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206207000 For tool or appliance 54
206213100 Gas medium 14
206206000 For fastener 3
20130126367ORTHODONTIC BRACKET CASE WITH TOOTH-SHAPED RECESS - Disclosed is an orthodontic bracket case, and more particularly to an orthodontic bracket case, which provides easy identification of orthodontic brackets stored in the case to assist an orthodontist in easily identifying and selecting a desired one of the brackets suitable for a tooth at a glance when attempting to select the bracket from the case and bond and fix the same to an outer surface of the tooth upon orthodontia, thereby achieving improvements in operation convenience and efficiency. The orthodontic bracket case includes a plurality of recesses formed in dual rows in a main body. The recesses have the same shape as teeth and are arranged according to the sequence of a set of teeth such that the orthodontic brackets corresponding to the shape of the recesses are stored in the respective recesses to enable easy selection of the orthodontic brackets suitable for teeth. A through-hole is perforated in a bottom of each recess, and an adhesive tape is attached to the bottom such that an adhesive surface of the tape is exposed through the through-hole of the recess and the orthodontic bracket is attached to the adhesive surface at an aligned position so as to be immovably stored and aligned in the recess.05-23-2013
20120267263PACKAGED ANTIMICROBIAL MEDICAL DEVICE HAVING IMPROVED SHELF LIFE AND METHOD OF PREPARING SAME - A method of making a packaged antimicrobial suture having improved shelf life. The method comprising the steps of providing an inner package having a source of antimicrobial agent, providing an adsorbent material effective to adsorb a portion of the antimicrobial agent over time, positioning a suture within the inner package, the suture comprising one or more surfaces, covering the inner package with an outer package having an inner surface and subjecting the suture, the inner package and the inner surface of the outer package to time, temperature and pressure conditions sufficient to vapor transfer an effective amount of the antimicrobial agent from the antimicrobial agent source to the suture and the inner package, thereby substantially inhibiting bacterial colonization on the suture and the inner package, wherein the packaged antimicrobial suture exhibits improved shelf life. A packaged antimicrobial suture and a method of increasing the shelf life of a packaged antimicrobial medical device are also provided.10-25-2012
20130193009METHOD OF PREPARING A PACKAGED ANTIMICROBIAL MEDICAL DEVICE - A method of making a packaged antimicrobial suture comprising the steps of providing a containment compartment that is substantially free of an antimicrobial agent; positioning a suture within the containment compartment, said suture comprising one or more surfaces having an antimicrobial agent disposed thereon, said antimicrobial agent being selected from the group consisting of halogenated hydroxyl ethers, acyloxydiphenyl ethers, and combinations thereof; placing the containment compartment having the suture in an outer package; and subjecting the outer package, the containment compartment and the suture to time, temperature and pressure conditions sufficient to transfer an effective amount of the antimicrobial agent from the suture to the containment compartment, while retaining an effective amount of said antimicrobial agent on the suture, thereby substantially inhibiting bacterial colonization on the suture and the containment compartment.08-01-2013
20130087471DISPENSING CONTAINER FOR PROBIOTICS - The present invention proposes a dispensing container (04-11-2013
20090057167Intraocular Lens Packaging - An IOL package, comprising a container comprising a first surface and containing a liquid inside, a holder comprising a second surface and a handle with a gripping surface, an IOL held inside said container by said holder, and a lid stock attached to said first surface and said second surface, so as to form a first liquid barrier with said container and a second liquid barrier with said holder. Accordingly, the gripping surface is protected from the liquid.03-05-2009
20130068637PRESERVATIVE MATERIAL AND STORAGE METHOD FOR LIQUID - A nanofiber structure having pores is used as a preservative material for a liquid material. A liquid material can be stored for a long period without causing deterioration and without the need of using any additive such as an anti-bacterial agent merely by contacting the liquid material with the preservative material.03-21-2013
20110297560BRUSH CARE SYSTEM - A brush care system is provided for cleaning, washing and drying brushes in beautification or painting. The system includes a washing part, a cleaning part and a drying part. The washing part and the cleaning part fit together for convenient storage while the cleaning part resides inside the system. The system may be sized to accommodate one or more brushes. The washing part may hold water, soap, liquid, or solution. The cleaning part allows water to be drained off and allows brush bristles to be rubbed against it to remove paint, dirt, cosmetics, and other material. The drying part functions as a stand for drying the cleaned brushes and is perforated to allow air circulation. The bottom of the drying part may be sealed so that a lower portion of it may hold clean water for rinsing. The washing part may be configured with more than one partition.12-08-2011
20120006698Paper cushioning structure - One embodiment of a paper cushioning structure includes an elongated, hollow support member of U cross-section having two open ends; and an elongated brace member of inverted U cross-section having two open ends, the brace member comprising a packing space defined by a first slope at one end, two sides extending from both ends of the first slope respectively, and two first wing slopes each extending transversely from an end of the side distal the first slope; a second slope at the other end, two sides extending from both ends of the second slope respectively, and two second wing slopes each extending transversely from an end of the side distal the second slope; spaced flat first and second bottoms; and two sides. The brace member is securely disposed in the support member.01-12-2012
20110284399Dispensing contact lens cleaning liquid - The eyes of a contact lens wearer are protected from the effects of a liquid disinfecting solution by providing a contact lens container having a catalyst therein and a container of the disinfecting solution of unusual design. The openings of the contact lens container and the solution container are configured so only the contact lens container is able to receive solution from the solution container. This prevents the user from directly removing disinfecting solution from the solution container and thereby prevents the user from directly applying the disinfecting solution to the eye.11-24-2011
20100187137Oxygen-Absorbable Resin Composition, Oxygen-Absorbable Barrier Resin Composition, Oxygen-Absorbable Molded Article, Packaging Material Comprising the Molded Article, and Packaging Container - [Problem to be Solved] To provide an oxygen-absorbable resin composition that does not require any metal incorporated thereinto and has excellent oxygen absorbability even at room temperature, an oxygen-absorbable barrier resin composition also exhibiting excellent gas-barrier property, oxygen-absorbable molded article comprised of the resin composition, an oxygen-absorbable packaging material comprised of the molded article, and an oxygen-absorbable packaging container.07-29-2010
20120024724Medicine Disposal Container - Embodiments of the present invention provide a container for liquid medicine disposal, wherein the container has one or more interior surfaces associated with activated carbon cloth for capturing a drug dissolved in the liquid medicine. Embodiments of the present invention are particularly intended for use when dispensing a medicine spray, wherein the container must be held inverted whilst dispensing the spray.02-02-2012
20120024723Cleaning Implement - A squeegee device having an integrated scraper blade, which includes a removable and telescoping/extendable handle pivotably connected to a squeegee head for motion of the device between squeegee position, wherein the handle is generally orthogonal to the head for facilitating cleaning windshields and windows, and a storage configuration, wherein the handle and head are generally parallel and the head can be disposed and sealed entirely within a portable container which includes an integrated reservoir which holds a supply of aqueous cleaning solution. The device can be used in conjunction with instant glass cleaner tablets which dissolve in plain water within the integrated reservoir to make an aqueous cleaning solution, and includes an integrated removable tray which stores a supply of cleaner tablets within the container. The device also features an integrated shield which serves to protect the user's hand and arm from becoming wet/soiled from aqueous solution and/or debris which might otherwise run unimpeded down the handle or fall from the squeegee head while the squeegee is being carried and/or used.02-02-2012
20110203945method of preserving a sensor in a container and a container containing a sensor and a storage solution - The invention relates to a method of preserving a sensor in a container, said sensor comprising a sensing area of metallic or a semi-conducting material covered with molecules having a MW>100 Dalton, said molecules being bound to the material wherein at least the sensing area of the layer is kept submerged in a storage solution, said storage solution having a composition that consists for at least 80% by volume of at least one compound chosen from water, ethanol, triethylene glycol and isopropanol, with the provisios that08-25-2011
20110203946Formulation - This invention relates to a formulation for use in personal care products, cleaning products and the like. Ideally, the formulation is a natural preservative and disinfectant formulation comprising activated water and grapefruit seed extract.08-25-2011
20120067749Container - A container (03-22-2012
20100155268VAPOR HYDRATION OF A HYDROPHILIC CATHETER IN A PACKAGE - A vapor hydrated packaged catheter assembly and method of manufacturing and distributing same includes a gas impermeable package housing a catheter within a catheter-receiving cavity. The catheter assembly has a hydrophilic coating applied to at least a portion of the outer surface of a catheter tube or shaft which may be surrounded by a sleeve to provide a no-touch, sure grip feature. The catheter assembly is disposed within the catheter receiving cavity of the package together with a limited amount of a vapor donating liquid provided as a source of vapor to activate the hydrophilic coating. The amount of vapor donating liquid is less than the amount that would otherwise be sufficient to cause a spill hazard. It may be loose liquid as a desired percentage of the volume of a tube-receiving portion of the catheter receiving cavity of the package, or it may be contained in a liquid sequestering element. The activation of at least some of the hydrophilic coating occurs solely by reason of exposure of the outer surface of the catheter to a vapor produced by the vapor donating liquid. The distribution of the catheter following manufacture is delayed for a time sufficient to permit the vapor to complete hydration of the entire hydrophilic coating on the surface.06-24-2010
20080210582INHIBITION OF PAINT-PRODUCT SKIN FORMATION - Paint in a container is inhibited against skinning by providing a layer of a barrier material comprising an inhibiting composition having a boiling point of at least 250° C. and optionally water on the upper surface the bulk paint in the container.09-04-2008
20100200436Portable storage container for small objects such as beads - A design board container enabling the arrangement and temporary positional securement of beading elements is provided. The container includes a base member and a lid member preferably in hinged relationship with one another. The base member and lid member include a design liner and lid liner, respectively, formed of a resiliently deformable and preferably compressible material. The liners are preferably substantially planar, i.e., a flat surface, so as to allow for free form designing unconstrained by preset channels. By closing the container, the lid surface engages the design surface and beading elements such that the beading elements deform the design liner and are positionally secured between the design liner and the lid liner. The surfaces of the lid liner and the design liner preferably comprise gripping members, such as filamentary or hair-like elements.08-12-2010
20100300902HYDROGEL CONTACT LENSES AND PACKAGE SYSTEMS AND PRODUCTION METHODS FOR SAME - Contact lenses ready for use in an eye are provided including a contact lens body containing a hydrophilic polymeric component and a water soluble polymer component. Such contact lenses, which preferably are wet cast molded, are particularly useful as disposable or single use lenses. New contact lens packaging systems and production methods are also provided.12-02-2010
20100300901RIGID HOLDING CONTAINER WITH BREACHABLE PERIMETER BUBBLE - A rigid holding container has a flexible cover sheet extending over the holding area for scaling the contents. The container has a wide, flat perimeter lip which provides a firm base for the seal between the cover sheet and the container. A breaching bubble is formed in the seal, under the cover and over the perimeter lip. The consumer breaches the bubble by pressing the bubble against the lip between the thumb and forefinger. The pressure compresses the air in the bubble causing the bubble to expand laterally. The expanding bubble breaches along the perimeter of the lip, producing a peel flap of flexible cover material. The consumer pulls the peel flap while holding the rigid container down, to remove the cover sheet.12-02-2010
20110024310Apparatus and Method for Sealing a Lidstock to a Container - The invention relates to a method for heat sealing a lidstock to a container for a blister package, the container having a top surface comprising a substantially flat sealing flange surrounding a blister and a lip having at least one raised surface, the method comprising the steps of a) locating the lidstock on the top surface; b) providing a first seal between the lidstock and the at least one raised surface of the lip with a first heat sealing tool; c) providing a second hermetic seal between the lidstock and the sealing flange surrounding the blister with a second heat sealing tool.02-03-2011
20110005943Wipe Products Having Enhanced Long Term Stability - A multiwipe package having enhanced wipe storage stability is disclosed. The wipe package contains a stack of wipes in a barrier packaging film, wherein the headspace in the package between the stack of wipes and the packaging film is minimized.01-13-2011
20090321283SEALED PACKAGE AND METHOD OF MAKING - A sealed package (12-31-2009
20090038963CONTAINER - A portion of a container includes a plurality of first resilient support members having a first height. The first resilient support members are configured to contact an edge of a component placed in the container. A plurality of second support members each have a second, smaller height. The second support members are arranged relative to the first resilient support members such that the second support members contact the edge of the component if corresponding ones of the first resilient support members deflect a sufficient amount.02-12-2009
20110048977CLEAN ROOM WIPES - A supply of clean room wipes. The supply of clean room wipes includes a sealed package and a plurality of wipes within the sealed package. The wipes in the package include a substrate and an anhydride finish applied to the substrate. The treated wipes have a Strength Contribution from Treatment (lbs) when tested using a standard trap tear method ASTM D 5587:1996 of greater than about 10% and an average improvement in Percent Carbon Black Pick-Up greater than about 10% compared to an untreated wipe. In addition, a sealed edge may be applied along the perimeter of each wipe to prevent loss of material from the wipe during use.03-03-2011
20090000966Package with Primary and Ancillary Item Compartments - The present invention is a package for retaining both a primary item and one or more ancillary items to be utilized with the primary item therein. The package includes an inner container disposed within an outer container that has first and second compartments therein within which the primary item and ancillary items can be positioned. Positioning both the primary item and ancillary items in a single inner container within the package maintains the items together while of the package is being opened, to prevent the misplacement of the ancillary items. Additionally, the primary and ancillary items are positioned on the inner container in a manner which allows for easy viewing both each item on the inner container through one or more transparent portions of the outer container, inner container and ancillary item container.01-01-2009
20120031780Cigar Holder Device - A portable cigar case includes a body having at least one cavity for receiving and releasably retaining a cigar. A cap is releasably connected to the body. The cap when in an open condition provides access to the cigar. A moisture retainer is provided in one of the body or the cap. The moisture retainer provides a source of moisture to maintain a humidity level of the cigar when the cap is in a closed condition with respect to the body. A vial containing a drinkable fluid is retained by one of the body or the cap. The vial is made of a transparent or semitransparent material such that the fluid in the vial is visible to a user. A viewing window created in the cigar case is aligned with the vial such that the fluid in the vial is visible through the viewing window.02-09-2012
20120145569HEAT SEALABLE, RETORTABLE LAMINATED FOIL - A heat sealable, retortable laminated foil capable of being heat sealed to itself or to a polypropylene substrate in forming a contact lens package includes an outer polymeric barrier layer, an intermediate barrier layer, an inner polymeric barrier layer, and a heat sealable layer.06-14-2012
20110094900REFUSE RETRIEVAL, STORAGE, AND DISPOSAL APPARATUS - A portable apparatus and method for extracting and properly disposing of refuse such as, for example, excrement. The apparatus includes a storage chamber for storing extracted refuse wherein the storage chamber is distinct from the extraction mechanism for extracting the refuse.04-28-2011
20120055815Remaining Service Life Indication System for Gas Masks Cartridges and Canisters - Gas masks and canisters for gas masks have a chemical sorbent that protects the respiratory system of the wearer from gaseous compounds. The remaining service indication systems for respiratory protections systems provide a warning to the wearer that the capacity of the chemical sorbent to adsorb or absorb further compounds is nearly depleted. A remaining service life indication system has a computer memory device for storing information concerning the canister for determining an end of the service life of a gas mask, a canister and/or a cartridge and such devices from the input of various sensors.03-08-2012
20120012474SHAPED HEAT STORAGE MATERIALS INCLUDING HEAT TRANSFER MEMBERS - A shaped heat storage material has a shaped body composed of a binder and heat storage capsules containing a heat storage material therein. And, the shaped body has at least one of a projection, a depressed portion and a hollow structure defining a hollow space therein.01-19-2012
20120205264CORROSION INHIBITING PACKAGING - A substrate in the form of a film is described for producing a corrosion inhibiting atmosphere for the storage and transport of exposed bare metal parts to inhibit rust or corrosion of the metal parts. In one form, the substrate is a co-extruded film having one layer for providing shape and form to the film when moulded into a specific shape and the other layer containing a vapour corrosion inhibitor (VCI) for being admitted from the surface of the layer to form the corrosion inhibiting atmosphere. Other structures of the film are possible including triple layers and the like. The co-extruded film is formed by vacuum moulding optionally with pressure forming assist to form the film into a semi-rigid or rigid shape for fitting over or enveloping the metal part to be protected. The advantage of the invention is to be able to provide a controlled corrosion inhibiting atmosphere for the normal duration that a metal part is being stored thereby reducing the chance that the metal part will develop rust or corrosion during storage.08-16-2012
20120125792DEVICES, KITS AND METHODS FOR SURGICAL FASTENING - Devices, kits and methods used to deliver provide radioactive material and a buttress element in a variety of procedures that typically involve the use of a stapler to fasten the buttress material to tissue are described herein. The radioactive material is provided to deliver radiation energy to the tissue. One or more medically useful agents may be provided in addition to the radioactive material.05-24-2012
20110180429Limited Use, Self-Destructive Contact Lens Case - A contact lens storage case of limited life and predetermined usage to further the safe and effective use of contact lenses by ensuring patient compliance through both limiting case use over a set period of time and discouraging reuse and topping-off of the disinfecting and storage solution. Generally, the self-destruction consists of the case developing a leak in a pre-determined fashion as a result of the change in properties of a material in a limited area of the case following exposure of the case to the storage solution.07-28-2011
20120160714CONTAINER ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR CONTAINING BIOLOGICAL GRAFT - A container assembly for containing a biological graft can include a housing member sized to be able to contain the biological graft while keeping the size of an original shape of the biological graft. An aqueous fluid can fill the housing member such that the biological graft is contained in a suspended state in the aqueous fluid.06-28-2012
20120255878Use of a preserving agent for temporarily storing used paint application tools, device using this and composite kit therefore - A preserving agent for temporarily storing used paint application tools, in particular paint brushes and paint rollers, is used by immersing at least the paint containing portion of the paint application tool therein. The preserving agent is a water based gel. An electrolyte is used for breaking up the gel afterwards. A device for temporarily storing used paint application tools, and a composite kit, including the device, the water based gel, and the electrolyte are included.10-11-2012
20120228164CLOSURE FOR A PRODUCT RETAINING CONTAINER - The disclosure relates to a closure for a container, such as, for example, a wine bottle. In one embodiment, the closure includes an oxidant releasing agent that is adapted to release oxygen into an interior portion of the container according to a predefined desired profile. In another embodiment, the closure comprises a gas containing reservoir, a membrane and a barrier layer, said membrane allowing an at least partial exchange of gas between the inside of said reservoir and the inside of said container, and said barrier layer at least partially preventing exchange of gas between the outside of said closure and the inside of said reservoir.09-13-2012
20120325691KIND OF PACKING BOX OF WET WIPES - A packing box of wet wipes, which includes a body and a cover connected to the body. The cover includes: a cover body having a press button mounted therein, a top lid having a fastening part mounted thereon and mated with the press button, and a resilient connection part having a first end secured to a side of the top lid opposite to the fastening part and a second end protruding through a through hole of the top lid and secured to the cover body. The packing box of wet wipes of present invention has a simple structure, and can be used repeatedly and easy to open.12-27-2012
20120138490Case for Electronic Device Including Screen Cleaning Apparatus - Protective carrying cases for portable and handheld electronic devices include an integrated screen cleaning apparatus. The screen cleaning apparatus may be automatically used when a device is inserted or removed from the protective case. Alternatively, the screen cleaning apparatus may be manually activated by a user as needed. The screen cleaning apparatus is self-contained and cleans the screen and optionally other portions of the electronic device as it is at least partially within the protective case.06-07-2012
20120241333Methods of Providing Stacks of Wet Wipes with Improved Wetness Gradients - A method of reducing a wetness gradient development for a package of wet wipes is provided. The method includes, after wet wipes are enclosed within a package to form the package of wet wipes, locating the package of wet wipes in a first orientation such that a first side of the package of wet wipes faces downward and an opposite second side of the package of wet wipes faces upward to form a first wetness gradient after a preselected amount of time. Prior to opening the package of wet wipes to access the wet wipes enclosed within the package of wet wipes, inverting the package of wet wipes according to a predetermined turning schedule to place the package of wet wipes in a second orientation such that the first side of the package of wet wipes faces upward and the second side of the package of wet wipes faces downward to form a second wetness gradient that is different from the first wetness gradient.09-27-2012
20130140197Smoking Article - A smoking article (06-06-2013
20120018316Oil Genie - The “Oil Genie” offers an alternative for the proper disposal of used cooking oil, shortening, and animal fats in a safe, convenient, disposable container.01-26-2012
20130193008PACKAGED ANTIMICROBIAL MEDICAL DEVICE AND METHOD OF PREPARING SAME - A method of making a packaged antimicrobial suture. The method includes the steps of providing a containment compartment molded from a polymeric resin comprising a polymeric material and an antimicrobial agent, positioning a suture within the containment compartment, the suture comprising one or more surfaces; covering the containment compartment having the suture in an outer package cover having an inner surface, and subjecting the outer package, the containment compartment and the suture to time, temperature and pressure conditions sufficient to vapor transfer an effective amount of the antimicrobial agent from the containment compartment to the suture, while retaining an effective amount of the antimicrobial agent on the containment compartment, thereby substantially inhibiting bacterial colonization on the suture and the containment compartment. A packaged antimicrobial suture is also provided.08-01-2013
20120085662CASE FOR STERILIZING CONTACT LENSES - A case for sterilizing contact lenses wherein a contact lens sterilization process using a hydrogen peroxide solution can be carried out easily and rapidly while effectively preventing both damage to the lenses and deposition of a heavy metal from a metal catalyst on the lenses. The contact lenses are horizontally supported in the hydrogen peroxide solution on a bottom surface of a lens containing portion which opens upward, and a contact preventing member which prevents the contact lenses from coming into contact with the metal catalyst is provided between the metal catalyst and the lens containing portion.04-12-2012