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204 - Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

204193000 - APPARATUS

204298010 - Coating, forming or etching by sputtering

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204298120 Specified target particulars 263
204298160 Magnetically enhanced 56
204298110 Specified mask, shield or shutter 36
204298080 Specified power supply or matching network 29
204298230 Moving workpiece or target 27
204298070 Specified gas feed or withdrawal 26
204298150 Specified work holder 17
204298060 Triode, tetrode, auxiliary electrode or biased workpiece 16
204298090 Specified cooling or heating 15
204298030 Measuring, analyzing or testing 12
204298040 Ion beam sputter deposition 11
204298050 Ion plating 4
20120181171Nanoparticle Deposition Systems - Nanoparticle deposition systems including one or more of: a hollow target of a material; at least one rotating magnet providing a magnetic field that controls movement of ions and crystallization of nanoparticles from released atoms; a nanoparticle collection device that collects crystallized nanoparticles on a substrate, wherein relative motion between the substrate and at least a target continuously expose new surface areas of the substrate to the crystallized nanoparticles; a hollow anode with a target at least partially inside the hollow anode; or a first nanoparticle source providing first nanoparticles of a first material and a second nanoparticle source providing second nanoparticles of a second material.07-19-2012
20100038239DEVICE FOR FABRICATING FLEXIBLE FILM - A device for fabricating a flexible film is provided. The device includes a serving unit providing an insulation film; a main processing unit including at least one of a dust removing unit, an etching unit, a neutralizing unit, a coupling unit, a catalyst bonding unit, a plating unit, and a drying unit; an assistant power unit controlling a tension of the insulation film; a top transporter disposed at an upper part of the main processing unit; and a bottom transporter disposed at a lower part of the main processing unit, wherein the top transporter includes a squeezing unit pressing a material on the insulation film. The device can improve the quality of a flexible film by pressing the flexible film using the squeezing unit.02-18-2010
20120000771INNER ELECTRODE FOR BARRIER FILM FORMATION AND APPARATUS FOR FILM FORMATION - An inner electrode for barrier film formation is an inner electrode for barrier film formation that is inserted inside a plastic container having an opening, supplies a medium gas to the inside of the plastic container, and supplies high frequency power to an outer electrode arranged outside the plastic container, thereby generating discharge plasma on the inner surface of the plastic container to form a barrier film on the inner surface of the plastic container, and that is provided with a gas supply pipe having a gas flow path to supply a medium gas and an insulating member screwed into an end portion of the gas supply pipe to be flush therewith and having a gas outlet communicated with the gas flow path.01-05-2012
20130134036Equipment for Making IC Shielding Coating Layer and Metal Shielding Layer of IC - Equipment for making IC shielding coating layer and a metal shielding layer of IC. The equipment comprises a base, a work support, a plurality of medium frequency magnetron targets and a plurality of multi-arc ion targets. The base comprises a chamber. The work support is disposed in the chamber and movably connected with a plurality of rotation axes. Each rotation axes comprises at least one fixture. The fixture is used to put at least one IC. Each medium frequency magnetron target and each multi-arc ion target are disposed in the chamber. The medium frequency magnetron targets and the multi-arc ion targets are used to sputter a metal material over the IC to form at least one metal shielding layer on a surface of the IC.05-30-2013
204298140 Specified anode particulars 4
20100276283Vacuum coating unit for homogeneous PVD coating - The apparatus includes a coating chamber, two or more cathodes which are arranged peripherally within the coating chamber, substrate carriers for holding the substrate, vacuum pumps and voltage sources wherein an individual anode is arranged centrally between the cathodes in the coating chamber and the substrate is positioned between the anode and the cathode. In each case a gas discharge with a plasma is ignited between the individual anode and the cathodes. The substrates are held fixed in position or are rotated about one or more axes and in the process subjected to the plasma.11-04-2010
20090250341ANODE FOR SPUTTER COATING - A sputtering anode is disclosed wherein the anode is in the form of a container or vessel; and, wherein the conducting surface communicating with a cathode is the inside surface of the container or vessel. The anode can be mounted outside of a coating chamber having its opening communicating with the chamber or alternatively may be mounted within the chamber. The anode may be an inlet port for receiving inert gas for use in forming the plasma and for pressurizing the anode.10-08-2009
20080308417Sputtering Apparatus - A sputtering apparatus includes target holders 12-18-2008
20110120862ANODE ROD FOR A SPUTTERING SYSTEM - The present disclosure relates to an anode rod for a sputtering system comprising a target, a lateral surface area of the anode rod is at least 2 times greater than the lateral surface area of the a circular cylinder having the same volume. Further, the present disclosure relates to a sputtering system comprising at least one anode rod, wherein the anode rod having a lateral surface area that is at least 2 times greater than the lateral surface area of the a circular cylinder having the same volume, and at least one sputtering cathode assembly comprising a backing device selected of the group consisting of a backing plate for a planar target, and a target backing tube for a rotatable cylindrical target.05-26-2011
20080197016Thin Film Deposited Substrate and Deposition System for Such Thin Film - The present invention aims to provide a ZnO thin film deposited substrate and a thin film deposition system exhibiting a specific resistance sufficiently reduced to be useful for transparent electrodes of a liquid crystal display, characterized in that Zn material evaporated and oxidized by microwave oxygen plasma to the compound ZnO which is, in turn, deposited on the substrate and thereby the thin film is formed, and the ZnO thin film deposited on the substrate is exposed to microwave hydrogen plasma so as to reduce a specific resistance of the ZnO thin film and thereby to modify this ZnO thin film to electrically conductive thin film.08-21-2008
20090205954APPARATUS FOR TREATING A SUBSTRATE - This invention relates to an apparatus (08-20-2009
20090255807Quantum dot manipulating method and quantum dot production/manipulation apparatus - A quantum dot manipulating method and a generation/manipulation apparatus are provided which can control the size of a large number of generated quantum dots on or below the order of percent which is required for optical applications of the dots.10-15-2009
20090250340Ion source and plasma processing apparatus - It is an object of this invention to provide an ion source and a plasma processing apparatus capable of generating stable and long-life plasma. The ion source is provided with a high-frequency antenna (10-08-2009
20110139611Apparatus for Fabricating Thin Film Transistor - In an apparatus for fabricating a thin film transistor, amorphous silicon is deposited on a substrate in a first multi-chamber and is crystallized into polycrystalline silicon without using a separate process chamber or multi-chamber, and the substrate deposited with the amorphous silicon is loaded into a second multi-chamber for forming electrodes, thereby making it possible to minimize a characteristic deviation and improve fabrication process efficiency. The apparatus includes a first multi-chamber in which amorphous silicon is deposited on a substrate, a second multi-chamber in which electrodes are formed on the substrate, and a loading/unloading chamber interposed between the first multi-chamber and the second multi-chamber. The loading/unloading chamber includes a substrate holder on a lower side thereof and a power voltage supplier on an upper side thereof.06-16-2011
20100187104FILM FORMATION APPARATUS - An object of the present invention is to provide a film formation apparatus capable of easily forming a film with even thickness and being excellent in mass productivity. Therefore, the film formation apparatus is provided with a substrate holder 07-29-2010
20100000859SPUTTERING APPARATUS AND MANUFACTURING APPARATUS FOR LIQUID CRYSTAL DEVICE - A sputtering apparatus includes: a film forming chamber housing a substrate, and a sputtered particle ejecting section ejecting a sputtered particle from a pair of targets facing each other with a plasma generation region between the targets. In the device, the sputtered particle ejecting section includes an electron capture unit that is disposed opposite to the film forming chamber and captures an electron in the plasma generation region, and a sputtered particle attach section that is disposed adjacent to the film forming chamber and attaches the particle.01-07-2010
20100300875MAGNETIC PARTICLE TRAPPER FOR A DISK SPUTTERING SYSTEM - A magnetic particle trapper for use in a sputtering system includes a roller cover plate having a plurality of openings arranged and dimensioned to accommodate a plurality of rollers associated with a mechanical transport mechanism of the sputtering system, and a plurality of magnets to trap magnetic particles, the plurality of magnets being attached to the roller cover plate in locations proximate to the plurality of openings.12-02-2010
20110042208FILM FORMING SOURCE, VAPOR DEPOSITION APPARATUS, AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING AN ORGANIC EL ELEMENT - A film forming source capable of forming a thin film having a good film quality is provided. Since each switch valve becomes a closed state when a blocking member closely contacts a melted metal, a gas blocking performance in the closed state is high, and no dust is generated. When vapors of different vapor deposition materials are generated in a plurality of vapor generating units, the vapor generated in a selected vapor generating unit is not mixed with the vapor from another vapor deposition apparatus. Therefore, a vapor deposition material not to be film-formed is not mixed in, and contamination due to dust generation does not occur. Consequently, a thin film having good film quality can be obtained.02-24-2011
20090127105SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FORMING NIOBIUM AND/OR VANADIUM CONTAINING LAYERS USING ATOMIC LAYER DEPOSITION - A method of forming (and an apparatus for forming) a metal containing layer on a substrate, particularly a semiconductor substrate or substrate assembly for use in manufacturing a semiconductor or memory device structure, using one or more precursor compounds that include niobium and/or vanadium and using an atomic layer deposition process including a plurality of deposition cycles.05-21-2009
20100282603HEATED SUBSTRATE SUPPORT FOR CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION - A method and apparatus for making a heated substrate support assembly used in a processing chamber is provided. The processing chamber includes a substrate support assembly, having a first plate and a second plate with grooves disposed therein for receiving one or more heating elements, and a power source for heating the substrate support assembly. A first surface of the first plate and a second surface of the second plate include one or more matching structures disposed thereon, such that both plates can be compressed together by isostatic compression and form into a plate-like structure for supporting a substrate during substrate processing. In another embodiment, the first and second plates are compressed by applying pressure all around. In still another embodiment, compressing the first and second plates is performed at elevated temperature.11-11-2010
20120160669RESIN PRODUCT MANUFACTURING SYSTEM - A resin product manufacturing system includes: molding apparatuses for forming substrates; a substrate removal apparatus for removing the substrates from the molding apparatuses; a metal film deposition apparatus for forming a metal film on the substrates to obtain intermediate products; a substrate carrying machine for carrying the substrates into the metal film deposition apparatus; an intermediate product removal machine for removing the intermediate products from the metal film deposition apparatus; a coating film forming apparatus for forming a coating film on the intermediate products to obtain resin products; an intermediate product carrying machine for carrying the intermediate products into the coating film forming apparatus; first and second transfer apparatuses for transferring the substrates; a first control unit for controlling the substrate removal apparatus; a second control unit for controlling the intermediate product removal apparatus and the metal film deposition apparatus; and a third control unit for controlling the carrying machine.06-28-2012
20120228129APPARATUS FOR FORMING DEPOSITED FILM - First and second electrodes are apart from each other in a chamber. Plates are disposed on a substrate in the second electrode. Each of the plates comprises first and second parts for supplying first and second gas to a space between the first and second electrodes, respectively, a first supply path for first gas connected to the first part, and a second supply path for second gas connected to the second part. The substrate comprises a heater for the first gas, a first introducing path for introducing the first gas to the first supply path, and a second introducing path for introducing the second gas to the second supply path. The second supply path comprises a mainstream part without the second part and branch parts with the second part. A connecting portion of the second introducing path and the mainstream part is positioned in an adjacent portion of the plates.09-13-2012
20120318668TANTALUM COIL FOR SPUTTERING AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING THE COIL - Provided is a tantalum coil for sputtering disposed between a substrate and a sputtering target, wherein the tantalum coil has irregularities so that the surface roughness Rz of the tantalum coil is 150 μm or more and the number of threads is 15 to 30 TPI (Threads per inch) in a transverse direction and 10 to 30 TPI in a vertical direction. An object of the present invention is to take measures to prevent the sputtered grains accumulated on the surface of a tantalum coil from flaking so as to prevent the generation of particles and arcing that is caused by the flaking of the sputtered grains accumulated on the surface of the coil disposed between a substrate and a sputtering target, and the adhesion of the scattered flakes onto the substrate surface; and thereby to provide a technology of improving the quality and productivity of electronic components and stably providing semiconductor elements and devices.12-20-2012
20120279855APPARATUS FOR ACHIEVING LOW RESISTANCE CONTACT TO A METAL BASED THIN FILM SOLAR CELL - A system and method of forming a thin film solar cell with a metallic foil substrate are provided. After forming a semiconductor absorber film over the front surface of the metallic foil substrate a back surface of the metallic foil substrate is treated using a material removal process to form a treated back surface in a process chamber. In one embodiment, the material removal process is performed while depositing a transparent conductive layer over the semiconductor absorber film in the process chamber.11-08-2012

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