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Coating, forming or etching by sputtering

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204 - Chemistry: electrical and wave energy

204193000 - APPARATUS

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
204298020 Coating 531
204298310 Etching 18
20090078569INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA PROCESSING APPARATUS - An inductively coupled plasma processing apparatus according to the present invention prevents debris formed through a sputter etching operation from forming a film on an inner face of a side wall part 03-26-2009
20090000946PLASMA PROCESSING WITH ENHANCED CHARGE NEUTRALIZATION AND PROCESS CONTROL - A plasma processing apparatus includes a platen that supports a substrate for plasma processing. A RF power supply generates a multi-level RF power waveform at an output having at least a first period with a first power level and a second period with a second power level. A RF plasma source having an electrical input that is electrically connected to the output of the RF power supply generates at least a first RF plasma with the first RF power level during the first period and a second RF plasma with the second RF power level during the second period. A bias voltage power supply having an output that is electrically connected to the platen generates a bias voltage waveform that is sufficient to attract ions in the plasma to the substrate for plasma processing.01-01-2009
20100059366TEXTURED CHAMBER SURFACE - A method of fabricating a process chamber component having a textured surface with raised features. The method comprises providing a process chamber component having a surface, and forming a patterned resist layer on the process chamber component, the patterned resist layer having apertures that expose portions of the surface of the process chamber component therethrough. A textured surface having raised features is formed on the process chamber component by propelling grit particles with a gas that is pressurized to a pressure sufficiently high to cause the grit particles to erode and remove material from the surface.03-11-2010

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