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Packaged assemblage or kit

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206 - Special receptacle or package


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206570000 Therapeutic type (e.g., first aid, doctor kit) 73
206581000 Cosmetic or toilet 69
206575000 Arts, crafts or sign 24
206541000 Camp or lunch type 22
206229000 With content applicator or dispenser 19
206579000 Game, sport or education 16
206568000 Specified mixture components 14
206225000 Including wound, or rolled, weblike material 12
206569000 Test (e.g., diagnostic or indicator) 12
206576000 Household or office equipment (e.g., mixer-grinder, recording kit) 11
206577000 Knockdown 3
20130075300KEYBOARD UNIT WITH CRADLING FUNCTION - A keyboard unit adapted to provide a cradling function for a portable terminal includes: a keyboard and a keyboard case for receiving the keyboard to protect the keyboard from an external environment. The keyboard case has a cradling unit adapted for cradling a portable terminal after the keyboard is extracted from the keyboard case.03-28-2013
20120074035 TEMPORARY BRIDGE - A temporary bridge includes two spans, each including at least three bridge elements to be stacked when the bridge is in a first so-called non-deployed position. The bridge elements are pivotably connected to one another, wherein two consecutive bridge elements are connected to one another by at least two linking arms mounted on the same side edge of the bridge elements. Two consecutive linking arms form a regular parallelogram with the two consecutive bridge elements connected by the arms, which can be deformed such that the movement of one bridge element relative to a bridge element immediately below in the stack of a span in the non-deployed position of the bridge causes the circular translation of the bridge element relative to the bridge element of the span immediately below. For at least one of the spans, at least one of the linking arms is shared by three consecutive bridge elements.03-29-2012
20120325721Saliva sample collection systems - Saliva sample collection systems are configured with special attention to ease-of-use for the unskilled user and safe transport and delivery by a conventional delivery services such as Federal Express. A sealed cavity is formed by tight coupling of two primary elements: a receiving vessel element and a sealing cap element. The receiving vessel has integrated therewith: a standing means, a fill-line window, a funnel system, a knife, a threadset, and containment tube among others. A complementary cap element includes a cooperating threadset, label receiving surface, gripping surface, seal means and reservoir with piercable thin-film membrane. These two primary elements may be accommodated in an application-specific shipping container which support two shipping modes whereby the system may be shipped safely to and from a donor user each way in a different shipping mode.12-27-2012
206578000 Photography 3
20100059405Multi-Functional Storage Apparatus - A multi-functional storage apparatus for selectively supporting a capturing device includes a main casing having a receiving cavity and a supporting arrangement. The supporting arrangement is provided on the main casing to operate the main casing between a normal storing mode and an capturing mode, wherein in the normal storing mode, the supporting arrangement is arranged to rest on the main casing so as to allow the main casing to function as a portable carrying device through storing objects within the receiving cavity, wherein in the capturing mode, the supporting arrangement is selectively extended from the main casing to detachably attach to the image capturing device, in such a manner that the image capturing device is securely and suspendedly supported by the main casing as a supporting base for stably capturing image in a predetermined direction.03-11-2010
20090255845Digital camera sensor cleaning and lense changing case - Disclosed is a collapsible field deployable environmental enclosure device with internal electronic air scrubbing and static suppression electronics, high luminosity wide angle solid state lighting, magnifying optics, viewing ports, an expansion compartment, utility compartments, and sealed operator arm ports. This device was developed for the purpose of containing a Digital SLR (Single Lense Reflex) camera, a digital rangefinder camera, a digital medium format camera, or medium and large format digital camera backs. The stated equipment is contained within the invention as a prophylactic method of avoiding dust and particle contamination to the sensor and body cavity while in the process of exposing the internal body cavity and or the digital image sensor during the operations of either changing lenses, cleaning the image sensor, or other inspection and maintenance procedures. This invention may also be used for other particle sensitive equipment. The enclosure was also developed to facilitate photographing in rain conditions.10-15-2009
20080264823Photo storage box - A photo storage box having a generally planar sheet folded to form a box having a rear wall, a top wall, front flap, a front wall extending from the top wall, sidewalls, and a bottom wall. The rear wall has a cut-out portion. The cut-out portion is hingedly connected to the top wall and may be folded upwardly to form a labelling area. The front wall has a slit formed therein and the front flap has a tab. The tab releasably fits within the slit so as to form a closure. The box may hold a plurality of photos. The sheet may be made from a plastic material and is preferably translucent.10-30-2008
206231000 Including fastener 3
20090194439Bicycle chain replacement part holder - A bicycle chain replacement part holder. In an embodiment, the part holder is a generally parallelepiped shaped resilient urethane rubber block with slight notches at the corner suitable for releasably securing the part holder in an interference snap-in fit pattern with the interior perimeter walls of a part holder aperture in a chain linking tool. Alternately, the part holder may be provided for separate use in a stand alone fashion. In an embodiment, a thru hole aperture is provided in the parts holder for use with a securing device, such as a key chain, so that the parts holder can be reliably secured to a known location, especially in the event that the parts holder is not secured to and within a chain linking tool.08-06-2009
20090078598FRAGRANCE EMITTING PATCH AND COMPACT FOR HOLDING A PLURALITY OF SUCH PATCHES - A fragrance emitting patch kit including a compact having an internal compartment, and a plurality of fragrance emitting patches positioned within the internal compartment of the compact.03-26-2009
20090065382PACKAGE SYSTEM FOR HOLDING PRODUCTS - A package is provided with a flexible skin and a multi-ring binding device attached to the flexible skin. One or more plastic bags are mated with the multi-ring binding device that receive and store products. The flexible skin wrap around the mated plastic bags to protect the bags when transported. The plastic bags may include a zipper that mates with a safety lock to seal and unseal the bag. The plastic bag may contain multiple compartments that are each separately sealable with a second re-sealable seal.03-12-2009
206228000 With razor 2
20090159469Cover Member Suitable for Receiving a Razor; Kit Including Said Cover Member, Razor and a Container - A cover member (06-25-2009
20090057170Razor storage case having mating closure members - A wet shaving razor case suitable for storage of a razor having a cartridge and adjoining handle, the case comprises an upper portion comprising a cartridge hold down member disposed at a periphery of said upper portion and a handle-receiving recess; a lower portion joined to the upper portion wherein the lower portion comprises a engagement member positioned along a periphery of the lower portion; and wherein upon closure of the upper portion onto the lower portion the hold down member both secures the cartridge within the case and engages with the engagement member to maintain closure of the upper portion on the lower portion.03-05-2009
206573000 Signal, lamp or reflector 2
20130180880VIDEO BOX - A gift box for presenting a gift to a recipient is disclosed. The gift box comprises a bottom portion, a top portion pivotally hinged to the bottom portion, memory, a camera secured to the box and an actuation switch coupled to the camera to activate the camera to record an image of the recipient when the top portion is opened relative to the bottom portion to expose the gift to the recipient, wherein the image is stored in the memory.07-18-2013
20130186802ThermoTube: A Portable and Human-Powered Food Containment and Temperature Conditioning System - A portable container wherein and food may be heated by a built-in and manually powered heating system without removal of the food from the container. Unlike typical containers, the device incorporates reheats the contents using human-powered energy. The device is composed of a sealable food containment chamber, a power generator, a heating element and electronics to minimize overheating of the contents. Many portable insulated food containers on the market are capable of storing food for short time periods within a specific range of temperatures. The goal is to preserve the temperature as close to the original containment temperature as possible. If food is contained longer than the rated time, or the container is opened and closed frequently, the food temperature degrades rapidly. The device addresses this problem because the food may be reheated within the existing chamber without removing it.07-25-2013
206580000 Lock with key 1
20100219098PADLOCK DISPLAY PACKAGE - An exemplary display package for an item having a loop portion includes a card having a front side and a back side, a post extending from the front side of the card, and a hasp extending from the front side of the card to define a slot. The item may be attached to the display package by positioning the loop portion of the item around the post and through the slot.09-02-2010
20130043150DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANIPULATING DROPLETS USING GEL-STATE MEDIUM - The present invention provides a droplet manipulation method capable of manipulating a droplet only by magnetic-field manipulation without physical manipulation such as electric-field manipulation, and a droplet manipulation device with which such a method can be implemented. A droplet manipulation device for transporting a droplet in a droplet encapsulating medium, comprising: a container 02-21-2013
20110180430ADJUVANTED INFLUENZA VACCINES INCLUDING CYTOKINE-INDUCING AGENTS - While oil-in-water emulsions are excellent adjuvants for influenza vaccines, their efficacy can be improved by additionally including other immunostimulating agent(s) to improve cytokine responses, such as γ-interferon response. Thus, a vaccine comprises (i) an influenza virus antigen; (ii) an oil-in-water emulsion adjuvant; and (iii) a cytokine-inducing agent.07-28-2011
20110203949CONTRACEPTION KIT - The invention relates to a contraception kit that includes at least one regular contraception means for the female cycle as well as an emergency contraception means. The invention is characterized in that both types of contraception means are included in a common packaging.08-25-2011
20100018881Tearable Packaging - The invention relates to a tearable packaging (01-28-2010
20110192736Package with Unique Opening Device and Process for Forming Package - A package and a process for forming the package are provided. The process may include providing a first flexible polymer film and a second flexible polymer film, sealing the first film and the second film together to form an enclosure and at least one tab area, and trapping fluid within a discrete portion of the tab area to form a breachable bubble. The enclosure may define an interior volume configured to receive a consumer product. Fluid trapped within a discrete portion of the tab area to form a breachable bubble may be sufficient to cause the bubble to breach upon application of minimal pressure by a user, separating a sealed portion of the first film from the second film.08-11-2011
20100140121CONTAINER CARRIER STRING - A generally continuous string of container carriers typically forming a package of fan-folded container carriers wherein the generally continuous string of container carriers are folded within a carton along a first attachment area and a second attachment area between adjacent container carriers of the plurality of container carriers and perforations are formed at least partially across the first attachment area and the second attachment area and include a series of small cuts and dividing apertures.06-10-2010
20130037428MEDICINE PORTFOLIO AND ORGANIZER - A portfolio for organizing and managing the storage, access and administration of prescription and/or over-the-counter medications. The portfolio that includes various storage mechanism, holders and tools that can be used for managing a patient's medications. The portfolio is a two-sided brief-case like device that can be secured in a closed position, or opened to gain access to the interior of the portfolio. The portfolio may include multiple pockets on the outside for storing various items, and a variety of pockets, sleeves, receptors and Velcro or hook and loop structures for receiving and holding various elements such as a pill dispenser, containers, pill bottles, etc. The portfolio can be pre-configured or configurable by including an interior that includes Velcro or hook and loop surfaces that can receive and securely hold various elements, such as medicine bottle receptors, pockets, sleeves, pill dispensers, communication devices, pouches, etc.02-14-2013
20080264811CONSTRUCTION KIT FOR A MANIPULATING SYSTEM - A construction kit for a manipulating system, includes at least one first and one second element that are located parallel or at an angle to one another and are connectable to one another, at least one centering element that is located between the first and second elements, and at least one securing element for connecting the first element to the second element. The construction kit has a centering element, which has an outer circumferential surface that is provided with at least one form-locking means.10-30-2008
20080283425Two-component adhesion promoter composition and use of packaging comprising two compartments - The present invention discloses a two-component adhesion-promoter composition for surface pretreatment, comprising two components, the first component, K11-20-2008
20130081961Fragrance testing strips combined with a nose clearing devise - My present invention is an apparatus that offers perfume testers the convenience of having both a neutralizing coffee bean pouch and detachable fragrance testing strips in one disposable unit. People will no longer be forced to be exposed to other people's germs by sharing coffee bean bowls in order to clear their olfactory palate when testing several scents in succession. This invention serves the dual purposes of providing for nose clearing and perfume smelling in one easy-to-use combination coffee bean pouch and fragrance strip apparatus.04-04-2013
20130081962Electronic Devices Grip Products - Apparatus are provided that include a grip material and instructions accompanying the grip material. The instructions include at least one of text and a diagram communicating to a purchaser a target electronic device with which the grip material is to be used. The grip material is configured to be attached to a side of the electronic device and occupying a footprint of the side between 04-04-2013
20120181194SYSTEM FOR PROTECTING A PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICE - The invention relates to a system for protecting a portable computing device wherein the system comprises a device housing adapted to protectively encase a portable computing device, a protectively hardened user input device in communication with the device housing, and a protectively hardened display in communication with the device housing. When the portable computing device is encased within the device housing, a user of the portable computing device can operate the portable computing device via the protectively hardened user input device and the protectively hardened display. The device housing may further comprise sealing elements, insulating elements, and shock-absorbing elements.07-19-2012
20090045082PACKAGING DEVICE FOR BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS - A packaging device for biological products, comprising a parallelepiped-shaped container having an upper face, a lower face, and two side faces extending in a longitudinal direction between two end faces and defining at least one first recess, the device comprising a distinct storage element to be housed immovably in the first recess of the container in a direction parallel to the longitudinal direction, the storage element comprising a storage zone for a first type of receptacle of biological products, the storage element and/or the container being conformed to bound at least one second recess for a second type of receptacle of biological products, the container comprising an opening on an end face provided for introducing or removing the storage element and/or the second type of receptacle, the device comprising a cover distinct from the container for selectively closing the opening.02-19-2009
20090301906BUILDING MATERIAL PACKAGE - Disclosed is a building material package for use in construction and repairing of building elements, such as walls and ceiling, in a quick and efficient manner. The building material package comprises a construction material package and a repairing material package. The construction material package comprises a construction material admixture. The construction material admixture comprises a construction material and a coloring agent. The repairing material package comprises a repairing material admixture. The repairing material admixture comprises a repairing material and the coloring agent. The construction material is at least one of a plaster and a joint compound. The repairing material is at least one of a caulk, a putty, and a spackle. The coloring agent is capable of imparting a color to the construction material admixture and the repairing material admixture.12-10-2009
20130213833COMBINED GIFT PRODUCT AND CHOCOLATE BAR GREETING CARD - A gift product which holds a single, individually-wrapped chocolate bar, currency bills, and one or more gift cards. The gift product has a greeting card panel and a chocolate bar container. The internal face of the greeting card panel has a pocket that holds currency bills and a gift card. The gift product is preferably formed from a single blank made of cardboard-like box stock, reinforced paper, or thin plastic.08-22-2013
20090277807Used oil container - A used oil container comprising a sealable container body having a top, a bottom and sides, the top having a sloping configuration toward one or more openings through which the used oil can enter the container, a threaded shaft adapted to extend from the top of the container body in the area of the one or more openings that conforms to the threaded receiver on a used oil filter, a compartment on one or more of the top, bottom or side of the container body adapted for accepting a new oil filter prior to use, wherein the treaded shaft is adapted to receive a used oil filter to seal the one or more openings of the container.11-12-2009
20130062229CONTAINER FOR ELONGATED ARTICLES - A container is provided for holding a predetermined mass of associated elongated cylindrical articles within a cavity. The container includes a bottom wall having a perimeter, a pair of spaced apart side walls extending upwardly from perimeter of the bottom wall, and a pair of spaced apart end walls extending upwardly from the perimeter of the bottom wall between the sidewalls. The container also includes at least one first step extending a height upward from the bottom wall and having a variable length, and at least one second step extending a height upward from the bottom wall and having an approximately fixed length less than the width of the container between the sidewalls.03-14-2013
20130062230FASHION ADHERENCE ARTICLES AND A KIT INCLUDING A MULTIPLICITY OF FASHION ADHERENCE ARTICLES - A foam fashion tape product with a polymer adhesive on both sides of the foam substrate providing temporary adhesion of fabric-to-fabric or fabric-to-skin with flexibility for movement with skin and fabric, and removable, leaving no adhesive residue behind.03-14-2013
20110011757ENERGY EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT KITS - Energy efficiency improvement kits configured for energy efficiency improvement projects for a building fixture are provided. The kits include substantially all of the materials for completing the energy efficiency improvement projects, substantially all of the tools for completing the energy efficiency improvement projects and instructions for completing the energy efficiency improvement projects.01-20-2011
20110011756BOXED BLISTER PACK HAVING SLIDE AND RETAIN FEATURE - A packaging structure for receiving at least one blister pack. The packaging structure includes at least one blister pack retainer for receiving and enclosing the blister pack, the blister pack retainer having a first side member, a second side member, a first end and a second end, the second end having at least one tab portion extending therefrom, and a slidable cover for enclosing the at least one blister pack retainer, the cover having a first end and a second end, the first end having at least one tab stop member extending therefrom, whereby when the at least one blister pack retainer is withdrawn from the slidable cover, the at least one tab stop member of the slidable cover and the at least one tab portion of the at least one blister pack retainer cooperate to restrain the at least one blister pack retainer from being fully withdrawn from the slidable cover. A method of making a packaging structure is also provided.01-20-2011
20130068639Huppy Paint Time Master - All in one integrated paint and tools instant protection container including a composed vertical and horizontal pierced rolling surface for limited roller slip and paint mixing effect. For paintbrush, paint roller and most coatings.03-21-2013
20090008275Package and merchandising system - A package and product merchandising system comprising the package. The package includes a package wall which in turn includes a display element visible from the exterior of the package. The package includes a power receiving element operably connected to the display element. The system includes a sensor, a power distribution element, and a controller, operably connected to each of the sensor and to the power distribution element. The controller receives an output of the sensor as an input and provides a first output profile to the power distribution element, the power distribution element receives the output profile from the controller and provides a power profile to the power receiving element. The power receiving element provides a characteristic change profile to the display element. The display element changes at least one characteristic in response to the characteristic change profile.01-08-2009
20090008274Portable food and condiment kit - A food and condiment kit comprising a container having a top, a bottom, and an interior. The interior of the container is adjacent to a chamber for storing a packet of salad dressing, sauce, or similar condiment. The chamber includes a plurality of apertures disposed on a wall between the chamber and the interior of the container. The packet containing the condiment also includes a plurality of apertures disposed on its surface and temporarily covered by a protective foil. When the packet is introduced into the chamber, the cover is removed to expose the apertures. A variety of mechanisms can be engaged by the lid or user to control the alignment of the chamber and packet apertures to dispense the condiment between the packet and the interior of the container.01-08-2009
20110042247FORMULATIONS OF AZACITIDINE AND ITS DERIVATIVES - The present invention relates to pharmaceutical formulations comprising azacitidine or its pharmaceutically acceptable salts, including processes for preparing the formulations comprising azacitidine, or salts thereof, and methods of using the formulations for treating various cancer disorders in mammals.02-24-2011
20120285846Article For Smokers - An article for smokers comprises a main body (11-15-2012
20110284403PACKAGING ASSEMBLY - A packaging nexus that drives a predetermined message to facilitate a consumer message is described. The nexus formed from the one or more components of the packaging assembly is configured to collectively signal and/or reinforce a predetermined message and at least partially facilitate a consumer impression.11-24-2011
20110284404CLING PRINT SYSTEM - A label assembly including a label having a top surface and a bottom surface opposite the top surface, where the top surface includes indicia printed thereupon, and a layer of a first adhesive is coated on the bottom surface. The label assembly also includes a dome cover coupled to the label, the dome cover being formed of a substantially transparent material and having an underside, where a layer of a second adhesive is coated on the underside, the second adhesive having a greater holding capability than the first adhesive.11-24-2011
20100264046DRAIN CLOG REMOVER - An apparatus for removing a clog from a drain pipe includes a container comprising a product chamber, a pressurization assembly in fluid communication with the inlet, and a shaft coupled to the container, the shaft comprising a proximal end and a distal end. Projections extend outwardly from the shaft. The product chamber is adapted to receive a drain cleaning composition and the product chamber has an inlet and an outlet. The pressurization assembly has a canister of pressurized fluid and an adapter coupled to the container and including a socket defining a receptacle configured to receive at least a portion of the canister. The shaft has an exterior surface sized for insertion into the drain pipe. The shaft also has a channel that provides fluid communication between the proximal end and the distal end.10-21-2010
20110215009Wallet - A wallet includes semi-rigid first and second portions each having an outer side and an inner side, the second portion being hingedly coupled to the first portion whereby the second portion is movable relative to the first portion to define open and closed configurations. The first portion inner side includes a pocket. A foldable changing pad is operatively coupled to at least one of the first portion and the second portion. The wallet includes a speaker and a sensor for determining when the first and second portions are at the open configuration. A processor is data communication with the speaker and the sensor. Programming causes the processor to automatically actuate the speaker an amount of time after the sensor determines that the first and second portions are at the open configuration.09-08-2011
20090145785Individual readiness system - An individual readiness system can comprise a gun cleaning kit, a strap cutter/window breaker emergency tool, and a multi-purpose tool. The individual readiness system can further comprise a carrying case attachable to a pistol belt or a harness strap, the carrying case being intended for carrying the components of the individual readiness system. The individual readiness system can be carried by military personnel and employed in the field training or combat for gun cleaning, equipment repairs, as well as in emergency situations requiring e.g., breaking a window to clear an egress route.06-11-2009
20080264810DEVICES, KITS, AND METHODS FOR TEMPORARILY STOPPING AN AUTOMATIC FLUSHING ASSEMBLY FOR A TOILET OR URINAL FROM FLUSHING - The present invention provides devices, kits, and methods for temporarily stopping an automatic flushing assembly on a toilet or urinal from activating. The device may be placed over or on the sensor assembly of the toilet to temporarily block the sensor assembly from sensing the user. In preferred aspects, the device is composed of a material that the user is able to flush down the toilet or urinal such that when the user is finished, the device may be removed and disposed of directly into the toilet or urinal.10-30-2008
20100122920Storage Apparatus - The invention relates to a storage apparatus for a measurement probe for use with a coordinate positioning machine. The storage apparatus comprises: a storage unit having at least one receptacle for a measurement probe; and at least one temperature source for controlling the temperature of a measurement probe located in the at least one receptacle.05-20-2010
20120228167DISPENSER FOR TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF PAPER OR NONWOVEN PRODUCTS - A device dispenser for at least two different types of paper or nonwoven products is provided. The dispenser is adapted to be mounted in a holder for a roll of absorbent paper provided with a core, and includes a first compartment adapted to contain a first type of paper or nonwoven product, and a second compartment adapted to contain a second type of paper or nonwoven product. The dispenser has a substantially cylindrical shape and includes a substantially cylindrical outer shell, a first end wall and a second end wall, wherein the outer shell is connected to the first and second end walls. Also an arrangement including such a dispenser and two different paper or nonwoven products in two compartments of the dispenser.09-13-2012
20090283428Portable Tool Kit with Auto-Release Clasp and Expandable Tools - A portable tool kit comprises a self-releasing clasp such that the clasp is released as a main body is rotated about a handle axle from a closed position to an open position with reference to a handle assembly. The main body and handle assembly cooperate to wholly enclose a set of tools when in the closed position. When in an open position, the tools of the main body are exposed to selection and rotation about a rivet of the main body cooperating with a biasing device of a biasing rivet of the main body to hold the tool in place. When fully extended, the main body and handle assembly permit the selection of a plurality of tools such as Phillips head and flat head screwdrivers of different sizes for extension from within the main body for use. Moreover, lamps may be provided on either end of the handle assembly for illuminating a work area.11-19-2009
20090294309APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR HOLDING AT LEAST TWO CONSUMER GOODS - An apparatus and process for holding at least two consumer goods comprising a holder comprising a first surface, a second surface, and an edge between the first surface and the second surface. An apparatus and process for holding at least two consumer goods comprising a holder comprising a surface wherein the surface comprises a first side edge, a second side edge, a proximal end, and a distal end.12-03-2009
20090266723Package and Method for Personalizing a Product in a Container - A single package for personalizing a product in a container includes a plurality of containers. Each container has a volume to hold a product and an exterior surface. The exterior surface of each container is unlabeled. A label kit provides for labeling the containers, and an enclosure holds the containers and the label kit in a single package.10-29-2009
20120031783CARRY AND DEPLOY BAG SYSTEM - A carry and deploy bag includes a holster for accommodating a controlled descent device and anchor, a lumbar pouch for accommodating a rope securable to the controlled descent device and the anchor, and a connecting gooseneck that extends between the holster and the lumbar pouch. The connecting gooseneck protects the rope as it runs through the connecting gooseneck from the lumbar pouch to the holster.02-09-2012
20110203948SYSTEM FOR SECURING WIRE WITH A FLOATING TIE-DOWN ASSEMBLY - The present embodiments are directed towards securing wire within a container. Advantageously, the present embodiments provide a system in which wire may be secured without modification of the container. Specifically, the present embodiments provide a floating tie down assembly configured to hold together a bundle of welding wire in a welding wire container. The floating tie down assembly is configured to float within the welding wire container, and the floating tie down assembly includes a lower removable insert, an upper removable insert, and a resilient material extending between the lower insert and the upper insert.08-25-2011
20080296182Disaster pack - A disaster pack comprising a first sealed bag and, disposed within such sealed bag, a pillow, a blanket, and a foam mat that, preferably, are contiguous with each other.12-04-2008
20090321287PACKAGING SYSTEM - A system comprising disposable medical devices and a packaging strip comprising a plurality of chambers containing the disposable medical devices. The strip is folded along breadthwise running fold lines to form a series of loops, each loop comprising opposing sections. The opposing sections of at least some of these loops are sealed to each other thus forming chambers between said sections. A cartridge contains such a packaging strip.12-31-2009
20090050496Product Dispensing System - A product dispensing system and a method of queuing usage of products. A plurality of layers of products, each having multiple items in separate packages, each layer having a carrier with the separate packages being secured to and extending from the carrier. The layers are assembled in a stacked orientation behind a front laver with layers behind the front layer being at least partially concealed and inaccessible. Products arc used one layer at a time, and when the separate packages from the front layer are removed, the packages of the next-succeeding layer are exposed for use.02-26-2009
20110220522Compact children's table and stool set - A table and stool seating arrangement includes a tabletop having an underside and an edge. A pedestal supports the tabletop. The pedestal includes an X-shaped base with a plurality of upwardly extending slotted pedestal sheets. Each sheet has a slot accommodating a respective slot in another sheet by sliding the slots together. One or more seat assemblies, such as stools, are horizontally movable between a use position on the ground and at least a portion of each seat is movable beyond the edge of the tabletop. In a storage position, the entire seat assembly is positioned with a predetermined area below the underside of the tabletop. Each seat assembly includes a seat support frame having two flat vertical walls joined by one arcuate wall, enclosing a hollow storage chamber therebetween; wherein the vertical walls are constructed to rest adjacent to the table pedestal in a storage position of non-use.09-15-2011
20100200438MODULAR CONTAINER SYSTEM - A modular container system may enable a user to create a set of interconnected containers to organize and pack small items. The modular container system may be assembled in various ways to hold one or more items in separate compartments of varying size. The modular container system may have the same diameter as a typical sports water bottle, making the container system easy to pack and readily accessible to the user. The modular container system may be useful in various situations where a person needs to organize and store items. Applications may include outdoor sports and recreation, military, automotive, arts and crafts, construction tools and materials, food storage, toy storage, and the like.08-12-2010
20090255834TOILET CLEANING DEVICE - A toilet cleaning device having a surface (10-15-2009
20090261001Glove packaging having antimicrobial barrier - A glove packaging comprises a container for holding the gloves and a barrier positioned to cover at least a portion of an opening in the container. The barrier protects the gloves from airborne particles and other materials or contaminants that may contaminate the gloves prior to removal from the packaging. The barrier also includes an antimicrobial material for protecting the gloves from microorganisms, pathogens or other materials or contaminants that come in contact with the barrier to further reduce the possibility of contamination.10-22-2009
20100155270Gun Barrel Cleaner - A gun barrel cleaner comprising: a flexible cable, with a cable diameter; a tip attached to a first end of the flexible cable, the tip having a tip diameter; a connector attached to a second end of the flexible cable, the connector having a connector diameter; a generally spherical member in slideable communication with the flexible cable, the generally spherical member having an outer diameter, a bore, with a bore diameter; where the bore diameter is greater than the cable diameter, is less than the tip diameter, and is less than the connector diameter. A gun barrel cleaning kit comprising: a flexible cable, with a cable diameter; a cleaning tip attached to a first end of the flexible cable, the cleaning tip having a tip diameter, and a cleaning patch receiving slot; a connector attached to a second end of the flexible cable, the connector having a connector diameter; a cleaning brush removeably attached to the connector via a threaded engagement; a generally spherical member in slideable communication with the flexible cable, the generally spherical member having an outer diameter, a bore, with a bore diameter; at least one cleaning patch removeably attachable to the cleaning patch receiving slot; an openable and closeable gun barrel cleaning container configured to hold all of the above listed components; and where the bore diameter is greater than the cable diameter, is less than the tip diameter, and is less than the connector diameter.06-24-2010
20100163443METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PACKAGING PACKAGED GOODS - A method involves packaging packaged goods in a packaging material, which surrounds the packaged goods at least partially, the packaging material being unwound from a reel having at least one readable data memory for material data. The material data is read from the data memory and processed, and at least one of the two following actions is performed: A) regulating the packaging process as a function of the material data and B) creating a product pass based on the material data. The method reduces the possibility of operating errors when packaging packaged goods with packaging material. The packaging process is more transparent due to the method, and can be tracked and/or reconstructed even at a later time.07-01-2010
20090314667CONTAINER FOR RECEIVING A CARTRIDGE FOR HEATING OR COOLING THE CONTENTS OF THE CONTAINER - A cartridge comprising: a first reactant cavity for containing a first reactant; a second reactant cavity for containing a second reactant, which second reactant cavity is in an operative condition located below the first reactant cavity; a frangible barrier separating the first and second reactant cavities; a flexible member defined at an end of the first reactant cavity remote the barrier, the member having a receiving formation on an inner surface thereof for receiving an end of an elongate member therein, which elongate member extends towards the barrier; one or more openings located in an operatively upper region of the second reactant cavity; and where in use, the integrity of the barrier is disrupted by a force acting on an outer surface of the flexible member to displace it towards the barrier, thereby causing the elongate member to disrupt the integrity of the barrier and permitting the first and second reactants to react with each other. A kit comprising the cartridge disclosed above.12-24-2009
20100193381PACKAGE FOR A DETERGENT BAR - The invention provides a planar (08-05-2010
20100155271Packaging for Small Bottles - A packaging arrangement (06-24-2010
20100276310METHOD OF COATING A PARTICLE - Disclosed is a method of coating a particle, the method comprising contacting (i) a particle, wherein the surface of the particle comprises functional groups suitable to undergo a coupling reaction with at least a hydroxyl group, a halogen group or an alkoxy group, with (ii) molecules of formula (Ia) and/or (Ib): (Ia) or (Ib) wherein A is a metal or a metalloid, R11-04-2010
20100236953FOLDABLE CARRYING CASE - A foldable carrying case is described that has an integrated one-piece body of hingeably connected panels, and flexible gussets hingeably connected to the panels. The body is further provided with releasable fasteners. The body converts from a plane configuration to a container configuration, and vice versa. The container configuration is formed by folding the panels and the gussets, and the panels and gussets are connected by the releasable fasteners to prevent the container from unfolding. Also described is a method for making and using such a foldable carrying case. Also described is a kit including such a foldable carrying case and at least one storage container.09-23-2010
20120193250Package Device - A package for chewing gum and other edible products having one compartment which may hold the pieces of chewing gum, and an attached rear second compartment, which may serve as a pocket for waste.08-02-2012
20110056854Method For Preparing A Lubricating Film, Solid Support Thus Obtained And Preparation Kit - The present invention concerns a method for the lubrication of the surface of a solid by grafting a polymer gel, and for impregnation with a lubricating composition, and a kit to prepare a solid comprising a surface lubricated with a polymer gel.03-10-2011
20090283429PERSONALIZED ORNAMENTAL ARTICLES - A method for obtaining a fingerprint and making a fingerprint ornamental article includes sending a kit to a customer including a thermoplastic medium, so that a person can imprint a fingerprint, and receiving the fingerprint from the customer after the fingerprint is imprinted onto the thermoplastic medium. Using thermoplastic medium allows the fingerprint to be easily formed and sufficiently set, so that the fingerprint is not compromised between the time the fingerprint is made and the time the fingerprint is received by the ornamental article manufacturer.11-19-2009
20100300905Method of Removing Sulfur Odors From Packages - An article, such as a polymeric film, sachet, purge control pad, or label, includes a sulfur scavenger. In some embodiments, an oxygen scavenger is also included. A method includes providing an article, including a sulfur scavenger and an oxygen scavenger; and subjecting the article to a dosage of actinic radiation effective to trigger the oxygen scavenger. A method of reducing the sulfur content of a package containing a food product includes either (1) providing a film including a layer including a zinc ionomer, and a layer including an oxygen scavenger; packaging the food product in the film; and storing the package for at least 24 hours; or (2) providing the food product at a temperature of 40° F.; providing a film including a layer including a sulfur scavenger; packaging the food product in the film; and storing the package for at least 24 hours.12-02-2010
20110017617CLEANSING IMPLEMENT - A cleansing implement comprising a generally planar compressed, water-swellable matrix and a solid cleansing composition coated on one face of the compressed matrix. A method for producing a cleansing implement comprising providing a generally planar compressed water-swellable matrix and coating a solid cleansing composition on one face of the compressed matrix.01-27-2011
20110024312METHOD AND STRUCTURE FOR PACKING BINDER RINGS FOR BINDING DOCUMENTS - Disclosed herein is a method of packing binder rings for binding documents. In the method, a plurality of binder rings having a predetermined length is held by a fork-shaped jig. Thereafter, the binder rings held by the fork-shaped jig are heat-adhered to a fastening film, and the fork-shaped jig is removed from the binder rings, thus forming a unit packing set. Subsequently, a plurality of unit packing sets is contained in a packing box in such a way as to fold the unit packing sets or stack the unit packing sets on top of one another such that the binder rings overlap with each other, thereby preventing the binder rings from becoming entangled with each other although a user draws the binder rings out of the packing box one by one.02-03-2011
20110083978KIT FOR SEPARATION OF BIOLOGICAL FLUIDS - For containing a biological fluid and draining a constituent of the biological fluid, a kit includes a barrel, a piston assembly, a removable element, which is configured to move the piston assembly, a drainage element, which interacts with the piston assembly, and an interacting element, which interacts with the piston assembly. The kit allows for fluid separation without risk of contamination from the biological fluid itself or contamination of the biological fluid itself. Further, the kit offers the advantage of involving no needles or other sharp elements.04-14-2011
20110168583Integrated Tabbed Note and Fastener - Methods and apparatus for securely but removably tabbing one or more sheets of paper are disclosed. According to another aspect of the present invention, a kit includes a container and a first tabbed note assembly. The container includes at least a first compartment, and the first tabbed note assembly includes a first tabbed note and a first fastener. The first tabbed note has a first opening defined therein, and the first fastener is at least partially disposed in the first opening. The first tabbed note is positioned, or otherwise contained, at least partially in the first compartment. In one embodiment, the kit includes a divider that is inserted at least partially in the container such that the first compartment and a second compartment are defined at least partially by the divider.07-14-2011
20100038265DISPLAY ASSEMBLY OF FOLDED ROLLED PAPER PRODUCTS - A display assembly with a plurality of rolled paper products having: a plurality of folded implements convolutely wound about a core or a void area, capable of being dispensed from the rolled paper product, comprising a fibrous structure having a first flap with a first edge; a second flap with a second edge; and a body, between the first flap and the second flap, the body having a first surface and a second surface; wherein the first flap and the second flap are folded against and overlap either the first surface or the second surface of the body.02-18-2010
20100038266Packaging Laminate - The invention relates to a packaging laminate comprising at least one base layer of paper or paper board and at least one liquid barrier layer, said paper or paper board comprising expanded or unexpanded expandable thermoplastic microspheres. The invention further relates to the production and use of a packaging laminate and a package for food or beverage products and its production.02-18-2010
20100065448Disposable Biodegradable Dust Pan Kit for Treatment and Collection of Spills - The invention is a lightweight, disposable and biodegradable dustpan kit that provides everything necessary to quickly and easily treat and collect a spill, particularly a repulsive body fluid spill such as vomit or urine. With this portable kit there is no need to use cleaning implements such as brooms, mops, sponges, buckets, etc, to clean up a spill and because it is a disposable product, there is no need to spend time cleaning the cleaning implement itself. In addition, the kit is composed of biodegradable materials and doesn't introduce toxic chemicals into the environment.03-18-2010
20110094905ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TEXTILE SOFT GOODS RETAIL PACKAGING INCORPORATING VACUUM-SEALABLE BAGS REUSABLE BY CONSUMERS - A consumer textile soft goods product for retail sale includes a vacuum-resealable bag and one or more textile soft goods located therein. The vacuum-resealable bag includes air impermeable walls, a one-way valve assembly, and a closure mechanism. The vacuum-resealable bag is configured to maintain a vacuum condition therein when the closure mechanism seals the vacuum-resealable bag and air is evacuated through the one-way valve assembly. A pressure differential preferably maintains the textile soft goods for retail sale in a compressed condition within the vacuum-sealable bag, and the vacuum-sealable bag preferably is located within retail packaging. Furthermore, the vacuum-resealable bag preferably is configured to be opened and then reclosed such that the vacuum-resealable bag is reusable by a consumer for vacuum-packing compressible items after the one or more textile soft goods have been removed from the interior space of the vacuum-resealable bag post purchase.04-28-2011
20110068023Footwear Customization Kit - A footwear customization kit is disclosed. The kit comprises a container including an article of footwear, a stand, a steaming bag and a set of instructions. The article of footwear includes a customizable portion that can be deformed when heated. The stand and the steaming bag can be used to heat the article of footwear in a steam environment.03-24-2011
20110048982NANOSTRUCTURED SORBENT MATERIALS FOR CAPTURING ENVIRONMENTAL MERCURY VAPOR - The present invention is a method and material for using a sorbent material to capture and stabilize mercury. The method for using sorbent material to capture and stabilize mercury contains the following steps. First, the sorbent material is provided. The sorbent material, in one embodiment, is nano-particles. In a preferred embodiment, the nano-particles are unstabilized nano-Se. Next, the sorbent material is exposed to mercury in an environment. As a result, the sorbent material captures and stabilizes mercury from the environment. In the preferred embodiment, the environment is an indoor space in which a fluorescent has broken.03-03-2011
20110048983Kit for Fastening and Locking of Components - A stack or assembly of fluid, mechanical, and/or electrical components permits removal of some components for maintenance, without compromising the fluid integrity of the remainder of the assembly. A fastening bolt, attached to at least one fluid component, is screwed into a stacking bolt, attached to another fluid component, the bolts being screwed together inside the bore of an adapter plate. A resilient insert sits between the head of the stacking bolt and the bore. At least a portion of the bore has a continuous taper, such that the diameter of the bore decreases in the vicinity of the insert. The taper creates a reduced diameter hole on one surface of the adapter plate, thus preventing interference between fluid ports on an adjacent fluid component. The taper also prevents loss of the insert during transportation and storage, and prevents undesired extrusion of material of the insert when the components are fastened together.03-03-2011
20110048981Sample collection implement - A sample collection implement S03-03-2011
20100294677High Concentration Factor VII Polypeptide Formulations Comprising an Aromatic Preservative and an Antioxidant - The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising at least 10 mg/mL of a Factor VII polypeptide (i); a buffering agent (ii) suitable for keeping pH in the range of from about 5.0 to about 9.0; at least one aromatic preservative (iii) in a concentration of at least 0.1 mg/mL; and at least one antioxidant (iv) in a concentration of at least 0.1 mg/mL; the composition optionally comprising further components, with the proviso that none of such further components are Factor VII polypeptide stabilizing agents selected from (a) metal-containing agents, wherein said metal is selected from the group consisting of first transition series metals of oxidation state +II, except zinc; and (b) stabilising agent comprising a —C(═N—Z1-R1)-NH—Z2-R2 motif.11-25-2010
20110210021Vial - The present invention relates to a vial (09-01-2011
20080314777PRODUCT DISPLAY AND CARRYING BAG - A product display and carrying bag configured to conform to a juvenile product. The product display and carrying bag includes a carrying handle and a media tag configured to be inserted into a card-receiver pocket provided on a transparent panel of the product display and carrying bag.12-25-2008
20120241338SERVING ASSEMBLY - The present disclosure provides a serving assembly that comprises multiple components suitable for different food products, but which connect together easily into one unit. The components can be, in one embodiment, a cutting board, a bowl, and a tray. The tray can have a compartment for storing utensils.09-27-2012
20120241337UNIVERSAL GARMENT KIT INCLUDING UNIVERSAL GARMENT - There is a clothing kit comprising a garment bag which is configured to house a plurality of garments. The plurality of garments can comprise a slip dress, a long sleeve top, a pair of pants; a tank top, a universal adjustable garment, and at least one belt. The clothes can be made from a wrinkle free fabric, and are configured to be of at least two different colors, with the pair of pants, dress, universal shoulder wrap, and one sash, the tank top and the belt being of a first color, and the long sleeve shirt, the universal shoulder wrap being of a second color.09-27-2012
20100294676SYNTHETIC MORTAR COMPOSITION - A multi-component synthetic resin system, its use for securing fixing elements and a method for its preparation, and further embodiments mentioned in the description based on this invention, the multi-component synthetic resin system including one or more finely distributed gases in at least one of its components. Application is primarily in the construction industry.11-25-2010
20110162982Methods for producing vaccine adjuvants - An improved method for the manufacture of an oil-in-water emulsion involves three procedures: (i) preparation of a preliminary emulsion; (ii) microfluidization of the preliminary emulsion to reduce its droplet size; and (iii) filtration of the microfluidized emulsion through a hydrophilic membrane. The emulsions are useful as vaccine adjuvants.07-07-2011
20080202952Disposable tissue package with reflective surface and reflective element for use with tissue packages - A portable or disposable package of tissues includes a reflective surface. The surface may be directly associated with the package. In another embodiment, the reflective surface is associated with another body which is connected to the package. That body may be removable from the package, so that it may be used with successive packages after the tissues in prior packages have been exhausted and the package disposed of.08-28-2008
20110253565FIRE RESISTANT BARRIER - A fire resistant assembly, which may comprise a first layer having a lumen therein, a second layer adjacent the first layer, a first structural member disposed between the first and second layers, and a box having a cavity defined by a wall, a first opening in the wall, a flange proximate the first opening, and optionally a second opening in the wall, wherein the box is disposed between the first layer and the second layer and wherein the opening is disposed on the lumen of the first layer, the box comprising a further fire resistant feature such as an intumescent ring disposed about the second opening, a plenum wrap layer, or an intumescent layer, and various methods and apparatuses related thereto.10-20-2011
20110162981METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR PREVENTING, REDUCTING OR TREATING DAMAGE CAUSED BY ISCHEMIA AND SCHEMIA-LIKE CONDITIONS - Methods for using wolfberry for one or more of preventing, reducing, or treating damage caused by ischemia and ischemia-like conditions; preventing, reducing, or treating strokes and damage caused by strokes; preventing, reducing, or treating alterations in brain function; preventing, reducing, or treating cognitive dysfunction syndrome; preventing, reducing, or treating mild cognitive impairment; preventing, reducing, or treating dementia; preventing, reducing, or treating a decline in social interaction; preventing, reducing, or treating age-related behavioral changes; facilitating, maintaining, and enhancing cognitive function; facilitating, maintaining, and enhancing learning and memory; facilitating, maintaining, and enhancing optimal brain function; reducing memory loss; increasing trainability; improving the quality of life; and promoting the health and wellness in an animal.07-07-2011
20110253566KIT, APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SOLICITING, EXCHANGING, DISSEMINATING, COLLECTING AND ORGANIZING CATEGORIES OF PERSONALIZED CARDS - A kit for soliciting, exchanging, disseminating, collecting and/or organizing personalized information in three or more different categories which are subject matter classifications of Biblical verses, and a method of making a memory container for a recipient, where the memory container has handwritten cards containing personally selected Biblical verses.10-20-2011
20110114517HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION AND KIT FOR DISINFECTING CONTACT LENSES - The present invention relates to a hydrogen peroxide solution for disinfecting contact lenses. The hydrogen peroxide solution contains an effective amount of a homopolymer or copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone to an increased residual hydrogen peroxide concentration when in the presence of a catalyst, thereby prolonging the effective life of the solution and providing greater comfort to the weather. The present invention also relates to a kit for use in the disinfection of contact lenses comprising: a) an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution, wherein the aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution comprising a homopolymer or copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone and an effectively disinfecting amount of hydrogen peroxide, and b) a container for holding a given amount of hydrogen peroxide solution, wherein the container containing a disc, wherein the disc comprising a substrate and a catalyst coating thereon, wherein, when the given amount of hydrogen peroxide is added to the container to entirely submerge the catalyst coated disc, the aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution decomposes over a period time of six hours to provide a residual hydrogen peroxide concentration of less than 100 ppm.05-19-2011
20110114516PACKAGE FOR SUPPLYING STUDENT ROOMS AT AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION AND ASSOCIATED METHOD OF USE - A single package providing dormitory room supplies for at least one student at an institution of higher education and associated method of use is disclosed. This package includes at least one shipping container. Numerous internal containers can be located within the shipping container. Dormitory room supplies are then located within the shipping container and/or internal containers. The essential items included are classified into the following categories: linen, clothing, organizational, electrical or electronic, and kitchen items. The package can be used to supply one or more dormitory rooms with all the essentials needed or to provide extras, which are typically required but not strictly essential. The single package can also include a cargo container, in which multiple shipping containers are located, to supply multiple dormitory rooms. This cargo container can be transported on a ship and as the trailer or placed on a trailer of a semi-trailer truck.05-19-2011
20110114515Footwear Customization Kit - A footwear customization kit is disclosed. The kit comprises a container including an article of footwear, a stand, a steaming bag and a set of instructions. The article of footwear includes a customizable portion that can be deformed when heated. The stand and the steaming bag can be used to heat the article of footwear in a steam environment. The stand can be assembled to hold the article of footwear in the steam environment by engaging an outer periphery of a vessel.05-19-2011
20110083979GROUT COLOR MATCHING ARTICLE AND METHOD OF USING SAME - A container for holding a grout sample, said container having five walled sides, and one open side, wherein one walled side defines a base of the container and the open side provides access to a cavity, said cavity bounded by four walled sides and a floor defined by said base; and grout placed within said cavity.04-14-2011
20110000801ELECTRIC POWER EQUIPMENT, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND POWER SUPPLY ELEMENT INSPECTION EQUIPMENT USING SAME - An electric power equipment has a main body case, a plurality of power supply elements provided in the main body case, and a fire-extinguishing agent discharge space disposed facing the plurality of power supply elements. The fire-extinguishing agent discharge space includes fire-extinguishing agent spray space having a plurality of fire-extinguishing agent spray holes for spraying a fire-extinguishing agent toward the plurality of power supply elements, and a fire-extinguishing agent supply space coupled to the fire-extinguishing agent spray space via a plurality of fire-extinguishing supply holes. A fire-extinguishing agent tank is coupled to the fire-extinguishing agent supply space via a shutoff valve.01-06-2011
20100078339MULTIPLE CANDLESTICK ASSEMBLY - A multiple candlestick assembly comprising at least two aligned candlestick bodies sharing a common base, where the candlestick bodies and the common base are integrally connected and co-molded. Also disclosed is a kit that includes a plurality of multiple candlestick assemblies of a varying number of aligned candlestick bodies.04-01-2010
20090301907Protective film application kit and method - A kit apparatus has a package holding at least one film sheet having an adhesive layer on one side, a bottle containing a solution for activating the adhesive layer of the film sheet, and a miniature squeegee. The film sheet, bottle of solution and squeegee are secured within the package. The sheet corresponds in extent to a surface of an electronic device, preferably a surface of a display device of the electronic device. The solution is used for initially cleaning the surface that is to receive the sheet and finally to wet the adhesive layer in order to secure the sheet in place. Excess solution is removed from the surface while evenly distributing the adhesive using wiping motions with the squeegee.12-10-2009
20110186452BOX APPARATUS AND PACKAGING METHODS - A package includes a stack of checkbook blanks, a box in a flat, shipping state placed on the stack; and a wrapper surrounding the stack checkbook blanks, and the box in the flat, shipping state. The wrapper positioned around the stack, and the box can be a film or a paper envelope. The box can be formed from a one piece box blank or can be a two piece box having a top portion and a bottom portion.08-04-2011
20110147241Co-Packaged Articles - A pack for a co-packaged article with an inner flange member and an outer flange member. A first cavity is defined by the inner flange member and the outer flange member. The first cavity has an outer surface and a first internal wall. A second cavity is defined by the inner flange member and the outer flange member. The second cavity has an outer surface and a second internal wall spaced apart from the first internal wall. The second internal wall has at least one protrusion with a first position and a second position. The protrusion is spaced apart from the first internal wall in the first position and contacts the first internal wall in the second position limiting inward flexing of the first and second cavities toward each other.06-23-2011
20110005946PROCESS OF MAKING A GRAPHIC DECAL FOR A TOOLBOX, DECAL MADE THEREBY, AND KIT OF COMPONENTS - A process of fabricating an extremely durable graphic decal for a toolbox of a customer, and a kit of components for applying the decal to a toolbox01-13-2011
20120031782PRECIPITATION COLLECTOR - There is provided a precipitation collector comprising a container including a container space configured for containing precipitation received through a container opening. The container includes a discharge outlet fluidly coupled to a valve to define selectively operable outlet of the collector for selectively discharging the received precipitation which has been collected within the container space. A lid partially covering the container opening is also provided wherein the lid includes a lid passage which defines a collector inlet disposed in fluid communication with the container space through the container opening such that the lid passage provides a passage for entry of environmental precipitation into the container space. The container includes an overflow outlet configured for discharging an overflow of the received precipitation collected within the container space. An edge of the perimeter of the overflow outlet, disposed furthest from a reference vertical plane tangent to an operative outermost external surface portion of the collector, is disposed at a minimum distance of less than six (6) inches from the reference vertical plane when the operative outermost external surface portion is positioned adjacent to the reference vertical plane when the collector is supported on a horizontal reaction surface. The operative outermost external surface portion is disposed on an operative external surface portion of the collector. The operative external surface portion of the collector is that portion of the external surface which is opposite from the external surface portion at which the selectively operable discharge outlet is disposed. The operative outermost external surface portion is a portion of the operative external surface portion which extends furthest outwardly relative to other portions of the operative external surface portion when the collector is supported on a horizontal reaction surface.02-09-2012
20120145573Blister Package with Integrated Electronic Tag and Method of Manufacture - A blister package with an integrated RFID tag is provided. The conductive lidding material is modified to serve not only to seal some contents within some formed blister film, but also to act as an RFID tag antenna. An electronic circuit is electrically connected to the lidding film antenna. Methods of manufacture which integrate with conventional blister package manufacturing processes are also provided.06-14-2012
20120305416DYEING OR BLEACHING KIT - Disclosed is a kit for hair dyeing or bleaching which includes: a first part containing an alkali agent; a second part containing an oxidizing agent; and an openable and closable airtight container into which the first and second parts are charged so as to form foam of a mixture thereof. Also disclosed is a method for dyeing or bleaching hair, which includes the following steps (a) to (d) or steps (a) to (e): (a) charging a first part containing an alkali agent and a second part containing an oxidizing agent into the main body of an openable and closable airtight container, (b) hermetically sealing the airtight container, (c) forming foam by shaking the airtight container, (d) taking out the formed foam from the airtight container and applying the foam to hair, and (e) re-foaming the applied foam on the hair.12-06-2012
20090078596Baby care kit, a method for forming a baby care kit, and a method for selling/marketing baby apparel - A baby care kit 03-26-2009
20110315575Methods, Compositions and Articles of Manufacture for Contributing to the Treatment of Cancers - Methods, compositions and articles of manufacture for contributing to the treatment of cancers, including solid tumors, are disclosed. The methods, compositions and articles of manufacture can utilize an endothelin B agonist (ET12-29-2011
20110315576PACKAGE OF TISSUES - A package of tissues or napkins includes a stack of tissues or napkins and a wrapping sheet. The wrapping sheet extends over at least a first pair of side surfaces, a lower end surface, and at least a portion of an upper end surface of the stack. A first sheet end of the wrapping sheet is provided with a first releasable attachment arrangement for attaching the first sheet end to a first wall of a container accommodating the package of tissues or napkins, and a second sheet end is adapted for being attached to an opposing second wall of the container such that the wrapping sheet holds the stack of tissues or napkins with the upper end surface exposed. The stack of tissues or napkins is easily accessible and may be repositioned in the container.12-29-2011
20120061267MediTowel Anti-Fungal Wipe - Medicated single use, bilateral and bi-textured substrate uniformly impregnated with medicated anhydrous OTC (over-the-counter) solution for the topical use of aseptically delivering a single dose of medication to the surface of the skin. Medicate solution and substrate is contained encapsulated within a heat sealed foil enclosure that is stable for at least five years.03-15-2012
20120061265LIFERAFT SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a liferaft system comprising a container containing an inflatable liferaft and means for inflating the liferaft by means of an inflating gas, preferably carbon dioxide or a mixture of gases, where the container furthermore contains means for heating the system.03-15-2012
20120152771Drinking container with additional compartment for dispensing towelettes - This invention relates to a drinking container with a storage compartment that dispenses moist towelettes which provides a convenient way for people to sanitize their hands and contaminated surfaces when no restroom facilities are available or when eating on the go. It's ideal for sports events, shoppers, tourists, work, school, law enforcement, hospitals, military and many more markets. The moist towelettes are protected from contamination by a door covering the dispenser output. When ready for use the door is opened and a moist towelette is pulled and a towelette is dispensed individually. The top portion of the container holds liquids for consumption. The bottom portion of the container houses the moist towelettes.06-21-2012
20110155593PACKAGED ABRASIVE ARTICLES AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - An article includes a packaging material comprising a self-supporting wall having a water vapor transfer rate of not greater than 0.001 g/m06-30-2011
20120006703CONTAMINATE DETECTION AND SUBSTRATE CLEANING - Detection of periodically repeating nanovoids is indicative of levels of substrate contamination and may aid in reduction of contaminants on substrates. Systems and methods for detecting nanovoids, in addition to, systems and methods for cleaning and/or maintaining cleanliness of substrates are described.01-12-2012
20120012478CONTAINER - A container in the form of two solid ended, hollow, cylinders with a threaded or push fitted seal to form a water resistant capsule with a hole at one end to enable a split ring or quick release clip to be added. The container is able to hold a folded note wrapped around a specifically designed clip within its body, thus reducing the required size of the container to a minimum yet allowing the banknote to be retrievable when required.01-19-2012
20120061266Packaged Oxidative Dye Compositions, Methids, and Kits - A container for storing oxidative dyes that is stable, inexpensive, light weight, free from environmental issues, has good light resistance, and good barrier properties.03-15-2012
20110068024Method of Custom Fitting an Article of Footwear and Apparatus Including a Container - A method and apparatus for custom fitting an article of footwear is disclosed. A container holding the article of footwear includes a steaming assembly that allows a customer to subject the article of footwear to steam. The method can include cooling the article of footwear on the customer's foot to custom fit the article of footwear.03-24-2011
20120152772ADAPTABLE STORAGE DEVICE FOR RAIN ATTIRE - Embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate to an adaptable storage device for rain attire. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to an adaptable storage device that can be easily transported, may be affixed to a variety of everyday articles, provides a fashionable appearance, and conveniently stores rain attire and accessories thereof until needed. In one embodiment of the present invention, an adaptable storage device for rain attire comprises a substantially water-proof storage portion having an inner volume for storing rain attire; a closure means for sealing the inner volume of the storage portion; and an attachment means for attaching the adaptable storage device to an apparatus.06-21-2012
20120132550LIQUID CONTAINER SYSTEM FOR A SPRAY GUN - A liquid container assembly for a spray gun can include a ring, a collapsible liner, and a lid for closing the open end of the liner. The ring can include a peripheral flange, a ring recess, an inner wall, and at least one rib segment extending from the inner wall. The collapsible liner can include a liner side wall formed with an open end and a liner lip at the open end. The liner can be is insertable through the ring such that the liner lip is received and supported by the ring recess. Further, the liner can be collapsible during use as liquid is removed from the liner. The lid can include at least one tab that can extend from an outer circumference of the lid. The tabs can engage the rib segments to threadably attach to the ring.05-31-2012
20120132549Gun Barrel Cleaner - A gun barrel cleaner comprising: a flexible cable, with a cable diameter; a tip attached to a first end of the flexible cable, the tip having a tip diameter; a connector attached to a second end of the flexible cable, the connector having a connector diameter; a generally spherical member in slideable communication with the flexible cable, the generally spherical member having an outer diameter, a bore, with a bore diameter; where the bore diameter is greater than the cable diameter, is less than the tip diameter, and is less than the connector diameter. A gun barrel cleaning kit comprising: a flexible cable, with a cable diameter; a cleaning tip attached to a first end of the flexible cable, the cleaning tip having a tip diameter, and a cleaning patch receiving slot; a connector attached to a second end of the flexible cable, the connector having a connector diameter; a cleaning brush removeably attached to the connector via a threaded engagement; a generally spherical member in slideable communication with the flexible cable, the generally spherical member having an outer diameter, a bore, with a bore diameter; at least one cleaning patch removeably attachable to the cleaning patch receiving slot; an openable and closeable gun barrel cleaning container configured to hold all of the above listed components; and where the bore diameter is greater than the cable diameter, is less than the tip diameter, and is less than the connector diameter.05-31-2012
20120211379Emergency Shelter Kit - A kit comprising the items needed to build an emergency shelter in the flexible-form rammed earth style, and a method of packing the items for shipment. The kit, designed for easy shipment to persons requiring emergency shelter, also includes the items needed to add a waterproof exterior layer to the outside of the shelter, along with items to construct a canvas awning, a water catchment system, lockable doors and lockable window shutters, and a composting toilet. The kit also includes mosquito netting to cover the doorway and windows of the shelter.08-23-2012
20120168328K/D platform bed - This invention provides a platform bed comprised of two oblong box portions that can be mated using three flat rectangles that bolt between the oblong box portions such that the platform surface remains flush along its length, as well as the two sides. There is also a head portion that bolts to one of the oblong box portions along the side furthest from the side at which the rectangles have mated to that oblong box portion. Feet and other items such as cushions, connective hardware and perhaps a simple wrench may be provided to complete the kit. The various parts of the kit can be nested together in their disassembled state such that they fit into a narrow flat box for easy storage and transport.07-05-2012
20120255881INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED PRODUCT COMPRISING FIRST INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE, SECOND INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE AND ATTACHED PART - An individually packaged product is provided with a first individual package, a second individual package and an attaching part. The first individual package includes an absorbent article and a packaging sheet that packages the absorbent article. The second individual package includes a wipe and a packaging that protects the wipe. The attaching part attaches the second individual package to the first individual package such that the attaching strength of the attaching part for the second individual package is greater than the attaching strength of the attaching part for the first individual package, and at least a portion of the attaching part remains on the second individual package side after the second individual package has been removed from the first individual package. At least a portion of the attaching part has adhesiveness after the second individual package has been removed from the first individual package.10-11-2012
20090065380Transit Packaging - The present invention relates to a transit packaging for storage and shipping of packaged goods articles. More specifically, the present invention is directed to a secondary packaging particularly suitable for temporarily packaging discrete packaged goods articles, and which is also suitable for displaying said packaged goods articles.03-12-2009
20100282625BALLOONS - Arrangements are described for enabling a folded foil balloon to be supplied to a printer for enabling an image to be applied to a surface of the balloon. The balloon is first folded around a paper substrate, and a paper cover sheet is attached to the folded-over edge portions and tail portion of the balloon, so as to form a packaged balloon. The packaged balloon is formed with a tapered leading edge to facilitate insertion into a standard ink-jet printer. The packaged balloon may be in the form of a greetings card, with the fold of the card either along the left edge or the top edge of the card. The packaged balloon may be supplied with one or more light sources and/or power sources, either on the inside or outside of the balloon.11-11-2010
20090314668AUDIO ENVELOPES - Audio or sound envelopes contain or are combined with a sound module for generating and playing prerecorded sound tracks upon the opening of the envelope or removal of its contents. Operation of the sound module may be activated by the opening of the envelope flap, or by removal of the envelope contents. The flap is configured with a removable strip which protects the sound module from damage before and after opening. The sound module can be replayed by repeated operation of the flap. Alternate embodiments of the audio envelopes have other structural or operational features which work in concert with the sound module.12-24-2009
20120187007CATERING KITCHEN DEVICE - The invention relates to a catering kitchen device for arranging in front of or on a wall, comprising at least one inner area defined by device walls, a functional area and at least one supply line arranged in the inner area and for connecting to an external supply connection which is connected to the wall. Said catering kitchen device also comprises a rear wall having a structure which is flexible at least in sections. The at least one supply line passes through an opening arranged in said flexible structure.07-26-2012
20120187006Caddy for fuse related items including fuse prong and receptacle cleaning tools - A portable caddy for fuse service repair which contains fuse blade and receptacle cleaning tools, a voltage continuity tester, a fuse removal tool and a separate fuse container.07-26-2012
20090020441COLLECTING APPARATUS WITH SEAT - A collecting apparatus having a seat, and method of use thereof, wherein the collecting apparatus comprises a plurality of selectively positionable elastic members secured to a plurality of securing points on a lower portion of a frame or a removable base section connected to the frame. The elastic members are secured to user-selected securing points so that the distance between the elastic members can accommodate objects of different sizes. The collecting apparatus is pressed on top of a ball or similar object, causing the elastic members to separate and allow the ball or similar object to enter and be retained within the frame. Upon entering of the object within the frame, the elastic members retract to their original position, therein preventing the object from falling back out. Objects can be retrieved by lifting the seat or reaching through an aperture formed by a seat opening and a frame front opening.01-22-2009
20080314776Personalized nipple for use with bottles/pacifiers and associated method - A kit includes materials for making a flexible replica including a first elastomer layer conformed to a shape of nipple and areola regions of the natural breast. The replica further includes a layer of elastic nylon mesh, a second elastomer layer situated over the elastic nylon mesh for creating a seamless impression replica of the nipple and areola regions. A layer of melted wax is coated against the inner surface of the first elastomer layer, and the second elastomeric layer is tinted to a distinct color for simulating an epidermal tissue color of the natural breast. The nipple region of the wax layer and the first and second elastomeric layers are provided with a plurality of orifices. The replica also contains an embossed serial number which identifies it with its owner.12-25-2008
20100326850DISPOSABLE STETHOSCOPE GLOVE AND METHOD - A stethoscope glove provides a simple and effective way to improve the hygienic practice of medicine by promoting universal precaution in disease prevention. The single use glove is designed to shield the stethoscope bell or diaphragm, thereby preventing direct contact of the stethoscope to one patient and then to the next. Practicing universal precaution by everyone in the medical community can help eliminate serious healthcare-associated and community-acquired diseases, such as the staphylococcal infection called MRSA (Methicillin Resistant 12-30-2010
20100326849OUTDOOR UMBRELLA SYSTEM WITH INTEGRATED SOLAR POWER SUPPLY - Briefly stated, a pool to be assembled and emplaced in a slightly concaved location is available in a container. Similarly, an integrated beach cart and cooler system can house the self-assembly pool, and various other articles enabling parents to travel to and from the beach. Process, products and electronic commerce methods thereby are likewise disclosed, allowing consumers to make informed choices to review and purchase the instant teachings conveniently. A customer rewards function is exchanged for data-sharing about age and size of children to allow creation of a database of children for ongoing monitoring of upcoming purchasing needs. The integrated beach cart and cooler system may comprise an outdoor umbrella including a plurality of photovoltaic cells disposed on the upper surface of the umbrella.12-30-2010
20120261284Clean Bag Deploying Trash Receptacle - A trash receptacle lining system utilizes a roll or box of perforated or adhered plastic trash bags stored in a self cleaning bag compartment. The free end of the trash bag is received through the slotted partition into the upper portion of the receptacle. This allows a new trash bag liner to be conveniently installed upon removal of a filled trash bag. The slotted opening is raised to reduce waste fluid contamination of the trash bags and has bristles mounted thereon to remove any solids from the outside of the trash bags.10-18-2012
20120318688Disposable Splash Shield for Use When Plunging A Toilet - A transparent, biodegradable, disposable splash shield sized to fit on a toilet bowl rim to prevent splashing of water from the bowl when a plunger is used to free an obstruction in the toilet. The shield is dome shaped and has a gripping bead at a top central portion thereof. A gasket seal is affixed to a bottom marginal edge portion to affect a seal between the shield and the toilet bowl rim. Adhesive material on the underside of the gasket seal, or strips of adhesive tape on the marginal edge of the shield, releasably secure the shield in position. The shield is nestable and may be foldable in half. A toilet kit includes the splash shield, gloves, at least one paper towel, and a flattened box, all packaged in an envelope-like bag that can be used to contain and dispose of these items following use.12-20-2012
20110215010PERSONAL ITEM STORING DEVICES - A personal item storage device is comprised of a first housing having a connector rod whose end is provided with a piston that is capable of reciprocally moving in a piston chamber in a second housing under the action of a coil spring located in said piston chamber.09-08-2011
20110266173Method of Custom Fitting an Article of Footwear and Apparatus Including a Container - A method and apparatus for custom fitting an article of footwear is disclosed. A container holding the article of footwear includes a steaming assembly that allows a customer to subject the article of footwear to steam. The method can include cooling the article of footwear on the customer's foot to custom fit the article of footwear.11-03-2011
20120279880TRY ME PACKAGING FOR AN ULTRAVIOLET REVEAL FEATURE - A packaging item for packaging a toy and an ultraviolet light accessory is described. The packaging item includes a transparent packaging shell and a toy positioning packaging. The transparent packaging shell has an opening therethrough to allow for access by a user. The toy positioning packaging is positioned within the transparent packaging shell. The toy positioning packaging includes a toy packing portion and an ultraviolet light accessory portion. The toy packing portion is formed to hold both the toy and ultraviolet light accessory such that upon activation, ultraviolet light is directed from the ultraviolet light accessory onto a portion of a toy that includes a reveal pigment. Upon exposure to the reveal pigment, the reveal pigment becomes visible to reveal a unique feature of the toy. The toy is, for example, a figurine.11-08-2012
20120091017EMERGENCY SHELTER KIT - A kit comprising the items needed to build an emergency shelter in the flexible-form rammed earth style, and a method of packing the items for shipment. The kit, designed for easy shipment to persons requiring emergency shelter, also includes the items needed to add a waterproof exterior layer to the outside of the shelter, along with items to construct a canvas awning, a water catchment system, lockable doors and lockable window shutters, and a composting toilet. The kit also includes mosquito netting to cover the doorway and windows of the shelter.04-19-2012
20120285845"Utility" comprising of a condiment container combination, having a enclosed kitchen utensil a cap or lid, a enclosed kitchen utensil housing - This invention relates to a utility comprising of a condiment container. Having a kitchen utensil inside of the center of a cap, or lip. A utensil housing, where a utensil are to be placed inside of the utensil housing that are inside the condiment container, the enclosed utensil housing will be compatible for any ounce size's pertaining to any type and form of a condiment container. The utensil's fitting inside of the kitchen utensil housing, for example are in a shape of a spoon, fork, and knife. With respect for a direct relationship for the purpose of serving condiment right from a container. The materials for using to make the utility parts, comprising of my new invention are to come from any preferable usable materials, to be in any form, and fashion made for any type of condiment container for packaging. The composition, and the physical characteristic, and the utility structure are an ideal welcome appreciation for a new, and enjoyable experience to be used by consumers.11-15-2012
20080230409FLORAL STAND, FRAME KIT AND CONTAINER AND METHOD OF USE - A product packaging container including end caps with reciprocating pins moved by rotating cams that secure a sidewall sheet fabricated of a flexible material capable of receiving ink or laser printing on one surface, and an end cap may include a sound-playing circuit that plays when the pins are actuated to release the sidewall sheet. Embodiments of a frusto-conical floral stand with a nutrient-filled bladder are provided. A frame kit is provided that, when assembled, holds the sidewall sheet of the container therewithin. A method for processing orders and shipping parcels such as horticultural articles in such containers is also provided, and the orders may specify a personalized sound and a personalized message on the sidewall sheet for framing.09-25-2008
20090152136Shrink Sleeve for Pump Dispenser - A shrink sleeve on a vertical pump-up dispenser covers a portion of the actuator, the container and the gap between the actuator and the container. The shrink sleeve may have upper and lower transparent portions to display properties of the dispenser and a middle portion to display product use information. The shrink sleeve may be removable via a tear strip so that the dispenser has an uncluttered appearance when used by the consumer.06-18-2009
20130134056Light Activated Try-Me Packaging - A toy package assembly is disclosed. The package assembly configures a product and a light source within a blister pack, where the product is illuminated by a light source. The blister pack contains at least one tapered surface that configures the product within the blister pack to maximize the amount of light from the light source that illuminates the product. The product contains a color changing portion that reacts to the light from the light source by changing color. In one embodiment, the product is a toy vehicle, and in another embodiment, the product is a doll.05-30-2013
20130112577GRIPPING AID - A wearable aid for gripping an item by hand includes a main body shaped to be worn by a user, a strap connected to a first location of the main body and a releasable retaining means at a second location of the main body that is away from the first location. When a user wearing the aid has engaged an item to be gripped, part of the strap can be passed over at least part of one or more fingers of the user's hand and secured to the releasable retaining means in a manner that aids the user in gripping the item.05-09-2013
20110266172USE OF TDE FOR ISOLATION OF NUCLEIC ACIDS - The invention provides the use of tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether for adsorbing nucleic acids to solid phases such as those with silica surfaces. To this end, the invention also provides compositions comprising TDE. Methods are disclosed and claimed to purify nucleic acids from samples, as well as kits useful for performing these methods. Particularly, the invention encompasses methods for the purification of nucleic acids with low molecular weight. The nucleic acids purified by a method of the invention are suited for assays aiming at the detection of a target nucleic acid.11-03-2011
20130118928VACUUM-PACKED DIAPER KIT - A diaper kit includes a packaged single-use disposable diaper comprising, a sealed substantially air impermeable encasement completely enclosing an interior space and having at least one airtight seal, and a single compressed single-use disposable diaper vacuum-sealed within said interior space, wherein said interior space has at least a partial vacuum whereby a pressure differential acts upon said encasement and said diaper to maintain said diaper in said compressed state; at least one diaper accessory for use in the diaper changing; and wherein said diaper accessory is disposed inside of said interior space of said encasement; wherein said encasement is dimensioned to fit within a pocket of an article of clothing; and wherein said single compressed single-use disposable diaper vacuum-sealed within said interior space is folded at least once; wherein the diaper kit is packaged together with a plurality of non-vacuum-packaged diapers in a combination package for retail sale.05-16-2013
20110048980Fatty Acid Oxidation Inhibitors Treating Hyperglycemia and Related Disorders - The invention relates to a methods, compositions and kits for treating hyperglycemia and related disorders, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, impaired glucose tolerance, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy and diabetic neuropathy, and to methods, compositions and kits for treating erectile dysfunction. The methods comprise administering an inhibitor of fatty acid oxidation to a subject in need thereof. In some embodiments, trimetazidine and metformin or a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor are administered.03-03-2011
20080197031Combination article storage container and novelty item - A combination article storage container and novelty item includes a housing having a first predetermined size and first predetermined shape and being manufactured from a first predetermined material. A predetermined article is contained within such housing. A mechanism releasably attaches such predetermined article within such housing at a predetermined location therein. An outwardly facing transparent front panel manufactured from a second predetermined material is attached to such housing at a predetermined location thereon. A mechanism provides access to remove and replace such predetermined article. A tool member is operably connected to such housing at a predetermined location on an outside of such housing for giving the appearance that in order to obtain such predetermined article such tool must be used to break the transparent front panel.08-21-2008
20110233078Cases and Covers for Handheld Electronic Devices - Holders for supporting portable handheld electronic devices, such as but not limited to iPhones®, IPODS®, IPADS™, cellular phones, and the like. An embodiment has an upper compartment on a backplate with sleeve edges that allow both a retractable cord and headpiece (earphones, headset) to be both stored inside when not being used. A spring loaded type rewinder on the backplate with sleeve edges automatically retracts both the cord and headpiece into the compartment where a hinge attached lid hides and protects both the cord and headpiece when not being used. The backplate with sleeve edges can include an internal inwardly protruding male prong that is attached to cord so that sliding the portable handheld electronic device into the sleeve edges plugs the prong into a female socket on the portable handheld electronics device, and sliding the device out removes the socket from about the male prong. Another embodiment has a portable handheld electronics device holder with a built on bottle opener, where the bottle opener in the outer face of a slightly raise box shape on the upper back of the case.09-29-2011
20100314265Array of colored packages for consumer products - An array of packages. Each package has a different primary color, a common secondary color and a tertiary color matching the respective primary color of that package. The packages in the array may further have a common quaternary color.12-16-2010
20110272304Cleaning Wipe for Use With Disinfectants, Method of Manufacture Thereof, and System - A cleaning wipe includes a dry substrate comprising nonwoven synthetic fibers, wherein the fibers have a fineness of about 2.3 denier to about 3.3 denier; and a nonionic surfactant disposed on the dry substrate, wherein the surfactant is present on the dry substrate at an add-on level of about 0.1 weight percent to about 1.5 weight percent, based on the weight of the dry substrate, and wherein the cleaning wipe is active disinfectant stable.11-10-2011
20110272303STRUCTURE - A method of constructing a structure, a structure constructed according to the method, and a kitset of parts. The structure may be a tank for holding liquids, or a temporary shelter for humans or animals.11-10-2011
20130180873Field Optic Maintenance Kit - A portable field optics maintenance kit fit into the form of a cloth wallet. An easily portable compact wallet accessory to properly maintain and clean optics that are used in the field away from where most optics cleaning kits are stored.07-18-2013
20110303563VACCINE COMPOSITION COMPRISING A FIBRONECTIN BINDING PROTEIN OR A FIBRONECTIN BINDING PEPTIDE - The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least one fibronectin binding protein, and/or at least one a truncated fibronectin binding protein and/or at least one fibronectin binding peptide, all comprising at least one fibronectin binding domain; and at least one iscom matrix complex and/or liposome and/or at least one lipid and at least one saponin, whereby the at least one lipid and the at least one saponin may be in complex, solution or suspension. Further, it regards use thereof for the preparation of a vaccine against a micro organism that comprises at least one fibronectin binding domain. It also relates to a kit of parts comprising at least two compartments, wherein one compartment comprises at least one truncated fibronectin binding protein and/or a fibronectin binding peptide, that comprises at least one fibronectin binding domain, and another compartment comprises an instruction for use and/or an iscom matrix complex and/or an iscom complex and or a liposome. Further it relates to a method for vaccination of an individual.12-15-2011
20110303562Integrated Bottle, Case and Mirror - A compact, stackable, integrated, and re-useable contact lens case and contact lens solution bottle comprising at least one bottle for storage of at least one solution, at least one bottle cap comprising a nozzle with a closing cap, at least one contact lens case, and at least one cover. Embodiments of the device further comprise at least one mirror. The components of the device are securely and removably stackable upon each other. Preferably, when stacked together, the integrated device is one unit that is easily stored and transported.12-15-2011
20130186780APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING A UNIVERSAL ACCESSORY STATION FOR A SINGLE BEVERAGE MACHINE - An accessory caddy including at least one first container with at least one opening at a top portion thereof configured to receive a nested stack of disposable cups. The accessory caddy can also include a second container having a substantially similar height to the first containers. The second container can have at least one first compartment with further openings at a top portion thereof configured to receive items, wherein a height from the opening to a first compartment-floor can be a fraction of the height of the second container leaving a remainder below the first compartment-floor. Additionally, the accessory caddy can include a third container connected to a side of the first container(s) and a side of the second container, and can have a height that is less than half the height of the first container(s). The third container can include at least one second compartment configured to receive further items.07-25-2013
20130199950METHOD, APPARATUS, AND KIT FOR PROTECTING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method, apparatus, and kit for protecting an electronic device is disclosed and described. The apparatus can include a protective film with an adhesive disposed on one side thereof and a backing covering the adhesive. The adhesive can be configured to bond to a surface of the device and can be configured to allow an optional gel to temporarily deactivate bonding of the protective film to the surface of the device. The backing can comprise a tab in order for a portion of the backing to be removed from the protective film. Additionally, the protective film can have anti-microbial properties on an exposed surface.08-08-2013
20120085664Drink Caddy - A drink caddy has an assembled mode and a deployed mode and includes a lower bucket, a sealed beverage held within the lower bucket, a liner having a liner upper edge and a liner lower edge, a lid connected to the liner upper edge and a lid handle disposed on the lid. The liner is held to the lower bucket at a liner lower edge. The liner separates from the bucket when a user deploys the product in a deployed mode. An intermediate separator can be fitted inside the liner and a pair of glassware retained on the intermediate separator. The sealed beverage can be a bottle of alcoholic beverage. The lower bucket is preferably made of a clear transparent plastic to allow viewing of the bottle.04-12-2012
20130206616CLEANROOM BOX - A cleanroom box made from a substantially inflexible material, to be used for the storage of fluids within a clean room; the box comprising easy clean surfaces, an internal access point leading to a specially designed space for the deposit of tubing, and fitted with a forkliftable pallet base for easy mobility within a workroom.08-15-2013

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