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200302100 Dust, dirt, or moisture excluding 63
200303000 Split housing 12
200296000 Panel 7
200304000 With shield 5
20090218203Keypad Shield - The present invention provides a shield for overlying a keypad and restricting the view of third parties. The shield comprises a main body connectable to the keypad and a screen defined in the main body and overlying the keypad. The keypad may only be viewed through the screen by the user of the keypad. The screen may be slidable and may be provided with a film that restricts the viewing angle such that the keypad may only be viewed through the screen from within a range of angles, which range is approximately 20° centered normal to the surface of the screen. The main body further provides an opening through which manual access to the keypad is permitted. The present invention finds particular use on the keypad of ATMs and point of sale PIN units.09-03-2009
20130026016PUSHROD ASSEMBLY FOR CIRCUIT BREAKER - A pushrod assembly for a circuit breaker having a pushrod with an insulating body, an insulating housing surrounding the push rod, a first insulating shield connected to the pushrod and a second insulating shield connected to the housing. The first insulating shield and the second insulating shield are arranged inside the housing such that an electrical path through a fluid inside the housing is longer than the distance of a first end and a second end of the push rod.01-31-2013
20090260964Electrical Service Device - The invention relates to an electric installation device comprising a housing (10-22-2009
20120261239CIRCUIT BREAKER HAVING CRADLE - A circuit breaker having a cradle, the circuit breaker comprises: an upper shutter and a lower shutter configured to open and close terminals of the cradle; an upper shutter operation link having one end connected to the upper shutter and another end rotatably coupled to a pivot; a lower shutter operation link having one end connected to the lower shutter and another end rotatably coupled to the pivot; and a shutter safety device comprising a coupling unit fixedly-coupled to the pivot, a rotation unit rotatably coupled to the coupling unit, and a link fixing unit provided at one end of the rotation unit, wherein the link fixing unit is to restrict rotation of the upper shutter operation link and the lower shutter operation link in a contacting manner.10-18-2012
20130153381Shield Apparatus for Use in Circuit Interrupter - An improved shield apparatus is structured to resist contamination due to an electrical arc event of an open region that is formed within an interior of a circuit interrupter. The open region is one within which a coil spring is movably disposed. The improved shield apparatus is formed of a flexible sheet of arc-resistant material and includes a support apparatus having an elongated leg, at least a portion of which extends through an elongated longitudinal opening in the coil spring and connects with an end of the coil spring. The shield apparatus further includes a shield element that is situated on an exterior surface of the coil spring and is structured to overlie at least a portion of an opening into the open region.06-20-2013
200294000 Surface 5
20090045040MICROSWITCH WITH PUSH-IN WIRE CONNECTOR - A microswitch with push-in wire connectors is provided. In one illustrative embodiment, the microswitch may include a plunger for activating the switch, a first stationary contact, a second stationary contact, a movable contact, and a snap-spring assembly reactive to the plunger for switching the movable contact between making electrical contact with the first stationary contact and making electrical contact with the second stationary contact. The microswitch may include a first push-in wire connector for electrically connecting an end of a first wire to the first stationary contact, a second push-in wire connector for electrically connecting an end of a second wire to the second stationary contact, and a third push-in wire connector for electrically connecting an end of a third wire to the movable contact. Alternatively, or in addition, the microswitch may include a housing that, when viewed from the first surface, may have a footprint that is generally rectangular in shape except for a first housing projection and a second housing projection that extend out from different sides of the housing. The first housing projection and the second housing projection may house first and second push-in wire connectors, as desired.02-19-2009
20130087439SOCKET STRUCTURE OF MICRO SWITCH - A socket structure of a micro switch includes a plurality conductive pins of at the bottom of the switch, and a plurality of grooves and distal slots, and the grooves are formed at the bottom of the switch, and the pins are disposed in the grooves, and the distal slots are formed on an outer wall of the switch and interconnected to the grooves respectively, and the top of the pin is extended into the distal slot, so that the pin is exposed from the outer wall of the switch, and the grooves are provided for positioning the pins and preventing them from being deformed, and containing a solder paste for soldering to prevent the switch from being protruded, and the distal slots are provided for extending a soldering iron to touch that pins to facilitate removing and soldering the switch on a surface of a circuit board.04-11-2013
20100032271SWITCH - A switch having terminals that provide from side surfaces of a switch housing for mounting on a substrate. Through-holes are provided in the terminals. A main body is installed in a cutaway part of the substrate to form a gap between the housing side surface and the cutaway part. When soldering a solder connection surface of the terminal to the solder mounting surface of the substrate, flux flows out to a substrate end surface through a space formed continuously between each through-hole and the gap, such that there is no penetration of flux into the interior of the switch. As a result, contact operation is made stable. In addition, the solder connection strength is also improved by forming a solder fillet on the interior surface of the through-hole.02-11-2010
20120292164SWITCH PANEL WITH INDICATOR - A switch panel with an indicator is disclosed. The switch panel has a transparent region. There is a light source disposed in the switch panel for emitting light when turning off a switch body. A shape of the transparent region is projected onto the wall for forming a large area of indicating pattern, and this can replace a night light. The drawback of a luminous region in prior art which is limited to be on the switch body or on the switch panel is solved.11-22-2012
20130180837PUSH SWITCH - A push switch is configured to be mounted on an upper surface of a circuit board the circuit board having a land provided on the upper surface thereof and a side edge. The push switch includes a front section and a rear section. The front section includes a switch contact unit activated by being pushed in a predetermined direction, and is configured to be located outward from the side edge of the circuit board. The rear section includes a terminal connected with the switch contact unit the rear section extending from the front section, and is configured to be disposed on the upper surface of the circuit board. The rear section is connected with the front section, and configures substantially an L-shape in combination with the front section. The terminal is configured to be connected with the land of the circuit board. The predetermined direction is parallel to the upper surface of the circuit board. The gravity center of the push switch is located away from the front section in a direction in which the rear section extends from the front section.07-18-2013
200307000 Stacked 3
20130026017PUSH-BUTTON SWITCH UNIT WITH A DISPLAY DEVICE - Push-button switch unit with a display device that includes a display device (01-31-2013
20080210533Connecting Element, Connection and Method for Producing a Connection Between Service Switching Devices - The invention relates to a connector element for two installation breakers, adjacently attached with the broad faces thereof in contact, in particular, power breakers or residual current breakers, the housings of which are each formed from two dished housing pieces. The connector element comprises an approximately cylindrical base body with a first external diameter on the front side of which two radially-sprung, axially projecting first and second expanding arms are moulded. The external contours of the spreader arms lie on a cylindrical outer surface, the external diameter of which is smaller than the first external diameter of the base body. The free ends thereof comprise radially projecting lugs on opposed external lines, which, in the assembly state, clip behind recesses on the housings, for connection by means of the connector element, of adjacent installation breakers. A sprung spreader element is mounted between a first and second spreader arm such that the spreader element supports the sprung spreading of the spreader arms, and which impedes the sprung contact of the first and second spreader arms with each other.09-04-2008
20100101923TOOL FREE AUXILIARY CONTACT BLOCK - The present invention relates to an auxiliary contact block. The auxiliary contact block has a housing and a tool free latching mechanism. The tool free latching mechanism has a stationary member integral to the housing and a latching bar.04-29-2010
200295000 With flexible mounting means 3
20090266690Pushbutton for a hearing device - A pushbutton for a hearing device is provided. The pushbutton includes a probe guided into a housing shell and includes a locking element. The locking element produces a first snap-on connection between the housing shell and the probe when inserted into the probe. As a result, the pushbutton is fixedly connected to the housing shell, as a result of which the housing shell can be easily exchanged.10-29-2009
20080245643BUTTON DEVICE - A button device for an electronic device includes a transparent active button (10-09-2008
20110036692OPERATION PANEL DEVICE FOR AN ELEVATOR - In an operation panel device for an elevator, a switch provided with a switch main body and an operation portion is mounted onto the back surface of a faceplate. A retaining mechanism for retaining the switch main body in a predetermined mounting position is provided between a side surface of the switch main body and the back surface of the faceplate. The retaining mechanism includes an elastic member. The elastic member allows the switch main body to be moved to the mounting position by elastic deformation. Further, when the switch main body is moved to the mounting position, the elastic member is restored to an original state thereof to prevent the switch main body from moving from the mounting position.02-17-2011
200297000 Outlet box 3
20110290625Universal Box System - A universal electrical box which comprises a body having at least one opening for receiving an electrical device. There is also at least one opening for receiving electrical wiring from building wiring. The device can also include at least one mounting bracket coupled to the body, and at least one frame configured to be coupled to the at least one body. In addition there is at least one duplex electrical mounting plate configured to couple to the at least one frame. In this case, the duplex electrical mounting plate is configured to receive a duplex electrical device. In addition, there is at least one sealing gasket configured to be coupled to the body between the at least one frame and the body. This design allows for a universal configuration which allows for multiple different types of electrical devices to be coupled to the enclosure.12-01-2011
20110253516Modular Sensor Switch - A modular sensor switch is formed to include the sensor and electrical control elements in a base module which is covered by a removable and replaceable cover plate module that may be aesthetically coordinated with a suitable switch or cover plate. The cover plate module may be changed by a user without the services of an electrician. The cover plate module includes at least one sensor cover and at least one manual switch activator element that may be formed to aesthetically coordinate with a switch plate cover to create a unified decorative effect for the combined switch plate cover and cover plate module.10-20-2011
20120160641Wall Box Dimmer - A dual function air-gap switch actuator (06-28-2012
200306000 Venting means 2
20130037398SWITCH - A switch designed for dustproof performance by minimizing a route of entry of dust from a terminal portion, includes a plurality of terminals, a movable contact piece that is supported in a manner allowing displacement between a non-conduction position and a conduction position, and a contact actuating member that displaces the movable contact piece in response to an externally applied pressing force. A main body of the switch includes an opening communicating with the outside, partition walls formed between the opening and the movable contact piece, barrier walls formed between the opening and the movable contact piece, and passages formed by ends of the barrier walls and walls that are opposite the ends of the barrier walls. Each partition wall extends across the corresponding passage and each terminal includes a connection portion and a blocking portion that is bent from the connection portion and blocks the corresponding passage.02-14-2013
20110067988ELECTRICAL SWITCHING COMPONENT - An apparatus including an electrical switching device to control current to a load and a second case arranged to substantially encapsulate the electrical switching device. The electrical switching device includes a first case; a plurality of contacts disposed in the first case; and an opening in the first case disposed to expose the contacts. The second case is arranged to duct a blast from the opening of the first case of the electrical switching device.03-24-2011
200293100 Unitary switch mounted in handle or handgrip 1
20120000755ELECTRIC TOOL - An auxiliary switch has an operation portion and a switch body switching on and off by receiving the movement of the operation portion, and the operation portion is mounted to a left side surface, a right side surface of the housing covering a region between the motor and the main switch, the switch body is accommodate within a space of the housing positioned on the left side and the right side of the man switch, and a space is defined between the motor and the main switch within the housing due to the spaced positioning of the left or right auxiliary switch.01-05-2012
200300000 Frangible element 1
20110272260ONE SIDED THIN FILM CAPACITIVE TOUCH SENSORS - Thin film capacitive touch sensors and applications thereof are described herein. Embodiments include construction of one-sided and two-sided thin film capacitive touch sensors with partial fill patterns, one-sided thin film capacitive touch sensors including conductive ground plane layers, one-sided thin film capacitive touch sensors including air gap layers, one-sided thin film capacitive touch sensors including a combination of both separation layers to create air gap layers and conductive ground plane layers.11-10-2011
20130075239COVER MOUNTED HANDLE OPERATING MECHANISM WITH INTEGRATED INTERLOCK ASSEMBLY FOR A BUSPLUG ENCLOSURE - A busplug enclosure includes a body member includes a plurality of wall members that collectively define an interior chamber having an opening. The body member includes a line portion and a load portion. A cover assembly is mounted to the body member across the opening. The cover assembly includes a first cover member spanning the load portion and a second cover member spanning the line portion. A handle operating mechanism is mounted to the cover assembly. The handle operating mechanism includes a handle member configured to rotate about an axis extending through the cover assembly, a cam member and a slider member. The handle member is operatively coupled to the cam member and the slider member and configured and disposed to move between a first position and a second position03-28-2013
20100072045Switch Pole with a Mounting Frame Having Latching Means - A switch pole for interrupting an alternating electrical current has a supporting frame formed of insulating material. An interrupter extends in a longitudinal direction within the supporting frame between an input connection and an output connection and is configured to interrupt the alternating current between the input connection and the output connection. The input connection, the output connection, and the interrupter are held by the supporting frame. The insulating capacity of the supporting frame of the novel switch pole can be matched in a simple manner to the requirements placed respectively on the switch pole. For that purpose, the supporting frame has latching means for accommodating additional insulating parts, with which the insulating capacity of the supporting frame is increased.03-25-2010
20130037396SWITCH ASSEMBLY - A switch assembly includes a switch casing and a button pivotally connected with the switch casing. The switch casing has at least two sets of fastener slots disposed at two sides of the switch casing, respectively. The cover plate has a set of hooks corresponding to the fastener slots. The hooks are engaged with either set of the fastener slots. In addition, an upper side of the switch casing where the button is pivotally connected includes at least one positioning protrusion that is correspondingly engaged with a positioning groove provided on the cover plate to prevent erroneous assembly of the cover plate with the switch casing.02-14-2013
20130206557SWITCHING UNIT FOR AN ELECTRICAL SWITCHING DEVICE - A switching unit for an electrical switching device, in particular for an electrical power circuit breaker, is disclosed and includes a breaker mechanism with an operating lever and a switching mechanism which can be actuated by the operating lever. In at least one embodiment, at least one breaker assembly board is included, onto which the breaker mechanism is fixed. The at least one breaker assembly board includes at least one positioning lug which is designed for positioning the switching unit in a housing of the electrical switching device.08-15-2013
20130026015VENT STRUCTURE FOR A HOUSING OF AN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE - The present invention relates to the field of electric appliance such as AC/DC relay, AC/DC contactor and AC/DC low-voltage apparatus, and in particular, to a vent structure formed on the housing of an electric appliance. In one preferred embodiment, the present invention provides a vent structure for the housing of an electric appliance, the vent structure is defined by a clearance between a first wall and a second wall formed on the housing, the clearance is located between a first surface of the first wall and a second surface of the second wall, wherein the first wall and the second wall are not in the same plane. According to the present invention, a specific die is adopted in molding such housing. By the engagement between the male and female die inserts in the die, the vent structure in the housing of an electric appliance has a staggered and drop structure.01-31-2013
20130081932PORTABLE TERMINAL HAVING SIDE KEY - Provided is a portable terminal including a switch button member having binding rings extending from both end portions thereof, respectively, and a case member having a seating groove on an outer circumferential surface of a side portion thereof, in which the button member is disposed on the seating groove and the binding rings are inserted into an inner side of the case member, respectively, so as to bind the switch button to said case member.04-04-2013
20120181154Current Switching Device and Method for Manufacturing the Same - The present invention discloses a current switching device and a method for manufacturing the same. The current switching device comprises a cover, a base, a plurality of metal terminals, a switching element, and at least two contact pieces; the base and the cover are combined with each other to form an accommodating space; the plurality of metal terminals are arranged in an asymmetrical shape and buried in the base; the switching element is disposed in the accommodating space; the two contact pieces are disposed on the switching element and comprises at least two contact points respectively, wherein all the contact points contact different metal terminals, and then each contact piece can conduct electricity between two metal terminals; the contact positions between the two contact pieces and the plurality of metal terminals can be changed by the rotary swing of the switching element, so as to switch the current direction.07-19-2012
20090301849Switch structure integrated with display and playback device - A switch structure integrated with a display and playback device is provided. Therein, a lower housing has a rectangular through-hole, a conductor through-hole, a terminal through-hole and a guide post formed peripherally with semi-cylindrical ribs. The display and playback device is equipped with a bus line and display and playback device terminals, and covered with a display and playback device housing, which in turn is covered by a transparent cover. A conductor and a terminal are inserted in the conductor through-hole and the terminal through-hole, respectively. Resilient elements are provided between the lower housing and an actuation element having a guide post through-hole for cooperating with the guide post. Upon movement of the actuation element relative to the lower housing, the ribs on the guide post make contact with an inner wall of the guide post through-hole, allowing the actuation element to move smoothly, vertically relative to the lower housing.12-10-2009
20130056338METHOD FOR LOCKING A COVER OF AN ELECTRICAL SWITCH - A device is disclosed including a removable cover of a housing of an electrical switch and a handle. In at least one embodiment, the handle, by way of its position, switches the electrical switch between different states. Further, the handle is connected to the housing and the handle includes a contour which is embodied, at least in one position of the handle, to interact with the cover for locking the removable cover.03-07-2013
20090242366Side Entry Circuit Breaker - A circuit breaker enables selective left, right or a combination of both side connection to a power conductor, such as a cable or wire. Side connection eliminates the need for large radius U-bends of the power conductor that is normally required when using top connection circuit breakers. An electrically non-conductive cavity commonly defined by left and right sides of the circuit breaker housing receives the power conductor in a connector such as a lug. The circuit breaker may have a visualization window oriented to observe whether excessive cable is projecting out of the lug, so as to confirm compliance with electrical code over surface spacing requirements. In some embodiments, the circuit breaker lugs are vertically oriented above its front cover surface in a receptacle portion of the housing. The receptacle may be constructed for selective lug orientation in horizontal or vertical positions by the installer.10-01-2009
20090266689Electronic Device - An electronic device adapted to be mounted on a circuit board is disclosed. A housing is made of an insulative material. The housing includes a first face adapted to oppose the circuit board, a second face and a third face which respectively intersect with the first face. A cover covers a part of the housing and is made of a conductive material. An earth contact member is made of a conductive material and integrally molded with the housing. The earth contact member has a first terminal extending from the first face to the second face and a second terminal disposed on the third face and being in contact with the cover. The first terminal is adapted to be soldered on an earth circuit on the circuit board.10-29-2009
20110278143ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH PUSH BOTTON - An electronic device includes a switch, a housing, a button, and an elastic element. The housing includes a cover and a sidewall enclosing the cover. The sidewall defines a receiving hole. The button is received in the receiving hole. The elastic element includes a base, a resisting portion, and an angled elastic arm connecting the resisting portion to the base. The resisting portion abuts against the button. The base is fixed to the cover. The elastic arm deflects when the button is pushed by an external force to actuate the switch, and rebounds to cause the button to move back when the external force has ceased.11-17-2011
20120085630MAIN SWITCH FOR ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS OF VEHICLES - A main switch for electrical systems of vehicles, comprising an outer casing projecting from which is a plurality of electrical contacts that are to be connected to cables of the electrical system, wherein the casing has a base that is to rest on a supporting plate of the vehicle, said base being fixed by means of screws to the supporting plate, wherein the base is provided with two pairs of fixing elements having respective holes that are to be engaged by said screws, said fixing elements being insertable in the respective seats of the base in two different positions to which there correspond different distances between the centres of the fixing elements of each pair.04-12-2012
20120292163MEDIUM VOLTAGE CIRCUIT BREAKER ARRANGEMENT - Exemplary embodiments are directed to a medium voltage circuit breaker arrangement that includes at least one pole part housing for accommodating a pair of coaxially arranged electrical contacts, wherein one electrical contact of the pair of electrical contacts is axially movable via a jackshaft arrangement which is accommodated in a recasted sheet metal housing, and driven by an actuator unit. The sheet metal housing forms a suspension construction for the at least one pole part housing and the jackshaft arrangement and the corresponding actuator unit forming a module. An additional housing part is provided for covering at least the actuator unit of the module in order to define the outer geometrical dimensions of the circuit breaker arrangement.11-22-2012
20110290624SWITCHING CHAMBER INSULATION ARRANGEMENT FOR A CIRCUIT BREAKER - A switching chamber insulation arrangement and a circuit breaker having such a switching chamber insulation arrangement are provided. The switching chamber insulation arrangement provides improved heat dissipation in the area of the contact areas of switch contact poles. The switching chamber insulation arrangement includes a strut arrangement having a plurality of struts. Each strut has a first foot area, a second foot, area and a center area which is located between the first foot area and the second foot area, respectively. The struts are arranged along a circumference around a longitudinal extent axis of the strut arrangement. The strut arrangement has a first mechanical coupling area on a side of the first foot areas for coupling to a first pole of a circuit breaker, and a second mechanical coupling area on a side of the second foot areas for coupling to a second pole of a circuit breaker.12-01-2011
20120097509SWITCH WITH REDUCED CONTACTING AREAS BETWEEN ACTUATOR AND INSULATIVE HOUSING - A switch includes an insulative housing, a fixed contact, a movable contact and an actuator. The insulative housing defining a receiving cavity enclosed by a number of peripheral walls each of which includes an inner surface exposed to the receiving cavity. The actuator includes a bottom portion slidably received in the receiving cavity, a bottom operator for deforming of the moveable contact and a button. The bottom portion includes a first side wall and a first rib protruding sidewardly therefrom. The first rib is slidable against a first inner surface of the peripheral walls while the first side wall is separated a distance from the first inner surface. As a result, contacting areas of the actuator and corresponding inner surface are greatly reduced, and soldering materials, such as flux, originally influencing movement of the actuator can be avoided.04-26-2012
20120024680Electrical Switch - An embodiment of the invention relates to an electrical switch having a basic enclosure with an enclosure top side, an enclosure underside and at least one lateral connection side at which at least one connection contact disposed inside the enclosure of the switch is accessible for the purpose of effecting an electrical connection from outside, and a terminal cover which closes off the connection side laterally at least in sections. It is provided according to at least one embodiment of the invention that an insulating part is clipped onto the basic enclosure on the connection side of the basic enclosure, the insulating part separating the connection contact from the enclosure underside, an enclosure extension which increases the length of the switch being clipped onto the basic enclosure on the connection side of the basic enclosure, a terminal cover being clipped onto the enclosure extension, a gap remaining between the insulating part and the terminal cover when viewed from the enclosure underside, and a separate closure part which seals the gap on the enclosure underside being disposed in the gap.02-02-2012
20080237007ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS, AND SUB-ASSEMBLY AND AUXILIARY SWITCH TRAY THEREFOR - An auxiliary switch tray is provided for an electrical switching apparatus, such as a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker includes a housing, an actuating mechanism, and a plurality of auxiliary switches. The housing has a mounting mechanism. The auxiliary switch tray includes a module having first and second sides, and a plurality of mounts disposed on the first side. At least a plurality of the mounts is structured to receive a corresponding one of the auxiliary switches. A base is disposed on the second side of the module and is coupled to the mounting mechanism in order to install the auxiliary switches in a predetermined position with respect to the actuating mechanism of the circuit breaker. The module, the mounts, and the base comprise one single-piece molded member. At least a plurality of the mounts are molded compartments of the single-piece molded member.10-02-2008
20120193196ENHANCED RETURNING ELASTICITY MICRO SWITCH - An enhanced returning elasticity micro switch includes a base and a cap mounted thereon to form a housing compartment therebetween. The base is run through by a first pin and a second pin. The first pin has an anchor portion in the housing compartment to couple with a conductive member. The conductive member has a lower contact portion and swings when being pressed. The second pin has a first contact in the housing compartment. The first contact has an inclined surface connected to the lower contact portion during swing of the conductive member. The inclined surface is located at an elevation tapered towards the anchor portion. Hence the contact area between the conductive member and second pin increases, and adhesion force between the conductive member and second pin during power transmission decreases. Returning elasticity of the conductive member increases, and resistance against depression of the conductive member decreases.08-02-2012
20120090967ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY WITH PRE-MOUNTED COMPONENTS - An electrical connector assembly (04-19-2012
20080271980Production Method Of One Body Style Touch Pad And One Body Style Keypad Having Touch Pad Produced By That Method - The one body style keypad according to the present invention has the advantages that a keypad of ultra-thin dimensions is obtained, a visually high-quality presentation is realized due to the inherent luster of synthetic resin, and the manufacturing costs can be reduced because of low-cost synthetic resin unlike conventional keypads, since a key top, a base, and a front housing are formed into a self-contained single unit by the thin strip made of a synthetic resin member with respect to an one body style keypad according to the present invention.11-06-2008
20100000845PORTABLE TERMINAL WITH KEYPAD LIFTING MECHANISM - A keypad lifting mechanism includes a first board, a second board and a third board. The second board is positioned between the first board and the third board. The first board has a plurality of wedges. The third board has a plurality of protrusions. The second board has a plurality of resisting members. When the second board is pushed away the first board and the third board, the second board is raised relative to the first board by engagement of the wedges and the resisting member, and the third board is raised relative to the second board by engagement of the resisting members and the protrusions.01-07-2010
20100000844PORTABLE TERMINAL WITH KEYPAD LIFTING MECHANISM - A keypad lifting mechanism includes a fixing board, a first board, a guiding frame and a second board. Two stopping members are fixed on the fixing board. The first board is slidable relative to the fixing board. A plurality of wedges are formed on the guiding frame. The second board includes a plurality of protrusions. The second board slides up or down relative to the first board by engagement of the protrusions of the second board and the wedges of the first board. When the first board is moved relative to the fixing board, the guiding frame is stopped by the stopping members and the second board moving relative to the guiding frame so as to move up or down the second board.01-07-2010
20090050452SWITCHING DEVICE HAVING WELDING TABS FOR SECURING SENSING STRUCTURES TO THE DEVICE HOUSING - A switching device includes a housing having an exterior surface with at least one opening in the surface. An inner edge of the opening is for receiving and securing solid bodies. At least a portion of the inner edge of the opening includes an integral weld tab which is raised above a level of the exterior surface. A sensing body includes a sensing structure operable to sense at least one condition. The sensing body has an outer surface that is disposed partially within the housing and secured to the edge of the opening by the weld tab, wherein the weld tab provides weld material physically bonding the outer surface of the sensing body to the housing.02-26-2009
20110220476SWITCH DEVICE - A switch device includes a box-shaped case, a harness portion, and a fixing member. The harness portion is connected to a switch contact point and includes a plurality of lead lines extending out of the case. The case includes a holding body and a guide portion. The holding body includes a fixing portion protruding from an outer face of the case and provided on a tip side, and a through-hole provided under the fixing portion. The guide portion is opposed to the through-hole and formed in a substantially concave curve shape. The guide portion is formed such that an end portion further from the through-hole is positioned to be above an end portion closer to the through-hole. The fixing member extends through the through-hole and fixes the harness portion to the holding body by winding the harness portion and the fixing portion together.09-15-2011
20100200380Switch Assembly for a Power Tool - A switch assembly for a power tool comprises a switch member and a fixing part. The switch member comprises a finger grip part, a retaining part for retaining the switch member on a power tool, and an opening extending at least partially through the switch member, the retaining part arranged to project laterally with respect to an axis of the opening. The fixing part is arranged to be located in the opening. The switch assembly is arranged such that when the fixing part is at a first location in the opening, the retaining part adopts a retention configuration in which it projects laterally to a predetermined extent. When the fixing part is removed or at a second location in the opening, the retaining part adopts an insertion configuration in which it does not project laterally or projects less than the predetermined extent.08-12-2010
20090260963VEHICLE SWITCH - A vehicle switch includes a switch unit formed of a wiring board and an operating unit placed over the wiring board, a housing accommodating the wiring board, and a supporting member elastically deformable and placed in the housing for supporting the wiring board. This structure allows preventing switch contacts and the wiring board from being damaged although a great load or shock is applied to the operating unit, so that the vehicle switch can be reliably operated.10-22-2009
20120103769ELECTRICAL SWITCH LATCH ASSEMBLY - A latch assembly is provided for securing a switch operator to a contact block. The latch assembly includes a collar designed to retain the switch operator in the latch assembly. The latch assembly also includes a housing having one or more apertures for receiving fasteners to secure the contact block to the latch assembly. The collar is displaceable within the housing between a locked position that secures the switch operator and an unlocked position that permits disengagement of the switch operator from the collar. When the collar is in the locked position, corresponding apertures in the collar align with the one or more apertures in the housing, permitting the fasteners to be inserted through the collar apertures. Insertion of the fasteners through the collar apertures secures the collar in the locked position, thereby impeding unintentional disconnection of the switch operator from the latch assembly.05-03-2012
20100224468Switch and welding method of same - A switch comprises a switch housing including a cover, a terminal block welded to the cover and a fixed contact point therein, a moving block provided with a boss for fitting a manual shaft of an automatic transmission and a movable contact point corresponding to the fixed contact point and movable to the switch housing and elastic seal rings interposed between inner and outer peripheral surfaces of each of the terminal block and the cover, and the operation portion. One of the cover or the terminal block is formed of a colored, laser transmissive material and the other is formed of a laser non-transmissive material. The terminal block and the cover are automatically aligned with the moving block by an elastic force of the seal ring and a thermal welding part is circularly formed by means of a laser beam on the side of the outer periphery in each of the terminal block and the cover to be aligned for coupling the terminal block with the cover to fix the alignment.09-09-2010
20100236908CIRCUIT BREAKERS WITH LUG SCREW RETENTION AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - Embodiments provide circuit breakers with stops adapted to prevent a lug screw from falling out of circuit breaker and/or to prevent the lug screw from blocking a wire receiver of circuit breaker lug body. In one aspect, a circuit breaker is provided having a circuit breaker housing; a lug assembly retained in the circuit breaker housing, the lug assembly including a threaded screw hole; a lug screw having driving end and a threaded shaft inserted in the threaded screw hole; and a back-out stop adapted to contact the driving end and limit an extent of backward movement of the lug screw out of the threaded screw hole. Other aspects are provided.09-23-2010
20100236907KEY FRAME AND COVER MEMBER FOR PUSH BUTTON SWITCH - A key frame capable of being easily fitted into a product and that can be prevented from deforming in the fitting. Elastic projections (09-23-2010
20120193197ENHANCED WITHSTAND VOLTAGE MICRO SWITCH - An enhanced withstand voltage micro switch includes a base and a cap covering the base. The cap has a press element movable up and down. The base has a conductive member depressed by the press element and a connecting section extended upwards. The base also includes a first contact, and a second contact extended from the connecting section and located above the first contact. The conductive member is swung during up and down movement of the press element to connect with the first or the second contact. The connecting section has an isolation portion jutting sideward between the first and second contacts to prevent generation of a conductive layer caused by connection of the conductive member with the first and second contacts on the connecting section. Thus secured insulation can be formed between the first and second contacts to withstand a higher voltage test.08-02-2012
20120125748FULLY ENCLOSED ELECTRONIC TRIP UNIT FOR A MOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER - A molded case circuit breaker having a trip unit with one or more integrally formed dielectric protrusions that are configured to slidably interconnect with corresponding dielectric members of the base when the trip unit is secured to the base. The dielectric protrusions extend from dielectric walls located between adjacent enclosure chambers that house the current transformers and are configured to remain in contact with the dielectric members of the base as the trip unit is being moved with respect with the base. By remaining in contact to one another while the trip unit is moved with respect to the base, the dielectric protrusions, along with the dielectric members, maintain a strong dielectric barrier within the exterior spaces between the CT enclosure chambers, thereby preventing debris from traveling between and accumulating on the trip unit and the base.05-24-2012
20100200379QUICKLY EXCHANGEABLE SWITCHING DEVICE IN FIXED TYPE MEDIUM VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR SYSTEM - Switching device assembly for providing a switching function in a medium voltage switchgear system. A switching device (08-12-2010
20090038920SWITCHING DEVICE - In a switching device (02-12-2009
20110031095MEDIUM VOLTAGE CIRCUIT BREAKER WITH INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC PROTECTION UNIT - A Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker (CB) comprising an electronic protection and control unit having:02-10-2011
20090065334SWITCH - A plurality of vertical bends are provided in a terminal projecting from a switch contact outwardly of a case. With this structure, when the terminal is soldered to a land on a wiring board, a plurality of solder layers are formed between the plurality of bends and the land. The plurality of solder layers can enhance the terminal strength, thereby preventing the switch from coming or floating off from the wiring board. Thus, a switch capable of ensuring reliable operation can be provided.03-12-2009
20100133078INSTALLATION SWITCHING DEVICE - An installation switching device having an insulating material housing with a front face and an attachment face connected by two broad faces and an input and an output narrow face; an input terminal; an output terminal, wherein a current path runs from the input terminal to the output terminal; a switching mechanism configured to open or close a main contact point so as to switch the current path off and on, respectively, the switching mechanism having a switching handle configured to operate the switching mechanism; and at least one phase connecting rail disposed in an interior of the housing close to and parallel to the attachment face and electrically and mechanically isolated from other components and assemblies in the housing.06-03-2010
20100147658SWITCH ASSEMBLY OF A COOKING RANGE - A control switch for a cooking range includes a mounting plate configured to be mounted in a control panel of the cooking range and a snap lock defined in the mounting plate. The snap lock includes a catch that orients the control switch in the control panel. The mounting plate also includes a keyed tab shaped to match the profile of the catch of the snap lock.06-17-2010
20110240447OPERATING DEVICE FOR MANUALLY ACTUATING LIFTING DEVICES - An operating device is provided for manually actuating lifting devices. The device includes at least one switching element arranged in a switch housing, wherein the switching element includes a tappet, which protrudes from the switch housing. The tappet is guided in a sleeve and is covered by a covering element having a threaded ring. The sleeve protrudes outside through an opening in the switch housing, and is held in the switch housing through a threaded joint. The covering element is screwed to the sleeve in a detachable manner through the threaded ring of the covering element. Optionally, a tool is provided for installing the covering element.10-06-2011
20110240446PUSH SWITCH - A push switch includes a switch section for carrying out electric connection by pushing, a switch case having a groove portion on a side surface thereof and accommodating the switch section, and a terminal produced integrally with the switch case and led out from a side surface of the switch case. The groove portion extends from a vicinity of the terminal.10-06-2011
20110042191CIRCUIT BREAKER COVER ATTACHMENT - A circuit breaker includes a base holding an ampoule assembly, a mechanical cover that fits on the base, and a trim cover which fits on the mechanical cover. The circuit breaker can include cover supports positioned between the ampoule assembly and the base. The cover support includes a coupling member that fits within receiving apertures of the mechanical cover and has a threaded through-channel which aligns with apertures of the trim cover. Screws inserted through the trim cover are received in the through-channel to secure the trim cover, the mechanical cover and the base together. The mechanical cover and the base can have interlocking mechanisms which snap-fit together to further support coupling of the cover and base. The circuit breaker can incorporate a retainer clip which engages an ampoule pin, wherein the clip mounts to the mechanical cover to further support holding of the cover and base together.02-24-2011
20080202904Switching device having a coupling element - A switching device is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the switching device includes a coupling element for non-contacting communication, and a first enclosure part. According to at least one embodiment, the switching device includes an at least partially spherical holder, in which case the partially spherical holder can rotate by virtue of its shape about at least two axes with respect to the first enclosure part. Further, the partially spherical holder is provided in order to retain and to hold the coupling element.08-28-2008
20110259718ELECTRICAL ROTARY SWITCH - A rotary electrical switch comprises at least one rotary contact and a stationary contact. The switch may comprise a housing with a first space for accommodating the rotary contact, a second space for accommodating the stationary contact, and a third space for accommodating the stationary contact. The second space and/or the third space is substantially closed or closable when the stationary contact is arranged in the third space or the second space, respectively.10-27-2011
20110062004ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS AND LOAD CONDUCTOR THEREFOR - A load conductor is provided for an electrical switching apparatus, such as a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker includes a housing having a number of recesses. The load conductor includes first and second opposing sides, an intermediate portion extending between the first and second sides, and a number of protrusions extending outwardly from the second side. Each of the protrusions is disposed within a corresponding one of the recesses of the housing to secure the load conductor without a separate fastener.03-17-2011
20120145521FLUORINATED KETONES AS HIGH-VOLTAGE INSULATING MEDIUM - A switching device for medium, high, or extremely high voltage, wherein at least one voltaged component of the switching device is enclosed in an enclosure and the enclosure is filled with a filling medium. The filling medium includes at least one compound from the group of fluorinated ketones, or consists of the same.06-14-2012
20110094863FLEXIBLE NON-FRANGIBLE AMPERAGE FLAG FOR MOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKERS - A flexible amperage flag that indicates an amperage rating of a trip unit in a circuit breaker. The flag is molded with a housing of the trip unit so that it remains with the trip unit even when installed into a different circuit breaker. The flag includes an attachment member secured to a wall of the trip unit and a flexible leg integral with the attachment member. A top surface member indicates the amperage rating and protrudes through an auxiliary cover of the circuit breaker so as to be visible through the panelboard into which the circuit breaker is installed and is connected to the top surface member. During a circuit interruption, the pressure created by the exploding gas forces the auxiliary cover away from the trip unit, creating stress on the flag. The flexible leg permits the flag to move with the auxiliary cover and return to its original form without breaking. The flag can also include a second leg that prevents movement of a hammer of the trip unit out of its pre-assembled position during assembly of the circuit breaker.04-28-2011
20120305375Cord Switch for Controlling a LED Lamp - The invention provides a cord switch for controlling a LED lamp, comprising a casing, a push button switch that consists of a push button and a conductive slice arranged in the casing, and connection terminals and housings for the connection terminals. Each connection terminal has a plug or a pin at its front end and a rivet portion at its rear end. The housing receives the connection terminals, forming a connector which is then inserted into the casing, with a part of the plug or the pin in close contact with the conductive slice. For this cord switch, the wire connection comprises the steps of riveting wires in the rivet portion at the rear end of the connection terminals, inserting the connection terminals into the housing to form a connector, and inserting the connector into the casing, without need to disassemble and reassemble the casing, or fasten the bolts.12-06-2012
20110315532SWITCH DEVICE - A switch device includes a body, an insulator which forms an outer casing with the body, a first engagement portion formed at a side portion of the body, a flange portion formed at an edge part of the side portion of the body, a second engagement portion formed on the insulator so as to be engaged with the first engagement portion, and a pressing portion which is formed on the insulator and is adapted to press the flange portion in a state that a plane part of the pressing portion is in line-contact with the edge part of the flange portion when the first engagement portion is engaged with the second engagement portion. The edge part of the flange portion is in intimate contact with the pressing portion by a restoring force of the flange portion under a condition that the flange portion is pressed by the pressing portion, and the flange portion urges the second engagement portion engaged with the first engagement portion in a restoring direction of the flange portion so as to reinforce the engagement of the first engagement portion with the second engagement portion.12-29-2011
20110315531ELECTRICAL SWITCH - An electrical switch has a casing, four fixed contacts, a moving contact located in the casing, and an operator supported by the casing for movement moving the moving contact into and out of contact with the fixed contacts. The casing has an aperture adjacent each fixed contact, through which an end of an electrical cable may be inserted for connection to the fixed contact. The aperture faces in a first direction, laterally outwards from the casing. The electrical switch includes a holder located on the casing immediately outside the aperture for holding an electrical cable connected through the aperture, bent, and extending in a second direction transverse to the first direction.12-29-2011
20120152704Casing Of A Circuit Breaker, In Particular Of A Circuit Breaker For Nominal Currents Above 250A - A casing of a circuit breaker for nominal currents above 250A that enables at least one rigid busbar to be swung in to make contact with at least one switching pole attached in the casing. The casing may include a bottom section that cuboidally includes a rectangular base area and two rectangular side faces connected to the base area and running parallel to one another. Adjacent side faces are connected to one another via at least two stays which are arranged away from the opposing openings, delimited by the side faces, of the cuboidal bottom section, so that a switching pole can be inserted between the stays into the bottom section and so that a rigid busbar can be swung in at one of the two openings in order to make contact with the switching pole, when busbar and bottom section are each premounted, for example in a switching cabinet.06-21-2012
20120152705CIRCUIT BREAKER - Provided is a circuit breaker capable of minimizing a change in the structure of, for example, a case even when a material (thermal conductivity) forming a stud is changed.06-21-2012
20090133997MEMBER FOR PUSH BUTTON SWITCH AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - To obtain a member for a push button switch having a natural metallic impression and an upscale impression; enabling a precise arrangement of the push buttons; being capable of being made thinner; and being difficult to get stained, there is provided a member for a push button switch having a configuration in which a gap between adjacent metal push buttons is filled with a transparent organic polymer material, the transparent organic polymer material including a transparent resin sheet extending from an interior surface of the gap to a ceiling surface side of the push button, and a transparent rubber-like elastic material disposed inside the transparent resin sheet.05-28-2009
20120160640BRIDGE-STYLE PUSH-BUTTON WITH ANCHORING - The present technology provides a bridge-style push-button with anchoring, a device comprising same, and a method of assembly. The push-button comprises a first anchor portion for coupling to the device, a second anchor portion for coupling to the device, a resilient bridge portion suspended between the anchor portions, and an actuating portion mounted on the bridge portion. The first anchor portion is mounted along a differently oriented axis from the second anchor portion. The first and second anchor portions may be slideably mounted, rotatably mounted, or both. The device comprises anchor sites for mounting of the push-button. The method of assembly comprises coupling the first anchor portion to the device before the second anchor portion.06-28-2012
20120211338ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE HOUSING - An electrical appliance housing including a hard plastic housing body defining a switch-actuating aperture. The aperture is sealed with a soft plastic membrane. An actuating button is fastened to a hard plastic base that is bonded to the membrane.08-23-2012
20120312668ELECTRIC SWITCHGEAR - An electric switchgear includes an interrupter unit having a first connecting line and a second connecting line. The interrupter unit is disposed inside a fluid-tight encapsulating housing that is filled with an electrically insulating fluid. The interrupter unit is further surrounded by a shielding housing in at least some sections. The first connecting line has a flow channel for the fluid. A first outlet opening of the flow channel leads to the shielding housing and a second outlet opening leads to the exterior of the shielding housing.12-13-2012
20120186956Rocker Contact Switch For Electrical Device - A rocker contact switch for a GFCI device includes a base and first and second legs extending from the base. When the base is moved, the second leg rotates to contact a conductive member to put the GFCI device in an end of life condition. The first leg is substantially prevented from moving in response to movement of the base. A test button of the GFCI device is pushed a first distance to complete a first circuit that trips the GFCI device. The test button is pushed a second distance, which moves the base of the rocker contact switch, to complete a second circuit that puts the GFCI device in an end of life condition by moving the rocker switch base.07-26-2012
20120255844SWITCH MODULE - A switch module is disclosed. The switch module includes a casing, a plurality of conductive terminals and a switching part. The conductive terminals are mounted on the casing and the switching part is connected to the casing pivotally. At least one of the conductive terminals is a clamping unit that is capable of piercing an insulation layer of a cable before electrically connecting to a conductive core of the cable. Thus, the cable may be electrically connected to the conductive terminal without detaching from the conductive terminal.10-11-2012
20110120845CONNECTING FLEXIBLE CONDUCTORS USING COLD PLASTIC DEFORMATION - Electrical component for low-voltage switching devices having an electrode comprised of a substantially rigid body with one or more slots and at least one flexible conductor with an end portion inserted into and joined to an associated slot by means of cold plastic deformation.05-26-2011
20120318652MOUNTING STRUCTURE OF CONTACT MEMBER IN SWITCH DEVICE - A contact point member comprises contact point pieces extending from both ends of a base portion and a gripping portion extending from the center of the base portion. The base portion is placed on an upper surface of a holding portion in a base member and is inserted between a main wall of a surrounding wall and stoppers on the holding portion for positioning. After a front end of the base portion is pressed and inserted under a presser portion provided in the main wall, when the gripping portion is pressed on the holding portion, an engagement piece formed in the rear end of the gripping portion is engaged to a corner hole formed in a projection of the holding portion, thus preventing the falling-down of the contact point member. The mounting operation of the contact point member is easily completed simply by pressing down the gripping portion.12-20-2012
20120318651PUSH BUTTON FOR COMPUTER KEYBOARD - A button or key structure includes a cap, a base and a connecting member. The cap includes at least two stopper portions. The base includes at least two hooks. The connecting member includes a resilient part. The connecting member is engaged between the at least two hooks and located between the cap and the base. The resilient part is configured for driving the cap away from the base. Each of the at least two hooks is engaged with each of the at least two stopper portions to prevent the cap from disengaging from the base.12-20-2012
20100252404CASING FOR AN ELECTRIC HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE SWITCH - An upper part of an electric switch casing is positioned over a lower part of the casing and is form-locked therewith. Between said parts a first chamber, in which voltage carrying connecting pieces are mounted, is formed between peripheral vertical side walls of the lower part and a vertical partition of the lower part. The width and the height of a first gap between the peripheral vertical side wall of the upper part of the casing and the peripheral vertical side wall of the lower part of the casing as well as of a second gap between the vertical partition projection of the upper part of the casing and the vertical partition of the lower part of the casing are such that the capillary elevation of liquids used in household occurring in said gaps is lower than the height of said gaps the width of said first and second gaps being kept as low as possible. The casing of the invention for the electric household appliance switch characterizes itself in that it can be assembled in a simple way, it occupies little space and a household appliance user is reliably protected against coming in contact with high voltage carrying connecting pieces.10-07-2010
20130008765ELECTRICAL DEVICE WITH A MULTI-CHAMBER HOUSING - An electrical circuit-breaker device includes at least one pole part with a respective housing arrangement for encapsulating an interrupter insert having two corresponding electrical contacts, and an adjacent actuator part for mechanically moving one of the electrical contacts via an intermediate operating mechanism. A method of producing the device includes molding a multi-chamber housing by injection molding of plastic material with a first chamber and at least one further chamber, assembling the actuator part in the first chamber and the at least one respective interrupter insert in its own further chamber, and assembling the intermediate operating mechanism through an assembly opening in a common side wall between the first chamber and the at least one further chamber.01-10-2013
20080237006ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS AND ACCESSORY ASSEMBLY THEREFOR - An accessory assembly is provided for an electrical switching apparatus, such as a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker includes a housing. The accessory assembly includes at least one accessory and a mounting member structured to mount such accessory within the housing of the circuit breaker. The mounting member includes at least one mounting portion. Such mounting portion receives and secures a corresponding one of the at least one accessory, without a number of separate fasteners. The corresponding accessory is removable from such mounting portion, without a number of separate tools. The at least one mounting portion may be a first mounting portion and a second mounting portion, and the at least one accessory may be a plurality of primary accessories coupled to the first mounting portion, and a number of secondary accessories coupled to the second mounting portion.10-02-2008
20100276266AUTO TRANSFER SWITCH INCLUDING COVER - A cover of an electrically-connected portion of an auto transfer switch, which is detachable and includes an arc guide portion.11-04-2010
20100276265AUTO TRANSFER SWITCH INCLUDING TERMINAL COVER - Provided is a cover for protecting an upper end of a normal power terminal and an upper end of an emergency power terminal of an auto transfer switch. In this case, terminal covers are formed on the upper ends of the terminals to protect the terminals, thereby preventing operators from being hurt by electric shock.11-04-2010
20110209972INSTALLATION SWITCHING DEVICE HAVING A SCREWLESS CLAMP TERMINAL - Exemplary embodiments are directed to an installation switching device, having a housing with a front side, a fastening side, narrow sides, and wide sides. The device also includes a screwless clamp terminal with a clamping spring for connecting conductors. The clamping spring is fixed in position in a clamp terminal chamber of the housing. The opening of the clamp terminal chamber can be partially covered by a clamp covering part which is pivotably connected to the housing. The clamp covering part includes a number of connection openings in a connection area, the number corresponding to the number of connecting conductors to be connected. The clamp covering part can act against the clamping spring in an opening manner in pivoting in the direction of the housing interior.09-01-2011
20100307896INPUT DEVICE FOR IN-VEHICLE DEVICE - A technique of preventing permeation of liquid and dust to electronic parts within a housing of an input device for an in-vehicle device.12-09-2010
20130153379Integrated En-Style Auxiliary Barrier Connector - Techniques disclosed herein include a conversion technique that converts an aircraft circuit breaker having male auxiliary connectors (micro switch connectors) to an aircraft circuit breaker having female auxiliary connectors, such as those conventionally used on European-made aircraft. Techniques include adding a barrier to a conventional aircraft circuit breaker approved for U.S. markets. This barrier includes female auxiliary connectors integrated with the barrier, as well as a flexible circuit that connects the male connectors with the female connectors such that the female connectors can still receive separate male connectors in the female receptacles. Such a technique converts conventional aircraft circuit breakers into a European-style breaker without requiring a full European rebuild and re-qualification. Embodiments can include single and multiple phase versions, and configurations for use with high and low amperage.06-20-2013
20110233035ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS INCLUDING A CARRIER, AND POLE FOR THE SAME - An electrical switching apparatus includes a number of poles each having an elongated conductor with a first end and an opposite second end with a first terminal member. A circuit interrupter is electrically connected in series with the elongated conductor at the first end. A second terminal member electrically engages the first terminal member. A number of insulative skirts are disposed on the elongated conductor between opposite ends thereof. An insulative tube receives the insulative skirts and includes a first open end and an opposite second end carrying the second terminal member. A carrier carries the poles between (a) a first position in which the first terminal member electrically engages the second terminal member and the insulative tube receives the insulative skirts, and (b) a second position in which the first terminal member is electrically disconnected from the second terminal member and the skirts are withdrawn from the insulative tube.09-29-2011
20110272259 CIRCUIT-BREAKING DEVICE FOR LOW-VOLTAGE SYSTEMS - The present invention relates to a circuit-breaking device for low-voltage systems with a control mechanism that has improved characteristics of compact size and reliability. The circuit-breaking device according to the invention comprises an outer housing containing, for each pole, at least one fixed contact and at least one moving contact suitable for being mutually coupled and uncoupled. The device also comprises a control mechanism comprising a supporting frame that supports a kinematic chain operatively connected to the moving contact so as to enable the latter to be coupled to or uncoupled from the fixed contact. The supporting frame comprises a pair of sides connected by means of a first transverse connecting portion and by further connection means that define a further transverse connecting portion in a different position from that of the first transverse connecting portion.11-10-2011
20130153380Activation Switch For A Power Tool - A power tool includes a linear activation switch incorporating features to prevent accidental activation. More particularly, the switch includes a switch cap that must be first rotated or pivoted before it can be linearly translated to activate the switch. The power tool includes a housing defining a guide track having a first section and an second section, offset from each other by a third section. The switch includes a switch cap having guide ribs, a first slidably disposed within the first section and a second rib one initially situated within the third section. The switch cap is pivotable about the first guide rib so that the second guide rib moves within the third section into alignment with the second section of the guide track. The switch cap can then be moved linearly with the second guide rib sliding within the second section, with this movement activating the switch.06-20-2013
20130199906ELECTRICAL SWITCHING DEVICE, ESPECIALLY CIRCUIT BREAKER - An electrical switching device includes a switching mechanism, a housing element, a cover element and a test button, which is movable between a non-actuated position and an actuated position. When the test button is moved from the non-actuated position into the actuated position, the switching mechanism disconnects at least one moveable contact from at least one fixed contact of the switching mechanism. Further, a blocking element is movable between a first position and a second position, so that the blocking element, when the cover element is closed, is held by the cover element in the first position against a pre-tensioning force in the direction of the second position. Further, when the cover element is opened, the blocking element moves the test button from the non-actuated position into the actuated position.08-08-2013
20120067708SWITCH MODULE - A switch module applied for a power supply system is disclosed. The switch module comprises a power switch, an insulating member, a surge absorber and a pyrocondensation belt. The power switch is connected with the power supply system, the insulating member is set on the power switch, the surge absorber is electrically connected with the power switch and adjacent to the power switch, the pyrocondensation belt is connected with the surge absorber and the insulating member. The pyrocondensation belt shrinks with a temperature of the surge absorber. When the insulating member is in the initial state, the insulating member does not affect the power switch. The insulating member makes the power switch off when the shrinkage degree of the pyrocondensation belt develops enough to block the power switch from being on.03-22-2012

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