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205 - Electrolysis: processes, compositions used therein, and methods of preparing the compositions


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205125000 Product is circuit board or printed circuit 34
205123000 Product is semiconductor or includes semiconductor 25
205127000 Product is printing member 4
20090294295METHOD FOR FORMING COMPOSITE PLATING FILM AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING INKJET RECORDING HEAD - A mixed fluid obtained by mixing and stirring a high pressure fluid and a plating solution containing fine particles is contacted with a body to be plated to form a composite plating film. When an inkjet recording head is manufactured, a protective film 12-03-2009
20090152119METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC HEAD - According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method for manufacturing a magnetic head includes: providing a substrate; forming a first magnetic layer having a pattern for forming a magnetic pole on the substrate; forming a stopper layer of non-magnetic material on the top and the sides of the first magnetic layer; reducing the thickness of the stopper layer on the top of the first magnetic layer; and forming a second magnetic layer on the stopper layer. The method further includes: polishing the second magnetic layer to expose the stopper layer on the top of the first magnetic layer; and removing the stopper layer on the top of the first magnetic layer, so as to expose the top of the first magnetic layer.06-18-2009
20100224499NOZZLE PLATE OF A SPRAY APPARATUS AND FABRICATION METHOD THEREOF - A nozzle plate for use with a spray apparatus and a fabrication method thereof are provided. The nozzle plate has a plurality of orifices each including an inlet end and an outlet end. The inlet end and the outlet end have a geometrical structure with mirror symmetry and a centroid with positional deviation from a pattern center. The pattern center is the center of an imaginary circle circumscribed about the geometrical structure. The geometrical structure controls the propagation direction of liquid spray, expands the nebulizing range per unit density of orifices, enables product miniaturization, and saves energy.09-09-2010
20110132768Method for forming imprinting roller - The invention relates to a forming method for imprinting roller. A photoresist layer is coated on an aluminum roller with cylindrical surface. After a pattern is transferred on the photoresist layer, the photoresist layer with the pattern is formed on the aluminum roller. Then the anodic oxidization treatment conducted for the photoresist layer with the pattern on the aluminum roller. Repeat the above-mentioned steps to obtain the roller with nanopore structure. When the roll-to-roll process is applied, the motherboard of roller with arbitrary size can be formed to facilitate the transfer printing of large area.06-09-2011
20130043136PLANAR COIL AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A method of making a planar coil is disclosed in the present invention. First, a substrate having a trench is provided. Then, a barrier and a seed layer are formed on the substrate in sequence. An isolative layer is used for guiding a conductive material to flow into a lower portion of the trench such that accumulation of the conductive material at opening of the trench is prevented before the lower portion of the trench is completely filled up, thereby avoiding gap formation in the trench.02-21-2013
20130075267Metal Treatment - Metal implants (03-28-2013
20130075266METHOD OF MANUFACTURING TOUCH PANEL - Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing a sensing electrode of a touch panel according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention including: forming a non-conductive mesh skeleton on a transparent substrate using an electrospinning solution by an electrospinning method; and forming an electrode layer on the non-conductive mesh skeleton by performing electroless plating processing. The preferred embodiments of the present invention can implement uniform conductivity for all the electrode layers by preventing irregular conductivity between the mesh skeletons by forming a non-conductive mesh skeleton using the electrospinning method and then, forming the electrode layers using the electroless plating.03-28-2013
20130081953METHOD FOR TREATING THE SURFACE OF A DEVICE FOR DISPENSING A FLUID PRODUCT - A treatment method for treating the surface of a fluid dispenser device, said method comprising the step of using chemical grafting to form a thin film on at least one support surface of at least one movable portion of said device that is movable while said device is being actuated, said thin film having anti-friction properties.04-04-2013
20120181181Method of reducing main pole corrosion during aluminum oxide etch - A method of removing an alumina layer around a main pole layer during perpendicular magnetic recording head fabrication is disclosed. The alumina etch sequence includes immersing a substrate in a series of aqueous solutions purged with an inert gas to remove oxygen thereby avoiding corrosion of the main pole. Initially, the substrate is soaked and heated in deionized (DI) water. Once heated, the substrate is immersed in an etching bath at about 80° C. and pH 10.5. Bath chemistry is preferably based on Na07-19-2012
20100155253Microprobe Tips and Methods for Making - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to the formation of microprobe tips elements having a variety of configurations. In some embodiments tips are formed from the same building material as the probes themselves, while in other embodiments the tips may be formed from a different material and/or may include a coating material. In some embodiments, the tips are formed before the main portions of the probes and the tips are formed in proximity to or in contact with a temporary substrate. Probe tip patterning may occur in a variety of different ways, including, for example, via molding in patterned holes that have been isotropically or anisotropically etched silicon, via molding in voids formed in exposed photoresist, via molding in voids in a sacrificial material that have formed as a result of the sacrificial material mushrooming over carefully sized and located regions of dielectric material, via isotropic etching of the tip material around carefully sized and placed etching shields, via hot pressing, and the like.06-24-2010
20100032306ELECTROCHEMICAL DEPOSITION OF CONDUCTIVE COATINGS ON FUEL CELL BIPOLAR PLATES - One exemplary embodiment includes a method of selectively electroplating an electrically conductive coating on selected portions of lands of a bipolar plate leaving portions of the lands uncoated by the electrically conductive coating. Thus, allowing for reducing cost of bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells considerably.02-11-2010
20090283412ELECTROCHEMICAL DETECTION OF SINGLE MOLECULES USING ABIOTIC NANOPORES HAVING ELECTRICALLY TUNABLE DIMENSIONS - A barrier structure for use in an electrochemical stochastic membrane sensor for single molecule detection. The sensor is based upon inorganic nanopores having electrically tunable dimensions. The inorganic nanopores are formed from inorganic materials and an electrically conductive polymer. Methods of making the barrier structure and sensing single molecules using the barrier structure are also described.11-19-2009
20120024712METHOD FOR PRODUCING AN ANTI-INFECTIVE COATING ON IMPLANTS - The invention relates to a method for producing an anti-infective coating on implants that contain titanium or are composed of titanium. The aim of the invention is to provide a coating method with which it is possible, for implants made of titanium or that contain titanium, to combine the optimization of the mechanical properties achieved with the anodic oxidation type II with the optimization of the anti-infective properties. According to the invention, the implants are anodically oxidized in an alkaline solution, then metal having anti-infective properties is electrodeposited on said surface, and afterwards the oxide layer containing metal is solidified.02-02-2012
20090188806Manufacturing Method of Wiring Board - A manufacturing method of a wiring board includes a sticking layer forming step; a resist film forming step of forming a resist film on an upper surface of the sticking layer, the resist film having an opening exposing the upper surface of the sticking layer; a metal layer forming step of forming a metal layer, so as to cover an upper surface of the resist film and cover a side surface of the resist film and the upper surface of the sticking layer forming the opening for forming the wiring; a plating film forming step of filling with a plating film the opening for forming the wiring; a metal layer and plating film removing step; a resist film removing step; and a sticking layer removing step of removing the sticking layer of an unnecessary part not covered with the metal layer, after the resist film removing step.07-30-2009
20080210564MULTILAYER ELECTRONIC COMPONENT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method for manufacturing a multilayer electronic component, includes the steps of preparing a laminate including a plurality of insulating layers laminated to each other and a plurality of internal electrodes formed along interfaces between the insulating layers, edges of the internal electrodes being exposed at a predetermined surface of the laminate, and forming an external electrode on the predetermined surface so as to electrically connect the edges of the internal electrodes, which are exposed at the predetermined surface of the laminate. The step of forming an external electrode includes a plating step of forming a continuous plating film by depositing plating deposits on the edges of the internal electrodes exposed at the predetermined surface of the laminate which is prepared in the step of preparing a laminate and by performing plating growth of the plating deposits so as to be connected to each other, and a heat treatment step of performing a heat treatment on the laminate provided with the plating film formed thereon at an oxygen partial pressure of about 5 ppm or less and at a temperature of about 600° C. or more.09-04-2008
20110198228MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium having high recording density. The magnetic recording medium manufacturing method of the present invention is directed to a manufacturing method including: disposing at least a silicon layer on a substrate; disposing an uneven structure including regularly arranged projections on the silicon layer; disposing magnetic material on the upper surfaces of the projections and within recessed parts of the uneven structure; and allowing the magnetic material disposed within each recessed part to be changed into silicon compound by heat treatment.08-18-2011
20100264035REEL-TO-REEL PLATING OF CONDUCTIVE GRIDS FOR FLEXIBLE THIN FILM SOLAR CELLS - The present inventions provide structures and methods for manufacturing high electrical conductivity grid patterns having minimum shadowing effect on the illuminated side of the solar cells. In a particular aspect, a width of an effective channel region is greater than a spacing that exists between conductive elements in adjacent grid patterns that exist along a lengthwise direction of a continuous workpiece.10-21-2010
20100163422ASSISTED DEPOSITION, NARROW TRENCH DAMASCENE PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A WRITE POLE OF A MAGNETIC WRITE HEAD - A method for forming a magnetic write head using a damascene process that does not form voids in the magnetic structure. An opening is formed in an alumina layer, the opening being configured to define a trench. Then a first layer of magnetic material is deposited into the trench. A CMP process is then performed to remove any voids that have formed in the first magnetic layer. Then a second layer of magnetic material is deposited over the first layer of magnetic material. In another embodiment of the invention, a opening is formed in the alumina layer, and a first layer of magnetic material is electroplated into the opening. A thin layer of non-magnetic material is then deposited, and a second layer of magnetic material is deposited over the thin layer of non-magnetic material. The thin layer of alumina advantageously provides a laminate structure that avoids data erasure.07-01-2010
20100187120DIRECT ELECTRODEPOSITION OF MAGNETIC RECORDING HEAD FEATURES - A method is described for forming a magnetic recording head substrate. The method includes utilizing a metal feature on the magnetic recording head substrate as a grounding path. The magnetic recording head substrate is submerged in a solution containing ions of a second material, and the ions of the second material are electrodeposited on the magnetic recording head substrate.07-29-2010
20120193239SURFACE PROCESSING METHOD FOR CASING - A surface processing method for a casing is disclosed. The method includes the following steps: performing an anodic treatment to a casing material, drying the casing material and printing a pattern on the casing material via digital printing. The method can reduce the surface processing cost and provide the appearance of the object with diverse patterns or colors.08-02-2012
20110017603Anodized Aluminum Cookware with Exposed Copper - Anodized aluminum cookware having an exposed copper base or ring is formed by anodizing the completed vessel using a protective cap to cover most of the copper. The portion of copper that is exposed to the anodizing bath only tarnishes slightly and is preferably polished off after a protective lacquer is applied, creating a clean even margin with the anodized aluminum portion of the vessel.01-27-2011
20110147220ANTI-DISPLACEMENT HARD GOLD COMPOSITIONS - Anti-displacement hard gold compositions are disclosed for inhibiting displacement of metal from substrates which are plated with the hard gold. The anti-displacement hard gold compositions may be used to spot plate substrates with hard gold.06-23-2011
20110073481FOIL PLATING FOR SEMICONDUCTOR PACKAGING - Arrangements for plating a single surface of a thin foil are described. In one aspect, a metal foil is wrapped tightly at least partially around a plating solution drum. The drum is partially immersed in a plating solution such that the waterline of the metal plating solution is below a break point where the metallic foil strip begins to unwind from the plating solution drum. With this arrangement, one side of the metallic foil strip is exposed to the metal plating solution, while the opposing back side of the metallic foil strip does not come in substantial contact with the metal plating solution. In this manner, the exposed side of the foil is plated while the back surface of the foil is not plated. The drum may be rotated to convey the foil through the plating solution.03-31-2011
20120118752Method for Electrodeposition of an Electrode on a Dielectric Substrate - A method for the electrodeposition of an electrode including a metallic electrode material (05-17-2012
20120132529METHOD FOR PRECISELY CONTROLLED MASKED ANODIZATION - The present invention is related to a method for masked anodization of an anodizable layer on a substrate, for example an aluminum layer present on a sacrificial layer, wherein the sacrificial layer needs to be removed from a cavity comprising a Micro or Nano Electromechanical System (MEMS or NEMS). Anodization of an Al layer leads to the formation of elongate pores, through which the sacrificial layer can be removed. According to the method of the invention, the anodization of the Al layer is done with the help of a first mask which defines the area to be anodized, and a second mask which defines a second area to be anodized, said second area surrounding the first area. Anodization of the areas defined by the first and second mask leads to the formation of an anodized structure in the form of a closed ring around the first area, which forms a barrier against unwanted lateral anodization in the first area.05-31-2012
20110073480Process of Manufacturing Low-Profile Connector - A process of manufacturing low-profile connector includes the steps of (a) forming connector main body, (b) laser activation, (c) plating, and (d) post-treatment. The connector main body for low-profile connector so manufactured includes integrally formed pin terminals to effectively reduce the costs for researching and developing production engineering and making molds, to simplify processing procedures and save a lot of time and labors that are otherwise needed to process metal pins and separated half shells, and to effectively reduce the stock of components and save the warehousing management cost. Moreover, the present invention provides simplified and automated manufacturing process to omit manual assembling and accordingly, save labor cost for subsequent assembling and enable mass production.03-31-2011
20100116676METHOD OF FABRICATING PROBE PIN FOR PROBE CARD - Provided is a method of fabricating a probe pin. In the method, a concave region for a probe pin is formed on a mold substrate. The surface roughness of the concave region is reduced to smooth the surface of the concave region. A release layer is formed on the surface of the concave region of the mold substrate. A plating process is performed to form a probe pin corresponding to the concave region. After the performing of the plating process, the mold substrate having the probe pin is disposed on a circuit substrate and the probe pin is connected to a desired portion of the circuit substrate. Thereafter, the mold substrate is separated from the probe pin in such a way that the mold substrate remains unchanged. Also, the separated mold substrate may be reused.05-13-2010
20110094889METHOD FOR FABRICATING HIGHLY CONDUCTIVE FINE PATTERNS USING SELF-PATTERNED CONDUCTORS AND PLATING - Provided is a method for forming a highly conductive micropattern, including: depositing a polymer material on a substrate; removing a portion of the polymer material to form a mask template having a dent through which a portion of the substrate is exposed to the exterior; depositing conductive ink to the top of the mask; heat treating the conductive ink in order to extract metal nanoclusters from a metallic compound dissolved in the conductive ink, wherein the portion coated with the polymer material is allowed to form an insulating pattern having electrically insulating property, while the conductive ink in the dent forms a conductive pattern having electroconductive property by the fusion of the metal nanoclusters extracted from the conductive ink; and plating a metallic material on the conductive pattern.04-28-2011
20120305405Metal Trace Fabrication For Optical Element - A system may include an optical element including a surface defining a recess, conductive material disposed within the recess, and a solder mask disposed over a portion of the conductive material. The solder mask may define an aperture through which light from the optical element may pass. Some aspects provide creation of an optical element including a surface defining a recess, deposition of conductive material on the surface such that a portion of the deposited conductive material is disposed within the recess, and substantial planarization of the surface to expose the portion of the conductive material disposed within the recess.12-06-2012
20110100828THIN FILM SUPPORT SUBSTRATE FOR USE IN HYDROGEN PRODUCTION FILTER AND PRODUCTION METHOD OF HYDROGEN PRODUCTION FILTER - In a through hole closing process, a metal plate is attached to one surface of a conductive base member having a plurality of through holes by the use of a magnet, in a copper plating process, a copper plating layer is formed on the conductive base member and the metal plate exposed within the through holes, from the side of the conductive base member where the metal plate is not attached, thereby to fill up the through holes, in a film forming process, a Pd alloy film is formed by plating on the surface of the conductive base member after removal of the metal plate, and in a removal process, the copper plating layer is removed by selective etching, thereby to produce a hydrogen production filter that is used in a reformer of a fuel cell so as to be capable of stably producing high purity hydrogen gas.05-05-2011
20120055799ANISOTROPICALLY CONDUCTIVE MEMBER AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - An anisotropically conductive member has an insulating base material, and conductive paths composed of a conductive material which pass in a mutually insulated state through the insulating base material in a thickness direction thereof and which are provided in such a way that a first end of each conductive path is exposed on a first side of the insulating base material and a second end of each conductive path is exposed on a second side of the insulating base material. The conductive paths have a density of at least 2 million paths/mm03-08-2012
20120118751MOLECULAR IMPRINTED NANOSENSORS - An apparatus for detecting the presence of a target molecule is disclosed which includes a conductive nanostructure, a non-conductive polymer coating on at least a portion of the nanostructure, and a cavity formed in the polymer coating having a shape corresponding to the shape of the target molecule. A property of the nanostructure depends on the presence of the target molecule at the cavity.05-17-2012
20120211370METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING WIRING BOARD - A method for manufacturing a wiring board including forming an insulative resin layer, forming a power-supply layer on the insulative resin layer, forming a conductive layer made of electrolytic plating and having a conductive pattern on the power-supply layer such that the power-supply layer has an exposed portion not covered by a conductive portion of the conductive pattern, and irradiating the exposed portion of the power-supply layer with laser having a wavelength in a range of approximately 350 nm to approximately 600 nm at a pulse width in a range of approximately 0.1 picosecond to approximately 1,000 picoseconds such that the exposed portion of the power-supply layer is removed from the insulative resin layer.08-23-2012
20120168316FABRICATING PROCESS OF EMBEDDED CIRCUIT STRUCTURE - A fabricating process for an embedded circuit structure is provided. A through hole is formed in a core panel and penetrates the core panel. Two indent patterns are respectively formed on two opposite surfaces of the core panel. A conductive material is electroplated into the through hole and the indent patterns, so as to form a conductive channel in the through hole and two circuit patterns in the indent patterns respectively. Portions of the circuit patterns, which exceed the indent patterns respectively, are removed for planarizing the circuit patterns to be level with the two surfaces of the core panel respectively.07-05-2012
20120318675Production of Nano-Organized Electrodes on Porous Substrate - The invention relates to a method for fabricating nanowires and a method for fabricating an electrode of an electro-chemical device. The nanowire fabrication method according to the invention comprises: a) a step of depositing, on one of the faces of the matrix comprising hole openings, at least one porous layer, having a porosity equal to or higher than 26% by volume, of nanoparticles of a conductive material having their smallest dimension at least equal to the diameter of the holes in the matrix, the nanoparticles being in electrical contact with one another, b) growing the nanowires in the holes of the matrix, and c) removing the matrix. The invention has an application in the field of electrochemical devices in particular.12-20-2012
20130020204MAGNETIC WRITE HEAD HAVING AN ELECTROPLATED WRITE POLE WITH A LEADING EDGE TAPER - A method for manufacturing a magnetic write head having a tapered leading edge. The method includes depositing a sacrificial non-magnetic layer to a thickness that is at least as great as the thickness of the write pole to be formed. The sacrificial non-magnetic layer is then masked and ion milled so as to form a tapered edge on the sacrificial non-magnetic layer that extends through the thickness of the non-magnetic fill layer. A magnetic material is then deposited and planarized by chemical mechanical polishing. The remaining magnetic material forms the entirety of the magnetic write pole so that there is no need to deposit additional magnetic layers further construct the write pole.01-24-2013
20130092547MOLECULAR IMPRINTED NANOSENSORS - A molecular recognition sensor system is provided incorporating a molecular imprinted nanosensor device.04-18-2013
20130112565METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING A LAYERED METAL STRUCTURE WITH AN ANODIZED SURFACE - Methods and apparatus for forming a multi-layered metal structure that includes an anodized surface are disclosed. According to one aspect, a housing arrangement can include a stainless steel layer and at least a first layer. The first layer can have a first bonding surface and a first exterior surface. The first bonding surface can be substantially bonded in direct contact with the stainless steel layer, and the first exterior surface can be an exterior of the housing arrangement. The first exterior surface is an anodized surface. In one embodiment, the first layer can be formed from an anodizable material such as aluminum, titanium, niobium, or tantalum.05-09-2013
20120273362SURFACE CHARGE ENABLED NANOPOROUS SEMI-PERMEABLE MEMBRANE FOR DESALINATION - A filter includes a membrane having a plurality of nanochannels formed therein. A first surface charge material is deposited on an end portion of the nanochannels. The first surface charge material includes a surface charge to electrostatically influence ions in an electrolytic solution such that the nanochannels reflect ions back into the electrolytic solution while passing a fluid of the electrolytic solution. Methods for making and using the filter are also provided.11-01-2012
20130186763METHODS FOR FABRICATING GAS TURBINE ENGINES - Methods and apparatus of fabricating gas turbine engine components are provided. The method includes positioning a non-consumable shield adjacent to an edge of the component such that a gap is defined between the shield and the component, wherein the shield and gap form a fluid flow restriction adjacent to the edge, and inducing an electrical current from an anode to the component through an electrolyte bath such that a coating is applied to the component.07-25-2013

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