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206223000 Packaged assemblage or kit 432
206232000 Including booklet, leaflet or record means 65
206038000 For pocket or personal use 41
206217000 Including drinking vessel 26
206233000 Including tissue "dispensing" means 19
20130075286SAMPLE CARRIER AND METHOD FOR MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION OF BIOLOGICAL SAMPLES - A sample carrier for microscopic examination of biological samples includes a base body and a filter membrane. The base body has at least one recess in which the filter membrane is disposed. The filter membrane makes an essentially flush closure with the surface of the sample carrier. The sample carrier has a circular shape.03-28-2013
20130075285CARRYING DEVICE FOR CARRYING A PLURALITY OF HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A carrying device for carrying a plurality of handheld electronic devices includes a plurality of carrying units and at least a connecting unit connected between the carrying units. The handheld electronic devices are disposed in a receiving space of the carrying units, such that respective display screens of the handheld electronic devices are grouped together to display. The handheld electronic devices carried by the carrying units are rotatable, stay at a fixed angle, or shut relative to each other by the connecting unit. The carrying device allows the handheld electronic devices to be positioned side by side so as to extend the display screens, display more data, or enlarge data, thereby enhancing performance and protecting the handheld electronic devices.03-28-2013
20130075284TRANSFORMABLE ENVELOPE - An envelope that can be converted into a bag or reused again as a mailing envelope. The transformable envelope includes a main body including a front panel, a back panel, a bottom panel attached to the front panel and to the back panel, and side panels connected to the front panel and the back panel. A fastening device is connected to the front panel and the back panel. A first coupling device is attached to the side panels and second coupling device attached to the side panels. The first coupling device is configured to interlock with the facing second coupling device.03-28-2013
20130075283FLUX APPLICATOR BRUSH AND FLUX CONTAINER SYSTEM - A system for applying a pipe joining agent, such as flux, primer or adhesive, to pipe structure surfaces. The system includes a male brush that cooperates with a female brush that is removably mounted on a container than contains the agent to be applied. The male brush can be inserted through the female brush and into the container to pick up the agent. As the male brush is withdrawn from the container, the female brush wipes excess agent from the male brush so that the female brush picks up agent thereon. The male brush can then be inserted into the end of a pipe structure to apply the agent to the interior surface of the pipe structure. Also, the female brush can be removed from the container and then inserted over the end of a pipe structure to apply the agent to the exterior surface of a pipe structure.03-28-2013
20100116697PORTABLE METAL DOCUMENT CONTAINER WITH ORGANIZER MODULES - A portable metal document container comprising a cover with a first organizer module coupled with the interior surface of the cover. The portable metal document container further includes an intermediate member that includes a set of apertures through which is inserted a document fastener, with a plurality of labeled end-tab document dividers securely held on a first side of the intermediate member by the document fastener. The portable metal document container also includes a second organizer module coupled with a second side of the intermediate member, and one or more magnetic strips coupled with an interior back surface of the portable metal document container for organizing metal objects.05-13-2010
20100116696Elevated storage for transportation and storage of food items - The elevated storage device protects food items from external elements during their storage and transport. The elevated storage device may comprise a base, one or more wheels, and a protective cover. The wheels allow the elevated storage device to be easily moved. In one embodiment, a hitch is attached to the base to allow the elevated storage device to be moved by a vehicle, person, or animal. The protective cover may comprise one or more layers of material, such as wire mesh or fabric, which form a compartment to protect food items from external elements, and may be supported by a skeleton. The protective cover may have one or more openings to allow food items to be placed therein and removed therefrom. In one embodiment, the protective cover is triangular in shape to better protect food items from weather such as rain and snow.05-13-2010
20130037426Container with Multiple Chambers and Multiple Openings - A container with multiple chambers and multiple openings has two bottles, the interior of each of which is formed with a chamber for holding a beverage. The chambers are not connected. Each of the chambers has an upper opening facing upward and a lower opening facing downward. Each of the upper openings has a top cover to close the corresponding upper opening. Each of the lower openings has a bottom cover to close the corresponding lower opening. The bottles can be connected and separated.02-14-2013
20130037425BOTTLE CAP FLAVOR DISPENSER - A bottle of beer may have a frangible capsule that is fabricated to resemble a slice of lime suspended in the beer. The frangible capsule may be suspended from a length of transparent string attached to a bottle cap of the beer.02-14-2013
20130032498PACKAGING FOR BEVERAGE CONTAINERS OF DIFFERENT SIZES - Universal packaging for beverage containers of different sizes is described. The universal packaging includes a bottom support structure including an opening having an interior floor surface. A raised cylinder extends upwards from the interior floor surface. A beverage container of a first height fits within the opening in the bottom support by placing an open side of the beverage container down upon the interior floor surface, the raised cylinder extending into an interior of the beverage container of the first height. A beverage container of a second height, the second height being less than the first height, fits within the opening in the bottom support by placing a solid bottom surface of the beverage container of the second height down upon an upper surface of the raised cylinder.02-07-2013
20130032497Shipping and Installation Container For Soft Tubing - A shipping and installation container for soft tubing. The container includes a substantially cylindrical section that readily receives soft or foam tubing commonly used on heating or cooling conduits in an industrial plant. End caps are provided at opposite ends of the cylindrical section to facilitate stacking and storing the container laden with soft tubing during shipment. The end caps can be readily removed and the cylindrical section then serves as a guide to facilitate installation of the tubing onto industrial conduit.02-07-2013
20100096282COMBINATION FOOD OR BEVERAGE TRAY AND CATCHING MITT - A combination food or beverage tray and catching mitt for stadium concessions is provided. When present in an unfolded position, the combination is in the form of a food or beverage tray which is suitable for supporting various food and beverage items. When present in a folded position, the combination is in the form of a catching mitt which is suitable for catching a projectile object such as a baseball or the like. In the inventive method, a user grips the combination via a gripping arrangement, and folds the combination along a fold line to convert it from a tray into a catching mitt. The combination may then be used to catch a ball by retaining it between opposing panels of the structure. The inventive combinations are lightweight and economical, and may additionally be imprinted with team logos or messages to serve as marketing materials or souvenirs.04-22-2010
20100108545Apparatus to safely contain, store, and dispose of pins removed from articles of clothing - The invention relates to a multipurpose device for the safe handling of pins found in articles of clothing such as men's dress shirts. Magnetic material may be used in the container insure sharp articles are contained in the container. Said container maybe rigid or semi-rigid to ensure sharp articles are safely contained when disposed of.05-06-2010
20130048518PAINT TUBE HOLDER - The present invention is a paint tube holder that includes a plurality of paint tubes, a transparent vinyl covering that is folded over the paint tubes to protect the paint tubes and a plurality of transparent vinyl pockets that are stitched to a vinyl backing that accommodate and removably hold each individual said paint tube. The paint tube holder can hold the paint tubes that can hold any color or type of paint and the paint tube holder and its components are made of durable transparent plastic.02-28-2013
20130048517TRANSFORMABLE CARRYING CASE - A transformable carrying case includes a first cover and a second cover pivotably coupled to the first cover. The transformable carrying case may be transformable between at least three distinct positions including a closed position in which the first cover is disposed substantially on top of the second cover, an open position in which the first cover is substantially coplanar with the second cover, and a stand position in which the second cover is in a folded condition defining a prop surface to prop an object at an oblique angle relative to the first cover.02-28-2013
20130213830DEVICE FOR TRANSPORTING AND INSTALLING A COMPRESSOR - A device for transporting and installing a compressor is provided. The device includes a container serving to receive the compressor, with at least one removable planar side element, as well as a multipart lifting device which may be disassembled into its individual parts for transportation, and may be arranged in the container and after assembling the individual parts is designed such that the compressor may be fastened to the lifting device and may be lifted by means of the lifting device.08-22-2013
20130213831CONVERTABLE HANG TAG AND METHOD FOR USE THEREOF - I provide a hang tag, preferably used for a saleable item such as clothing, that is convertible into a storage container. The storage container can then be used to store the purchased item. In a method of use, a user can remove the hang tag from a recently purchased saleable item of clothing, and, through a series of folds and interlocking of panels, create the storage containers in which the user could place the item.08-22-2013
20130062228Method for prevention of pollution of the glass of the front window of a housing for an outdoor surveillance camera and a housing for implementation of this method - This invention relates to the methods for preventing pollution of the glass of the front window of a housing for an outdoor surveillance video camera 03-14-2013
20090236243DIGITAL MEDIA SYSTEM FOR FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS AND RELATED METHOD - A digital media system for a floral arrangement includes a digital media player having an activation button extension adapted to facilitate manipulation when used with the floral arrangement, and a stand holding the digital media player and having at least one leg extending therefrom adapted to support the stand in a container of the floral arrangement. A method for combining digital media content with a floral arrangement includes loading digital media content onto a digital media player, and arranging the digital media player and a stand in a floral arrangement such that the stand extends into a container of the floral arrangement and the digital media player extends at least partially outside of the container.09-24-2009
20090236242MULTI-FUNCTION DESKTOP ORGANIZER - A multi-function desktop organizer incorporating a tape flag dispenser, a notepad tray, and a storage for small desktop articles such as paperclips into a compact, aesthetically designed unit. The organizer in the preferred embodiment has a housing comprising upper and lower layers attached together to define an interior therebetween. The tape flag is retained in a depressed compartment defined on the upper layer, being covered by a removable lid having a flag-tape dispensing slit. The upper layer also defines an open depression for storing paperclips therein. The notepad tray is configured such that a substantial portion of it is slidably extendible out of and retractable into the interior through an opening defined on the housing. Further, the tray may be spring-loaded so as to be ejectable by spring force.09-24-2009
20130068638APPARATUS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING PORTABLE STORAGE FOR MULTIPLE USERS - Apparatus, systems and methods for providing portable storage for multiple users are disclosed. The portable storage systems may be used to accommodate the storage needs of multiple users. The portable storage solutions provide the capability to individuals to store relatively small quantities of materials off-site for a fixed or an undetermined amount of time, and are designed such that, in most instances, the materials are returned to the user at the same or different location when they are desired. The portable storage apparatus, systems and methods are cost-effective and provide a consumer with more flexibility than standard storage options.03-21-2013
20120234704FOOD CONTAINER WITH MEDIA PLAYER - Embodiments of a food container including a media player are provided. In some embodiments, the food container has an exterior, and the food container comprises at least one compartment sized and dimensioned to accommodate food. Additionally, the food container includes a media player configured to play media content. The container and/or media player includes at least one device that serves as an input device to select media content in the media player of for later play and activation device to activate the play of the selected media content. In another embodiment the container and/or media player includes two devices, one to select media content and another to activate play of the selected media content. The media content can be, for example, a message from a parent or other meal maker to a child for later play by the child during the day.09-20-2012
20090294308PROTECTOR FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A protector comprising a partition wall, a first accommodating portion, a second accommodating portion and a winding mechanism. The first accommodating portion cooperates with the partition wall to form a first receiving space. The second accommodating portion cooperates with the partition wall to form a second receiving space. The winding mechanism disposed in the second accommodating portion comprises a spool and a rim protruding from a periphery of the spool at one end of the spool.12-03-2009
20120305414LEISURE, RECREATIONAL AND HOME-USE APPARATUS - A leisure apparatus comprises a body having a volume that is able to contain articles for storage therein and for removal therefrom, or that defines an internal space that is able to seal therein a gas, liquid or solid. An output device is arranged externally at the body. A receiver is located behind a wall of the body to be separated from articles stored in and removed from the body, or is located and sealed within the internal space of the body. The receiver is adapted for receiving an electronic signal transmitted wirelessly from a proximate device and for communicating that signal to the output device.12-06-2012
20120152767Mobile armory - A mobile armory is described that is based on a modified EDSS shipping container. The EDSS includes a plurality of weapons enclosures slidable between fully inserted positions inside the EDSS and fully extended positions extending from the container. The enclosures are supported on telescoping rails that are attached at the top of the container, either to a frame secured inside the container, or to mounting beams welded to the lower surface of the container top wall. Each enclosure has top, bottom, rear, and end walls that define a compartment with a front opening. Panels are slidable between fully closed positions to cover the opening, and fully open positions for access to the compartment. Weapons racks are mounted at selected positions in the enclosure to store rifles, pistols and other weapons. During transport, the enclosure panels are locked and the EDSS doors are locked, providing double security.06-21-2012
20120187004FLOOR JACK HAVING INTEGRATED TOOL KIT - A floor jack is provided having an integrated tool kit. The floor jack includes a jack body and a tool kit assembly disposed on the jack body for housing tools. The tool kit includes a storage housing pivotally coupled to an exterior side of a sidewall of the jack body. The storage housing defining a plurality of storage locations configured to secure tools, such as a socket wrench and a plurality of sockets such that they are exposed and readily assessable for use.07-26-2012
20110284401PLANT SEED MIXTURES - Plant seed compositions are disclosed that comprise a herbicide-resistant variety as a major component and two or more additional varieties as minor components. One of the minor varieties is herbicide-resistant. Each variety is phenotypically distinguishable from all other varieties in the seed mixture.11-24-2011
20110284400Container - A container for holding unused and used snus is disclosed. The container comprises a base defining a first compartment to receive unused snus. The base has a bottom wall which is reconfigurable to form a second compartment for holding used snus on the other side of said bottom wall. The first and second compartments are each provided with a separate cover.11-24-2011
20110139640Fluid container and housing combination - A combination housing and fluid container where the housing has a main body, a cover which cooperates with the main body to enclose a volume, and a tray. The tray has an upper planar surface and nests within the main body. The tray and the cover define a first enclosed space within the volume for receiving the fluid container. The tray has a protrusion for receiving the fluid container. The fluid container has an enclosed body for receiving, storing and selectively dispensing a fluid and has a depression, aperture or through opening that engages the tray. The fluid container has a flat section on its outer perimeter or sidewall, to allow it to stand on a counter, table or ledge when removed from the housing.06-16-2011
20110005944APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING TOOL HOLDERS INCORPORATING MAGNETS - An apparatus to display a tool holder that incorporates magnets comprises at least a magnetically attractable work item, a tool holder incorporating magnets and an attachment mechanism for attaching the magnetically attractable work item to the display. The attachment mechanism attaches to the magnetic tool holder such that the magnetically attractable work item is able to be removed from the magnet of the tool holder while still coupled to the magnetic tool display. In some embodiments, the apparatus also comprises a display placard. In these embodiments, the attachment mechanism attaches to the display placard and the magnetically attractable work item such that the magnetically attractable work item is able to be removed from the magnet of the tool holder while still coupled to the display placard.01-13-2011
20120097557CONTAINER HAVING A SENSOR ADAPTER - A container having a sensor adapter for receiving a sensor arrangement for measuring at least one parameter of media contained in a container interior, wherein the sensor adapter is arranged on the wall to the container interior and has an externally accessible receiving opening in a receiving channel, which is bounded toward the container interior, for adapting the sensor arrangement, wherein toward the container interior the receiving channel in the sensor adapter has at least one boundary surface which is formed by a membrane and via which the medium or media to be measured can be supplied to the sensor arrangement.04-26-2012
20120097556FUNNEL-SHAPED CONTAINER WITH CAPPED ENDS - A container includes a funnel having a first opening at a first end and a second opening at a second end opposite the first end, the funnel defining a funnel volume between the first and second openings and the first opening being larger than the second opening; a first cap shaped to repeatedly attach to and detach from the funnel at the first end, the first cap sealing the first opening when attached to the funnel; and a second cap shaped to repeatedly attach to and detach from the funnel at the second end, the second cap sealing the second opening when attached to the funnel. When a liquid or fine-grained substance (e.g., a powder) is placed within the funnel volume, attaching the first and second caps to the funnel at the first and second openings seals the liquid or fine-grained substance within the funnel volume.04-26-2012
20110259768CONVERTIBLE SHIPPING CONTAINER - A convertible shipping container including a container body including a floor, roof, and first and second end walls, a sidewall hingedly attached to the container moveable between a first position perpendicular to the floor and a second position coplanar with the floor, an awning hingedly attached to the container moveable between a first position perpendicular to the roof and a second position at an angle with respect to the roof, and at least one awning support member, wherein the awning is extendable in at least one direction and wherein the hingedly attached edge of the awning is elevated with respect to the roof and overlies a portion of the roof when the awning is in the second position.10-27-2011
20100187139TANK - A tank is provided for an appliance. The tank has an inside chamber to be filled with a liquid and comprises a photo sensitizer for sterilizing liquid in the tank under the effect of light.07-29-2010
20120024725Detachable Container System - A detachable container system includes a container body and a fastener arrangement. The container body securely receives and holds an item (while allowing components or parts of the item to extend out of the body), and the fastener arrangement removably attaches the container body to an object. The container body is removably attachable to the fastener arrangement. The container body may also comprise at least one closable lid for securing an item in the container body. The body may also comprise a light source, power source, and/or a data port thereon.02-02-2012
20110168580Product display container - A touch-and-feel product display container for holding a plurality of products within the container and at least one product external to the container wherein the product external to the container is retained on the outside of the container in a position where a perspective purchaser can touch-and-feel the product without having to remove either the product from an external product holder or one of the products from the compartment within the container.07-14-2011
20090145784Combination cymbal case and chair - A carrying case that functions as a chair or stool and is specifically designed to carry and protect cymbals. The case is designed to carry multiple cymbals and other items while providing a comfortable ergonomic seat for use during performance or setup. This combination cymbal case and chair will provide a cost effective, portable method of transporting cymbals, and other items while also serving as a comfortable place to sit.06-11-2009
20120061264Inclined Display Shelves and Accessories Therefor - Containers are mounted in rows on a display rack having shelves inclined upwardly so that articles on the shelf tend to slide forwardly. The containers arranged in rows located side by side across the width of the shelf are formed of board or as transparent plastic jars. Each container has a base on the shelf, upstanding front and rear walls and upstanding side walls with the front and rear walls inclined at a wall angle to a plane at right angles to the base the base so that with the base sitting on the inclined shelf the front and rear walls stand substantially upright. A lid can be provided for the jars with a part hinged opening portion carrying a sample of the product n the underside. A transport tray can be provided to carry the containers and to act as a low friction support for one row on the shelf.03-15-2012
20120187003SOFT ALARMING SAFER - A security device having a flexible material into which a product may be sealed and unauthorized removal of the product triggers a security alarm. The security device includes a flexible material adapted to house a product therein and is operable in a sealed orientation when the product is sealed within the flexible material and in an open orientation when the product is accessible from within the flexible material. Conductive material is affixed to the flexible material and forms a closed electrical circuit with an alarming device when the security device is in the sealed orientation and an open electrical circuit when the circuit is opened. The security alarm is triggered when the electrical circuit is opened.07-26-2012
20120228166Single Serve Combination Wine Bottle and Wine Glass - A single serving wine bottle is disclosed wherein the bottle can be easily and quickly transformed into a wine glass without adding any parts to the basic design. The device functions as both a wine bottle and a wine glass and five main components: bottle body, base, base band, top band, and tear away seal to keep the wine inside the bottle and fresh. The base is fastened onto the bottle's neck. The film seal is removed and the wine is exposed and ready to drink. The bottle can be easily filled using modern bottling equipment. The device increases efficiency with respect to raw materials, production costs, transportation, and storage space by alleviating the need for a separate wine glass.09-13-2012
20110198246STACKABLE SNACK FOOD ITEMS, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR STACKING AND TRANSPORTING SAME - A novel snack food item container for stacking and transporting same is disclosed. The snack food items are uniformly sized and shaped, and have one or more openings thereon. The container has a tubular member, having one opening, and a snack food item holder having a base member and a pole member. The pole member is inserted to the opening of the snack food items, and the snack food items are stacked and aligned along the pole member. Then, the snack food items on the snack food item holder are inserted into the tubular member from the opening to enclose the items. The base member of the snack food item holder and the opening of the tubular member engage to enclose and seal the snack food items therein.08-18-2011
20110198247STRUCTURE FOR TRANSPORTING AND USING PORTABLE EQUIPMENT COMPRISING IN PARTICULAR ELEMENTS THAT CAN BE INTERCONNECTED USING WIRED CONNECTIONS, SUCH AS PORTABLE MULTIMEDIA EQUIPMENT - The structure allows portable equipment having elements which can be preferably, although do not have to be, interconnected using one or more wired connections to be carried around and used, the structure including: two platforms each of which having a bottom intended to support one or more parts of the equipment, a lid, means of connecting the lid to the platforms, it being possible for the structure to be configured into at least three configurations, namely a so-called transport configuration, a so-called intermediate configuration, and a so-called configuration of use. The structure further allows, in all three configurations, at least one wired connection to be led out from one platform to the other so as to connect at least one item supported by the internal face of the bottom of a platform to at least one other element supported by the internal face of the bottom of the other platform.08-18-2011
20110203947FUEL TANK AND EVAPORATED FUEL PROCESSING DEVICE INCLUDING THE FUEL TANK - A latent heat storage material, in which a phase-change substance that changes its phase from a solid to a liquid when the temperature of stored fuel rises, is disposed in a fuel tank of the present invention.08-25-2011
20120292205LIGHTED GLASSES CASE - A case for lighted glasses is provided having one or more battery holders therein for receiving and retaining standard sized batteries for the lighted glasses. The battery holders can include a retaining surface that is sized and configured to engage and frictionally retain the standard size battery in the battery holder. This provides the battery holder with a friction fit with the standard sized battery. The battery holder may also be provided in a liner for the lighted glasses case. Upper and lower housing portions of the case are pivotably connected together to be pivotable with respect to each other between a closed configuration to form a housing interior space sized to receive the lighted glasses therein and an open configuration to provide access to the interior space to remove or replace the lighted glasses therein.11-22-2012
20080245682Food package with stacked, dual, sealed compartments - Dual, sealed compartments for food packaging may be provided by a container having an upstanding wall or walls defining a first intermediate seal region. A cover may be heat sealed to the first intermediate seal region to form a first compartment with a first food item therein. Over the first cover may be a second compartment which may be closed by a second cover applied at the top of the package. The first cover may include a tab which extends upwardly through the second compartment so as to be grasped from above the second compartment. As a result, the second compartment may be opened and then the first compartment may be opened while the food item is still contained within the second compartment.10-09-2008
20090266722REUSABLE SHIPPING CONTAINER AND SYSTEMS THEREOF - A container system includes a container for shipping a parcel and a labeling system for providing information about the shipping of the container, such as to/from information. The container system further includes a closure mechanism for closing the lid of the container, a protection system for protecting the item housed in the container, and a rail system for supporting the container and maintaining its structure.10-29-2009
20110266169DETERGENT PRODUCTS, METHODS AND MANUFACTURE - A water-soluble pouch suitable for use in machine dishwashing and which comprises a plurality of compartments in generally superposed or superposable relationship, each containing one or more detergent active or auxiliary components, and wherein the pouch has a volume of from about 5 to about 70 ml and a longitudinal/transverse aspect ratio in the range from about 2:1 to about 1:8, preferably from about 1:1 to about 1:4. The water-soluble pouch allows for optimum delivery of dishwashing detergent. A process for the manufacture of multi-compartment pouches and a pack to contain the pouches are also disclosed.11-03-2011
20110198245Mobile phone/PDA security masking box - The Mobile Phone/PDA Security Masking Box is a sound insulated box for use as a temporary storage location for cellular and other mobile devices in locations at which confidential and sensitive conversations and discussions are being conducted. A pink/white noise generating device within the box generates a masking noise such that the cellular or other mobile devices inside the box are unable to pick up or record conversations outside the box.08-18-2011
20100288657Carton Tray - Several embodiments of cartons are provided. In one embodiment, a blank forms a carton with a substantially continuous ledge along the exterior rim of the carton. In other embodiments, a blank forms a carton with two adjacent compartments that are coverable with a hinged, attached lid. The lid is separable from the lower compartment portion of the carton by detachment along a tear strip. In still other embodiments, the blank forms two adjacent compartments that are not covered by an attached lid. The orientation of at least some of the carton embodiments allow orientation of the carton formed in a number of configurations, such as resting on a side panel.11-18-2010
20100276307PACKING BODY - A packing body suitable as a portable packing body which can change the appearance under a state where an article is contained. The packing body (11-04-2010
20090139881Point of purchase advertising system & method - A point of purchase advertising system and method that enables a vendor to selectively broadcast advertising and promotional content at a point of purchase display in a retail store. The point of purchase display is provided with video display means, typically a monitor, that is operatively coupled to a remote transmission source, preferably via the Internet, that can transmit data to the point of purchase display content that is selectively chosen to target potential customers based upon the demographics and geographic location of the retail store. Such content can be updated continuously and modified to selectively promote particular types of products and/or target customers.06-04-2009
20110220521Secure Multi-Key Holding Device - The secure multi-key holding device stores multiple keys within a titanium casing to assist users in both personal safety and organization. The keys stored within the device may be accessed upon an approved fingerprint scan by the fingerprint reader located on the invention. The secure multi-key holding device temporarily releases only the key designated to the lock that is being opened. The device is able to release the specific key needed for a lock because there is an electronic sticker/chip that is placed within the lock that correlates with an internal track within the invention that allows the necessary key to slide in and out of the key-holding device.09-15-2011
20110226637NOVELTY FOOD AND BEVERAGE VESSEL AND COIN BANK - A vessel for containing substances includes a body adapted to containing beverages or snacks, a light source, a sound module, activation switches, and a power source. The body may be provided in the shape of a guitar or other musical instrument, and may optionally include a threaded opening for receiving the substances and apertures adapted to receive ends of a strap so the vessel may be worn or otherwise supported. The vessel may further include a closure having an opening adapted to receive a straw or coins. A removable insert may be provided to slide into the opening formed in the body and rest therein.09-22-2011
20090250358Portion-Controlled Dispensing Straw Assembly - A portion-controlled dispensing straw assembly includes inner and outer telescoping tubes. The outer tube has an upper edge and a lower edge, and the inner tube has an upper edge, a lower edge and an interior chamber for receiving a substance to be dispensed. A seal is disposed within and attached to the outer tube, below the inner tube, for preventing the substance from exiting the interior chamber in a substance-retaining condition. A cap has a lower edge resting on the upper edge of the inner tube in the substance-retaining condition. The cap, upon being depressed, pushes the inner tube within the outer tube to break the seal and allow the substance received in the interior chamber to fall out of the tubes in a substance-releasing condition. The cap, upon being removed, also opens a passage allowing the tubes to be used as a straw.10-08-2009
20100155269PACKAGING SYSTEM HAVING AN AUDIO DEVICE - A packaging system for a consumer product includes a container having an interior space for holding the consumer product therein and an audio device having a prerecorded verbal message that is related to the consumer product.06-24-2010
20100163437CONVEYING MEANS, IN PARTICULAR A SUITCASE - The invention concerns a conveying means (07-01-2010
20100193379Ball Hopper and Method of Use Thereof - A ball hopper comprising a frame, a divider, a plurality of elastic members and a seat, wherein the frame further comprises a lower, middle and upper portion and at least one rigid connector joining the lower, middle and upper portion, and wherein the divider separates the frame into a lower compartment and an upper compartment, and wherein the plurality of elastic members are removably secured to the lower potion of the frame. The ball hopper provides a method for collecting, distributing (while a user is standing or sitting) and transporting balls by pressing the ball hopper over an object, such that at least one of the plurality of elastic members allows the object to enter the lower compartment. Further, the ball hopper may be utilized as a seat, such that the divider forces collected balls towards the top of the ball hopper for easy removal from the lower compartment.08-05-2010
20090078593LEG ASSEMBLY - A leg assembly for selective attachment to a portable support structure having a base and removable lid said leg assembly. The leg assembly includes a plurality of legs that are selectively attachable to both the base and lid. When attached, the legs extending from the base to the lid thereby supporting the lid. The legs are substantially parallel to one another. The assembly further includes at least one cross member extending between two of the legs to stabilize and prevent lateral movement of the legs. The cross member also abutingly contacts and supports the lid so that the base and lid may function as a support structure.03-26-2009
20100236950Game Related Bundle Packaging - In one aspect, the invention provides a game related bundle packaging having a first side and a second side. The bundle packaging can hold a game console in its original packaging at a predetermined position and at least one game related item in its original packaging at another predetermined position. The first side includes a first and at least a second window. The first window has a first shape and size at a first position on the first side and reveals a first area of interest of the original packaging of the game console when the game console is placed in the bundle packaging. The second window has a second shape and size at a second position on the first side and reveals a second area of interest of the original packaging of the game related item when the item is placed in the bundle packaging.09-23-2010
20100126887RUPTURING DEVICES - The invention provides rupturing devices for mitigating the explosive reaction of a casing (05-27-2010
20080264808Multi-Purpose Camping Accessory - A towel including: a sheet including a water-absorbent material; and a hood extending outwardly from an edge of the sheet; wherein the sheet may be compactly folded relative to the hood so as to form a glove.10-30-2008
20110127178BULK MATERIAL STORAGE APPARATUS - Bulk material storage apparatus including adjustable leg members and lift apparatuses and methods of using such apparatus.06-02-2011
20120031781PACKAGING CONTAINERS HAVING CONFORMATION INDUCTION MEMBERS AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SAME - Packaging containers for packaging various materials, including granular, flowable and food materials, are described herein. The packaging containers include conformation induction member(s) that are involved in controlling the contour of the filled container.02-09-2012
20100133126LOCKING DEVICE FOR TOTE BIN - A locking device is provided for locking a container having sidewalls and at least one lid defining an open position and a closed position. The locking device may include an elongate lock member configured to engage the lid(s) and a lock housing that is associated with at least one of the sidewalls. The lock housing may be configured to at least partially receive the elongate lock member. The locking device may be designed to be installed on the container in the field, or the locking device may be integrally formed with the container. The lock housing may include a security element that is detectable by a security system to guard against theft of the container. In some cases, a security module is provided that releasably attaches to the lock housing to provide further alarm functionality.06-03-2010
20100133125CLEANUP KIT FOR COMPACT FLORESCENT LIGHT BULBS AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - A compact fluorescent cleanup kit is disclosed, which comprises a plurality of member elements. The member elements comprise printed instructions, at least one glove, at least one mask, at least one eye protection member, at least one sealable container, at least one cleanup scoop, at least one single-sided adhesive member, and at least one towelette. The at least one glove, at least one mask, and at least one eye protection member may be donned to protect a user from exposure to metal contaminants that may be released when a compact fluorescent bulb is damaged. The at least one cleanup scoop, at least one single-sided adhesive member, and at least one towelette may be used to collect all debris from a damaged compact fluorescent bulb into the at least one sealable container.06-03-2010
20110042246STORAGE STRUCTURE USED AS A TARGET AND A BOUNCE BACK FOR PROJECTILES - A storage structure can be used as a target and bounce back for projectiles. The storage structure can include a fixed slightly angled wall (relative to the ground) or may include an adjustable angled wall. The face of the target may include markers to indicate desired projectile strike locations for one or more sports. These markers may be painted on, supplied as a tarp to place over a surface, or provided as colored building materials. For example, an 8 foot by 24 foot box may be indicated on the face of the target to mimic a soccer net. The storage structure may provide not only a storage facility, but also an invitation for users to play, practice and perfect their coordination, reaction time, and skill at various sports.02-24-2011
20100170813Method of preparing the final assembly of stamps and stamp package - In order to prepare the final assembly of stamps which have a rest position, in which a stamp housing projects from an actuating yoke, and an operating position, in which the actuating yoke is moved against the force of a spring over the stamp housing and is lockable, as well as for the final assembly of the stamps by applying a stamp plate to a plate holder, several stamps are packed in a carton-like package (07-08-2010
20090032412Organizing apparatus for string-like objects - An organizing apparatus comprising a body, a wrap member and a wrap coupling member. The body defines a cavity with a plurality of object receiving openings. The body is positionable between a closed configuration and an open configuration. In a closed configuration, transverse access to the cavity is substantially precluded. In an open configuration, transverse access to the cavity is permitted. The wrap member is coupled to the body. The wrap coupling member is associated with the body and spaced apart from the wrap member.02-05-2009
20110240493SELF-ALIGNING MODULAR ACCESSORY STORAGE SYSTEM - A self-aligning modular accessory storage system comprising a first and a second module, removably connectable to the first module. The first module includes a base, an alignment stud protruding from the base, and a permanent magnet positioned in conjunction with the alignment stud. The second module includes an accessory container for storing one or more accessories, a receptacle adapted to receive the alignment stud on the first module, and a backing plate mounted behind the receptacle providing an aligning magnetic attraction between the first module and the second module when the alignment stud is positioned in proximity to the receptacle.10-06-2011
20120067751CASE FOR ENCLOSING A PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND A CARD - Cases for enclosing a personal electronic device may also enclose one or more cards, such as credit cards, payment cards, coupons, receipts, identification cards, merchandise credit cards, gift cards, or business cards through the use of a retaining system. Exemplary cases may include a flexible inner layer and an exterior hard layer that may be permanently affixed to one another to form two fitted cavities, one for holding the personal electronic device and one for holding inserted cards.03-22-2012
20110068021TOW STRAP BAG - A tow strap bag, including: a tow strap that is adapted to be used to tow objects; an open zipper coupled to the circumference of the tow strap; and wherein the tow strap is adapted to form a bag when zipping up the zipper coupled to the tow strap.03-24-2011
20110062035Combination Waste Receptacle and Toilet Tissue Roll Storage Device - A dual purpose waste receptacle and toilet tissue roll storage device in which the toilet tissue storage area is arranged below the waste receptacle and provides a base on which the dual purpose device stands in use. A flanged top provides for convenient handling. The device may be made in one or two pieces.03-17-2011
20120118765TOY VEHICLE STORAGE CASE WITH RACE TRACK - A toy vehicle storage case may be placed in a racing configuration with a toy vehicle raceway deployed and supported by the storage case, or a transport configuration with the storage case containing the toy vehicle raceway.05-17-2012
20110031138Mouse Pad Carrying Case - Carrying cases (e.g., for a computer mouse) comprising a pad and a fastener (e.g., a zipper) around the perimeter of the pad that may form a mouse pad when the fastener is unfastened, and may be folded along a dimension and the fastener fastened to form a storage pouch. Such carrying cases may include a rim to prevent a mouse from sliding off of the mouse pad, an attachment mechanism that may include a strap, a snap button, or both, or a combination thereof. Embodiments are neoprene having a thickness of 1 to 5 mm, have a fold dimension between 15 and 30 cm, or both. The fastener may have a pull tab located at one end of the fold when the fastener is unfastened and at an opposite end of the fold when the fastener is fastened. Pads may be round, oval, or rectangular with rounded corners.02-10-2011
20090314665MODERN STATION OF WASTE MANAGEMENT - The modern station of waste management is suitable for being used as a station of concentration and storage of a large volume of waste that emanates from houses, shops, etc., without environmental problems being created. It achieves the waste compaction, the ecological management, as well as disinfection of the waste.12-24-2009
20090000967Toilet utensil kit - A toilet utensil holder for holding toilet utensils such as a toilet brush and a plunger is shaped as a ship. The holder has a base section forming a hull of the ship, with basins for receiving the utensils, and in a preferred embodiment covers are pivoted to the base section for covering an operative end of the utensils and forming a superstructure of the ship. Handles of the utensils extend above the base portion, and in the preferred embodiment above the covers, and simulate masts or other parts of a ship. A handle may be affixed to the holder to lift and carry it.01-01-2009
20080314774Glovebox for a double wall containment module - A double-glove system for use in a double-walled containment module is provided herein. More specifically, a double-glove system that includes an inner glove and an outer glove that are interconnected to respective glove rings for interconnection to an inner containment module and an outer containment module is provided. An annulus is provided between the gloves wherein purge gasses may flow therebetween. Further, a plurality of detection systems may be employed within containment volumes of the containment module to rapidly detect leaks.12-25-2008
20080202947COLLECTIBLE CARD WITH CAVITY FOR CONTAINING INNER ITEM - A collectible trading card that contains a cavity within which is located a second trading card in which the identity of the second trading card is unknown and the second trading card is inaccessible without altering the collectible trading card.08-28-2008
20110017616PACKAGING INSERT - An insert for a crate end cap is disclosed. The insert includes a substrate having a main body portion and a foldable tab extending from an edge of the main body portion. A plurality of support members is coupled to a surface of the substrate, at least one support member being coupled to the main body portion and at least one other support member being coupled to the foldable tab. The insert is removably received within a cavity of the crate end cap and maintained therein by a frictional engagement between the insert and the walls of the crate end cap forming the cavity thereof. The insert provides cushioning for objects placed in the cavity of the crate end cap.01-27-2011
20110114514Medical Device Tracking System With Capsule and Method - Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for tracking a medical device. Systems configured for such tracking may include the capability to either or both detect tampering with the medical device and to effectively expose an encapsulated medical device to sterilization substances and associate the medical device with an identifying characteristic.05-19-2011
20110073500Container Comprising a Disposable Cleaning Implement And a Method of Promoting the Sale of a Disposable Cleaning Implement - A packaging container (03-31-2011
20120145570Cases and Covers for Handheld Electronic Devices - Holders for portable handheld electronic devices. An embodiment has a compartment on a backplate that allows both a retractable cord and headpiece to be stored inside when not used. A spring loaded rewinder automatically retracts the cord and headpiece into the compartment where a hinge attached lid hides and protects the cord and headpiece. The backplate can include an internal inwardly protruding prong that is attached to the cord so that sliding the portable device into the holder plugs the prong into a socket on the device, and sliding the device out removes the socket from the prong. Another embodiment has a portable handheld electronics device holder with a built on bottle opener and can tab opener.06-14-2012
20110094902Laundry Hamper For Insertion Into Clothes Washers And Dryers - One embodiment of a hamper for the insertion into conventional consumer and commercial clothing washers and dryers. The article is cylindrical shaped article to fit inside typical front load and top load commercial or consumer clothing washer and dryer. This embodiment of our hamper has cut out transport handles 04-28-2011
20110094901Ball Tray Organizer for Subterranean Complex Completions - An organization system for a series of objects to be sequentially run downhole is disclosed. The preferred objects are spheres of progressively larger diameter put into a wellbore to land at discrete locations for operation of ports in a given sequence so that a specific producing zone or zones can be completed in increments that preferably go in an uphole direction as progressively larger spheres are inserted. In the preferred embodiment the process is fracturing where a series of ported subs are operated to selectively open for the fracture procedure at a specific location and then close or become isolated when another sphere is dropped. Optionally the balls can be recovered at the surface when production starts. The organizer prevents size confusion and gives a ready feedback as to the progress of a given job. Trays can be stacked and carried in a carrying case.04-28-2011
20110147239Unitizing Label and Handle for Multiple Packages - A unitizing label and handle for multiple packages bundles two or more adjacent packages, which may contain wet wipes for consumer use. A label is at least partially affixed to the two or more adjacent packages in order to retain them, the label adapted for separating at locations between each adjacent pair of the two or more adjacent packages to facilitate removal of a package. The label may also have a handle portion at least partially separable from the label such that the handle in a first position is generally parallel with the label such that it has a low profile, and in a second separated position the handle allows a user to grasp the label and carry the two or more adjacent packages.06-23-2011
20100025267FOOD/DRINK CONTAINER - The present invention relates to the field of food/drink containers and multimedia systems. More specifically, the present invention relates to a combination of a food/drink container. The present invention provides the user an immediate multimedia/communications sources while using the container wherein the container includes a body for accommodating food/drink, a closure for closing the container and a communications/multimedia module.02-04-2010
20080210584FIBER-CAST PACKAGING WITH INNER BAG AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - A package for free-flowing media comprising a molded pulp vessel partly or completely surrounding two or more film pouches or a film pouch having a plurality of chambers. An environmentally friendly package whose constituents can be reused without any great complexity.09-04-2008
20110068022 Storage / Display Unit - A storage/display unit that is mountable on a support column is disclosed. The walls provide an enclosed storage space and may have one or more apertured walls for receiving and supporting pegboard or slatboard accessories. The storage/display unit has mounting means that allows it to be mounted on a support column, such as a lally column. The mounting means may be such, that it surrounds the circumference of a support column, or have a rear wall that allows the unit to be fitted against only a portion of the support column. The rear wall may have a column adapter and means for accommodating the various diameters of round support columns. The unit may also be mounted on a flat wall or used as a stand-alone unit.03-24-2011
20110315572Toothbrush Charging Station With Brush Storage Device - A storage device for tooth cleaning attachments of a tooth cleaning device is proviced. The storage device includes a storage body for storing the tooth cleaning attachments. The storage body has a storage base with at least one storage depression for receiving a tooth cleaning attachment in flat-lying alignment.12-29-2011
20110315573OIL TANK - An oil container has a container housing receiving an oil filter and fittings for an oil inlet, an oil outlet, for filling the oil container, and for an opening that can be closed by a cover for temporarily removing or replacing the oil filter, as well as, an air outlet opening. The container housing is divided into at least two chambers by a partition, each chamber including an oil filter. Each chamber has an oil inlet fitting, an oil outlet fitting, and an opening that can be closed by a cover for filling with oil and/or for removing the oil filter. The partition includes an oil overflow opening located above a minimum oil filling level height relative to a rest state determined for the individual oil circuits. A leak occurring in one of the oil circuits does then not affect the operational reliability of the other oil circuit(s).12-29-2011
20110315571COMBINATION TOOTHPICK AND MINT DISPENSER - A combination toothpick and mint dispenser. On a bottom end of the dispenser is a toothpick. On a top end (opposite the bottom end) is a chamber which is used to hold solid mints or liquid refreshment (such as mouthwash). In an embodiment, a shaft connecting the chamber to the toothpick can be hollow, thereby allowing liquid refreshment to pass from the chamber through a bottom of the shaft and out of the dispenser.12-29-2011
20120043230Electronic device containment system - Disclosed is a new and unique way to use, transport and retain electrical cords, ear pieces, and other accessories associated with portable hand-held electronic devices. The invention keeps the cord and plurality of accessories in a defined compact space that facilitates use of the portable electronic device. The portable electronic device of this invention is selected from the group consisting of a cellular telephone, a personal music player, an MP3 player, a CD player, a DVD player, an audio storage device, an audio recording device, a radio, a hand-held computer and a personal television set.02-23-2012
20120000800COMBINATION BOW CASE - A combination case includes the first and second cases combined together, each also usable as a stand-alone case. The first case includes the first inner storage space and the first wall structure configured to enclose the first inner storage in a closed position and expose the first inner storage in an open position. The first wall structure includes the first and second sidewalls facing each other in the closed position, at least one first opening formed via the first sidewall to expose the first inner storage space, and at least one second opening formed via the second sidewall to expose the first inner storage.01-05-2012
20120152769MIXING BAG WITH INTEGRAL SPARGER AND SENSOR RECEIVER - A mixing bag for use in bioprocessing in which a fluid is received and agitated using an internal fluid-agitating element driven by an external motive device is disclosed. The bag may include an integral sparger and sensor receiver. Related methods are also disclosed.06-21-2012
20120043231ELECTRONIC DEVICE CASES WITH INTEGRATED CLEANING COMPONENT - Cases for electronic devices, such as an iPad, are disclosed. The cases include an integrated cleaning component configured to wipe one or more surfaces of an electronic device. In some embodiments, the integrated cleaning component is configured to automatically wipe the surface(s) of the electronic device as it is inserted into or removed from the case. The integrated cleaning component of some embodiments include strips of material configured to engage the surface of the electronic device as it is inserted and/or removed from the case and to wipe or scrub away foreign material. The cleaning component can include various different materials to target primary removal of a particular foreign material (e.g., fingerprints, dirt, dust, oils, etc.). Other embodiments provide integrated storage of the integrated cleaning component, which can easily be removed by a user to wipe the surface(s) of the electronic device.02-23-2012
20120006701CONVERTIBLE STORAGE CONTAINER - Apparatuses convertible between at least a storage container in a first configuration and an activity mat in a second configuration. One apparatus includes a circular lid, a circular base, and at least one zipper pull that zips the lid and base to a wall. When zippered, the apparatus has a generally cylindrical shape. A carrying handle is provided on the lid. When unzippered, the apparatus becomes an activity mat and lies flat. Another apparatus includes two sides, a base, a flap, and at least one zipper pull that zips the sides to the flap. The sides resemble the outline of a car, such that the apparatus when zipped up resembles a car and when unzipped becomes an activity mat and lies flat. Backpack straps on the back allow the apparatus to be worn as a backpack.01-12-2012
20120006700DISPENSER - For a dispenser (01-12-2012
20120006699Modularly Built Container for Cooked Food Preparations - The invention relates to a modular container for the preparation of foods, in particular baked goods, by cooking, comprising a self-supporting base plate (01-12-2012
20120055817CONTACT LENS PACKAGE AND STORAGE CASE, HOLDER, AND SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MAKING AND USING - A contact lens package that is reusable as a case to store a contact lens between uses includes a lid, a base, one or more receptacles for a contact lens case, and a time keeping device. The time keeping device comprises an indicator for each one or more receptacles that indicates a period of time that has elapsed since the contact lens case currently in the receptacle was placed therein. When the period of time has expired, the indicator denotes a need to discard both the contact lens case and a contact lens associated with the contact lens case.03-08-2012
20120205265Combination Nut/Shell Bowl - An adaptable, two-piece, interlocking container system for use with food items (such as nuts in shells) that have both an edible portion and a waste portion, and/or are typically supplied with tools and/or accessories; and which can be easily lifted and transported as a single unit. A utility bowl, to hold the food items and accessories, nests inside of a separate waste receptacle; affording independent usage and maximum capacity of both bowls. The waste receptacle is equipped with a connecting stem that passes through a corresponding hole in the utility bowl, effectively interlocking the two bowls. This connecting stem is also the means by which a fixed or detachable handle is connected. This configuration provides for a decorative display and total access to both the food items and accompaniments; a broad scope of application; and, with a detachable handle, a very compact unit for storing08-16-2012
20110094903Customizable utensils - The invention provides a utensil designed with a clear viewing area in which customized material can be enclosed and held in place by various means. The invention also includes a variety of means for providing customization of the utensil.04-28-2011
20110168581SANITARY BATHROOM ITEM STORAGE UNIT - A bathroom storage device that effectively stores a plunger, toilet bowl brush, and other bathroom accessories in a space saving, decorative, and easily accessible manner while preserving the hygienic and sanitary qualities needed in such an environment by totally isolating the plunger in its own compartment.07-14-2011
20120160717Packaging Unit - A packaging unit includes an image forming apparatus and a packaging member. A cartridge is detachably mounted in the image forming apparatus. The cartridge accommodates developer therein. The image forming apparatus is configured to form an image using the developer. The cartridge is formed with a first opening for allowing the developer to discharge outside from the cartridge when the cartridge is in a first posture. The cartridge is in the first posture when the image is formed. The packaging member package the image forming apparatus therein in such a posture that the cartridge is in a second posture where leakage of the developer from the first opening is unlikely to occur as compared with a posture of the image forming apparatus in which the cartridge is in the first posture.06-28-2012
20120160716PORTABLE MEDICATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - The present invention is a medication management system for use with a programmable mobile device, such as a cell phone, smart phone, or a tablet computer. The invention consists of a case that encases or attaches to the mobile device, with a pill container attached to the case, and software for execution by the mobile device to manage the use of medication, generally in the form of pills, by the user of the mobile device. The pill container slideably engages the case so that doses of pills in the container may be removed by sliding the container out far enough to expose the next dose of pills and turning the mobile device and case over. The software allows the user to program a dosing schedule into it and then alerts the user when it is time to take doses of pills.06-28-2012
20100288656PORTABLE DEVICE - A portable device includes: first and second cases; a biasing member which is secured to the first case side; and a slider which is secured to the second case side, which is slidably connected to the first case, and which is pushed by the biasing member; wherein: the slider includes: a first pushed portion pushed by the biasing member when the slider slides from a beginning of a sliding range to an end of the sliding range; a second pushed portion pushed by the biasing member when the slider slides from the end to the beginning; a first guiding portion guiding a pushed position pushed by the biasing member from the first pushed portion to the second pushed portion; and a second guiding portion guiding the pushed position from the second pushed portion to the first pushed portion.11-18-2010
20130199948Protective Case for Portable Electronic Device with Foldable Lens Cover and Storage Compartments - A protective case for a portable electronic device. The protective case including a plurality of storage compartments for retaining a series of items. The protective case includes a removable upper portion allowing unobstructed access to the portable electronic device camera and includes a plurality of corner accessories disposed within and forming the corners of the protective case.08-08-2013
20130199947Combined Cap Applicators - This disclosure describes example combine cap applicator and protective devices that may be used in combination with one or more cleansing, antimicrobial and/or antiseptic agents to reduce or eliminate contaminates on a surface. According to some embodiments, the disclosure describes that the combine cap applicators may comprise a first and second cap where each cap contains an applicator. According to some embodiments, the applicator may be coated or infused with a cleansing, antimicrobial or antiseptic agents for use on a surface.08-08-2013
20120132548GAS DELIVERY CONFIGURATIONS, FOAM CONTROL SYSTEMS, AND BAG MOLDING METHODS AND ARTICLES FOR COLLAPSIBLE BAG VESSELS AND BIOREACTORS - Disclosed herein are fluid containment systems such as gas delivery configurations, foam control systems and bag molding methods and articles for supported collapsible bag vessels and bioreactors. A vessel may include a device which can reduce the foam produced or contained within the vessel. Sensors and/or controllers may optionally be used to monitor and/or control foaming.05-31-2012
20120247984Secure Document Destruction Bin - A secure document bin is described that includes a bin having a lid that securely affixes to the bin to prevent unauthorized access to the contents of the bin, and an electronics module associated with the bin. The electronics module is formed in part by a location detection circuit and status sensors. The status sensors include a sensor to detect movement of the bin, a sensor to detect tampering with the bin, and a sensor to detect a relative fill level of the bin. The location and status of the secure document destruction bin is monitored by a monitoring center using wireless transmissions from the secure document destruction bin.10-04-2012
20120211377COMBINATION PROTECTIVE CASE AND STAND FOR A TABLET DEVICE AND KEYBOARD - A combination protective case and stand for a tablet device and keyboard are disclosed. The case includes a first panel configured to receive a tablet device on a first face of the first panel, a second panel pivotably coupled to the first panel and configured to receive a keyboard on a first face of the second panel, and a cover portion pivotably coupled to the first panel and configured to enclose the first panel and the second panel such that a first face of the cover portion is disposed in facing relation to the first panel and in facing relation to the second panel. In another embodiment, the second panel is pivotably and removably coupled to the first panel. In other embodiments, a keyboard sleeve or a custom keyboard is coupled or removably coupled to the first panel.08-23-2012
20120255879CONTAINER APPARATUS - Disclosed is a sports container apparatus including a rigid tube or shell with opposing open ends. First and second opposing ends having a first end cap and a second end cap, respectively. The first and second end caps are radially fluted and operably attached to the rigid tube in a sealed manner. The sports container is operative for use as a golf bag or transport container and configured to balance stored articles such as golf clubs. The sports container configured to carry golf clubs or other items while being protected from an exposed environment where collisions with other hard surfaced items or the elements could cause damage. The device easily and safely mounts golf clubs or other items to a motorcycle, bicycle, ATV, or other vehicle without the use of brackets or other mounting devices while maintaining a balanced equilibrium.10-11-2012
20120255880CONTAINER FOR DECORATIVE GRASS - A container liner comprising a backing, a porous covering, a seed carrier interposed between the backing and the covering, and a plurality of seeds embedded in the seed carrier such that upon germination the seeds will sprout through the porous covering to form a soft, natural, protective cushion for objects, such as candies or Easter eggs. The container liner is sufficiently flexible so that the container liner can be easily manipulated to substantially conform to the interior contour of a container, such as a decorative basket.10-11-2012
20100012531FLEXIBLE PACKAGE AND METHOD OF FORMING A CUFF - A package having a foldable top region is provided. The package generally includes panel portions that at least partially define an interior cavity therebetween and accessible through an access opening. The top portion can provide a cuff member or cuff region that can be folded and unfolded to facilitate use of the package as a bowl or other cuffed container for material contents. The package can be adapted to hold its shape as a bowl or cuffed container.01-21-2010
20120247983TABLET BAY AND BAG INCORPORATING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a storage apparatus for stowing a device, and more particularly to a storage apparatus with a compartment that allows a user to operate a device while the device is stowed. In an embodiment, a compartment for stowing a tablet device includes a frame panel having an opening, the opening configured to expose a display screen of the tablet device when the tablet device is stowed, a plurality of side panels for retaining the tablet device in the compartment, and an open edge along a side of the compartment. The open edge is configured for insertion of the tablet device into the compartment and removal of the tablet device from the compartment.10-04-2012
20120074000PACKAGE FOR FOOD PRODUCTS - Package for food products, comprising a cup (03-29-2012
20120073999SELF-HEATING CONTAINER - The present invention relates to a heating container. There are types of food which should be eaten after being warmed up at home or in a restaurant. Hot sops or hot stews can be eaten after being heated on a portable gas range. However, it is impossible or very inconvenient to heat pan-fried foods, boiled beef, fried foods, rice cakes and the like on a gas range. The heating container of the present invention has a self-heating function and is very useful because the heating container allows food to be kept warm until the end of the meal when various foods are placed on the heated heating container, whereby enabling the distinct tastes of the foods not to be lost until the end of the meal.03-29-2012
20120073998APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CLIPBOARD - The present invention is directed generally to apparatus and method for facilitating improved efficiency, convenience, and device organization and protection for data acquisition with improved efficiency and organization, for example, while on the run or in the field. For example, in various embodiments the invention may include one or more quick locking and quick opening means for storage compartment(s), for example, one or more spring actuated and locking drawers may be included in a clipboard with one or more storage compartment(s). The quick locking and quick opening means may be spring operated to as to push the storage compartment open when actuated and/or to lock the storage compartment into place when the storage compartment is closed. The clipboard and storage apparatus may also be designed to be lightweight, durable and versatile by including a rubber over molded base, a contoured base, and/or may have a smudge resistant clear coat finish.03-29-2012
20120312705SYSTEM FOR STORING AND CARRYING A LULAV AND CITRON - One of the customs of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (also known as the Festival of Tabernacles) is the taking of the so-called “four species” (a palm branch, three willow branches, two branches of myrtle, and a citron). The palm branch, the willow branches and the myrtle branches are bound together into what is referred to herein as the “lulav.” Provided is a system for storing a set of the four species. The system includes a first case dimensioned to receive a lulav, a second case dimensioned to receive a citron, and one or more devices for reversibly assembling the first case and the second case into an integral unit. The system may be free standing on a surface with the first case in an upright position when the first case and the second case are assembled into an integral unit.12-13-2012
20120312704PACKAGE HAVING OPENING DETECTION - A box comprising at least one portion that is closed by a movable cover and that contains an electronic detection circuit for detecting opening of the cover, the cover being provided with means for locking it in the closed position, said means comprising a screw that is mounted on the cover to pivot between a locking position and an unlocking position, and having an end provided with at least one tooth for meshing with teeth of a code wheel mounted to pivot in register with pads of the detection circuit, wherein the screw is mounted so that said end of the screw presents positioning with radial clearance relative to the box in such a manner that the pivoting of the code wheel has an amplitude that depends on the positioning of said end as authorized by the radial clearance.12-13-2012
20120187005WATER CONTAINER - A jerrycan comprises a container housing having four sidewalls, a base and a top. The jerrycan includes a manual pump unit and a water filter cartridge disposed within the housing, together with an externally mounted tap coupled to the water filter cartridge. A carrying handle is integrally formed with the top. When constructed the jerrycan is sealed and is both water- and air-tight. The container housing includes at least one internal brace member consisting of a hollow tube integral with the sidewalls.07-26-2012
20100326848Clip Scoop - A scoop has a bowl and a handle. The bowl has a bowl edge and a bowl width. The handle has a proximal handle edge connecting to the bowl edge. The handle has a distal handle edge opposite the proximal handle edge. The handle has a handle width. The handle has a clip with a clip base which connects the clip base to the distal handle edge. The clip protrudes from the distal handle edge toward the proximal handle edge. The clip has a free edge opposite the clip base. The handle width is from about 50% to about 100% of the bowl width.12-30-2010
20120261279RV paper towel dispenser & condiment tote - The paper towel dispenser utilizes the configuration and proportional scale of a real class A RV (Recreational Vehicle).10-18-2012
20120261281Inherently Unstable Vase Container with Attached Magnet - One embodiment of an inherently unstable vase with a magnet (10-18-2012
20120261280Memory Box - A container for holding and transporting a plurality of substantially planar objects, such as photographs, along with a CD or DVD and/or a memory card or multiple memory cards. The container is composed of front and back covers movably connected by a spine member, and a clear plastic sleeve may be attached to the outside of the device to allow the insertion of labeling materials. A pocket for storing planar objects is fastened to the inside of one of the covers. The container contains a means for securing a CD or DVD, which may be an engaging element attached to the inside of one of the covers or a pocket. The container also contains a means for securing a memory card. The memory card securing means may be a pocket attached to the inside of one of the covers, a partition installed in the pocket for planar objects, or a clip or set of clips affixed to the inside of one of the covers.10-18-2012
20120261282Toy Figure Display Stand - A toy figure display stand displays a toy figure behind a transparent fluid-retaining wall, thus simulating immersion of the toy figure within the transparent fluid. The simulated immersion provides an additional level of engagement between the toy figure and a child or collector. The wall may include an interior transparent shell portion and an exterior transparent shell portion. The interior transparent shell portion and the exterior transparent shell portion may together define a cavity. A fluid may be received within the cavity.10-18-2012
20120318686TEMPORARY CABLE COVER - A cover may include a plurality of first fastening mechanisms disposed adjacent to one another along a first edge and a plurality of second fastening mechanisms disposed adjacent to one another along a second edge. Each second fastening mechanism may correspond to one of the first fastening mechanisms to connect to the corresponding first fastening mechanism when the cover is bent about the axis.12-20-2012
20120318687COMBINED PERFUME PRODUCT PACKAGE AND SEED CARRIER - A perfume or perfumed product which is associated with a package having seeds impregnated within or otherwise associated therewith. In one embodiment, the seeds are impregnated within or on, or otherwise associated with, the packaging material, and are adapted to be planted in soil to permit the seeds to grow. Alternatively, the seeds may simply reside in a pouch or other container which is disposed within or otherwise associated with the package, where the seeds may be planted in soil to permit the seeds to grow. The seeds grow one or more botanicals that correspond to one or more ingredients of the perfume or perfumed product contained within the package so that the purchaser of the product may grow plants that smell like one or more of the ingredients of the perfume or perfumed product.12-20-2012
20110210020Electronics Device Case - A case for protecting and storing a preselected electronics device includes a flexible fabric material body and a strip of fabric extending from a portion of the body. The strip of fabric has an open and an inverted closed position. The body and strip of fabric in the closed position are together configured to envelope and tightly fit contours of the preselected electronics device.09-01-2011
20110226636Ornamental and Temperature Indicating Can Ends and Tabs - A metallic can end for a container is described. The metallic can end has a curl defining an outer perimeter of the can end. A wall extends downwardly from the curl. A strengthening member is joined to a lowermost end of the wall. A center panel is joined to the strengthening member and is centered about a longitudinal axis. The center panel has a product side and a public side. A rivet is located on the center panel. A displaceable tear panel is on the center panel. The tear panel is at least substantially defined by a frangible score and a non frangible hinge segment. A non-detachable tab is staked to the center panel by the rivet. The non-detachable tab has a nose end extending over a portion of the tear panel, a lift end opposite the nose end, and a central webbing between the nose and lift end. The webbing has a hinge region and a rivet island surrounding the rivet. The rivet island is at least partially surrounded by a first void region to provide a first exposed area of the center panel. A first temperature indicator has a first thermochromic material which undergoes a color change upon reaching a first predetermined temperature. The first temperature indicator is located on the non-detachable tab.09-22-2011
20100187140Contact Lens Packages - The invention provides contact lens packages in which removal of the lens is facilitated by providing a means for elevating the lens when the package is opened.07-29-2010
20120325696FILTRATION SYSTEM FOR PREPARATION OF FLUIDS FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS - Systems, methods, and devices for preparation of water for various uses including blood treatment are described. In embodiments, fluid is passed either by pump or passively by gravity feed, through various filtration elements from a fluid source to a treatment fluid container. The latter forms a batch that may be used during treatment. The advantage of forming the batch before treatment is that the rate of filtering needn't match the rate of consumption during treatment which provides multiple benefits and liabilities to overcome, as discussed herein. Mechanisms for preparing pure water for infusion or medicaments are described such as elimination of chlorine and colloidal aluminum. Also various control mechanisms to help avoid contamination are describe.12-27-2012
20120325695MAGNETIC STORAGE DEVICE - A magnetic storage device for an article has a magnet that cooperates with a protuberance, cavity or recess to resist movement of the article.12-27-2012
20120091016METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRESERVING THE FIRMNESS AND INTERNAL PRESSURE OF A RESIN CARTRIDGE AND IMPROVING THE SHELF-LIFE OF A RESIN CARTRIDGE - An assembly for extending the shelf-life of a pressurized resin cartridge. The assembly includes at least one pressurized resin cartridge comprising a first compartment for holding a catalyst and a second compartment for holding a resin mastic. The assembly has a pressurized container sealingly disposed about the pressurized resin cartridge. Such assembly minimizes depressurization of the pressurized resin cartridge and extends the shelf-life of the pressurized resin cartridge. An assembly for extending the shelf-life of a depressurized resin cartridge. The assembly includes at least one depressurized resin cartridge comprising a first compartment for holding a catalyst and a second compartment for holding a resin mastic. The assembly has a pressurized container sealingly disposed about the depressurized resin cartridge. Such assembly increases pressurization of the depressurized resin cartridge and extends the shelf-life of the depressurized resin cartridge.04-19-2012
20120325694DIAGONAL CLAMSHELL PROTECTIVE ENCLOSURE - A bifurcated pipeline gas sample takeoff equipment housing having a diagonally oriented access opening to increase the ease of access to enclosed components by increasing the opening size by up to thirty percent without increasing the size of the enclosure.12-27-2012
20120325693AIRDROP DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR WATER AND FIRE MAKING SUPPLIES - An airdrop package for fuel and water is disclosed. A plurality of hollow cylinders are made of combustible firelog material. Closed water container nested within at least some of the plurality of hollow cylinders. The airdrop package for the plurality of hollow cylinders has a plurality of interconnected flexible walls. The interconnected flexible walls are atop an energy absorbing base. The flexible walls define an array of compartments. The compartments are dimensioned to snugly contain at least one of the hollow cylinders. The base and flexible walls absorb energy upon ground impact of the airdrop package.12-27-2012
20120285842Systems, Devices, and/or Methods for Managing Illumination - Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a reservoir, such as a mud pan, operatively coupled to a light source. The light source can be adapted to illuminate a surface when operatively held by a user. Imperfections of the surface can be more visible to a user of the reservoir as a result of said illumination. The user can remove spackling compound from the reservoir to repair the imperfections.11-15-2012
20130015084DISPOSABLE PIZZA-BLOTTING COMPOSITE AND BOX ASSEMBLY - A food blotting composite includes an absorbent layer and a non-absorbent layer, the absorbent layer in one embodiment having an oleophilic surface and the non-absorbent layer having an oleophobic surface. The absorbent layer is physiologically safe for food contact applications, such as removing oil and grease from pizza and other cooked foods. A pizza box assembly and a blotting method also involve the pizza-blotting composite. In one embodiment the composite is positioned beneath the pizza with the absorbent layer facing upwardly to contact the underside of the pizza in use.01-17-2013
20130015082STORAGE UNIT THAT CONVERTS INTO A BOAT - The present invention is directed to a storage unit that converts into a boat. The storage unit can store emergency or other supplies as well as components for quickly converting the storage unit into a boat. The compact design of the storage unit allows it to be stored in many different locations including inside or outside a home, business, institution, church, or other buildings, and above or below ground such as on a deck or patio, in a shed, garage, or basement, etc. where it can be quickly accessed and converted into the boat. The storage unit is further convertible into a cart using the components for converting the storage unit into the boat.01-17-2013
20130015081PROTECTION CASE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICEAANM Wu; Hong-MingAACI New Taipei CityAACO TWAAGP Wu; Hong-Ming New Taipei City TW - A protection case for a portable electronic device includes a case having a front part and a rear part, and the portable electronic device is accommodated between the front and rear parts. A rear cover is connected to the rear part and a front cover is connected to the front part. The front cover has a front decoration plate, a connection member and a locking member. The front decoration plate is removably connected to the front part. The connection member is flexible and has a first end connected to the front decoration plate and a second end of the connection member is clamped between the front and rear parts. The locking member has a hook hooked with the groove. The protection case can be easily replaced and changed.01-17-2013
20130015083SYSTEM FOR FACILITATING SECURITY CHECK OF SHIPMENT OF CARGO - The present invention provides a system for facilitating security check of cold-chain air freight cargo using a magnetic imaging scanner for shipping at the airport. Cold-chain material includes most perishables such as produce, fresh fish, biological parts, pharmaceuticals and similar that need to be kept at a lower temperature for preservation and freshness.01-17-2013
20120241335SIMPLIFIED STORAGE OF INTEGRATED SYSTEMS - Storage containers for storing at least one diagnostic test element including an enzyme and a stabilized coenzyme are disclosed. In addition, diagnostic products which include diagnostic test elements including an enzyme and a stabilized coenzyme, as well as analytical measuring devices which include such storage containers or diagnostic products, are also disclosed. Other aspects include, but are not limited to, unique methods, techniques, products, systems and devices involving test elements which include an enzyme and a stabilized coenzyme.09-27-2012
20120241334SHIPPING OF LIQUIDS - A system for shipping liquids is disclosed which comprises a container (09-27-2012
20080272015Convertible golf club carry bag/golf cart bench mat - This invention is a convertible golf club carry bag/golf cart bench mat. The device is a single unit that is easily converted from a bag to a mat and vice versa. In a folded, zipped position it may be utilized as a golf club carry bag. In an unfolded, unzipped position it may be utilized as a mat to place on a golf cart bench seat for comfort. To add or remove clubs, the zippers are opened partially or fully to gain access to the clubs, according to the golfer's preference. The mat is held in place on a golf cart by unzipped side openings surrounding the cart railings.11-06-2008
20110253563Currency sterilization apparatus - A stand alone or retrofitted cash box that incorporates inner mounted ultra violet light sterilization and aerosol disinfectant release systems comprising automated actuation upon closing of the drawer, to reduce the amount of germs and bacteria found on currency both paper and coins at points of currency transaction. The retrofitted cash drawer component of the system comprises a perforated design to allow for greater surface exposure and currency desiccation quality.10-20-2011
20080223738Box-like container for transporting household items which also may be used to create pieces of furniture - This invention relates to an over-sized box-like container adapted to carry diverse, and often collapsed or unassembled household items, including furniture, accessories and art objects suitable to fully furnish one room. More particularly, this invention relates to an over-sized box-like container of the type described where the box itself, upon being disassembled, may be used to create one or more pieces of furniture.09-18-2008
20130175187Memorial Shot Glass Apparatus - A memorial shot glass apparatus includes a base member having first and second opposed sides, the first side defining a recessed area. A cup member includes a lower rim having a configuration complementary to a configuration of the recessed area, the cup member having an upper rim opposite the lower rim and having a continuous side wall extending between the lower and upper rims. The lower rim is removably coupled to the recessed area of the base member. An adornment indicative of a memorialized event is coupled to the first side of the base member adjacent the recessed area and configured to extend away from the first side of the base member. The base member may be a graduation hat, the adornment may be a graduation tassel, and the cup member may be a shot glass.07-11-2013
20130092566APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR DRAINING AND SERVING A FOOD ITEM - An apparatus and methods for preparing, cleaning, draining, and serving food items, such as, pasta, fruits and vegetables are described herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus can include a vessel configured to selectively contain a liquid. The vessel includes a bottom portion having a plurality of apertures, and a wall extending upwardly from the bottom portion. An armature assembly is coupled to the vessel for rotational movement relative to the vessel between a closed configuration and an open configuration. A sealing mechanism coupled to the armature assembly is configured to selectively seal the plurality of apertures in the closed configuration, thereby preventing liquid contained by the vessel from flowing out of the vessel, and selectively open the plurality of apertures in the opened configuration, thereby providing a fluid passageway out of the bottom portion of the vessel.04-18-2013
20130092565MOBILE PHONE PERSONAL DEFENSE DEVICE - A personal defense device may attach to a mobile electronic device, such as a mobile phone, smart phone, blackberry, mp3 player, iPod® or the like. The defense device may interact with the mobile electronic device and would include one or more deterrent, such as a chemical deterrent, sound, light, electrical or projectile which would be emitted from the device. Since personal defense devices are only effective when people have them close at hand, most mobile phone users keep their phone readily available. Thus, a personal defense device, attached to their mobile phone, would also be readily available.04-18-2013
20130092564IMPLANT REMOVAL AID FOR USE WITH IMPLANTS UTILIZING A DATA CARRIER - A storage system for packaging and storing medical devices with associated data carriers, or tags that can be used for tracking inventory levels and uses of an implant. The storage system includes at least one medical device, and at least one data carrier secured to the at least one medical device, the data carrier including an enlarged substantially planar surface. The storage system further includes a storage device having one or more cavities adapted to receive the medical device and data carrier, each cavity including a cut-out positioned at least partially beneath the enlarged substantially planar surface that allows at least a portion of the enlarged substantially planar surface to pass at least partially there-through.04-18-2013
20130126368SYSTEM OF COMPACTABLE PACKAGE USABLE AN ASSEMBLY BLOCK, AND A MOUNTED ASSEMBLY - The present invention refers to a package system for compactable package that can be reused as an assembly block, which has a compressible package (05-23-2013
20110048979METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING A THREE DIMENSIONAL STORED VALUE TOKEN THAT CONTAINS MOVABLE CONSUMER GOODS - A method and system provides a stored value token that includes a three dimensional, closed volume which can include a movable cover for allowing access to the closed volume. The closed volume can contain various movable objects such as consumer goods, like plant seeds, edible food stuffs like mints, and/or utilitarian objects that can be used by the consumer such as screws, nails, nuts, bolts, etc. The closed volume can comprise human readable printed media on one side that identifies the volume as a stored value card and that identifies the contents being contained within the closed volume.03-03-2011
20130146484Portable Bicycle Stand - A stand for a bicycle having a wheel, which stand holds the bicycle in an upright position of use on a horizontal surface. The stand comprises a trough having an upwardly open receptacle which is dimensioned and configured to receive the wheel in close cooperation therewith. One or more feet may be manually coupled to the trough to project laterally therefrom to steady the trough on the horizontal surface. The feet may slide fit to the trough, fasten by threaded fasteners, or may fold for stowage within the trough and swing out into a deployed position. The trough may include a storage compartment for bicycle tools and repair materials.06-13-2013
20080197030Wastebasket structure - A wastebasket includes an outer container, an inner container housed in the outer container, and a lid positioned on top of the outer container; the outer container has a hollow detaining portion on an outer side thereof for holding a toilet brush and a plunger in position; the outer container has a bearing barrel held in the hollow detaining portion thereof for receiving the toilet brush; the outer container further has a receiving plate held adjacent to the hollow detaining portion in a lower end thereof for supporting the plunger as well as receiving foul water dripping from the plunger.08-21-2008
20130153447ARMREST ASSEMBLY - An armrest assembly may include a base member, an armrest member, a mechanism and a biasing member. The armrest member may be linearly movable relative to the base member between a first position and a second position. The mechanism may be associated with the armrest member and may be movable between an engaged configuration restricting linear movement of the armrest member relative to the base member and a disengaged configuration allowing linear movement of the armrest member relative to the base member. The biasing member may bias the armrest member in a linear direction from the second position toward the first position.06-20-2013
20120273372System Including a Bottle for Beverages and a Stand for Supporting the Bottle - A system includes a bottle for beverages with an element having an electronic display displaying video images, and a stand which supports the bottle for beverages and has a light emitting component which emit light controlled by a control for producing lights of different colors.11-01-2012
20130180871PACKETS FOR TREATING CHEMISTRY - A dishwasher treating packet for use in a dishwasher having a treating chamber comprising a body defining a reservoir, a treating chemistry in the reservoir, and a manual dispenser coupled to the reservoir and selectively operable to dispense at least a portion of the treating chemistry from the reservoir.07-18-2013
20130180872SELF-CLEANING WASTE RECEPTACLE - A self-cleaning waste receptacle that includes a waste receptacle with an interior and a receptacle cleaning device. The receptacle cleaning device includes a metal casing, a top cover, a chemical cylinder cartridge and a plurality of spray nozzles. The metal casing protects the receptacle cleaning device and includes a plurality of apertures, a top and an interior. The chemical cylinder cartridge is placed in the interior of the waste receptacle and encases one or more refillable chemical cylinders. The one or more refillable chemical cylinders contain one or more pesticides or one or more disinfectants that inhibit pest and insect habitation and terminate pest infestation within the self-cleaning waste receptacle. The receptacle cleaning device also includes a cartridge grasping area, a keyed lock aperture, a user interface and a timer.07-18-2013
20110297562Self draining soap dish - This self draining soap dish stands up vertically, and is constructed of two joining parts. The first part, which is the top, is an oval bowl with a hole in its center, connecting to a second lower part which serves as a base. The base is an asymmetrical arch that projects forward and downward. The back of the arch serves as a structural support and the front of it is a ramp that creates an open channel, so that the soap fluid coming from the hole in the bowl can flow freely down toward the sink. The back of the ramp flattens at its base where it touches the horizontal edge of the sink, in order to secure support and stability and to allow the tip of the ramp to protrude toward the sink for drainage.12-08-2011
20110303560Combination Cell Phone and Eyeglass Dedicated Case - A trim, compact combination case dedicated to storing a cell phone (or PDA or other small electronic device) and an accessible pair of eyeglasses is disclosed. The combination cell phone and eyeglass case includes only a phone housing compartment and an adjacent eyeglass housing compartment, which are configured to hold the cell phone and eyeglasses side by side. An optional eyeglass-housing cap and an optional swivel belt clip are also disclosed. The compact design allows the combination case to be easily carried in a bag, purse, briefcase or pocket. The combination case advantageously positions the eyeglasses oriented and located for quick retrieval when needed to view the phone screen or buttons.12-15-2011
20110303559CONVERTIBLE HANG TAG AND METHOD FOR USE THEREOF - I provide a hang tag, preferably used for a saleable item such as clothing, that is convertible into a storage container. The storage container can then be used to store the purchased item. In a method of use, a user can remove the hang tag from a recently purchased saleable item of clothing, and, through a series of folds and interlocking of panels, create the storage containers in which the user could place the item.12-15-2011
20110308976LEAKAGE SELF-RESCUE CONTAINER FOR STOCKING DANAGEROUS CHEMICALS - A rescue device for treating leakage of dangerous chemical includes g a first container having a closed negative pressure chamber and an intake which allows outside dangerous chemicals to enter the first container, and a second container installed and fixed in the first container. The second container contains a substantially harmless liquefied gas and has an opening which controllably communicates with the external environment. When the dangerous chemicals are leaking, the rescue device can be used to reduce the loss of dangerous chemical, alleviate the harm to the environment and human, and avoid the possible disastrous consequences.12-22-2011
20120012476DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ADORNING AND DECORATING BAKED GOODS - A sleeve is disclosed for adornment and decoration of a baked good, including reshaping, to produce an appearance other than that of the original baked good. The sleeve may be constructed of a mineral-based substrate including a graphic on an outer surface.01-19-2012
20120018318TWO-DRUG PHARMACEUTICAL CONTAINER - The present invention provides a two-drug pharmaceutical container in which it is possible to remove the cap without loosening its nozzle cap and container main body when its cap is turned in the opening direction at the time of administering eye drops or the like.01-26-2012
20120018317MODULAR STORAGE CONTAINER - A modular storage candle container includes a base and a lid with a candle disposed on said lid. Specifically, the lid is dimensioned and configured to receive the candle that is releasably held in the exterior of the lid. The candle may be a faux candle or a wax candle. When a wax candle is used, the candle is designed to have a convex base and a concave interior so when the wax melts, the wax is directed toward a central portion of the concave interior thereby extending the life of the candle. In other embodiments, the candle may be replaced with a memorabilia insert or modular insert. On an underside of the lid is an interior insert positioned to extend down and into the compartment when the lid is position over the base. The interior insert includes a holding device such as a basket, jewelry holder or pill dispenser.01-26-2012
20120085663Amusement Attraction in a Pre-Constructed Container - Amusement attractions are entertaining and sometimes challenging games that are designed to excite patrons. Attractions may be constructed inside portable, pre-constructed containers designed to be moved over short or long distances. Portability allows attractions to be constructed off-site, moved between a plurality of sites, or moved into different locations at a single site.04-12-2012
20130206614CASE FOR A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - Some embodiments disclosed herein relate to a case for a communication device, having two or more portions movable with respect to each other. A first case portion may cover a particular component or area of the communication device. Accessories or auxiliary structures may be available for use with the particular component, and may be configured to attach to or be used with a communication device housing of a particular size or shape. The first case portion may be moved relative to a second case portion, thereby exposing the component or area of the communication device for use with the accessory. Additional embodiments disclosed herein related to modular components that may be used with cases in order to provide various accessories and features, such as mounts, flashes, batteries, and the like.08-15-2013
20130206615BEVERAGE AND FOOD CARRIER AND DISPENSING SYSTEMS THEREFOR - A carrier for carrying at least one beverage container includes a sheet of at least one layer of a polymeric material having an arrangement of at least one aperture for receiving a beverage container, and having a plurality of handle members for grasping by at least one finger or portion of a users hand for carrying the beverage container. A tray configuration is also provided for use with the carrier or in a separate manner, and a dispensing system for use with the carrier is set forth.08-15-2013

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