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206 - Special receptacle or package

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206308100 For holding an optical disc (e.g., compact disc) 106
206307100 For holding plural diverse recording media in the same holder 8
206387100 For holding a tape cassette 2
20090078603CARTRIDGE STORAGE CONTAINER - A cartridge storage container used in combination with another cartridge storage container identical in configuration with the cartridge storage container to provide a closed or interlocked cartridge storage container for storing a plurality of flat tape cartridges when the two cartridge storage containers are disposed in an inverse, confronting orientation and joined together. The cartridge storage container has at least one storage compartment so configured that a plurality of tape cartridges are stored therein in two way, individually in bulk and collectively in one bundle. The cartridge storage container is provided with a moisture absorbent in the form of sticks installed in shock-absorbable hollow buffer ribs formed in a wall portion of the storage compartment.03-26-2009
20110048991LOADED FILM CASSETTE FOR GASEOUS VAPOR DEPOSITION - A cassette for supporting a film during a gaseous vapor deposition has first and second end plates. A rib on each end plate forms a spiral groove that edgewise receives a spiral wrapping of a film having a width greater than 300 mm. Spaces between turns of the film wrapping define a gas flow channel and spaces between adjacent turns of the rib define a plurality of inlet openings in one end plate that communicate with the channel. Each rib has a predetermined width dimension, a predetermined average thickness dimension, and a width-to-thickness aspect ratio of at least 2:1. The spacing between end plates is at least three hundred millimeters (300 mm) and is also greater than the width dimension of a film substrate at a gaseous deposition temperature. The width dimension of each rib is between about 0.5% to about 2.0% of the end plate spacing.03-03-2011
20130062233STORING CASE FOR MEMORY CARD - Each of areas surrounded by a plurality of main holders of a first case panel faces an area surrounded by each holder of a second case panel, at least partially. Each main holder includes a wall projecting toward the second case panel to prevent separation of a memory card placed in the holder. This structure enables a storing case to stably hold a plurality of memory card without enlarging the case.03-14-2013
20130161214GIFT BOX AND PRESENTATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A gift box for gift cards provides a presentation appearing like a gift box for other products, such as jewelry, having strength, three full dimensions, color, quality, and design options. It can receive decorations such as ribbons and bows, greeting cards such as a to/from card, and the like. The box requires no assembly of components, as it comes in a single, integrated whole, including all the parts of the box and its lid, as well as an interior panel presenting the gift, such as a gift card that operates as a debit card with a pre-loaded amount of purchasing value.06-27-2013
20100170814PACKAGING FOR ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS - A package made from a biodegradable material, such as paperboard, utilizes multi-layered sheets of relatively thin material which can be cut to desired shapes relatively inexpensively and folded into adjacent layers which are adhesively attached to one another to form the package. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the package defines a book-like package having an outer envelope with one side defining a sleeve for receiving a disk and an opposite side which receives a laminated multi-layered holder having a pocket in the shape of a memory chip/card or other electronic component to be held therein.07-08-2010
20110168585Container Assembly for Storing Peripheral Computer Memory Devices - A container assembly, comprising: a housing in the form of a right parallelepiped with one side left open, the closed sides being a lower main wall, two lateral walls, a rear wall, and an upper main wall, wherein a plurality of first raised portions of first predetermined shapes is formed on the upper main wall and a plurality of second raised portions of second predetermined shapes are formed at one of said lateral walls, while a plurality of second depressed portions of third predetermined shapes complementary to the second raised portions of said one first lateral wall are formed at the other of said two lateral walls, wherein a plurality of first depressed portions of fourth predetermined shapes complementary to the first predetermined shapes of the first raised portions are formed at the outer surface of the lower main wall, whereby a plurality of such container assemblies can be mutually engaged and thus stacked together by insertion the first raised portion into said corresponding first depressed portions and of the second raised portions into said corresponding second depressed portions formed at the outer surface of the housings of the container assemblies; a rack provided at the surface of the lower main wall in the inside of the housing and extending along a direction parallel to the longitudinal extension of said lateral walls; a pin that is provided at an inner surface of said rear wall; a base that is received and slideably moveable in the housing, said base being provided with a pin-engaging push-lock module and a reduction gear module having a gear in cogging engagement with the rack, wherein the pin-engaging module is engageable with the pin so as to secure the base in the housing, wherein the housing dimensions are adapted such that the inner space of the housing above the base corresponds to the size of a standard hard disk drive such that a standard hard disk drive placed on the base may be received in the housing in a manner free of play; a spring mechanism acting between a point on the inside of the walls within the housing and a rearward portion of the base so as to push the base to move outwards through the opening to project from the housing to the outside thereof, so that the base, when it is secured in the housing with the pin-engaging module engaging the pin, may be opened by pushing the base against the pin, thereby disengaging the push-lock module from the pin, whereupon the spring mechanism moves the base to the extended outward position against the resistance of the reduction gear module cogging with the rack; and a front cover assembled to a front end of the base so that, when the base is secured in the housing with the push-lock module in engagement with a pin, the front cover closes the opening of the housing.07-14-2011
20100224516Methods and Apparatus for Prepaid Card Packaging - Techniques for providing cost effective and tamper evident prepaid card packaging are described. By forming a cutout in a panel of the prepaid card packaging, covering the cutout with a material such as red glassine, and aligning an activation bar code or other indicia on the card with the cutout when mounting the card within the packaging, the security of the activation indicia can be better maintained. After purchase, the bar code can be scanned through the red glassine but prior to purchase, the red glassine prevents photocopying.09-09-2010
20100122923Small article package - A small article package has a card front member having a card front member blister receiving opening, a button snap performed on the card front member, a card rear member attached to the card front member, and the card rear member has a card rear member blister receiving opening. A button depression releasably engages the button snap in interference fit and the blister package has a front panel, a rear panel, and a flange protruding from the blister package. The flange extends between the card front member and the card rear member. The blister package fits within the blister receiving opening which is sized to receive the blister package. The front panel is hinged to the rear panel. A rear panel plateau on the blister package extends upward from the flange. A depression is formed on the rear panel plateau for receiving a small article.05-20-2010
20120228168Electromagnetic shielding carrying case for contactless smartcards and personal articles - An electromagnetic shielding carrying case comprising a front panel hingedly connected to a middle and rear panel. The front and middle panels each comprise an electromagnetic shielding member with a card holding means affixed to each. The carrying case has a closed position wherein upstanding walls of the front and rear panels are brought into engagement with one another so as to form an enclosure around the middle panel, thus shielding contactless smartcards contained within from being scanned by an RFID reader. A releasable locking means holds the front panel closed against the rear panel, and can be unlocked so the front panel pivots open, creating a first open position wherein contactless smartcards can be accessed in both card holding means. The middle panel can also be pivoted open to reveal a receptacle within the rear shell that holds paper currency or one additional card.09-13-2012
20090038968DUAL ACTIVATION PACKAGE FOR READABLE CARD - A package is configured to hold an information carrying card. The package includes a first panel connected to a second panel via a first fold line. The first panel includes a first opening. A third panel is connected to the second panel via a second fold line, the third panel includes a second opening. In a state where the first panel has been folded to overlap the second panel via the first fold line and the second panel has been folded to overlap the third panel via the second fold line, the first opening at least partially overlaps the second opening. The package may include a card on which data is stored. The data is exposed through the first and second opening to an environment outside the package.02-12-2009
20080283428Holder for a Data Carrier - The invention includes at least one bottom side and a topside, with a insert-space in between, also including sides, which connecting the topside with the bottom side. Such a holder is general known and is being used to put away, for example a disc-shape data carrier, like a CD or a DVA, as also for magnetic data carriers, like a tape. The holder can be held by a user and he can use the nearby the hinge axis placed button, so the cover part of the holder part will be released. When the holder is placed on a horizontal supporting surface, the data carrier will be slanting placed in to the holder. Application of clip means for the data carrier is not necessary.11-20-2008
20120091018DIGITAL CARD ORGANIZER AND STORAGE MEANS - A digital card holder for organizing and storing camera, cell phone or other digital memory cards and flash drives and other items sized to be retained by the product. The memory card holder includes a transparent static-free plastic sheet divided into sections. Each section has a heat sealed top loadable open-access pocket with a large overhanging flap in the front for storing the memory chips/cards. Each section has a top loadable open-access end such that each memory card can have a date, description and location information file to back up the memory card data. Pictures can also be stored in the individual pockets for each memory card for quick data access. The plastic sheet further includes a binding portion having a plurality of binding holes. Each sheet is formed from a polypropylene heavy-weight plastic (3.1 mil-3.9 mil). Each sheet has a clarity of clear standard, is PVC-free, latex-free, acid-free, moisture-free and archival-safe. Each storage sheet may have different sizes of pockets to comply with the various sizes of memory cards and flash drives.04-19-2012
20080251397HOLDER FOR ARTICLES AND ACCESSORIES - A holder for articles includes a plurality of panels, each panel having a pocket adapted for containing an article, the panels serially joined to one another along one edge by a flexible hinge such that the panels and hinges comprise a flexible homogeneous structure. The homogeneous structure can be arranged in an open condition in which the panels are laid out flat and can be arranged in a closed condition in which the panels are folded up so that two of the panels comprise outer panels. The closing loop is attached to one of the panels, such that the loop can be stretched around the folded up panels in the closed condition to stretch around the panels, thereby holding the panels in the closed condition.10-16-2008
20120267266MULTI-MEDIA STORAGE AND BUSINESS CARD BLANK - There is provided in a first embodiment a holder for a printed card and multi-media device. The holder includes a card panel removably connected to a first panel. A second panel is connected to the first panel by a first side panel, such that the when folded the first, second and side panel form a space to accommodate the multi-media device. A second side panel is provided opposite the first side panel and may be folded connected to the first panel such that the holder can be maintained in a closed configuration.10-25-2012
20090078601CONTAINER FOR DISK DRIVERS - The invention provides a container for packaging disk drives comprising a lower cover and an upper cover. The lower cover is a thick, flat buffer having a rectangular carrier recess concavely disposed at the center of its top surface. The carrier recess is divided into a plurality of partition spaces by criss-crossing flat partition board. The lower end of the partition board is inserted into the carrier recess. An indent is disposed at the top end of each partition spaces. A plurality of vertical wings protrude from the center of each side of the partition board where the lower end of the wings sits on the edge of carrier recess of lower cover. The upper cover is a thick, flat buffer having a rectangular carrier recess concavely disposed at the center of its bottom surface. The carrier recess of the upper cover can cover the top end of partition board such that its edge can sit on the upper end of the wings to load more disk drives.03-26-2009
20100126890STORAGE CONTAINER FOR MULTIPLE DATA STORAGE MEDIA - A container for storing data storage media in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes a front cover, a rear cover and a plurality of removable trays operable to support data storage media, wherein each removable tray is rotatably connected to at least one other removable tray, and the plurality of removable trays is rotatably connected to at least one of the front cover and the rear cover such that the data storage media stored on the plurality of removable trays is accessible based on rotation of at least one removable tray.05-27-2010
20100000890SECURITY STORAGE CONTAINER - A lockable media storage box includes a base and a lid connected to the base with at least one hinge. The base and lid include elements that cooperate with a lock to allow the lid to be locked in the closed position. In one embodiment, the lock is received in the concave opening disposed at the front of the storage container. The lock may be unlocked with a special key or may be unlocked by destroying portions of the lock that are designed to be destroyed. In another embodiment of the invention, a sliding lock is carried by the container. The sliding lock may be carried inside the container or on the front wall of the container.01-07-2010
20090000969MEDIA CARTRIDGE AND METHOD FOR MOBILE PRINTING - Systems and methods for secure, remote printing includes a mobile device (e.g., cell phone or PDA) establishing a secure communication connection with a mobile printer and a server, such a connection using one or more encryption protocols (e.g., SSL, TLS, etc.). The server encrypts the requested data and transmits it to the printer via the secure connection, whereon the printer decrypts and prints the data. The mobile device can, according to other aspects of the invention, logs operational performance characteristic of the printer, the server, and/or the communication connections therebetween. A media cartridge can be provided includes an enclosure having a substantially planar shape, wherein each of its length and width dimensions are greater than its height. An opening is disposed along a width-wise edge (e.g., a “front” of the enclosure), and one or more regions are also disposed on opposing length-wise edges (e.g., a “left side” and a “right side” of the enclosure). The regions permit a user to see and/or exert a force on sheet media (e.g., paper) contained within the enclosure.01-01-2009
20080289980Injection Moulded Container - A method of making an injection moulded container for housing information storage media, e.g. a DVD, the container having a base portion (11-27-2008
20100320103SECURITY DEVICE - The invention relates to an anti-theft safer for a cassette comprising a cassette receiving case and a locking device being adapted to releasably secure the cassette in the case, wherein the cassette receiving case is a two-part case.12-23-2010
20110132783DURABLE PACKAGING ASSEMBLY FOR ARTICLES - A carrier assembly for transaction cards or other articles. The assembly includes a carrier having a front panel and a rear panel, and a transaction card or other article retained within the carrier. At least one panel of the carrier comprises a lens sheet assembly including a lens sheet, and an optional image layer. The carrier with lens sheet assembly provides enhanced security features, increased durability, and eye-catching features compared to traditional carrier or packaging assemblies.06-09-2011
20110168586METHOD FOR MARKING MULTIPLE COMPONENTS - A method for marking multiple components, each of which has at least one transponder and a storage device. A first marked component comes in contact with second components disposed in the range thereof and transmits information to them. The components mark themselves while taking the information transmitted by the first component into consideration. At least one second component after the marking thereof comes in contact with further components in the range thereof that are not marked yet in order to bring about the marking thereof. A group of components marked in this way, a corresponding container for carrying out the method, and a rolling bearing, which is a possible component to be marked in this way, are also disclosed. As a result, the self-organization and marking of a group of components is achieved with the help of an interconnected network.07-14-2011
20100116702Mobile Device Card Keeper - A mobile device card holder is provided that can include a mobile device housing component, and a receiving structure mechanically coupled to the mobile device housing component to hold cards such as a credit card and driver license. In one arrangement, the receiving structure can be externally integrated onto a mobile device housing. Other embodiments are disclosed.05-13-2010
20120145575HARD DISC DEVICE - A hard disc device including a frame, a hard disc, a pushing rod and a door is provided. The frame has a pair of troughs interior. The hard disc is movably disposed in the frame and leans against the troughs. The pushing rod disposed outside the frame has a first end and a second end. The second end extends along external of the frame. The door has a third end and a fourth end, wherein the fourth end is disposed at the frame, such that the third end rotates relative to the fourth end. The fourth end has a cam leaning against the second end of the rod.06-14-2012
20120305420STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY (DR) IMAGER PROTECTOR - A strong, lightweight protector for digital radiography imagers may be used to take hip, pelvis or chest X-ray images of a bedridden patient weighing in excess of 400 pounds. A rigid sleeve or case has rectangular top and bottom panels and at least two opposing side panels fanning an interior cavity accessible through a slot. The slot has a height in the range of 0.5 to 2 inches and a width in the range of 18 to 24 inches, with the interior cavity having a depth in the range of 18 to 24 inches. All of the panels are made of radiolucent material. The panels are made of lightweight foam covered with carbon fiber and resin. A back portion may be provided such that the interior cavity is only accessible through the slot. An optional carrying handle may extend from one of the sides panels.12-06-2012
20120152774HOLDERS FOR PORTABLE MEMORY CARDS AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - Holders for portable memory cards and methods for manufacturing such holders are provided. A holder for a portable memory card described herein is configured to attach to a host device such that a portable memory card can travel with a host even when the portable memory card is not being used with the host. A holder for a portable memory card described herein may have a low profile design compatible with host electronic devices of increasingly small form factor, such as mobile phones and portable media players. A holder for a portable memory card may also include a lock for locking a portable memory card in a compartment formed by the memory card holder to prevent accidental removal of the portable memory card from the compartment.06-21-2012
20100078342Document Retention Device with Integral Pillow Box - A document retention device includes a first panel and a pillow box blank coupled to the first panel. The first panel is configured to retain a first document on a first medium. The pillow box blank includes a first body portion, a second body portion, at least one top flap, and at least one bottom flap. The pillow box blank is configurable into a pillow box defining an open interior.04-01-2010
20120132552RFID TAG CONTAINER - An RFID tag container includes a container body having a first container portion and a second container portion detachably engaging the first container portion, wherein the container body is sized and configured to contain an RFID tag in a flame-proof, fluid-tight and vapor-tight seal.05-31-2012
20100051487MEMORY CARD HOLDER AND ORGANIZER FOR HOLDING AND ORGANIZING A PLURALITY OF PORTABLE MEMORY CARDS - The subject matter described herein includes a memory card holder and organizer for holding and organizing a plurality of portable memory cards. The memory card holder and organizer includes a card body having first and second memory card covering members defining first and second opposite-facing surfaces and first and second opposite-facing lateral edges. The card body defines a plurality of memory card insertion and holding slots for insertion and holding of a plurality of portable memory cards in an interior region defined by the card body. The memory card insertion and holding slots are laterally accessible through apertures in the first and second lateral edges. The first surface defines a plurality of notches adjacent to the first lateral edge for allowing removal of portable memory cards inserted in the memory card insertion and holding slots accessible via the first lateral edge. The second surface defines a plurality of notches adjacent to the second lateral edge for allowing removal of portable memory cards inserted in the memory card insertion and holding slots accessible via the second lateral edge.03-04-2010
20100270186MAGNETIC TAPE LIBRARY DEVICE - To provide a magnetic tape library device with which a plurality of housed magazines can be extracted safely from the device with the same operation, while the device is made to be simple. The magnetic tape library device includes: a plurality of magazines for housing a plurality of magnetic tape cartridges inside thereof; a device main body for housing the magazines within a same plane in a freely movable manner and in series in an inserting/extracting direction from an inserting/extracting slot; a connecting mechanism for enabling the plurality of magazines to be connected with each other or to be released by a releasing operation from outside; and a locking mechanism for enabling at least the magazine on the back side of the inserting/extracting direction of the device main body, among the plurality of magazines, to be locked or to be released from the locked state at the inserting/extracting slot side.10-28-2010
20110226644CARTRIDGE PACKAGING MATERIAL AND CARTRIDGE PACKAGING STRUCTURE - To improve a buffer effect on cartridges as well as to make it possible to suppress deformation or breakage of the cartridges in the case where, after a storage case containing the data recording cartridges has been put in an outer case for packaging, the outer case is dropped. A sheet-shaped member is folded so as to cover an upper surface, a lower surface, and one side surface of a storage case 09-22-2011
20100230304STORAGE CARD CASE AND KIT - A case for organizing and storing media cards having individual compartments which fit media such as, but not limited to, SD cards, memory sticks pro duo, XD memory cards, compact flash cards, memory sticks, mini SD cards, micro SD cards or any other portable media card or device that is developed in the future comprises a plurality of compartments having individual closeable doors to securely lock a single media card or device into the compartment. The door of each case further comprises an area thereon onto which information can be written to identify the contents. In addition, the cases further comprise means for stacking multiple cases onto each other. A kit containing at least one case and removable identification devices which can be placed directly onto the media cards and/or mini envelopes into which the media devices can be placed onto which the contents of each media card can be written.09-16-2010
20130008810Dual Activation Package for Readable Card - A package is configured to hold an information carrying card. The package includes a first panel connected to a second panel via a first fold line. The first panel includes a first opening. A third panel is connected to the second panel via a second fold line, the third panel includes a second opening. In a state where the first panel has been folded to overlap the second panel via the first fold line and the second panel has been folded to overlap the third panel via the second fold line, the first opening at least partially overlaps the second opening. The package may include a card on which data is stored. The data is exposed through the first and second opening to an environment outside the package.01-10-2013
20080197032Protective cartridge case having zero-tension latch - A protective cartridge case for housing a storage cartridge is provided. The protective cartridge case includes a housing having a top and bottom portion for enclosing a storage cartridge, the top and bottom portions having major surfaces that oppose each other along a vertical direction, and a latch member for selectively securing the top portion and bottom portion in a closed position. The latch member secures the top and bottom portion in a closed position with substantially zero tension on the latch member in the horizontal direction.08-21-2008
20130186788CARD READER ACCESSIBLE MULTIPLE TRANSACTION CARD HOLDER - A card holder assembly for holding multiple transaction cards, such as gift cards, to a common backer panel for presentation and sale. Cards mounted on the backer panel may be lifted for scanning by a card reader without necessitating removal of the cards from the assembly.07-25-2013