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206 - Special receptacle or package

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206265000 With closure 63
206256000 With segregating means 17
206271000 Sheet-formed receptacle 11
206246000 With ash holder 7
206249000 With ejector 6
206260000 Pouch type 4
20080302682POUCH FOR TOBACCO OR TOBACCO SUBSTITUTE - A smokeless tobacco product adapted for oral administration includes a permeable pouch adapted for administration into a user's mouth and adapted to be removed from the mouth and disposed in nature and smokeless tobacco contained in the pouch. The pouch is made from a degradable polymer whose degradation properties allow the pouch to be essentially intact until the time of disposal and allow the pouch to degrade in nature after disposal.12-11-2008
20100078341CONTAINER WITH TWO OPPOSING LIDS - A container includes: a body portion having a side wall and a base wall, the container further including a first lid and a second lid, wherein the first lid and the second lid are both removably attached to the side wall. The body portion and the first lid form a first compartment. The body portion and the second lid form a second compartment. The first compartment and the second compartment are located on opposite sides of the base wall, which may be convex in one of the compartments.04-01-2010
20100187143MOIST NON-TOBACCO SNUFF PRODUCT - A moist non-tobacco snuff product in pouch, particulate or compressed form for oral placement is provided. The snuff product includes cocoa fibers in an amount of 5-100% by weight of bulk material of the product, and optionally additional plant fibers. The snuff product may contain flavour supplements of food grade, such as fruits, berries, flowers, herbs, oil of fruits and edible plants. Moreover, there is described a process for preparing moist non-tobacco snuff including cocoa fibres. Cocoa fibers are provided, and optionally additional type(s) of plant fiber(s). The fiber bulk material is optionally grinded or cut and/or sieved, whereupon water, one or more humectants, and NaC1 are added. The mixture is heated, kept heated and finally cooled down. Optionally, additional ingredients chosen from the group consisting of salts, humectants, dyes, and/or flavours are added to provide the moist, non-tobacco snuff product.07-29-2010
206247000 With antitampering means 4
20090014343Pocket-size hybrid container for consumer items - A three-piece pocket-size hybrid container for holding a consumer product such as smokeless tobacco product in an interior volume of an inner ring mechanically secured to an interior of an outer base housing including a cover to fit over and snugly around the inner ring. When closed, a cover sidewall may engage a sidewall of the outer base housing to form a flush exterior sidewall of the closed container or the cover sidewall may be spaced apart from the outer base housing to form a gap in the exterior sidewall of the closed container. The outer base housing and cover can be metal and the inner ring can be plastic to provide a strong and robust package that maintains product freshness and is easily opened and closed.01-15-2009
20090250360Pocket-size container for consumer items - A three-piece pocket-size container for holding a consumer product such as smokeless tobacco product in an interior volume of a perimeter band which has a base locked to a lower rim portion and an openable cover on an upper rim of the perimeter band. When closed, the cover, the perimeter band and the base form a flush exterior sidewall of the container. The base and cover can be metal and the perimeter band can be transparent (clear, tinted or colored) or opaque plastic to provide a container that maintains product freshness, and is easily opened and closed.10-08-2009
20090230003POCKET-SIZED CONTAINER - A pocket-sized container for consumer items comprises a cylindrical base, a cylindrical lid and a window. The cylindrical base includes a bottom sidewall and a bottom wall. The bottom sidewall includes a recessed surface at an upper portion thereof. The cylindrical lid includes a top sidewall and a top wall. An inner surface of the top sidewall slidingly engages the recessed surface of the bottom sidewall so as to close the container with the outer surface of the bottom sidewall flush with the outer surface of the top sidewall. The lid includes an opening in the top wall and a window fits inside the lid such that a domed portion of the window extends into the opening. The pocket-sized container can hold both tobacco products or non-tobacco products, including orally consumed pouches such as snus.09-17-2009
20130146489ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CARRY CASE DEVICE AND METHOD - An electronic cigarette container has a case body. A lid is attached to the case body. A blister type packaging is retained within the case body, wherein the blister type package has a plurality of blister cavities for holding a cartridge06-13-2013
206259000 Reinforcement or case for single cigarette package 3
20090078599PACKAGE OF ROD-SHAPED SMOKING ARTICLES AND A BLANK THEREFOR - A hinged-lid package of filter cigarettes has a box (03-26-2009
20100059395Pack for Smoking Articles - A pack for smoking articles such as cigarettes comprises front and rear panels, connected by opposite side panels, a bottom panel and a lid, wherein at least one of the panels includes a plurality of transverse rigidifying bands greater in thickness than a region between the bands. The bands may be formed by an embossing method.03-11-2010
20120279882METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING BUNDLE PACKAGES AND BUNDLE PACKAGE - A method and device for producing bundle packages, in particular bundle packages (11-08-2012
206261000 Casing formed of two hinged complementary covers 3
20110220524Slim-type dual case - Provided is a slim-type dual case including two slim cases. The two slim cases include upper hinged lids and pack-shaped main bodies. The two slim cases are connected to each other along a horizontal edge of upper surfaces of the hinged lids such that the two slim cases are folded along the horizontal edge to face each other or the two slim cases are unfolded along the horizontal edge to bring the upper surfaces of the hinged lids of the of the two slim cases into contact with each other. According to the slim-type dual case of the present invention, the slim-type dual case has uniqueness when on display for sales with the slim cases forming a straight line shape. Also, the slim-type dual case augments advertising effect by utilizing side surfaces of the slim cases as advertising areas, and maintains freshness of contents in the slim case which is not opened yet by storing the contents separately. Further, by storing different types of contents separately in the slim cases divided by a vertical partition wall, the slim-type dual case allows two or more types of contents to be carried at the same time, and increases user convenience.09-15-2011
20100200440PACK OF RIGID TYPE FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTS - A rigid pack (08-12-2010
20110155596Package for Smoking Articles - A package for smoking articles comprising a body (06-30-2011
206245000 Laminate wall 3
20100032324CONTAINER WITH TACTILE SURFACE - A container having a surface including at least one high friction surface region having a coefficient of friction of between about 0.63 and about 2. Optionally, the at least one high friction surface region includes a coating layer, which may include fibers. The surface of the container may further include at least one low friction surface region having a coefficient of friction of less than 0.5, or preferably less than 0.3.02-11-2010
206264000 With opening or separating means 3
20110192738FILM WRAPPER - A film wrapper comprising a tear tape, wherein an end of the tear tape terminates at a side edge of the film wrapper, and wherein a pull portion of the film wrapper is provided in the form of a protrusion at the end of the tear tape and the protrusion comprises an outer edge. An incision in the film wrapper is provided at one side of the pull portion as a continuation of the outer edge of the pull portion. A container is disclosed which comprises the aforementioned film wrapper, wherein the film wrapper is wrapped around the container. Further, a method for producing a film wrapper and a knife arrangement are disclosed.08-11-2011
20090000968Innovative packaging for consumer product - A package for containing an oral sensorial product includes a packet having a shaped front sheet having a raised inner portion and a resealable back sheet. The raised inner portion has at least one recess adapted to receive a product. The resealable back sheet peels away from the shaped front sheet without damaging either the shaped front sheet or the back sheet.01-01-2009
20090308766HERMETICALLY SEALED PACKET - A hermetically sealed cigarette packet is fashioned from a flat blank of substantially rectangular outline, referable to a longitudinal axis, having at least one face coated with an impermeable and heat-sealable material. The blank is divided by two crease lines extending parallel to the axis and by further crease lines transverse to the selfsame axis into a series of panels aligned on the longitudinal axis, each furnished with two flaps extending from its opposite ends; each flap is separated from the adjacent flap by a V-shaped notch of which the tip is positioned at a given distance from the corresponding longitudinal crease line, on the side remote from the longitudinal axis, rather than extending the full depth of the flap and intersecting the selfsame crease line.12-17-2009
206244000 Pipe 1
20110068026Storage receptacle for smoking material and system and method for using same - A storage receptacle for smoking material may open on two opposite sides. A bottom end of the storage receptacle may have a first cavity which may store the smoking material. A top end of the storage receptacle may have a second cavity which may store a pipe, a third cavity which may store a lighter and a fourth cavity which may store a cleaning pick. A top cover and a bottom cover may be removed from the top end and the bottom end of the receptacle, respectively. The top cover and the bottom cover may have teeth that may be used to grind, to divide and/or to separate the smoking material into smaller sizes. Threads may connect the top cover to the top end, the bottom cover to the bottom end, and/or the top cover to the bottom cover.03-24-2011
20090159471Belt Clip Holder - An improved belt-clip holder for various objects is disclosed. The holder may be of unitary construction and includes a belt-clip for securely attaching the holder to a user's belt or other suitable item. The unitary construction reduces the cost and complexity of the holder. The holder has front, back and side panels to hold and protect an object, such as a dipping tobacco tin, or a group of objects, such as a group of credit cards. The holder also may have bottom panels in some embodiments. A retainer, having an integral retaining lip, secures the held object or objects in the holder. A cavity formed by the lower edges of the front, back, and side panels, allows a user to push a held object upward in order to remove the object from the holder. The retainer is configured so that a user my disengage the integral retaining lip using the same hand used to push the held object upward via the cavity. In this manner, the holder allows for the secure retention of an object within the holder, and also for easy, single-handed, removal of the object by a user when such removal is desired.06-25-2009
20130098785VACUUM PACKING METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR TOBACCO - Apparatus and methods of packing leaf tobacco preserve the integrity of tobacco, help retain freshness and moisture content of tobacco, and also help eliminate insect infestation. A packing container for leaf tobacco includes a carton, and a flexible, non-porous bag located within the carton. The bag includes a closeable opening through which the bag receives a quantity of tightly packed leaf tobacco. The bag is configured to have air extracted therefrom and to maintain a sub-atmospheric pressure therein.04-25-2013
20120111745Filter And Methol For Making A Filter For A Cigarette - A container (05-10-2012
20080277297Cigarette Package Provided With Internal Envelops Made From Polymer Film - The invention relates to a single-layered or multilayered, biaxially-oriented film which contains 70 to 100% by weight of polymer consisting of at least one type of aliphatic polyhydroxycarboxylic acid, and which is used in the form of an inner liner of a cigarette package.11-13-2008
20110000802TACTILE PACKAGING FOR CONSUMER GOODS - Packaging for consumer goods having a discontinuous tactile coating is provided. The discontinuous tactile coating is formed by applying one or more varnishes to the outer surface of the packaging in a pattern comprising a plurality of raised features having a height of at least about 10 microns and a separation of at least about 20 microns. The one or more varnishes can include one or more tinted varnishes.01-06-2011
20100282626PACK CONTAINING PACKETS OF CIGARETTES - In a pack (11-11-2010
20120199504CIGARETTES WITH WHOLESOMELY PACKAGED - A new way to pack cigarettes pack includes a cigarette case and a plurality of cigarettes in the cigarette case. Comparing to a traditional cigarette pack, the cigarettes in the invention are placed in an inversed position. The filter ends of the cigarettes are placed toward the bottom of the cigarette case while the tobacco ends of the cigarettes are placed toward to the opening of the cigarette case.08-09-2012
20100018882SMOKELESS TOBACCO PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES - A container for storing smokeless tobacco product is provided. A container for storing a smokeless tobacco product comprises an interior and an exterior, with an onsert attached to the exterior of the container. The onsert comprises a closed end, an open end, and a flap extending from the open end.01-28-2010
20120205266Cigarette Storage Device - A cigarette storage device is provided, comprising of a open ended cylindrical tube and cap for the protection of an individual cigarette. The tube has 1 open, cylindrical side and the other end being rounded with a small hole in the center. The tube is machined to a size slightly larger in diameter than a conventional cigarette. The cap is pressed onto the outside of the cylindrical end & contains a clip for affixing to a wallet or clothing.08-16-2012
20110155595Package for smoking articles - A package for smoking articles comprising an inner shell (06-30-2011
20120152773POLYPROPYLENE FILM COMPRISING AN OPENING AID - A biaxially oriented polypropylene film with perforated lines is described. The film has at least two perforated lines which run parallel to one another and are located at a maximum interval of 10 mm. The perforations of the two lines are offset relative to one another.06-21-2012
20100270184Package for tobacco products - The present invention relates to a package (10-28-2010
20120187010POLYPROPYLENE FILM COMPRISING AN OPENING AID - A biaxially oriented polypropylene film with at least two perforated lines is described, which run parallel to one another and are located at a maximum interval of 10 mm. The perforations of the two lines are offset relative to one another. The intervals of undamaged film between the perforations are longer than the perforations.07-26-2012
20100294679MERCHANDISING UNIT WITH SWITCHABLE GLASS PANEL - A merchandising unit for consumer goods includes at least one wall formed of one or more panels of electrically switchable glass which are switchable between a first state and a second state. The level of light transmission through the switchable glass is greater in the second state than in the first state. The merchandising unit includes a first compartment for housing the consumer goods. The first compartment includes the at least one wall formed from one or more electrically switchable glass panels, such that in the first state the consumer goods cannot be seen through the at least one wall and in the second state the consumer goods are visible through the at least one wall.11-25-2010
20130020213Enhancing the Visual Appeal of a Cigarette Package - The warning graphic portions of a cigarette package are obscured are replaced with a more visually appealing replacement graphic, while leaving the cigarette brand logo unobscured. Preferably, the cigarette package is inserted into a sleeve which obscures the warning graphic while leaving the brand logo substantially unobscured. The sleeve contains a replacement graphic in place of the warning graphic. The replacement graphic could include user self expression or advertising. The use of advertising opens a new outlet for advertisers' messages.01-24-2013
20110220523APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FORMING AND PACKAGING MOLDED TOBACCO PIECES - An apparatus for molding and packaging molded tobacco pieces includes a mold having cavities oriented to allow ejection of molded tobacco pieces into a container. The apparatus also includes a knockout for ejecting the molded tobacco pieces, and a cutter having at least two blades for cutting the molded tobacco pieces into vertically aligned slices by passing one or more blades horizontally through the cavities.09-15-2011

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