08-2011
20110290700HOUSING, IN PARTICULAR FOR AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING BOX - A housing having three side walls and a cover is provided, wherein an opening for introducing a pipe is formed in one of the side walls. The side walls are arranged in a U-shape, with the opening being provided in the side wall forming the first side thereof, and with a pipe section that aligns with the opening being connectable to the second side forming the opposite side wall thereof. The cross-section of the pipe section, in particular its diameter, is larger or smaller than the cross-section of the pipe. As a result, the pipe and the pipe section can be slid one inside the other.12-01-2011
20110215027PTFE Graphite Coating Composition, Method and Apparatus - A non-stick coating application for high heat welding environments comprised of a fluorinated polymer combined with acidified graphite to which a hardening agent, such as alumina, may be added in some embodiments.09-08-2011
20090145802STORAGE SYSTEM FOR COMPONENTS INCORPORATING A LIQUID-METAL THERMAL INTERFACE - Embodiments of an apparatus that functions as a storage system for components are described. This apparatus includes a containment vessel enclosing a desiccant and a device. This device includes a layer mechanically coupled to a component, where the component can be one of a semiconductor die and a heat-removal device. Moreover, a thermal-interface material is coupled to a region of the layer, and a boundary material is mechanically coupled to the layer, where a perimeter defined by the boundary-material surrounds the region.06-11-2009
20100101975PROTECTIVE DEVICE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A protective device includes a cover, a body, and a latch assembly. The cover is pivotally fixed on the body; the latch assembly is configured to latch the cover to, and unlatch the cover from, the body.04-29-2010
20080277312Reconfigurable Packaging Material and Packages - Packaging materials are disclosed which are reconfigurable into two different shipping configurations: one for bulk shipment of electronic products, and one for individual shipment of the same electronic products.11-13-2008
20080210592Sealed Medical Electrode Package - A sealed medical electrode package comprises first and second electrodes each comprising a conductive layer (09-04-2008
20080272025Memory card storing case structure - The present invention provides an improved structure of memory card storing case, which includes a base and an upper cover. A periphery of the base has a frame strip circum located thereon, and a recess is formed at a front end of the frame strip. Wavelike fastening portions are respectively formed on two sides of the recess, and a plurality of fixed protruding ribs are located within the base to enable holding at least one memory card or card adapter device. A periphery of the upper cover is provided with a frame portion, and a wavelike ear portion is located at a front end of the frame portion. The wavelike ear portion enables movable joining to the corresponding wavelike fastening portions on the two sides of the recess of the base. Accordingly, the present invention provides effectiveness of a structural configuration that enables a convenient storage and a shockproof protection.11-06-2008
20090321302PROTECTION DEVICE FOR AN ELECTRONIC CARD - The invention relates to an access-protection device for an electronic card, including a flexible circuit (12-31-2009
20100200456ELECTRONIC DEVICE COVER AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A water-resistant cover consisting of three components: a soft, form-fitting shell, a plastic slider and a plastic end cap. The shell does not inhibit the functionality of peripheral controls and includes fully integrated polycarbonate windows that are thermally and mechanically bonded to the shell in the molding process, the windows being adapted to the specific contour and profile of the device and to protect the device's screen while not inhibiting the functionality of a touch-screen, keypad or acoustic devices. The slider is slidably connected to the cover for closing the audio jack aperture in the shell with a double closure to maintain a water-resistant seal when not in use. The end cap closes the cover with reciprocal seals that are molded into both components and the cap is easily removed for access to a data port or charger and is enhanced with water-resistant acoustic vents that provide sound clarity to speakers or microphones.08-12-2010
20090250373METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR STORAGE AND FILING OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND RELATED ACCESSORIES - Methods and systems for storage and filing for electronic devices and related accessories are provided wherein a receptacle member has a rectangular configuration and includes a plurality of ridge members. A plurality of storage members are provided which have connecting members that engage and disengage to the ridge members. The storage members include a front and back wall, whereby the front wall has an expandable portion which includes a securing member that is configured for slideable engagement to seal and unseal the expandable portion. The storage members are capable of receiving and maintaining electronic devices and related accessories in the expandable portion of the storage members in a suspended manner.10-08-2009
20120103864INTEGRATED PACKING AND SHIPPING MATERIALS WITHIN SERVERS AND DATA STORAGE MACHINES - Various techniques and designs for integrating protective packaging and shipping material within large objects such as computer systems are disclosed herein. This protective material, when exposed, allows the object it is coupled with to be safely transported and shipped. In one embodiment applicable to large machines such as computer mainframes, a protective shock-absorbent material such as foam is affixed to a first face of a reversible machine cover. The machine cover may be oriented to insert and hide the protective material within the machine and expose a cover on the second face. The cover then may be placed in a reverse orientation to expose the protective material on the first face. In this way, the protective material does not need to be separately stored or provided to the customer before transport. Further, the protective material is kept in a convenient location with the machine, and when deployed will provide shock protection according to original manufacturer specifications.05-03-2012
20100147737PROTECTIVE CUSHION COVER FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Disclosed is a protective case for an electronic device. The protective case has two layers, an inner cushion cover that surrounds a portion of the electronic device and an outer rigid shell. The outer rigid shell has curved flexible arms that engage and hold the cushion cover 06-17-2010
20100018891PACKAGE ASSEMBLY ENCLOSING A PLURALITY OF COMMUNICATION CONNECTOR JACKS AND METHOD OF USE - Embodiments of the invention relate to a package assembly for enclosing a plurality of communication connector jacks (e.g., a plurality of electrical connector jacks) in an enclosure from which the communication connector jacks can be easily removed. In an embodiment, a package assembly includes an enclosure defining a plurality of compartments and a plurality of communication connector jacks. Each communication connector jack may be positioned in a corresponding one of the compartments.01-28-2010
20100213099RECLOSEABLE, FOLDING CONTAINER AND BLANKS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING - Some embodiments disclose a folding box configured to hold a product. The folding box can include: (a) an enclosure base configured to form a cavity and having: (1) a first back panel; (2) a first left-side panel; (3) a first right-side panel; (4) a first bottom panel; and (5) a first top panel; (b) an enclosure door coupled to the enclosure base, the enclosure door having: (1) a front panel having a second top panel; (2) a second left-side panel; (3) a second right-side panel; and (4) a second bottom panel; (c) a box insert blank configured to be received within and fixedly attached within the cavity of the enclosure base and comprising a second back panel; and (d) a product mounting blank configured to receive the product and configured to be fixedly attach to the box insert blank. A portion of the second top panel of the enclosure door can be hingedly coupled to a portion of the first top panel of the enclosure base such that the enclosure door can be moved between a first position, in which the enclosure base and the enclosure door substantially enclose the cavity, and a second position, in which the cavity is exposed. The front panel, the second left-side panel, the second right-side panel, and the second bottom panel can be configured to enclose the enclosure base when the enclosure door is in the first position. Other embodiments are disclosed herein.08-26-2010
20110005965SATELLITE ANTENNA PACKAGE - A satellite antenna package is provided. The satellite antenna package includes a receiving structure, an antenna device and a cable. A recess and a groove are formed on the receiving structure, and the recess communicates with the groove. The antenna device is disposed in the recess. The cable connects to the antenna device, wherein the cable is connected with the antenna device and partially disposed in the groove, travels along an edge of the receiving structure, and surrounds the antenna device.01-13-2011
20100243516Protective Carrying Case for a Portable Electronic Device - A casing for a portable electronic device, such as an MP3 player, a cell phone, a smart phone, or a PDA, is formed with two or more sleeves that may be placed onto the electronic device and together form a closed encasement for the electronic device. The encasement is formed to enable operative access to the electronic device while the sleeves are connected to form the closed encasement. A back panel of the encasement is removable so that it may be exchanged for an alternative panel. That is, a first back panel may simply be a planar panel that only forms an integral backwall part of the closed encasement and a second back panel may be provided with a belt clip or belt loop, or the like. The different removable back panels may thus be exchanged to provide the device for mutually different functions of the casing.09-30-2010
20100243515SEALABLE PROTECTIVE COVER FOR AN EREADER - A sealable protective cover for an eReader including a first cover having a first interior surface and a first exterior surface, a second cover having a second interior surface and a second exterior surface, wherein at last one of the first cover and the second cover is moveable to form an opening for inserting the eReader into an interior of the protective cover; and a closure device that closes the opening.09-30-2010
20110017634Protective cover for electronic books and electronic media devices - A protective cover for an electronic book device that is made up of a first shell that conforms to and covers a front face of the electronic book device and a second shell that conforms to and covers the back face of the electronic book device. The first and second shells overlap each other to form a seal in the vicinity of the overlapping portions and provide clear visibility of the screen and keypad of the electronic book device.01-27-2011
20110031161SYSTEM FOR PROTECTING A PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICE - The invention relates to a system for protecting a portable computing device wherein the system comprises a device housing adapted to protectively encase a portable computing device, a protectively hardened user input device in communication with the device housing, and a protectively hardened display in communication with the device housing. When the portable computing device is encased within the device housing, a user of the portable computing device can operate the portable computing device via the protectively hardened user input device and the protectively hardened display. The device housing may further comprise sealing elements, insulating elements, and shock-absorbing elements.02-10-2011
20110042264ELASTIC UNIT EXERTING TWO ANGLED FORCE COMPONENTS ON AN ABUTTING SECTION OF AN ALIGN FIXTURE - An align fixture for aligning an electronic component having a receptacle adapted to receive the electronic component, the receptacle having a first abutting section and a second abutting section, the align fixture further having an elastic unit, one of the first abutting section and the second abutting section is flexibly mounted via the elastic unit, and the other one of the first abutting section and the second abutting section is fixedly mounted; the first abutting section and the second abutting section each form a stiff member and are adapted to engage the electronic component, the elastic unit is adapted to exert two force components on one of the first abutting section and the second abutting section, the force components being angled relatively to one another.02-24-2011
20110031160Neck cell - The present invention provides an improved neckband carrier for a cell phone comprising a wearable band that is specially designed to secure a cellular telephone around the neck of the person. In one embodiment, this band is fabricated of durable yet comfortable leather or nylon material, with adjustable holes and a corresponding hook buckle to provide a secure and easy fit. In another embodiment, the clip portion of the unit comprises a plastic or metal fastener, configured with a corresponding hook for an existing cellular telephone and/or its protective casing. Fashionable and attractive, the Neck Cell is produced in a variety of colors to match most styles of clothing.02-10-2011
20110042265CARRIER FOR ALIGNING ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS WITH SLIDABLY ARRANGED PLATES - A carrier adapted to receive and align multiple electronic components, the carrier having receptacles each being adapted to receive an assigned one of the multiple electronic components, a first plate comprising a plurality of first abutting sections, the first abutting sections form one of boundaries of the respective assigned receptacles, a second plate comprising a plurality of second abutting sections, the second abutting sections form another of the boundaries of the respective assigned receptacles, and the first plate and the second plate are arranged slidably relative to each other.02-24-2011
20090321301Bail Type Unlocking and Resetting Device for Hot Pluggable Opto-electronic Module - An unlocking and resetting device for an opto-electronic module comprises a casing having a blind hole and a horizontal slide slot, and first and second mounting parts; an elastic piece; a shell; first springs; an insert block adapted to be inserted into the blind hole; a brake member adapted to be inserted and disposed in the horizontal slide slot; second springs; first and second pressing blocks adapted to be mounted onto first and second mounting parts; and a bail having a cam portion. The single-arm bail of the unlocking and resetting device can return the start position automatically without manual repositions.12-31-2009
20110240516APPARATUS FOR HOLDING ELECTRONIC DEVICES - An apparatus for holding electronic device is provided, including a carrier seat, an upper lid and at least a resilient element. The shape of the holding apparatus is constituted by the upper lid at the top and the carrier seat at the bottom. The carrier seat and the upper lid are engaged by coupling on one side so that the upper lid can rotate along the coupling side to open or close. The both ends of the resilient element are engaged to the upper lid and the carrier seat, respectively, to provide a force so that the upper lid and the carrier seat can tightly clap towards each other. The facing surface of the carrier seat has a positioning element and the facing surface of the upper lid has a maintaining element. The bottom of the carrier seat includes an anti-slip layer. When in use, the top edge and the bottom edge of the electronic device touch the maintaining element of the upper lid and the positioning element of the carrier seat, respectively. The resilient element provides a force for the upper lid and the carrier seat to clap the electronic device tightly so that the electronic device is held inside the holding apparatus with a tilting angle.10-06-2011
20090218253Hermetically-sealed packages for electronic components having reduced unused areas - Hermetically-sealed packages for electronic components, e.g., OLEDs, are provided. The packages have a first glass substrate (09-03-2009
20080230437PROTECTION COVER AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - An electronic device and a protection cover thereof are provided. The electronic device includes a cap body, a main body, a flexible printed circuit board and a protection cover. The protection cover includes a receiving portion and a combining portion. The receiving portion has a first end and a second end, wherein the first end is coupled to an upper surface of the main body and the second end connects to the combining portion. As the cap body moves from a first position to a second position on the main body, the combining portion is coupled to a bottom surface of the cap body, so that when the cap body rotates in the second position, the protection cover moves along with the cap body and covers the flexible printed circuit board.09-25-2008
20120267285PACKAGE SUBSTRATE AND FABRICATING METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed herein are a package substrate and a fabricating method thereof. The package substrate includes a substrate including at least one conductive pad, an insulation layer formed on the substrate and including an opening through which the conductive pad is exposed, a blister prevention layer formed along a top surface of the conductive pad exposed through the opening and a sidewall of the insulation layer, a metal post made of at least one alloy material and formed on the blister prevention layer, and a heat-diffusion prevention film formed on the metal post.10-25-2012
20090127159STORAGE APPARATUS - The present invention provides a storage apparatus for storing a semiconductor element or a reticle and having a filter therein. The storage apparatus includes a first cover and a second cover, which are assembled together to form an inner space therebetween for accommodating a reticle or a semiconductor element. The second cover of the storage apparatus is composed of a body and a plate. Further, the second cover includes at least one aperture for communicating the inner space and an outer of the storage apparatus. The plate has a corresponding portion positionally corresponding to the aperture of the body. The filter is sandwiched between the body and the plate and covered the aperture so that when the air passes through the aperture of the body, the filter can filter and rid the air of impurities.05-21-2009
20080202980Tray for loading substrates and package box for carrying the tray - A tray for loading substrates includes a base, an outer frame, plural lateral supporters and plural corner bumps. The base has an upper surface with one or more grooves. The outer frame is located around four edges of the upper surface to thereby form a first space, and has two oppositely arranged first cavities. The lateral supporters are arranged on the base at four edges defining the first space against the outer frame, have second cavities arranged on internal surfaces of the lateral supporters and corresponding to the grooves. The corner bumps are arranged at comers of the outer frame, and are adjacent to the lateral supporters, the base and the outer frame. The corner bumps each have buffer openings to prevent a loaded substrate from damage by collision with the corner bumps. A package box is also disclosed, which can save cost and space in carrying the trays.08-28-2008
20110132802CASE FOR PORTABLE COMMUNICATION DEVICE HAVING SLIDING MODULE PORTION - Provided is a case for a portable communication device having a sliding module portion to avoid a folded (or wrinkled) portion, which may be generated when a case provided on the exterior of the portable communication device is folded or unfolded by rotation. To this end, a case for a portable communication device including a main body, a folder, and a hinge device for rotatably coupling the main body with the folder, includes a case portion for covering the exterior of the portable communication device, and a sliding module portion provided on the case portion, the sliding module portion unfolding a folded portion of the case portion generated when the folder is folded or unfolded by rotation, by sliding movement.06-09-2011
20100059407COVER WITH CIRCUIT - An apparatus comprising a sterile package having an inside and an outside, with the sterile package being sized and configured to maintain an electronic sterile device within the inside. The sterile package includes at least two conductive paths from the inside to the outside of the sterile package.03-11-2010
20110259789APPARATUS FOR HOLDING PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An apparatus for holding portable electronic device is provided, including an upper cover, a holding seat and at least a latch unit. The holding seat and the upper cover are coupled at one side so that the upper cover able to open or close using the coupling side as center. The latch unit is located at the coupling of the holding seat and the upper cover for locking position of the upper cover after opening; With the above structure, when the apparatus claps an electronic device, the bottom and top edges of the electronic device touch inner walls of the holding seat and the upper cover, respectively, and the latch unit locks the opening position of the upper cover. The open angle allows the electronic device to be held between the holding seat and the upper cover with a tilting angle inside the apparatus.10-27-2011
20110259788TABLET PC COVER WITH STOWABLE INPUT DEVICE - A cover for a tablet PC provides protection to the body while allowing free access to a touch screen and other controls. The cover has an integrally connected keyboard or other input device which can be simply deployed for use, allowing conventional keyboard- or other-based input to the PC. When not in use the input device can be stowed at the rear of the cover, complementing device protection thereto. The cover further provides support elements allowing the PC to be situated for use on a horizontal surface, with the actual angle of situation adjustable to meet individual needs. When not needed or for transport, the support elements collapse and are received within the cover. In addition, the cover allows the PC to be situated, with the input device deployed or otherwise, in either a landscape or portrait orientation.10-27-2011
20100025286HANDHELD TERMINAL WITH INDIVIDUALLY REPLACEABLE COMPONENTS - A handheld terminal is provided. The handheld terminal includes a housing, a component for operating the handheld terminal, and a pocket for forming, in the housing, a space for holding the component individually and separating the space from a main logic circuit. The pocket has a window for a connection between the component and the main logic circuit. The handheld terminal includes a bezel placed on the component, and a combiner for removable engaging the bezel with the housing.02-04-2010
20120037535STAND-UP POUCH - The Stand-Up Pouch secures small devices with straps and clip hooks to implements such as kayaks or rafts. The adjustable support leg allows the device to stand at an angle to allow for the best visibility and viewing to the user. The clear front side of the pouch allows for viewing of the device as well as use of touch screen devices through the transparent plastic face. The combination of these features of the pouch make it conveniently user friendly, while keeping the device in the pouch easily visible and accessible.02-16-2012
20120037536Protective Case With Sliding Display Cover - The display screen of a handheld device, such as a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA), tablet computer, palmtop computer, or the like, can be protected from physical shock using a protective case with a sliding display screen cover. The protective case includes a main body having an opening positioned to correspond with a position of the display screen of the handheld device. A protective door, for example a roll-top type door, is slidably coupled to the main body, so that the display screen is exposed when the door has been slid open, and covered when the door has been slid closed. The door can be coupled to the body via a track, and can be made of a transparent or semitransparent material to allow viewing of the screen when closed, while still protecting the screen from physical shock.02-16-2012
20120305444MODULE FOR PROTECTING PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL - The object of this invention is to protect a solar panel with attaching a protection module to four corners of a solar panel. Another object is for preventing the protection module from falling off when a solar panel is lifted up or tilted. Further object is that protection modules prevent collapse of cargo piles when solar panels are accumulated. The protection module comprises perpendicular sidewalls 12-06-2012
20110155630PROTECTIVE COVER FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A protective cover for an electronic device includes an upper shell, a lower shell, at least one elastic member, and a clasping member. The lower shell defines a cavity for receiving the upper shell, one open end of the cavity is a passage for the upper shell to be pulled out of or be pulled into the cavity, and the other connecting end is accommodated in the cavity. The at least one elastic member is connected between the closed end and one end of the upper shell applying a tensile force to the upper shell to pull the upper shell into the cavity of the lower shell. The clasping member is connected between the lower shell and the upper shell when the upper shell is pulled out of the cavity of the lower shell.06-30-2011
20120055842LIQUID-TIGHT CONTAINER FOR STORING AND TRANSPORTING AFM PROBES - The present invention provides a container and a method that can be used to transport and store AFM probes in a liquid buffer. This container fastens an AFM probe and consists of a plastic lid that secures a probe while keeping it in a controlled environment, thus preventing that the tips are contaminated by air-borne molecules, packaging material, deposited substances or air bubbles. In the case of functionalised probes, the surface molecules are still functional upon arrival. The tips cannot be broken upon transport because they are held by the container, however the probes can be easily removed upon opening of the container.03-08-2012
20120152800ASSEMBLY OF STACKABLE TRUNKS - The invention relates to an assembly of at least two stackable transport trunks, each trunk having a body with a generally parallelepiped shape, including a bottom and four sidewalls connected to the bottom and being closed by a removable lid, one of the sidewalls of each trunk including nesting means for engaging with the nesting means of the sidewall of another trunk on which it is stacked. According to the invention, the nesting means are adapted for defining, when in engagement, a sliding link having a translation direction parallel to the side surfaces having the nesting means and to the bottoms of the trunks, and for guiding the translation of the trunks on each other, the corresponding sidewalls being adapted for enabling the cooperation of the nesting means and enabling said translation.06-21-2012
20110049005Two-Piece Protective Carrying Case - A carrying case for a portable device is disclosed. Generally speaking, the protective case for a portable device comprises a first body section and a second body section, each having a back surface and upturned sides, and a rim affixed to an edge of the upturned sides of the body sections, the rim defining an open area. Preferably, the first and second body sections are of contrasting colors and connect to one another to form a cavity defined by the respective back surfaces and upturned sides. Further, the first and second body sections and the first and second rim are preferably all formed of the same material.03-03-2011
20090308783Recordable card holder unit - The present invention discloses a recordable card holder having an electronic record device invisibly perched within a plastic ornament body for supplementing a recording function of a card holder. The present invention discloses a way to personalize gifts of flower bouquets, flow baskets and gift boxes, and thus enhance gift value12-17-2009
20120318709ELECTRONIC DEVICE ENCLOSURE - An electronic device enclosure includes an inner tray and an outer tray. The inner tray includes a bottom plate. The outer tray receiving the inner tray and includes a base wall with a first bridge. The first bridge includes two first connecting panels and a first mounting panel between the two first connecting panels. Each of the two first connecting panels is slanted relative to the base wall. An acreage of the first mounting panel is less than an acreage of the base wall, and the base wall is engaged with the bottom plate via the first mounting panel by attaching the first mounting panel to the bottom plate, to decrease a contacting acreage between the base wall and the bottom plate.12-20-2012
20080197049ELECTRONICS DEVICE, REPLACEMENT PART THEREOF, PACKAGE OF REPLACEMENT PART, AND METHOD FOR ARRANGING IDENTIFYING SECTION - An ink cartridge used in a color printer, comprises at the surface, a convexity or convexities (identifying section) that correspond to a color of an ink, and that can be identified by tactile sense. A cartridge setting section of the color printer comprises at the surface, a convexity or convexities (identifying section) that correspond to the color of the ink of the ink cartridge that is to be set, and that can be identified by tactile sense. The user can identify the color of the ink of the ink cartridge, by touching the ink cartridge with his/her hand, and obtain information of the position where that ink cartridge should be set, by touching the cartridge setting section with his/her hand.08-21-2008
20090194455WATERPROOF CASING FOR A POWER SUPPLY - A waterproof casing for a power supply has a lower casing, an upper casing, an inlet cover and an outlet cover. The lower cover contains electronic components. The upper casing is mounted on the opening of the lower casing and has an inlet cavity, at least one inlet, an outlet cavity and at least one outlet. The at least one inlet and outlet are formed through the upper casing and respectively communicate with the inlet cavity and outlet cavity. The inlet cover and outlet cover respectively seal the inlet cavity and the outlet cavity, communicate the inlet cavity and the outlet cavity with the lower casing to allow the air to flow inside the casing and to keep the water from flowing in the inlet cavity and the outlet cavity. Structure of the waterproof casing is simplified, so benefits manufacturing.08-06-2009
20120273388ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT STORAGE CASE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - An electronic circuit storage case includes a housing made of resin and having a case portion storing an electronic circuit board and a connector portion extending in a direction perpendicular to a board attachment surface of the case portion and incorporating a connector. Interior and exterior opening holes communicate at bottoms via a communication hole. A ventilating hole continuing from the interior of the case portion to the exterior of the connector portion is provided in a solid portion of the housing. The interior opening hole and the communication hole are bent in an L shape and provided to a primary resin mold part forming the housing. The exterior opening hole is provided to a secondary resin mold part of the housing enclosing the primary resin mold part and forming the connector and case portions so as to communicate with one end of the L-shaped communication hole substantially perpendicularly.11-01-2012
20110303579CARRYING CASE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A carrying case (12-15-2011
20110303578TABLET PC ENCLOSURE - A protective enclosure for a tablet pc includes a protective shell having an opening within the front surface for accessing the screen of tablet pc, and a rotating unit for allowing a user to securely hold and rotate the TPC without obscuring the screen of the device.12-15-2011
20110308994Protection Device for Memory Module - A protection device for a memory module comprises protective sheets that can cover the memory. On the inner side of the protective sheet there is an adhesive film. On the upper edge of the protective sheet there are a flip-over clip and a flip receptor that are folded in 90 degrees. The fastening clip for the flip-over clip can go into the clip receptor of the flip receptor and allow the fastening on the top edges of the two protective sheets to accommodate the memory, which is attached with an adhesive film. It primarily has a tenon as an extension from at least one side of the fastening clip terminal. Thus, when the fastening clip locks into the clip receptor, there is a stop to prevent the fastened two protective sheets from separation. Further, a notch is formed on the two sides of the clamp leg terminal for the U-shaped fastener, so it fits with the bump for the groove on the protective sheet, to further prevent the detachment of the fastener. Further, in the middle of the edge of the clamp leg there is a convex, which and the bottom edge of the groove of the protective sheet form a gap to facilitate disassembly of the protection device.12-22-2011
20120018346PROBE ELECTRODE PAD AND PROBE ELECTRODE PAD STORAGE BOX - The present invention is directed to a unique, user-friendly, disposable electrode to be used on metallic probes which are used in electromedical devices, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) and microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) devices and other electrical simulators for applying electricity through the skin to the human or animal body. Additionally, the present invention describes a box for the storage and retrieval of the probe.01-26-2012


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