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200 - Electricity: circuit makers and breakers


200329000 - Actuators

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200344000 Mechanism to keep key level 51
200345000 Cap/stem and stem/housing details 33
200343000 Hinged button (e.g., piano key) 8
200342000 Including lost motion connection 2
20080237013ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - Electronic equipment of the present invention includes a first housing 10-02-2008
20090277766Elastic Member for Pushbutton Switch - An elastic member for a pushbutton switch with which a soft tactile sensation can be gained when the pushbutton is pressed down is provided. The elastic member for a pushbutton switch is provided with a base portion, a connection portion which extends from the base portion, a pressing portion which is supported above the base portion by the connection portion, and a protrusion which protrudes downward from the pressing portion. The inside of the protrusion is hollow.11-12-2009
20080283377Haptics cone - A push button assembly has a button retainer having drawer slide guides and a corresponding bezel structure. The button retainer also has a surface perpendicular to a principal translational axis, on which is one of a conical protrusion and a conical indentation is formed. The bezel structure has the other of the conical protrusion and conical indentation. The conical indentation mates with the conical protrusion such that the conical protrusion and the portions forming the conical indentation are in contact around their perimeters when the button retainer and bezel structure are in a pre-load position. A method of producing the button retainer and bezel structure is also disclosed, which includes attaching an attachment mold pin to the molds, which can be altered and reattached in the tuning process.11-20-2008
20100012473Metal Domed Contact Component and Card Comprising It - The invention relates to a domed contact component controlled by mechanical activation, which comprises an outer static conducting member (01-21-2010
20100072050PUSHBUTTON SWITCH - A pushbutton switch includes a pushbutton for changing a switching mode of a tact switch provided on a switch holder fixedly disposed within a casing. The pushbutton includes a push operation portion disposed in a through hole provided in the casing and a collar that protrudes outwardly from the push operation portion and faces an inner face of the casing at the peripheral edge of the through hole. The pushbutton is connected to the switch holder and resiliently urged toward the side on which the collar gets closer to the inner face of the casing. Projections projecting toward the inner face of the casing are projectingly provided integrally at a plurality of positions spaced in the peripheral direction on an opposing face, of the collar of the pushbutton, that is opposed to the inner face of the casing. This prevents a freezing problem in the operation of a pushbutton.03-25-2010
20100163386IMAGE PUSH-BUTTON ASSEMBLY STRUCTURE - An image push-button assembly structure includes primarily a base, a rest, a display screen and an upper lid. The rest is extended with a fixing element for sheathing a spring and is assembled with a holding space on the base. The rest is installed with the display screen which is fixed on a display circuit board. Then, the upper lid is covered on the rest, allowing the display screen to be located in the upper lid and the rest. The display circuit board in the rest that has been pressed down is electrically connected with the circuit board; therefore, all kinds of images of prompting messages can be observed from the display screen, allowing the push-button to have an image display function.07-01-2010
20120175232STRUCTURALLY ENHANCED SWITCH ASSEMBLIES - Slide switch assemblies with structural enhancements are provided for use in electronic devices. Slide switch assemblies in accordance with embodiments the invention can include a button, an engagement member, and switch box. The engagement member couples the button to the switch box and translates any movement of the button to the switch box. The switch box is mounted offset with respect to the button because another component such as, for example, a display screen occupies the space that would have been a better mounting position for the switch box. To compensate for the offset, and the added torsion that is applied to the engagement member during button movement events, the engagement member is structurally enhanced.07-12-2012
20130032457PUSHBUTTON SWITCH - A pushbutton switch configured to switch a mains voltage or line voltage while providing a tactile feedback to a user. The pushbutton switch includes a base having a plurality of fixed contacts, a movable contact having a plurality of contact points fitted within the base and configured to move from an open position to a closed position, a resilient actuator configured to receive and transfer a first pressure to the movable contact and shaped to provide a tactile feedback in response to the first pressure, and a retaining structure secured to the base and comprising a through-hole through which at least a portion of the actuator protrudes. In the pushbutton switch, conducting components on the movable contact and the plurality of fixed contacts are spaced apart such that the pushbutton switch is configured and rated to switch a line voltage.02-07-2013
20100044200SWITCH STRUCTURE - A switch structure includes a switch body, a holding member, a torsion member, and a swinging lever. The switch body includes a base included a front surface and a rear surface, a pushing portion, two fixing portion, each fixing portion defining a guiding slot. The holding member defines two cavities. The switch body is rotatably installed onto the holding member by inserting the fixing portion into the cavity. The torsion member includes two elastic arms and a connecting pole, one of the elastic arm is hooked to the holding member. The swinging lever includes a first end movably connected to the switch body, a second end movably connected to the other elastic arm, and a connecting portion connecting the first and second end, the swinging lever rotatably installed to the holding member via the connecting portion.02-25-2010
20100116635Emblem-Unified Trunk Opening and Closing Device - An emblem-unified trunk opening and closing device may include a housing including an outer case and an inner case, wherein the outer case is attached to a stationary member and includes a guide hole and the inner case includes a guide passage, a knob attached to the outer case of the housing, wherein the knob includes an emblem configured to be movable through the guide hole of the outer case, a connector provided in the guide passage of the inner case and to which a terminal electrically contacting an outer electric source is set, a printed circuit board (“PCB”) disposed inside the guide passage of the inner case and configured to electrically contact the terminal, and a contact unit configured to selectively contact the PCB by actuation force of the emblem so as to apply an electric current to the terminal of the connector.05-13-2010
20120181155ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - Key impact noise produced during data entry operations is abated with a configuration in which the deformable portion of the resilient member can abut the bottom surface of the key top and a gap is formed between the key top and the membrane sheet when the key top is displaced to the lowered position. This allows for the key top to be prevented from abutting the membrane sheet when the key top is displaced by the user from the raised position to the lowered position. As a result, the noise of collision between the key top and the membrane sheet is no longer produced and the key impact noise of the keyboard can be diminished.07-19-2012
20090301852Integrated Switch or Integrated Button - A switch, especially for use in the interior of a vehicle, which is to be embedded at least in part in or on a support that is covered, at least in the area of the switch, with a preferably flexible surface material on the surface thereof. The switch is disposed in an opening of the surface material while including a first zone located substantially in the support and a second push button used for triggering a function. The push button is embodied so as to cover at least some areas of the opening in the surface material and be non-positively and/or positively connected thereto. Also disclosed are a method for assembling such a switch as well as uses thereof as a window control and similar.12-10-2009
20130062174CAM-ACTION ANTI-ROLL BUTTON - A cam-action anti-rolling mechanism for buttons is described herein. One embodiment may take the form of a button having a body with a slot extending therethrough. The slot has a normal orientation to a direction of motion for the button. The button also includes a cam bar having a first portion extending through the slot and a second portion offset from and parallel to the first portion. The cam bar is coupled in a slip fit manner within the slot to the body and the second portion provides a rotational axis for the cam bar. A fixture coupled to the second portion of the cam bar is provided to allow for rotation of the cam bar.03-14-2013
20110011712ADJUSTABLE INPUT DEVICE - A device may include a housing, a button and a member coupled to the button. The device may also include a power source configured to supply power to the member. When power is supplied to the member, the member is configured to exert a force on the button to cause movement of the button such that an upper surface of the button protrudes above an upper surface of the housing.01-20-2011
20090236209KEY SHEET AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF - Portable phones are getting a trend that s design and thinner configuration becomes more important. Therefore, in order to meet this demand, the entire key top is made of a thin metal, and a thin resin layer is provided on the back surface of the key top and further letter holes are filled with a resin. According to those, the adhesiveness of the key top is improved as well as improvement of hand feeling. In addition, a printed layer for coloring the letters can be provided on the back surface of the key top.09-24-2009
20130068599Switch - There is provided a switch including a case, fixed electrodes provided in the case, a movable electrodes and a pressing member. The movable electrode is provided in the case, and is displaced between a first position where the fixed electrodes are electrically connected to each other and a second position where the fixed electrodes are insulated from each other. The pressing member displaces the movable electrode from the second position to the first position when a pressing force from outside is applied to the pressing member. The pressing member is elastically deformed by the pressing force so that a contact area between the pressing member and the movable electrode is increased.03-21-2013
20120111704Apparatus and Method for a User Input Element in an Electronic Device - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is disclosed, comprising: a translucent user input element body; a first layer comprising a first shade, the first layer disposed on a surface of the translucent user input element body; a second layer comprising a second shade, the second layer disposed on a surface of the first layer; an aperture through the first layer and the second layer, the aperture having a character shape; and the first layer comprising an exposed portion configured to form a dark outline for the character shape.05-10-2012
20090014304Key sheet - A thin-film-like key sheet covering pushbutton switches is equipped with a plurality of key tops constituting operating pushbuttons, and a film-like base sheet on an upper surface of which the key tops are placed, in which a depression load is small, and no interference with the adjacent key tops and a frame sheet occurs when depressing the key tops, thus avoiding undulating movement of those components. There is further provided a film-like shape maintaining sheet covering a lower surface of a base sheet and stacked on the base sheet, and the shape maintaining sheet has, at dividing positions between the adjacent key tops, insulating slits insulating a stress generated along a surface of the shape maintaining sheet when the key tops are depressed. Thus, the key tops do not easily rise or become shaky at a time of depressing operation.01-15-2009
20120234659Push button structure with curved lever - The present invention is to provide a push button structure including a casing and a button body that are integrally formed by injection molding. The casing has an opening that extends through the surface of the casing. The button body is formed within the opening, and has an outer periphery spaced from the inner periphery of the opening and has an outer surface exposed on the surface of the casing and an inner surface extended by the curved lever. The curved lever has one end fixedly connected to an inner wall of the casing at a position adjacent to the opening such that the button body is movably positioned inside the opening. When the button body is pressed, the elasticity of the curved lever allows the button body to move toward the inside of the casing and thereby trigger an electronic switch in the casing.09-20-2012
20130161168SELF-LOCKING SWITCH - A self-locking switch including a button sub-assembly and a housing sub-assembly. The button sub-assembly includes at least one button with a tab extending from a lower surface at a first end and at least one shaft engagement point on the lower surface at a second end, and a bracket comprising a first end and a second end with a rotation shaft at the second end. The bracket is rotatably connected to the button. The housing sub-assembly includes a switch housing having engagement points, and a switching mechanism in the housing. The button sub-assembly and the housing sub-assembly are joined together by engaging the tab of the button and the first and second ends of the bracket to corresponding engagement points on the switch housing and the engagement points are not accessible from outside the self-locking switch after the button sub-assembly and the housing sub-assembly are assembled together.06-27-2013
20100089733PUSH SWITCH AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE LOADED THEREWITH - In a case provided with a central fixed contact and an outer fixed contact on an inner bottom surface of an open-top concave section, a terminal connected to each of the fixed contacts is disposed at a position above a bottom surface of the case. The inner bottom surface of the concave section of the case is disposed below a lower surface position of the terminal.04-15-2010
20130206561ELECTRICAL SWITCH - An electrical switch has a fixed contact and a moving contact moving between a first position in contact with the fixed contact and a second position not in contact with the fixed contact. An operating mechanism moves the moving contact and includes a resiliently biased presser resiliently pressing upon the moving contact while riding in opposite first and second directions past a barrier associated with the moving contact, and a spring having first and second parts acting on first and second sides of the presser to maintain the presser in a neutral position and providing extra biasing force to assist the presser in moving faster upon riding past the barrier.08-15-2013
20090205942Pushbutton Switch Device - Provided is a pushbutton switch device provided with a switch case in which a depressing member is arranged which, when moved downwards, depresses a switch. Arranged inside the switch case is an operating member which, when depressed, comes into contact with the depressing member to move the depressing member downwards. Provided in the peripheral edge of the operating member are a plurality of engagement portions to be engaged with the peripheral edge of the switch case. When the operating member is depressed, the depressed portion of the operating member rotates downwardly using, as a fulcrum, the engagement portion corresponding to the depressed portion of the operating member.08-20-2009
20110284351Push switch - A push switch includes a flexible button comprising a peripheral side wall having an opening at the bottom; a switch board that is fitted in the opening of the peripheral side wall; a switch provided on the switch board; a tubular case fixed in place around the peripheral side wall; a stopper that is disposed under the switch board, and latched on the inner face of the case; and filler that fills the underside of the switch board, and fills at least an area that includes the entire peripheral length of the bottom periphery of the switch board and the bottom-end inner peripheral face of the peripheral side wall.11-24-2011
20110284352PUSH SWITCH - A push switch is provided with a button (11-24-2011
20090159416KEY BUTTON MECHANISM AND AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A key button mechanism (06-25-2009
20110259723SWITCH STRUCTURE FOR A POWER TOOL - The present application provides an improved switch structure for a power tool, having an outer cover, a transfer switch arranged in the outer cover, and a first button and a second button arranged on the outer cover and respectively acting on a first end and a second end of a seesaw of the transfer switch. It may also have a retaining device to keep the first button and the second button respectively jointed with the first end and the second end of the seesaw. Utilizing this arrangement of the retaining device, the button and the electric transfer switch are kept in a jointed state so that the switch does not have a loose feeling to a user which can negatively affect operation.10-27-2011
20110192709CONTROL KEY ASSEMBLY FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An exemplary control key assembly for an electronic device includes a housing and a control key. The housing forms a receiving portion. The receiving portion includes a resisting portion and a hole. The control key is positioned in the receiving portion. The control key includes an operating element and an elastic element. The operating element is received in the hole, and the elastic element includes a bent arm engaging with the resisting portion to limit the movement of the control key.08-11-2011
20090266694KEYPAD MODULE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A keypad module including at least one key (10-29-2009
20090314619DOME SWITCH WITH INTEGRAL ACTUATOR - A dome switch structure that includes an actuator integrally formed with a dome is disclosed. Advantageously, the actuator can be formed so as to be positioned over and properly aligned with the dome. In one embodiment, the dome switch structure is used by an electronic device to provide user input. When the actuator is pressed by a user, the actuator depresses the dome and induces a switching action. In one embodiment, the dome switch structures can be manufactured (i.e., machined) as a unitary structure. Consequently, since actuators and domes can be formed together, the dome switch structures yield not only consistent accurate alignment but also simplified assembly of dome switches. Given the accurate alignment of an actuator to a corresponding dome, dome switches formed from the dome switch structures can have consistent and reliable tactile feel to users, which thereby provides reliable usage by users.12-24-2009
20120024681PUSH SWITCH - A push switch (02-02-2012
20090145736ELECTRICAL SWITCH WITH LATERAL OPERATION AND ASSEMBLY COMPRISING SUCH A SWITCH MOUNTED ON A PLATE - An electrical switch may include a support bearing contacts, at least one elastically deformable release element for establishing an electrical connection between two contacts, an actuation pusher that is configured to be movable relative to the support along an overall horizontal path in the plane of the plate bearing electronic components and a lever that is configured to be mounted in a hinged manner relative to the support about a horizontal axis and which converts the horizontal actuation force exerted on the pusher into a vertical release force applied to the release element. The lever may be elastically deformable to allow a movement of the pusher beyond the actuation position.06-11-2009
20110168536EMERGENCY STOP DEVICE - The invention relates to a switching device comprising: —a first assembly (07-14-2011
20090107821PUSH SWITCH - A push switch includes a housing having a top opening and a recessed section at a lower part, a push-type switch contact placed on an inner bottom face of the recessed section, an operating unit having an operating section at an upper part and a flange section at a lower part, a resilient unit placed under the operating unit in the recessed section for energizing the operating unit upward, and a cover for covering the top opening and having a center hole from which the operating section extends upward. The operating unit is movable vertically guided by a guide projection placed on inner walls confronting each other of the recessed section and extending vertically and by a concave section formed on the flange section for mating with the guide projection. The operating section includes faces vertically rising from the positions where the concave sections are recessed most inward.04-30-2009
20090277765SWITCH FOR SEESAW KEY - A switch comprises a key top to be pushed down; an operation knob pushed down by the key top to rotate around a pivot point, having a working portion; and a contact rubber switch pushed down by the working portion of the operation knob. The rubber switch is provided with a push-button portion having an upper surface pushed down by the working portion of the operation knob and an under surface formed with a movable contact; and a skirt portion extending obliquely downward from an edge of the push-button portion. The skirt portion has a thinner portion on the side of the pivot point of the operation knob and a thicker portion on the opposite side of the pivot point. The push-button portion has an upper surface inclined upward toward the side of the pivot point. The switch has advantages such as simple structure, reliable conduction, and excellent click feeling.11-12-2009
20110203912STACKED METAL AND ELASTOMERIC DOME FOR KEY SWITCH - A low travel keyboard and methods of fabrication are described. The low-travel keyboard is suitable for a thin-profile computing device, such as a laptop computer, netbook computer, desktop computer, etc. The keyboard includes a key cap positioned over stacked elastomeric and metal domes. The quick force drop of the metal dome provides the crisp “snappy” feel for the user and the elastomeric dome provides the ability for longer travel than the metal dome alone. The metal dome also activates the switch circuitry of the membrane on printed circuit board. The stacking of the elastomeric metal domes takes advantage of the abrupt force drop in the metal dome buckling and applies it to the elastomeric dome force, making it possible to design a low-travel key while still maintaining or improving the tactile feeling of the key switch.08-25-2011
20080277254Keyboard assembly with adjustable keystroke - Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a keyboard structure comprising a bottom plate, a bridging device support board positioned above said bottom plate, and a plurality of keys positioned above said bridging device support board. The key board structure further includes a plurality of bridging devices positioned between said bridging device support board and each of said plurality of keys. Further, the said bottom plate is adapted to movably engage the said plurality of bridging devices for moving the said plurality of keys transversely relative to the said bottom plate.11-13-2008
20080251364Feedback on input actuator - A user input system for an electronic device including an input actuator adapted to be depressed by a user to input a signal into the electronic device; and an actuator location signaling system adapted to signal location of the input actuator to the user. The actuator location signaling system includes a textured surface proximate the input actuator for a finger of the user to contact, and a system for moving the textured surface to enhance sensory input to the user's finger while contacting the textured surface.10-16-2008
20130118873ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING KEY SWITCH - An electronic device includes a body, a key switch and a limiting mechanism secured to the body. The body includes a top wall defining an aperture. The key switch includes a touch switch, an actuating member for actuating the touch switch when being pressed, and a key cap received in the aperture and abutting the actuating member. The limiting mechanism corresponds to the aperture. When the key cap is pressed, the actuating member is driven to actuate the touch switch, and the limiting mechanism limits the movement of the key cap to protect the touch switch from damages.05-16-2013
20120067711ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING WATERPROOF BUTTON - An electronic device includes a housing and a button assembly. The housing defines a through hole. The button assembly includes a button, a first sealing frame, a second sealing frame, and a sticking layer. The button includes a button body and a plate. The button body is attached to the plate, extending through the through hole and external to the housing. The plate provides a rebounding force to return the button body. The first sealing frame, the second sealing frame and the sticking layer are made of waterproof material. The first sealing frame seals the housing defining the through hole and the plate, the second sealing frame seals the plate and the sticking layer, the sticking layer covers the through hole and prevents water from entering the housing through the through hole.03-22-2012
20090321237KEY STRUCTURE - A key structure used in a portable electronic device includes a resilient member forming a plurality of conducting films and a column, a dome member forming an arch portion and a peripheral portion, a circuit board forming a plurality of first terminals, second terminals and a third terminal. The dome member is mounted to the circuit board, the peripheral portion electronically connects to the second terminals, the resilient member covers the dome member, the conducting films conductively contact the first terminals. The resilient member is pressed to make the column resist against the arch portion, thereby the first terminals and the second terminals are both conductive, or the first terminals, the second terminals and the third terminal are all conductive.12-31-2009
20110220478PUSH BUTTON SWITCH WITH ANTI-JAMMING PROTECTION DEVICE - A push button switch includes: a support structure of a generally box-like shape, defining an internal space, the support structure having at least an opening communicating with the internal space and an opening axis, the opening being defined by an internal opening edge; an actuation mechanism having a push button and a mechanical coupling arrangement for connecting the push button to the support structure, the mechanical coupling arrangement having a guiding arrangement for the push button to traverse with respect to the support structure in a direction generally parallel to the opening axis; a key which is fixable to the push button for manually actuating the push button; and an anti-jamming protection device having a protective plug interposable between the key and push button and being appliable onto the support structure for interacting with the internal edge, to protect the guiding arrangement from undesired intrusion by dust particles and such.09-15-2011
20110226598KEY BUTTON MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A key button mechanism mounted to a housing of an electronic device, comprises a key body and an actuator. The key body is mounted to the housing, the key body has a contacting portion protruding therefrom. The actuator has a resisting portion and a driving portion protruding from an end of the resisting portion. The actuator is rotatably mounted to the housing and the resisting portion is aligned with the contacting portion such that when the key body is operated, the contacting portion pushes the resisting portion to make the driving portion touch the printed circuit board.09-22-2011
20090229960THIN KEY SHEET AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF - Preparing a resin film having a transparency and a thickness of 0.2 mm or less such as PC, PET, PU or the like; drawing the resin film in such a manner to form concave portions at positions corresponding to a plurality of the key tops of the resin film by pinching the resin film between heating drawing dies; forming a pressing element on the undersurface of the film by filling a filler (resin) into the concave portion formed by means of the drawing; and disposing the key tops by means of adhesion, the key tops formed on the top surface of the resin film by means of the resin formation, the mold printing or the like after the formation of the pressing elements, which achieves further thinner configuration of the key sheet with the configuration that the key tops and the pressing elements are disposed, respectively on the top surface and the undersurface of the resin film.09-17-2009
20090260968Operation panel and electronic device provided therewith - An operation key 10-22-2009
20120103772OPERATION KEY AND TERMINAL DEVICE - Provided is an operation key in which power of a finger is efficiently transmitted and a terminal device equipped with the operation key.05-03-2012
20100187079Keyboard with Ultra-Durable Keys - A keyboard includes a plurality of keys, and a keyframe into which the plurality of keys are assembled. Each of the keys includes: i) a plunger on which a character is printed, and ii) a keycap made of a transparent material. The keycap covers at least a portion of a top of the plunger.07-29-2010
20100258421CONTROL KEY AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A key for electronic device includes a support body and an operating body. The support body forms a plurality of connecting pins. The support body and the operating body are integrally formed. The operating body defines a plurality of grooves in the side surface adjacent to the support body. The grooves are configured for receiving a plurality of knockout pins of a multi-shot mold in a multi-shot molding process.10-14-2010
20100243418PUSH BUTTON SWITCH - An operation portion and a switch portion of a push button switch are removably coupled. The switch portion includes a contact opening mechanism having a rotatably supported lever and a spring. The lever has one end acting on a part of the operation portion coupled with the switch portion, and the other end acting on a contact switching mechanism of the switching contact unit in the switch portion to open/close the contacts. The spring urges the lever in a fixed rotation direction. The contact switching mechanism is urged to move a movable contact from a standby state position toward an operating state position by the contact opening mechanism when the switch portion is separated from the operation portion. The contact switching mechanism is released from the urging when the switch portion is coupled with the operation portion.09-30-2010
20120138438INPUT KEY AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A key includes a base and a top cover. The base is made of a non-plated first plastic material. The base defines a through hole in a center portion, and a plurality of receiving portions surrounding and communicating with the through hole. The top cover is made of plated second plastic material. The top cover forms a plurality of connecting portions received in the receiving portions of the base The top cover is covered with a metal plating layer. A method of manufacturing a key is also provided.06-07-2012
20100000847Key for SMT Applications - A key for intermittently electrically contacting at least two conductors located on a circuit board with an electrically conducting contact element includes at least one base that is disposed on the circuit board and a key which encompasses the contact element and is movable relative to the circuit board and the base. The key is connected to the base by at least one movable membrane. The base and the membrane are made of an insulating elastic material. The key additionally includes at least one soldering leg of which the first end is positively inserted in to the base while the second end, the soldering zone, is used for fastening the key to the circuit board.01-07-2010
20080308396SWITCH MECHANISM USABLE UNDERWATER - The present invention provides a switch mechanism usable underwater including a rear cover serving as an exterior member, two shaft members being displaceable in a shaft direction and fitting into two shaft holes having the same cross-sectional area provided in the rear cover, an O-ring watertightly maintaining the shaft member and the shaft hole, and a lever member being engaged with the two shaft members in a manner to be capable of pressing-down or pulling-up the shaft member, and being configured to balance water pressure applied to one shaft member with that applied to the other shaft member.12-18-2008
20110240449PUSH SWITCH - A push switch includes a housing, a button slidably connected to the housing including a protrusion protruding therefrom, a first elastic member, and a securing member. The securing member includes a rotating block rotatably connected to the housing defining a recess and a second elastic member. The protrusion drives the rotating block to rotate when the button is pushed. After the external force has ceased, the button and the rotating block move back by the rebounding force of elastic members, respectively. The button stays in the predetermined position when the protrusion is retained in the recess. The protrusion disengages from the rotating block when the button is driven again. After the external force has ceased, the rotating block moves to an initial state by the rebounding force of the second elastic member. The button moves to its initial state by the rebounding force of the first elastic member.10-06-2011
20110079498BUTTON STRUCTURE - A button structure assembled in a button area below a touchpad. The button structure includes a circuit board and a button frame. The circuit board has a first switch and a second switch corresponding to the button area. The button frame has a left side button portion, a right side button portion, and a contacting elastic portion, wherein the left side button portion is corresponding to the first switch, the right side button portion is corresponding to the second switch, and the contacting elastic portion is contacted against the circuit board and between the first switch and the second switch.04-07-2011
20110073452KEY BUTTON STRUCTURE - A key button structure includes a button body, a fixing member and a housing. The housing comprises a first housing and a second housing placed in the first housing. The first housing and the second housing together define an accommodating space. The first housing has a window defined therethrough communicating with the accommodating space. The fixing member and the button body are integrally and detachably assembled within the accommodating space of the housing. The button body is exposed through the window.03-31-2011
20110253519ELECTRICAL SWITCH - An electrical switch adapted to be engaged by a first and/or a second activation button by means of which a user may operate the electrical switch. The electrical switch comprises an activation element which defines first and second retaining surfaces for engagement with the first and the second activation button, respectively.10-20-2011
20090000931Switch assembly constructions - Electronic devices are provided with switch assembly input components that can have adhesives adhered to the side and/or bottom surfaces of support plates for retaining switches between the adhesives and the tops of the support plates. The switch assembly input components can include buttons with one or more absorption elements for receiving impact energy, reducing the impact energy, and transferring the reduced impact energy onto the switches.01-01-2009
20110042194TRANSPARENT KEY, KEY SHEET AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF KEYSHEET - Disclosed is a transparent key which facilitates position control of a marking portion in the direction of thickness of a key. The transparent key has a transparent key body, a color layer which is formed at a bottom surface of the key body, and is visible through the key body at a time of non-illumination, a first area, and a transparent second area covering the first area from a top surface side. Laser marking is performed more easier for the first area than for the second area.02-24-2011
20090090607PUSH-BUTTON SWITCH AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME - To prevent the local heating of an electronic apparatus chassis, there is provided a push button switch (04-09-2009
20110253518ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING BUTTON CAPABLE OF PREVENTING ACCIDENTAL DEPRESSION - An electronic device includes a housing and a button. The housing defines a through hole. The sidewall of the through hole defines a pair of positioning holes. The button includes a frame, a sliding bar assembly, an elastic conductive member, and a pressing member. The sliding bar assembly is received in the frame with two external ends respectively received in the positioning holes to cause the frame to be received in the through hole. The elastic conductive member is fixed in the housing. The pressing member hooks the frame and extends through the frame to resist the sliding bar assembly. When the pressing member is depressed, the pressing member resists the sliding bar assembly to cause the external ends to move out of the positioning holes. Further depress on the pressing member causes the frame to press the elastic conductive member to actuate the button.10-20-2011
20110108403PUSH BUTTON - With respect to a push button, a part of a depressing portion is detected by a photo sensor when the depressing portion urged upward by a spring is depressed and stroke of the depressed depressing portion reaches a predetermined distance. Thereby, switch between OFF and ON is carried out. Also, the push button includes a metal dome. Load of the spring works on the depressing portion when depressed. Further, when the stroke of the depressed depressing portion reaches a predetermined distance so as to switch between OFF and ON, the load of the spring and that of the metal dome integrally work on the depressing portion.05-12-2011
20100181178END CAP WITH SAFETY PROTECTION SWITCH - A protective end cap device that includes an end cap casing and a protection switch. The end cap casing includes one or two conductive pins and defines a notch located to one side of the conductive pin. The protection switch is disposed at least in part inside the end cap casing and within the notch, and includes a first switch pin and a second switch pin. The first switch pin is electrically connected to the conductive pin and the second switch pin is electrically connected to a power supply circuit board.07-22-2010
20110089007MECHANICAL BUTTON SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATED INTO A SMOOTH SURFACE - A button mechanism for effecting user inputs to an electronic device. The button mechanism includes a frame top that has a rigid frame portion; and flexible frame portion. The button mechanism further includes a device body that is oriented substantially parallel to the frame top and a button assembly that is situated between the device body and the frame top. The button assembly includes a contact portion that is operable to provide an electronic signal to control circuitry for the electronic device. The button assembly is affixed to an upper portion of the device body. The mechanism further includes a switch attached to the button assembly on the contact portion and a spring portion having a stepwise shape. The spring portion has an upper horizontal step portion and a lower horizontal step portion. The lower horizontal step portion of the spring is affixed to the button assembly. The upper horizontal step portion is disposed above the switch and below the flexible frame portion such that, upon application of a downward pressure to the flexible frame, the upper horizontal step portion is deformed downward to bring the upper horizontal step portion in contact with the switch, causing an electronic signal to be sent to the control circuitry of the electronic device.04-21-2011
20110094865KEY MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A key mechanism is used in an electronic device. The electronic device includes a housing defining an opening. The key mechanism includes: a plate, at least one latching portion positioned on a first side of the plate; at least one post positioned on a first side of the plate; and a protrusion extending from a second side opposite to the first side. The protrusion extends from the opening, the latching portion and the plate resist the housing. The present disclosure further discloses an electronic device using the key mechanism.04-28-2011
20100025212KEY BUTTON AND KEY ASSEMBLY USING THE KEY BUTTON AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE KEYPAD ASSEMBLY - A portable electronic device is provided. The portable electronic device includes the keypad assembly. The keypad assembly includes key buttons. The key button includes a circuit board portion; a pad portion made of elastic material and fixed on the circuit board portion; a supporting portion forming a cavity and connecting to the circuit board portion; a key portion slidably positioned on the supporting portion and forming a containing area between the key portion and supporting portion; and a vibrating portion contained in the cavity formed by the supporting portion and the containing area, the vibrating portion being powered by the circuit board portion, such that when the vibrating portion is powered on and off, the vibrating portion vibrates and makes the key portion slide along the supporting portion.02-04-2010
20100018847TRIGGER SWITCH - A trigger switch has a trigger arranged projected and biased to a front side in a housing, and a lock member projecting from a side of the trigger towards the housing, and being engaged with a lock button projecting to the side from the housing to fix the trigger in a pulled-in state. The lock member is swingably attached to the trigger.01-28-2010
20120031745ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS, AND HANDLE ASSEMBLY AND PUSH-TO-TRIP MECHANISM THEREFOR - A push-to-trip mechanism is provided for a handle assembly for an electrical switching apparatus, such as circuit breaker. The handle assembly includes a casing coupled to the exterior of the circuit breaker housing over the push-to-trip button of the circuit breaker. The push-to-trip mechanism includes an actuating member at least partially disposed within an aperture of the casing. The actuating member is movable between an actuated position corresponding to the actuating member actuating the push-to-trip button, and an unactuated position corresponding to the actuating member not actuating the push-to-trip button. A resilient element biases the actuating member toward the unactuated position. The push-to-trip mechanism is operable from the exterior of the handle assembly casing, thereby enabling the push-to-trip button of the circuit breaker to be actuated, without removing the casing.02-09-2012
20120037482KEYPAD ASSEMBLY AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A keypad assembly includes a keypad, fixing bracket, and a fixing member. The fixing member fixes the keypad to the fixing bracket. The fixing bracket includes two support portions, a fixing portion, and at least two resilient portions. The resilient portions interconnect the support portions and the fixing portions. The keycap fixes on the fixing portion. The resilient portions are capable of elastically deforming and generate elastic restoring force to the keycap.02-16-2012
20120152711TOUCH PAD DEVICE - A touch pad for an operating button of an electronics device provides a contact point for tactile input through the button. The button is adhesively mounted to the button, the surface of the electronics device surrounding the button, or both button and surrounding surface. The pad preferably fully overlies the button, and may have a lower surface that conforms to the shape of the top surface of the button.06-21-2012
20100147666Electrical Control Device - The invention concerns a touch-sensitive surface (06-17-2010
20110155549Pushbutton - A pushbutton comprises a cap, a housing with an interior space, a reset element for connecting the cap to the housing, and an electrical switch element. The cap is able to move from a rest position to a switch position relative to the electrical switch element so that the electric switch element, which is disposed inside the housing, can be actuated. The reset element returns the cap to the rest position after actuation. The reset element comprises a first spring means and a second spring means, wherein the first spring means is offset relative to the second spring means at least in the direction of the actuation axis of the cap.06-30-2011
20120006664Push switch - Disclosed is a push switch wherein a flexible button is fitted on top of a case which houses a switch that is disposed on a mount. The mount comprises, integrally formed from resin, a base portion on which the switch is mounted; a cover portion, which is formed higher than a main body part of the switch, on the top face of the base portion, and surrounds the periphery of the main body part; and a stopper portion, which is formed on the bottom face of the base portion, and latches on the inside of the case.01-12-2012
20120043190BUTTON STRUCTURE - A button structure includes an installation assembly, a slidable member, a pressable member, and a first resilient member and a second resilient member. The slidable member is slidably attached to the installation assembly. A pressable portion is formed on the slidable member. The pressable member is pivotably mounted to the installation assembly. A pressable cantilever extends from the pressable member. A guide portion protrudes from the pressable cantilever and abuts against the pressable portion. When the slidable member is pushed to deform the first resilient member, the pressable portion presses the guide portion to urge the pressable member to pivot. Thus the second resilient member is deformed, and the pressable cantilever pushes the button to power on or off the electronic device. When the slidable member is released, the first and second resilient members are restored to respectively force the slidable member and the pressable member to return.02-23-2012
20120152709KEY DEVICE FOR ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An exemplary key device includes a circuit board, a frame, a cap, a partition board and two protrusions. The circuit board has two contacts thereon. The cap is configured on the frame and includes a bottom surface facing the circuit board. The partition board extends down from the bottom surface and abutting against the circuit board. The two protrusions are at two opposite sides of the partition board. The two protrusions extend down from the bottom surface, and each includes a distal end adjacent and above a respective one of the contacts of the circuit board.06-21-2012
20120061220KEYPAD ASSEMBLY AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A keypad assembly includes a support member, a key switch, a rotation member and a resilient member. The key switch is fixed on the support member, and includes a triggering portion. The keycap is located opposite to the triggering portion. The rotation member is rotatably connected to the keycap. The resilient member includes resilient latching portions latching with the rotation member. The resilient member fixedly interconnects the rotation member and the support member. The rotation member is rotated relative to the resilient member at an angle when the key switch is not triggered, such that the resilient member provides an elastic torque to the rotation member.03-15-2012
20120152710POWER BUTTON AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME - A power button includes a holder and a push-button. The holder includes an assembling hole defined therein, an annular groove defined on a top portion of an inner wall of the assembling hole, and a latching slot defined in the inner wall of the assembling hole located adjacent to and apart from the annular groove. The push-button includes a cover body in the shape of conical frustum, a plurality of hook portions formed on the cover body. A shape of the annular groove allows it to mesh with the cover body, the cover body is movably received in the annular groove, and the hook portions engage with the latching slot.06-21-2012
20120160647Push switch and method of manufacturing the same - A push switch comprising: a button made of a flexible material having a cap shaped top operation part, a flat part formed extending laterally from an edge of an opening in the top operation part, and a side wall formed extending downward from an outer edge of the flat part; a switch substrate fitted in close contact with the inner circumference of the side wall and abutting the bottom face of the flat part of the button; and a switch arranged inside the button, on the switch substrate, wherein the outer circumferential face of the side wall of the button and the bottom face of the switch substrate are covered by integrally molded resin.06-28-2012
20120160648KEYSWITCH AND KEYBOARD - A keyswitch includes a cover, a frame, a keycap, two connecting parts, and a base. The cover has an opening. The frame is disposed under the cover. The base is disposed under the frame. The keycap is located in the opening. The keycap has two opposite edges. The two connecting parts are connected between the two opposite edges and the frame. The cover abuts against the two connecting parts to restrain the keycap from moving up.06-28-2012
20100206705SWITCH DEVICE - A switch device has a slider that advances and retreats in a front-back direction, a push button that is integrally provided at a front end of the slider, a switch contact whose on and off states are switched according to an operation for pushing down the push button to cause the slider to retreat, a biasing member that biases the slider in an advancing direction in order to return the push button and the slider to a non-manipulated position, a case in which the switch contact, the biasing member, and the slider are assembled, the push button being disposed in an opening at a front end of the case, a front-portion constituent member that is attached to the case while disposed around the push button in the opening, and a coil that is wound around a bobbin formed in an outer circumference of the front-portion constituent member.08-19-2010
20100012474Structure having symbols printed thereon and method for implementing the same - The present invention provides a structure having symbols printed thereon, the structure being a keyboard. The keyboard comprises: at least one keycap; at least one symbol printed on the surface of the keycap; and at least one first protective layer having a plurality of reticulate dots, the first protective layer being formed over the symbol on the surface of the keycap. The invention further provides a method for printing symbols on a keyboard, comprising the steps of: printing a plurality of symbols on the surface of the keycap of the keyboard; and forming a first protective layer having a plurality of reticulate dots over the plurality of symbols on the surface of the keycap of the keyboard.01-21-2010
20100270138PUSH BUTTON SWITCH FOR ELECTRIC DEVICE - When the assembly is complete, the protrusion 10-28-2010
20090020402OPERATING DEVICE - An operating device is provided having a supporting member, a button, an elastic member, and a bearing member. The supporting member has an opening which passes through the thickness direction of the supporting member. The button has a shaft and an engaging portion. The shaft is arranged such that the axial direction of the shaft is parallel to the thickness direction of the supporting member. The engaging portion projects parallel to the axial direction of the shaft. The elastic member is set onto the supporting member so as to cover the opening, and has a projecting portion which engages the end of the shaft. The bearing member is provided between the supporting member and the elastic member, which is provided around the opening and is located nearer to the shaft than the engaging portion in the direction orthogonal to the projecting direction of the shaft. The shaft may press the elastic member so that the elastic member is deformed so as to move along the thickness direction of the supporting member in the opening.01-22-2009
20100326806PUSHBUTTON FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A pushbutton for an electronic device includes a pushbutton cap, a pushbutton base, and an adhesive member. The pushbutton cap has a flange extending from an edge thereof. The pushbutton base engages with the flange of the pushbutton cap, thus enveloping the adhesive member between the pushbutton cap and the pushbutton base.12-30-2010
20110120847SWITCH ASSEMBLY - A switch assembly includes a panel defining a receiving portion. The receiving portion includes two opposite first sidewalls, two opposite second sidewalls, and a bottom wall connected between the first sidewalls. A switch member is attached to the panel. An actuating member is accommodated in and engaged with the second sidewalls of the receiving portion. The actuating member includes a pressing plate. Two guiding walls extend from two opposite first sides of the pressing plate, and two elastic hooks protruding from two opposite second sides of the pressing plate. A spring member is disposed between the pressing plate of the actuating member and the bottom wall of the receiving portion, to provide resilient force to expose the actuating member outside of the panel.05-26-2011
20110036696ELECTRICAL SWITCH COMPRISING A PUSHBUTTON FIXED BETWEEN A FILM AND A CONTACTOR - The invention proposes an electrical switch (02-17-2011
20110226599PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An exemplary portable electronic device includes a housing, a cover detachably mounted on the housing, a circuit board mounted inside the housing, a switch assembly electrically connected with the circuit board, and a key assembly secured with the cover and aligned with the switch assembly. The key assembly can be pressed by an external force to operate the switch assembly, and rebounds when released.09-22-2011
20100059351LAMP STRUCTURE WITH DAMPER - The present invention relates to a lamp structure with a damper. The lamp structure is primarily for installation inside a cabinet. The electrical loop of the lamp structure is electrically connected by opening the door, and the illumination member of the lamp structure generates light to illuminate the interior of the cabinet. Conversely, when the door is closed, the damper is driven to touch the power switch to make the electrical loop of the lamp structure in the electrically disconnected state, and the illumination member no longer generates light.03-11-2010
20100224471PUSH BUTTON SWITCH DEVICE - Upward urging force by operation force of a tact switch and restoring force of a rubber body are applied to an operation body via a pressing body. Then, pressing operation of a push button section causes the operation body to press down the rear ends of left and right sections of the pressing body. This follows that, with both contact sections in contact with a step section functioning as the support points, an operation section on the front end of the pressing body is pressed up to turn on the tact switch. In this process, when the push button section is pressed, the center of rotation of the operation body is changed depending on which portion of the push button section is pressed, causing the distance between a pressed portion of the operation body and the center of the rotation are almost equal independent of which portion is pressed. As a result, the load to operate the push button section is substantially equalized independent of which portion of the operation body is pressed. Also, the load to operate the operation body can be changed as desired by changing the position of the step section which is to be in contact with both contact sections functioning as the support point for the pressing body.09-09-2010
20110266127Electrical Appliance Housing - An electrical appliance housing including a hard plastic housing body defining a switch-actuating aperture. The aperture is sealed with a soft plastic membrane. An actuating button is fastened to a hard plastic base that is bonded to the membrane.11-03-2011
20120325634PUSH BUTTON AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING SAME - A push button for mounting on a shell includes a button body depressibly engaged in a through hole defined in the shell, a flexible circuit board, a rigid plate attaching to the shell and a conductive spring tab. The flexible circuit board is arranged between the a button body and the rigid plate. The flexible circuit board is brought into contact with the rigid plate. The flexible circuit board is electrically connected to a connector and includes a pair of normally-open contacts. The conductive spring tab is fixed to the flexible circuit board and aligned with the button body. The conductive spring tab is deformable. The button body is configured for being manually depressed so as to urge the conductive spring tab to deform and contact the pair of normally-open contacts, thereby generating a signal transmittable through the flexible circuit board to the connector.12-27-2012
20130008766SWITCH UNIT - A switch unit includes an operating component, and a base portion that supports the operating component capable of being pressed in criss-cross directions. The base portion is provided with a plurality of T-shaped regulating components that are formed in positions in directions sandwiched between the criss-cross directions. Each of the regulating components is provided with a leg portion that extends from the base portion towards the operating component, and an abutting portion that extends from an end portion of the leg portion along a line that connects together predetermined positions of the criss-cross directions that are located on both sides of each regulating component.01-10-2013
20130175149BUTTON SPRING - The present subject matter discloses a button spring. The button spring includes a first beam and a second beam that extend from an edge of a button spring hole. The first and second beams are connected by a cross-member, and a third beam extends from the cross-member and between the first and second beam.07-11-2013
20130126322TOP PUSH SWITCH - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is provided, including a dome of a top push switch configured to contact, upon pushing, an inner pad of a base, fixing paste connecting the dome to an outer pad of the base; and a covering tape on top of the dome.05-23-2013
20080197006Spring structure for press type switch and press type switch for electronic timepiece and electronic timepiece having the same - To provide a spring structure for a press type switch and a press type switch of an electronic timepiece capable of minimizing a variation among products with regard to a click feeling and an electronic timepiece having the same. A spring structure for a press type switch of an electronic timepiece includes a base portion fixed to a stationary supporter of the timepiece, a click feeling forming arm including first elastic arm portions extended from first base end portions integral with the base portion and capable of being deformed to bend elastically and first engaging projected portions formed at one sides of the first front end portions of the first elastic arm portions, and a press arm including second elastic arm portions extended to bend in an arc-like shape from second base end portions integral with the base portion and capable of being deformed to bend, a pressing projected portion projected to the first front end portion at a position of the second elastic arm portion opposed to the first front end portion of the click feeling forming arm and second engaging projected portions capable of being engaged with and disengaged from the first engaging projected portions.08-21-2008
20080197005Ultra-thin keypad - The invention discloses an ultra-thin keypad for cooperating with a circuit board in a portable electronic device. The circuit board includes a plurality of switches. The ultra-thin keypad includes a main body, a plurality of buttons, and a plurality of thin walls. The buttons are disposed on the main body, and each of the buttons corresponds to one of the switches. The thin walls are disposed between adjacent ones of the buttons. When one of the buttons is pressed, the button contacts and activates the corresponding switch by the elastic deformation of the thin walls. The main body, the buttons, and the thin walls are manufactured integrally by injection molding.08-21-2008
20130126323KEYSWITCH - A keyswitch includes a casing, a key cap and a support device rotatably disposed between the key cap and the casing. One of the casing and the key cap has a first magnetic area and the support device has a second magnetic area corresponding to the first magnetic area. When the key cap is not pressed, a magnetic attraction force between the first and second magnetic areas keeps the key cap at a non-pressed position. When the key cap is pressed by an external force such that the second magnetic area moves away from the first magnetic area, the key cap moves from the non-pressed position toward the pressed position. When the external force is removed, the second magnetic area moves toward the first magnetic area due to the magnetic attraction force such that the key cap moves from the pressed position toward the non-pressed position.05-23-2013

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