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200308000 - Indicators

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200313000 Light visible through actuator 129
200312000 Having additional indicating means 8
200311000 Having light-filtering means 4
20100243417SWITCH MODULE - A switch module includes a substrate (09-30-2010
20110147181THREE DIMENSIONAL GRAPHICS WITH CHANGING APPEARANCES - The invention provides a button for an interior of a vehicle, a method of using a graphic on a button to indicate the current status or configuration of the button and/or a device the button controls, and a method of making a button with changing appearances, the button comprising a non-mechanical switch and the button comprising means for backlighting of at least two different colors, the button further comprising at least two band-pass filters (06-23-2011
20110114460INPUT DEVICE CAPABLE OF ENHANCING SYMBOL READABILITY FOR ELECTRONIC PRODUCT - An input device capable of enhancing symbol readability for an electronic product includes a plurality of keypads for displaying a plurality of first kind symbols and a plurality of second kind symbols; a detection unit for detecting an operation mode of the electronic device; and a control unit coupled to the detection unit and the plurality of keypads for controlling the plurality of keypads to display the plurality of first kind symbols or the plurality of second kind symbols according to a detection result of the detection unit.05-19-2011
20090173608LIGHT-GUIDE SHEET, MOVABLE CONTACT UNIT AND SWITCH USING THE SAME - A light-guide sheet includes a light transmissive film substrate, and luminescent protrusions formed at predetermined points on the substrate. At least one of the substrate and each of the luminescent protrusions is colored to a color tone that absorbs yellow light more than blue light. Alternatively, a reflective layer colored to a color tone that absorbs yellow light more than blue light is provided on at least one of the top and bottom faces of the substrate.07-09-2009
200317000 Light visible through housing 4
20110259720ELECTRICAL DEVICE WITH ACTUATOR SUPPORT AND VIEWING WINDOW - In one embodiment, a system may include an electrical device having an indicator light source, an actuator having a window, a viewing piece arranged to be visible through the window, and a light guide arranged to guide light from the light source to the viewing piece. The viewing piece may have a receiving portion arranged to receive light from the light guide, and the width of the receiving portion may be substantially larger than the width of the light guide. In another embodiment, a system may include an electrical device having a first support member, and an actuator having a second support member. The actuator may be adapted to move along a path of motion from a retracted position to an extended position, and the first and second support members may be adapted to support the actuator in the extended position with forces that are substantially balanced along the path of motion.10-27-2011
20080302642MOVABLE CONTACT ELEMENT AND SWITCH USING THE SAME - A movable contact point made of a thin conductive metal sheet in an approximate dome shape is attached to the lower surface of a transparent base sheet, and the base sheet is provided at the upper or the lower surface with a fluorescent layer in the location above the movable contact point. Since, in the make-up, light can be made available for illumination in many colors other than that generated from a light emitting device, a movable contact element, as well as a switch formed using the contact element, that offers various illuminating modes can be implemented in a simple structure.12-11-2008
20120247933SWITCHGEAR ASSEMBLY - A switchgear assembly includes a tank housing encapsulating switching contacts which are viewable through a transparent viewing port after illumination of the contacts. A reflective optical device for observing the position of the switching contacts is used to view the contacts at a safe distance outside of the tank housing through the transparent viewing port. An illuminating device is used to illuminate the switching contacts by directing the light from the illuminating device on the switch contacts.10-04-2012
20120160644ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH BUTTON MECHANISM - An electronic device includes a housing defining an opening, a button mechanism, and a fixing portion. The button mechanism includes a button cap depressibly received in the opening, a light guiding plate with the button cap mounted on a first side thereof, and a connecting portion. The connecting portion is mounted on an opposite second side of the light guiding plate, and includes a resisting member, and a tab protruding from the resisting member. The fixing portion is received in the housing, and includes a block defining a slot with with the tab extending therethrough, an light source for illuminating the light guide plate, a switch to switch on or off the light source and the electronic device. The switch is configured to switch on or off the light source and the electronic device. The button mechanism is depressible so as to enable the resisting member to actuate the switch.06-28-2012
20100108481Light-emitting keyboard with a membrane circuit board incorporated therein - The present invention relates to a light-emitting keyboard, comprising: a membrane circuit board whose bottom surface is printed with a light guide ink; a light source provided on one side of the membrane circuit board for projecting light to enter the light guide ink of the membrane circuit board; a first reflector disposed underneath the membrane circuit board to reflect a portion of the light that escapes from the membrane circuit board to enter the light guide ink of the membrane circuit board; a second reflector provided on top of the membrane circuit board to reflect a portion of the light that does not pass therethrough back towards the light guide ink; a supporting plate disposed on top of the second reflector; a scissor assembly disposed on top of the supporting plate; a keycap disposed on top of the scissor assembly; and an elastic contact body having a contact portion.05-06-2010
20090057116Member for Push-Button Switch and Method of Manufacturing the Same - A member for a push-button switch has key top members positioned close to each other through a distance of 1.5 mm or shorter at low cost and with high yield. The member has multiple key top members having resin key top cores and thermoplastic films covering the key top cores other than the lower surfaces thereof. The key top members are formed so that an interval between at least one set of adjacent key top members is 1.5 mm or shorter. In the key top members adjacent to each other through a distance of 1.5 mm or shorter, the maximum thickness of the thermoplastic films covering the key top cores is within the range of 75 to 350μ, and the ratio of the minimum thickness of the thermoplastic films covering the key top cores to the maximum thickness is within the range of 0.4 to 0.9.03-05-2009
20090057115Illuminated Switch - An illumination switch is provided which can satisfactorily shield electromagnetic wave noise caused to emanate from an EL sheet and with which an excellent click feeling can be obtained. The illumination switch (03-05-2009
20090266691MOBILE TERMINAL DEVICE - A mobile terminal device includes a movable side housing and a fixed side housing connected to the movable side housing with a connection part. The fixed side housing includes an operation panel in which a plurality of numeric keys are arranged, a light emitting elements that are provided at one end side of the operation panel, and a light guiding sheet member that guides light emitted from the light emitting element to a lower position of the operation panel and diffuses the light in a surface shape.10-29-2009
20110297521SHEET SWITCH MODULE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A sheet switch module of the present invention includes a light source; a light guide having a first end-face on which light emitted from the light source is incident, the light guide guiding the light in at least the thickness direction thereof; a sheet switch disposed on the back side of the light guide in the thickness direction of the light guide; and a light shielding member disposed at a distance from a second end-face different from the first end-face of the light guide.12-08-2011
20090188779Multi-Function Selecting Mechanism - A multi-function selecting mechanism is provided. The multi-function selecting mechanism comprises a toggling feature and a selection mechanism coupled with said toggling feature. The selection mechanism is configured to move about the toggling feature to a first position or move toward the toggling feature to a second position, wherein a first function is initiated when the selection mechanism is in the first position and a second function is initiated when the selection mechanism is in the second position.07-30-2009
20090095606Programmable display switch - A programmable graphical display switch that provides users with a simple means of controlling other devices and for customizing how that control is initiated and communicated to the user.04-16-2009
20110192708ILLUMINATING PUSH-BUTTON DEVICE AND PORTABLE TERMINAL - An illuminating push-button device includes a key-top part having a key-top surface and a first protrusion that protrudes from a back side of the key-top surface. The device also includes a key rubber part made of a transparent or semi-transparent elastic material and having a second protrusion that receives the first protrusion, the second protrusion being oriented in a common direction as the first protrusion. A switching device is included that opposes the second protrusion and is configured to be actuated in response to the key-top part being depressed. A light-source element emits light from a light-emitting surface and cooperates with a light-blocking sheet disposed between the light-source element and key rubber part and covers at least a portion of the light-emitting surface of the light-source element and has a loose hole through which the second protrusion of the key rubber part is passed.08-11-2011
20090114515ILLUMINATED SWITCH DEVICE - Disclosed is an illuminated switch device capable of effectively preventing light leakage between different light sources, thereby obtaining a good lighting quality, while reducing the overall size of the switch device. The illuminated switch device includes: a casing that has an open upper end and a partition wall provided therein and is formed on a bottom plate member having light sources and a push switch mounted thereon; and an operating body that has a light-shielding wall provided on the rear surface of an upper plate, is arranged so as to close the open end, and can be pressed. First and second illuminated regions to which light components are emitted from first and second light sources are provided on the upper plate. A protruding portion is formed at a leading end portion of a light-shielding wall, and a concave groove is provided at a leading end portion of a partition wall. The leading end portions are opposite to each other such that they can approach or separate from each other. At least a part of the protruding portion is arranged in the concave groove, and a gap is formed between the leading ends of the protruding portion and the concave portion.05-07-2009
20090178907KEYPAD ASSEMBLY FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A keypad assembly includes a pressing surface layer, a pattern layer, an elastic layer, a light guiding layer, and a pressing bottom layer. The pattern layer is under the pressing surface layer. The elastic layer is located between and interlocks the pattern layer and the light guiding layer by adhesive. The pressing bottom layer adheres to the light guiding layer. The keypad assembly has an ideal appearance by lights collection of the light guiding layer. User can feel comfortable when pressing the keypad assembly because of the elastic layer's buffering effect.07-16-2009
20090178906KEYPAD PANEL ASSEMBLY HAVING ARRAYS OF MICROPORES - A keypad panel assembly having arrays of micropores includes a panel body, a shielding layer, a backlight module, and a telecommunication module. The panel body is formed into a plate. The shielding layer is provided on one surface of the panel body. A plurality of micropores are formed on the shielding layer. The micropores are arranged to form patterns for pressing. The backlight module is arranged on one surface of the shielding layer. The telecommunication module is arranged on one surface of the backlight module. When a set of light-emitting units is lighted up, the light enters one end of a light-guiding plate. The light is reflected by light-guiding microstructures onto the corresponding key, so that the user can see the position of each key clearly.07-16-2009
20090211888MULTI-ILLUMINATING KEYBOARD BACK LIGHT AND METHOD - A keyboard apparatus includes a housing which includes a plurality of key pads spatially disposed within the housing, each of the key pads being depressible upon touch by a user, the plurality of key pads being distributed in a plurality of non-overlapping keyboard regions. Each of the non-overlapping regions includes fewer than all of the plurality of keypads. An optically transparent circuit board is coupled to a backside of each of the key pads. In a specific embodiment, a plurality of electroluminescent segments are arranged in a non-planar configuration. Each of the plurality of electroluminescent segments includes one of a corresponding plurality of power supply devices. Each of the plurality of electroluminescent segments provides electromagnetic radiation to a respective non-overlapping keyboard region for lighting key pads in the respective non-overlapping keyboard region. Each of the non-overlapping regions includes fewer than all of the plurality of keypads.08-27-2009
20090242368NON-BACKLIGHTED ILLUMINATING KEYPAD - A non-backlighted illuminating keypad includes a keypad panel, a light gathering layer, an electronic ink layer, a first elastic layer and a switch board. The keypad panel includes a carrier and a plurality of keycaps arranged on the carrier. The light gathering layer is arranged on a bottom surface of the keypad panel and located corresponding to the keycaps. The electronic ink layer is arranged on a bottom surface of the light gathering layer. The first elastic layer is arranged on a bottom surface of the electronic ink layer and comprises a plurality of protrusion portions respectively corresponding to the keycaps. The switch board is arranged below the elastic layer.10-01-2009
20100163379LIGHT-GUIDE BOARD ASSEMBLY AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME - A light-guide board assembly includes a light-guide board, a shielding board disposed on the light-guide board, and a plurality of light-guide poles. The light-guide board defines a plurality of engaging holes, a plurality of light-focusing slots and a plurality of channels. One end of each light-guide pole is received in a corresponding engaging hole. The light-focusing slots focus light to strengthen the light emitted from the light-guide slots. Each engaging hole communicates with one adjacent engaging hole or an adjacent light-focusing slot through a channel.07-01-2010
20100187077MOVABLE CONTACT UNIT AND SWITCH USING THE SAME - A movable contact unit includes a light-guide sheet, a cover sheet, a movable contact, and a light-transmissive light-guide portion. The light-guide sheet includes a film-shaped substrate, and a convex and concave luminescent portion provided on the substrate. The cover sheet faces the substrate. A dome-shaped resilient movable contact made of a thin metal sheet is attached to the cover sheet at a position corresponding to the luminescent portion. The light-guide portion is provided on the cover sheet at a position other than an area where the movable contact is disposed or on the light-guide sheet at a position other than an area where the light-guide portion is disposed. If the light-guide portion is provided on the light-guide sheet, the movable contact may be attached to the light-guide sheet without using the cover sheet.07-29-2010
20090078548MULTI-POSITION PUSHBUTTON WITH INTEGRAL LED AND ACTUATOR - The present invention relates generally to pushbutton actuators. More particularly, the invention encompasses a pushbutton 03-26-2009
20100236909MULTI-POLE CIRCUIT BREAKER LIGHT GUIDE TRIP INDICATOR AND INSTALLATION METHOD - An apparatus, method and system for visually indicating a circuit breaker, such as a multi-pole circuit breaker, has been tripped are provided. An exemplary light guide comprises a plurality of light conduits adapted to transmit light from two or more light sources within a circuit breaker assembly to an exterior of the circuit breaker assembly; a beam that connects the light conduits; and one or more retention features coupled to one or more of the light conduits, wherein each retention feature is adapted to mate with a retention feature interface of the circuit breaker assembly. Numerous other aspects are provided.09-23-2010
20120193200SWITCH MODULE - A switch module is provided with a circuit substrate that has a metal dome sheet mounted on a surface thereof which is arranged in opposition to a key substrate, a light guiding sheet that is arranged between the key substrate and the circuit substrate, an LED, and a reflector that makes the light emitted from the LED incident into the light guiding sheet from an end thereof, wherein key parts are able to be illuminated by the switch module. At an inner side of the reflector in the light guiding sheet, there is formed a printed pattern of white ink for scattering light on an optical path of the light which transmits through a first surface from the vicinity of an edge portion of the reflector.08-02-2012
20100243416ILLUMINATED KEYPAD - Illuminated keypads are disclosed herein. One embodiment includes first and second light guides having a compressible material located therebetween. The material blocks light from traveling between the light guides.09-30-2010
20110056814ELECTROLUMINESCENT KEYBOARD - An electroluminescent keyboard includes a plurality of membrane switch structures, a plurality of keycaps, a plurality of electroluminescent elastic members, and an electrode layer. The electroluminescent elastic members are arranged between the keycaps and respective membrane switch structures for emitting light in response to an electric current or an electric field. The electrode layer is arranged between the electroluminescent elastic members and respective membrane switch structures and electrically connected to respective electroluminescent elastic members. The electroluminescent elastic members emit light when the electric current passes through the electrode layer or the strong electric field is applied to the electrode layer. The light-emitting element and the backlight module that are used in the conventional keyboard are not included in the electroluminescent keyboard. In addition, the light could be effectively controlled to be guided to a desired luminous region of the keycap. As a consequence, the illuminated keyboard is very cost-effective.03-10-2011
20090114514ILLUMINATED SWITCH DEVICE - An illuminated switch device includes: a casing with an open upper side that has a partition wall formed on the inner bottom thereof; light sources that are provided on the inner bottom in a plurality of regions partitioned by the partition wall; an operating body that includes an outer housing and a light-shielding wall which divides a space surrounded by the outer housing and covered with an upper plate into a plurality of small spaces; and a switch element that is driven when the operating body is pressed. Guide rails are slidably fitted to concave grooves to guide the movement of the outer housing in the vertical direction. Both ends of the light-shielding wall 05-07-2009
20090065335Multi-functional keypad module for a mobile phone - A multi-functional keypad module for a mobile phone includes a circuit board, a light-emitting element, a soft light-guiding rubber layer, an optical touch layer, and a key layer. The soft light-guiding rubber layer is provided on the circuit board and has a plurality of protrusions each corresponding to the circuit board; thereby a feedback feeling from a pressing action and a light-guiding effect can be obtained. The optical touch layer is provided on the soft light-guiding rubber layer, in order to continue the optically enhanced touch-control and the feedback feeling. The key layer is provided on the optical touch layer, with a plurality of keys respectively corresponding to one of the protrusion, thereby completes and achieves the optically enhanced touch-control effect and feedback feeling. Via the above arrangement, the keypad module of a mobile phone has multiple functions of light guiding, touch-control, and feedback feeling from a pressing action.03-12-2009
20100038223ELECTRIC CONTROL DEVICE - The invention relates to an touch-surface electric control device (02-18-2010
20110147180ILLUMINATED KEYBOARD - An illuminated keyboard comprises a frame plate, a character keycap, a light source, a membrane plate, a switch circuit plate and a base plate. The character keycap is connected with the frame plate, and movable upwardly or downwardly with respect to the frame plate. The light source is disposed under the character keycap for emitting invisible light. The character keycap, the frame plate, the membrane plate, the switch circuit plate and the base plate are sequentially arranged from top to bottom. The illuminated keyboard further includes a luminous substance, which is excited by the light source to generate visible light to irradiate the illuminated keyboard.06-23-2011
20100300854Integrated Luminous Keyboard - The present invention relates to an integrated luminous keyboard, and includes a plurality of keys, light sources, a flexible circuit board, a light guide plate and a reflector plate, wherein the flexible circuit board, which enables detecting key signals from the keys, is located underneath the keys. A plurality of slots, used to fixedly secure the keys, are defined in the light guide plate corresponding to the keyboard. Moreover, the light guide plate enables the incoming of light rays produced by the light sources, and the reflector plate is located underneath the light guide plate. Accordingly, use of the light guide plate of the present invention simultaneously provides the effectiveness to fixedly secure the keys and realize a luminescent effect, thereby eliminating disposition of a bottom plate structure of prior art luminous keyboards, and achieves the practical advancements of simplification and lightweighting of the structure, and saving on costs.12-02-2010
20110209973LUMINOUS SWITCH AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - A luminous switch using an inorganic EL material is provided with a plurality of switch sections so as to reduce acoustic noise. The switch sections are provided with a plurality of protruding parts (09-01-2011
20080202907BACKLIGHTED KEY FOR A KEYPAD OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The invention relates to a key plunger for a key of an electronic device. The plunger comprises: a stalk made of a transparent material allowing light to pass through; a plinth connected to the top of the stalk; and a body section connected to the top of the plinth made of a translucent, light-diffusing material. The body section is shaped to fit snugly within an interior of a cap for the key. The plunger is made from a two-shot moulding process for forming the stalk and the section. The plunger may be part of a key assembly that also has a key cap shaped to snugly fit over the plunger and a backlight to light an interior of the cap.08-28-2008
20100181174Appliance Control Knob Providing Illuminated Setting Indication - A shaft of a rotary switch, for example, useful as a control for an appliance, such as a washing machine, incorporates an LED at the end of the shaft and projecting light laterally from the shaft to provide an indication of the rotary position of the corresponding knob with respect to printed indicia on a console. The LED may be powered by slip rings incorporated into the rotary switch and communicating directly with line power as controlled by the limiting resistor and the shaft may include a controlled breakage feature providing LED conductors that are recessed within the shaft in the event of shaft breakage to reduce the chance of operator contact with line voltage.07-22-2010
20100181175OPERATING DEVICE FOR AN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE AND CONTROL PANEL - An operating device for an electrical appliance with a control panel has a control element for operation through rotary actuation arranged in the control panel, said control element being disposed and mounted in a receptacle behind the control panel. The receptacle has light-conducting and/or light transmitting material in the manner of a light guide, and is illuminated through an LED at a posterior end facing away from the control panel and with light apertures provided at another anterior end on the control panel around the control element extending forwardly beyond the control panel.07-22-2010
20100181176ILLUMINATING STRUCTURE OF KEY OPERATING UNIT, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, PORTABLE APPARATUS, AND ILLUMINATING METHOD OF KEY OPERATING UNIT - An illuminating structure of a key operating unit for operating a key switch includes a housing unit to have a window portion formed correspondingly to the key switch, a circuit substrate to be provided inside the housing unit, to be disposed with the key switch, and to be provided with a light-guiding window portion, a keypad unit to include a key top portion inserted in the window portion of the housing unit, the keypad unit including a light-guiding portion at least in the key top portion, a light-emitting element to be arranged on a back surface side of the circuit substrate, and an illuminating plate to have a reflecting portion reflecting outgoing light of the light-emitting element to apply the reflected light from the reflecting portion to the keypad unit through the light-guiding window portion of the circuit substrate.07-22-2010
20110259719SWITCH MODULE AND REFRIGERATOR HAVING THE SAME - Disclosed herein are a switch module and a refrigerator having the same. In the refrigerator with a dispenser installed on a door, a switch module to operate the dispenser includes a switch to operate the dispenser, a push button moving backwards by external force and applying pressure to the switch to operate the switch, and a switch case provided with a front surface on which the push button is arranged and receiving the switch therein, and the push button is installed on the switch case by a link assembly to simultaneously move upper and lower portions of the push button forwards and backwards. Therefore, the push button is uniformly operated regardless of a position to which the external force is applied.10-27-2011
20110186409PUSH BUTTON SWITCH - A push button switch includes a light emitter, a switch, a base, a light guiding member and a button. The light emitter and the switch are arranged on the circuit board. The base is arranged above the switch. The light guiding member and the button are mounted on the base. The light guiding member includes a first end, a second end, a first reflective surface, and a second reflective surface, the first end being arranged above the light emitter, wherein light from the light emitter enters into the light guiding member from the first end, and goes to the second end after being reflected by the first reflective surface and the second reflective surface.08-04-2011
20090173607THIN KEYMAT MODULE WITH A REFLECTION STRUCTURE - A thin keymat module with a reflection structure includes a circuit board with a plurality of elastic conductive elements, a mirror reflection sheet, a transparent elastic layer, a keymat layer and a light-emitting unit. The mirror reflection sheet is disposed on the circuit board, evenly corresponding to the elastic conductive elements. The mirror reflection sheet has a reflection microstructure corresponding to the elastic conductive elements. The transparent elastic layer is disposed on the mirror reflection sheet and has elastic portions corresponding to the elastic conductive elements. The keymat layer is disposed on the transparent elastic layer and has transparent portions corresponding to the elastic portions. The light-emitting unit is located on one side of the transparent elastic layer. When the light-emitting unit projects light onto the mirror reflection sheet and the reflection microstructure, each elastic portion and each transparent portion have a light displaying effect.07-09-2009
20090173606Keyboard - A keyboard includes a printed circuit board, a light guide sheet, a keypad member and a light shield. The printed circuit board has a plurality of light-emitting devices. The light guide sheet is disposed over the printed circuit board to receive the light output from the light-emitting devices. The keypad member has a plurality of keys, wherein the light guide sheet is disposed between the printed circuit board and the keypad member. The light shield is disposed between the light guide sheet and the keypad member. The light shield has a light-absorbing surface, a light-reflective surface and a plurality of light-outlet holes. The light-reflective surface faces the light guide sheet. The light-absorbing surface faces the keypad member. The light output from the light-emitting devices passes the light-outlet holes to illuminate the keypad member.07-09-2009
20090173605KEYCAP FOR GUIDING LIGHT LATERALLY AND KEYPAD PANEL HAVING THE SAME - A keycap is made of a light-transmitting material. The bottom of the keycap has a light-entering surface. A light-exiting surface extends from one side of the light-entering surface and intersects therewith. A connecting surface is formed between the light-entering surface and the light-exiting surface. The connecting surface is covered by a light-shielding layer. A light-reflecting surface is formed in the light-shielding layer. The light is introduced from the light-entering surface and reflected by the reflecting surface so as to project toward the light-exiting surface. The keypad panel is constituted of the above-mentioned keycap.07-09-2009
20120000757SWITCH AND ILLUMINATION UNIT - A switch has a pressing operation part capable of pressing and operating a pressing part, the switch having an LED placed on a flexible printed wiring board and pinched by the pressing operation part and the pressing part, characterized in that the pressing operation part has a transmission part for transmitting light emitted by the LED to a side of an operation surface of said pressing operation part.01-05-2012
20120055770BACKLIGHTING ASSEMBLY FOR A KEYPAD - A backlighting assembly for use in a keypad assembly. The backlighting assembly includes at least one light emitting source configured to emit light; and a light guide assembly configured to receive the emitted light and direct the light toward the at least one key. The light guide assembly includes both a light guide film and a light guide frame for directing light from the light source toward the key(s).03-08-2012
20120061217PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND SWITCHING METHOD OF ICON - A portable electronic device including a main body, a physical key module, and a control module is provided. The physical key module assembled to the main body has a display surface, and the physical key module includes at least two overlapped icon units. The control module electrically connected to the physical key module activates one of the icon units according to an operating state of the main body, so that an icon of the activated icon unit is displayed on the display surface. A method for switching icons is also provided.03-15-2012
20120160643SWITCH DEVICE - A switch device includes a pressing portion that has a first display portion and a second display portion, a holder having at least one cell corresponding to the pressing portion, a push switch, first and second light sources that respectively illuminate the first display portion and the second display portion from behind, a plate formed with the pressing portion so as to separate, in a cell, a space between the first light source and the first display portion from a space between the second light source and the second display portion, and a regulation portion formed on both sides of the plate in the cell. In the switching device, when an operator presses the pressing portion, part of the plate presses the push switch.06-28-2012
20120160642SWITCH UNIT - A switch unit comprises a switch base, a trigger member disposed over the switch base, a light emitting element provided in the inner space of the trigger member, and a head cap. The head cap is capable of being coupled with or being separated from the trigger member, and is capable of being coupled with or being separated from the trigger member via a cap adapter. Thus, the trigger member is assembled directly with various types of head caps, or is assembled with various types of head caps via the cap adapter.06-28-2012
20100288607ILLUMINATED INDICATOR ON AN INPUT DEVICE - An input device includes a base. A keycap is coupled to the base by a key guide structure that supports the keycap in a position that provides a space between the keycap and the base. The keycap includes a light transmitting section. An illuminator is located adjacent the light transmitting section. A flexible illumination guide is positioned about a perimeter of the illuminator. The flexible illumination guide is operable to flex in response to engaging the keycap. The illuminator is operable to provide illumination through the flexible illumination guide and the light transmitting section. The flexible illumination guide prevents illumination from escaping directly from the perimeter of the illuminator and through the space between the keycap and the base.11-18-2010
20100051429BACKLIGHT MODULE AND KEYBOARD - The invention provides backlight module comprising a light guiding plate, a flexible substrate, and a light emitting unit. The flexible substrate has a first surface, and the light emitting unit is configured on the first surface. A paint area used for reflecting the light, emitted by the light emitting unit, to the light guiding plate is formed on the first surface near the light emitting unit. Accordingly, the light emitted into the light guiding plate could be prevented from being reflected by the flexible substrate directly and presenting the same color with the flexible substrate.03-04-2010
20090107815Privacy-enabled keypad - A privacy-enabled keypad comprising: a keypad; an opaque shield upstanding around the keypad for restricting viewing of the keypad to a user of the keypad; and at least one illumination source disposed on a portion of the shield facing the keypad, and oriented to illuminate the keypad. A public access terminal incorporating the privacy-enabled keypad is also disclosed.04-30-2009
20120080297KEYBOARD APPARATUS - A keyboard apparatus is provided which allows the brightness of illumination within keytops to be improved. Keyboard apparatus 04-05-2012
20120080296ILLUMINATED BUTTON ASSEMBLY - Illuminated button assemblies are provided that can be secured to a mounting surface by any of a locking member such as a snap tab, a securing member such as a nut, or a combination of both. The securing member is adapted to enclose the locking member when it is fully secured. A variety of illumination assemblies are similarly sized and shaped such that they can be interchanged within the same assembly housing. A switch and the illumination assembly are directly connected to the assembly housing without the need for a lamp holder.04-05-2012
20080197002DOME SHEET WITH LIGHT GUIDE FOR MEMBRANE SWITCH - In an embodiment, a membrane switch may include a flexible light guide having a first refractive index. The flexible light guide may include a first wall, an opposing second wall, and one or more additional walls. One or more of the first wall, the second wall and the additional walls may be disposed adjacent to a substance including a second refractive index that is lower than the first refractive index.08-21-2008

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