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206 - Special receptacle or package

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206756000 Having content positioning means 25
206450200 With cover convertible to easel or receptacle support 18
206745000 Sectional or multiple movable compartment type 14
206450240 With folding easel or receptacle support 13
206769000 Having window or transparent wrapper 11
206774000 Portion moves to expose content 10
206450280 With cover convertible to display card 4
20100307933GREETING CARD AND GIFT PACKAGE COMBINATION - The Combination Greeting Card & Gift Package is a gift card that can have a personal message written inside, but also with a compartment containing a gift, such as chocolates, jelly beans or any other type of gift. The invention has extension flaps (G, K) which seal the inner compartment in order to hold the gift inside, and at the same time, make the package ready for posting. When received the removable or tear-off segments so the outer packaging can be removed, leaving a greetings card that can be stood up as a regular greeting card.12-09-2010
20100270181Advertising/Promotional product and holding system - By providing a pre-printed promotional holding system which can be produced in a wide variety of alternate forms and/or configurations and which employs a pre-folded, fully assembled panel system which is quickly and easily converted from a substantially flat configuration into a three-dimensional, fully constructed configuration, a hands-on, printed, visually exciting and interest generating advertising/promotional product and holding system is attained. This previously unattainable result is realized in the present invention. In the preferred embodiment, the panel system automatically produces, when moved into its three-dimensional configuration, a fully enclosed, rectangular shaped box incorporating an arcuately pivotable cover plate preferably associated with the top surface of the box. This unique, automatic box-forming construction is achieved by employing a single sheet of material formed and cut to effectively create two, cooperating, rectangular shaped, four sided, foldable panel assemblies, which are interconnected with each other and constructed in a fully integrated, cooperating relationship.10-28-2010
20080272011Drug delivery box for individual doses of medicine - A four-ply paper board hanging hole in a display box for hanging a display box from a support rod. This is accomplished by the use of a paper board die blank having a hanging hole in four layers of the box such that, when the box is assembled, the four hanging holes are aligned to provide a strongly reinforced hanging hole which proves quite difficult to rip. Therefore, an increased aesthetic appearance of the display box is achieved, resulting in increased sales and minimal wasting of display box products.11-06-2008
20120037518COMBINED TRANSPORT AND EXHIBITION DEVICE - The present invention is related to a combined transport and exhibition device (02-16-2012
206767000 Having movable display card 3
20120285861TENSIONED POP-UP GIFT CARD HOLDER - A gift card holder having pop-up elements and that is held under tension so that the holder moves from a folded state to an opened state primarily under integrated holder mechanical power.11-15-2012
20120285860PULL TAB GIFT CARD HOLDER - An expanding card holder includes pleated flaps operated by manipulating opposing pull tabs to selectively reveal hidden images, decorations, characters or text within the holder.11-15-2012
20130199964PULL TAB GIFT CARD HOLDER - An expanding card holder includes pleated flaps operated by manipulating opposing pull tabs to selectively reveal hidden images, decorations, characters or text within the holder.08-08-2013
206766000 Pivotable wall providing side display 3
20120193268TABLET PERSONAL COMPUTER COVER STRUCTURE - A tablet personal computer cover structure includes a leather cover, a cover board and a foldable member. The foldable member is used to connect the leather cover and the cover board. The leather cover has a housing to accommodate a tablet personal computer therein. The housing has a limit board at one side thereof and stop sides to enclose the tablet personal computer. The cover board has a pull strap and a resilient buckle. The pull strap has one connecting end sewed to an outer edge of the cover board and another connecting end sewed to an outer edge of the leather cover. A central portion of the pull strap is inserted through the resilient buckle. When in use, the resilient buckle is pressed and pulled away from the two connecting ends and the pull strap is adjusted to have a proper length. The cover board and the leather cover are placed back-to-back and then the resilient buckle is pressed and pulled back to approach the two connecting ends. The leather cover and the cover board become a triangular support base to support the tablet personal computer at a proper angle for operation.08-02-2012
20090206002Collapsible product display container - An apparatus is provided for a collapsible product display container with foldable opposing sides, detachable front and back sides, and a detachable front panel. The front and back sided front panel are attachable without bolts, screws, or other separate hardware. The front panel comprises an opening to allow product to pass through the front side. The front panel is attached via pins and receiving means, creating a hinge mechanism, allowing the front panel or door to open and close the container for loading and unloading product in larger quantities. The front panel can lock or unlock via a locking pin mechanism. The front panel is configured to hold signage with marketing materials in its grooved side and bottom edges. A pallet bottom is configured to allow traditional lifting and moving of the display container.08-20-2009
20130168288SUPPORT FOR PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICE - A foldable support for supporting a portable computing device includes a main frame, a back plate, and a hinge assembly connecting the back plate to the main frame, the hinge assembly being able to position and lock the back plate in a desired position with respect to the main frame. A base member is rotatably connected to a bottom of the main frame. When the portable computing device is supported by the foldable support, a back of the portable computing device rests against the main frame, and a bottom of the portable computing device rests on the base member.07-04-2013
206740000 Terraced or stepped shelves 2
20130180883Display-cum-packaging box - A box that has enhanced product package storing efficiency and that can display product packages stored inside. The box includes a box body and a cover that can open and close the upper surface opening of the box body. The box body has a front plate, a back plate, right and left side plate, a bottom plate that has a rectangular shape, and a storage space for a plurality of product packages arranged on both upper and lower levels by placing, on each product package that has been placed on the bottom plate, another product package. The front plate is capable of being tear-opened to form an opening that makes the stored product packages visible, and the opening is provided with a fall preventer that supports the front-most product package on the upper level and prevents it from falling from the opening.07-18-2013
20120279899PACKAGING/DISPLAYING DEVICE MADE FROM FOLDABLE BLANKS - A packaging/displaying device includes a main blank foldable into a housing that has a bottom panel, two side panels extending upwardly from two opposite sides of the bottom panel, a back panel extending upwardly from the bottom panel and connected between the side panels, and a top panel connected to a top end of the back panel and extending above the bottom panel, said top, bottom and side panels cooperatively defining a housing space for an object, the top panel having a through hole extending through said top panel to retain a top end of an object. The housing is open at its front side to display the object.11-08-2012
206751000 Cover-operated positioning means 2
20120292227JEWELRY BOX - A jewelry box includes a first box portion and a second box portion connected by a hinge, a linkage inside the jewelry box, the linkage comprising a first link connected to the first box portion by a first joint and a second link connected to the first link by a second joint, and a jewelry mounting portion on the first link or the second link. When the jewelry box is adjusted from an open configuration to a closed configuration, one of the first link and the second link rotates toward, to, or through a vertical position and the other of the first link and the second link rotates toward, to, or through a horizontal position.11-22-2012
20100181227JEWELLERY BOX - A jewellery box for storing a piece of jewellery formed of two box halves positioned against one another with their open sides and which are connected to one another by means of a hinge at one of their connecting edges is presented. A presentation plate is provided in the space inside the box on whose top side the piece of jewellery can be placed, and which is made in such a way that the piece of jewellery on the presentation plate, when the jewellery box is opened around the above-mentioned hinge, automatically comes out so as to present the piece of jewellery.07-22-2010
206738000 Having removal facilitating means 2
20100155292NAKED COLLATION PACKAGE - A naked collation package comprising a plurality of individual units laid end-to-end or side-by-side to form a unit row comprising at least one interface between a neighbouring pair of individual units in the unit row, the unit row being overwrapped with a sheet of polymeric film having a length and a width, the length of the sheet being sufficient to envelop the unit row with sufficient overlap between the ends of the sheet to provide an overlap region for providing a girth seal along at least part of the length of the unit row, the sheet being sealed to itself in that region to provide the girth seal, and the sheet being provided along its length, or part or parts of it, with a line of weakness positioned in substantial register with the interface.06-24-2010
20100270204BOX/CARTON FOR SHIPPING FILTER CARTRIDGES - A shipping and display carton is provided that may be used for panel filters. The carton preferably has two display positions including horizontally flat and vertically upright positions to provide a retailer with display options. The box has several features such as releasable interlocked retainer flaps to retain filters in one display position, perforated removal portions including a removable card carrying a cover lid, a single glue seam with interlocking bottom panels so as to provide break down without a cut knife, and other features.10-28-2010
20090159488Container having top and bottom reinforcement - A container is provided, having a casing having center panels and end panels on either end of the center panels. A bottom cap portion is provided perpendicular to the casing wherein the bottom cap portion has a center panel and end panels extending from either end of the center panel. The bottom cap portion has a length which is substantially the same as a length of the casing. A top cap portion is provided on top of and perpendicular to the casing. The top cap portion has a center panel and end panels extending from either end of the center panel The end panels of the bottom cap portion contact the end panels of the casing, and the end panels of the top cap portion contact the end panels of the bottom cap portion.06-25-2009
20090250375PRODUCT DISPLAY SYSTEM AND METHOD - A display system is provided for shipping products to a retail location and displaying those products, such as pet beds. The display system and the products to be displayed can be shipped and displayed in a single container. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the container can convert from a shipping box to a combined storage and display system. Systems in accordance with the invention help optimize the use of retail floor space. They can also help insure that products are displayed as the manufacturer intended. Systems in accordance with the invention can also reduce waste. In one preferred embodiment of the invention, the container is in the form of a box comprising cardboard, corrugated paper or other relatively inexpensive material that can hold its shape and can be easily disposed of.10-08-2009
20120111764FOLDING DISPLAY APPARATUS - The present invention provides methods and systems for a folding display apparatus, and more particularly relates to a folding display apparatus that has a first base and a second base in a spaced apart relationship. The first base and second base include a bottom side panel, a left side panel, a right side panel, a back side panel, a right tab, and a left tab. The right tab and the left tab are selectively secured to the back side panel with tab fasteners. When constructed, the left side panel, right side panel, and back side panel of the first and second base of the folding display apparatus form a cavity therein for receiving panel filters for display on a shelf in a selectively secured arrangement.05-10-2012
20110297581PORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE PROTECTIVE CASE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - A case for an electronic device, for example a tablet computer. The case includes a body for holding the electronic device, a frontal opening for accessing a screen of the electronic device, a flap for covering the opening in a first position and for engaging a support member coupled to a back of the body in a second position.12-08-2011
20120285859TABLET COMPUTER CASE FOR MULTIPLE VIEWING ORIENTATIONS - A case or cover for an electronic device such as a tablet computer is disclosed. This case allows the user to protect and personalize their tablet computer. The case allows the user to position the device for viewing in either portrait or landscape mode and does not require the user to hold the device in the desired orientation. The case may have a distinct hinge, with a stop that limits its rotational travel allowing the user to prop the electronic device up, at a desired viewing angle11-15-2012
20100101976PRODUCT CONTAINER - The present invention relates to various embodiments of a product container for holding and displaying consumer products. In one aspect of the present invention, the present product container comprises a product containing compartment and a base member that encloses the product containing compartment. The product container forms a tent-like shaped enclosure and is formed when a first container portion and a second container portion come into positional alignment in a closed or assembled configuration. The first and second container portions are affixed on the inner surface of the base member. The base member is then folded along fold lines and upper ends of the base member are then bonded or otherwise securely attached to each other such that the upper ends of the respective first and second container portions are mated with each other to form the product containing compartment.04-29-2010
20090026110Packaging/Display Box with a Vibration and Illumination Function - A packaging box or display box with a vibration function and optionally an illumination function, comprising a box body, an openable box cover, a fixed lining placed in said box body, a display-object holder mounted near the center of the fixed lining, and a vibrator with a adjustable vibrating direction is placed on the holder. A switch used to turn the vibrator on or off, is placed at an interface of the box cover and the box body, and optionally an illuminator is placed in or on the box cover, said illuminator being driven by the same circuit as the vibrator. The packaging box or display box has a vibrator, which vibrates the displayed objects such as jewelry to cause enhancement of the display with added splendor, reflectance, shimmer, and sparkle, while the vibration cannot otherwise be observed by the human eye, and optionally an integrated illumination system, facilitates the display and exhibition of jewelry without relying on an external light source. In an embodiment, a magnetic coil is used in the vibrator, allowing for the box to have a simple structure and low cost.01-29-2009
20090200200DUMP BIN INSERT - An aesthetically pleasing dump bin insert that allows for fast, economical resupply, and increased marketing opportunities is provided along with systems and methods utilizing such a dump bin insert. One embodiment of the invention is directed to a dump bin insert comprising one or more walls, a bottom coupled with the one or more walls to define a display region, and one or more products received within the display region.08-13-2009
20090084706Shipping And Display Container With Removable Cover And The Associated Container Blank - The embodiments of the present invention provide a blank of foldable material configurable to form a container. When formed, the container includes a removable top portion of panel assemblies that converts the container from shipping container to a display container.04-02-2009
20090272670SELF STANDING AND ENVIRONMENTALLY SEPARABLE PACKAGE - The present invention generally relates to a package which allows a product to be displayed. In one embodiment, the package of the present invention can stand alone independently on an integrated cardboard base or can be hung from a bracket or shelf as a point of sale display. In another embodiment, the package of the present invention is able to be separated into its component parts so that such parts can be, if so required, independently recycled. In still another embodiment, due to its ability to be separated the package of the present invention can comprise various components formed from dissimilar materials (e.g., paper and plastic).11-05-2009
20090078609Apparatuas for use in decorating one of a home or office and which can be redesigned as desired - An apparatus for use in decorating a pre-selected location and which can be redesigned as desired. The apparatus includes an open top container member. The open top container member exhibits each of a first predetermined shape and a predetermined depth, for retaining pre-selected items therein. A lid member, having each of a second predetermined shape and a second predetermined depth is engageable with such open top container member. Further, there is at least one pre-selected decorative item disposed within the open top container member.03-26-2009
20100224533Case for Electrical Device and Method of Using Same09-09-2010
20120125809Protective case for a tablet computer - A protection case for tablet computer, includes a foldable cover, and a protection shell that could be connected to the cover in different ways. The protection shell includes a curve-shaped base plate that could perfectly fit the back of the tablet computer, and four hooks that located at the corners of the base plate. This protection case is easy to use and can prevent the tablet computer from damages.05-24-2012
20100147738PACKAGING ASSEMBLY - The present invention is embodied in a packaging assembly for both economical and safe shipping, display and advertising of a plurality of products, comprising a plurality of products stacked upon a pallet and a plurality of side panels affixed to the pallet. Each side panel can be folded into an upper position in order to enclose the plurality of products during shipment of the packaging assembly and each side panel can also be folded into a lower position in order to hide the pallet and to advertise the plurality of products during display of the packaging assembly.06-17-2010
20100187154INTERLOCKING DISPLAY FOR PRODUCTS - A sheet of material is divided into front and rear panels and folds over on itself to a folded position. The front panel has flaps and immediately adjacent hanger openings formed in it. When the flaps are pivoted outward, the spaces they vacated define flap openings. Hangers project from the rear panel and align with their corresponding hanger openings. To assemble the display, the flaps are pivoted outward to their open positions and the sheet is folded to the folded position. As the sheet is being folded, the hangers swingingly extend through the hanger and flap openings, which together form a single continuous opening. Once in the folded position, the flaps are then pivoted back to their closed positions with the hangers extending through and interlocked with the hanger openings.07-29-2010
20120132562Shipping And Display Container With Removable Panel - A shipping container convertible into a display container comprises a case having sidewalls, a closed bottom, and an open top. A separate cover is secured to and closes the open top. The cover comprises a lid panel coextensive in length and width with the open top. A flange depending from each of the side edges of the lid panel and attached to upper outer surfaces of the case sidewalls to secure the cover to the case. A detachable display panel is formed in the lid panel. A detachable protective panel is foldably attached to one side edge of the lid panel by weakened tear lines. The protective panel is attached to the display panel, whereby removal of the protective panel carries with it and removes the display panel to form a display opening in the lid panel for display of and access to product contained in the container.05-31-2012
20110114535FOLDED BOXES AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - The folded collapsed boxes containing substantially no open gaps are provided. A plurality of different size folded collapsed boxes can be bundled together to yield a display that has the maximum number of folded collapsed boxes displayed thus conserving space.05-19-2011
20120145592CASE HAVING A HOUSING AND A SLIDING TRAY - The invention relates to a case (06-14-2012
20110094935ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TEXTILE SOFT GOODS RETAIL PACKAGING INCORPORATING VACUUM-SEALABLE BAGS REUSABLE BY CONSUMERS - A display of bedding sets for retail sale includes a first, second, third and fourth textile soft goods products for retail sale. Each includes a first vacuum-sealable bag and a plurality of individual bedding components constituting a bedding set for a particular size of bed. The bedding sets are displayed together on a shelf of a retail store, and the physical dimensions of each retail packaging are substantially the same as the physical dimensions of each other retail packaging.04-28-2011
20120012502Eyeglass and sunglass display and carrying case - This invention provides for the efficient transport and storage of multiple pairs of eyeglasses and/or sunglasses along with miscellaneous items. In addition, it provides security for the contents and allows for the quick inventory of the items it contains. The invention is designed using lightweight, durable materials allowing for both ease of use and long-term durability.01-19-2012
20120061289Inclined Display Shelves and Accessories Therefor - Containers are mounted in rows on a display rack having shelves inclined upwardly so that articles on the shelf tend to slide forwardly. The containers arranged in rows located side by side across the width of the shelf are formed of board or as transparent plastic jars. Each container has a base on the shelf, upstanding front and rear walls and upstanding side walls with the front and rear walls inclined at a wall angle to a plane at right angles to the base the base so that with the base sitting on the inclined shelf the front and rear walls stand substantially upright. The front wall is higher than the rear wall to provide an exposed strip of each container of the row so that all strips can be seen in front elevation. The strip can be marked with a bar code.03-15-2012
20120160735Two-Piece Shipping Container With Frangible Overlapping Glued Retainer Areas - A shipping and display container and a method of disassembling the same, having a first and second blanks configured to form respective first and second sections of the container when nested. The blanks are affixed to one another at least one cooperating fixation area. When a force is applied, the at least one fixation area of the first section is separated from the first section, and the at least one fixation area of the second section is disengaged from a portion of the second section as to rotate about a hinge. The fixation area of the second section remains affixed to the fixation area of the first section, and allows the first section of the container to be separated from the second section of the container. The second section of the container is retained to display the contents of the container.06-28-2012
20110180452Display Assembly - A display assembly includes a base having first and second opposite ends, and a top having first and second opposite ends and spaced from the base. The first end of the top is offset from the first end of the base. A first end wall extends between and interconnects the first end of the top and the first end of the base. The first end wall has a thickness less than the thickness of the top. A second end wall extends between and interconnects the second end of the top and the second end of the base.07-28-2011
20120074037Convertible Carton - The present invention provides a foldable shipping carton that easily converts to a retail display. The carton of the present invention incorporates an integral detachable panel that protects the product and the product's primary graphics area. Once at a retail location, the detachable panel is removed exposing the graphics. The carton then doubles as a display to draw attention to the product. The carton of the present invention replaces the unattractive brown cardboard shipping box and is intended to build brand awareness and drive sales.03-29-2012
20090038989SELF-STANDING EXHIBITING PACKAGE - The foregoing invention refers to a self-standing exhibiting package that allows for transportation of its contained product from the manufacturing site to a point of sale; said self-standing package is characterized by containing and exhibiting the product, and wherefrom consumers may take the product at the time of purchase; characterized by being formed by angular beams that provide a preferably square or rectangular configuration with a plurality of angular crossbars that attached by their ends to said beams with a diversity of fixating devices, hence providing a plurality of peripheral supports at a same level at multiple heights and spaced between them, whereon stands containing and exhibiting various products are set, said stands are stacked or fixated with diverse devices on said angular crossbars providing the peripheral supports.02-12-2009
20120261304HOLDING AND SUPPORTING APPARATUS - A holding and supporting apparatus (10-18-2012
20120261305ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SUPPORT ASSEMBLY - An electronic device includes a main body and a support assembly including four L-shaped components. The L-shaped components are arranged around edges of the main body. Each L-shaped component includes two flexible end portions. Each adjacent L-shaped components can be connected to each other at the end portions thereof, allowing the L-shaped components to rotate relative to each other about the two connected end portions. Two connected L-shaped components are able to rotate with respect to the other two L-shaped components, thereby forming an angled structure to support the main body.10-18-2012
20110036749STORAGE, TRANSPORT AND DISPLAY SYSTEM - A container for storage, transport and dispensing of products. The container is convertible between a first configuration A suitable for storage and transport, and a second configuration B suitable for display. The containers can be interlocked with each other and supported on a support system. A blank for the construction of the container, a support system for the container, and an adaptor for adapting a substantially horizontal shelf to take the containers are also described.02-17-2011
20110266194COMBINATION OF PROTECTIVE CASING AND STAND FOR PORTABLE HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A combination of protective casing and stand for portable handheld electronic device comprising a base and a cover pivotably connected to the cover, in which an inner space is formed between the base and the cover for containing the electronic device, and the cover could be pivoted with respect to the base to make the combination to form a configuration at least including a triangle in a cross section taken along a central line of the combination.11-03-2011
20120091031Convertible Shipping and Display Carton - A carton includes a front wall and a back wall opposite one another, and a first side wall and a second side wall opposite one another, where the front wall and back wall are joined to the first side wall and second side wall along reinforced corner areas, each of which includes an interior reinforcing flap and an exterior reinforcing flap. The carton further includes a line of disruption extending at least partially across the front wall, first side wall, and second side wall, where the line of disruption at least partially defines a removable portion of the carton.04-19-2012
20080251416DISPLAY PACKAGE FOR CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS - A package is provided for dispensing a plurality of consumable products. The package may comprise a lid and a body defining a container interior and a sidewall. The lid and the body may define a hook at a top portion of the package for receiving a display hanger. The lid and the body may also define a surface at a bottom portion of the package for standing the package on its sidewall. In an embodiment, the package may define a circular or oval shape. The body can be used as a serving dish to display a plurality of consumable products therein.10-16-2008
20080217210SELF-CONTAINED RACK DISPLAY - A combination shipping and display container includes a container provided with a removable cover for covering an opening in the container. A frame is located within the container. The frame is preferably provided with a hanger member suitable for supporting product. The hanger member of the frame is proximate the opening for providing access to the hanging product when the removable cover is removed. The invention allows for product to be located on the hanger member of the frame and then sealed within the container. The loaded container may then be shipped to a destination, where the removable cover may be removed to provide consumer access to the product loaded on the hanger member. The container of the invention eliminates a necessity for employees of a store to organize product for display once the product arrives in the store.09-11-2008
20130126391Method and apparatus for determining appropriate size for ring or other device to be worn around finger - A product packaging article with an enclosed device intended to be worn on the finger and a built-in sizing hole with a circumference equal to that of the enclosed device. The insertion of a finger into the sizing hole corresponding to the enclosed device provides an immediate, accurate determination of how the enclosed device will fit around the finger.05-23-2013
20130180882DISPLAY DEVICE WITH FLEXIBLE DISPLAY - The invention relates to a display device (07-18-2013
20120085679PROTECTION COVER FOR PORTABLE TERMINAL - A protection cover for a portable terminal preferably includes a rear cover, on and from a surface of which the portable terminal is mountable and removable, and a front cover pivotally coupled to the rear cover to open or close access to the portable terminal mounted on the rear cover. Friction members may be provided on at least one of the rear cover and the front cover, respectively, in which the front cover is disposed at a predetermined angle with respect to the rear cover while facing another surface of the rear cover to support the friction members on a planar surface, thereby opening the portable terminal and cradling the portable terminal inclinedly with respect to the planar surface. The protection cover provides both a cradle and a cover in one device.04-12-2012