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202 - Distillation: apparatus

202081000 - APPARATUS

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
202152000 Separatory 118
202096000 Thermolytic 53
202084000 Separatory and thermolytic 3
20120097519System and Method of a Coated Coker - The present disclosure provides methods and systems of a coated coker. An apparatus for coking includes a coated coking drum that receives a pitch material, wherein the coking drum is coated with a coating comprising at least one of a chromium, an aluminum, a nickel, or an alloy thereof, a heater that heats the pitch material to a coking temperature, and a flash vessel that condenses a liberated volatile matter, wherein a coke formed in the apparatus is readily removable. A coated Archimedes screw or coated plunger may be used with the coker, both of which can remove coke from the coking drum via force of their movement inside the coking drum.04-26-2012
20110108404Cyclic batch coal devolatilization apparatus - Apparatus and a process are described for compressing superheated steam into porous coal batches in chambers, and, after a time interval, expanding this steam out of the chambers, and repeating this steam cycle of compression followed by expansion. Thusly heated by the steam, volatile matter separates from the solid coke portion of the coal and separate volatile matter and coke products can be produced from coal or biomass fuels. These volatile matter liquids and tars can be used as fuel components in slurry fuels, for internal combustion engines used in our surface transportation industries. These solid coke products can be used as boiler fuel in steam electric plants. In this way our large domestic reserves of coal can be used as a fuel source, not only for electric power generation, but also for our surface transportation needs.05-12-2011
20090242378DEASPHALTING TAR USING STRIPPING TOWER - Tar is contacted with stripping agent, such as steam or tail gas, in a stripping tower. A product comprising deasphalted tar is recovered as overheads and a product comprising heavy tar is recovered as bottoms from the stripping tower.10-01-2009
202091000 Autothermic 1
20090250332CONTINUOUS STEAM PYROLYSIS APPARATUS AND PYROLYSIS FURNACE THEREFOR - A continuous steam pyrolysis device and a pyrolysis furnace therefor are provided. The device comprises a heat generator, a combustion chamber and a superheated steam generator. The combustion chamber comprises a reaction chamber with a charge opening and a discharge opening, and one or more axial transporting structures installed in the reaction chamber, wherein each transporting structure has a central axis and comprises one or more proceeding zones and one or more blending zones. The total length of the blending zones along the central axis direction ranges from about 5% to about 35% of the length of the transporting structure.10-08-2009
202085000 Thermolytic and autothermic 1
20110266130SYSTEM FOR RECYCLING USED TIRES - The present invention discloses a system for recycling used tires. The disclosed system for recycling used tires comprises: a pyrolysis furnace that recycles inputted used tires using a carrier gas and decomposes the used tires through direct heating; and an oil collecting unit that collects oil by cooling and condensing hot steam generated by the pyrolysis furnace. The system also includes a carrier gas circulation line and a carrier gas circulation and supply device. The carrier gas circulation line circulates through the pyrolysis furnace and the oil collecting unit. The carrier gas circulation and supply device is connected to the carrier gas circulation line and comprises a sensing element that measures both the temperature inside the pyrolysis furnace and the pressure inside the carrier gas circulation line. In addition, the carrier gas circulation and supply device collects and stores a non-condensable gas generated by the pyrolysis furnace and selectively supplies the non-condensable gas to the pyrolysis furnace.11-03-2011

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