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Push button operated

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200 - Electricity: circuit makers and breakers

200502000 - SOLID CONTACT

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200534000 Abutting contact 22
200530000 Contact carried by push button 15
200522000 Trigger actuator 9
200521000 Including tactile feedback mechanism 6
200523000 Including alternate action mechanism (e.g., push-push) 5
20090229963COMPOUND OPERATION INPUT DEVICE - A compound operation input device of the invention includes: a body; a switch being disposed in the body and including a contact in an arcuate cross-sectional shape; and a lever. The lever includes: a basal portion disposed on a vertex of the contact; and an operating portion being swingable in swing directions and being depressible toward the switch from a predetermined position on a swing path. The body includes an arcuate abutting portion. The lever has a protrusion being disposed above the abutting portion. The abutting portion has a recess at a position thereof corresponding to the predetermined position. When the lever makes a depressing movement from a position other than the predetermined position, the protrusion abuts against the abutting portion. When the lever makes a depressing movement from the predetermined position, the protrusion is received in the recess such that the basal portion presses the vertex of the contact.09-17-2009
20080251366Locking push-button switch - A locking push-button switch comprises a plunger that is displaceable relative to a component when a force is applied, wherein a latch interacting with a cardioid cam is arranged between the component and the plunger. A friction brake is assigned to the latch.10-16-2008
20100307907ELASTIC MEMBER AND KEY-PRESS ASSEMBLY USING THE SAME - A key-press assembly includes a PCB, an elastic member and a key-press. The PCB forms a contact section on a surface thereof. The elastic member is configured to be mounted on the PCB corresponding to the contact section and includes a pressing portion, a first extension, a second extension, a connecting portion and a trigger portion. The first extension extends out from a circumference of the pressing portion. The second extension extends out from an outer boundary of the first extension parallel to the pressing portion. The electrical connecting portion extends out from a peripheral edge of the second extension and configured to be connected to the contact section. The trigger portion is formed at a junction of the first extension and the second extension correspondingly. The key-press is mounted on the elastic member for sandwiching the elastic member with PCB.12-09-2010
20090301857CANTILEVERED PUSH BUTTON HAVING MULTIPLE CONTACTS AND FULCRUMS - A cantilevered push button adapted for accepting an input on an electrical or electronic device is disclosed. The button can include an elongated button top component disposed about an exterior surface of an electrical or electronic device such that it is accessible to a user, and having two opposing distal ends associated with separate user inputs. A first fulcrum is located between the first distal end and the midpoint of the elongated button top component, while a second fulcrum is located between the second distal end and the midpoint. A first electrical contact is associated with the first distal end, such that when a user presses on the first distal end, the elongated button top component pivots about the second fulcrum and the first electrical contact is actuated. A second electrical contact is similarly associated with the second distal end and first fulcrum.12-10-2009
20090000935Push-Button Switch - The present invention relates to a push-button switch comprising: a box-like supporting structure (01-01-2009
200536000 Sliding contact 5
20120181159Push button switch - A push button switch includes a hollowed housing, an electric switching circuit coupled to the hollowed housing and a stack of non-conductive sliders disposed within a narrow recess in the housing. An array of externally accessible push rods extends vertically through the housing and is used to longitudinally displace certain sliders into selective engagement with movable contacts in the electric switching circuit. A plurality of outwardly protruding projections are formed on at least one of the front and rear surfaces of alternating sliders, each projection being generally circular in transverse in cross-section and in the range of approximately 0.001 inches to 0.004 inches in height. The entire surface contact established between adjacent sliders is achieved through the one or more projections, thereby reducing the frictional forces experienced within the stack during slider displacement.07-19-2012
20080237022Cushioning Means Holding Member, and Slide Switch Including the Same - A slide switch 10-02-2008
20080217156SWITCH DEVICE - A switch device includes a wiring board having a cutout provided therein, a land provided on an upper surface of the wiring board around the cutout, and a switch. The switch includes a lever, a switch contact activated upon the lever being moved in a predetermined direction, and a case including a step portion protruding from a surface thereof and positioned in the cutout of the wiring board, and a terminal protruding from the case and mounted on the land of the wiring board. The switch device securely holds the switch on the wiring board with a simple structure, and allows the switch to be activated reliably.09-11-2008
20090134003Multidirectional operation switch apparatus - In a multidirectional operation switch apparatus, a rotary switch is switched on by rotating a dial, and push switches are switched on by sliding the dial in multidirections by means of a sliding section. The sliding section is made of a single constituting member. The sliding section is provided on an upper surface thereof with an upper rail part which slides a pad in X direction (direction of arrow “c-d”; FIG. 05-28-2009
200533000 Cam actuated contact 2
20090014307SWITCH - A spring member is provided in a switch having a lever to receive a pushing force from outside, by bringing an arch-part formed at the left end of the spring member into resilient contact with the bottom surface of the lever, in addition to the movable contact, the spring member also can return the lever. In the case of developing a compact and low-profile switch, the returning force of the lever can be increased to perform electrical connection or disconnection reliably.01-15-2009
20130199914PUSH SWITCH - A push switch according to the present invention includes a case with a substantially-box shape, a cover, a manipulation member, a movable contact point, and a spring with a substantially-U-shape. The case with the substantially-box shape is provided with a common contact point and a fixed contact point in its inner bottom surface. The movable contact point is swayably placed on the common contact point and is extended in a leftward and rightward direction. The spring with the substantially-U-shape has one end hitched on a lower surface of the cover, the other end slidably placed on an upper surface of the movable contact point, and a center potion being in elastic contact with a lower surface of the manipulation member. This enables to make the entire push switch have a reduced height and to certainly connect and separate relatively-larger electric currents of about several amperes therethrough.08-08-2013
200529000 Mechanism to transfer reciprocating to rotary or rocking 1
20090114517Switch, particularly window lifter switch - In a switch, particularly a window lifter switch, with a housing, a switching rocker which is mounted in the housing and is associated with electrical contacts, and with a button which is likewise mounted in the housing, the button is acted upon elastically so that it is mounted free from play in the housing.05-07-2009
20130032462TOUCH PANEL - A touch panel includes an upper substrate, an upper conductive layer, a lower substrate, a lower conductive layer, and dot spacers. The upper substrate includes a substrate layer and a hard coat layer disposed on the top surface of the substrate layer. The upper conductive layer is disposed on the bottom of the upper substrate. The lower conductive layer is disposed on the top surface of the lower substrate in such a manner as to confront the upper conductive layer with a predetermined space therebetween. The dot spacers are disposed on the lower conductive layer. The hard coat layer has an outer surface with a ten-point average roughness Rz in the range from 17.7 μm to 40.0 μm, inclusive.02-07-2013
20130026024ON/OFF SWITCH WITH CONTACTS FOR ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS AND APPLIANCES - A switch with contacts includes a housing formed by snap-fit connection of an upper cover and a base, an operating lever and a movable contact holder, the operating lever and the moveable contact holder being movably-fit to one other. A stop device with a lock mechanism is provided in the housing, the lock mechanism being disposed between the stop device and the movable contact holder. An unlock mechanism is arranged between the stop device and the operating lever. The movable contact holder has positions at each of its two ends with the movable contact holder located in the positions of the two ends. The stop device and the movable contact holder are locked and stopped by the unlock mechanism.01-31-2013
20130087443SWITCH - A switch includes a case including a recess, a plurality of fixed electrodes provided in the recess, a movable electrode provided in the recess, a pressing member and a buffer member. The case is mounted on a circuit board. The movable electrode is displaced between a first position where the plurality of fixed electrodes are electrically connected each other and a second position where the plurality of fixed electrodes are not electrically connected each other. The pressing member covers at least a portion of the recess, and displaces the movable electrode from the second position to the first position by a pressing force applied from outside. The buffer member is interposed between the movable electrode and the pressing member, and is elastically deformed by the pressing force.04-11-2013
20090266698Electronic Device - A switch-type electronic device adapted to be mounted on a circuit board is disclosed. A housing is made of an insulative material. The housing includes a first face adapted to oppose the circuit board and a second face intersecting with the first face and formed with a projection. A cover is made of a conductive material. The cover includes a first part covering a side of the housing opposite to the first face, at least one second part extending from the first part and opposing the second face, and a third part extending from each of the at least one second part and engaging with the projection. An operating member includes a first part disposed outside the housing and adapted to be operated by a user, and a second part disposed in the housing and configured to switch the electronic device between a first state and a second state when the first part is operated by the user. The first part of the operating member includes a portion opposing the second part of the cover, and is configured to abut against the second part of the cover when the electronic device is switched between the first state and the second state.10-29-2009
20130118880VEHICULAR LEVER SWITCH AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLING SAME - There is provided a vehicular lever switch including an operational lever, a tubular case forming part of the operational lever, and a switch device provided in the tubular case to be operable in an axis Y direction. In addition, the switch device comprises an operational knob provided to be inserted into an opening formed in an operational component in the case, a push switch operated by the operational knob, and a knob holder provided in the case to support the operational knob to be movable forward and backward in the axis Y direction as an operational direction of the push switch. In this structure, the knob holder is fixed and supported to a side of the case.05-16-2013
20100187084SILVER-COATED STAINLESS STEEL STRIP FOR MOVABLE CONTACTS AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - An electrical contact comprising a silver-coated stainless steel strip, which has an underlying layer comprising any one of nickel, cobalt, nickel alloys, and cobalt alloys, on at least a part of the surface of a stainless steel substrate, and has a silver or silver alloy layer formed as an upper layer, in which a copper or copper alloy layer with a thickness of 0.05 to 2.0 μm is provided between the silver or silver alloy layer and the underlying layer; and a producing method of the above-described electrical contact, in which the silver-coated stainless steel strip is subjected to a heat-treating in a non-oxidative atmosphere.07-29-2010
20090090610Pushbutton for Actuating an Electropneumatic Parking Brake (Eph) - Disclosed is a pushbutton (04-09-2009
20090095612MOVABLE CONTACT ASSEMBLY AND SWITCH USING THE SAME - A movable contact assembly includes a light guiding sheet which is light transmittable, and a movable contact provided on the light guiding sheet. The light guiding sheet has a portion having the movable contact provided thereon and a portion having plural grooves provided therein. The grooves constitute a light inlet for introducing light into the light guiding sheet. This movable contact assembly can illuminate a switch preferably with a simple structure, providing the switch with an easily operation.04-16-2009
20080289944Touch-Sensitive Surface Activation Device for the Controls of a Vehicle - The invention relates to a touch-sensitive surface (11-27-2008
20080308398Electronic Apparatus - An electronic apparatus, an imaging apparatus, and a printer are provided. The electronic apparatus includes a main body case; a cover that is provided on the main body case so as to be openable and closable; a button, which is provided on the cover, for making a pressing operation; and a switch that is provided on the main body case, the switch being pressed by receiving a pressing force from the button in a state where the cover is closed.12-18-2008
20100140073Side key module for mobile communication terminal - Disclosed is a side key module installed at a side of a mobile communication terminal, contactly coupled up to a PCB embedded in the mobile communication terminal, and simply fabricated without a soldering process. The side key module is disposed between a side key, which is installed at the side of the mobile communication terminal, and the PCB installed in the mobile communication terminal, including: a first plate of conductivity configured in a lengthwise form including a cut-out space and contacting with the PCB; a second plate of conductivity configured in the same plane with the first plate and disposed in the cut-out space of the first plate, contacting with the PCB; a body accommodating the first and second plates; and a metal dome joining with a side of the body and enabling the first and second plates to be electrically connected together by contacting with the first and second plates if the side key is pressed.06-10-2010
20090272640ELECTRICAL SWITCH WITH DETECTION AND AN ASSEMBLY COMPRISING SUCH A DETECTING SWITCH - An electrical switch including a supporting base, a top button mounted to the supporting base wherein the top button has a top face configured to receive a first force for actuating the electrical switch, and a detecting interrupter mounted to the top button configured to detect contact on the top face as well as to establish a signal representative of any detection of the contact on the top button when the first force is greater than or equal to a first threshold value. The detecting interrupter further includes a blade configured to deform elastically under the top button to establish the signal and further configured to exert a resistance force on the top button, wherein the resistance force increases continuously while the first force is exerted.11-05-2009
20120193209MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL WITH MOVABLE BUTTONS - A mobile communication terminal includes a body and a front portion; the body including a button portion with button actuators protruding on a lower surface thereof and a board disposed below the button portion and with switches protruding on an upper surface thereof. The button portion and/or the board are slidable with respect to the body if the front portion is moved. The switches are horizontally arranged in parallel with respect to the button actuators with the button actuators in a closed state. The switches are vertically arranged in series with respect to the button actuators in and open state.08-02-2012
20110000775SWITCH MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A switch mechanism comprises a switch button(s) to be pushed, a support board having a projecting portion(s) at a position corresponding to the switch button(s), and a switching assembly that is provided between the switch button and the support board and that switches an electrical connection state with the projecting portion in a state where the switch button is pushed. The support board comprises a through hole(s) around a position corresponding to the projecting portion. The through hole(s) is(are) formed such that the projecting portion is displaced in a pushing direction of the switch button in the state where the switch button is pushed.01-06-2011
20110000774APPARATUS FOR KEY ACTUATION AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - An apparatus for key actuation of an electronic device comprising a linear bearing configured for transmitting user actuation, and a complementary guide portion, wherein the linear bearing and the guide portion are arranged to allow the linear bearing to move reciprocally relative to the guide portion for key activation, and wherein both the linear bearing and the guide portion comprise a material with a hardness substantially between 6 Mohrs and 10 Mohrs.01-06-2011
20080283381FIXED CONTRACT PATTERN AND SWITCH DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - Gaps that divide a conductive portion include an I-shaped gap that passes through the center of a fixed contact, and L-shaped gaps that are located on both sides of the I-shaped gap. Longitudinal gap of the L-shaped gaps extend beyond a virtual straight line A-A that passes through the center of the fixed contact and extend in the direction orthogonal to the I-shaped gap, and are connected to lateral gaps. The L-shaped gaps are arranged point-symmetrically about the center of the fixed contact.11-20-2008
20120061227STRUCTURE OF PRESS SWITCH - An improved structure of a press switch includes a flexible flat cable connector provided in a base and connected to a circuit board. By pressing downward a housing of the improved structure, electrically conducting terminals on one lateral side of a movable seat are brought into contact with an electrically conducting element to establish electrical conduction. As the flat cable of the flexible flat cable connector is flexible, the pressing of the housing will not be hindered by the flexible flat cable, nor will the load of the pressing operation be increased.03-15-2012
20120000760SWITCH SYSTEM HAVING A BUTTON TRAVEL LIMIT FEATURE - A switch system having a user-activatable button and button travel limit feature is disclosed. The switch system includes a housing comprising an opening, a circuit board assembly positioned in the housing, and an electrical switch assembly connected to the circuit board. The button travel limit feature is adapted to inhibit motion of an activation surface of the user-activatable button towards the electrical switch assembly when the electrical switch assembly is activated.01-05-2012
20120061228ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTING STRUCTURE OF PRESS SWITCH - An electrically conducting structure of a press switch includes a flexible flat cable connector provided in a base and connected to a circuit board supported on a movable seat. By pressing a housing of the electrically conducting structure, an electrically conducting element located in a bottom portion of the movable seat is brought into contact with electrically conducting terminals in the base to establish electrical conduction. As the flat cable of the flexible flat cable connector is flexible, it does not add to the load experienced by the user when pressing the housing.03-15-2012
20110127153 ILLUMINATABLE SWITCH - An arrangement of an illuminatable electrical switch and one or more light emitting elements on a circuit board, the illuminatable electrical switch comprising: a switching device, an actuator with a waveguide which is adapted to allow visible light to be transmitted therethrough. The one or more light emitting elements are arranged with respect to the waveguide such light emitted by the light emitting elements, is transmitted through the waveguide whereby the light is visible from an outer surface of the actuator.06-02-2011
20120160656KEYBOARD WITH ECCENTRICAL TRIGGERING MECHANISM - In a cantilever keycap of a keyboard, an elastic piece, which is used for providing the click sense and a restoring force for the keycap, is disposed under an extension section, or the intersection of the extension section and a press section, and the elastic piece locates farther than the press section from the pivot of the keycap. The distance between a contact point, which presses the elastic piece, and the pivot is larger than that between the press section and the pivot. Hence, a shorter stroke of a user pressing the press section produces a longer stroke of the keycap that presses and deforms the elastic piece, which effectively adds up the click sense.06-28-2012
20120168294KEYPAD APPARATUS AND METHODS - Keypad apparatus and methods are described herein. An example keypad includes a keypad support having a first surface defining a cavity, and an electrical switch assembly coupled to the keypad support. The electrical switch includes a printed circuit board having at least a portion repositioned relative to a second surface of the printed circuit board. The repositioned portion is located in the cavity and the second surface is located on the first surface of the keypad support when the printed circuit board is coupled to the keypad support. The repositioned portion is attached to the second surface of the printed circuit board. A dome switch is aligned with the repositioned portion of the printed circuit board and is at least partially positioned in the cavity of the keypad support.07-05-2012
20120261240KEY DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS CONTAINING THE KEY DEVICE - A key device and electronic apparatus containing the key device. The key device comprises a housing and key structure, a hollow accommodating space in the housing. The key structure comprising: a key body, at least part of the key body being accommodated in the hollow accommodating space; a lateral contacting structure within the hollow accommodating space and comprising a contacting portion provided at the outer side of the key body, and when being pressed, the lateral contacting structure being squeezed by the key body, so that the contacting portion is in contact with a flexible printed circuit board; and a flexible printed circuit board within the hollow accommodating space at the outer side of the contacting portion for inducting the lateral contact of the contacting portion. Since lateral contact is made with the flexible printed circuit board, the key may be transparent when the key body is transparent.10-18-2012
20100230267PUSH SWITCH - A push switch includes: an operation portion which is pushed and operated from a direction parallel to a surface of the mounted printed circuit board; a plurality of contacts which are electrically conducted to each other by the push operation of the operation portion; a case which is formed from an insulation body and has a lower surface facing the printed circuit board; a plurality of terminals which are led out from the case to outside; and a embedded portion which is physically and electrically connected to any one of the terminals and embedded and fixed inside the case. An exposed portion is formed in a part of the embedded portion so as to be exposed to the outside from the lower surface of the case. Soldering strength is improved without increasing an occupied area of the push switch on the printed circuit board.09-16-2010
20120285813KEYSWITCH DEVICE AND ASSEMBLY OF SUPPORTING SEAT AND KEY CAP THEREOF - A keyswitch device includes a supporting seat, a key cap, a circuit board disposed on the supporting seat, and an elastic member located between the key cap and the circuit board. The supporting seat includes a base board and two first confining members that are formed on the base board and that are spaced apart from each other. The key cap includes a cap body and two first hooks that engage respectively the first confining members, thereby inhibiting the key cap to move in horizontal directions with respect to the supporting seat, and allowing the key cap to move vertically in a range equal to the height of the first blocking parts of the first confining members. When the key cap is moved downward, the elastic member deforms to press the circuit board so as to generate a corresponding signal.11-15-2012
20120138444BUTTON MECHANISM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE THEREWITH - A button mechanism includes a circuit structure and an actuating structure. The circuit structure includes a substrate, a first electrode layer, and a second electrode layer. The first electrode layer and the second electrode layer are disposed on the substrate, and the second electrode layer is separated from the first electrode layer. The first electrode layer includes a first section and a second section. The second electrode layer includes a third section and a fourth section. The second section stretches to the third section, and the fourth section stretches to the first section. A predetermined gap is formed between the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer, and the predetermined gap includes a plurality of curved portions. The actuating structure includes a conductive portion for conducting the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer.06-07-2012
20130020187KEY CAP STRUCTURE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE THEREWITH - A key cap structure for disposing on a housing and corresponding to a circuit module is disclosed. The circuit module includes a circuit board and two contact portions disposed on the circuit board. The key cap structure comprises a top wall, a pair of side portions and a secure portion. The top wall has two press zones and a connect zone connects between the press zones. The press zones correspond to the contact portions respectively. The side portions connect to the press zones of the top wall respectively and extend downwardly and space apart from each other. The discontinuous structure between the side portions and the secure portion permits larger range of deformation formed in the top wall when the press zone is pressed downwardly. And the user only needs to apply less force to press on the top wall.01-24-2013
20080237021KEYPAD OVERLAY MEMBRANE - A keypad overlay membrane provides guidance to a user in selecting an intended key to strike and avoiding striking unintended keys. In one arrangement the overlay membrane is formed by a continuous thin-walled sheet having an outwardly-facing surface and an opposed inwardly-facing surface. Formed into the thin-walled sheet are a first array of raised members and a second array of channels. The raised member array is laid out in a configuration for positioning atop individual keys of the electronic device keypad, with the channel array located between the raised member array. Upon placing the overlay membrane onto keypad, the user can apply a sufficient inwardly directed force to one of the raised members to induce movement of the respective key underlying and aligned with the particular raised member. In another arrangement, an array of concave depressions substitutes for the raised member array and channel array.10-02-2008
20130098745BUTTON DEVICE - Provided is a button device, including a button body and a circuit board. The button body includes a first surface provided for being pressed, and a bottom base being located on the left of the button body and extending downward from the first surface. The circuit board has an electronic switch for mechanically touching the bottom base of the button body. The button body forms two recesses on the middle and the right of the button body, respectively. Each of the recesses extends along a direction perpendicular to the first surface, and accommodates an elastic member therein. According to the button device of the present invention, a working force is applied onto any position of the button body, the counterforces may be produced to balance the working force, thereby improving the handle feeling of the user during the operation and solving the problem of the button body tilting.04-25-2013
20130153389BUTTON APPARATUS - A button apparatus includes a decorating plate, and a button device attached to the decorating plate. The button device includes a securing member, a button attached to the securing member, and at least two securing arms attached to the decorating plate. The button extends through the decorating plate and is located on a top surface of the decorating plate, and the securing plate is located on a bottom surface of the decorating plate. The at least two securing arms evenly extend from an outer edge of the securing member, and the button is resiliently moveable perpendicular to the decorating plate, to deform the at least two securing arms and operate an electrical switch.06-20-2013

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