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Endless conveyor

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198 - Conveyors: power-driven


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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
198844100 Carrier belt structure 144
198837000 Support, guide, or hold-down means for carrier belt 60
198832000 Carrier belt drive means 41
198836100 Having load retainer or guide separate from carrier belt 32
198810010 Condition responsive 29
198818000 Having upwardly facing trough configuration in transverse direction on conveying reach 19
198806000 Revolvable means engaging carrier belt face automatically skews to correct belt training deviation 16
198813000 Device for tensioning belt 16
198805000 Magnetically guided, supported or driven 11
198812000 Having variable conveying length 11
198831000 Upper and lower runs of same belt travel vertically aligned, laterally bending paths 7
198817000 Separate, parallel conveying reaches supporting same load 6
198811000 Pressurized fluid or suction applied to carrier belt to modify its reaction with support 2
20090057102Vacuum belt conveyor - The invention concerns a vacuum belt conveyor for transferring veneer sheets under a vacuum effect. The conveyor consists of a vacuum box under a vacuum effect, having at least one perforation extending lane-like in the direction of conveyance of the conveyor. Conveying belts are running on both sides of the perforation. The belts are brought into contact with a veneer sheet to be transferred, whereby the veneer sheet and the belts line an underpressurized space, and the sheet is retained in contact with the belts. A lug movable in the direction of the vacuum lane is arranged at the perforation for keeping any jamming debris away.03-05-2009
20110011706DEVICE FOR TESTING SUBSTRATES - A device for testing substrates includes magnetic elements, preferably printed products printed with magnetic printing ink. The device has a powered suction belt travelling around it, which transports the substrates under a measuring device and is assigned to the top of at least one extractable air space. At least one suction fan is assigned to the suction belt and is connected to the air space. At least the suction belt is made of a non-ferromagnetic material. Each suction fan assigned to the suction belt takes the form of a motorless fan, which is connected to a remote power source by way of a transmission.01-20-2011
20100230247HITCH GUARD SYSTEMS FOR CONVEYORS - Hitch guards are provided for spanning a gap formed in a conveying surface between two adjacent rollers. In one aspect, the hitch guards include hitch guard members positioned side-by-side along the gap. An elongate mounting member extends across the conveyor belt and has the hitch guard members releasable mounted thereto. In another aspect, an elongate hitch guard member extends across the belt width in the gap and includes a laterally elongated recess to capture debris.09-16-2010
20090272631Steerable conveyor with height adjustable wheels - A steerable conveyor vehicle for use with an endless conveyor belt includes an elongate conveyor mechanism having two opposite side frame members. A pair of transversely aligned wheel units for supporting the conveyor are provided with each unit having a wheel support structure detachably connected to a respective side frame member and a wheel mounted to this structure for pivotable movement about a vertical axis. The wheel support structure includes a vertical support plate having a set of fastener holes formed therein. At least some of these holes are aligned with at least some fastener holes formed in the adjacent side frame member for connecting the wheel unit at a selected one of at least two possible relative heights.11-05-2009
20090101481BELT DRIVING MECHANISM, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME, AND METHOD FOR DRIVING BELT - A belt driving mechanism related to the present invention includes: a toothed drive pulley configure to rotate actively; a toothed driven pulley configured to rotate passively; a toothed belt configured to engage with the toothed drive pulley and the toothed driven pulley by tooth on an inner circumference thereof; and an elastic member configured to move the toothed belt in a returning direction by an elastic force accumulated while the toothed drive pulley moves the toothed belt in a going direction, wherein at least one of the toothed belt, the toothed drive pulley, and the toothed driven pulley is formed such that at least one of tooth bottoms is shallower than at least other one of the tooth bottoms.04-23-2009
20100038213Conveyor machine having pivot connector comprising curved track and rollers engaging track - A hitch apparatus is provided for use on a first mobile machine such as a conveyor vehicle to be used with a second mobile machine connected to the first machine. The apparatus includes a track member adapted for mounting at an end of the first machine, this member providing a track having two opposite sides and bent to form a circular arc having a center of curvature. A hitch unit is mounted for rolling movement on the track and can pivotably connect the end of the first machine to the second machine. The hitch unit includes rollers for engaging both of the opposite sides so that the track is captured between the rollers. The first machine is able to pivot about a substantially vertical axis extending through the center of curvature relative to the second machine and is connected to the second machine for movement therewith.02-18-2010
20120205222SYSTEM TO VENT SOLID FEED PUMP - A system includes a solid feed fuel pump. The solid feed fuel pump includes a solid feed flow path configured to route a solid fuel flow from an inlet to an outlet. The solid feed fuel pump also includes a vent including a filter, wherein the vent is configured to discharge fluid flow that is opposing the solid fuel flow.08-16-2012
20120018283EASY CLEAN CONVEYOR FOR FOOD PRODUCTS - A conveyor comprises at least one endless conveyor belt extending longitudinally for conveying objects from an inlet end to an outlet end, and a frame extending longitudinally along the conveyor belt and having a cross-section that partially encloses the conveyor belt. The frame includes opposed side frames having longitudinal side openings therein for providing access to the conveyor belt. The conveyor further comprises removable belt guards configured to cover the longitudinal side openings, and belt guard guides located adjacent to the longitudinal side openings. Each belt guard guide is shaped to provide a guideway for slidably receiving the belt guards.01-26-2012

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